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Mare Fucking Thread
Post horse fucking greentext/content/whatever

That was an interesting read. You got an archive of the thread?
>pic 3
Kek, that gets me every time
>pic 4
I wasn't prepared for these feels.
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Found it.
well, I guess today I learned that humans can successfully seduce both horses and different varieties of bird
I think if you want something to add to your thread then I think a full section of the drunk posting thread on /sp/ would count for that, think it starts about here >>18699
Fuck, forgot just basics codes wont work with cross board linking. Just have this instead https://mlpol.net/sp/1193#18699
Triple > /board/ post #
>>>/sp/18699 →
Oh thanks, have some horse puss for your trouble. Not had to cross link before so didn't really know how to do it
How do you write romance well?
And how do you write sex well?
>How do you write romance well?
Read good romance stories. Analyze what makes them good.
>And how do you write sex well?
Read good smut. Analyze what makes it good.
356986 356987
But I don't want to read smut
Guess you won't be writing good sex then.
The first step to writing is reading. To write a good story, you should know what a good story looks like.
But I've done good sex IRL.
>The first step to writing is reading. To write a good story, you should know what a good story looks like.
Indeed, having the elements of good design of the medium of choice tends to need examples.
Sometimes those examples are more abstract other times it's the culmination of many works.
But that's not the same criteria. You're trying to tell someone else about it and have it invoke specific responses.
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Writefag here. I'm willing to take some requests if anyone is interested.
357119 357162 357200
Nerd anon takes Twilight on a date to the aquarium
357162 357305
One where Anon is a parody of a noir style detective that takes on silly mare mysteries in Manehattan.
357139 357200
This >>357072 but make sure they fuck at the end
And he's not a gigachad. She's not a gigaslut. These aren't porn stars with a lifetime of practice seducing and fucking. These are two socially awkward nerds who like each other.
357169 357170 357200
In progress.

I will do this one next this actually overlaps partly with something I was working on anyway, so it will be good practice.
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A (multi)crossover:mlp:fim+sign(1and2)+zootopia+Beastars+Seton Academy: Join the Pack!.,
(Maybe some: Pokemon,Avengers, Harry Potter, Power Rangers,MiB,Monsterverse,Rick & Morty, Monster Hunter, Jurassic Park, ThunderCats,etc.)
Genres: noir, comedy, steampunk, teslapunk, magicpunk, etc., AU
(Put the link to the fanfic, if you still accept requests.)
based writefag, I hope the writing goes smoothly!
Holy based!
Obscenely autistic, even by horsefuckers' deplorably low standards.
Case in point.
>Seton Academy
I've never seen that. What's it about?
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Different ID, but this is me.

You know what? Fuck it; challenge accepted. I will write this ridiculous autism, and it will be the shitpost to end all shitposts. I'm going to need some clarification on a couple of things, though:

Not familiar with this property at all, and google isn't turning anything up.

I'm assuming you mean Men in Black, the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones movie from the 1990s. If not, you'd better clear it up quickly, because I already have some ideas.

>Monster Hunter
Looks like this could refer to a few different properties. Is this the one you were talking about?

Again, this seems like it could be a few different things. If I don't hear otherwise, I'm assuming this is what you're talking about:

Anyway, you're number 3 in the queue, and it will probably be a little while before I get to this one. Stick around.
Business Dog
Mares in Black? ...I'd watch it.
357186 357187
Sign(1and2) I wrote it wrong in the previous post.
MiB(Man in Black)- The whole franchise, all the movies.
Monster Hunter https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monster_Hunter_(film)
I do not know.
357187 357199
The Monster Hunter film? But that was shit! It didn't capture the joyous cavepunk atmosphere of the games at all! No Palicos, no Palamutes, no friendly fellow hunters, no friendly home towns, no putting fire dragon bits on a club to make an exploding fire club! This is a society where the arrival of a devastating giant sand monster is met with "Aw sweet, let's go and climb on its back to mine rare materials!". Just look at the fun cats have when they cook for you, and the hearty play-acting exaggerated gusto with which your character devours his food. This culture respects nature and embraces danger and loves life. The Monster Hunter film was just another miserable bleak grey western film that took itself too seriously and completely misrepresented its source material. In an attempt to make the series "Hollywood-friendly" they took the spark of joy out of Monster Hunter and rendered it a bleak depressing uninspired pile of wannabe Mad Max meets wannabe Aliens dogshit.
shit forgot the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyI8LQk7WDY
Yes, the movie. If you don't like it, don't forget it. Ignore.
357201 357237
>be you
>stranded in magical land of talking horses
>no idea how you got here
>no idea how to get back
>but you're in no hurry to get back anyway
>you don't remember much of your old life, but what you do remember is nothing you'd want to trade this place for
>each day a little more of it fades away, like a half-remembered dream
>you don't have time to think about that shit now
>because it's springtime in Equestria
>and you've finally got a date with that cute librarian you've had a thing for since you got here
>well technically it's like the fourth or fifth time you've gone out with her
>but this is the first time you've actually managed to ask her out alone
>every other time has been kind of a group thing
>that friend of hers, Pinkie, seems to have more or less figured out how you feel
>she keeps trying to play matchmaker, but she also can't stop inserting herself into your dates and ruining them
>her other friend won't shut up about fashion
>anyway whatever, tl;dr her friends all suck
>point is, finally you screwed up the courage to just ask Twilight out on your own
>no Pinkie
>no Applejack or Rarity
>no Spike or Fluttershy or any of the others butting in
>just the two of you on a proper date
>you spilled a fair amount of spaghetti in the process
>but she said yes
>you step off the train onto the platform
>you are immediately overwhelmed by the sights, noises and smells of a major city
>Twilight wasn't kidding, this place is huge
>you're a little nervous about meeting her in a city you've never been to, but it can't be helped
>she had to go back to the capital for the weekend
>you didn't quite understand her explanation why, but you know it has something to do with her studies
>she tends to spill a fair amount of spaghetti herself whenever she talks to you
>you want to believe that's a good sign
>but she also seems like she spills a lot of spaghetti on her own
>anyway, whatever
>point is, she agreed to meet up with you this afternoon
>you look around the platform
>the Canterlot station is much bigger than the one in Ponyville
>there are so many ponies here
>but you don't see her anywhere
>you feel your stomach tighten
>what if she doesn't show up?
>worse: what if she does show up, but you can't find her?
>she'll think you stood her up
>however, before your autism has a chance to spiral out of control, you hear a familiar voice calling to you from across the platform
"Hi, Anon!"
>you turn in the direction it came from
>a cute little purple unicorn is standing at the edge of the platform, trying to catch your attention over the crowd of ponies jostling around her
>the bright magenta stripe in her mane stands out against the sea of pastel
>it's already well into spring, but Canterlot is at a higher altitude and the air is chilly
>she's wearing a pink and white striped scarf that goes well with her colors
>it looks like something Rarity probably made for her
>you make a mental note to compliment her on it
>you remember someone from long ago telling you that you should always compliment a girl on something she's wearing if you go on a date with her
>you can't remember who it was that gave you that advice, but you distinctly remember hearing it
>and it sounds like good advice
>it's a good thing she has that scarf on, you think to yourself as she approaches
>clothing is mostly optional in this world
