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File: 1508707617841.jpg (63.08 KB, 600x450, bread.jpg)

81b07 No.10705[Last 50 Posts]

The last thread got stale, so I baked anew. This bread is filled with nuts, so it might aggravate allergies or bother anons with sensitive teeth.
Seriously though this is an RP thread; you've been warned.

81b07 No.10708

2a025 No.10709

File: 1508707717121-0.png (4.87 KB, 495x193, 1508556188366-1.png)

File: 1508707717121-1.png (87 KB, 525x596, 1508556188366-0.png)

2eace No.10710

81b07 No.10712

Noted. Also, you're good you. That was fast.
As for the leadership bit, she meant it. There IS a difference between leading and dictating however. Part of Thez' success with the ne'ers was because she wasn't TELLING them to fight, she was in the ring fighting WITH them.

81b07 No.10713

"And 'cuz I paid for their whores!"

2a025 No.10714

A noble vengeance that stays true to the clerical domain. Romantic, and suitable for a Chaotic good character.
I like it.

2eace No.10715

Then those who are not interested in following Gridiron, in fighting for the Right, or in protecting Port Barry can leave and returned to their charred homes. No matter. Only those who are motivated are fit in any event. Trumpaladin follows the holy way, the way of Good and Football and America. He calls upon all to follow him. Some will be fit for this quest, and some will not. But for those who are, they shall be organized into the Church Militant

2eace No.10716

Trumpaladin will also be offering nose jobs and legal name changes to relevant members of the upper classes. He needs all the resources available. Even bankers, lawyers, and business executives. Perhaps especially them

2a025 No.10717

Tracy is still spelunking in an undisclosed location, looking for a good lair.

81b07 No.10718

I get what you are saying, and I like/agree. I was being a bit catty, in the interest of presentation and measure, please pay that no mind.
Trump has full reign to do as he suggests, but he notices that every time he means to say "Follow", he curiously says "Join".

81b07 No.10719

Also Infernius, "You goof", don't worry. I've already thought of 3 loopholes. ^_!

deb7d No.10720

So if i've read right
>soros fight
>we do damage
>he flees

Also, Hi

81b07 No.10721

Thats an exceptionally abbreviated version, but yeah for the most part.

deb7d No.10722


2a025 No.10723

Tracy found her cave, and is explaining to the ants how she wants it excavated.
Are you referring to the consequences of a Cleric race-mixing with an infernal monk of opposite alignment? (high-impact sexual tragedy, anyone?)
>*yanks fork out of haggis*Welcome to the bread.

81b07 No.10724

2a025 No.10725

File: 1508709085957-0.jpeg (102.04 KB, 509x659, 1199190__questionable_art….jpeg)

It was a miracle.

81b07 No.10726

I hadn't even thought of that, I was referring to the terms of the seal against outsiders. I WILL think about that though.
She has me looking up images of Ironwill now, for posterity and shit

2eace No.10727

This false positive shall be dealt with in its proper time

81b07 No.10728

File: 1508709384172.png (161.24 KB, 947x844, pinkie_pie_igniting_party_….png)

Is it wrong that I found that pic arousing? Should I even be saying this? Does it even matter anymore? smh self-depricatingly

deb7d No.10729

I can't find it, but wasn't there an agreement that everything thay happened to Tracy would become board canon?
Trump, be happy for your goddamn waifu. I will go down with this ship

2eace No.10730

I'm guessing your referring most to the mention of incorporation of people with specialized knowledge into the town school, and perhaps also the mandatory education of the youth. This I guess, may have to wait until the USFL has almost soveriegn power. As for the conscription of the veterans into the Church Militant, I can't imagine they'd be unwilling very often, at least where they don't have other things going on in their lives they need to attend to, and even that is allowed for under Trump's plan

2eace No.10731

You leave me no choice. Read this >>10678

81b07 No.10732

Don't worry, I slipped it into one of the Tea times. It was dismissed as Fake News, but its still on record.
I'm saying people don't respond as well to 'compulsory' or 'mandatory'. Consider a "You'll get what you want if…" strategy perhaps?

2a025 No.10733

Thanks. I still ship you with Trollestia.
GM, you still haven't given Trollestia's judgement of Torq's rare Pepe collection.
Also, was I right to guess that her clerical domain was Trickery aka Trolling?

81b07 No.10734

In order to judge, I'd/she'd have to see it. How does it rate compared to the Mlpol pepe collection?

43987 No.10735

File: 1508709806059.png (540.4 KB, 1024x2117, iron_will__barbarian_hero_….png)

infernuis try and find a hairstylist to help ifernuis change look.
>pic related

43987 No.10736


43987 No.10737

i will help you on your quest to frm the teutonic order.

2eace No.10738

When Pearl Harbor was bombed, people came in droves to sign up for the army. And almost no one was actually present for that. And now Port Barry has had its own Pearl Harbor

>"You'll get what you want if…"

You want to serve God, King, and Country. Err… Football and Port Barry. It's the same motivation that caused people to give up their established lives to liberate Jerusalem. It's the same motivation as lead so many people to charge into steel and lead and danger in so many thousands of wars. Trumpaladin is interested in Patriots, and Patriots alone. He shall find them

Don't worry, he gives a rousing speech first

2eace No.10739

*Eyes widen*

81b07 No.10740

That sounds about right. Its kind of a splitting hairs point, but your proposal sounded a bit like you were telling people what to do, rather than giving them the means to accomplish what they already wanted to do.
top fukkin kek

deb7d No.10742

File: 1508710133463.jpg (33.98 KB, 583x583, angry-pepe-with-gun-is-cry….jpg)

Delet dis

2a025 No.10743

Nice try, you red-haired mutant!

43987 No.10744

gm have problem with new look?

43987 No.10745

me cant change true hair color me know, me in mourning.

43987 No.10746

something me say?

81b07 No.10747

"Its actually quite dashing!"

2eace No.10748

"We're starting a Military Order. Crusaders for Truth and Good and Football. I'm modelling them on the old Teutonic Knights, the founders of Old Prussia. It seemed like precisely the sort of thing you might be interested in. I was wondering if you would put forth the time to teach them combat skills, and teach them of what they'll be up against. Who knows, they may be willing to learn about Rockwell and the Jews"

43987 No.10749

me would be honored but me get to come up with name.

2eace No.10750

"Well, it is unnamed. Just so long as I can veto excessively offensive suggestions"

81b07 No.10751

P.s., to practice with the shield, I recommend tying a ribbon around it so you can see where it is

deb7d No.10752


43987 No.10753


81b07 No.10754

deb7d No.10755

>leaves party to go practice

81b07 No.10756

The item bypasses any requisite proficiency,… I was just bantzing, cuz I didn't say everything I was 'supposed' to in the moment

2a025 No.10757

Infernius should remember to expand his God's domain as well.

81b07 No.10758

By the way, you may notice at some point that there is a pale-green, semi-transluscent compound bow following you around.

deb7d No.10759

I'm assuming that that means Torc doesnt require past experince?

2eace No.10760

>Tracy has the fantasy equivalent of ankle bracelets

2a025 No.10761

What exactly are the tarot cards for? More jewelry?
>does not know what a tarot card is

81b07 No.10762

"And it also makes for a wicked sled!"

2a025 No.10763

Wait, wat? Is that a weapon?

81b07 No.10764

It was discretely put in play, but yes. Its a composite longbow, and it floats of its own accord. There's an arrow attached by a thin strand of rope, but it floats along and follows you. There's a shadowy essence that seems attached to it.

2a025 No.10765

Did any of those infernal leave any weapons behind when they vanished?

81b07 No.10766

Nope, their equipment and trappings vanished with them. No swag, sorry

2eace No.10767

Can I take it?

81b07 No.10768

No, it maintains its distance

2a025 No.10769

>non-edged, ranged weapon
I'll have to do some character gymnastics to get her to even touch it…
Can it be concealed?
You could use it all you want if you were on her back.

2eace No.10770

Distance from Tracy. Can I get close enough

2eace No.10771

If you were in Arizona and stumbled upon a wild and unbroken mustang, would you get on its back? No? Now imagine the same, but it flies, is on fire, and has weird demonic powers. That goes in the "Hell no I ain't touchin' that shit" category

2a025 No.10772

>not taming the magical hoers into a powerful mount that only you can ride
Some legendary hero you are.

2eace No.10773

Trump is too busy to learn the art of breaking demonic horses

81b07 No.10774

kek. Probably not (concealment)
Depends on environment, but its usually no less than 60' if allowed, and its deliberately moving to avoid both scrutiny and notoriety.

2a025 No.10775

Rooooooooo stealth is important!

81b07 No.10776

"His name is Bob! Balthazar Ozymandius Bestimus!"
You be quiet.
Don't worry, he's good at that, I only thought I'd mention so I don't have to roll for spot checks every so often

2eace No.10777

Paladins think stealth is dishonorable

2eace No.10778

Look on my works, ye mighty?

81b07 No.10779

o_O o_o
IDK what you mean

2a025 No.10780

File: 1508713985975-0.png (Spoiler Image, 598.46 KB, 4683x4680, 936636__safe_artist-colon-….png)

She's not a Paladin.
*teleports behind you (literally: she jumped planes) and hugs your back affectionately*
*hums* "~Hhhmmm, hello, ~Flashy."

2a025 No.10781

It.. it doesn't talk, does it..?

2eace No.10782

You named him Balthazar Ozymandius Bestimus. Balthazar is a real name and I'm not sure if it's a reference to something, but Balthazar was the name of a character (the poison seller?) in Romeo and Juliet, and I think of the traitor in the Battlestar Galactica remake series. Ozymandias, an alternative name for Pharaoh Ramses II of Egypt, is the name of Percy Shelly's famous poem. It includes the lines "My name is Ozymandius. King of Kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair"

81b07 No.10783

*became momentarily ethereal

2a025 No.10784


2a025 No.10785

[affectionate hoers noises]

81b07 No.10786

You're correct, but Balthazar is also one of the 3 wise men in the nativity legend. Bestimus was a bit of a phone-in, so that (WAAAAY earlier) he could
call himself "The Best Man". Its part of Thez' history.
Not talk, but he can thump the bowstring. One means yes, two means no, and "Swift defeat to mine enemies" means something is up (cuz he's shooting at something).

2eace No.10787

Trumpaladin makes a mental note of why he had marked down "jump scare" in his journal entry for the blue one

2a025 No.10788

*nuzzles and hugs*

43987 No.10789

of course trump and i have founded a pantheon remember.

43987 No.10790

ozzymanas is bad guy in movie me see once.

2eace No.10791

"Um… hi?" Trump says scared

"I see the parts of the machines that were missing have turned up"

81b07 No.10792

Ozymandius was also a historical king noted for his fairness and rigid adherence to common law.

deb7d No.10793

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert… near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:

And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away

2eace No.10794

This is the second set of Making Port Barry Great Again. Whereas most of what was said in the previous post involved Trumpaladin’s independent Football League/religious organization, this will mostly involve the civilian government of Port Barry. These changes will be very expensive, and could not possibly be expected to be completed even halfway by the conclusion of the three week period. They will be financed as logic dictates by the party’s finances, by the public treasury, by private investment, or by sheer borrowing where there is no other money available.

Trumpaladin shall have to look for anyone who could find the missing Jew gold AND could be relied upon to hand it over to the city treasury.
>If only there were a level 15 rogue who could find the missing Jew gold and then actually return it to the city
A man can dream, a man can dream

First, the town declares a corvée to clean up the streets and other mess from the destruction wrought by the demon attack. (not rebuilding, just cleaning up). Then, begins an assessment by adjustors and surveyors of the damage to the city. They shall determine the extent of the damage, and what areas should be destroyed altogether.

Second, retrieve all books on engineering, architexture, and city planning from the Trump Tower library, and begin planning the reconstruction of the relevant sections. Private property will be seized by the city via eminent domain. The exact specifications of the reconstruction shall have to wait for a report on the damage to the city, but in general, Trump would like to see the following changes

First, a street pattern that is arranged in a grid pattern rather than at random, In the alternative, streets radiate out from a central point Parisian style, the center point being either a plaza or a public building. But the big changes are these
A grand new city hall to be the center of city government, unless of course the existing one is sufficient for this purpose, and is sufficiently undamaged (paid for by the public)
A tower to use as the headquarters of the United States Football League. Obviously the Church needs its Vatican (party funded)
A new Diamond exchange. This will involve the relevant jeweler and the jewel industry in Port Barry that Thez helped set up (private funder)

A new tower hotel (Trump?)
Upscale Housing (Trump/borrowed money. It will pay for itself
A new shopping complex
A church for Inferius’s religion
>The brother survived unscathed somehow
It shall be burned to the ground. Tracy is welcome to help, but it’s coming down one way or another. It shall be replaced with the Port Barry Courthouse.

As mentioned in the previous section, the monestary and the raining grounds, like the stadium, are to the north of the city outside the walls. It seems that it will be wise to expand the walls up North to enclose this new section. Trumpaladin loves building walls, so this should be fun. The new enclosed area should include space for a few farms and probably also low income housing.

I believe a citadel should be built, should another assault fall upon Port Barry

As for rebuilding industry, the following things should occur. Please note that they would be financed by private funds and contracts, foreign investment, or borrowing with the expectation of future returns
Expand the already yuge forge to include a full-scale rolling mill and blast furnace. Build a warehouse as well, if there isn’t already one
Build an Armory, probably as an expansion of what exists already at the forge
Build a tannery
Build a textile mile
Build a paper mill
Build a printing press
Build a shipyard, or expand the existing one
These will be built near the water, preferably by the harbor, and to the west of the city (or perhaps the east) outside of the walls if necessary

Of course, three large ocean going vessels should be purchased, commissioned, or commandeered, for the Mendicant Order. These shall spread the word of Football across all continents and to all corners of the world

Naturally, Trumpaladin will give a speech, probably several, to the citizenry. He will speak of the fighting against the evil forces of globalism and Soccer that tried to attack the town, and that really were lurking and waiting to attack for just the right time, seizing upon an opportunity when the group was away. But thanks to the brave men and wo men of the Port Barry defense force, casualties were minimized. Thanks to the power of Football and the devotion of the party, they were able to distract the demons from the city, then fight through them, slaying hordes of them, killing the lieutenants, and leading right into Soros, the one armed-bastard. Thez, having seen the light of Football, placed a permanent travel ban on all outsiders except spooky horse apparently, and in the process, deported herself. Now Trump asks all citizens of Port Barry to display the same devotion and willingness to sacrifice in rebuilding the city, and in helping to spread the word of Football, which delivered the city from evil. He also tells them to be on the look out for Soccer – that most evil of “sports” – as it is a demonic plot, existing to pervert national love. He tells them of his plans for Port Barry and for the USFL, and asks them to join, He tells of the Football powered miracle of the resurrection booth, and how he is using it to revive casualties

deb7d No.10795

Only if I get to stick a sword in some stone

81b07 No.10796

>burn the brothel
"YOU SHALL DO NO SUCH THING! Oooooh, this motherfucker! You're lucky that me escaping means that Soros escapes! Wait a second,…."
A disembodied purple fist appears in the air above Trump and <WHONK> he has another lump on his head.
"It was business."
Is that a metaphor, or am I not following?

2a025 No.10797

>Is reading Guardian Paramount abilities
Fug! She's indestructible. It's great to play a class that can defend other characters too.
Can Tracy also get a good armor upgrade somewhere? She has good reason to protect her body now. Maybe some of those gold-steel plates?
>Paladin not being immune to fear
*is still nuzzling you*
"~Hmmmh..! Oh, yes, it seems the pirates who looted them fled when the infernals attacked and left their treasure behind. I picked the parts up while I was looking for infernal weapons.. ~hhmm." Tracy says nonchalantly, clearly glad to see you.

deb7d No.10798


2a025 No.10799

He's based on Merlin, remember?

81b07 No.10800

Quite literally, Lenos is the only person who's ever forged anything out of golded steel. Its a sound idea though.
I was just checking, I first thought it was a vaguely lewd joke is all.

fe20c No.10801

I see the travel ban was only partly successful.

"TRACY! Want to burn something? Like a large building?"
So long as that isn't code for sex with Trollestoa, then sure
"I know you're lying"

deb7d No.10802

Not being continent with your wife and son/daughter

81b07 No.10803

"Ooooh, this,… okay fine, if thats how he wants to play it."
No violation of the travel ban has occurred, since no one has traveled anywhere and no goods or information was exchanged. I will suggest that you should probably leave the brothel alone.

2a025 No.10805

File: 1508716568010-0.png (Spoiler Image, 37.36 KB, 507x633, 830606__artist needed_safe….png)

Dice rollRolled 13, 16 = 29

Bluff (dispel suspicions) + Perform (acting: appear extra innocent)
"~Hhhmmm.. Now why would I lie to you about that, ~Flashy?"
[inquisitive hoers noises] You do realize this'll bring her closer to the Chaotic Path, right?

81b07 No.10806

Per those rolls, Trump is unable to detect any duplicity. She seems to be telling the truth.

81b07 No.10807

Y spoiler tho? Just asking

2a025 No.10808

Left the spoiler on from the jumpscare in >>10780

Also, did any of those golem cores have user-viable parts? Could they be fashioned to craft a magical weapon?

43987 No.10810

i track down jews trump.

81b07 No.10811

>magical crafting
And little else. Some of those sprockets, gears, and shafts are pure mythril, adamantite, and a variety of alloys. Aside from being literally gold-plated, those robots are crafting GOLD.

2a025 No.10812

>Doesn't have the track skill
For that, you'd need an extraplanar bloodhound, with a powerful sense of smell, tracking skills, and an unquenchable thirst for Infernal blood
tl;dr, count me in
Would Lenos craft Tracy something special for Tracy, if she offered him the cigarettes she looted from the body of your dead coworker?

fe20c No.10813

*pushes away pony anyways*

2a025 No.10814


81b07 No.10815

Are you talking about Barry?
"What do you have in mind? I'll answer afterward."

fe20c No.10816


43987 No.10818

i have the detect jew spell.

81b07 No.10819

Fail, and in his fail, he finds his arms unintendedly wrapped around Tracy.

fe20c No.10820

Dice rollRolled 16

Roll anyways, because this bitch ain't right

81b07 No.10821

>splitting hairs
You suspect there might be something amiss.
But then, you always think Tracy is up to something.
So, no dispositional change.

fe20c No.10822

Is there any empathic bond? If there is, she can feel my suspicion and disgust

fe20c No.10823

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly how that scene would have played out

2a025 No.10824

File: 1508718254390-0.png (174.9 KB, 500x610, fact-fact-36-ghost-rider-w….png)

>here goes nothing
A wearable, extending, spiked-chain that functions as a melee saw-blade and can conduct psionic abilities
There would be if you took her as your mount.

81b07 No.10825

File: 1508718298441.gif (304.67 KB, 500x280, tumblr_me7tk2vF3F1r9vi6po2….gif)

She knows, but she doesn't seem to care for the most part.

fe20c No.10826

Can you elaborate on what occurs when that happens?

81b07 No.10827

Yes, yes, Ghost-rider is an abominable Chain Demon (what? its literally spelled out!). You want chain-demon skills then?

deb7d No.10828

So, about tracys pregnancy…
How is tis gonna work

43987 No.10829

This tbh. is it gonna be half horse?

fe20c No.10830

or was Trumpaladin secretly a pony all along… DUN DUN DUN!!!

deb7d No.10831

Minataur horse thing?

81b07 No.10832

To be determined. It was "her" idea, but it sounded like fun so I went with it. As far as raw gameplay is concerned, it allows Tracy extra bonuses if she feels life-threatened, and it gives OP the opportunity to fuck with Trump (and others) on occasion. So far, that's it.
Well, the typical gestation for a hoers is just under a year. So, you'll permit me to defer on that?

2a025 No.10833

>Waited a while because I thought GM would take the initiative to explain
She gains the title, a few of her stats get buffed, you'll be able to summon her from anywhere within a mile through a vague empathetic link that allows for heightened communication. You'd also be able to use any item connected to her (i.e. the bow, the chain), and the same things go for spells and spell-like abilities (i.e. be able to use the Blackguard's evil magic)
Also, being able to infinitely share saving rolls with a Guardian Paramount would make you virtually invincible during mounted combat. There are other supernatural abilities a Cauchemar Nightmare can share with its rider, but those have nothing to do with the class.

fe20c No.10834

All the same. Trumpaladin will have a court declare Tracy unfit to be the mother, then take legal custody of the child. The child may be disabled from the mother's contain or demon blood use, but not all evils can be stopped. One more set back in a long life of set backs, but nothing more

2a025 No.10835

Don't you dare fuck this up! That trigger activates 5 potential endings where she systematically kills-off all of the other characters; and I don't want to make new flow charts.

fe20c No.10836

*cries at the thought of being able to teach his hopefully not part demon and not cocaine addicted son how to play football, an opportunity he thought he lost forever*

81b07 No.10837

K. Sorry I missed the earlier post, I'm casual-browsing.
lol Try it!

deb7d No.10838

Am I safe if I support your ship?

fe20c No.10839

>insists on doing everything the hard way
So let be written, so let it be done

2a025 No.10840

Not if she loses her foal.

fe20c No.10841

*His. The foal deserves a good family

deb7d No.10842

Uhhhh, do I have magic for this shit?

