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Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday. Go /mlpol/. It's our birthday.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

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File: 1514042120272.jpg (47.63 KB, 500x454, fruit.jpg)

692c2 No.36660[Last 50 Posts]

With Nuts of course.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hearths Warming, or some other degenerate (Kwanza) or (((unspoken))) tradition, I hope you have a safe and 'as happy as possible' holiday season as you no doubt maneuver in and out of the world of normies and others!
I have no idea if any crucial gaming will occur weekend, but its about to get funky-fresh on several fronts. We last left Torcuil trying to navigate through Krenshal for someone skilled and crazy enough to build a Robo-ponk. Trumpaladin and Tracy were getting their things together to hunt a Unicorn with Elway's blessing and direction. Thez is being a little bit emo (its the hormones) while Infernius continues being a dutiful and upstanding guy.
What will happen next, and in what order? Will the players defy GM's careful designs for the umpteenth time? You can bet on that!

b14ca No.36662

File: 1514045354482-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.03 KB, 474x325, a208e5557db1962aae8003502c….jpg)

Good morning.

692c2 No.36663

File: 1514045384925.jpg (93.76 KB, 1200x630, SS.jpg)

Claiming Songbird as waifu

c3092 No.36664

>Will the players defy GM's careful designs for the umpteenth time? You can bet on that!
I said it when Torc fucked death, and I'll say it again

692c2 No.36665

Its not really plans anymore, its more ideas of why its happening this way. What happens from there is anyone's guess.

b14ca No.36667

Praise Epona

c3092 No.36668

Fucking turn back on gets
Fuck your math

692c2 No.36669

And that is why I went for the pali Xp

c3092 No.36670

You clever bastard

b14ca No.36671

>inb4 he turns off palis too

692c2 No.36672

So I alluded to it in OP but yes, finding "the right gnome(s)" isn't going to be easy, and gnomes are difficult to interact with and roleplay as it is. I'm telling you this as a meta explanation of why Torcuil hasn't been successful yet. There are all kinds of workshops, and that's just the ground level. The city walls actually lead to the edge of a cliff, where in segmented and burrowed-into-the-cliff-face levels a sprawling and often disorderly oasis of autistic creativity has been made. Tools and gadgets whirl and move of their own accord, pidgeons fly everywhere this way and that, all of whom carry a tiny scroll or pouch, its all the romanticism and innovation of the renaissance writ large, except with a hint of gnomish tactless-ness. Welcome to Krenshal.

692c2 No.36673

That'd be one hell of a script to get all palis desu

c3092 No.36674

>disorderly oasis of autistic creativity
I fucking like it. Also, I know nothing of gnomes so I guess its research time.
Torc's is amazed by the intrestingness of it all, and then begins to look for a town map or something of the likes.

692c2 No.36675

There is an empty booth with a blood splotch on one side that says "Information", but there's no one seated there at the moment. Other than that, there don't seem to be any distinguishably evident areas. There's a mess of hallways and doors, but gnomes are quick and efficient on their feet and leave no room for an obviously out-of-place fellow to slip in amidst the bustle.

c3092 No.36676

"Well that's just great"
Welp, my best idea is for Torc to polynorph into a gnome and slip in.

28afe No.36677

That's completely unnecessary…. And bizarrely creative. DO IT

28afe No.36678

File: 1514048505737.jpeg (17.33 KB, 236x225, image.jpeg)

sad but true…
Good morning!

c3092 No.36679

Well what would you do Mr. Highandmightypaladin?
INB4 he requests a banhammer as a new weapon

692c2 No.36680

No, you can try that. Don't fall in.

c3092 No.36681

>fall in
What did he mean by this?
I guess Torc's doing it then

28afe No.36682

oh that's a beautiful idea. I had thought that if I quit the game and Trumpaladin showed up in s future version as a Blackguard Villian, he'd have an obnoxious Warhammer as a weapon that he could point at any player and freeze their actions for d8 rounds or something like that
Well, I would talk to the gnomes, figure out what they want and like and don't like, then ask for the information I want, then use my knowledge of the gnome's motivations to arrange a deal that gets me what I want.

But your "have sex with the gnomes" idea seems more entertaining to watch. Try it

c3092 No.36683

I promise you thats not what I'm planning.
Plus, its easier to get information when you don't look like a complete and total outsider.
Plus I need someone who can do what I'm looking for before I start making deals.

b14ca No.36684

File: 1514050405660-0.jpg (126.22 KB, 736x1041, 61c294ea8a4e90a35b01928be0….jpg)

What if they're really pretty gnomes?

b9adf No.36685

What if GM says "fuck your plans" and you get >raped again?

692c2 No.36686

Behind the first of the otherwise "gnomes only" doors, Torcuil finds the beginnings of a long hallway, with gears, sprockets, and shafts lining the halls and intersections. It appears that a certain degree of power is transmitted throughout the city by way of mechanical devices.

b14ca No.36688

File: 1514050851902-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.9 KB, 550x413, shrine-to-a-soccer-ball.jpg)

File: 1514050851902-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37 KB, 550x413, side-shrine.jpg)

Does this tower have an anti-shrine, where I can get guidance on how to be moar ebil or become moar powerful? Something like the Yuzuhara shrine to soccer?

692c2 No.36689

You mean the whorehouse? Where people beat eachother senseless and then have fivilous and copious amounts of contractual sex (hetero only)? Yes, there is such a place. You can decorate it with divegrass iconography if you like.

b9adf No.36690

>dive grass imagery
NOW it's getting burned down

c3092 No.36691

Are there signs?
I'll play a reverse card and fuck the plans

b14ca No.36692

File: 1514051332079-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.94 KB, 484x586, the Soccer Demon.jpg)

I wanted to go there for a long time , but then she got pregnant and I thought getting beat-up might be bad..
I have her check it out sometime.
>tfw Thez being there for an extended period literally makes the site Unholy
I dare you to try to burn down Thez's hive.

b9adf No.36693

File: 1514051453165.png (509.6 KB, 980x742, image.png)

If it must be done to purge the evil, so be it

b9adf No.36694

That's getting into "nuke it from orbit" territory

692c2 No.36695

It could happen, it would require the right timing.
>makes unholy
That was when she was diabolical, its not a given anymore

b14ca No.36696

She established/conquered/etc it while she was diabolical, right?
Also, does the tower have a machine that can produce masterwork daggers and/or lances? I want to make some more.

c3092 No.36697

How does a poner throw a lance?

692c2 No.36698

A lance-head is a fancy dagger, so yes to both. The Lance-head machine uses denze metal stamped in an octagonal shape with a hexagonal spear-point, barbed on one side.
There's a bunch of dagger machines. Which one?

b9adf No.36699

File: 1514052119713.png (304.08 KB, 1280x1024, image.png)

Just strap it

c3092 No.36700

I'm a retard and got lance and javelin confused, carry on.

b14ca No.36701

With the animated demon-gauntlets.
The magick Hoers-shoes allow both her and her rider to make Spirited Charge attacks, so she can do Triple Damage with a single strike from a lance while she's charging.
>A lance-head is a fancy dagger, so yes to both
Can she use her daggers as lance heads? That way, it could be adjustable.
>Which one?
ALL of them!

I g2g for a bit..

692c2 No.36702

File: 1514052621586.png (5.9 KB, 500x348, lance.png)

All u need to do in that event is strap a dagger to a pole. I can hold lots of poles and sticks in that bag Thez gave Tracy.
Lance or javelin, there's a technique for it

c3092 No.36703

>that drawing
True art

b14ca No.36704

What's the optimal material for making the poles out of?
>There's a bunch of dagger machines.
Is there a dagger machine that can make magical daggers?

b9adf No.36705

GM, you said something about enchantments on Armor? What can I get for a Fae sized chain shirt?

c3092 No.36706

GM, did Torc see any signs?

692c2 No.36707

Masterwork only.
There are a number of canon and non-canon options. What are your interests? Speed? Strength?
Oh no. I mentioned don't fall in, but I forgot to mention don't get lost.

c3092 No.36708

c3092 No.36709

Torc ducks into a workshop to catch his breath and find his bearings.
This is gonna get really shitty real quick, isn't it?

b9adf No.36710

File: 1514053886642.gif (1.19 MB, 553x595, image.gif)

Eeek! I didn't realize there were so many options. Um, both strength and speed sound amazing. What is there Strengthwise? Or speed wise? Or AC wise?

692c2 No.36711

A grumpy gnome extends their hands expectantly. "Whda'dyoubringme,Ihaven'tgotalldayyourandomnewbiewhogottheirpositionbecauseof,…" she has the presence of mind to stop at this point.
That depends on the effect. I know the classic "paladin"route is a big shiny suit of plates, but thats low energy bullshit. Piece-mail is where its at. You can have a spaulder + murder, a chest-plate of eating faces, a girdle (giant strength or w/e),Bracers of salted earth,… My point is, if you are creative enough you can have whatever array you want. You just have to decide on it and be willing to wait the requisite time.

c3092 No.36712

I swear, you guys all hate me.
Torc jumps back a bit, starteed by the gattling gun of words infront of him.
"Hold up, slow down. I'm not from around here, so stop with the requesting. Second, who are you?"

b9adf No.36713

All on Fae?

I've recently become enamoured by the way Templar knights are depicted. In most images they are completely covered in armor, and you can often see that they are wearing chain mail suits underneath plate armor… Just like Trumpaladin. It's just a beautiful way of saying "good luck hitting me under 30+ AC."

I'm less of a fan of the way Templar horses are depicted. They have white cloth on them that makes them look like Ku Klux Klan horses. Now, now, the really sexy horse armor that I like is the Cataphract armor of the Byzantines, Sassanids, and Armenians. THAT is how you armor a horse.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be Cataphract-ing Fae, since there is a mobility penalty for anything heavier than light armor. Chain shirt is the heaviest in that catagory, although I like the aesthetics of my little pony partial plate better. The coolest enchantments are etherealness and dimension door. I absolutely intend to try to get a belt of strength for her at some time, since I want her strength up.

I can wait for all of that. But in the meantime, a +4 AC chain shirt is desired

c3092 No.36714

Did you get all those pics from Australia?

b9adf No.36715

File: 1514058019772-0.jpeg (55.37 KB, 300x400, image.jpeg)

File: 1514058019772-1.jpeg (72.36 KB, 577x415, image.jpeg)

File: 1514058019772-2.jpeg (102.5 KB, 677x960, image.jpeg)

Fuck you opera browser. Here's the pics of sexy Byzantine horse armor

406f1 No.36716

File: 1514058059168.png (88.61 KB, 500x314, 4999c16643a333ffd68347debf….png)

beautiful picture.

692c2 No.36717

Dice rollRolled 4, 18, 6, 3 = 31

A quartet of exceptionally well-armored gnomes rush you with words and force.

c3092 No.36718

Fuck, lets see.
Torc stops the polymorph and tries to reason with them
"Listen, I'm not here to cause harm. I'm here to make a very large purpose, and I'm willing to pay lots for it."

406f1 No.36719

>welcome to the gnomeish gulags

c3092 No.36720

>RIP Torc

692c2 No.36721

Upon successful grapple from the group, who immediately bombard him with a deluge of "Lookathisguyhere""Thisguyhere?"YouKNOWit!""Yeahthisguyhere""Whataboutthisguyhere?""Hethoughthewasgoingtosneakhiswayinasagnome,probablyusingapolymorphspell""apolymorphspellyousay?""indeed,itcertainly,…"he trails off, for a gnome that is, before snffing Torcuil in the armpit area. "Newlygnomish,hedisplaycharacteristicsofagnomebutonewhoknowsnoknoledgeofhygeneorpersonalcareandiscertaintodevelopirritatedfingersydromeovertimewhichissomethingANYgnomewouldbebletovoid.NoImcallingitnowthisgnomeisaFRAUD!"

c3092 No.36722

"Oh fuck everyone last one of you all, I'M HERE FOR BUISNESS!"

b9adf No.36723

Why you so rude all the time? You'll get further if you are polite and civil

c3092 No.36724

>the irony was lost on Trump's faggot
I already tryed in >>36718 unless GM didn't see it

b9adf No.36725

Try harder

692c2 No.36726

Dice rollRolled 8, 3, 4, 11 = 26

They stop for a moment. Then they begin to laugh amongst themselves.
"Heyguyswhenwasthelasttimeosmeonewashereforsomereasonoranother""Hastherebeenatimewheresomeonewasnt'thereonsuperimportantbusiness?""NotthatIcanrecall.Isayweturnhimupside-downandshakeouthispockets.""Thatseemsthebestapproach.Onthreethen?" and then in unison "Onetwothree,HO"

c3092 No.36727

Dice rollRolled 9

"Okay you little shits."
Torc teleports out of their grasp
Roll to try and do it before they shake him down.
"Listen, I don't want to harm you. I just want to buy something."

406f1 No.36728

try speaking there language.

c3092 No.36729

>that roll
I resign to my shitty fate

b9adf No.36730

RIP Torc

c3092 No.36731

Okay, here we go
"Okayyoulittleturds,listenhereandlistencloselycauseI'monlygonnasayitonce. Iamheretobuyafuckingrobot,IamwillingtoohelpyourtownandprovidealargefuckingpaymentinreturnIFYOUWOULDJUSTLETMETALKTOOYOU."

b9adf No.36732

Now that's more like it!

Where are you getting money from though?

c3092 No.36733

Torc can basically use anytype of seell and do anything if I can't find a meme for it, money can grow on a fucking tree for all he cares

c3092 No.36734

I fucking swear autocorrect is messing with me, but it isn't fucking on

406f1 No.36735

b9adf No.36736

Just offer them your body. It's what you have with you anyways

406f1 No.36737

File: 1514060891255.png (304.15 KB, 976x1077, 1512932044311.png)

c3092 No.36738

Thats adorable
Torc ain't a prostitute
This guy fucking gets it

406f1 No.36739

File: 1514061604881.png (1.65 MB, 2777x1558, 1549977__safe_artist-colon….png)

b14ca No.36740

File: 1514061669919-0.jpg (114.98 KB, 900x900, ghost-rider-leather-jacket….jpg)

File: 1514061669919-1.jpg (105.73 KB, 1000x1059, Ghost-Rider-Spiked-Leather….jpg)

File: 1514061669919-2.jpg (67.14 KB, 580x401, ghost rider leather gloves….jpg)

File: 1514061669919-3.jpg (106.72 KB, 750x750, spiked-leather-jacket-750x….jpg)

>Armor/barding options
Can Tracy develop an uber-slick, jet-black studded-leather, spiked motorcycle suit, that fits to her form?
I want something light-wight and mobile, that blends into the night and allows her easy breathing to do all of her tricks. Black would also bring out her mane. If combining leather with metal is an option, I'd adore that, because that's how you make a real suit of ghost-pony armor.

692c2 No.36741

Torcuil makes this outburst while upside down.
The gnomes start shaking him vigorously, spilling out whatever not-tightly secured equipment, contents, or available property.

b14ca No.36742

Also, pockets for pulling things out quickly would be nice too; would also be good for concealing things.

