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File: 1509077239195.jpg (60.92 KB, 600x600, 100mg_EdiPure_Mixed_Nut_Cl….jpg)

d24cf No.11671[Last 50 Posts]

And so, to a degree neither the players expected - let alone GM - the Game continues.
Players have the next 9 hrs to declare intentions, aspirations, interests. questions, etc.
Available Informational Resources:
Sechs VeirSeibnen - pre-emminent of Port Barry
The Jeweler - Old man with a segmented set of goggles and a wealth contract
The Rusty Duck - homely community restaurant (nice)
The Sticky Wicket - Artsy tourist thing (ebil)
More to come, this begins another appendage of the Mixed Nuts Game.

225f9 No.11676

Tracy still hasn't answered the Couples theropy question.
Why do you like Trump?

Trump, why'd you know the thot up if you didn't want children?

a2832 No.11678

File: 1509077568553-0.png (4.87 KB, 495x193, 1508707717121-0.png)

File: 1509077568553-1.png (87 KB, 525x596, 1508707717121-1.png)

Threadly reminder

07fbb No.11679

when has trump tried to help me?

36223 No.11680

Yeah, it was a mistake on my part. She said she was infertile and also she's a horse, so it was kind of unexpected.

But really I thought that if I were closer to her I could stop her from going down a district ice path. *sniffs* I… I was wrong

d24cf No.11681

Player fights are expressly discouraged. If you choose to, I will see to it that you regret that decision. You may prepare or set up the fights with bants and shitposting, but no over/deliberate shenanigens until tomorrow morning

36223 No.11682

I helped you and removed the knife after Tracy stabbed you. I made you cadet in the militia. I spread Rockwell alongside Football. I saved you from falling when you attacked the robots. I tried to get you out of the line. After all we've been through with Soros, Soros again, the Jews… None of that means anything to you?

d24cf No.11683

PLEASE carry on though

225f9 No.11684

>uncontrollable sneezing
I'm alergic to bullshit
Now get out of you watermelon eating black father mindset and tell me the real reason

a2832 No.11685

File: 1509078059068-0.png (415.21 KB, 795x1024, 1508989026352.png)

"He stole me. Ever since I first met him, I knew that I would be his wife.
I never thought he would be able make me into a mommy though. It was truly a miracle."
[concerned pony noises]

225f9 No.11686

Hmm, yes
And how does the fact that he wants to divorce you make you feel?

07fbb No.11687

it does i feel if you my brother, but my book says we need to be kind to our people trump.

36223 No.11688

I have nothing to tell you but the truth. I thought if we had a closer relationship I could save her from descending down a dark path

07fbb No.11689

and me think you not being kind to tracy by taking her bay.

d24cf No.11690

Do you want the possible, or probable answer?

225f9 No.11691

Heres the problem
She wants that relationship with you!
But you won't meet her halfway
You can't expect her to do everything
You have to talk to her, acknoledge things she likes.
When she goes nuts, help her. Calm her down; doesn't matter how, just help

36223 No.11692

And I would be… Would be. But she's changed. She is not who she was when she came. She lies to me and kills and steals and attacks my mounts… That can't raise my child.

a2832 No.11693

File: 1509078426540-0.jpg (282.53 KB, 2000x1800, full.jpg)

H-he, he wants a.. what? What's that?

07fbb No.11694

you think maybe she does that because she just jealous of mounts and want attention

36223 No.11695

Hers? He's mine too you know, he's mine too

225f9 No.11696

>nervious sweating
Trump doesn't believe you can take care of the baby. You need to prove his bitch ass wrong.
Then he may change his mind

a2832 No.11697

I'm going to have OUR foal, Flashy: a child between the two of us.

07fbb No.11698

who are you?

225f9 No.11700

There good middle ground
>my flag is gone
Torc will pay fair price

d24cf No.11701


36223 No.11702

Well of course she's jealous. That doesn't help the poor mount who doesn't need to suffer like that. And what about all of the lying and stealing? But why should I be the one to suffer her personality problems? She's not my child. If she is immature, that should not be my cross to bear?

Have you ever been a relationship with a yandere? I have. 3 and a half miserable years of my life wasted. If you had lived it, you would understand why I do not want a relationship with her nor any woman

07fbb No.11703

in Minotaur society you responsible for women after she get pregnant so yea kind of

07fbb No.11704

make her obey you by sowing abit of kindness.

36223 No.11705

I agree that I am responsible for the child, yes

225f9 No.11706

>flashbacks to Torc's loving wife
No, no can't say I habe

But, she does love you. She just only knows one way to express it, her violent tendancys.
Maybe if you taught her some new activities you could do together, it would help

a2832 No.11707

File: 1509079041947-0.jpg (40.46 KB, 500x469, 1508988088506-0.jpg)

I never truly wanted anything in this world more than to be a mother: the thing I never thought that I could ever have. I'm fully prepared to give my entire life to loving this foal. I'd give anything, take anything, dispose of anything for the sake of the new life that's growing inside of me right now.

36223 No.11708

That did not work with my ex, why would that with with Tracy? But I tried… I tried… First, in giving her the attention she always wanted, then in giving her a beloved Football. A wonderful Football.

But then she goes and lies anyways, and worst if all, made a soccer ball. I found it in the stable

I tried Inferius, I tried

a2832 No.11709

Meant for >>11696

225f9 No.11710

Listen, she may be a bit of work at first
But the love she will give you for caring enough to help will be immence

07fbb No.11711

File: 1509079597464.jpg (38.39 KB, 601x601, 1507081925535.jpg)

oh i see im sorry trump.

tracy why you make (((SOCCOER))) ball out of football?

a2832 No.11712

[ashamed pony noises]
I.. I haven't been as honest with you as I could have been, Flashy…

36223 No.11713

Anything? You'd do anything? Would you even go so far as to be a good person - the kind any child deserves? Would you stop stealing? Lying? Playing that Bolshevik plot passed off as a sport? Stabbing? Okay, so we wouldn't make you stop stabbing, but as the person you are, you would not be a good mother. I sense something positively evil about you. You must change your ways, Tracy, or else I don't think you could give to your goal a better life than the one left to you

07fbb No.11714

i am now with you in this thought trump.

a2832 No.11715

I would never disfigure one of my husband's gifts! I made it out of the skin of- oh wait..!

225f9 No.11716

Trump, calm down
We can work on this
But only if you chill

07fbb No.11717

Continue little hores.

a2832 No.11718

fug, I'm really tired, but this shit is important

225f9 No.11719

I'll present my finally point here in a minute

a2832 No.11720

>tfw you're mobilefagging so no qt pony reaction images
[Guilty pony noises]
*looks the other way*
"I… I didn't tell the the whole truth last night about what went on in the stables…"

36223 No.11721

Well, I don't think she made the soccer ball out of the football. I asked the weeaboo horse where it came from and he was reluctant to say how it was made. It looked more like horse it cowhide leather than football pig skin.

I hope she didn't destroy that football

*rembers fondly s fine officer and fine football player who gave his life fending off the Mexicab hordes*

225f9 No.11722

>delays final point
>turns to Trump
Hold up before you yell
Let her speak

07fbb No.11723

what really happen?

07fbb No.11724

homeboard rape i repeat homeboard rape.

a2832 No.11725

I REALLY want to go to bed.
"Well.. I had a sort of run-in with a couple of the horses…."

225f9 No.11726

Then post rett of story quickly

07fbb No.11727


225f9 No.11728

You need to put in more effort. Help Tracy with her problems, keep her from violent outbursts. Bring her along on new activities, find something you two can do together.
Be her balancing force.


Be honest.
Trump can't be a balancing force if the scales have been tampered with.

I believe in you both, and I think it could work
>le fin
>teleports them back

a2832 No.11729

"Well, you see.. After seeing that copper-butted clydesdale riding off with my husband.. I was really beside myself. I went to the stables to get a piece of her (literally), and made a bit of a scene. One thing led to another, and things got kind of messy.
I'm REALLY tired

225f9 No.11730

Well I'm leavin, so see yall

d24cf No.11732

Lets do a quick recap.
In the all 20's period Trollestia was stolen back, a barmaid was fucked, and Trump broke Torcuil's staff.
The counseling session(?) was quite involved, and I think progress was made. IDFK
Trump, allow me to suggest that you would make an excellent Blackguard.

d24cf No.11733

Everyone wakes with a start in their respective lodging situations. Everything from last night was real, tangible, and occurred. It also occurred in a dream, because breaking Torcuil's staff would have either killed everyone or sent them to a random place in the outer realms.
>The character(s) breaking the staff have a 50% chance of traveling to another plane of existence, but if they do not, the explosive release of the spell's energy destroys them.
So then, the players have a choice here. Was it a dream, or shall we get jiggy?

07fbb No.11734

was real.

225f9 No.11735

I think we made progress?
I'll take one for the team
I don't steal Trollestia, but my weapons are fine

So would the consuling have still happened?

d24cf No.11736

Oh I don't know, a trip to the outer planes could be exciting. I've got plenty of SRD resources for that, and its an area I've already thoroughly perused. ^_^

a2832 No.11737

Trip to the outer planes sound like fun.

a2832 No.11738

File: 1509111383927-0.jpg (55.86 KB, 413x503, 286465__safe_oc_oc only_oc….jpg)

>tfw you forgot to roll to kill Fae without anyone noticing, because you passed out

a2832 No.11739

If he did, Fae would make the most awesome surcoat.

a2832 No.11740

>I'll take one for the team
>I don't steal Trollestia, but my weapons are fine
You dipshit! Taking back Trollestia IS taking one for the team!

a2832 No.11741

File: 1509117846651.png (484.59 KB, 2956x4000, looking back.png)

"I.. I can try to be a good girl for you, Flashy.. if you'll help me through it.."

a2832 No.11742

>Everyone wakes with a start in their respective lodging situations.
So much for the road trip….
Tracy gets up and grinds her Concentration, accuracy and Weapons Proficiency by practicing throwing her kunai.
She also goes down to the crafting room and adds some steel cord to her bag, along with some other wire and a bit of chain. In the process, she makes another rope-dart.
While we're at it, she looks up alchemy in the library and crafts some low-power, throw-able explosives. She then crafts some potent, poisonous blade oils, and sets a few ambiguous potions and elixirs on simmer.
After keening her edges for the six-gorillionth time, she heads off to the stables, taking with her a book about child care. She makes herself comfortable in the hay and tries to get a hold of the book and relax.

36223 No.11743

No Goddamn it, if Tourcil isn't fighting and Inferius isn't fighting, then the 20 goes towards re-stealing Trollestia

36223 No.11744

And… Nothing has changed

a2832 No.11745

Can we still reroll those 20's?
Just maintenance.
What changes were you anticipating?

36223 No.11746

"No little pony, you do not understand. What you do, and who you are, is entirely within your out volition. It is a power that you alone possess, that no one can take from you, and that you cannot delegate onto someone else. Whether you lie, cheat, steal - that your choice and your choice alone. If everything else were taken from you, that power would still be yours. I cannot help you or harm you"

36223 No.11747

*steals pony*
You're coming to Football practice

36223 No.11748

??? The Hell??? What did I do?

a2832 No.11749

File: 1509122277885.png (576.03 KB, 1680x1050, 1509089958097.png)

"If I were honest about myself with you.. would you be able to forgive me, Flashy?"
['omc, he's carrying me' hoers noises]
"Oh, okay.. Just be careful not to hurt our foal." (it's irrelevant, but can horses do rigorous work while pregnant?
She's only a week in.)

