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File: 1510367400608.png (698.29 KB, 1024x640, snuggle_struggle__colored_….png)

f2511 No.17398[Last 50 Posts]

Now with less salt!
The party has had a good talk, after nearly ripping its self to pieces. They may still rip each-other to pieces, but in spite of it all the Game will go on.
The nerd and his pet are still in the stadium, kind of like in vidya RPG's where the villain is clearly occupying a particular space but the player wanders off to do side-quests and meta shit.
The tower had been filled with frogs, salt, and vitriol, but all have been cleared out and things seem to be leveling out, as both players and characters sort their differences rather than figuring out how to cause the GM to have an aneurysm or go an hero on the whole thing. Also there's kittens.
Whew, this is what you get when you mix games and the paranormal!

ac528 No.17399

No, fuck you. I want this resolved now or never

f2511 No.17401

Thats what other bread is for.

3fd92 No.17405


2c733 No.17407

Can Tracy restock her potions?

f2f6c No.17413

were we gonna play tonight?

2c733 No.17415

I'm in, although I'm willing to wait for Nordbro and Taylor to set themselves up. If they haven't been scared away by all the recent faggotry.
Would make for an awesome halftime show in the stadium.

766f5 No.17416

I'm hanging around. Haven't felt like I had something to contribute, so I am watching some "How to be a good player" videos.

3fd92 No.17418

Fair enough, Hello again
>continues driving rovers until we start

f2511 No.17422

How about we agree to disagree, but not act like faggots toward one another, or else GM will start nerfing characters left and right? ^_^
>sweetest of disingenuous smiles

As far as the lingering drama, I'm just going to say (for now) that the drama "has passed, in a manner yet to be described", but so help me I WILL nerf! e_e

f2511 No.17423

Glad to hear it! Is there any way I can be of assistance, lovely filly?

3fd92 No.17425

Works for me
>Torc plays more fetch with Mr. Snek

766f5 No.17426

No icy patches to begin with due to trauma. Well technically don't tempt me with the candy, tastefull as it was, the doctor gave me. I like sweets but not big pink ones anymore.

766f5 No.17427

I don't actually want to blame the candy when I think on it. I want candy now.

f2511 No.17428

Sorry for the delay on that. Since he's a snake, you get an automatic +3 on bluff checks. Snek has 1/2 your hit points, has an Intelligence of 13 (though can't communicate except with you), otherwise the stats are consistent with the stats in the Monster listing.
Don't worry, I don't think anyone will permit sheisty candy.

05d4b No.17429

File: 1510369320539.jpg (70.58 KB, 500x600, 1503225150636.jpg)

Im here.

3fd92 No.17430

Nice, but that brings up another question
How many hit points does Torc have?

f2511 No.17431

Okay, so both of you are playing bards, though seemingly of different alignments. Any preference or idea what sorts of equipment you both would have had at time of death?

f2511 No.17432

>inb4 dueling banjos

f2511 No.17433

Hasn't been rolled yet, but its 15d4 + 15

766f5 No.17434

I only think I had a blanket and a collection of some twigs.

2c733 No.17435

Can an Efficient Quiver's contents be poured inside-out, like the Bag of Holding can?
Also, can living creatures remain in the bag, with the Necklace of Adaption on?

05d4b No.17436

My guitar and my 44 magnum.

2c733 No.17437

File: 1510369768218-0.jpg (169.49 KB, 1440x808, trish-hrafnaharr-axebass6.jpg)

3fd92 No.17438

Dice rollRolled 4, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 4, 3, 1, 2, 2, 4, 1, 1, 1 + 15 = 47

>banjo dueling intensifys
So we have a filly bard, and taylor swift?
Uh, roll HP I guess?

f2511 No.17439

Yes, and yes
So you're playing straight-up Taylor Swift then? Alright
Not even an instrument?

ac528 No.17440

File: 1510369865756.jpg (141.71 KB, 800x420, trump-brief.jpg)

*Looks around*

f2511 No.17441

K, so 53. Snek has 26.
(yeah, you should have died when Korak shot you)

766f5 No.17442

I know how to whistle… I'm only a year old
>not sure if I chose a bad starting point/backstory

766f5 No.17443

3fd92 No.17445

"I'll have ye playn the bagpipes soon enough you wee lass"

766f5 No.17446

f2511 No.17447

Okay maybe not died, but fallen unconscious. Troll would've saved you in that event, but yeah. Careful now, you're squishy
>is extra-squishy
This will be interesting. Being a CMC, (and having virtually no equipment or exp) I'm gonna give extra ranks in perform-singing.
Alright, but just note you only have so many bullets, and while they can be made, they'll be difficult to come by in any sort of quantity.

2c733 No.17448

*Tracy add as many more knives and other sharp objects as she can to the bag*
Now, about those potions?

05d4b No.17449

No im a follower of the cult of taylor. We are all named taylor, because we wish to emulate her majesty queen taylor.

3fd92 No.17450

>not died, but fallen unconsious

f2511 No.17451


f2511 No.17452

IIRC, the 2 shots did a combined 56 or 57 damage, which would've put you under 0 (-10 is kill).
Thats good, cuz I was gonna reference that Ellen episode where she scared the piss outta Taylor.
That's alot of knives and sharp things. If you dump the treasure from the side pocket (you don't get quick-draw from the side pocket),… well how many sharps can you fit in a broom closet?

3fd92 No.17453

Ah, well

766f5 No.17454

File: 1510370483234.png (230.29 KB, 900x595, star_spangler__the_america….png)

ac528 No.17455

*Pets Filly in a very Patriotic manner*
"Have you ever heard the story of my namesake hero, little Filly?"

f2511 No.17456

Meh, its ancient(?) history now. Besides, your departure wasn't much different than what would've happened anyway.

3fd92 No.17457

>rolls eyes
"Not this shite again"
"Now about that wankstain in the stadium"

05d4b No.17458

For all intents and purposes i am taylor swift.

f2511 No.17459

Can you tell me more about Taylor? Possible skills (I get firearm, perform, weapon proficiency in axe, probably some firearm feats as well) and whatever else?

ac528 No.17460

"Oh Fuck off"

05d4b No.17461

What specifically did you want to know about?

766f5 No.17462

I remember the one day a hippie (or what they are called) just came by one day and screamed to the farmer that lived with me that Trump would destroy the world or something. The farmer laughed and smiled the rest of the day. And I got extra candy.

2c733 No.17463

*tracy disappears and dumps her treasure into her impregnable dungeon*
*she then fills it with keen-edged knives and other sharp objects as she can fit*
She has three javelins left, right?

ac528 No.17464

"Well there you go little filly. Extra Candy. Damn hippies"

*Gives Candy to Filly*

Share the Treasure, Kike. We might need it to pay late tribute anyways

2c733 No.17465

There's still the wagon loaded with the Jew-gold, waiting to be pulled by the draft mare.It's kind of been spoiled that we're going to have to fight

f2511 No.17466

>easily surprised
Well as 'essentially' TS, she would be low strength, low constitution, good dex, better int, decent wis, and high cha. She'd have ranks in Appraise, Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Hide, Jump (kek), Knowledge (arcana), Listen, Lots of Perform/Profession, and Tumble. I'll save feats for later, but I'm assuming light armor proficiency, and point-blank/precise shot (assuming decent training in firearms). Anything you'd like to add (personality, habits, behavior patterns, etc. to flesh out)?
Since you're choosing a 1 y/o Filly, you're going to be the least experienced in the party, but as a CMC you're gonna have a few ranks in LOTS of skills. Any weapons to speak of?

f2511 No.17467

Nah, the jew gold was put onto the tower. Korak and co waited until the last 'trip' to ambush.

ac528 No.17468

File: 1510371337969.gif (524.66 KB, 500x240, Really.gif)

Uh huh. Share Thez's Treasure. If you don't want the Inquisition after you, don't be a secret Jew

2c733 No.17469

>Implying your character even knows about it
Oh, so he waited until we loaded everything onto the tower before loading it.

ac528 No.17470

This isn't working Out

f2511 No.17471

I don't think we're gonna get to him tonight, its probably going to take a bit to finish with and introduce the new characters. At least they won't blow up,….
"Bitch," Lenos mutters.

766f5 No.17472

What is CMC (tried to search without luck).
For weapon I think I would like to have an…. hmmmm… I have no proficiency, but the wheat harvester my farmer used looked cool and I think could do some damage. So if there is something similar to that I want it. But I will settle for an hatchet or axe for now.

ac528 No.17473

We asked one thing of you. Stop Being a kike and let's leave the drama behind. And what's the first thing you do? Be a kike with resources you don't need.

For once in your life - once - think about other people

f2511 No.17474

No, they were on the tower waiting for you all to finish. Remember that listen check that I said "You hear a sneeze from the opposite side of the tower"? ^_~
Korak knew all about the all-gravity of the surface, and positioned his men so they wouldn't be seen.
Cutie Mark Crusader, and how about a sickle?

3fd92 No.17475

And thus, knowing he had failed
And no one would explode again
He looked out upon the sunset
A tear in his eye
And Lenos muttered a single word

Torc goes to talk to him about those modifycations
CMC= cutie mark crusader
Deus vult

f2511 No.17476

>reaches for the nerf-wand
Why, this sounds an awful lot like salt. I would hate for there to be salt in the low-sodium thread. ^_^#

766f5 No.17477

Oooo.. Sickle would be nice.
>hoping it don't lead to communism
>but then again killing communists with a sickle and a hammer could be fun

05d4b No.17478

Im the strict mom of the group.

