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File: 1509919495136.png (2.26 MB, 1600x1036, adventuring_is_magic_by_am….png)

fefa8 No.15309[Last 50 Posts]

Previous bread got moldy fast. After killing Korak and his pirates and thus gaining a Galleon-class ship, the party settles in to a relatively peaceful afternoon/evening which is certain to be entirely uneventful.
Except for Godzilla over in the stadium.
Welcome back to the Game. New players, lurkers, or w/e are welcome to non-disruptively comment or inquire. Right now the party is divvying up the swag from Korak,….

e5e9b No.15311

File: 1509919585842-0.png (Spoiler Image, 87 KB, 525x596, 1509826744584-0.png)

98d4b No.15312

What does the vest do? Is the vest the suit? Was the cloak a separate Item? Was one of those the ten turn chameleon thing? What do the boots do?

e5e9b No.15313

So, we're taking his ship after slaughtering the crew? The crew won't inherit it?
Was the ship really entirely unmanned when he left it?

33d72 No.15314

korak is in tracys >rape dungeon.

e5e9b No.15315

GM overruled that…

98d4b No.15316

>We're taking his ship
>The crew won't inherit it?
They would have, but they are dead
>was the ship really unmanned
I know right. That was my first thought

fefa8 No.15317

The vest is a fine leather vest, separate from the suit, that has 2 pockets of holding. The cloak is also separate, which provides increasing concealment the longer its activated, and yes it was the chameleon thing. The boots allow the user to instantly flash-step to a position that either A. provides flanking to an ally, or B. takes advantage of an ally's position and grants the user flanking.
This. Do you want me to leave behind a few pirates? The city's fight club makes for better combatants, unless you're just looking for a crew.

e5e9b No.15318

Any faggot could've stolen it if it were unmanned, unless Korak really was that respected in town.

fefa8 No.15319

He was, though largely 'cuz the ppl didn't know about the whole slavery thing.

33d72 No.15320

[Sad Minotuar Noises]

fefa8 No.15321

Well, why should Tracy have all the fun? There's LOTS of characters who would love to beat the piss out of him!

e5e9b No.15322

Well there's little point unless he's alive, but sure..

98d4b No.15323

I'll definitely take the boots and the ring and I will fight for them. Also, what were the dimensional shackles?

I am absolutely looking for a crew, including any of those killed in the battle that could be resurrected
That's why I was expecting the ship to be hidden in a nearby natural harbor or cay or something like in Treasure Island

e5e9b No.15324

>to be hidden in a nearby natural harbor or cay or something like in Treasure Island
He'd still need to get to it himself.

33d72 No.15325

hey has any one claimed koraks blue suede shoes?

e5e9b No.15327

e5e9b No.15328

Tracy left them in Lenos's shop.

98d4b No.15329

I thought he would take it to a place nearby, disembark, and then get it later

fefa8 No.15330

There's always the entertron, but otherwise he could object and shit. He's a loudmouth asshole,….
Magic hand(or w/e)-cuffs that prevent the person shackled from any sort of teleportation, dimensional shifting, phasing, etherealness ahem, or any other form of instant travel.
So all of them
Trump just did

33d72 No.15331

have we dealt with the nerd mage yet?

e5e9b No.15332

File: 1509920577336-0.jpeg (200.2 KB, 759x1220, 551605__artist needed_sem….jpeg)

>he could object and shit.
That's the point.

fefa8 No.15333

98d4b No.15335

Take magic cuffs

I'll give the boots to Inferius if he really wants it

not yet

e5e9b No.15336

Do minotuars have feet or hooves?

98d4b No.15337

That's…. A very good question

fefa8 No.15338

Good lad ^_~
Hooves. The boots could be adjusted to allow for hooves, but Trump already claimed 'em.

e5e9b No.15339

>The boots could be adjusted to allow for hooves
[greedy nerd reeeing noises]
That's fine..

fefa8 No.15340

Its fair, Tracy IS holding most of the swankest stuff,….

33d72 No.15341

ill get lennos to make some horse shoes with a blue suede cover on top so the flys arent constantly buzzing around muh hooves

98d4b No.15342

I know she has the sword, but what else?

fefa8 No.15343

"You'll what? I do forging and enchantments. You want some macrame, find someone else."

e5e9b No.15344

>horse shoes
Minotaurs have cloven hooves.
>everything that was not left back in the shop

fefa8 No.15345

Also the necklace of adaptation (surrounds user with a bubble of fresh air, providing safety when submerged or in toxic clouds, fumes, etc)

e5e9b No.15346

Infernius should take the cuffs, so he doesn't accidentally drop his infinite bandage and TP the whole world as he chases it down the road.

e5e9b No.15347

That good. A pregnant mare shouldn't be breathing-in pollution.

98d4b No.15348

You took the vest the cloak and the bracers too you kike?

33d72 No.15349

whered you come from lennos?
also what loot did we get from korak?

e5e9b No.15350

Lenos was watching the whole time.

06d83 No.15351

I mean, Hi!

33d72 No.15352

and he didnt even lend a hand

98d4b No.15353

I'd kind of like a complete list as well


fefa8 No.15354

File: 1509921337628.jpg (23.86 KB, 450x550, Two-Buttons-Silver-Grey-Su….jpg)

And since no one asked about what the suit does,…
Its a +3 chainmail suit that wears like a normal suit. Also, it mends its self if its ever torn or broken. No dex penalties, and while no one has ever tried wearing it under armor, it would work.

98d4b No.15355

Recommending gloves for Inferius and I think I'll take back one item from the kike

98d4b No.15356


98d4b No.15357

Wait. Is that really the color? I prefer black

06d83 No.15358

>tfw when your scottish meme mage is now a landlubbing pirate

Besides, isn't pirate law "You get what the person you killed had"

fefa8 No.15359

Its mythril with adamantine pinstripes, so yeah. Pic doesn't have pinstripes, use ur imagination. Do you WANT it darkened? Its a simple enchantment.
"Ye have to be a pirate for the code to apply which you're NOT,…"

98d4b No.15360

What do the flask and the ever smoking bottle do?

fefa8 No.15361

The complete list of Korak's swag:
Chainmail of Ambivalence +3
Cufflinks of Holding
Necktie with Holding Sheath
Vest w/ 2 pockets of holding; 1 has 12 hand-grenades, the other has dimensional shackles, a flask (healing potion), and an ever-smoking bottle.
Gloves of Sparking
Cloak of Scintillating Colors
Bracers of Armor +3
Boots of the Wolf
Serpentine Belt 'Sning'
Dimensional Shackles
Necklace of Adaptation

fefa8 No.15362

Oh, and the sword

06d83 No.15363

I'll just keep the pistols if I can't get the fucclinks
Can lenos do modifications on the pistols?
Cause thanks to the luger base, I have an idea…

e5e9b No.15364

Don't want those gloves.
*gloves appear out of nowhere*

fefa8 No.15365

Flask currently holds 3 uses of Cure Serious Wounds, the Eversmoking bottle fills the area with smoke quite quickly.
If the whole fight with Korak were allowed to play out exhaustively, he would have opened the bottle and dropped it, and then would have proceeded to individually sneak around (concealed=hidden) and shield-bash the party until it banded together to defeat him, but I didn't want to give Korak's faggot the satisfaction.

98d4b No.15366

Claiming ring, chainmail, dimensional shackles, boots, flask, ever smoking bottle.

Recommending gloves and hand grenades for Inferius

fefa8 No.15367

The gloves kind of go with the grenades in the vest.

33d72 No.15368

have you told his faggot that his character died yet?

e5e9b No.15369

*gloves disappear again*

98d4b No.15370

Oh, I'll claim neck tie

e5e9b No.15371

Weren't most of those things in the pockets?

33d72 No.15372

claming gloves,grenades and the vest.

98d4b No.15373

You sure the cloak isn't superfluous for you?

fefa8 No.15374

Nope, that'll be on monday. ^_^
Sigh Yes. The dimensional shackles, the eversmoking bottle, the flask, and the grenades.
Not necessarily. The cloak, when used properly, allows a rogue to sneak attack even when they're being observed. That's what Korak was doing with the whole "Flurry of colors, bang-bang" shit that almost killed Torcuil.

e5e9b No.15375

It grants partial concealment to the torso: good for preventing a pony's abdomen from taking critical hits and causing her to miscarry.
Besides, it would only cover-up Trumpaladin's classy, golden armor.

e5e9b No.15376

lol no
*Infernius's pants mysteriously fall down*

fefa8 No.15377

Another thing to realize is that just cuz a character has lots of stuff doesn't mean they'll be inclined/inspired to use them all the time. Thez had/has LOTS of stuff that she didn't use, just because the situation never presented its self, or 'something else' sounded more fun. More stuff doesn't mean more powerful, it depends on the personality of the character.

33d72 No.15378

reviling muh large minotuar penis

e5e9b No.15379

I just like hoarding shit.

e5e9b No.15380

File: 1509922412415-0.png (1.58 MB, 2029x2549, 1198890__safe_artist-colon….png)


98d4b No.15382

Can Inferius take the vest but I have room for the flask, the bottle, and the shackles? Maybe in the neck tie?
>it would only cover-up Trumpaladin's classy, golden armor.
Fuck you for making a valid argument. (I want my enemies to know who killed them).

I assure you, we've noticed

06d83 No.15383

When can torc get his staff?
Also Torc doesn't keep anything he can't carry at once usally
Result of being on the run a lot.
Don't try that shit, we all saw the die roll

98d4b No.15384

So…. Where is all of this stuff?

33d72 No.15385

its pretty big.

33d72 No.15386

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 20

gm said the roll didnt make sense

fefa8 No.15387

She took some of it with her, the rest she gave to the party. You never got to see the Tron frisbee. ^_^
Sure. Ponimaru appears, bearing a magnificent serpent-head for the staff with (insert preferred) precisely cut gemstone eyes.

e5e9b No.15388

>twenty 1's
What are you doing?

fefa8 No.15389

It didn't, and I vetoed it only 'cuz Thez likes you and would not want to shag if you had a 3" penir

98d4b No.15390


He's referencing when Tourcil rolled 20 1's yesterday

06d83 No.15391

Damn you
"Nice, now to find some wood. Thanks again"

fefa8 No.15392

File: 1509922775683.png (566 KB, 960x540, 1411197798359.png)

Having said, we all know what you rolled.

e5e9b No.15393

Tracy gives Ponimaru a friendly nuggie and tells him to keep working hard.

fefa8 No.15394

His eye twitches, but he does lower his ears affectionately, before dropping a smokebomb and <POOF>

33d72 No.15395

so what do i roll to find out the real size?

e5e9b No.15396

You should've specified that you wanted chaos emeralds

06d83 No.15397

No one asked you, horse.

98d4b No.15398

Is Tracy amenable to petting right now or is she grouchy?

e5e9b No.15399

File: 1509922949955-0.png (165.23 KB, 303x311, 1490165739600.png)

>making the same mistake twice
Pic very related.

fefa8 No.15400

Rly? You wanna go there again?
Oh right, cuz those are just lying around. You know that that is one of the two stones thats contained in Thez' garter right? Unique for all intents and purposes.
Come to think of it, a chaos emerald as one eye and the emerald tablet (lawful equivalent) in the other would be fukkin EXTREME

98d4b No.15401

Just don't

e5e9b No.15402

She is blueballed and embarrassed for not having been able to take-out a single foe…

33d72 No.15403

im the ballsiest one here

98d4b No.15404


I was the only person even to remember

fefa8 No.15405

Unfortunately, Tracy has that stashed in her sekret lair. Good luck negotiating.

98d4b No.15406

So… No

06d83 No.15407

Fuck I like that
Eh I'll stick with sapphire
So, I guess Torc assembles staff?

98d4b No.15408

Then she better tell me the location of the unicorn

98d4b No.15409

It's going to stay there never used for anything or for any situation

98d4b No.15410


e5e9b No.15411

Shewants it, but she also doesn't
[frustrated pony noises]
She already promised her only friend ever that she'd be safe from hoo-mans. And she has every other incentive not to tell you.

e5e9b No.15412

Oh shit, g2g

33d72 No.15413

what did i roll and what do i add to it?

33d72 No.15414

98d4b No.15415

GM If I can't have the damn unicorn give me the stones

06d83 No.15416

Torc casts spell on Infernius
Now has 3" peener

06d83 No.15417

File: 1509923322446.png (91.12 KB, 500x330, woosh-you-have-smol-pener-….png)

Damn image attachment glitches

33d72 No.15418

infernuis cast spell on torculi.
enjoy your new vagina.

98d4b No.15419

File: 1509923395350.png (391.17 KB, 1600x1405, 1510691__safe_artist-colon….png)


06d83 No.15420

File: 1509923512011.jpg (28.89 KB, 400x325, 98894452.jpg)

>tfw mod is high on crack and gonna steal your waifu while banning you

fefa8 No.15421

"You can assemble your own damn staff, I just do the enchanting."
That's actually precisely what Thez had hoped would happen.
See above
You rolled a 3.
Nigel first. Not perma, but yeah. I'll take one too, I'm the one who suggested it in the first place.

33d72 No.15422

i want to roll again what dice do i roll?

06d83 No.15423

Some where in this strange land a man named Torculi is having sex with his wife, he then feels weird and looks down
He screams as he realizes he is now scisoring his wife.
Torcuil feels no change

fefa8 No.15424

dice 1d6+5 (would be +3 but minotaur racial)

33d72 No.15425

Dice rollRolled 6 + 5


98d4b No.15426

File: 1509923772701.png (74.35 KB, 570x750, angry_rainbow_dash_by_scot….png)

Fine. I'll settle for banning Tracy next time he pisses me off enough.

>Thez knew Tracy would sit on everything like a dragon

I guess that kind of makes sense

06d83 No.15427

I think something glitched

33d72 No.15428

why dont you roll torc?

06d83 No.15429

"I'm fine with being a virgin in this world, it increase my wizard powers"

98d4b No.15430

I'm… Not sure that's how that works

33d72 No.15431

me take you to whore house.

fefa8 No.15432

She didn't know it, her only concern was that Tracy is pretty and sexy and should have pretty things to accentuate,… but yeah she did want the garter to hide away in her absence. That garter could spark an inter-planar war if mishandled.

98d4b No.15433

Trollestia better be pretty helpful when I speak to her

fefa8 No.15434

I'm still waiting on that,… I was all excited hours ago,….

98d4b No.15435

Actually, just give me a good result in a Demand spell

98d4b No.15436

I was too angry at the time….

But it would have been like 30 lines of dialogue, so not short by any means

fefa8 No.15437

THat reminds me, Tracy has the Bowler hat also.

fefa8 No.15438

Fire when ready

98d4b No.15439


Prepare a written sheet of paper for this

Trumpaladin goes into the stable, and walks around until he is able to find a spot probably 10 or 15 feet across from Trollestia, who is laying, as per usual. He sits down with his knees up on something like a pale or a set of hay, and he drinks something out of a bottle

"Hello, Trollestia…" *sips* "Aren't you like a god of something? You're a celestial right?"

98d4b No.15440

I mean Trumpaladin has a written sheet on him when entering the stable

e5e9b No.15441

33d72 No.15442

big dick minotuar.

98d4b No.15443

This. 11 inches from a roll and mod went crazy

e5e9b No.15444

She's a troll. What do you expect?

fefa8 No.15445

T> I've been called that, why do you ask?

98d4b No.15446

>What do you expect
More than I'll get out of Tracy

e5e9b No.15447

Bulls actually have pretty small penis/body ratio

fefa8 No.15448

You're still never gonna live down the 3 roll.