406f1 No.36743

they better thank their gnome god infernuis didn't go.

c3092 No.36744

File: 1514061908284.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 1513672355311.png)

"Well since that didn't work,
I guess I'll have to be big enough.
For both of us."
Pic related appears and releases a sonic screech, hopefully stunning them

b9adf No.36745

I thought that was what you have right now?

b14ca No.36746

If you conceal a dagger with a Sleight of Hand check while in front of someone, can you make a Sneak Attack with it while observed?

b14ca No.36747

GM said it was left out.

b9adf No.36748

Just ask Torcuil or Trumpaladin or someone who already has those things

b14ca No.36749

>who already has those things
It's not much help if someone else is wearing it.

b9adf No.36750

I could have sworn that is 100% what you have now. You can pull out weapons with the quick draw feat. It's my favorite feat

b9adf No.36751

I mean ask to have theirs

692c2 No.36752

Thats cuz the quiver Thez gave. The suit is still in the works

b14ca No.36753

> It's my favorite feat
Did you take it?

b9adf No.36754

Of course
I actually haven't specified all of my feats…

692c2 No.36755

Gnomes are stunned. Not enough to drop or release Torcuil, but enough to stop them with carting him off for the moment.

c3092 No.36756

Torc tries to teleport out of their grasp, probaly ~20 feet away

b14ca No.36757

Tracy is in the force, working on her repeating bow-gauntlet.
She also make as Screaming Bolt.
After that, she feeds her birds, and goes up to the holodeck to practice finessing her chain and getting a handle of it's abilities.

b14ca No.36758


406f1 No.36759

"Ana will you sing me a song?"

b9adf No.36760

"I know you don't want to kill her either… She'd make a great consort. I mean cohort."

b14ca No.36761

He didn't actually say that in front of her, did he?

c3092 No.36762

I hope he did, should be entertaining a shit to see how it plays out

b9adf No.36763

I was going to say yes, he says that to her, but the way you ask that question implies that he really shouldn't say that

c3092 No.36764

Do it

406f1 No.36765


b14ca No.36766

File: 1514064947003.jpg (282.53 KB, 2000x1800, 606742__semi-dash-grimdark….jpg)

*jerks around, accidentally nicking herself on the edge of a new dagger as she whirls*
"I'm sorry, Flashy; I was busy and didn't hear you. What did you say just now?"

b9adf No.36767

"Do you want to kill Trollestia?"

c3092 No.36768


b14ca No.36769

"Yes." she says, flatly.

b9adf No.36770

"Then why are you playing arts and craft right now rather than killing her while you have the chance?"

b14ca No.36771

Nonsense. Paladins don't lie, and neither does Trump.
"I can kill her any time I feel. Would you like to start now?"

b9adf No.36772

It was a question. There was no statement. It can't be a lie because it can't be true or false

"Why are you putting it off?"

c3092 No.36773

You asked what he said
You replied with a statment that was not what you said, therefore lying
Plz no ban

b14ca No.36774

Btw, i mention in the last thread that she'd moved her birds to aniother room. She pushed the furniture out of one of the VIP suites and left them there; they're currently chowing down on a pile of ground elephant and scrambled yolks in the center of the room (they should be big enough to eat it themselves now).
"I wanted to wait until you were ready."
That's the joke.

b9adf No.36775

Well then I answered a different question. But it's really the same question, just approached a different way. The question is "if you want to kill this bitch, then why are you playing ninja with chains, or crafting macaroni images, or whatever you're doing, rather than killing her while we have the chance?"

b14ca No.36776

She'd kill her even if the tower were full, so she doesn't actually see it as a chance.

b9adf No.36777

Oh shut up. Tracy obviously doesn't mean she wants him to repeat what he said. She wants him to clarify his intentions. That's what he's doing

b14ca No.36778

Also, Tracy's faggot wants to get at least 1 feat per weak.

b9adf No.36779

"As I have said before I do not want to kill her. But waiting is making me anxious. Soon, or never. Make up your mind. I prefer the latter, but it is your choice"

b14ca No.36780

*taps wand against dagger*
"I'm ready, Flashy.
Just go to the stables and make your move. I'll be lurking."
Tracy rummages through her bag and pulls out the old Conceal Alignment scroll she got months ago at the shop
"That bitch alwats greeted me with that obnoxious smile every time I enter the stables before we put the dividers up; I'm going to take a minute to make sure she's caught off guard this time.
I'll make my move the moment after you do, Flashy, so be ready."
Remember he has the Shackles and the rope.
*gestures over to a prepared barrel of pure grain alcohol*
"Make sure that sword of yours is drunk off his saddle before you start."

c3092 No.36781

This gonna be good.
Is GM kill for now?

b14ca No.36782

Dice rollRolled 1 + 17

With that Tracy vanishes.
Rolling to Move Silently across the tower as she gets ready.
Also, Detect Good, to ensure the cunt is in the stables
This is part of the reason why I was waiting. The forest should be burning down as we shitpost, but idk anymore…

b14ca No.36783

Dice rollRolled 13 + 17

>*trips and falls face flat, knocking over furniture as she goes*
"I.. I'm okay…!"
*Slinks off once again, deciding to wait a few minutes before she goes back towards the stables*

b9adf No.36784

"Very well. We'll do it tonight. Now think of a full strategy while I go take some measurements for Fae to fit her into new armor, and then get her set up in the holodeck to train for multi attack, while my faggot goes to see a movie."

406f1 No.36785

c3092 No.36786

What movie?

>Once again I can't do anything ingame without GM

Why this always happen to me?

b14ca No.36787

We can Train our animals for feats? Can Tracy train her birds?

c3092 No.36788

Would that mean Torc could train…….

Why do I always forget Torc has a Snek? Maybe I should unbind him from the staff so I alway remember.
A big ass snake would be great for scaring some dwarves

b14ca No.36789

You should make a Greater Magick Fang Potion, and an Enlarge Potion, and make them permanent on him.
Make the staff intelligent and animated, then give it the ingrained special purpose of "Protect Torc" and give it extraordinary powers for said purpose.

b14ca No.36790

>Greater Magick Fang Potion, and an Enlarge Potion, and make them permanent on him.
Actually, do those for Tracy and her birds too.

406f1 No.36791

File: 1514068450088.jpg (40.91 KB, 640x915, 7b3f3535d1e77cdfbf38695c9e….jpg)

c3092 No.36792

You sudgestion has been noted and will be considered
>enlarge potion
Mr. Snek is already ~20ft long, and thats enough for me
>magic fang potion
>Rangers lvl1 can cast it as a spell
I want to dual class more now, but not a bad idea

b9adf No.36793

I'm accessorizing the hell out of my kitty, that I know.

Coco. I've seen it before and I'm now dragging a friend to see it. I like how it has what seems to be an Aztec Dragonne in it

406f1 No.36794

hey if trollestia could teach you about being a ranger i probably could to.

c3092 No.36795

Have fun.
That post is actually the reason I hoped Tracy/Trump's child would be a cenataur

See you guys later, I gtg

b14ca No.36796

Doesn't it normally take an Epic Check in Handle Animal and at least one whole year to Train a Magical Beast for things?
How many ranks did you put into Handle Animal? Help train Tracy while you're at it, if you can.

692c2 No.36797

God dammit, I thought I wouldn't be so long

b14ca No.36798

That's alright.
>tfw need to cook for family soon
Tracy is snooping around the Tower in stealth, making sure Troll is in the stables before Trump goes there.

b14ca No.36799

*keens edges*

b14ca No.36800

How many of y'all are going to be lurking tonight? I'm probably not going to play tomorrow, since it's the holidays.

c3092 No.36801

I'm back and lurking

b9adf No.36802

My friend is pissed off because Coco is an incredibly sad movie and it made him cry…

I may be able to play later. I want to either kill that unicorn or make her a Paladin's mount, but one of the two (or both?). I hope GM will be on long enough for that


692c2 No.36803

So Torcuil's teleportation would work, positioning him away from the cluster of gnomes manhandling him.

c3092 No.36804

He unpolymorphes and throws down his snek staff, bringing Mr. Snek into play.
"OkaylistennoworI'mleaving. Idon'twanttohurtyou. Ijustwishtobuyarobotmadebyyourpeopel'shandiwork. Ihavenotbeeninthislandlong,butIhavealreadyheardthatyourpeoplearemastercraftsmen. Ididnotwishtocauseproblemswithmydeception,butitseemedtheonlywaytogetintothecity. Iunderstandifyoudenymeservice,butIwishfornomorefighting."
Torc then doublesover, catching his breath from talking so quickly.
Mr. Snek: >hiss

692c2 No.36805

The gnomes look at eachother speechless for a moment, before breaking into a small round of applause. An older one approaches. "Thatwasprettygoodyoungfella,youspeakhalfdecentgnomish(whichisn'tanindependantlanguageitsjustonethatsspokenreallyfast.Mostcommoners,thatsyoufolkwhospeakbasiccommon,nevergettheknackforitandalwaysenduptellingustotalkslowlywhichonlymakesthemmoremadwhenwedoforsomereason.Soyouwantaroboteh?Whatlevelofsophisticationarewetalkinghere?There'syourbasicgolemofwhatevermaterialsyougotortherearecompositeconstructslikeshieldguardiansandthelike."

406f1 No.36806

>to gnomish didn't read.

c3092 No.36807

Torc looks ready to shoot himself realizing that it wasn't the fact they ignored his pleas, its the fact they didn't like him speaking slow.
Torc grabs Mr. Snek, and uses the staff like a walking stick.
"I'mlookingforarobotIcanuseasamounttoo. I'mthinkingmaybesteampoweredwithabrassconstructionandsomeotherspecificdetails."

692c2 No.36808

Torcuil>"Make robot!"
Gnomes>"What kind?"

c3092 No.36809

He said he was looking for someone too make a robot, not asking the ones infront of him you idiot

b14ca No.36810

>Torc's autism was up to the task
Good for him.

692c2 No.36811

drawcab kaeps ohw elpoep eht litnu tiaw tsuJ

b14ca No.36812

Tracy confirms with her detection abilities that Troll is in fact in the stables.

692c2 No.36813

Yes, though she seems unusually wary today. Everything looks and smells normal.

406f1 No.36814

"thez you sing me a song?"

c3092 No.36815

tluciffid s'taht gniylpmi<
uoy ot no s'ehs

b14ca No.36816

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

*grabs bag in stables and leaves nonchalantly*
Sense Motive check to get a hunch if she's caught wind of something

692c2 No.36817

Not so much
"RIght now? Uhm,… I don't know too many upbeat songs."
Hye, smoe ehva a drah miet ithw ti. Yur'ou pbbrloay efni w/ arcsdelb oto he?

692c2 No.36818

The way she's eyeballin', she definitely suspects Tracy of something.

406f1 No.36819

"as long as it from the heart me will like it."

c3092 No.36820

Ym tusami nskwo on miilst

b14ca No.36821

Btw, can Tracy use the fluids she collected for Barry's corpse to make AIDS-coated daggers?
Also, I forgot, do you need to roll for Sneak Attacks when you're using poison?
Tracy sticks her tongue out at Troll like she does every day, and leaves in a huff.

692c2 No.36822

)/ inec
Start at :55
No, the poison is automatic upon doing damage, the fortitude save is to determine if the individual's immune response is effective or not.

b14ca No.36823

What's the fortitude save for AIDS? (yeah, I was serious)

c3092 No.36824

We got off topic
Plz see >>36807

406f1 No.36825

*wipes away a tear*
"that song almost as beautiful as you ana."

692c2 No.36826

Barry doesn't have AIDS, he has spastic colon.
The older one crosses his arms, placing one hand at his chin."Thatservesasamount?That'sgoingtorequiresomesophisticatedbio-sumlatoryengineering.Againthequestionarises,howspphisticatedarewetalking?"

692c2 No.36827

"I thought you'd like that one. Its one of the few I know thats in German. And what has you in such a sentimental mood today?"

b14ca No.36828

>spastic colon
Is that contagious?
I'm trying to buff my biological arsenal.

692c2 No.36829

No, its not, its just very painful.

b9adf No.36830

Trumpaladin's faggot arrives at a bar after like 30 minutes of driving, and is ready for his character to finally kill, fuck or marry this damned unicorn

b9adf No.36831

Just use Tracy's blood if you want to kill enemies with syphilis or super AIDS

b14ca No.36832

I already said she's resistant to STDs. And she needs to keep her body healthy, because those diseases fuck-up fetuses.

692c2 No.36833

Don't neglect the scene on our behalf but,… yeah I do get a kick out of the idea of you reaching through your phone to take swings at a unicorn
The ones Tracy knows of,….

b9adf No.36834

>"where are you little pony? You know only a magical weapon can harm her. Is the cane sword enchanted in that way? Use its gust power if she charges you later or if she uses obscuring mists. Do you want to borrow Suigoto? She has +3 enchantment"

b9adf No.36835

How many doors that will let a horse through are there at the stable? Can we lock it? Where can locks be obtained?

692c2 No.36836

There's not really doors. Rooms are connected by open archways or corridors that connect areas.

b9adf No.36837

You're shitting me. There is nothing we can close?

b14ca No.36838

>'I'm near the stables. Go for it; I'll be there.'
Your character has Magic Weapon as a 1st level spell, and so does Tracy. Damage Reduction isn't an issue.
And yes. Her sword is magical, as are three of her daggers.
Just do the deed as soon as you get the chance. She'll get suspicious if you try to lock the door. She's a
Is there a corner she can hide around?

Tracy is crouching ~60-ft away from the stables, trying to figure out how many rounds her conceal Alignment scroll lasts, keeping an eye on the stables as she does.

b14ca No.36839

She moves around a corner before she does that.

c3092 No.36840

File: 1514078238283.png (221.64 KB, 449x458, Pinkie_Pie_ID_S4E11.png)

"WellIwantittohaveapersonality,forstarters. Designwise… onemoment."
Torc picks up his tome and rips out an empty page. He sketches pic related but in greyscale.
"ThisistheroughshapeIwouldlike. Proballyabout4feettallorso. Maybeasmall3inchcannonthatfoldoutifpossible."
Torc takes another moment to catch his breath

b9adf No.36841

>do the deed
She's a freaking demigod. Not a regular horse. It would take Trump almost four full rounds to kill her if almost ever attack landed

b9adf No.36842

>"are you sure you don't want to set chains across the entrance? Or set up stakes? Anything to keep her from running away?"

692c2 No.36843

He lifts his glasses from his eyes and wipes his face. "Idon'tknowifyourealizethisbutgivingconstructsanidentityisn'tsomethingyoujust"do",thatrequiresingenuityandcreativitythatdoesn'tjustspringoutofnowhere,andifitwaspossibleyouwouldhavetobeafull-timeparticipantinitsconstruction.Imean,howimportantisthisthingtoyou?You'reessentiallydescribingaconstructartifact,entirelycustomandunique."

b14ca No.36844

Try the shackles then the rope, or at least get a blow on her.
Like I give a shit. That only means moar XP
She's just a 13th level encounter. Her facing Trumpaladin and Tracy together is hardly a battle: it's a murder. The most Tracy has to worry about is getting hit by one of those Good Domain spells.
>'She won't fall for that crap. She's already on to me. Do your thing, and don't choke.'

692c2 No.36845

A non-descript citizen walks up and whispers in Thez' ear.
"Uhm,… there's something I need to take care of." <whoooof>
The citizen bows briefly, then departs.

406f1 No.36846

"me get sad around winter time, me never had family to celebrate with."

b9adf No.36847

She has a +22 melee attack and also smite evil. She can kill Tracy in three rounds. But more importantly she can run away. The rope is weak. It could be destroyed by her. The shackles require a successful grapple, and she's bigger than him, she'd win a grapple check.

c3092 No.36848

Torc seems a bit shocked by this statement. Torc reflects a minute on if he really wants this. He considers what it would mean.
Fuck, now you have me questioning this.

b9adf No.36849

Trumpaladin places the rope and shackles in his tie, and then enters the stables.

He has a sorrowful expression as he approaches Trollestia. He positions himself between the entryway and her

c3092 No.36850

Boi he bout to fucking do it

406f1 No.36851

*goes back to the tower.*

692c2 No.36852


692c2 No.36853

As Infernius enters, Thez whispers from an unknown location, "Act natural"

b14ca No.36854

Dice rollRolled 19 + 17

Don't be a bitch.
Tracy has him to heal her anyway.
>she can run away
Then they'll follow her.
>shackles require a grapple check
>bigger than him
What about that night he used them on Tracy?

Either way, just do what you think is best; just do it
If you don't think the bindings will work, just go for a full attack and hope you land a 20, then they'll hunt her down.

Tracy is hidden around the corner, and now activates her True strike and Conceal alignment scrolls.
Rolling to Move Silently around the corner.

406f1 No.36855

"um okay."

b14ca No.36856


406f1 No.36857

"why? whats wrong?"

b9adf No.36858

And he says to her "hello Troll…"

c3092 No.36859

"No,Iexpectedittotaketime,Ijustwasn'texpectingittobeafuckingartifact. Wecanscratchthecannontoo."
Torc then remembers how much of a fith wheel he can feel like

692c2 No.36860

"Trouble, maybe, I'm not sure myself."
This from around a different corner.

692c2 No.36861

"Greetings, paladin Trump. What business?"

b14ca No.36862

Detect Good one more time, to make sure Troll isn't using a Decoy of some sort.

b9adf No.36863

Is left entirely stupefied before her, staring

c3092 No.36864

Ah, I understand. Go ahead and say it can't be done, idc
"That'sunderstandable,canIcheckbackinabout, ohsayanhour?"

406f1 No.36865

*follows her voice*

b14ca No.36866

>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>'Kill her!'
>*uncontrollable bloodlust surges into his mind and fills him to the brim*

692c2 No.36867

File: 1514080144343.png (4.72 KB, 500x348, nao.png)

And where is Tracy positioned?
Consider the area around the stables looking ish like so. To converse, Trump would have to be in the open to her, and I'm assuming he's approaching.

b9adf No.36868

Trump has positioned himself as between troll and the exit as possible

b14ca No.36869

She's hidden just around the corner, in range for a Sneak Attack, her alignment magically concealed.

692c2 No.36870

Thez comes out of ethereal in the center of the hallway, drawing Trollestia's attention, as well as Trump and Tracy's.

b9adf No.36871

>"I thought you wanted to catch her flat footed with a sneak attack as I distracted her"

b14ca No.36872

*Death Stare*

406f1 No.36873

*walks in*

b9adf No.36874

"OH COME ON! You decide to show up finally and it's now and here!"

b14ca No.36875

Tracy ignores Thez, and Makes her triple Sneak Attack while Troll's attention is divered with two Been-edged bane daggers and her sword.

692c2 No.36876

Thez has a weird look in her eye. "You've got assassins, yes? You should call them.
Well, you guys wanted to get up out of the Court City, Thez said "they'll be back", and its far easier for me to wage an epic-scale conflict when all the party's general and human resources are on hand. ^_^

c3092 No.36877

Incase you didn't pick up, I wanna get Torc to the tower

b14ca No.36878

Death Attack*

b9adf No.36879

Roll the dice or it doesn't count

>"No! Abandon plan!"

692c2 No.36880

Dice rollRolled 7, 6, 4 = 17


b9adf No.36881

Can I'z mount Troll?

Trumpaladin backs away and slips out of the room

b14ca No.36882

>'There are no brakes on this train'
>implying you roll for Sneak Attacks

b14ca No.36883

What was that? The fortitude for the Death attacks or the Reflex for the Sneak Attacks?

406f1 No.36884

*blocks your path*
"not so fast!"

b9adf No.36885

I TRIED to bring her last time, but SOMEONE said something about her being unsubtle

b9adf No.36886

"Why? Let me pass"

692c2 No.36887

Remember, those aren't attack rolls, those are saving throws. Trollestia takes a long-swipe up the side of her neck, while getting stabbed through the chest-plate (not ALL the way through her but most of the way) while another dagger disembowels her in sudoku-like efficiency.
I don't even need to roll the dice on that one. Trollestia is kill. And then, Trollestia changes shape and form, and a very-murdered and partially dissected Ponimaru lies on the ground in front of Tracy.