2c733 No.17479

I meant to type "before attacking us".
He was watching the whole time, vaping his sword.

f2511 No.17480

As you enter the forge, you are showered with confetti.
"Hmmmm. Con… fetti… (he's writing on the rod)," he looks up. "Need somethin'?"

ac528 No.17481

Because there was no intent of changing anything at all

f2511 No.17482

Alright then. Both of you are free to start. You find yourself in a bare room, made entirely of an opaque glassy surface. There is a single bed, with a chest at the foot of it, made of the same glassy surface. There's a single door that is open, through which you can see what appears to be a hallway.

3fd92 No.17483

"Hey Lenos"
Torc brushes off the confetti and pulls out the pistols
"Hate to bother you, but can I get the barrels extened on these?"

f2f6c No.17484

infernuis say trump need chill.

f2511 No.17485

I was going to make it story-oriented, but I'll be happy to nerf now. ^_^#

05d4b No.17486

I check the chest for traps.

766f5 No.17487

Is there candy in the chest? Usually is candy in chests.

2c733 No.17488

File: 1510372133680-0.jpg (84.44 KB, 1024x610, dimeritium-shackle-1024x61….jpg)

Since those bombs never got made, would Lenos be interested in working some of those Dimerterium ingots into some sets of anti-magic shackles?

ac528 No.17489

Nothing has changed at all. We're back in the same shit that's happened every weekend (except the one two weeks ago) for a little over a month now.

f2511 No.17490

No traps
And no candy
It (they) appear to be a simple footlocker of sorts, and are empty.

ac528 No.17491

Careful at the door little filly

766f5 No.17492

Lick chest to see if the chest is made of candy.

ac528 No.17493

05d4b No.17494

Opens chest

3fd92 No.17495

Oh you'll fit in here just fine

f2511 No.17496

Is empty
And not made of candy

f2511 No.17497

BTW, you both have your stuff that you mentioned earler (blanket and sickle, and axe-guitar and magnum)

05d4b No.17498

I walk to the door and open it.

766f5 No.17499

>not made of candy
Well then I don't understand the point of the chest.
Walks to hallway because it isn't anything happening here.

2c733 No.17500

File: 1510372693761-0.png (487.91 KB, 1500x1500, gooo_by_serpentinesanguini….png)

>Im the strict mom of the group.
>What I first imagined:
Do your volk also look like Lady Taylor?

f2511 No.17501

Its open already
On one side of the hallway (the side you're coming from) is a line of 11 doors, all open. On the other side at both ends of the hallway are single doors, also open.

05d4b No.17502

We are all lady taylor.

05d4b No.17503

I go out then.

f2511 No.17504

Nor-filly sees a skinny blond lady with an axe emerge from a close-by room, while Taylor sees an adorable purple pegasus filly in the hallway.

05d4b No.17505

"Hello little one"

766f5 No.17506

So many doors so little time.
Well I guess I have to look in each room to see if there is anything exciting in one of them. I turn to the right and walk down the corridor looking into each room.

f2511 No.17507


ac528 No.17508

GM, can I retrieve the bodies from the fight?

2c733 No.17509

File: 1510373020032-0.jpg (179.01 KB, 2000x1121, 03-taylor-swift-video-refe….jpg)

>Aasimar super-human eugenics cult
I like this character. Reminds me of the video too.

766f5 No.17510


3fd92 No.17511

Is hit die attack HP or am I retarded?

766f5 No.17512

Also I draw the sickle
>to be safe you know

05d4b No.17513

Do you know where we are?

05d4b No.17514

Pats cute pone on the head

766f5 No.17515

In a hallway I think

766f5 No.17516

Carefully puts sickle away, but I know where it is.

f2511 No.17517

The filly nervously draws a sickle, but doesn't appear aggressive (at all)
(carry on, though quotes for dialogue are useful)
(# of levels for the most part)

05d4b No.17518

Ive gathered that much,do you know how we got here?

f2511 No.17519

>Meanwhile, the party (still covered in kittens) hears faint talking coming from the rooms.
A kitten wanders into the room from one of the far doors

ac528 No.17520

Clean kittens off. Also pocket kittens

3fd92 No.17521

I'm just going to ignore that
Can be heard through out the tower

766f5 No.17522

I got here by car I think.
>pets kitten, wish I had milk…. and candy

05d4b No.17523

I walk up to the kitten and pick her up.

f2f6c No.17524

*hugs all the kiitens*

f2511 No.17525

can be heard from the direction the kitten came from

ac528 No.17526

Surely you can't hug all the kittens

766f5 No.17527

>feeling a bit unease not knowing what is happening and why people ask me so many questions

2c733 No.17528

*offers cigarettes*

f2511 No.17529

Yes, sorry

766f5 No.17530


f2f6c No.17531

"you underestimate my POWER!!!!!!!!!!"
continues to hug them all

ac528 No.17532


ac528 No.17533

With those arms… I guess you can

05d4b No.17534

I say "follow me little horse" then i follow the voice.

3fd92 No.17535

Okay, now I know (thx google)
Does gun get modifyed?

2c733 No.17536

Tracy, still carefully wading through the adorable cats, angles her ears at the sound of activity in the hallway.

766f5 No.17537

>remind me… how many cats does it take to start a car?

f2511 No.17538

Be more specific
"I've never worked with this material, it might take me some time. I'll see what I can do"

ac528 No.17539

Head outside to where I can fly off to retrieve bodies

f2511 No.17540

File: 1510373805491.png (23.61 KB, 1101x835, 1FA.png)

The voices sound like they're approaching.

ac528 No.17541

How far away is the site?

f2511 No.17542

^ the open door at bottom left is where the sounds/kitten are/did coming from (for Taylor and Norway)

2c733 No.17543

File: 1510373886465-0.jpg (56.17 KB, 600x505, 74cd88d760189090b20815d2ac….jpg)

05d4b No.17544

We go there.

f2511 No.17545

I don't understand your meaning. First you were talking about corpses, now you're talking about a site? What corpses. Be specific, there's now 6 ppl talking.

766f5 No.17546

This. I follow

ac528 No.17547

I mean the location of the corpses

ac528 No.17548

Walks downstairs going towards the outside is what I mean

f2f6c No.17549

>absolute D'AWWW

766f5 No.17550

>whistles a tune

3fd92 No.17551

That is adorable as hell

05d4b No.17552

>strums along on my guitar.

f2511 No.17553

Alright. Multiple perspectives now, and I'm not going to bother sussing out where everyone was, I'm putting them at the base of the stairs.
Taylor and Norway exit the door into a much larger hallway, map related. The structure is made of the same glassy substance, and there are literally hundreds of kittens milling about. At the north end of the hallway is the beginnings of a staircase, with a red-furred minotaur, and a dude in resplendent armor.

Meanwhile, Trump and Infernius hear footsteps approaching, as well as someone whistling a tune.

f2511 No.17554

And some complementary guitar

2c733 No.17556

*detects guitar and whistling*
"Looks like we've finally got some company."

ac528 No.17557

Well shit, head towards the guitar and whistle. Pick up a kitten or two while doing so

f2511 No.17558

Alright, everyone (mostly) is approaching one another. On one end is the pegasus filly and a skinny blond girl with a guitar-axe, on the other end is a shiny human in resplendent armor, and the minotaur who is holding as many kittens as he can (which is alot, I'm thinking like 30)

3fd92 No.17559

>guns get worked on

f2511 No.17560

Yes, guns get worked on

766f5 No.17561

>assuming the minotaur and the dude pose no danger because they would have killed the kittens if they did
So I walk to the stairs to look

f2f6c No.17562


ac528 No.17563

File: 1510374399089.jpg (87.4 KB, 646x720, 462.jpg)


f2511 No.17564

Minotaur is hugging, Taylor and Filly approach Trump

05d4b No.17565


766f5 No.17566

>pushes the other one ( >>17565 ) in front of me

2c733 No.17567

"Be careful, you big oaf. Don't hurt them…" *trails off*

ac528 No.17568

"Greatings! I am Trumpaladin, defender of Port Barry, spreader of the word of Football, and devoted the great DJT. I feel like I've seen you somewhere before, like on TV?"

ac528 No.17569


*Tries not to die from cuteness*

f2511 No.17570

I thought you were talking with Lenos

ac528 No.17571

GM, am I carrying Peach Rings?

2c733 No.17572

I thought he was still visible from there (wasn't it Lenos who filled the area with cats?)
*turns to investigate commotion*

05d4b No.17573

"I am Lady Taylor The Swift of DeutchesAmerika, i feel as if we have met before as well"

766f5 No.17574

>pushes Taylor further in front of me
>a bit scared due to enthusiasm

f2511 No.17575

The four in the hallway (as well as the 2 in the forge hear) "OMG THERE'S SO MANY KITTENS!!!"
Yes, but he went with Torcuil to modify pistols. (I'm gonna have to step up my game)
You can be, yes

05d4b No.17576

"Please refrain from scareing her!"

2c733 No.17577

Tracy leaves to investigate the sounds.
"Well, what do we have here?"

ac528 No.17578

"I do not know what DuetchesAmerika is, but I like the sound of it. I am from the old America. Land of the Brave, Home of the Free. I fought to defend Her."

Assumes a crouching position. Pulls Peach Rings and a Kitten from pockets, opening the peach ring bag. Look at filly

"It's okay little filly"
Offers peach rings out in extended hand

05d4b No.17579

Oh my taylor i-is it really y-you tracy cage?

ac528 No.17580

f2511 No.17581

A pastel-blue pony enters from around the corner from the staircase. At the same time, a multi-kitten form with purple legs slowly lumbers its way down the staircase, lamenting "Can't hug every cat."

766f5 No.17582

>takes candy

ac528 No.17583

File: 1510374980053.jpeg (37.46 KB, 450x450, 2b642357-c253-466e-b23f-9….jpeg)

Extending this

ac528 No.17584

"Hello little filly? Where did you come from? What is your name?"

f2f6c No.17585


ac528 No.17586

"Careful Inferius. We have new people here in the hallway"

f2511 No.17587

"Ooof! I'nis you oaf, its me!" Thez grunts.

