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I had to get something off my chest that's been bothering me for a couple of weeks now. Let's make this thread separated from >>23545 → and focus on the real deal, actual pedos. Not the filly fans, who gives a shit, really.

Pedophilia is not just some casual thing or a quirky interest or even some sexual orientation as some want it to be classified as. It's a serious fuck-up, a perversion and identifying yourself as one isn't ‘practicing free speech’ When some guy openly identifies as a pedo or a MAP (Minor-Attracted Person), we have to take him seriously. Because let's face it, anyone who labels themselves as such is a dormant threat and belongs in the woodchipper.

Now I just want to insist that this isn't about scoring points or virtue signaling and I expect a lot of
>Oh look another SJW on a whitchhunt why don't you join DataByte and his buddies?
We're not here to pat ourselves on the back and say ‘they're not hurting anyone’. That list, as flawed as it was still did expose a small percentage of actual pedophiles, and that's what we need to focus on, being honest and upfront about the issue and use some critical thinking. Are they really pedophiles? What are they doing to not being one? Do they seek a therapy and why did it take that other faggot dumping his list to take consciousness of the existence of these guys.

Let's have a real conversation about this, without the bullshit.

Recap: logs of some chatrooms mostly about roleplay BUT with some worrying stuff.

-Pathos's Foalcon chat
-Sollace's Crusaders Book Club
-Satyr_sam's Filly Heaven 2.0

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Would you mind to stop sagging and cooperate to keep /mlpol/ alive?
I feel like a call to violence is more of a glowie thing myself, but you do you.
There is nothing wrong with saging. You should sage any thread that you do not explicitly want to bump.
Announcing your sages is still gay though, especially since you seem to believe that sage is a response to an individual, and not the thread itself.
Twilight, I'm PIE.png
Uh, you don't get to bring foals.
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Hi Anon, Serious talk here.

Okay look, I know it's personal but yes I've been struggling with this kind of identity crisis. I'm a pedophile.
Yes it started as a harmless interest being into foalcon, loli, shota, anthro, cub but really it's really a consuming addiction, it's been ineffective as a cure against my long term depression.
Been reading this thread a couple weeks ago and that's a brutal kind of wake-up call. Reading through all of it acted like a trigger, I see myself in this description. I've been using my interest in underage characters as a means to escape from my own depression and emptiness and suicidal thoughts even. And I think it just made it worse in the end.
Soo here we go, I'm now starting therapy and addressing this issue head-on.
I can't go on like this, I'm getting scared of myself and I need to find a way to manage my pulses without causing harm to anyone, or myself. I don't want that. I can't fucking take it anymore. I'm tired of browsing boorus at work in a private tab, or having pixiv on my phone on the bus on my way home.
If I've made the decision to seek help, it's not about all the Databyte's retardation, I was looking at a Pixiv gallery this week and I was wondering what I am doing. I wanted to vomit, to fuck everything up. HEY CALM DOWN It's a fucking drawing retard why do I feel like that? Why am I crying like a faggot, over a fucking foalcon drawing? Because I hate it... I don't blame the artist, I blame my perception of it. That's where I need help.
I need therapy cause it's necessary for my head, and for the safety of everyone around me too. Like, if ever they found something or I got in trouble, I never touched anything strictly illegal but I'm never sure, I'm getting very paranoid.
I don't even want to be around children, I could no go on like this anymore. Family, at my workplace, and more. I'm being very distant.

I wanted to say it, since reading these posts made me feel how I could change, Thank you Anon.
Thanks to those who have shared their experiences, their problems, you encouraged me to take this step before things could spiral out of control, even if you don't give a fuck this means the world to me during this moment of my life.
So I did it, had an appointment yesterday for introduction, I was scared like shit, deleted my browser history and my entire filly folder prior to it, but no it was a pretty good interview as a first, I'm going back Tuesday. Lots of tears, lots of rage about myself.
My health insurance will cover the bills so I can do it. Also I want to make it clear, I did state this to my therapist : I have no intention of hurting anyone. To confront and overcome these struggles to become a better person. I know I'm not a monster, there is one growing in me and I feel like I need to abort it. That's a bit the idea. For the rest she's a professional, she'll get me out of this shit.