>Gives Dixie Jew flag
>'What did I do?'

Also, GM, can we please get a hitman quest for Tracy? I really want that Assasin class.

d24cf No.11750

Breaking a staff of power is called a 'retributive strike'. There are only 2 staves that have this function, and Torcuil's was one of them. Congratulations! In one outcome everyone is a grease-spot, in another they're in another plane, or in a third I have provided that was all a vivid dream.

d24cf No.11751

Yes, yes, ALL will be revealed this afternoon. I haven't been ignoring ANYPONY'S requests throughout the week

36223 No.11752

"If and only if you go and sin no more"

>wants to go on a hitmans quest within a couple hours of posting

Last night ended far too early. There should have been a full exploration of what happened with the horses and the fires and so forth, and there should have been explicit limits/guidelines placed on Tracy. Like she has to play by paladin rules or she's under threat of losing the child if she has three strikes. Some sort of probation or conditions. If that isn't accomplished, it's just a waste of time and a wasted opportunity, and we're right back to where we started

36223 No.11753

Because I was under the assumption he intended to use it against me. Then no fight happened.

225f9 No.11754

But I don't wanna die

My consuling worked

d24cf No.11755

Don't worry, I've structured it so she CAN complete the quest WITHOUT offending Trump's sensibilities.

d24cf No.11756

So far, I have Tracy inquiring amongst the ants and building a sekret lair, while also researching/inquiring subtly of an assassin's guild.
I have Infernius learning forging from Lenos.
I have Trump building things, and learning how to use Sugoito.
I forget what Torcuil is doing at the moment ('moment" being a rhetorical use and not time specific).
Does anyone have any developments or what-not they would like to 'have happened'?

d24cf No.11757

Oh yes, Torcuil is learning about Mystic Theurgy

225f9 No.11758

I'm in a new cave
Rmminds me o' home

d24cf No.11759

The counseling/therapy bit still happened, I'm just figuring where to put it in the sequence of events (probably near the end). I'm still undecided whether to send everyone off into another plane at some point.

d24cf No.11760

Is that in reference to last night, or is it something I missed?

225f9 No.11761

Same cave as last night
I meant my new cave

a2832 No.11762

Torcuil, take the language books and write your name in Draconic to prove literacy.
It'll be worth it.

36223 No.11763

File: 1509124634212.png (473.24 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

No really, why the Blackguard comment?

d24cf No.11764

Because in spite of their reputation, Blackguards are not bad. Steel Brightblade from the Dragon's Lance series is a perfect example, a warrior of unquestionable integrity, honor, dignity, loyalty, etc. who happens to fight for an evil goddess. They're basically nihilistic paladins, and they can trade pali levels for BG levels.

225f9 No.11765

File: 1509125022867.png (8.19 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Like so?

a2832 No.11766

The meme wizard is literate in Draconic.
You might be able to take a prestige class from it later on, if I'm not mistaken.

225f9 No.11767

Does speaking some french give me a surrender bonus?

a2832 No.11768


d24cf No.11769

Also a bonus when crafting white flags

36223 No.11770

File: 1509126561127.jpeg (67.43 KB, 1086x762, image.jpeg)

Now I know you didn't just imply the great DJT is an evil God. Although if we could, I'd like to restructure the devotion to where DJT is a sort of patron saint/taken minor god, but technically speaking the God to which he does service is the goddess Columbia. I don't know how patron gods work, so I don't know.
Protecting your native country from being overrun by foreign hordes is far from nihilistic

a2832 No.11771

File: 1509126623555-0.png (713.08 KB, 885x1046, 740676__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>*is cooking potions*
What are the limitations to what Tracy can cook in the tower at this point?

d24cf No.11772

Pardon me, I was going for a very abbreviated qualifier. A 100% paladin would be a peacekeeper and would fight for established order, whereas Trump is asserting Football unto those who have their own order but do not have Football.
With the proper time and research, not many. You've got Lenos on hand to advise, Torcuil also, and a full shelf of top-rate books for reference.

d24cf No.11773

BTW, anyone wanna give me an idea how they're distributing and/or re-distributing their experience?

225f9 No.11774

Wisdom and dextarity
What else would be good for a mage?
>prepares scottish tea

36223 No.11775

File: 1509127620286.png (230.29 KB, 900x595, image.png)

>respecting established order rather than imposing your own concept of order upon it
I am spreading democracy and ideals of Liberty.

36223 No.11776

By the way GM, is there any way I can cast PATRIOT ACT on "Mrs. Sentry" so I know when she's up to no good?

36223 No.11777

File: 1509127896429.jpeg (197.55 KB, 600x927, image.jpeg)

>The last four digits are 1776
*cries single tear of high fructose corn syrup*

a2832 No.11778

Well, she did grow up around potion-mongering ziggers, and she wants to practice cooking so…
*resists the urge to say "All of them*
Lets start with:
>Prenatal vitamins
>Conceal alignment
>Elixer of Love
>Keen Edge Oil
>Greater Magic Weapon
>Good Hope
>Neutralize poison
>Gaseous Form
>Spider climb
>Magic vestment
>Remove disease
>Remove Curse
>Remove Kebab
>Cure Serious Wounds
>Bull's Strength
>Protection from Arrow
>Undetectable alignment
… This feels pretty broken, desu…
Also, couldn't it be bullshit for her to use any of these while pregnant?

d24cf No.11779

The only spell available that allows that is Zone of Truth

a2832 No.11780

If you took her as your mount, you could communicate empathetically.

d24cf No.11781

>remove kebab
Kek, can you be more specific? Other than that, sure, but that will take up pretty much all your time. Also, did you want to setup your lair with any of these abilities (workshop)?

36223 No.11782

what are the limitations on switching between mounts?

d24cf No.11783

Typically that would happen when the previous mount died, but I see no mention in any reference material. I would say its not like Fae is just gonna bounce, but I don't see much to restrict this. I would impose GM-specific consequences for this, but there is no prohibition

36223 No.11784

>conceal alignment
>undetectable alignment
Why does no one understand why I do not trust her?

d24cf No.11785

You're confusing player knowledge with character knowledge again

a2832 No.11786

File: 1509128860791.png (1.6 MB, 696x990, 1509050344508.png)

>Also, did you want to setup your lair with any of these abilities (workshop)?
Yes. The existing caves to the >rape-dungeon were to be as developed and furnished as the ants could make it; Tracy could move any necessary utilities there herself, if the ants couldn't. Any cavern that was not for utilities or living would be a sealed chamber, equip with shackles of various size. It would also include storage space and a training area big enough to go wild.
Also, make a requisition for Dimeterium Ingots.
Make fabulous surcoat out of previous mount.

36223 No.11787

File: 1509129026897.jpeg (65.63 KB, 899x888, image.jpeg)

The red flags are so numerous they are plentiful at both levels

I feel like the guy in that Twilight Zone episode, "Terror at 20000 Feet." Like I'm the only person who sees a grave danger, and every time I try to point it out I am treated like I am insane

36223 No.11788

If you mean the Copper Mare, I believe you've already done that, and if you mean Fae, she's still here

*surviels pony*

225f9 No.11789


a2832 No.11790

>I am greeted like I am insane
*teleports behind you*
>*pats back in relative support*

225f9 No.11791

Cause you are insane

36223 No.11792

No "hello Flashy?"

36223 No.11793

Just because I'm a paranoiac doesn't mean the threats I imagine don't also exist

d24cf No.11794

What exactly do you expect/hope to happen? This game was intentionally designed to force disparately aligned characters to coexist and learn to help eachother in spite of their differences. Yes, Trump has his reasonable misgivings, but there's plenty of jews and others that are far more significant of a threat.

36223 No.11795

The Jews are not in the position to be the mother of my child

a2832 No.11796

File: 1509129993038-0.png (Spoiler Image, 598.46 KB, 4683x4680, 936636__safe_artist-colon-….png)

It wasn't exactly meant to be in-game. She was there in the tower with you the whole time, but if you insist:
*teleports next to you* (where is your character? Are you still in bed?)
*straddles your waist affectionately*
"Good ~morning, Flashy! I had the most peculiar dream last night."
>tfw no qt3.14 pony waifu to greet me in the morning every day…

a2832 No.11797

Rooooooo! What part of her is Jewish?! I don't ship Jewish characters!

36223 No.11798


why the spoiler on the image?

Also, GM, the counseling needs to have happened in live action or else it is meaningless. You don't gain trust for a real person because a dream person reassured you. You need the real person to reassure you

d24cf No.11799

I know, I was just chiding you for having indicated you were breaking Torcuil's staff, which is bad

a2832 No.11800

File: 1509130228937-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 425x481, 16b.gif)

>why the spoiler on the image?
So you'll have to view it full size.

36223 No.11801

Disarming an attacker by breaking their weapon is a reasonable, legal, and morally justified use of non-lethal force for self-defense. If you do not want your staff broken, then do not conspire to attack someone with a powerful non-lethal weapon

a2832 No.11802

Yeah, but breaking that thing would've either killed everyone or sent them to another dimension.

d24cf No.11803

You're absolutely right. It just so happens that breaking this staff either kills everyone or puts them in an alternate plane of existence

36223 No.11804

Eh, at least I know now how to access the nuclear/MAD option should it become necessary

d24cf No.11805

No you DON'T, unless its happening.

a2832 No.11806

File: 1509130946755.png (41.74 KB, 497x487, Tracy's day.png)

>but that will take up pretty much all your time.
In what ways can she dovetail her time to maximize productivity? The potions aren't that important, desu.I was also hoping to explore how the Arcana Knowledge skill works, and train her concentration and psionic abilities as well as explore her extraplanar powers (etherealness, astral projection, etc.), in a way that she could manifest them without spontaneous bullshit.

36223 No.11807

But you just said breaking the staff would kill everyone or teleport them to strange dimensions

a2832 No.11808

Yeah, but it didn't actually happen, so the most your character possibly could've seen/known was a flash of bright light before the dream ended.

36223 No.11809

Eh, either way, breaking Tourcil's staff is the most obvious first act in a civil war in the group

a2832 No.11810

What are the methods to increasing a monster's hit dice?

