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I wouldn't be surprised if Belisarius Cawl has the technology to make mares, you'd just have to be a high-ranking imperial citizen or astartes/custodes, though the astartes have small dicks so I don't think anybody here would want to be one of them.
Imagine coming back from a bloody conflict to your own personal mare waiting for you, ready to soothe and nuzzle into your shirt while her sopping marehood rubs against your leg
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A Biological Techpriest plus whatever crap needed could make mares.
Not to mention pleasure planets.
Being a rogue trader would give you an Edict from the Imperium of Mankind as the defacto voice of the emperor.
Getting your hands on one barring being born into it might be a challenge.

You know who would have the best technology? Ponies, not only for the obvious reasons, but because Joako (Space wizard tech artist monkey ape but aliens) would just help them cause friendship and ponies.

There's also the golden age of mankind that could possibly have some tech that might bridge the gap. Along side uncorrupted AI.
Not to mention warp travel bends time and space over. So lost golden age super ship popping up nearly brand new can happen.

So getting a planet of mares is a matter of convincing the trigger happy inquisition or person that would shield you (or bring said person) that all you need to make those limited but highly in demand super rings the inquisition has is have mares and space monke.
Mares and cool schizotech.
Good news all the support all the time, just keep the cool stuff rolling. Bad news you're a big target because mares and schizotech.
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You're the reason bronies get looked down upon, as you're willing to tolerate the most depraved crap around you just to get off on your bestiality fetish. W40k's themes are timeless, but if they could be associated with the modern day it would be aligning with the LGBT+ Trojan Horse (literally a horse in this case) pedo movement just because at some point they'll normalize sex with animals. You would be one of a few thousand literal horsefuckers benefiting from it while there will be millions of furries willing to abuse dogs.

Someone either sent you the most degenerate crap he could find and you made the conscious decision to save it on your computer, or you actively looked through pages of furry pr0n to find the most degenerate crap you can find and save it, just to prove a point. Why?
I had to look up what Renamon is.
>bipedal fox
Why? I don't really care whether people have weird attractions to pokémon, digimon or whatever, but the fact that among all those options you choose a literal >anthro fox says a lot about you. You're already on that slippery slope.

>ponies get the advantage of a random "space wizard tech artist monkey ape but aliens" whose name brought up random results for no reason
Please don't go into writing as a profession.
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Bronies are "looked down upon" because basing your identity on your love for a piece of media is cringe but the fanbases for Star Wars, LOTR, Star Trek, and Anime get a pass in the normie's mind because they're old. Sure, FIM's good seasons are old too, but FIM became popular enough for retards to get sick of seeing it everywhere and hate it to seem contrarian and above it all.

Furry zoophiles already abuse and rape real dogs. Fucking your dog is wrong because canines are not meant for human dick. Mares are meant for human dick.

And there's no way in hell you had to look up who Renamon is. That's like claiming you don't know about Sonic or Ryu or Gandalf. Some characters are so popular you see them and hear their names before you know what they are from.

