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Pleistocene Park - Pleistocene Project
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Tired of gay "solutions" to fight climate change. Laws and restrictions which seem more like excuses to take away your rights and further globohomo?
>Based Ruskies are making a "pleistocene park" to fight climate change and they might clone a fucking Mammoth in the process.

Welcome to Pleistocene Park. A Russian project that seeks to recreate the ice age ecosystem known as the "Mammoth Steppe". Basically grasslands with big woolly herbivores. Instead of the low productivity forests that encompass the Siberian tundra.

Their reasoning? Well, grassland are a far better carbon sink than forests. I believe it's mainly because they actually trap carbon underground, while forest release it whenever a tree dies and decomposes.

Another reason is permafrost.(Basically subsoil that is permanently frozen.) Turns out, snow actually insulates permafrost during the winter quite a bit. This is a problem because permafrost needs to grow in order to replenish the portions lost during summer.

And this is why big herbivores are crucial for this park. First, they crush mosses, preventing the expansion of forests. And enabling the growth of grasslands.
And second, they reduce the thickness of snow when they roam around. Mitigating the insulating effect it has on permafrost during winter.
They've already released several species on the park, including American Bison. But there's quite some interest in bio-engineering a woolly mammoth. This is because they might down trees quite frequently.(Ironic it has come to this, lol.) At least if African Elephants are anything to go by.

There are some ethical questions about this. Primarily coming from conservationism who don't buy the "Ecosystem Hypothesis". But I think I'm gonna end it here.

>Official website

>Pleistocene Park: The Plan to Revive the Mammoth Steppe to Fight Climate Change

>Welcome to Pleistocene Park: Russian scientists say they have a ‘high chance’ of cloning a woolly mammoth
That's kinda fucking rad. If all conservation efforts were voluntary efforts or involved actually interacting with nature instead of just planting more trees and guilting everyone for having electricity, I would honestly be more on board. Of course that comes with the caveat that all species come into being and come out of being over time, some sooner than others, and a changing environment is nothing to be afraid of unless we literally have an apocalypse on our hands in which case, it's the big tech industrialists who plant trees on skyscrapers who are ironically doing the most damage.
>Tired of gay "solutions" to fight climate change.
Reminder that Climate Change is a scam to transfer wealth to the jew banksters.
Here's the attached clip BTW.

>climate change
>peer reviewed
>western establishment scientific publications
That nature is wonderful, but the faggots trying to grift from it are despicable.
OP a fagget
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Climate change is real. It's been a thing for millions of years. More recently, it has been weaponized against the populace.
Right you are. Sadly, most people have already embraced the (((establishment's))) narrative. I can't read Nikita's mind and Sergey passed away. But I imagine it must be pretty hard to obtain funding without playing into their narrative. I only say this because "Pleistocene Rewilding" is not actually a "climate change" effort. I'll expand on that later.
Pleistocene Rewilding
OP a fagget
Pleistocene Park is part of a larger proposal by the name of Pleistocene Rewilding. You see, the mammoth steppe was rather large. It encompassed most of Europe and Russia. Even Alaska and parts of Canada and the US.
While the Zimov's narrative focuses on the benefits regarding climate change. Pleistocene Rewilding is more about dealing with the low carrying capacity and low productivity of the current ecosystem. Because, at least in theory, these ecosystems are not even a natural occurrence in the first place.

The thing is, there's two competing hypothesis for megafauna extinction.(And the end of the mammoth steppe.)
The climate change theory, proposes that it was the end of the ice age which caused their demise. While the overhunting hypothesis claims it was humans who wrecked them. Which kinda makes sense, considering megafauna started to dwindle right after humans arrived. And this is consistent across the world. But I'd honestly wonder if human arrival was preceded by warmer temperatures in the first place.

Anyway, Pleistocene Rewilding adheres to the second hypothesis. (This is why Pleistocene Park is interesting, because the results have only reinforced the overhunting hypothesis thus far.)
I should have put more emphasis on this. But tbh, it was picrel which reminded me about this project in the first place. Because Canadian forests are a rather shitty carbon sink that needs Pleistocenezation.
>Climate change is real.
Not according to my own criteria and >>>/mlpol/366189 →
OP a fagget
He's not denying that climate changes. He's simply proposing a different cause for this phenomenon.
OP a fagget
Elaborating a bit. The establishment has already made short work with that claim. Because Canadian forests have not been a net carbon sink for years now. Grasslands would do a much better job at it tho.
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No one listens to Armin even if he's right. The problem is not the fact you're ultra polite even in situations where it isn't really called for. That's just a symptom of a larger issue.
Being capable of introspection, recognizing when you've made a mistake is necessary for self-improvement. But there is a point where self-doubt and guilt cripples the host.
Now that I think about it, I wonder if you're actually that sure about your worldviews. Perhaps you're just way smarter than I am. No way for me to know if that's the case. But I know, as ironic it may be. Sometimes the most reasonable thing to do is to avoid thinking too much about ethics (if you can't shoulder the weight), and ensure your survival first and foremost.
I know it sounds incredibly stupid to talk about this in what is simply an online forum. But it is a forum you've extensively posted on for some years now. And I am inclined to believe these post in aggregate can give me a glimpse into how you actually are irl.

I won't go into old threads just to make a point. But I mean, come on now...
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Totally not OP btw
Thank you for your input. I will reply, I'm just quiet busy right now wit irl stuff.
Take ur time