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File: 1512264405918.jpg (50.94 KB, 400x266, shiny-nuts-metal-surface-a….jpg)

02b70 No.28857[Last 50 Posts]

Cuz every bread gets stale if left for a day or so, so I has to bake a new bread. Not complaining, but dammit. Damn the nuts.

Last tine the party acquired a Black Dragon, which some have misgivings about, especially considering the Bolshevik massacre that happened a few days before.

At the same time,… not much else is happening, but the previous thread got crashy (at least on my device) so here's a new one. On less related news Ebin is back in /sg/ and GRDF15 has shown up again, who GM hopes might at least be the enemy of mine enemy. I'm not holding my breath, but friendship is magic no? Meanwhile, back to the Game, where a bunch of inter-character dialogues are happening. Infernius and Thez had a moment, while Taylor seems primed for >rape of Torcuil and whoever else she decides is a suitable rape-target. Norfilly is still super-cute and not around (cuz it would taint her appeal), Sad Alex is still a Sad Alex statue, Yak Lee is still getting beaten about @ the Figt Club, and anyone else I haven't metioned is probably doing their thing; right now, in front of everyone.
If you're new, you picked the WRONG thread, but please stick around. Otherwise you know what it do, so lets continue before GM's head explodes?

d6740 No.28858

File: 1512264434832.png (175.11 KB, 600x600, 934.png)

294b1 No.28861

573e4 No.28862


23afd No.28863

File: 1512264725070-0.jpg (518.89 KB, 1407x935, fireball1.jpg)

Alright. Tracy should've arrived in Durpistan by now.
What are Torcuil and Killy doing?

d6740 No.28864

>Taylor seems primed for >rape of Torcuil and whoever else she decides is a suitable rape-target
Kek, I have her now placed in a position where she's a hundred feet up and can't rape any one

Also, I've done several search checks on Durpistan from the ground and the air. So has Tay. Do we see much of the city's structures and infrastructure?
"Nice. Sounds like we can actually make this if I can just ask our main forger and the wood pony for help"

573e4 No.28865

I'd rather have Torc fuck a dragon than Tay

d6740 No.28866

Why is she in Durpistan though? I'm here to kill Kiynen investigate the buildings, Tourcil is here for a date, and so is Tay, but Tracy????

294b1 No.28867

[Burst out into tears]

f1267 No.28868

File: 1512264872175.png (565.16 KB, 1024x2117, Darth Infernuis Preston En….png)

23afd No.28869

Mostly, because I want to be there, and explore wherever he's taking her on the map.

23afd No.28870

Does he seriously have a tattoo?

d6740 No.28871

*patting her back*
"There there Tay, it's okay. He just has weird taste in rapists. You're beautiful"

d6740 No.28872

f1267 No.28873

which tattoo?

573e4 No.28874


23afd No.28875

The retarded one.

294b1 No.28876

You really mean that? [Sniffs]

f1267 No.28877

no its not that obvious….. yet

d6740 No.28878

"Of course. You're astonishingly beautiful. A goddess, even. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise."

573e4 No.28879

>white knighting this hard

294b1 No.28880

I might take you up on your offer then.

23afd No.28881

He only white-knights when he wants to.

d6740 No.28882

Did you see yourself with the dragon?

"Which offer?"


294b1 No.28883

The one you are hopeing im talking about. Hehe

23afd No.28884

Where is everyone atm?

02b70 No.28885

Which one is the retarded one?

573e4 No.28886

There is a difference between
"Ayyy bby you beutiful, wanna see my gun *puls out dick*"
"Sorry Trumps an asshole, heres a place you can live"
Gtg for a while Ill be back

23afd No.28887

>jude star

23afd No.28888

File: 1512265316228.jpg (109.49 KB, 643x507, black knight.jpg)

Black knights ftw

f1267 No.28889


d6740 No.28890


*is confused*
"Yes, we can do that"

294b1 No.28891

Unzip it.

02b70 No.28892

"Its cute"
They got better,….
Can't argue with those digits

d6740 No.28893

"Uh… I'm not sure I can do that. You're pretty and all but…"

f1267 No.28894

"thez will you help me interrogate the drow?"

23afd No.28895

Has Tracy arrived yet?
What has Killy been doing?

294b1 No.28896

Oh you know tracy wouldnt mind.

d6740 No.28897

"You sure? Also, we're flying right now. Kind of dangerous"

294b1 No.28898

Danger is hot, take it out.

d6740 No.28899

Displays ring
"I'm engaged though"

294b1 No.28900

Oh. Okay :(

23afd No.28901

File: 1512265877327.jpg (19.09 KB, 512x512, tfw the ride starts.jpg)

*Earth shakes*
[sounds of a meteor landing in the lot]
"Oh boy. I wish I'd been here last week."

d6740 No.28902

"I mean, is there some kind of blackguard code that makes it okay, since you are both blackguards?"

294b1 No.28903

Dice rollRolled 13 + 10

Well now that i think about it oral is okay in the code.

d6740 No.28904

"Uh, Black Knights for the win?"

02b70 No.28905

"Sure, gimme a moment."
Kiynen the dragon?
>Blackguard stuffs
Uhm, grey area
Oral is,… okay?

294b1 No.28906

[Turns around to face trump]

d6740 No.28907

"Since we're riding though, I don't think we could really do any position except cowgirl and that's vaginal"

294b1 No.28908

Dice rollRolled 19 + 10

Anal is fine too.

d6740 No.28909

"I'm not sure… Tracy seemed to not like it when Thez locked me in a room"

23afd No.28910

File: 1512266340543-0.jpg (61.28 KB, 1024x647, outlast_2__the_horse_of_de….jpg)

Can Tracy go see her?
Also, how many bodies are there, ballpark?

294b1 No.28911

Dice rollRolled 9 + 10

Well what if we dont tell her?

d6740 No.28912

"You sure?"

294b1 No.28913

Dice rollRolled 11 + 10

I wont tell her if you dont.

d6740 No.28914

"I know what's really going on here. You don't think I'm fit to be a husband. That's why you don't want vaginal. You don't want my child"
*sad Paladin noises*

23afd No.28915

File: 1512266600231-0.png (Spoiler Image, 163.27 KB, 1025x1024, 1502758582668.png)


d6740 No.28916

Tracy, Tay is getting more than a little friendly. Perhaps too friendly. What should I do?

23afd No.28917

File: 1512266789214-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.53 KB, 2000x1800, 606742__semi-dash-grimdark….jpg)

>'What do you mean 'what should I do?' What's happening?'

d6740 No.28918

>'Wait wait wait. Why are you here in Durpistan? Are you trying to do spoopy shit with that dragon? Stahp desecrating human remains.
That's bad'

87fed No.28919

thats not it at all if you want to do vaginal we can :) [gropes]

23afd No.28920

>'Nothing to worry about, carry on
>*cuts out, because you're more than a mile away by now*

23afd No.28921

GM, how many bodies?

d6740 No.28922

"Uh… I'm not saying I don't want it…"

We should be circling the city, but if she hangs up the phone…

d6740 No.28923

*she can feel that he wants it*

87fed No.28924

just let me do all the work. ;p you'll feel good desu.

d6740 No.28925

"Uh… okay?"

02b70 No.28926

Her being Kiynan?
Lots, plenty
That sure looks like tacid approval GM says w/ a bit of blood drooling from his nose
She's so casually sexy, is there any permanence to her interests? Does it matter?
Too many
Oh get on with it!

d6740 No.28927


294b1 No.28928

[Undoes cod piece]

23afd No.28929

>Her being Kiynan?

79a70 No.28930

How big is it? [Out of character.]

d6740 No.28931

Big of course

02b70 No.28932

Thez runs up and grabs Infernius',… hand
"This is a little much, even for me. I know we were going to interrogate Darkimeter, but its awfully difficult with all the,… distractions."
Kiynan lounges atop a pile of corpses, he first such pile of food/corpses she's ever known.
"Please let me know if I can be of service, I had no idea the degree of opulence (opulence, she says) yiy all had at your request."
Who's codpiece are we talking here? e_e

79a70 No.28933

Oh hey there little guy your about to be really happy.

f1267 No.28934

">rape is bad"

02b70 No.28935

"Not only that, but Taylor is behaving an awful lot like a Succubus. No hate, but she is,…"

23afd No.28936

File: 1512267897628-0.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, 581393__safe_artist-colon-….png)

"…. Are you going to eat all of those?"

79a70 No.28937

[Strokes little trump.]

d6740 No.28938

*continues flying*

02b70 No.28939

Thez is doubly suspicious now

79a70 No.28940

You're bigger than torc.

d6740 No.28941

"You gonna ride me?"

02b70 No.28942

"Over time, yes I was. I thought they were unwanted."

79a70 No.28943

[Mounts trump.]

23afd No.28944

*nose twitches*

f1267 No.28945

>inb4 ebin is lurking

d6740 No.28946

I feel really bad for Fae right now

02b70 No.28947

Thez is triply suspicious now.
"Alright, which one are you? Zald? Taze? Bost? Someone else?"

23afd No.28948

They're not accustomed to flying long distances either…

79a70 No.28949

Im Just a simple meme farmer. Im not trolling.

02b70 No.28950

"Of course, what you say must - of course - be true. Lets say you're genuine, why the obsessive fixation on mounting other characters?"

d6740 No.28951


79a70 No.28952

Im play taylor swifts love life.

d6740 No.28953


*Is Still being ridden, though I bet Fae is about ready to dump us now*

79a70 No.28954

Dice rollRolled 3

Why so quite?

02b70 No.28955

"Because? Is there some element to Taylor Swift's love life that is particularly appealing to your player? Is there a subconscious psychological imperitive that leads you to identify with Taylor Swift bouncing from phallus to phallus?"

d6740 No.28956

"Uh… I still don't know if Tracy approves. Also I think she might be doing sketchy shit"

d6740 No.28957

Shhhh! Not now GM-Thez

79a70 No.28958

Its interesting.

d6740 No.28959

Empathic link to Fae
>"I am so sorry.."

23afd No.28960

File: 1512268877490.jpg (317.51 KB, 500x713, Untitled.jpg)


02b70 No.28961

"Fine, for now, but I won't abide your stone-walling for long, and the night is young." e_e

79a70 No.28962

I can stop if it makes you guys uncomfortable.

23afd No.28963

Only stop for Trumpaladin (because I gotta do math when that happens).

f1267 No.28964

i don't care.

02b70 No.28965

>Isn't opposed to good-natured depravity, but is also pretty sure where this is going

02b70 No.28968

K> "I have only known the swamp, these civilizes areas are entirely new"

23afd No.28969

Wait, what's going on atm? I've been busy mining salt from the tax bill and haven't been paying full attention?

d6740 No.28970

File: 1512269826563.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Look of Doom.png)

Spit it out

02b70 No.28971

Trump and Taylor are fuggin, Tracy and Kiynen are sharing a corpse, Thez and Infernius are coming to terms with a babeh while preparing to interrogate Darkie some more, Torquil is ikncognegro, and wtfe else.

23afd No.28972

Bloody hell…!

d6740 No.28973

I've sent out two >"Tracy!" messages

f1267 No.28974

so about that Drow.

f1267 No.28975

23afd No.28976

I didn't see them. Is he in range?
Where are they, and why didn't you just throw her off? She's got 9 Str.

23afd No.28977

>*wishes he could go back to cropping screenshots*

d6740 No.28978

Because doing shit the other partner does not approve of is a two way street
Circling over Durpistan, though I'm sure Fae landed for this.
>"Spit it out"

02b70 No.28979

Tracy! calls confirmed,… though,…. Not white-knighting but,….

Just back-read

23afd No.28980

….. Wut do? I threw-out that chart,
because it caused drama, but I can't think of any non-dramatic reaction…

d6740 No.28981

>"Spit it out and don't do that again, I'll knock the bitch off and she won't be near me again"

02b70 No.28982

Yeah, its awfully hard to get into multiple characters when I can literally see thread getting derailed. I should have been wiser to it earlier, but I had hoped,…..

23afd No.28983

>Spit it out

d6740 No.28984

>"Spit it out"

f1267 No.28985

hoped what?

23afd No.28986

Wat? Wat's going on?
I'm sorry. I've been preoccupied with making content…

d6740 No.28987

Tracy is eating human remains

f1267 No.28988

communist remains

23afd No.28989

How does he know what she's doing? He can't actually read her mind.

d6740 No.28990

Last thing he said to her was "don't desecrate human remains" before she did anything, because it was foreseeable

23afd No.28991

She was hungry for hands. And what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

d6740 No.28992

File: 1512270973651.png (154.4 KB, 1116x1024, 1503322901458-2.png)

Either she can spit it out and not put any in her mouth again, and Tay and Trumpaladin "fail a ride check," or she can eat it, and potentially have a third female in the group pregnant. The choice is yours, but it is your choice

02b70 No.28993

And we were doing so well,….
"Good game" to no-one in particular.

23afd No.28994

I'm sorry guys. Salt must be mined. Don't do anything retarded.
Tht's a simple solution: Tracy can just eat her too.

23afd No.28995

While I'm gone*

f1267 No.28996

woah what? its over?

02b70 No.28997

Ask the others

f1267 No.28998

f1267 No.28999

id rather the game not end.

d6740 No.29000

I'm waiting on an answer to >>28992

573e4 No.29001

>come back
I'm probaly gonna get balmed anyway, so:
What the fuck did I do this time?

02b70 No.29002

Me too, but its pretty obvious at this point that there are differences that are not reconcilable, and that the players behind them can't let bygones be bygones.
Nah, ur in the clear this time.

f1267 No.29003

tracy and trump?

02b70 No.29004

Read back, reach your own conclusions, its not like this is going anywhere at the moment

d6740 No.29005

I just want a no-eating people no-fucking people quid pro quo

f1267 No.29006

i've be reading the whole time. its either tracy and trump or taylor.

573e4 No.29007

So, anyway…
I had the rumblies
That only hands could satisfy
???? What differences damnit!
The game isn't dying on my watch
Plz no, I don't wanna quit

f1267 No.29008

i know i've got attached to infernuis.

573e4 No.29009

I'm fucking enjoying the hell out of all this shit.
I swear to fucking god if I'm the problem I'll fucking fix it in a heartbeat. Even if it means letting Tay fuck Torc.

f1267 No.29010

you're a good man torcs faggot.

573e4 No.29011

You too infernius' faggot
GM answer damnit, whats the problem?

f1267 No.29012

ill help in whatever ways possible that doesn't include fugging taylor.

f1267 No.29013

File: 1512272464945.jpg (6.62 KB, 200x201, e18.jpg)

gm pls respond

02b70 No.29014

No, the Game isn't over, I just don't know how it can continue along the track its on. I know Trump has made a great deal of,… what's the word, compromises and efforts (those aren't the word I'm thinking of, but it will come to me), while at the same time Tracy has likewise made efforts and refinements along the same-ish lines. The problem,…
The problem is that players can't play their characters while allowing other players to play their characters.
Its one thing to play characters in character, while at the same time being the player playing the character. Its another thing to play characters in character while playing a player who is playing a character in character, while allowing others the same privilege.

I am responding faggot

d6740 No.29015

Marriage requires quid pro quo. No more waifu thieving for no more people eating is reasonable

573e4 No.29016

Meta-gaming or grudges we hold against the other faggots and that leaks into the game?

f1267 No.29017


02b70 No.29018

Look, I've never been good at articulation. I can make lengthy prose-like references, but those only really make sense if you already have an idea where I'm going or what I'm trying to say already.

02b70 No.29019

What I do see is two individuals either explicitly or implicitly placing demands on one another for reasons that began well before this thread, and where they will go I don't know. I've jumped through all sorts of hoops trying to make it copacetic, but it always ends up back to "He did, she did".

23afd No.29020

File: 1512273366877-0.png (324.17 KB, 664x669, 951329__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>mfw phone is kill
I had SO much I wanted to dump too..!
Alright the salt-mining campaign is cut short for tonight, and I can give this game my undivided attention…
Give me a few minutes to catch up on what is happening atm.

573e4 No.29021

"Faggots playing their characters with flaws and quirks, and then expect everyone to accept that. But other characters having quirks and flaws? Nope go change to be how I envision you" kinda thing?
Can we just admit TrumpXTracy is what your talking about?

d6740 No.29022

File: 1512273586072.jpg (26.99 KB, 324x499, 150330509485_20170822 (1).JPG)

Reeeeee! Every problem can be resolved through deal making!

