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Ultimate life form vs glimmerniggers - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.png
Glimposting 2: This Presents A Problem
They claim their existence and continued months-long vendetta against critics is part of board culture, while displaying ignorance of chan culture and any culture other than circlejerking reddit culture. They throw around buzzwords like "Mental Gymnastics" and "Buzz Word" without knowing the meaning of those words. They shit threads up, then blame those who hate them for the actions they chose to take. They lie, shitpost, waste time, and lower the quality of discussion, then laugh every morning they visit site and see that they are still not banned. They shitposted on 4/mlp/ until its death, and now they're here, like a parasite feeding on a new host.

They are Glimmerniggers, and they do not belong here.

Obligatory disclaimer: There's a difference between Glimfag and Glimmernigger. If you just like Glimmer and you aren't part of the Glimmernigger brigade that's still salty over one man criticizing them over 3 months ago, good for you. If you don't care about Glimmer but you want people to stop criticizing her, you care about her, you just don't want to admit it. She's a fictional character. A few people criticizing Poochie isn't going to hurt you or her. Most of her fans headcanon away the worst aspects of this objectively-bad character anyway, but this thread isn't about Glimmer, this is a thread about the group of shitposters that wants their special retarded brand of Glimmer discussion to dominate the board.

Previous thread, which accomplished nothing and was deleted when mods decided on the "Just ignore the brigading shitposters or I'll ban you" strategy: http://archive.is/XUfam
Proof that Glimmerniggers are cancer: http://archive.is/oAeAp
Proof that the "Just ignore them or else!" strategy sounds good but doesn't work, because these ledditfags can be summoned into a thread the second one of their bad-argument persecution-complex reddit-style Rickingmorty-loving members feels backed into a corner even if the topic is political and not even remotely Glimmer-related: http://archive.is/LgBev
3269 3406
I barely see commie horse being posted here at all, especially not in extreme excess like on nu/mlp/. A lot of posters here dislike what the show has done with her.
Just learn to ignore shit you don't like.
You still don't understand. Truly you are the shitposting king of this site
I mean, the issue is clear on /mlp/, but we hardly have any Glimmer posters here (except for when they see a chance to poke at that one British poster; then they all come out of the woodwork)
Amigo please there is no need to fight, we should just coexist my man.
If something bad happens, we deal with it, if not, just chill.

Hear me out dude, there is no need to waste our resources right now, you have a gift, a shitposting gift and you could use it greatly in the future, there is no need to use it now.
Nigel please. We are not your enemy. We are your greatest ally. With your weaponized autism we can achieve grand things.
Never think that. You'll be sleeping with a rabid dog if you think this. This fucker is a cancer.
irl asuka frown think.jpg

perhaps we can domesticate him, he has to be good for something after all right?
No, I will go to war with this faggot now. We've been trying to domesticate him, but all that's been doing is bloating his ego. If he's never put down, he'll never learn. You don't learn to fly if you never fall.
3286 3287
>people are still shoveling dried shit onto this fire after a week
>all of this autism could have been used for something useful and meaningful
Lotus, save us.
Anon my son MLPOL version.png

Sad buy true. It is what it is i guess. Nothing I could do. But I digress.

>ITT Nigel contributes to Mlpol
This relates to /qa/ how?
413986__safe_artist-colon-pixel-dash-prism_princess celestia_alcohol_alcoholism_bottle_donut steel_drink_drinking_facehoof_magic_not this shit again_so.png


ForNoGoodReason Anthony Mexican SJW Brony Analyst Scam Artist lolcow.png
Nigel why dont we list your accomplishments to the site so far?

- one writefag (asking for) advice thread
- one thread about your (asking for relationship advice) for your would be online girlfriend
- 1 thread complaining about SJWs scam artists getting money on patreon
- 1 thread complaing about the current artist of Milky Way getting money on Patreon
- Intense overanlysis of mlp episodes with glimmer in them in weekly episode stickies
- 2 several paragraph long posts in the Aryanne thread that Brony autism does not exist
- 7-8 Threads about Discorddrama, Fimfiction and Glimmerniggers on /mlpol/ and
- A Rick and Morty Thread on /sp/ that devolved into a glimmernigger thread
- 2 threads about glimmerniggers here on /qa/

After all this, answer me honestly, do you truthfully think that you are a valueable contributor to this site and this community in clear consiousness?

well its been almost 3 days since i noticed nigel posting visibly in his dedicated threads or just on MLPOl in general, he is either now on hiatus or is posting undercover.
He's pretending to bide his time. He's a good guy, but his method is pretty distinct. He knows "the glimmernigger hoard" (anons) are ready to refute him with more reasonable/objective arguments than his reasonable/objective arguments.
3375 3377
How did the Glimmer threads go during my vacation? Did it finally put an end to that "The niggers only chimp out because you trigger them by criticizing them for shitting up the place" bullshit?
3375 3377
>He knows "the glimmernigger hoard" (anons) are ready to refute him with more reasonable/objective arguments than his reasonable/objective arguments.
Your delusion levels are off the spectrum.

You should go back to reddick tbh
341191__safe_artist-colon-pridark_rainbow dash_filly_filly rainbow dash_it's time to stop posting_mouth hold_note_simple background_solo_stop posting.png

reveal your secrets owl.jpg

explain yourself
3397 3399
Two thoughts arise, regarding the "Nigel is a weapon" narrative.