33d72 No.15449

im fine with that.

e5e9b No.15450

*equip bowler hat*
*contemplates starting hoers-mafia*

fefa8 No.15451

>Is now immune to mind-control
What, did anyone think it was just an accessory? That Korak never thought he could be mind-controlled,….

e5e9b No.15452

For all purposes, except functional, Infernius has a 3-inch dick.

e5e9b No.15453

[mafia pony noises]

33d72 No.15454

me cant speak Italian.

fefa8 No.15455

Unerect, this

98d4b No.15456

"Alright, first set of questions. You freed the Elves right?

So when Korak was dying, I asked him the location of an Equestrian Unicorn he was keeping, I'm guessing as a slave like the elves. He said that the Unicorn had disappeared while in a Zone of Truth. I saw her in their possession this morning. I don't believe she could have escaped on her own or have been stolen by regaular means as she was very well guarded. It must have been by teleportation, planar shift, or what have you. As I understand it, there are exactly three people who would have had the power or the motive to take the Unicorn. But I would have thought Tourcil would have mentioned it if it were him. So I want to ask you, did you - or tourcil, as far as you know - take the unicorn from Korak between this morning and tonight?"

98d4b No.15457

No. No. No.

fefa8 No.15458

T> I had nothing to do with it.
Sorry dude, pali confirms. The hat has been part of the character for almost a year, and I expected it might come up with your 'demand' agenda, but it didn't. Still, yes the hat protects against mind-control.

fefa8 No.15459

P.S. Its not exactly glued in place,….

e5e9b No.15460

File: 1509925474677-0.png (118.27 KB, 797x875, 718922__safe_artist-colon-….png)


fefa8 No.15461


06d83 No.15462

>Torc procedes to make staff
I was gonna have him make it anyway, I just needed wood

98d4b No.15463

"Whereever she is, she is probably in danger, either by her captor, the elements, or random theives. Could you find her?"

fefa8 No.15464

T> I'm quite certain I could find her. Should I do so, what are your intentions?

33d72 No.15465

i abduct torculi and take him to the whore house.

fefa8 No.15466

I'll let that one slide
Wood? Slide? Get it?

06d83 No.15467

I really don't
Torcuil isn't intrested in sexing right now

33d72 No.15468

you need the win!
*thumbs up*

e5e9b No.15469

Torquil is to squishy and frail for the whorehouse at this level: The place was ruled by Thez after all.
Let him get to lvl 20 first.

98d4b No.15470

"I don't know, but I know I would like to talk to her."

Looks over at elves, and speaking to Trollestia

"Should we get them crossword puzzles, mazes, or something?

Then looks back at her
"we should have room here in the stable. Although she's Equestrian, or I think she is. She looks like one. I'll prepare a room."

33d72 No.15471

he needs this.

98d4b No.15472

File: 1509926103878.png (627.47 KB, 1920x1080, 1506137794024-0.png)

>tfw stress has killed all appetite and sexual desire

fefa8 No.15473

T> I do know her location, but I am unsure your intentions. She has had it far more difficult than any unicorn I've ever encountered, even those who were slaughtered for their horns and affects (spell ingredients).

e5e9b No.15474

Good. I owe it to Thez not to burn down the pace.

fefa8 No.15475

>afk 3 min

e5e9b No.15476

File: 1509926203079.png (218.6 KB, 700x525, closing in.png)

[unintelligible pony noises]
>hoers-speech for:
'She's fine; let her be. Don't you dare backstab my friend, you white cunt.'
*makes face only a herbivore with eyes on the sides of its face could understand*
'got it?'

98d4b No.15477

He gets up

"You know her well? What do you know about her?"

98d4b No.15478

I meant IRL…

98d4b No.15479

Dice rollRolled 8

Can I do a motive check on Trollestia? Roll

06d83 No.15480


Torc assembles the staff, and tetts the snek spell

33d72 No.15481

how can you do that when i abducted you?

e5e9b No.15482

I prefer to leave the spells to Torculi: he's the wizard after all.

06d83 No.15483

>reeee's hard enough to be heard on the moon

fefa8 No.15484

File: 1509926601704.gif (427.1 KB, 309x171, de4.gif)

I'm <pant> back <pant>
>tfw u just ran 1/2 a mile with a hot pizza so it didn't get cold

98d4b No.15485

>Back stab
She's being held captive by a psycho murderer in the woods away from all others, where she has no shelter, only grass for food, no contact with civilization, she is vulnerable to wolves and who knows what else

Answer these!
>>15479 >>15477

06d83 No.15486


I bet pizza was worth it

e5e9b No.15487

If Tracy wanted to cut-off her horn and drag her into the dungeon, she would've done so a while ago

fefa8 No.15488

T> I don't, we've never met in actuality. What I know of her is simply cuz I'm essentially a cop-out for the GM to be able to explain things, suggest things, and otherwise help the flow of the thread.
He has +18 on sense motive yes?

fefa8 No.15489

T> Oh quit being dramatic. Where she IS, she will not be disturbed; not by wolves, hoomans, or anything else.
Her motive is to make the most apropos decision based on the best interests of all involved.

98d4b No.15490

Fuck you that wasn't even communicated

fefa8 No.15491

My bad, stricken. That is, if the PW was right

33d72 No.15492

File: 1509927109447.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.41 KB, 720x960, 1503195684049-3.jpg)


e5e9b No.15493

I told you she was a cunt.

06d83 No.15494

But shes Torc's cunt
And thats what matters

fefa8 No.15495

T> Lets get down to brass tacks. You have a mount, and she's the only friend of one of your allies. Said ally doesn't make friends often or easily. Your interest in Slovenia could threaten the only significant intimate development that said ally has had, possibly ever. You understand if I'm hesitant to just cough up her location?

fefa8 No.15496

*she's = Slovenia

e5e9b No.15497

*murderous look*
'Shut your fucking mouth, cunt! Nobody needs to know.'

fefa8 No.15498

>murderous look
T> Banana? Look, give her some time. She's been cooped up in a ship's hold for longer than the elves, which also need tending to. Right now is the only freedom she's had since she came to this world, and for the record, she was brought here on your request.

33d72 No.15499

hey gm have i got torc to the whore house yet?

06d83 No.15500

No, Torc is testing his staff

e5e9b No.15501

(can Trollestia speak hoers? Tracy speaks hoers as a bonus language, but idk about Troll now)

33d72 No.15502

Dice rollRolled 20

You can test it on the way.

e5e9b No.15503

Also, is she speaking telepathically, or out loud?

fefa8 No.15504

Oh SO stolen, Inf has almost a 40 str
Of course she does, and she can emathically commune with all non-evil creatures.

06d83 No.15505

File: 1509928043898.jpg (4.67 KB, 261x183, iK60ZcW_d.jpg)

e5e9b No.15506

Then wtf can't she take a hint and shut up about the unicorn? Fucking inconsiderate cunt.

33d72 No.15507

off to the whore house.

e5e9b No.15508

>commune with all non-evil creatures.
Oh wait…

06d83 No.15509

Dice rollRolled 13

Roll for Torc to teleport away

fefa8 No.15510

>totally not getting whats going on
T> Would YOU like a banana?
You can't really cast a spell while you're being carted along. You're welcome to roll a grapple check against Infernius' strength,….

e5e9b No.15511

That doesn't really answer the question though. Even if she's using Wild Empathy, can she speak hoers?

06d83 No.15512

What do you think I am, Retarded?
Torc begs infernius to stop, using all his charisma

e5e9b No.15513

[carnivorous pony noises]

"Oh, look at that green light coming from the football field!"

33d72 No.15514

go on type something out convince me to stop.

fefa8 No.15515

Out loud. Empathic communication is more body language and facial cues.
Speak, with horses (exclusively, outside common language) yes.
T> Its not friendship that makes you want to keep her from others. I see your motives, and I appreciate them. Having said, Slovenia can make her own decisions.
T> I'll tell you what. I'll tell you where she can be found, AFTER you convince Tracy that its a good idea.

98d4b No.15516

"A mount? I don't need any mount besides Fae. I would like this unicorn as a companion, that is true, since I prefer the companionship of Equesrians. I feel as if I can sympathize quite a bit with her situation. If I have never suffered nearly as greatly, I feel it is similar in kind. I think she should be given the option herself of accepting - or rejecting - my friendship. And she should be allowed as well to talk to whomever.

Ally? You mean Tracy? She's not much of a friend nor ally. But more to the point, why would me speaking to her disturb any friendships any one has? Surely both can occur at the same time. In fact, if they are in the same building it would help things by giving more opportunity for communications.

The bottom line is that keeping a person captive and away from all contact, human or not, is not a way to help that person grow and move on from past trauma. You save them from harm, but you keep them away from the good as well.

I think I can help to give her a better life. I think I can use my contacts to help make her a fashion model, a handbag designer or whatever life she should chose to live. But I don't think she should be kept from hearing my offer.

She should be given the opportunity herself. All her life she's been captive. Keeping her away from me is not doing much better than chaining her.

You trust the elves to stay here in the stable. You trust yourself here in the stable. Why do you think she'd be more vulnerable here, or in whatever accommodations we could provide for her elsewhere?"

e5e9b No.15517

You don't get it. Tracy is unironically trying to keep a promise she made to her friend, to protect her from hoo-mans. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

06d83 No.15518

"Please Infernius, I don't want to do this. The fight with Korak has me thinking of my wife, and how good of a person she was. And I don't want to go fuck some whores while I'm thinking of her. Please."
Torc looks Infernius in the eyes, hoping he understands

33d72 No.15519

Dice rollRolled 6

>tfw i have 16 charisma
>tfw counter charisma check
torculi your wife loved you she wouldnt want you lonely, i help you, you thinkank me later

98d4b No.15520

Shrugging of to the side
"Tracy made a friend? Come again now?

98d4b No.15521

Shrugging of to the side
"Tracy made a friend? Come again now?

06d83 No.15522

Torcuil angrily shouts

fefa8 No.15523

And YOU don't get it, that keeping her from hoomans may not be the best thing for her. What do you really expect, that she's just going to prance in the grove until someone decides to visit? There are more hoomans than the slavers she's known since she got here, and maybe with enough incentive Trump can be precisely that sort of hooman. If not, Troll's horn would fit nicely in his pooper.
Relax. Unless he intends to force Torc into a whore its not going anywhere.

fefa8 No.15524

T> Yes, she did. It was adorable, and totally unexpected. So again, you understand my reticence?

fefa8 No.15525

>TFW Trollestia is the most accurate/authentic portrayal of GM's mindset than any other NPC, even though they were largely more designed to do so

33d72 No.15526


e5e9b No.15527

File: 1509929405655.jpg (152.15 KB, 576x576, brb, going ghost.jpg)

"I think something massive just appeared in the football stadium. I'd better go check it out."
I was going to have her go get her the next day, but whatever…
>Cleric recommending degeneracy


33d72 No.15528

we cant have our men blue balled.

06d83 No.15529

Take a guess

e5e9b No.15530

You should buy some incense and try practicing Augury sometime.

98d4b No.15531

"Wow… I would never have thought.

Well, The poor girl - Slovenia - is in a vulnerable position, that is sure, and we should be sensitive to her condition. But keeping a person away from a trigger is not healthy. They must overcome their fear. I personally believe I can help reintegrate her into society. I believe my reforms and efforts in Port Barry have helped bring live to a dead and pirate dominated backwater. If I can help a whole city find it's purpose and thrive after being freed from tyranny, maybe I can help a single mare. If she decides she doesn't like me - or any of the other people she meets along the journey - she can go back to the woods. But I don't believe she should be denied the opportunity for rehabilitation.

As for Tracy… I don't know. I've tried to be her friend, but I don't think she's interested. If Slovenia is more attractive to her, well, Tracy will still be able to talk to her if she is in the same building. But people can have several friends. Maybe we can all teach each other something about friendship"

33d72 No.15532


e5e9b No.15533

Tracy slips away a heads off towards the stadium to check on the giant monster just appeared out of nowhere instead of ignoring it, like a rational pony would.

33d72 No.15534

98d4b No.15535

Please let us get away with fiating time

06d83 No.15536

No offence Tracy
Who did you guys give Torc shit aboit?

33d72 No.15537

i will.

98d4b No.15538

File: 1509930044658.png (70.23 KB, 680x510, 1481799703-aryanne-triste-….png)

>tfw when you'll never see Tracy acting cute and adorable again

e5e9b No.15539

Dice rollRolled 20

Sneak attack keen-edged knife in pooper before leaving (use poison too, so you learn to read the Cleric spell list)

98d4b No.15540

Tracy why

33d72 No.15541

thez not you waifu! she mine!

33d72 No.15542


e5e9b No.15543

That would've pissed her off.

fefa8 No.15544

And you'll have that chance. For the moment, Troll is not convinced of anything other than that this is a golden opportunity to blank-blank-blank.
T> Tell me this, would you be so interested if she weren't a pony?
Oh, cuz forcing him into someone is going to be much better,….
Tracy finds (I'm assuming she's ethereal cuz otherwise murdered) that the T is running around the field sniffing things. Its behavior is comparable to an attack-dog, complete with peeing on things. In the stands is a single vibrantly colored fellow (see pics in prev thread) who has apparently fallen asleep while waiting.

fefa8 No.15545


33d72 No.15546

im playig inernuises int

e5e9b No.15547

It sounds really cute…
I see why the nerd made a pet out of it.

06d83 No.15548

Dense ass…
Trollestia you faggot

fefa8 No.15549

This, there's sigh no question who Thez prefers.

98d4b No.15550


"Tracy, why you gotta be this way*

Removes knife from ass and hands cloth to stop bleeding

"Also she's right, you really should read up on the spell list. That's a poison knife you know. Here, read this"

"It's probably fair to say I have more sympathy for a female pony than for, well, anything else, much the same as the cuter dogs are more likely to be adopted. But she is still in need of being helped"

e5e9b No.15551

This wasn't ironic, btw.
Fucking heal yourself quick, dumb bull.

33d72 No.15552

oh okay
*to the stables*

06d83 No.15553


06d83 No.15554

File: 1509930525693.jpg (51.01 KB, 640x845, lZaE0Qn_d.jpg)

Torc's World

e5e9b No.15555

Praise Football

98d4b No.15556

Dude, no one's getting laid with Trollestia, that prude

33d72 No.15557

>detect poison
>delay poison

e5e9b No.15558

>not healing your wound
And wtf was this post edited?

33d72 No.15559

thats actually terrifying.

fefa8 No.15560

>Lesser restoration

e5e9b No.15561

That's quite the dark backstory…

33d72 No.15562

i was getting to it geez i just wanted to make sure my liver was gonna be okay.

06d83 No.15563

Well, Trump isn't

fefa8 No.15564

Sorry, I refreshed before I could screen-cap. I think you know why it was edited tho. Xp
>cuz Torcuil is

98d4b No.15565

Dude, I produced better memes than you could have

2037 at the latest

e5e9b No.15566

I just praised Epona and praised football.
Brad just edited it because he hates free speech and free religion.

fefa8 No.15567

"Thou shalt have no gods before Football" is how I recall the commandment.

98d4b No.15568

File: 1509930998202.png (236.7 KB, 400x518, 1557328__safe_flash sentry….png)

It's almost as if a GET thief, banned from taking them himself, steals GETs anyways…

>Free religion
This is a Denver Broncos board boy

fefa8 No.15569

Thank you for reminding me

06d83 No.15570

>even GM isn't giving Torc a chance
RIP in Pepes

e5e9b No.15571

Epona is the protector of all mares and equestrians (hoers-riders): she deserves a place where she is acknowledged.

33d72 No.15572

>he saying you will get laid m9

06d83 No.15573

Wait, It wasn't sarcasm?
Torc's timeline, not ours
Now do you why he's always salty?