81b07 No.10843

Kek, too bad its got this one,….

deb7d No.10844

>Doesn't want Tracy
>Tracy has child
>Trump is going to take her child
This shit doesn't add up

Can Torc be an uncle?

2a025 No.10845

If your character could somehow detect an extraplanar predatory hoers with stealth, lunging out of another dimension and crushing your ripcage.
Tracy would make sure her foal lived a better life than hers.

81b07 No.10846

Is, in a manner

43987 No.10847

sure i guess.

fe20c No.10848

We'll take him away from his evil mother, don't you worry. He shall play football and learn the family business with his father

81b07 No.10849

Okay, now you're just trolling. I'm sure you know Trump would get eviscerated if he tried.

2a025 No.10850

You do know she has the sense motive skill and she's fully focused on you right now,

fe20c No.10851

>Tracy would make sure her foal lived a better life than hers.
Even if that meant giving up her child to a loving and wealthy family?

81b07 No.10852

And she won't be alone

43987 No.10853

trump no take baby away!!

deb7d No.10854

That makes 3v1
Have fun taking the baby Trump

81b07 No.10855

"Its MY seal, I'll break the shit out of it he thinks,…."

2a025 No.10856

NO!!! She would make sure her family was loving and wealthy, even if she had to destroy an entire country, and melt the brain of her idiot husband, to do so.
I know. I was hoping for a chance to explore the planes.

81b07 No.10857

She's off to a good start

fe20c No.10858

She can detect that he is thinking about his child and how to protect him and give him the best life possible
Trumpaladin has been thinking about how to put down the problem dog ever since she took the blood. He knows he can't evade it forever. It will take time and preparation, but what needs be done, needs be done

81b07 No.10859

O.O I almost wish I could make you take back those words

fe20c No.10860

The fact that she'd be willing to do that is precisely why she can't be his mount, she can't be his wife, and ahe can't be his child's mother

deb7d No.10861

>implying it will be a boy
Is d&d always this wierd?

2a025 No.10862

>She can detect that he is thinking about his child and how to protect him and give him the best life possible
[Genocidal Sithlord hoers noises]
This isn't D&D, it's Mixed Nuts.

43987 No.10863


deb7d No.10864

Fair point

Is GM even dealing with our bullshit anymore?

81b07 No.10865

I've seen far worse
Are you KIDDING? I must be a McDonald's cuz I'm lovin' it

fe20c No.10866

The first step to becoming w paladin's mount is to earn his trust. Why is this overlooked, little pony?

deb7d No.10867

Because trust requores commitment on both sides of the isle?

fe20c No.10868

She's just not willing. Wants the job, but is unwilling to do the duties

81b07 No.10869

I think this is going to be an ongoing "work in progress"

2a025 No.10870

Can Tracy bully Ponimaru into writing her a Ninja scroll?

81b07 No.10871

No, his skill-set is WAAAAAAY below metaphysics

2a025 No.10872

>no lunch money
Poor colt..

43987 No.10873

hey gm can i go person to person(in port barry) gathering info on the jews?

81b07 No.10874

Sure, but its pretty rudimentary. "Hella stingy", "Ill mannered", "Cheap", "Non-comformative",… you know the drill

fe20c No.10875

"Infectious, I have a better proposition for you"

2a025 No.10876

Tracy remembers her previous endeavor on Tracking-down the Jewish caravan's treasure.

43987 No.10877

ok which direction did they ride into town,the first time?

43987 No.10878

trump insult infernuis why?

fe20c No.10879

Trumpaladin goes to Levos to ask a simple question

fe20c No.10880

"When the rats were banished from Port Barry, they were alleged to have had a large stock of gold. It has not been found. Should this massive stock pile be found and delivered to the city, it would go a massive way towards rebuilding the damaged city"

2a025 No.10881

[interested hoers noises]

81b07 No.10882

"From the north. Always to or from the north"
"Sooo, are you asking for my help? Cuz I can guarantee that it won't all make it back to the city in THAT event."

43987 No.10883

me help find gold for port barry, but trump have to put up a statue commemorating thez.

fe20c No.10884

Since the pony was last near Trump, Trump makes essentially the same request of Tracy.

"Tracy Cage, little pony, do you want to prove yourself? To show you are truly someone worthy of praise and admiration - worthy of love? I can tell you how to find it. Port Barry was devastated in the demon attack. Now, it's rumored that the Rats left a large pile of money around. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but no one is better suited to finding it all than you. Should you return it, love and respect for you can only grow."

He flashes his eyes at her
"You are a good pony, full of pride in your service, are you not? You want to prove it?"
Looks at her more intensely
"Want to prove it to me? Retrieve the missing gold, turn it over to the public coffers, and help Port Barry"

81b07 No.10885

File: 1508722527246.jpg (89.58 KB, 800x640, ham.jpg)

Lenos coughs distinctly

43987 No.10886

did they smell a particular way?

2eace No.10887

"I am certian the city will be willing to commemorate those who delivered the city from evil, and suffered in the process, once the funds become available"

2a025 No.10888

Yeah, sure, I can do that." Tracy says, already fitting her armor.
"Do you have any other leads aside from going to the north? I already know that much."

2eace No.10889

Asked of Lenos later, after the events with Inferius and Tracy

"Thez had stones of law and of chaos. What happened to them?"

2a025 No.10890

*inquisitive look*

43987 No.10891

specifically her.

2eace No.10892

Trumpaladin is surprised by this reaction

"The Minotaur over there claims to be able to identify persons of the same cultural background as the rat people living in port Barry. Perhaps he can help extract information from them"
"I am sure they will be willing, once the funds become available"

81b07 No.10893

Thats a good question, I'll have to think of an appropriately distinctive 'smell' for (((them))).
"A tickle in my throat, pay me no mind." Lenos says entirely unconvincingly.

2eace No.10894

"Do you expect to have to leave the city by any massive distance. Actually, let me ask you flat out. Do you believe you will have to travel much more than a mile north of the northern gate?"

2a025 No.10895

"Several miles, it's actually quite a bit even before the path spits." *is fitting hoers shoes*

2eace No.10896

Trumpaladin fondly remembers the smell of bagels and gently woven kippahs from his time in New York City

2a025 No.10897

*makes internal note to swipe treasure to pay Lenos for the weapon*

81b07 No.10898

OP is veritably cackling at the prospects

43987 No.10899

good. you have my sword.

2eace No.10900

"Do you think you might want to report the spot, then have an oxen team deliver the gold to port Barry?"

pauses for a moment, then says "I am trusting you with this, and so is Port Barry. It is very important that all of the gold is accounted for"

2eace No.10901

"Inferius, how good are you at counting?"

43987 No.10902

me can count to 6 million.

81b07 No.10903

File: 1508723559428.mp4 (90.75 KB, 512x284, pop.mp4)

2a025 No.10904

"Can we go already?!" Tracy asks annoyed, knowing how long the trip will take with the bull weighing her down.

2a025 No.10905

GM, please fast forward the journey.

2eace No.10906

"Excellent. Please prepare an account of what is found."

He thinks about making another suggestion, but then declines.

"Thez had a vast horde of Gold, gems, and other valuables here in the pyramid. She allowed us to make use of it - all of it - because she knew we would help the cause of Good and the citizenry of Port Barry with it. She even forwent her use of small gems for jewelry because of it. And you know how much she loved her jewelry, not that she ever needed it. And here, the money is not ours. It rightfully belongs to the citizenry of Port Barry, whom we are trustees over. If it can be delivered in its entirety here, it would go a long way to helping. I believe, even if I am too ignorant to say for sure, that love of country is the highest form of love for Hitler and Rockwell. They are our country now. Do Rockwell proud."

"Now hold your horses. Can you repeat back to me what your mission is?"

2eace No.10907

A journey is never as important as the destination, little pony

2eace No.10908

"Actually, I must second guess myself here. Are you certain you are needed on this quest? I think the bull has it handled"

43987 No.10909

File: 1508724022659-0.png (270.73 KB, 900x959, 1506991587757.png)

File: 1508724022659-1.jpg (88.15 KB, 640x960, 1507080380426.jpg)

81b07 No.10910

>all of it
Yes of course, Thez would never abscond with a portion of it and sequester it, that would be 'bad'.

43987 No.10911

me want tracys help.

2eace No.10912

"You WILL make Thez proud. Just make sure every penny makes it back here and away from wherever those Jew rats stored it. That money will go to glorifying Thez, both in the statue of her, and in the glorious new skyline of Port Barry that she always wanted to see"

"She's useful, I am certain of that. Be sure that she too, makes Thez - and Rockwell and Hitler - proud. Hell, make her make me proud, if that means anything to her"
Inferius is released

43987 No.10913

we ride tracy!

2eace No.10914

"Thez is trusting us," Trumpaladin yells at the bull as he walks out the door

2a025 No.10915

File: 1508724632610-0.png (213.94 KB, 1602x1837, 1496593__safe_artist-colon….png)

Can we fast travel?

81b07 No.10916

"In my name no less,…."
Technically its not YOUR name
"You know what I mean, he's lucky I'm here," she says crossing her arms irritatedly.

2eace No.10917

She didn't want to talk to him. Interesting

81b07 No.10918

Do you have a particular destination? It seems you're more in search-mode.

2eace No.10919

"Lenos, where are the stones?"

2a025 No.10920

Dice rollRolled 7

*teleports before you*
*kisses* (sneak attack)
"Goodbye, ~Flashy."
The fork in the road.

43987 No.10922

Dice rollRolled 6

what she said.

2eace No.10923

"I'll say my goodbyes to you only when I am sure it is truly goodbye" he says, probably not loud enough for her to hear

2eace No.10924

Welp, if they are headed down to the fork in the road, and lenos isn't talkative, then Trumpaladin is going down to the docks

81b07 No.10925

"I don't know. She kept 'em on her person somewhere, but I never saw exactly where, which is funny cuz its not like she was really wearing anything come to think of it"

deb7d No.10926

I meant you wont give her a chance

Also Hello again

2eace No.10927

Dice rollRolled 5

Roll for insight

2eace No.10928

She'll have her chance

"Hello. Want to come with me into town, to talk to some interesting people?"

81b07 No.10929

No need, he doesn't know.

81b07 No.10930

So, is everyone rdy to jump to the crossroads? Keep in mind I (and I doubt I'm the only one) don't have a whole lot of time to spare

deb7d No.10931

Eh, fine

43987 No.10932

me and tracy

2eace No.10933

Poof Tourcil and I to the docks

2a025 No.10934

That's fine. I don't have much time either.

81b07 No.10935

Wait, not the crossroads?

43987 No.10936

you thought we would leave port barry unguarded again? lol nope.

2eace No.10937

No, I'm going to grind points for insight and detection checks work on the assumption that Inferius's theory about the Jews is correct, and that there are people in Port Barry who, know much about the rat presence. So I'm going to collect intelligence to try to discover the hiding place and how much is there. Also this >>10936

81b07 No.10938

Sound thinking. The locals don't know much, just that the jews would make weekly trips north and would come back a few days later. Always carting stuff out but never bringing anything back. You'd think they would….
Nobody knows where the shit was kept.

2eace No.10939

Take me to the cart repair shop

2a025 No.10940

>implying you have any such detection skills
You'll have to train them from scratch
Can we skip to the crossroads now?

2eace No.10941

Trumpaldin is experienced as an immigration officer. He's spent thousands of hours doing nothing but detection. He came in with skills

81b07 No.10942

I was gonna, but Trump veered off

2eace No.10943

Oh fuck it, all to the crossroads

deb7d No.10944


81b07 No.10945

After a short travel at accelerated speed, the party is at the crossroads. To the north is Cardishore (where the remainder of Tracy's knives are), to the left is Spartemia or whatever I called it that one time (I'll go back and check, but yeah) and to the right is the Gnome city of Krenshall (again, I'll go back).

deb7d No.10946

I say Cardishore or Krenshall

2a025 No.10947

Dice rollRolled 19, 16, 9, 9, 18 = 71

Try to look for clues again
Listen + Spot + Scent + Search + Track

2eace No.10948

Cardishore was a very Jewy place, but I do not know if it has the locations for the stashing. Krenshall, I think, is most likely, since I don't think a second human city would have it if the first one did not

2eace No.10949

File: 1508727341345.jpg (158.49 KB, 658x370, Full_Metal_Jacket_Vincent_….jpg)

*stands, emotions festering*

43987 No.10950

lets just barge in!!

2a025 No.10951

Dice rollRolled 19

I'll have to go soon…
>opportunity attack

81b07 No.10952

Suddenly and without warning, Tracy fully takes Trump by the mouth in a long and lasting passionate kiss.
Sorry, I was looking for the other names.

2eace No.10953

File: 1508727615302.jpg (149.06 KB, 2880x1619, maxresdefault (7).jpg)

Though landing perfectly on an entirely non-responsive Trump, it has no effect

2a025 No.10954

*moans into kiss*

81b07 No.10955

Found it! Sparinetar and Krenshallgramellervenciatus were the other two.
Ice cold

deb7d No.10956

>my ship is sinking
A little love potion No.9 anyone?

2eace No.10957

Dice rollRolled 11

Rolls motive on pony

2a025 No.10958

File: 1508727882616-0.png (Spoiler Image, 185.7 KB, 600x779, 429645__safe_oc_oc only_oc….png)

Dice rollRolled 5

>entirely non-responsive
Opportunity attack?
*grapples and pushes you down, still moaning into kiss*

2a025 No.10959

>fails to grapple
*is still tongue-kissing*

43987 No.10960

>no rabe

2eace No.10961

File: 1508727973386.jpg (63.77 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault (8).jpg)

Dice rollRolled 17

Stares down pony

deb7d No.10962

I take my troubles down to Madame Ruth
You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth
She's got a pad down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine
Selling little bottles of love potion number nine

2a025 No.10963

File: 1508728091344.png (550.91 KB, 900x459, until death do us part.png)

*stares back, still kissing*

81b07 No.10964

I don't even know whats going on, but I gotta go anyhow. Love you guys, post whatever till next

2a025 No.10965

I g2g too, desu…

deb7d No.10966

>no "no homo"
See ya tommorow gm
See ya

43987 No.10967


81b07 No.10968

I'll put it in the subject line of the next bread e_e
Take care all. I had expected that tonight was gonna be about declaring what was happening in the 2-3 week period between the Soros fight and now, but whatever; its all good.

2eace No.10969

My Character has more important things to do than to figure out where the gold is. He needs to be back at base

2eace No.10970

REEEEE!!! I need that time

43987 No.10971

81b07 No.10973

You'll get it, I'll mix it all together.
"Night guys!"

2eace No.10974

File: 1508731255290.png (120.01 KB, 493x230, Tourcil's ship hit a naval….png)

You will change the very core of your being for the light, or you shall perish, Outsider, like all of the rest of your kind

2eace No.10976

File: 1508740620030.jpg (7.56 KB, 300x168, I TAKE YOUR WAIFU.jpg)

You better not lie to me Tracy, you better not lie to me ever again, or I will cut you. I will cut the tendons out from your beloved little legs, each of them, to leave you wobbling like an accordion and unable to run or to move or to stab. I will cut the muscles from your preciously little jaw. Then, and most importantly of all, I will cut you precious womb open and liberate my child from you. I shall slit his throat and end the suffering caused by the shame of being the spawn of you. Then I shall cut your intestines from you, wrap them around your neck, and hang you up by them as your useless legs dangle like a fucking grandmother's wind chime. Then, I shall skin you - cut your precious blue hide off. I shall tan it into leather, dye it, and make the most obnoxious black jacket. And while wearing that jacket, I shall track down every waifu - every last one of them - and steal them. I shall fuck them while wearing your tanned hide as an obnoxious black jacket. You better hope you are dead by then, because I will live stream every single one of them for the viewing pleasure of your wind chime of a body. Don't you lie to me Tracy, don't you ever lie to me.

43987 No.10977

"let infernuis say that if trump ever tries that me banish you to the soccer plane for eternity, where you will be tortued endlessly by being forced to watch every single soccer game ever played."

2eace No.10978

She is dishonest and you side with her? No, never. I'll roast you too you fucking cow. I'll take you right to a Kosher slaughter house, well they'll gut you and process you all in accord with the Talmudic law. And your ground beef will become paddies for happy meals for the little Jewish children, as the proceeds from the sale are donated to the Holocaust Museum. And your hide… your hide? It will be tanned into leather and become the scrolls from which an Hasidic Jew will painstakingly transcribe a handwritten copy of the Talmud. And then your Jew Talmud hide will become the basis for learning the Talmud for generations of little jews, passed down from generation to generation.

I am not pairing with anyone who does not recognize the Paladin's code of Honesty and Duty, and don't you get in the way. If you want to serve the Jews, well, I'll make you serve the Jews

43987 No.10979

thats a pretty jewy plan trump.

2eace No.10980

File: 1508742879722.png (391.17 KB, 1600x1405, 1510691__safe_artist-colon….png)

So is over looking the faults of a rogue outsider in our midst, you Hebrew Happy meal

43987 No.10981

all she want to do is make you happy man, chill infernuis dont know why you so crazy maybe we take you back to port barry.

2eace No.10982

File: 1508743605339.jpg (125.01 KB, 1920x1080, Not quite right.jpg)

Don't you see? She doesn't. She doesn't want to make anyone happy. She doesn't want to serve God, nor serve country, nor serve her alleged love. I don't think she even wants to serve herself. And so why am I being shackled to her when she can only harm? This is insulting. I do not deserve this insult."

*Almost sobbing*
"Yes. Take me back to Port Barry

43987 No.10983

it okay buddy no one insult you, me just want every one to be happy T-thez would want us happy trump.
lets get you to your no, our town.

2eace No.10984

File: 1508744594612.jpg (93.54 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault (6).jpg)

*obviously out of it by now, and surrendering physically to Inferius*
"She is as most women. No actual concern for any other person. No real love - nothing that deserves to go by the name of love. Only a desire to fill an inner emptiness. And that is done by hunting down and taking a man that she hopes to show off to the other women - they think if they do that they can be better than other women. Or by creating a child and stuffing them into the black void of their hearts."

He changes subject
"It wasn't your Rockwell, but Codreanu… I think that was his name. He once said, if I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, and I had only one bullet, I would shoot the traitor. And he's right, because the traitor is closer and in a better position to do harm."
"You know she intends to take the Jew gold for her own, right? Some of it anyways. Now even that'd be tolerable, if she'd just say outright 'I earned this' or 'it's abandoned, no one owns it.' But she wouldn't say that, would she? She'd lie about it. Because she has no respect."

"Thez was honest and dutiful. She had her faults but…"
Stops talking

43987 No.10985

trump i cant say you wrong about most women, but thez wasnt like them and id like if we dont go down that road, trump tracy may lie but she still our friend she not do anything to hurt us, me dont know why you so mean to her but me know you do what is right and me respect you for that.
summons fly
get on.

2eace No.10986

*looks over to Inferius*
"Is she? I'm not as sure…

Just you wait and see. She'll be the first to get to the treasure, and a few choice gems will be removed from their rings and crowns, and when you ask her where they went, she'll concoct some weird story. And this will happen again and again. Can you rely on that? Would you want that riding you into battle? Would you want that raising you child? If she cannot be trusted with a few measly dollars, how can she be trusted with your life? Your child's life."

43987 No.10987

yes i would because i know she would love your&HER child and protect them with her life.

81b07 No.10988

"It looks like Trump is going insane!"
GM looks at the board title, and back at her, cocking an eyebrow with wordless sarcasm. "Call it stress."
"I'd call it coocoo for cocoa puffs. I mean, he could have made the previous hoard of treasure last twice as long if he wasn't in such a hurry, port Barry is easily twice its previous size with a fully functional Football field, a civilian population that is actively training and organizing, and all the basic shit one could ever need. All this, on top of having a giant floating crystal tower with his name on the side, and he's still like this?" she says scratching her head. "I'll make a living harpsichord out of him if he tries any of that shit with Tracy, I'nis, or the whorehouse though,…"
She giggles.

2a025 No.10991

File: 1508764722163.png (25.82 KB, 150x151, Thezlaughs.png)

Kekd hard at that pet name.

