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Anonfilly Thread - Playtime Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>276120 →

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”First!” you shout as tackle your green sis out of the way and slide inside the dinning hall.
>Purple, who was in the middle of levitating a large plate with a upside down bowl ontop it towards one the large and long dinning table, qwuickly puts it down and with a scared looked runs passed ou to check on your sis
>Meanwhile, you jump up in a tall chair and seat yourself at the table
>With your snout, you nudge off the bowl and witness steam pour out
>You mouth water as you see the newly roasted pancakes
>Nudging over a pancake onto your plate and then throw spoonfuls of strawberry and blueberry jams on it
>Then you roll it and then you take a bite
>You feel a presence on your right and turn to see purple standing over you with a scowl on her features
>Worth it?
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Jesus Christ, how horrifying.
Would get body checked again for Twilight points.
A breakfast only Purple could concoct. It's probably not bad at all. Twilight could have done a switch-a-roo and replaced the jams with mystery gelatine, and a dummy pancake that's only partially edible.
>>282541 →

So I'm actually continuing this. Because... I couldn't leave well enough alone?

>The maid nods and the carriage rolls off
>Yours and the pink filly's gazes meet
>You give her a blank look, at first, then an image of a purple alicorn demi-god waggling her hoof at you flashes through your mind, and you force a small smile in the direction of the other filly
>She goes from being somewhat unsure how to behave in your presence to beam from your smile
>She looks down and her cheeks gets flushed red
"Heh," she says and moves away a bang of her blonde mane out of the way. "I'm sorry. This is a bit embarrassing but I haven't seen pictures of you yet so I'm sorry I didn't recognice you earlier."
>You shrug with your front legs (cartoonponyanatomy)
"Mmm, that's fine and completely understandable. I became a princess a week ago after all. So, you know, ponies have lives, right?" you say, tilt your head forward, and gesture with your hoof.
>She smiles back at you but then looks away and brings a hoof up to her cheek to cover it
"Mmm, " comes ouf of her mouth but sounding more glum than an agreeing, `Mmm,´ should be. "Well, to bad that excuse doesn't really work for me, right?"
>She gives you a smile of half self-depricating mirth and half embarrassment
>You're probably suppose to know his pony
>You sigh and mirror the other filly's expression
>You scratch the back of you neck
"Yeah, perhaps but then we're even... because I don't know who you are either." You look up at her
>She shines up at that
"Hehe, oh. Well, that does make me feel better about myself. But I don't blame you. The week after your coronation must have been busy. I understand if you hadn't time to learn about all of your new..." She grins and pauses clearly for drammatic effect. "Relatives."
>Your eyes widen and you stare at her
"Who-" you start.
"Well, according to the idea that all the princess are sisters. We're almost cousins. I'm prince Blueblood's daughter, Golden Circlet."

>Stabs a pancake roll and roasts it over the fire.
>Be Celestia.
>Currently at the secret labs.
>Mostly a place to make stuff if the Elements for some reason failed and friendship isn't a option.
>Better safe than sorry.
>But in your greed you did commission something from them.
>A filly, just a little filly you could take care of.
>Immortal of course, don't want to go through losing something you get so attached too afterall.
>All around she was and is very good.
>Exactly what you asked for, Nonny was perfect.
>Say for one tiny issue.
>You enter the cloning labs and the two guards stationed inside salute.
>The scientists notice you and bow.
>"Princess Celestia! We were not expecting your oversight today!" The head research mare says with a hint of excitement. "But wonderful as always, I must show you some of our latest breakthroughs in gen splicing, we-"
>You raise a hoof.
"In a moment, I'm actually here with a question about, my personal clone."
>She thinks for a moment.
>"Oh, you mean 1-14-15-14?"
"Yes, Nonny. There seems to be a issue."
>She looks worried.
>"Dr. Code, could you bring up clone case 1-14-15-14, class royal?"
>"Yes ma'am." Another mare says typing into a computer making a bigger screen with Nonny as a filly pop onto the wall.
>"What exactly was the problem Princess?" The head research mare ask.
>You scuff the ground with a hoof, hating the idea of Nonny having a 'problem'.
"Well, more of just a issue. She's a bit... big."
>She raises a brow before tapping at the computer herself.
>"Yes, she should be the same size as Cadence. We did use her DNA for that part."
"You used Cadence's DNA?"
>She nods still typing.
>"Yes. The perfect filly made from the perfect mares." She says as she begins to roll a hoof. "Luna's magic natural ability, your wing mobility, Cadence's height, Luna's voice mixed with Cadence's, your quick thinking, your taste mixed with a bit of Luna's, your muscle strength, your eyes, Cadence's compassion, some of the other docs genes to fill in the gaps and give even more intelligence, ect. The perfect mares, for the perfect fill-"
>She is in a dead stop as she looks at what must be Nonny's DNA.
>"Uhhh, hey you other doctors want to look at this?" She says as the others look up from their work and see whatever it is they see.
"Is there something I should know?"
>They just look with dread.
>"How did we miss this...?"
>You're starting to panic, this is your filly they're talking about.
"Miss what?"
>She looks at you with a worried smile.
>"Well, uhh, heh, we may have found the issue..."
>You look her dead in the eyes as your worry peaks.
>You put a bit of venom in your tone if her flinch is anything to go by."
>"W-Well, it would seem Cadence's family has a slight case of gigantism, while normally this wouldn't be a issue, but with Nonny being a clone, not a birth, this may have a one hundred percent chance of having full body gigantism... how big did you say she was?"
"She's eye to eye with Luna now."
>The doctors all get to work writing up all sorts of things and bickering.
>"W-We'll be a moment princess, would you mind waiting outside for a bit?"
>You're still terrified for your poor foal so you simply nod as stress takes over and you walk outside the room.
>As you were waiting you heard ponies inside yelling at one another as 'they bucked up hard'.
>As it goes on a excited scientist had saw you and was eager to show you their new projects.
>Anything to take your mind off the current situation.
>There was a little friendly competition between two branches of who made the better weapon.
>Archaplazmor and the BFG.
>While the Big Friendly Gun was effective at mass of targets, it was really limited on ammo, while the plazmor was less impressive but more interchangeable with more ammo.
>You really couldn't decide and thought some friends having competition would be good for them.
>By this time the clone team had gotten you back.
>"So, we have figured it out princess. Nonny will be healthy, b-but about twice your size." The head mare said.
"Oh... oh my..."
>"B-But! But, we have a solution! All you have to do is inject her with this-" She says hovering a needle to you. "Twice a week for about two months. It will stabilize her height if not make her about the perfect Cadence size!"
>She says happily.
>"If that's what you want for 1-14-15-14."
>You think for a bit.
>You never really did tell Nonny how she really came about...
"Alright, thank you miss, keep up the good work."
>She takes the needle from you and puts it into a foam lined saddle bag and gives it back to you.
>The doctors and scientists bow.
>"Anything you request my princess." The head researcher says as you trot away.
>You really hope Nonny takes this well...
>Should you even tell her?
>You feel like you've betrayed her trust...
>You sigh as you trot down the hall.
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What a massive setup perfect for a punchline.
>"This is growing out of proportion! If we don't act soon it'll be extremely painful-"
>"She's a big filly."
"For you."
I now desire my massive filly Nonny the Princess of Extreme Friendshipinating.
"Yes she really is my daughter."
Hooray! Now things can get royally screwed, and it might be how she came about.
282657 283622

>Be Anonfilly
>After school is over, you walk out of the classroom to your locker and gather your things but before you can manage start your journey to your next destination
>The reason for that journey comes to you
>You feel a slight tap on your shoulder
>You turn around and give the teal filly with short and curly green hair and round glasses your biggest smile
”Are you done already? I thought was fast,” you say
>You expect to see her smiling back but she isn't at first
>You catch a look of worry to the point of sickness
>It's quickly replaced by a forced smile but her eyes remain sad and her body tense and on edge
>Ever since you became a green little filly in magical cartoon horseland, you have notice that your specific female body has the female trait of noticing emotions but really heighten above average
>Too bad it only tell you the emotional state of somepony not why they are in that emotional state and their thoughts
>Now you have to settle for...
”Ocean A, what's wrong?” you say and looked at her with a concerned face
>Her eyes widen for a moment

>Be Ocean Algae
>[i]Tartarus and Nightmare Moon!
>Of course, she would notice something was off
>Nonny was supersensitive to others
>You realize that you should have perpared yourself mentally better and calmed down before you met
>You force a nervous smile
>You see that she is not buying it
”It's nothing,” you say and you wave a dismissive hoof
”Please, Lisa talk to me?” she says while making ridiculous gestures with her hooves while grining
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Greetings homosexuals. It's been a while since I've visited the thread.
What's been happening the past couple months? Gimme the tldr version.
Is a (less than 28 degrees)-E.
The >rape only now has just begun.
>Desire to know more increases
Don't stop at the cliff hanger. I want to see where this goes.
I'd say the biggest happening I witnessed was ASSFAGGOT returned to complete his Anonfilly feat Abusive Twilight story. Much jubilation was had there. Besides that nothing much that I spotted I'm afraid.
They guy who wrote super anxiety filly fucked off and never updated his story.
>You're alone.
>Just a little earth pony filly that nopony wanted.
>You wish you weren't.
>You wish you were a pegasus.
>They are truly free.
>You watch as a big white mare soars so free, so happily through the sky, her beautiful mane and tail flowing so openly in the air behind her, like a stream of light chasing after her, only with a hope to touch her beautiful clean fur.
>You wish you were clean.
>You really wish you were a pegasus...
I don't know how to feel about his ending really. It felt a bit like a cop-out, didn't really tie up any loose ends except for the basic plot, and some characters changed relations pretty much on the fly for seemingly no reason but plot-convenience. It felt somewhat like the final nail in our coffin.
282713 282717
I did wish it was a bit longer as well and recall people pointing out how the CMC relationship changed in the finale. Only read it twice so far and that was after not reading the prior content for a long time so any of that stuff would have flew over my head.