1. It justifies the inaction of the Glimmerniggers while encouraging people to view my actions and calls for action through the lens of "Well he's a weapon, he's a warrior, he's supposed to be like this".
2. It allows the Glimposters to easily play the victim and claim one of the site's designated warriors is attacking a member of one of the site's protected groups.
3. We could have worked together, myself and the Glimposters. We could have worked together on raids, we could have coordinated them using this site or Discord or both. We could have been friends. But they struck first, and proved that they only use their Discord to coordinate attacks on my character and defenses of their own.

I already took the "Just forget about what we did and we'll call this even" bait once. I've already dropped this once. I pretended to forget being doxed for not liking Glimmer, I pretended to believe the Glimmerniggers when they said "We don't know which of us did that", I ignored all the narrativeposting about me in other threads, and they still kept acting like niggers. How many months have they kept this grudge for me, when all I did was call them what they are, and call attention to the problems they create? How many idiots are going to believe the "Muh two sides, an insane shitposter vs a horde of annoying people" lie? There are no "two sides" here- Actually, there are two sides here. There is one honest /mlpol/ user on the side of horse pussy and nationalism who genuinely wants a world of MAGA and Deus Vult, and there is a coordinated but small and annoying team of low-effort shitposters from half/mlp/ stuck to our shoe.

If we don't allow BLACKEDposters from /pol/, why should we allow Glimmigrants from /mlp/ to act freely?
I'm not the one crying "His post history! Look at his post history!", Rick and Morty fanboy.
._. man.jpg

>the site's designated warriors is attacking a member of one of the site's protected groups.
> he's a warrior, he's supposed to be like this".

>Glimmigrants from /mlp/ to act freely
Who are these people you refer to?! I hardly ever even see Glimmer reaction images posted here at all. How can they be a problem if they're never even here?
3401 3405

people ironically assume the position of glimmerniggers to annoy nigel on purpose for shitposting without actually being them or Nigel just blanket terms all of his detractors on the site universally under them. both happens.

for the record i only ever met 1 maybe 2 genuine glimmerniggers on /mlp/ and i dont think they spammed MLPOL so far.

I do not support glimmerniggers, i do believe they exist on other pony sites, they bring degeneration with them and i do think that Nigel has been trying to forge a narrative to generally blame all of his actions, misfortune and negative experiences on MLPOL somehow onto them.

Nigel still falls short to adress his genuine contributions to the site as mentioned in >>3297 except his tendency for inflating and circlejerking about external and internal drama.
>people ironically assume the position of glimmerniggers to annoy nigel on purpose for shitposting
I know that much. I just don't see the same insufferable shit I see in /mlp/.
>>>/sp/4639 →
Now leave

I never did nor do I watch rick n mort. But really, you need to go back
>he says while looking at a suspiciously short post history that skips every quality post I've ever made, ever, to fit your narrative and delusions.

A fitting metaphor for (You), really.

Only members of the Glimmernigger brigade actually believe I call all my detractors Glimmerniggers. Have I ever called people stupid enough to fall for the "Anyone who calls me out on my shitty behaviour or doesn't like my modernized nu-MLP is literally Nigel The Barneyfag, that autist who hates all of MLP equally for being on around the same time as Barney" shill tactic a Glimmernigger? No, only the ones pushing that narrative.

Tell me, what does this site lose if we ban all six members of the Glimmernigger brigade? What does the site lose if we ban the theoretical additional two members who only "Ironically" "Pretend" to "Act" like a retarded member of the tard brigade?

3409 3411 3414
>I barely see commie horse being posted here at all

You're welcome for that. Trust me, before I started speaking out against them, they were worse. They cooled their shit for fear of getting banned, and all seemed good with the world...

But they were still here, still lying to people about me and trying to push their "Him Nigel the Battleship!" narrative. It was the pic related in OP, the straw that broke the camel's back, that made me make this thread.

(((They))) shill and shitpost. (((They))) lower the quality and energy of the board. (((They))) are still salty over one man and one kraut BTFOing them into the sun over three months ago. (((They))) do not belong here.
>skips every quality post I've ever made, ever, to fit your narrative and delusions.
Name one post of yours that even show value.

>before I started speaking out against them, they were worse.
I've browsed this place every day since Apil, and I know that that isn't even close to true.
3412 3413
Two questions:
Who DOES belong here? No exclusionary statements, I would like to know who you feel belongs here.
Who do you feel is authoritatively entitled to decide who belongs here?
1433401__safe_artist-colon-certificate_artist-colon-p-dot-chronos_oc_oc-colon-milky way_oc only_censorship_covering_female_grin_gun_handgun_human_looki.png
This, desu.
We have to honor rule #3: we can ban blatant shitposters for the act of intolerable shitposting that shits-up the board, but we can't ban pony-related content just because some of us may not like it.
He feels as though as he been exhausted out of options in his delusional battle with his mortal enemies glimmerfags/glimmerniggers. The type of people that just pop up out of nowhere, yet supposedly has had a long history of terrorizing this board. And, like the ever so brave knight he is, "King Britanon" has galloped to save us with angry words alone! Hooray! Or, what am I saying! You know how dumb this sounds? Barneybrit, or whoever he is, has a really fucking retarded narrative going on. And, it's only spiraling into more nonsensical insanity. He fucking links to threads claiming glimmerfags have been bringing this up left and right, but the fact of the matter is that he's made more threads about this dull, insular topic than his enemies. I really just think this is all an act now, because he never responds to coherent posts like these >>3403.
And, what's worse is he's calling for the bans now. Which, although, it can be said that his opposition has called for the same, he's no better than them now. For the love of all things good, in the thread he linked to point who to ban, one of the posters was the poster with the vril flag. One of the finer members of this community. Do you really think he has any sort of honest connection to this home /mlpol/ if he's willing to call for such abhorrent things?