2a025 No.10992

>tfw too lazy and tired to greentext a touching response, and have to head off to work+classes..
I'll cook-up something later…

9bd7a No.10993

Reeeee! Muh flowcharts! Idk how to respond to so many action/emotion triggers at once!
I was going to write-out a romantic, hope-filled greentext/dialogue after the kiss, but now she's gotta cope with this.
*whips out graphing calculator*

73dfa No.10994

File: 1508774683956-0.jpg (27.45 KB, 800x600, 080328102738_1_900x600.jpg)

Dammit..! I'm gonna have to activate my Yandere Cheats (they're extremely limited, and have critical psychotic consequences)to keep her from killing half the characters. You know she's hormonal now, right?
Ignorance → Tracy was still woozy from that long, passionate kiss, and wasn't listening at the beginning, in a whirl of positive hysteria.
Now for the Wilder abilities:
Autohypnosis → Repressed Memories
>Due to a violent storm of latent internal turmoil in the Dreadful Mare's Chaotic psyche, her trained but Volatile Mind adapted to delet what she wasn't able to handle at the moment. Tracy suddenly feels shaken to the core, but only clearly remembers select parts of what her supposed lover just said, while being vaguely aware of the roots of her husband's breakdown, and deeply disdained by his state of distress.

[murderous hoers noises begin before cutting off abruptly]
*shakes herself awake* "… F.. F-Flashy..?!" she murmurs, her eyes appearing glassed-over and dreary, before suddenly opening wide, revived with an aquamarine blaze
".. Flashy..! Y-you look really sick..!" She stutters, grasping your waist feverishly.
"Y-you didn't have to come all this way to track-down the treasure, if you weren't feeling well. The bull and I can easily do it on our own. I'll bring it back, so p-please don't st-stress..!" she stutters pleadingly, her body shaking with the early onset of hysteria "I… I-I'll bring it back…!" She murmurs again, more quietly this time, her eyes appearing to fade and glass-over once more. A shaky hoof wanders over to her soft, pale-blue abdomen, as if desperately looking for something. "F-for.. us…! I.. I'll find it.."
The fire returns to her eyes, as she turns over to the bull with a frightening glare
"Make sure he gets home safely (wtf is fae?), and come back asap." She barks, her face momentarily becoming a scowl before she turns away and stares strait down at the pepples on the road.
"I will be scouting-out this area while you're away." she mutters, her voice becoming monotone.
PLEASE accompany her on the journey. It's important that the Cleric be there.

AAAAND That's enough to accommodate my charts. I will have some greentext later-on, if I can find the time.

2eace No.10995

Travel ban isn't so effective, now is it? Did the interdimensional equivalent of liberal judges get to it?
In older editions of D&D, Paladins are not allowed to associate with any characters who do not act as Paladins are supposed to. Here, you have a Paladin who is forced to watch his only ever child carried to term and raised by a drug-using, soccer playing, lying, unpatriotic neutral-evil Outsider. There's just no way that wouldn't push him to the breaking point
Bottom line: he's not letting Tracy take the child so long as he does not trust her, may all the Heavens burn down
From the very beginning, his primary desire was to free himself from the thrall of the alleged deities that sought to keep him imprisoned here and away from the plains and sea shores of his youth. He has not strayed from that goal. His patron deity did not become revered because he was effective against enemies. He became the object of worship because he showed no restraint in calling out traitors and tyrants amongst his own party, and attacked alleged-allies with unrelenting ferocity. He has not forgotten that either

Yes. Trumpaladin has suffered a stress related breakdown relating to Tracy's pregnancy. He's now back in Trump Tower and is looking to explore a few weapons. He has reevaluated his situation and has determined that he has to re-prioritize his short term goals. "Next week's problem" is now this week's
I was going to respond to this, but >>10994 poofed in

2eace No.10996

File: 1508775495438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.96 KB, 525x295, fullmetaljacketangrycrappe….jpg)

You might want to rethink that scene. She really shouldn't come within six feet of him while he's going psycho

dad61 No.10997

FYI, Tracy actually isn't canonically drug-using in any text, memes or artworks I've seen (she's just normally that crazy), despite having grown up in a violent neigh-borhood full of potion-cooking ziggers. She's certainly not about to start now that she has a child either.
The moon sugar she bought in the khajit thread was originally meant to be used on you in a completely different story plan, but I decided to just use it to fuel her nightmare transformation, so that she wouldn't have it on her anymore.
Most of the rest is true-ish though.

She was just kissing you a moment ago.

I really g2g. I'll check in again this this evening (won't be able to RP though, due to work and shit)

2eace No.10998

If she uses cocaine then she uses cocaine. As for the kissing scene, I think we can say that ended a while before the later breakdown, with Tracy bolting off her own way and Trumpaladin slowly wandering off to the side, and the breakdown happening some minutes or hours later. If the breakdown had occurred while Tracy was in close physical proximity, it would have been quite a bit more dramatic

b4c70 No.10999

File: 1508780988642.gif (67.26 KB, 500x500, hehehehe.gif)

So what happened last night was the logical next step in a series of events within Trumpaladin that was set in motion the moment Tracy reacted coldly to his rescue of her after she drank the blood. Unlike some characters with flow charts of six gorrillion possible outcomes, this train derailment has only two. Well, I guess three. I was going to have this happen later when it seemed less determinate as to whether a specific outcome was likely. But I think it needs to happen now.

b4c70 No.11000

File: 1508780994101.jpg (266.08 KB, 1816x1211, rtx1qz4z.jpg)

"I want to beat the Tarrasque as a Republican, but it depends on how I am treated. And I've been treated very, very unfairly. I might have to run and beat the Tarrasque as an independent"

Check my digits

43987 No.11001

Awwww super kawaii

73dfa No.11002

Dice rollRolled 5, 13, 10, 17, 10 = 55

Pretty sure Moon Suger is closer to a mix of crystal Meth and Wolfsbane, but the point still stands.
Idk if it was received, but that potions-drinking scene was actually meant to be interpreted as a half-assed suicide attempt.
As for the breakdown, she would've been close enough to at least hear.
Let's go mad together.
Does he say this before or after he leaves?
Your character is still going to come to find the Jews' treasure, right?

Also, repeat this >>10947
to find something for her to focus on during the time that she's alone.

43987 No.11003

of course i promised.

fe20c No.11004

The 11000 post was just because I saw it was coming up and I wanted to take it with something memey. It doesn't happen in game.
>let's go mad together
"Come closer little pony." *holds out sugar in one hand*. "This should only sting a little"

if you intend to have Tracy shift alignments, that process needs to start now and have some noticeable effects, or it needs to not happen at all

2a025 No.11006

Any chance Lord Hitler could give us a sign to point us towards where the wretched kikes stored their ill-gotten gains?

2eace No.11007

Wait a minute. If Tracy is triggered, will she attempt to kill everyone? Now that akes things more interesting. Much more interesting

2a025 No.11008

Not necessarily everyone, unless the the formula is set towards the really bad ending, but potentially anyone.
'Triggers' are independent variable that go into pools that balance emotional and sub-conscious movements.

deb7d No.11009

>2-3 week period
I didn't know we had this
>training with dagger intensifys
And hell
>living harpsichord
Can I use the stomach for my bagpipes?

And I thought I was autistic

2eace No.11010

can I have some idea of what particular emotional triggers are, or do I have to play minefield?

2a025 No.11011

File: 1508799757942-0.jpg (42.69 KB, 514x536, pQo7e8E.jpg)

>do I have to play minefield?
>wanting spoilers
Everything involving her or you is a potential trigger for response, or pools for mental balances. Triggers are not necessarily negative or positive, and are ranked by points and pooled into calculating zones. The number of points each trigger may potentially have also changes constantly depending on the state of all pools and the sliding time scale: what may create a certain response at one point may have no effect, or an entirely different effect at another time. Most triggers are very subtle, and often have little affect by themselves, but certain others are landmines.
tl;dr: Women are irrationally complicated, and even I can't tell you what her programming will yield.
Don't even think about taking her foal away from her.
Pic related.

deb7d No.11012

>Women are irrationally complicated

2a025 No.11013

It felt increasingly gay to keep writing the romantic developments on my own, so I created a complex, ever-changing system that could do the thinking for her. It's still incredibly gay, but now i can pretend that it's her making the decisions instead of me.

deb7d No.11014

Okay, now you've lost me
So, you made an AI?

2a025 No.11015

No. I cooked-up convoluted system of math to determine the outcomes of various haphazard flowcharts that I made-up for character development.
This was mostly to maintain a consistently-insane character.

81b07 No.11016

You're mostly right. The travel ban was enacted by Thez, and can thereby be revoked likewise, except that doing so would allow (((everyone))) back in.
And yes, that is pretty much what I had assumed happened with Trump.
Ordinarily we don't. I had initially thought that putting 2-3 week time-skip would allow "Wow, the town is almost entirely repaired, and look there's all those things that characters put into motion". Unfortunately, I can't put down my popcorn.
>stomach bagpipes
>eye-twitching intensifies
Thats… a great… idea.
Pali check
I will be thoroughly blanketing the next thread with "NO HOMO". Try having a thoughtform in your head that is rifling through your memory of 90's & 00's love ballads ~_~

2eace No.11017

File: 1508800866302.jpg (446.82 KB, 650x880, D&D Romance.jpg)

>As for the breakdown, she would've been close enough to at least hear.
Well, yes and no. The initial complete psycho parts were said in a very low voice, more or less mumbled, so people mostly would not have heard it, except for Inferius, who was very close. By the time Inferius started arguing with Trumpaladin, that would have gotten everyone's attention, so they would have heard that. Tracy could have heard the mumbling of she were either doing a random listen check, or if she were focused in on Trumpaladin particularly at the moment, Trump's words were techinically addressed to her, and he did say her name. So it's plausible she heard everything, but really she would not have heard everything just by default. So basically you have a choice as to whether she hears the insane threats or if she only hears the later arguments.
Not going to lie, I was legit IRL triggered by Tracy's in game lying and the opposition to my CPS suggestion. It only seemed natural to me to escalate the situation in game as well. Maybe one of these days I'll learn how to not take things over the internet, especially fantasy games over the internet. But that day is not today

No way I'm letting that Tiujana Donkey's mistress get the better of me, any more than I'm letting the drug addict have my child, if I have to fight all heaven and hell

>Flow charts
I know right
>Mathematizing this shit
Like what the fuck

>play the minefield

See pic related
And you wonder why I don't settle down
I think trying to write a romance from a woman's perspective would have been less gay
Just don't think about it

deb7d No.11018

Well thats fucking gay
>implying stomach bagpipes are a new idea
How the fuck do ye think they made the first ones?

2a025 No.11019

GM, do you have any non-mathematic tips for maintaining a consistent character? Without being possessed by a tulpa that ends up being someone else's waifu.

81b07 No.11020

I should have been more specific.
LIVING stomach bagpipes. I.e., the dude is still alive.

81b07 No.11022

Hmmmmm. I might. Let me think on that.

deb7d No.11023

Ahhh, okay

2eace No.11024

File: 1508801522154.jpg (92.45 KB, 650x488, image.jpg)

I'm not sure I understand the opposition to homo. Unless you're doing math and making flow charts for a D&D character who is supposed to be random. That's just fucking gay

2a025 No.11025

File: 1508801651233-0.gif (11.73 MB, 1280x720, 1280592__safe_screencap_qu….gif)

>Well thats fucking gay
It's too late for me to turn back…

2eace No.11026

>Don't even think about taking her foal away from her
You wanted to be Ghost Rider, little pony? Well, your lot is to chase the Devil's heard across endless skies. Not be a mother

43987 No.11027

yipie yie eh

2a025 No.11028

>Try having a thoughtform in your head that is rifling through your memory of 90's & 00's love ballads ~_~
That's exactly why I created the math system: to avoid getting possessed.

81b07 No.11029

Alright, setting aside the autism for a moment.
There are a couple ways Tracy can do the whole Ghost-Rider chain thing. For one she already has, what was it, 10 sets of +5 golded spiked chains? The easy way then is learning to animate the chains which can easily be done w/ telekinetics or magic (not necessarily spells either, items work just as well). Getting the chains to distort (lengthen, shorten, get more bladed) is trickier, but also possible. FULL ON ghost-rider shit WILL require a bit of intervention, which happens to fit with the theme of an upcoming segment which I spent all day devising. ^_~

Trump I'm a little surprised by recently, but the given explanation makes perfect sense. Part of the problem is that Trump is having to recognize that the line between good/evil is far more grey than is often touted. Still, he is the daddy-to-be of,… who fucking knows at this point.

Torcuil, would anon be offended if I said I would like to see more of him? I'll admit, when the meme magician idea first came up I was a little shaky on how it would work and didn't respond as effectively as I could (step on snek, for example). Still, in addition to memes he has the staff which at the very least has a few unlimited casts of basic spells.

Infernius,… you bastard. You rotten bastard. <sigh> I'll say that you've put me in an awkward position. The rest will play out as it does.

2eace No.11030

>Not just creating a self-insert character to eliminate the hassle and difficulties of creating a new person

81b07 No.11031

Its not possession, its like having someone in your house going through stuff while you're in another room,… except the house is your head.

81b07 No.11032

File: 1508802823773.jpg (36.51 KB, 251x201, dtkm.jpg)

I don't get your meaning,… but I want to.

deb7d No.11033

I don't understand

2a025 No.11034

I just shipped another person's unoriginal OC so hard and so tenaciously that it stuck.

81b07 No.11035

I mean, like with the banshee wail I have a much better understanding of how to incorporate memes as stand-alone magic and/or references to established spells. Basically, I'm owning up to having not fully prepared for a meme magician in previous.

2a025 No.11036

Good. Meme magic has great potential for funny developments and plotlines Also,
I feel kind of responsible for helping him out in having some fun too, since it was my suggestion..

deb7d No.11037

Ah, works for meme

81b07 No.11038

To your earlier question of consistent RP'ing. You're already wet son, you might as well swim. I doubt you'll end up with a Tracy inna head, but there must be some reason you picked her and are able to play her authentically. Play off that if you can. Besides, no one said that Tracy can't evolve, you are her faggot atm.

81b07 No.11039

P.S. Though not Tracy's OC, the way of the game is that this all occurs after Tracy has died, meaning its outside her OC's purview. Just saying.

2a025 No.11040

File: 1508803978389-0.jpg (307.62 KB, 1043x1121, 1164254__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

>are able to play her authentically.
Really? I thought I was doing a shitty job.
>meaning its outside her OC's purview.
I couldn't care less about w00t's opinions, desu. This is about memes.

2eace No.11041

>"good and evil is grey"
Where is the grey here?

First of all, when you're dealing with people you're forced to work with, it's a question of "do I trust them or do I not trust them." A yes or no question. And Tracy fails this, because she lies to him, she steals, and she just shrugs off exhortations to fight on behalf of the country.

She was cold to him when he rescued her, she was more interested in the blood than him when she was unconscious, she was more interested in running away, she fought both Trump and Inferius, she stole shit, she lied about it. Generally she's expressed far more interest in becoming this demon-thing than in him. Her motivation is pursuit of power. That's dangerous, and he can't control her like he used to through her obsession, because she doesn't care as much anymore. She did not seem interested in talking to him prior to going on the journey.

I had originally thought of making the treasure hunt sort of a test of character for Tracy. If she steals and then lies, she fails, and if she does not steal, or steals but is honest, then she passes. But frankly that's entrapment, not a test, because it is so remarkably obvious that she'd fail and fail big league.

>But she's been helpful so far

Have you ever had the misfortune of working around untrustworthy people? They are cowardly. They will support you and help you when you are strong ad when things are going well. They strike you only when you are in your most desperate moments. They wait to attack you until you have been knocked straight down on the ground. They are much worse than enemies.

The biggest problem with Tracy is that she is constantly and perpetually growing more powerful. Meaning if she needs to be stopped - and every indication is that she will be - it'll be much harder to do later than it will be to do now.

The same thought process happened with Thez. When Trumpaladin saw Thez kill and eat the face off of a seemingly innocent person, he figured she needed a good killin'. He stopped when he figured he was unlikely to win the battle, with the intent to wait until she was distracted in the city and perhaps guards would attack her. After that, he figured she was useful. When she killed the horse, he was pissed off at her again and wanted to send Tracy to injure her (she found Trollestia instead). After that point, he sort of figured that she wasn't an active threat, and was probably essential for the final leg of the game.

Tracy being pregnant is frankly just insulting, because his attempts to save her from corruption and return her to her former self failed spectacularly

I can go on and on, but I think it's really obvious

2eace No.11042

For all the change in the physical appearance and capabilities of Tracy, there has been no growth in her personality. And that's the problem

2a025 No.11043

File: 1508804666934-0.gif (1.83 MB, 200x200, UmpOi.gif)

Tracy becomes frustrated at not having found any clues, and decides to practice casting Shatter on various small objects.

81b07 No.11044

>where's the gray
You asked for it,….
>cracks knuckles
Classically, the issue of "good" or "evil" has boiled down to the individual's motivations: Service to Self or Service to Other.
Tracy as a character AND an OC kinda straddles that line, in that while her immediate motivations are observably Service to Self, her underlying motivations are vengeance, justice, and malicious destruction upon those who she sees (and in some cases are, though perhaps not to the degree of severity that she sees them) as being predatory, themselves malevolent, or just plain stab-worthy.
While the situational motivator for her is obviously self-interest, there's a degree of 'not-self' interest, in that she is aware (to whatever degree of non/sub/full-consciousness) that though it is satisfying to stab someone for whatever reason, she is both alleviating the need for someone else to stab them, as well as eliminating the circumstances which would result if they were allowed to continue unstabbed.
Tl:dr Yes, Tracy is pathological, but she seems to target more or less pathological individuals.

deb7d No.11045

>waits for happenings

81b07 No.11046

<cont> This is the reason Thez took such a liking to her initially. She's not conflicted when it is apparent that there is a threat, and she's merciless to whatever the threat may be. She COULD work on the dividing line between threat and non-threat, and probably will do so as her priorities change WRT recent developments. Also, Tracy's pathology was affected by character etymology, specifically relating to reproduction and all that, which seemed something deprived of her; the sudden change will also have (admittedly, chaotic in the least) repercussions that neither she nor her faggot anticipated.
In the same sense that Trump is freaking out, so is Tracy. To the ones outside the freak-out it appears madness, but to the one experiencing there IS a method.

81b07 No.11047

Where is Tracy at this time?

2eace No.11048

And… I haven't seen a damned bit of that in game play. I've seen a character who was formerly like my ex-girlfriend (yandere, clingy, irrationally jealous) who has transformed into Anakin Skywalker in a quest for power.

>Target's pathological individuals

She targets, and targets simply, "like a shark." No justice, no vengeance, no anger. Only the desire to kill for the sake of killing. Oh, and a desire to kill romantic rivals, but that's another story

81b07 No.11049

True, this is all developmental psychology. A Tracy such as this doesn't just <poof> there's a psychotic hoers, there is a chain of events that leads up to it, as well as a number of catalysts and inner developments. Her fixation on Ghost Rider is a dead giveaway, in that GR is something of an antihero, more vigilante than outright protagonist except with a legit mandate.

2eace No.11050

Put simply, She likes to kill and burn and stab because, well, she's Tracy. She used to be super obsessive of Trumpaladin to the extent that she could be relied on for pretty much anything. That's not true any more - she can't be relied on, but still wants to dominate him and harm every female he touches. But most of all she wants power, and she's willing to harm whatever need be harmed to gain power. And when a creature already wats to kill for pleasure, or dominate you, or kill your allies, that's not grey. That's black. Jet black.

2eace No.11051

I'm not seeing it

Without any sign that she cares about… well, anything besides more power, this is an Anakin Skywalker transformation, not a Ghost Rider transformation.

2eace No.11052

By the way GM, I have a few questions. First off, that weapon killing weapon, about how many hits or wjat sort of dice rolls does it need to be effective? Is it effective against all weapons, less so against some?

The revival system. How does it work, and how portable is it?

Fae. How loyal is she? This should probably be RP'd out, but I have a whole new set of driving-hundreds-of-miles-then-flying-thousands-of-miles-then-back-again-tomorrow.

2eace No.11053

Such a shame really. If Tracy were as obsessive as she were at the beginning of the game, and a little more honest, she'd be a great mount

43987 No.11054

81b07 No.11055

Weapon hit points are determined by thickness and material composition (volume and harness). A basic heavy mace has a hardness of 10 and HP of 10, meaning that another weapon needs at least a hardness of 10 to do damage. Sugoito has a hardness of 25 (adamantine is 20). Damage is as per normal.