406f1 No.36889

"what going on here?"

c3092 No.36890

Well fuck.

b9adf No.36891

Goddamn it. Fuck you Thez. Fuck you.

b14ca No.36892

I used Detect Good for exactly this reason. Does Ponimaru have an aura?
"Faust almighty! Where is she?!"
*assumes monstrous shape*

b9adf No.36893

"I can't be here right now. Stand aside"

406f1 No.36894

Dice rollRolled 16, 5, 19 = 40

"oh no ponimaru!"
*draws sword pushes trump out of the way.*
"tracy what have you done?!"
slash slash slash

b9adf No.36895

Nevermind. I misread that scene. Trumpaladin says "clever girl" and leaves the room

692c2 No.36896

Oh relax, its far more complicated than you think.
Yes, Ponimaru is good, and in this case was polymorphed to appear as Trollestia in exchange for a previous favor she did for him. Meta, so no immediate responses, just shock and awe.
Already? You're attacking?

406f1 No.36897

b9adf No.36898

Dice rollRolled 20, 5, 14, 12 = 51


Quick draw Vanderien. draw ring shield.

Slash Infernious

c3092 No.36899

>Torc wasn't catfished

b14ca No.36900

Pushing Trump should require its own action, shouldn't it?
Does she get an Attack of opportunity?
"What did I tell you about being a white-knight?!"
*shoves body in the bag and disappears into the Ethereal plane*

692c2 No.36901

"I don't know lad, I dunna like this situation a tall!" Vandereim says.
So Infernius has first declared action. In this sense, he is taking initiative (decisive first move). Everyone else rolls for initiative, behind his stated move.

c3092 No.36902

Torc teleports to the Tower after grabbing some food.
Hearing noises in the stable he heads that way and walks in.
"I got….
Gif related

b9adf No.36903

You can get the body or you can jaunt. You cannot do both in the same round. Pick one

b9adf No.36904

Dice rollRolled 15


c3092 No.36905

Gif didn't attach, and won't fucking attach

b14ca No.36906

Did she take that hit, or did Infernius fail to push Trump to the side?
If she's not wounded, she puts the body in the bag, if she 's hurt, she jaunts.

c3092 No.36907

"What the fuck are you wankstains doing?"

692c2 No.36908

Tracy is greeted by a looming ring of very tall and very evil undead. Some with cages for torsos, inside which lie little grasping forms with hollowed-out glowing eyes, faces seeming to shriek with no words coming out, others seem a slender representation of the night its self, with sinister eyes being the only apparent distinction about them. Myriad forms swirl about, of a variety of forms and shapes and appearances, all held back meekly by a silly hat with a charm attached that Tracy gave Thez one time, with a piece of string about 60'diameter chalked out. The circle represents a position on a sphere which though not represented can be observed by all sorts of ghoulish nastiness piling on top of and along an invisible barrier.

b9adf No.36909

He has insane strength. That round of attacks would kill her I think

b14ca No.36910

Dice rollRolled 13

Rolling initiative.

b14ca No.36911

Well fuck…

c3092 No.36912

Dice rollRolled 3

Ah fucking hell, why did Torc teleport back?
I guess initiative

c3092 No.36913

>fucking 3
Torc is going last, isn't he?

b14ca No.36914

She says that out loud.
I'm confused. Is it keeping them out or holding her in?

b9adf No.36915

Keeping them out. Now go to a nearby room, enter the material plane, go to Flashy so he can heal you, mount you, and the two can flee to Mexico

b14ca No.36916

She does this.
Then she flies off with him to the forest which is still on fore, frothing at the mouth.

b9adf No.36917

Trumpaladin uses his dimension door helm to go to a room in the tower on a different floor, then calls Tracy as mount

692c2 No.36918

Alright, so the 16 and the 19 would have hit, but drawing a sword is a move action without the requisite feat, meaning Infernius could charge and draw his weapon, or he could attack w/ fists. Since he's unarmed, he could attempt a grapple for both without drawing an attack of opportunity, having ahem grappled with Thez on so many occasions.
K, you got a 20 so I'll put you in second.
At the last moment, Vandereim veers off of course, causing a miss. "Lad, this doesn't seem anything like ye. and I doont know if I can be a part of it."
No, I'll allow both.
Them out, but its very weak and obviously improvised.
Thez takes a deep breath, while from the entrance an emerging Gestapo specialist enters and yells out in unison. "We're under attack,"/"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!"

b14ca No.36919

c3092 No.36920

Adm. Torc yells at the specialist "By fucking WHAT MAN?"
Torc throws snek staff and wraps Mr. Snek around him, then draws both pistols.

406f1 No.36921


b9adf No.36922

To Vanderiem:
"No, I don't want any part of this, but Tracy expects things from me. She expects me to attack her attackers when she is attacked"

692c2 No.36923

Hold on tiger, you used up your move gathering the body and going ethereal where there's the pile of undead.
Thez <shoooomp> meshes in and gestures.
"I don't know how long the seal I put up will hold them, but there they are. I don't know why they're there, but I doubt its a random occurrence, and this guy back here (meaning material) seems to have more information."

b9adf No.36924

Let's say that Trumpaladin Dimension doors out of the scene, and calls Tracy in the new room

692c2 No.36925

"The dead!" the man says, not fearfully but desperately. "Legions"

b14ca No.36926

[angry monster noises]
Stay there faggot. Don't make her use-up a turn finding him.

c3092 No.36927

Torc turns to Thez looking for an explanation
"The fuck are legions?"

692c2 No.36928

Too late faggot, is he beating/grappeling or is he drawing a weapon and smash?

b14ca No.36929

"She made the little weeb take the hit for her. I don't believe it!"
[furious nightmare noises]

b9adf No.36930

And get attacked by Infernius or Thez? No way in hell hes staying behind after being caught. Not a chance in hell. Not even for an invasion. He'd dimension door to a room, call Tracy, heal her, call Fae and ask her what is going on, and then go to the monestary to fetch his soldiers and figure out what to do from there. Also, Tracy could be killed by Infernius if she reappeared in that room. She should appear in a different room

406f1 No.36931


c3092 No.36932

GM, is there anyway Torc cpuld get Troll to show up?

b14ca No.36933

Just move outside the stables.

b9adf No.36934

Yeah fuck you he's gone before your move

b14ca No.36935

[bloodthirsty nightmare noises]

b9adf No.36936

Infernius would grapple. No. That's stupid

406f1 No.36937


b14ca No.36938

He's not going to grapple after the Gestapo show up. Stay there.
[Furious nightmare noises]

692c2 No.36939

"Imagine being surrounded on all sides, on 3 dimensions instead of 2 (spherical geometry) and you've got an idea. The ethreal plane should be considered compromised,"
Oh she's outside the tower, and she's going full alicorn. She's pissed.
So with Infernius grappling, Tracy needs to roll 2 d20 saving throws.

b9adf No.36940

Dice rollRolled 8

Grapple gives an attack of opportunity. Draw suigoto and attack of opportunity

Then fucking flash step the hell out of there

b14ca No.36941

Why you attack the healer when meta reveals the undead are attacking? It doesn't stop the grapple either.

c3092 No.36942

"Welp, that sucks ass."
Torc heads outside to see how this is going down. What he see?

406f1 No.36943

so we are surrounded on multiple planes?

b9adf No.36944


b14ca No.36945

Dice rollRolled 12, 6 = 18

Can she escape grapple with her escape artist check? She has 5 ranks in it.
Relax. He's not getting killed.

b9adf No.36946

The attack of opportunity does. He has a +16 base, a +5 strength, +3 suigoto and rolled an 8 against Infernius's 17 AC, which means the attack landed and did damage, so the grapple fails

c3092 No.36947

>The dead always act as heralds of Legion's coming. In places of great death and destruction, where the dead are not buried, burned, or respected.
Well fuck…………….

b14ca No.36948

Wait, how did he grapple herwhile she was ethereal?
Stop attacking PCs. We've got more important shit.

692c2 No.36949

The port is surrounded by a ring of darkness. Its not pure darkness like on the ethereal plane, its a scorched and empty decayed sort of darkness. Much is zombified, others are skeletal. Some aren't even specific creatures, they're just a collection of bones that happens to make a weird distorted bone murder shape. Its as though the collective natural deposits of the land have been animated to emerge and combine.

b9adf No.36950

He's spooked. Trollestia should have known about the plan ahead of time because he told her, but Infernius and Thez should not have been there. He's running the fuck away until he's in a safe spot, then he'll figure out what the fuck to do from there

b9adf No.36951

Nigger that's him fucking fleeing

c3092 No.36952

>doot doot

406f1 No.36953

i rush outside on uatchit.

b9adf No.36954

Call Fae. Ask her what the hell that guy meant by "invasion"

b14ca No.36955

He's the Paladin. Paladins don't run.
Can Tracy go outside?
Where is Trollestia?

b9adf No.36956

It's a tactical withdrawal

406f1 No.36957

File: 1514083543727.jpg (41.61 KB, 392x495, 12c7906ba4984eeb9a1331a27c….jpg)

>He's the Paladin. Paladins don't run.

b9adf No.36958

Fuck you nigger. And leave my waifu alone

406f1 No.36959

fuck you this is all your fault faggot.

692c2 No.36960

She <whoooof> grabs onto Uatchit's underside.
There's a radiant rainbow presence above the Tower that is shooting beams of light into the intermittent encroachment of arial undead, if thats what you're askying.

b9adf No.36961

What is? How?

b14ca No.36962

Do what you want…
Fight the zombies first, faggots.

406f1 No.36963

>oh hurr durr let me fuck the unicorn even though i know tracy would hate it.

b9adf No.36964

He's still calling Tracy

b14ca No.36965

Can Tracy get a closer look from a distance?
>Trollestia should have known about the plan ahead of time because he told her
[angry nerd noises]

b9adf No.36966

Oh hush. Killing Trollestia is a massive overreaction. And then killing Tracy over a damned non-magical horse is an even bigger overreaction

b9adf No.36967

Tracy should t even know. She's on the ethereal plane and left before anyone mentioned the zombie invasion

b14ca No.36968

*goes to him and helps him on*
[angry nightmare noises]
She says something through EM link, but it's just incoherent monster ravings. She's absolutely rabid that she was fooled.

406f1 No.36969

overreacton? you knew she would do it.

692c2 No.36970

Thez reaches up and grabs Infernies for a moment. With a gesture she conveys that its going to suck, but will probably be okay,… maybe. She lets go of Uatchit and falls about (however many feet) into a huge wave of undead forms and starts mobbin'.
"I gotta mow the lawn!" can be heard as she falls away.

c3092 No.36971

Thats a good point and nice dub 69's
Trump, what where you planning?
Does Troll give Torc a lift?

b9adf No.36972

I'm the course of several rounds

Heal serous wounds on Tracy

Puts hands on Tracy (paladin's lay of hands) to calm her and heal her)

Calls Fae

asks Fae what the fuck is going on

b9adf No.36973

No, I have no idea how she responds to things, and frankly she should never have known since she was away when it happened

b14ca No.36974

>serous wounds
How many Lay on Hands do you have left?

b9adf No.36975

Fine. Heal mount. He doesn't know it's undead attacking, he just knows that Tracy is almost dead

406f1 No.36976

she has the scent abilty. she could smell it. and bullshit you knew you just didnt care.

c3092 No.36977

GM what level is Torc? 15 or 16?
Also, I need a rough estimation of how many undead are in the area.

b14ca No.36978

Sjhe would've immediately told him about the Spooky Scary Skeletons.

692c2 No.36979

From his elevated position, Infernius can determine that there are three main points of possible entry; the Docks, the Main Gates, and the Sewers. Each area would require the attendance of one faction (the Gestapo, the Generals, etc.) and one character. This will require a bit of splitting up.

b14ca No.36980

The whole town is covered in zombies.

692c2 No.36981

Surrounded, not covered. And there's skeletons and ghouls and ghasts and wights and other shits also

406f1 No.36982

*flies to the gate.*

b9adf No.36983

I don't fucking know, it just seemed like an opportunity so I took it

>scent ability

No. I had no idea Tracy's faggot would claim to smell in it in the stables

c3092 No.36984

SEE >>36971
I can work with lvl 16
I guess Torc takes the docks.

b14ca No.36985

Where are Tracy and Trump atm?
Tracy is still rabid, furious about what just happened.

b9adf No.36986

All of this happens while I am on a phone in a social situation an hour away from home. Fuck me

406f1 No.36987

whatever im tired of arguing.
lets save port barry from communist zombies.

b9adf No.36988

He would be in his room until he's healed, then call Fae to him, and then go either to the monestary to get troops or to wherever the troops have deployed themselves, and then get to killing. Or make Fae get the mean and go straight to the killing

b14ca No.36989

He's on her back, right?
Tracy flies outside, still seething with rage.

b9adf No.36990


To Fae
>"deploy the men. All of them. Try to evacuate civilians to a central safe area of possible. Tell me if we are needed immediately"

b14ca No.36991

[frumious nightmare noises]
"Where is she?!"
Detect Good

692c2 No.36992

Trollestia spins into a dive toward the docks "So long as parties can avoid killing me, lets tend to business."
Sorry dude
Thez is murdering rampantly, but she can only take down 12 enemies per round, and there's literally thousands. It would take days.

b9adf No.36993

"We were set up. Thez and Infernius should never have intervened. Situation's compromised. Anyways, I think we have a bigger problem right now. A guard said something about an invasion. I think there's an attack. And fuck me this is a terrible fucking time for an attack"

406f1 No.36994

Dice rollRolled 9, 3, 12 = 24

i land at the main gate and start fighting.
how many are my men are there?

b14ca No.36995

She's beside herself with rage.

692c2 No.36996

"What a convenient time for an attack"
said no one ever

b14ca No.36997

Use your Mass Heal spells. You could kill like 16 undead per turn that way.

b9adf No.36998

Trumpaladin directs Fae to gather the men to fight at strong points, or fight a rearguard action if civilians can or need to be evacuated to any citadel like position

He tries to direct Tracy to attack anywhere the undead are near civilians

And Trumpaladin's faggot is designated driver again

b14ca No.37001

>inb4 no trips

b9adf No.37002

I can't check the D&D wiki and this thread and drive at the same time

c3092 No.37003

"Aye-aye ma'am"
Torc heads towards the dock ready to cast a very good spell.

b14ca No.37004

Has Tracy spotted Troll yet?
What are we going to do then?

692c2 No.37005

Bee-line and rainbow-streaking toward the docks.
"Only a handful sir, the rest r scattered throughout the town at varying rally-points."

b9adf No.37006

Where are the undead? We fight the undead on the way to the monestary

b14ca No.37007

Is the forest still on fire?

c3092 No.37008

Dice rollRolled 1, 2, 2, 4, 4, 3, 1, 3, 1, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 2 = 46

This should fucking help at the docks.
Rollin 16d4

406f1 No.37009

"send word tell them to fight way over here."
*cure serous wounds mass*

692c2 No.37010

The undead are being repelled by the city walls except at the docks (tended by Torcuil and Trollestia), the Main Gates (unattended) and the Sewers (unattended)

b9adf No.37011

1. Where are the undead
2. Where is trumps personal army
3. Where is Fae

b9adf No.37012

Direct Geberajs and Spartans tabs Fae the gate. Direct Tracy and self to sewers

b14ca No.37013

File: 1514085485226.png (347.61 KB, 600x570, 83f.png)

Dice rollRolled 20, 16, 1 = 37

Fuck it then.
Tracy swears on her mother's grave to finish off Troll once the battle is over and she's used up her spells, and begins mowing down undead creatures near the main gates in a whirling fury, using her sword.
>pic semi-related
Rolling for first round of attacks.

692c2 No.37014

"The Generals seem to have secured the stadium in the name of Football, where the word of John Elway who is himself football and is also the Denver Broncos and who's word has been heard by Trump and therefore conveyed to the team (because he's all about a strong team) the stadium is secure." says some random guy enthusiastically.

b14ca No.37016

She has Great Cleave, can she attack again?

692c2 No.37017

K So now Tracy and Infernius are attending the Main gates. Thez is wading through the hoardes. Troll/Torc are going to the docks, who is going to the sewer? > Thinks Infernius

406f1 No.37018


b9adf No.37019

Dice rollRolled 11, 2, 13, 14 = 40

Is this a fallback position or no? Send them to the gates or walls if it usnt a citadel

Rolling because Tracy's favor is

b9adf No.37020

Goddamnit Tracy and trump are ridding. She's mounted. He's mounting her. They go to the one place it covered , wich is the sewers

b14ca No.37021

Dice rollRolled 10, 20, 12 = 42

Sewers don't sound suited for mounted combat.
Rolling second line of attacks because Great Cleave.

406f1 No.37022

you guys can have the gate ill take the sewers.

c3092 No.37023

While waiting for a responce to >>37008

Does Torc being lvl16 mean lvl8 spells now?