Since the start we have had no problems with your imagined enemy. Take your drama back to discord
I'm not asking for a ban of Glimmer, that's something the Glimmerniggers yell over me every time I ask for a ban on the group of 4-6 shitposters who harass, dox, and lie about anyone that threatens their continued ability to shit up the board.

We could be raiding a site right now. We could be posting "It's ok to be white" on image-hosting sites. We could be raiding climate change sites and redpilling people in PMs. But instead, everything's all about the glimmernigger horde. Again.
There is no Glimmernigger horde. You've been hearing most of out thoughts here, and we've concluded that your efforts to battle whatever opposition you claim there is to be has been much more disadvantageous to the wellbeing of the site than that possible opposition. My advice, drop this escapade and never dare mention the problem of glimmerniggers again. I assure you this is the solution to your ails.
>it's been two weeks
>two weeks
>still no end to glimmernigger/Nigel bullshit
>all these posts and all this time that could have been spent on the main board
Just stop. Please.
>Users:"Nigel Anon. None here in /qa/ call you a hero. A hero doesn't use a power like The Autism to spam this board and usurp rule 3."
Nigel: "*muffled shitpost*"
>Users: "You started this war, plunged the threads into chaos, and now MLPOL is going to put you down, and restore the peace."
Stop bumping this thread.
But I did stop, Lotus. I stopped for several days. And they kept mentioning "Barneybrit" out of context in other threads. It kept on going until I ran out of patience and the fight started again.

Then the discordfag leader told me he toootally wasn't the one who doxed me and he toootally doesn't know who is, and I said "Fuck it, fine, let's end this".

But these fuckers kept at it. They kept shitting up any discussion thread that got too anti-Glimmer for their tastes. I'm not "Allowed" to have opinions on MLP any more, I'm "Nigel The Barneybrit" now. I'm not judged for the quality of my posts, I'm judged by retards who actually unironically believe what Glimmerniggers made up about the charicature of not me, but all bronies who dislike them.

Then I stopped for three days. I decided, fuck it, if you're not going to do your job and deal with the problem at its glimmigrant source, why post? Why should I post on a board where the chattiest admin thinks the complainers are always wrong? Why should I post on a discussion board for MLP and Politics when I'm "Not Allowed" to discuss MLP and there aren't enough members not already in our seekrit club for any on-site redpilling?

We could be raiding right now. We could be raiding liberal sites sites. We could be redpilling normies. We could be working together to bring the day of the rope for niggers and jews and marxists sooner, but we're not, because glimmerniggers don't want that. They want all MLP discussion to be dominated by their shitpost horse and their boo-hooing about those who don't like their shitpost horse, and they want all bronies that don't want that to give up on them and leave. That's what happened on 4/mlp/, you know.

That's why the place is dead. That is why 4chan's /mlp/ board is absolutely dead. No MLP discussion happens there any more. People circlejerk in their generals, which serve as bubbles people can use to ignore the state of the board, and so that each general's creator will feel a sense of accomplishment when their bump-filled general becomes "Unusual Waifu Thread #24". Nobody complains about Twilight suddenly getting a brother out of nowhere, retconning her "Friendless" backstory to "Friendless, apart from this guy". Nobody complains about a third Alicorn coming in from nowhere and getting her own castle handed to her. Nobody complains about Twilight becoming the fourth alicorn. Nobody complains about the writers having absolutely no idea what to do with an Alicorn Twilight beyond what villain she'll be shooting lasers at in the season finale. You'll occasionally see someone complain about Glimmer, but it wouldn't surprise me if that turned out to be a Glimmernigger giving the bored horde someone to fight and a reason to stay together. Nobody complains about Glimmer, her pointlessly high power level, the constant shilling, the terrible writing, or what was done to Trixie to make her into Glimmer's personal cheerleader and "Worse pony", so we'd all have someone we're supposed to dislike more than Glimmer.

Nobody complains about these objectively bad things any more, and nobody bothers to discuss these things because any discussion thread that could be interesting gets shut down and shat up by glimmerniggers. You know what? Glimmerniggers, Glimmigrants, let's call these tards what they are: Hasdrones. Normie hasdrones, absolutely confused as to why anyone would unironically care about anything or expect the media they consume to be good and stay good.

The hasdrones "Chased them away" by shouting adult words and 4chan words at them until they left. Everyone who unironically cared about MLP as anything more than a mindless "comfy" show for you to watch "with your brain turned off" left. Everyone smart enough to see conversing with and arguing with a group of retards as an exercise in futility left. Is that what you want for this site, Lotus? For everyone sick of the shit you could and should clean up to leave?