Would talk about stuff I liked in more detail but I'm a mobilefag and newfag so don't know how to spoiler text or do green text. Speaking of ASSFAGGOT and a few others have made me really want to take a crack at writing some of my own. Seen some threads on /mlp and this thread that can use some fresh blood to get things rolling stronger.
>Be Filly
"Move boitch."
>"What did you say young filly."
"Mmmm, mooove, beeiiatch."
>The opens her beak.
>It's hanging low, like sweats on a zigger.
"Caw! Krrakkk caw!"
>"Alright thats enough of that."
>Ooo a spanking.
"Harder daddy!"

>Be Applejack
"Y'all going to be in massive trouble ya hear!."
"Ill count to four, you know what happens when I reach four..." let them imagine a fate worse from thems.
>Then a red and green fillt trots out of the bushes.
>Half blue too.
>"You should see the other guy."
Every sort of text modification you can do can be found in the options under help, newfriend. Greentext is as it is on 4chan, just
>Do it, faggot.
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Please, fresh blood is exactly what we need. There isn't really a consensus on whether or not my greepn is good, but I can help you get started if you need any info.
>There isn't really a consensus on whether or not my greepn is good,
It's good for me.
I'm a silent reader and rarely give any feedback, sorry; but greens are always welcomed and silently thanked.
>There isn't really a consensus on whether or not my greepn is good
Nigga don't doubt yourself! You're good enough that we like seeing you back whenever you show up, just keep making content when you can!
282723 282734 282741 282743 283622

>bad company
Purple knows how fix that faggot.
>There isn't really a consensus on whether or not my greepn is good
Ah, so even the proven doubt themselves. Gives me a little bit more confidence to fall from.
>There isn't really a consensus on whether or not my greepn is good
I'll concensus this foot up your ass until you get that you make good shit Lone man. There's always room to improve, but don't unnecessarily hammer yourself constantly. You do good work. Have these poners.
Just gotta write. That's the first step.
They look good. Would get spritzed by Purple's love musk again.
282737 282738
That's just regular water, and Twiggles is gonna dunk you in the cold water next unless you stop being so horny
282739 283622

You think Twiggles wouldn't use her potent lovemusk as an effective filly remover? She knows she's like your mom now.
She has to catch me first.
Effective? No. Social isolation because a filly is covered in mare goo? Yes.
>This lazy as cracker(me) just learnt how to red text by spoonfeeding
Anon what you have done is unethical. Only true horsefuckers should be able. I'm not worthy...
Beautiful anon
Kek, never gets old.
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Sure, I can make something from this pic.

>Be Anonfilly
>Its just an average day at school during recess
>You walk around in your black hoodie
>You haven't really been able to make friends in ponyland yet
>There are many problems in your friendship making that compound on each other
>You are an alien so even if others think you're a normal filly that is expected to know common things about the world and have common interests, you do not
>You're an adult so you don't really care about the same things you did as a young person but then you rememeber that that's not really true
>You stiill play video game you fucking manchild!!!!111
>Or played video games since hooves have made you disabled so even though there exist games you haven't been able to play them yet
>The other foals have definitely noticed your lack of motoring skills
>And to add to this list, your sex is wrong now
>You don't care about making friends with fillies because they only talk about girly stuff and the guys act differently with you now that you are a filly, not girly filly-ly? you remind yourself
>So now days you just walk around on the school courtyard while the other foals play
>Your walking towards the back corner of the building where you see a thin trail of smoke slither out behind the corner and upwards into the sky as you suddenly hear a voice behind you
"Hi, Anon," a female voice says and you turn around
>Its Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon who both have twisted smirks on their faces
"Oh, I'm sorry," Tiara continues and cover her mouth with a hoof in a mock gesture of guilt. "I mean to say, `Hi, fumble Hooves.´"
>Silver Spoon giggles
>You give them a blank look and a sigh
>Tiara continues
"Is your name Anon because ain't got no parents? Nopony wanted you? Not even a real cutie mark wants you," Tiara says and points at the question mark on your flank
>You roll your eyes
>These guys sure are eager
"Are you done?" you ask
>She gets something dark in her eyes, walked up to you just an inch away, and tilts her head up while her eyes glare at you
"How said the ogre could talk?"
>You shake your head
"Isn't it a bit embarrassing to still wear a plastic tiara?"
>Her eyes widens and her visible teeth clenches before a grim scowl enters her face
>She jumps on you but you're on it and simple shoves her back and then jumps back
>You then hits her in the face with a well placed punch
>While you have poor motor skills, your physical ablities translated into that of a filly when you became one
>You're fine in strength, at least you had trained more than an average child has done
>Does this math make sense?
>Silver spoon makes herself small and looks at you with a scared look on her face as you give her a blank look
>Down on the ground Tiara rubs her red bruised cheek
"I'm gonna tell Dad about this. You will so pay," she says
>You climb down upon her and punchs her on one of her hooves leaving another small bruise
"Who are you gonna tell, huh?" you asks with a bit of darkness in your voice
>Small teardrops start to well in her eyes and a few runs down her cheeks
>She hiccups
"I- I- I'll tell no-one," she answers after staring into your dark eyes for a while. "I won't tell anypony about this I swear."
>You nod
"That's good because otherwise you know what will happen to ya." You make a small bone cracking sound with your hoof against the other hoof.
>You step of the filly
"Now get lost," you tell them and gestures away with a hoof
>Tiara crawls up on her hooves and they start booking it
>As you watch them run away, you weren't naive tothink that this was over, or maybe it was, but most likelyTiara's ego would lead her to try to take revenge on you
>Probably gossip about you being somekind of maniac around the school
>But then again, a filly like that must be known for her bad behavior, it was more likely that it would give her street credit on the school yard
>Whether this was respect +1 or -1 was up in the air but you had no doubt that Tiara would tell her parents and they would probably side with their daughter
"Woah! You're buckin´ awesome filly," a female voice says behind you
>You turn around and blonde unicorn filly in sunglasses, red jacket, and a fucking half-finished, glowing cigarette at her hooves looks at you with an almost giddy expression
> a fucking half-finished, glowing cigarette at her hooves

"on the ground at her hooves" as in she dropped as she was awestruck by the fight on the ground
And something short to finish up this 45-min shift.

Anon the cutie was pushed on the swing by her mom, Twilight Sparkle.

"Higher, Purple! Higher!" Anonymous shouted back to Twilight who wore a content smile.

As the swing return to Twilight, Anon readied herself to be pushed again but instead she swings to about the swing's highest point and feel herself get grabbed by two forehooves. She was then lowered back to the swing's lowest point where Twilight's body and chest floof is pushed into her face by the powerful embrace Anon finds herself in.

Twilight craned her head around Anon and caressed Anon's right cheek with one of her own.

"Uhmmm," Anon said while flushing red on her cheeks. "This is very cozy and I kind of wanted more speed, mommy."

Anon's nervous gaze met Twilight's loving and content gaze as Twilight draggeda hoof through Anon's mane.

"Oh, Anon, my foal. I love you," she said and planted bit kiss on your forehead.

>Too bad this wasn't (you) but just another Anon
Not taht it matters to anyone here but I didn't mean that I did these two in one 45 min shift.
282803 282815
from /mlp/
>"I said, can I get a fuckin' Travis Scott burger, retard?"
>That's the last straw.
>This fucking ugly-ass dog keep showing up at your door every week doing stupid, annoying shit.
>But enough is enough.
>The Travis Scott burger is a piece of shit, and if this pony thinks it can get away with mentioning it's unholy name in your house, much less asking to /buy/ one, it's got another thing coming.
>In a fit of rage, your grab the filly by the scruff of her neck and carry her inside
>"P-put me down, nigger-faggot!"
>You toss the lil shit onto your couch, and lock your door
>Stomping over to your kitchen, you grab a flyswatter you keep around the house to shoo away the pegasi that sometimes fly into your dining room whenever you have sushi
>Walking back into your living room, you march over to the filly on your couch and flip her over so her ass is sticking up.
"That was for the time you chewed up my car's tires!"
"That was for when you pissed on my leg that one time I let you into my house!"
"THAT was for sitting outside my window on Sunday for 4 hours doing that weird fucking mating call when I was trying to sleep!"
"And this..."
>You stand up
"...This is for having the GALL to ask for a god-damn Travis Scott burger."
>You unzip your pants and pull down your underwear
>"W-what are you going to do?"
>Despite the shakiness in her voice, the growing smile on her face betrayed her faux-fear
>Grabbing the bastard, you flip her over onto her back, and slip your erect cock into her virgin fillyhood
>Shouting out, she wrapped her forelegs around your shoulders and you started to speed up
>Her tongue started to stick out of her gapping mouth
>Taking the opportunity, you embraced her in a deep kiss, licking her tongue and sharing as much saliva as you could with her.
>Breaking your locked lips for a moment, the green mare shouted in your face
>You grab the tiny pain-in-your-ass by the thighs, and lean back so that she was sitting on top of you instead of you lying on top of her.
>She begins moaning as she bounces on your dick, doing everything she could to cum.
>Lunging at your face, she sticks her tongue into your mouth and pushes as much of her spit down your throat as she can.
>You two share in each other's warmth for a while, fucking like animals and making out.
>The pony's eyes shoot open and she arches her back, pulling away from you as your groin is soaked in her marecum.
>The sensation is too much for you to handle, and you follow suit, blasting thick ropes of semen into the depth of her uterus.
>She falls onto your chest; both of you panting as your hold each other in your arms.
>The tiny horse in your arms is immediately asleep, snoring like an alarm clock.
>God damnit.
>Well, might as well /try/ to get some sleep.