692c2 No.37024

>stadium, fall-back
Yes, for both channeling citizens and civillians and preventing forces from assailing.
So Infernius is alone at the gate, Troll/Torc are in the docks, and Trump/Tracy are in the sewers? Thez is messy with gore and bits, she could pass as a zombie if she'd slow down and stop murdering. but she's got her staff out and she doesn't show sign of slowing. "I don't think this is an attack force." she shouts at some point. "They seem kinda weak and squishy."

b9adf No.37025

I am driving. There is no way at all I can figure out I mounted combats. Go to the fucking series mounted

To Tracy "go to the ducking seerss"

406f1 No.37026

im going to the sewers they can have the gate.

b14ca No.37027

Dice rollRolled 15, 3, 4 = 22

Can she strike again?
>ducking seerss

406f1 No.37028

>fucking sewers

b14ca No.37029

Dice rollRolled 15, 3, 10 = 28

"I'm going to kill that bitch!"
Another round of attacks as she makes her way towards the ducking seerss
"If it's the last thing I do!"

b9adf No.37030

I can't roll or play right now. I won't be able to for 30 or more minutes. Just say Trumpaladin stats mounted on Tracy and swings at whatever enemies come near him. Some one do my rolls for me

c3092 No.37031

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 20


692c2 No.37032

So now Trump is going to the ducking seerss, followed by Infernius, leaving the front gate wide open and the docks still well tended by Torc/Troll. I assume Tracy is with Trump? And where are the human resources? The Gestapo is placed throughout the city, so can't be directed, and the Generals are at the stadium. The Fight Club is active, but location unknown.

b9adf No.37033

We're back at the gates, Infernius is taking the sewers

You try spelling everything right typing while driving down a highway at 60

692c2 No.37034

Don't worry, I'm just setting up storyline diversions and independent actions affecting a grander scale. We can wait.

b14ca No.37035

Dice rollRolled 14, 3, 9 = 26

Shitposting while driving kills. Don't do it.
It'll be fine, just be ready to kill the unicorn by the end of the night.

b14ca No.37036

Dice rollRolled 13, 17, 7 = 37

Can she cleave again?
Tracy releases her chain and lets it dance.

b14ca No.37037

Dice rollRolled 1, 14, 1 = 16


b14ca No.37038

Dice rollRolled 18, 11, 9 = 38


692c2 No.37039

You're not that far, I'm just determining who is fighting what. The sewer is one set of encounters, the dock is another, and the main gate is the third.

c3092 No.37040

>has no idea wtf is happening

b14ca No.37041

Where is Tracy? At the gates?

406f1 No.37042

ill direct my men to tell the gestapo to get to the sewers as fast as possible.

b9adf No.37043

trump is riding Tracy at the main gates and slashing enemies

692c2 No.37044

The party is at a splitting point, to do with geographical characteristics of the port and the circumstances. I'm a little fuzzy on who is ending up where so its still up in the air.

c3092 No.37045

Does Torc's undeath to death do anything?
Also, what level spells can Torc use?

692c2 No.37046

K, Main Gates, got it. That's a good choice.
Gestapo to sewers, confirmed. Is Infernius also?

b14ca No.37047

Just keep throwing out memes.

406f1 No.37048

c3092 No.37049

Do dead memes do extra damage against undead?

b14ca No.37050

We'll decide when we see them.

b14ca No.37051

*is slashing her way through zombie*
"I did not *stab* need this tonight! Now the forest is going to burn to the ground before we get a move on."

c3092 No.37052

File: 1514087598821.png (363.96 KB, 640x360, screen_shot_2016-10-19_at_….png)

Torc summons his army

406f1 No.37053

jew pep?

c3092 No.37054

He's the financal aid.

692c2 No.37055

Oh snap. From nowhere there were frogs of all different varieties and armaments. Its a good thing Torcuil went to the docks too.

406f1 No.37056

you should summon a Zombie killing pepe

c3092 No.37057

Dice rollRolled 3, 10 = 13

Torc makes 2 shots at the closest undead

b14ca No.37058

Don't forget to have Snek defend you.

c3092 No.37059

And the bard frogs begin to play, hoping to boost moral
I won't

b14ca No.37060

When does the encounter start?
Tracy looses her chain and lets it dance.

692c2 No.37061

Noted, waiting on Trump mostly

b14ca No.37062

File: 1514088687367-0.jpg (288.22 KB, 918x717, meme warfare finishes hill….jpg)

File: 1514088687367-1.png (408.07 KB, 930x1060, War Never Changes, Pepe.png)

File: 1514088687367-2.png (1.28 MB, 787x692, memetic warfare.png)

File: 1514088687367-3.png (1.13 MB, 800x1209, MemeticWarfare, Call of Pe….png)

File: 1514088687367-4.png (536.66 KB, 1008x806, meme war gun pepe.png)

>Shadily meme-war version
Love it.

b14ca No.37063

He's driving atm.

b14ca No.37064

Tracy is still slashing zombies, scorching the earth as she prowls the battlefield.

…And in the distance, the forest where she intended to fight Troll burns to the ground without her there…

406f1 No.37065

File: 1514088834525.png (13.91 KB, 1080x720, 1492779038444.png)

ah i remember the great meme war.

c3092 No.37066

Ahh yes, where did you guys get deployed?

b14ca No.37067

File: 1514088984305-0.jpg (158.79 KB, 799x2004, The Great Meme War, Trump.jpg)

File: 1514088984305-1.jpg (141.27 KB, 537x1148, meme war medal.jpg)

File: 1514088984305-2.jpg (207.76 KB, 674x1024, daddy pepe meme war.jpg)

File: 1514088984306-3.jpg (208.67 KB, 743x1000, meme warrior.jpg)

File: 1514088984306-4.jpg (83.96 KB, 505x502, green door pepe meme war.jpg)

T'was great meme war indeed.

406f1 No.37068

i was with the 420th Dank meme Battalion.

692c2 No.37069

Tracy and Trump are able to collectively prevent penetration of the main gate. Infernius and his Gestapo - Heil Hitler - make short work of the initial goopy poo-zombies they find themselves confronted with.
Torcuil and Trollestia also find themselves easily and readily reinforcing the situation at the various points they are at.
Aside from Thez, there is nothing tending to the undead situation outside the wall, but the situation at/inside the wall is stable.

c3092 No.37070

>tfw when I didn't have a battalion
I don't really know what I would be considering I did all my fighting with actual campaigning.
>docks are contained
>for now

098a5 No.37071

I'm finally done driving and am at a laptop. If any Spartans or generals can be spared, deploy them to the main gate or any other choke points. Deploy Fae to action.

You lit a single tree on fire. One tree. One that was far away from other trees. You did not light the forest on fire. Stop trying to destroy our supply of wood for new ships or whatever

*bitch smacks pony*
"stop burning the ground. this is our ground. My ground. You want to scorth earth, go get your own earth, and you can burn it"

406f1 No.37072

"/pol/ days through good and bad."

b14ca No.37073

Equipment Distribution, mostly. I made sure our men had memes in their hands when the battles came.
Fug.. I really wanted to hunt her down in the burning forest..
Oh well, she'll get her after the battle.
It was the tallest tree in the forest, it had to have spread unless addressed.

b14ca No.37074

File: 1514089406967.jpeg (249.46 KB, 984x630, khaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!!!!.jpeg)

The scorching is involuntary. She's still pissed about being trolled.

406f1 No.37075

which board were you with?

098a5 No.37076

Slashing and slashing at undead, for all the time we've been there

No, a single tree being lit on fire does not necessarily cause a forest fire. Otherwise, trees would not live to be old enough to even be recognizable as trees with all the lightning that exists. Much more, like low humidity, undrebrush, dry weather and what ever is required for a forest fire. That tree was in a clearing, because gibberniggers exist and the tower was able to come within a few feet of the ground right there


*pets pony to calm her*

098a5 No.37077

I was in captured territory in the great meme war… We were unable to resist…

406f1 No.37078

Captured by shills?

098a5 No.37079

Leftist petite Bourgeoisie. A university and a government agency

c3092 No.37080

b14ca No.37081

File: 1514089989790.jpg (71.28 KB, 1024x661, rise_of_the_guardians__nig….jpg)

[seething nightmare noises]
"She tricked us! And she made the little weeb take the hit for her too.. I'm going to annihilate that bitch!"
*rears in fury, crushing two zombies beneath her as she falls back down*

c3092 No.37082

Dice rollRolled 1, 4, 4, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 = 40

I'm gonna try undeath to death again

098a5 No.37083

Even the token Republicans hated Trump…

"Take out your anger on the undead, because I think that is the only chance you will get"

*Fucking decapitates Zombies because damn it Tracy isn't going to get all the fun*

406f1 No.37084

i wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

b14ca No.37085

File: 1514090202403.jpg (103.95 KB, 736x1037, 7cf226b2f2beec1943ba53e287….jpg)

*shakes with fury*
"I'm going to stab her full of holes the next chance I get! I'll let her blow out all her spell and tire herself out before I finish her off tonight!"

406f1 No.37086

you should >rape first.

692c2 No.37087

Pop, bang, piff, and other sounds of undead being deprived their source power and collapsing, but not enough to eliminate the strategic mass.
Gimme a quick rundown on the Gestapo

c3092 No.37088


406f1 No.37089

on my gestapo? or the real life gestapo?

098a5 No.37090

"Tracy. I think you're going to have to let your grudge go"

Can we assign some spartans and maybe the cute sex horse to start lauching projectiles through the trebucket and catapult at the undead masses over the walls?

b14ca No.37091

File: 1514090526823.jpg (951.6 KB, 1440x1280, 34328.jpg)

Interesting proposition.
Matters on the circumstances we're afforded.
Tracy is still slashing the dead, beside herself with rage.
*suddenly stops*

098a5 No.37092

"Carry on killing the zombies. Savor the sounds of their skulls cracking"

No rape Trollestia. It's bad enough she's shown more interest in Ponimaru than him in front of him

b14ca No.37093

File: 1514090859980.jpg (352.67 KB, 1024x768, ridign_the_nightmare_by_wh….jpg)

She wouldn't leave him out of it. it'd be more of a fucking her to death with a sword" kind of >rape.
*charges forward, leaving a stream of ghostly fire in her wake*
I don't have all night, are we ready for the big targets yet?

692c2 No.37094

Slov> "Oh yes, can we please?" drip drip
So for loose referenes, refer to this, those manning the sewers. https://youtu.be/Vdd4rBlsj2o

406f1 No.37095

what do you wanna know?

c3092 No.37096

>massive swarms

b14ca No.37097

File: 1514091118155.jpg (80.66 KB, 900x680, the_nightmare_by_vyrilien.jpg)

You might wanna cast some Mass Heal spells on that thing…

098a5 No.37098

Kek. Cute sex horse is then ordered to grape shot or fireball or however creative she can be in killing the enemy. "Burn them. Crush them. Anything you can think of, my lovely pony of death"

Any spare General's not needed for combat elsewhere are to shoot arrows from the walls, and any Spartans not on the seige engines are to join the melee at the gates, though a little back from Trump and Tracy for their protection. Fae is to join the melee too. I'm guessing she can't bite because of the poison on these things

692c2 No.37099

I've got levels for them (hd wise) but I have no class or strategy for them. Are they group-centric or are they individual ninja staus?
Funny you ask that, A WHUDD sounds off near the gate.

098a5 No.37100

Trumpaladin looks to see what it is

c3092 No.37101

"R E C R E A T I O N
A C T I V A T E D"
Torc recreationally nukes the docks, protecting him, mr. Snek, and Troll.

b14ca No.37102

File: 1514091315681.jpg (131.93 KB, 800x1000, hell_horse_by_karrenrex-d5….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 14 + 21

What does Tracy see at the gates?
*ears perk*
Can I get a Listen check to ell what's coming?

692c2 No.37103

The Poo demon in the sewer got murdered. Not only the Gestapo, but the Fight Club showed up with Infernius. Quick and easy secure.

406f1 No.37104

File: 1514091425208.png (280.19 KB, 509x596, 1489391__safe_fluttershy_r….png)

well when i first came up with the idea i said they were gonna have magic weapons and armor, and i was going to try to make them as space marine-Esq as possible.
so they would use group tactics.
oh and they're all of European stock.

b14ca No.37105

It's getting late..

098a5 No.37106

Only midnight in your timezone. you can take it

692c2 No.37107

So a hearty and fair-skinned group of fellas who wanted to maintain peace and a measure of stability no matter who was in charge?
Sleep, this may be resolved this time tomorrow, no hurry and its the holidays so here is to you as you are and as you will.

b14ca No.37108

[hysterical nightmare noises]
I wanna cause drama right after the fight though…

406f1 No.37109


098a5 No.37110

>Implying you won't be able to do that tomorrow
If that scene were just Trollestia replacing herself with Ponimaru that'd be one thing. But Thez and Infernius finding out and intervening, and then Trollestia telling Torcuil? That's a Mission Abort if ever there were one

b14ca No.37112

Tracy wouldn't have cared if they saw. She was pissed that Troll swapped herself with Troll though.
She's already made the Vallhas Vow to slay her tonight.

098a5 No.37113

First rule of the attack: Make sure you outnumber your enemy at the point of attack. This is a four to two advantage Trollestia, and two of those are really powerful.

*Pets horsey to calm her down*
"I'll make it up to you Tracy. But right now, focus your anger on the zombies"

b14ca No.37114

So, what happens for the rest of the night?
It's two against one, and she would've used up more than half her spells by the end of the battle.

692c2 No.37115

Well. You remember that cloud giant I mentioned? It was part of that circuit of organisms that fed the vampire's blood farm, yes?

b14ca No.37116

"It has to be tonight, Flashy..! I can't wait any longer!"

b14ca No.37117

Aww.. I thought I had her unplug those machines..
Oh well.
First move would be to slash it's sinews so that it can't walk.

406f1 No.37118

is it undead?

b14ca No.37119

[increasingly hysterical monster noises]

b14ca No.37120


098a5 No.37121

Fuck yeah! Tell Slovenia to target it with both the trebuchet and the Catapult. Make the generals shoot at it with arrows

Charge the Giant, sword drawn!

"Charge the cloud giant!"
*points sword at it*

c3092 No.37122

I need sleep, see you faggots tomorrow afternoon

098a5 No.37123

Ready a full round attack when in range

406f1 No.37124

i turn undead.

b14ca No.37125

>not using the lance for triple damage
She has two, use one of those and Smite Evil
Do a Spirited Charge with Tracy.
You can't do a full attack after charging unless you have the Dire Charge feat

098a5 No.37126

Just shut the fuck up and get him close enough so he can damage the enemy

692c2 No.37127

She did, its for that reason there's a giant zombie.
"Its STILL too EASY," Thez yells from the midst of the crowd outside the gate, unexhausted cuz feats.
I'll have Torcuil smite with range attacks per staff.
DOOOD. I seriously wondered how long it would take before someone would do that. Its not like I hid that they were undead or anything

098a5 No.37128

I was waiting on medium sized opponents

b14ca No.37129

Use the lance if you're going to make a charge attack. You only get one strike.
Take out its leg with Smite Evil.

b14ca No.37130

Human zombies are medium.

098a5 No.37131

Dice rollRolled 17, 10, 10, 11 = 48

If he ever gets in range…

A Cloud giant is just barely too big to turn

Full round attack, with two smite evil attacks

I'll study the D&D wiki tomorrow

b14ca No.37132

Dice rollRolled 17

Are they charging, or do you want to get into its square and then make a full round attack?

Before he does whatever, Tracy Charges the creature's leg with her lance and makes makes a Spirited charge.

b14ca No.37133

Oh yes, triple damage on that strike. Leg is kill.

098a5 No.37134

I don't know actually

b14ca No.37135

Can that be a ride-by attack?

098a5 No.37136

Wiki says double damage

I don't think you can attack the same enemy in the next round after a ride by because of the need to turn around and decelerate and all that. Just get in the same square as it and fight it

692c2 No.37137

This is Huge
"Aye lad, that's righ; where I was thinkin" Vandereium mutters before launching into a throng of undead, who the Gestapo keep learning from observing the demise of.

b14ca No.37138

Spirited charge does double damage with melee, triple with a lance.
Ribe-by attacks are charges.
>Just get in the same square as it and fight it
Why do that and potentially get slammed, when we could just ride-bby again and again?

406f1 No.37139

so turn undead does nothing to it?

b14ca No.37140

No. It has more hit dice than you have levels.

098a5 No.37141

Dice rollRolled 12, 12, 18, 9 = 51

More slashing! Full round. Attack the Cloud giant, if it's in range

Did you take that feat?

If that's how ride by's work, then sure. Do that
"Get more closer. I want to hit it with my sword"

See >>37140

b14ca No.37142

It's the hoers shoes, although Tracy is getting used to the combat style.

b14ca No.37143

Lance can hit things 10 ft away..

098a5 No.37144

That's for the rider though, not the magic beast wearing it

I've already done math and worked out everything for how to use Vanderiem. I don't want to switch to an unfamiliar weapon with a lower damage dice for an entirely new combat style in the middle of a battle. I want to do four slashing attacks in a round like I know I can do

b14ca No.37145

I gotta sleep…
The first thing Tracy would do in character after the fight would be to attempt to slay Troll, just fyi.

>not the magic beast wearing it
It explicitly grants the ability to both the rider and the mount.
Centaurs love those things.

692c2 No.37146

Dice rollRolled 1

dice parry.
I never said that, I gave it a moment to pause and resonate.
The spirit of the fuhrer shoots outward and on a 2-dimensional plane, The varieties of abominations shriek and reject to their ability.
Skeletons and zombies can be said to fall en masse, but in few so can citizens of port Barry. I'm thinking 2 so far.
Roll for initiative

098a5 No.37147

Trump would drag her to the monastery and make them both stay the night there and wait for things to blow over

098a5 No.37148

Dice rollRolled 14

Tracy's faggot is gone though…


406f1 No.37149

Dice rollRolled 4


b14ca No.37150

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

Initiative roll

b14ca No.37151

Is cloud giant re-kill?

098a5 No.37152

I think that just means the attack landed and did damage

692c2 No.37153

We're not gonna start fighting tonight
"You oaf,…."
Thats the objective, yes

b14ca No.37154

No. There is no stopping her at this point.

406f1 No.37155

"be careful!"

098a5 No.37156

Why do I get a beeyotch for that? What's wrong with that?