Nobody on 4chan bothers with the hasdrones any more. People would rather discuss fucking Nyx and Fallout Equestria than MLP, because at least with FE, you can argue about whether the FO3 ripoff called Fallout Equestria or the dumber and edgier knockoff named Project Horizons is better/worse/more fun. You realize what this means, right? Two objectively bad fanfictions full of objectively stupid things have more potential for interesting quality discussion than MLP itself right now. Say what you will about Fallout Equestria fanboys, but they aren't as annoying as Hasdrones.

If I said "Fuck this conversation, fuck the Glimmernigger circlejerk, fuck this site, and fuck you especially, Lotus, I'm out", do you know who would celebrate? The glimmerniggers. Their greatest enemy would be gone. Some samefaggers will post from cafes like they did last time, to appear louder and more numerous. And perhaps some stockholm-syndrome 4cucks will celebrate, too, happy that the major annoyance will go back to being an easily-ignored minor background annoyance now that the threat to its existence is gone.

I've been the "Bigger person" for you multiple times, now. They still bitch about "Barneybrit", they still bitch about "Nigel", they still cry and whine and lie about me. Some hasdrone is probably going to say "Well that's your fault for annoying them", but who is them? A group of annoying shitposters that come here to annoy people because they find our quality discussions and unironic fun annoying. Do you really think they belong here more than the people who they want gone?

You know what 4/mlp/ moderation is like. Shouldn't you want to show the users here you're willing to be more pro-community and anti-hasdrone than 4/mlp/? They have their safe space, where nobody is allowed to criticizise them, and it's called 4/mlp/. It's also called Reddit. Yes, the Hasdrones report and gang up on any critics of nu-MLP there, too. You want this site to be a better place for honest open debate and discussion than fucking reddit, right?

This site has potential to be a better place for political discussion than 4/pol/ without the cucked mods and BLACKEDposters, and this site has potential to be a better place for MLP discussion than 4/mlp/ without the cucked mods and Glimmerposters. This site has potential, and I don't want to see that potential squandered by people too ignorant of the brony culture that left when hasdrones took over 4/mlp to know why hasdrones are cancer. They are stupid, they are loud, they are mindless, and they want to be entertained by shit content. Anyone who criticizes them or their shit content and anyone who wants better concent is their enemy, because they're interrupting the circlejerk and ruining their safe spaces. They barge into discussions where they are not wanted and they try their hardest to kill these discussions. This is what they do. This is all that they are.

I want this site to turn out better than 4chan, but if it isn't going to, then there's no reason for me to use either site.
Love of everything stop redditing this hard and stay as an anon barneybritt, it will never be forgotten and you will be brought up time to time. Stop this attention seeking
julius kieser reaction face meme.jpg
If petty arguments were their own circle of hell, this thread would be the gateway to it. There is no salvation.

Please describe the type of poster who (you) feel DOES belong on Mlpol.
4chan intelligent conversation.gif

3443 3449
That isn't what we're discussing here, and no matter how loudly you repeat that, it never will be. I'm not going to say "Intelligent, moral, honest white people that want a better world without jews or niggers", because if I did, you'd actually have some ammunition to use against me for the first time in your life. You'd be able to claim my standards are too high. You'd say "This is only a forum", as if forums are supposed to be dragged down by shitskins, you'd strawman me a little more than usual, and you'd feel like a victor for "Fooling me".

I don't want this thread to be about me or my vision for what the world should be. I'd rather bring attention to a problem that has yet to be fixed.

I've shown you who doesn't belong here. They've shown you why they don't belong here. If you want to belong here, just make some quality posts about politics or MLP. Hasdrones would rather kill quality discussion than take part in it, and nothing can shake their blind loyalty to their favorite company, just as nobody can explain to them why the media they consume shouldn't be something insultingly stupid and full of mindless pandering, something that requires you to "turn your brain off" before you can swallow it, let alone enjoy it. They can't be educated or reasoned with, only sent back to their home.
The problem is in the mirror.
Bronco uprising5.png
>mfw people are still talking about this bullshit
Elway, have mercy on this board.
Think I found a picture of one of those glimmerniggers.
>If you want to belong here, just make some quality posts about politics or MLP
Take your own advice
My picture's better.

3519 3520 3530
Damn, I thought I could use these threads to keep all the glimmerniggers stuck in one place, separate from the rest of the board. But now they're trying to shit up the winter ball thread.

What do?
Stop. Talking. About. Them!
3528 3530

>replies to an unrelated image in a Winterball thread
>gets angry when called out for it

>says he wont reply anymore
>replies anyway

>is asked to stop shitposting by the OP to not derail the thread
>posts several times off topic

>tells people there is no conspiracy against him
>accuses 2 more people of being glimmerniggers out of the blue

And you wonder how come that no one likes you here, Nigel.

3526 3529 3530
But I want them here in /qa/, not shitting up the rest of the board. That's been my goal from the start.
You're being dumb. They weren't in that thread. You tend to make a lot of false accusations.
It must be heaven inside your head, never having to accept the consequences of your actions or your role in things.

>calls out glimmerniggers
>glimmerniggers lie

What a shocker.

>says he won't reply to Niggron any more
>Niggron goes to his favorite Starbucks and posts from there
>I reply
>you admit that was Niggron

Get fucking baited

>tells glimmerniggers to fuck off
>others agree

You really should leave that thread. You don't belong there. You belong here in /qa/rash, where all the cucked stockholm-syndrome admins can see you and pointedly ignore you like they expect us to do.