I know the feel. My phone's touch screen barely works, wi-fi won't work, and the hotspot for my laptop barely sets up

02b70 No.29024

This is why I can't articulate. If it was just a matter of making a deal it would be (or should HAVE been) resolved a long time ago. No, there's far more to it than making a deal. There's an endless number of minor-to-major considerations, personal/group compromises, details, aspects, and other elements that comprise the situation. If it were a matter of making a deal, then a deal would have been made and we wouldn't be back at this position for what, the 4th time?

573e4 No.29025

Damn it, it is what i thought it was

f1267 No.29026

i have problems articulating myself as well.

02b70 No.29027

>inb4 the bot protocol is re-engaged
One party wants the liberty to act per their character's nature, but doesn't want any accountability or consequence for doing so. Another party wants BOTH parties to act per their PERSONAL standards of acceptable/permissible behavior. NEITHER party is entitled those positions, not without criticism.

d6740 No.29028

File: 1512274618004.png (295.37 KB, 3650x2500, 1121386__safe_artist-colon….png)

That makes me sad….

I do think I could articulate, but I don't know if I want to say much other than "I am sad"

23afd No.29029

Aren't they in Krenshall by now? The link only works for one mile
>meta-gaming this hard
Are you trying to hold the continuity of The Game hostage or something? Your character doesn't know what's going on, so he can't respond to it.
>potentially have a third female in the group pregnant
There's no way you actually want that. That'll just fuck up things for everyone.
How do you fug on the back of a flying lion with Poor class flight, without even a riding Feat anyway? You'll die.
How am I supposed to play this character if I can't >rape, murder OR eat corpses? I get it if your character steps in on things he's aware of, but don't meta-game, because that's gay.
You are never going to get married if you consider "no waifu thieving" to be any kind of actual trade-off.

d6740 No.29030

They never left Durpistan because they were surveying that city.

It's not meta gaming because it's the logical conclusion of the radio silence in the links - on both ends

Why do you need to eat corpses. Like what the fuck

Just make the trade off

573e4 No.29031

Hmmm, I wonder who GM was talking about in post

f1267 No.29032

why does it bother you if tracy eats corpses? the baby?

f1267 No.29033


02b70 No.29034

Yes, the baby. The FUCKING ALLEGORICAL FAKE-BABY. Its one thing to use the baby to develop individual characters and their dispositions, its another to use the fake-baby as a strawman to demand or extort conditions and behaviors out of one another. FFS!
>I can't even

d6740 No.29035

Because eating humans is fucking haram. Like the most haram thing

02b70 No.29036

Trump dies of a heart attack. Thez eats his face.
Anything else?

f1267 No.29037

tracy ISN'T the same species so its okay.

f1267 No.29038

JEJ this is when you know you pissed the gm off alot.

573e4 No.29039

I mean seriously you two
GM: Another party wants BOTH parties to act per their PERSONAL standards of acceptable/permissible behavior.
Trump:Why do you need to eat corpses. Like what the fuck. Just make the trade off
GM: One party wants the liberty to act per their character's nature, but doesn't want any accountability or consequence for doing so.
Tracy: doing shit that could harm the baby. Still expects baby to be alive.

I second the motion
Hearing no objections the motion passes

23afd No.29040

>Why do you need to eat corpses
She doesn't need to; that's just what she does. It's a basic aspect of her character that she's got the eating habits of a ghoul. I already gave up on >rape and murder, for the most part.
>They never left Durpistan
I figured she could've only arrived after you had gone. For the sake of peace, assume she just sat around until the coast was clear.
It doesn't matter if he doesn't see it. Shout "HERESY" when your character is actually aware of it. She's being discreet for a reason.

02b70 No.29041

GM snaps his fingers and Trump is back alive, but Thez is still holding (a duplicate?) face that she's still eating. With another snap of his fingers, the floor is lined with Trump-faces, which the new dragon and the dead Trolls, and the demons, and Koraks pirates all start devouring feverently.
Anything else?

573e4 No.29042

>allegorical baby
I think I know where you are going with that….

Tracy falls asleep sudenly and has a dream of trump taking the baby

d6740 No.29043

Please give one quid pro quo

23afd No.29044

I've given you two already, for the most part.
You can have:
>no murder
>no >rape
>no necrophagia
Pick ONE to be non-negotiable.

f1267 No.29045

fuck, ill give you one. if it means getting the game on the road.

573e4 No.29046

02b70 No.29047

With ANOTHER snap of his fingers, Darkie's hollowed-out torso of blood and mess goes swinging through the air on gossamer spider-webs, tiny spiders shouting "Wheeeeeee!" as they breeze by, they themselves eating a Trump face.
Shall I go on?
>allegorical baby
I really doubt you do, cuz I don't even know at this point. I had thought/hoped it might give incentivized cohesion, but THAT was a mistake,….

d6740 No.29048

Just no eating human today for no sex with Taylor today.

f1267 No.29049


02b70 No.29050

A troupe of fucking spider-monkeys runs by along everyone's feet, the leader holding a trump-face as a trophy, which he brandishes like is the WWE title belt, before running off to eat it. At the same time, some tortoises fly through the air with little Bulk Bicep wings on them (too small to fly with, but they sail through the air somehow) all wearing little aviator goggles. On the back of one of them is a Trump face, which is EATING ITS SELF.

d6740 No.29051

Fine then, I'll quit

f1267 No.29052

its like an junji ito manga.

573e4 No.29053

I was thought it showed how they needed balance in there relationship. It is that happy point for them.
Tracy can't do harmful shit for fear of hurting baby and driving Trump away.
Trump can't be an overbearing asshole, in case he drives Tracy away and never becomes part of the child's life.
Maybe I am truely the faggot here
Three possiblities here
1) You are high on LSD
2) someone spiked my food with LSD and I'm imagining this session
3) both
Fucking hell, we don't want that

f1267 No.29054

i dont want you to quit i just want to play.

02b70 No.29055

May I ask why?

f1267 No.29056


f1267 No.29057

Damn it trump no body wants you to quit.

02b70 No.29058

This. Maybe I was being naive, or optimistic, or WTFE else. I had just hoped characters and/or players could separate their actions and behaviors from those of others, thinking and/or realizing "Well, that guy/girl is a little fucked in the head but whatever, its a mad Game world anyway."

02b70 No.29059

But maybe calling it quits is the MOST pragmatic thing to do. I can't really say.

573e4 No.29061

>Alexa Jones, define pragmatic

Can I have permission to very critically post for my next one?

02b70 No.29062

Are you asking for permission? Go for it, I really don't give a fuck right now.

f1267 No.29063

>am sad now.

02b70 No.29064

Don't be. One of the underlying themes - and challenges - of the Game is of reconciling individual differences, yet working together, cuz what the hell else is there to do in this context. Infernius performed marvelously, while some others,….

23afd No.29065

File: 1512277427081.jpg (267.59 KB, 600x654, tfw bad girl3.jpg)

I'm really sorry, guys.. but wtf?! I get it if he orders my character around while they're together; they're married, that makes sense. But he can't just tell me what to do through meta-gaming. I'm playing an ebil character: I could be killing peasant children en mass and >raping their bodies in front of their helpless parents; I could burn the forest and kill the last pixie in the world; I could poison my enemies wells and strategically infect their people with Slimey Doom; but no, I settle for corpse-eating instead. I give him a really hard time sometimes, but I still jump through hoops to maintain a proper, in-character relationship too, even when I don't want to. There have been a lot of things I've wanted to do, but haven't for the sake of alignment issues, but he still goes around policing everything I do, while only barely maintaining his Code Of Conduct. I'd be fine, so long as I could actually play her in character when they weren't together.. Why does he always feel he needs to be in control of everything? Wtf…?!
…I'm still pissed about my phone.

02b70 No.29066

Can you rabbit for a moment?

23afd No.29067


573e4 No.29068

I was asking Trump's and Tracy's faggots, but I'll take your permission
>this is adressing Tracy's and Trump's faggot
>True things will be spoken
>But I don't want either of you to leave
Okay, listen closely.
You two's relation ship is gonna fucking tear us apart.
You guys won't try, and just expect it to magically happen.
Trump, you want Tracy to change, but how would you like to change your character from its roots to appease another. She won't change completely, and I cant say I see why she should. Then it wouldn't be Tracy Cage as a character. Try and accept her flaws and work with that.
Tracy, you want Trump and thats really it, but you refuse to even change a single fucking bit to help with this. This may seem hypocritical, after just telling Trump to fuck off for asking you to change, but you can't just lock Trump and Tracy in a room and expect them to be the perfect couple without bits of change. I get your evil, but maybe settle down just a tiny bit? Like, be evil when you have the chance but don't go out of your way to do it when you know itll piss Trump off.
In the end, I guess; Just work this fucking shit out already. We want to have one session without relationship bitching.
TLDR: Neither of you are without blame, so fucking figure it out already

02b70 No.29069

d6740 No.29070

For the 90th time, read the exchanges in the link and tell me you would form a different conclusion than "she's doing something evil with corpses." Especially when there are two more attempts at communication that are ignored

573e4 No.29071

Fucking hell thats longer than expected.
Also forgot to add:
Trump should not assume complete power over anyone in the party, hes not the leader and will only build resentment.

f1267 No.29073

she could have fighting the dragon.

d6740 No.29074

No, that's not a plausible interpretation

f1267 No.29075

why not?

573e4 No.29076

In the meantime I'm tired as fuck. 10 minutes for counter arguments and closing statements and then I'm out

d6740 No.29077

Because the exchange was about bodies and she knew he wouldn't be offended if she tried to fight the dragon, so she would not have "hung up"

Just so much typing, so much to say. I'd rather not

f1267 No.29078

i'm glad you came back.

d6740 No.29079

Now I am worried

d6740 No.29080

Secrets is never a solution

f1267 No.29081

secrets are tactically sound.

d6740 No.29082

Are you just trying to be contrarian to me?

f1267 No.29083

02b70 No.29084

Its not a matter of secrets or secrecy, its a matter of intimacy and understanding. I want this to work, for everyone, individually and as a group. To do that, I have to have a moment with everyone. I hope you won't fault me in that.

d6740 No.29085

f1267 No.29086

d6740 No.29087

I'm one hundred percent fine with secrets in meta. It's what happens in game that breaks my heart

02b70 No.29088

So,… Mr. Trump. Let me ask you, blatantly and without reservation. How do we make this work?

02b70 No.29089

f1267 No.29090

meh the original was better.

d6740 No.29091

Just she can't cross the line to where she isn't desirable anymore…

23afd No.29092

Interesting visuals though.
It's really late, so I'll just lurk for a bit more in the background…

d6740 No.29093

What happened and what did I miss?

02b70 No.29094

Yes it was, but thats not the point I was making. The allusion is that there are newer individuals attempting to aspire to the same ideal.
She? Not desirable? I assume you mean Tracy, but I'm being more general. When we reach points like earlier, the game comes to a halt. I am not want to sacrifice players for the game NOR the game for players. I want players and characters to run free and 'play', even if 'play' means beating eachother about the face and torso, or setting eachother on fire, of even blowing eachother up. Squashing the funk - or indeed one another's face (or eating) is readily allowed - but trying to dictate behavior is not. Leaving one another strung up to suffocate or die tormented is not. I know that's an odd distinction to draw, and I invite you to discuss it candidly if you prefer. I do want to avoid further friction.
Thez raped Tracy, don't worry

d6740 No.29095

I'll just say I've lost, my heart is broken, and I will retreat

d6740 No.29096

I'll see how long I am gone

02b70 No.29097

What have you lost? Will you re-emerge? Is there some degree or measure I can help?
I was kidding about raping Tracy, that was a poorly timed joke.
Trump is a cornerstone of the game as it is now, if not the keystone. It wouldn't be the same without any player/character, most explicitly you and Trump. I know and appreciate that its a labor of effort and time, and perhaps it is a luxury that can no longer be afforded. I know only the tiniest bit of your circumstance (with good reason), and I won't begrudge you if you choose to stop for that or any other reason. <more>

d6740 No.29099

GM, you know that Infernius's faggot and I are like legit and honest to God in love with our respective waifus, right?

02b70 No.29100

Your participation has taught me a great deal about myself. When the Game began (on Mlpol) I approached it from a strictly D&D standpoint, where the GM is law and the players have minimal position to assuage the GM based on context and established rules. Trump has exceeded every expectation or preconception of what a player is capable. I've given him writ large simply because he as a character never ceases to amaze me (sometimes angrily) with his ingenuity and creativity. I've never - NEVER - seen a character world-build to the degree he has, with apparent (if it was difficult, it was done with fluidity and finesse) ease.

02b70 No.29101

If you mean >rape, no not really. It was a poorly timed joke, and Tracy's faggot (not to mention chat-logs) will confirm nothing of the sort occurred. It was an attempt at levity that I realized was ill placed as soon as I posted it.
I knew that of Infernius, as his faggot and Thez' faggot (not to mention the characters themselves) had a discussion earlier. It was awkward as fuck, with plenty of feels and embarrasing vulnerability that cannot be faked. Blah blah (blah blah is the "new" no homo BTW) I wasn't sure of how Trump felt towards his waifu, but I recognize the sentiment when you phrase it that way. Blah blah, I get you, and I appreciate your position, better now than I did a few minutes ago.

02b70 No.29102

If you need time, please take it. If you need support I'll offer it (I'm far more tenacious than is readily known ^_~). I don't want anyone to feel unwelcome, and I'll literally and figuratively bend over backward (on video if needs be Xp) to those ends.
But, that also means allowing everyone their place and position. Tracy - as a character - is pregnant with Trump's baby, which I initially thought would be a unifying element, but I can see now that my interpretation was,… premature. Tracy is not the sort of character who can be dictated to, and Trump is not the sort of character that can allow the mother of his progeny to engage in wanton/frivolous behavior. There is no criticism in that observation, and indeed it is an apt position.

f1267 No.29103


02b70 No.29104

As I said to Tracy/faggot a short while ago, in crafting the Game as it appears, I broke a number of "Don't" rules, some deliberately and some unknowingly. I have been far more permissive in some aspects, and not permissive enough in others, with the intention of developing a game that intentionally pushed the envelope of /tg/. I've made many mistakes in that effort, and I will make plenty more. Having said, I am proud - literally so - of the experiences I have shared and participated in over the last couple months. Yes, its been a couple months now. If it ends, or goes on hiatus indefinitely, or whatever the case, I will never forget what has happened. I'll probably never meet any of you face to face and that's okay I guess, but no one is replaceable, or expendable. I can't even begin to express how significant you have become, even if separated by Mlpol. No, not separated, but joined by Mlpol.

02b70 No.29105

I can't even begin (I could, but its a blogpost I'll spare you of) to describe what has happend to and with me because of you and everyone else. So, take all the time you need. Take a week, a month, a year, and I'll still be here waiting to hear from you. Its too late for me to do anything else.

Blah blah, when you're ready, just post something.

When you do though, don't forget that we're a bunch of rebellious shit-posters. Dictating behavior doesn't really fly. Xp

f1267 No.29106

i always say conflict brings us closer together.

d6740 No.29107

Just… My waifu just have some minimal degree of purity. Anything other than Anthrophagy, please

02b70 No.29108

Tracy,… pure,… thats a tall order you must realize. In all fairness however, I will agree that it is quite possible that Tracy could evolve beyond her origins - in that she's no longer forced to rigidly and edgily survive literally by the blade and nothing else - but that is a matter to be determined by her faggot. Its not an unreasonable request, but its not something she can expect to immediately adopt with perfect adherence. In the same sense that Thez doesn't need to eat faces anymore but still does (but she's getting better about it), the same applies to Tracy and cannibalism/edge/>rape/'other' behaviors.
I'm not trying to interject myself, but I get the impression that demands will avail nothing, while requests and appeals might garner consideration and contemplation, from which evolution/development is possible. Its just an idea.

d6740 No.29109

I don't know, cannibalism/eating of human flesh is just a trigger for me, sort of in the same way abortion is for him. And think about it, would you really want to kiss a mouth that has eaten human flesh?

f1267 No.29110

it doesn't bother infernuis.

d6740 No.29111

I am not Inferius

d6740 No.29112

And abortion doesn't bother me. But here we are

f1267 No.29113

i know your not i was stating it though.

d6740 No.29114

Why? Are you just trying to undermine me?

f1267 No.29115

bro im not hostile to you. i consider you a friend.

d6740 No.29116

So why have you been undermining me the whole night?

f1267 No.29117

dude i honestly have no clue what your talking about.
i see you neglect these.