I needed to post this, I think 4chan would ban me or you can do it too I dunno, I hope maybe someone else like me may be silently battling similar issues to seek help. It's okay, there really are people ready to assist you along the way.
I just want to look at Applebloom in the eyes again without feeling guilty.
Good initiative partner, ah'm proud of ya !
fake and gay
So how did you go about talking to your therapist about something like that? did you just come out and say it?
this darling.png
I really hope he is baiting, if he is actually that much of a pathetic faggot then I have no words.
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In case this is not bait: good luck, and much success!
I also thought that was bait, but why making a post that long. bait for what... anon have a problem and he's doing something for it, and it's a good thing, it needs balls to decide to change.
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If it's not bait he's a fag, if he's a fag he might be a PCL fag trying to astroturf up some retarded post hoc justification for why they did their gay ops, he may also be a regular fag not PCL aligned.
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So, he's a fag for wanting to kill the pedo inside him, and not be a creep anymore ? is that what you mean ?

No, i rather think you're the PCL troll seeing your narrative falling apart, seething because we are not them.

Guy probably needed to vent or something and you're imagining stuff the PCL don't have the intelligence, or mental approach to achieve.

Perhaps you need a therapy too, that guy has the merit and i pray Celestia he's legit and gonna make it to get his head fixed, you should consult as well.
That guy is a cuck, you are a cuck, don't reply to me you gay little bitch.
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I dunno why I wrote this. Just wanted to share some feels about where I'm at, I feel weird to even get one reply. I was feeling like shit, scared and thought about leaving the building, still turned off my phone and laid it all out on the table to her, I never cringed so hard. Talking about how I felt fuckedup. Yeah opening up like that wasn't easy or fun really, I'm in my early 30's, imagine talking about anime and all that shit, but she was incredibly understanding and pro when I spoke about all that you know. Talked about what makes me think I might be a pedo. First was a turning point I think, I dont think she was trying to trap me or confess things I never really wanted to. I have my first /real/ session Tuesday afternoon, but in tl;dr, I've learned that it's okay to love the things I enjoy while also prioritizing my mental well-being and personal growth. And not being dependent of my cock.
Perhaps I ain't that fucked up, but if I feel it's going too far so I gotta do a thing.
For summing up my first I discussed my kink, which is still a kink tbh, but she insist it's her to determine if I'm schizo, pedo or fucko. She asked about when it started, how it's affecting my life and explained how it made me feel good when I'm on my lowest and what emotions come up when I think about it. Talking about it IRL is fucking weird. I'm clean, not on drugs, haven't been abused either, almost a fucking normie.

Heh no, I'm a faggot who's talking to a psychiatrist about my kinks with pixiv and you know the drill. I know I'm fucked up, but I'm tired of being fucked up.

No man, been posting on this board for a while and been on 4chan for over a decade. And it's got nothing to do with the other fuckhead who just want us to KMS. Am I fucking up somehow? Where do I fuck up? Or are you the one who's fucked up

This, I'm starting to think the thread may be started by some of DB's shills but got derailed, also writing all of this on a place like that may trigger you guys. You know I don't give a single fuck, why should I?

Like I said never expected a single reply but I promise I will do my best and if you want updates IDK. Yeah I might do this.
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bad end.mp4
O.G. therapist.jpg
itt: When your horsefucking nazi penpals inspire you to quit being a pedo.

Good luck, I hope she doesn't come to decide you're a threat to society.

> tl;dr, I've learned that it's okay to love the things I enjoy [...]
sounds incredibly gay lol, but good news if true.