I literally entered "body_horror penis" into e621 and saw that shit and said "yep, this is some chaos level degeneracy".
Thank you for looking. But also why the fuck did you look? What did you expect, pictures of a grinning pony holding up a sign that says "lmao made you look"?
>The Jokaero are an alien race, ape-like in appearance who are capable of tremendous technological and logical feats, and who also specialize in miniaturisation technology.
What a typo.
That's a loin cloth. A piece of fabric.
Never mind the soul.
It's literal pain and suffering. As in torment and torture.
>body horror
I mean it's >no hooves.
That's the shallow end of the pool.
>And there's no way in hell you had to look up who Renamon is. That's like claiming you don't know about Sonic or Ryu or Gandalf. Some characters are so popular you see them and hear their names before you know what they are from.
I know nothing about Digimon other than the completely accurate summary of it by Kilian. It's still odd to put people who want to cum inside an anthro fox on the same level as pone.
Digimon are living programs from a digital realm that came into being when the internet was created somehow.
Or maybe the digital realm always existed and the human internet just runs through it?
I haven't seen Digimon in years.
Anyway wanting to fuck renamon isn't bestiality. She might look like a fox girl but she is just ones and very fuckable zeroes.
Wanting to fuck a quadrupedal horse is closer to bestiality even though FIM ponies have human level intelligence just like most Pokemon who aren't hyper intelligent or canonically retarded.
>Satan is the voice of reason
>I literally entered "body_horror penis" into e621 and saw that shit and said "yep, this is some chaos level degeneracy".
Yes, but you then saved it and posted it, making you a chaos level degenerate Nigel. You're enabling that shit by giving it clicks.
>She might look like a fox girl but she is just ones and very fuckable zeroes.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to say that's heresy. Hans, get the flamer.
Does Warhammer have the only fandom as autistic as mlp?
20675 20676
If warhammer 40gay's fanbase was autistic they would have amazing fanmade content like the FIM and Sonic fandoms.
40gay's fanbase is just circlejerking retards giggling over the same tired 30 year old memes. Duhuhuh, heresy. Hyegh hyegh, waaaagh.
What does 40K have besides the Angry Marines? Some good greentexts?
I dunno, man. They got a shit ton of impressive fan animations like Astartes. And what about If the Emperor had a TTS Device? There's some good shit out there
>You're the reason bronies get looked down upon
It's cute that you think the average normalfag has an opinion worth considering. Guess I'll stop doing anything that could possibly upset the status quo. I'd just hate to offend the same people that worship faggots and niggers while on an autistic website that bizarrely combines mlp with politics.
That would just be crazy!
>bestiality fetish
What makes you think that I want to fuck actual animals? I'm genuinely curious. When I said "mares" it should be obvious to any horsefucker that I'm referring to sapient, adult ponies. Or demons, in this case.
The rest of your schizoid rant would be too tedious to respond to, therefore cartoon horse pussy.
>amazing fanmade content like the FIM and Sonic fandoms
Nigel, Sonic is shit that only literal retards like. Also, wild opinion, but mlp is popular almost entirely due to fan content. The show is cute and all that, but it's not why most people are in this husk of a fandom. Fan content and community is everything for horsefukery and I don't know if the same could be said for WH40K spergs and Sonic retards.
You should stick to cocks and cock accessories since that seems to be more your speed.
>be DnD character
>need to sleep
>summon something to defend you while sleeping
Does this actually work in dnd or does sleeping unsummon the creature?
Play Sonic Utopia, Sonic GT, even Sonic World.
You will never be able to go back to a 3D Sonic game and enjoy it.
Watch in awe as Little Timmy in his bedroom with Unity and youtube tutorials and Havok or a fanmade 3D engine puts something together that gets some things right, things SEGA can't get right, like momentum.
Just saw an advert for self-driving cars not legal on UK roads, the advert called the car "The Ghost of Christmas Future".
Clearly, they haven't actually read A Christmas Carol.
The Ghost of Christmas Future is Death.
The Ghost of Christmas Past is trauma and the Ghost of Christmas Present is a sobering reminder that someone out there has it worse because of profit-obsessed heartless bastards.
And the Ghost of Christmas Future is futility.
Cruel, heartless, mocking death, here to take you away and show you your own grave so you can see how you are remembered, and what all your profit-seeking amounted to.
How ironic.
How to deal with suicidal contemplations without actually killing myself?
>The year is 2007.
>You're a kid playing Warcraft III and looking for a game to join.
>You go looking to play some footman wars or LOAP...
>See a strange game you've never played before and your curiosity compels you to investigate.
What did they mean by that?
As a kid that game could have completely destroyed me
Yes, I fell for it

Try some hopium, watch Hitler documentaries, ponies or whatever that fills you with inspiration and hope; be the best you can be. I believe whytever life throws at you, you can handle it, friend. Do not get on your knees or out of their way, Anon.