To Tracy:
"Tracy, Infernius and Thez are now involved. They will be protecting that horse, and prevent any harm from coming to her, or will avenge any that is done to her. You're going to have to chose either to have a future with your child, or to kill that horse. But you cannot do both. The universe will not let you do both."
And with that, Trumpaladin is done with the matter of Tracy and Trollestia, at least for now

b14ca No.37157

She isn't listening, desu. She's beside herself.
I said there wouldn't be any stopping her.

b14ca No.37158


406f1 No.37159

night faggot.

692c2 No.37160

Because beyotch.
Night dude

098a5 No.37161

File: 1514095674988.png (146.47 KB, 1116x1024, 1513040531559.png)

Pic related

I'm often criticized here for making decisions or doing things that are bad, but somethimes I really don't understand why.

Letting Tracy go back would just result in Tracy getting killed. And if they both returned, well, the last thing that happened when they were all together was Infernius tried to kill Tracy, and frankly should have succeeded. So it would be stupid to let her go back, or for Trump himself to return. So the best solution is to stay at the monestary

b14ca No.37162

Infernius attacked Tracy because she killed Ponimaru, who didn't stand a chance; Tracy was nearly as pissed-off about the fact.
Regardless, Tracy is still going after Troll, before the party regroups. She's on a vendetta.

b14ca No.37163

Goes to bed for real this time

098a5 No.37164

Can she be smart about it and wait for a time that her efforts actually have more than a 0% chance of success?

I hate irrational people. I hate having to work with them

692c2 No.37165

So in spite of lots of glaring, Trump and Tracy are v the giant skeleton-zombie thing.
Infernius, the Gestapo, and the Fight Club are

406f1 No.37166

Attacking the giant.

098a5 No.37167

You know what, fuck logic. Trumpaladin joins Tracy in whatever batshit insane vindictive whatever she has planned, so long as he can ride her Cauchemar

"Donec mors nos separaverit, little pony"

098a5 No.37168

>"Do you want to kill Trollestia because she fucked your fiance, because she made you look like a fool, or because she made you kill your lover? I can sympathize with revenge for being made a fool - fuck Kiynen, I still need to kill her. But Ponimaru stays dead"

b14ca No.37169

>she made you kill your lover?

b9adf No.37170

Trollestia caused Tracy to kill Ponimaru through her trick

b14ca No.37171

Why did you think Ponimaru was some kind of "lover"?
She's not a colt-cuddler anymore

b14ca No.37172

Ponimaru is the colt that Tracy bullies in her spare time. It is by no means a romantic thing.

b9adf No.37173

The only things Trumpaladin knows about Ponimaru is that he's male, he's of approximately the same species as Tracy, and Tracy once ditched him for an opportunity to go see Ponimaru. He's only seen him like once before, but that's all he needs to know.

When I was looking back through older threads I saw there was this entire session full of a battle between Lenos and Thez, an exploration of the Dias, and an interaction between Tracy and Ponimaru that I never read (and still haven't) that explains a lot of things like the fear of Lenos. All of this information should be as unknown to Trumpaladin as it is to his faggot

And Slovenia is just Trumpaladin's artillery-mare.

b14ca No.37174

>Slovenia is just Trumpaladin's artillery-mare.
I hope so.

b14ca No.37175

Tracy and Ponimaru haven't actually interacted very much at all, desu… Two of the ~6 times they met in session, she 1-shotted him…

b9adf No.37176

Well Tracy's made it pretty clear that if she ever catches him doing with her as one does with a waifu, then she'll coerce him into killing and then eating the poor mare. Which he obviously does not want to do or have happen to her.

b14ca No.37177

>she'll coerce him into killing and then eating the poor mare
She never said anything about eating.
And she could kill her herself, so don't sweat it (actually, do. Sweat hard). Slovenia is her friend though, so she wouldn't want to kill her unless she stepped over the line.

d5c24 No.37178

Why's ponimaru have to die? Also the beyotch was cuz I was drinking last night and it looked like you wanted to run and hide.
So would Tracy not eat Trollestia then? Seems uncharacteristic desu.

b14ca No.37179

Ponimaru shouldn't have to die at all; he wasn't meant to. Tracy put his body in her bag so she could resurrect him later (and give him a thorough whipping for tricking her).
She meta intends to keep Troll dead though.

b14ca No.37180

>So would Tracy not eat Trollestia then?
Well, probably parts of her; I hadn't planned that far, because I'd be tempted to spoil shit through meta. Although I meta had originally intended to have her make another Nithing and feed part of her to her birds, because muh symbolism.

Also, why haven't the Devourers begun to attack the living yet? They can freely access the material plane can't they?
Devourers are creepiest pasta.. If they get you, you can't even be revived…

098a5 No.37181

Nah, keep that bitch dead. Fuck him

Cause the bastard is going after his waifu. Unlike Trollestia, he's not a party asset, but rather only interacts tangentially with the party. He has no value alive. And why not hide from danger? They want to do harm, they can come to him and his personal army

b14ca No.37182

>Fuck him
Y U h8 Ponimaru?
>going after his waifu
No he isn't. He's afraid of her, if anything. Tracy just chases after him because she finds it hilarious to torment him.
>he's not a party asset
>has no value alive
That's not how you quantify life, Anon…

098a5 No.37183

>Why hate ponimaru
Because Tracy ditched Trumpaladin for him! I tried to have him kill Ponimaru in that encounter, but Infernius got in the way. Now he's dead, so keep him dead

>Hilarious to torment

I know how she shows love

>Feeling pity for a fictional horse

Then why no pity for Trollestia, who has actually been helpful at times?

b14ca No.37184

File: 1514136789276.jpg (49.8 KB, 700x650, 11822829_962719767124272_2….jpg)

>why not hide from danger?
Paladins don't run from danger; they fight it, especially when said danger is undead. Your character literally radiates courage and is immune to fear as a class feature; keep up with the character.

098a5 No.37185

Are Infernius, Thez and Torcuil undead?

d5c24 No.37186

Question, how many remains is Tracy carrying at the moment?
Of course not, why would you ask?

b14ca No.37187

>Tracy ditched Trumpaladin for him
No she didn't.
>I tried to have him kill Ponimaru in that encounter
*disappointed stare*
They weren't going to kill him, and if so, not permanently.
>who has actually been helpful at times?
Ponimaru has been delivering messages from Ben and Thez for months now. And it's not like I, Tracy's faggot, personally hate Troll; it's just that it wouldn't be in character to let her off.

b14ca No.37188

>how many remains is Tracy carrying at the moment?
Whole? Just Ponimaru. She's got a few other parts, but they're only in bits and pieces.

098a5 No.37189

It was a rhetorical question to signify to Tracy's faggot that he was not afraid of the undead

b14ca No.37190

Have any of those Devourers made a move on the living yet?

d5c24 No.37191

File: 1514137544230.jpg (41.95 KB, 500x302, autism.jpg)

Not yet, but the fight with the Giant Skeltal hasn't happened yet either.
My bad

b14ca No.37192

It's going to be a pain and a half to load all of these undead parts into the Entertron..

b14ca No.37193

Also, could we make another body-cast made out of Dimerterium, for the sake of reviving mages?

d5c24 No.37194

A non-stabby iron maiden then, with an open face?
Just what are you intending?

b14ca No.37195

>what are you intending?
Saving all the souls who were enslaved by the necromancers of the capital, of course.
Isn't that the righteous thing to do?

098a5 No.37196

Yes she did

No. Just, no. No. No.

098a5 No.37197

The entertron doesn't work on souls. It needs matter

b14ca No.37198

>tfw I keep getting these two IDs mixed up…

b14ca No.37199

Undead turn back into living when Ressurection is used on them.
We could revive every corpse in the Port.

b14ca No.37200

Can we give the Cloud Giant skeleton a red hat and suit?

d5c24 No.37201

Uhm,… that's not how it works. Resurrection destroys undead utterly. Bringing the person back is a no go at that point.

098a5 No.37202

Those undead could be the villains of yesteryear, always chaotic evil races, criminals, communists - who the hell knows

b14ca No.37203

I read on the wiki that Resurrection and True Resurrection work on undead.
>Resurrection and true resurrection can affect undead creatures. These spells turn undead creatures back into the living creatures they were before becoming undead.

b14ca No.37204

File: 1514138238921.jpg (187.89 KB, 1200x1200, CtvEy52XYAAfhgj.jpg)

Why not give them a chance? That's what we call Bliss, isn't it?
Everyone could be revived for Christmas.

b14ca No.37205

I guess I just get all preachy during the holidays…
I g2g for a bit to wash the dog.

098a5 No.37206

I do want more humans…
It seems risky

d5c24 No.37207

My listing shows that undead expressly can't be resurrected via either resurrection spells, as the last line of the spell description.

b14ca No.37208

Oh, I guess I'm reading a separate edition, although another site says it's 3.5e.
Too bad then…

Does that also mean PCs are done for if Animate Dead is cast on them?

b14ca No.37209

Idk how the rules work, but I thought that meant undead creatures couldn't be brought back as undead creatures. Meaning zombies and vampires go back to being alive; monsters like and Nightshades, who were never among the living, stay kill.
>You can resurrect someone killed by a death effect or someone who has been turned into an undead creature and then destroyed. You cannot resurrect someone who has died of old age. Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can’t be resurrected.
Idk though. I just want to figure out how it works.

I g2g again.

098a5 No.37210

Stop with this >Paladin shit.

First off, if you want to be a white knight moralist who knows everything about what makes a great Paladin, then you should have played a Paladin. In fact, you still can play as a white knight Paladin. Just have Tracy put on the cursed hat and POOF, she's a white knight moralist just like her faggot, so you can do your moralizing in the game as well as in Meta.

Second, and more importantly, I am keeping up with the character. This is a character who is dutiful to his protectorates and will fight for them regardless of the danger to himself. That's why he attacked Infernius after he started slashing at his fiance. That's why he charges headlong into legions of undead that are threatening the city that sees him as a protector. But I have zero intent of playing a stupid character. He's not going to get himself killed over a damned murder plot that was questionable to begin with. Some things are worth dying for, but not everything is.

b14ca No.37211

What if you used the Undead to Death spell? That turns undead into regular corpses, doesn't it?

d5c24 No.37212

No, you're right. It was the line about undead creatures that threw me, but yes if a creature has been made into undead it can be returned to life

b14ca No.37213

File: 1514141616562.jpg (631.35 KB, 970x545, beholderbanner.jpg)

Hooray! It's a Christmas Miracle.
Gotta smash all the zombies before we can save them though.

098a5 No.37214

Tracy helps in the task before doing whatever else she had planned

d5c24 No.37215

Thez is way ahead of her, lamenting all the while that she can't rebuke undead anymore.
"Oh wait! There's the words! Kek!" and all the undead around her in a 65' diameter r squish.

098a5 No.37216

If you want to kill a Cloud giant before Christmas Eve…

c3092 No.37217

Afternoon, whats happening?

d5c24 No.37218

Chillin, reading, arranging. Making sure I've got the right tables and shit.

b14ca No.37220

File: 1514144999488.jpg (373.57 KB, 999x799, fire_horse___nightmare___s….jpg)

Tracy is still cleaving her way through hordes of shambling flesh towards the Giant skeleton, still cursing on about the unicorn she ought to be killing instead.

098a5 No.37221

Oh just get to the Giant already

Trumpaladin has commanded the Generals and the cute sex horse to target the giant with ranged weapons, while he readies an attack against the Giant. Or he kills shit on the way to the giant, if the demon horse is taking the scenic route

c3092 No.37223

Yeah, about Trollestia….
Torc never said anything against her, only me. Expect him to white knight harder than Infernius for Thez.
Sorry m8

098a5 No.37224

Oh and Fae. Fae is ordered to attack, the cloud giant or whatever targets of opportunity

098a5 No.37225

D'aww. That's sweet

b14ca No.37226

File: 1514145382877.png (110.35 KB, 560x632, midwinterain__s_nightmare_….png)

Are they there yet? Can we start the combat?

c3092 No.37227

I really don't wanna admit you where the main factor in changing my mind. After I got steamponk out of my mind, I realized you where right.
>tldr you was right

b14ca No.37228

File: 1514145499206.jpg (44.58 KB, 736x552, c3bbbba1a4fd94e96ee4dbae04….jpg)

She could just leap over them all.
I just thought we were still preparing.

098a5 No.37229

Ask GM.

No ride bys. A ride by attack means that every time we attack we are "charging" and therefor only get one attack. Even with trippling the dice roll that means I only get less than half as much damage as I could if I slashed with my magic great sword four times (unless the entire damage set is multiplied by three, then maybe it might be worth it). Tracy has an AC of 26 or maybe higher, and Trumpaladin has an AC of like ~33, Tracy has 155 HP and Trumpaladin has ~104. That damned giant is a CR 11, has 200 HP and 24 AC. Don't be a pussy. After the first charge, stay in range, and kill it. It could hit us with a rock if we rode by anyways

D'aww, thanks

c3092 No.37230

ufiaw ruoy niatnoc tsuj, melborp on

d5c24 No.37231

So for simplicity, what is Tracy's line of attack, as that determines for her and Trump.
Torcuil and Trollestia have only faced aquatic zombies and ghouls so far, which she can easily dispense of in waves from her undead turning, let alone Torcuil's magic.

c3092 No.37232

I was actually going to ask how that was going. Good to know the frog army is useful

d5c24 No.37233

Oh yeah, its fine. Trollestia can airwalk all around and on top of them, the frog army can pick them off from range, Torcuil can be as creative as he wants,… you guys got this. There is a weird set of torches in the distance, but the docks are solid.

b14ca No.37234

How close is "in range"? She can't just spot on a dime.
>what is Tracy's line of attack
I was going to make a Spirited Charge with a lance, to do triple damage on the first ride-by attack, then go ahead and try to trip it with her dancing chain, if not set on fire.
I thought once it's legs were taken out and it fell over incapacitated, it could be finished off with Lay On Hands.

c3092 No.37235


098a5 No.37236

Well, I would say spirited charge with a Lance, and then stay in square and fight it with magic swords until it is dead or we are forced to withdrawal…

That's going to be extremely difficult… It may be difficult enough even to keep Trumpaladin from being obligated to fight on behalf of Tracy
The easiest thing to do is just let her be killed, then resurrect her in the entertron. That way Tracy may be satisfied, Trumpaladin has fullfilled his covanent, Trollestia lives, and you keep your steed and ally. I actually had Trumpaladin go and collect blood from her so she could be resurrected if killed. And I was intending him to resurrect her anyways

Reeeeeee! Let me hit it with my sword! I want to be able to do damage too. Also, I am not sure the Trip attack works in that way

>Can't spot on a dime

Transfer all of your momentum into the giant through the lance. Seriously, you think you can spot on a dime in the air in a ride by attack and charge back the opposite direction? Physics do not work that way. And if it does, then by the same logic she can stop right next to the giant

098a5 No.37238

A trip attack is an unarmed melee attack. Just hit the damned thing with a sword until it dies

d5c24 No.37239

She lands with the Spirited Charge, but distancing from the creature quickly doesn't seem possible, unless abandoning the lances.
Now, did you mean to essentially use the chain as a trip-wire?

098a5 No.37240

Dice rollRolled 16, 4, 3, 9 = 32

Trumpaladin swings in whatever way the horse will let him

c3092 No.37241

Would Jeb "please clap" Bush do sonic damage?

d5c24 No.37242

Its something low to the water, as the light from the torches - there's only 3 visible at most- reflects from the water. It drifts silently toward the docks as the water zombies and ghouls feelbly maintain their occupation.

b14ca No.37243

The lance isn't magick, so let it stick in its leg.
Release the chain and let it dance all over it.

b14ca No.37244

I meant to make a trip attack with the chain. That's an option, right? If not, just lash at its legs, or try to stick into its carcass and pull it over.

d5c24 No.37245

The Giant takes several stabs and slashes, causing visible damage but not slowing it in the slightest. It swings for Tracy/Trump.

d5c24 No.37246

Dice rollRolled 6, 6 = 12


098a5 No.37247

I should have cast Protection from evil…
~33 AC do not fail me

c3092 No.37248

So, boats?

098a5 No.37249

>Implying they don't have cursed Uboats

b14ca No.37250

Also, activate the robe of colors and smoke every turn.

b14ca No.37251

>Uboats built by communists
They'll be easy.

c3092 No.37252

Especially if the commander's name is "Marko"

d5c24 No.37253

Something like that
The Giant's crude mobility is not sufficient to land a blow against either Trump or Tracy, its arm/weapon swooshing by through the air.

098a5 No.37254

File: 1514147654804-0.jpg (441.29 KB, 1280x746, 631_1212423748_large.jpg)

File: 1514147654804-1.jpg (243.46 KB, 1280x720, uncharted-game-boat-amazon….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 15, 19, 16, 19 = 69

Sounds like fun


Full Round Attack!

b14ca No.37255

Dice rollRolled 1, 15, 10 = 26

We could use a Bull's Strength to pull that thing over.
Rolling to lash with sword.
Let chain attack.

b14ca No.37256


c3092 No.37257

Hmmmm… what could Torc cast…
Ah yes, now I know.

"Go to gulag, cyka blyats"

d5c24 No.37258

e_e Rly? Magic missiles fly off and strike various targets, so weak was that meme.

098a5 No.37259

Dice rollRolled 7, 7, 18 = 32

I was on an iphone with a cracked screen and a shitty browser in a bar an hour away from home when I was doing this last night, that's my excuse for not casting obvious spells like "protection from evil" or what have you…

The d&d spell is called "imprisonment," although I think it's one level above your caster level. It's a scary spell…

Can Fae pounce without being harmed by undead flesh? If so, Pounce!