Here's my prediction though, she's going to insist you quit pony and schizo culture alltogether. If she does believe you can stay, then she's either very confident and/or incompetent.
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Hope it turns out for the best for you.
Generally getting to a better mental state is a good idea.
You're going to be surprised by some doors that open.
PS Red Rose
Well, good for you I guess, but my advice would be to tread very lightly. Don't admit to doing anything illegal, don't admit to even contemplating doing anything illegal. There have been plenty of cases of people being turned in to police because of stuff they've confessed to their shrink. Therapy has its uses but it's not a magic wand that can cure everything. It would be a shame for a basically innocent person to end up in jail or on some glowie watchlist just for beating off to cartoons.
So glad I'm not a pathetic cuck bitch like you and your gay support group itt of equally pathetic apparent christkikes.
Well what else do you say? If he bails now that's kind of suspicious, net negative for you as someone is pushed more towards the brink doing any unexpected actions as there are more possible net negative actions than net positive that easily come to a person's mind first. If he gets fucked over isn't that a net positive for you? If he gets the mental help that's also a net positive.
Doesn't quite add up nigger.
I'm glad you're allegedly mentally stable just work on your cold calculus.
In range of normal people the fastest way to fuck someone up from where they were mentally is with kindness. Granted we're all on an underwater horseback gymnastic polo basketweaving area but it's useful to know and employ.
By being utterly heartless it's more justifiable to do good actions. Not that anyone should, but it can open up some fags to the idea via a mechanical idea of value amplification.
The way I see it you both have the same goals.
While I'd almost always advocate for some online written image pummeling is important to pick the right points in time and context to do so.
Point is engage in active support to shape people to being better than who they were as they too desire that goal with the end goal being better for you by extension than how they were before and everybody's better off. As you could reap the consequential rewards.
For the more gambling minded it's loot crates with interpersonal interactions, but sometimes someone else wins because you rolled.
tl;dr subhuman
>Anon learns to not post walls of text about how much of a cuck he is
trips for anon is a cuck
>Anon seeing his defeat preemptively seeks higher powers.
Go on, fuck the pony pussy. My ponkers plush tush.
Can't do it?
Can't feel her delightfully pink posterior?
Can't feel her heart pounding love?
Try again.

>I'm somehow the cuck
You're arguing with the numbers at this point, not me.
You couldn't arise to the occasion could you? Sorry to say anon, but you're the cuck.
>no u
Said the negroidic manlet subhuman who internalized jewish lies and has a (woman) therapist of all things. I hope it works out for you, maybe they can help you become a literal eunuch or something so you can cope. I reject your kike worldview and gay self-loathing, even if you probably should be self-loathing because you are pathetic.
24673 24674
um friends please be polite, this is a serious topic
I was being polite.
>Taking about someone else entirely.
I'm doing good. Better luck next time.
It is serious like a heart attack. Believe you me, ponies are serious business. It's part of why I trust the highest power.
24676 24689
Ew it's one of the christkikes, that's even worse than the therapy cuck.
You too can have a wholesome relationship, with pony.
>I haven't been a horsefucker longer than you
Well if you insist newfag.
Other methods and means don't even compare to the quality and care that's here. Totally blows them all out of the park.
I've got pony con badges older than your horsefucking career bitch. You're just one of those foals DataByte fucks. I've been to every place on the friendship map and had isekai (before weebs invented the term) adventures with my waifu in all of them. I read the entire history of ponykind in the library tree BEFORE it was burnt down. I was annoying literally everyone I interacted with under a pony name and pony avatar back in 2011 when it was still cringe but also the style at the time. I will consume pastel horse media and shit friendship on you like you have never experienced in your formerly mundane life on the rock farm.

If you waited for FiM to fap to horse pussy you're a horse pussy casual btw.
Nice pasta and I'm serious about the higher quality of life. It's life changing.
It's not a pasta, I typed it up out of my own heartfelt autism. It at most references pasta. Although were it used as one, that would be typical of everything I say and type being regurgitated by whatever people pretending they belong in my various fandoms and board cultures that I was in before they were aware of them etc. It is flattering after you get past how weird it is to be skinwalked so hard by zoomer mutts with broccoli hair and no idea what the fuck they're talking about 24/7. Youre serious about the higher quality of life of what? Learn to speak English you retard.
inb4 the seethe because youre mad I said youre instead of you're even though you are a barely literate retard btw.
This thread was always shit but I'm glad it has devolved into this to spite OP and his faggy ideas btw.
quadruple post to assert my ownership of this thread again
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You are retard, you read this passive agressive thread about edgy fashies trying to normalize people.
>Okay look, I know it's personal but yes I've been struggling with this kind of identity crisis. I'm a pedophile.
Who cares? There are millions like you there are gays trans straight zoophiles who cares!