I'm a lolbertarian :leslie:
This is fucking stupid.
Who decides what is "Progressive"? The Progressive Stack pedophiles in the anti-white alliance of evil aiding and abetting Jewish pedophiles of course.
Leftism is just about stealing power, which makes it a useful tool for the Jews. Everything else is just marketing bullshit. They've never given a shit about anything they've ever claimed to fight for, because they've never given a shit when what they do hurts the causes they claim to fight for. The Conservatives have been crying "We're better leftists than the left! The left are the real racists!" for decades and it has gained them nothing because they have conserved nothing by letting the enemy of human life control language and thought.
Nobody should pretend the left has a monopoly on the causes they claim to fight for.
If you're "Right wing" you're a normal human being who unapologetically doesn't want to be robbed or raped or enslaved. If you're a "Centrist" you think the jewish pedos and islamic/nigger gangs and woke cucks should be entitled to another compromise from their victims that costs the left nothing and the right something they can only get back with violence.
Libertarian? When you hear Libertarians talk of a world ruled by Libertarianism, you hear of a world that could only exist if everyone agrees to be Libertarian even without any one group holding enough power to maintain a monopoly on violence and enforce their will on others. Unless that group is an alliance of Libertarians, but the thought that some Libertarians might betray other Libertarians for more power never crosses their mind. And Authoritarian? This is just a buzzword. Pedophiles would call a law against raping kids authoritarian. Cannibals would call a law against cannibalism authoritarian. Society only functions properly when the right people have the right amount of authority. Hitler was right, everyone else was wrong, the world needs another Hitler.
>The world needs another Hitler.
I agree. Ponyfags and other gay degens should be put up against a wall and shot.
Liking a cartoon with one good season is not valid ground to execute someone. I'll never understand why internet tough guys say shit like "I want to beat Sony fans to death! Anime fans should be gunned down in the street like the degenerates they are! Death to Sonic fans! Batman fans should get AIDS and die! Microsoft fans deserve the electric chair!". My brother in Christ, the world is full of shit more important than this.
An inability to detect sarcasm is a sign of autism. Have you had yourself tested, anon?
You didn't sound like a parody, you sounded like everyone else who says the exact same shit unironically.
watch as a rock thrown off a cliff awakens a volcano.mp4.mp4



File (hide): BC1C140A43F622B1717E605B2A0C93BA-1206782.mp4 (1.2 MB, Resolution:480x480 Length:00:00:36, AVALANCHE THE WORTHLESS MAN.mp4) [play once] [loop]
A worthless cuck.
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File (hide): F371574F26DC53DA3F6B27D90A8D23F3-3320768.mp4 (3.2 MB, Resolution:576x1024 Length:00:00:31, edff.mp4) [play once] [loop]
I'm afraid this good for nothing parasite is not wrong.
I wonder if she works in an air conditioned office or air conditioned store. Retail bitches think they have it so bad. The life of a working class man putting in real man hours with his hands would destroy them if they had to work as hard as men and couldn't rely on other men to pick up their slack.
This fucking tranny...

Giving the government absolute power over who can and cannot breed might make him feel better about being a dickless sixty-something who spends his days fantasizing about a world without anyone who disagrees with him or cuddling with his homosexual butt buddies (including the one damaged by the vaccine he still praises) but it wouldn't solve the overpopulation problem. It wouldn't solve the "Useful whites are outnumbered by evil useless niggers overwhelming the white man's capacity to feed everyone even themselves meanwhile the jews are raping our economy to enslave us" problem. He desperately wants the world purged and devoid of everyone he hates, but to say that outright would threaten his image. Not only his public image, but his deluded self-image. He has to believe it's inevitable that the Jews will win. He has to believe he will be rewarded with cake and balloons and childish future fantasy. He has to believe a world without everyone hesitant to inject themselves with what poisoned one of his butt buddies will be a brighter tomorrow.

Immortals don't need to abstain from sex or reproduction. Immortals have all the time in the world to find worlds worth inhabiting.
I've worked retail before, it's not the worst job you could possibly have, but I'm glad I'm working towards a degree. It's not the discomfort of it so much as it is the monotony, the shift between periods of time where you're doing nothing and your superiors will yell at you if you're on your phone even if there's not a soul in the store, and the breakneck pace of having to scan and bag a shit ton of items for customers who are usually too old or lazy to bag themselves. When you do have a bagger, it's usually someone from the absolute lowest common denominator of society. Think about how easy it is to operate a touchscreen, fully GUI'd terminal, and then imagine the sort of person who couldn't pick that up in a day of training. They whine and complain because their parents didn't want them in the house and they never fucking wanted to do work in the first place. Dealing with the public is so fucking awful, I really do hate most people. I can't wait to get into the skilled workforce, at least I'll cut down the amount of retards I have to deal with.
Saved those pics as a testimony of how much programming a NPC can output. It is quite staggering indeed.
Funny how he fantasizes about getting to live forever as his reward for being a brainwashed unbreedable baby boomer troon.

Funny how Star Trek had such a colossal impact upon him the comic he created when he was 8 years old was Star Trek featuring bugs, yet he didn't notice the Prime Directive's relevance to earth's overpopulation issue.