98d4b No.15574

File: 1509931334436.png (461.46 KB, 1600x1111, 1556387__safe_artist-colon….png)

Um… What did I remind you of?

You've been trying to take every single GET Quad and Trips on every board since at least May. You be grateful you are tolerated

e5e9b No.15575

At least I didn't troll with deliberate intention to piss-off the userbase.

98d4b No.15576

I don't know…

People weren't happy about so many "Praise Kek" posts

Okay fair point

fefa8 No.15577

>IRL Bronco-posting intensifies
The other day a co-worker wore a Bronco's shirt that said "She wants the D". I said "That's a great shirt, the Denver Broncos are the best team ever". She said "You like them? I've always been a fan." I said "Fuck yeah, I could speak volumes about how awesome John Elway is."
Tl;dr, I'm getting one of the mugs.

06d83 No.15578

This, this is a beautiful story

fefa8 No.15579

You'll have to be exceptionally sexy and charming to convince, but its not out of the question.
T> Banana?

98d4b No.15580

File: 1509931734088.jpg (366.12 KB, 1536x1024, john-elway-contract-extens….jpg)

Praise be

Does this include Trumpaladin?

06d83 No.15581

Torc takes the banana thanking Trollestia.
"Thanks for the help the other night"

e5e9b No.15582

File: 1509931804148-0.gif (8.75 MB, 600x338, 811967__semi-dash-grimdark….gif)

>This cunt still claims to be good-aligned
Be careful, Torc. This is dangerous territory…

fefa8 No.15583

I only regret that the goofy-face Elway pic (with annotations) isn't available on a mug.
And sigh maybe, yes.
fukking kek
She's good-ish

98d4b No.15584

Update on the Unicorn negotiations please

06d83 No.15585

File: 1509932085105.png (Spoiler Image, 256.97 KB, 516x526, 1409630808061.png)

Praise Elway it isn't pic related

98d4b No.15586

That gif is perfect

e5e9b No.15587

Trollestia had better find that hilarious

98d4b No.15588

… Are you trying to sleep with her too now?

e5e9b No.15589

98d4b No.15590

Can I… Pet pony?

fefa8 No.15591

You're right.
T> You make an excellent point. I understand why you are partial to ponies kek and will not begrudge. Please, allow at least a day or so, that she can feel the wind through her mane, can run freely and unobserved except by squirrels and fireflies and bugs and birds. I will tell you where to find her, but at least allow her friend the chance to reconnect first.

e5e9b No.15592

*blue pony suddenly reappears, looking glum*

fefa8 No.15593

If I wanted to be a dick, I COULD bring up the fact that Tracy's distaste for Trump stems largely from the feud between waifu-thief (who did nothing wrong) and Tracy (who is anti-multi-waifus) and is technically inadmissable in game,… and though I AM a dick, I'll let that matter slide.
… like the 'wood' that Torcuil is still holding
ye get it now?

98d4b No.15594

"Are you not afraid she will be spirited away again, or harmed if you wait?"

"D'aww. Why you sad little pony?"
*rubs down pony head and down her neck*

fefa8 No.15595

e5e9b No.15596

[pony purring sounds]
*Brushes cheek against leg*

98d4b No.15597

>Evidence admissibility rules
Kek, I'm supposed to be writing a brief about evidence admissibility for a moot court tournament now

"Do you mind if return for her tomorrow?"

"D'aww. Why have you been so gloomy little pony? You were so happy last night but more recently you've been a bit, well, evasive and sad."

*tries to pet her*

fefa8 No.15598

Lenos wanders though amidst all the huggery.
"So I hear there's a giant monster in the stadium," he says half-assedly walking out of the room.
"No pressure," he calls from down the way as he continues.

fefa8 No.15599

"Carry on with the hugging, its cute," his voice is even more distant

98d4b No.15600

"Are you willing to help?"

e5e9b No.15601

[affectionate but sad whinnying]
"I… I don't know… I've been having a lot of mood swings lately, worse than usual.."
*eats pickle after dunking it in a 5-gallon drum of chocolate ice-cream*
"… and cravings too.."
[hormonal pony noises]

06d83 No.15602

Wasn't for Trollestia
What she say?

98d4b No.15603

"So… you're claiming it's nothing more than the pregnancy?

In a baby voice
"I heard you made a friend"


e5e9b No.15604

>not showing her a precious meme-relic from a lost society
Show her the banana!

06d83 No.15605

The real Trump wouldn't treat me like this

fefa8 No.15606

Sorry, missed that in cross-linking.
T> Oh, so you like bananas? I've got a whole bag here if you like! I'm teasing, but its nice to find one with a sense of humor (assumed). As for the other night, it is I who should thank you. The moment demanded immediate action, and I wasn't in a position or mind to discuss. You behaved admirably.

fefa8 No.15607

When you put it that way it almost sounds,….

e5e9b No.15608

[confused and depressed pony noises]….
"..I saw that. Some fag dressed as a clown just beamed-in on a giant monster griping about lunch money or something. We should probably go check it out now."

98d4b No.15609

File: 1509933400050.png (265.41 KB, 1280x1922, _first_try__smug_flash_by_….png)

No one took notice that my character is not actually named Trump. He's a Paladin dedicated to Trump, but not actually named that. He left his name and his reputation behind in his past life, even if the old habits followed with him.

The real Trump would be disappointed by your lack of use of his plentiful memes

06d83 No.15610

The banana isn't a MEME ITS HELL
"No, without you I wouldn't have gotten out of there alive. I owe you one."

98d4b No.15611

*Brings her up on a couch, and sort of lays on her, joining her in the depression and confusion*

e5e9b No.15612

Show her the meme that led to the destruction of an entire way of life.
Enlighten her on what evils the bananas unleashed on your people.
Tell her exactly why you don't fucking like bananas.

06d83 No.15613

But I like potassium
Just not that banana

98d4b No.15614

File: 1509933618136.jpg (51.32 KB, 670x377, 1dxet4.jpg)

>"No, without you I wouldn't have gotten out of there alive. I owe you one."
Aaaaaand now you make yourself look weak

e5e9b No.15615

*closes eyes and lays on lap, ignoring the giant monster and the nerd with the shitty cosplay*
[relaxed pony noises]

98d4b No.15616

Dude I don't want to fight that thing now. Korak almost kicked our asses, that thing is worse. Also, you might want to prepare some acid resistance spells if you plan on fighting that way

06d83 No.15617

File: 1509933800445.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.83 KB, 631x537, dbbe9m6suyvz.jpg)

He got fucking SHOT

98d4b No.15618

"Do you still like me?"

fefa8 No.15619

>shitty cosplay
I get so many keks from these threads

e5e9b No.15620

I think we're just supposed to meet him, get to know his character, and let him cuck us out of our lunch money at this stage.

98d4b No.15621

File: 1509933941243.gif (534.98 KB, 304x367, 7de.gif)

Yeah he did get shot. Without rescuing the elves. Or fighting anything stronger than a low level NPC. And Trollestia saw it.

I hope he doesn't charge a late fee

e5e9b No.15622

I'd shout it right to his face, if it wouldn't entail the total destruction of Port Barry.

e5e9b No.15623

File: 1509934042716-0.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, 581393__safe_artist-colon-….png)

*droopy pony ears indicate confusion and worry*
".. Why would you ask me that, Flashy?"

06d83 No.15624

>low level

fefa8 No.15625

Yeah, Korak was lvl 19.
It wouldn't faze him, he knows he's a freak.
Oh, but he does. He REALLY does,… but that'll come out in dialogue.

98d4b No.15626

"I feel like you sometimes hide things from me, almost like you don't trust me…

Now tell me. What is wrong, little pony?"

*pets ears specifically more*

e5e9b No.15627

>nerd not being incredibly self-conscious about the quality and authenticity of his cosplay
…. he really is a freak…

98d4b No.15628

You weren't fighting Korak on the docks that night

Mother fucker. Good thing I have six gorrilion diplomacy modifers

fefa8 No.15629

Good thing he's batshit insane,… we're talking The Joker with LOTS of magic insane.
It fits his personality

06d83 No.15630

Contunie the dialoge with trollestia
Who shot me then?

fefa8 No.15631

T> Yes?

06d83 No.15632

98d4b No.15633

File: 1509934645272.jpg (171.1 KB, 1280x704, my.jpg)

So… I'm guessing he can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with?

I can actually kind of respect that. See pic related


e5e9b No.15634

"I don't hide anything you'd be woefully concerned about, Flashy.. I'm just not used to trusting people with everything I do…
.. There are some things I'd rather handle on my own, you know, before the wedding ceremony is finally completed.. I want to make sure everything is taken care of the way I envisioned it.."
*looks up worried, but determined*
"So don't worry too much about me going off on my own, okay, Flashy?"

fefa8 No.15635

Right, sorry
You'll see
T> That's true. I guess you owe me one then don't you? ^_~

98d4b No.15636

"I can sympathize with not trusting people. My God can I sympathize with that. But Marriage, and marriage with children, is where two become as if they are one flesh. There is not so much room for secrets.

… Are you really sure you want to be married?"

e5e9b No.15637

File: 1509934889032.jpg (122.5 KB, 772x719, why.jpg)

>respect that
>See pic related
See pic related

fefa8 No.15638

"Oh, she's gonna be mad later isn't she?"

06d83 No.15639

T> "Maybe I can buy you a drink to start?"

fefa8 No.15640

Tr raises an eyebrow. T> You know alcohol is degenerate, yes?

e5e9b No.15641

"I'm absolutely sure I want to get married, although I'll need to take care of a lot of things before then.. Things that'd you'd rather not get mixed-up in…"
*touches hoof to abdomen*
"I want to make sure everything's ready for the future…"

98d4b No.15642

From a different room, Tourcil and Trollestia can here the shout


"Are you really sure you're ready for it? As a person?"

e5e9b No.15643

"… I…………"
[frantically worried expectant mother pony noises]
"… I hope so…"

06d83 No.15644

T> "That was a test, how about diner?"
Your opinion is invalid

fefa8 No.15645

T> I hear the Sticky Wicket is nice, Thez wouldn't stop going on about it.

e5e9b No.15646

Will we get to see the freak soon?

98d4b No.15647

Interruption from a different room

"The Trump Grille has a better assortment"

98d4b No.15648

"Tracy, I'm not sure I ever understood

Why me?"

fefa8 No.15649

You're asking me? He's passed the fuck out waiting on you lot!
T> … or the Trump Grille why the e? if thats suitable

98d4b No.15650

Trumpaladin wants to get around Trademarks

e5e9b No.15651

>waiting on you lot
Does he know about the party? Why isn't he harassing the villagers for his lunch money?

06d83 No.15652

Trump hears a "Fuck off ye cunt" ringing in his ears
"I think we could try the Sticky Wicket, tonight at about 6?"

98d4b No.15653

"Hey Tracy, you want to interrupt Tourcil's date by abducting him to go along to meet with that pissed off guy?"

e5e9b No.15654

"… Not really, but sure."

98d4b No.15655

*Kind of worried by an unenthusiastic response*
"I… I thought you loved to cause mischief, hate on nerds like Tourcil, interfere with Trollestia, and wanted to go meet that guy?"

fefa8 No.15656

Cuz he's asleep
Cuz what time is it? Time for a date with a hoers! Xp
He WON'T thank you, just sayin

98d4b No.15657

"The kitchen isn't clean there!"

e5e9b No.15658

Who unironically would want to go meet that freak?
"Let's go."

06d83 No.15659

Y'all are cunts
Massive, massive cunts
Well this is gonna be intresting

e5e9b No.15660

>Paladin lying and/or starting rumors to promote his business
You do know you'll lose all your superpowers for committing a single evil act, and that only a high-level Cleric can redeem you, right? Don't try that again.
Being a Blackguard is better

98d4b No.15661

Have you seen the kitchen there? It's unsanitary. Workers don't even wear hair nets

fefa8 No.15662

>is better
He's Trump Good, which means wtfe, Trump is Good.

06d83 No.15663

He says
And a man who lived in a cave for years

98d4b No.15664

>Trump is always Good
This. Just because y'all don't always understand my 4d chess moves doesn't mean I'm wrong

"Ever given a nerd a swirly in toilet?"

e5e9b No.15665

I do unironically think being a Blackguard is better than playing as a Paladin. Blackguards don't always have to put others before themselves and act like saints all the time, and they don't lose their powers when they do.
If this game hadn't started as an autistic plot to harass another player,
I would've been a blackguard. Anti-heroes ftw.

e5e9b No.15666

File: 1509936499065-0.png (697.04 KB, 900x775, 1205037__questionable_arti….png)

"Have I?!"

fefa8 No.15667

"Yeeeah. Wo0t!"
Thats,… kinda disturbing

98d4b No.15668

"Let's test out the wedgies we'll give to the mage on Tourcil. He can see just how clean the bathroom is as well (Do the staff even wash their hands?)

Paladin is pretty nice too


e5e9b No.15669

File: 1509936695793-0.png (568.51 KB, 900x700, tumblr_morcpuXznV1r38helo5….png)

File: 1509936695793-1.png (607.41 KB, 900x700, tumblr_morcpuXznV1r38helo6….png)

File: 1509936695793-2.png (488.92 KB, 900x724, tumblr_morcpuXznV1r38helo3….png)

That year's Bronycon was especially disturbing…

06d83 No.15670

>super-sonic reee

fefa8 No.15671

>pic 2
That is SO how I picture Tracy most of the time
That's just cuz there wasn't an Mlpol.net faction

e5e9b No.15672

Fallen Paladin is master-race though: make for the most powerful characters and the most interesting stories, imo.

98d4b No.15673

File: 1509936955145.png (177.92 KB, 797x1001, sad_fluttershy_by_notlikel….png)

>tfw wants the high power levels but too pure to ever fall

98d4b No.15674

Okay but seriously, you do know the real Donald Trump has a higher than normal sense of disgust, and orders cleaning in his properties more often than normal, right?

e5e9b No.15675

I know that much.

fefa8 No.15676

>too pure
So Torcuil is leading Troll off to have some noms. Apparently he totally forgot about ahem assembling his wooden snake-staff I had to. Infernius is marvelling at his shiny 'new' not-tiny penir, Trump and Tracy are developing something resembling a relationship,… did I miss anything? Oh yeah, Lenos is beating up Korak, cuz Korak is a douche.
I hear the Sticky Wicket cooks and sells dead babies. You should probably avoid it. kidding, trolling,… but it is unhallowed

98d4b No.15677

You never answered >>15648

>cuz Korak is a douche
Please tell

>wicket is unhallowed

Do I have to burn it to purify the city?

fefa8 No.15678

"He better NOT"
Ahem. May I suggest that is inadvisable.

e5e9b No.15679

File: 1509937712254-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 960x1484, 1065596__suggestive_artist….png)

Goddamit! I lost my sheet.
>*moment-ruining pause as faggot-nerd flips through his little booklet looking for what he wrote*
….I still need a few minutes to cook up an actual response…
pic unrelated

e5e9b No.15680

File: 1509937791318.png (Spoiler Image, 550.91 KB, 900x459, until death do us part.png)

I have ways if making you fall.

fefa8 No.15681

>pic not related
My sides! I need those

e5e9b No.15682

Can't Infernius use Hallow to designate the site as holy?

fefa8 No.15683

… I suppose there is nothing barring him from doing so, although he already has a shiny new cathedral dedicated to Rockwell, so why would he. e\_O

fefa8 No.15684

"Its okay faggot, I can always pick another place. I just liked it cuz it was quiet and there's a piano."