>2 glimmerniggers say I call everyone Glimmerniggers
>I say only glimmerniggers say that to slander me and compensate for their inability to debate me maturely
>glimmerniggers see what they want to see

Like fucking clockwork.
>shits up the rest of the board
>accuses others of shitting up the rest of the board
Why This Shit Continues.jpg

backseat janitor.png
>cucked stockholm-syndrome admins

Fair point Lotus, time for the next phase.
Ultimate life form vs glimmerniggers - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.png
Huh. So that's what it's like inside your heads.

Literally the same line of logic as niggers sexually harassing aid workers and saying "Whites aren't in charge any more so we can do what we want".

You think because nobody on the moderator team is willing to ban you or any of your friends (because they're used to the 4chan "Just ignore tards, it's not like our cucked admins will do anything about them" way of dealing with cancer) you're allowed to shit up threads wherever you go and derail threads whenever you can. You think you have to do these things, just because you can. That's why you choose to use cucked Discord even though its owners are jews that could shoa it at any time, that's why you use Discord so much your discordfag asses are easily distinguishable from honest /mlpol/ posters. And that's why you spend your time here, acting retarded and calling anyone who tells you to fuck off a bait-taker.

Your parents aren't around to stop you.

the truth of glimmer fans - Copy (7) - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

Barneybrit, just stahp. Glimmer hordes don't come here, but she is still allowed to be posted. Stop trying to break rule 3
3558 3589
76532454654765 - Copy.jpg
Glimmernigger, just stahp. I don't want a ban on glimmer being posted, I want a ban on the six discordfags working around the fucking clock and coordinating this shit in Discord.

>they arent as bad as they are on 4chan
So? Is there a level of badness they need to surpass before niggery behavior is considered banworthy?
>they arent that many
Then I guess it won't be too hard for bans to happen.
>you cant just ban people you don't like-
These are enemy agents. These are personifications of everything wrong with the rot eating away at this fandom. The rot where niggers joined, saw bronies telling 4chan shills doompauling to fuck off, then assumed telling all critics to fuck off is part of the chan culture to seem less reddit. They're jealous of /mlpol/'s success, especially when compared to what remains of their own board.
>-its 2016 man people have free speech you cant ban them
Oh, you're just... using a card. Ok.
For those who are new:
ITT is a particular poster. He cannot be reasoned with, is incapable of self-reflection, is oblivious to his own hypocrisy, and your best bet is to just filter his posts. You will know him when you see him.


