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Can't speak for anyone else, but I FEEL something every time I've watched this animation:

Well done and creepy indeed.
Nevertheless >>>/sp/
Production quality is excellent, message is respectable, context is (understandably) vague,
I give it an 8.5/10.
No heeby jeebies tho
A classic animation. I feel so old now...
It's a real shame how many odd occurrences and problems that pop up when the sequal was/is in production.
It's really high quality, but it has a "capitalism is bad" lefty tone that rubs me the wrong way ("fat cat" is a buzzword as is the implication that working = slavery). Notice that left-wing heroes tend to overthrow–or attempt to overthrow–an established hierarchy without having anything meaningful to replace it with? It's no surprise of course given that artists have tended to lean towards the left as long as the political term existed. Because very creative people are often poor at finance and can't bear "boring" work, their inclination is to be divorced from business and consider everyone else to be the same way, except for a few who manage to "game" the system. Because artists are unconventional and dislike what they see as injustice (which leads to hatred for people higher in the social hierarchy) they tend to rebel against the system, "capitalism" in particular because government intentionally shrouds itself in mystery while corporations advertise themselves. Lastly, they are romantics (which is why they are good at making you FEEL) so experiences like a bad relationship with a boss leave deep impressions, and they value "personal happiness" as an abstraction over concrete economics which is "cold and impersonal." Hence redpilled artists are relatively few, but I hope we get more as the "establishment" becomes clearly more dystopian in a left-wing sense.

I'm saddened I can't relate to the short but I do very much appreciate the style. Reminds me of Invader Zim and Samurai Jack and this style is far better for action than Cal Arts.