06d83 No.15685

Oh yeah, the staff.
Ehh, going on a date, it can wait

fefa8 No.15686

T> And here I thought you had forgotten. Feel free to ghost if you need to, I don't know the exact time difference but GM is on PST.

e5e9b No.15687

>forgot fiends aren't comfortable at holy sites
Sorry Thez.

33d72 No.15688

>anti-hero ftw
thats why i pick ghoatic good.

e5e9b No.15689


06d83 No.15690

I meant game time, but Torc's fag is on est
Nah, I'm here just had to feed cats

fefa8 No.15691

T> Lead on good sheep-fucker (scotsman Xp)

06d83 No.15692

T> I'm not fucking welsh
>leads way

33d72 No.15693

i cast hallow on the city.

e5e9b No.15694

What about the freak?
Don't. It'll piss-off your waifu.

fefa8 No.15695

Hallow has a 40' radius. No on city.
"Its okay, it only itches really."
What about him? He's not going anywhere.

33d72 No.15696

File: 1509938718234.jpg (44.05 KB, 850x560, e531ffa007f7ec93ab8a0f7f25….jpg)

e5e9b No.15697

Can we go see what his deal is? His pet is bothering the townsfolk.

33d72 No.15698

is there a more op version of the spell i could use?

e5e9b No.15699

33d72 No.15700

i did fag.

fefa8 No.15701

Hallow is the beefiest. You can research and create a better one, but that'll take time.
"If you wanna purify the Wicket, thats okay. Just leave the whorehouse alone K?"

33d72 No.15702

"i swear."

98d4b No.15703

Just go house to house. You'de do it to purify from Jews, so why not from Demonic elements?

I really wanted to hear this, or get some character development…

"This ain't Amsterdam. We have standards"

e5e9b No.15704

Use Meld stone daily to build multiple Confederate Battle Monuments all around Port Barry, and designate each one as holy.

e5e9b No.15705

meant for >>15698

06d83 No.15706

>no comments on the date
I should have kept Torc a virgin
This gonna be a disaster

98d4b No.15707

33d72 No.15708

confederate and NSDAP Monuments coming up.

fefa8 No.15709

>having standards
Oh right
In the style of the Legend of Bagger Vance
"Oh no sir, its been a disaster for a long time now"

98d4b No.15710

Don't worry, his wizard powers are not in danger >>15429


e5e9b No.15711

File: 1509939443193-0.jpg (227.85 KB, 800x654, Confederate-Monument.jpg)

It'll take quite a while to do, but the Stonewall will be pleased.

33d72 No.15712

this actually pretty smart.

33d72 No.15713

>shows picture of general lee.

e5e9b No.15714

Leave a spot for Thez, alright?
I thought Stonewall was the guy next to him…
Let me sort out my folder.

fefa8 No.15715

The whorehouse. Let the record show, the whorehouse is unsacred. Most unsacred. Degenerate even.

06d83 No.15716

Oh, fuck off

33d72 No.15717

hey gm can i go to the center of town and make a monement of hitler cutting off one of the heads of a gerorge soros hydra?

e5e9b No.15718

No, I could swear Stonewall is next to Lee in the Baltimore monument.
>Didn't already do it
Don't forget to mark it as sacred.
>inb4, Soros sends antifa army to destroy it, but we build it back bigger and better

fefa8 No.15719

>can't stop laughing
Go for it! Hitler is nao cutting off one of Soros' hydra heads,… cuz we all know he's a hydra

e5e9b No.15720

There should be other globalists as its heads, Rockefeller already being cut off.

98d4b No.15721

File: 1509939963689.png (182.77 KB, 500x375, 304164__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Fountain in the central plaza

So we can purge it

It's okay, I tried and failed to woo Trollestia, and holy hell this unicorn has been and will continue to be difficult

98d4b No.15722

I did not mean to post that picture

06d83 No.15723

GM, how's the date going?

33d72 No.15724

e5e9b No.15725

Don't purge Thez's hang-out.
You have your grill, she has her whorehouse.

33d72 No.15726

i also wish to know.

e5e9b No.15727

Say something: make her laugh.

33d72 No.15728

oh and joseph stalin is a head too

e5e9b No.15729

Draw/shoop it for maximum holiness.

fefa8 No.15730

Okay, rockefeller head on the ground
At your peril
Its going marvelously. Both of you have eaten, though nothing has been said. Awkwardly.
T> So what inspires a wildish Scotsman to take a unicorn on a 'date'?

33d72 No.15731

on it.

98d4b No.15732

If Tourcil is actually getting a date, should I take Tracy on a date? would she accept?

I actually have not done that. There was that time when I was trying and failed to seduce Korak where she tagged along, but not a proper date

I respect the sacrifices she made for the city, but she has her way of doing things, and I have mine. Replace the brothel with a Courthouse

e5e9b No.15733

Your going to really regret doing that if your serious.

e5e9b No.15734

the brothel, that is

98d4b No.15735

Kek, you had to clarify

e5e9b No.15736

Sure, take her out, she'd love it, but the giant monster and obnoxious freak don't make for the best atmosphere on your part (she's slept through worse).

fefa8 No.15737

Seriously this
All this to-do about a whorehouse, while a crazy mutant gigantor dog strolls about the Football field,…

33d72 No.15738

i will give you super cancer in your asshole if you touch that building.

e5e9b No.15739

Isn't the football field supposed to be sacred?
Sounds like a duty for a Paladin.

98d4b No.15740

We don't have to burn it. We can just demolish it

Probably should do something about that

Oh come on! I pulled a knife out of your asshole

I hate to say this, but yes

e5e9b No.15741

>Forgetting Paladin is immune to disease
Use Mark of Justice to screw him over if he bulldozes the brothel.

33d72 No.15743


06d83 No.15744

"You saved my life, besides…"
Torc realizes this is the first meaningful relationship he's had in years
"I love you"
Hopefully your guys' autisim detectors are off, or you might get an overload warning

98d4b No.15745

waaaay too soon

e5e9b No.15746

>Copious amounts of high-pressure sketties erupt from Torc's pockets, but magically land on the couple's plates

33d72 No.15747

>droping the l word on the first date
bad move

06d83 No.15748

>he's been living in a cave for years with no outside interaction, what do you expect

fefa8 No.15749

No no, let him do his thing. I promise it won't ever come around and bite him in the ass. I'm sure of it. ^_^
Shush now, I got this.
Whoa,… whoa,… whoa. Really? Gah!
And this
Im belaying T's response for the moment.

33d72 No.15750

can i go to ben really quick?

fefa8 No.15751

So… many… responses…
>GM has aneurism

fefa8 No.15752

Yes, please please go to Ben

e5e9b No.15753

Follow, just for the sake of bullying Ponimaru.

06d83 No.15754

Guys, Torc didn't talk to anyone for years, was in a cave, and studied memes for the love of god!
Do you expect him to handle a date well?

98d4b No.15755

"Um… Tracy. Do you want to…"

e5e9b No.15756


33d72 No.15757


fefa8 No.15758

T> O_O That was highly unexpected. You must realize that confessions and revelations of such sort tend to make the situation awkward?

e5e9b No.15759

Better learn spaghetti-bending, Torc…

fefa8 No.15760

Ponimaru spends most of his time in the stable, practicing stealth. You didn't notice cuz he's gotten alot better.

98d4b No.15761

"The best Taco Bowls are made at Trump Grill. But I'm going to have to recommend the Angus steak. Or perhaps you'd prefer the bob veil. The calves are kept in an extra-inhumane condition, and their suffering really pays off in the tender flavor"

Legit has no idea what Tracy likes

e5e9b No.15762

>now I know about it
How many ranks?
>was going to use Handle Animal to force him to gain ranks in it anyway

33d72 No.15763


98d4b No.15764

File: 1509941538809.png (121.41 KB, 585x348, screenshot_2015_12_11_at_9….png)

"Um… Sorry. I was trying to impress Tracy… Get her to be less mean to me…"

fefa8 No.15765

Undetermined yet, but he's lvl 5 nao and training to be a ninja pone.
Troll thinks for a moment. "Waiter, I'm going to need a drink. The green stuff." Turns back to Torcuil.
"What's your game?"

e5e9b No.15766

>Asking Element of Unoriginality what she likes
Tracy has no class or sense of taste anyway, so she's just happy with whatever you want to go with, so long as she feels you're excited and being genuine but she likes steak
"Steak sounds wonderful!"
[hungry nightmare noises]

06d83 No.15767

Way ahead of you
Torc glows red enough to cause a severe fire concern
He then wonders how much stabbing himself in the leg would hurt compared to this
T>"I… I guess I don't have a game. Its nothing, I'm sorry. If you want, you can go ahead and leave."

98d4b No.15768

Goes to the Trump Grill with Tracy

"You're gonna love all of the fine crafted marble, the spacious interior"

Looks directly at her

"Would you like to see the cutlery?"

e5e9b No.15769

Next chance she gets, Tracy will subject him to days of torturous dress-up play to make him gain 4 ranks in Disguise.
Then she'll use a Handle Animal skill finish training him enough to prestige class as Assassin
(she has enough ranks to train him to kill on command with a good check, right? That should be enough to take one level in the class)

98d4b No.15770


33d72 No.15771

e5e9b No.15772

*wing-ding eyes*
[excited pony noises]
"I would love to!"

06d83 No.15773

The spagetti is physically paining me, but it's to in character to stop

e5e9b No.15774

Dice rollRolled 17

*vanishes into thin air*
*Another poisoned sneak-attack in the butt before disappearing again*
*vanishes again*

e5e9b No.15775


33d72 No.15776

Dice rollRolled 19

grapples the split second your in the air

fefa8 No.15777

T> Leave? Is that what you're expecting? Or perhaps, is that what you're aiming at? Oh no!"
The waiter drops a drink that's purple, instead of green.
"I'm sorry,… miss,… we had this crazy bitch who drank all of our green shit."
T> Its fine. <drinks it all in one swig> NAO.
Both hooves stomp on the table.
T> For you to say you love me, indicates that you're experiencing a number of neuro-peptides, which cause you to extatically perceive the world in a particular manner. Your statement suggests a relative saturation, which is charming except for your portrayal.

98d4b No.15778

goes to restaurant and shows her knives, bragging about the quality the whole time

Trumpaladin has such an obscene number of ranks in sense motive that he can tell what Tracy is thinking after a couple minutes

Looks excited with an almost evil grimace on his face at Tracy

"If you're looking to Train a horse army, I can have horses imported from far away, any kind you want"

e5e9b No.15779

>grappling a ghost
>not even casting a spell to keep her from jumping planes
*disappears in butthurt fingers with a wink*

e5e9b No.15780

She didn't tell you about that, so I'll ignore that. She doesn't even know it herself yet. This is just bullying Ponimaru for the sake of bullying.

06d83 No.15781

Torc>Pretty sure all my "neuro-peptides" are dead with how stupid I am tonight

98d4b No.15782

18 ranks in Sense Motive

e5e9b No.15783

File: 1509942648263.png (56.19 KB, 250x284, Love conquers all.png)

>mfw 20th caster level Etherealness at will
[smug ghost-pony noises]
And you sense her thinking about forcing Ponimaru into hilarious outfits like a birthday party animal, for no other reason than that she wants to

98d4b No.15784

"So you like dressing animals?"

e5e9b No.15785

"Not really. It's fun to mess with him."

98d4b No.15786

>She doesn't want to form an army of ninja horses with him
*Sad Megalomaniac noises*

fefa8 No.15787

T> Quiet! So, you didn't have a plan after all. You're just going deat-of-your-kilt then. Bad idea. Let me just tell you this, it doesn't matter what you're feeling. Feelings are good, but acting on them - and ESPECIALLY - describing them, are going to get you nowhere. WAITER!"
Another drink is promptly dropped on the table, which is almost immediately drank.
T> You're supposed to try and incite the 'girl' to a state of extatic perception where SHE feels like you describe. You're supposed to,… oh hell. WAITER! Close the restaurant!
"Um, but miss,…"

98d4b No.15788

"Didn't you like stsb him before or something? Do something humiliating with his hide?

98d4b No.15789

Did he just get a horn up his ass?

33d72 No.15790

File: 1509942867823.png (243.2 KB, 794x470, 1538723__safe_screencap_fl….png)

tfw im the only party member not on a date.

e5e9b No.15791

>He has no way of knowing that
"…I just like to bully weebs."
I really want to go on a mission to the lower planes.

06d83 No.15792

What the hell just happened?
Actually, I don't want to know.
Fuck this for now, I'm going to bed

fefa8 No.15793

Not just stab, she gutted him from head to toe.
There's already a (small) army, but he's (Ponimaru) the only hoers.
It is

fefa8 No.15794

Fuck this is what just happened. I could explain it technically, but for now Torcuil is getting violently humped.

98d4b No.15795

I thought it was talked about? I know you admitted to killing the horses, But I was just hoping just how embarrassing Ponimaru's initial death was was spread around so he could be made fun of

"They are indeed fun to bully"

"Want to tell me about yourself?"

06d83 No.15796

Oh god
This isn't what I had predicted at all

fefa8 No.15797

It makes a certain degree of sense, given Troll's personality and 'status' in the hoers world.

fefa8 No.15798

He's not a virgin anymore at least,….

fefa8 No.15799

Though he wasn't the dom Xp

33d72 No.15800

so is he the girl?

fefa8 No.15801

Lets just say she was leading the dance.

98d4b No.15802

File: 1509943327488.gif (2.48 MB, 900x506, TOURCIL GOT RAPED.gif)

I thought I would piss her off that much but I'm really surprised you did it

e5e9b No.15803

She slashed him straight from shoulder to seem (was immitating samurai-kill, but didn't expect perfect roll)
I see why she was suspicious of alcohol

…God dammit! I wanted them to have a "normal" date, but I can't let another equine out>rape Tracy..!

e5e9b No.15804

She's initiating tonight. Be prepared.

fefa8 No.15805

Better step up your game. I didn't plan that, but it made sense given the context and all
"Don't worry I'nis, its only a matter of time" tail whaps the ground
No, that's just for rowdy paladins.

98d4b No.15806

"Tracy, do don't want to tell me about yourself, or your day? Pony Things?"

*Sad Flashy noises*

33d72 No.15807

[lonely minotuar noises]

98d4b No.15808

A horn up the ass sounds a lot more pleasant than whatever happened to Tourcil

06d83 No.15809

I'm goign to sleep, I'll deal with the horny ass unicorn in the morning

e5e9b No.15810

File: 1509943977630.jpg (19.09 KB, 512x512, Untitled.jpg)

Sorry, Trump's faggot. No character development tonight: I'd be doing her character a great injustice if I allowed her to be out>raped.
"Well, that sounds really great, but I'm not the best at explaining things like this.."
*pretends to down a pitcher of alcohol, but doesn't actually drink it because she doesn't want to hurt her baby*
[pseudo-tipsy hoers noises]
".. ~Why don't I show you..?"
*Gets up and assumes hybrid shape*
"My way."
>looming shadow of horny hoers

e5e9b No.15811

>hybrid shape = light warhoers

98d4b No.15812


e5e9b No.15813

Dice rollRolled 13

>no ride check
*grapple the man and drag him into the shadows*

fefa8 No.15814

Oh, you'll deal with the horny unicorn all night long. Couldn't resist.
And now I get why Germanon called this the gay bath-house

98d4b No.15815

File: 1509944111575.png (388.4 KB, 5467x3758, 1335324.png)

Magic boots to NPC ally

98d4b No.15816

You forgot Nicholas Cages's greatest weakness

As a free action, call,

e5e9b No.15817

Dice rollRolled 15, 1 = 16

>implying you have allies
First, intimidate check on any suicidal faggot who dare to interfere
Then, improved Bull Rush to push him against the wall and kiss forcefully

e5e9b No.15818

Awww shart…!