Humanity cannot afford to keep babysitting Negroidicus Neanderthalis forever. It will only keep overpopulating this planet and infiltrating and ruining our countries, even though it harms our capacity to produce excess and be charitable with it. It deserves to go extinct before it makes us go extinct. Keep a handful alive in zoos or wipe them all out and let videos of their barbarism play in museums to let future generations know what they really were.
With a bit of luck and bit of Pfizer's help, he will be gone soon.
20768 20769
The only good thing about this plandemic is that the government's also "downsizing" the number of true believers in communist liedeology.
Anyone remember when "First come, first served" was the policy for deciding who did and didn't get Covid business relief, and because most of the people on the ball asking for it competently were white men, the system was changed to exclude them and give away the white man's tax money to the less worthy?
Chatoyance, alongside other spergs with megalomaniacal fantasies, is a perfect example of why autists must absolutely be bullied into submission.
They'll construct these elaborate, dystopian power fantasies that are nothing short of horrifying to any human being that isn't either severely autistic or sociopathic. They'll do so convinced that they're enlightened and not just psychotic because they lack the basic empathy required to understand why such things are horrifying. Chatoyance is just another example of autism crossed with narcissism to create one hell of a deranged troon.
There's only one way to deal with people like him: post pony pussy at them. Post it until they cry, no matter how long it takes.
Take that. You've been horse pussied, faggot.
"A miraculous technology exists to convert bugs into human food. It's called a Chicken."
Comedy gold.
And it sailed right over their heads.
Even the illiterate tardchildren are getting in on it, openly calling for a global stop to child-having because the (((climate chaos))) propaganda said that's the only way to avert disaster.
These types know they'd die first if society broke down.
They would die fast. Or they would be tortured by their powerless victims, who wouldn't be powerless any more if society broke down.
Or they would be forced to find a new smaller society and provide for that society before it would provide for them, and that's a fate worse than death for these unjustifiably smug useless eaters.
Their comfortable lifestyle goes out the window when everyone has to kill to eat and shoot killers to keep what you want to eat.
To them, society breaking down means death.
The death of all they care about: Their comfortable life.
So they will always side with the dominant force controlling society. No matter how corrupt society becomes, no matter how cruelly it treats innocent people, as long as these faggots feel adequately taken care of they will always support the state.

I don't know what to say to this.
It's irrational to claim I'm "worried about moral concerns" for spotting holes in this shit.
We're only in this situation because of dievershitty.
Humanity didn't overpopulate the Earth, niggers overpopulated humanity's Earth and this must be corrected.
If the government forced population control onto people, everyone who wants to breed would have something to gain killing the government and anyone in their way. Nobody worth anything would be happy with "first come first serve, first name on the list gets to breed when there is room". Not when there are so many worthless niggers cluttering the land and cluttering the list.
When violent revolution dethrones the histrionic narcissistic jewish pedophiles and balkanizes diverse shitholes to create white ethnostates white men will be willing to kill for and die protecting, the world won't stay overpopulated for long. Dievershitty is poison, and when the lie of democracy falls, gang raping niggers and illegals can fall with it. They'll never trouble our lands again or our descendants.
If they're not making rafts and overcrowding dinghies to try to escape our wrath we're not angry enough, we're not scaring niggers enough, and we don't hate niggers enough... yet.
20775 20776
Question. Is that faggot a real human, or an AI larping like one? Because it is parroting the globohomo ideology verbatim.
I mean, the death cult of an overpopulated Earth is screaming for an open culling.
These are screenshots of Chatoyance's comments on Chatoyance's own Fimfic page.
Sometimes when he doesn't want all his followers notified of his posts, and wants his core circle of friends to look at them first and give him 5 whole upvotes before the comments slide away to be forgotten, he posts his inane thoughts in comments on his own page instead of posting them as Journals.
In Chatoyance's nightmares about a world "where the population bomb goes off", everyone reverts to a hunter-gatherer society and never attempts to invent anything again. Nobody remembers the innovations that made humans better hunter-gatherers, farmers, or defenders of what they have.

Chatoyance's nightmare world is one where everybody acts like niggers because that's what decades of Mad Max-style propaganda says. "If society as we know it breaks down and the Jews are no longer in power, the result is chaos and evil".