>Yes it started as a harmless interest being into foalcon, loli, shota, anthro, cub
It *is* a harmless interest, as long you don't fiddle with kids or watch actual CP you moron. You're like someone bullied instead of accepting what you are!

>it's been ineffective as a cure against my long term depression.
>been using my interest in underage characters as a means to escape from my own depression and emptiness and suicidal thoughts even.
That's literally the point of porn, it is what keeps you and many alive.

>If I've made the decision to seek help, it's not about all the Databyte's retardation,
You literally do what Databyte and the PCL wanted, and what the shithead christcucks!
>I wanted to say it, since reading these posts made me feel how I could change, Thank you Anon.
You are psyched by the zog, you fucking moron.

>deleted my browser history and my entire filly folder prior to it, but no it was a pretty good interview as a first, I'm going back Tuesday. Lots of tears, lots of rage about myself.
She will fuck you up, and you will go back tomorrow there will be cops and a nurse with sedatives waiting for you.

>I hope maybe someone else like me may be silently battling similar issues to seek help. It's okay, there really are people ready to assist you along the way.
We all do, never been to a therapist saying I love mare pussy, I'm a horsefucker, you are a pedo, your life won't be better, you will be on psychotropic drugs, for the rest of your life. This is as real as it gets.

>I just want to look at Applebloom in the eyes again without feeling guilty.
She is not real! God, Guilty of what, she's not real! They're ficitonal, you're not abusing a child! You risk getting locked for a fucking yellow pony or eat the barrel of your gun

>still turned off my phone and laid it all out on the table to her,

>Yeah opening up like that wasn't easy or fun really,
This is none of your psy's business.

>I'm in my early 30's, imagine talking about anime and all that shit
I'm 43, now what?

>Talking about it IRL is fucking weird.
Do not.

>I'm clean, not on drugs,
You will be on drugs, tranxene, xanax, propofol, norazepam. You won.

>haven't been abused either
Here comes the spoiler alert.
24695 24711
Which even is worse, they have the same goals!


And even

The PCL just wanted to expose the pedos. You literally manipulate fellow horsefuckers into committing suicide.

> The modern liberal world wanted to get rid of religion as obsolete and obscurantist values,
This is what they are.

>but we see everyday the evidence we need these healthy values.
That screams subversion, why have no one else reacted to this yet?

>By raising awareness, advocating for responsible parenthood and supervision, and promoting psychological well-being, we can make it. We have to solve it.
Solve what you faggot? Going to revoke 20 years of society and ban kids from the internet, thumping them with your bible and morals?

>The relationship between fictional porn, sexual impulses, and pedophilia is complex and it's really all about drawing a line.

>Foalcon is artistic expression, this is not even a debate. Go tell any professional any psychologist you're finding Scootaloo sexy, he's going to have a laugh, that doesn't make you a pedophile or a zoophile, the weird is brain that's well known.
Pedophilia is attraction to underage features.

>There's even abuse victims drawing foalcon and rape to express and unleash their inner trauma,
So why fighting it if it's a mean of expression?

>Watching foalcon or fictional children character should not be seen as a substitute for a psychotherapy thinking all is right.
You're advocating a lobotomy for a headache.

>Where you get your dose consuming it, the long term goal should be to admit there's a problem you gotta solve.
You're the one saying there's a problem. You're almost making me want to seek your help, I'm analyzing your post cause it's important instead you manipulative little shit.

>You know when this becomes problematic. Inside of you, you know the causes of this addiction, to fill something with Sweetie Belle's cunny.
I have to admit, you're good, but have you considered you could be more dangerous by making fragile minds falling for your agenda? encouraging unnecessary therapy for what purpose?