(THIS. So much fucking This.)
I'm not apart of your imagined horde.Mods and Admins keep anyone from shitspamming gommie horse like they do on 4chin. You are not on 4chin, redditor. You keep your discuck drama to yourself plz, I don't care you got dox by your pass group of tards. That green text you made is funny tho, considering I never said or implied that. I just stated how you are trying to break rule. Barneybritt, you are a cesspool of reddick cancer and discuck drama. Now once more, call me a glimmernigger and ignore WHY people dislike you. To mods and Admins, sorry I respond to its postings. I'm just hoping one day he leaves back to his real home site or finally realizes it's not a horde of glam posters or his discard nemesises he keeps wanting to shit talk, but users of this site
I think this may be the only decent site that hasn't given him the heave whether warranted or not. I think nazi horsefuckers can particularly identify with being ostracized more or less, so consider him a lesson in humility and tolerance. Its not an ideal solution, but its probably best for ALL involved.
3561 3562
I wish they would give him a week ban for the constant attempts of breaking rule 3 tbh, and continue to do so until he stops with his paranoid shit
I felt this way too for a long while. Realize for one that this obviously hasn't improved his temperment, and realize for two that it may be that this is the sort of response he's been conditioned to expect and perhaps subconsciously to invoke. In my estimation, Mlpol.net is better than that, and while it may be irritating at times, perhaps there are a number of ways and means that anons - King Britanon included (yeah, I'll call him that from now on, though it pains me) - can grow from doing so.
Tl;dr Its not about me or you, its about US.
I actually have something to say about the situation between nigel and his bans. Should I make a separate thread?
I agree, its about us and its why I truly dislike barneybritt. He has only focused on himself while pretending to be an asset to the site. He needs these bans for doing it once wont get thru to him. He needs constant reinforcement that the users on the site are sick of his reddick style drama shit, ego stroking.
Might as well keep it to the /qa/ since these types of threads can get out of hand the more that are made, imo, but do as you see fit for it mate
3565 3566
Like it or not, King Britanon IS one of us. He may not act like most do, but neither is that a requirement. If he is too insufferable, there are filters and such by which anons can disregard or ignore his participation.
Eh, he's not one of us.
He is a reddick user and acts more like it then a chaner. I refuse to say he is one of us with how he wishes to divide the community over his own petty discuck drama and rage boner over glammer. He is no king
He actually goes to reddit by the way too.
3569 3572
Alright then, what is "us"? Please elucidate this concept of "us" in a manner that objectively omits KB.
You define "us." In terms of association, I will dare not associate himself with me. If there were to be a collective us, he would lower the bar and be the weakest link.
Another point, to imply that this cancer is apart of us would imply a sort of camaraderie. It's impossible to feel such a way, there is a resentment.
A niche group, consisting of anons who both appreciate MLP and who are politically motivated/aware; Those who are undaunted by the terms "Nazi" and "Horsefucker"; a bunch of internet misfits of a particular bent. Synonyms: Brony 4channer Douchebags who literally had to abscond to their own place to avoid greater alienation.
t. Douchebag
I will give it a go, but everyone will have their own view on what "us" is.
For one, not being apart of reddick -and if some are, they at least don't act like it when they are here- or bringing useless drama to this site. Now, drama is bound to happen, it always will happen, but the attention seeking way he dose it is not us. He could of easily faded back into being an anon, ignoring post but he just can not help himself. He must be known, he WANTS to be known. We are a small site so that fact is in his favor on leniency, since its a tad harder to stay an anon once your posting style gets noticed. The difference tho, is he dose it on purpose. He willingly makes himself known and buds into threads to start shit, then claims he didndu nuffin. As a whole, he is not where at all "us", he is an annoying drama starter who feels like this site OWES him something for his stupid shit post.
"Us" means you blend in. you try to not make waves to be noticed, and if you do, at least it should be done constructively but never such as
>Call me King Britanaon
Now, we do have some trip fags, but again, THEY tend to be helping the site- Ebin had his shit maps and updates for /mlsg/, and there are others you can spot right off the bat who dont tripfag.
The issue again is HOW barneybrit shits on the users of the site, accuses anyone and everyone of being "Those 6 discucks" or calls everyone a glimmernigger because they asked him to stop invading their threads and driving them off topic.
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I'm not - nor will ever - say he's beyond reproach. Desu, a fair case COULD be made that he skirts the line on several of the rules. The issue is (whether he deliberately brings them up or not, which I'm inclined to think its indeliberate) where does it end? Okay, KB gets a ban. That sets a dangerous precedent, even if the ban is temporary. To my understanding, "Being a faggot" is not against the rules.
The main rule I call forth to gib him the ban is rule 3- Pony allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS. I hate gommie horse, I think she was forgiven to quickly and climbed the ranks of the mane cast way to easily- YET we can not stop people from posting her, only stopping those who try to flood/drive threads into archives with the same repeated glam style posting. That has yet to happen here, nor would mods and admins let it- THUS his continued reeing against anything glimmer posted, even if its just a reaction image. We are not banning someone for being a faggit- We are enforcing the rules we set down on April 1st.
He ban evades. This is why I wanted to make a separate thread detailing it, but I'm not sure on whether or not to escalate the issue. Well, now is the best time.
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I have NO authority, but make your case then.
That's a number of issues. For one, the rules set forth on Apr 1st pertained to 4/mlpol/, among which there are a scant number who remain on Mlpol.net. For two, there is no prohibition on being an insufferable faggot, even if anons ARE being an insufferable faggot (and indeed, if you had any idea the same-faggotry that was actively going on you might be shocked) that's STILL not prohibited.
Again being a shitposter is not why I call for the ban- He is in violation of rule 3, has been for awhile. We are not giving up our rules because less users are here atm- Thats not the point of having rules. If he wants to continue to shit up threads and drive them off topic, attempting to shatter rule 3, I do not want him here -speaking for me only atm, but I think others agree about his way of derailing threads- If the rules are scrapped then I feel I will take my leave of this site. You can shitpost faggit all you want- Just stay within the guidelines of the rules- Something he dose not do
It's not an issue of your authority or mines but cementing public opinion in a way that we can identify a common issue. This division only weakens our stance against the forces at hand. Appeasement as I see it is not an option here. It has been used before, and won't help us. Now, I'm not saying that I want to control how people act and think, but on the other side presents the same problem. OP can't be controlled just as those who respond to him, so the only solution thus is to remove OP.
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Those sounds an awful lot like "I'm triggered, so ban HIM." Again, I repeat: he is not beyond reproach, but he is not currently in violation of the rules, given the manner in which the rules are worded and devised. He's insufferable with regard to his "Glimmernigger this and that" and I've been called such more times than I can count, but while he advocates against Glimmerniggers he does so with an overly-paranoid - if observable misdirected - interest in the quality of the board. That his definition of 'quality' differs from others (most?) is evident, but Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance on that argument.

He has been in violation of rules, so your point is moot. I have spoken so to a moderator on this.
His definition of quality is shit tbh. I still state that rule 3 is being broken by him, past actions mostly although present actions he has towed the line- but still crosses said line time to time, and more so then other users have. The fact he hasnt done it as a shitposting style is another main issues of it- Shitposting and attention whoring are two different beast and he some how manged to be an attention whoring rule breaking shitposter. Ive seen people ban for LESS, and he has run amok for awhile
>Okay, KB gets a ban. That sets a dangerous precedent, even if the ban is temporary. To my understanding, "Being a faggot" is not against the rules.
I just had to bitch out a mod for issuing bans where there was no rule violation and deleting posts. This is a real concern.
The longform of the rules is available here:
You're welcome to cite which part he is in violation of.
>3. Ponies allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Equestrians faced a lot of discrimination in the land of before, when /pol/ met them they reacted with fear, loathing, and disgust, before realizing they were truly our greatest ally
As such, it was agreed that as long as we from /pol/ can discuss our politics without >muh racism, those from /mlp/ may post pony porn to their hearts content
May post pony to their hearts content- While BB then decides to try to axe it off cause he dose not like glimmer. Again I keep saying it, RULE 3 :shrug:
While im at it, rule 4 too.
>4. No shill threads.