36223 No.11811

If this is happening in game, I am absolutely doing the following
*holds pony*
"Tracy Cage, are you willing to stop lying - to me at least - to stop stealing, to stop attacking and harassing my associates like Fae, and to stop following that godawful Judeo-Bolshevik plot to subvert nationalism known as "Soccer," for me, or if you don't respect me that much, for the sake of our foal, for YOUR foal, so he or she can can have a better upbringing and life than the one left to you?"

d24cf No.11812

Yes, but thats not something that you 'know' and can act upon, but it is something that would/will occur if it happened. I'm really trying to keep everyone from ending up a grease-spot. Work with me a little.

d24cf No.11813

Are we talking Tracy or someone else? Xp
Seriously though, give me an example

31e98 No.11814

File: 1509131999704.png (172.71 KB, 624x480, alarm freidenker.png)

i get a feeling that this board and furthermore this general is slowly but surely becoming /mlpol/s gay bathhouse

225f9 No.11815

What a greentext

>Consuling happens

And whats that supposed to mean?

d24cf No.11816

>what did he mean by this
He's trying to distance himself from the fact that he's been continually reading the whole time

a2832 No.11817

File: 1509132499843.png (254.74 KB, 501x461, no spoilers; take it slow.png)

>1st part
>Chaotic Mind + Slippery mind
"…Nnngh..! I-I-I d-don't know..! (delirious, but genuine)"
>second part
".. I would absolutely do anything for the the sake of our foal.. and for the sake of our marriage!"
>Are we talking Tracy or someone else?
Well, Tracy, hypothetically…

225f9 No.11818

Fair point
>everyone is teleported into Torc's cave
>start consuling scene

d24cf No.11819

K, you would just gain class levels with their respective hit dice. I'd need your 'final' statement on which levels where
He does make a good point in that I forgot to blanket the OP with NO HOMO like I had planned

31e98 No.11820

File: 1509132674375.jpg (225.89 KB, 500x648, follow-me-to-the-gay-bath-….jpg)


well, what do you think?

a2832 No.11821

>gay bathhouse
>female character

225f9 No.11822

You mean your house?
Nah, I'm good

d24cf No.11823

File: 1509132989415.jpg (89.58 KB, 800x640, ham.jpg)

I think you grossly misinterpret what is going on here in an obviously Freudian manner.
This thread, to those who participate in and those who follow, is an ongoing creative series. Its a cartoon show in a manner of speaking, and who fucking knows what will happen next. I'm trying to write the thing for the most part, and almost all of my ideas have gone off in unintended/unplanned directions. What we are now seeing is a consequence of role-playing games in general; even the most experienced player cannot help but make choices based on their limited experience and bias, and can/will often be triggered by events or themes which are consistent with their experience.
>complaining about drama in an RP thread

a2832 No.11824

File: 1509133520731-0.png (174.9 KB, 500x610, fact-fact-36-ghost-rider-w….png)

File: 1509133520731-1.jpg (199.17 KB, 722x1051, 475ea0756d0c5f565415fc8ee0….jpg)

File: 1509133520731-2.jpg (79.66 KB, 648x871, 8524dfe5dd28afc827a6dba914….jpg)

File: 1509133520731-3.gif (1021.19 KB, 500x180, source.gif)

File: 1509133520731-4.gif (2.85 MB, 400x196, 5174418-gr ability hell fi….gif)

Did Lenos finish Tracy's weapon? Or will that take all three weeks?
>is perfectly willing to wait much longer; has rope-dart and Pyro's flame-whip already

d24cf No.11825

P.S. how many animes or other series' don't involve a bath-house or spa at some point? Low energy germanon.
I was figuring that that is the project that Lenos would teach Infernius based off of.
Spoiler alert, after the time-skip (which I am going to have to stop browsing and start writing soon >_<) everything will be scripted to have happened, in a manner that is (reasonably) plausible and minimally consequential.

36223 No.11826

"Tracy, you can have everything you - everything, all of it - want if only you meet the most basic of conditions. I'll even make it easy for you by making these as limited as possible

First, you will not lie, intentionally deceive, or defraud me, or my associates in the USFL, or the Port Barry government. I'm including the guards at the gates in that.

Second, you will not steal from me, from the USFL, or from any person in Port Barry or under my jurisdiction. If you feel you are entitled to a commission for work done, if you need or want money, or if you must commandeer some item for some immediate purpose, just say so. We will be reasonable.

Thirdly, you will leave poor FAE alone. You will not harass or harm her. She's my mount, and she is true. She is not my waifu nor am I interested in any sexual or romantic way any non-ponies. Likewise, you will not harm or harass any of my associates in the USFL or the Port Barry government

Fourthly, you will NOT play soccer, make soccer balls, speak of soccer, or have anything to do with Soccer. Nothing at all except destroying that blasphemy.

And finally, you will not commit any crimes against those in my jurisdiction. You may not commit arson, murder, or fraud against anyone in town.

All I want to hear from you is "yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes." Five "yes"'s. One for each agreed to condition. Now, agree to each condition here in the zone of truth, and be faithful to it, or forfeit the future you always wanted."

36223 No.11827

The lying and stealing just legit IRL triggers me, to be honest. I want it banned from the game

d24cf No.11828

File: 1509134939080.png (166.08 KB, 900x711, fluttershy_thinking_by_tro….png)

So, what I'm seeing is that Trump would want to establish a treaty between himself and the party; A binding accord whereby characters would not infringe one one another in mutual self-interest.

225f9 No.11829

>triggers me
>want it banned
>padalin of trump
He could save others from the triggering

36223 No.11830

>tfw all problems can be solved through contract law
Yay Art of the Deal! Yeah pretty much, although it only concerns the fate of the child. I'd like the rest of the party to join in Trump's claim to the child should Tracy fail to meet the conditions and break them repeatedly and severely. Of course if they are unwilling to support the contract, I guess I'll be satisfied going right back to where we were with a possible civil war.

"Please understand Tracy that this is a legal settlement between you and I. If you agree to these terms and obey them, I will not contest your claim to custody of the child, besides if course doing my part to support him. But if you do not agree to these conditions or agree and do not abide by them, not only can I not be your husband, I will seek to have you declared unfit to be a mother, and will take full custody of the child. My child will have a loving mother or step mother of morally good character, and I will see to it.

You don't have to agree, and you don't have to change who you are. I am simply giving you the choice of changing who you are and not contesting your claim to the child, or stay who you are and I will contest your claim"

d24cf No.11831

Recognize that this contract does not extend outside party interactions; Tracy is free to infringe upon whomever she feels entitled to, and Trump will suck it up.

a2832 No.11832

File: 1509138831920-0.png (933.43 KB, 3507x2481, 1490008__safe_artist-colon….png)

>gets back from shopping at ministore
>sees this
>does math, like the massive faggot he is
Theoretically, I could probably out-roll this pretty easily if I wanted to (because I'm playing a level 15 criminally insane psychic rogue), and you're character wouldn't know the difference, but I don't want to.
That aside, the real issue though is that you're using this spell the wrong way: it's made to prevent blatant lies, not to create binding contracts. Tracy could be completely willing to agree to something one moment (she's willing to do almost ANYTHING while she's in your presence, when she's in this state), but change her mind later if she changed, and she'd have sociopath-tier opacity about it afterwards because of the Chaotic Mind and Slippery Mind (deadly Yandere combo). Furthermore, Zone Of Truth doesn't account for simple ignorance, lack of understanding, repressed personality traits, or simply not knowing the question. If she were to answer this question, she'd absolutely say "yes" to anything you asked, but it'd be bullshit, from a game-meta and dramatic perspective, for her to completely change instantly and follow through with the binding. A contract of this magnitude that could completely control a character to this degree would cost another spell, a powerful on, several even. If I were to have her say "yes" to everything, it'd be genuine in the moment, but that wouldn't change the fact that she's fucking insane.
That aside…
I, the nerd, can do away with the lying-to-your-face, horseshit, because that's simply out of character, and I don't like doing it. As for all that other stuff… well, no promises. I'm playing her as a Yandere, an edgy yandere. She's going to do fucked-up shit while you're not looking if she thinks it gets in the way of her relationship, because that's what yanderes do (and I still want to do it). I she does something fucked-up, she, rationally, would try to cover it up because "he'll hate me if he finds out" or "I don't want him to see this side of me"; so, we have an issue here: you, as a player, would easily see everything she's done, while your character is oblivious; but that won't stop you from investigating and interrogating her. In every decision she makes, she tilt toward the one that seems most likely sustains her relationship: her sincerity depends on how much she trusts you to accept her for who she is and what she's done. She'd accept pretty much any punishment if she believed you'd forgive her, but she'd try to hide herself from you if she believed you'd irredeemably hate her for it. So, the question is, how secure in her relationship can you make her feel? She can't change all at once, but you can change her step-by-step, if you're willing to let her get closer; maybe you can even make her waifu material. If that's what you want, I could give you some pointers.
I will type-out a few actual responses in a bit after I'm done with this work, even regardless of whether or not the situation changes; I could write a new one later if I see fit.
In the meantime, let that sink-in and consider what the implications are for The Game.

a2832 No.11833

If she thinks SOMETHING IS getting in the way of her relationship

fuck proof-reading habits!

d24cf No.11834

I don't [rppf-read either /)

36223 No.11835

Of course Zone of Truth can't prevent future infringement. That's why I must and will be using zone of truth and detect lies in Tracy every single play session from here on out, besides watching her every move, and ask all of the relevant questions. I know properly ensuring someone meets with the conditions of their probation is difficult. I do not care. This is important enough to waste time on, to piss off other players with, and to burn half if my spell slots every single play session on

36223 No.11836

And I'm a level 15 Immigration officer. Don't fuck with me

225f9 No.11837

I'm a lvl 15 meme virgin

a2832 No.11838

>That's why I must and will be using zone of truth and detect lies in Tracy every single play session from here on out
So, you intend to squeeze daily confessions out of her and punish her accordingly? Hmmm.. I could make that work.
>besides watching her every move, and ask all of the relevant questions
Please don't bullshit me with long-ass contracts/interrogations again. She'll tell you anything, so long as she believes you can forgive her. Just ask for a confession, 'punish' her accordingly, and give me a chance to make it romantic/cute.
You're not psychic though.

d24cf No.11839

We have a l15 Paladin
We have a l15 Meme-Wizard/Theurge
We have a l15 Psychopath
and We have a l15 Bull.
Paladin ranks accordingly, Meme-wizard can nao reference divine spells, and psychopath figured out how to animate chains w/ her mind.
Infernius gained ranks in forging, Tracy in potions and magical crafts, Trump in Diplomacy and Perform, and Torcuil in alchemical transmutation.

a2832 No.11840

How many spells can a Blackguard use per day? I still haven't figured it out…

d24cf No.11841

"Now the concept of Theurgy recognizes that divine spells are brought from and flow from a divine source, a without. It also appreciates that arcane spells are derived and flow from within. Theurgy takes the assertive nature of wizardry and places it in the realm of the observer. YOU become the one to whom you beg for spells, and YOU are the one to grant them," begins one of Lenos' lectures to Torcuil.
"Less Yak-yak, more whack-whack!" he immediately chides Infernius for the umpteenth time.
Meanwhile Tracy, in her newly ground and recently caved-in (to prevent outsiders) lair, makes a great deal of development in telekinesis, specifically the animation of those oh so sexy golded-spike chains.

d24cf No.11842

moar than palis of equal level desu

d24cf No.11843

Also, Trump fully engages in business and community contracts/projects. He has thoroughly won the hearts and minds of port Barry, and word of his magnificence has begun to draw folk from surrounding communities.

a2832 No.11844

Isn't Tracy level 2 in Blackguard? Paladin's cast at lvl 4. How many spells?

d24cf No.11845

I'll answer that when you state what levels Tracy has. e_@

a2832 No.11846

>when you state what levels Tracy has.
I don't actually know how to do this…

d24cf No.11847

Think of it as a percentile. What percent of Tracy's total experience do you want put where?
The only limit is on wilder, which is 30% max.

a2832 No.11848

Do prestige classes need experience?

225f9 No.11849

Whats a Theurge?
>alchemical transmutation
Lead into gold kinda thing?