>and Twilight isn't especially fashion-conscious
>you're not sure what you'd compliment her on if she wasn't wearing anything
>there would be plenty of options to choose from of course
>but you're not sure what's polite to notice out loud
>oh shit
>you suddenly notice she's standing right in front of you
>how did she get here that quickly?
>how long were you staring into space like an autist?
>she's looking up like she expects you to say something
>you're pretty sure she just asked you a question
>but you were too busy admiring her scarf and spacing out like an autist, so whatever she said didn't register
>hurry up and say something, you retard
>or you're going to blow this
"Uh, yeah, that sounds great!" you blurt out
>you seriously hope that was the right response
>lucky for you, she breaks into a big grin
"Great!" she says. "I know a place that's just a short trot--er, walk--er, whatever!"
>she sounds a bit nervous herself
>you hope that's a good sign
>however, you only take slight notice of it
>for the most part your efforts are focused on containing your own spaghetti
>most of which you manage to keep inside your pockets for the time being
>together, you walk down a few of Canterlot's zigzagging streets
>you end up at a sidewalk cafe not far from the station
>it's hard to hear what she's saying over the din of the city around you
>but you ask awkwardly what she's been up to
>lucky for you, she immediately goes off about some ancient spell she's studying
>she gets really excited when she talks about stuff like this
>you relax a little and just enjoy listening to her
>you have no idea what she's talking about
>you couldn't get a word in edgewise even if you had an intelligent contribution to make
>but her excitement makes you smile
>and you're relieved that you don't have to think up things to talk about
>talking is the hardest part of interacting with anyone
>even cute horses you like
>especially cute horses you like
>a waiter comes by and takes your order
>Twilight orders some kind of flower salad
>you have no idea what you ordered, your mouth just moves on its own
>hopefully you didn't order some kind of weird horse-food you won't be able to eat
>the waiter trots away
>Twilight seems to have lost her train of thought on whatever spell she was talking about
357202 357237
>there's a moment of awkward silence
>you suddenly remember you forgot to compliment her scarf
"I like your scarf!"
>you blurt that out like a retard
>Twilight looks startled for a moment
>she looks down as if she'd forgotten she was wearing a scarf
"Oh, thanks," she says. "Rarity made it for me last Hearth's Warming."
>awkward silence again
>she looks slightly uncomfortable
>say something you retard, you're blowing this
>you both blurt that out at the same time
>Twilight reddens a little and looks away, smiling sheepishly
"Um," she begins again. "...was there anything you wanted to see while you're in Canterlot?"
>oh fuck
>on the surface you're calm and ready
>but inside your sweater it's all spaghetti
>you have no idea what you want to see while you're in Canterlot
>you don't even know what's in Canterlot
>you've never thought about it before
>all week you've been thinking about coming up here to see her
>you'd have gone to Kalamazoo if she asked
>but you have no idea what's out there either
>she's looking at you
>say something you retard, you're blowing this
"Uh, how about the aquarium?"
>you blurt this out just microseconds before your brain tells you what a stupid suggestion it is
>the aquarium?
>does Canterlot even have an aquarium?
>do talking horses even know what an aquarium is?
>Twilight blinks
"The aquarium?"
>you really are blowing this
>she has no idea what an aquarium is
>now you'll have to explain the concept to her
>and then you'll have to explain why you thought that visiting a prison for fish would make a good date
>and then--
"Sure, that sounds like a lot of fun!"
>her answer catches you off guard
>you look at her and are relieved to see she is now smiling brightly
"I haven't been since I was a filly!"
>looks like aquariums are a thing here
>you got off lucky this time, but be more careful from now on, your brain admonishes
>meanwhile, the waiter has returned with your food
>you are relieved to discover you ordered some kind of potato goulash that looks perfectly normal, and not a bowl of raw oats
>you dig in
>it's actually pretty good
>Twilight seems to enjoy her salad as well
>she starts yammering like an autist again about her magic studies while she eats
>you still can't follow a word of it, but you enjoy listening to her
>it's cute how exited she gets
>she's so excited she doesn't even realize she's spitting out little pieces of daffodil as she talks
>you think that's cute too
>you don't even mind that some of it is going into your goulash
>she's still in good spirits as the two of you pay your bill and leave