>This is it, the end of the line.
>A quick check by everyone and it's ready
>A camera pointed right at Anonfilly
>times have gotten tough and dough doesn't turn to bread by itself
"Sup, sluts, ready for some-"
>The microphone is being throated by her
>A Blip for the donation
>a buzz for the filly.
"Getting an early start faggots? Let's see how long you can last."
>Marathon streams to temp them for a task they can never win.
>Pretty sweet that all of you sound the same.
>like a well lubed hole you went in and out of the spotlight for hours on end
"Next time hoersers you'll get there one day. See yah latter tonight. Oh, and mr. Megadick, tell your spawn to finish her homework next time."
>"Hmmm, just barely. We're saving up slowly."
"Fuck, how much longer can we take this."
>"Until Twilight gives up her excitement, or the statistics prove to be too much."
"It's retorical."
>"Suck my dick."
"No you faggot."
>"Turn it off! It's still on!"
>The stream cuts as the internet's greatest mystery is almost lost forver.

282820 282824
>>279439 →
// I Do Not Like Them
// Story: Trust Once Lost
// by Greenhorne

“Well, that could have gone better.” Applejack sighed.

“How is she doing?” Twilight inquired.

“Well, I got her to calm down, finally.” Applejack said, “It looks like seeing Scootaloo’s eye set her off again, and then there was Rainbow - ugh, ah really shouldn’ta yelled in front of Green, that was stupid.”

“I can certainly understand why you were mad at Rainbow,” Twilight consoled, “But she wasn’t entirely honest with you about why she was there.”

“Ah could figure that one out on my own thanks, Twi.” AJ fumed, “Dash had her all alone ‘an terrified, and then Green was trying to apologize for getting Dash in trouble.”

“What I mean is, she didn’t tell you the real reason she was up there.” Twilight explained, “Rainbow just wanted to keep an eye on them in case they started fighting. She wasn’t trying to ambush Green.”

“Well that’s still not a good enough-” Applejack stopped and sighed, “Ugh, fine. Maybe Ah did jump to conclusions, but Dash should be completely capable of explaining herself. Anyway Green's in bed now an' - aww shoot."

"What is it?"

"She hasn't eaten anythin'." Applejack said. "Ahm the worst foster parent ever, I've had her three hours and ah've already frightened her half to death and sent her to bed without dinner."
282821 282824
My stomach ached from hunger, and it was my own stupid fault for not eating that cake when I had the chance; Of course, the ache could also be the guilt I was feeling for screwing everything up. Not eating the cake was just one mistake on a list of many and at least hunger was a burden I could bear alone.

There was a soft knock at the door and my heart seized. What had I forgotten? Did I mess something else up without even realizing it? Maybe I had made someone feel so bad that they felt like they had to apologize to me.

My eyes widened. What if somepony told Pinkie that I didn’t like her party and it crushed her will to live because she wasn’t able to fulfill her cutiemark talent and-

I exhaled sharply and took a slow breath in. Now my chest hurt.

“Green, are you still awake?” Asked Applejack.

I breathed a sigh of relief that it was Applejack and not somepony else; and that her voice didn’t sound upset.

“Yeah,” I called back, “I’m awake.”

Applejack walked into the room and in the dim light I could make out that she had something balanced on her back.

“I noticed you didn’t  eat anythin’ so I brought ya somethin’”

“Thanks, Applejack,” I said

“Ain’t no trouble,” Applejack replied, “ can’t have ya goin’ ta bed hungry now can we?”

It smelled like... apples. Of course it was apples. I didn’t like apples, but I couldn’t very well tell Applejack that now could I? I’m pretty sure she was still in a feud with the last pony that had dared admit that in front of the apple farmer.

The apple fritter was no doubt leftovers from the party, but Applejack had gone to the trouble of reheating it and not just in a microwave (did ponies even have microwaves?). She was an excellent cook and the pastry was buttery and crispy - if it wasn’t for the filling it would have been a real treat. As it was, I was hungry enough to just eat it, so I did. I thought happy thoughts as I did so - Applejack would be able to tell if I wasn’t happy, and she would think she had done something wrong.

“Thanks Applejack,” I said, “It was really nice of you to be thinking of me.”

“Y’all were really hungry weren’t ya?” Applejack noted.

Oh no, had I eaten it too fast? I tried to feel around to see if I’d dropped any crumbs in the bed; it was too dark to see clearly.

“Ya know ya can tell me if yer hungry, right?” Applejack said, “I won’ get mad.”

Damnit, now she thinks I’m too shy to even ask for food. I mean, to be fair, I didn’t ask for food when I was hungry, but that was only because I’m tough and I didn’t want to bother anypony; and I didn’t tell her I don’t like it because disliking food which someone gives you is immature... right?

Oh god, I was shy wasn’t I? 

I managed to suppress my immediate urge to say I was sorry.

“Thanks,” I said levelly, “I’ll keep that in mind.”
282822 282824
A few years ago Fluttershy couldn’t have imagined herself willingly going to a party, but so long as her friends were there it really wasn’t so bad. She had hoped to see how the filly she’d met with Luna a few nights back was doing, but it seemed like the guest of honor was too shy to make much of an appearance. Fluttershy could certainly relate.

The party had ended a little while ago, but Fluttershy stayed behind to help tidy up a bit.

“Hey Fluttershy.” Applejack greeted.

“Oh,” said Fluttershy, “Hi Applejack.”

The farm pony looked more worn out than she expected at the relatively early hour.

“Ah was wondering if you could help me with somethin’” Applejack said, “When I’m dealin’ with Green Ah’m honestly a mite lost an - well I don’t mean any offense, but you have experience with this sort of thing, don’t you?”

“Oh the poor little thing.” Fluttershy responded, “I noticed she was looking very frightened, but I didn’t want to say anything in case it embarrassed her. I’m afraid I’m much better with animals than I am with children.”

“Ah’d ask you to talk with her tomorrow,” Applejack said, “But I’m not sure if introducing her to more ponies at the moment is the best idea. Ah know she’d agree to it, but Ah honestly don’t think she has it in her to say no.”

“Oh, we’ve actually met before.” Fluttershy admitted.

Applejack gave a confused look. “At the party?”

“Oh,” said Fluttershy, “No I saw her in a dream.”

“Princess Luna?” Applejack surmised.

“I was very surprised when Luna contacted me in my dream to ask for help, but when she told me there was a filly lost in the forest I just couldn’t say no.”

The pegasus shrunk in on herself.

“She knew who I was but she was still afraid, trying to make herself look smaller.” She explained, “I don’t want to be mean, but she was acting like a little bunny, I think just having us be so much larger than her made her freeze up. When I was down at her eye level she was much less afraid.”

The earth pony had a thoughtful expression.

“She knew who Ah was too,” Applejack explained, “An’ she thought I had magical honesty powers that would make her spill all her secrets. She was so frightened to speak with me that she threw up.”

“Oh!” Fluttershy gasped. “My.”

“We managed to get that misunderstanding cleared up,” Applejack explained, “But it makes me wonder what ponies have been saying about us. Are we really that famous?”

“I had no idea,” said Fluttershy, “We should probably ask Rarity about that I’m sure she would know.”

“Well that troubling revelation aside, what I wanted to ask you about was how I can help with her anxiety.” Applejack said, “What helps you when you’re feeling anxious?”

“Oh,” Fluttershy traced a circle on the floor with her hoof, “I mean, you know I like animals. Animals don’t frighten me like ponies do because they’re not cruel.”

She paused, realizing what she was saying, and started to backtrack. “I mean, not that all ponies are cruel, or even most ponies-”

“It’s alright Shy,” Applejack consoled, “Ah know what ya mean.”

“With animals I can understand what they want from me, and I know I won’t say the wrong thing and embarrass myself, or hurt somepony’s feelings, so I can just be myself.”

Fluttershy slumped a bit.

“I don’t know if Green likes animals though,” said Fluttershy, “I know some ponies can find them scary because they don’t understand.”

“Is there a way I should be speaking with Green when she’s anxious? Things Ah should be sayin’?” Applejack questioned. “Ah got a whole bunch o’ advice from Dayglow but Ah’m not sure Ah understood all of it.”

“Well when I’m feeling overwhelmed I like to wrap myself in a blanket and drink some tea. I like knitting too, it helps take my mind off things.” Fluttershy explained before looking down at the floor, “To be honest, when it used to get really bad there were weeks where I could barely make myself get out of bed. Rainbow came to check on me and bring me food - she was really worried about me. I’m really glad to have friends like you I can talk to now, when I was just relying on Dash I felt like such a burden sometimes.”

“So Ah need to find Green some friends?” Applejack asked.