225f9 No.11850

>nvm read lenos

36223 No.11851

File: 1509142216072.png (163.36 KB, 763x1140, image.png)

>edgy Yandere
And I am playing as/literally am an equally psychotic paranoiac with experience detecting fraud in asylum applicants
>accept her for who she is
I'll repost the Paladin's code since I think it is helpful: "While she may adventure with good or neutral allies, a paladin avoids working with evil characters or with anyone who consistently offends her moral code. Under exceptional circumstances, a paladin can ally with evil associates, but only to defeat what she believes to be a greater evil."

But really beyond that the bigger issue is that a neutral evil outsider cannot raise his child, and there is no negotiating, bullying, bartering, or begging him out of that. It's like seeing your country become communist. Death is preferable, and it is better to watch the whole world burn.

You should have chosen a different target

>he's not psychic

Yes he is. He can cast "detect lies" which uses the aura of the character. No, he cannot know the truth, only that he is being deceived. But really, just like in asylum law, that's all he needs to know. He doesn't need to know the truth, only that it's being hidden from him.

>punish her accordingly

How? He has very few things she wants and he has very few ways of harming her. If she breaks the contract repeatedly, or egregiously, or he just doesn't believe she has any intent of complying, then he will take the child and try to leave her, and the consequences will be as they are

d24cf No.11852

Just like any other

a2832 No.11853

>Just like any other
I didn't know this…

a2832 No.11854

File: 1509142543679-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.59 KB, 1024x1024, 10390319.jpg)

Smite her.

d24cf No.11855

I think you misunderstand how difficult she will be to discipline

a2832 No.11856

Is it possible to save experience for later? I want to save most of it for assassin…

36223 No.11857

File: 1509143090130.png (623.73 KB, 800x800, image.png)

Of course she's almost impossible to discipline. That's why the contract can't be anything more than a peace treaty, which, if broken, starts a civil war

d24cf No.11858

You can do that
Thats part of her charm. Choose your path; that of least resistance is to your left, that of most resistance is to your right.
I recommend the middle.

a2832 No.11859

File: 1509143374017-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.14 KB, 494x659, Matthew-5-16__00512.150454….jpg)

Did I fucking stutter?
Physically smite the evil right out of her; do so on a regular basis.

225f9 No.11860

Oh god, now I'm thinking bdsm. Kill me

d24cf No.11861

Oh, NOW he's objecting

225f9 No.11862

What was I supposed to object to?

d24cf No.11863

Ur the 1 who said 'kill me'

225f9 No.11864

Torcuil hurt himself in confusion

d24cf No.11865

So Trump desires an accord with Tracy to do with - but not limited to - him cumming inside (It happened, I saw the shit).
Any other additions or corrections?
Tracy struggles to define her existence, in relation to professional/personal skills and abilities. Its almost that Tracy is an amorphous identity which her faggot didn't fully appreciate when he took her on.
Sorry, that waas 'rude', Tracy is awesome and I want her to grow and develop as a character and I mostly won't troll

225f9 No.11866

As your conseler,

36223 No.11867

If you mean pertaining to the consequences of a previous effort, then sure, I guess

a2832 No.11868

File: 1509145109793-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 3300x4312, Cole.jpg)

>That's why the contract can't be anything more than a peace treaty, which, if broken, starts a civil war
Ponies do not understand contracts/treaties and all that hoo-man bullshit. You're over-complicating this.
You are a Paladin: you can do this with your eyes shut. Smite the evil right out of her, break her like you would a horse, and make her yours in the way that only you can. If she comes home the next day with blood on her hooves again, physically remove the evil from her being with your paladin powers and set her back on the right course. If she stays on course,
reward her with affection.

36223 No.11869

>fuck the evil out of her
Have you ever tried to do that to a human woman? It doesn't work. It doesn't work at all. In fact, it makes things worse, because it messes with their emotions, Abe it gives them a reason to think they own you. So no.

>break her like a horse

Now this is more plausible. I'll think about it.

a2832 No.11870

>Have you ever tried to do that to a human woman?
She's not a human woman. She's a magical pony; and this is a fantasy setting.

d24cf No.11871

Can't argue with either point TBH

a2832 No.11872

>In fact, it makes things worse, because it messes with their emotions
Point taken; sticking your dick in crazy breeds crazy. However, you've already bred her.
>it gives them a reason to think they own you
Well, you are married, so…

d24cf No.11873

Not officially, no
yet, muhuhahahaha

36223 No.11875

File: 1509147543785.jpeg (27.48 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

Huzzah! How many Charisma point do I receive! I don't know if I have made it perfectly clear, but I've had Trumpaladin constantly grinding contract negotiation since the first treasure was recovered. He's doing most of the contracts (procurement, construction) for all of the new buildings. I think this should build his charisma, probably specifically in Diplomacy

36223 No.11876

If you did not want to react to Tracy with the contempt, disgust, disdain, mistrust, and general revulsion with which I do to my ex-girlfriend at her worst, then you should not have taken an adorably blue pony of stabbiness and unoriginality and turned her into a real human woman

d24cf No.11877

So to finalize the recent changes and developments, no Trump did not break Torcuil's staff, because I rolled a 5/20 and everyone died otherwise.
Some might consider that the preferable outcome Xp
What did happen is that in the aftermath of the 2nd Soros fight, the city of Port Barry sprung back amazingly, both from Trump's iconic leadership and from 'local contracts' which readily sustain growth and development. I can't seem to find Trump's specific plans for development, but recall them being shrewd as well as prudent, and those buildings and structures are serviceably finished.
Tracy, after discovering through a prolonged conversation with the ants through spoken word and written response, that all the ants really want and need is dead things, which Tracy is most apt at producing. It doesn't really matter the level of decay either, they can/will eat it in exchange for goods and services they can render (mostly limited to digging and fixing things). She has already given a great deal so they are more than willing to assist in the crafting of a sekret lair which (though not getting why) they agree to bury her inside of.
Trump makes great gains in Diplomacy some in Concentration and Bluff, and smaller in other skills that are loosely related.

d24cf No.11878

That it happened that way only suggests that you are in some way 'haunted' by said human woman
Plz no blank-flank

a2832 No.11879

>tfw you accidentally tried too hard
O-oh.. Okay… I'll fix it…

d24cf No.11880

Infernius gets a crash-course in hitting glowing metal things with other metal things, and can be said to gain some proficiency in weapon-smithing, armorer, and crafting metal. He needs a good roll to make masterwork shit, though.
Torcuil has spent a great deal of time referencing and researching books. Lenos' suggestion about magic sent him in a frenzy from which he has unlocked the ability to cast the full range (divine and arcane) spells,… except not by name, only by meme.
As these developments finalize is when Thez' letter comes through. Initially it was intended to fill in details that I forgot to mention as well as to slightly color the developing story. Also to emphasize the difference in other-plane time-frames in reference to this plane's

a2832 No.11881

In subjects of alchemy, how many potions does Tracy have time to craft?
Also, can she get an armor plate to protect her middle/torso?

36223 No.11882

File: 1509149322989-0.jpeg (2.14 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

File: 1509149322989-1.jpeg (2.18 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

File: 1509149322989-2.jpeg (2.59 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

Do I receive extra points for visiting the Holy Site of my Patron Deity?

225f9 No.11883

Plz tell me you are actually there

36223 No.11884

Huzzah! Also I've spent time with weapons training, which should build relevant proficiency, (mostly this is him teaching others; I'm not sure if that does less or involves charisma) and also playing/teaching Football, which should help with strength and religion

36223 No.11885

I was on Tuesday

d24cf No.11886

Throughout the entirety of time, a few things have been learned about the surroundings, the context, etc.
1. Sechs knows alot. He gladly details that the city of Cardishore is a giant talent-show city geared to exploit helping individuals with talent to get the respect, glory, fame, and wealth they should achieve, and that no one who has ever stood in line has ever been noticed. Cardishore is a metaphor for social media and platforms. You're welcome to stand in line if you must.
Sparintinar (I think that's what it is) is a highly efficient, mostly keeping to themselves but allowing outsiders in, industrial technological city of advanced ability. They do not ally with anyone, are notoriously brutal with troublemakers, but just wanna do their thing, have some fun, and not die in the process.
Krenshall is a special place where no one speaks right and everyone is a genius in some way and fuggin nuts in most others. Don't expect anything other than a wealth of ideas from there.
Oh, there's a town south of the initial ring-walled area. That place is populated by individuals who believe that everything should be shared equally, that the collective is prior to any individual, and that grey is fashionably suitable.

225f9 No.11887

You lucky ass bastard

So, what are we doing tonight?
Wedding for the happy couple?

a2832 No.11888

What day is the Sabbath of your faith?

d24cf No.11889

2. There is a statue of His Imminence John Elway in the tower that speaks into players' minds and provides explanations and detail that no character can provide. Forgot that bit didn't ya.
3. That the developing infrastructure of Port Barry is set in motion. Individual directives will take requisite time, but by and large the machine is now self-sustaining and growing in the desired directions. Players need not micro-manage, they can direct and delegate.

a2832 No.11890

>provides explanations and detail that no character can provide.
I remembered that it could heal and speak, but what guidance can it provide?
>tfw you've been intentionally avoiding the shrine, because you were afraid it would instantly vaporize a divegrass player

d24cf No.11891

In the process of crafting potions (she can have 3) Tracy realizes that something doesn't add up with regard to the merchant in Pip. She can't put her hoof on it, but the way he dismissed her being a talking pony, his professed lack of knowledge about Cardishore even though its a huge city/event thats only like 10 miles away, something just doesn't pass the sniff test.

d24cf No.11892

36223 No.11893

File: 1509150200487.gif (80.12 KB, 465x600, image.gif)

I would presume Sunday, since it is the biggest Football night (of course, Trumpaladin is USFL rite and not NFL rite, which I think changes the playing season, I think from the Fall to the Spring. Maybe it changes the days of the week as well).

36223 No.11894

>it would instantly vaporize a dive grass player
Yes it would. If you need to go to confession, please go to the ticket booth at the Stadium

a2832 No.11895

Can I fast-travel there?
>dimeterium bombs (because fuck mages!)
>Magic Vestment +5
>Undetectable alignment
Stop trying to decide the game meta.

36223 No.11896

Who here has Elway as a primary Deity besides me?

d24cf No.11897

Yes, and you will. I imagine upon reasoning this Tracy will have many questions for good shopkeeper.
Also in the intervening period came a slightly awkward therapy session where characters hashed out their most glaring differences. I saw no objection to the accord that they be honest with one another if not those who they interact (meaning non-players) and so I will state that the accord was made, if not with reservation.
"Ooooh! I do!"