>you're starting to relax a little
>the conversation flows more easily as you make your way through the Canterlot streets
>you talk about stuff and whatever, you're not even sure what you're saying half the time
>she seems genuinely interested in your world, you wish you could remember more about it
>finally, you arrive at the aquarium
>it's a fairly large, old-looking structure not far from the palace
>you have another brief spaghetti moment when you realize you're not sure you have enough money to cover admission for both of you
>however, it turns out that students at Celestia's school get in for free
>the interior of the aquarium is dark and cool
>the walls consist of large plate glass windows looking into tanks filled with water
>there's a group of about five or six foals in one corner, accompanied by a mare who looks like their teacher
>beyond that, the two of you are the only ones in here
>Twilight looks around at the tanks, smiling
"I used to come here all the time with my parents," she says.
>the two of you walk up to one of the tanks
>there doesn't appear to be anything inside
>you press your face against the glass, trying to peer inside
>you take a surprised step backwards and nearly trip over Twilight's tail
"Ow!" she says
>you apologize, but your attention is quickly drawn back to the tank
>inside, a group of colorful talking...sea-horses or something...are performing an elaborate musical number
"Call upon the sea ponies, when you're in distress..."
>meanwhile, Twilight is watching the performance and happily humming along
>she notices your expression
"Oh, that's right, you're not from here!" she exclaims
"What are they?" you ask
"They're the sea ponies," she says. "You're...uh, supposed to call on them I guess."
"When I'm in distress?"
"Yep. Although if you're in distress somewhere that isn't underwater they aren't very helpful."
"Do they...do this a lot?"
>Twilight nods enthusiastically
"Oh, yes! This song is one of the main draws for this place. A lot of ponies just come in here to watch the song and then leave. But those ponies miss out on the rest of the aquarium!"
>the sea ponies finish their musical number and swim away
>the two of you leave the main atrium and venture into the rest of the aquarium
>Twilight leads you from tank to tank, growing more animated as she explains about the creatures in each exhibit
>she really knows her way around in here
>and she's surprisingly knowledgeable about fish
>you'd have thought this kind of thing would be more up Fluttershy's alley
>but Twilight clearly has a genuine interest
>once again, you are able to just relax and enjoy her autism
>the aquarium is much larger than it looked from the outside
>she leads you through a maze of hallways and tanks and exhibits
>Equestria's oceans are home to all sorts of fantastic creatures
>you find yourself getting genuinely drawn in
>Twilight is having a lot of fun as well
>this place seems to be bringing back a lot of fond memories for her
>finally, you come to a round room surrounded by water on all sides
>there is no exit except way you came in
>the big tank is filled with some species of giant sea-turtle
>a few of them are swimming lazily around
>a few more repose on the gravel-strewn bottom, surrounded by decorative shells and coral
>some kind of algae-eating snail is making its way slowly up the side of one of the tank walls
357204 357237
>in the center of the room is a red velvet sofa
"Want to rest for a minute?" asks Twilight
>you realize suddenly that your feet are sore from all of this walking around
>you don't remember much about how you spent your time before coming to Equestria
>but whatever it was, you don't think it involved this much walking
>you nod gratefully and sit down on the sofa
>Twilight climbs up and plops down next to you
>you don't get the impression that she does a lot of walking either
>you catch a whiff of her scent
>she's wearing some kind of berry perfume
>underneath it is a hint of mare sweat
>the smell makes your stomach tighten
>suddenly you're nervous again
>you realize how close she is to you
"This was fun!" she says. "It's been forever since I came here! I forgot how much I used to love this place."
>she sighs a little and leans into you
>you can feel her body heat
>your arm moves on its own
>it wraps around her shoulders
>or her withers
>or whatever a horse has
>she leans in closer and snuggles her head underneath yours
>her mane has a light floral scent
>it's probably her shampoo
>most likely some kind of sensibly-priced store-brand shampoo
>it smells nice
>you sit like that for awhile
>the tank bubbles
>the turtles swim lazily around
>Twilight shuffles slightly
>you turn and look down at her
>she looks up
>your eyes meet
>you stare at each other for a moment
>you're wondering if you ought to say something
>suddenly you lean in and kiss her
>it's a bit weird trying to kiss a horse