02b70 No.29118

If it was cooked right,… sorry but well done is haram in my book
Dont mistake criticism for undermining. There are many elements of Trumps position that I am want to criticize, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate you.

02b70 No.29119

Jokes aside (sorry, I can't help it sometimes) I can't emphasize how much I want this to work out for everyone.
Let me know what I can do, and I'll do it. I've let you in so far, so there's no going back for me. I'll be around, maybe not always, but not far behind.

02b70 No.29123

Dice rollRolled 98

Rolling for eggs, cuz why not?

23afd No.29124

Tracy isn't there though, so that's a good thing.
For the sake of peace, just assume she went back to the tower. She can make friends with Killy some other day…

23afd No.29125

Come on, man…
You know, I really do try hard to make this game fun for everyone, even you; especially you for that matter, despite how I sometimes give you a hard time. I keep getting the feeling like your taking this game slightly too personally in the sense that you feel like it's some kind of power struggle. It's NOT a PvP game, and NOBODY has ever been playing "against you".
I get if the corpse-eating thing is a trigger, but know that I still entered this game wanting to do edgy/ebil stuff too. I made her discreet because she want the best for her family, but I still want to play her as the crude, edgy, monstrous Tracy Cage when she's alone. The thing is, I really loathe being told what to do; I have her do mostly whatever her husband tells her to when they're together, but I really don't like being pushed around through meta-gaming. Is it really that hard to understand? She's going to be as edgy as she can when she has the chance to, but don't mix up meta knowledge with character knowledge.
I can lay-off the corpse-eating, but I'm not just going to do everything you tell me to.

02b70 No.29126

I'm going to try and ease into this next bit, but please bear with me.
What if I told you that there is an existential impetus that wants you to play as an edgy, >rapey, otherwise ebil and uncontrollable psycho? What if there is more than personal bias, psychology, and circumstantial etymology that leads him to portray Trump as he does so?

d6740 No.29127

>I can lay-off the corpse-eating, but I'm not just going to do everything you tell me to.
Offer accepted, and thank you
it's not just any corpse eating, it's eating human flesh. That's just too abominable

Trumpaladin and Tay fail a ride check, and Fae protects him as they return to the tower. When there, Trumpaladin looks into the process for rolling or stamping brass for cartridge cases

02b70 No.29128

Lenos walks in from the vault, bits of cobweb streaming from his clothes.
"Why was there a whole fucking spider's nest in the vault, and why does the gold smell like a swamp?"

23afd No.29129

Sure, whatever. But I might make some eexceptions for some humanoids. She aready ate the fire giants bodies and Kefka's legs after all.

23afd No.29130

File: 1512325382807-0.jpg (30.09 KB, 479x328, 3bf.jpg)

>he found out

d6740 No.29131

>eating kefka's legs
I don't recall that happening. I think there was an attempt on some limb but it was smacked away


Is this a different treasure, because the one brought back from the swamp was specified to be placed very near Trumpaladin and Tracy

02b70 No.29132

I'm improvising, I want to bring Lenos back into the mix, but him going into an all-caps rage

23afd No.29133

Tracy has possession of Kefka's entire body, minus the head, face, wings, and blood. I said earlier that she ate his legs, and made his hands into a Mage Hand and a Hand of Glory. The deal was that she would steal things off of the boss's person, so long as the bodies were hers.
>near Trumpaladin and Tracy
Trumpaladin is in Krenshall, and there's no room in the stables for a pile of gold. Either way, Lenos was going to come out looking for more gold at some point…

23afd No.29134

Who is at the tower atm?

d6740 No.29135

Well that's easy, I would need to go see Lenos to ask about brass metal casting, supplies of sulfur, and lead casting

23afd No.29136

I thought you were flying to Krenshal to talk to the gnomes?

d6740 No.29137

>needs to make a deal making her exclusive loot who're of s particular type of loot, just so she want loot whore all of the rest of the loot
Go fuck yourself

>Trumpaladin is in Krenshall

No goddamn it! I never said he was going there. Never. It was talked about, but it never happened. He surveyed Durpistan, then returned to the tower

23afd No.29138

>Go fuck yourself
Wtf?! I literally said she wouldn't snatch stuff off of the boss's swag, as long as she could take their corpses. Wtf do you want corpses for?

02b70 No.29139

So I'm gathering everyone is pretty much at the tower, unless otherwise specified.
Lenos continues "And when did we get these? I don't recall having a Ring of Swimming, or a Wand of False Life, and I DEFINITELY don't remember having a Pale Blue Rhomboid Ion Stone,…."

23afd No.29140

>Wand of False Life,
>Pale Blue Rhomboid Ion Stone
Fug.. that's some sweet loot…
>everyone is pretty much at the tower
Isn't Torc still taking his gf to the beach?

23afd No.29141

File: 1512326459870-0.jpg (75.84 KB, 1024x535, 805d07f40679c3496bd6fe67c0….jpg)

File: 1512326459870-1.jpg (868.46 KB, 1920x1200, black-dragon-fire-wallpape….jpg)

File: 1512326459870-2.jpg (129.68 KB, 800x720, Fire-Black-Dragon-Wonderfu….jpg)

File: 1512326459870-3.jpg (1.23 MB, 2560x1440, black-dragon-fire-wallpape….jpg)

File: 1512326459870-4.jpg (114.59 KB, 620x1024, 700a23504c9d210fd2a07b3391….jpg)

>all-caps rage
This could get interesting…

23afd No.29142

*polishes eggs, pretending not to hear the ranting brownie on the other side of the tower*

02b70 No.29143

Oh right, they're @ or near-abouts Durpistan. Sorry, I got kinda silly last night.
Thats what the dice said (excluding a roll for a scroll, cuz that would never survive being in a swamp)
There's also a shit-load of coin. (about 14000 pieces of differing types) several sizeable stones, and a couple pieces of precious art.

d6740 No.29144

>Isn't Torc still taking his gf to the beach?
Kek, he's doing something with her I know that


"Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! What do those do?"

02b70 No.29145

False Life grants 1d10+10 temporary hp per use
Swimming grants +10 competence to swimming checks and actions
Ion stone grants +2 to Strength (and it orbits the character's head when in use)

23afd No.29146

I was actually going to ask torc to make me one of those wands..
Hey, In Tracy's nightmare form, can she Command other Ebil outsiders/fiends with the Paladin's Mount ability?

d6740 No.29147

>I may finally be able to get in water and not drown immediately
*takes items*

Answer to Lenos
"These were the fruits of the expedition to the troll village yesterday. An amiable enough black dragon agreed to exchange these for relocation to an environment with more food"


02b70 No.29148

"There's another dragon? Where?"

d6740 No.29149

"Female young adult Black Dragon. Her name is Kiynen. That meme wizard Torcuil fellow has been leading her. At this moment I believe she is in Durpistan, than city to the south, though they could be on the way to the sea"

02b70 No.29151

"A female? And she's at Durpistan? You mean with the commies? I didn't know they were still around! I gotta go get me some!" and by that, he means both killin' and sex.
"Well, if you'll excuse me," he wanders up to the dais to enact a teleportation spell.

d6740 No.29152

"The Durpistanis were all murdered a couple nights ago"

23afd No.29153

"Oh no. They're definitely not around anymore… Their bodies are lining the streets. I'm bummed I missed the party too…"

23afd No.29154

File: 1512328099847-0.png (1.55 MB, 2104x1778, 827805__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>I gotta go get me some

02b70 No.29155

"Aww,… I haven't gotten to do a good flame-strike in ages. Oh well. I gotta meet this Kiynen."
Casts Greater Teleport

d6740 No.29156

"What's the evidence they are Communists anyways? The only evidence I've heard of is a single line in an obsolete atlas"

d6740 No.29157

Alright then

*Looks at pony, unsure of emotion*

23afd No.29158

File: 1512328316733-0.jpeg (3.41 MB, 1836x3264, 1459504__semi-dash-grimda….jpeg)

>he's gone
"…. You want to revive one and ask some questions?"
*offers commie skull*

02b70 No.29159

>before teleporting
"Because that's how they do it. Durpistan is a labor-camp city where the most worthless people from the world are sent to do something useful for once in their miserable lives, but mostly they spend their time leaching off and stealing from one another. Oh they call it "wealth redistribution", but its stealing. The whole city is separated into little cliques structured around a select group of the most brutal and predatory individuals, who take it in turn to take whatever they can get their hands on from the rest of the people there."

d6740 No.29160

"Uh… I think >>29159 answers it, but maybe it's worth seeing if they could make useful slaves?"

23afd No.29161

>slavery fine
>corpse-eating not okay at all
"Ask whatever you want. I'm going to be in the crafting area."
*leaves to work on goods*

23afd No.29162

>useful slaves
Didn't he just clarify that they weren't useful even as slaves?

d6740 No.29163

"You want to help… uh, okay then"

Give them the right task master

23afd No.29164

I doubt they'll make good laborers at all (you saw the mine), but ask about the canons.

d6740 No.29165

"Uh… you don't want to ask questions or stop a rampaging hysterical communist or anything? I mean, I can bring in Slovenia, since if anyone can whip them into shape it's probably her, but still"

23afd No.29166

I really don't want to, and idt she would either, unless your idea was to slowly cut pieces off of it bit by bit and leave the vital organs for last

d6740 No.29167

23afd No.29168

*refills hot water-bottles, and fluffs blankets*
Since the eggs aren't hatching for a while, I'm going to have Tracy go to Krenshal. I want to explore the map, and maybe find an NPC that could help her speed-up crafting.
Just not my thing. I'd rather go exploring.

d6740 No.29169

Uh, okay then, go to Krenshall together?

*Trumpaladin takes the three items, and collects a valuable painting in a bag, to carry with him*

02b70 No.29170

I'll add this to the "before teleport" explanation.
"In the last game, we tried to interact with them, during the day and in broad daylight. They just shut the gates and fired the cannons at us. So we busted down the gates and they all cowered like bitches. The larger ones tried negotiating for their lives by offering the smaller ones as a bribe, but we weren't (initially) there to kill any of them, we just wanted to strike up a deal for some of the proceeds from the mine. After a few days nothing came of it, and upon investigation we found that the larger ones were stealing the gems and precious metals and were trading them with the (((rats))) in exchange for the supplies for that god-awful restaurant that they set up. What's more, they were directing the workers to be lazy and not really produce anything, with the idea that if they lowered our expectations of them that we would get frustrated and go elsewhere. Slag (our resident necromancer) suggested we just kill them and turn them into obedient and efficient zombies,… so we did. They've all been sterilized, apparently before being sent to Durpistan they were breeding like mad and wrecking their local or original economies. I don't know what happened to their kids, but they were separated from them and sent to Durpistan so that even if minimally, they might be semi-productive for the world at large, but we found that they were just as lazy and worthless as they had been elsewhere."

d6740 No.29171

"I see"

23afd No.29172

Okay.. What about Spartintar?
I'll have her leave with him then, just give me a chance to slink-off and explore the alleyways and whatnot.

02b70 No.29173

Quick reminder, I'll be leaving in ~an hour (Lenos' faggot is being delayed, otherwise I'd be gone already)

23afd No.29174

Also, I kind of want to go incognito for a bit while exploring the city.

d6740 No.29175

I need to finish dialogue with Baz, yes
Slink off after we're through the city gate or just before

23afd No.29176

>just before
She'll land a good distance outside of the gate, and then explain that she's going to get a closer look herself, while he goes in the front.

02b70 No.29177

Okay, Krenshall. There's a much longer name for it, but I don't feel like looking it up right now. There's a large main gate, with an extensive gear-system that apparently operates it. Gnomes can be seen milling about along a variety of haphazardly and erratically placed catwalks, and the buildings themselves are oddly shaped and unnecessarily tall, with windows and doors placed at unintuitive locations. Various gnomes are speaking with eachother, really quickly and impossible to really understand, even though they're speaking common.

d6740 No.29178

I can feel the tension. I really don't like it

23afd No.29179

What tension?
Tracy pulls up her hood and puts on her glasses to assume the appearance of a small humanoid (idk what to disguise her as)
>Too Trummpaladin
"I'm not the best at making first impressions.. Flashy, so I'll let you do the greeting. I'm going to get a closer look on my own, but I won't be far off. Call me if you ever need my help; I'll be in link-range the whole time."

d6740 No.29180

"I'll try to establish diplomacy. Do your thing, just don't let them catch you doing anything that will get them pissed off at the party"

Trumpaladin approaches the main gate more closely, looking to see if anyone talks to him as he does so

23afd No.29181

Infernius said he'd be willing to make a Detect Magic wand for Tracy, can we assume he did that before she left? It's only 750 gp.

23afd No.29182

"'Kay. Bye for now, ~Flashy."
And with that, she slinks off into stealth.

Tracy approaches the walls from the side, and checks out the structures. Does it seem passable, aside from the main gate?

02b70 No.29183

Its scalable, if thats your question
No one approaches, but there appears to be an information booth just inside the gate. A surly looking gnome with fish-bowl glasses is scribbling notes on a piece of parchment.

23afd No.29184

The magical Mustache-&-Nose glasses the crafted: the ones that filled-in for a Hat of Disguise.

d6740 No.29185

Trumpaladin goes through the gate and approaches the information booth
He says to the gnome
"Greetings, I am visiting from Port Barry - settlement a ways South. What can you tell e about this fine city and its people?"

d6740 No.29186

Did you give your mask of disguise back to Thez?

02b70 No.29187


d6740 No.29188

"Hello Farzelington. No, I have no desire for a handout, though I am always looking for exchange. Could you tell me about the gnomish people here, describe the general temperament if you could?"

23afd No.29189

I thought she did.
Tracy can easily make her own now anyway.
Tracy approaches carefully in stealth.

02b70 No.29190


d6740 No.29191

"What were you busy developing?"

23afd No.29192

Tracy attempts to make her way over the wall, stealthily.

02b70 No.29193


d6740 No.29194

>Mained my cat and exploded

"Sounds like quite a useful appliance. I am here to establish trade because we are interested in the innovations your city creates, and we believe we have resources and the like to exchange in return. What resources do you want?"

02b70 No.29195


02b70 No.29196

GM shakes his head, as writing without spacing is trickier than he first anticipated.

23afd No.29197

Kek. I could tell

02b70 No.29198

Anyway, I'm off to do stuff, I'll be back later on this evening. Sorry, but its a business venture.

23afd No.29199

Okay, bye.

d6740 No.29200

>Short inhabitants
>Xenophobic and Isolationist
>Talk very fast
>Extremely industrious
>Extremely advanced and innovative
I've discovered Japan. Be ready to be Commodore Perry'ed

"We've got much to give - gems, gold, wood - and what we don't have we can acquire. What have you to sell?"

d6740 No.29201

THESE you can stab and eat. Just don't get caught

02b70 No.29202

As soon as I'm back I'll give a complete (with spacing) rundown on Krenshall, the short version is its a paradise of making things, with ridiculous level crafters, assuming one has the patience to put up with their gnomish ways and can provide sufficient payment.

d6740 No.29203

Why lack ambition? If we could set up a permanent operation at the Durpistani mine, then export that to Krenshall, then manufacture things, then exchange those in Sparintenar…

23afd No.29204

Tracy has great experience in dealing with autists. Perhaps she can make friends with them.
That'd take several really great diplomacy checks, but that's a plausible idea. You'll need a way to Transport everything though.

d6740 No.29205

Caravans? Railways?

23afd No.29206

Gotta build those, but it's an option
Perhaps you can look for a steam engine.

573e4 No.29207

I've seen you pass outside my door a thousand times
Hello, is it me you're looking for?

So whats up?

d6740 No.29208

What did he mean by this?