225f9 No.11898

My deity is Kek

d24cf No.11899

Elway is Kek, Elway is all Footballs and Football. You will learn

36223 No.11900

Keep your alignment open, or the deal is off

Also I can't play for a few hours

d24cf No.11901

K. I don't know that everyone is available yet anyway. I'm just lengthily dumping the variety of stuff thats happened for the time being; its still cinematic

a2832 No.11902

File: 1509151059145-0.jpg (670.27 KB, 4634x3205, 1507156598703-0.jpg)

Tracy praises Epona for giving her a foal.
Switch that to Good Hope.

d24cf No.11903

With the requisite rebuilding of the Port, a variety of tradesmen and artisans (structural, agricultural, even aquatic) have ventured to the port. The overall labor pool has increased in both size and competence, and the traffic to/from the port (by land and sea) has increased dramatically. The farmer's market in the square, once a local-exclusive event - now draws large crowds from many demographics. What was once a simple assortment of grown vegetables has developed into a bazaar of goods and trades, large and small.
Good Hope = Neutral Good

d24cf No.11904

In her research and inquiry, Tracy learns that this realm does not have an assassin's guild to speak of. While individual assassins exist, there is no organization to speak of. Ultimately it seems that in order for her to become an assassin (its almost like GM is being persnickety) she has to complete a very lengthy task that he's going to iterate shortly.

d4132 No.11905

Very good, Mrs. Sentry.

d24cf No.11906

File: 1509151561087.jpg (48.36 KB, 650x460, doge.jpg)

Throughout this all, Sad Alex watches as stuff goes on without him. He feels alone, absent/apart, and utterly aside. His only repreive comes from Ryuk. He also gets a letter from Ponimaru btw, but it is only pic related. He is certain there is some sort of message, but can't quite figure out what.

a2832 No.11907

File: 1509151616622.png (386.48 KB, 1530x2000, TC level 15 rogue.png)

>this realm does not have an assassin's guild
Imma' make my own guild, with blackjack and hookers.
*reads all the books on assasins and guild-making*

d24cf No.11908

Like I didn't know you were gonna say that. In order to establish a guild, you will need a high profile target though,….
Tracy receives another notice from Thez.
"Hey. Pretend this was included in one of the others okay? I wouldn't want my faggot to have an aneurism trying to figure out where in the timeframes this occurred. But, if you really want to kill a guy and make a spectacle, there is JUST such a guy. I don't know exactly what he's calling himself these days, but I do know he's established himself as a bit of an Emperor. His city lies far to the north-east, and he used to go by the name "Kefka Palazzo", so 'emperor Palazzo' or 'Lord Kefka' should reveal desirable information. Kill him, make a spectacle of it, and you'll get more than ranks in assassin."
>t. Thez

d24cf No.11909

I,… is that,… Akuma Tracy?!
"Shut up faggot!"

a2832 No.11910

We Akuma nao

d24cf No.11911


a2832 No.11912

Nice pali

225f9 No.11913

Do all characters know this because it was in the original letter?

d24cf No.11914

No, that was a character-specific mention to Tracy, though she would do well to mention it around Lenos.

225f9 No.11915

a2832 No.11917

Has Tracy left for the road yet?
*mentions it to Lenos as she thanks him for the weapon*

a2832 No.11918

I assume she hasn't

d24cf No.11919

Trump meanwhile discovers that Sugoito - in spite of balance and proficiency issues (its almost like it was not intended to be a weapon, or the weapon it is was intended to be another weapon entirely) breaks things quite readily. Given its attack damage and bonuses, the saw-blade side is not terribly effective, while the blunt side snaps things in half with one or two swings. If players are vaguely curious the geometry and theme are based largely off this video: https://youtu.be/CJrGA3J0nB8
L> Oh fuck, that guy? She was always going on about him once. "That motherfucker" this, and "I'm gonna bathe with his intestines". Apparently he fucked her over back before I was brought to the game, and now he's some fancy big-wig now."
Well, I'd wait just a sec cuz she probably won't be going solo, unless she wants that expressly.

07fbb No.11920

holy shit it took longer to catch up than i thought.

225f9 No.11921


d24cf No.11922

Last-minute additions or corrections?

a2832 No.11923

I was just thinking about having Tracy eat you.

07fbb No.11924

File: 1509153658304.jpg (139.42 KB, 740x960, 5254a58c3330a26008a5072c6c….jpg)

i feed my dog but otherwise everyting seems fine.

225f9 No.11925

I like dogs

07fbb No.11926

File: 1509153755081.gif (3.04 MB, 480x270, 1030115__safe_artist-colon….gif)

hello my fellow faggots

07fbb No.11927

dont >rape

d24cf No.11928

Doge is not for sexual

225f9 No.11929

Nice gif

07fbb No.11930

File: 1509154025996.jpg (101.55 KB, 664x433, 1506797875440.jpg)

07fbb No.11931

File: 1509154194057.png (212.08 KB, 540x447, 1505874053637-2.png)

225f9 No.11932


I gotta go for about an hour

d24cf No.11933

Stop apologizing! We understand that playing this game is a luxury of time and effort, depending on sorted responsibilities and fulfilled obligations. "I gotta go for about an hour" is quite sufficient. ^_^

07fbb No.11934

hey gm there is something i want to do during the time skip.

d24cf No.11935

"They've come a long way in a very short amount of time. I don't mind saying that,…"
Yes, its kind of surreal. They're already tackling their inner biases and realigning toward the 'prize'. It has been far more successful that I'd ever have wagered.
"I was going to say,…"
I know what you were 'going' to say, but if you SAY it, it ruins,… hold on.
Yes of course.

07fbb No.11936

i want to form my own order of knights that act as a police force, think the Teutonic order.

07fbb No.11937

*clerical knight*

a2832 No.11938

>Teutonic order.
>Not recreating the Schutzstaffel in the name of your patron diety

d24cf No.11939

With your reputation amongst the people (you were being observed during all your more or less than foolish chivalry) you wlll have little difficulty. I haven't rolled yet, but I can readily rule "More than one" answering to such a venture.

07fbb No.11940

same thing.

a2832 No.11941

I know, but this is religion: names matter.

d24cf No.11942

"Not really, technically…." Lenos is cut off as a haggard and worn-haired Torcuil clamps his hands around Lenos' mouth.

a2832 No.11943

Join us.

07fbb No.11944

so not one person wants to join?

07fbb No.11945

brb in like 20 minutes.

d24cf No.11946

What part of 'more than one' did you trollishly miss?

225f9 No.11947


a2832 No.11948

Good thing you got back so soon.
>*yanks dull knife out of haggis*

225f9 No.11949

Y tho

a2832 No.11950

You were just a few minutes short of an hour: right on time.
I thought it was a running joke at this point.
>miss game night
>get >raped, and potentially eaten

36223 No.11951

We have a Tuetonic order formed

d24cf No.11952

Please, everyone is right on time.
Thez screams out, not realizing the time-delay.
At this point, I'm ready to go. Story, character its all good.

225f9 No.11953

File: 1509158961378.png (152.3 KB, 384x384, 1485584521422.png)

>tfw christmas decorations at walmart last week

36223 No.11954

That's what I said

a2832 No.11955

File: 1509159134267-0.png (213.94 KB, 1602x1837, 1496593__safe_artist-colon….png)

Ready to kill shit.
Goddamn consumerist kikes want to sell their shit to Mr. and Mrs. Goyim as early as possible.

d24cf No.11956

Sorry, was a movie-nite reference. Thez and I r watching. Its a classic.

225f9 No.11957

Whats the movie?

d24cf No.11958

Rule 11 faggot!

d24cf No.11959

Nightmare Before Christmas. Sorry, bully is my first instinct

225f9 No.11960

07fbb No.11961


a2832 No.11962

Can we get a move on? It's 11:00 where I am, and I want to kill something tonight.
*puts away BBQ tools*

07fbb No.11963

reee im not just a piece of meat.

a2832 No.11964

It's just the hormones. We're cool.

d24cf No.11965

Except for inserts, this cant be accommodated. Rest unabashedly. Thank you for your time, I hadn't expected progress tonight.

a2832 No.11966

File: 1509160166139-0.png (233.03 KB, 1360x1536, 505171__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>no killing tonight
Oh.. okay…
[Disappointed bloodthirsty pony noises]
Still ready to play though.

d24cf No.11967

She'll be fine. I'll be up early, and its first come first serve, progressively. ^_~

a2832 No.11968

Are we still doing cinematic mode?

36223 No.11969

Pets pony

Offers sugar sugar cube

d24cf No.11970

Yes, within reason until everyone is present, with exception 4 vlad(torc)

a2832 No.11971

*graciously laps up sugar cube*
*brushes against leg affectionately*
[loving pony noises]

d24cf No.11972

>wants to inquire about lewd-sensoring
>doesn't want to interrupt
Uhm, nothing. Carry on

225f9 No.11973

I've been here

d24cf No.11974

I know that, and appreciate it. Could I ask a general timeframe so I can fit it into PST (a window so to speak)? I don't want to exclude or differentiate, and Torcuil is a favorite of mine (and her's).

d24cf No.11975

I shall declare "Game on" in a manner which is more considerate of your timing. This is wrote.

a2832 No.11976

File: 1509161199734-0.png (47.59 KB, 603x685, 1071364__safe_artist-colon….png)

RP's should always have 12% loods minimum.

07fbb No.11977


225f9 No.11978

Who is (((her)))?
I'm usally on 9pm to 12-1am EST
Sadly mobile post so no loods

a2832 No.11979

>Putting echo-parentheses around "her"
>Not recognizing Thez

07fbb No.11980

rip in peace m8.

07fbb No.11981

d24cf No.11982

File: 1509161662172.png (242.04 KB, 524x310, Thz11.png)

>who is 'her'
Why, whoever could GM mean?

225f9 No.11983

I throw myself off a cliff
But I'm so god damn retarded, I fail at that too

d24cf No.11984

"Don't worry, someone will be there to catch you!
They'll then carry you to the top, and then throw you off again! Its a cycle!"

07fbb No.11985

File: 1509161984582.jpg (73.58 KB, 1024x595, 1507419293931.jpg)

36223 No.11986

Sits down, deeply emotionally concerned. Puts pony across lap and tries to calm himself by petting her soft coat

a2832 No.11987

[affectionate, comforting pony noises]
*brushes cheek against your chest*

d24cf No.11988

1a EST = 10p PST
Got it. Game will begin no later than 2p PST.

d24cf No.11989

= 5p EST but wanted digis

225f9 No.11990

Eh, workes for me

a2832 No.11991

I fucking love those memes.
>tfw psionic enemy consumes your brain

07fbb No.11992

File: 1509163291441.gif (276.06 KB, 240x287, 1508101286031.gif)

>tfw that will be me destroying brains.

a2832 No.11993

>remembers is playing psionic, anthrophagic monster
Is there a feat I can use to gain power by consuming enemy's brains or other body parts? I was going to do it anyway.
*contemplates eating brain*

36223 No.11994

Pulls pony's ear, causing sharp pain

07fbb No.11995

File: 1509163579754.jpg (114.67 KB, 678x800, 1506818702725.jpg)

>cant eat my brain if i eat yours first.

a2832 No.11996

[cute pained pony sounds]
"I-I'm sorry, Flashy. I had another evil thought.."
Fucking bring it on, you dumb bull!

d24cf No.11997

No, your brain consumption is limited to avocational

225f9 No.11998

Can't eat what wasn't there to begin with

a2832 No.11999

Idk what that even means, but okay…
Any other feats she could take in that ballpark, consumption-wise?

225f9 No.12000


07fbb No.12001

he finally did it we can all go home.

a2832 No.12002

>tfw someone else takes the role, after you learn self restraint
>not claiming Trollestia

36223 No.12003

This isn't going to work, is it?

d24cf No.12004

This, unironically
U should be proud
The accord was between players. You got over Thez eating a face didn't you?

07fbb No.12005

im not familiar with any feats that do that, but the gm could make one,

225f9 No.12006

>packs bags
Nice playing with you
I dont need to. By fixing your relationship, Trumpbwill give up on her

d24cf No.12007

Spoiler alert, Trollestia was claimed before she was a manifest character. The rest has been trolling.