For those not in the know, shills are people who pretend to be disinterested 3rd parties in order to convince onlookers to try a salesman's product
Shills from 4chan would routinely try to use any doubts we had to get their foot in the door and argue their way between us, turning us against one another
For this the rule prohibits any posts that attempt to divide the community by preying on doubt, all posts must be appeals to reason, not appeals to emotion or other logical fallacies like that

>the rule prohibits any posts that attempt to divide the community by preying on doubt, all posts must be appeals to reason, not appeals to emotion or other logical fallacies like that \\He is clrealy shilling his shit and is attempting to divide the community into glimmer niggers and /mlpol/ posters
11. Check the catalog first.
Please check the catalog before posting. Having 30 threads up for the same topic is silly, and is a waste of catalog space.
There is a precendent before of a poster banned for spamming. This occurred in a "waifu war" thread in which a poster repeatedly spammed and derailed the thread, which he was banned for a small time. Although, I'm not sure if ban invasion should be a punishment, if definitely should be. Nigel has ban evaded. Another thing, the policies page isn't the die-hard constitution. It has been broken, molded, and used accordingly to whatever a staff member has done before. If this point comes across as inadequate, then it should be then pointed that staff have been in abuse in the past.
This is a decent argument. To counter, I'm going with the classic libel defense, set forth by People v. Larry Flint.
Can you legitimately state that KB's actions have driven an observable wedge between one section of Mlpol and another? It seems to me that his actions have ONLY driven a wedge between Mlpol and himself. Hence, his actions cannot be described as shilling, except against himself.
As for rule three, he's not advocating against Glimmer, he's advocating against "Glimmerniggers", which is a vacuous and intangible concept that only seems to exist in his mind (and TRULY I wish him luck in that). Having said, he's not seeking to omit a particular pone, but rather individuals he perceives to be negative to the site as a whole. Close, but not the same thing.


>These are enemy agents.

Mr. Goldson, You hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it.

I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it.
Points well taken. Still, rule 4 shilling dosent state that even if it fails, its ok- It states not to do it. So even as he failed, he was and still is in violation of it, although we can agree its minor, more so the reason I never brought up rule 4 and focused on 3. For rule 3, I have seen him enter threads where someone has posted glimmer just to bitch about it -No I wont dig the archives or site atm, getting ready for work- under the guise that its for the site as a whole- while ignoring the site as a whole who has asked him to get out of the thread he is derailing.
So filter him. Nothing is stopping you. What IS stopping you is the perception that you are in a position to dictate his beheavior, which you don't have. Sorry anon.
He has gotten threads locked before. You cant filter that out m8, what he has done and dose do, is more then a simple filter block
I really do think that /sp/ rhetoric of "rulecucked" had gotten to us long ago. Now the staff are docile and weak.
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I don't think that. But for some reason, it only seems like BB gets this free pass. The killwall still shows they are active and providing for the site as staff, and they more or less are counting on us to drop and ignore the BB poster- Yet at this time I think they need to make a move, one way or the other- Either lay down the hammer until BB realizes this is not just his site nor dose he control the posters, nor is he looked upon as a savior against an imagined horde. Yes glamhordes are real, but again, this site dosent have that problem, and never has yet he calims it dose because he got into a fight with his discord group.
Or the staff lays the hammer down on ALL who bring up said topic until it dies off, be it BB, myself or anyone else posting about it. I want my comfy friends back, not this filth of division
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I'll be glad with either solution, particularly the first. If my own presence on this site is compromised, the so be it. I'm exhausted enough of this proble.that it warrants me to leave.
I feel you, tho I really do not want to leave. Most comfy site in a long long time, I respect the staff and love the users here. But this fukkin shit is driving me to the point of jsut saying fuck it
What Is Nigel
poochie glimmer.jpeg

I have taken a moment of thought and came up with some conclusions towards Nigel and his behavior. I will sort them from most likely to least likely.

1. Nigel is a Reddit Newfag
In my opinion the most likely scenarior. Nigel is contrary to his own admission a Brony that has mostly been using sites outside of chan culture and rarele - if ever - used /mlp/, /pol/ or any other similar chan sites and just happened to have a right wing political leaning by chance, not by choice

2. Nigel is Socially Retarded
This may or may not coincide with point 1. Nigel has personality traits that make him socially awkward. He wants to belong to communities but stumbles over his own false sense of intellectuality and falsely recongnizes his skill to analyses childrens cartoons as a serious skill. If Nigel has no prior experience to politics this could also explain his overall poor contribution quality to this aspect of the site.

3. Nigel is Mentally Retarded
There is no way for us to know if Nigel is clinically suffering from some kind of mental or perhaps even physical disability, be that high or low functioning. Even people like Chris Chan are able to use the internet and leave smoldering creaters in their wake where they strive. If Nigel has by any chance a bodyly disability, the lack of human socialisiation may haven driven him over that particular edge to adopt this circle of abarasive posting and (accidental?) attention whoring.

4. Nigel is a Troll
If True, my honest admiration. Nigel has been here since about June and that would be quite the mid term trolling Project. It would explain Nigels ability to fabricate memes, arguments that turn into downward spirals and his drive and desire to keep the show going to get some laughs out of all the idiots that perpetually took his bait. Maybe he even likes Starlight Glimmer unironically.

5. Nigel is a group of people
Most of my points from 4. go in here, except it is not one person, but several who agreed to "work" on this project or perhaps even live in the same space together and just have a laugh at a group of Nazi Horsefuckers on the internet.