3fd92 No.17589

2c733 No.17590

File: 1510375132544.png (386.48 KB, 1530x2000, Death.png)

"It depends who's asking."

766f5 No.17591

>Hello little filly?
>Where did you come from?
"The doctor"
>What is your name?
"I don't remember"

05d4b No.17592

"It is truly the most wonderful place on Erde"

ac528 No.17593

"Aww. How old are you?"
*pets filly*
*extends other hand to see if pony will let herself be petted*

3fd92 No.17594

Torc would probaly start crying if he heard this
Good thing he isn't

f2f6c No.17595

at seeing its thez i hug her even more "me missed you when you were gone:

766f5 No.17596


ac528 No.17597

"Erde. I'm guessing we're not from the same place. No matter. I think we all have a common enemy. Are you good at killing things?"

f2511 No.17598

From Infernius' (the minotaur's) hug Thez notices the new additions, and a bit of blood shoots out of her nose.
"Is that,…"

ac528 No.17599

"You're so precious. Do you need a place to stay? Actually, do you need anything, really?"

2c733 No.17600

*walks into the group*
*sees filly*
*newly-augmented hormones swirl a bit*
"O-oh.. ..hello."
*is unresponsive, but accepting*

05d4b No.17601

*clearly flustered*
I- im lady taylor the swift i like the memes your i- in your my favorite pony.

3fd92 No.17602

Torc walks in, guns spinning around his fingers
"Guess who just became our snip…"
Guns fall to ground as he sees the new party members
"Well thats adorable as hell"
Now torc has diabeetus from how sweet the filly is

ac528 No.17603

*tries to pet pony anyways, although cautiously*


766f5 No.17604

"I-i don't know. I think I was staying in the room there"
>vaguely points in the direction of the hallway
"But I am going to go back to the big red house the farmer I live with built in a while. I am a bit tired so I hope I don't have to wait to long before I go home."

f2511 No.17605

File: 1510375633245.png (278.52 KB, 463x376, Thz6.png)

Thez <whooofs (teleports)> from Infernius' arms and appears next to Taylor.
"OMG! YOU'RE,… (reverently) Taylor Swift!" she exclaims, more blood shooting from her nose. Meanwhile, the kittens she was carrying are now crawling over Infernius.

2c733 No.17606

File: 1510375665354.png (30.75 KB, 501x481, best pony.png)

"Hmmm…" *peers perceptively at battleaxe-guitar, somewhat impressed* "You've got some interesting taste in edge.."
"Well, nice to meet ya'." She says with a cocky smile.

3fd92 No.17607

"Relax, the safety was on. I'm not retarded."
Torc pics them up, and puts them in his belt. He crouchs down, and looks at the filly
He then mouths at Trump
"Who is she?"
No, no no no NO STAHP

ac528 No.17608

"Little Fillie. Little Fillie. I'm sorry I have to tell you this. It was very hard for me to hear too, very hard. You can't go back to the big red house or to the farmer. Not ever. You're going to have to stay here. With us. Well, somewhere on this world anyways"

"I guess we're going to have to teach her how to operate an AR15 before too long anyways. She doesn't have a name. She came in here from the doors, like us."

766f5 No.17609

File: 1510375804947.gif (1010.23 KB, 480x247, tired.gif)

>will try my best

f2511 No.17610

>cruel levels of cute in this house

3fd92 No.17611

Torc slaps Trump
"Don't say it like that" he hisses
Well, you're playing this well

766f5 No.17612

"Don't the farmer want me to stay with him anymore? He used to give me candy so I think he liked me."

ac528 No.17613

Trump stops petting the two ponies, and turns to look at Tourcil

"What? She had to hear sooner or later."

"Oh he does. He does like you. It's just that you're far away. So very far away"

2c733 No.17614

File: 1510376002300.png (Spoiler Image, 71.01 KB, 1500x1593, 838247__artist needed_safe….png)

>tfw trying to be edgy to impress the new players, but there's fucking kittens everywhere.

05d4b No.17615

I am Lady Taylor the swift who are you?

ac528 No.17616

"I think I may have misinterpreted something the other night. Misjudged"

05d4b No.17617

Im like you're biggest fan.

766f5 No.17618

"But he has a car and I know it can go very far."

3fd92 No.17619

"Listen, she's little, scarred, and confused. Just let me handle it."
Torc crouches back down, and pets the little filly
"I promise we will explain everything later, but is there anything I can get you now?"

ac528 No.17620

"I asked her that!"

"Oh good. So you know cars. No, he won't be able to get to you"

766f5 No.17621

"O-okay. I think I have what I need. I lost my collection of twigs but I know I can get new ones."

3fd92 No.17622

This thread is giving me goddamn diabeetus
GM, what are Torc's options for shutting up Trump you he doesn't scar the poor hoers for life?

05d4b No.17623

Mr trumpadin we are from the same place, german just simply became the dominant language on earth (Erde) in the 1940s and i am very good at killing things.

f2511 No.17624

File: 1510376314131.jpg (173.84 KB, 645x724, 4621.jpg)

Alright, the characters in no particular order. (carry on, simple descriptions)
Trumpaladin is very much like he appears in pic related
Tracy likewise appears like her character
Taylor Swift also, except with a battle-axe and a holstered .44mag
Nor-filly is a purplish pegasus filly
Infernius looks like a red-furred Iron Will (MLP) w/ a freaky-big sword on his back
Torcuil looks like a bearded scotsman in tartan robes, carrying an ornate snake-headed staff, a pair of fine pistols on his belt.
Thez is a purple devil with pink hair, her wings wrapped around her like a cloak and her tail around her waist like a belt.

ac528 No.17625

"Oh I see. What do you know of the great Donald J Trump?

It's very good that you are so skilled. This realm seems to have been taken over in part by Judeo-Bolsheviks"

ac528 No.17626

But remember that Inferius is holding a pile of kittens almost as big as him

3fd92 No.17627

"If you'd like, I can take you out to find some sticks."
Torc is acting in a way nobody has seen him act before, reminded of the daughter he lost

2c733 No.17628

File: 1510376405797-0.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1836x2698, 1459509__semi-dash-grimda….jpeg)

"I've had some pretty fucking autistic fans, sister. Tell me, how edgy are you?"

f2511 No.17629

File: 1510376551110.png (242.04 KB, 524x310, Thz11.png)

Thez licks Taylor's shoulder. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself," she says a bit breath-taken.
"In case they haven't indicated, (she tells everyone's names so characters can know them, refer to description post)

2c733 No.17630

Also, for GM: can Tracy have a Throne of Blades in her >RapeDungeon?

f2511 No.17631

05d4b No.17632

Ah the great Donald J Trump he was The best Fhürer we have had in ages.
I-im pretty edgy tracy. I eat the hearts of my enemies and bath in their blood.
Licks thez back

766f5 No.17633

"Would be fun to go look for sticks"
>gets an increasing glassy look and yawns bigly

2c733 No.17634

File: 1510376785107-0.jpeg (497.47 KB, 1836x2890, 1459557__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

".. You and I will get along just fine."

ac528 No.17636

*Basks in the wonderful thought of DJT Furher*
"We can recreate the same here. We got some faggot and his pet dinosaur we have to hang first"

"Does a little filly want to go to bed? We've got some nice extra rooms!"

05d4b No.17637

*cradles filly in my arms*
Ill help you look for sticks. Would you like that? We can sing a song.

ac528 No.17638

"She likes cute ponies, you can see"

*Tries again to pet Tracy*

3fd92 No.17639

>picks up filly
"We can do that, lets go"

f2511 No.17640

File: 1510376902608.png (98.69 KB, 233x235, Thz14.png)

More blood shoots from her nose and she seems stunned, unable to speak

ac528 No.17641

>three people fighting over the filly

766f5 No.17642

>falls asleep while thinking about candy and sticks

ac528 No.17643

f2f6c No.17644

File: 1510376979250.jpg (21.53 KB, 540x462, 1504789815609.jpg)

3fd92 No.17645

This is gay
>Torc's heart melts
"Wheres a bed for her?" Torc whispering while rocking the filly

05d4b No.17646

Do you like you heart where it is scot?

766f5 No.17647

File: 1510377038131.png (465.12 KB, 1191x670, 1510349428583.png)

Sorry had to drift off.. It is 6am and I should get some sleep before it gets too early.
>so sorry

ac528 No.17648

"I have an extra room. Full room. Don't worry"

2c733 No.17649


ac528 No.17650

"Sorry about what happened a few nights ago. I think I misunderstood your way of giving affection"

f2511 No.17651

Thez regains herself.
"You both must have many questions! Please, ask anything!"
Don't sweat it. Can everyone make 9am PST tomorrow, or is that too early? That'd be 6p norway, and 12 est

ac528 No.17652

By the way GM, what's the situation with Time?

2c733 No.17653

"… I could say the same…"

ac528 No.17654

I don't know

3fd92 No.17655

Thats fine
>Torc calls taking the filly out for stick collecting tomorrow
"Lead the way"
I can make that

f2511 No.17656

Well, there'll be plenty to discuss until you can make it, and then we can get things rolling. Would that work?

05d4b No.17657

I dont know what is that in central time?

f2511 No.17658

Either 10 or 11central

ac528 No.17659

*goes in full to embrace and hug pony*

Trumpaladin, I'm guessing partly carrying Tracy, goes with Tourcil, who I guess is carrying the filly, to the extra bedroom to put her to sleep


2c733 No.17660

I might be called-in to help some family members during the day, but otherwise I have no life.