07fbb No.12008

File: 1509164216933.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.29 MB, 480x270, 959504__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

>implying he even will

a2832 No.12009

>implying she said it out loud or even had the thought, and that wasn't just her megalomaniac of a faggot talking about edgy powers he wants to use
>not wanting a waifu and warhoers that gets stronger by devouring your enemies
I haven't found anything in the wikis that allow it, so probably no… (still want to thpugh)
>spoiling it this hard
>not using the spoiler function
Why'd ya have to tell us that, m8?
>this is why he hasn't given poor Torc more chances to talk with Trollestia

225f9 No.12010

So, who gets her?

a2832 No.12011

>limited to avocational
Wait, what does that mean?

d24cf No.12012

Fukkin SAVED
Cuz otherwise there'd be sperging into the next half-session. Ask me how I know that e_e
You do. You're the initial reason she's even here.
>hogfather reference

36223 No.12013

>warhorse that devours enemies
Kill it with fire
I claimed her, remember

d24cf No.12014

No benefits or consequences, you'll drink blood and eat brains recreationally dammit!

225f9 No.12015

07fbb No.12016

ok then i claim Fae.

36223 No.12017

She's not even a pony

07fbb No.12018

dosent matter infernuis has needs.

a2832 No.12019

I'll figure something out…!
>implying she's not immune to fire

a2832 No.12020

>cheating on THEZ!

36223 No.12021

No respect for Thez, I see

a2832 No.12022

>lecturing others about respect for waifus

07fbb No.12023

shes not with us anymore :'( she would want it this way.

36223 No.12024

Am I wrong?

36223 No.12025

>she would want me to cheat on her

07fbb No.12026

File: 1509165105567.png (Spoiler Image, 343.85 KB, 567x723, 1508522402140.png)

>implying shes being chaste, remember how much time she spent in the brothel?

36223 No.12027

Your open relationship disgusts me. Either way, Fae is instructed to burn on sight

07fbb No.12028

and she said me and tracy could shsre her remember?

d24cf No.12029

You asked for it
"THANK you!"
>agitated trembling intensifies
>fight club
TOTALLY missed the references. Oooh, thats gonna hurt.
THAT part is true.

a2832 No.12030

>inb4, Infernius gets raped my a herd of wild zebras
Did you not swear to carry her back from the abyss in your arms?
>she would want it this way
Grill yourself, bbq sauce mascot!
Grow a pair, faggot! GM trusted you with his tulpa: treat her well.
>implying a big lizard is worth ruining your relationship
Not at all.
Draggones don't have fire, but Tracy would do it if you asked.

07fbb No.12031

you being a dick disgusts infernuis.

36223 No.12032

File: 1509165305514.png (56.32 KB, 255x255, image.png)

*Disgust intensifies*

36223 No.12033

How am I being a dick? What is your issue?

07fbb No.12034

me still love thez but my balls blue.

a2832 No.12035

*contemplates removing 3-inch penis*

d24cf No.12036

Okay, that made me rofl

07fbb No.12037

me still salty about you no helping in fight.

a2832 No.12038

File: 1509165446799-0.jpg (22.63 KB, 217x326, 86008248.jpg)

Go jerk yourself like you did before Thez took your virginity, you ingrate.

36223 No.12039

That is just repulsive. Even I am better than that
Kindly get the hell over it, I misjudged the situation a month ago and I misjudged Thez

a2832 No.12040

File: 1509165668915-0.jpg (422.02 KB, 1075x806, FOCattlemanZiricote.jpg)

>Cleric not being able to handle blue balls
Anyone else think that Infernius would make a better Cleric if he became a steer?
I had respect for your dedication during that fight. That respect is almost gone now.

d24cf No.12041

For FUTURE reference (as in, doesn't affect current gameplay XD) this is one of many reason Thez favored the whorehouse. Despite the ignominous nature of whoredom, there is an inherent appreciable and sensual (beyond the obvious) nature to the vocation of whore. One doesn't just happen across being one, nor "suddenly decide" to become one, but it takes a sage to be one willfully, knowingly, and deliberately. Mary Magdalene comes to mind.

07fbb No.12042

File: 1509165795816.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 304x336, 1506892590249.gif)

>contemplates if i should stop drinking.

a2832 No.12043

You fucked up.

36223 No.12044

File: 1509166060144.png (99.91 KB, 499x492, image.png)

While I am somewhat supportive of multiple waifus where it's out of love and respect to each partner, to seek a new partner when you have a committed one purely for sexual motive is just disgusting
>this close to just saying "get him girl"

d24cf No.12045

>battering against astral-wall intensifies
Oh, it will play out eventually. ^_^

36223 No.12046

…. What

a2832 No.12047

Seriously though, if I were the judge, I'd say this were enough to lose the Cleric class.
I say we should castrate the bull as atonement.

07fbb No.12048

*walks to the church to attone for my sins by flogging myself for 7 days straight with no rest* in antempt to say "i am sorry please forgive me outbust friends me didmt mean it please accept my apology."

d24cf No.12049

Please, she shares my consciousness. I couldn't hide my experience from her if I tried.
Technically, its not outside Rockwell-ism so his cleric-ness remains intact.

a2832 No.12050

File: 1509166415610-0.jpg (46.02 KB, 433x597, Dd mega comp im reposting ….jpg)

Oh shit infernius, you fucked up big time.
>Screwing-up this hard for a crack at a fucking lizard-cat

a2832 No.12051

Yeah, but he is also in the domain of Hitlerism: degenerates get castrated.
Only after he atones fully should he have his oysters back.
See >>12048
It's not enough.

a2832 No.12052

07fbb No.12053

get one of the priests lets do it, i am truly sorry.

36223 No.12054

Alright, whatever is necessary to avenge this slight against your astral partner

Sic 'em girl!

d24cf No.12055

It is seen and noted where mostly your intentions are righteous. Leave this for future; it has/will not me omitted.

d24cf No.12056


07fbb No.12057

no this is a major offence take infernuis testicles.

d24cf No.12058

Quick reminder, actual gameplay is to commence at 2/5 pm Pst/Est

d24cf No.12059

"Oh, I'll have,…."
Now is not the time for such declarations. Consider the immediate situation.

a2832 No.12060

"Right away, Flashy!"
No need for that. We can fulfull your atonement right here.
*unsheaves castrating knife*
"This is for your own good, you cheater!
Pull down your pants and start praying!"

07fbb No.12061

>deus vult!

a2832 No.12062

*makes painfully-thin hairline cut around balls*

07fbb No.12063


d24cf No.12064

"No, stop. This is better in a way. Otherwise Thez would have become an obsessive cunt not unlike the tsundere Trump REEEE's about.
"You too, though I can see you have grounds as well (not lit but fig)."

a2832 No.12065

*slices balls clean-off with surgical precision*
>Infernius in now a steer and retains his honor and clerical powers, if not losing most of his dignity

Is there a freezer we can store them in until he earns them back?

a2832 No.12066

Idk what you mean, but it already happened.
I hope Thez forgives Infernius for being a retarded dipshit tonight.

d24cf No.12067

A vague and translucent image of Thez appears, for story element.
"I forgot for a moment. I forgot that he is him (indicating Infernius, a bull), she is her (Tracy, a psychotic), and he's that guy (Trump, a megalomaniac {what, he is!}," she says.
"Don't hurt him, please. He's said some jackass shit, but guys say stupid shit all the time. Beside that,… he,… he said some things,…
… please don't hurt him"
THAT was the most out of character thing I've ever had to rype.

d24cf No.12068

>don't think I deliberately omitted Torcuil, he's the golden boy as far as you lot are concerned

d24cf No.12069

Yes rype. Deal with it.

a2832 No.12070

>… please don't hurt him
It's a bit late for that…
We can restore his balls in a bit later. This much proves his atonement and dedication.
*pats back*
I know that feel…

a2832 No.12071

that feel being having to type stuff out of character.

d24cf No.12072

no one said "don't damage him", the request was "don't hurt"

a2832 No.12073

He's as hurt as he will be tonight.
Now, where can his jewels be stored?

07fbb No.12074

me sorry thez,tracy take horns too

d24cf No.12075

Put 'em with the robots
>as though he can arbitrate
Oh? Would you like to be specific as to how things should have gone? I'm sure all parties are listening intently.

d24cf No.12076

red herring

07fbb No.12077

i blame my faggots drunkeness, but its not just his fault its mine aswell i am deeply sorry i shouldnt have said anything please forgive me.

d24cf No.12078

Thez image smacks u across the face.
"Of COURSE you should be ashamed! You should repent for EVER denying your manhood and instinctual drives! What the fuck do you think a whorehouse is for? Posterity? Aesthetics? Dudes have needs, I know that (>is from hell and KNOWS that)."

a2832 No.12079

[confused look]
"..Well, if you insist…"
*whips out bone saw*
"I hope this teaches you not to be a retard and try to cheat on your waifu with random animals."
*begins sawing-off horns, painfully slowly*
>sawing horns make the most excruciating screeching noise
"You can only have one waifu." she whispers into your ear "Remember that."

While we're at it
*collects Minotaur blood*
*collects horn dust*
They have to be useful for something.

d24cf No.12080

This did happen though, in the shock and sudden change of apparent heart.
"Save one for me!" vision-Thez calls to Tracy as Thez' magic wears out.

a2832 No.12081

*sawing stops*
[confused look]
>'Well, where do we go from here?'
her face says

d24cf No.12082

Forward Xp

07fbb No.12083

wait my balls are ok?

a2832 No.12084

Hypothetically, can astral entities attack other astral entities? Like.. the souls of the deceased?
*sawing resumes, slowly and painfully*
What did she want her to save?

d24cf No.12085

Barely, but yes. Your horns,… not so much.

a2832 No.12086

Tracy has them, so no.

d24cf No.12087

Souls and/or undead are etheric, not astral. Having said, yes astrals can attack materials, as can etherics. Materials are kind of screwed when it comes to non-material tampering.

a2832 No.12088

Can etherics attack other etherics?

d24cf No.12089

Technically the request for restraint occurred before the castration. Also technically, these occured so close that it is more a matter of "in progress" than "In advance"
Tl;dr Tracy lit has Infernius' balls (technically they're Thez' balls) so keep them nice.

d24cf No.12090

d24cf No.12091

>inb4 "But" or w/e
You're the one who had to spike her departure with "I do."
I suppose its my fault, but not exclusively.

07fbb No.12092

File: 1509169299347.png (Spoiler Image, 546.2 KB, 1024x2117, iron_will__barbarian_hero_….png)

thats fine.

a2832 No.12093

Is there a way to store them?
D-do the souls of the deceased immediately become ethereal..?

d24cf No.12094

And here, I though I had you pinned.
Store, yes no requirement (a box is fine)
Yes, and their ethereal presence only lasts about 4 secs before evaporating.

07fbb No.12095

*lays down*

d24cf No.12096

For current events, Thez is a denizen of hell. Its not like the male impulse is unknown or unaccounted for, she's good with it and knows what to expect. What she didn't expect was guilt or shame. #winning

a2832 No.12097

O-oh.. oh..! That's frightening..

07fbb No.12098

me feel bad about what me said.