98d4b No.15819

And, she trips over herself

Trumpaladin goes home, realizing why he didn't want to marry her in the first place

e5e9b No.15820

>implying you can escape
Track him home, lurking.

98d4b No.15821

"That's not how you woo a man, Tracy"

e5e9b No.15822

Combat ERP is that ga- oh who am I fucking kidding…

fefa8 No.15823

I'm SO glad I decided Kefka fell asleep for all this.
Yes, no
>rape (just a suggestion)

98d4b No.15824

"I am really disappointed in you Tracy. And your faggot too"

98d4b No.15825

Can we have one horse, just one, who isn't psycho?

fefa8 No.15827

And there you just killed it.

e5e9b No.15828

File: 1509944744886.png (56.86 KB, 687x675, 1508872911511.png)

>we'd be over by now if you'd just grabbed her by the pussy earlier
[confused hoers noises emanate from every direction as you walk home]
How would you play a >rape-proned character?

fefa8 No.15829

This, the non-psycho hoerses are the domestic ones.

98d4b No.15830

Is she amenable to being violently raped herself?

fefa8 No.15831

O.O I'm not sure you're up to the level of >rape that could subdue Tracy,… I'll leave that to her faggot

e5e9b No.15832

You have to be REALLY violent, desu, but that wouldn't be very Paladin-like and it could hurt the baby…
Better to go to bed and wait until she inevitably teleports into your room, and then just endure.

98d4b No.15833

I feel like she'd say "you just ruined it by asking first. How the fuck is it rape if you ask first"

Don't worry, I won't target the womb area when I beat the ever living fuck out of you, and then fuck it back in

e5e9b No.15834

Where is your character?

98d4b No.15835

Probably going back home

fefa8 No.15836

>Its fine

98d4b No.15837

If yours ran full charge at a wall, and then rolled a 1, she's probably in a hospital

e5e9b No.15838

File: 1509945215409-0.png (1.45 MB, 2000x1383, 1283725__safe_artist-colon….png)

33d72 No.15839


e5e9b No.15840

She could just phase through the wall.
In bed?

98d4b No.15841

Not if she were intending to plant a kiss. She rolled a 1

Sitting and thinking about how disappointed he is in Tracy. It's like she wants to stay single forever.

fefa8 No.15842

"Hey there and welcome to NOT what is going on elsewhere in thread! Can I interest you in blah de blah blah, just to further divert attention from blah blah. Can I interest you in blah? If not we have a lovely selection of blah. Please peruse the blah to your heart's content. Blah blah, praise Football"

e5e9b No.15843

Bull Rush is a maneuver to push a target 5 feet; that means she would've had 5 feet to save herself.
If your character isn't about to go to bed, I'm going to do other things.

98d4b No.15844

I'm guessing none of those things involve being an attractive potential waifu

e5e9b No.15845

It matters what your kink is.

e5e9b No.15846

Gosh… Chikun was kind of right…

98d4b No.15847

"I'm disappointed in you Tracy"

Unless you want to get punched repeatedly, chocked by your dog collar, and maybe strung up by it, well, I'm not sure I have anything to offer you

33d72 No.15848

infernuis wish to comminsion a piece.

fefa8 No.15849

And if she does?
sorry, too easy

e5e9b No.15850

e5e9b No.15851

The amulet will ensure that her fetus gets all the oxygen it needs.

98d4b No.15852

I can also try to drown her I guess

e5e9b No.15853

>amulet works under water

fefa8 No.15854

"I'll be happy to oblige. What did you have in mind? Are we talking a piece to be enchanted, or perhaps some bling for style and aesthetics?"

98d4b No.15855

I'm sorry, but if you want a realistic experience, you're going to have to take it off. Where is the thrill otherwise? Don't worry, the child can go longer without blood than you can

33d72 No.15856

File: 1509945916916.jpg (39.46 KB, 479x280, Milllion_Dollar_Championsh….jpg)

"me actually bring drawing with me here you go"

33d72 No.15857

but instead of dollar signs they are swastikas

e5e9b No.15858

Dice rollRolled 3

Also, endurance feat (extra check on constitution while holding breath)
>the child can go longer without blood than you can
This isn't even close to true.
"You'll have to grab me first, ~Flashy."

e5e9b No.15859

Why do all my >rape attempts keep failing?
Your turn.

98d4b No.15860

Dice rollRolled 11

Grapples, and shackles

fefa8 No.15861

"Hmmmm, a diamond-encrusted bracelet,… or garter,… or wherever one decides to put it… on the body. Well, mounting the stones will take some time (there's >100), but its not outside my skillset. Is this a rush order, or are you flexible for time?"

98d4b No.15862

"Um… Are you sure you want to do this?"

fefa8 No.15863

Oh! OH! Thats gonna sting. I know, you MAY know, but that was NOT inconsequential. Carry on. ^_^

e5e9b No.15864

Dice rollRolled 12

You have no shackles!
momentarily phases out of your grasp and grapples again
"Show me what you're made of, ~Flashy."

fefa8 No.15865

Um no

33d72 No.15866

its a belt, me have time also why is big lizard in the football field?

e5e9b No.15867

Dice rollRolled 2

She can't do that?

33d72 No.15868

anti magic shackles

98d4b No.15869

Hold on, I'm filling up a pale of water

e5e9b No.15870

Those are in the vest, which is in the bag, he'd have to roll a 50+ Sleight of Hand check to pull them out.

33d72 No.15871

there were 2 sets

98d4b No.15872

>Implying I didn't start the grapple holding them

fefa8 No.15873

98d4b No.15874

>Refering to the D&D rules set every single turn to try to do BDSM Erotic Roleplay
I'm not that autistic, and I am not playing that game

fefa8 No.15875

They must have slipped out

e5e9b No.15876

You don't even have the Skill to pull them out of the bag, even I can't make a pickpocketing check like that.
I know what they do.

98d4b No.15877

>Talking about skills bullshit
Please see >>15874

e5e9b No.15878

Well someone is getting >raped tonight…

fefa8 No.15879

I hope you excuse my cheek when I say,… for the third time Shhh, don't fight it

98d4b No.15880

Yeah, Tourcil. I can act out murdering you though if you like

33d72 No.15881

humans strange.

e5e9b No.15882

Which legs did he apply the shackles to?

fefa8 No.15883


e5e9b No.15884

Torc is in the process of being >raped.

98d4b No.15885

He was raped

Which ever disable you and leave you unable to attack

e5e9b No.15886

>four legs
Pick a pair, because the rodeo is starting now.

fefa8 No.15887

>unable to attack
That was never part of the 'bargain', those just eliminate teleport/phase/w/e shenanigens
Lets assume the forelegs.

98d4b No.15889

Nah, I think I'll just leave you shackled and tied up, probably hanging from the ceiling by your dog collar, as I go to sleep because I have class at 8AM tomorrow

e5e9b No.15890

How do you rig a 1.5 ton animal to the ceiling?
>no Use Rope Skill

98d4b No.15891

Hmmm… Nah. I don't like these terms. Chain the bitch up and hang her from the ceiling. I'd like to waterboard her, but I am tired and value sleep more

98d4b No.15892

>Still thinks his D&D bullshit will help him
Tie rear legs next and now she's disabled

98d4b No.15893

I'll just tighten the collar to where she is constantly strangled. Swipe her Bowler hat and her amulet in the process

98d4b No.15894

Ooh. I'll take your bracelets as well. I like those

e5e9b No.15895

Dice rollRolled 18, 18, 12 = 48

roll to pick locks this round
>attack of opportunity
*buck with both hooves*

98d4b No.15896

File: 1509947349547.png (144.76 KB, 368x540, Flash_Sentry_ID_S4E11.png)

Dice rollRolled 15, 3, 11 = 29

Quick draw Vanderiem

Slash, Slash, Slash at your hooves with Vanderiem

98d4b No.15897

File: 1509947553213.gif (524.66 KB, 500x240, Really.gif)

Why am I dignifying this? Go to sleep

I'm going to sleep

e5e9b No.15898

Which hooves?
>*picked lock*
*phase through the ground*
Take regen potion once reaching floor beneath(USER WAS SHACKLED FOR THIS POST)

98d4b No.15899

Yeah no. I'm going to sleep. You are tied up and shackled because you fucked with a guy stronger than you, took risks, and they didn't work

099eb No.15900

98d4b No.15901

"Engagement's over Tracy"

fefa8 No.15902

Dice rollRolled 337, 416, 595, 282, 380 = 2010

Sigh. Are we going there? Are we REALLY going there? Okkay, but just note that this was not my idea.
It will take a few rounds to accomplish this since it wasn't arranged in advance.
Tracy's pick lock skill can't be over 18, so those 18s don't make it (DC 40)
I'm wondering that too
Out of nowhere, a purplish hand clutches Trump's.
"What did I say?"
not sure the dice will work, but its 5d8x10
Steam and magic roiling off her, she admonishes. "You fucks! I leave you alone for,… how long has it been? I don't even know how long its been. I leave you fucks alone and this is the sort of shit you get up to! For FUCK'S sake! I though I was gonna jump in to fight the Terrasque with you guys, but NOOOOOO. I gotta jump in to keep you from tearing your fucking eyes out! OOoooh. I give you credit for surviving this far, and doubly for killing Korak (I was hoping for the opportunity) but this,… this is beyond the pale."
Thez is back by the way, and not to pleased about it.
Shall we adjourn?

fefa8 No.15903

The dice didn't work the way I wanted, but Trump is knocked the fuck out

98d4b No.15904

I was going to reply to Thez, but okay

fefa8 No.15905

You're welcome to,… except Trump is KTFO

457de No.15906


33d72 No.15907

oh she goes to trump first huh? i see.
[jealous minotuar noises]

98d4b No.15908

"I hope you don't think I wanted it to be this way. Nor do I think it had to be this way. But here we are"

fefa8 No.15909

>pokes Trump with the stick so he's awake.
"Oh really? It didn't have to be this way but just is? "Take off the necklace, it'll be fine!" How long HAVE you been planning this? Since my faggot allowed you those shackles? BEFORE perhaps? OOOOOOHHH!"

fefa8 No.15910

"YOU'RE not off the hook either!" um, she's pointing at me,….
I'd uh, tell you about her appearance and such
"Fucking ROCKWELL you lot! For a day now you've sat and dramatized, while an incredibly large wrecking-ball of a monster sat in your Football stadium! "Oh nevermind that, we're going to go on a date"! I want to tear your guts out!"
Should I mention she's
"Its a DAMN fine thing that Kefka is bored, tired, and asleep, and HOPEFULLY no one gets wind that I ceased the travel-ban cuz otherwise Heaven, Hell, and all things in between can and will rain down on this world and these people. I HOPE your little drama was worth it!"
She finds Infernius.

…and with that,… lets conclude the session.

98d4b No.15911

"You know damn well it's not the shackles or the neckless

I treat her on a date, it's going well so far, but when I ask her to tell me about herself - because she's been reticent to open up in any way - what does she do? She transforms into a goddamn monster to try to rape me. She charges at me to try to pin me on the wall, but misses and hits the wall instead and hurts herself. Date is over, I go home after trying to calm down the other patrons in MY restaurant. Oh did I mention? She specifically tried to intimidate all of the other guests in the restaurant. But I am home and I tell her I am very disappointed, and what does she do? She comes into my room and tries to grapple me to do the same damned thing as before. She fails - again - and I grapple her and shackle her, having had about enough of this. And THEN what does she do? She fucking kicks me with both hooves and tries to get free so she can planar jaunt bullshit to attack me. No. Just no.

Tell me. Would you date that? Would you marry that? No. You'd send that to prison. Which is exactly what I did. It cannot work between us.
tracy asked repeatedly about the monster and you said don't worry about it

8d47b No.15912


fefa8 No.15913


98d4b No.15914

you're unbanned

8d47b No.15915

Tracy's faggot: I got b8, because salt.

98d4b No.15916

Because I'm not putting up with your autism while I have class in less than 8 hours

fefa8 No.15917

Sorry I'nis, it'll just be a sec
"And hasn't it occurred to you that that's how she shows affection? That maybe she hasn't been conditioned to behave or act or express emotions in the 'normal' way people or ponies do so? You're trying to hold her to a standard she can't fulfill, and then ostracizing her when she doesn't. That doesn't sound very much to me like a conscientious leader!
Sleep, this is a lecture in its own right, and there won't be any combat until next weekend.

98d4b No.15918

"She has no affection or love"

fefa8 No.15919

"And you! Maybe some people don't LIKE being pinned to a wall! Maybe some people like the idea that they're participating or - dare I say it - INITIATING intimacy or sexuality! I swear, I'm gonna have to beat all'y'all about the face and torso!"

e5e9b No.15920

File: 1509950061145.jpg (267.59 KB, 600x654, tfw bad girl3.jpg)


98d4b No.15921

D'aww. That's super cute

fefa8 No.15922

I just want to say, aside from the chaining up I wasn't too offended by how things were going.
"Yeah, and that's ALSO the problem! In what world is that sort of shit acceptable? Do you REALLY think that condoning this type of thing is okay? Are you that much of a sick pervert that you'll allow a pregnant mare to get strung up to the rafters?! OOOH I'm so mad right now! You! (pointing at Infernius) Show me that there that there so I calm down.
She storms off with Infernius.
The scene is dead silent.

33d72 No.15923

> that there that there
what did you mean by this?

98d4b No.15924

"She was intending to attack me and do far worse while I was vulnerable. There was no other way, and I had no other options"

e5e9b No.15925

[shocked and frightened pony noises]
*offers horn*
"…… You stupid bovine…"

*Goes to bed irl*
She never tried to cut your legs off,

98d4b No.15926

Oh yeah, the hacking. Okay that was too far. But was salty from the hoof attack

fefa8 No.15927

Uhm, she's talking about your now 11",…. Please don't make me go into further detail.
So yeah. Thez is back, just in time to fight the nerd and his psycho-dog, while also preventing the party from cutting legs off and all other sorts of degenerate shit.
Lesson learned, sometimes its NOT a good idea to fuck the pony back into sanity.

98d4b No.15928

>sometimes its NOT a good idea to fuck the pony back into sanity
Definitely regretting all instances

Honestly though, I thought I would be forced to call in Thez because of a break down in group cohesion much earlier. So she can be angry but the situation was and is bad and she really should be grateful it took this long to break down completely.

fefa8 No.15929

Fair point, and (though not explicit) the compliment is noted.

33d72 No.15930

they dont call it the gay bath house for anything

fefa8 No.15931

Now I'M going to sleep, cuz I have to be up in 5 hours. G'night, and don't get knocked out! (too late for some Xp)

fefa8 No.15932


98d4b No.15933

File: 1509951328722.gif (770.27 KB, 450x253, sig-4670161.sig-4667393.e1….gif)

I'm sorry…

fefa8 No.15934

"… I swear to Hitler these faggots,… all it would have taken is a few well-placed"Hmmm, what do YOU think?" or maybe a bit of "I have a differing opinion, how can we accommodate one another?" and thus avoid cutting fucking legs off! I've met demons that were more reasonable when going about THEIR business than these FUCKS. Seriously, this is entirely the sort of situation I was hoping to avoid and NOW who knows WHAT is gonna happen and of course my faggot is going to be bitching 'cuz all fucking day long he's gonna be assessing thresholds of possibility and concocting what "should/would/is" happening, and of course that's going to mean a giant fucking shit-storm for all involved,…." she'll be less pissed after some coffee.