766f5 No.17661

Should go well. We can do it later if it is more convenient. I can go with this time tomorrow too.
>could work better, might have an appointment 7pm (but I can skip that)

05d4b No.17662

Ill most likely be up around then.

ac528 No.17663

Uh, CT master race

f2511 No.17664

Alright, lets try and shoot for that time if at all possible, and we'll roll with how things turn out. I'm not concluding gameplay right now, but I am trying to arrange it so that everyone or as many as possible are collected.

766f5 No.17665

tl;dr; tell me when and where

2c733 No.17667

*hugs, but tries to still look edgy for guests*

05d4b No.17668

This! *high fives trump*
Where did 666 go?

f2511 No.17669

I'm usually here early (around 3p ur time), so arrive whenever is convenient

766f5 No.17670

They can carry me is it makes it easier to group up
>it is not like I haven't woken up a strange place once before

3fd92 No.17671

I habe pretty much nothing tmrrw so that'll work
Torc tucks the filly into the bed

ac528 No.17672

"She likes cuteness too."

*Places a kitten in her mane to destroy all appearance of edge*


2c733 No.17673

>Where did 666 go?
I'd like to know that too…

f2511 No.17674

Feel free to interact as you like, I've got lots of arranging to to. Also, feel free to ask whatever/however many questions, other players can probably answer and if not, I'll be in and out from here on.
>urge to shoop intensifies

ac528 No.17675

I'll explain later

Please do

3fd92 No.17676

Dew it

05d4b No.17677


ac528 No.17678

File: 1510377822731.jpg (100.81 KB, 1000x667, download (1).jpg)

Tracy will never look edgy ever again

05d4b No.17679

So Fhurer tr… trumpadin where can a girl take a bath around here?

f2511 No.17680

File: 1510378059043.png (199.56 KB, 1340x1776, 1510376002300-1.png)

>quick job

f2f6c No.17681


ac528 No.17682

"We've got the finest showers, bath tubs, and hot-tubs upstairs. Gilded, black marble, whatever you prefer"

*almost dies of cuteness*

ac528 No.17683

Trumpaladin saves this image for Blackmail purposes

3fd92 No.17684

Well, I'm dead from cuteness

05d4b No.17685

Could you show me the way?

2c733 No.17686

File: 1510378352091-0.jpg (88.19 KB, 500x638, 1458362481644.jpg)

Don't make me have to compensate for this.

ac528 No.17687

"Why certainly. And tell me more about this Erde. I'm guessing there are few brown people in DuetsheAmerika?"

Trumapaladin takes Queen Taylor to the golden showers

2c733 No.17689

05d4b No.17690

"Brown People?"
Taylor is obviously confused by this question.

ac528 No.17691

"I'm loving your response, even if I am a bit sorrowful that your answer hints that you do not know the joy of mass deportations"

2c733 No.17692

"You know, the dumb ones with shit colored skin who steal things, and make horrible, edgy OCs."

ac528 No.17693

Am I still sort of holding Tracy?

2c733 No.17694

Idk. I thought not.

05d4b No.17695

Why would you Deport your enemies when you could execute them? Deportation isnt very efficient it takes more money than they're worth.bullests are cheap.

05d4b No.17696

Silly pony there are no shit colored humans on Erde.

ac528 No.17697

"We had something called 'human rights,' 'compassion,' and 'the Refugee Act of 1985.' We were much more hindered. Much more held back."

Grapples pony

3fd92 No.17698

Torc decides to do some shooting practice with his newly improved guns

ac528 No.17699

Trumpaladin is astonished to hear this

"Then who builds the buildings? Washes the dishes? Cleans the Toilets?"

2c733 No.17700

File: 1510378938562-0.jpg (307.62 KB, 1043x1121, 1164254__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

*raises hoof* /)
"This bitch gets it."
"Good. Did I mention lazy?"

05d4b No.17701

We engineered Robots to build buildings and to pick vegetables.

ac528 No.17702

"You may have quite a bit to teach us all then. We can make this land a new Erde. We can make all lands Erde.

Anyways, we are here. Notice how roomy it is. Gold plating. Black marble floors, we made sure it's not slippery though. Need anything else?"

05d4b No.17703

Uh Do you have any spare blood laying around?
Why are they all lazy why arent they colonizing their solar system?

ac528 No.17704

"… Like for medical purposes? I am not sure. Maybe we have some in the infirmary. Of course I haven't seen an infirmary"

2c733 No.17705

File: 1510379763231-0.jpeg (689.9 KB, 1447x1600, 963512__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)

"It's either a lack of motivation, or just pure stupidity….
..And what's a solar system?"

ac528 No.17706

"You'll find out little pony. If my vision is allowed to expand"

05d4b No.17707

What else am i supposed to bath with?

2c733 No.17708

>any spare blood laying around?
"… I'm hospitable. Give me 10 minutes."

f2511 No.17709

Fug, I have so much binging to do now that Infernius shared those videos, but I'm confident that I'll be able to use them to dramatically increase the quality of the game. Trump, Taylor, and Tracy seem to have things well in hand, Infernius I assume is tending to kittens, while Torcuil practices with his shiny pistols, and Norfilly sleeps soundly in her new environment. Thez threatens to skin Lenos repeatedly if he DARES booby-trap Norfilly's room. I've got meta up the ass to work on, so pardon me as I get to it.
I am going to ask that players without distinctive flags do some degree of namefagging so that I don't have a brain hemm….
Blood shoots from both of Thez' nostrils, she's been peeking from afar.

05d4b No.17710

Do you know what space is?

ac528 No.17711

"Oh I see. You want to bathe in the blood of your enemies. I'm sorry to inform you that will have to wait until tomorrow, after we kill this fucker in the stadium. In the mean time, please make use of our finely purified water"

Trumpaladin repeats to himself
"Furher Trumpaladin…"

05d4b No.17712

Wanna join me?

05d4b No.17713

Ugh fine i guess water will do.

f2511 No.17714

Thez faints

2c733 No.17715

"More or less. I've never been interested in it before though. All the books on it back in Equestria require library access cards, for some reason.."

ac528 No.17716

Is this enough for you?

3fd92 No.17717

Nope, not specific enough

f2511 No.17718

It doesn't have to be THAT distinct, just the flag, or a colored name, or the name Trumpaladin, but whatever works.

2c733 No.17719

File: 1510380221493-0.jpeg (2.22 MB, 1836x2727, 1459486__grimdark_artist-….jpeg)

"Check the tub."

ac528 No.17720

"Shall we take your clothes?"

"We'll show you. Give it time"


Lol, I'm fucking with you

05d4b No.17721

Ill give you a crash course after my bath k? I mean afterall i did single handedly convince the Fhürer to begin the colonization of our solar system.

f2f6c No.17722

hug them all.

3fd92 No.17723

>solar system
Isn't england closest to the sun?

f2511 No.17724

I know, but whatever works, just so I don't have to hi-light posts and scroll up to figure out who's doing what. This is going to be a challenge

05d4b No.17725

"If you dont mind mr trumpadin."
*Drops clothes and goes and sits in the bath tub.*

ac528 No.17726

It never sets, I know that much

"Come back?"

"More than once, if you didn't know"

I do what I want

2c733 No.17727

top reference

05d4b No.17728

No Scotsman its not

ac528 No.17729


f2511 No.17730

Too right, fair enough. Carry on then.

f2511 No.17731

>book flipping intensifies

2c733 No.17732

GM, can Tracy restock her potions or not?

05d4b No.17733

Dice rollRolled 13

Performance roll

ac528 No.17734

What does that do?

3fd92 No.17735

My internal space nerd is screaming if we can do planetary voyages

05d4b No.17736

3fd92 No.17737

Call me retarded, but my guess is strip dance

05d4b No.17738


2c733 No.17739

File: 1510380920949.png (136.6 KB, 680x575, haters gonna hate.png)

Love this song

ac528 No.17740

*catches clothes*

05d4b No.17741

Aw thanks tracy it makes me feel good to be complimented on my singing.

ac528 No.17742

"And damned fine choreography to go with it, might I add"

05d4b No.17743

Your making me blush trumpadin.

2c733 No.17744

*confiscates clothes*
"I can recognize talent when I see it.
I'm going to go take my bath before these autistic faggots pit us all to our dooms against that weird dog."
goodnight everyone

05d4b No.17745

Top jej scott.

f2511 No.17746

Thez wakes up to the sound of the music and rushes to Infernius.
"I'nis,… I hope you won't be mad,… but she's hawt. I hope you won't let it bother you though, you're still my favorite," she says lifting a wing and revealing her hip, on which the gemstone pattern shows a small picture (inspired by Tracy's cutie mark) of her tail entwined with his.

ac528 No.17747

"If you can do that here, there's so much I know you can do. So much talent. Our potential is unlimited. You'll get a hell of a lot more than a bathtub of blood, I can promise you that. And more than a solar system."

"Let yourself not be discouraged. I'm not stopping till I have the stars"

05d4b No.17748

The bull can come too if he wants.

ac528 No.17749

"Are you sure you don't want to bathe with us?"

ac528 No.17750

Trumpaladin stares down Thez

2c733 No.17751

"O-oh, Flashy. I didn't know you fancied blood baths."
*gets in the tub, which I assume is big enough for everyone*

05d4b No.17752

R- really?

f2f6c No.17753

me dont mind me come too.
*leaves cats goes to bathroom*

ac528 No.17754

"Just like… what the fuck Tracy"

Trumpaladin's look of seriousness resumes
"You defended an Empire, didn't you? Now, we can create one. And damned straight you can. You'll have the opportunity of a lifetime tomorrow"

ac528 No.17755

All Trump bathtubs are big enough to hold multiple women besides a man

f2f6c No.17756

>gay bath house intensifies

f2511 No.17757

Just what I was thinking. This is almost suspicious levels of lewd

2c733 No.17758

The bathtub is full of blood, and you invited her in.
D-d-delet this!

ac528 No.17759

"God, please be deer. Please be deer"

05d4b No.17760

I did with the help of the others. We were able to bring down (((them))) all

2c733 No.17761

I've been implying thart she's been wreaking havok on the local wildlife for months, but I won't tell you what this is.
*picks floating eyeball out of the tub and looks at it*

f2511 No.17762

Thez whispers to Infernius "Its like she can read minds."

ac528 No.17763

"You've done it before? I'm impressed. We'll do it again. And again."