573e4 No.29209

It means I'm the only one who can help your sorry asses Nah, I'm kidding
Glad to see you haven't quit.

d6740 No.29210

I still feel hollowed out inside, like the joy is gone

But I guess that's kind of a normal feel for me anyways

573e4 No.29211

Thats just my normal fucking emotion usally.
But just fix the relationship damn it
Talk to Torc the philsopher.
"If man is just a featherless bird then…"
Shut up you

d6740 No.29212

>But just fix the relationship damn it
Believe me, I want to, it's just so very difficult

573e4 No.29213

This is why I said I don't want Torc in a relationship.
I don't feel like RPing it

f1267 No.29214

im awake, gibe basic gestalt plz.

23afd No.29215

>Drama stopped for now
>Lenos teleported to Durpistan to meet Killy
>Tracy and Trump left to Krenshal to check out the place

f1267 No.29216

what did you find there?

23afd No.29217

Haven't gotten in yet.

23afd No.29218

Wtf did all of those Elf women go anyway?

f1267 No.29219

File: 1512346823001.gif (1.38 MB, 245x118, 1506730218120.gif)

>mfw i just realized last night why you call yourself mrs.sentry

23afd No.29220

File: 1512346980426-0.png (4.68 MB, 3000x3000, 883944__questionable_semi-….png)

It took you that long to figure it out? Kek.

I g2g for a few minutes. Will be back.

f1267 No.29221

File: 1512347241304.png (23.76 KB, 1394x866, Untitled.png)

who told lennos about the dragon?
last night is the only time i thought about it.
i felt the same way, reading our early adventures helps me remember why i love this game.

d6740 No.29222

I always thought Trollestia was keeping them in the stables

Wait really

d6740 No.29223

Um… Me. He asked

f1267 No.29224

yea really.

f1267 No.29225

infernuis used to be so innocent.

23afd No.29226

..Tracy used to be more carefree…

f1267 No.29227

ok i was just wondering.

d6740 No.29228

Holy shit, that's really how I felt about Tracy after the transformation. I would think back to the initial encounters

f1267 No.29229

we have to go back.

d6740 No.29230

f1267 No.29231

f1267 No.29232

i felt that way after the rape but ive moved on from that.

f1267 No.29233

how about we take a trip back to where the tower used to be?

d6740 No.29234

Like the extreme autist I am I looked into the "eats kefka's legs" thing. I tried to search on the site search for "kefka," "leg," and "legs" and found nothing on it. I used the better Moderator Dashboard search feature and went through the three terms and found no mention. Then, for the sake of thoroughness, I went through every single relevant thread with a control f on "eat," which is obnoxious as hell because it returns things like "feat" "create" and "great." But you never said he eats Kefka's legs, although she did gnaw on Soro's legs and also on Darkie's

The leg humping seems so innocent now

Isn't it in the same location? I do not know

f1267 No.29235

the tower moved over port barry.

23afd No.29236

Could've sworn I implied it somewhere..
Oh well.

*humps legs*

f1267 No.29237

also why the hell did we name it port barry, when the actual barry is a douche?

d6740 No.29238

File: 1512348317957.png (199.56 KB, 1340x1776, 1510378059043.png)

If we did then that is convenient

Stabby pony waifu must stay free from prion contamination

I really wanted to hear you answer that question about the surnames that Renquist aked

573e4 No.29239

Was that really fucking 2 months ago…

Holy fuck
If it isn't just Flash Sentry/waifu stealer I don't get it either

23afd No.29240

You mean the asshole Thez killed?

23afd No.29241

>just Flash Sentry/waifu stealer
That's the whole thing.

23afd No.29242

>prion contamination

f1267 No.29243

23afd No.29244

>that question about the surnames that Renquist aked

573e4 No.29245

I figured
Great, wheres that insulin

23afd No.29246

Tracy still has his clothes and skeleton.

f1267 No.29248

kek really?

d6740 No.29249

I am not sure but I think one guy in Sparintenar (Renquist, the defense minister) asked about her legal marriage and called her "mrs. Cage" I think. I was really interested if you'd have her say she was "Tracy Sentry" or something like that

23afd No.29250

Yeah. She dragged-away every coworker GM killed.

f1267 No.29251

File: 1512348699822.png (202.84 KB, 349x491, 1510796718000-2.png)

>tfw i never fount any ziggers

f1267 No.29252

thats pretty cute desu
>Tracy Sentry

23afd No.29253

Idk. For that matter, you haven't actually given Trumpaladin a real name yet (didn't he just work for another guy named Trump in his universe?).
I kept meaning to remind you about that, but I was always too busy doing math…

f1267 No.29254

i thought he was an imperial guard?

573e4 No.29255

>Trump has the least backstory
Idk, I should start taking notes…

d6740 No.29256

Prions are mutated proteins that can cause diseases like brain deterioration. they are generally spread by cannibalism, especially of the brains, spinal cord, and intestines. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy occurs in cows, and Kuru is a brain disease of the cannibals of New Guinea

f1267 No.29257

actually tracy has the least.

23afd No.29258

It's because he's just been self-inserting the whole time.

f1267 No.29259

>Prions only effect humans though.

23afd No.29260

She's a horse/monster: it's not cannibalism if she's eating other species.

d6740 No.29261

I had like two pages written and a whole backstory planned out for him. I stopped though after I got salty

Oh fuck off

BSE is cows


f1267 No.29262

you should continue id like to know more about trump.

f1267 No.29263

open a txt its not that hard.

23afd No.29264

Tracy's background is the same as her memes.
I implied that she was following bounties looking for her husband shortly before she died.
It isn't (entirely) hoo-man either. Also, that's not how prions work.
On that note

f1267 No.29265


23afd No.29266

>imperial guard
That's what he said early-on, but he changed a couple times after that, so idk.

573e4 No.29267

Nah, cause Tracy's faggot already had it written out for him.
>oh fuck off
Its a joke, not Tracy's feminine benis…
Dont take it so hard
Computer isn't quite working still

f1267 No.29268

theres a memo app on most tablets.

23afd No.29269

Idk how it's going to work out, desu…

d6740 No.29270

Goddamn I feel shitty and sad for how everything has turned out

f1267 No.29271

there has to be a way for things to turn around.

573e4 No.29272

Well, I could always use pen and paper.
Then it cant get corrupted

23afd No.29273

>how everything has turned out
Cumulative, or just recently?
Also this.

573e4 No.29274

f1267 No.29275

yea thatd work even better.

d6740 No.29276

>Cumulative, or just recently

I just remember everything

23afd No.29277

File: 1512349805981.jpg (110.67 KB, 834x1000, fire feel.jpg)

>mfw I threw away the chart booklet with all of the notes in it

573e4 No.29278

I try, I can remember most things, but not some stuff

23afd No.29279

Because after that bullshit in the stables, the math put everything on self-destruct.

d6740 No.29280

All the same to us, since you've been so secretive with how anything works

f1267 No.29281

what was gonna happen in the punishment game?

d6740 No.29282

It affected me the most, but it was always so mysterious. I could never really guess what one set of actions or words would do and what effects it would have, and I couldn't really try to guess what caused what after the fact. I hate that. It's like doing Job interviews and not knowing what it was you did that did or did not work, and not really being able to guess well after you fail either

573e4 No.29283

How to play Tracy: Complex math and shit
How to play Torcuil: If you can't meme it, akwardly fuck it

23afd No.29284

A whole list of things… I'd rather not say, because I don't want to bring up the things I wrote..
Kek. Don't ever change Spaghetti Master.

f1267 No.29285

someone should meme a picture of the party.

23afd No.29286

Shoot, I really just want to go ask Killy for insight on hunting fairies..

d6740 No.29287

Why would she know anything about hunting Faries? Trollestia is a much better candidate

f1267 No.29288


23afd No.29289

Fey are Black Dragon's favorite food, and Trollestia just wouldn't tell her.

d6740 No.29290

She was lazy as fuck - she didn't go out into the woods hunting for them. And Black dragons generally don't because they are vulnerable in the woods.

>Trollestia wouldn't tell her


23afd No.29291

>Black dragons generally don't because they are vulnerable in the woods.
That isn't true. They venture there sometimes to feed on Green Dragons that are smaller than them. I just want to ask her if she's ever caught one.
.. Idk, now that I think of it.. Maybe I'll have Tracy ask her.

23afd No.29292

She's probably never caught one, but I still wanted the two to communicate a bit.

d6740 No.29293

You can always just wonder out into the woods and wait until something attacks you or you stumble upon. That's how you found Trollestia

Come to think of it, I need to go Silver Dragon hunting

23afd No.29294

I will gladly join if there's a sign Silver Dragons. Fuck Silver dragons.

23afd No.29295

Might want to craft a nice a lance first though.

d6740 No.29296

>Fuck Silver dragons
Fuck them indeed

Hmmm… Less useful for Metallics, but for True Dragons, maybe

f1267 No.29297

>>Fuck Silver dragons
Fuck them indeed

23afd No.29298

>Less useful for Metallic
Chromatic dragons have metallic scales too: they're just "rusted", as far as the books have told me.
Red is Iron. Green is Bronze. Blue is Copper. Black is Nickle. White is Tin.

d6740 No.29299

File: 1512351992673.png (173.25 KB, 1024x598, alicorn_twilight_by_zacatr….png)

I meant that Metallic dragons are good aligned and thus we're not likely to enter combat if we encounter one, where as True dragons are evil aligned, and much more likely to attack

d6740 No.29300

We need to actually kill one of these things. Their corpses sound valuable

573e4 No.29301

That would be intresting
Never will change

Fucking Dragobs is Torc's job…

d6740 No.29302

Oh yeah, while you were away, Lenos stole your waifu

23afd No.29303

How unfortunate it would be if some horny Silver Slut were to suddenly attack and carry Torcuil away, and the party had to battle her to rescue him…

d6740 No.29304

It'd be time to White Knight. I'd LANCE that slut

f1267 No.29305

id have to ask thez.

23afd No.29306

>Gnomes invent internet
>(((Rats))) create LANCED.com
>Silver Dragons dwindle to extinction

d6740 No.29307

It's alright brother. I'm here for you. I'll take the hit for you so you don't have to

f1267 No.29308

File: 1512353212661.png (47.43 KB, 1394x866, mk srerrrrrreeeeword.png)

>remove fucking rats

f1267 No.29309

>I'll take the hit for you
what did he mean by this?

d6740 No.29310

Silver Dragons are extremely strong dragons. they are among the most formidable

23afd No.29311

File: 1512353353388-0.jpg (125.61 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

He hasn't been booped-back yet. Thez still owes him one.

f1267 No.29312

wait he booped thez?!?

573e4 No.29313

That would actually suck
He took Trollestia?

d6740 No.29314

No, he's going after Kiynen

23afd No.29315

No.He teleported to Durpistan as soon as he heard about Killy.
A while ago.

573e4 No.29316

File: 1512353657323.jpg (263.48 KB, 1197x873, tumblr_mg4a28an5A1qj6ixbo1….jpg)

Well then pic related

f1267 No.29317

*minotuar sighs*

573e4 No.29319

So, what is everyone planning for when GM gets back?

23afd No.29320

Look for something interesting in Krenshal, and then go look for places to hunt fey if I get bored of that.

23afd No.29321

meant for >>29319

f1267 No.29322

i dont know anymore.

573e4 No.29323

Fuck your wife
Fuck your husband, then do that shit

Torc will be his normal spaghetti self probaly

d6740 No.29324

File: 1512354680992.png (190.04 KB, 1234x648, 1343841__safe_artist-colon….png)


d6740 No.29325

This. More sex to help with issues

573e4 No.29326

>Why I am not a relationship consuler: A memoir

23afd No.29327

Dice rollRolled 12

Good idea
"~Honey, I'm booooored..! This autist hasn't been talking for a long time, and he's just going to let it all out at once later. Let's go buck."
Rolling to grapple

d6740 No.29328

Dice rollRolled 8

Aww hell no! Counter-grapple!

>"we should at least leave the city and go to the woods"

573e4 No.29329

Decent grapple,
Now Trump you just have to roll higher than a 12

573e4 No.29330

You gettin >raped

23afd No.29331

lol she's stronger than you anyway.
*lifts into the air*
"I've got a better place in mind."

d6740 No.29332

She needs to succeed on multiple rolls for that to work

d6740 No.29333

No she's not

23afd No.29334

>upward fly speed of 45 ft

d6740 No.29335

She's not cauchemar! She's a rogue pony

23afd No.29336

She is in this form. Warhhoers has 18

573e4 No.29337

File: 1512355275883.png (198.86 KB, 1024x1024, 29da0704cb43d34d81eaf99413….png)

this is gonna get real fucking lewd

d6740 No.29338

I don't think she can do all of this in a half-form

23afd No.29339

Her nerfed transformation has the same flight speed. It just doesn't have the monstrous strength and constitution.
*lifts higher*

23afd No.29340

She can still fly.

23afd No.29341

*continues flying higher*
She's holding tightly with her forelegs and mouth btw. You have the option to climb on her back though.

573e4 No.29342

>Torc could polymorph Tracy to make sex worse for Trump
Highest bidder gets their wish.
We'll start the biding with Tracy

d6740 No.29343

*climbs on back*

You're miles away. Shoo

23afd No.29344

I could just level-up once in Assassin and do the same thing with Alter Self, but I don't want to start more drama
*rockets skywards*

573e4 No.29345

I will not "shoo"

23afd No.29346

File: 1512356094999-0.jpg (56.92 KB, 575x863, image.jpg)

… Can she fly upside down?
>what the gnomes see
*elevation intensifies*

e8127 No.29347

File: 1512356113457.jpg (36.79 KB, 640x360, a4beebd4db2628d5d8ea46cafe….jpg)

>mfwtheresbeenlike125postswhileIvebeenworkingforlikethelast19800secondswithapossibilityof errorofapproximately600secondsmeaningfaggotshavebeenposting2.68imesperminuteonbasicaveragewhichisjfunnycuzthisissupposedtobeagaybathousebutapparentlyitsfunandinvolvingenoughforitsparticipantsthattheyhavemadeaninvolveddcommitmentoftimetokeepdoingandthatthatsisthelevelofinspiredparticipationandinspiredinvolvementthatmakesitallworthitforGMthoughhecanbeabitofafaggotwhatyoucanbeabitofafaggotdon'tlookatmelikethatitstru<BLAM>
>The gnome's ballpoint pen starts BEEEEEEeEeEEEeEeEEEEE and suddenly explodes. It's a loud concussive blast, but Trump is not in any way injured. There is a mess where a gnome used to be, but he has a good idea about gnomes now.
I should be done in about an hour.

d6740 No.29348

Alas poor Farzelington. I hardly knew ye.

I think I'm being abducted by some kind of flying horse anyways

23afd No.29349

Trumpaladin and Tracy are just going to buck in space until the next gnome takes his place.

573e4 No.29350

>brain hurts

d6740 No.29351

I need air. Also, can I grab onto her tail?

f1267 No.29352

*goes to the sticky wicket and chugs 5 bottles of vodka.*

23afd No.29353

Necklace of Adaption
It's made of fire, but she confers fire resistance, so maybe..?

d6740 No.29354

Does the necklace work if he's behind her though? And he'll need to grab on to something if there is no ground - maybe a lead rope. Or would she try to get to a weightless environment and transform to a pony so he can grab her?

23afd No.29355

Tracy is still climbing higher, giggling like a schoolgirl

23afd No.29356

>weightless environment
They're not going that far.
They share connections to the same items.

573e4 No.29357

Torc joins infernius at the bar
"Bootle o' scotch mate, if you'd please."
"How are yah doing Infernius?"
Grab her by the pussy
Trump, let go.
Itll be less painful

d6740 No.29358

???? Is you plan to have her transform into a pony, and they fuck while falling, then at the end he mounts her and she goes ethereal before they go into the ground?

23afd No.29359

*wraps gold-steel chain around husband*
"..The Ride starts now.."
*still going up*

573e4 No.29360

You should've let go

23afd No.29361

Tbqh desu senpai, I don't have a plan (I threw out the booklet). She's still going up.

d6740 No.29362

Dice rollRolled 11

Grapple Horse Pussy

f1267 No.29363

"brain hurts."

23afd No.29364


you're tied up, but whatever
*buckles dangerously*
"F-Flashy! W-wait 'til we're there.."
*speeds upwards, dashing above the clouds*

23afd No.29365

meant for >>29362

d6740 No.29366

Dice rollRolled 7

He's not completely tied

Wiggles fingers

23afd No.29367

*speed increases*

d6740 No.29368

Dice rollRolled 12

So this is how you properly spur Tracy

Rights himself from chains

Uses Right hand to increase Horse speed even more

23afd No.29369

>no escape artist skill
You're going to want that chain around him, because he's royally kill if he falls from this height.