>And if you're in this thread, if you're reading this, please consider it. You were manipulated, and it's okay, you're not alone, we don't want bad shit to happen, and I am sure besides some dickwads and hypocrites like DataByte we can solve this.
You know psychology, you're acting like the good cop bad cop technique cause there's the guy with the woodchipper, there's the guy with therapy and you both have the same optics, it's absolutely insane!

> don't want anyone to commit sudoku thinking nothing can be done, thinking ‘‘I can't change myself I'm fucked up I have to end it.’’
You're acting like you want to help people from a threat you invented.

>You're not gonna find this on your local LGBTQIAP+MAP association or influencers or in a group fo coomers.
>We gotta listen, have understanding, and evidence-based approaches on this very censored topic.
Listen to who? To you.

> First and foremost, we must reject the narrative that individuals are ‘‘born’’ pedophiles.
Citation needed, it's hormones I don't choose my sexuality

>Like I said previously, and with the advice of a psychiatrist while discussing this thread and what happened,
And that line alone doesn't raises any red flag?

>Back in our case, we have to encourage people grappling with such thoughts to seek therapy.
>It sounds scary, no one wants one, some had been forced in their childhood against their will,

> that's not how it works, it got to be a voluntary process.
It's never one if you manipulate people into getting brainwashed you absolute psycho!
>ort. No therapist will lock you in a mental house or force you drugs, or call the cops. You don't have to be afraid of this.
Yes they do.

>For centuries priests, pastors had this role, to listen and help people exposing their demons and whatever trauma haunting them, or pulsions, anything. A confession is a confession, it is built on trust.
For centuries these people have been burned. Why are faggots called faggots?

>we are not excusing or condoning harmful behaviors, that's not how it works. Instead, we are empowering individuals to confront and overcome unhealthy impulses,
By depriving a suicidal person from their anti drug and natural antidepressant made of pixels, and making people feel like shit that's what you want! Yeah that's what you want, you are a horrible person.

>Bronies are gullible
He's got the nerve to post that in plain sight! You're a real threat. You're the psycho!
Humanity has been retarded since it took anything a kike says seriously, there are endless examples but many are in this thread, feminism is a jewish psyop.
>many are in this thread
I >>24655 didn't suggest going to a therapist. Should I have brought it up sooner? Yeah as a counterpoint but nobody expanded on it here. Didn't expect anyone to go to the shrink. There's past threads that covet all this better.
There's too many SJW types in the psychology industry and if they have the degrees will likely pedal meds.
But he's already there now what fucking else can I do? Pray everything turns out alright. Become an underground railroad?
Over a fetish?
Well Anon was disturbed enough to go and do it, is it the right choice? Generally no too many bad apples that spoil the bunch.
Getting stuck in a bad place in your head is bad. There's alot of different ways to go from really negative thinking to a sustainable positive one.
Look if you're into the psychologist hole you could swing it to get a different one if it's absolutely awful. Better yet dig into psychology yourself.
While anyone can do behavior cognitive therapy and it has its place, I'd suggest Carl Jung.
There's a time and place for going cold turkey and when to a bit of self restraint.
The mind can do some weird shit to the body.
Should anyone go to a psychologist, yeah probably but like all doctors you have to do your own due diligence to recognize malpractice or negligence.
24697 24711
The christkikery, agecuckery, belief that the various jewish lies about reality are at all true in any way.
That's not much of an elaboration. Which things do you believe are false?
I should mention mindfulness can have similar benefits.
>Should I always go to the psychologist if I don't have a psychologist?
>If I have a psychologist do I still use them?
They're a tool to help you, if they're any good. If they're not good you can still use them, but use your exit strategy.
>I don't have an exit strategy.
Having at least an idea of how to get out if shit hits the fan is a good idea.
>I'm mostly normal.
>But I'm depressed, so I'm using porn as the stop gap measure.
>And the depression is twisting me up inside using every angle.
There's your problem. The shrink will try helping with the depression and preventing future ones.
That's the sort of issue psychologists tackle all the time. Make sure to bring that up.
I'm sure if she's at least decent she caught the big red warning signs.
Your going to want a nice diet and exercise and if you haven't had a full blood panel you may be low on a vitamins or minerals.
Low on any vitamin B and vitamin D would exacerbate low mood.
Dealing with the depression makes everything else a bit easier.
Therapy works.
The rare 0.0001% have to have medication because the body just can't make the needed hormones and chemicals.
24700 24702 24711
See >>24557
Before all of the subhumans derailed the thread to not have to argue with me.
dubs (again)
>I'm a retarded.
Thanks we know.
>Extract the fuck out of someone is bad.
>Feminists are tarded wahmyns.
>Society if it falls doesn't solve people still being who they were.
>Feminists and cuck knights get fucked in that situation.
So where's the argument you want me to make? This is some pretty basic stuff finding out about how people are.
Sorry you can't argue with me jewboy.
If it helps I will try to be wrong for once to see what it's like to be a dumb fucking parasite like you.
>derailed the thread
>Made generic /pol/ observation.
>hur dur why aren't you arguing?
About what's true?
>Ur religion is dum and so are you.
Fantastic, want to make a coherent point?
The thread was shit and deserved to be derailed, more gay PCL cuck shit by cucks for cucks. I made all of the coherent points in this thread.
You are gay
I'm against PCL shit you illiterate mongoloid.
Just about everyone is against it and was covered by everyone else about why it's a bad idea.
24713 24714 24719
So as a tldr, you seem to be mad, because Anon decided to do something about his life, and fix what he knows is fucked up with him. Okay, you should just explain the depth of your reasoning. You're using a kiked up tranny logic here, and the word is insufficient to qualify you. Foalcon is harmless, yes, but not everyone have the same approach. Anon have issues and he's doing the necessary, now if you have any, would you do the same? You probably would be too scared or afraid to find out you are fucked up and in trouble for maybe, watching CP or flirting with underages on tiktok/twitter who knows. Or worse, you know you are fucked up and refuse to do a thing, your life is so miserable but you like it that way.