33d72 No.15935

File: 1509970994247.png (206.64 KB, 774x1600, 1506217145105.png)

>>tfw you convert your waifu

06d83 No.15936

>the party settles in to a relatively peaceful afternoon/evening which is certain to be entirely uneventful.

e5e9b No.15937

File: 1509976653661-0.jpeg (7.16 KB, 189x189, a9266d8135f6f3f7981999ed7….jpeg)

>wake up hung over
>Really wish I had classes Monday to distract me from doing retard crap like this on lonely Sunday nights
>Finally recover memory
>read thread
>Torc get's date>raped after spilling all his spaghetti
>Tracy's faggot had the retarded idea to spoil a date by trying to out>rape Troll
>shit goes sour immediately
>party, after weeks of passive-aggressive boiling, finally descends into anarchy
>multiple >rape attempts made, because I'm that fucking retarded
>horsing-around escalates into meaningless violence
>then the sword comes out
>Thez kicks down dimensional door
>gives everyone a brutal, but deserved tongue-lashing
>still pissed as fuck
>Bull has to be sacrificed (willingly) to appease the wrath of the Pit Fiend
>Travel band suspended
>Cosplaying Freak is still waiting for his lunch money, with his mean dog
I'm sorry… I do love you all for this shit though (no homo)

7ee17 No.15938


96dab No.15939

I'm watching you

96dab No.15940

I have a hell of a lot of things I want to say, but I would rather see what others have to say first

8c42a No.15941


Yeah.. I haven't really been the best sport recently.. or at all…

06d83 No.15944

Uh idk, what are we supposed to say?

e5e9b No.15947

Idk. I'm waiting for someone else to say something.

98d4b No.15949

I have a lot to say about that godawful date last night and why you deserved that outcome, but I don't have a problem with you

Wall of text coming

98d4b No.15952

I guess I’ll start with what I’ve been doing that is inappropriate and over the line.

I know I have been abusing my position as an imageboard moderator by doing things against those who piss me off. This includes changing the flags of, well, basically everyone on an occasion two weeks ago. Likewise, I threatened bans. I also actually did ban Tracy’s faggot (from the vx board for 8 hours) to stop the character fight last night. This is an unfair use of powers entrusted for different purposes, and I am sorry. (Although mods always reserve the right to bully with flags.

I’ve also been editing GETs because I am still salty that Atlas banned me from regular GET theft… Sorry

Also, I'd like to apologize for the following text, because it's pretty emotional and autistic
There’s really exactly one person here who pisses me off, and that is you
You’ve been given extreme liberties with what you can do with your classes, which pisses me off because you are such a hypocrite about what the rules do and do not permit, and because you’ve used these powers mostly to fuck over other players. Most of your powers relate to what in D&D terms is known as “wild shape,” a level five druid ability, which you shouldn’t have because you are not playing as a druid. Except that you are not using level 5 wild shape, because a cauchemar is “huge,” and that is limited to Druids of class 15 or higher. The particular class of entity you are transforming into – cauchemar – is a creature the D&D rules don’t seem to permit transformation into, but the closest analogy is the “magical beast wild shape” epic feat, which is, well, an epic feat which requires “Wis 25, Knowledge (nature) 27 ranks, wild shape 6/day,” which makes it frankly a god-tier feat. You also don’t seem to have any limit to your transformations, so like an epic – level 20 druid. Remember that not even Korak was a level 20. Besides your epic druid powers, the power you’ve been using the most is Etheralness. You’ve been using this power mostly to be an asshole to the other players by stealing things and hiding the stolen loot, or by physically attacking other players. Were a normal player to try to obtain that spell – you know, by means other than fiating that you have a god-tier feat – they would need to be a level 9 Sorcerer. And you have zero ranks in being a sorcerer. They would also be limited to a small number of uses of the spell a day, but you are claiming at will transformation because of Cauchemar qualities. Except that – inexplicably – you are claiming at will ethernalness even while you are not in Cauchemar form. So you have a spell only a level 9 wizard could have from a feat only an epic druid could have that you use more often and under circumstances than either the epic druid or the level 9 wizard could. And at the same time as you are using your druid and sorcerer powers, you are making liberal use of the class powers you actually have ranks in – you use the stealth, lock picking, spot checking, and other powers of the Rogue class in. And besides these three classes, you also want powers in Blackguard. I want to add that even as the rules have been changed to give you the special powers you want to use to fuck over the other players, you then use these special powers to fuck over the other players to gain even more powers by stealing for yourself all of the special equipment. Even after you were called out for theft and kikery you took more power-increasing goods than any other individual.

But you’re not content to play by the new rules made specially for you, you want to violate them in your favor. You do this especially for the purpose of fucking other players over. You want to go ethereal in the same round as you do something else, like grapple loot that you want to steal, grapple a body that you want to steal, or grapple a player that you want to assault. But Etheralness requires a standard action under the rules. Grappling a body or whatever requires a separate action. So if you want to steal shit, you will need a round and a successful grab to take it, and then go ethereal in a different round. So yes, we have the chance to fight you back and stop you from stealing shit if we are playing by the rules. I also want to state again that Etheralness, unlike Etheral jaunt, allows the etherealness to be transmitted by touch, so yes, you can be grappled into not getting away. You also want to have weapons when you transform. But that isn’t permitted under D&D rules regarding wildshape. You lose all gear and equipment when transforming as it is melded into the new form. You want to attack with the rear hooves in Cauchemar form. But there is nothing in the rules saying that is permitted, it only says “two hooves” as weapons. You seem to want to transform in less than a full action, even though a druid’s wildshape takes a full action. The feats that allow for a quick transformation only allow you to transform into a creature that is permissible under 4 levels lower than your druid level, and I would like to remind you that you have zero levels in druid. You kept saying “but she’s 1200 pounds and charging, where does that weight go?” during the fight with Korak, apparently not understanding that D&D rules don’t give you more attack points for being heavy, and that Korak could have easily just moved three feet to the side to avoid it all. And yet last night, when you charged towards a wall attempting a grapple but rolled a one, you want to claim that she didn’t have momentum. No, you cannot have a horse who both is difficult to stop but also suffers no consequences when she charges at a wall and rolls a 1. She cannot go ethereal, that is not a free action. If Inferius can fall and break his legs, or if Trumpaladin can have his sword slip from his hands twice in the same battle, yours can hit a wall.

98d4b No.15953

The reason I care that you refuse to play by the rules is because you insist that everyone else play by the rules, and you get the rules wrong. You are constantly policing the actions of other players for whether it is within the d&d rules. You constantly say things like “you can’t use that spell,” or “that isn’t in your class” or like yesterday, when you first claimed that “wild empathy can’t allow you to know that” and then “sense motive can’t tell you that,” both of which were possibly wrong. On multiple occasions, you have complained when I do spot checks, because you claim that I am not playing a correct character class to do spot checks. You know, because if there is any one person who has any room to complain about powers not allowed by their chosen player class, it is you. Except that a paladin can do spot checks because it is an untrained power, so yes, I can do it. Yes, I know your character could do it better, but you’ve been playing as such an asshole that you split away from the main party on its quest for the specific purpose of fucking over other players, so you can’t be fucked to even show up so you can use the power. And if you were there, your character is such a malevolent liar that she couldn’t be trusted with whatever task. So I’m going to do the spot check myself.

And please, for the love of God, do not respond to this post with “but actually the D&D rules are…”. I don’t care. I do not want to spend vast amounts of time memorizing a set of rules that would never apply to my character, for the specific purpose of arguing with you. I don’t want to quibble about bullshit rules, because I already do that in real life. In Law School and my internship I have to study and memorize rules about anti-trust, ethics, copyright, administrative law, evidentiary law, relation-back under the statute of limitations, and other bullshit. I want to escape lawyering in my free time. I do not have to out lawyer you in every session so I can do an action the rules already permit, or to prevent your character from stealing from mine.

In gameplay your character spends probably easily half of all of her actions towards the specific goal of fucking other player characters over, specifically mine. She has attempted forcible rape on my character on three occasions. She has stolen the collective property of the party for personal use on two occasions, and while the unicorn was not “mine” in the strict sense, it was my plot element, and she went out of her damned way to steal that. She always secrets it away, and usually breaks from action where she is need to do that. She has physically attacked my character by kicking on two occasions, although these have context. She has lied to the party or me in big ways on two occasions. This is besides edgy actions that were arguably justified by humor and the situation, like stabbing Inferius in the asshole (twice), killing two horses, castrating Inferius, and so forth.

Yes I know you are playing as a character who is supposed to be a complete asshole. But there is an entire universe full of NPCs who deserve being a dick to. Be an asshole to them. You want to be a thief? Steal from someone that isn’t me? You want to be a liar? Lie to someone that isn’t me. You want to be a kidnapper? Kidnap someone who isn’t me (or my unicorn). You want to be a rapist? Well you’re banned from that outright, because no raping me and no sex with other characters. You say you want to play a Ghost Rider like anti-hero who does edgy evil shit that’s still technically morally justified in a way. That’s great, but Ghost Rider isn’t a movie about a guy who spends all of his time trying to be a complete asshole to Roxanne, his love interest. It’s a movie about a guy who is a dick to a couple guys that actually deserves it. So stop spending all of your time being a dick to me and the other player characters.

And if you are playing as the thief, well, remember that I am playing as the police officer. With all the shit you do to him and to others, there is no way in hell anyone honestly playing a lawful good alignment would not try to kill your character. Frankly I don’t think there is anyone who could be in the position of being lied to, stolen from, and so forth as many times as your character to mine, and not come to the conclusion that a duel to the death was the best option. I’ve tried to kill your character twice in game, but got blocked by Inferius both times. I had an opportunity last night to do a proper one on one duel and try to kill your character, and I regret not taking it. I chose to just prevent another rape attempt (after you had already done it earlier that night) and go to sleep instead.

The bottom line is that I would rather the RP be about a group going on adventures and doing things, than have to spend the whole damn time trying to stop your character from fucking mine over. It’s infuriating.

98d4b No.15954

File: 1510011780327.jpeg (100.15 KB, 900x580, 195525__fluttershy_prince….jpeg)

While I wish I could have phrased all of this in a way that were more actually persuasive and less invective, it at least gets my feelings out there

06d83 No.15955

Fuck off
Nigga I ain't reading that
But you are forgiven

872a5 No.15956

Sorry for not joining when I said I would, but it looks way more complicated than what I first thought. I have written a small life history, perhaps a bit too little, but then again my character is a filly. Haven't thought of name or what skills it has.
>also been a bit busy lately

06d83 No.15957

Well look what the rape drug in…
JK welcome back

872a5 No.15958

Battle cry probably have to be "Not for sexual" just to be on the safe side.

e5e9b No.15959

No. It's not complicated at all. We're all total nufags to /tg/ games. It just became really dramatic at one point. Please join the fun.

98d4b No.15960

But I am serious though

e5e9b No.15961

Let me build up the patience to actually read it first.

98d4b No.15962

Don't be needlessly insulting

06d83 No.15963

872a5 No.15964

Is there an easy checklist I can use to choose traits from? Or is this something I let the GM decide? Haven't really thought out what the personality of the character is either.

33d72 No.15965

I agree with everything you said except the fact that you want to kill tracy.

e5e9b No.15966

File: 1510014371540-0.png (47.59 KB, 603x685, 1071364__safe_artist-colon….png)

We're not really constrained by rigid rules, but gm bases his stuff largely over 3.5e D&D. You don't need to be an expert though. He's been very accommodating so far.
>haven't really thought of personality
Just roll with the bants, m8. Better to have things revealed through gameplay.

98d4b No.15967

I can refer you to the relevant parts of the D&D wiki if you can tell me what you want

I was just pissy at the time writing it

872a5 No.15968

So if I look at the "For Players" section I should be able to find most info.
But is it enough to choose a class, or can my Filly be a bit I want to be a Baker on day and a Fireman the next, but perhaps have an inert skill that my Filly don't know what is yet?
>not sure how to play they way I described it

33d72 No.15969

Welcome back to the gay bathhouse, norway anon.

e5e9b No.15970

Serious gameplay won't start until Saturday, but we'll help you out with making a character.
>Baker on day and a Fireman the next
I don't see why not.

98d4b No.15971

There are a set number of classes, generally based on martial style. You must chose from one of them

e5e9b No.15972

I wonder what sad Alex would be.

06d83 No.15973

Mixed nuts:
50% memes
20% >rape
30% actual adventure
I would just choose a class, do some leveling in a second maybe?

fefa8 No.15974

Welcome back Norway, I'll be at your service in just a moment.
I really don't have much to say in response, other than that you're right. I have been egregiously permissive with abilities and powers and such, particularly with Tracy. I hadn't thought it would be a big deal at first and then <poof> everyone started doing their own research and referencing, and I just kinda went with it.
Tbh, Thez was only pissed because it ruined the dramatic entrance she was going to make during the fight, and because though Tracy was totally asking for it, Thez is particular toward mothers and children. It was her idea that Tracy could get pregnant at all way back when.
I for one am not bothered by any of the mod shenanigens, particularly not the flag-bully; that shit makes me laugh tbh. Idk about bans though, that would probably piss me off.
All in all, I only see one glaring error in your spiel.
19th level Monks can do it too.
no bully

All kidding aside, my biggest difficulty of late has been trying to transition the Game from a less rule-inclusive dynamic to a more rule-inclusive. I'm not talking about rule-cucking, I mean when we started I was relying almost exclusively on the dice and inspiration, but transitioning it as players become more fluent with the 'engine' has proven difficult. Additionally, I have a nasty tendency to miss occasional posts and/or get distracted by stuff going on with other players/interactions.
And lastly, I want everyone to have a good time and do (for the most part) whatever it is they want, with as little resistance as I can legitimately allow.
I would be a piss-poor liar if I even tried to deny that I've grown quite attached to everyone here - except you Norway, you gotta earn it kidding - as can be seen by the occasional triggered response or misinterpretation of what's happening on my part.

872a5 No.15975

It is not easy to pick a Class. It is like choosing a profession you will have for life, and I have never been god at that.
And also I might be over-thinking things, but I envision a Class also entails a playing style; i.e. an personality and not just battle tactics.
But I am an Earth pony/filly (I think) I could be Unicorn but not Pegasus or Princess (yet)

e5e9b No.15976

Would you filly possibly be interested in obtaining evil powers and joining a rising, underground pony-supremacist cult, part time?

e5e9b No.15977

I'm playing an Earth pony too.
Decide what kind of character you want to be first, then think about classes later.

fefa8 No.15978

Do you vidya?

98d4b No.15979

I'm dead serious

872a5 No.15980

I think I want to keep my innocence and be a faithful cutiemark crusader.

All I got so far is that the filly likes adventures.

98d4b No.15981


*pets pony*

872a5 No.15982

What do you mean? The character or me?
I do some, but tilted towards casual, and arcade style games mostly lately, also point and click adventures have always been a genre I have liked.
I don't think my filly have played any games.

fefa8 No.15983

I ask the vidya question to see if I can cross reference aspects for easier dissemination. If you want to magic, you'd have to be a Unicorn. I'm not sure how true to MLP or D&D I would arrange it, and tbh I would go more with what you're more interested in playing. Tracy's character is entirely a D&D rogue (etc.) as far as stats are concerned, but appearance and interactions are as pone.
Somehow, I suspected that's what you were talking about with the Baker and Firemen bit,….
There are 6 primary attributes:
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. We won't get into actual scores, but which of those six most appeals?

98d4b No.15984

What could those attributes mean to him though if he doesn't know what they do? He should pick a class first


98d4b No.15985

Or Monk maybe

872a5 No.15986

I would assume Charisma, Intelligence and Wisdom would be the main traits given the back story.. Will post story next post.

fefa8 No.15987

Well, as concepts they're pretty self explanatory, and if a particular stat is more appealing, that could help narrow down a particular class.