2a025 No.11056

File: 1508806240004-0.png (Spoiler Image, 264.74 KB, 1400x1000, 692890__artist needed_safe….png)

File: 1508806240004-1.png (Spoiler Image, 4.68 MB, 3000x3000, 883944__questionable_semi-….png)

File: 1508806240004-2.png (Spoiler Image, 529.02 KB, 900x700, 959603__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1508806240004-3.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.4 KB, 587x760, 1205048__grimdark_grotesq….jpeg)

File: 1508806240004-4.png (Spoiler Image, 99.91 KB, 499x492, 755105__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>her underlying motivations are vengeance, justice, and malicious destruction upon those who she sees (and in some cases are, though perhaps not to the degree of severity that she sees them) as being predatory, themselves malevolent, or just plain stab-worthy.
A lot of it's just edge for the sake of edge, but this is certainly true to a certain extent.
Most artists just set her on characters that seem stab-worthy at the time, like a memetic attack dog (not an artist, but this includes me as well. I started shipping them because of her association with Death): in this, she reflects the vengeful edge of 4chan culture; like how faggots on /mlp/ keep talking about killing the characters they don't like. Because she represents the boards collective rage, especially infamous characters, like Flash Sentry, are also often depicted with her. She's also considered the Grim Reaper of OCs, killing various OCs that somehow manage to be less original than her.
The idea to ship her, instead of having her kill him (for now), was just my own touch. Basically a new way for an unoriginal April Fool's joke of an OC to have a role on this April Fool's joke of a board.
Think of how Anakin Skywalker slowly turned into a megalomaniac after he had that vision that his Waifu and child would die, and you'll have a glimpse of what could happen in the Bad Ending.
She's still at the crossroads, trying to find a path to take that won't put her on a single-file line to nowhere.
Her shift in character was largely due to the appearance of another mount like,
seriously. It activated more than a dozen extreme triggers at once.
. I actually should've accounted for that happening…

2eace No.11057

What is normal?

2eace No.11058

>Mathematized autism
Her current trigger is she needs to prove herself reliable and trust worthy if she wants to be waifs/mount/mother material. (I love that combination). Not one missing coin. I don't think there is any way my character could have been less subtle

81b07 No.11059

Addtly, the booth is stuck to the Tower. Its pretty blatantly haxxor, but not as much as the stick.

Fae can go a number of ways. She was intended to be a proper, distinguishable, and useful mount, but I suppose she is as easily canned and replaced. TBH I thought you'd like her, but I'm open to new options. She is loyal certainly, but she didn't anticipate horsefuckery and may be having some, not doubts but misgivings?
1d10+7 on a sunder-strike

2a025 No.11060

How many levels does Tracy have in Wilder?
Also, I assume she has two in each prestige class?

2eace No.11061

No no, she's a fine mount, I just want to know if she'd ever refuse to carry out an order under the wrong circumstances

>1d10 on a sunder strike

I have absolutely no clue what you said there

2eace No.11062

While we're on the subject, what does trumpaldin have in whatever classes? Prestige and what not
>not willing to go that far with egghead shit
I have job applications to do

2a025 No.11063

Also, do I cast Death Knell on an enemy before or after killing them, to gain the benefit?

81b07 No.11064

Sunder = attacking a weapon, object, or tool. Its a 1d10 weapon, +4 against ppl but +7 against non-people.
Basically, (again using the heavy mace example) you'd need a 3 or better to snap it in half.
>wuts he got
You're asking me? The staple answer is "Paladin", but you're welcome to get creative

81b07 No.11065

<sunder cont> and actually, even that's not true, as that doesn't account for strength bonus. Its pretty much the ultimate "break your shit" stick.

2eace No.11066

Perfect. He can attack twice in one turn with a two handed weapon right? And does "smite evil" exist in this permutation? Can it be cast while mounted?

2eace No.11067

I call upon thee, D&D autist: what are Trumpaladin's classes, prestige or whatever. Assume points are mostly allocated for the duel goals of being a pope and being a president, and constant grinding for strength points (playing football), diplomacy (making deals), and religion (football again). I guess also more general charisma in much less common speeches (assume maybe 4?)

2a025 No.11068

>Assume points are mostly allocated for the duel goals of being a pope and being a president
That sounds like High Proslytizer.
If you take the Required leadership feats, you could easily take the epic prestige class upon level-up (or we could just bullshit it and assume you took all the leadership feats before level-up, so you could have two levels in it.) Technically, you need to have really high knowledge of nature to take it, but Football is nature anyway.
The other perfect prestige class for a Paladin is Divine Emissary.
Both classes would give you Yuge access to Divine Spells.
This isn't DnD anyway; it's Mixed Nuts: there's no need to be rigid, so long as the memes are good.

Also, GM, please check me for bullshit. I really will buff Tracy into Darth Vader if left unchecked. I only just got into this, so I might be giving her more shit than is possible.

2eace No.11069

>GM, please check me for bullshit. I really will buff Tracy into Darth Vader if left unchecked
This please. Competition is no fun if unwinnable

Also someone photoshop please

2eace No.11070

File: 1508809022132.png (124.75 KB, 629x374, E8xir47.png)

>All those numbers
Uh… Were we supposed to be keeping score? Also, I think it says 24 religion OR nature, so a high religion score will suffice, which is more plausible. Divine emissary looks like it has required feats that haven't happened yet

43987 No.11071

the gm has been doing that for us dont worry.

2a025 No.11072

>so a high religion score will suffice
You're right. The nature thing is so that Druids could take it.

43987 No.11073

epic level stuff is generally level 20+

2a025 No.11074

You're right.
I've been grinding Spot since day one, but I'm still not sure if Tracy can be a Guardian Paramount.

81b07 No.11075

Sorry fam, I'm not at my best today

2a025 No.11076

That's fine.

2eace No.11077

Does anyone else worry this distracts too much attention from the main board?

Also, if you see me tomorrow, shoo me off. I need to conserve battery on my phone for navigating through a strange and new city

81b07 No.11078

I think we could do for some Meta discussion, both in and out of thread.
Also noted.
To the first, not egregiously. Since these threads are 'hidden-ish', it seems that anons know there is stuff going on but are not having it shoved down their throats. TBH, these threads are the fastest threads on the board and unless one is 'on board' I assume they are dismissed as "those autists doing their thing".
Alot of the mainboard discussions are not time sensitive, and given a havily /pol/ base for Mlpol, alot of anons minds are made up wrt disposition and perception, the rest is just bants and IMOs.

81b07 No.11079

<cont> Since the babby cup, and the numerous (much I assume, from Mlpol) calls for "bring back /mlpol/" I've had the opportunity to recognize that regardless of intentions, a gross (double-entendre intended) majority of 4chan users - in spite of claims to the contrary - want/DEMAND to be spoon-fed. Simply, they want maximum gratification with minimal investment/participation. That's not a criticism of individuals, its an assessment of the culture surrounding.
This thread showcases particularly a small handful of anons who are invested to a degree beyond "gibs me", which desu was among my foremost agendas from the get-go. This campaign was initially designed to redpill IRL associates through buzz-words, references, etc., but the lot of you who have stuck with thus far are also engaged in a creative exercise.
Foremost was the idea that "One practices creativity by expressing creativity, so I'll provide a context and we'll see where we go with it", but also integral is/was the recognition that one DECIDES to actively participate/involve themselves in a lengthy endeavor. Who knows what might have come of 4/mlpol/ if more anons hadn't said (and I'm paraphrasing from various MLP resources on the web) "aww shucks, they canned it. oh well, back to the old boards then". Said resources still lack any mention of Mlpol.net, which to me speaks of gross negligence (bias removed) lack of lasting interest.

2a025 No.11080

>This campaign was initially designed to redpill IRL associates through buzz-words, references, etc
The Game needs more of that stuff, desu. It could use more meme-tier enemies and references to globalism, Jews, communism antifa, shills, reddit, Starlight Glimmer.. etc.
Meme-tier enemies get me excited (would've invented a reason for tracy to spring towards the Z's if you could've given them an /r9k/ reference).

43987 No.11081

hill-dawg when?

2a025 No.11082

There could at least be a reference to her having been defeated previously.
If we ever face Starlight, she had better be unfair and overpowered as fuck.

43987 No.11083

i hope she kills most of us and torculi saves us.

2a025 No.11084

>Tracy getting killed while pregnant
You'd better not revive her then…

43987 No.11085

the baby gets revived aswell dont worry.

81b07 No.11086

Count on it, I had planned both. Still, I'd like to metaphysically help put the last nail in George's coffin if you don't mind my saying.

2a025 No.11087

File: 1508814656499-0.jpeg (77.66 KB, 500x425, 335662__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)

Fetuses are delicate. Either way, the prospect of having lost her baby once would shatter her mind beyond repair: Just look at what happened to Lauren Faust.

81b07 No.11088

Also to the initial meta-question, I feel the answer is "no". Whether more anons lurk or participate ITT, we ARE helping to build a general sense of enthusiasm for the board. These threads account for ~ 1/10th of the full post count, and while some posts are just die rolls, corrections, or tiny snippets, if you go back from the beginning and read (which I highly suggest, its weirdly nostalgic) this 'experiment' has grown its own set of wings.

2a025 No.11089

>These threads account for ~ 1/10th of the full post count
For /vx/? It has to be much more than that.

81b07 No.11090

No, total. I crunched the numbers 2 days ago, we're just shy of 10k posts.

43987 No.11091

yea but still im a level 15 cleric i can heal all the wounds.

81b07 No.11092

>all bysical wounds
Cuz dhey heel

2a025 No.11093

Yeah, but her only lifeline to sanity is being able to be a mother at this point. Failing to protect her child even once would mess her up beyond repair.
No worries though; she won't be taking the same risks she used to now that she's going to be a mommy.

deb7d No.11094

File: 1508815474397.jpg (283.1 KB, 2190x933, Screen-Shot-2015-03-23-at-….jpg)

>our autism has taken over /mlpol/
I told you it would come to this, the autists have taken over

2a025 No.11095

File: 1508815538931.jpg (151.81 KB, 1058x705, let's keep going.jpg)

Autists will inherit the earth.

43987 No.11096

File: 1508815668264.png (98.75 KB, 1000x756, 1491196303075.png)

deb7d No.11097

I have brought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new empire.

2a025 No.11098

Similar to how ponies and politics are a volitile concoction of autism; games and the paranormal are a frightening power when combined.
Amen, brother.

deb7d No.11099

But what happens when you add
Does this also techinacly make us the most active users?

81b07 No.11100

>has guardian devils
Shhhh, rest now.
Taken over nothing. I unironically hope to see more such autism throughout the board.

2a025 No.11101

File: 1508816132232.jpg (1.71 MB, 1169x9542, weaponized autism.jpg)

>I unironically hope to see more such autism throughout the board.
6 gorillion times this.

deb7d No.11102

>spreading autism
So who wants to tell the OC thread that Tracy is now Pregnant according to an agreement with Atlas

43987 No.11103

81b07 No.11104

I think 'agreement' is a stretch; 'tacit acknowledgement' might be more accurate

deb7d No.11105

Same difference in my eyes

2a025 No.11106

When Tracy reaches level 3 blackguard,
I might be tempted to use her evil powers to give everyone autism…

81b07 No.11107

To that end, it is only the allegation of rape and impregnation that was decried as fake news, the 'other' incident hasn't been publicly mentioned

81b07 No.11108

Whoops, wrong link. Still, that's a whole new concept of weaponized autism

81b07 No.11109

who's gonna get it?

81b07 No.11110


2a025 No.11111


deb7d No.11112

>consentual sex

deb7d No.11113

File: 1508816592495.png (41.61 KB, 655x509, 1508017997410.png)

2a025 No.11114

>Didn't even mean to take the GET
>Was implying that Tracy would use her evil powers to create a plague of weaponized autism

43987 No.11115

File: 1508816705275.png (120.31 KB, 489x650, 1506557180623.png)

81b07 No.11116

File: 1508816721539.jpg (87.98 KB, 533x621, 1505100372058.jpg)

2a025 No.11117

S-Stop checking it! She can't be married to the Paladin if she does that (he could cure everyone's autism, if it came to that, though).

81b07 No.11118

Alright, night all, I'm sure I'll be spending the entire fukkin' day thinking about the discussion here instead of doing my job. Take care!
"Datte bayo"

2a025 No.11119

>I'm sure I'll be spending the entire fukkin' day thinking about the discussion here instead of doing my job.
I'm more guilty of this than I'd normally care to admit…

deb7d No.11120


2a025 No.11121

>the 'other' incident hasn't been publicly mentioned
Fae was witness to it. She could testify that there was horsepussy on that fateful day, just like the prophecy foretold.

43987 No.11122

i wonder if norwayanon ever got an idea?

2eace No.11123

Now why can't she be married to the Paladin if she does that?
I can ask him

43987 No.11124

go for it but dont pressure him.

2a025 No.11125

Well, if you consider autism to be a potential force of good, then there's no problem.

2eace No.11126

I am increasingly feeling like the child is supposed to be the anti-Christ or the key to some great evil

2eace No.11127

Just checking to make sure it is understood that marriage is to be earned through proper wooing, not taken as a given nor taken by force

43987 No.11128

or maybe it will be elway.

2a025 No.11129

File: 1508817839983-0.jpg (401.65 KB, 900x614, 1118221__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

>the child is supposed to be the anti-Christ
You're thinking of Flurry Heart.

43987 No.11130

that thing is worse than glimmer imo

2eace No.11131

>implying we know it won't be Flurry Heart
I'd put my money on being the anti-Christ

2eace No.11132

You better hope Tracy starts staking some steps towards Lawful Good, or else I think you'll be standing just in precisely the wrong place when this crazy train derails

2eace No.11133

>Fetuses are delicate
Sure would be a shame if she suffered a physical injury that caused her to miscarry…

2a025 No.11134

She will be the End of Equestria.
The moment she was born, her wings were already big enough to level all of creation. Her wail, not unlike a banshee, foretell the doom of all living beings.
Nightmare Blizzard of Ragnarok, when?

The child will be borne of both Light and Football. Such a child could wield all good powers freely, and more importantly, have the gift to choose his/her own destiny, whether he wants to be president, a businessman - who am I kidding - He'll be both!
That's why she is destructible.

2eace No.11135

hahaha NOPE. Trumpaladin will have the chance to rectify his sins. That can have whatever consequences it would have in game, but it will be his actions to take.
>Being of both Light and Darkness
I think you meant to say a Being of Light, because Trumpaladin ain't havin' no damn mulatto child
>have the gift to choose his own destiny
Well that's just one more reason to get him away from his mother. While I do like the theme of self-determination, I don't think it should come at the expense of the player's self-determination. Should Trump need to go Sarah Connor, I think it should be allowable, and the same with all other players

I will fucking ban you. No really, /vx/ is my board. Atlas has made it clear I can make whatever rules for /vx/ I want and I can do what I want with it, bans, thread deletion, locks, and so forth, possibly up to board deletion. Fuck with me and I fuck right back

2eace No.11136

File: 1508819560603.png (42.85 KB, 386x385, j4q79ou5.png)

Can find the pic, but here's one

fe20c No.11137

File: 1508819714920.jpeg (111.13 KB, 640x1092, image.jpeg)

Think I found it

2a025 No.11138

>That's why I'm buffing her to make her indestructible.
Becomes –→
>That's why she is destructible.
I guess I kind of deserve it though at this point…
>Should Trump need to go Sarah Connor,
It's funny. A few of my development charts for Tracy were actually based off of her…

2eace No.11139

See >>11137

Because the Tracy Trumpaladin thing is not a meme from within this game. It's a meme from a namefag or persona or whatever I developed back in July that I'm damn sure most of you intend to use outside of this. As I think one of you said "what happens here is board cannon." So I care about what happens here. Also I have the power to do it.

>a few of my development charts

Did you literally write this stuff out?

2eace No.11140

Also refresh your page

2eace No.11141

Okay, I completely misread that situation. I thought >>11134 was GM

81b07 No.11142

OMG teh kek! I'm supposed to be sleeping, and instead I'm dying!!

2a025 No.11143

Also, that 'light and darkness' horseshit is just some edgy line from some awful show I saw more than a decade ago. The child, if carried to full term, only has positive upbringings (i'm not such a fucking edgelord that I'd set a baby up to be a super-villain); even in the case that Tracy has a tragic ending (there's no point in having a tragedy if there's nothing to be learned). I stated earlier that Tracy would absolutely make sure that her foal lived a better life than she did, no matter what the cost. The foal will be safe from the forces of evil, even if he has a murderous mother grizzly for a parent.
I actually made a very vague development draft for offspring between the two characters. Of course, a child between two powerful characters would be a superior individual; like how Alexander's famous steed, Bucephallus, was descended from the Dreadful Mares of Thrace also, potential Barron references.

2a025 No.11144

>Did you literally write this stuff out?
Well, partly. Only the essential roots, so I can keep everything in character while still constantly changing the structures.

2eace No.11145

>No matter the cost
Does that include becoming a better person, or giving up the child to be raised by someone who isn't a psycho?
>The foal will be safe from the forces of evil, even if he has a murderous mother grizzly for a parent
You see the contradiction, don't you? That's not a proper household for a child

2eace No.11146

Eh, I guess I have 1000 or more words of Trumpaladin backstory written and a tragic as fuck death story for both Trumpaladin and Tracy (especially Tracy) I thought of but did not write down. But eh

2a025 No.11147

>implying a hysterical yandere wouldn't contradict her own logic
Well, I can say that the kid will be safe from harm from her. She won't part with her foal easily though. It'd take a lot of convincing and careful planning to make her give up the only thing she's ever genuinely wanted in her life.
>wanting spoilers.
Wait and see. Anything is possible.
Most of my shit is just lines and numbers on various sheets of paper, desu. When I just type [hoers noises] it means a change was made, but I'm spent from the calculations to express it. I could do moderate prose and/or greentext that would make everything more clear, but I'm incredibly lazy when not provoked by something that makes me get obsessive…
There's also the element of keeping developments secret from the other players too. Maybe I'll clarify some of her actions and motives in hindsight later, if I find the energy.

2eace No.11148

>Letting a hysterical yandere raise my child
>When I just type [hoers noises] it means a change was made
Aww, and here I thought you were just making her sound cute

2a025 No.11149

Don't get me wrong, I definitely do it for that.
A "change" may be something as irrelevant as a subtle shift in mood: something not important enough for her faggot to write out an extensive comment. If anything, it's just an indication that Tracy is aware of and involved with her surrounding and isn't just sitting around like a brainless animal.

2eace No.11150

>Not wasting yuge amounts of time writing well crafted prose to express subtle emotions
Okay, horse noises is probably a better idea

43987 No.11151

dont worry me trust tracy.

2a025 No.11152

File: 1508878105065.png (58.74 KB, 450x450, 1508875425920.png)

>'me trust tracy'
>Being this compassionate
Infernius is a genuinely good bull.

31af9 No.11153

He is a good goyim

43987 No.11154

if you call infernuis goy again me end you!

2a025 No.11155

File: 1508883970947.png (141.62 KB, 995x803, Yay.png)

>someone photoshop please
I'm trying to pic up the hobby (I'm not good at all though…)
Did you have anything simple/specific in mind?

31af9 No.11156

File: 1508884267402.png (119.7 KB, 452x618, image.png)

It's okay Inferius. It's just a term signifying those not of the chosen people. You've been serving us well

43987 No.11157

File: 1508884612329.png (653.26 KB, 680x686, 1503195925119-2.png)

no it mean cattle,infernuis not cattle!

2a025 No.11158

File: 1508885013797-0.png (133.65 KB, 1018x800, yay2.png)

File: 1508885013797-1.png (133.38 KB, 1018x800, yay3.png)

File: 1508885013797-2.png (127.32 KB, 1018x800, yay4.png)


2a025 No.11159

Yeah.. Upon crunching those numbers, I'm not sure Tracy can be a guardian paramount (she's pregnant anyway, so it'd be wrong for her to take hits for other players).. May as well forget about those feats for now..

31af9 No.11160

>very slightly modifying image size to evade the one-per-thread image limit
I swear, Florida!
>take damage for others
Why would she do that?

It's been a shitty day for me
*resists urge to blog post

43987 No.11161

give in to the blogpost.

2a025 No.11162

File: 1508886324836-0.jpg (17.66 KB, 620x470, veplwhyniu2dq9fkn2qh.jpg)

>give in to the blogpost.

43987 No.11163

good good

2a025 No.11164

>Why would she do that?
I planned that path before I knew she could be pregnant, as I was setting her up as the mount: she would basically make her rider invincible if she took that prestige class.

81b07 No.11165

Oh I don't know, I can think of few more appropriate applications of 'taking damage for others' than babby

2a025 No.11166

Good point.

31af9 No.11167

I still don't like this development

81b07 No.11168

Don't get too excited, I haven't crunched the numbers yet
you asked

31af9 No.11169

File: 1508887392920.jpeg (268.86 KB, 2719x1928, image.jpeg)

I'm taking that child, Tracy. You think it's yours and yours alone to destroy, but it's not

43987 No.11170

she not hurt babby,get it through head trump.