“Oh, no!” exclaimed Fluttershy, “I mean, yes, but... I don’t know. I certainly know I wouldn’t have appreciated anypony trying to force me to socialize with other ponies, but... maybe if they had I would have been better off? The first time I was really forced to interact with other ponies my age was at flight camp, and I got bullied because I wasn’t a strong flier, and because my legs were too long, and -”

Applejack could see Fluttershy was starting to get distressed and placed a hoof on her friend’s shoulder.

“Ah get the picture.” Applejack said, “Children can be down right rotten to each other. Maybe if ah help Green with her coordination and strength it will help her feel more comfortable around ponies her age? An’ if she’s comfortable being around you maybe y’all could drink some tea together? She’s having trouble picking things up with her hooves so she’d prob’ly find knitting a mite frustrating.”
282823 282824
I had a much easier time falling asleep than I had expected. So much anxiety, so much uncertainty but, as soon as I had food in my belly, my body decided it was time to sleep and I had no desire to fight it. 

When I saw Luna, still in her filly form, waiting for me in the dream I just felt tired. I’m not sure how you can feel tired in a dream, but I did. I just wanted to be alone and here was another pony I had to interact with.

“Princess Luna.” I bowed. “I, er, good evening.”

“Rise, my little pony.” Luna commanded. “We have much to discuss.”
282827 283622
Good to see an update. I'm excited for what happens next, those feels were felt.
A qt is a qt. Of course
Just because some faggot modeled her as a negress doesn't make it canon. Eqg isn't canon, and cuck headcanons aren't canon, so that's not canon^2.
heal the shit out of you.jpg
If humans went to Equestria as humans, would the ponies there immediately think they could be eaten by him and be scared to be around him?
>If humans went to Equestria as humans
No thanks we're full.
282866 283622
Fairly sure these two went unposted.
Thanks for bringing filly home.
It might be her new home, but there's truly no place like home...
282870 282871
I know that feeling. The energy and community is nice here, but we're so few. I've been going back to /mlp/ frequently ever since the rona picked up, the first time I've done so since this site came into being. Sure you have the niggers and jews shitting up threads, but with the deluge of people threads are far more likely to sustain activity. If we were on /mlp/ with the activity we have right now, we would die.
The ride never ends.
Worry not Anon I'm working on writing a bad green text that isn't even green. Will hopefully add a few more embers to the flame. I frequent both sites but I'll say this place is way more comfy and will always be the home in my heart.
I wonder how long it will last
"Oi! Purple," you say.
>Twilight sparkle puts the tome she is reading down on the crystal table and turn to you
"What is it, Anon?"
>You swipe your hoof from your chest and high up in the air till it stops in high, extened position
"Seig heil!" you shout
>You then give Twilight a shit-eating grin
>She raises her eyebrows at you
>Her pupils dart from side to side
>And then she shrugs and return to reading her book after mumbling, "...Okay... Anon?"
>You frown and rests your elbows on the table while your head rests in your hooves
>You look between your legs and then qucikly away
"Haa-hah-haaa..." you gasp out as your eyes get watery but no tears fall
>You embrace yourself tightly
Why did this have to happen?
>You mange to get your tail to cover your crotch
How I'm I gonna get a wife now?
282926 282935 282983
>It's nighttime, and you are the filly
>The second filly, to be exact
>Twiggles accidentally making one of you was enough, but two?
>Anon's gonna have a hell of a time
>At least you know you're gonna be less of a shid from your... his? experience with Nonny
>That and you don't have broken bullshit magic
>But that isn't either of your problem right now
>Your problem is this recurring nightmare
>You start to drift off for the third time tonight, and it starts all over again
>A swirling mass of black and grays chasing you through the Everfree
>You start to see your house, and the edge of the forest - relief floods you
>But you trip, and fall onto all fours
>You remember that you're a filly now, and can't run like a human anymore
>The swirling mass is inches behind you
>Despite the nondescript nature of it, its existence shakes you to your core
>It jumps on top of you...
>And you wake up in a cold sweat once more
>Fear grips you like the cold, unfeeling mass that was chasing you
>It takes a while for you to calm down
>Wasn't it Luna's job to stop that kind of thing?
>Maybe you'll have to convince Anon it's the moon that's a celestial cunt, not the sun
>Either way, you've had it with this bullshit
>And you are not showing up to yourself like a scared little kid
>...even if you are now exactly that: a scared little pegasus filly
>Then it hits you, the perfect solution.

>You are a filly, but not the same filly
>Must be Nonny
>And your wonderful dream involving Luna and some lessons in flexibility is interrupted when your door creaks open
>Damn, her reactions were realistic for a dream
>Cracking open an eye and lighting up your horn, you search for the offender of your fantasies
>Standing in your doorway, red in the face, was Green
>What in the hell?
>What could-
>The nightmare
>You acutely remember it, the first three weeks or so were a special kind of hell
>That thing chasing you through the Everfree
>But you refused to go to Anon
>You can't have him thinking being a little filly made you a little bitch
>Might have attributed to you becoming more abrasive than him, but still
>Gotta have standards
>So why is she here instead of her room?
"You too, huh?"
>Even in the near darkness, you can see the surprise on her face
>"What? Me too? I just-"
"Had a horrifying, recurring nightmare, right?"
>The bewilderment on her face grew
>"How did you-"
"Relax, faggot. Like I said, 'you too.'"
>You're both silent for a few moments
>"You never told me."
>The smidge of fear in her voice is masked by the unspoken accusation
"I'm not five, can't go crying to an adult over a bad dream."
"I'm not gonna argue this. C'mere, it's probably less embarrassing if it's another filly."
>You lift some of your covers, the implication obvious
>Green just sighs, and crawls in next to you
>Damn, she is soft and fluffy
>Anon would probably kill to be you right now
"And no lewd stuff until I figure out the psudo-moral implications of a clone."
>"I wasn't-" Green cuts herself off, and sighs. "Goodnight, Nonny."
"G'night Green."
>"And uh... thanks."
>You wait until she's asleep to snuggle up closer to her
>You are definitely going to savor this