07fbb No.12099

me have deep shame.

d24cf No.12100

You'll have plenty of time for that. Tomorrow begins "Season 2" of the Game!

a2832 No.12101

File: 1509170191496.png (93.41 KB, 533x397, spurdo.png)

Really though.. fug!

d24cf No.12102

Bretty gud

a2832 No.12103

If I succeed in getting my target, please give Tracy some time to do what I want with him before finishing him, and make a great opening scene for the guild.
It will be spectacular.

d24cf No.12104

Oh, we hope it will be spectacular, and he MOST-OF has it coming (no conflicts of alignment or w/e)

07fbb No.12105

hey can i do one more thing b4 time skips time is up?

36223 No.12106

"Tracy, I don't think it could possibly work out between us"

d24cf No.12107

a2832 No.12108

Also, are there poisons that paralyze instead of killing?

a2832 No.12109

>implying you don't want to see it too
There's NO WAY your character can get any feeling of what I'm thinking, because it hasn't even crossed her mind yet.
>saying that out loud to her
>muh flowcharts!
I'll just ignore that, for the sake of the story.

36223 No.12110

It has nothing to do with the paralysis or Inferius

a2832 No.12111

I know.

36223 No.12112

Yeah I know how women work. There is a reason I don't pursue relationships anymore

d24cf No.12113

That was assertive, decisive, fair, but overall resolute.
Advantage Trump (not a soccer reference Xp)
And I'll shut up cuz stuff

a2832 No.12114

*goes to bed*

07fbb No.12115

hey can i tell you what i want to do in rabbit?

36223 No.12116

And you. I think I know what you are planning as well

d24cf No.12117

If its not lewd, yes

07fbb No.12118

its not.geez!

36223 No.12119

Why did you mention earlier that you wanted to create your own Tuetonic order? Why, when we have one, already started with a small partly trained army, that you lead into battle, that worships both Rockwell and Football, and that I agreed to let you name?

d24cf No.12120

>requesting private
>not expecting trolling 'cuz
its up https://www.rabb.it/ninjas

07fbb No.12121

thats the one i was talking about. i am gonna hand pick the men over the timeskip.

36223 No.12122

I kind of do want to see it, but not if it's going to be constant "let's see what I can do that he wouldn't like but doesn't know about." That shit is just grating and intolerable

36223 No.12123

Oh okay. But the men have already been selected. It's everyone who fought against the demons, and isn't consumed with other work. Of course if you want to select a special forces or something, then sure

07fbb No.12124

yea like a band of space marines.

36223 No.12125

File: 1509171785549.jpeg (37.39 KB, 300x502, image.jpeg)

*desire to know more intensifies*

36223 No.12126

Could you just have Tracy not do whatever Trumpaladin indicates he does not want her to do? I know a real woman would just lie, go behind his back, and generally play the "what he doesn't know" game, but that shit gets on my nerves like pretty much nothing else, and I'd definitely kick that person out of my life if I trusted then that little.

07fbb No.12127

im gonna order them suits of magical plate armor the best enchanted wepons we can get our hands on and verious magical items that give them "psycher powers"

36223 No.12128

You really do want to become a Jedi. Now this is a great way to serve penance. What could they do with psionic powers?

07fbb No.12129

d24cf No.12130

Yes, its still not too late for that
Other players as well, now's the time to cement their 'position' wrt levels,, advancement, or w/e

07fbb No.12131

your ok with me making a space marine force?

d24cf No.12132

The "space" is questionable atm, but a marine force that is capable of being space-marines is CERTAIN:Y in the cards.

07fbb No.12134

File: 1509173886942.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.4 MB, 640x360, Dum Dum Dum.webm)

d24cf No.12135

"I never though,…"
Don't even start. I warned you from the beginning. No bully, no hate, this was inevitable and THE MOST SANE outcome.
"… still hurts tho."
And quit with that shit too! I'll spare any adversity I can, but this is YOYO territory,
"Thats fair,"
"That made me laugh, thanks. Sleep well everyone"

07fbb No.12136


d24cf No.12138

225f9 No.12141

I have one goal
As much caffine as possible so I can latt a night for once

225f9 No.12142

D-did Tracy give Infernius a vasectomy?

a2832 No.12143

She castrated him.

36223 No.12144

He made him a steer

225f9 No.12145

Real question

Whats the difference
No, really?

I thought she made him a heifer

a2832 No.12146

Vasectomy just keeps the sperm from getting to the prize, without cutting anything off.
Castration is removing the oysters.
>she made him a heifer
Same thing as a steer.
His clerical powers will be slightly stronger now.

36223 No.12147

A vasectomy is a procedure whereby certain tubes that connect the testicles to the or us are severed, so that sperm will not be released in ejaculation. Castration is the complete physical removal of the testicles


You just asked if he was given a vasectomy and we said he was castrated

36223 No.12148

responf to my remarks from last night

a2832 No.12149

Which one?

36223 No.12150

Everything after "Travy's faggit gies to bed

225f9 No.12151

I know what a steer is
Today I learned

a2832 No.12152

He won't be anywhere in the vincinity, and he wouldn't know unless he asked for every detail.
>Could you just have Tracy not do whatever Trumpaladin indicates he does not want her to do?
Well, to a certain extent. I have to keep her in character too (that means ccasional bursts of irrational violence, and extreme edge). She at least she won't do anything spooky right in front of him, but shit could happen in secret when they're apart (I'm going to do it whether you like it or no; best Trumpaladin not ask too many unnecessary, prying questions about shit that happens in other countries). Sure she's still going to kill someone tonight, but Thez says he's got it coming, and Trumpaladin only told her not to harm the good residents of Port Barry, and I still want that Assassin title.
Anyway, the shit I'm planning is so abstract Trumpaladin wouldn't even think of telling her not to do it. (I need to have fun too!)

36223 No.12153

Look, if Trumpaladin says "no eating human brains," and she assents, that means she needs to be relied upon not to eat human brains, there or anywhere, no matter whose brains it is.

Tell her her Flashy has trust issues from a previous relationship and from difficult times at work, and his issues need to be accomidated for just as surely as hers

>something so abstract

No soul vore

a2832 No.12154

For GM only:
Seriously though, I want Tracy to let out most of her pent-up edge at once, and for that he's gonna have to stay alive through the entire ordeal. It's going to be messy. Should I swap-out one of those potions for regeneration?

a2832 No.12155

>'no whateverthefuck'
>implying Trumpaladin, being a paladin, would even think of any of that abstract crap
You're confusing character knowledge with player knowledge again (typical self-insert). Trumpaladin wouldn't tell her what he wouldn't think of himself. If he had the intuition to even think of telling her not to to do spooky shit like that, he'd be a more perverted edgelord than she is. Stop concerning yourself with shit I might or might not do, and focus on what your character is doing. Trumpaladin can put limitations on what Tracy can do, within his realm of understanding, but you can't tell me what I can do with Tracy's character when they're apart.
>giving me ideas

36223 No.12156

>confusing player knowledge whatever
Okay, fine. If I know it, it's bad enough. I've lived through enough scheming and plots and deception and all that to where it's just unpleasant

a2832 No.12157

>scheming and plots and deception
This isn't a scheme. She'll think of whatever I have her do on the spot.
All you'll have to do is ask when she comes home. It might take a bit of healthy paddling to get the whole confession though.

36223 No.12158

No vore of any kind

a2832 No.12159

Roooooo! I wasn't thinking of doing that, but I might just do that now if you push me. I'm not promising anything, except that she won't lie about it when asked, so stop giving me ideas.
Do not try to nerf me! I am playing the rogue, the assassin and the blackguard at the same time: basically, I'm the designated edgelord. If you want Trumpaladin to put limitations on Tracy's behavior, you'll have to do it through character-to-character interactions.
g2g for a few hours

36223 No.12160

>kill an emperor
Would these emperor-less people be in need of a new emperor, per chance?

d24cf No.12161

It won't be sexualized, but people are definitely going to get eated.
Oh yeah. They need one now.
One thing I forgot to mention: everyone (at every 4 levels u get +1) has 3 attribute points to distribute however they wish.

36223 No.12162

>people are going to get eaten and you won't even be able to masturbate to it
Eww. Can we not
>3 points for attributes
Uh.. What?

36223 No.12163

By the way, where is Trollestia? Can I speak with her? Woo her with my digits and tweets? Can she show me her tweets and forum comments? Maybe find a nice romantic spot for dinner?

Any chance she is looking to be a step-mother?

d24cf No.12164

Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha
You can add 3 points. You get 1 point at every 4 exp levels, and since we're at a point that knowing the precise scores is going to matter, they should be applied. If I were Trump, I'd apply them to Cha, Con, and Str.
You're welcome to try

225f9 No.12165

As your marriage consuler, I strongly dis approve

But where is she actually?
Torc is reading shit in his cave, learning about memes. Burning everything titled "Behind the Meme"

d24cf No.12166

I would expect she's in the tower stable

8fda4 No.12167

File: 1509212725446-0.png (20.09 KB, 633x306, trump-tweet-meryl.png)

File: 1509212725446-1.jpg (45.32 KB, 830x368, 112716-trump-popular-vote.jpg)

File: 1509212725447-2.jpg (29.53 KB, 580x295, bd4dcf4c2bab07bad87dd7985d….jpg)

File: 1509212725447-3.jpg (49.16 KB, 640x544, rgq7sqBlQYFxIRSdt3cT3X8w_W….jpg)

File: 1509212725447-4.jpg (204.23 KB, 1440x960, mitt romney donald trump d….jpg)

I shall apply them accordingly

I go to the stables and meet Trollestia. I present to her my digits >>8888, >>9999, >>10000, and no less than five tweets, a video of Megyn Kelly interviewing a woman about a strange recording of Donald Trump pretending to be producer, only to realize on air that Trump submitted the video and she's being trolled, a recording of Trump saying Mitt Romney "isn't rich," an actual television add that says "he will cut the head off ISIS and take their oil," "the wall just got ten feet higher," and calling CNN "fake news" at a press conference.


After doing this, I ask her if she is interested in getting covfefe together

d24cf No.12168

T> My, I am greatly impressed by recurring digits on a nazi horsefucker board. Whatever you say, I am at your service.

8fda4 No.12169

*Somewhat surprised by this result*

"want to get covfefe together?"

d24cf No.12170

T> I will gladly, as soon as you explain what covfefe is.

8fda4 No.12171

File: 1509213593225.jpeg (30.1 KB, 435x405, 48f.jpeg)

"Well, the true meaning of the term is classified, relating to old government secrets from the Truman Era totes not relating to Roswell and contact with alien civilizations. But here, I'm using it as a memey way of referring to coffee. That is to say, I am asking you on a date"

d24cf No.12172

T> And what do you intend by this 'date'?

8fda4 No.12173

"To make of you a waifu"

d24cf No.12174

T> I thought thats what the digits were about

36223 No.12175

"Proper respect requires more than mere digits"

d24cf No.12176

T> I see. Then out of respect, you should get down on all fours.

36223 No.12177

*runs away*

d24cf No.12178

T> Come back anytime!

225f9 No.12179

There are Top Keks,
Then there is this

a2832 No.12180

back for a little bit
>everyone (at every 4 levels u get +1) has 3 attribute points to distribute however they wish.
I don't have any idea how to distribute this wisely… Any suggestions?
Also, can someone explain the difference between prestige multi-classing and regular multi-classing?
>It won't be sexualized
Also this.
Nothing will be made needlessly sexual, unless of course someone requests it.

d24cf No.12181

Tracy would probably want Dex, and 2 in Int (4 psi)

d24cf No.12182

Prestige works the same as reg. multi-classing. Once the minimum requirements are met, you can gain exp as normal in prestige class.