573e4 No.29370

"I know what yah mean. Hows the wife?"
Torc begins chugging

d6740 No.29371

Dice rollRolled 19

He's still in chains, just upright

Leans forward, and licks horsey's ear

Grabs Horse Pussy again

f1267 No.29372

"we have talk shes gonna keep the baby."

23afd No.29373

>a long time worth of flying later
"Hold still, Flashy. This'll suck if it goes wrong."
*tightens chain*
*wraps around torso several times*

23afd No.29374

*Wraps chain around self several times*

d6740 No.29375

You gotta admit I got a damned fine grapple roll in >>29371

573e4 No.29376

Kek, youre taking my advice and its working
"Ah, Thats good. Remember Infernius, I'm here if you need to talk about your marriage. I mean, I somehow got Trump and Tracy to stop fighting for a while."
You did

23afd No.29377

Sure, better hold on tight though. This is going to be scary.
*Slowly rears, allowing him to slide backward off of her*

f1267 No.29378

"The fact that trump had sex with her still bothers me."

23afd No.29379

"…Careful now… Flashy.."

d6740 No.29380

I'm taking this attack of opportunity

*Holds chains tight*

Mounts Horse

d6740 No.29381

"Yippee Kiyay!"

He now holds the chain firmly, and holds onto a different chain with the other hand, as he thrusts into her

23afd No.29382

File: 1512358308985.png (145.06 KB, 900x807, stretching.png)

*rights self, now in front of him, he being suspended only by the chains*
*bucks a bit*

573e4 No.29383

Was it before or after the marrige?

f1267 No.29384


f1267 No.29385

"i feel sick even thinking about it."

d6740 No.29386

Probably need to pull with one hand, and push with a different one. Pushes against her ass with one hand

"I love you Tracy"
*humps 2000 pound horsey*

23afd No.29388

File: 1512358589215.png (88.33 KB, 1024x768, just for the plot.png)

He'd might need to reach both of his arms around her plot to avoid slipping. She's a big mare.
[happy nightmare noises]
"I-I love you too, Flashy!"
*humps back*

573e4 No.29391

"Yeah, I'm sorry you had to go through that bro. But hey,"
Torc raises his bottle in infernius direction
"Heres to moving on, and you two having a good marriage."

d6740 No.29392

Grabs dat Ass

*Happy Paladin Noises*
*Continues humping Horsey*

23afd No.29393

*freezing gust of stratosphere air rushes past them*
*is now bucking with dangerous intensity*
"..Oh, ~Flashy..!"

d6740 No.29394

Humping intensifies

Then Intensifies

Then, like a comet, Trumpaladin lets forth and explosion of love into his mount and waifu

f1267 No.29395

"hes not even sorry, i thought about murdering him but that wont change anything."

23afd No.29396

*shudders feverishly*
>sparking silver frozen dust sprinkles down on some third-world country
>locals think it's a miracle
>Starts a new religion
"~FLASHY..! Flashy…!"
*bucks violently*

f1267 No.29397

"i tried to kill myself but you didnt let me."
"i-i just dont know what to do torculi."

573e4 No.29398

Torc isn't sure what to say to this.
So he chugs harder

d6740 No.29399

*Shudders and humps with equal violence as he moans*

f1267 No.29400

"and i cant give him any of his own medicine because tracy is fucking insane."
"am i in hell torc?"

d6740 No.29401

*Satisfied Paladin Noises*
Tries to climb back up on his Mount, grasping the chains to do so

23afd No.29402

File: 1512359287185-0.png (Spoiler Image, 279.27 KB, 544x594, 1439239291513.png)

>Implying you could out-violent her
*violence intensifies*
[whinnying monster noises]

f1267 No.29403

"does my life even matter?"

573e4 No.29404

"I didn't want you dead. Listen, I'm not gonna pretend like I know what you should do *hic* b-but you need to continue to work it out with Thez if you truely love her."
"Well that depends, I know one dude said "Hell is other people." And he isn't wrong.
But if you wanna get back at him, try slovania"

d6740 No.29405

… And Trumpaladin stays behind her a little longer than he intended…
*Continues humping waifu for waifu*

d6740 No.29406

Nearly crushed by giant Horse ass

23afd No.29407

*bizarre space-rodeo continues*
*bucks back and fourth, smacking against hips*

f1267 No.29408

"thez is only women ive ever been with of course i love her."

d6740 No.29409

"Another Round already Tracy? Alright!"

*Holds onto giant horse ass like rodeo*

"Yee Haw!"

d6740 No.29410

>This is the real purpose of the "endurance" feat

23afd No.29411

>chains rattle
"Oh, FLASHY.. FLASHY.. FLASHY.. FLASHY..!" she wails out between intense, laboring bucks

573e4 No.29412

"Then work it out, forgive her, and forget. If I remember correctly, it did happen before your marriage, so you aren't a cuck"

d6740 No.29413

*Holds onto chains and horse ass*
Humps now faster

f1267 No.29414

"i cant forget everytime i kiss her i think about trump."

23afd No.29415

*speed increases in tandem*
*mane and tail flare like rocket engines*

d6740 No.29416

He takes a moment to appreciate the view. I don't mean the planet before them - it's rivers, lakes, and mountains, visible before him, the green and white and blue and brown. I mean the fine horse ass in front of him. Tracy's tail is lifted up of course

Humps this bitch furiousy

573e4 No.29417

Torc requests a second bottle, cause it's gonna be a long night.
"Just fuck her multiple times.
Assert your domanence"
Torc can't remember if he heard that in a nature documentery or a book on relationship consuling.
The Tracy 9 has taken off

f1267 No.29418

"i have and i still cant get the thought out of my head."

23afd No.29419

[snarling monster noises]
*humps bastard with intense, predatory vigor*

d6740 No.29420

*Tail helps to illuminate the view*

23afd No.29421

>5e: illumination 10 ft radius
*shines brightly, like the sun*

d6740 No.29422

"I'm a monster hunter, Tracy"
Gives and takes in kind

573e4 No.29423

"Obviously you aren't fucking her hard enough, or often enough. I can try something though. Just give me a little bit."

f1267 No.29424

"ill be here."
"barman gibe absinthe."

23afd No.29425

Nightmares target paladins first in their described tactics, for some reason
"~Hmmmm..! Smite me harder, Mr. Paladin!"

573e4 No.29426

I'm hit'n the hay
See you faggots tomorrow night.
"Glad to hear it"
Torc pays and leaves
"See you later Infernius"

d6740 No.29427

It's because they know who the danger is
SMITES HORSEY with his penis

f1267 No.29428


23afd No.29429

Or just to make things difficult. They hit pretty damn hard.
[Fiendish hoers noises]
*gallops in place, bucking powerfully*

d6740 No.29430

Yeah, I got at least a +24 on my first attack per round
Trumpaladin SMITES EVIL with his penis

23afd No.29431

I meant the nightmare. They're like trains when they charge. They're supposed to just attack anything that looks easy out of pure hatred when they don't have riders, but they still target Paladins for some reason…
[smited monster noises]
Bucks back and fourth and back and fourth with labored heaving

d6740 No.29432

Because they are the biggest threat

23afd No.29433

It was just odd to me. Neutral Evil creatures usually don't take risks like that. I guess a nightmare's purpose is ultimately to deliver other fiends, so their tactics are strange,..
[gasping roars]
*slams back and fourth, bucking with pendelum motion*
*points nose downwards to elevate him higher above her body*

d6740 No.29434

File: 1512361528593.png (288.46 KB, 825x901, 1563776__safe_artist-colon….png)

Or maybe… Just maybe… They know they need a Paladin to complete them
SMITES EVIL a third time, riding her with the full advantage of the motion and his own strength

23afd No.29435

*shudders feverishly before buckling, plummeting 20-30 feet before regaining composure*
[defeated monster noises]
*bucking slowly stops*

d6740 No.29436

Finishes Horsey, and Finishes inside Horsey a second time

d6740 No.29437

File: 1512361743236.jpg (7.56 KB, 300x168, I TAKE YOUR WAIFU.jpg)

Evil Sex Horse has been Smitten

23afd No.29438

*shudders and accepts graciously*
"~Hmmmmmmmmm..! I.. I love youso much, Flashy..!"

d6740 No.29439

Smiling smugly and confidently

pulls himself back up, towards and onto the saddle

"You'd better"

23afd No.29440

*pulls chains to drag him over her back*
"So.. so much…"

23afd No.29441

*bends neck back and kisses*

d6740 No.29442

*bends forth and kisses horsey*
"I love you…" *kissing noises*

23afd No.29443

[happy kissing noises]
*slowly descends, still kissing*

d6740 No.29444

Rubs his hand across waifu-mount's chest fur

d6740 No.29445

*puts hand along horse face and neck, and continues kissing, perhaps with more affection than passion*

23afd No.29446

*doki doki*

d6740 No.29448

>"you're so cute"

23afd No.29449

>[unintelligible pony musings]

23afd No.29450


d6740 No.29451

*Pets Horsey*

23afd No.29452

[happy horsey noises]
*returns to earth*

d6740 No.29453

*Tries removing chain*

23afd No.29454

*chain tightens, gently*

d6740 No.29455

File: 1512362564792.png (461.46 KB, 1600x1111, 1556387__safe_artist-colon….png)

23afd No.29456

Yeah.. like that…

23afd No.29457


d6740 No.29458

I didn't realize they hadn't landed

*tries removing chain again*

23afd No.29459

*holds for a few moments, sighing happily*

d6740 No.29461

*Leans forward and hugs horsey*

23afd No.29462

*shudders happily*

d6740 No.29463

"Tracy, will you try to bed a good waifu?"

23afd No.29464

>to bed a good waifu
"I'll try my hardest, ~Flashy."
[happy horse noises]

d6740 No.29465

File: 1512363388333.png (120.2 KB, 400x360, FANMADE_Pinkie_\_I'm_okay_….png)

>May have just unintentionally asked her to have lesbian relationship with a second waifu for Trumpaladin
"And I'll try my hardest to be a good husbando for you
*Hugs horsey again*

23afd No.29466

[happy pony noises]
I'm exhausted, so I can't accommodate this faggotry any longer. Goodnight.
"See you, Space Cowboy."
*pows* (with imaginary hand to hold imaginary gun)

d6740 No.29467

Kek. I was hoping GM would show up so we could kill some shit or make trade deals, but it looks like GM is kill. Goodnight

*pows back*

02b70 No.29468

"I know those feels, but one of the purposes of the Game is to provide a mind-place where we can assist eachother in producing oxytocin over a digital medium, which is an important neurochemical in treating bouts of depression!" Thez says in know-it-all anime pointing-finger pose.
They seem to have run off. The kittens have wandered off as well.
This is true, however he never said she didn't eat kefka's legs either. Since "eating kefka's legs" is something that could be said to have happened, and since doing so would not affect gameplay other than that there are no longer kefka's legs - cause there was a demand and shit Xp - I'll allow it if he wants. You might, but I'm not
Because now real-Barry doesn't know why I laugh when he's around.
"Not if I'm pregnant you won't!"


So anyway

d6740 No.29469

>Kefka's legs
Nope! *removes legs from bag to keep them away*

>Elfs are gone

Awww… They were useful labor



d6740 No.29470

Wait. How many of these cities are connected by water?

02b70 No.29471

File: 1512365184901.png (485.39 KB, 488x499, numap.png)

You tell me

f1267 No.29472

have i started hallucinating yet?

d6740 No.29473

The dark red and red cities appear to both be by the water. The purple city (cardishore I think) and the orange city are on rivers. Those are traversable by boat generally, but I think our caravel-classes are too big for rivers

23afd No.29474

I want to check the rivers for Kelpies.

d6740 No.29476

Any interest in "Fey Lake"?

23afd No.29477


02b70 No.29478

I've never tried absinthe, I can't answer that
So make more. The dark red dot was where the thanksgiving Roc fell

d6740 No.29479

How would you even do that though? Prance through the rivers alongside the water? Use a male human as bait?

Alrighty then. Looks like Slovenia might be making a river barge

23afd No.29480

Idk. I'm just hungry for shape-shifting vegetable.

23afd No.29481

Have her finish the Ghostmobile first.

f1267 No.29482


d6740 No.29483

Barge is usable in commerce though

f1267 No.29484

we need the cart.

d6740 No.29485

For what? I don't like it

f1267 No.29486

so we can ride through city walls, and so we can genocide ghosts.

02b70 No.29487

It doesn't have to be a spoopy murder-carrage, they're useful for all sorts of things. It would probably be rigged with heavy-crossbows and all sorts of mini-cannons or w/e. It will be designed for murder though.

Also it will be spoopy.

23afd No.29488

We need an extraplanar ghost-chariot for dramatic entrance and siege.
Also, if we get good enough at busting Devourers, we can use the Ethereal Plane for fast, convenient, long-distance travel.

d6740 No.29489

Doesn't feel right

You're half speed on the ethereal plane

23afd No.29490

What don't you like about ghost-chariots?

d6740 No.29491

No ghost theme. Unnecessary

23afd No.29492

>Half speed
Wut? Why?

f1267 No.29493

oh its definitely necessary.

d6740 No.29494

Because that's how the Ethereal plane works

Just stop it for now

23afd No.29495

Aesthetics are absolutely necessary.
I'll just glamour it, so it can look like a normal chariot in public events.

23afd No.29496

I don't see anything in the description that says half speed.
Also, that's still 50 ft.

f1267 No.29497


02b70 No.29498


23afd No.29499

Even if we don't use it, it'd still be nice to have one… It needs to be enchanted for cool stuff, so may as well construct it before the barge, since it'll take less time…

23afd No.29500

I can't wait to hunt down some Devourers and mount their skulls on it. They'd never expect to be the ones being hunted.

d6740 No.29501

I'll share my cauchemar with you all later. But right now, she's mine

02b70 No.29502

Dice rollRolled 12

Thez walks up to infernius, displaying a cute, playful, and innocent body language "Hey I'nis?"
T> Monkey Grabs Peaches
She snatches him by the balls.

02b70 No.29503

"Where are the arms, the belt, and the other tools?"

23afd No.29504

Alright… I respect that..
FYI, she wouldn't be able to pull it properly without him there anyway.

f1267 No.29505

*infernuis is hammered by now*
"torc has them me think."

02b70 No.29506

"Kay!" <whoooof>

02b70 No.29507

I wonder if tracy's fire and smoke would transfer to the carrige if she was pulling and/or leading

f1267 No.29508


23afd No.29509

I'll ask again, would the Paladin's Mount ability allow Tracy to Command other fiends and/or Ebil Outsiders? It says she can Command other creatures in her creature category, but idk what that applies to.

d6740 No.29510

In pony form I'd assume that means equines

23afd No.29511

Yeah, it specifically includes ponies horses and donkeys.
My real question is in her Nightmare form. Being able to command Ebil Outsiders would be a major plus.

d6740 No.29512

Well, it says "approximately the same kind as itself." I'm sure that would include cauchemars and nightmares, but other evil outsiders? I don't know. I also think that Tracy's Paladin's mount form might be a bit too domesticated to qualify

What I really want to know is if Fae can command dragons

23afd No.29513

Is that a challenge?
Also, Fae isn't in the Dragon subgroup; she just kind of looks like one. Every dragon would have more hit dice than her anyway.

d6740 No.29514

It's a reflection on the nature of the transformation. Elway replaced or complemented Jew powers with Football powers to allow a full transformation into the larger form. So not quite a full evil extraplanar.

02b70 No.29515

No I think it should. The carriage should have flaming/smoking wheels. I'll allow it, if that's what actually gets made, assuming nothing gets sabotaged

23afd No.29516

>Jew powers
Not all evil things are Jewish!

23afd No.29517

>Flaming/smoking wheels
I like how you think.

d6740 No.29518

But George Soros is both Evil, and a Jew, and was Tracy's father prior to the mounting. Now, Elway can be her father

Stop trying to take my horsey. Shoo

23afd No.29519

>Tracy's father

d6740 No.29520

Like a vampire. Drank Jew Blood to gain Jew powers, and so was like a Vampire's offspring

d6740 No.29522

*sneeze* *Bullshit*

Yeah, no

23afd No.29523

I'd explain, but I'm honestly too tired to type it all out tonight…

23afd No.29524

I still do want to catch those Fey though..

d6740 No.29525

Like what do Nightmares and Tracy Cage have in common exactly? That they are both equines that are mean?