81b07 No.11171

Kek, Trump gets to destroy it too XD

81b07 No.11172

Especially cuz you guys don't know what I cooked up today Xp

43987 No.11173

if voice in infernuises head hurts baby me crush you too!

31af9 No.11174

Military school is great for character!

81b07 No.11175

Hurt? PLEASE! I won't let bebeh be hurt! I gots ideas!

31af9 No.11176

That's worse

I still think it came far too early in the story. It being here at this point feels like of those landlines that arms when you step on it but doesn't detonate until you've let off the pressure, creating a limbo where your foot is holding down an armed landline

81b07 No.11177

I was thinking that too, yesterday. Today I'm good with it. ^_^

43987 No.11178

yes i too hate exploding telephones.

31af9 No.11179

>can't write English
>wants to mock a phone autocorrect
Is that the game you really want to play?

43987 No.11180

its just bantz m8.

31af9 No.11181

File: 1508888754588.jpeg (15.15 KB, 300x168, image.jpeg)

I hope I don't understand what you meant by that

81b07 No.11182

I doubt it, its quite the stretch, but if you ARE,….
This is gonna be goooooooood

81b07 No.11183

That aside, Guardian Paramount is very clearly an epic prestige class. Tracy does not qualify (25 dex for blinding speed??)

2a025 No.11184

File: 1508889664247-0.gif (1.51 MB, 425x481, 16b.gif)

>It being here at this point feels like of those landlines that arms when you step on it but doesn't detonate until you've let off the pressure, creating a limbo where your foot is holding down an armed landline
Wow. That must feel terrifying.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

2a025 No.11185

>Forgetting about Tracy's maxed-out oral dexterity
You're right though..

81b07 No.11186

Thez doesn't even qualify for epic feats tbh. That shit is for poorly balanced campaigns desu.

31af9 No.11187

The fuck are you talking about?

43987 No.11188

"egghead shit"

81b07 No.11189

Most epic feats require stats in excess of 20 without modifiers. Thats absurd for a bipedal character, even after level bonuses.

31af9 No.11190

File: 1508890217479.png (125.81 KB, 499x584, image.png)

I'm guessing this is implied lesbian sex between Tracy and Thez at some point in the campaign

81b07 No.11191

… no, I'm literally talking about epic feats.
In 3.5, the designation of 'epic' usually indicates "over character level 20". In spite of being Legendary (over 40) Thez still doesn't have the required stats to be able to learn epic feats.

2a025 No.11192

>Thez doesn't even qualify for epic feats tbh.
Didn't see that coming.
I was actually looking toward Legendary dreadnought (so she could just push through everything), but it seems her base attack bonus isn't high enough for that either, even in her nightmare form.
I'll just hold off on her bonus feats until she levels up a bit.

43987 No.11193

are we gonna do anything tonight?

deb7d No.11194

File: 1508891437841.jpg (30.29 KB, 640x742, 1NmKiZZ_d.jpg)


>tfw we've turned into a reality show about a pregnant lady, the father, the nazi uncle, the hermit uncle, and the aunt who is a stripper

>the mother and father divorce b4 the baby is born
>everyone else gets dragged into the custedy battle
>both would rather let the child die than go with the other

43987 No.11195

when do the uncles fight the dad?

2a025 No.11196

Pray to Hitler, so that he may give us a sign to where the kikes stowed their ill-gotten gains.

43987 No.11197

lord hiler i pray that you help us find the ill gotten gains of the jews, i pray that you send your servant henrich himmler to show us the way, Heil Hitler!

2a025 No.11198

Pray harder!

43987 No.11199

*gets out brand*
*hands it to tracy*
Brand me tracy i cant do it myself.

81b07 No.11200

I step away for one second and you guys,…. Oi.

43987 No.11201

our leader who art in Argatha,hallowed is thy domain thy swastikas and thy gestapo be feared by (((them))),i will do my best to bring in the 1000 year reich. Sieg Heil!

2a025 No.11202

*Tracy looks at you strange for a moment, but then twists her face in a sadistic grin*
"Whatever you say, Mr. Clergyman."
*focuses on brand*
>brand begins to glow red hot (psychokinetic)
Tracy presses the brand hard into Infernius's tenderloin.

43987 No.11203

*Euphoric Moans*

2a025 No.11204

Did you ever consider looking at Eastern religions for material inspiration. Hindus use swastikas as an essential of thousands of different rituals

81b07 No.11205

File: 1508892503535.gif (2.3 MB, 600x428, 1508667893941.gif)

Speaking of modifiers though,….
As the party sits, stands, meanders, or goes about their business (which it appears ATM that Tracy is branding Infernius) during the to-be-fully depicted weeks between sessions,….
Ponimaru appears from the scenery; he's gotten alot better at stealth.
"I am directed to give this to you." he says, before ninja-vanishing again into the surroundings.
While each player may or may not experience this with other players around, each player gets one. Not all say the same thing, and I'm going to blanket the whole, but its a scroll.

https://youtu.be/RCMXO9sBIcU (recommended at 1.25 speed)
"Dear Bestest of Friends,
How is everyone doing? I can't imagine how much time has passed for you, but its been almost a year here and I miss you guys so much. George is absolutely furious and his armies attack daily, but now that I'm back there's really not much he can do against the House of Thez, and he can't set foot anywhere in the same plane as everyone, so I'm willing to bide my time until a solution can be determined. Will be determined. I had so much fun with you, I promise we'll meet again.
Tracy - I've been thinking. With all the things you've seen and done, is it possible for you to let go? I don't mean anything in particular, I mean relax. Is there a chance that you could trust not in yourself, but those around you? I sure hope so.
Trump - You're a good person, I never mentioned that before. I thought you were a bit of a dictator before, but in the intervening months I can see where your heart is at, and you're right; most people can't be trusted to make the right call, and sometimes you have to take the reins. How is the Football team going? I'd love to watch a game someday. Stop being so jewish with the treasure tho.
Torcuil - You're a great magician, who I'm sure will have stories told of him someday. Talk to Lenos. He told me once that there's really no difference between divine and arcane magic, except how one puts them into motion. The bracers require a bit of practice, but they've saved my hide on several occasions. Just remember, you don't need to move to move the shield.
I'nis - I never told you about the sleeves, be careful they are ancient and powerful. Do NOT use them without both the stone and the Girdle. It will be horribly painful if you do it right, and if you don't you'll get eated.
I heard what you said,… and um,….
Just don't go and die okay?
(those were all segmented to their respective characters, the rest is universal)
The jewelry contract I acquired through port Barry is progressing steadily so there should be sufficient profits to fund whatever you guys should need (meaning, Trump can relax, its paid for). I gotta go kill shit, but I'll write when I get the chance,… and there's paper.
Love, Thez"

43987 No.11206


2a025 No.11207

Dice rollRolled 14, 14, 8, 20 = 56

>before ninja-vanishing again into the surroundings.
>thinking he can get away from me without Indian sunburns
Spot + Listen + Scent +Track

deb7d No.11208

2a025 No.11209

>both would rather let the child die than go with the other
NO!! That's not true!

2a025 No.11210

Dice rollRolled 19

Roll to appraise the garner.

deb7d No.11211

*father would rather let the child die than go with the mother

I'll pretend thats a test for now
I guess this means the stripper aunt is gone

2a025 No.11212

Dice rollRolled 10

She'll be back at some point. GM couldn't resist inserting his tulpa, even if she's in a separate location/plane.
For that matter, maybe the magically-programmed cores from the Zelekauts could yield some information on Thez's relations to those magical stones.

2a025 No.11213

didn't mean to roll.

43987 No.11214

are you there hitler? its me infernuis.

2a025 No.11215

Try quoting Mein Kampf.

deb7d No.11216

Je suis Hitler, et je abandonne?

81b07 No.11217

Tracy can now detect wherever Ponimaru goes for the next day or so, by tracking.
Hah! EASILY over 50k.
For now
This on the first, no on the second

2a025 No.11218

Run up to Ponimaru and give him some playful bullying.

2a025 No.11219

meant for >>11217

2a025 No.11220

>Speaking French

81b07 No.11221

"Don't think me rude, but what do you want?"

deb7d No.11222

Vous est un putain
Hitler est moi seigneur et sauveur

43987 No.11223

slow down its almost like you are speaking a different language.

81b07 No.11224


2a025 No.11225

>wasted Francophone trips

deb7d No.11226


2a025 No.11227

File: 1508894858888.gif (591.38 KB, 300x300, checking in.gif)

"Hey, ~buddy." Tracy says, putting a casual hoof over Ponimaru's shoulder just firm enough so that he couldn't get away
"Sorry we got off on the wrong hoof, earlier. We're cool now, right?"
*produces spherical object from beneath cloak*
"I made you this ball as a consolation gift. Colts in this kingdom don't seem to have very many toys, so I thought I'd make you one. This one is very special, so don't lose it *stares* Alright?"

43987 No.11228

does Hitler send us a sign?

81b07 No.11229

"Uhm,… its a ball," he says layered with suspicion.

2a025 No.11230

"Yeah, a futbol. Do you know how to play?"

81b07 No.11231

Dice rollRolled 6

"I don't have time for games."

81b07 No.11232

His discretely thrown kunai stabs the ground next to the ball.
"Perhaps I could use practice though." he concedes, blushing.

2a025 No.11233

*gives futbol*
"Why don't you take this, and I'll give you some lessons when I get back? It's a great exercise in dexterity."

81b07 No.11234

"Thank you. Considering you killed me last time, I'm surprised."

2a025 No.11235

"Well, kiddo, let me teach you a lesson *stern look*: consider the risks before you decide to be the first one to pull a knife in a fight, especially against a lady."

81b07 No.11236

He raises his eyebrow.
"As I recall, you were the one who sought to attack unarmed combatants."

2a025 No.11237

>forgetting that Tracy drew her blade on the same turn she attacked
"Well, I'm sorry if I didn't make my intentions clear at the beginning, but the hoers dialect is slightly different here than it is in my realm. I didn't expect you to spring forward so suddenly though."

2a025 No.11238

Let me finish the lie!

2a025 No.11239

Will Hitler give us a sign, to point us towards which path leads towards the reclamation of the Jews' treasure?

deb7d No.11240

Only if my french trips where a sign

81b07 No.11241

Tracy suddenly realizes that the only person she has not been skeptical of so far is the shopkeeper with a carrot.

You're welcome ~_o

43987 No.11242

so hitler dosent answer me is what youre saying?

2a025 No.11243

>not suspicious
I made two successful sense motive checks on him, and got nothing.

2a025 No.11244

Gib Ponimaru's response.

81b07 No.11245

"You lie. You made your intentions obvious, which were to kill."

2a025 No.11246

Dice rollRolled 20, 5, 15 = 40

"Oh, did I? I don't remember saying that. I just wanted a piece of that cocky mare for riding off with my husband." I unironically intended to have her bite an apple-sized chunk out of Copper's ass and leave, like I saw in a documentary about horses
Perform (acting): feign innocence

Bluff: Flatter
"Anyway, your little heroic deed wasn't in vain. That two-toned mare totally appreciated it, and it took quite a bit to calm her down."
Bluff again: Fabricate a story.
"After that scene, she didn't want to stay in the stables anymore. She went to a farm up state, where she's could run around freely with all the other Clydesdales."

deb7d No.11247

Torcuil decides to talk to Lenos

81b07 No.11248

"Oh, you're saying it was a misunderstanding then? That your brandished blades were merely intended to intimidate?"

81b07 No.11249

"What timing! Here, hold this," he says, putting precise amounts of liquid in a larger flask with another amount of liquid.

deb7d No.11250

Eh, am I holding a bomb?

81b07 No.11251

It explodes. Its not life-threatening, but he's been wanting to blow something/someone up ever since players got wise to the firebombs.
After he stops laughing he says, "Okkay, okkay, what's up?"

2a025 No.11252

>she hadn't drawn her knife until he attacked
>I did this specifically, because I accounted for the fact that she wouldn't be able to talk easily with a knife in her mouth (wasn't sure if she could use her hooves in full-sized form)
"Well, a mare's gotta defend herself in this world, you know. Especially when there are edgy bois out there ready to spring at her throat without warning. I can't say they don't intimidate though; most attackers get confused when they see a horse with a knife.
Anyway, what's a colt like you doing with kunai knives? Where'd you get them?"

deb7d No.11253

Thez told me to talk to oou about arcane and divine magic.
What do oou have to say?

81b07 No.11254

He mutters "Bitch" under his breath.
"Yeah, what about it. I told her that in confidence you know, its not something to go singing to the winds if you catch my meaning,… but yeah. Magic is magic, and there are ways - if you do it right - to do any kind of magic. Its what is known (to the very few) as they Way of the Mystic Theurge.
"Kunai are not difficult to acquire. They're sharpened pieces of steel. I have more on me than you know," he says pulling another 2 from hidden compartments/areas.

deb7d No.11255

Tell me more

43987 No.11256

i pray for a sign from hitler. gm why you no gibe answer?

81b07 No.11257

He sighs.
"Its lucky you got a cross-axial palindrome," he mutters. "Alright,, let's head up to the dais then." Lenos leads Torcuil grabs a couple books from the Library before making his way up to the top.
I gotta pass out, but I'll elaborate in the morning

deb7d No.11258

Night GM

81b07 No.11259

A benevolently square-'stached voice echoes in your head.
"What were you expecting? These things take time. More on Thursday."

2a025 No.11260

Tocuil write your name in draconic to prove literacy. Just do it.

876a1 No.11261

Trumpaladin's plane lands

2a025 No.11262

>My lies aren't working on this kid
"Well, you certainly have good taste in edges, kiddo. *tassels mane* I'll be on my way now, but don't forget to practice with that ball.*icy gaze*"
"Well, goodbye then." *trots off*

fb1d7 No.11263

Not much happened aside from some special letter from The. GM said he was turning in for the night.

fb1d7 No.11264

From Thez*

876a1 No.11265

>gibs futbul

You know it doesn't have to be this way. It's not too late

2a025 No.11266

I made that futbol several weeks ago out of the skin on his own ass, with all intention to give it to him as a "Sorry I 1-shoted you" gift the next time Tracy met him. It would've been a waste to throw it away after all this time.

876a1 No.11267

GM, please take note that any and all characters found to be possessing that Judeo-Bolshevik instrument are to be ripped apart limb from limb, burned, and their ashes placed in stone filled barrels dropped in deep water.

2a025 No.11268

Sounds hawt.

876a1 No.11269

>she could have been a Bolshevik slayer all of these years, but chose to go down the part of wickedness instead

876a1 No.11270

So she'd rather let go of the child than the child die?

876a1 No.11272

I swear to God can your character go a single interaction without lying to someone? It's perfectly unnecessary in this scene.

She's a perfect replica of my ex-girlfriend, especially post-break up. Are you actively trying to make me hate her?

81b07 No.11274

Relax, next time its seen it'll be hanging in the stable, the black parts being used as individual targets for kunai.
Would you like me write her in so you can beat the piss out of her?

2a025 No.11275

tbqh, I was only doing it because I felt like playing around with the bluff skill. I'm not even looking at the character flowcharts.

2a025 No.11276

Muh speshul gift!

73dfa No.11277

File: 1508944349488-0.png (66.78 KB, 680x651, 1508875192467.png)

>*reads thread while fully awake and sober*
>'wtf am I doing? This isn't Tracy'
>*Reads flow-chart development summary*
>'wtf do I even use this godawful horrific system?'
Actually, on second thought, this really is a load of horseshit at this point. I've been abusing Tracy's simple, unoriginal character with these goddamn convoluted mathematic flowcharts. Tracy, as a meme, is an unapologetic murderer, but by no means a liar. Ponies don't lie to this destructive magnitude
Fug, in retrospect. These flowcharts were a mistake: in my endeavor to make the game more interesting, I let Hell freeze over and made a Tracy into something *shudders* original. Right now, she's closer to an actual hysterical woman than an edgy magical pony. The best part about ponies is that they're not like real hoo-man women. Fuck! What have I done? This isn't waifu material.
Yandere Calculus was a creative writing theory that I made years ago when I was a edgy weeb faggot; it was largely based on dramatic horror anime and Greek tragedy, and worst of all my ex-girlfriend. This shit isn't suitable for simple-minded magical ponies: it was developed to maximize the most horrific possible dramatic plotlines possible from hysterical women. If i followed the development summary in sincerity (which I never do), Tracy would've been a genuinely evil, poisonous creature by now.
I'm going to take a different approach from now on. I'm going to burn most, if not all of these infernal flowcharts. Expect leg-humping when I'm not sure what to do: it'll keep things Unoriginal.
Only you can make her into waifu material, but I'm not going to allow this fucked-up system I created to actively campaign against it too much anymore. I'll cut the lying bullshit and try to make her a bit more transparent.

876a1 No.11278

No, I'm just fine with her being gone forever and never seeing her again. Besides, Tracy fills the role disturbingly well.

Why is she trying to flatter him and make nice? What does she stand to gain? She's sure she can beat him in a fight, so why wouldn't she rather mock him for failing so miserably the last time?

9bd7a No.11279

Well, back then, I was going to have her be smug and condescending to him, but that was before GM made him into a Colt (there's nothing to be smug about after killing a kid, regardless of how edgy you are). I just got bored and felt to condition him so I could casually bully him later, just for some much-needed comic relief, since Tracy is the only one who can actually talk to him.
She has nothing to gain, and no reason to care. I was just in a shitty mood, and set aside character development for a while to larp as the Rogue for a bit, and felt like seeing if he'd fall for the 'farm up state' thing. it wasn't really supposed to be a representation of her character; i just got lazy and bored and did something unnecessarily evil…..
I haven't been sleeping very much lately, and I get weird ideas when I write at midnight. I'll try to be a better larger in the future, because Tracy's character isn't going in the direction I wanted her to.

876a1 No.11281

For what it's worth, if Trumpaladin had witnessed Tracy first lying to Ponimaru, and then possessing a soccer ball, that would have triggered a duel to the death between Trumpaladin and Tracy, which Trumpaladin would not have let end until between himself, Tracy, and the unborn child, one or more characters had been permanently removed from the game.

The child is a game breaking change because it prevents Trumpaladin from overlooking Tracy's actions and alignment and forces him to obsess over it. Unlike my ex-girlfriend, who went her own way doing who cares what in Dallas, the child is a direct connection between Trumpaladin and Tracy that prevents a proper and thorough divorce. The fact that the child is the product of a failed attempt to save Tracy from herself just makes it that much more insulting. It's like having a cousin who you don't particularly like but you want to give a chance, so you pay a large sum of money for them to attend classes at the community college so they can get a certification, but they withdraw from classes, take the money and spend it on drugs or invest it in a criminal scheme. It's insulting beyond measure

9bd7a No.11282

S-sorry… I'll try to play a bit more thoughtfully from now on, and not just act like Two-Face playing Snakes and Ladders…

876a1 No.11283

Nah you can play as you wish, but I don't think I can be honest to this character without almost all possible courses of action leading to disaster. I blame GM for introducing an event that prevented Tracy from having a natural development

2a025 No.11284

Rooooo! I will make it work!

2a025 No.11285

So, I guess the message is that she gets the intuitive thought to turn back to box town?

2a025 No.11286

File: 1508961829242.jpg (129.26 KB, 800x632, whenyouseeit.jpg)

It's not that far from the crossroads, right?
*walks back up the path towards Pip*

876a1 No.11287

GM, where are we in the game? I would like Trumpaladin to try out his new Subaru or however the hell you spell it, and figure out how it plays out in a fight, and to also see if the resurrection tool is transportable. After that is accomplished, I would like him to rejoin the group riding Fae

876a1 No.11288

Another question: are we using a permutation with "smite evil," can it be cast while mounted, and would casting it consume an attack space in a turn?

43987 No.11289

yes and yes.

2a025 No.11290

According to the Wiki, Smite Evil can be applied to any normal Meelee attack, and can be use 4 times per day at level 15.
It should be usable while mounted.
I think the Paladin was also supposed to have a Bless Weapon ability, but I can't find it…

43987 No.11291

2a025 No.11292

Roooo! All I wanted from the beginning was the Assassin Prestige class, but I still have to make a hit to take it.

2a025 No.11293

How do spells even work in this game? I've never RP'd before…

43987 No.11294

when you say spells do you mean spells that are used for buffing or spells for attacking?

876a1 No.11295

So… Would Smite Evil consume an attack space?

43987 No.11296

yea spell-like abilites take up attack actions.

2a025 No.11297

Well, any, really…
Then again, it seems I've figured it out. Tracy's a mudpony, so she can't use any spells except for blackguard spells while in Nightmare form
It's applied to a normal melee attack, so you should just be able to add it on to any attack that involves one.
Paladin can use other spells, btw.

43987 No.11298

well buff spells and attack spells both take action slots,

2a025 No.11299

Ah, idk how this works desu.
I actually avoided reading into the attack mechanics because I wanted to avoid D&D tier rigidity. My only real interest was prestige classes.