872a5 No.15988

The back-story I have so far

>It was a stormfull night, lighting crackled through the skies. The chill from the autumn winds snuck in through the cracks in the walls. It was a night made by the Gods for an hero to be born.

>I can't remember much of my early life but I mostly stayed inside the barn like most Fillies until spring.

>Spring was awesome I got to play outside a lot, and run around and explore and shit. And it was then my taste for adventure was born. This was a life I could get used to.

>My taste for adventure grew and grew during that spring. And I started to venture further and further into the world exploring. It was on one of these adventures I got to experience the dangers of exploring for the first time. The night before the temperature dropped and the ground had frozen. I had some days before discovered an particular muddy part where I could make big splashes. An awesome game that I can highly recommend by the way. But since the ground was frozen I slid and fell. And instead of making splashes I twisted and hurt my ankle.

>Luckily the farmer who lived with me took me to see the doctor.

>And then I woke up here.

98d4b No.15989

File: 1510016577946.png (45.35 KB, 302x303, Butbut lyra is best backgr….png)

Aww… That's so sad

e5e9b No.15990

We need a bard.

fefa8 No.15991

From your response to stats, my gut says Bard. Bards share a bit of traits with Thieves, Mages, and Paladins, and they live for adventure.

872a5 No.15992

Then Bard it is

33d72 No.15993

Poor filly Infernuis sorry you hurt leg.
*hugs the little filly*

98d4b No.15994

File: 1510016873396.gif (398.19 KB, 245x271, 15444__safe_screencap_prin….gif)


By the way, forewarning, my character is abducting you and carrying you around everywhere he goes. Don't worry, not for sexual


33d72 No.15995

You dont have to be a bard if you dont want too.
Damn it tracy i told you not to puck for people.

e5e9b No.15996

[maternal-instinct pony noises]
"That's… so sad.."
*hugs filly*
Bard is most fun character. Jack-of-all-trades, and entertainer.

872a5 No.15997

File: 1510016931385.png (2.63 MB, 3552x3932, 1499531119014.png)

33d72 No.15998

File: 1510016979703.png (780.13 KB, 960x586, 1507784971771.png)

Infernuis fight you for right to hug pone!!

98d4b No.15999

Fight you I will!

98d4b No.16000

Claiming Norway for non-sexual purposes

872a5 No.16001

>thumbnail gave wrong impression of facial impression, will find better image

872a5 No.16002

File: 1510017060282.png (501.35 KB, 775x750, 1507005139754.png)

>much better image

33d72 No.16003

Norway is not for lewds.
I claim the little horse as my apprentice.

e5e9b No.16004

"There, there.."
*pats back*

98d4b No.16005

File: 1510017136028.png (347.17 KB, 800x600, 135941__safe_artist-colon-….png)

But please take off the arm strengthener thing so I don't lose as badly



fefa8 No.16006

"A NEW PONY?!?!" Thez is fukking giddy. "GIDDY UP GIDDY UP!"

33d72 No.16007

Trump just so you know me fight to death, are you ready for such a challenge?

e5e9b No.16008

>claiming sentient player-characters
Ponies are not for claiming!
Go fight to the death over this autism somewhere else!

98d4b No.16009

File: 1510017356004.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Look of Doom.png)

I said non-sexual!

Not for mount either Thez

872a5 No.16010

File: 1510017421519.png (378.27 KB, 1489x3360, 1495779478880.png)

>hard to find the right images

872a5 No.16011

File: 1510017465327.gif (1.42 MB, 473x331, 1495697043032.gif)

33d72 No.16012

>so adorable it almost hurts.

98d4b No.16013


I think you're just jealous because no one wants you

I got the perfect one. I'll send in Discord

e5e9b No.16014

Is this the right color?

98d4b No.16015

Gah! Too Cute! Too Cute!

fefa8 No.16016

"Please, I can run faster than Tracy, I don't actually NEED a mount."

33d72 No.16017

Have at thee trump

872a5 No.16018

File: 1510017635394.png (940.51 KB, 2000x2057, 1495778187028.png)

It was the one I had (and this one)

e5e9b No.16019

So, blue Pegasus?

98d4b No.16020

Don't lock down a color. Give him space

33d72 No.16021

Thats more of a light purple

872a5 No.16022

Oh.. for my character… I haven't thought that far.

872a5 No.16023

But it is a nice color

98d4b No.16024

Acknowledge what was said because the drama would just start again the next play session anyways. Best to get it over and try to resolve it now before there is another real fight

fefa8 No.16025

"I must go!"
A series of explosions can he heard as Thez throws open all the rooms to prevent any untimely shenanigens.

fefa8 No.16026

You guys can always fight non-lethally,….

33d72 No.16027

Infernuis assists

98d4b No.16028

How? All I have is the sword

33d72 No.16029

To. The. Death.

872a5 No.16030

File: 1510018008884.jpg (18.63 KB, 393x419, 1493299404485-0.jpg)

But I have to bid you all a good night (2:30am) and hope for a longer session when it really starts; easier to do long night at weekends, or when I have changed to US timezone because no real reasons.

fefa8 No.16031

You can fight non-lethally with any weapon. Your character would hit with the flat of the blade rather than the edge.
Too late, she teleported. She reappears a moment later with wisps of smoke trailing off of her. "There!"
"Bitch," Lenos mutters

98d4b No.16032

I'll see how pissed off I am

fefa8 No.16033

Keep us posted Norway, I'm sure we'll be more than willing to accommodate.
Uh,… does 'dorable filly have a name?

e5e9b No.16034

File: 1510018258656-0.jpg (1.69 MB, 3264x2448, paddle_1461191016371_17958….JPG)

fefa8 No.16035

For everyone else,… how feasible would it be to start early? We started doing 2:00pst, but to try and synch with Norway we'd need to start more like 9-10a

872a5 No.16036

I haven't thought of a name yet. Not sure a filly should be allowed to pick its own name, but I will think on it.

98d4b No.16037

The offer is actually still open on the murder fantasy sex

*cover's filly's ears*

33d72 No.16038

How about Adolfa?

98d4b No.16039

>forcing a religion on her
That's my job

fefa8 No.16040

Filly is not for redpills

33d72 No.16041

Its literally my job! What are you talking bout?

e5e9b No.16042

This, desu.
It's his whole job; the magic is just bonus.

fefa8 No.16043

I've got a slightly meta question for everyone, aside from the time suggestion. Yeah, we rape the mainboard, but is that maybe a good thing? I mean, its something that is more or less always going on (not ALL hours, but lots certainly), and while it is good to be considerate of other activity on the board, maybe hiding these threads might not be the best idea?

e5e9b No.16044

I don't mind.

33d72 No.16045

No skin off my ass.

fefa8 No.16046

Good to know. It's likely to result in more trolling, but I for one welcome more targets new friends.

98d4b No.16047

Which boards have their posts displayed in the "recent posts" segment on the homepage may be changed depending on whether the board is listed as excluded through the Recent Posts segment under "Manage Themes." I add vx to that when there are a large number of posts here, and take it off when /vx/ gets traffic in other threads

e5e9b No.16048

It might piss-off Chickun, but that'll only reveal that he's been peeping in the "gay bathhouse".

98d4b No.16049

We're really going to have to talk about relationship issues sooner or later sweetie

fefa8 No.16050

Which one is Chickun?

98d4b No.16051

I think he is referring to the sour Kraut

fefa8 No.16052

>Sour kraut
Thats fine. To be brutally honest, making a spectacle out of myself and whomever else WAS a deliberate intention of this Game

e5e9b No.16053

Aryanne brotherhood. An overall good poster and content contributer (also makes great record of anything and everything related to the Aryanne thread, which I praise him for); he was probably just getting salty because it was a really slow week for the rest of board, while this cesspool was getting posts every hour consistently.

98d4b No.16054

File: 1510019946402.png (829.79 KB, 3500x5781, 736172__semi-dash-grimdark….png)

>I for one am not bothered by any of the mod shenanigens
I'm considering this permission

fefa8 No.16055

Well I don't/didn't contest his point, but atm this is the best form of contribution I can think to make for the site. I can do half-assed shoops, and if I spend several days on a picture I can drawfag sorta, but my skill-set is still in development. I DO want other areas of the site to be as rapid and/or involved, but I haven't figured out how to do it. Since I tend to keep one eye on the board whenever possible, this is the best I can come up with. I literally hope it is as appealing to lurkers as I've tried to make it, which is part of the reason I am often willing to overlook or permit shenanigens.
As though I could grant or deny permission. Xp

e5e9b No.16056

Your contributions are much appreciated. This has been a lot of fun.

33d72 No.16057

100% this. Ive beem looking for a game like this for awhile.

98d4b No.16058

File: 1510020607149.png (98.79 KB, 399x600, 741.png)

Why you no acknowledge me?

e5e9b No.16059

I screencap almost every single one of your posts: you're not just acknowledged, you're being stalked.
If you mean that wall of text you posted earlier, I'm still trying to figure out which part I care to reply to first.

fefa8 No.16060

Its me who is appreciative. I know you all have lives and responsibilities and contexts well beyond my comprehension, and yet you're willing to spend 3+ days a week in a gay bath house with this faggot. Kudos to you anons.

fefa8 No.16061

I mean Trump, you're in law school? And you're spending your free time itt? I'm amazed.

06d83 No.16062

Yo I got a poem for you,
Its about a man from nantucket
Let me recite it for you…

33d72 No.16063

Im amazed you guys put up with my autism

33d72 No.16064

A classic

e5e9b No.16065

You just keep screwing yourself over and making everyone laugh.

06d83 No.16066

I'm fine with anytime on the weekends
There once was a man from nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket
His daughter named Nan
Ran away with a man
And as for the bucket, nantucket

"Now where did I put my copy of shadilay?" Torc says as he teleports to his cave

98d4b No.16067

File: 1510021551597.jpeg (49.43 KB, 548x303, 1504585876918-0.jpeg)

>I screencap almost every single one of your posts: you're not just acknowledged, you're being stalked
I'm… Not sure how to respond to that
>I'm still trying to figure out which part I care to reply to first
>I don't intend to admit I've done anything wrong
Aww. Oh well, it's my fault for being so invective. That and for being so emotional and taking everything so seriously in the first place. Oh well, that part of me is proving harder to change than I thought

98d4b No.16068

>law school
Oh you have no idea. I fucked up by taking the full 15 hours, and in addition to that I have an internship, plus I'm doing a competition, plus so many other things. A couple weeks ago I had a 26 hour period where I drove to a different city to go to the airport, flew to New York City, had an interview there, had all of this drama where my flight was cancelled and I had to book a new one, got a ticket after misunderstanding the bus system in Queens, and had to fly back on a delayed flight and then drive back 3 hours to my apartment after that.

You've seen the other people in this thread right?

e5e9b No.16069


33d72 No.16070

Yea but still.

06d83 No.16071

Thx m8

GM, can Torc finally finish the staff?

98d4b No.16072

File: 1510022314301.png (1.01 MB, 960x869, 1516617__safe_artist-colon….png)

I absolutely love this pony now. He needs more art

I guess it's okay, I was stalking you months before this game started

33d72 No.16073

Yea shes probably done >rape ing you by now

06d83 No.16074

>reminding me
Poor Torc will never be the same. He definitally won't be able to look trollestia in the eye for awhile

e5e9b No.16075

>implying he'll have a choice

fefa8 No.16076

Well let me see here,….
>Baleful Polymorph
>Must be Good
>Ice Storm
>insect Frog Plague
You'll need Infernius' help with that one
Am I forgetting anything?

e5e9b No.16077

Top magick, Torc. You're using some awesome stuff.

06d83 No.16078

Nope, that's it

fefa8 No.16079

Oh please, like you hadn't envisioned SOMETHING might happen,….

fefa8 No.16080

Alright then. Unless Infernius doesn't want to help (right,…) wibbledy bibbledy <POP>
Fancy new staff.

e5e9b No.16081

It was the best possible outcome, with all the spaghetti he was hemorrhaging.

33d72 No.16082

98d4b No.16083

You at least got a date. She got offended by my attempts at wooing

fefa8 No.16084

No she didn't, she was testing you

e5e9b No.16085

She didn't want to be out-done.

fefa8 No.16086

Shiny resplendent dude, clearly a paragon of sorts, attempts to socially maneuver. "Will he debase himself?" was the question on her mind.

98d4b No.16087

I interpreted "proper respect requires you to get down on all fours" as meaning "If you don't leave the room within the next 4 seconds, you're going to get the full Tourcil treatment"

06d83 No.16088

I actually hadn't, I honestly expected Trollestia to just thank Torc for dinner and leave after the spagetti
Torc starts by throwing his staff down, hoping it turns into a snek

e5e9b No.16089

>not rolling to see if it works
inb4: staff breaks and kills us all

fefa8 No.16090

I apologize for being vague. Her thought was "How committed to this course of action is he? Here is a guy with options and presence. Why is he jocking at a horse?"

98d4b No.16091

Dice rollRolled 18


fefa8 No.16092

Actually, the spaghetti was endearing for the opposite reasons of the previous.

06d83 No.16093

>full Tourcil treatment
2) Spell his name goddamned right you faggot 3) He is NOT becoming a phrase

fefa8 No.16094

After a moment, the staff morphs into a yellow snake with black-diamond markings. It strangles Trump. Trump is kill.
kidding, it works fine and no one is kill

fefa8 No.16095

Well, considering Torcuil's backstory and his literally having lived in a cave, and the social awkwardness that results of a difficult backstory such as his, it occurred to her that 'this' was quite literally what seemed the correct course of actions for him. While cringe, she also sympathized with what he was intending (to have a decent and somewhat intimate {non-sexual} exchange) which resulted in a surge of affection and appreciation. So, >rape.

e5e9b No.16096

>3) He is NOT becoming a phrase
>Implying you can resist being memed
They say the Wizard Merlin could tell the fate of others, but never his own…

fefa8 No.16097

98d4b No.16098

Kek. The proper response would have been something like "come again now?" but I thought that if I waited that long I could be Tourciled
I mean to say strap-on raped. Tourciled

Don't you betray me Kek! I divested in my businesses for you!

fefa8 No.16099

You're right. I'm sorry.
The staff changes into a Red Dragon. The dragon eats Trump. Trump is kill.

98d4b No.16100

Outdone in Trolling?

06d83 No.16101

Woo hoo, a snek!
Okay then…
>backs away slowly in confusion
>sprays horse with bottle
Bad horse

98d4b No.16102


Fucking Chinese

fefa8 No.16103

Totally not where I was going,… but now all Red Dragons r chinese

e5e9b No.16104

No. In >rape of course. It's the one thing she's good at: she couldn't just sit there and let that white cunt take her role.

33d72 No.16105

The way they should be.

fefa8 No.16106

Red dragons DO have an overblown sense of superiority,….

e5e9b No.16107

Dice rollRolled 2

>sprays horse with bottle
Bad move.
*stabs* (use poison)

fefa8 No.16108

Careful myah, you almost stabbed yourself there

e5e9b No.16109

Well that was a pathetic fuck-up…
At least she doesn't risk poisoning herself.

06d83 No.16110

Dice rollRolled 3

Roll to spray more

e5e9b No.16111

33d72 No.16112

Dice rollRolled 4

Bad hores!!

98d4b No.16113

File: 1510024563712.gif (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 1207793__safe_artist-colon….gif)

>spraying Tracy with a bottle
I like that idea.