Do I really have to say the quiet part out loud? Niggers lived in mud huts 3000 years ago and they're living in mud huts today if they're not living in the decaying ruins of what whites built, that which niggers cannot sustain. If society breaks down, the white man's hands are no longer tied, and he can do something about all the nigger/muslim/jew invaders trying to choke him to death.

There are places on this earth where humanity has seemingly regressed to a savage state because humanity isn't there. Niggers are there, satan's crude imitation of human life, a tool of the jew without agency or a soul.

Africa is so rich in resources, and so lacking in human life, because the white man decided it would be too mean to stop the niggerplague from oppressing the white man or standing in the way of the white man's destiny among the stars.

Global population control means punishing all life forms just because niggers and pooinloos can't keep it in their pants. The Hawaiians would die first for being the fewest race(Amerindians would likely be given special treatment to keep them at sustainably low numbers in their oversized adult daycarezoos), then the Whites, then the Asians would be next. If whites can't keep sustaining civilization, we can rebuild it without our enemies and without those who failed to save us when we didn't want to save ourselves. But this won't really end with our deaths. Jews can't beat us. The end of (((society))) means whites cast off their chains and decide to stop pretending all life on this planet was created equal. There will be more room on this planet for white babies when everyone who wants an end to the white race is dead. I don't care if my grandson calls me a violent faggot as long as I've saved my grandson's life and secured a future for our species. No matter how much violence it takes, the world will be a better place once we win the war for our survival. Societal collapse is not permanent. Does Chatty really expect a Fallout Edgequestria world where people are cunts to each other for no reason for the next 200 years? Too much fiction exposure ruined this faggot's capacity to think independently.

Fucking dismissive prick. Nothing about this has anything to do with an imaginary wrong religious man who doesn't want to be saved, does not consent to being saved, and might kill himself even if saved. Humanity is not a religious fool in need of saving by some doctor who thinks he has the right to violate his patient's rights and wishes. Humanity is a white race that needs to save itself from the genocidal jewish pedophiles and all dysgenic fucks willingly allying themselves with the forces of Jewishness. There is no silver bullet argument that works on holohoax-enforcing unorthodoxy-reporting neighbour-betraying anti-whites because they didn't reason themselves into being evil and nobody can reason them out of it.

A nigger's inability to use birth control shouldn't be the white man's problem. A nigger shouldn't be the white man's problem. We were never asked if we wanted diversity forced on us at gunpoint. We were never asked if we wanted everyone opposed to the Jewish plot to exterminate whites slandered or assaulted or censored or arrested or killed while every worthless soycuck betafaggot has their consent for this manufactured by a jewish machine that tells people "everyone wants this unless they're evil". This brainwashed whore is the perfect tool of the establishment, with a brain full of jewish state propaganda. And he fancies himself a transhumanist who wants to transcend human limitations and fantasize about being an extradimensional Unicorn on the inside, but he thinks humanity's best option is to make AI-simulated copies of their brains to get sucked off in Fake Equestria for eternity before killing themselves.

We were having lovely conversations about anime until now in PMs. I thought we were becoming friends. I'm sending this fucker PMs and he's ignoring them, he'd rather reply to me in public on his own userpage because he wants to make a scene out of our conversation, he wants to impress his followers with his fatalistic fanatical death fetishism. It's not mathematically possible for a shrinking white population to support all this dievershitty and the consequences of policies their short-sighted boomertard "parents" and "grandparents" fought for when they were told being anti-white was trendy and countercultural. And it's not moral to ask them to support all this evil, and it's not smart to try to force them to support it at gunpoint. Maybe it was wrong for me to unintentionally trigger this guy by telling him about the biologically immortal winged six armed giant imaginary kitsune girlfriend tulpa who lives inside my head and tells me she's proud of how far I've come every day and how cute my girlfriend and I are together and is unsure how to make a book about her custom alien species being born and spreading among the stars more exciting, and maybe it was a mistake to casually talk about a Stellaris playthrough where any treasonous dysgenic cancer cells in humanoid clothing foolish, suicidal, insane, and outright impossibly fucking retarded enough to attack me or betray me or otherwise get in the way of my race's rightful destiny at the top of creation met its end at the end of my space gun gigastructures, but if this genocidal lunatic is what Chatoyance is with the mask off, I'm glad it's gone.
mondays pstd.gif