2a025 No.11300

>very slightly modifying image size to evade the one-per-thread image limit
Those were three separate versions of a shoop I modified. I was trying to see which looked the least shitty.

876a1 No.11301

Damn these are some useful spells, especially for my intended purpose

2a025 No.11302

File: 1508965821865-0.jpg (128.89 KB, 650x487, Another-Dog-Hiding-In-a-Co….jpg)

>tfw you know you're a bad girl

876a1 No.11303

File: 1508966825292.png (166.75 KB, 900x1246, image.png)

*rolls up newspaper*

GM, what is my spell casting level? If I am not to 3, is there anyway to access specific spells in that category? There's one specifically I really want

876a1 No.11304

File: 1508967512734.gif (411.25 KB, 220x145, image.gif)

>4th level spell casting Paladins are damned near unstoppable slayers of Evil and Outsiders

43987 No.11305

you have 1 4th level spell.

43987 No.11306

how to acsess higher level spells.
>leveling up is how you gain more uses

2a025 No.11307

File: 1508968681094.jpg (267.59 KB, 600x654, tfw bad girl3.jpg)

81b07 No.11317

Apology accepted Xp
I had thought that it would enable a more natural development. Just one more of my ideas into the can
Tbh, I'm not exactly sure. I'm going to have to re-read the last 3-5 threads just to pick up on all the things I've forgotten, missed, or just couldn't be arsed to respond/comment on. This was just one of the many reasons for the 2-3 week jump.

81b07 No.11328

… in fact, the contract which Thez arranged - and which Trump is explicitly and permanently not included in - involves taking raw gold/gems, taking them to an artisan of absurd skill, and turning them into fabulously expensive jewelry that is for sale exclusively at the Port Barry shop.

But OH no, TRUMP needed it to BUILD shit,…. XP

81b07 No.11329

… it was/is essentially a money-hack also geared toward re-establishing Barry's filed pirate contracts due to the rats invasion, increasing trade and travel to the port.
But Trump HAD to have a stadium first,….
(this is mostly Thez ranting at this point)

81b07 No.11330


876a1 No.11331

File: 1508975668330.jpeg (63.16 KB, 750x515, image.jpeg)

>selling goods to people in a city with no money when there's a port RIGHT THERE and it could have brought a positive balance of trade from export
Never accused her of having business sense

2a025 No.11332

He used eminent domain to make himself a steakhouse too.
Not selling your exclusive jewelry all over the world FROM the port.

81b07 No.11333

No you buffoon. Don't make me rewrite the game history 'cuz you won't admit you're wrong. The goods are sold to the lingering travelers who still minimally arrive there. The quality of the items is such that even the smallest ring would fetch a hefty sum and would draw the attention of monied (read royal) interests from across the land.

81b07 No.11334

And what's more, all the artisan in question wants is more materials to make shit WITH, he's not taking ANY of the profits.

876a1 No.11335

Do you go to Tel Aviv or Brussels to buy Diamonds? No? Do you go to Germany to buy cars? Shanghai to buy Televisions? Didn't think so

43987 No.11336

>tel aviv
>another point for the jewish plot.

876a1 No.11337

>saying all this shit long after it is irrelevant
You could have said any of this to a very receptive audience at any point earlier in the game. You could have given hints. I even asked about the business deal at the time and nothing came of it. None of this was at all foreseeable from anything in the game or outside of it. All you said about Thez and gems was that she wanted the smaller ones to wear herself, and much later, that Thez willingly gave Trump possession because she believed he was doing well with it.

2a025 No.11338

Fucking THIS!
Did you ever consider what could happen if Lenos, a dragon mind you, ever grew angry or bored with anyone living at the tower? Enjoy exploding.
No, you have them imported, from Brussels, Germany, or Shanghai.
Port Barry is a port: Half of it's purpose is to export products.

876a1 No.11339

Tel Aviv is host to a large diamond exchange. If you buy diamonds, you just might be supporting the diamond industry of Tel Aviv

43987 No.11340

i know that, thats while i avoid jewlry all to gather.

876a1 No.11341

Hence why it is better to sell the goods internationally

876a1 No.11342

Why would he be angry?

43987 No.11343

>international trade
>not globalism

876a1 No.11344

>not being an economic nationalist and winning in global trade

2a025 No.11345

That's what GM has been getting at.
The Jewelry shop was supposed to be the money farm. He hinted at that a couple weeks ago.
Idk, people living in his tower, asking him to make shit, and depending on his abilities, without caring to give him a cut of the treasure to work with.

876a1 No.11346

The only mention of the jewelry shop came last week. And while Tourcil may be at risk from explosion, no one else asks Lenos to craft things

43987 No.11347

he loves making shit, the gm said thats what he oes without wanting something in return.

2a025 No.11348

Yeah, I got that much. He wants materials to tinker with.

2a025 No.11349

It was hinted weeks earlier. At the same time the Jews' shekel stash was hinted at.

876a1 No.11350

1. What are you talking about?
2. You could have spoken at any time
3. Literally anyone could have said something at some point

43987 No.11351

but he dosent charge for an item though.

81b07 No.11352

Its true, Thez was excited at the prospect of the Football stadium,… but not the Casino, or the Steakhouse, or,… and as time went on and Trump immediately got jewy-eyed anytime a resource was even hinted at or suggested, her enthusiasm diminished. So, at THAT time, she took possession of what ducats she could, literally coughed up some of her own, and made a deal with the artisan (who shall remain nameless to avoid REEEEing), as well as the jeweler. Nothing was mentioned 'cuz Trump had proven that he could not be trusted with resources.

2a025 No.11353

>Thinking the Crystal converted into a Trump Tower by itself
Yeah, brownies normally work without pay. They don't take kindly to being treated as unappreciated NPCs though.
>What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the Time Infernius went to the out-of-stock jewelry shop, and Tracy sniffed around while she was looking for hints to where the Jews were hiding their treasure.
The guy was going to change the shop, but then Thez came in with a bag of amazing items, talking about a certain artisan who wanted to have his crafts gain recognition in the trade.
This, desu.
That eminent domain this wasn't exactly the coolest move either…

876a1 No.11354

The casino was nothing more than a pretext to try to stop Inferius from gebociding part of the town's population. It was never built not mentioned outside of one occasion
A pretext to thoroughly search the old Jew buildings for the missing treasure, cheap because of existing buildings, finance was never mentioned, and also could have brought profits (which, you know, could cover loans made to buy it. As in never using the party's funds). It was also never completed

2a025 No.11355

>search the old Jew buildings for the missing treasure
Roooooo! I'm the rogue! Leave the searching to me! You don't even have the character skills to investigate that.

876a1 No.11356

>I'm talking about the Time Infernius went to the out-of-stock jewelry shop, and Tracy sniffed around while she was looking for hints to where the Jews were hiding their treasure.
>The guy was going to change the shop, but then Thez came in with a bag of amazing items, talking about a certain artisan who wanted to have his crafts gain recognition in the trade.
what the actual fuck are you talking about? I don't remember this at all. I cannot read every single one of the literally 10,000+ RP posts that are made as a part of this game, and I cannot know everything that happens while I am in school, at work, driving halfway across the state, or flying to fucking Washington DC and New York for interviews. More to the point, why the hell would my character know everything that happened to people miles away and that he was never told about. He cannot be omniscient and should not be

>eminent domain

First off, that's a joke. Second, it didn't happen because the buildings were abandoned. Thirdly, it was against Jew buildings that were unused. Forgive me for making use of available resources

81b07 No.11357

Alright, I'm done Trump's brow-beating. He can have all the money he needs for whatever project,… but he has to go through the Jeweler. ^_^

2a025 No.11358

How many levels does Tracy have as Wilder?

876a1 No.11359

I have the character levels for contracting building renovation. And that's all that is needed

2a025 No.11360

Well, I was going to have Tracy tell you about it, but I had to account for the fact that she was still salty from getting cucked that morning. My plan was to have her walk up the road alone to sort herself out, find the treasure, come back, and then tell you about everything (I figured you would've read it by then though).

876a1 No.11361

Well, I'm not responsible for your saltiness, I am not sure if I am the one who cucked you, and I certainly can't know what isn't told to my character and didn't happen near him

2a025 No.11362

>your saltiness
Her saltiness*
I didn't expect it to take this long though.

876a1 No.11363

I really don't know when in the story this is supposed to have happened

2a025 No.11364

Some time right before you converted that shop into a steak house, while Tracy only just started looking for clues.

81b07 No.11365

She's talking about you riding the Copper mare home that one time.

81b07 No.11366

So to summarize, a bunch of faggots just had a shit-fit, while nothing worth mentioning happened between the characters.
Classic D&D

2a025 No.11367

No, Tracy already took care of that. I'm pretty sure that happened the same day Fae appeared in the tower: Tracy was deeply upset.

876a1 No.11368

That happened over a month ago, and weeks before >>11364

In any event, if hints are going to be super-duper subtle, they need to occur more than once ever, and need to actually be communicated to both players and characters.

2a025 No.11369

>if hints are going to be super-duper subtle, they need to occur more than once ever
>need to actually be communicated to both players and characters
Try buttering up your waifu; She has all the information-gathering skills.

81b07 No.11370

It shall be so. I apologize for having assumed and/or taken anything for granted.

876a1 No.11371

File: 1508978997076.jpeg (217.69 KB, 1000x866, image.jpeg)

>a bunch of faghots just had a shit fit fit
It's ongoing, and really more of two separate consecutive shit-fits, but yeah, that's what happened

2a025 No.11372

Can I get a word on these?

81b07 No.11373

I'm not saying "Its the guy at the shop!", I'm saying that he was in an awful hurry to get rid of her.
Yes, intuition.
Not that far, no. A couple miles is all.
I'm putting the limit at 3

876a1 No.11374

>Try buttering up your waifu; She has all the information
If you are talking about Tracy, she could find it, but she'd steal a large portion for private use and then lie about the total size of the find. There's not really any way to discourage her from doing this either - when I am tried to but her up by appealing to her (non-existent) sense of duty to Port Barry or love for Trumpaladin all I got was "can we leave already?" indicating it didn't do anything. There is no buttering her up. If you leave money laying out, she steals it and lies about it when confronted, and she cannot be encouraged to do otherwise. I did think about having her find it, and there after finding where she hid it and taking it, but thars difficult. So I guess having Inferius accompany her and hopefully limiting the amount she could steal was the best available option, which is basically what I went with.

81b07 No.11375

>complaining about another player snatching up all money laying about

876a1 No.11376

It's all for a public use, and every character is aware of the money, and has the chance to say something. Taking cores for a wedding and then lying about it is different from dedicating part of a large treasure for a library in Port Barry

2a025 No.11377

Dice rollRolled 12, 2, 14, 1, 5 = 34

Fine by me
Is it really worth it for me to go all the way back there? I'll just go anyway.
*returns to shop*
*approaches building in stealth*
*listens furtively by window*
Search (shop interior)+ Spot (any entity inside) + another Spot (read lips) + Listen + Scent

She's only stolen once: the golem parts as they fell to the ground.
Idk if it was clear at the time, but I implied a few times before and after that she was hiding shit out of spite, because she was jealous and wanted attention.

2a025 No.11378

What a shitty roll…

81b07 No.11379

>1337 pali
Noted, but I'm not going to launch into it at the moment

43987 No.11380

infernuis follow.

2a025 No.11381

Dice rollRolled 4

Forgot Sense Motive (most important)

2a025 No.11382


2a025 No.11383

Rooooo! You'll ruin my stealth.
It's fine though.

81b07 No.11384

If you're going to throw out 5 skill checks in a row,… have you ever thought of establishing your skills?

876a1 No.11385

Tracy's motives are unknown. She used to be more clingy and jealous, but as timr passes her actions have made less and less sense. Basically it's a case of "I do not know why she is doing any of this, but what she's doing is evil, the purpose is probably evil, and I fully believe she'd do it again."

Miscommunication and misunderstanding helps drive plot, so no need to clear anything at all up.

2a025 No.11386

>establishing your skills?
What does this mean?

876a1 No.11387


81b07 No.11388

Don't worry, everyone will be back at the tower before you know it. These are all "yet to happen" actions.

81b07 No.11389

I mean I've been basing skill rolls off of a simple 20, which doesn't allow for modifiers or differences in degree of skill required.
Let me give you an example. A masterwork lock has a difficulty of 25, meaning the player would need 6 skill points in lockpicking in order to defeat it with anything more than a 20 (and in this case, a 19). Not knowing the iterated skills makes it far more difficult for me to explain the degree of how and why and what WRT situations, which is also why Tracy didn't sense anything from the shopkeeper in the first place.

2a025 No.11390

Trump went back to Port Barry, leaving Tracy and Infernius at the crossroads to bring back the treasure. Then Tracy had an 'intuitive thought' (GM's hint) to track back a few miles and try to extract information from the shopkeeper on the road.
Torcuil is about to get a lecture from Lenos on how to into magic.
Sad Alex is standing frozen somewhere until his faggot returns, probably getting >raped by passing strangers.
Are you going to teleport us back when where halfway to finding the treasure?

876a1 No.11391

Trumpaladin stares out the window to the sea from his office in Crystal Trump Tower. He wonders if he could take a ship and a small crew, and sail far away from his problems

2a025 No.11392

>doesn't want to allocate his skillpoints
What about race/species modifiers? Have you been counting those?

2a025 No.11393

File: 1508980967021.jpg (19.09 KB, 512x512, Untitled.jpg)

>Implying I wouldn't find you

81b07 No.11394

No tbh. I've been letting the dice decide entirely.
TY. BTW, I'm assuming Sad Alex was a troll, if not Yak Lee/that faggot who blew up. I could be wrong.

2a025 No.11395

Can't also you power-up skills by training?
I've been rolling all of my detection abilities 6 gorillion times per thread.

2a025 No.11396

If so, can I eat him?

43987 No.11397

i call eating the angel.

81b07 No.11398

Over time, yes. Please limit skill rolls to 1 per post so I can keep up.
Have you SEEN Death Note?

2a025 No.11399

NO! The 'angel' is the best part!

43987 No.11400

would i gain good extra planar powers from eating it?
>no i havent seen death note.

876a1 No.11401

What the actual fuck

Don't eat him, I am not convinced he is a troll. He might be the same as yak Lee, but he also might just be a person who isn't a NEET, is busy, and may have thought the game is too fast paced or intense to keep up with

876a1 No.11402

If the angel is an anti-Globalist Angel, no you may not eat it. I need it.

81b07 No.11403

Calling Ryuk an angel was my first suggestion it was a troll. He's entirely infernal.
Its possible, I don't really know. On the same token, Yak Lee could have been a legitimate character. Or the faggot who blew up.

81b07 No.11404

For reference, that was the "Oh, I totally see what you did there!" post

2a025 No.11405

Back off! If Infernius eats the angel, Tracy will eat Infernius.
It was mostly a joke. I'll give him a chance. His character seems interesting.
>calling Ryuk an angel
Could be just an avant gard sort of angel, desu. They're not always smooth-butted babies

876a1 No.11406

Yak Lee started by jumping a leg and starting a fight. How did you not know that was a troll, seriously? Yak Lee claimed to be the Trap, which is plausible.

43987 No.11407

if sad alex is a troll can we keep Ryuk as an npc?

876a1 No.11408

File: 1508981738958.jpeg (23.45 KB, 237x213, image.jpeg)

>Tracy eats Inferius
Save some for me!

81b07 No.11409

Optimism I guess
True, but the way he behaves in DN is quite devil tbh

876a1 No.11410

>keep evil Jap character
I will pay Tracy in >rape dollars to kill it

2a025 No.11411

File: 1508982008723.jpg (167.14 KB, 960x1280, burn, baby, burn.jpg)

I assume you'd like that well-done, ~Flashy?
Did I not make it entirely clear that Tracy was unironically going to eat him?
She's pregnant now: she's getting cravings.
Just ask her nicely. Or just look the other way…
She'll do it for free.

43987 No.11412

vore is gay though.

2a025 No.11413

Why can't a lady monster devour extra-planar creatures alive without being sexualized all the time for it? This is why we need feminism. *shoots self*

876a1 No.11414

>eat Sad Alex
Not if he's real though, I need antiglobalists
I want it gone. ALL evil-aligned outsiders must be physically removed and purged. Thez made the right move in self-deporting

43987 No.11415

*raise dead*

876a1 No.11416

Please do not try to turn me on

876a1 No.11417

Leave her down, inferius

43987 No.11418

File: 1508982531653.png (217.15 KB, 1024x1313, 8685848c4decb2ce344b9f26ce….png)

81b07 No.11419

>heavy breathing

2a025 No.11420

File: 1508982588249.png (663.23 KB, 1498x1900, pale butt.png)

I do like Sad Alex. I hope he plays again.
~Oh, Flashy. I didn't know you were into that.

43987 No.11421

>Thez made the right move in self-deporting

876a1 No.11422

>devour extra planar entities alive and whole, leaving them alive as they are trapped in her stomach to slowly digest
Don't you do it!

81b07 No.11423

Me too, I'm not opposed to him, just bantzing. He showed up right when Thez realized she was gonna have to outsider-ban, so his reception was less enthusiastic or involved than others. Plus he attacked her.
I know, I know.

876a1 No.11424

>He attacked her
He's a good man, he attacks demons on sight. Also at least 75% of his attacks against Thez were me trolling from a mobile IP

81b07 No.11425

e_e really

2a025 No.11426

>tfw you get bantzy and post your porn pics before they're ready
Yeah… That Nicholas Cage face is just slightly too big for comfort…

876a1 No.11427



2a025 No.11428

I can't even tell if you're being ironic now.

81b07 No.11429

I know you were trolling at the time (though I didn't realize it at the time). So are you saying that was all you?

43987 No.11430

of course he isnt, he loves vore.

876a1 No.11431

Good. You'll keep vore out if it.
I think he summoned an angel against Thez and called her a globalist. I am not sure

2a025 No.11432

>Also at least 75% of his attacks against Thez were me trolling from a mobile IP
STOP DOING THIS! It's confusing as hell.
He'd get along well with Diomedes.

81b07 No.11433

Okay, for a moment I thought you might have been Sad Alex the whole time.

81b07 No.11434

This. I could've been a dick with my own means if I really wanted to (and there were several times I did, but neglected).

2a025 No.11435

*resists urge to pointlessly spout Greek mythology*

876a1 No.11436

I remember the lines…

43987 No.11437

go full autist.

2a025 No.11438

File: 1508984606057.png (130.59 KB, 200x280, blue horse.png)

GM, you never answered my question about Death Knell: Do I cast it before or after I finish-off an enemy?

81b07 No.11439

Death knell is a coup-de-grace spell, so before/to finish off

2a025 No.11440

Is there a way I should anticipate when an enemy is getting close to kaput?
Also, I'm having a hard time finding out how often a Blackguard can use her spells.

876a1 No.11441

How do you use poisons? How does it work? Can I acquire poisons from Tracy?

You know what, screw it. Tracy, can you paralyze someone for me?

deb7d No.11442

As far as I am aware, nothing but a flowchart bon fire has occured since last night.

In the mean time, can someone who understands rpgs explain framiliers?

deb7d No.11443

I'll take
So tracy can do

81b07 No.11444

Its a pet u establish a psychic connection with granting benefits to character and familiar, depending on type. There's a complete listing in the wikis
Poisons require skill to avoid killing/dosing yourself with. Yes, ask Tracy.
Death Knell is a shit spell for low level characters. Don't bother IMO.

2a025 No.11446

Tracy is proficient in poison use and never risks poisoning herself.
I don't think Paladins can use poison, but they are immune to it, and can heal others.
I could make paralyzing blows, if she could just kill someone to receive the assassin class…
Of course, that doesn't mean it wouldn't count if ~someone put her up to it first
A normal animal that becomes a magical beast when summoned by a sorcerer or wizard. (I'm a nufag to rpg's too though)

81b07 No.11447

>GM goes to pass out after unintentionally stealing digis
I'm good with it. You're all lucky I don't plop a red dragon in your midst to fend with 'till I get back.

2a025 No.11448

I was distracted reading about familiars…

876a1 No.11449

Can I hire her to assassinate?

81b07 No.11450

P.S. Saying "I wanna" doesn't mean its gonna happen this instant. Some aspects require planning and deliberation on my part, which u fucks have no problem blowing to smithereens with your shenanigens. Patience, Ed Gruberman.

deb7d No.11451

I just did understand how they work…
Does the animal have to be on the wiki?

deb7d No.11452

>finger guns
You're welcome

2a025 No.11453

This isn't DnD; it's mixed nuts
What kind of animal are you thinking about?

deb7d No.11454

Totally not a tiny squid that turns into the Kraken

2a025 No.11455

I think it has to be a normal animal.
Tracy can summon fiendish octopi/squid though. They need water.