098a5 No.37260

Um… I think I calculated her bite attack to be +18 (base is +13, +6 strength, -1 size) so that bite should land against 24 AC

b14ca No.37261

This thing has Damage Reduction, weak to bludgeoning. Try using Tracy's mace to crush its bones.

098a5 No.37262

Are you sure? Where is it listed?

If that's true I'll hold Fae back then. Next round. I hope to get her teeth and claws enchanted eventually.

But a bite attack can be bludgeoning damage. It can be piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning

b14ca No.37263

File: 1514148916199.jpg (222.75 KB, 888x782, 421764__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

Under special qualities.
Of course, he doesn't know that. It'd just seem like stabbing a skeleton wouldn't be making very much progress.

b14ca No.37264

098a5 No.37265

Slashing should land when coming from a magic sword. Especially since Vanderiem is Epic level magic against Evil foes, (+7).

b14ca No.37266

Can she attack again?

Also, I'll have to go soon…

c3092 No.37267

Welp, I gtg.
Incase I can't find the time, Merry Christmas guys.

098a5 No.37269

File: 1514149592784.png (118.86 KB, 825x891, 1514146873933.png)

Merry Christmas!

b14ca No.37270

What kind of weapon is this Skeleton using?

b9adf No.37271

My intuition says the Clould Giant mace

Also, this is just the front of a much larger army that has devourers and death mages, I'll bet you

b14ca No.37272

I wondering why the Devourers hadn't attacked yet. They could be wreaking havoc atm, since they already got inside the tower.
It makes me question what (((their))) strategy really is. It can't be this simple.

b9adf No.37273

I don't think devourers just plane shift as easily as you suggest, but whatever, it's a spooky enough possibility

Trumpaladin orders the generals to return to and fortify the hallowed ground of the stadium, and coup up as much of the civilian population there as possible. Cute sex horse and necessary troops are to remain and shoot projectiles over the walls at enemy masses, however

b14ca No.37274

It's not planeshift, it's Etherrealness, and they can use it at will at 20th caster level to freely shift between the material, Etherrealness, and astral planes.

b9adf No.37275

All the same, the wiki implies that they stay on the ethereal plane

406f1 No.37276

merry Christmas.

b14ca No.37277

File: 1514153842214.jpg (147.52 KB, 736x1032, ccf68c32e0b7892d5e0c72663f….jpg)

Merry Christmas, Dixie.

406f1 No.37278

thanks tracys faggot.

b14ca No.37279

I'm going to head off to dinner soon.
Merry Christmas everybody.

098a5 No.37280

File: 1514157269093.jpg (8.92 KB, 256x144, image (3).jpg)

406f1 No.37281

File: 1514157795764.png (402.32 KB, 539x600, 673576b41de8b654e2c44d9f28….png)

b14ca No.37282

Say he's using a Gargantuan Candy Cane. And he's wearing a suit of bright red polar bear bear hide armor.
Also, he has a beard, despite being a skeleton.

d5c24 No.37283

File: 1514160779821.jpg (99.92 KB, 1280x1049, 147708-my-little-pony-frie….jpg)

Bah humbug. Here for the duration, w/ energy drinks n shit.

b14ca No.37284


406f1 No.37285

im around.

b9adf No.37286

I'z have question, but I am afraid of the answer

406f1 No.37287

post a thez for the party pic.

d5c24 No.37288

File: 1514162871042.png (191.5 KB, 300x300, thez.png)

I didn't save the one I would have gone with, but this one is fine.
Okay o_O

b14ca No.37289

>didn't save
Which one was that?

d5c24 No.37290

It was a modified RL cosplay pic. The girl looked like Arya from Game of Thrones, wearing a leather tunic and with cosmetic ears, faced away from the camera.
What, I notice things. Xp

b14ca No.37291

File: 1514163298561.jpg (352.27 KB, 499x750, 3dpd attempt.jpg)

You mean this one I made?
I considered throwing it out, because the hair was fugged.

d5c24 No.37292

Yes, that's the one

b14ca No.37293

File: 1514163968871.jpg (379.3 KB, 499x750, revenge.jpg)

Revenge for the kitten shoop. Santa's little helper.

098a5 No.37294

File: 1514164112087.png (199.56 KB, 1340x1776, 1510378059043.png)

But it's so cute

b14ca No.37295

File: 1514164726720.jpg (407.03 KB, 499x750, santas little helper.jpg)

Of course, we can't forget her cool Monk staff, and some holly because why not?
*insane laughter*

406f1 No.37296

File: 1514164776031.png (1.12 MB, 2400x1675, partypic.png)

i said it would be shit.

b14ca No.37297

That gave me a hearty chuckle.

098a5 No.37298

Fucking Kek. I love how Torcuil is mostly a fabric sample

406f1 No.37299

File: 1514164897687-0.png (504.6 KB, 2064x1300, 9551f629d51b3dfe36aa7ce440….png)

File: 1514164897687-1.png (135.13 KB, 848x677, aa8ea99a732f71e965c94f9cd4….png)

File: 1514164897687-2.png (537.38 KB, 2400x1553, c540ba7c6cc249afcd89c2750b….png)

406f1 No.37300

thanks guys

b14ca No.37301

Will we be able to finish off the giant skeleton tonight?

406f1 No.37302

File: 1514165447821.png (1.33 MB, 2400x1711, partypic.png)

098a5 No.37303

I can do it. We already landed hits in two rounds and now we are waiting for the giant's round

You're welcome

098a5 No.37304

File: 1514165583384.png (1.01 MB, 960x869, 1516617__safe_artist-colon….png)

D'aww, cute. Why is Tracy bigger than me though?

d5c24 No.37305

File: 1514165588385.png (1.7 MB, 1340x1776, 1510376002300-1.png)

Consider it finished, it was a big giant distraction anyway. A few rounds of coordinated attacks would kill.

098a5 No.37306

Reeee I want to do math and kill it with math

406f1 No.37307

because ms paint is the worst program ever.

098a5 No.37308

File: 1514165728297.jpg (31.96 KB, 500x381, status-report-or-damage-re….jpg)

Why am I not surprised
pic related

Tis true. I am not good with programs

b14ca No.37309

Can I haz its club as a trophy?
I never use anything but this:

406f1 No.37310

i wonder (((who))) could be behind this attack?

098a5 No.37311

The giant needs a special feat just to wield it. No. Now lets go attack the main force before they suck the souls of everyone in town

*cough* Bush Dynasty *cough*

098a5 No.37312

Um… during the fight the generals were ordered back to the stadium… See >>37273

d5c24 No.37313

You're welcome to kill it with math
Thez has been saying "too easy" for how long?
About 4 intermittent bang-sounds issue from within the city. Thez stops her murder spree and <whooof>
(((who))) indeed? Didn't you get a hitler-vision recently?

406f1 No.37314

thanks i didnt save the link.

b14ca No.37315

File: 1514166003176.jpg (55.78 KB, 564x380, 97acd6829e34fbf36439735450….jpg)

I know. I just want it.

098a5 No.37316

Get it later

"Towards the sounds!"
Spurs Horse

406f1 No.37317

b14ca No.37318

File: 1514166158506.png (767.75 KB, 956x598, Except she eats spongebobs….png)

My money is on the Clintons.

098a5 No.37319

Or maybe, everyone at once. My God. It's 2016 all over again

*Raises sword*
*Spurs horse again*

d5c24 No.37320

I meant the video, but yeah he did kill some undead recently didn't he?
No dynasty's yet, but there are some crazy liches up in the mix

b14ca No.37321

File: 1514166343322.jpg (201.78 KB, 1024x1256, vrak_the_nightmare_by_olie….jpg)

*gallops towards said sounds*
She loses hit points when you spur her, fyi
*gallops even faster*

406f1 No.37322

w-which video?

406f1 No.37323

>implying she don't like it.

b14ca No.37324

File: 1514166543325.jpg (187.71 KB, 1024x640, are-you-ready-for-hillary-….jpg)

The original pic of this looks scarier, desu…

406f1 No.37325

File: 1514166646132.jpg (172.9 KB, 1230x864, 17_1.jpg)

you're right it is.

b14ca No.37326

If you destroy a lich in combat without offing its phylactery, do you still get XP?

d5c24 No.37327

It was this one or one like it.

098a5 No.37328

She's killed like 100 or so zombies and in part taken out a Cloud giant, and her HP went from 172, to 170 because her rider spurred her.
I kind of want to fuck the horse in that image…

What spells does demon horse want?

That legit is scarier

I know right

406f1 No.37329


b14ca No.37330

Eagle's Spendor will help with Saving Throws.
Deathward sounds helpful against liches.
Bull's strength for attacks.
Heal Mount as go-to healing spells.

Wait until the battle. How many ranks did you put into Concentration?

b14ca No.37331

Bring 'em on.

d5c24 No.37332

I picked some choice liches for this initial encounter with liches,… crazy liches.

b14ca No.37334

How crazy?

098a5 No.37335


Death ward is my intuition. Are you sure you want to use up level two spells because I think I may need to cast remove paralysis?

What do you think we're up against?
Nice. Cast protection from evil, target self and mount. Cast resistance

b14ca No.37336

>What do you think we're up against?
Every lich is a spellcaster with at least 11 levels. Expect high-level necromancers.
>I think I may need to cast remove paralysis?
Do as you wish, although you've got that spell-resistance cloak, and Heal Mount removes most status effects. Reminder that you're sharing Tracy's monstrous Saving Throw bonuses, so defense isn't as big of an issue.

d5c24 No.37337

As the giant skeleton eventually falls to Tracy and Trump's direct and insistent attack, a feeling of dread seems to spread.
As soon as the spell is active, it becomes hyper-active, burning its self out after about 4 rounds of hyper-visual-activity.

098a5 No.37338

So as I understand it, Trumpaladin has a +10 fort base, +1 for his Constitution modifier, +4 for charisma, +1 for the stone of luck, and that Cloak of resistance which should be like +1-+5

Resistance adds +1
Protection from evil adds +2
Yikes. We know at least one of them has the power to use finger of death…

I think the shared throw only benefits the mount, and also I did the math and it looks like both Tracy and Trump have +10 bases plus modifers

Trumpacy advance towards the sound and danger with spuring and speed

d5c24 No.37339

Since coming from the giant fight at the bridge, Trump and Tracy can only directly affect one leg of the incursion. Don't worry, you get to kill Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

098a5 No.37340

The Notorious RBG you say? Nice

I like her argumentation style…

098a5 No.37341

Where did she land?

406f1 No.37342

Finger of death only kills you if you are a bitch.

098a5 No.37343

So true. I've got like a ~20+ fort save now anyways

b14ca No.37344

They can tough-out pretty much any spell with a save.
>Finger of Death
Don't be a bitch.
Unless you run into some lvl 30 Archmage, it won't be anything to be afraid of.
If ypou're afraid, cast Deathward.
Can't she jump/fly over the horde to get to the action faster?

b14ca No.37345


d5c24 No.37346

She more floated in. It is as though a dark cloud interjected its self, accentuated by a skeletal face.with "brown" tightly knit "hair". Upon critical review, you can't be certain that any aspect is "alive"

098a5 No.37347

They are going into town. Fly or gallop, either way it's 100 ft.

Some of these spells have very high DCs, like 10+1/2 caster level plus charisma modifer. At least that can be high

I was in the Court Room the day Whole Women's Health was delivered by the Justices. I saw Ruth Bader Ginsberg. As the Justices walked away and back into their quarters, RBG took much, much longer than any of the others. Holy hell is she old

b14ca No.37348

Stop worrying about meta and focus on the fight. TRrumpaladin doesn't know shit about necromancy, so it doesn't matter if we do.

098a5 No.37349

Then fucken' fly to it

*Raises sword*

d5c24 No.37350

Dood, read the writing. She's unholy and profane and is being held together by force of magical will rather than biological design. And she'll die soon.

098a5 No.37352

I only have one level 4 spell. I can do one or the other, but not both…

b14ca No.37353

Fuck it.

098a5 No.37354

That's a pretty accurate description

406f1 No.37355

i charge rbg on uatchit.

d5c24 No.37356

There's 3 of them in this encounter desu, she's just one (the "oldest")

098a5 No.37357

GM, can I do a lay of hands touch attack while charging?

Go to a different Lich. There are plenty of Lichs

b14ca No.37359

Use one of your mass heal spells.

b14ca No.37360

Can Tracy attack with her chain before they get there? It's got a 60 ft range.

406f1 No.37361

i am when i get close to a lich.

098a5 No.37362

There are a lot of lichs in town, you should probably check another area…

098a5 No.37363

She can travel at twice her speed in a charge round. that's 200 feet. She'd be in range before it mattered

b14ca No.37364

Can they see the other liches from where they are?

098a5 No.37365

I want to know who they are

Is it Kagan and Sotomayor? Are their clerks Vampire helpers?

098a5 No.37366

Fucking Anthony Kennedy too

406f1 No.37367

is soros here?

098a5 No.37368

Soros is a balor. These are liches

406f1 No.37369

all jews are the same desu.

b14ca No.37370

Wait for it, Anon.
It'd already be clear if he were. You could see him from a mile away, with the height and the flame.

098a5 No.37371

Any desired spells?

Deathward would last 16 minutes on both Trump and Tracy

b14ca No.37372

Wait for the encounter first.

b14ca No.37373

Anyone still there?

406f1 No.37374

File: 1514172738549.jpg (39.14 KB, 640x777, 0aa1d9f3988fa2483a2769cee7….jpg)

098a5 No.37375

File: 1514172812954.jpg (20.05 KB, 347x350, Booped anon filly.jpg)


I'm watch a movie with family per Christmas tradition though

b14ca No.37376

b14ca No.37377

Well, I'll probably lurk for the next couple hours.

406f1 No.37378

406f1 No.37379

File: 1514174833061.png (255.82 KB, 1068x594, 1610221__semi-dash-grimdar….png)

b14ca No.37380

Kek. I just saw that one on my watchlist.

406f1 No.37381

File: 1514175382253.png (4.79 KB, 591x505, 4b4c9762fdfef2fa748002645b….png)

b14ca No.37382

406f1 No.37383

File: 1514175690689-0.png (34.4 KB, 350x250, 1478937__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1514175690689-1.png (638.57 KB, 2851x2497, 1525342__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1514175690689-2.jpg (28.1 KB, 320x320, 24845108_2082865891929332_….jpg)

File: 1514175690689-3.jpeg (65.29 KB, 480x320, 1560032__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

File: 1514175690689-4.jpg (38.21 KB, 640x472, 1512982509106.jpg)

free memes

406f1 No.37384

File: 1514176582713-0.jpeg (48.92 KB, 469x538, 1577480__suggestive_edit_….jpeg)

File: 1514176582713-1.png (210.26 KB, 919x737, 1516279__safe_starlight gl….png)

File: 1514176582713-2.jpeg (52.57 KB, 640x360, 1582003__safe_edit_edited….jpeg)

File: 1514176582713-3.png (86.1 KB, 300x300, 1512989522881.png)

File: 1514176582713-4.jpg (42.63 KB, 564x549, 88e05babb092b38a9b95c653c3….jpg)

406f1 No.37385

File: 1514176846749-0.jpg (27.39 KB, 680x381, 3e1.jpg)

File: 1514176846749-1.jpeg (14.06 KB, 342x353, 1475157__safe_edit_applej….jpeg)

File: 1514176846749-2.jpeg (96.88 KB, 600x600, 1531370__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

File: 1514176846749-3.png (450.84 KB, 644x776, 1547781__safe_edit_edited ….png)

File: 1514176846749-4.png (27.33 KB, 516x92, 6afe112990f78b152d84875632….png)

gtg for a bit

b14ca No.37386

File: 1514219837218.jpg (401.89 KB, 499x750, santas little helper.jpg)

I tried cleaning up her face and making the hair look a bit less terrible.

b14ca No.37387

File: 1514222491774.jpg (335.38 KB, 600x887, Queen of the Fight Club.jpg)

Desaturated this Wood Elf

d5c24 No.37388

Awww, thanks

949a8 No.37389

You're welcome.

Shameless Blogpost:
I'm going to go to a movie with my family for the next couple hours. They want to watch the new (((Star Wars))) film; i hope it's half-decent this year.

098a5 No.37390

Good. Good. Blog post with us

I honestly believe it's not a bad movie. I watched it a couple nights ago with a friend when we went to see it at midnight. It's definitely better than the other two disney Star Wars films and any of the prequals,
although it drags on for way too long - it should have been shorter.
But I think it's a solid film

d5c24 No.37391

File: 1514240660138.jpg (14.14 KB, 425x320, 276026-action5.jpg)

So I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, allow me to get meta for a moment.
I've kind of painted myself into a corner. This was supposed to be the point at which the party becomes aware of certain aspects of the world through a lengthy villainous monologue/description, but Liches don't do that. In fact, in this context all they would do is attack. No explanations or dialogue, just a throwing of themselves and their resources against their opponent. Liches revive after a short period of time, and there's always more corpses to animate, so who cares? So, in the conclusion of the immediate situation, I'm going to introduce a new NPC to give convenient explanations. In this way, we can still meta as needed, but in a very tongue-in-cheek gesture it will enable characters to know stuff by way of convenient explanations. Pic related is convenient eplanation man

098a5 No.37392

>Implying Thez shouldn't already know all of this shit
That's okay, it's very easy to imagine the lichs have human lackeys that are taken alive

I'm finally making some plans for world building after the war is over.
The lack of international commerce has been putting a hold on my world building for a while, but hopefully I can get back in the game

Um… I got a few things I want for my Fae after the battle is over…

098a5 No.37393

File: 1514241543373.png (165.03 KB, 399x600, Merry Christmas.png)

Merry Christmas Faggots!

c3092 No.37394

Merry Christmas
IMO the new one is mainly hated because of the guy who dies at the end. I feel most people can't look over that detail, and hate the rest of the movie because of it. The only film I personally won't sit down and watch is the Phantom Menace. I like how (((disney))) is doing with it, but I still prefer the books.Go ahead, shit on me

d5c24 No.37395

books ftw

406f1 No.37396

File: 1514242824014.png (24.31 KB, 665x599, 1513197449851.png)

c3092 No.37397

Do I redeem myself by currently reading The Art of the Deal?