Sure, but you'd need to find them. (Fey Lake sounds promising)

23afd No.29526

I'm going to bed for real this time.
Good night everybody.

02b70 No.29527

'Night dude
They've all been through a fair bit of hell?

d6740 No.29528

Cute, but still stretching the metaphor

02b70 No.29529

They both like screwing (with) the paladin?

d6740 No.29532

File: 1512369894386.png (260.64 KB, 2000x2733, 1071202__safe_artist-colon….png)

Pic related


So you're telling me there are equines who are mean. These are really superficial similarities

d6740 No.29533

Fuck no

23afd No.29534

Well, that and the sharp teeth…
I compressed that explanation, but I really just want to go to bed..

23afd No.29536

Shit. My grandmother had a cat named Tsavo. The thing was a massive cunt.

23afd No.29537

Meant to italicise that..

d6740 No.29538

I don't think that describes the Tracy Cage OC well either

02b70 No.29539

File: 1512370458284.png (126.31 KB, 314x251, rage.png)

Cuz deleting my post is going to be without consequente

02b70 No.29540

When was the /sp/ GETs? Was it april or may? We might consider celebrating that once in a while.

02b70 No.29542

You will have to remove the taint of the jew, first.

5e63c No.29543



Stop trying to be haxxor through eating shit

The day it started was July 16

23afd No.29544

That's something to think about..

23afd No.29545

I will not stop.
I will have her eat all of the monsters.

5e63c No.29546

You ain't gettin' haxxor powers from them

23afd No.29547

When you use the Alter Self ability, do poisons count as physical characteristics? I.e, if you turn into a giant scorpion, would your stinger be venomous?

23afd No.29548

I'll eat them recreationally then.

23afd No.29549

I'm going to bed for the third time now. I have work tomorrow.

02b70 No.29550

Damn, was it that much later? Plenty of time then.
No. In the same sense that your understanding of a dragon's breath weapon is not sufficient to replicate one physiologically(and therefore though polymorph, shape change, or alteraction spell one doesn't "get flaming breath")
Tl;dr No Trans-species shit in this house.

5e63c No.29551

Also, where the hell are you getting the Tracy Cage OC as "canibalistic, man-eating, and predatory." I have been through mountains of Tracy Cafe OC, and I'm seen none of that. What I see in Tracy's character is
1. She's a complete and total bitch. Basically Lime Stone Pie's personality type
2. She's a murderer, especially through knives. She loves stabbing
3. She plays Soccer. A lot, for the /mlp/ team
4. She loves her /mlp/ comrades, and is seen alongside them as a sort of representative of a time in that board's history it was vibrant.
Less commonly, but still present, she takes ponies with strap ons, and she has sex with lots of random partners, generally for the purpose of getting pregnant. What I don't see is canibalism or those other things you named. If those exist at all, they are extremely rare. They are not a part of her character.

Stop trying to pretend /mlp/'s mascot is that much of a monster, it offends me

02b70 No.29553

I was working Xp

Whenever Torcuil shows up, Thez <whooof> wants to know. "WHERE ARE THE SLEEVES, AND THE BELT, AND THE OTHER TOOLS?" She seems pleasant, but there's something to her tone of voice. She wants 'em now.

02b70 No.29554

BUT, I posted the John Motherfucking Elway thread ON /sp/ XP

02b70 No.29555


02b70 No.29556

>be me
>be wearing "Burned Juice" shirt at grocery store
>clerk asks "Is that a um,… what is it, My Little Pony?" (literally, that grammar and phrasing,…)
>refrain from saying "Yes its the Nazi Pone"
>say "Yes it is."
>silence 4 rest of transaction

55f13 No.29558

File: 1512381923313.jpg (63.98 KB, 543x960, 1512366526244.jpg)

Found a pic of infernuis.

573e4 No.29559

I wish I didn't care that much.
I'll figure out what the hell you're talking about tonight

5e63c No.29560

File: 1512397098120.jpeg (57.11 KB, 480x600, image.jpeg)

f1267 No.29561

File: 1512397661025.png (361.69 KB, 1000x1000, 1586545__safe_artist-colon….png)

Delete that absolutely abhorrent photo sir.

23afd No.29562

I know that Ponimaru has the belt.

23afd No.29563

Also, does this have something to do with her regen stone not working?

23afd No.29564

File: 1512407021577-0.png (487.2 KB, 596x714, 1512405160411-0.png)

>Meme Jail

23afd No.29565

Dice rollRolled 7

Tracy momentarily returns to the tower so that her faggot can roll for eggs

23afd No.29566

Yeah, I write retarded crap when I'm half asleep (I miss my charts). What I described was closer to Pinkamena.
I was going to delet that, but it seems like it already was.

f1267 No.29567

>pinkmena best murder hores.

23afd No.29568


23afd No.29569

Thanks for clarifying. I was unsure about whether or not venom glands fell under physiology.

f1267 No.29570

File: 1512407956970.gif (1.19 MB, 428x576, 1505620755455.gif)

23afd No.29571

What is Infernius doing atm?

f1267 No.29572

thinking about going to the bazaar to buy thez some cosplay.

23afd No.29573

Pick up any scrolls while you're at it.

f1267 No.29574

what if i find a scroll of Explosive Diarrhea?

efc6e No.29575

File: 1512409273945.png (763.5 KB, 1280x720, 1412975925727.png)

And I get triggered by innocuous bullshit and write emotional responses pretty much every time it's past 12 AM…
I deleted the post because GM said "that gives me an idea," which made me think "oh shit! Another monster has been unleashed! Not again!" So I deleted the post in a really ineffective form of damage control…

I was actually thinking of Pinkamena last night as well, wondering if you had gotten the two confused, as both are stabby murder horses but Pinkamena is a cannibal while Tracy is just stabby (and bitchy).

The interesting thing about Pinkamena's cannibalism, I think, is that it seems to be a sexual motivation. That is to say, I think Pinkamena is a more or less normal serial killer who is at once a sociopath, and is sexually gratified by her kills. I think she has a permutation of voraphilia in addition to her sadism. If you read the original "cupcakes," there's a scene where Pinkie cuts flesh out of Dash's flank/leg, then eats some, but then puts it in Dash's mouth and encourages her to enjoy it. That seems pretty clearly sexual to me.

You wanna try that again?

23afd No.29576

In the mean time, Tracy cast the necessary spells on her items in making.

efc6e No.29577

But we're waiting outside Krenshall…

23afd No.29578

>Implying deleting his post won't just encourage him to do whatever he was doing twice as awful
Tracy brought her shit with her. I.e. the belt, the hilts to the weapons, several un-enchanted daggers, the cloaks, the help, etc.
That way, she could ask the gnomes for advice on speeding-up their progress.

f1267 No.29579

if you guys find any cyber-bears buy one for me pls.

efc6e No.29580

File: 1512409622023.png (738.93 KB, 915x1123, 738879__safe_artist-colon-….png)

It was worth a try…

"Need any help with that, Tracy?"

23afd No.29581

The cannibalism theme isn't nearly as strong in Tracy's character, but it's there, subtly.
>tfw Tracy folder was on phone..

23afd No.29582

Why not come?

efc6e No.29583

This… might actually be possible

Nah, never seen it

There's not that much to do in Krenshall

f1267 No.29584

ive got a drow to interogate.

efc6e No.29585

This. Holy shit someone needs to do it

23afd No.29586

"Yes. I need Bull's strength on the belt and Eagle's Splendor on the cloaks."
*polishes helm*

23afd No.29587

How many shekels did you bring?

f1267 No.29588

enough for a cyber bear i hope.

23afd No.29589

Tay should go to Krenshal, desu. Bard is the favored class for gnomes, and she could plausibly find some good Bard tools there.

For that matter, how many more nearby places on the map do we have to explore?

efc6e No.29590

*Casts Eagle's Splendor on Cloak*
*Casts Bull's Strength on Belt*

*polishes pony*
All the sheckles

Imperial City and a second run at Cardishore are the next obvious targets

f1267 No.29591

id like to go to cyrodil with you guys.

efc6e No.29592

We'll return first, so you'll have your chance. I'm just not sure it would go so much better the second time than it did the first

23afd No.29593

>All the sheckles
Where do you keep them?

9e75d No.29594

Robe of a billion pockets, primarily. Any remainders are stored in Tracy's bag or saddle bag

f1267 No.29595

You've been to the imperial city before?

23afd No.29596

"Oh wait. I forgot the Bull's Strength for the Gauntlets, and Eagle's Splendor for the Circlet."
*polishes helm*

efc6e No.29597

No. You wrote "Cyrodil" which didn't seem to me to correspond either to Cardishill (or Cardishore, I don't know) or The Court City, so I took a guess and figured you were referring to Cardishill in that post

Tell me if the wisdom spell bonus can apply to level 2s, or if unused level 3 and 4 spells can be spent on level 2

23afd No.29598

Idk, desu.
*polishes helm*

23afd No.29599

What's his wis?

f1267 No.29600

ah its alright. what happend in Cardishill again?

efc6e No.29601

14, I believe. I think that's just precisely the amount he needs to have access to all of his spells. And a +2 wisdom bonus, which I am not sure, but I think that means he can cast an additional 2 spells per day

*Polishes pony*

23afd No.29602

Tracy waited in line for a long-ass time in line, and lost all of her special knives in security.

efc6e No.29603

Tracy was forced into line and lead into the dome, and was made to part with all of her knives, including a neat mythril one I bought her in Port Barry. You were swept away in the line. I was also herded into the line but was better positioned

f1267 No.29604

you should probably get those back.

23afd No.29606

I know.. They were supposed to have names too.. Not to mention the efficient quiver.

f1267 No.29607

Can you still go ethereal?

23afd No.29608

File: 1512412199839-0.jpg (264.66 KB, 640x970, e48b83793151f3817ce424e71c….jpg)

What's the upper-limit to how big of a sword I can make/wield? Lenos's is twelve feet long, right?

23afd No.29609

f1267 No.29610

Shouldn't be too difficult to get them back then.

efc6e No.29611

*cringes at haxxor*

Are you not satisfied with Korak's sword, the rapier of puncturing, the throwing short sword, and the half-dozen other weapons you have?

23afd No.29612

I want a big sword for big problems.

f1267 No.29613

i kinda feel inadequate i only have 1 sword.

23afd No.29614

I g2g for a bit.

efc6e No.29615

It would be easy enough for a rogue to just get in line, make a bluff to exit, don a mask of disguise, bluff and steal the knives and maybe other items left in bins, ad then sneak away in stealth, but we just have to kill all creativity with short-cuts…

Let the heavy infantry (Infernius) do heavy infantry stuff. You managed to kill two giants and harm a balor with daggers in the past, so I don't understand the complaint

23afd No.29616

File: 1512412948187-0.png (171.44 KB, 1000x1000, 830631__semi-dash-grimdark….png)

>harm a balor with daggers
She cut Soros's sinews with pic related.

Give me 30 minutes.

f1267 No.29617

"n-nice swords."

23afd No.29618

I'm not complaining. I'm just ambitious.

f1267 No.29620

i wonder if there are any symbiotes in krenshall?

efc6e No.29621

What is a symbiote?

Then it sounds like you already have your answer to the sword question

f1267 No.29622

you know venom from spider-man?

23afd No.29623

File: 1512415490830-0.jpg (179.39 KB, 481x1200, CgOKcunUAAAXd14.jpg)

I still want to make the Berserk Sword really big though. It'll likely come in handy in really dire circumstances, like when fighting an entire legion.
I want to make it out of Cold Iron.

23afd No.29624

*ears perk*

23afd No.29625

How do symbiotes work?

f1267 No.29626

i dont think theres a mechanic for it if gm allowed it he would have to homebrew it.

f1267 No.29627

i would say it probably would be an intelligent cursed item.

23afd No.29628

I've been looking for Witcher mutagens since day one, but I don't think he'll allow that.

23afd No.29629

Like the sleeves?

f1267 No.29630

well symbiotes have a habit of taking over the users mind.

f1267 No.29631

it makes them more agressive and stronger.

23afd No.29632

File: 1512416972266.jpg (114.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I find the lack of Epic Cursed Items to be kind of a bummer, desu. The greatest power always comes with equivalent sacrifice.

f1267 No.29633

you make a good point.

f1267 No.29634

i fuggin love cursed gear

23afd No.29635

Ikr. Especially when they have some kind of horrible, profane cost, like daily sacrifice, or driving the user to insanity; or when they had some terrible history that caused them to become cursed. I've written several stories with cursed objects in them, because I think they're just so wicked.

5e63c No.29636

What do you mean we don't have cursed gear? Infernius has the arms that constantly eat him, and needs perpetual healing to stay alive. Trumpaladin has Tracy as a mount.
>have some kind of horrible, profane cost, like daily sacrifice, or driving the user to insanity; or when they had some terrible history that caused them to become cursed.
Like I said

23afd No.29637

>we don't have
I didn't say we didn't have any. I said they were cool.
>Tracy as a mount.
Reeeeeeeeeee!Mountsaren'titems,andshe doesn'tcurseyou.Stopobjectifying her!Thisiswhyweneedequinism.

f1267 No.29638

File: 1512418168457.jpg (93.9 KB, 602x709, 1507102529836.jpg)

23afd No.29639

Actually, you know Soros's severed arm that Tracy collected his blood from; you think it'd make for some decent armor/weapons?

f1267 No.29640

f1267 No.29641

mayve some poison?

23afd No.29642

Idk if there's any blood left, but fiend tissue doesn't perish, as to my knowledge.
Could make for a sick gauntlet though. Think of like Demon Armor, but only a single clawed gauntlet.

f1267 No.29643

maybe we can make armor our of his fingernails.

5e63c No.29644

Wait. Was it the arm that I
severed that was used to poison Tracy?

Hyde probably isn't as strong as that of a dragon or what have you. I don't imagine his body parts to be worth very much

f1267 No.29645

we should keep a finger though.

23afd No.29646

>poison Tracy?
It didn't "poison" her per say, but yes, that arm.
>Isn't as strong as dragon
Demon armor is a badass set of Armor though. Anyway, the benefits would mostly be in the enchantments cast on it.

Also, I just realized. Only Lenos has the necessary Epic Craft feats to create dragonskin armor…

f1267 No.29647

KEK a dragon crafting dragonskin armor.

23afd No.29648

Would he though? That is how he died..

5e63c No.29649

I very sincerely doubt he is any better at learning lessons from his mistakes than others

f1267 No.29650

we would most likely owe him a major favor.

23afd No.29651

What I meant was, it'd be awfully insulting to ask him to craft something like that, if that's what he died for.
Better to level up to the point where one could craft it themselves, just for the sake of respect really.

f1267 No.29652

well if were not gonna ask him to who wants to take the feat when we get to that level?

5e63c No.29653

>Now he cares about "respect"
Just go out into the mountains further south, look for a red dragon to attack you (that's Silver country too), kill it, take its hide, and then ask lenos politely if he'll help you

23afd No.29654

We can figure it out when we get there.

f1267 No.29655

this might work.

23afd No.29656

I mean come on, would you like it if a non hoo-man asked you to help her craft some armor out of hoo-man skulls?
Silver armor sounds pretty swank though.. We should bring Steve Irwin as bait.

5e63c No.29657

Shit, I can go dragon hunting myself with Fae. Infernius can come too.

>Human Skulls
Evidently I am the only person who cares

>Silver armor

We're not killing one if we find it

>Torcuil is rape bait

Tempting, but smaller parties for smaller targets

f1267 No.29658


f1267 No.29659

23afd No.29660

>smaller parties for smaller targets
You don't bring small parties if you're going to hunt large creatures. Have you ever been on a boar hunt?
>not killing one if we find it
Depends on circumstances.

23afd No.29661

Tracy scribes another Shatter scroll.

5e63c No.29662

>boar hunt
No. I've been on a black dragon hunt and that was a cluster fuck with too may people


Well, they are lawful good, and don't really attack without very clear provocation, so I'm not sure what circumstances would lead to that. Also, a silver is probably more likely to be too big to kill

5e63c No.29663

Kek. I'll distract her, or better yet pin her down, while you run

f1267 No.29664

no no no im the one who grapples.