>You are the one, the only, the great and powerful Anonymous
>In reality, the only thing great and powerful right now is the pain in your back
>Couches are not meant for sleeping on
>But that's your situation until Twiggles builds a new section onto your house for Green
>Fuckin' how do you manage that two times?
>Well, at least the sun isn't in your eyes this morning
>Saves the burning fuck from your morning ritual, this time
>But if you're up, you should fetch Nonny
>She fuckin' hates it when she's woken up
>Not that you're any better, but that's the fun part
>Her door's cracked open
>We hate having the door cracked open
>Peering through the crack, you see something that rivals that sleepover last week
>Nonny and Green are snuggling together
>Yeah, you're not stopping that
>But it definitely solves the couch problem
>And unlike a week ago, you know where your camera is
>Tiptoeing around the house, you easily locate it
>Tiptoeing back, you line up the perfect shot to capture the adorable scene
>Oh yeah, you're puttin' this one in a frame
>You leave them be, and go on your way to make your morning coffee
>Yeah, today's gonna be a good day
282935 283466
And a pastebin link, beating KYS filly to the punch
Would comfort a clone, and abuse the fact with evidence of qtness. Nice.
>The comfy fur of the ponies remind you of a dream.
>A living ever changing one.
>A wing brushes over your withers.
>sparks and lightning flash through your vision
>You're now careful enough to not make a sound.
>"mmmm, good filly."
>N-n-n-n- yes you too.
>Zecora, and Spike are truly blessed to actually live in pony land
>You are too.
>"Nonny, you've been such a good filly. It'll only be fifteen lashies from Dashie."
>She hears your sniffle
>The tears well up.
>"There there, you're almost a real pony. Let it out."
>All this time.
>Almost there.
>"Remember what it means to truly be a pony?"
>A quick nod.
>"You'll have to say it while Dashie does her lashies. Then just the mystery surprise."
>if you were a real pony would ask more, but you're not yet.
>"Yawn, ready for a day for some pony crackalackin'? That looks like a yes to me!"
>It'll be a joy to hear your own voice once again
>The voice of a real pony.
"But then... I... No, what have I done?" you asks as you fall to your knees
>With your hand, you motion with a blue amgic aura around it for Pinkie to be pulled out of the blue glowing sphere and be placed back onto the ground
>She is unhurt
>You look up at the face of the purple alicorn that removed the the blindfold around your metaphorical eyes so that you could see the truth and a new perspective on them along with it
>She looks at you with pity
"Anon..." she begins softly.
"Take me to my execution," you says and the mane six along with Spike gasps. "It's what I deserve as an evil villain."
>Twilight looks at you with pity again
>She extends a hoof and places it on your shoulder
"Anon, you're not evil," she says
>You swipe her hoof away
"Yes, I'm. You of all ponies know what I have done!" you shout melodramtically
>She stubbornly puts back her hoof on your shoulder and looks into your eyes with a pair of strict eyes
>She nods
"Yes, Anon. Your actions were evil-" Even though you just declered it for yourself, you wince at her words. "-but you-" With her wings, she cups your cheeks and lifts them up to meet your gaze. "-are more than just evil. There's good inside of you I have seen it. There's hope for you."
>Tears wells up in your eyes faggit
>Your chest heaves and you gasps
"And yes, you will have to live with what you have done but I believe in you. I'll offer you a road to redemption," she says
>Your gaze fall to the floor of your sanctum
"Anon, look at me," she speaks again and your eyes meet again. "If you didn't care about right or wrong and begin in the right why then did you save Pinkie right now? You could have used her as a hostage and prolonged our battle of ours but you didn't because-" She takes a breath deep breath. "-when I finally got through to you, you saw the errors of your ways, didn't you?"
>You don't answer
>You don't feel like you deserve to defend yourself, regardless of how wierd that sounds
>Then you realize something
"Even if I took what you purpose, the ponies of Equestria won't forgive me for what I have done. So I don't think you redemption road can be a reality, your highness. But thank you, but...."
"Yes, that's true but if Anonymous, the dark sorcerer, where to die then, the vengence these ponies seek would have been fullfilled, right? So what if we faked your death?"
>You look glumly at the floor but nod
>Beggers can't be choosers afterall so if you were to live your life in exil then so be it
"That's sounds okay. I can live with exil," you look up and give her a weak smile
>She shakes her head
"Anon, I'm not talking about exil. I want you to come and live with me at the castle. We could work on magic together and I and my friends-" She nods to the other mares. "-could work on your rehab and redemption."
>You shake your head
"Twilight, Ponies will eventually notice that me and then your subordinates will never trust you again. You have already done enough for me. I don't wanna cause yo anymore trouble."
>She smiles
"Yes, ponies will notice if you stay in that form. Yes, but I have another idea in mind..."
282979 283024 283025
I feel like I shouldn't ask for this knowing my history of a constant string of failures but could I ask for a prompt? My only condition is that does not involve someone or some character that I'm not familiar with. I don't wanna do research.
It won't be big or anything but I'll do what I can with it.
comfy and qt
kys filly box.jpg
Hello qt!
>applefilly green
>banjo music starts playing
If you're looking for something to do in general, finish this please.
I've been aching for a green like this, and it's the perfect start.
If you're looking for something new to do though,
>Filly gets booted out of Twilight's place
>Has to live on the streets
>Has wacky and/or horrific homeless adventures
From https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/35873499:
>"I'm gonna jump."
>You and Floor Bored are sitting on the ledge of a rooftop, plastic shopping bag crinkling with the intermittent gusts of wind whipping over the skyline of the city, several bags of chaaaps lighter than you came up here with.
>"I'm serious."
"I know."
>You shove more pork rinds into your filly face, too many to close your mouth. You make loud and gross chewing noises as Floor Bored gets on all fours and peers over the edge to the street below.
>Parked cars line the treeless streets, some with boots. Old Carnival Food sales papers do dervish dances over the gravely asphalt. A stray dog pants in the shade of an apartment stoop.
>"Do you think it's tall enough?"
"Seventy feet tall enough?"
>"How many hooves is that?"
"Like three hooves per foot?"
>"Human feet aren't that big..."
"Tall enough if you land on your head."
>"You think?"
>You stretch, stand, and peer over the edge with her. Your manes touch, brought together by another blow of wind.
"That's concrete, right? You're not aiming for the road."
>"No, that's too far. I might land on a car and break my fall."
"Right. So if you land on your head, you'll probably break your neck."
>"Don't some ponies just get paralyzed, though?"
"Some people do, yeah. I don't think we're high enough for a sure-fire kill."
>You turn back to the get more pork rinds.
>"I wrote a note."
"What's it say?"
>"Uhm..." Floor digs through her hoodie pockets, scattering crumpled Milkyway wrappers to be carried off to parts unknown. She pulls out a napkin. "I've exhausted hope/I've nothing left/My flank is not blank, it's marked for death." Her green eyes waver, searching you for approval, "Too cheesy?"
"Nah, I dig it. Short, sour, simple."
>She's kinda cute when she smiles.
>"Thanks. B-But I don't want to jump and not die..."
"Shame we don't have a gun."
>You sit down again on the ledge, looking around the rooftop for anything that could help.
>You look down.
"What about the bag?"
>"If I'm unconscious, I won't be able to make sure I hit my head."
>You root around in the bag.
"Didn't you buy some gum? Maybe you could choke as you fall."
>"They were out of cinnamon five."
"That sucks."
>You pull your head out and look around the rooftop again. HVAC units, some radials...
"Oh, hey. There's some broken bottles over there. Repairmen forgot to clean up after drinking on the job."
>"Hmmm... do you know where any arteries are on a pony?"
>"Maybe I could swallow some glass..."
"That sounds hard."
>"And painful."
"More than cutting open an artery?"
>"It'd take longer."
>Floor Bored sighs, looking back over the ledge again. "I-I should've been more prepared..."
"We could find a taller building?"
>She shakes her head, "Anywhere else would be too imponyal, you know?"
"That's stupid. You're stupid."
>"You're stupid."
"Why does it need to be personal?"
>"I'd like to feel at home while dying..."
"Then off yourself in your home."
>"I've already tried that. It's hard to do alone."
"So you want me for moral support?"
>"Yeah. And this roof is basically our home together, so I thought..."
"That's nice."
"We could go to your place?"
>"It's... dirty."
"You're dirty."
>"Yeah, but..."
"And you're gonna die. Why do you care?"
>"I'll still be alive when you see it!"
"... Eh, point."
>She starts to tear up. "Why does it have to be so hard to kill myself? Why can't I just press a button and be done with it?"
"If it was easy, everyone would do it."
>She doesn't respond. She just lays next to you and cries.
>You put a hoof on her greasy, tangled mane and pet her.
>The two of you stay like that for a while.
>Afternoon turns into evening.
>She stopped crying a while ago. She's just laying down, now.
"Wanna go watch some porn?"
>"... nnn."
"We can eat each other out."
>"... okay."
How does the filly feel about rbg being dead?
In Equestria she doesn't give a hoof.

283072 283083 283093 283622
New fillies from ponerpics
Much appreciated.
283093 283144
Bonus points if you can guess what game I've been playing recently off of just this.
"Oh god..."
>"H-hey, it's, uh... everything will be over soon."
"I know I've been a little bitch about it all..."
>You hug her close, but she pushes you away.
>"Sorry, I just... it'll get pretty close and I don't want anything to happen more than it needs to."
"I understand, I don't deserve it."
>"No, you know I... fuck it."
>She pulls you in for a tight hug.
"D-don't stop..."
>"You know I have to, Nonny."
"Mom, I don't want to die..."
>"Nopony does, sweetie. I... I'll see you there soon."
>You can hear clanking on the cold metal floors of the compound, fast approaching.
"Don't let go, please! Did I ever tell you how much I love you, Twilight? I don't-"
>She pushes you to the floor, tears welling in her eyes as you watch her shut them.
>You can hear that infernal screaming now.
>Why the fuck did you have to be a biologist before you came to Eq-
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>"Nine-tailed Fox Commander, are you okay doctor?"
>"We've bagged 096, but there are several escaped artifacts left in the facility. You should come with us."
"Of course."
>You turn back to look at your baby, but one of the gruff stallions puts up a hoof, stopping your head's rotation.
>"Not now. Wait for the undertaker."
>You whimper softly as you tag along behind the group of soldiers through the darkened facility.
>Why would someone keep that photo lying around?
That's a qt forehead goblin
283087 283093 283182
>Banjo music
>I think this is refrence to that one movie that I haven't seen
>Oh, well here we go anyway