406f1 No.37398

File: 1514243171039.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1280, 1505341778799-2.jpg)

Merry Christmas modanon.

098a5 No.37399

Yes. Absolutely. I've felt kind of lonely here making references to it, but no one gets my references because I am the only person who has read it

D'aww, thanks. Merry Christmas Dixie

406f1 No.37400

File: 1514243225866.png (87.54 KB, 436x482, 1513196371927.png)

c3092 No.37401

Prepare to have your references understood Donny
Mein Kampf is next on my reading list don't worry

b14ca No.37402

Well, I assume the liches didn't go down without a fight. How many spell slots did it take to fell them? How much energy did we expend?

d5c24 No.37403

Oh certainly not, and the Liches timed their arrival. At the same time they're arriving (there's three) a mix of screams of alarm and panic can be heard from within the port.
For those at the bridge, there's Ruth Bader Ginsberg. For those at the port there is Nanci Pelosi, and for those at the sewer (is there anyone even?) there's Dianne Feinstein.

970dc No.37404

Infernius was supposed to be at the sewer, but we can kill Fienstien after The Notorious RBG is semi-kill

Do you not want to play out the combat sequence?

970dc No.37406

Why do you assume we are not going to kill the licks in combat? They need a chance to kill us, after all

b14ca No.37407

Infernius left the sewer.

b14ca No.37408

Can we start the charge soon?

970dc No.37409

I am aware. He should head back

d5c24 No.37410

I had planned to play it out a bit, as players are able. The biggest risk to players is human resources, reputation, and immediate adversary.
Thats the the thing about liches, you can kill the image/presence all you want and it'll b back in some days; one must kill the phylactery, also for swag.
Allyps, vargouilles, shadows, and other base undead lunge at Trump, each dying in rapid and often continuous succession when coinciding with Vandereium's abilities. Maintaining a perimeter is pretty easy. Trump can turn undead, say "Football" (1x/day) or move (incurring attacks of opportunity, aside from attacks or item use.

406f1 No.37411

I am in the sewers.

970dc No.37412

Well fuck me. Where is RBG relative to me? Where am I? Am I unmounted again?

b14ca No.37413

Can't Tracy just fly over all of the grunts and charge straight for Ruth?

970dc No.37414

All three listed enemy types are flying…

d5c24 No.37415

High in the air, appearing as a dense dark cloud or fog, a disgusting mask of decayed flesh is stuck half-assedly out one side on a broom handle as a "recognizable face"

b14ca No.37416

Fuck it. Trample Attack while attempting to Overrun them, while Trump keeps swinging his sword, and continue the charge. Tracy is Huge and has 31 Str, so she can Trample just about anything that doesn't choose to get out of her way.

098a5 No.37417

Alright, is it possible to move forward without more than normal attacks? What about using the generals to shoot arrows to clear a path?

Can cute sex horse use the grape-shot type effect of the Trebuchet fire to clear a path?

Does daylight scare them away?

098a5 No.37418

Um… Trumpaladin re-kills anything undead that comes in range

098a5 No.37420

It's not a weapon and it's not in range

Now should we use NPCs with range attacks to help clear the gap, proceed forward at risk, or use the holy word to clear a circle?

b14ca No.37421

I meant Disarm, and a broom could count as a weapon.
Anyway, can Tracy knock the old "lady" off the broom with her 60 ft chain?

d5c24 No.37422

Yes, the trebuchet.<WHUDDDD> sounds off from the rear. "What are you aiming at? No seriously, what? The giant is meta-kill, what else is there?" Slovenia demands, showing visual cues that she had most enjoyed fing the toys. "Sound off targets!" her voice somehow cuts through the din of hundreds of undead spoops clamoring around.

098a5 No.37423

To Fae

>"Second enemy wave appears to be proceeding from the same points of attack as the first. Send all combat personnel back to the walls, and engage via ranged attacks. You yourself shall engage in flying targets that come too close, or assist the ground troops"

"Target this dense horde of flying and grounded undead! It is absolutely impossible for you to miss. Target the mass between us and the cloud!"

098a5 No.37424

And… My parents are making me eat dinner. Be back in a few minutes

b14ca No.37425

Tracy is using her free-action smoke cloud every turn, btw.

b14ca No.37426

Tracy continues plowing straight towards Ruth, crushing bones beneath her fiery hooves as she charges, reading her dancing chain to lash at the old caster once she gets withing 60 ft.

d5c24 No.37427

I too must eat. Not now, but soon. Go forth and nom good paladin. This part upcoming is where we take all the cards and resources we have been hiding/stashing/cultivating and throw them - almost literally - against the undead hoard context.

970dc No.37428

60 feet is one third of her charge speed. She gets that close, unless there are too many undead to make a charge, she really ought to charge

b14ca No.37429

How many squares away is she?

d5c24 No.37430

Dice rollRolled 2

As Tracy dashes forward, often leaving a ruined opponent in her wake, a shrivelled voice calls out from the darkened cloud with the stupid broom puppet-head sticking out. "Hold," it shrieks

b14ca No.37431

Shit. Was that a save?

b14ca No.37432

How high-up is Tracy? It'll fucking suck if she drops Trump…

d5c24 No.37433

Tracy shrugs off, was that a compulsion attempt? Oh well, that dark cloud clearly needs to die cuz it sounds like spoopy talking.
She was more than one round away, but her dice roll side-stepped the efficacy of her action.
So Tracy hovers-ish across from Ruth Bader Ginsberg along(?) with,….
Thez and the Fight club secured aspects of the town, while Infernius observed the giant pile or poo divide and segment into a few dozen piles of poo, which quickly and angrily look at him.

b14ca No.37434

>along(?) with
Trump has been riding her the whole time.
>her dice roll side-stepped the efficacy of her action
Does that mean she still has more rounds until she can attack with her chain?

098a5 No.37435

The Horse Shoes of the Peerless steed, combined with the already high bonus from being a Paladin's mount or Cauchemar, make Tracy basically immune to compulsion spells even from God-tier spell casters.

All personel with ranged attacks - spartan, generals, and cute sex horse - who are not essential to hold the line, are to target undead between RBG and Trumpacy, as well as around them. Fae is to engage undead on the bridge, as reasonable to hold the line

098a5 No.37436

Charge if possible. If not possible, I guess do ranged attacks, but you're in range of her spells, so you're basically waiting for her to kill us while we can't attack her with melee

"Get me closer. I want to hit her with my sword.

No really, almost all of our ways of harming her require us to get within ten feet. I could probably kill her in a single round with a buffed enough Paladin's lay of hands, but I need to touch her"

b14ca No.37437

Spirited Charge. Attempt to knock her off of her broom with the dancing chain once she gets within 60 ft.

098a5 No.37438

Ready Attack with Vanderiem and Smite Evil when in range

b14ca No.37440

That might require a Concentration check, while riding at this rate point..

c3092 No.37441

How be the docks?

098a5 No.37442

True. I went through a set of threads last night and discovered GM did not apply my Int modifier when calculating my Skill points, so I have more than realized that I can put into Ride and Concentration

It's being visited by friendly undead senator Nancy Pelosi. See >>37403

c3092 No.37443

Can Torc drain the swamp?

b14ca No.37445

I wish Tracy had moar Int… Or at least some moar Char..

098a5 No.37446

Drain the Ocean?

098a5 No.37447

Can you tell me what you want from it?

b14ca No.37448

Skill and Death Attack+Spells from Int. Dark Blessing from Char.

c3092 No.37449

More like get rid of these fuck ass zombie senators, but on a scale of 1 to "orbit of pluto" how far would draining the ocean launch my sides?

098a5 No.37450

Uh… Target the senators if possible

c3092 No.37451

Oh wait, why did I think you where GM?
I'm gonna wait and see what he says

098a5 No.37452

Last Night, while going through sources on the internet, I discovered that Characters are supposed to recieve a new ability point every four levels. This means that every character, including Tracy, can add another point to an ability, now that they have achieved the 16th level.
Tracy's Int an Cha scores are both odd numbered, meaning she gains a modifier point on either if one more point is alloted to it

Merry Christmas

b14ca No.37453

Also, Don't use-up Death Ward. Cast Eagle's Splendor. You have high Char and Divine Grace. Save that Spell slot for Holy Sword to finish off the biggest boss.
Merry Christmas.

d5c24 No.37454

easy now, I insisted on those buffs long ago

098a5 No.37455

Good point on Death ward. Be advised it lasts 16 minutes though, so probably more than one encounter

I want to use eagle's splendor to buff a lay of hands attack though. How many more waves do you think are comming?

098a5 No.37456

Tracy also has an odd numbered Dexterity score, meaning she gains +1 to her AC, +1 to her ranged attack score, and +1 to her chain attack score/rapier attack score if she gets the weapon finesse feat, if just one more point is allotted there

c3092 No.37457

>Torc's charisma isn't odd
>can't get a bonus to make fucking random things easier
What would drain the swamp do against the zombie senators?

b14ca No.37458

I thought she had Finess by now? She was training to finess her chain this week in the holodeck.

b14ca No.37459

Why did you want a Spell Resistance Cloak instead of a Cloak of Charisma? It would've been better for saves against spells.

098a5 No.37460

It's been less than a day in game time since they came back from the hunting trip. And a lot of that has been spent talking or feeding birds or killing ponimaru [-]but not having sex reeeee and all the other things Tracy does in a day

b14ca No.37461

Handling those huge birds should count towards Dodge training…

098a5 No.37462

Because a cloak of charisma adds from +2 to +6 to a Cha score, whereas a Cloak of resistance adds from +1 to +6 to savings throws. Basically he could get the same bonus from a +3 resistance cloak as an epic tier cloak of charisma

Maybe. It's one solid week of training per feat though. Doesn't come cheap. I do know a few feats I want to give my Fae though…

b14ca No.37463

>Basically he could get the same bonus from a +3 resistance cloak as an epic tier cloak of charisma
Yeah, so why not just go for higher Char, and use that bonus to also count towards Lay On Hands, Diplomacy, Leadership, etc? Tracy made one for him, but she just dyed it black and used it on herself after she saw he got another one.
>give my Fae though
Can we just give feats to our animals? I thought it takes a year to train a magical beast to do one thing?
Can Tracy give feats to her birds?

098a5 No.37464

Aww. That's sweet
Can he's still use it for the Paladin's Lay of Hands attack? A +2 cloak would do 16 HP damage.

I think I asked for both a Cloak of Charisma and a Cloak of Resistance, so maybe both?

Well, Fae is a magical beast, which should help her. I'm going to try to advance her as much as GM will let me. There are Feats specific to monsters that Fae can take that I want for her

098a5 No.37465

I believed and continue to believe that that Rapier of Puncture is perfect for Tracy. With the weapons Finesse feat, as well as the 5e version of the shape shifter's armor or a skillful placing of ability points, Tracy could have a +5 dexterity bonus to attack as well as the sword's +2 bonus for +7, besides the sword's special attack.

Apparently Infernius already promised the sword to someone else. But Tracy is a neutral evil thief. She doesn't give a shit about any promises to anyone, with the possible exception of her betrothal, and she certainly wouldn't care for an agreement she wasn't party to.

b14ca No.37466

>which should help her
Shouldn't it be the opposite? It takes a whole year to train a magical beast, while it only takes one week to train an animal. Animals may have low Int, but they're trained to exploit those slots much more easily than magical beasts; that's really the only excuse for giving them such low Int in the first place.

098a5 No.37467

Fuck if I know. I just know I'm putting Fae in the holodeck and having her train towards a monster feat until GM tells me not to

b14ca No.37468

>that Rapier of Puncture is perfect for Tracy
Yeah, but it belongs to Darkie.
>She doesn't give a shit about any promises to anyone
True, but I'm not about to take my chance with stealing from the higher-level thief. I'll just murder other NPCs for their shit.
It also requires an Epic Check in Handle Animal. How many ranks did you put into that? Paladin's (and Blackguards) have that skill for the sake of training their horses, which only require a 15-20 DC to train.

098a5 No.37469

Oh fuck off. Do you want to tell me how you're keeping animals exactly? You don't get an animal companion, you don't get a familiar, and it's only GM haxxor that's letting you get not one but two animals that are not mere animals But giant fucking animals that should eat Tracy, not listen to her

Now let me advance my NPC mount the way you normally advance an NPC

>It belongs to Darkie

Are you playing a lawful Good character? If yes, then please cut the "kill the unicorn" bullshit. If no, then please stop being a hypocrite and moralizing

>Not taking a chance with a higher level thief

Then will you please make Tracy not take her chances against a higher level Wizard, a Higher level Cleric, and possibly a god-level monk while trying to kill a demi-god unicorn?

c3092 No.37470

>higher level wizard
Techinacally Torc is lvl 16 too.

098a5 No.37471

The point is that the odds of success of Tracy against the entire party at once is much lower than Tracy versus Darkemeter

b14ca No.37472

>You don't get an animal companion
Animal Companions are special NPCs, like Paladins's mounts.
You can own/train as many creatures as you have time to Handle, although it takes time to manage them. Rearing them from birth makes it easier.
I'm not trying to give you a hard time, I'm just wondering if that'll work, since I'll gladly jump on that opportunity if it's allowed.
>tfw Rocs count as Animals
If I can give these birdies feats, I'll buff them into gods.
When did she say she was fighting the entire party?

c3092 No.37473

Fair point

098a5 No.37474

I call Sam
Well, the Holodeck I think requires an intelligent creature. Birds could be trained, but probably can't train themselves

>Entire Party at once

Infernius always white knights, always, and now Torcuil is joining the mix Thank you Torcuil, she deserves someone to fight for her. I'll believe that Tracy can fight Torcuil, snek, and Trollestia all at once and win if Trumpaladin and Fae are fighting on her side, but throw in Infernius and it's no longer a fair fight.

She'd be much smarter to give it up, to delay a week, or to make a deal

c3092 No.37475

Well, I have been sadly, and unintntionally projecting myself a bit on the Troll/Torc relations.
I didn't really understand the point at first, so I blew it off. In reality, Troll has shown if a somewhat strange and perverted affection for Torc. This would lead the hermity old Torc to fall head over heels for Troll, because of his solitary background.
TLDR, I've been fucking up my RPing

b14ca No.37476

Can feats be acquired outside the Holodeck? Some feats feel better off being acquired on the road.
>make a deal
That's literal cuckoldry. Also, didn't I say she was irrationally angry in character?
I don't like spoiling character intentions through meta.. Let her get there first.

b14ca No.37477

Torc doesn't know that Troll cheated on him too though.
We'll get to that point later. Discussing it now just spoils shit. Let's kill these liches first.

Is GM here?

098a5 No.37478

>Outside of the holodeck
I would say yes, but the point is that it takes a literal 40 to 100 hours of doing something in order to get the feat. It's not super cheap, it's just obtainable

>Literal cuckholdry

How is that literal Cuckholdry? As I understand the meaning of the term, it means "a person whose partner has had sex with someone else besides the person while in the relationship." No one is having sex in most possible deals, so where is the cukholdry?

>Let her get there first

You know he'll try to talk her down long before she gets there, right?

Nevermind the romantic aspect. If a demi-god unicorn agrees to be your "steed and ally," you say yes

Yes he does. The character talked to Tracy after Tracy found out. Also, Torcuil cheated on Trollestia

b14ca No.37479

>where is the cukholdry?
Cuckoldry involves consent or inaction of the other partner, otherwise it's NTR.

d5c24 No.37480

b14ca No.37481

How are you tonight?

098a5 No.37482

What is NTR?

But how would making a deal with the other party members and Trollestia to let Tracy kill Trollestia, and then let Trollestia be revived and be Torcuil's mountfu or whatever, be "Literal cuckholdry"?

b14ca No.37483

>to let Tracy kill Trollestia, and then let Trollestia be revived
That isn't meta what Tracy wants. She wants to dispose of the cunt who cucked her.

c3092 No.37484

>you say yes
What part about "I was confused and kinda didn't want it so I made Torc blow her off" don't you get
>he knows
I spoke about it, not Torc

098a5 No.37485

File: 1514257159975.jpg (25.88 KB, 617x617, image (2).jpg)

"Can I buy you Ice cream after this?"

That conversation took place in Character between Tracy, Thez, and Torcuil. Of that I am sure

406f1 No.37486

Gimme a quick gestalt of what i missed.

406f1 No.37487

Actually since tracy is a female its Cuckqueaning.

098a5 No.37488

Diane Fienstiene is coming up through the sewers

406f1 No.37489

Oh shit i use cure serous wounds on (((Her))).

c3092 No.37490

TLDR: Tracy and Trump need a relationship conseler
I don't remember it, so it never happened: A book of logical fallacies by me
Men: Cucking
Women: Cucqueen

b14ca No.37491

She's surrounded by shambling shit-monsters. Use the Mass version.

b14ca No.37492

Either way, she's irredeemably pissed off. She's destroyed ponies before for less than half of what Troll did.

098a5 No.37493

Trump to Tracy

>"Do I still have to help you kill her?"