Psyched by the zog makes me laugh, it's the media you love, the hentai crap that some are obsessed with that leads to this fucked behavior, and you know it. Psychology's a real science just like the antibiotics you take when you get an infection. Are you suggesting he should let his illness take over, and not do anything about it? I suspect you're trolling, but for what purpose? He's not you, no one here thinks like you, jesus; you even reply to yourself with 'based' to encourage yourself in your shit reasoning.

If at 43 you still haven't understood life, you can still fix it and have the rest of your life to do something useful, by all definitions however; you sound pathetic. A psy isn't your enemy, it's not abuse, he's not going to arrest and drug you for admitting things; there is a professional secret unless you confess a murder or something imminently dangerous. No really he's here to clean the shit clogged in your head, a bit like the guy unclogging your sewers. In worse.

What subversion? You assume wanting people to get better in their head is a conspiracy from the judeo-catholico-masonic? You are the opposite of a sane, civilized individual. That's not brainwashing, you were brainwashed, as I explained in the previous posts weeks ago now, I'm doing the effort to proof read my english the best I could I hope, and try to decode many people's nonsense all day - It's not an easy task you know.

What do you 'know well' exactly? Yes I agree on the part no one should be forced therapy against their will unless they are a threat to themselves, or others. If you were in this case that can explain a few things. No one is trying to manipulate anyone.

And you are far wrong about historical facts, you talk about middle ages perhaps and even, this is debatable, I'm talking to you about the recent one where priests, vickers and monks were here to help their fellows. This is the base of Christianity, the cement of what makes us civilized; moral beings. Finally, don't worry, bronies may be gullible but most people here, besides you, are rather intelligent ; above the norm. Or we would not have this conversation at all.

No one will deprive anon from his interest in fillies, it's essentially fixing his underlying depression, if you took time to read his post. It's instead defusing a timebomb he's got in the head.

You came to whine here because you need something, up to you to find it.


It's called being civilized, you subhuman negroid. What jewish lies about reality, exactly? Are you suggesting we should rape, kill, scam and fuck anything that moves? How can you speak of reality, you based retard, you are completely disconnected from it ! Look aty you, you don't even realize what you look at when you stop fapping to your lolis.