05d4b No.17764

05d4b No.17765

Me and my sisters.

ac528 No.17766

I'm guessing probably mammal then?


"You have new brothers and sisters here. Perhaps a new furher as well"

f2f6c No.17767

infernuis whispers back
"maybe she can."

2c733 No.17768

Like I'll tell you.

f2511 No.17769

Thez crosses her fingers and mutters "Please don't be a troll. Please don't be a troll. Please don't be a troll…."

ac528 No.17770

Don't make me hang a bitch

ac528 No.17771

"So… We gonna do this?"

f2511 No.17772

P…pali check

f2511 No.17773

Thez sinks into the tub till her nose is barely above the water(blood?) level.
I'm gonna have to step away. Kudos, you've exceeded my ability to play along.

2c733 No.17774

Every time there's an awkward silence a retarded baby is born.

ac528 No.17775

Trumpaladin, also thoroughly disgusted, contemplates taking vials of the blood to see if anything - one - needs ressurrecting at the entertron, and if anypony needs smiting. Or if he just needs bleach

ac528 No.17776

And… There it is.

Resistance is overwhelmed, and Trumpaladin does what is stated in >>17775

2c733 No.17778

File: 1510382620000-0.jpg (836.51 KB, 4634x3205, 1507156598703-1.jpg)

Praise Epona!

05d4b No.17779

Do what mr Trump?

05d4b No.17780

Im not a troll dont worry.

2c733 No.17781

File: 1510382724380-0.png (234.13 KB, 600x657, bbc.png)

>off by one

ac528 No.17782

"Nevermind… Forgive me, this whole setup is too suspicious. Not you. The blood. We killed our jews months ago"

ac528 No.17783

*Collects vials*

2c733 No.17784

File: 1510382812825-0.png (118.65 KB, 1000x1000, 4uGJXyY.png)

Wait, wtf did it go?

ac528 No.17785

File: 1510382823759.png (69.45 KB, 679x500, 1496793252541.png)

2c733 No.17786

*goes to bed irl*

ac528 No.17787

Trumpaladin takes blood samples, and tries to figure out where the hell it came from, hoping he doesn't accidentally resurrect a grizzly bear, or Korak, or a cougar or something while running it through the Entertron

ac528 No.17788

Also, Kills Tracy if she's been killing Port Barry Citizens

05d4b No.17789

Is it because you don't find me attractive?
*obvious sadness in voice*

ac528 No.17790

"No No No No. If anything, your attractiveness is almost too much for any man to handle. I… don't think I've seen a woman so beautiful in so long"

05d4b No.17791

Oh okay :(

ac528 No.17792

"I'm just suspicious of the blue one is all. But you. You have an amazing voice. You will impress all the peoples when we liberate their lands. You have an beautiful face, charms everyone. Charms me"

f2511 No.17793

"I hope you'll pardon my suspicious nature, its just so,… charming."
"I agree. Perhaps we could do a duet sometime?no pun" Thez asks meekly. "I'm a bit flustered by you, but I'm a world-class performer in my own right, and if we can ever find that damn city, I've already got a record contract."

05d4b No.17794

That makes me feel better :)
Goes to sleep irl.

ac528 No.17795

*Goes off to see if he needs to kill the pony*

GM does Smite Evil work on all attacks in a full round or just the first one?

f2511 No.17796

Can be a normal attack or as one of a full round of attacks.

05d4b No.17797

Id love to do a duet with you thez!

ac528 No.17798

So can it be cast in the same round as an attack is done?

f2511 No.17799

If you wanted, you could even do 3 smites in one full round attack (u get 4/day). Its not a 'cast', its a special attack.
Thez starts blowing bubbles in the blood, still looking meek. She's totally unaccustomed to someone so comely not being repulsed by her

05d4b No.17800

How could any one be repulsed by thez?

f2511 No.17801

"So,… you probably have questions,… about the world and all,…"

ac528 No.17802

I feel like you said before it requires a full round to cast

So would damage be the d10 for Paladin (is that right?) plus 3 for strength modifier (1.5 times a +2 modifier for a two handed weapon) plus 15 for 15 Paladin levels?

Trumpaladin takes more of the blood in case he needs it to resurrect someone. Unless it's confirmed animal, then he leaves it there

f2511 No.17803

"… cuz I have a tendency to tear things to shreds with fists, claws, feet, and tail,… and I'm obviously infernal,… and I sometimes eat faces,…"

f2f6c No.17804


ac528 No.17805

05d4b No.17806

Shit happens.

05d4b No.17807

"Im sure ill wake up in a bit, its fine."

f2511 No.17808

I must have misunderstood your meaning. There's a spell (I can't find it atm) that is named something like Smite Evil, but the paladin ability does normal weapon damage plus paladin level(+15) + charisma bonus (+3)

f2511 No.17809

"Well, unless that's what happens when you die in this world, I don't know of anyone waking up. There's a legend that says that killing the Terrasque might open a portal to wherever you want to go, but no one has ever succeeded."

ac528 No.17810

Isn't the charisma bonus applied to the attack roll (which should be +4 because I added two of the ability points to charisma for 18) and the paladin level to the damage amount?

There's a plus 15 to the attack roll on the first attack in every round, so with smite evil that's a +19 on the first attack roll

f2511 No.17811

>+19 atk
Also correct

f2511 No.17812

"Many have… tried," she looks down for a moment. "You came in at an odd time, as the Terrasque happens to be not far from here, waiting for us with,… an old 'friend'."

05d4b No.17813

"Wait so this isnt a dream"
"Then where the hell am i?"

f2511 No.17814

"Isn't everything a dream more or less? This is world of potential. Its been said that this world was created by the combined will of all the Gods. Here are brought individuals who have pleased, and in some cases enraged, various entities. Those individuals are given free reign to do with as they please, intended to be for the enjoyment of both the individuals themselves and whatever entities and deities that can perceive it. I like to refer to it as Final Fantasy Football."

f2511 No.17815

"The only real consistency I have found is that everyone who finds themselves here has died in their planet, plane, or dimension of origin."

ac528 No.17816

I am not sure, but if Tracy has a breastplate, those damn bracers, and a dexterity of 19, then she has an AC of +11 - +5 for breast plate, +3 for dexterity (she has a +4 modifier, but breastplates limit dexterity to +3), and +3 from the bracers (am I missing something?) So a first attack roll has higher than a 1 it hits (no smite evil, normal +15 on first roll), second attack has higher than a 1 (+10 attack bonus), and third attack has a 6 or higher (+5 third attack bonus), it lands?

"Welcome to hell"

"As the demon lady says. We're in Purgatory. Defeat the Devil to escape"

05d4b No.17817

So this is some kind of sick joke deites are pulling?

ac528 No.17818

Completely wrong. +10 base AC. Maybe also an extra point or two for small size

ac528 No.17819


f2511 No.17820

I'd have to double check the numbers (the breastplate is incomplete, so only +3), but something like that. Also, you keep insisting that Tracy's bracers are better than the ring shield; they're not, the bracers are +3 while the ring shield is +4 (2 for shield size and 2 for magical augmentation).
"… devil." e_e
"If thats how you wish to see it, then yes. For me this is the only place I've ever had,…" glances at Trump and Infernius, "Friends."

05d4b No.17821

Wait you were born here?

f2511 No.17822

"No, I came from another world," thinks for a moment, "Faerun it was called, but,… that was never my home, this is. I've been forced to leave it twice, but I'll always come back to it."

f2511 No.17823

Does Trump have Vandereim on hand?

05d4b No.17824

"Can we leave the atmosphere?"

ac528 No.17825

I think Tracy is just barely big enough to be in the "medium" category, so no additional points for that. Does an incomplete Breast plate still limit dexterity bonus? If so, that's a 19 AC for her, and if not, that's a 20.

I forgot I also have a +2 strength modifier on attack rolls. So a 2 or 3 to land on the first attack, a 7 or 8 for a second, and a 12 or 13 for the third

What is Trumpaladin's AC? His main armor has never been specified, but Full Plate makes most sense. That would be a +8. If the ring shield is called up, that's +4. The D&D rules say that armor bonus stacks, which I think means I can claim the magic chain mail bonus too… is that a plus 7 or what is it?
"So long as I am convinced I cannot slay you, you can call me a friend"

f2511 No.17826

"Maybe. You haven't even been outside yet have you? This tower we're in is a giant floating crystal, capable of all sorts of energy fields. I'd have to ask Lenos you'll meet him before too long, but with the place's level of design, it shouldn't be impossible."

ac528 No.17827

"We need to conquer this planet first"

ac528 No.17828

Or maybe it doesn't stack. I don't know

05d4b No.17829

Where is this lennos fellow?

f2511 No.17830

+8 for the plate, +4 for the shield, another +8 for the suit
As for the dex bonus/penalty, yes
"Why don't ye tell them the whole story ye craven wench, I'd like to hear it meself!" Vandereim taunts.

f2511 No.17831

"He's usually milling about downstairs in the forge, but with all the naked he's probably monitoring from the top of the main staircase at the control interface."
At the sound of Vandereim (Trump has an intelligent sword), Thez breathes a deep and heavy sigh.