But I'm not talking to Tracy until she apologizes. And acts cute

98d4b No.16114

You should stop rolling…

e5e9b No.16115

Dice rollRolled 19


33d72 No.16116

Dice rollRolled 14

Bad trump!!

fefa8 No.16117

>Str bonus
Also lands, shag is a legit move in a grapple
"NOW you're TALKIN'!"

98d4b No.16118

Well… At least you're shagged

33d72 No.16119

Oh behave!

e5e9b No.16120

I meant to type "*shank*"..

fefa8 No.16121

Sure you did. ^_~

06d83 No.16122


"Hello Mr. Snek, nice to meet you"

33d72 No.16123

So which hole?

e5e9b No.16124

The most painful one you can imagine.

98d4b No.16125

he clearly was referring to a stabbing action.

He'll bite you with your luck

fefa8 No.16126

Thp thp thp
(sounds of snek sniffing u with tongue)
It will comply with any directions you give it that it comprehends.

06d83 No.16127

Ah, not magic snek. Okay.
Torc picks up Mr. Snek and places him around his arm

98d4b No.16128

So… since I'm single now (I mean, more so), and since Trollestia is also technically still single…

fefa8 No.16129

No sex on snek!

98d4b No.16130

>having sex on top of a snake

fefa8 No.16131

Not currently (aside from the whole, transforming from a magical staff and becoming a biological snake,…), but you seem to lack a familiar,….

33d72 No.16132

I also like to live dangerously.

e5e9b No.16133

How big is snek?

fefa8 No.16134

I know what you meant, it was a weak troll

06d83 No.16135

Yeah, I was gonna ask about that

98d4b No.16136

File: 1510025530019.jpg (27.53 KB, 580x326, 1389800560000-weirdal.jpg)

>Trollestia will want a Troll-off
So that's her game. I can handle that

fefa8 No.16137

Kek, nice
Listed as Giant Constrictor which means,… its huge. 11 hit dice. No mention of length, but huge means probably at least 15' long.

e5e9b No.16138

I get one lvl II Blackguard spell a day, right?

fefa8 No.16139

33d72 No.16140

Can i grapple it?

e5e9b No.16141

That's a big snek.

98d4b No.16142

e5e9b No.16143

With those arms, why not?

98d4b No.16144

Sadly that is pretty much a legitimate argument

06d83 No.16145

I can accept this
Probally can't put it on Torc's arm.
Have fun with that
What does one do to aquire a framilier?
Animal suggestions?

e5e9b No.16146


33d72 No.16147

File: 1510025968341.jpg (121.47 KB, 500x625, 1509845434409.jpg)

>Grapple is Life

98d4b No.16148

File: 1510026004840.jpg (14.63 KB, 320x303, 13233149_1083165281755968_….jpg)

>Animal suggestions
Are you serious?

e5e9b No.16149

You should grapple it, squeeze the venom out of it, and make a lasso, like Pecos Bill.

33d72 No.16150

This if he gets anything other than a pepe we take his robe.

fefa8 No.16151

Its a constrictor
As far as I can tell (and I HAVE looked) u just have to pick one.
Arm, no. You could pull some crazy snake wrapped around both shoulders shit tho.
You want to wrestle with Torcuil's snake?
"You cad." ^_~

33d72 No.16152

I could use some new pants.

fefa8 No.16153

"Don't look at me, I gave up all most of my good shit last time."

98d4b No.16154

It's a damned good thing I invested in a new clothing manufactory in Port Barry

06d83 No.16155

Bruh thats my fucking STAFF
As a result of some serious sole searching and hard desicions i have decided Torc's framilier will be a

Nah, I'm to tired to think but I can decide on frog
Snake sholder thing sounds good. Mr. Snek could be a good torcher weapon

fefa8 No.16156

Thez insists I mention she has a new 'outfit'. It's basically Harley Quinn's outfit from the old Batman animated series, except with Bloodstones and Obsidians.

33d72 No.16157

Dice rollRolled 3


fefa8 No.16158

>not going with the giant python he just crafted
I am disappoint.

33d72 No.16159

e5e9b No.16160

>gets eaten

fefa8 No.16161

Dice rollRolled 15


fefa8 No.16162


e5e9b No.16163

06d83 No.16164

"Heard you where talking some shit"
Well Snek, I guess it's steak for dinner
Change of plans, thats a good ass point
Like i said, to tired to think

e5e9b No.16165

File: 1510026871970-0.jpg (14.83 KB, 413x395, cjsqk.jpg)

>mfw Infernius's misadventures never fail to cheer me up

98d4b No.16166

He could have had better steak though if he had gone to the Trump Grill

33d72 No.16167

Dice rollRolled 17

Bodydlams snek

fefa8 No.16168

Snek has a 25 str (+7 bonus) and Inf has a 38 (+14). 7+15 > 3+14. Snek wins.

e5e9b No.16169

You lost already. Now you should be rolling to escape.

06d83 No.16170

Dice rollRolled 18

Mr. Snek prefers medium rare, without ketchup
"Come here snek"
>turns back into staff
>cast blindness on Infernius

e5e9b No.16171

File: 1510027076970.jpg (43.82 KB, 400x229, laughing sluts.jpg)

>mfw I knew this could happen when I encouraged him to wrestle it

fefa8 No.16172

Dice rollRolled 20


fefa8 No.16173

Snek wins, and then returns to Torcuil

33d72 No.16174

Remove blindness

98d4b No.16175


>Undercooked steak
>No proper condiments
We can work with that. The Angus is the best flavored.

fefa8 No.16176

I forgot about blindness, but thats a lvl 2/3 spell so no worries.

98d4b No.16177

GM, if I curse Tracy does it have to be activated by some thing she does or could it just act instantly?

33d72 No.16178

I bestow curse on torc i target his int.

fefa8 No.16179

Depends on the curse

33d72 No.16180

Hey great minds think alike.

98d4b No.16181

Turn her into a Leaf

33d72 No.16182

glad i can help.

e5e9b No.16183

File: 1510027490527.jpg (194.71 KB, 1400x815, ass laugh.jpg)

06d83 No.16184

File: 1510027503345.png (278.92 KB, 680x580, f9f.png)

Counter spell:

fefa8 No.16185

Dice rollRolled 17

Curse is a will save, which IIRC Tracy only has a +4 on,…

fefa8 No.16186

Alas, Tracy avoids being made canadian

98d4b No.16187

Is the DC 20?

33d72 No.16188

Roll for torcs - 6 int

fefa8 No.16189

I'm checking, but I think DC is based on caster level

33d72 No.16190


06d83 No.16191

98d4b No.16192

File: 1510027686335.png (173.07 KB, 420x420, 1499327209672.png)

I'll get her next time

Um… Is that a 15 for 15 Paladin levels?

e5e9b No.16193

Wait, Curse?

e5e9b No.16194

Nevermind. I found it.

fefa8 No.16195

No, that's wrong. DC is spell level (3 in this case) + 10 (?) + relevant attribute (Wis in this case) +2. Yeah, she still saves.
I'll allow it

33d72 No.16196

What? No rolls?

06d83 No.16197

Does that mean infernius loses 6 points?

98d4b No.16198

Reeeeeeee! She better watch out though.

So the caster just casts with no roll and the only roll is the saving throw?

e5e9b No.16199

He had a meme.


e5e9b No.16200

>Paladin using Necromancy.

98d4b No.16201

Huh? Where's the necromancy

Also, GM. Where is my resurrected Bolshevik killing Trump defending Lawyer?

33d72 No.16202

I get to brand him remember?

e5e9b No.16203

Didn't you just try Bestow Curse?

98d4b No.16204

Mark of Justice, which is Bestow Curse but with a trigger, is a standard Paladin Spell.

You want to brand Roy Cohn when we bring him back?

fefa8 No.16205

Counter-spelling is complicated, but simple. If both players have the option to act and do so in a timely manner, then the latter negates the former. Torcuil has plenty of spells to counter with (dispel magic most notably) so its not a problem.
Its not a reflective effect
Thats what the rules say. The idea is that it takes a certain 'oomph' to cast the spell, and the saving throw is to determine if there is - on the spot - enough ooomph to defeat it.
Oh, that was Mark of Justice? I thought it was bestow curse! One second

33d72 No.16206

Yea he gets the face brand

fefa8 No.16207

Awww, MoJ is a lvl 4 pali spell, so still no. Tracy is still a burger.

06d83 No.16208

>no u
>not reflective

98d4b No.16209

Bestow Curse works fine because it's immediate

Wait. I cast Mark of Justice on Tracy Yesterday. That one is activated by Kikery (not triggered yet). Can you roll for it?

33d72 No.16210

>Contagion on torc

e5e9b No.16211

>using up your only lvl 4 spell when Godzilla just appeared.

33d72 No.16212

>implying they wont refill before we even meet him.

e5e9b No.16213

This is going to sound retarded, but can you eat monsters you summon?

fefa8 No.16214

Uhhhh, sauce?
To your credit, I have noticed an absence of wall/reflect spells, and I'm not adverse to developing an OC spell, but currently no.

fefa8 No.16215

Yes, but no. Yes, you could theoretically, but upon the creatures death it essentially evaporates.

fefa8 No.16216


e5e9b No.16217

I'm still bound by >>11111 to use it to give everybody autism, when I have the levels…

fefa8 No.16218

>inb4 Trump cast
Yes, and I neglected to notice that when he cast it.

e5e9b No.16219


06d83 No.16220

I'm retiring for the night, so torc will deal with this "contagion" shit tomorrow
Hey Trump's faggot, i would be totally pissed if you gave me the Scottish flag while I wasn't paying attention. Totally would troll me

fefa8 No.16221

You're not contagioned, dont worry

98d4b No.16222

What would you brand on his face? Also why

I found it >>15184. It's actually on Tracy's faggot and not on Tracy

e5e9b No.16223

You have to draw a mark for that first, what did you draw?
>wanting to die in your sleep from Slimey Doom

fefa8 No.16224

With trips even. I'm gonna have to think on that.

98d4b No.16225

File: 1510029094928.png (84.37 KB, 3617x2533, Tracy's Faggot's Flag.png)

Pic related

33d72 No.16226


33d72 No.16227

thats whats going on your lawyers forehead.

e5e9b No.16228

[uloyrlid ealh lauwyw]!

33d72 No.16229

me cant speak spanish.

98d4b No.16230

Why though

fefa8 No.16231

Speaking in tongues! Kill it with fire!
Kidding aside, I gotta go. I'll catch you all later.
If you read this, I'm looking forward to making space for 'dorable filly who the party will have to go to lengths to avoid getting squished (Godzilla is kinda next-door).

33d72 No.16232

we cant just have jews walking around unmarked..

98d4b No.16233

I'll make a sling or some way of carrying her

There is no way you read the wiki to find that Roy Cohn is Jewish

33d72 No.16234

ill de-nut that terrasque before it hurts my little filly.

33d72 No.16235

we had this same conversation last time you brought it up.

e5e9b No.16236

Duel for it.

98d4b No.16237

>your filly

But there is no way you actually knew that he was Jewish

98d4b No.16238

I'll slay you first nigger

33d72 No.16239

Yes MY filly

98d4b No.16240

She's mine though. Ponies like me

33d72 No.16241

ive seen what you do with horses!

98d4b No.16242

I give them the love and affection that helps them thrive

fefa8 No.16243

>not respecting filly's individuality and giving her space
"I'll beat the piss outta all of you!" shaking fist, glowing eyes pose

33d72 No.16244

me want like it but if you hit me first me will defend myself thez.

fefa8 No.16245

>fist shaking and eye-glowing intensifies

33d72 No.16246

Adolfa no need your "love".

33d72 No.16247

"you cute when mad"

98d4b No.16248

I'm not really at liberty to say why, but it's okay


Reeee! That's not her name

fefa8 No.16249

Yeah, I know. I'm deciding how much sleep I'm willing to forego for this. I have to recalculate a whole bunch of tables since Thez doesn't have her swag.

e5e9b No.16250

That's what I said earlier.

33d72 No.16251

dont you woah me you tried to cuts tracys legs off.

e5e9b No.16252

>being this retarded

98d4b No.16253

The psycho bitch kicked me! With large horse legs!

fefa8 No.16254

"Starlight Glimmer is best pone."
Thez wins.

33d72 No.16255

98d4b No.16256

>baiting in darker, eviler gods is winning

fefa8 No.16257

Everyone wakes up outside the entertron.
"Let this be a lesson." Thez walks off, lashing her tail aggressively.

98d4b No.16258

I didn't do anything!

33d72 No.16259

>dindu nuffin

fefa8 No.16260

>trying to lay claim on a player, a new player even
>dindu nuffin

98d4b No.16261

Reeeeeeeeeeee. First of, she's a pony. Obviously there will be claims. Second, I know the person from a discord.

33d72 No.16262


fefa8 No.16263

>stops, turns and gives evil eye.

e5e9b No.16264

*flattens ears against head and shivers*

98d4b No.16265

I'm confused…

33d72 No.16266

Dice rollRolled 2

grapples and covers mouth

e5e9b No.16267

You dumb fucking bovine!

98d4b No.16268


e5e9b No.16269


98d4b No.16270

Uh… Stop what?

e5e9b No.16271

Nevermind.. it's too late…
*curls into ball*

33d72 No.16272

stop claiming my filly

e5e9b No.16273


98d4b No.16274

Am more confused

>my filly
She's my filly


33d72 No.16275

[contesting Bull noises]

98d4b No.16276

Calm down Inferius, she's already mine

e5e9b No.16277

*phases through ground and flies away as far as she can at 90 ft flight speed*

33d72 No.16278

98d4b No.16279

File: 1510032281370.gif (2.85 MB, 520x700, tumblr_opxgytCY0s1w0by9bo1….gif)

You're going to need multiple full rounds to do all that

98d4b No.16280

Is that supposed to be PTSD from being raped as a filly?

>tfw when she'd never tell you anything

e5e9b No.16281

*doesn't answer*

98d4b No.16282

Did you link that post right?

33d72 No.16283

id guess no

e5e9b No.16284

Did you not realize that the entire party just died all at once right then? What would a normal pony do, after the bull and the narcissist still continue to piss-off GM's tulpa?

98d4b No.16285

I thought the starlight glimmer thing was an overreaction. I was confused. What's so wrong with claiming a little filly. Trumpaladin always wanted a daughter (son, but close enough), especially a pony daughter, and now he has a chance to help take one on adventures
I just understood what you meant. But seriously, why should tulpa care?

fefa8 No.16286

Tracy, in full flight,… runs up on Thez, standing in air.
"What's your hurry? Its not like I'm gonna LEAVE anyone dead,…."

e5e9b No.16287

"…Dying hurts."

33d72 No.16288

if your a bitch.

fefa8 No.16289

The glimmer thing was cuz Infernius challenged Thez. While contemplating the challenge, it occurred to her that she could 'settle' it with a phrase, and so she did. It wasn't personal.
"It was business.

98d4b No.16290

She can keep us out of it

e5e9b No.16291

File: 1510033172261-0.jpg (55.97 KB, 658x798, 740539__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)


fefa8 No.16292

You were in range, it wasn't personal.
"Oh FINE, I won't say it unnecessarily."

33d72 No.16293

yea it kinda unfair.

e5e9b No.16294


fefa8 No.16295

"Awww, diddums think it was a fair fight?"

33d72 No.16296

i didnt do anything wrong,you threatend me.

98d4b No.16297

File: 1510033365449.png (389.75 KB, 597x597, 1505272787829.png)

"Maybe if you apologize for being such a bitch, Tracy"

e5e9b No.16298

>Paladin posting Blasphemy

fefa8 No.16299

Were threatened cuz trying to possess new filly friend. Everything else was hubris.