36223 No.12183

*comes back into the room, closes the door and sits down in whatever exists to sit upon*

"Fuck it"
"Can we talk? Not like in any sort of romantic way, but more of… I need someone to talk to"
"I think you already know why I am here"
*starts taking off jacket and shoes, with clear hatred to the removed articles of formal clothing. Evidently this is not with the intent to become naked, because the removed articles are replaced with much less formal wear, like tennis shoes and a plain black jacket*

d24cf No.12184

T> I'm listening, and if you're not trying to woo, I may even have legitimate responses. I don't know why you're here though.

d24cf No.12185

The storyline will begin with Tracy talking to Sechs. The previous in-game night is when the counseling session took place. It is in talking to Sechs that Tracy realizes that the Pip shopkeeper couldn't possibly not have known what Cardishore is or is about, whether he has been there or not. Sechs describes that EVERYONE knows about Cardishore, its one of the weallthiest nation-cities in the world.
Also, the world is comprised of smaller and larger nation-cities, with small towns and villages interspersed.

225f9 No.12186

What would be good for Torc?
I'm thinking dextarity and wisdom, but idk

d24cf No.12187

I'd go with 1 Int and 2 WIs (since he can cast divine spells now)

d24cf No.12188

Dex is good too

225f9 No.12189

I'll do one in each

36223 No.12190

"It that damned Tracy. She's always been the edge lord OC, killing off bad OCs, avenging waifus who are cheated on… She's been stabby and castrating; making a soccer ball out of some white knight's ass. All that is no issue. But now cannibalism? At some point the edginess for the sake of edginess is just Reddit-tier. She's become the Rick and Morty of OCs. Or worse *almost vomits while saying this* she's become like Brickleberry, or Family guy long after its decline. It's like reading certain posts on /pol/. You're just trying too hard"

d24cf No.12191

K, now all I have to do is find the particular thread where the stats are listed ~_~

36223 No.12192

File: 1509216802996.png (526.38 KB, 600x526, image.png)

he presents pic related to help make his point

"Just, like, we get it. You're edgy"

07fbb No.12193

07fbb No.12194

infernuis love thez, me realized what you ask after me left rabbit.

d24cf No.12195

T> Kek. Well as a character Tracy isn't very well defined outside her edge, at least as far as I'm aware of. She fits a rogue-mold quite nicely, who are often cut-throats and brigands. I think you're just not used to be working in concert with her type of character. She serves an essential function, being the only character who can stealth/backstab/w/e and now she's getting freaky psychic with chains.

225f9 No.12196

>I think you're just not used to working with her type of character
In his cave Torciul feels a disterbence…
Almost like someone repeated advice to Trump that he had been giving for weeks…
He shrugs it off and resumes reading

07fbb No.12197

gm said my nuts are fine m9

d24cf No.12198

The ride continues
I'm never gonna hear the end of this

d24cf No.12199

They are, they're just not attached at the moment.
Kidding, Infernius has a regeneration device.

36223 No.12200

"Yeah, I think that's about accurate. I get the castrating an unfaithful husbando and sometimes people need a good stabbing. But eating human flesh? I mean, Cupcakes was a tolerable enough if overrated fan fic when it came out, but to do it all these years later? I don't think I've ever seen this associated with Tracy.

Who's writing this? This sounds more like what you'd find in a Deviant Art page, or is best described by the sort of tags you'd black list on e621 or Derpibooru."

a2832 No.12201

The only thing I wanted out of Wilder was the Psionic Surge (aka Yandere-power), and maybe a couple occasional weak mind tricks that affect the self: I wasn't intending to go full Darth Vadar.
What if I only want one level in the prestige class? Does that take exp?
Also, it seems I misunderstood
>Taking a prestige class does not incur the experience point penalties normally associated with multiclassing.
What are the drawbacks to multi-classing?
>Reddit and Normie
Fucking delet this, in the name of old /mlp/. I don't mind if you dislike Tracy (this began as an autistic way of punishing you), but comparing oldfag memes to that garbage is unacceptable. Nopony deserves to be associated with that crap, especially not beloved oldfag OCs.
First of all, ponies eating non-ponies is not cannibalism, although I get your drift.
Second of all, I wasn't even planning on making that a recurring motif (except for when there are infernals about); the cannibalism meme is mostly derevived from Anons calling her a rip-off of Pinkamena: the Leatherface of Ponyville.
>he has them back
>Tracy still has them though
… Are they useful in any way?

07fbb No.12202

Wis 13
Cha 16

Spell like abilites
"Uatchit" (ooh-wad-jit) and "Shoo-fly".
"burn" flaming sword.

>Psionic Weapon
>Greater Psionic Weapon
>Wounding Attack
>Psionic Body
>Psionic Dodge

psionic powers
Precognition, Defensive

endless bandage

am i missing anything?

36223 No.12203

>pretending to be a /mlp/ oldfag

a2832 No.12204

I browsed /mlp/ for a bit more than a year in 2012. I left for a while after losing interest and I don't consider myself an oldfag. I do remember that it was a lot edgier back then than it is today.

36223 No.12205

That's not what you've been saying. Oh whatever

d24cf No.12206

Yes. Gaining a prestige class consumes one experience level.
Only that you have to split your experience depending on how you want to advance. There's supposed to be an xp consequence, but the xp system is already convoluted AF so I'm going with 'nah'.
Of course they're useful. Off the top of my head, they would make a great regent for a Bull's Strength potion.
Uhm,… nope. Thank you. Also, have you put ON the sleeves? I've got some detail to provide when you do.

07fbb No.12207

i put them on now,i put them on the safe way.

a2832 No.12208

But seriously though, Rick and Morty? I've been basing this stuff off of Nicholas Cage movies and a greentexts.
Sometimes I lie like a Jew when I'm too embarrassed to admit that I forgot everything after leaving the fandom for so long.

a2832 No.12209

I never asked for Tracy's stats because I wanted to keep shit ambiguous. Can I see them?

d24cf No.12210

Okay, first you should be aware that the Girdle gives +5 to Str. This is important, because the sleeves are semi-cursed. More on that in a minute.
Uh sure,….
Str 11
Dex 16
Con 10
Wis 9
Int 13
Cha 11

225f9 No.12211

i would try to find my stats
but I'm still restricted to mobile posting, so it'll lag like hell

a2832 No.12212

B-b-b-but muh Earth pony strength!
I guess it makes sense though…
What about in her Cauchemar form?

d24cf No.12213

Those aren't written in stone. I didn't even roll them TBH, I'm just thinking of how Tracy has been portrayed, as well as how she appears. A bonus to strength makes sense cuz earth pony and barbarian (is she still?).

36223 No.12214

Just don't deliberately try to piss me off, please

36223 No.12215

What are Trump's?

225f9 No.12216

Hillary Clinton is better

07fbb No.12217

ok i put the girdle on first then the sleeves.

d24cf No.12218

Unnecessary, you did that before when you swallowed the regen stone.
>still looking for the stats in previous threads

a2832 No.12219

>is she still
Well fug… Well, I really do like Rage, but illiteracy is kind of a huge drawback when all knowledge stats can be maxed-out at the library… I switched to Wilder because Psionic Surge was closer to "yandere power", although it's not the same as Rage…
Could I just hold off the concrete decisions until I get that Assassin title, and redistribute points from there? Unless of course you'd like to offer a strong suggestion here.
Don't tempt me.

d24cf No.12220

You can, but that will mean that you won't get your full attack bonuses.

a2832 No.12221

Go ahead. Take it.

a2832 No.12222


225f9 No.12223

I wasn't paying attention
I guess its time
Infernius is the closest thing we have to a priest…

a2832 No.12224

Not you, faggot.
Well that fucking sucks..!
Can I trade-in levels in Rogue for levels in Assassin later? I just want to wisely allocate my resources.

8fda4 No.12225

Don't tempt me

225f9 No.12226

I know that
But you and Trump cant get married without a priest

d24cf No.12227

Found yours:
S: 11
D: 14
C: 12
I: 16
W: 14
Ch: 11

I don't think I specified Trumps, so I'll wing it.
S: 13
D: 11
C: 12
I: 13
W: 14
C: 16

Also yeah, I'd put Tracy's Strength at 13, and Con at 11.

a2832 No.12228

I'm not self-inserting into this madness.
Infernius already said he would be the one to marry the two.

d24cf No.12229

8fda4 No.12230

REEEEEEEEE!!! I need more strength then a mud pony

d24cf No.12231

You have those three points,….

d24cf No.12232

Also, realize that anything above an 11 is exceptional for a human.

8fda4 No.12233

Ugh! I'll just continue as specified before

a2832 No.12234

[indecisive reeeeeing]
What's her base attack bonus, at this stage?

225f9 No.12235

I don't feel like using your correct pronouns

8fda4 No.12236

Yes, marry him off

d24cf No.12237

Well if she was straight rogue, it'd be +11
Also, don't forget that you have Thez' quiver, 99 kunai, 4 lightning javelins, Thez' broom, and the Mask of Disguise.

a2832 No.12238

You mean the staff?

a2832 No.12239

What about in her Nightmare form?

a2832 No.12240

Also, are the Javelins reusable?

d24cf No.12241

Nope, single use. They're pretty easy to craft given the tower's resources.
+2 Str
+1 Con
-1 Dex
Its a unique item, and its a broom, so no. Xp

d24cf No.12242

Also -2 Cha

d24cf No.12243

You also have the bracers of armor +4

d24cf No.12244

Also reminder, Torcuil has a ring of protection +3, ring of climbing +5 and jumping +10, Ear-cuff of blinking.
Trump has the breaky stick, Vandereim of course, his shiniest of armor, and a kite shield he hasn't really ever used.

8fda4 No.12245

I don't think I'll be able to play tonight, and maybe not tomorrow either

d24cf No.12246

Oh, Torcuil also has the shield bracers

d24cf No.12247

>am sad
That will put a damper on things, but initially everyone will be going off in largely separate directions. We'll make it work

d24cf No.12248

Though, Trump's character is pretty straight forward,… do I have your permission to use him as support and abilities, with no consequential actions?

8fda4 No.12249

Uh… maybe if I come in at points and make corrections or additions?

d24cf No.12250

I promise, no shenanigens

d24cf No.12251

However you want. Like I said, it probably won't come up (I'm not planning the port getting attacked or anything) but him and Infernius are the tanks.

d24cf No.12252

Also, I was about to bake the next bread, are you going to be around for for the next couple minutes? I'll need you to waggle the thread to no >rape

225f9 No.12253

>rip your waifu

8fda4 No.12254

Sure, I'm not sure how long I'll be around


225f9 No.12255

Trollestia won't be Trump's after tonight

d24cf No.12257

8fda4 No.12258

Oh it's on

d24cf No.12259

I will authentically defeat his attempts. However, I also have something in mind that you may like. Spoiler alert, remember that Slovenian Unicorn request?

8fda4 No.12260


Also, I did more research, and Czech Republic is also acceptable

a2832 No.12264

[murderous pony noises]
(I thought she'd be stronger, but that's fine…)

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