05d4b No.17832

Whats that sound?

ac528 No.17833

Damn. That's a lot of points.
"Usually in the forge. That or in the cockpit"

f2511 No.17834

e_e "Vandereim, an insufferable, loud-mouthed, drunken bastard."
"Say it right ye monkey-bitch!" Vandereim retorts.

f2511 No.17835

"Trump, hold me up for a moment will ye?"

ac528 No.17836


f2511 No.17837

As Trump lifts Vandereim, the sword calls out "I am Vandereim! The Masterful, Mystical, Messianic, and Metaphysically Most-Magnificent Bastardsword!" a light shines down from somewhere and a sound of "Ahhhhh" can be heard from the periphery.

ac528 No.17838

Trump Basks in this as well

05d4b No.17839

C- can i see it?

f2511 No.17840

"I dunno lass, are ye,… evil?"

ac528 No.17841

You said before only a Paladin can wield him

f2511 No.17842

File: 1510387783281.png (7.62 KB, 426x626, Vandereim.png)

Forgot pic

05d4b No.17843

"I like to think of my self as good challenged."

f2511 No.17844

Yes, but anyone can hold him, except evil characters (they take damage)

f2511 No.17845

V> "Oi, lad! Why are ye bathing in blood? Gone SOFT on me have ye?!"

ac528 No.17846

"I wanted to be accommodating to our new guest, then left after the suspicion of where the hell the Blue One got it from became too great"

05d4b No.17847

What kind of advanced technology allows it to talk?

ac528 No.17848

"I don't know. Seems to be Scottish"

f2511 No.17849

V> "I'm magic lass! I was once the proud weapon of a great elven prince who like yerselves came to this world from another," he glares knives at Thez.

05d4b No.17850

C- can i take it apart?

ac528 No.17851

"NO. He's my Demon-killer. He and I have slain many a Bolshevik. Cut limbs."

05d4b No.17852

"Magic doesnt exist."

f2511 No.17853

Thez looks at you like you just said something completely absurd.

ac528 No.17854

"I was hoping an afterlife didn't either. Yet here we are"

05d4b No.17855

"Something i said?"

f2511 No.17856

Thez leans closer, still with a baffled look on her face. "What do you mean 'magic doesn't exist'? Of COURSE magic exists!"

05d4b No.17857

"Why would you hope for that?"

05d4b No.17858

"Can you measure it?"

f2511 No.17859

Footsteps can be heard approaching. "Wait, wait,… did she just say magic doesn't exist? Wew!"
Entering the room is a 2' tall fellow with gold and black striped hair, wearing an ornate robe and a man-sized, curved bladed dagger slung over his back, and an intricate cylinder hanging from his belt.

ac528 No.17860

"I've suffered enough"

"Yeah. My magic shield has +2 AC versus steel, for instance"

"Hey Lenos"

f2511 No.17861

"Yeah, as a matter of fact you can. Magic is measured by the intensity of spell and the degree of effect," the little fellow says drawing closer.
"This is Lenos. Lenos, this is Taylor," Thez offers.

05d4b No.17862

Maybe your not here to suffer but to thrive and become better?

05d4b No.17863

Show me the math!

ac528 No.17864

"I am here to free this land and spread the Glory of Football. That is my purpose. I don't know if that is why I was brought here, but I've made it mine"

ac528 No.17865

"Well hell, I can do that. Name something specific"

f2511 No.17866

L> "Math? You're looking at it all wrong. For some magic is a matter of combining attributes of items, words, gestures, and symbols. For others like me," his expression sharpens, he focuses on the ceiling and stretches out his hands in a triangular shape. Like a flamethrower, a huge gout of flame gushes forward splaying all across the ceiling (not catching fire, its glass-ish), "its a matter of inherent ability," he concludes.

ac528 No.17867

GM, you never stated Tracy's actual stats while in the Cauchemar form. You did say that she only counts as "large" and not the regular" huge. Are we going by Druid wildshape rules where equipment is melded into the new form?

Also, how is Tracy able to make three attacks? I see that a level 15 rogue can do it. But a level 13 can't.

f2511 No.17868

No, nor are we going by Cauchemar OR Nightmare stats. She gets three when she's got two blades in hand.

f2511 No.17869


ac528 No.17870

Um… what math should I use?

>You're looking at it all wrong
Math is absolutely the correct way to look at it

05d4b No.17871

Thats obviously not magic. There is a scientific explication for everything.

f2511 No.17872

We're talking conceptually. Characters don't perceive magic by + values, that's a meta game, player thing.

f2511 No.17873

Thez and Lenos both look at Tay like she just said something silly.
L> "How about this then?"
Lenos pulls out his rod no pun and pushes a button along its surface, sending forth a short (this time) stream of about 40 more kittens.

ac528 No.17874

"It's really all the same to me. I don't understand computer programming for instance. And what difference does it make if a magic force levitates an object, or if a magnet does?"

"Not sure if that violates conservation of mass. Also see if that is where Tracy is getting blood from"

That's what magic means for me though. Math in the D&D rules

05d4b No.17875

Thats obviously some sort of advanced technology.

f2511 No.17876

I get you, I'm just describing it how Lenos - a sorcerer - would.
>conservation of mass
40 kittens from essentially a full-size mag light? After earlier spraying hundreds from the same mag light?

f2511 No.17877

L> "Yeah,… magic."

05d4b No.17878

Listen short stuff Magic does not exist.

ac528 No.17879

Teleportation, pocket dimension, compression of the kittens into an area of smaller volume but equal mass. I don't know. Star Trek has done similar. Of course Star Trek pretty much had magic. All I am sure of is that we now have to look out for the welfare of more kittens.

"consider it sufficiently advanced technology"

f2511 No.17880

Lenos sighs, looks over to Tay's axe and casts Animate Object. The axe springs to life and starts bouncing around.
"Sick 'em," he says. The axe growls and starts chasing the kittens, which start hissing and running away. The axe chases them out of the room.

f2511 No.17881

L> "You were saying?"

05d4b No.17882

Obviously nano bots connected some sort of ai to my guitar

ac528 No.17883

"Or Smoke and mirrors."

f2511 No.17884

Lenos looks over at Trump and Thez. "I think this one's a little slow. Pretty though," he shrugs, walking out of the room.

ac528 No.17885

"Definitely Pretty"

05d4b No.17886

Im not just a pretty face you know, and lennos im probably smarter than you.

f2511 No.17887

Thez gets up out and stretches for a moment. "Well I'll leave you two three technically, I forgot Infernius never left, my faggot needs to sleep. Lovely to meet you Tay, we'll have lots of fun tomorrow I'm sure," she waves before vanishing with a <whooof>.

ac528 No.17888

"I bet. I can't wait to see what your knowledge, intelligence, and training brings to the group"

f2511 No.17889

>smarter than Lenos
That would be impressive, he's the smartest protagonist in the group. Anyway, night all.

05d4b No.17890

Id like to see where this goes.

ac528 No.17891

"So… Want to fuck while Tracy is asleep?"

05d4b No.17893

Sure I dont have anything else to do.got a condom?

ac528 No.17894

"uh… No. Do I need one?"

05d4b No.17895

I play it safe.

ac528 No.17896

"How about just withdraw?"

05d4b No.17897

"Are you clean?"

ac528 No.17898

"Oh yeah. At least so long as that pony was clean."

05d4b No.17899

Which pony?

ac528 No.17900

"Tracy Cage"

05d4b No.17901

"Ill pass on sex then"

ac528 No.17902

"No no, she should have been clean when she woke up in new body, and clean since. It's all good"

ac528 No.17903

STDs don't follow you to the afterlife

05d4b No.17904

"Thats not the reason im passing its a sisterhood kinda thing im sure you know what i mean right."

ac528 No.17905

"What do you mean? I think she would appreciate a fan and I getting along"

05d4b No.17906

"Its just you know tracy is super cool and i dont wanna step on any toes if theres anything between you two ya know?"

ac528 No.17907

"I don't see why she would mind. She likes you. Besides, even if it did that would just make it edgier. And Tracy more than anyone can appreciate edge"

05d4b No.17908

"I've seen the Japanese animus i know shes a j-ander, i know what happens when a woman crosses the line"

ac528 No.17909

"Eh, let's just keep it secret. We might die tomorrow you know. That beast that mage guy has is tough"

05d4b No.17910

"And if we dont tracy kill me anyway ja"

ac528 No.17911

"Nah, she actually has a soft side to her. There was this unicorn I thought she was going to kill, but I found out later she actually befriended. She's got a soft side to her. You two will be as sisters, believe me. She respects your edge, and she can respect the edge in taking her husbando"

ac528 No.17912

"You saw how she summoned a bathtub of blood from… Somewhere, for you"

ac528 No.17913

"We're all gonna get along great. That I can tell you"

05d4b No.17914

"I dont know man ive seen the memes on 4chin"

f2f6c No.17915

"whats going on over here?"

ac528 No.17916

"Well, if you're really unsure, we can just ask her tomorrow. But I tell you she'd be completely okay with it, especially you, since she likes how you appreciate her edge. Nothing wrong with multiple waifus.

"Hey Inferius! Glad to see you woke up. Tay and I have been talking. Thez is asleep."

"I'm serious though that I think you could really add to the team. Hearing what you said about Erde… It really made me think of what we could all accomplish. Together. And damn are you beautiful when you sing. Well, you're always beautiful, but I mean your performance is powerful. I hope it is put to good use tomorrow"

05d4b No.17917

"Alright we'll ask her, ill,inspire you all tomorrow trust me!"

ac528 No.17918

"Good night, and good luck"

05d4b No.17919

File: 1510395839471.png (368.95 KB, 640x400, latest_cb=20130801222850.c….png)

"Same too you, extends arm like pic related"

ac528 No.17920

*laying in his bed, Trumpaladin realizes why Joseph Smith went through the effort of founding a new religion*

ac528 No.17921

"we're gonna kick this nerd's ass. And we're going to have a proper bath of hot blood"

*shakes hand*

05d4b No.17922

"Thats not frowend upon by …Footbal was it

05d4b No.17923

05d4b No.17924

"Good night big guy"

f2f6c No.17925


f2f6c No.17927

me just wake up to piss

3fd92 No.17928

Cock a doodle doo
The cow says fuck you

2c733 No.17929

File: 1510410491576.jpg (110.67 KB, 834x1000, fire feel.jpg)

I-It's not that gay..!