>You wake up as someone moved around and in their movements strokes and poke you
>Or somepony
"Ugh, Applebloom," you mutter as you open your eyes to a yellow face belonging to a filly with a red mane
>She smiles contently and then she nuzzles you
>You know better though; this isn't your first rodeo - she is still asleep
>She untangle yourself from her hooves and your shared blanket and stand up from the pile of hay that the two of you are sleeping on
>You stretch and yawn as you walk passed the game board with piece and their positions saved from yesterday on the floor of the barn's loft
>You tremble slightly
>Its cold so you look around till you find a pile of what looks like a green and yellow blanket
>The "blanket" looks is a square and whose hems are green and in that way forming a green square
>Its colored so that it alternates between large green squares and smaller yellow squares on its surface
>It also has a hole in one of its corners
>You hid dive your head under it and then the rest of your body
>Soon enough, you find the hole and sticks your head through it
>Now, when you finished wearing your pony poncho, you find your black stetson hat edge resting on the radio
>You put it on and start the radio and change the channel to one with clam music but not too loud to wake the other pony up
>Just enough that it would eventually wake her
>You hear the calm shredding of banjo strings
>One final touch - you put a straw in your mouth and leave
>Climbing down the laddar from the loft with hooves sure is scary
>After walking the trip from the barn to the house's garden, specifically to its row of currant bushes
>Clusters of red bearies hang from the branches underneath
empty several platic bowls stand
>You had placed them their yesterday evening
>You begin to stand on your hindlegs and with your front hooves shake the bushes so that the bearies fall into bowls bellow
>These bearies are too small to be picked by bearies
>Or well, that's what you think bu Granny smith appearently can do it
>You look passed the foggy fields to the east and over the everfree forrest into the horizon
Hope Braeburn holds them keeps them there longer than planned. He has a talent for that afterall.
>You snicker at your own comment
"What are you laughin' about?" a filly's voice asks you from behind
>You turn to se Apple Bloom walking towards you dressed in a yellow poncho with giant red apples with extending green leaves on it and light brown stetson
>You smile at her and she smiles back
"Heh, I was just thinking about how the others might have it right now," you say
>She nods and walks up to your side
>She nuzzles you and nuzzle back
"Brrrr. Its cold today ain't it?" she says as you break from each other. "And the dew in the grass ain't helpin'" She rubs her front hooves together
"Yeah," you say, nod, and continue with your work
>Apple Bloom also starts to shake the bearies off
>You quietly work for a couple minutes until two bowls each are done
>Then Apple Bloom bites down on the edge of one of the bowls and places it on your back
>You make sure to balance yours as you put the other bowl on her back
>The two of you remove the key from its hiding spot and enter the quiet house
>You walk to the kitchen and place the bowls on the counter
"Ah, start with breakfeast. You want porridge, right?" Apple Bloom says
>You nod
"With apple purée and milk, yeah." you say and smile at her
>She looks at you for a moment
"What'cha smilin' at?" she asks, smiling as well.
"Well," you say closing the distance,"how can I not smile when I get to spend tiem with such an incredible filly, sis?"
>Your lips met and for a moment you just enjoy the other
>Then Apple Bloom pushes you back with a hoof and giggles while shaking her head
"Get out, Anon, and maek yerself useful by bringing in another bowl, we can't waste this day like we did yesterday," she says and blushes
"Alright, M'lady," you says and tip your hat at her before leaving
>As you walk out, back towards the bushes; a specific song comes to mind and even more specifically a certain lyrical part of it
You're just a bunch of incest lesbian hookers~ you sing in your head as you bob your head from side to side but then you realize something
Wait, I'm I a hypocrite?
Inb4 eternal debate about filly being gay or not
I hope this was to your liking. Don't know if it lived up to the request or not.
Nice. Should have gotten a doctorate in badassery. Any hints for the game played?
Probably a horror game. Maybe it's that scp game.
>tfw your new job as lesbian incest pone hooker pay the bill and the thrills.
A legion of epic sax filly.
There are multiple SCP games. All I'll tell you is that it was updated fairly recently.
283353 283622
Is it SCP: Secret Laboratory?
>It's been three months and three years for being a little filly.
>A cunt is between you and your manlyness.
>It's THOTery at its pinnacle.
>Surprisingly it isn't Twilight.
>The scientists and mages are getting fed up, but it's slow. It'll be another three years till they figure out what the hell they almost did.
>If only there was someway to go back in time and see what was erased...
>Maybe a memory spell...
>It's time to gather the science team. The longer the delay the harder the magic will be to cast.
>RIP good filly points instead of mommies milkies and tendies it'll be freshly served whoopass and freedom.
>"It's really not that big of a deal we'll just go back a little see what it is, and head back. Stable closed time loop."
>Aw their going to jinx it.
>"Easy peasy, nothing can go wrong."
>"We'll supply you with as many retries as required, give the word. I should mention this the timelines you're going inti technically don't exist so things may change between them. Gather at least a dozen finished equations then we'll see what fits here.
>I want my lumps, and cake, but first an impression.
"I'll be back. Hasta la vista, bayby."
>What do (You) do with consequence free timetravel at your hooves...
Celestial Body
283172 283342
>Day number in place.
>Why had you thought that you would change when you went to Equestria?
>Why would you think you would change even after you got turned into a filly?
>You had tried to turn over a new leaf and be outgoing, but one doesn't change at the drop of a hat.
>It was only a few days until you slipped right back into your quiet ways, and you didn't even have the internet for some modicum of living contact.
>Twilight didn't even have any lewds in her library.
>So, your days grew into weeks, rarely leaving your room.
>When you were dragged out, your steadily lengthening mane was a convenient shield from the world.
>None could know what thoughts drifted about your head.
>It was another of those days of getting dragged out.
>This time, it was fortunately somewhere away from the general public.
>Animals mulled about nearby as Twilight poured some tea for herself, Fluttershy, and you.
>At least she wasn't as noisy, even if they were all nice.
>Twilight's friends, that is.
>The tea slowly creeps down, sip by sip, in silence.
>About halfway through, Twilight and Fluttershy exchange a look, then turned toward you as they set their cups down.
>They must've been planning something...
>"So... Anon..."
>Here it comes.
>"We've been talking, and we've decided. I know you're a quiet pony, and don't get out very much, even though you're a very nice pony..."
>Purplesmart didn't know what went through your mind.
>"Since you're so quiet, we thought that maybe living with Fluttershy for a while would help you learn how to cope and flourish in Equestria? She's had some experience with that after all."
>The butter pony smiles slightly and rubs one foreleg against the other as the two watch you.
>They must be expecting a response.
>It didn't make much difference to you, and they both looked happy to hear it.
>"Wonderful! We can all pack up your things, then you can come back here and get settled in."
>Your things?
"I... don't really have anything to pack, though."
>The two blinked a little.
>"I'm sure there are a few things you have."
"Nothing... important..."
>You shrink behind your hair.
"I'll just... stay here. Can I go inside?"
>Fluttershy considers it for a moment.
>"Well... I guess it's okay. Twilight and I will just get whatever you may have forgotten. I'll be right back, okay? Just try to get along with my animal friends."
>You tensed up a little as they headed off toward Ponyville.
"Y... yeah..."
>Nopony around to hear that, dummy.
>Quietly, you slip into Fluttershy's home and make your way upstairs to her bed.
>The whole place smells of wildlife.
>It seemed like you had just hopped up and laid down before you felt a thump on your head.
>Prying open your eyes, you spied Fluttershy's white hellspawn scowling at you.
"Uh... yeah. Hi. I'm... gonna live here now..."
>You could feel your breath get just a bit deeper as you laid your head down again.
>Three more rapid thumps, and you looked up to see the rabbit gesticulating wildly and making odd noises with a scowl.
>Rabbits were kinda cute.
>You look around. Fluttershy was going to be gone for a while, right?
>Quickly, you scoop the bunny up in your hooves.
"L... look. Angel... We're.. We're gonna have to get along somehow."
>The rabbit struggles, and you lean in and sniff lightly.
>Fluttershy must use some nice pet shampoo on him.
"We... we can do things the hard way, or..."
>You give a bit of a squeeze for emphasis.
"...or we.. we can do things the n-nice way."
>Your breath gets quicker as you lightly rub the rabbit's tummy with a hoof.
>Glancing around again, you give a grin that you hope isn't too unsettling toward the frozen pet.
"Y-you're... a rabbit, right? Hehh... heehhh... I... I hear you guys know a lot about that kind of stuff..."
>You can feel your own breath washing back off of him from being so close.
>Your hoof travels lower.
"I... I can be real nice, y'know..."
>Oh... my.
>Be Fluttershy.
>It hadn't taken long for you to gather Anon's things at all.
>A plush pony of some sort, and a blanket.
>Twilight was nice enough to detail some of Anon's favorite foods, but... apparently there was one that she didn't know about.
>You could feel your face burning as you saw the green filly on your bed with Angel.
>Angel's little paws were gripping Anon's mane as she... um...
>Oh goodness...
>Her green hoof was between her hindlegs and...
>Oh dear... um...
>P... perhaps you should... just go make sure the chickens have enough feed and water.
>Quietly, you sneak back downstairs, feeling a bit like when you stumble across your animal friends in the spring.
>Rabbit squeaking catches your ears as you sneak out the door.
>You'll just... not bring this up.

Felt like making a slightly lewd fic, and also felt like making a Fluttershy oriented fic. Sorry for long lurk. Hope you enjoyed.
>Be anon
>You get transported to Equestria
>Pretty fucking cool until you realize that ponies aren't xenophiles
>Ponies reject you for being a human and an asshole

>You live with Twilight for the time being, mostly because ponies want her to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't eat or rape anypony
>You try to rape Twilight at some point, but fail miserably due to magical countermeasures she put up
>Most of those you're pretty sure was fucking lethal

>You and Twilight both kinda hate each other's guts at that point
>Enter a series of tense moments that slowly escalates into fights without either of you trying to understand one another
>Twilight eventually had enough of your shit and decides to reform you
>By turning you into a filly

>You try chewing out Twilight, but you are a defenseless filly now
>You are unable to protest against this because she's a fucking princess
>Twilight actually puts the effort in making a cover story for you and forcibly attempts to adopt you through legal and psychological means.

>You resist at every single turn she puts you in, misbehaving and trying to sabatoge Purple's reputation to earn your freedom
>Eventually your attempts at making Twicunt's life a miserable hell has taken it's toll
>Purple actually reaches the breaking point and cries about why can't you just be a good filly and be happy with your life

>You protest that you were happy with your life before and that you are a **fucking adult** and that you aren't a **fucking filly**
>Twilight is silent
>You smile believing that you've won the battle and got Twilight to cave in to your demands
>Twilight agrees that you aren't a filly and that you're an adult
>You are overjoyed by this sensation that you're finally going to become human again