>"Look on the bright side, little pony. That weeb faggot horse is dead, so someone did die over this. Blood has been paid. So you can let go of your gudge"

b14ca No.37494

>'You don't have to, Flashy…'
>'That only makes me want to kill that white cunt more..! I could've killed the little weeb any day if I wanted to, but she used him as a decoy. Slippery cunt.'

098a5 No.37495

>"But do you expect me to?"

b14ca No.37496


>'I'd love it if you helped me finish-off the cunt.'

406f1 No.37497

>implying he will stay dead.

c3092 No.37498

>implyng anyone stays dead in this god foresaken game

b14ca No.37499

File: 1514258515785.jpg (8.57 KB, 500x343, 31Q3JW0t1HL.jpg)

Tracy's going to wup his ass so hard for that dumb stunt he pulled; he'll wish he stayed dead.

406f1 No.37500

File: 1514258527067.jpg (248.52 KB, 538x800, 1512545851963.jpg)

Kefka has.
And the godless communists

406f1 No.37501

Hey no psychologically scarring him before Infernuis appolgizes.

b14ca No.37502

I've mean meaning to revive the Fire Giants and the zombies from the first session for a really long time, but I kept forgetting.

d5c24 No.37504

Amidst the sense of hopeless, there's a feeling of emptiness
Yes,… of course Kefka has

098a5 No.37505

That's a good point actually

>"Tracy, I want you to understand that I am here for you. I am loyal to you - I can be loyal to you. If you need an ally, you have me.

>"But killing the Troll… it can't happen tonight. Not today. The event of this morning is too fresh in everyone's minds. The bull will be white knighting for her. The NEET will be white knighting for her. Perhaps even the demon-THOT will be white knighting for her. No, even with a white-knight all of your own, you are out-matched, and the white bitch would live"

>"No. You need to be the sneaky Shadow of the Night. Kill her, but only when everyone least expects it. Let days or weeks or months pass. Do it late at night when all of the others and their faggots are asleep. Then you shall strike, you shall kill her, and it will be reported in the morning that she returned to her forest. But not until then should you strike. And when you do, you may call me."

>"Maybe you could even resurrect that homosexual horse and interrogate him. Make him agree to a plan"

406f1 No.37506

Reeeee thez isnt a thot.

b14ca No.37507

Only semi-minor trauma; consider it training. She'll ask him about that other thing after, if she finds out. She'd been looking for him.
*is still charging through a cloud of screeching spooks*
>'I'm sorry, Flashy. But can you wait until we're done fighting before we all get emotionally compromised?'

406f1 No.37508

Where do you think a community of ziggers would be in this world?

b14ca No.37509

Thez is an unapologetic thot. It adds to her swagger.
I mean, she owns a whore house: she's the top-thot.
Jungles, Savannahs, Alleyways.

098a5 No.37510

I was going through an old thread and saw Torcuil referring to Thez as the "demon-THOT" and thought it was funny

>"No. You'll have made up your mind by then. You need to understand now what I am saying, and then we can kill this bitch activist judge who writes very well

406f1 No.37511

I cure serous wounds mass.

b14ca No.37512

*swerves dangerously*
>'I don't have time for this..!'
Seriously. You can't just throw-out emotional dialogue in a beat-em-up combat scenario

b14ca No.37513

Can we re-kill Ruth now?

098a5 No.37514

What's the emotion in "wait to kill her later"? More anger? Anger is good, because he wants her to attack and kill the Notorious RBG who is right in front of them.

b14ca No.37515

Emotion is beside the point. She can't talk very much while she's fighting a sea of corpses.

d5c24 No.37516

You can swarm on the dark cloud that has a broom-stick head sticking out of one end, yes

b14ca No.37517

Are they within 60 ft? Can she knock her off of her broom?

c3092 No.37518

I though I called her a demon-whore…

b14ca No.37519

Whore is better. Since she's a diabolical pop-idol.

406f1 No.37520

Infernuis don't want to kill you guys,but he will.

098a5 No.37521

Ready attack, and order NPCs to clear other undead nearby with ranged weapons

Use your night vision to determine the precise location of the Notorious RBG, and attack her, getting Trump close enough to take swings

See >>3903

I don't think it works that way. Just charge the fucking lich, since you can go 180 feet in a single round, and if you are 60 feet away she can spam all sorts of one-hit kill spells at you while Trump can't do shit and you can't use your more effective weapons

b14ca No.37522


b14ca No.37523

Dice rollRolled 15 + 21

>Use your night vision to determine
Darkvision is passive, but Spot check I guess.
Pretty sure that cloud grants Concealment though, like Tracy's.

c3092 No.37524

Thez would be the first to admit it though.
Kek, that was a while ago

098a5 No.37525

Fuck it. You have a sword with wind gust. Use that when you get close. Also, charge the activist justice

>tfw actually respect the Justice

b14ca No.37526

Tracy's chain is everdancing. It's attacks won't impede her own.

098a5 No.37527


Devil-THOT. There. Is that better?

406f1 No.37528

Slovenia is sub- pony.

098a5 No.37529

That only lets you make attacks of opportunity. Which you shouldn't get in this scenario


I will ban you!


098a5 No.37531

Don't you dare insult horsefuckery on this board!

b14ca No.37533

*frees chain to attack Ruth*

c3092 No.37534

What was it?

098a5 No.37535

If you want to be a good goy and fight your breatheren, you can take that shit right back to (((/mlp/))). At mlpol, we are united to save the white race and secure a future for our satry children

"Unicorns are just over-glorified goats, desu. It's only the Arabian version that even look look horses."

406f1 No.37536

You have a point. Ive never seen a black saytr.

b14ca No.37537

File: 1514260720363.jpg (274.79 KB, 900x707, Abath.jpg)

That Unicorns in the classical sense are really just over-glorified goats and it's only the Arabian variety that even look like horses. European unicorns look like small goats/deer, with cloven hooves, beards, and Leonid tail. It was only in the Renaissance Era that they even started drawing them as horse-like, because every artist wanted to paint a new version of Pegasus (that's also when hippogriffs came to be). Scottish Unicorns came later though, and are thus more horse-like.
They're still cute as fuck though. Too bad they only approach pure maidens.

406f1 No.37538

1.meet a qt 3.14
2.save the white race
3.have daughter
4.make her stay pure
5.Aquire unicorns.

b14ca No.37539


098a5 No.37540

File: 1514260997070.jpg (63.67 KB, 736x736, 570570ce01c0093de022b2727e….jpg)

Slovenia is an MLP unicorn though. She's basically sexuality distilled down to its essence, and shaped into a particularly cute horned-pony

>Pure maidens

They also like Knights in shining armor, in Mixed Nuts And NEET meme mages apparently…

I think you got the order wrong

d5c24 No.37541

ATM I'll go wtfe,… and thats damn cute

c3092 No.37542

>over-glorified goats
What the fuck did you just fuking say about unicorns, you little (((jew)))? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the horsefucker accadmy, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Reddit-Quaeda, and I have over 420 confirmed kills, I am trained in horsepussy warfare, and I'm the top shitposter in the entire /mlpol/ defense force. You are nothing to me but another shill. I will rule #10 you with precision the likes of which has ever been seen before on this earth, mark my fucking words.

406f1 No.37543


c3092 No.37544

I'll make a full version later
Scottish unicorns are best unicorns

098a5 No.37545

d5c24 No.37546

"Happy Holidays guys,… ^_~"

406f1 No.37547

Merry Christmas/other thez

970dc No.37548

File: 1514261598089.jpeg (45.91 KB, 544x510, image.jpeg)

>The politically correct version. On Christmas Day.

406f1 No.37549

2. Save white race by having multiple sons before your daughter.

c3092 No.37550

Merry Christmas Thez/Thez's faggot

970dc No.37551

File: 1514261690075.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.63 KB, 620x412, image.jpeg)

"Merry Christmas you Godless Heathen"

b14ca No.37552

File: 1514261734799.jpg (332.48 KB, 736x736, woodhoers at beach.jpg)

I was going to dump my collection of over two dozen woodhoers shoops, but I think I just won't now.
Here's a 1-minute shoop, as compensation.

b14ca No.37553

Happy Holidays.

b14ca No.37554

>Scottish unicorns are best unicorns

c3092 No.37556

Plz make Trollestia edit

970dc No.37557

>repeating the Leftist version
Are you a Jew or something?

b14ca No.37558

No. I'm just a parakeet who repeats what people say.

970dc No.37559

Why not make Tracy images? She's completely neglected by the fandom. She needs love

406f1 No.37560


b14ca No.37561

File: 1514262301008-0.png (88.33 KB, 1024x768, just for the plot.png)

File: 1514262301008-1.png (663.23 KB, 1498x1900, pale butt.png)

I'm lazy and suck at everything except recolors on this computer…
This is all I've made of her recently. I can't find my older stuff.

b14ca No.37562

Also, I was going to make shoops of woodhoers to develop her character, since she's Tracy's friend.

970dc No.37563

>disembodied blue asses
>I'd still fap to it
Eh, keep it up. Recolors are just fine, since she's a traced character anyways. Make more!

b14ca No.37564

Elves celebrate Christmas, don't they?
What do they celebrate in Hell this time of year?
Vid because I feel like it:
>Make more!
I need moar disembodied asses to recolor.

970dc No.37565

Has Tracy even talked to her recently?

I was going to have Trumpaladin go on another date with her so we could get a deep exploration of her character. But since Tracy made him commit himself to her he hasn't been able. I like her

b14ca No.37566

Idk where she actually is, but I would've had them chat every now and then if I had the chance…

b14ca No.37567

I like her too. She reminds me of my geeky cousin who was always building things in my uncle's workshop.

098a5 No.37568

I think you can do that, just take a few minutes when GM is around. As I said, I managed an entire date Exhausted the hell out of GM though.

>Trying to be all Multi-cultural and Accepting of foreign cultures
In places inhabited by White people and Western Culture, we celebrate Christmas, and have for over 1000 years

c3092 No.37569

What the fuck did you just fuking say about nazi ponies you little (((jew)))? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the horsefucker academy, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Reddit-Quaeda, and I have over 420 confirmed kills, I am trained in horsepussy warfare, and I'm the top shitposter in the entire /mlpol/ defense force. You are nothing to me but another shill. I will rule #10 you with precision the likes of which has ever been seen before on this earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with calling horsefuckers degenerate on my board? Think again, (((Jew))). As we speak I am contacting my secret board of nazi horsefuckers across the internet, and you board is being flooded with horsepussy so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that floods the shills with horsepussy. You're fucking dead, kid. I can post anywhere, anytime, and I can post seven hundred clop pics, and that's just my Pinkie Pie folder. Not only am I extensively trained in the ways of horsepussy, but I have access to the entire shitposting capabilities of the /mlpol/ defence force and I will use it to it's full extent to flood your miserable post of the face of this board you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "Horsefucking is degenerate" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're drowning in horsepussy, you little shill. I will post rule #10 all over you and you will drown in it.
You're fucking dead (((Jew)))

Plz r8 my art.

d5c24 No.37570

406f1 No.37572

Spectacula Out of wow.

098a5 No.37573

File: 1514263067742-0.jpg (9.75 KB, 210x240, Hint Hint.jpg)

File: 1514263067742-1.png (375.84 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_glare_S02E19.png)

Here's a pic

d5c24 No.37574

>these pics
>softening me up

b14ca No.37575

Reeeee! I I told you not to answer.

b14ca No.37576

*releases chain, hoping it reaches Ruth by now*

098a5 No.37577

Um… GM, can I have a few accessories for my Kitty? I mean, if it's alright with you…

c3092 No.37578

I can't upload files, would you mind putting it on /sp/ for me?

d5c24 No.37580

All kidding aside, I appreciate you guys. I'm glad there's [i]something[/i about this/these threads that keeps u coming back to monitor like spergs, and I look forward to messing with your heads to the fullest extent of my ability in the new year.
Not right now, u have to kill things first

406f1 No.37581

Yea i got you fam.

098a5 No.37582

File: 1514263712645.png (265.47 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_seems_ashamed_S….png)


Whatever, it gives me more time to think and get creative anyways

c3092 No.37583

>messing with our heads
>implying Torc won't fuck everything up by fucking sticking his dick in the plans, just like everything else
I agree, this year should be intresting

b14ca No.37584

Can we get to the killing tonight?

c3092 No.37585

This, also. My massive OC shitpost has to count for something….


098a5 No.37586

It's Christmas though. I'm just fine if I can relax and take a walk

At least you are spending time with your waifu, who you've freaking cheated on twice now, you whore

c3092 No.37587


406f1 No.37588

I would expect no less than atleast three mindfucks.

c3092 No.37589

Wait, Twice?
Torc never fucked the dragon, only death and troll. And Death was a highly unusal situation.

d5c24 No.37590

No desu, this opponent is going to bat you about like a tennis ball and observe your response times
I'm gonna shoot for 6 then

098a5 No.37591

Detect evil on that cloud with the stick


c3092 No.37592

Isn't any problem a mindfuck to the minotaur with low intellegence?

d5c24 No.37593

Yes, cloud is ebil.
Several of the Keks
So as characters position and situate themselves, they notice that the air is almost stale with inactivity. Its almost as though they have been in this position - on the verge or in process of some dramatic action or other - for several minutes in game time and almost a day now from player-standpoint. I assure you, I'm noy just being a fag

098a5 No.37594

098a5 No.37595

If the characters are suspended indefinitely in galloping pose, can they talk out their relationship problems?

406f1 No.37596


d5c24 No.37597

Aside from stabbing one another, go for it

b14ca No.37598

I love Monty Python.

098a5 No.37599

File: 1514265443826.png (67.59 KB, 700x700, 1512972063961.png)

Dice rollRolled 6


Boop Attack on Tracy!


d5c24 No.37600

Boop checked

b14ca No.37601

Bad Anonfilly! Don't pick up habits from communists!

098a5 No.37602

File: 1514265800484.png (252.36 KB, 1700x1000, 1511385638716.png)

>Rolled a 6
I'm a say that landed with a 26 AC for Horsey, a +16 base attack bonus, and a +5 strength modifier. So horsey is booped

The Right way to do it is to boop another pony

"Looks like that fucking space coyote screwed us over or something. Just like Trollestia, she set me up!

Anyways… wanna talk about our problems?"

406f1 No.37603

File: 1514265817247.png (69.87 KB, 721x728, Self Boop Pickle Starlight….png)

b14ca No.37604

Strength doesn't make attacks land more easily. And he'd have to crawl out of his saddle and climb her neck to reach her snoot.
Also, it might me unwise to boop her while she's 40 ft up…
>landing on a 6

098a5 No.37605

Yes it does, you apply your strength modifier to your attack roll to beat AC. So 16+5+6=27>26 The attack landed.

>Crawl out of saddle

He's got a reach of 5 feet. Or maybe 10. But he can boop a horse if he leans forward

098a5 No.37606

>Landing on a 6
That's why playing a higher level Paladin is so epic. His attack bonuses are so high that his first attack lands against almost any opponent on any role higher than a 1

b14ca No.37607

Dice rollRolled 15

Well, as long as he's on her back, he counts as helpless
*noms head*

098a5 No.37608


"Bad Horsey! Bad!"

b14ca No.37609

*sucks on head*

098a5 No.37610

"Stahp! You'll mess up my absolutely perfect hair"

406f1 No.37611

*Infernuis starts laughing uncontrollably*

b14ca No.37612

>Implying he can talk with his head in her mouth
>Implying hoers saliva would do anything but make his hair glisten in the moonlight

098a5 No.37613

>Image won't upload because of this fucking change that Swedish dev made
I'm'a ban you if you insult the perfect hair

He can always talk

>Glisten in the moonlight

"Tracy, do have any moneys I can use or borrow? I need to get some gifts for my Fae"

b14ca No.37614

*ignores volatile statements*

098a5 No.37615

"How do you feel about Fae, Tracy? I know you used to not like her, because you were jealous of her. But now you are a mount too. So can you accept her?"

b14ca No.37616

>'Well, it's not like you've been riding her more than me, so I guess I don't have very much of a problem with her, for now… I don't see why you'd need two though…'

098a5 No.37617

>"When she laid out Torcuil in two rounds, she proved to me two things. That she was willing to do anything I needed her to do, and that she was able.

If you could have your own killer attack lion - better than a lion - that you could fly, wouldn't you?"

b14ca No.37618

>'I can kill things too.. I'm stronger than that kitty..'

098a5 No.37619

That second part is supposed to be in the link-greentext, but it feels appropriate as is

>"Well… it's more than just that. She came to me. It would be beyond rude to dismiss her. And she spoke the magic words of Football, American, and Ponies. Who else in this world have you heard speak do beautifully?"

>"I asked you to attack Torcuil first"

406f1 No.37620

Happy 26th good night guys.

b14ca No.37621

File: 1514268480257.jpg (49.15 KB, 461x685, Sister Leontine of the St.….jpg)

>'Could she manage the stadium just as easily without the title? She does it all herself anyway.. If you dismissed her, she'd probably just around doing what she normally does, doing her sermons at the stadium and whatever..'
Meta spoiler
Tracy has more-or-less realized that Fae is far too religious to ever think of getting in the way of her relationship, so she's no longer actively plotting to kill her, so long as she feels like she is the one more closely connected to Trumpaladin.

970dc No.37622

File: 1514268562364.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Happy 26th

It was five years ago today I first watched My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

b14ca No.37623


098a5 No.37624

>"Oh Tracy, it would be too much to expect you to fulfill all of my riding needs"

406f1 No.37625

If i get fingered by the lich, protect thez and then res me.

b14ca No.37626

>[incoherent distressed pony thoughts that fill up his head and cause terrible headaches]

098a5 No.37627

>Fingered by the lich
It'll be the Lich that needs to be protected from Thez

098a5 No.37628