2a025 No.11456

File: 1508986810933-0.jpeg (204.86 KB, 1270x1375, 415590__safe_artist-colon….jpeg)

Has someone been bothering you, ~Flashy?

2a025 No.11457

>Death Knell is a shit spell for low level characters. Don't bother IMO.
I just like the concept of it, desu.

deb7d No.11458

>implying I couldn't do something using my magic

2a025 No.11459

Good point.
>tfw no enemies to summon fiendish octopi upon, so that they'll crawl inside their bodies, desperate for moisture

81b07 No.11460

This, fish outta water
Then stop killing shit so quickly and u can use it effectively. Or just kill shit. Opponent has to be between 0hp and -10hp to use.

2a025 No.11461

How many spells can a blackguard use per day? I still can't figure out the limitations.

deb7d No.11462

I've gottta spell if we need to kill someone quick btw
Just tell me when

2a025 No.11463

>Then stop killing shit so quickly
Not exactly sure how to do that, but noted.

2a025 No.11464

Save it for your meme arsenal. Keep stockpiling priceless memes to cast.

876a1 No.11465

*tries and fails to hide visible disgust at the site of a soccer uniform*
"Just how far are you willing to go to make our future together with our child work?"

Tell me more

2a025 No.11466

File: 1508988088506-0.jpg (40.46 KB, 500x469, 1508984341505.jpg)

Our characters are miles away, but let's just fuck it.
>Just how far are you willing to go to make our future together with our child work?"
"Literally nothing is more important than our foal."

876a1 No.11467

I know, but I want this information now
"How important is it that he has a father around to teach him football and give him a small loan of a million dollars once he starts his business career? How important to you am I?"

2a025 No.11468

File: 1508989026352.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, concern.png)

*appears visibly concerned that you'd even ask this*
"You're my husband, ~Flashy. I love you, and I hope you'll love this foal together with me as much as I love you now.
It's important for our child to grow up in a stable household and have a capable, loving father; I hope you don't feel too pressured by the task. It's a big commitment."

>tfw you retyped this a dozen times,
but you're really tired and it still sound gay

876a1 No.11469

*mutters under his breath "if you think we're married, then why do you keep talking about a 'wedding' as if we're not married"*

"No no, little pony, that's not what I meant…"
"Let me ask you straight up. If I say "kill this person," or "disable this person," would you do it? Without further question?"

876a1 No.11470

I'm sorry but I think you should just accept that in choosing to role play as a female seeking a romantic and sexual relationship with another male, you are going to have to say things on occasion that sound kind of gay. Also it's D&D, which is pretty gay by itself

If I were doing this properly I'd have Trumpaladin cast Zone of Truth, make Tracy give every answer within it, do incite checks on everything of importance she says, and then cast "detect lies" on her at the very end of it

2a025 No.11471

File: 1508990500038-0.png (216.47 KB, 1000x800, 385624__suggestive_artist-….png)

*pony ears pick up mutter*
"A marriage isn't complete without a wedding, Flashy. I don't want to only be legally married by some markings on a piece of paper; I want a traditional marriage that can make our relationship special forever. Without the ceremony, there's no tradition, no grace, no commitment. I want to walk down the aisle and let you unveil me to see exactly who your waifu is. That's why I want to have our wedding ceremony soon, but I can wait until it's planed and prepared."
>bla bla would you do it?
*face comes up to yours, in a movement to cut you off*
"Shhhh… There's no need to worry. I'm sure that we can work anything we need out together. That's part of what a marriage is for, right?"

I meant gay as in awkward-sounding.
I have no issues in writing feminine characters: I've written plenty of love stories with female protagonists.

876a1 No.11472

*expression is almost irritated. Backs away from pony such that she is not as close. He speaks now more firmly*

"I'll ask you again. If I say "do this," including "kill this person," would you do it? Without hesitation or question?"

2a025 No.11473

went to bed, sorry
*steps forward, still dreamy-eyed*
"If you really needed it, I would do anything for you, ~Flashy. If there's anything that's disturbing you, I will be there for you."

2eace No.11474

If Inferius were here, I'd test her out by asking her to stab Inferius in the anus again
We can end here, don't worry

"That's what I needed to know. And don't worry little pony, I want to be the best father ever to this little foal. Just as surely as my foal deserves a mother who is honest, trustworthy, a follower of Football - AMERICAN Football - who is dutiful to her country, and, you know, is mentally stable. *mutters "not a cauchemar"* My foal deserves only the best. Believe me."

73dfa No.11477

Roooooo! I like Infernius!

2eace No.11478

if she's not willing to do what is asked, she should say so

73dfa No.11479

She'd absolutely do it; so don't make her.

2eace No.11480

But it's a dead serious question that he needs a real and sincere answer to. If she's not willing to do certain things, or would do them only with extreme hesitance. When he said "anything," he meant anything. That doesn't just mean things she'd do on her own volition anyways (and by the way, she did stab Inferius in the anus on her own volition), but it also means the things she wouldn't want to do. This is important because I need a clear answer if to what degree she can be trusted with certain information and requests

9bd7a No.11481

Look at it this way, would you normally ask your pregnant wife, who just made it clear that she was fully committed to building a family with you, if she would kill anyone without question, just to prove how batshit she was for you?

Either way, the characters are miles apart, and I can't give clear answers that give dramatic effects like that without considering time/space variables,
because muh flowcharts. Wait until she gets back.

876a1 No.11482

First off, let's be honest here. The timeline is screwed up. That whole scene with the letter is ambiguous as to whether it happens while the characters are together, or when it happens. I believe Tracy follows Ninja horse to the stables, and the stables are located near the pyramid's original location. So where are the characters? When Inferius drops Trumpaladin off, he still has to fly all the way back. And Trumpaladin would have slept, inspected the resurrection machine, grabbed the weapon smasher, asked Lenos about the stones, conducted a loyalty test on Fae (who passed), and then flown back on Fae to rejoin the group. That would have taken many hours, but probably not days past when Inferius rejoins.

>just to see how batshit she is for him

Uh… Sure… That's totally the reason I asked. The bottom line is this: when Trumpaladin started a fight against Thez, Tracy unquestioningly followed. When Yak Lee started sexually assaulting Trumpaladin, Tracy started attacking him without being asked (and Inferius and sort-of Tourcil attacked Trump for defending himself. Fuck you). That is gold. That's the sort of devotion you can truly rely on when times are bad. Then things changed. There's blood in the stables when the horses disappear, but Tracy, who was a witness, says they ran off, in clear contradiction to the evidence. Tracy sits out a fight and Trumpaladin goes to ask Lenos about the attackers, and when he returns, all of the valuable cores Lenos mentioned are gone. Though many are present, the sole witness to the fate of the cores is Tracy, who says that pirates - pirates only she saw, and evidently though they were loaded with heavy cores, she couldn't outfight them or outrun them - has stolen the cores, but leaving behind the shells as proof that Tracy had in fact come in contact with the wreckage. That's not just unreliable, that's the kind of unreliable that can blow up on you when times are well.

876a1 No.11483

Oh yeah, and let's add the running away after demon blood, kicking Trumpaladin, stabbing Inferius, refusing to acknowledge Trumpaladin's exhortation to return the treasure to the government of Port Barry (implying she wanted it for herself), her brushing off of the patriotic exhortations in the battle, her cold reaction to Trump when he rescued her, and holy shit this feels so much like the red flags I got from my ex-girlfriend in the last 5 months or so of the relationship before the horrible break up. Basically everything she's done since arriving in Port Barry has been a red flag.

You see, yanderes are dominated by one desire and one desire only. They want to escape the feeling of being inadequate and inferior. The pain of that feeling is all they know. They do not know love, nor have they ever felt it. They do they know Good, and could not recognize it. They do not respect anyone or anything - no person, not themselves nor the target, no country, no cause, no God, nor no law of God or Man. The only thing they desire are those brief moments of reprieve from the crushing feelings of inadequacy. The way they tend to go about this is by singling out a male, and trying with obsessive focus to dominate over and take possession of him. They believe that by possessing the right male, they can be adequate. This is annoying for the male, because in the yandere's struggle for sole possession, she tries to clear out all conceivable competitors, and not just the plausible ones. But it has its plus in that Yandere's are willing to do anything - except for not being irrationally jealous or not expressing their feelings inadequacy around the target - in order to make the target happy, under the assumption it helps their possessive claim.

But sometimes, something called "Yandere Decay" occurs. The Yandere slowly ceases to believe that possessing the male will help their inadequacy, and so they cease to care about the male. Instead, they do anything else to try to ease the pain. This is extremely dangerous, because decayed yanderes are essentially wounded feral animals. They will strike out at anything and anyone, and they are not limited by any sort of law or respect or concern for dignity or morality. They must be avoided.

Tracy has every red flag of Yandere Decay, except that she's still jealous. She's my ex-girlfriend that summer before she left.

876a1 No.11484

File: 1509038423226.png (332.88 KB, 600x599, image.png)

>You'll start a civil war, Trump
Well, I wouldn't be the first in my family to start a civil war…

2a025 No.11485

>ITT: Tracy's faggot has to finally explain all the shitty flaws in his poor writing system

>That is gold. That's the sort of devotion you can truly rely on when times are bad.
Yeah, that's closer to what I've been going for, although I haven't had very many chances to do it lately though.
>Then things changed.
>That's not just unreliable, that's the kind of unreliable that can blow up on you when times are well.
If you want me to break down every development flaw, that's exactly the point where I had the idea to start using the Yandere Calculus Theory to maximize dramatic horror aspects. I was trying to make the point that she was fiercely loyal from a 1-1 level, when the two were alone, but there'd be serious repercussions if she felt lonely or betrayed, not on the other partner, but anything in proximity.
Her killing-off the horses was completely in character, lying about it not so much (was trying to imitate another yandere character, but I'm simply not good at the lying trope) and I guess it actually abused her character there to twist her into a spiteful liar, instead of just an unapologetic murderer… As for hiding the golem parts, I made the mistake of likening her to my grandmother, who hides my grandfather's shit when she feels like she's being ignored…
>running away after demon blood
Yeah… again, I messed up there…. My original intention was for that scene to be the baptism of fire, where she'd run into the woods alone, slaughter some shit (animals and whatnot), and come back free of bitterness, with a power upgrade and new confidence. I miscalculated Infernius and Thez getting in the way, and I did not expect her to end up in a detention center. Her violent reaction towards the rest of the characters was mostly an attempt by me to salvage that solo scene, but it didn't work.
>stabbing Inferius
It meant exactly what it looked like, but Infernius did literally ask for it.
>refusing to acknowledge Trumpaladin's exhortation to return the treasure to the government of Port Barry (implying she wanted it for herself), her brushing off of the patriotic exhortations in the battle
I guess a player character could get that impression from my shutty writing at midnight, but I don't think I left any impression that Tracy had any other reason to look for treasure other than to impress Trumpaladin. She doesn't have any points in materialism (yes, I had started allocating points), aside from maybe wedding preparations. The burying of the golem parts for a day and a half was, again just out.
As for patriotism, she has none, aside from what she'd draw from her husband. She was a hoodrat in Equestria, and she felt no ties to the land she'd suddenly been thrown into. Any patriotism she would've had would come from recognizing how important something was to her spouse or family member; at that point though, she was feeling isolated and ignored, and everything else only seemed like a load of reasons for why her husband was distracted from their marriage.
>her cold reaction to Trump when he rescued her
This is the part I really fucked up on by not putting emphasis on it. Idk if it was noticeable, but I had several comments that illustrated her brushing-up against your leg and purring like a cat all morning after. It was just 2:00 AM by then, so I just let my flowcharts to the work.
Don't start me on Yandere decay: I know all about it. Like I said in >>11277 the Yandere Calculus system is made largely to maximize the effects of decay, based in part on psychology, Greek tragedy, and anime: too original. I made the mistake of trying to apply it to an RPing game, in which I was unable to control the other character to decelerate the decay, and steer it closer to a happy ending.
To be honest, I was getting bored, so I decided to fuck around with her "brain" (flowcharts). I didn't see her making very much romantic progress, so I tried to play around a bit with alignments, different tragic pathways and whatnot; basically, I stopped rooting for the good ending and just cut loose with my Yandere tropes. I introduced the Yandere Calculus system to make it more interesting for myself, and also in a show of laziness, desu… It kept building up her internal strife to a bioling point, and as violent means of stress relief disappeared on after the other (and I got bored of leg-humping), I started rolling a 6-sided die for dozens of alternate paths. Sometime, when it was late at night, I'd just roll the die, forget my original intentions, and neglect to consider what Tracy would actually do when the paths ended with something horrible like "drudgery", "spite", "secrecy" or "gossip": in the the end, my lack of conscious thought didn't drtain from the originality of my character, but allowed her to become something disgustingly original; a spiteful woman; the most dangerous, horrifying, destructive, sinister kind of creature ever to haunt this world.
It was a system that was awful for character development, but also self-rewarding: it allowed me to shrug-off creative responsibility, and just work on creating the edgy, monstrous megalomaniac I wanted to play and forget about the importance of Tracy's character. Her character shifted from chaotic neutral to neutral evil, as I just went with the destructive path of the flowcharts and didn't consider Tracy's inner-will to become a better individual, or the development of a good romantic story.
for her family.
That's why I'm finally burying this book and never applying Yandere Calculus to any system again.

tl;dr I fucked-up, got lazy, and let my abomination of a character-computing system go full terminator because of my nectect to the purpose of keeping Tracy's character Unoriginal.

2a025 No.11486

>and then flown back on Fae to rejoin the group.
So you're character is walking with the group now? (I missed this part earlier)
I'll take that into account, although I'm too exhausted to write a half decent RP right now. I get all evil and tragic and shit when I'm not awake

deb7d No.11488

>stable house hold

2a025 No.11489

File: 1509046934211-0.jpg (1.45 MB, 2100x1428, Hercules_and_the_Mares_of_….jpg)

>manage to get to bed without splerging-out like an autist
>someone actually gives a fuck and encourages me
Diomedes was, in Greek mythology, the barbaric king of the Thracian tribe of Bistones. He was a fierce and powerful demigod, son of the war god Ares; and as his blood foretold, he was an incredible warlord. His most prized possessions were his four spectacular mares, whose names were were Podargos (swift), Lampon (shining), Xanthos (yellow) and Deinos (terrible); the very mares whome he fed human flesh to make them more fierce in battle. The mares, due to their unnatural treatment, turned into superior but fearsome creatures, starving for the flesh of men. Their madness made them into voracious, man-eating beast, growing large and strong, with razor sharp teeth, and, in some versions, expelling fire when they breathed. The man-eating mares were uncontrollable to all but the hand of the barbaric King, needing to be tethered by chains to a bronze manger. The horses were swift, strong, and powerful, pulling the king's chariot like lightning, mowing down and attacking his enemies with predatory vigor. The barbaric king enjoyed feeding strangers and prisoners to his mares, as entertainment and his favorite mode of execution. They did not like the taste of oats, and could not be quelled without the taste blood once they were riled.
It was one of the twelve great labors of Hercules to steal the mares from Diomedes, alive. After the death of Diomedes (happened serval different ways), Hercules fed the body to the mares to calm them. After the beasts were pacified by the taste of flesh, Hercules took the opportunity to bind their mouths shut, and easily took them back to King Eurystheus, who dedicated the horses to Hera. In some versions, they were allowed to roam freely around Argos, having become permanently calm, but in others, Eurystheus ordered the horses taken to Olympus to be sacrificed to Zeus, but Zeus refused them, and sent wolves, lions, and bears to kill them. Some stories tell of their descendants being used as mounts in the Trojan War.
The steed of Alexander the Great, Bucephalus, was said to be descended from those mares.

Pun intended.

876a1 No.11492

>too original
>perfectly recreating an animal that does in fact exist in nature is original
I really don't mean to imply you've done a bad job writing her. Quite the contrary, you've done a remarkable job in creating a deep and noticeable character who feels like a real person, that person being my ex-girlfriend. The only complaint I have is that I often could not tell her motives and what she intended to accomplish by many actions. And of course you're allowed to make the character however you like. I just want to point out that if you wish to model a character off of Greek Tragedy, well, you're modeling her off of a genre that ends in all named characters dying and a nation falling under circumstances that scream "you could have prevented this." And that's basically where the character dynamics of Trumpaladin, Inferius, and Thez, combined with Tracy were taking things. Which I guess is one way to do this.

I interpreted Tracy as having a character ark more or less the same as King Sombra in the fan-made "Fall of an Empire" metal opera. In that work, Sombra has a love affair with another character, the romance is broken off when he is told he lacks a specific power that makes him inelligible to continue as her romantic partner, he contracts evil powers to try to continue the relationship, but finds that he loves the power, starts abusing the power, and is ultimately more willing to give up the relationship than stop abusing the power, resulting in tragedy. So I thought Tracy was going through pretty much the same. She loves Trumpaladin, but he refuses her as his mount because she is "too small" and "cannot fly." (Also, Tracy doesn't understand the difference between mount and waifu status). So she tries to become a desirable mount, and she does so by ingesting evil in a vile to obtain evil powers. As this happens, she discovers that she loves the evil powers themselves, she forgets about her former romantic obsession (to a degree), and focuses now primarily on obtaining greater evil powers. It hasn't yet come to a tragic end, but you can see where it's going

2a025 No.11493

That's seems to be a pretty well-thought interpretation of it, more or less.Would clarify more, but I'm just too tired to type right now…

2a025 No.11494

>too original
I meant moreso convoluted and difficult. By "too original", I meant 'not how Tracy should be'; Tracy embodying the element of Unoriginality.

2eace No.11495

No son of mine is growing up in a stable, damn it!
>Her killing-off the horses was completely in character
Well, yes, which is why I had Trumpaladin more angry at Thez (who killed at least one horse) than at Tracy, although the anger at Tracy was mostly for having evidently lied about what happened to the horses (Trumpaladin never confirmed she killed the horses anyways)
>hides my grandfather's shit when she feels like she's being ignored
How exactly was Tracy being ignored? Just the night before, she was given precisely the sort of attention she seemed to have wanted all along. She went off into the woods to be alone on her own volition because that is what she wanted. Then that day, Tracy was the first person (besides Fae, who was seperated from Trumpaladin most of the day) Trumpaladin talked to, and he stayed with her and shared popcorn during the battle
>The running away
It was weird because in every previous scene where "Flashy" was present, she'd stay around him and would not leave even if desired. So the fact that she was intent on escaping him meant something was wrong.
>stabbing Inferius
Okay yeah, he had it coming, but it was a part of the larger escape that seemed extremely off. She was fighting, including kicking Trumpaladin
>Trump's speech before going to find the treasure
He asked questions specifically to her, and she did not answer, only "can we go now." Because what he was asking was something like "do you understand the importance of these funds for rebuilding port barry" the fact that she'd be evasive on that question makes it seem like it's because her intent was to take it herself. Also, you typed "make note to swipe treasure for Lenos" in a post, though it wasn't communicated to the characters
>As for patriotism, she has none
Yeah that should be expected. It's more of a "I'm disappointed she wasn't more receptive"
>The rescue
I do think she eventually started acknowledging his presence. But the fact that it wasn't the first thing she did seemed weird

Okay, so here's what is really weird to me: why did the sex have almost no effect on her? Aside from being amazingly embarrassing and getting Tracy pregnant (which was much more humiliating), it was more or less without consequence. Tracy was mocking Fae that night, who was herself unexpectedly stunned and disgusted. But the next night, Tracy was jealous of Fae for being Trump's mount, saying something like "how does his ass feel?" I would have thought she'd be mocking her with something like "You've felt him outside? Good for you. I've felt him inside" or "has he ever ridden you bare back? He has me, in a matter of speaking" or some sort of banter like that. And then after that day it was basically forgotten.

Initially I had intended to kill Tracy when she started kicking as she tried to run away. But Greatest Ally Inferius got in the way (again), so I decided to work on the theory that what she needed to remain obsessive was some sort of hope of reciprocity and relationship with the target. Which I gave her. But it didn't prevent the decay from happening

>tfw I'm the only one who understands an appreciates what was done with this character

2a025 No.11496

>How exactly was Tracy being ignored?
When she THINKS*
I was just projecting family drama, desu…
>can we go now.
Probably should've clarified that those were just my thoughts. I was about to pass out, but I didn't want to spend the first two hours of the next session walking.
>the fact that it wasn't the first thing she did seemed weird
Well, I was trying to emulate the mind of a hysterical female, who just came out of a drug overdose, with a mutated body.
>why did the sex have almost no effect on her?
I could've sworn I made sure to indicate much more affection after that.
>Tracy was mocking Fae that night, who was herself unexpectedly stunned and disgusted. But the next night, Tracy was jealous of Fae for being Trump's mount, saying something like "how does his ass feel?" I would have thought she'd be mocking her with something like
Yeah.. it was past 1:00 AM, and I'd resorted to die rolls. The paths pointed towards the ideals least in her character: spite, gossip and drudgery. After that, I just used some pre-made syntax to emulate a "mean girls" motif to drive Fae off, but it just looked retarded and failed miserably. tbqh desu, I was trying to attack the cat's confidence in her master by implying that Trumpadin had other mounts, because a Paladin can only have one. She made a week attempt to project her insecurities onto the lion, but the lion didn't even give a fuck, and that pissed her off even more. It didn't work so well, and it felt out of character, and the fact that I was half asleep didn't help.