>it takes a few seconds of awkward fumbling for your mouth to find the right position
>Twilight helps you
>her tongue probes hungrily into your mouth
>you can taste daffodil salad on her breath
>you pull her closer
>the height difference makes it awkward
>she steps up on her hind legs and climbs onto your lap to make it easier
>you lean back against the side arm of the couch
>she settles down on top of you
>her front hooves are on your shoulders
>the smell of berries and flowers and sweat is overpowering
>you feel something warm and wet pressing against your hard-on
>the kiss breaks off with a wet pop
>you stare at each other for a moment
>you're both breathing heavily
>neither of you says anything
>then you kiss again
>hungrier this time
>she lifts her haunches off of your lap a little
>you feel something like an electrical charge around the crotch of your pants
>you notice her horn is sparkling
>it takes you a couple of seconds to realize she's using magic to unzip your pants
>she's pretty good at it, considering that pants are basically alien technology to her
>some autistic corner of your mind wonders if she's got a book on pants somewhere in her library
>fortunately you have little time to ponder this incredibly stupid thought
>as soon as your pants are halfway down your thighs she lowers herself onto you
>you are immediately enveloped by something hot and wet
>Twilight groans softly
>you groan too
>there's a thick musky scent hanging in the air
>she begins to grind her hips slowly
>but that's not all that's moving
>you dimly remember reading somewhere about the kind of muscle control that equines have
>you're not sure where you read that
>but damned if it wasn't true
>this is like sticking it into a milking machine
>she squeezes and massages you while barely moving the rest of her body
>she's breathing hard
>you can feel her hot daffodil breath tickling your ear
>you already know you're not going to last long
>you caress the soft ample flesh on her flank
>with your free hand you grab the back of her neck and kiss her again
>she squeezes you tighter
>that sends you over the edge
>you groan loudly
>that dim part of your brain is warning you not to make too much noise
>but you're hardly listening
>she erupts a second after you do
>you feel a gushing torrent of warm fluid pouring down your balls like a waterfall
>the aroma is overpowering
>Twilight's body trembles violently
>she breaks off the kiss and moans
>there's a thin spiderweb of saliva running from her mouth to yours
>she arches her back and moans again, and another torrent gushes out of her
>the sofa cushion underneath you is now soaked
>that autistic corner of your brain feels momentarily sorry for the aquarium's janitor
>however, that's pretty much your last coherent thought for next several seconds
>your mind goes blank as you give yourself over to pure sensation
>the warm weight of Twilight's body pressed on top of yours
>the sour, musky aroma of her sweat and cum
>the heat of her breath
>the warm, wet caress as her spasms continue milking you--
>you both cry out in unison
>if you didn't have her pinned to your chest she probably would have sprang several feet into the air
>you look at each other for one panicked moment
>Twilight's mane is disheveled and she has a lunatic gleam in her eye
>you're both panting
>tentatively, you both peer over the back of the sofa
>about five or six sea ponies are floating in the turtle tank
>you stare at them
>they stare back at you
>for several seconds nobody says anything
"We.....heard noises," says one of the sea ponies finally.
>that's about the best response you can come up with
"Yeah," adds another. "Uh, we......thought you were in distress."
"Um, no," you stammer. "We're....uh....we're fine."
>awkward silence resumes
>nobody is quite sure what to say
>to make matters worse, Twilight is still...moving a little
>but trying to stop it is no use
>you're pretty much at full mast again
>she notices
>you turn to her apologetically
>she reddens a bit
>but then she gets a weird gleam in her eye
>she leans forward and whispers into your ear
"Let them watch if they want."

>that ending
Thanks friend, quite an enjoyable read
Thanks for reading, I'm glad you liked it.

I haven't forgotten about you, I promise I will do yours soon.


I thought up a bunch of extremely silly shit for this one and I wanted to write it all down before I forgot. I don't want to clog up this thread with it since it isn't really about mare fucking, so I'm posting it in the lit thread. However, I think this is actually turning out to be pretty funny, so I will keep adding to it periodically:

>>357299 →
>>357300 →
>>357301 →
>>357302 →
>>357303 →
>>357304 →
Hey writer when do you finish the prompts?
Still in progress, I haven't had much time to write this week unfortunately. Here's a bit more of it:

>>357657 →
>>357658 →
>>357659 →
>>357660 →