You're a nonproductive, useless consoomer butthurt for not being able to touch a real woman. Or perhaps a closet fag which, in my opinion and reading your miserable rebuttal sounds more than plausible. Probably a kissless virgin living in your virtual landscape of fillies and lolis, and occasionally colts and shota, and some furry shit at this point, let's abandon all morals and be a maggot, a coombrain, a product devoid of soul who will not be able to raise kids. A disappointment.

43 years old, dude... No wonder you are jelly about Anon finding help. You're jelly, this is my diagnosis.

I think we all are against the PCL, but I sus that guy may be, in fact; a troll at their service who hates seeing his narrative falling apart and becoming de facto obsolete.
>Don't admit to doing anything illegal, don't admit to even contemplating doing anything illegal.
A good point that needs to be emphasized.
24716 24719
tl;dr gay bitch retard nigger plus is jewish
me btw
Sorry for being so negative earlier. I do hope it works out, I just thought saying it outright would be gay.
24724 24775
A special kind of retard we have here, wew.

Okay, wow, it's still going. Well, I guess I'd share a bit more about my therapy session yesterday.
>MFW I just told the truth to my psychiatrist
>MFW I made it out
>Talked about how my struggle with this foalcon/loli addiction, about my online life, my jbo, my family, even this place, and I'm starting to get how it is linked to deeper issues, especially related to past relationships that were chaotic and unhealthy, and a lot of crap. My psy agreed, there's going to be a lot of work to explain my current state of depression and what I assumed being a pedophile. She's the one who decides if I'm one or not. In summary,
>Anon, you diagnosed yourself a pedo with a Google search but I'm a psychiatrist, I treat pedophiles, zoophiles, maniacs, you're not one. I'm the one who diagnoses. You have a problem, and watching little ponies being raped by Princess Celestia should be the least of your problems.

She wanted me to admit if I did anything illegal, AFAIK I never did even try to download CP or engage into anything illegal, there was some spam I always reported it. So that's a first, a pedo will engage in illegal stuff that's the whole difference.
So, here's the main good new I'm not a pedo, still I have a kink and I'm ashamed of it because what it represents and a whole lot more things, I'm still scared being more fucked than I ever was myself and wanted to know, I need to, you know there's no going back. I'm already getting better about this, a real pedo will want to fuck a real child, and we don't have toughtcrime, many people want to believe if they killed or stuff like that all the time. I have my problems too, shitty childhood but in particular, my ex was an obsessional and chaotic dyke, which really took a toll on my sanity and how I wasted almost a decade with her for nothing productive, destructive relationship if not infantilizing me along with being far from my family for a long time, not talking, and being essentially feeling out of place, all the time and out of time, not fitting in this society, now I'm alone again and feeling like a weirdo, feeling out of time and I need to understand all that, why do I feel I need foalcon and to be a fucking coomer. And I found a lot of similarities with what anon mentioned on a society that shills porn, talked about this and yes that's fucking real.
Again, I wanna make that clear, going to therapy does not make me a fag or anything of the sort, on contrary suggesting that I shouldn't seek therapy is fucking retarded. I'm taking care of my fucking head, plain and simple.

>They're a tool to help you, if they're any good. If they're not good you can still use them, but use your exit strategy.
Exactly this, we discussed for a whole session and how it works and even if I'm ok to continue with her as I can change if I'm not satisfied or not feeling confident enough but nah she's doing the job, I had a good recommendation from my a friend who also had his problems, not close but worth it. He don't knows anything about all that and don't wanna know.

>Anon have issues and he's doing the necessary, now if you have any, would you do the same
NGL he should, not thinking I should discuss that but he's probably from a discord channel I know... Yeah my dude needs a reality check.