6. Nigel is a paid MSM Shill
The MSM have taken lesseons from undercover observation of chan sites and devised a plan to destroy us from the inside. A Terminator if you will, with the skin of a chan dweller on the outside but the spine of a mercenary to spread subtile anti right propaganda with the goal to divide and conquer the community. It would explain the longvenity of the events and how persistent Nigel is in his advances.

7. Nigel is a Mod or a site App of MLPOL
Nigel is a sockpuppet of a Mod with the goal to test the morals of the community or just to annoy us for the sake of creating traffic or attention for the site to keep us engaged. or perhaps even just for his own ammusement. Perhaps Nigel is not even real and just some sort of Chatbot who has been programmed to reply to a collection of posts with preselected pictures and sentences.

8. Nigel does not exist
Niegel never was here, is not here and never will be here. We are hallucination. People pretend or imagine someone or something being here that was a fabrication of our mind. A curse of Paranoia if you will that we brought upon ourselves. Or perhaps a supernatutal being in the likes of a Cyberdemon.

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I never took the chance to look up KB's dox, but I wish that I had; it might shed light on the situation. I share your sentiments though and I regret that this situation is/maybe a contributing factor. I do note - and this was only recently revealed to me - that the discord group he was kicked and doxxed by has been purged, and that a new one has been built in its stead that is more consistent with the intent and spirit of Mlpol (not just in name).
So is your participation with the site so tentative that one poster (assuming the group-troll allegation is inaccurate) can compromise it? I'm not condoning his actions FAR from it!, but are you anons really so thin-skinned?
Your pontificating eludes me. It almost as though you are mucking us. But, really. There's a difference having thick skin and patience. My patience has ran out (it's been months and this problem still exists.) Why should I just accept this?
A little, but you're also trying to leverage your participation against his, which is particularly easy to do in /qa/ where there are no flags and IDs. No bully, but it is what it is. As far as patience vs. thick skin, I see them as one and the same. You describe KB as a problem, and I don't contest that description, but there are many approaches at your disposal that don't involve calling for his termination as a participant. I'm simply asking, have thoroughly pursued those options?
action rice ball.gif

Where is the line to be drawn between one inividual that may accidently cause division within the whole community and possible a cluster of people that does the same on purpose with the goal of destruction of the social cohesion?

Even if I were to globally filter him for the rest of time, What makes Nigel functionally different from a paid shills when his actions cause the exact same effect and snowball perpetually more into it the longer he is allowed to go on?
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Why, yes. I've debated him to a peg (to which last time his only argument was "hur durr go back to reddit"), called him out for he was, during the beginning offered a middle ground, mediated, ignored him, etc... Perhaps you and I are different, but I've had much more of a stake in this what it seems. Another option I pursued was direct contact with a mod, which enlightned me to a few things & galvanised my opposition.
you dont know what pain is.jpg

at the time when this conflict stirring was new i felt Vril was overreacting when he chose to move into opposition to Nigel and called for harsh measures such as bans.

Now, I see that wisdom that was in this act. I no longer believe him to be in the wrong. Instead, I must blame myself for be to lenient. If rot is allowed to set in, it will. And it will spread.

Aside from a mandate from the greater participants of Mlpol, the line is to be drawn by moderators. As for difference, I can't say without knowing more of his background. I doubt however that many will be particularly swayed by his 'reason'.
As have I (debated that is). Without same-fagging I have been at this with KB almost since the beginning, and I have quite a stake in this as well.
Desu I don't think that Vril was wrong either. I'm choosing to argue more or less on KB's behalf because I simply don't know. At the risk of dramatics, I can't help but think that the recent season finale of MLP was poetically appropriate.
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A lot of people are asking why the Glimmer hater has not been banned, so I'll tell you all why.

What was said in >>3557 is essentially correct. The Glimmer hater is not going to back down because of argument, he has more endurance than all of you combined, and if you bait him he will respond. I really thought all of you would have learned that by now, as I learned it months ago. He's not a problem unless he is provoked. He was a daily user of the board for well over a month before Glimmergate. He was just fine throughout September and half of October, until someone starting talking about "glimmer Nigel" in the thread, which provoked him.

The main reason he is not banned, is that he is always provoked into posting. For every post of his, there are always at least three people who are behaving more poorly than him. While he is always sincere, and while he seems to be unreasonable because of some born disability, everyone else should have learned by now that all they have to do to make him stop is to just stop responding and stop baiting him.
Lotus, you are a cuck.
can't believe this is still a probl
is that an argument?
cdi linkle.jpg

yes and no, people who sexually identify as cuckholds are not to be entrusted with authority. that said, i think it was just bait.
can't believe this is still a probl
fair enough, pretty sure no cuckoldry actually exists in the staff.
>more endurance
Go on, keep thinking that. Meanwhile I'll keep trying to find a way to make it work for everyone. Xp
See >>>/mlpol/87869 →
Thank you.

Bumping because the Glimmer cabal is at it again. And this time, they're organized. They aren't any brighter than they were last time, but they're more organized.
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Who will these "Glimmerniggers", organized using Discord and united to act like leftypol, attack next? Who will they harass and hound across threads and boards, who will they decide is a cringey thoughtcriminal next?
Who indeed?

Damn, invaders. Back at it again with the you-deserve-bans.