I try.. Not too hard, but I was experimenting mostly while half-asleep or intoxicated.

2a025 No.11497

File: 1509060482787.png (88.33 KB, 1024x768, just for the plot.png)

>tfw I'm the only one who understands an appreciates what was done with this character
This is good; it means you deeply appreciate her character for who she really is, and hate how her shitty writer has been abusing her and not showing the true potential you see in her: two steps away from true waifuism.

876a1 No.11498

File: 1509060501054.jpeg (55.79 KB, 600x338, image.jpeg)

>A Paladin can only have one

2a025 No.11499

File: 1509060611152-0.jpg (68.68 KB, 538x445, Blank _d902a5a6bec5a4d9f68….jpg)

Just try it, tough guy!

876a1 No.11500

Well… I meat to say that I seemed to be the only one who understood the character as written after the change, and before. Like no one else saw yandere decay. I think I'm the only person here, besides perhaps you, who spent 3 and a half years of his life shackled to this sort of person, and so I was the only person who understood.

2a025 No.11501

File: 1509061009774.png (1010.76 KB, 1500x1500, 1508992311723.png)

It's good to see you understand her, Anon.
You can make this work, if you try.

876a1 No.11502

poor Tourcil

876a1 No.11503

File: 1509061454628.png (40.55 KB, 250x250, image.png)

Sorry, but things have deteriorated so badly by this point it's going to take an active effort on her part to prevent this train derailment

81b07 No.11504

… or a time skip where alot of these changes are narrated and characters can be said to still have doubts but are more open minded,….

876a1 No.11505

Uh… How would that make sense?

876a1 No.11506

Alright, for that, you're both getting stabbed

2a025 No.11507

File: 1509063052647-0.jpg (55.86 KB, 413x503, 286465__safe_oc_oc only_oc….jpg)

[sad and lost pony noises]

81b07 No.11508

Wait and see. ^_~

876a1 No.11509

Don't worry little pony, you can make it up. There are two people who want to fight your husbando/the father of your child. Show them what happens when they do that.
>we are absolutely playing this out in gameplay

43987 No.11510

*pats head*

81b07 No.11511

Well, you can establish it as a habbening, and play it out live, but I get to establish when it habbens. Xp

876a1 No.11512

File: 1509063896486.jpeg (693.02 KB, 2000x2000, image.jpeg)

One way or another, treachery does not pay

81b07 No.11513

And Trump will make this quite clear in the synopsis

2a025 No.11514

You manipulative sleezeball…

876a1 No.11515

Manipulative? They literally said "when are we going to fight the father?" "Soon" while I was away and on a plane. That's literally conspiring against me while I am away, with a direct acknowledgement of me as the father of Tracy's child. If they want a fight, they will get a goddamned fight

876a1 No.11516

you said yourself that there haven't been many opportunities to prove devotion recently. This is the perfect way to achieve a reset

81b07 No.11517


2a025 No.11518

GM, were we going to do anything tonight?
Also, did Tracy detect anything outside that shop?

876a1 No.11519

File: 1509064926393.png (38.83 KB, 250x180, image.png)

I'll be driving tonight, but please stab him for me anyways

81b07 No.11520

I'm following what is transpiring, so if present players want to beat themselves senseless they have my blessing and participation. I'm preparing a lengthy spiel, and will be otherwise occupied (so no administered story)

2a025 No.11521

What about that detection?

2a025 No.11522

File: 1509065205822-0.png (282.87 KB, 1024x737, 948978__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>posting pictures FOR ANTS

81b07 No.11523

Which one? I'm currently re-reading past threads. so my ability to cross reference is temporarily stunted. It will take me a while without a >>post

876a1 No.11524

File: 1509065243540.jpeg (126.73 KB, 510x644, image.jpeg)

>a random shop keeper is more interesting than two guys conspiring to fight her Flashy
Now that's not the Tracy I know…

81b07 No.11525

Oh relax, there's weeks to fill with events, and she isn't yet aware of the plotting anyhow

2a025 No.11526

Dice rollRolled 16, 14, 4, 10, 6, 3 = 53

I went ahead and tried to stake-out that shop at Pit Town; since it was suggested that the shopkeeper was suspicious. She was outside the shop in stealth, near the door/window.

I'll just roll for detection again

Search (building interior scan) + Spot (detect entities inside) + Spot (read lips) + Listen + Scent + Sense Motive

81b07 No.11527

Okay, but be advised this is where Tracy will begin the post-timeskip at.
What? And NOT use the 1337 pali dice rolls? Football, no anon!

2a025 No.11528

>be advised this is where Tracy will begin the post-timeskip at.
Was there a choice in the matter? I don't want to spend two hours out of the next session walking.

876a1 No.11529

File: 1509065857535.gif (90.96 KB, 512x680, image.gif)

REEEEEE! My paranoia needs acknowledgment

876a1 No.11530

Maybe wait until Trumpaladin has rejoined the group? Has inferius come back yet?

2a025 No.11531

He said earlier that He'd follow behind, towards the shop.

81b07 No.11532

File: 1509065995656.jpg (36.22 KB, 335x315, epicnuts.jpg)

Don't worry. I'll give details that will eliminate that potential

876a1 No.11533

File: 1509067063525.png (200.77 KB, 680x742, image.png)

GM, what happens when the weapon smasher comes into contact with another weapon that is also adamantine? Also, does it have any use against spells?

81b07 No.11534

Sugoi - Amazing ; To - Blade/Sword
Sugoito - Sue Go Eee! Toe
Lenos will explain this in conversation, don't worry.

2a025 No.11535

So, nothing tonight?

876a1 No.11536

I think it may be time to make a new thread. Just so long as we are certain where all of the players are when the game resumes

876a1 No.11537

File: 1509067610948.jpeg (33.82 KB, 225x225, image.jpeg)

Reeeee! I attached the file

2a025 No.11538

File: 1509067699082-0.png (623.73 KB, 800x800, 216179__safe_oc_oc-colon-f….png)

Stop posting pictures FOR ANTS!

876a1 No.11539

File: 1509067816472.gif (38.15 KB, 460x325, image.gif)

Hey, I'm limited in what pictures I can find on my phone while at work

2a025 No.11540

File: 1509067993652-0.png (644.28 KB, 798x1831, 1508871810575.png)

>a fucking static .gif

43987 No.11541

File: 1509068306790.gif (53.5 KB, 400x360, teniyror.gif)

876a1 No.11542

File: 1509068336425.png (3.52 MB, 2500x1500, image.png)

Le me just deposit some more images

876a1 No.11543

File: 1509068430861.png (407.69 KB, 610x343, image.png)

43987 No.11545

File: 1509068534507.png (339.98 KB, 600x599, 1507065574097-0.png)

d8951 No.11546


replies from this thread no longer appear in overboard

2a025 No.11547

File: 1509068698180-0.png (626.93 KB, 660x1199, 1508871233568.png)

Then I will post ancient pony creator Tracy memes from 2012
They don't appear unless they bump. This is past bump limit.

876a1 No.11548

File: 1509068723966.gif (102.17 KB, 640x360, image.gif)


2a025 No.11549

File: 1509068789693-0.png (273.05 KB, 640x360, 1508871169263.png)

File: 1509068789693-1.png (984.93 KB, 1920x1080, 1508871396699.png)

File: 1509068789693-2.png (127.52 KB, 500x281, 1508871460005.png)

File: 1509068789693-3.png (165.4 KB, 640x360, 1508871525827.png)

File: 1509068789693-4.png (91.12 KB, 512x288, 1508871589240.png)

81b07 No.11550

If you guys wanna hash shit out, ask questions/interact, develop weapons/items, inquire to locals, etc., feel free to throw shit at me. I will be lurking, but I'm not throwing anything at you.

2a025 No.11551

File: 1509068893447-0.png (192.67 KB, 925x365, 1508871681866.png)

File: 1509068893447-1.png (219.53 KB, 442x752, 1508871745987.png)

File: 1509068893447-2.jpg (57.66 KB, 499x391, 1508871879947.jpg)

File: 1509068893447-3.png (37.4 KB, 501x481, 1508872007396.png)

File: 1509068893447-4.png (685.61 KB, 1280x720, 1508872114956.png)

876a1 No.11552

Yes, how do I develop skills with/use properly the suiabiato?

2a025 No.11553

File: 1509068989962-0.png (947.49 KB, 1914x1080, 1508872244710.png)

File: 1509068989962-1.png (500.88 KB, 432x585, 1508872341943.png)

File: 1509068989962-2.png (522.58 KB, 1440x791, 1508872406757.png)

File: 1509068989962-3.png (308.91 KB, 1606x1452, 1508872471156.png)

File: 1509068989962-4.jpg (144.65 KB, 370x450, 1508872535873.jpg)

81b07 No.11554

>Added "hitting things" to list of stuff

43987 No.11555

>implying you could

2a025 No.11556

File: 1509069094126-0.png (750.86 KB, 1024x1450, 1508872646025.png)

File: 1509069094127-1.jpg (92.92 KB, 500x373, 1508872780636.jpg)

File: 1509069094127-2.jpg (328.47 KB, 1280x720, 1508872847194.jpg)

File: 1509069094127-3.png (56.86 KB, 687x675, 1508872911511.png)

File: 1509069094127-4.gif (326.97 KB, 314x400, 1508872975746.gif)

43987 No.11557

*commits Sudoku*

876a1 No.11558

File: 1509069170334.jpeg (85.41 KB, 475x618, image.jpeg)

I take every waifu I want. If I do not take your waifu, it is because I do not want her

2a025 No.11559

File: 1509069211575-0.gif (668.8 KB, 640x480, 1508873058514.gif)

File: 1509069211575-1.png (918.77 KB, 1920x1080, 1508873126372.png)

File: 1509069211575-2.jpg (585.89 KB, 1264x632, 1508873191179.jpg)

File: 1509069211575-3.png (93.41 KB, 533x397, 1508873350719.png)

File: 1509069211575-4.png (188.85 KB, 1200x894, 1508873574178.png)

43987 No.11560

File: 1509069215981.gif (480.15 KB, 498x498, tenoor.gif)


2a025 No.11561

File: 1509069287816-0.png (368.16 KB, 696x2044, 1508873639439.png)

File: 1509069287816-1.png (1.42 MB, 2560x1440, 1508873813711.png)

File: 1509069287816-2.png (684.81 KB, 749x918, 1508873883283.png)

File: 1509069287816-3.png (126.41 KB, 640x350, 1508873947016.png)

File: 1509069287816-4.png (235.54 KB, 640x360, 1508874012960.png)

876a1 No.11562

File: 1509069346455.jpeg (209.52 KB, 850x663, image.jpeg)

Are you familiar with the history of this board? I am the master of waifu thievery

2a025 No.11563

File: 1509069362581-0.png (343.62 KB, 1104x1452, 1508874954214.png)

File: 1509069362581-1.jpg (195.79 KB, 1280x720, 1508875126862.jpg)

File: 1509069362581-2.jpg (199.7 KB, 800x800, 1508875489124.jpg)

File: 1509069362581-3.jpg (158.82 KB, 680x475, 1508875566678.jpg)

File: 1509069362581-4.jpg (74.58 KB, 679x475, 1508875629982.jpg)

43987 No.11564

File: 1509069441569.png (30.83 KB, 365x380, 1491052324565.png)

i am not familiar but i will stand against you're thievery

2a025 No.11565

File: 1509069453488-0.png (1009.71 KB, 1270x3276, 1508875725470.png)

File: 1509069453488-1.png (67.54 KB, 627x600, 1508875803913.png)

File: 1509069453488-2.jpg (230.71 KB, 700x906, 1508875867326.jpg)

File: 1509069453488-3.png (493.88 KB, 1200x1636, 1508876132469.png)

File: 1509069453488-4.jpg (729.07 KB, 1761x810, 1508876218157.jpg)

81b07 No.11566

And who might you be? 8D

43987 No.11567

a very angry bull

2a025 No.11568

File: 1509069562910-0.jpg (48.28 KB, 300x500, 1508876365992.jpg)

File: 1509069562910-1.png (278.25 KB, 685x1263, 1508876429486.png)

File: 1509069562910-2.png (156.33 KB, 480x360, 1508876494790.png)

File: 1509069562910-3.png (239.08 KB, 1200x894, 1508876722107.png)

File: 1509069562910-4.gif (2.75 MB, 300x200, 1508876791571.gif)

That's Infernius. Waifu Thief decided to bully him.

2a025 No.11569

File: 1509069647746-0.png (245.67 KB, 640x360, 1508876985016.png)

File: 1509069647746-1.png (646.66 KB, 1000x437, 1508877141687.png)

File: 1509069647746-2.gif (272.03 KB, 375x375, 1508877205924.gif)

File: 1509069647746-3.png (67.3 KB, 402x402, 1508877269558.png)

File: 1509069647746-4.png (41.74 KB, 497x487, 1508877434435.png)

43987 No.11570

can i go to lennos?

2a025 No.11571

File: 1509069722506-0.jpg (136.2 KB, 500x661, 1508877873985.jpg)

File: 1509069722506-1.jpg (62.94 KB, 500x461, 1508878086138.jpg)

File: 1509069722506-2.png (588.14 KB, 1440x791, 1508878308522.png)

File: 1509069722506-3.png (172.41 KB, 500x237, 1508878483022.png)

File: 1509069722506-4.png (580.08 KB, 1440x792, 1508878547960.png)

876a1 No.11572

File: 1509069761309.jpeg (202.84 KB, 800x500, image.jpeg)

Hey! He came at me first

2a025 No.11574

File: 1509069820203-0.png (1.57 MB, 1600x1092, 1508879556683.png)

File: 1509069820203-1.jpg (65.66 KB, 600x338, 1508879620251.jpg)

File: 1509069820203-2.png (611.53 KB, 840x655, 1508879686850.png)

File: 1509069820203-3.png (81.64 KB, 320x238, 1508879751830.png)

File: 1509069820203-4.png (122.89 KB, 400x400, 1508879814823.png)


81b07 No.11575

Yes, but why the flag?

876a1 No.11576

Also this. Can I have the full explanation of how the subasheeto works?

deb7d No.11577

>jew stealing trips

2a025 No.11578

File: 1509069930009-0.png (699.1 KB, 1280x720, 1508879893411.png)

File: 1509069930009-1.png (133.45 KB, 700x1840, 1508879959513.png)

File: 1509069930009-2.png (128.5 KB, 360x507, 1508880023417.png)

File: 1509069930009-3.png (435.04 KB, 852x469, 1508880088681.png)

File: 1509069930009-4.png (386.34 KB, 994x560, 1508880153931.png)

Fug! I have gorillions of these things.
I'll only post the bad ones.

43987 No.11579

trump is doing a bully.

876a1 No.11580

Why you spam thread? Make a Tracy thread somewhere

876a1 No.11581

I saw you shooting at me in that image. This is self defense

2a025 No.11582

File: 1509070080887-0.png (622.83 KB, 1666x935, 1508880366814.png)

File: 1509070080887-1.png (746.54 KB, 1280x651, 1508880495202.png)

File: 1509070080887-2.png (522.77 KB, 822x1738, 1508880980216.png)

File: 1509070080887-3.png (418.38 KB, 876x2060, 1508916624583.png)

File: 1509070080887-4.png (417.45 KB, 1366x768, 1508951942002.png)

This ISa Tracy thread.
It's on it's last leg anyway. I just feel like purging my old folder.

81b07 No.11583

Its fine, he'll resource this thread in future situation. I see where his head is at.
"Bull up bitch!" (man up, but minotaur)

2a025 No.11584

I'm done now anyway.
The good memes are mine, until you earn them.

876a1 No.11585

Reeeeee. You were spamming earlier too

2a025 No.11586

File: 1509070304549-0.png (1.6 MB, 696x990, 1509050344508.png)

That thread needed to die. I did the board a favor.

deb7d No.11587

>shitposting this hard
Thats my job

Sadly my computer is being hhit so I can't counter

Also, bread i getting moldy

43987 No.11588

File: 1509070327074.jpg (40.04 KB, 480x362, 1500555391003.jpg)

43987 No.11589

yes it me!

deb7d No.11590

>infernius became the very thing he swore oo destroy

>loads MG-42

2eace No.11591

File: 1509070641643-0.gif (1.11 MB, 1200x810, 833814__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

File: 1509070641643-1.gif (332.96 KB, 1110x700, 736458__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

File: 1509070641643-2.mp4 (485.05 KB, 480x480, 1506298056281 (1).mp4)

43987 No.11592

File: 1509070697968.jpg (28.89 KB, 400x325, 98894452.jpg)

do what needs to be done.

2eace No.11593

File: 1509070799020.png (743.8 KB, 4250x3830, 173490__safe_princess luna….png)

And it shall

2a025 No.11594

File: 1509070895325.jpg (68.68 KB, 566x720, Of memes and men.jpg)

*sniffs* Sorry, Dixie…
I will never forgive you for what you just did right now.

876a1 No.11595

File: 1509071053557.png (143.19 KB, 1024x1011, image.png)

But what did I do…

43987 No.11596

File: 1509071099502.jpg (58.33 KB, 539x523, 1491203453796.jpg)

no tears now.it was ssupposed to be this way.

81b07 No.11597

Who the fuck is who?

2a025 No.11598

>Posting poor Miley while being bulli
Stop bullying Dixie!

deb7d No.11599

I am me
This is him
This is that dude to the left
Background pony #1488
Dude from Alabama
Frog legs

876a1 No.11600

File: 1509071464737.jpeg (211.6 KB, 1011x720, image.jpeg)

But but…

8ef1d No.11601

Sad alex here. No BULLy

876a1 No.11602

File: 1509072256938.png (639.54 KB, 5225x4998, image.png)

8ef1d No.11603

New bread?

81b07 No.11604

File: 1509072694393.png (595.72 KB, 1366x768, 1a.png)

Its a random free-for-all atm as far as I'm
Mid-sentence yay! Just one sec.
… going with pic related.

2a025 No.11605

Oh, you're back.
I won't eat you then.

876a1 No.11606

Reeeee! I need you to stab someone!

81b07 No.11607

File: 1509072987015.jpg (71.92 KB, 500x375, 63017173.jpg)

K, baking. For the moment, everyone gets 20's. Yes, 20's.
I may regret this.

2a025 No.11608

You know that you lose almost as many honor point for having someone assassinated as you do for killing them yourself, right?

876a1 No.11609

deb7d No.11610


876a1 No.11611

Not assassinated, just taught not to fuck with me

8ef1d No.11612

I go to the sticky wicket, and attempt to fuck to barmaid.

876a1 No.11613


deb7d No.11614

omae wa mou shindeiru

8ef1d No.11615

Eat me?

876a1 No.11616

¿Que dice?

876a1 No.11617

We had an immigration round up, and all of the evil outsiders were deported, including Thez self-deported, except for Tracy who got to stay because of that Fucking footnote in Plyer v Doe

deb7d No.11618

YoU waifu stealing bastard
Give me Trollestia, take your wife, and I'll stop
Also GM said to not break my weapons

876a1 No.11619

What? No, you were conspiring against me with Inferius while I was in transit

8ef1d No.11620

But why would i be eaten though?

2a025 No.11621

That was mostly just a joke.
Some were considering that you might've been just a troll for a while.

876a1 No.11622

Because Tracy is evil now. I mean, she was always edgy, but she drank globalist blood abs now she's evil, so she does things

2a025 No.11623

She's pregnant now. She gets cravings.
And this isn't a new thing.

8ef1d No.11624

Can we remove the blood from her?

876a1 No.11625

Of course, that is what I intended to do. But inferior got pissed off because that would require killing her, and I think Tourcil joined in for some reason

deb7d No.11626

Uh, Infernius, any comments?

8ef1d No.11627

Who is the dad TRUMP?

2a025 No.11628

>remove the blood
It's not in her anymore. She ate it. Now she gets cravings for the blood of Outsiders.
She'd still be just as edgy, even if it could be undone; just less powerful.

876a1 No.11629

File: 1509074266966.gif (929.01 KB, 250x250, image.gif)


Look, I thought I could save her from turning evil, but now she's just evil and pregnant

2a025 No.11630

Don't be sad.
You're going to be a dad.

876a1 No.11631

File: 1509074456227.jpeg (145.29 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)