23afd No.29665

That's what Steve Irwin is for.
>more likely to be too big to kill
That's what the rest of the party is for.

f1267 No.29666


5e63c No.29667

It's okay Infernius… You don't have to sacrifice yourself. I'll do it

f1267 No.29668

i couldn't live with myself if you got hurt trumpaladin.

5e63c No.29669

I don't think Torcuil's spaghetti is going to piss one off enough to make her attack us

23afd No.29670

Bulls make fine sacrifices. He is a Cleric too, after all.

5e63c No.29671

But you deserve a happy life, with Thez

It's a Paladin's duty to stop dragons

f1267 No.29672

you deserve the best life possible with tracy my friend, this is my burden to bear.

5e63c No.29673

You know I'm not meant for a happy life… You - You - have potential

23afd No.29674

>piss one off
You didn't get the joke..
You're thinking of a Dragonlancer.
A Paladin's duty is to defend those who cannot defend themselves, and save countries from plagues. Sometimes that entails slaying dragons.

23afd No.29675

*humps leg*

f1267 No.29676

i believe in you my friend you'll be a great father.

5e63c No.29677

>Torcuil was going to put his thumb up its ass

>A Paladin's duty is to defend those who cannot defend themselves

I guess that includes Torcuil


No I won't…

f1267 No.29678

why dont you think you will Senpai?

23afd No.29679

File: 1512421102919.jpg (54.55 KB, 1200x675, when she asks to eat dinne….jpg)

There will be no sentient creature left behind. If it ever comes to that, we'll rescue Torcuil together.

23afd No.29680

Be more optimistic!

5e63c No.29681

I don't have the temperament…

This is why I should go in alone though (or I guess with Infernius, because why not). That way, Torcuil won't even be in harm's way

f1267 No.29682

that will change once you gaze upon you bab.

23afd No.29683

>I don't have the temperament…
You could definitely work on that..
>go alone
For what? You have to have a reason first.That's what Torc is for.

f1267 No.29684

i suppose we could share the burden.

5e63c No.29685

See! I'm not wrong

>why go

To slay a Red Dragon

She'd probably like that

f1267 No.29686

>To slay a Red Dragon
>She'd probably like that

5e63c No.29687

File: 1512422082639.jpeg (195.67 KB, 2000x1566, image.jpeg)

>tfw too shitty of a personality for even fictional relationships

23afd No.29688

File: 1512422275898-0.png (107.37 KB, 900x600, 75f.png)

Alright, I know I'm playing an ebil character, so it's not really my place to be critical, but am I the only one who thinks that venturing into a sentient creature's sovereign territory, of whom you have not yet met and has not harmed you, with the intent of killing it for personal gain, doesn't count as Good or Lawful? Even if it's an ebil creature, doesn't that violate the NAP?

f1267 No.29689

im not an ancap. am natsoc.

f1267 No.29690

am sleep dont go dragon hunting without me trump.

23afd No.29691

File: 1512422889431-0.png (153.71 KB, 1626x1438, 9a2.png)

Yeah, but Nazis still respect national property rights, don't they? A dragon's mountain counts as the property/territory of itself and its family, doesn't it?
Idk, something just gets me about venturing onto someone else's property to kill them for their treasure/money/skin…
I won't stop you if that's what you really want to do though. My character's ebil anyway, so she doesn't give a fuck.

23afd No.29692

>national property right
national borders and property rights*

5e63c No.29693

First off, this is the reason I don't want more than Inferius and I. Because the rest of you are prone to engage in petty democrat-grade moralizing that will just kill the action.

Second, have you ever read Hobbes's Leviathan? Or Locke's Second Treatise on Government? The essence of the "NAP," or natural law, is "I'd rather not get murdered, so let's all agree not to murder one another, unless we think they will murder us first." It's a tacit covanent not to attack when it's in your interest. Chaotic evil entities, by definition, do not keep covanents of non-violence. If they did, they'd have an alignment besides chaotic evil. They'd be lawful or neutral or something. Red dragons will venture outside of their ranges and are generally a threat

573e4 No.29694

Me irl
>thumb up ass
Who's ass?
>includes Torc
Ouch, that hurt

What did thez want?
Ill regret this, BUT find one of Torc

23afd No.29696

>What did Thez want?
She was looking for her items, apparently.

573e4 No.29697

Troc doesn't have them

9cb5c No.29698

Look, I came into this game intending to play a General Ripper character who obsessively fears and tries to destroy whereever even remotely reasonable certain evil entities. Initially, this was all evil outsider creatures, but is sort of expanded to all creatures that between lawful and good haven't picked one. The Durpistan affair has kind of shaken me, but I never intended and still do not intend to play a character who will be more sympathetic to a criminal than the criminal's victims. So I'm'a go out and find a dragon of evil alignment and make a wedding present out of its corpse.

02b70 No.29699

The belt, yes. She knows that, the belt (girdle) she's talking about was among the things Infernius dropped off with TOrcuil when he was having a hissy fit.
No, well, sorta.
Are you kidding? We won't run out, though I will have increasing difficulty over time A. remembering it all, and B. making each area unique.
Exactly how many items is Tracy working on right now?
I'll probably work them in at some point
THAT'S some cruel poetry!
"Please save the demon scales for me k?"
Yeah, it wouldn't be a D&D campaign without a Great Wyrm Red Dragon
Wait, "rescue Torcuil?" Did I miss something?
He was GIVEN them, back when Infernius was going to run off and an hero cuz Thez had her way with Trump.

23afd No.29700

Alright. I respect that.
I'm just feeling preachy today for some godawful reason.

573e4 No.29701

"Its at my cave, you can come with with me to pick it up"

573e4 No.29702

News to me too

23afd No.29703

> save the demon scales
Thez would look pretty badass with a jet-black, clawed gauntlet, desu.
>how mant items
…. a lot… Give me a moment to list..
>Did I miss something?
Just more >rape jokes about Torc being kidnapped by a Silver Slut.

573e4 No.29704

Rude bastards

02b70 No.29705

"Thank you. I can't use the sleeves anymore, but I will need the girdle, and whatever else he left with you."
Well, that would work too, but meta she wants to make an amulet of natural armor.
All at the same time?

23afd No.29706

>Belt of Giant's Strength
>Guantlets of Ogre Power
>Mace of Blood (Wanted to make it into a Mace of Terror if possible, after enough time… next year..)
>Berserk Sword (very little progress on it though)
>Cloak of Charisma (already completed, but being made better over time)
>A Mask of Disguise and a bag of Darkness-enchanted kunai for Ponimaru as a gift (I've been counting every day she didn't cast a second-level spell)
>several low-level daggers
>Ring of Animal friendship (whenever I can get the scrolls for it, and then wait another month…)
Phalactery of Faithfullness (would only take one day, but need Infernius to enchant it
Yeah… I guess I'm overstepping my bounds here…

23afd No.29707

Forgot the:
>Circlet of Persuasion

573e4 No.29708

"Okay, lets go."
Torc teleports to his cave and grabs the stuff to hand to Thez. By the way, you know more about this world than me. Is there anyon earound that could teach me some…
Nature skills, thats what I wanted to say."

23afd No.29709

>Nature skills
Ask Trollestia.
Learn to properly chew your cud.

23afd No.29710

*polishes Helmet*

02b70 No.29711

My only issue is that you're only allowed to make or have one item to work on at a time.
"Uhm,… I don't know much about nature, and everyone I did know is long since passed. Hmmmm. What kinda nature? Are we talking druid nature, or elven nature,… "call of nature" perhaps?"

9cb5c No.29712

Define "at a time"

573e4 No.29713

"Definatly not call of nature. Umm, how the hell do I describe it….
I guess druid would be closest"
Would ranger be closest to druid or?
What is time?

23afd No.29714

Ranger is about closest to druid, relatively that is.

573e4 No.29715

I figured

02b70 No.29716

I mean, Ah heh hem:
>TO create magic items, spellcasters use special feats. They invest time, money, and their own personal energgy (in the form of experience points oh yeah, surprise) in an item's creation. […]
Magic supplies for items are always half of the base price in gp and 1/25 the price in XP. For many items the market value equals the base price, except GM is an asshole. For example, a cloak of elvenkind has a market price (and base price) of 2,500gp. Making one costs 1250gp in raw materials plus 100 XP.
The caster works 8 hours each day. They cannot rush the process by working longer each day (NO OVERTIME). But the days need not be consecutive, and the caster can use the rest of their time as they see fit. A character who takes a break from item creation to murder should keep track of how many days of work remain on that item.

Oh you're gonna love this next bit..

>[i]A character can work on only one item at a time. If a character starts work on a new item, all materials used and XP spent on the under-construction items are wasted./i]

The secrets of creating artifacts are long lost.

However, these rules don't account for autism, so I've refined it a bit.

I'll let you work on one item per day. You can be working on as many items as you want, but each day can only be put to one thing,

23afd No.29717

Okay. I've got it now.

02b70 No.29718

"Give me an archetype. Are we talking Yoda, or are we talking Qui-Gon? Do you mean the peace of nature or do you mean the wrath? Druids aren't exactly hippies."
I'll allow that you are working on them all, and have some development of each. But yeah, without haxx making items is supposed to be a slower process according to the rules. But don't worry, this is mixed nuts.

23afd No.29719

File: 1512435997242-0.jpg (49.84 KB, 640x640, 6c7.jpg)

Plan B: Kill anyone I can and/or steal their shit.

573e4 No.29720

"Uh, can I get back to you on that.
But probaly Qui-Gon..
Ah now I remember the word, Ranger. You framilier?"
Plz no kill Torc

02b70 No.29721

File: 1512436949990.jpg (179.37 KB, 1024x768, venetian_schiavona_type2b_….jpg)

I am disappoint that Tracy hasn't used Korak's pimp-cane btw. With a flick and a tap, it changes from gentlemen's cane to a schiavonna (I said it was a basket-hilt scottish claymore, but those were the old notes. I've located the correctly developed ones in the interim)
When in "sword" form, the whole of it looks like a glass sculpture, excepting the central handle lined with braided wire.
>pic related except glass-steel for the hand-guard, and a gorgeous wavy damascus pattern like this motherfucker does on the blade: https://youtu.be/RxPMUbCmYZ8 (skip to 8:55)
You guys should investigate your equipment sometimes. Some of it is uber in ways. Ever since.

02b70 No.29722

"Yeah, what about it? What do you want to know?"

23afd No.29723

Beautiful. I've got it as her primary weapon.
I only ever wanted to make that Berserk Sword so she could keep ranging endlessly should come some dramatic scene where they had to hold off an entire army. Also, edginess: I love cursed items. I think I'll just give up on it for now though.

02b70 No.29724

>that description
Oh, it'll happen. Don't you worry. XDDDDD

573e4 No.29725

"Do you know anyone who could teach that shit to me?"
Lets see, remind me of anything I forget.
>earcuff of blinking
>shield bracer thing
>rod that can move metal
>meta staff
>staff of ultimate power
>magic artillery lugers (how do those work again?)
>meme tome
>ring of jumping
>viagra dagger
Side note, who said it was stupid for Torc to have a dagger? I have words for them
>snek staff
Did I miss anything?

23afd No.29726

>who said it was stupid for Torc to have a dagger
I don't think anyone ever said that. Wizards are proficient in daggers.

573e4 No.29727

But someone called it stupid cause he has 2 guns and magic…

23afd No.29728

Idk who said that. but there's nothing wrong with having moar weaponz.

02b70 No.29729

You missed two that I know of.
First, the Ring of CLIMBING and jumping is "the fuzzy spooder ring"
You forgot the boots of striding and springing. No bully, she stole them from Torcuil without him noticing. For two there was a ring of protection +3 IIRC, which he would still have.

573e4 No.29730

>fuzzy spooder ring
I am pleased by this.
So, who took the fucking boots?
that cunt is gettin rekt.

23afd No.29731

>who took the fucking boots?
Thez did.
>that cunt is gettin rekt
Careful, m8…

573e4 No.29732

>Thez did
Aww fuk,
wait. When? I didn't know Torc ever even had these.
>Careful m8
She ain't the devil no more

23afd No.29733

File: 1512444625367.png (25.82 KB, 150x151, Thezlaughs.png)

>She ain't the devil no more
Well, she doesn't look like one…

573e4 No.29734

She ain't got the powers of one either

f1267 No.29735

ill rek you m9.

f1267 No.29736

hey gm you still around?

23afd No.29737

His philosophy rabbit is still up (not in it because very tired and mobilefagging with borrowed phone).

9cb5c No.29738

What is the size of Vanderiem? Medium or large?

23afd No.29739

I think Bastard swords are large, but idk.
You also have that Shatterspike, fyi.

9cb5c No.29740

Hmmm… I will admit "kill Thez" was on my character's to-do list for a while, and I had to hold him off with the excuse "she's too big" and "she's pretty helpful some of the time." Then when the Golden Lady removed the devilish elements, I figured that the original justification for a hostile attitude - the evil outsider elements - had vanished, so that could be buried and Trumpaladin could try to be even friendly. Besides, the focus of "kill x party member" had gravitated towards Tracy, Tracy, and, well, Tracy.

But if you want to have fun with Thez… I'll think about it
Oh come on man

9cb5c No.29741

Okay, I feel like this "meta-gaming control" thing requires a much more in depth response than I ever gave it.

First of all, it's just impossible to not meta-game, and there is no way around that fact. For every single in-game post of action or dialogue, these threads have about 4 posts worth of meta talk or action or speculation. An obscenely large amount of information is spread through posts. By contrast, our in game characters never talk to each other. Thez and Inferius never told Trumpaladin or Tracy about their wedding. Tracy and Trumpaladin never told Torcuil or Inferius about their engagement. Nothing was told to Trumpaladin about Durpistan, except possibly a single remark by Tracy. I also want to point out that for some reason you insist on playing a character who absolutely refuses to tell any information to any other character, even when its transmission is essential to the progression of the plot and there is no reason at all for her not to do so. Think of the initial mention of Durpistan.

Second, you just can't un-know information from meta knowledge and separate it from player knowledge. That is not how the human mind works. Why was your characer (or mine, for that matter) in Durpistan? "To see the dragon," you'd say. But that's just wrong. Your character was never told that Torcuil was going to Durpistan, nor was mine. They were told he and the dragon were going to the sea, and then on the way (after GM suggested it) they went to durpistan. You can try to make up some bullshit about "oh well this was communicated before they left the bog" but this is nothing other than a post hoc justification for the fact that meta-knowledge is seeping through. likewise, I was pressured into "releasing a pigeon" because Infernius's faggot wanted to get into action before it disappeared, and he rushed through a conversation with Thez for the same purpose. And I can go on and on, but the simple fact is that to perfectly separate player-knowledge from character knowledge in a game like this where so much is said between players but characters refuse to talk to each other, requires a continual act of Orwellian Double-Think that is just not humanly possible.

Thirdly, keeping characters "oblivious" to the actions of another doesn't make the problem go away, it just replaces actual knowledge with the Suspicion and Paranoia Game. And that's a hell of a lot worse for Tracy, because I have to let my character's paranoia and suspicion judge Tracy instead of actual knowledge. Instead of Judging Tracy on what she actually does, I have to make Trumpaladin constantly suspicious of her actions, and extrapolate that what she does in front of him is a much better version of what she does away from him, and that what he finds out about is just a tiny portion of what she is actually doing. So every time she gets caught doing anything bad I have to penalize her five times over for it. In fact, I have to penalize her every-time she does something entirely within what is acceptable, but she does it in front of Trumpaladin and does it in a way that is improper. For example, she did nothing, or fairly little wrong during the Kefka fight and Golden Lady sequence, but I had to Penalize Tracy for her behavior there, because she was so monstrous that it suggested that it was just an astonishing coincidence that she chose an asshole victim, and she'd do the same or worse when he wasn't looking. If you'd let there be some degree of reasonable trust then there would be no difficulty in not penalizing her for being a complete monster to victims who had it coming. Instead, you want to play the "I'll do what I can get away with" game, and I have to make up for your playing style by making Trumpaladin paranoid and mistrustful, and automatically assuming the worst when it comes to Tracy's behavior - which means she tends to be worse off with regards to relations with him than if he actually knew what she was doing.