>Twilight goes over to a drawer and says that since you're an adult, you should be able to do adult things
>Yfw you are puzzled and asked what she means by that
>Yfw when she pulls out a strap-on
>Yfw she puts it on
283174 283189 283191 283193 283622
Very nice. Didn't expect a shy Anonfilly or a ... I mean it's technically xenophillia because they are actually intelligent. Well played. I'm looking foward to more greens from you. Good job. Have a cute poner or two.
Well you made a... green of sorts that's for sure.
>>Ponies reject you for being a human and an asshole
>>You live with Twilight for the time being, mostly because ponies want her to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't eat or rape anypony
<make sure you don't eat... anypony
You have to explain that.
>>You try to rape Twilight at some point, but fail miserably due to magical countermeasures she put up
>Most of those you're pretty sure was fucking lethal
>>You and Twilight both kinda hate each other's guts at that point
Uhhh, Twilight has good fucking reason to hate the actual rapist.
>She then goes to do a morality righteous thing
>Dum fuck nomnom Rape Anon makes her life hell
That's a light punishment for the crimes of pony committed. Especially if nomnom Filly rape is just one of those things dicks generally do.
>>Ponies reject you for being a human and an asshole
You had one job. Don't fucking rape the ponies, the pet dragon, or the fillers. Rape Anon here is the full self deluded self righteous shtick. Being rejected for actually raping, and abusing poners that makes sense. If rejected because you're human and that's it even with full support of the princess, her friends, and those your in close contact with daily.
Everything is constant because anon doesn't have a grip on reality or a connection to others.
You need context otherwise anon is a generic npc stand in. It follows the arching beats and commonalities of Anon turned Anonfilly, but it doesn't connect. Twilight, and the poners are the heros in the story. They properly engage with the world.
Anon has no motive. He could have one and that changes everything, but he doesn't here. If you're going to do something you might as well do something right.
>first pic
I'd gladly let Fluttershy do me
A different but similar tale
283344 283622
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>You just got another report.
>anonymous the resident crazy alien just molested and verbally abuse another foal, and her mother and father.
>He insisted heavily his name be exactly as he wrote it.
>Just like everything.
>Then Rarity barges in.
>"T-the brute he lifted my tail up and- and-"
>She starts to break down.
"He had his chances at society."
>Spike comes in.
>Then Big Mac looking furious.
>For the good of everypony I'll lock him down, give him one more chance.
>In the coming hours you relocated anon to a relatively unused part of the castle tower.
>He's unable to leave.
>"it's anon! Get it right you stupid purple whore. I love ponies, but damn you all are so so... delicious to look at."
>You're not sure if he's playing up being a sentient eater to be scary or if he's genuine.
"Listen here fagatron you've been a right cunt you cock gargleing foal touching creep. You're this close to being turned to stone."
>He finally looks taken a back.
>Using whatever words he said seems to work.
"Shape up, and be a better being."
>Thank goodness BBBFF got that military drills sound the world book for you on short notice.
"One last chance you're going to learn the magic of friendship or so help me I will unleash a rape storm of fury all over your anal cavity."
>He had a dangerous look in his eye at the word of rape.
>For the rest of the day you try to educate anon.
>It's slow, and it's awful.
>"So, everypony wants me to eat them."
>"They fear the power I have that I could eat them."
>"They would helplessly collapse if I threatened to eat them."
"No. Just stop. No eating ponies. No threats. Just follow the checklist."
>First contact with alien life and its this thing.
>"Just stick it in my mouth and rub my tongue over it."
>With the lessons a bust it's time for a practicable application if he learned anything.
>A sleepover where he could reach me.
>As the light of the moon highlighting me.
>As I pretend to sleep.
>He stands nude.
>penis dangling
>pulling back my sleeping bag.
>Then the blanket.
>He moves me carefully, slowly so he is all lined up.
>then he attempts to thrust.
>The smell of roasted sexual organ lingers in my mind.
>"AHHHH! You cunt bitch ass-"
>One more chance, but he can't ever leave here before that.
>"You did this to me! This is supposed to be MY paradise! Mine!"
>He'll never be able to get it working the same.
>Weeks of verbal nastiness from him turns to months.
>But today. Today is a picnic with my friends.
>"Twiahlight, ah- don't burn yourself out over that no good feller."
>"Yeah! Meanie pants mcmeaness isn't who matters most to us it's you."
"But, I'm the princess of friendship..."
>-a worthless purple cunt who can't even teach an average joe the meaning of friendship what a-
>Yellow wings gently shake me.
>"Oh my."
>Rainbow Dash faces me. Her eyes tearing out the doubt in my soul.
>"Come on slap yourself out of it. You saved Equestria time and time again, what did the alien do? Nothing."
>Rarity just places her hoof on my shoulder.
>I understand.
>One last chance.
>To the castle, to anon.
"Anon! I have a something for you."
>"It's anon! Bit-"
>A cute filly is now in anon's place.
>"WAHHHHH you whore!"
>Then she tries to bite me.
>Her rants grew to shrill screeches.
>She should be more pliable now.
>A few weeks pass
>Nothing has changed.
>I can't take this anymore.
>"You took everything good about being an adult away from me! I am an adult!"
>took everything good away from me
>oh I will get it back
>I documented each step, recordings video, audio, and reports.
>If I can't save this alien I'll help others with their urges.
>But first to prepare the test subject.
"OH. Yes, you are most definitely an adult."
>She smiles smuggly.
>A painful looking strap on dildo is brandished.
>It vanishes in fear
"Yes, an adult."
"You insisted. In the butt."
>What a sweet sound of victory.
>It won't change what he did, but he'll make amends on his end.

>Months pass
>Another one of anon's kind apeared.
>"Howdy Twilight! Another fine day in poner land."
>There was the accidental social misunderstandings, but he always made amends.
>"What did you call me over for?"
>Today, is the day he learns the truth.
>A year since Anon, the second human, came here.
"A... well I'll show you."
>I've never seen a human look sickened like that.
>Like a pony.
>Then he has an idea.
>"You've delt with the... criminal already, so what if you turned me into a pony as well and see if some of my friends actually make it here. They would really love that."
>"This is going to suck. A fresh start though..."
"I can do that. Let's get any personal business out of the way while you're still looking as you do."
>"Yeah, good idea."
>Months pass, and another person apears.
>A different personality, a different person, even the one's that are dicks aren't hateable.
>Some of them were creepy, and weird, and disgusting, some seemingly normal, some hiding things below, some with issues they try to tackle.
>but not all the time
>and not to a terrible degree.
>Troublesome is their name, and fun is their game.
>I've worked out a way to turn them back to who they were before, but I don't know what will happen to them.
>But they all have became my friends.
>I'm glad the first one came here.
>I wish I could have acted sooner, but seeing everypony with a smile and hope...
>my friends all being friends with everypony
>it's magical.
>No matter what happens they will stay near and dear to my heart.
heh, a pair
hehe, a bunch
Hmm yeah, totally forgot to mention that omnivore part and how anon prefers meat to literally anything else the ponies comes up with.

>Everything he does gives them a sense of unease
>Like when someone smiles with their mouth but not their eyes
>The way the grass doesn't spring back up when he walks
>The way the doors always creak when he pushes them open
>How he never breaks into song during celebrations
>His touch is warm, yet cold at the same time (magically clammy)
>Nopony can feel the friendship coming from him

Everypony acts like he's a monster and anon craves the affection he delusionally believes he's entitled to since coming here. Yet he makes no bother to change himself by consistently being a complete asshole.

Still doesn't justify anything he does.
Anon's a complete dumbass.
283216 283275
As for the "eating ponies" part, it may involve him being hungry enough to joke about eating a horse. Ponies weren't the same after that.
I could also make a convoluted reason or series of misunderstandings or events that could lead anon to rationally rape Twilight. How the fuck could I do all that just to make the punchline of Twilight raping anonfilly.
283223 283236 283243 284972
Ah that makes a bit more sense.
>How the fuck could I do all that just to make the punchline of Twilight raping anonfilly.
By doing it. You don't have to, but sometimes going the extra mile for a punch line can be pretty neat. It hard, and time consuming. No doubt about that. It's tough for me to get around to doing much of anything.
It's alot of work for a few sentences/lines of green.

Not sure where the hell I put the green about a guy getting punched. Here we go this'll do.
Lived some where kinda near these events. I heard it in through the grapevine so to speak.
>I grew up in a small Midwestern town with a close knit group of friends. Among those friends were my current pastor, Joe, and current fiancé, Stacey. It was the type of town where everybody knew everybody. It was the one school, one restaurant, one church type of town. Due to the small population, people usually dated within their group of friends. Now I always had a crush on Stacey, but she had been dating Joe throughout high school and after. Joe was my best friend, so I kept my true feelings to myself.
>Ultimately, Joe decided that he wished to enter the seminary and broke up with Stacey as a result. Seeing this as my opportunity, I comforted Stacey post break-up and eventually asked her out myself. Years passed and Joe was now a priest while Stacey and I were considering marrying. The pastor we had all grown up with in our hometown church died, and Joe was offered the position. Thrilled, he took it. It was his chance to give back to the town that raised him. Stacey and I went to church every Sunday. Joe was like family.
>I asked Stacey to marry me, and we began the process of planning the wedding. We were excited to hold the wedding at the church, as we had been going there for decades. We were even more excited to have Joe as the celebrant. It was all very fitting. The perfect wedding. I visited Joe to ask him to celebrate our wedding, assuming the answer will be of course. To my surprise, Joe flat out refused. Told me to go somewhere else. It was a "conflict of interests," according to him.
>I went to see him several times more, but the response was always the same. Bewildered, I demanded to know why. Our conversation erupted into shouting and Joe confessed that he, not me, was the right husband for Stacey. I felt betrayed not only by my best friend but by God, considering that I had always seen God through Joe. Without thinking I punched Joe. His eye puffed up like a cotton ball.
>Within hours the whole town knew. Even after explaining the story, Stacey was furious and walked out on me to console Joe. I received a call from her that night stating she was staying with her sister and wanted to call the wedding off. I fell into a deep depression and locked myself inside. A few days later I received a knock on my door. It was the police. Apparently Joe hadn't been seen since the incident. Being the last person to see him, I was a person of interest. They asked why I had hit Joe. I told them if it hadn't been for cotton-eye Joe, I'd been married a long time ago, where did you come from where did you go, where did you come from cotton-eye Joe?