>43 years old, dude... No wonder you are jelly about Anon finding help. You're jelly, this is my diagnosis.
He's miserable. I don't wanna end like this.
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TIL that's a thing. Funny how people can be silly about these things sometimes...
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>POCD is an obsessive fear of being or becoming a pedophile, what to many is considered the ultimate loss of identity. Justified or not, understood or not, the pedophile is the one character nobody can ever vouch for.
>Intrusive unwanted sexual thoughts/images/sensations around children (often but not exclusively one’s own children)
Fear that early experiences were signs of suppressed pedophilia

>Fear that noticing adult characteristics (e.g. specific body parts, body positioning, style of dress) of prepubescent children, pubescent adolescents, or of anyone “too young” is an indicator of pedophilia
Isn't it tho?
What the fuck I'm reading Anon? That's a fucking OCD? Why isn't this mentioned anywhere?

Bro what the fuck I considered kms when I was aroused to fucking Touhou, Lucky Star, Yotsuba Chihiro, and of course those fucking fillies

Why did no one tell me about this earlier? Why do I lear nabout this shit just RIGHT NOW? I'm both in relief that I should seek mental counseling and both mad I never heard of POCD earlier-Mother fucking YEARS AGO! Holy shit Anon.

>Anyone familiar with OCD knows that reassurance is part of the problem, not the solution. But a basic reality check is not always compulsive reassurance and basic reality may be that this nightmare is just OCD and OCD is treatable.

I'm gonna fucking cry
Well okay anon, this is exactly what has been explained and developped itt, watching cartoons doesn't makes you a pedo as much as playing GTA doesn't make you a gangster. Or listening to death metal won't make you a satan lover. You learn things about life.
>That's a fucking OCD? Why isn't this mentioned anywhere?
Because it's just OCD. Those that suffer it may have certain kinds but they're not syndromes by themselves, they're just OCD.
Maybe accepting your arousal may help? Not fearing about becoming something by engaging with it...
Not sure how OCD even works so I'm just guessing, but logically speaking you wouldn't need to fear of becoming something if you mentally decide to become it.
Exactly, the guilt and idea of attirance will cause an internal thought of being abnormal.
DataByte plays on this, you aren't fucked, you are formatting yourself. Psychology is complex, there are solutions.

infact let's destroy this narrative in depth. Attraction to fiction and fantasms were explained if you follow Freud it's mostly that.

You guys are okay a pedophile never says out, it's a vice, it's conscious. Go back to your fillies and move on.
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This is slightly off-topic but you must know this:
Don't ever talk about tulpas to your therapist. If she mentions tulapas, tell her that you "don't know what that is" and that you "find the idea revolting."
If she signs you a schizo it's game over. The government can do with "mentally impaireds" as they wish.
my friend is a psycyhanalyst, back when it waspopular on /mlp/ I discussed this.
She would love to study to understand it, she almost published a paper.
Me as a dev, explained we may use a fragment of our brain and a tulpa may be some kind of background process.
Talking how the feeling of Déjà Vu could be the overloaded brain using long term memory's almost infinite space as cache or something
>This could be an explanation, it's not scientific
>most tulpamancers could be trolling
>some genuinely installing, literally, an hallucination.

I tried having one, Renamon as she insisted I should serve as a rat lab. I gave up by fear. I tried to feel her presence with me and all, met my friend who researched this indian culture thing, it could work if I had the brain.
It's strange. I don't have enough data DESPITE the load of image.
>Are you feeling something about this character, as a kid, her body etc.
>Even with sex and all I cannot imagine or visualize, focus, etc.
People with a tulpa really are a level of schizo-autism. It would need a whole field of research to explain how it works. And I tried.
It was years ago, I didn't bother wondering, this is new age hippie shit to me, but some agree it unveils unknown aspects of intelligence, filling a void.
>is that a mental illness
>look, if someone is lonely and if it helps you it is good
>lit, “A Beautiful Mind” schizophrenia is not understood. smart people have a spectrum of it.
>does the brain have a security that locks multiple personalities to run?
>What is real through conditioning.
24781 24782
It should be obvious to the therapist that guy is merely a retarded cuck bitch and not a based schizo.
me btw
>being retarded
>after finding out your degen brain requires a fix
>ok being an actual pedo
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Anybody else ITT just think that little girls are kind of hot and it's really not that big a deal?