3fd92 No.17930

>First stage of grief: denial

2c733 No.17931

But seriously now, can I get a yes/no on that potion restock?

3fd92 No.17932

I gtg I should be back by 12 but it oould be about 1. don't kill anything without me.
"And Trump, I'm taking the filly to collect sticks"

f2511 No.17933

What potions?
If Taylor Swift invited you to bathe in blood, you would bathe.

2c733 No.17934

Like, does she have the time to buy/refill any? She already used up the magic vestment, and the dimerterium bombs never actually got made.
I want some acid resistance.

f2511 No.17935

Good thinking, yeah you can have some of those. The shackles will take time to research as an item.

f2511 No.17936

Dice rollRolled 8, 7, 2, 5, 7, 9, 5, 9, 1, 5, 1, 3, 7, 7, 2 + 30 = 108

Dice rollRolled 7, 2, 6, 4, 6, 3, 1, 1, 4, 6, 3, 5, 3, 5, 2 + 75 = 133

Rolling hp, don't mind me

f2511 No.17937

Dice rollRolled 8, 9 + 30 = 47

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 1, 4, 2, 5, 4, 3, 5, 1, 3, 4, 5 + 30 = 74

f2511 No.17938

Dice rollRolled 8, 2, 3, 5 + 4 = 22

Dice rollRolled 5, 3, 4, 4, 3, 1, 5, 1, 5, 5 + 10 = 46

2c733 No.17939

If it wasn't clear earlier, keen all of the edges.

f2511 No.17940

K. Now did you mean resistance potions or protection potions?
Resistance gives damage reduction of type per round, where protection gives essentially Hp against damage type?

2c733 No.17941

Wait, you meant pm, right?
Idk. Something that protects long enough to stay inside an internal organ for a few minutes.

f2511 No.17942

No, I meant 9a. It's 6p in Norway right now, I was going for optimal overlap.
I'd go for resistance then. Protection is what Thez used to survive Lenos' dragon-breath, whereas resistance is more for gradual damage/round

2c733 No.17943

I think I was going for protection.

2c733 No.17944

So, game time soon?

f2511 No.17945

Not without more players, 9a was kind of a ballpark estimate, we'll see who shows up when

2c733 No.17946

Okay then.
Can Tracy stack some extra barrels of knives around the outside of the stadium?

f2511 No.17947

I'm going with no,… the amount of time it would take to fill the quiver with knives alone would be extensive, outside the standard group actions, on top of acquisition of potions and, etc.

ac528 No.17948

Only depending upon the source of the blood. Although it's kind of weird

I think your character is the only one to have been anally penetrated thus far, except perhaps Inferius

yes it is…


Reeeee! I wanted to fetch sticks with the filly

I was wondering how long it would take you to ask for that potion. The shackles would have been amazing, but I didn't think you'd sneak it past GM.

Food locations would have cutlery though, wouldn't they?

f2511 No.17949

He wasn't penetrated, he was forcefully sat on.
Not in the quantities that she's asking, she's already got a broom-closet full.
And she shouldn't expect the majority of them to be 'melee-grade'

ac528 No.17950

GM, what is the name of that magic field the mage extends?

Oh come on! Give him something less pleasant for that

f2511 No.17951

What, for the >rape? Nah, context my dude. Troll either hadn't ever gotten any, or hadn't in a very long while. Here's this otherwise upstanding dude, obviously infatuated and spilling his spaghetti. She decided to both give him what he seemed to want, while also making him suffer for being awkward, but not in a way that would completely traumatize him (a little, but not a lot).

ac528 No.17952

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I wanted to take her virginity. Oh well.

This is more or less a map of what the stadium should be like, although it may be smaller than its model. See that the concourses off to the side are huge, and the seating area is huge

f2511 No.17953

File: 1510421540315.png (1.36 MB, 976x540, Screenshot-2017-11-11 Denv….png)

TY. Don't expect that level of sophistication, but <blam>

ac528 No.17954

Notice the site has information for each level of seating. Check out "suites" and "United Club."

Is the Entertron portable and it what way? Also, does it actually require input?

3fd92 No.17955

Checking in, I'll be ready at 1
Well it fucking worked

f2511 No.17956

Oh gawd, you're going to reference seating areas in combat aren't you? K ~_~
The entertron is permanently fixed to the tower, and removing it will completely disable it (its linked to the field that operates the tower)
Your bad for saying "I love you" to a hoers named Trollestia at virtually the outset of a date. Xp

05d4b No.17957

File: 1510421893709.jpg (126.5 KB, 1472x828, 1503225332393.jpg)

2c733 No.17958

File: 1510422019671-0.png (233.03 KB, 1360x1536, 505171__safe_artist-colon-….png)

"Walk it off!" can be heard from no direction in particular.

ac528 No.17959

Maybe… And I still think that date went better than he deserved.


ac528 No.17960

Also this.

ac528 No.17961

Is taking Tracy as a mount a stupid idea right now given your battle plans?\

GM, do the Blue Suede Shoes work while mounted?

f2511 No.17962

As for input, a single scrap of dna is all that is required.

For the proceeding fight, there will be 3 types of "out-of-commission". Down, Kill, and Splat. Down can be healed, Kill needs a revive, and Splat means Entertron only Thez could revive Splat, but then she becomes splat herself and that takes a LONG time to regenerate
Taylor Swift is rapidly becoming my favorite pop-culture figure

2c733 No.17963

There's a cool thing I wanna do first, but it's welcomed after that point.
>A single scrap of dna is all that is required.
Could that, hypothetically, be used for cloning?

f2511 No.17964

Another thing to note, with all the modifiers, stats, tables and considerations I CAN GUARANTEE that I will make errors and mistakes. I will do my best, but I am more concerned with maintaining the flow of gameplay than making sure I remember each and every combat modifier or whatever. If I make a glaring mistake, please correct me and if its timely I can re-script the occurrence, and if it is not timely I will gladly make amends in the next occurrence. Also please don't issue too many commands at once, as both the variance of the auto-update, possible time lag of posts, and other considerations will likely make this tricky to keep an idea of sequence. Again, I will do my absolute best.

ac528 No.17965

Would you mind having her present herself to be mounted?

"Get me closer! I want to hit him with my sword"

Also I want to know about cloning as well
The armor gives arcane spells a 30% failure chance right?

f2511 No.17966

No. Think of it as an instant regeneration device, where any exterior surplus withers away
Which armor?

ac528 No.17967

I think the plate. Possibly the magic chain mail as well

ac528 No.17968

Although if you want to fight on the ground with the sword, that works too, just give a position where I can use the shoes to get in and hit it with my sword

3fd92 No.17969

I is here

f2f6c No.17970

*inis rises from his coma*

2c733 No.17971

File: 1510423079948.jpg (19.09 KB, 512x512, tfw the ride starts.jpg)

Tracy is currently meditating as a Blackguard does in an undisclosed area and channeling wicked energies from the ongoing 4CC, as she prepares focuses her monstrous abilities for the imminent blood-orgy.

f2511 No.17972

No, the chain was crafted specifically so to allow for the full movement of normal clothes (cuz otherise a duelist suffers when armored). Also, paladins cast divine spells, so no worries.
K, so I'm seeing Tracy, Trump, Infernius(?), Torcuil, Taylor (so many T's!), leaving Norfilly

2c733 No.17973

Archane spells are disrupted by armor, except by Bards and Assassins who may wear light armor.
Paladins use divine spells anyway.

f2511 No.17974

BTW, you do realize you're still wearing the dimensional shackles right?
Does anyone happen to know their armor classes?

3fd92 No.17975

Uh, best defense is a best offense?

ac528 No.17976

What do mages use?

Take dimensional shackles off pony

Nord filly summoned

ac528 No.17977

I think I calculated last night that mine is 30 and Tracy's is 19

f2f6c No.17978

uh 4?

766f5 No.17979

>wakes up
>don't know what has happened as it was "too much" to read…

05d4b No.17980

Whats an armor class?

3fd92 No.17981

Filly is asleep and random shit happened
Welcome back

ac528 No.17982

Nerd shit. What kind of armor do you wear into battle?

Talking. And a literal blood bath

766f5 No.17983

>still a bit groggy
"Good Morning… I think.."
>looks around
>also check if I still have my sickle

05d4b No.17984

chainmail i guess.

05d4b No.17985

"Morning little one, want some candy?"

f2511 No.17986

Lewds and explanations. Will give quick rundown in a minute
Thez walks in, the air shimmering around her from a variety of enchantments and a particularly strong evil aura.
"So I guess we're doing this then. Infernius or Torcuil, do you have any protection spells, particularly for Taylor and Norfilly?"

2c733 No.17987

Tracy's was light (would've upgraded a while ago, but flying mounts can't fly with anything higher) hydra-skin barding, upgraded with the plates from giants' skulls. Did she have another does of vest oil?
Nerdy crap.
It's basically degrees of armor heaviness/thickness. Higher class armor gives more protection, but also restricts mobility and spells.
Bards can cast spells in light armor without interference. Would Taylor have a studded leather jacket in her wardrobe?

766f5 No.17988

"Do I want candy? Does the bear shit in the woods?"