And I was content to play the mistrust game. It had the result that Trumpaladin was never going to propose to Tracy because he was never going to trust her, and they'd be stuck in an infinite limbo of fighting and breaking up and getting back together and attempted murder, but was what the logic of my character in the circumstances necessitated. I meant what I said when I said he'd marry her the day after he trusted her, and you had no intention of playing a character who could be trusted -like a dog that eats food off the table the moment the master is out of view - and so there could never be peace nor progress. But then you forced my hand (understandably under the circumstances) in giving a proposal. And GM, Torcuil, and maybe you were all growing very impatient that there was fighting but no progress, so I decided to take a leap of faith, and figured that if the behavior of the two weeks before that was extrapolated she'd be entirely within the realm of tolerability, so good enough.

And I'm sorry, but that particular circumstance was not one that would have gone unnoticed by character knowledge. He asked "why are you in durpistan, do you have evil intentions involving a dragon and corpses?" and she hung up on him. He tried twice more, with no response. The only conclusion a reasonable person could draw from that is that she is avoiding answering the question "do you have evil intentions concerning a dragon or corpses" because she does in fact have evil intentions. True, at the time I thought it was more likely she was going to raise an army of undead than eat the things, but the fact remains that he figures out that she's doing things he doesn't approve of. And of course, he does things she doesn't approve of in response. It's problematic because anthropophagy, like adultery, is a sin of purity. Once contaminated, the contamination is there, and does not go away. It cannot be undone, and can't quite be forgiven since it is a crime against one's own body and not another person. It's not like killing horses, where forgiveness is easy enough. So the whole situation is back to zero with little chance of progressing. And the marriage is fucked before it begins, the proposal is over, and why do you do this shit.

f1267 No.29742

i have to defend le waifu.

02b70 No.29743

I am all but certain it was mentioned, way back after Soros 1.
This, actually. I do try to and hope to make distinction toward/against excessive meta, but as you state its unavoidable in this context. Since - unless posts are deleted - there's a record of everything, and since - for brevity - OOC summaries and references are common, a large degree of meta gaming is inevitable esp. given that conversations between characters (or rather players) are often not even going on at the same time (posts being read minutes or hours later).
Don't get caught in the crossfire, she's fighting for 2 now and she doesn't regenerate.

f1267 No.29744

ill do the fighting if she will let me.

02b70 No.29745

And she will, but her strategy has changed; no more dismissively acting badass and nigh-invulnerable, but cold, exacting precision.
In relation to the previous meta-comments, this is a dialogue that could be said to happen in character, and it could be (re)worded so to accomplish that, but in this case both players had established the characters involved (Infernius and Thez) and their general interactions that both characters can readily imagine the dialoge if not word-for-word, but still accurately and authentically.

f1267 No.29746

you do make a good point.
>no more dismissively acting badass and nigh-invulnerable.
thats good to hear, and if any sacrifices need to be done ill be the one to do it.

02b70 No.29747

She lost most of her energy resistence (except fire, but that was reduced), she lost most of her damage reduction (she still has some tho) and she lost the ability to cast energy-resistance spells. And no regeneration. Yeah, she won't fight him on that.

02b70 No.29748

… oh and her natural armor

f1267 No.29749

can i go to the bazaar i want to buy thez some clothes.

02b70 No.29750

File: 1512476038822.png (102.03 KB, 306x598, femaleakuma_edit1.png)

What kind of clothes? Pic related is the general style she's favoring now.

f1267 No.29751

i wanted to buy her a nice dress, and two cosplay outfits.

7024b No.29752

So, how big exactly was Soros's severed arm? If it wasn't clear already, I've got a hand-collecting motif going on. I only collected the blood that first time, but I still want to do something with the rest of it.

02b70 No.29753

Its bigger than you. Soros was like 40' tall at the time.

f1267 No.29754


02b70 No.29755

What kind of cosplay outfits?

7024b No.29756

Aww.. I was hoping to make another hand-necklace, like with Kefka.
It could make for some epic Abyssal/Demon armor though, whenever we find someone skilled enough to craft it… Until then, it'll just stay in her closet.
Lucky it was cut off too, since Balors explode when they are kill.

7024b No.29757

All of them.

02b70 No.29758

Yes, yes they do. There's plenty of material, both for demon armor (not a complete set, more like piecemail) and for an amulet of natural armor.
e_e I hope you're not laboring under the delusion that Infernius is going to enjoy the frivilous sex life they have had now that she's pregnant. Ever seen how dogs get when they're carrying?

7024b No.29759

>lewd stuff
Ironically, I wasn't thinking of that. I just think tasteful cosplay is fun.

02b70 No.29760

Sorry, I thought that was Infernius' reply. Statement stands tho.

f1267 No.29761

File: 1512477688163-0.png (Spoiler Image, 387.79 KB, 500x927, 1506206063799.png)

File: 1512477688163-1.png (Spoiler Image, 285.52 KB, 600x837, raven_by_tokeshiro-d9w444i.png)

theres definitely a cut off date and infernuis wants to get in as much love as possible before then.

02b70 No.29762

>tasteful cosplay
It doesn't have to be entirely tasteful,….

Later fam

573e4 No.29763

I'm not gonna fucking kill her
Fuck, thats a lot of text.
I guess a character conference could hppen where they talk about events and clear this shit out.

f1267 No.29764

new murdoch murdoch episode is out, its a fucking great episode.

573e4 No.29765

Fogive my complete ignorance my friend, for I am not up to date on certain things:
What the fucking hell ks 'murdoch murdoch'?

f1267 No.29766

f1267 No.29767

its filled with memes and commie killing.

f1267 No.29768

oh and feels

5e27e No.29769

>Ever seen how dogs get when they're carrying?
Reeeeeeeee! Why does everyone keep referencing animal behaviors that can only really be known through personal contact? I have spent the last seven years between dorm rooms and apartments with no animals. Before that I have only had experience with a few pet dogs. I've never seen pregnant dogs. I've never been hunting, let alone boar hunting. I have never been around hamsters, let alone inbred hamsters. I know nothing about animals from first hand experience except minor observations of dogs. Everything I know is from second hand sources, and generally not from people who have done these things.

f1267 No.29770

File: 1512489866512.png (893.35 KB, 600x718, 2e4de8739a10dde5ffcf02c71f….png)

>mfw i live on a farm.

573e4 No.29771

I didn't know I needed this until now.
I'll have to binge tonight
>complaining about not knowing what something looks like
>on the internet
Son, do you know what a web search is?

f1267 No.29772

heres a link to all of mm's content

5e27e No.29773

Did you even read my post? I was talking about analogies to patterns of behavior. Not what a thing looks like

f1267 No.29774

Hey Trump could you help me craft these?

f1267 No.29775

7024b No.29776

File: 1512492422402-0.jpg (312 KB, 425x552, farm-boy.jpg)

>He didn't grow up on a farm and acquire Ranger-tier understanding of animal behavior by raising various creatures from birth
Rural master-race.

f1267 No.29777

File: 1512492586650.png (809.26 KB, 3000x2895, 1508958138745.png)

fuck yeah m8!

7024b No.29778

File: 1512492823640-0.png (3.53 MB, 2400x1600, 693313__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Checked, farmbro.

5e27e No.29779

File: 1512493312884.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3600x2359, image.jpeg)

Whatever, I'll bet I'm still the only person here to actually have someone deported (represent the government in a deportation proceeding before an immigration court and win), besides working on Death Penalty cases and such

f1267 No.29780

f1267 No.29781

thats impressive desu.

f1267 No.29782

7024b No.29783

What game edition are these from?

7024b No.29784


f1267 No.29785

its from a separate RPG called pathfinder(pathfinder is based off dnd 3.5). gm let sad alex pick a class from there so i dont think he would mind letting us make these.

6b621 No.29786

Does craft work the same way? I saw some separate requirements for item creation, and a lot more of them (including cursed items).

9cb5c No.29787

I think we got a pretty clear answer from GM that item crafting is so difficult and intensive as to be generally not worth it, at least when time is such a precious resource

6b621 No.29788


f1267 No.29789

this stuff is really cool so it would be worth it.

6b621 No.29790

We still have to get our money back first, desu…
Be sure to question Darkie asap.

f1267 No.29791

i will no worries.

9cb5c No.29792

Why are you so resistant to recovering the gems? Those gems are worth 100,000+ gp. If your character would tell freaking Trumpaladin we could ressurect the Pirates, offer them 10% commission to sift through the dirt in the dungeon with pans and shakers, and have the gems recovered in a couple days. With that money we could just straight up buy a lot of these epic items you all want to craft, or pay the Krenshall gnomes to craft them.

f1267 No.29793


6b621 No.29794

Mostly, because I haven't figured out how to get her to explain that she had a secret >rape dungeon and accidentally released the tarrasque in it and killed off all of the ants.
Actually, now that I think of it, all the gems/loot should've been in the same chamber/cave; I think I might just have her juant-in and recover those instead of going to Krenshal. Best to scrape the ants off of the walls while nobody is at the tower too.

6b621 No.29795

Only the Formian Taskmaster can speak, right? I'll have to figure out a way to shut him up.. I'll have her do that later.

For now, Tracy gets bored of waiting at the walls in Krenshal and returns to her dungeon to painstakingly pick every piece of jewelery off of the dark stone floors (glad to have dark vision).

f1267 No.29796

*waits to interrogate drow*

9cb5c No.29797

And leaves her husbando in a far away city with no mount? Thanks

23afd No.29798

Do you want her to stay, or do you want her to recover the gems?
You can summon her from anywhere, so you can still call her when needed.

f1267 No.29799

also this.

9cb5c No.29800

I'd like to return with her. Let us return to Krenshall when we have something substantial to offer them. In the mean time, a Drow needs interrogating

f1267 No.29801

reeeeeeeeee thats what i was gonna do.

23afd No.29802

File: 1512499231457-0.jpg (44.2 KB, 443x600, cover_-_small.jpg)

How much XP does a Devourer yield?

9cb5c No.29803

This drown is an insanely tough nut to crack. It'll take more than one person to figure it out

23afd No.29804

He's been laying in a full body cast for days. Maybe he'll spit up something out of pure boredom.

23afd No.29805

I still haven't figured out what creatures a nightmare can influence with the Command ability.. Is it really just Ebil Outsiders? Creatures listed as fiends?

f1267 No.29806

i think he might if we threaten to keep him that way.

f1267 No.29807

im looking but i cant seem to find anything.

23afd No.29808

Nah.. Unnecessary. He already knows we can keep him around as long as we want.

f1267 No.29809

which interrogation technique should we use?

9cb5c No.29810

File: 1512500294935.jpeg (175.18 KB, 1153x692, image.jpeg)

I don't know, but it looks very tempting to kill.

I haven't slain any monsters in forever

9cb5c No.29811

I'd flatter him, and get him to try to brag about his accomplishments or methods, or alternatively go the "it's not that impressive" route, to try to get him to reveal information as he tries to make himself look better

f1267 No.29812

you do that first and if he don't talk ill water board him.

23afd No.29813

I don't think that'd work.
Start by asking him about himself. He's bored, so he should say something.
We already said he's immune to torture.

f1267 No.29814

no ones immune to drowning.

23afd No.29815

Yeah, but he was fine with bleeding to death. He doesn't fear dying at all.

f1267 No.29816

he needs oxygen though.

9cb5c No.29817

He doesn't fear, and he is of no use to us dead

f1267 No.29818

i'm not gonna kill him, i have self control unlike some ponies.

23afd No.29819

File: 1512501318766-0.jpg (51.43 KB, 640x512, b88ab74baa6eab3a34306a546f….jpg)

File: 1512501318766-1.jpg (93.03 KB, 750x600, SkLrT9K.jpg)

File: 1512501318766-2.jpg (71.44 KB, 736x588, 6f8dbd6cb18e824bd1bfae1eb0….jpg)

File: 1512501318766-3.jpg (94.07 KB, 750x600, 4GJAjaP.jpg)

File: 1512501318766-4.jpg (504.16 KB, 746x933, DM is angry.jpg)

She didn't mean to kill him that time, just paralyze him so he wouldn't slip away.
I can't get enough of these /tg/ posters.

23afd No.29820

File: 1512501402822-0.jpg (65.38 KB, 500x625, f36458_6397719.jpg)

File: 1512501402822-1.jpg (63.61 KB, 640x384, player-character-deaths-d-….jpg)

File: 1512501402822-2.jpg (40.8 KB, 750x600, alignment.jpg)

File: 1512501402822-3.jpg (462.43 KB, 900x658, Infernius All out Of Bubbl….jpg)

Also made a low-effort recolor for Infernius.

f1267 No.29821

>a shitskin letting lesbos live
how tolerant.

573e4 No.29822

>I've never seen pregnant dogs.

23afd No.29823

File: 1512501625964-0.gif (781.02 KB, 245x238, Orckin_b172b1_5543827.gif)

It's already established that Orcs are the SJWs of fantasy.

f1267 No.29824

i forgot about the orcs i took prisoner.

23afd No.29825

…. You didn't remember to feed them either.. did you?

f1267 No.29826

its only been a couple days game time.

9cb5c No.29827

Read it a third time, and read the post it was linking to to improve your reading comprehension. GM was saying "you know how dogs get when pregnant" in reference to a pattern of behavior of pregnant canines, evidently sexual behavior.

9cb5c No.29828

I don't recall you being successful in capturing any orcs

9cb5c No.29829

>progressive fantasy
I miss the days when we had God to tell us what is good and evil

f1267 No.29830

i took most of the tree village, i stashed them in the containment facility.

f1267 No.29831

i know the feel.

9cb5c No.29832

You talked about that with Lenos. I don't think it actually happened

f1267 No.29833

no no i did, i remember getting Uatachit to bring them there.

23afd No.29834

>a couple days
They've probably already eaten each other then…
That's what the phylactery is for, but I get your point…
I distinctly remember Utachit leaving with a cage full of them.

9cb5c No.29835

First off why. What are you going to do with most of a Tree Orc village?

Second, that would take a hell of a lot of successful grapples and separate trips and everything to do by yourself, all while probably being shot at, so I'm not buying it

f1267 No.29836

labor camps.

f1267 No.29837

they were like cr 2 bro.

23afd No.29838

For what though? Do you have a project in mind?

f1267 No.29839

well we are gonna need (((someone))) to mine other than our army.

9cb5c No.29840

We've had pirates and elves we can use for labor but just don't know what to do with them. What would you use tree orcs for?

9cb5c No.29841

>Uatachit had a cage full of them
These things are the size of large human males. Uatachit is strong but you'd still be limited to like 4 plus yourself if that cage didn't weigh anything, which it would

f1267 No.29842

>large human males.
they were sjws anon.

9cb5c No.29843

File: 1512502958827.jpeg (148.69 KB, 1600x1066, image.jpeg)

>SJW orcs
The females of that race are so large they can be mistaken for cetaceans.

Also, I sincerely doubt these will be better laborers than just resurrecting the communists

f1267 No.29844

>letting commies live.

f1267 No.29845

uatchit made several trips.

23afd No.29846

>letting shitskins live
Why not neither? They'd just take jobs from honest workers.

f1267 No.29847

>ill let them experience true communism
ill just starve them to death then.

9cb5c No.29848

>letting SJWs live
You know Neo-Marxist SJWs are worse than honest Bolsheviks, right? Also, the Durpistanis were not communists, they were mentally challenged people who were enslaved by Cardishill and the Emperor, and then by organized crime gangs

Now you're making things up

I hate to say it, but this. Just put up help anted signs in Port Barry and soon we'll get enough real workers to do the job, though they'd probably need to be imported.

f1267 No.29849

the Durpistanis were brainwashed by Marxism.

23afd No.29850

That's not how Lenos described them. They seemed to just be overall useless people from all over the continent with a semi-socialist mindset.

f1267 No.29851

if they were mentally challenged i invented eugenics.

9cb5c No.29852

Wrong. They had already been sterilized by the Emperor

f1267 No.29853

the gommies still had it coming though.

573e4 No.29854

Better dead thatn red

f1267 No.29855

>Physically Remove

573e4 No.29856

Remove kebab commies
>helicopter noises

f1267 No.29857

>Adolf and Pinochet high five in the distance

573e4 No.29858

Now that would be an intresting friendship

f1267 No.29859

>Adolf Redpills Pinochet