3fd92 No.17989

"Good morning little one, how are you?"
"Uh, I may have soeething for Norfilly, give me a minute

ac528 No.17990

If you don't have bonus points for dexterity, you'll have an AC of 15. You might get as many as +2 for dexterity

Do I have anything

766f5 No.17991

No need for rundown. I assume my character don't know what has happened either. And not knowing IRL makes it easier to play ignorant.

2c733 No.17992

Pls gib key…

f2f6c No.17993

ac528 No.17994

*unshackles pony*

766f5 No.17995

"I'm fine. Dreamt about ponies. They were playing football and Elway was there. And he taught me football. And then we played football."

f2511 No.17996

Fair enough
You do, but theirs is better
Trump took 'em off, he's got the keys.
Good start, but I was thinking Magic Vestment, and maybe Greater Magic Weapon

f2511 No.17997

I could suggest more spells, but Thez doesn't know them so that would be bad

ac528 No.17998

"Oh, those are the best dreams. The very best.

We'll be teaching a mage a thing or two about football in an hour or less"

05d4b No.18001

Language young lady!!
I probably would.
I dont even know what my stats are.

f2f6c No.18002

me cast those too dont worry.

f2511 No.18003

Thez pulls her mask out and places it over her face, assuming the form of Urri (a hide-scrap wearing hippy).
For Taylor I have a 9 Str, 15 Dex, 10 Con, 14 Int, 14 Wis, and 15 Cha.
For Norfilly I have a 10 Str, 12 Dex, 11 Con, 13 Int, 11 Wis, and 14 Cha

766f5 No.18004

>looks down at hoof and blush

2c733 No.18005

Infernius should designate the tower for Word of Recall.

ac528 No.18006

Studded leather gives you a +3 as well as a +2 for Dexterity, for an AC of 15

Why not the stadium concourse? It's a big stadium

3fd92 No.18007

File: 1510424244191.png (245.29 KB, 1280x1024, large.png)

"Awww, well I have a crude protection spell, but it should work"
>1 year old filly is stronger than Torc
RIP in peace Torc's pride
Well, whats left of it
"Oh its fine, just be a bit more careful"

ac528 No.18008

GM, does the nerd have death spells? What kind of spells should I be concerned about here?

f2511 No.18009

I just rolled it, besides I doubt you're going to be doing any strength checks or anything

05d4b No.18010

File: 1510424362310.jpg (43.84 KB, 597x400, 449343-candy-gummy-worms-w….jpg)

"You only get half the candy now, And half after the fight."

2c733 No.18011

Word of recall is an emergency spell. He could designate both, but that would use up both of his 6th level spells.

f2511 No.18012

Of course he does. Protections and magic circles vs. Evil are strongly advised

f2f6c No.18013

i cast protection from evil on everyone.

766f5 No.18014

File: 1510424431306.png (723.16 KB, 4419x5129, 1499185279813.png)


3fd92 No.18015

File: 1510424486245.png (117.66 KB, 500x439, told-you-no-step-step-on-s….png)

You got me there
That just takes the fun out of it

>irl picture of Mr. Snek

05d4b No.18016

"Is Something funny? Why are you looking so smug?"

ac528 No.18017

In your opinion, is Holy Sword, Dispel Evil, or Death Ward wiser for my level 4 spell?

2c733 No.18018

Infernius, get on this.
Also, be ready to flank allies with those boots and save them when the nerd spatters us.

f2511 No.18019

You can omit Thez from spells, she's got herself covered

f2f6c No.18020

766f5 No.18021

>just thinking about me being stronger than Taylor

05d4b No.18022

"Reeee go to the corner and stay there untill we leave!"

f2511 No.18023

AFK for about the next 10 minutes, recommending doing any last minute spell-prep, strategy, or w/e. Don't think you're sneaking up on 'em, that's my last tidbit of advice.

766f5 No.18024

>eats 1/2 candy feeling the sugar rush

f2f6c No.18025

i cast word of recall on the concession stand in the stadium once we get there

766f5 No.18026

Also I hum ominous scaring "those who are about to die" (the other ones)

05d4b No.18027

Dont bards give combat bonuses when they perform?

3fd92 No.18028

Fucking hell, here we go
"Stay fairly close to me so I can make sure 'no step' is working."

766f5 No.18029

"Okay. Will do!"

2c733 No.18030

You're an Earth pony, right? They're strong creatures.
>tfw only 11 Char because your're a pale, sickly mare with exposed ribs, razor-sharp teeth, and subtle anthropomorphic-microchimerism.

2c733 No.18031

How long can my Eagle's Splendor last?

766f5 No.18032

I think I am an "purplish pegasus filly", at least that is how you say I look like.
>tfw never seen a mirror

05d4b No.18033

I Inspire heroics
Everyone gets a +4 to ac and plus 4 on saving throws.

ac528 No.18034

I think you're accessing it via your blackguard levels, so only 2 minutes. That's 20 rounds though

ac528 No.18035

I love you

I recommend you inspire heroics too

3fd92 No.18036

"Ah yes, something else"
Torc pulls out a staff with a golden snake head. he throws it down and it turns into a giant constrictor.
"This is Mr. Snek, he should be able to help you if you need"
Torc casts no step on Mr. Snek and gives him intructions to help norfilly unless asked otherwise.

766f5 No.18037

"How do I do that?"

2c733 No.18038

File: 1510425337613-0.png (518.47 KB, 1000x1000, 830555__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>tfw sapping energy from the ongoing 4CC
Look cute.

05d4b No.18039

"Trump dont you have something to ask tracy?"

3fd92 No.18040

GM, I've got Torc's nnd Snek's stats with me so just ask if you don't remember.
Also, I may take a minute for my turns so just remember that

f2f6c No.18041

infernuis say we need a great meal before this fight

ac528 No.18042

If you're talking about what we discussed last night, that is going to have to wait. If you are talking about combat preperations, all I am asking her at this stage is that she get close enough to the enemy I can use her position to flank and attack the enemy with magic boots"

2c733 No.18043

I want to do it during battle to be all dramatic n' shit. Also, muh special plan. Distract the cosplying nerd and his weird dog, at the beginning while Tracy sneaks in.

f2511 No.18044

Yes, for specific song effects (more in a bit)
Pegasus I though
U n me both, Lenos' faggot and I are assembling a lathe as fast as possible
That's a good idea

Almost done

ac528 No.18045

He already said expect no sneak attacks. But sure, I will talk to the guy and try to get him to dismount

05d4b No.18046

"Okay i can do that."

2c733 No.18047

Tracy can hide in plain sight with her synergy of abilities. It'll only take a few seconds anyway.

766f5 No.18048

>doing my best to look cute

2c733 No.18049

File: 1510425850910.jpg (167.14 KB, 960x1280, burn, baby, burn.jpg)

>tfw 4CC energy is coursing through veins

766f5 No.18050

File: 1510425875480.gif (131.08 KB, 1280x720, 1500429701391.gif)

ac528 No.18051

GM, shortly before entering battle, I will be casting Protection from Evil on myself, Death Ward on myself, and Divine Favor

I think that gives me an AC of 30 to start, plus 4 from Tay, 4 from Nord Filly, 2 from Inferius, and 2 from me, for a total AC of 42

Actually, can our bards do that?

Just please get near him enough where I can use the boots to come in and hit him with my sword. All I want is to get close enough to hit him with my sword

766f5 No.18052

I can be what you want me to be. I have no preferences either way. As I haven't seen myself you can mold me before we start.

3fd92 No.18053

Torc inspects the pistols before the party heads out
>Artillery Luger was a pistol carbine for use by German Army artillerymen as a sort of early Personal Defense Weapon. It had a 200 mm (7.9 in) barrel, an 8-position tangent rear sight (calibrated to 800 meters (870 yd))
I guess Torc will be our sniper today, with a adition of spells outta nowhere

ac528 No.18054

I'm going to recommend we all approach him from different sides

05d4b No.18055

Ill help ive got my 44. remember?

ac528 No.18056

Get close, but do use it

3fd92 No.18057

"I ain't gettin close"

f2f6c No.18058

2c733 No.18059

File: 1510426426198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 225.25 KB, 351x610, green fire.jpg)

>I can be what you want me to be.
I.. I.. Don't tempt me!

f2f6c No.18060

wait +4

ac528 No.18061

"That's why I asked her. But do be conscious you have a short-medium range Ice shooting pistol, not a rifle"

2c733 No.18062

File: 1510426614509-0.png (271.54 KB, 750x500, 1510426277061.png)

>tfw ebil 4CC energy wells up inside
Giddy up!

ac528 No.18063

Tracy looks super-cute in that picture

2c733 No.18064

File: 1510426730487-0.png (1.69 MB, 1280x1888, 1510420517625-0.png)

She's at her best on the field.

05d4b No.18065


3fd92 No.18066

"Its a football feild, itll be fine."
Torc drapes Mr. Snek on him
"Well, when oo we leave?"

f2f6c No.18067

File: 1510426762891.mp4 (33.24 MB, 1280x720, Giddy up.mp4)

ac528 No.18068

GM, make a new thread with fewer replies so Tourcil can actually participate in the battle. Also, thread theme for it

f2f6c No.18069


f2511 No.18070

Copy that, last thread crashed my browser. I'm about 30 posts behind, but almost fully done (this is more difficult than I thought)

f2511 No.18072

Feel free to finish prep, I'm so almost done

ac528 No.18073

I'm going to repeat what I said in >>18051, activated as soon as the mage is in contact. Although confirm and check the bard effects

Also, can the boots work while mounted?

Call Mount. Mount Fae

2c733 No.18079

File: 1510427837625-0.png (251.92 KB, 894x894, 1510426158832.png)

Can I get some pony-fitted rubber cleats, if that's not too much?
Also, drape a purple 4CC shirt over the light armor.
>tfw 4CC /mlp/ game was hawt as fuck

ac528 No.18094

It is too much

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