Even worse I found it on plebbit. Where did you go greentext pic.
Not quite the green. It does have hoers though.
283228 283243 284972
Sorry that's not filly related content. Here we go, hopefully it's only slightly shitty. I don't think this quite counts, but here we go.

>Be me Anonymous
>It's Nightmare Night
>Shame there's so many 'chores' to do afterward the following week.
>Being an immortal filly is one hell of a rush.
>They never expect the same filly to outlive them.
>Decide to wear the most horrific costume I could come up with that's kid friendly.
>pic related.
>Since it's a costume it won't ever get too kid friendly.
>Fucking fags-
>Stilts are a pain to use, but it'll be worth it.
>"Careful Anon don't want to ruin you're costume. The yearly tug-of-war challenge hasn't even started yet."
>Still think it's an advertising propaganda campaign to make sure costumes are sold every year.
>Whatever, winning again this year will be fun.
>"Hey! Hey you I bet I'll beat your flank!"
>Ugh, it's Caged.
>Never quite got around to finding out if she got a family name and don't really care to.
"No, no I think not."
>Looking down at her from my stilts she looks small and puny.
>"Yah hunh! If I win you have to obey everything I say for a or two week."
>Hold on.
"Sure thing kid, and if I win you have to do what ever I say for two weeks."
>Easiest way of getting out of chores, if only Tom Sawyer and Huckle Berry Fin could see me now.
>"You have to use thw stilts though!"
>You poor poor foal.
>Physics is my ally.
>First candy, then winning.
>The moon caresses us.
>It's time.
>"Okay everypony. This year It's The Mighty vs. The Champions."
>Oh, hmm which one do I pick.
>Caged goes for The Champions.
>The Mighty it is then.
>Still being in stilts.
>Biting the rope.
>It's awful, but victory only tastes sweet afterwards.
>It's vicious.
>Just have to get into position.
>"Hah! It'll be our victory Anon!"
>Hard to talk with rope in your mouth.
>Come one one last pull.
>"You'll see it's inevitable it even is visible-"
>The flag goes clear over the line.
>She has her eyes closed.
>"of someone who was blind."
"Open up your eyes. See the world from where I stand. Me, among The Mighty. You, Caged at my command."
>audio file related
Oh I see. Thanks anon for the advice!
283257 284972
You're going to have to explain that.
My post here doesn't have a filly. Even if it's about filly in a meta write fag level. It should properly explain that.
My other post here has a fillified example of quick, low, and dirty quality. Using the MLP movie song lyrics. The wtf factor is to fill it out without deeper contexts. It does solidify a line and it's a distracting side note. Mostly a distracting side note.
283261 283622
angry filly.png
>doesn't have a filly
Have a filly.
Is a qt
>As for the "eating ponies" part, it may involve him being hungry enough to joke about eating a horse. Ponies weren't the same after that.
But horses do have a real-life fear of being eaten by pretty much everything there is, possibly including humans.
return of the fuckin' king
283315 283317 283622 291029

283317 283346 283349
I want a filly but I can't get pregnant.
Wat do?
Duct tape solves all problems, and super glue.
>nohooves vs hooves
Can't say I blame them. It's a rational superior choice.
For the memes, and poners but people are fine too in their own ways.
Not bad, nice interpretation of the prompt. Wonder what happened to the rapist filly in the end though.
Fresh OC from /mlp/.
>"Anon, you know you were supposed to be home by 6:00 for dinner."
"You know how playdates are, heh."
>"It's 6:20. Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?"
>You laugh a bit.
"I'm a grown man Twilight, you don't have to-"
>You freeze.
>As in, you quite literally can't move.
>Even your eyelids are locked in place, and your lungs are still.
>You can only plead to nobody that the effect will pass.
>After ten seconds you're beginning to lose hope.
>Twenty seconds later, and your life is flashing before your eyes.
>Why isn't Twilight doing anything? Surely she sees you by now but everything is silent.
>Maybe you just can't hear anymore, she's coming to help you.
>You black out.
>You burst awake, whimpering as you feel the fresh sweat all over your pajamas.
>It's that same nightmare again, drowning in air.
>It always feels so real, the loss of your ability to breathe...
>The first night, you tried to bear it alone.
>But sitting in bed with the covers pulled up over your head made you feel smothered.
>And of course you needed the covers over your head.
>Sometimes there were things out there, in the dark.
>You hadn't seen or heard any in the castle yet, but that didn't change the fact that some day there may be.
>So you swallow your pride do exactly what you did that night.
>You don't want to die.
>That one woke her up, you can hear her hoofsteps coming, cantering at a worried pace.
>"What's wrong Nonny?"
"I had another nightmare..."
>"Another one? Really?"
>"I'll have to talk to Luna about that, she should be intervening. Do you want to sleep with me again?"
>She lifts you up by your midsection, hugging you with the warmth of her magic.
>Tucking you in next to her, just like all the other nights.
>It was humiliating at first, a grown man snuggling with 'her' 'mommy', but as time went on you became more accustomed to it.
>Now you just appreciate her warmth as you get in close enough for her to wrap around you.
>Your worries of asphyxiation are gone.
>Your worries of monsters in the dark are gone.
>Is this what happiness feels like?
>Be Twilight
>You're going to have to stop dosing Anon's portions with neuralase, any more and she'll start taking on brain damage.
>But the amount you've given her is completely safe for a foal her size, other than the emotional damage she's suffered.
>It hurt you to see her in pain like that, but she was so cold at first, so distant...
>Now she's on-track to becoming your perfect daughter.
Steal one and blame it on a zigger
>go to school as filly
>Hate it except you have a really nice filly friend
>As you become teens she starts getting flirtier, casting more glances your way
>You're noticing her hips and flanks are filling out more too
>One day she asks, red in the face and stammering if you want to practice kissing. For boys, of course

"Hey, Anon... I was just wondering like... Have you ever had feelings? Like for mares? I just know, um, a friend who says that might have happened to her so I was just wondering."
"Sounds a bit gay desu."

"Oh... I mean yeah, pfff. So dumb, right? Yeah totally... weird. Only a freak would fall for their best friend."

Imagine accidentally torturing your best friend by only dating colts and asking for advice all the time

"W-Well if it were me, id just be thankful for every second i get to spend with you a-and you know... We could stay up all night and do... Stuff."

"Huh, thanks sis. I guess I'll just break up with him. He isn't right for me."

"Wait, you will! Oh i mean, that's sad. Sorry it didn't work out. So um... What do you think about erm, maybe going out sometime maybe?"

"You know, after Chad, i could go for that. You're a great friend."

"... Oh. Yeah. Totally. What are friends for, right?"

Eventually she breaks down and just goes full Yandere, tying you up and aiming to prove how much she loves you by eating you out and feeding you
"If I'm the only source of good things then maybe you'll learn to look at me as something more."
283352 283622
>122k words
It doesn't feel like it.
Yeah. There's a thread up on /vm/ if you all want to play, just be subtle if you namedrop horse shit.
It's very good filly, and you're improving with every post
>not unleashing the filly faggotry on friends
Don't be a dense anime protagonist, you're a filly, and Anonymous, and a normal protagonist. Foal founding and fondling is at your hooves to become the perfect poner waifu.
File (hide): BDDA868110567CDD70021D39A1F8E42B-6272701.webm (6.0 MB, Resolution:1920x1080 Length:00:00:14, 1480628__tbc_placeholder.webm) [play once] [loop]
If you could summon Twilight, Angery Bookhoers, Sparkle from anywhere with a few words when and where yould you use them?

>Be Anonymous, the filly
>Empirical testing has shown it works everywhere
>Now the final test is at hoof
>"Why? Why did you enslave, rape, and pillage Equestria?"
"Suck my teats."
>"So, you like mmmm bananas?"
"Hunh? WAI-"
>Friendship beam to the moooooon!
>well so far so good.
>nothing but moon rocks and dust
"Reading books is for the weak."
"I said, reading books is for the weak!"
>Well shit.
>Hearing an explosion of rocks behind me.
>It's at this moment I knew I figured up.
283372 283622


283375 283420 283622
Just reposting from elsewhere, sorry.
283447 283622

283431 283432 283447 283622

Sure Filly, on it.
And the blanket and the hug.
283447 283622

10/10 Twilight hoofing my face.
I have something else that's just as good it's time for >rape
Would poke the deadly infectious bug just to hear the squeak toy sound. Also fire. Fire works.
>You're just the way you wanted
>Green, four hooves, out of your old life
>It's exactly how you imagined it
>So, why aren't you happy?
>You've tried to connect with the other ponies
>It just doesn't fit
>Something's always off
>It feels like they only care as far as they can see you
>You haven't really been outside in a few days
>Did they even notice?
>You stand up, ready to end yet another unproductive day of sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself for no reason
>Walking back to your bed, you think you might've heard a knock?
>Eh, probably just your imagination
>Effects of semi-self imposed lonliness
>At least you're here
>At least you're a pony
>It's better here than there
>...is it?
>>280456 →
>Be Soul #6
"Okay, so all we need is to fill this contraption with some stuff now."
>Twilight's presence makes being near the machine of destruction almost peaceful.
Almost looks like a teapot.
>"Specifically, the death sun's fire, doom moon's light, and souls to ensure maximum effectiveness."
>More souls and stronger souls the better got it.
The notes did say it could run without being fed souls.
"So what's the other problems besides using souls."
They don't have to be willing, but a strong target that can withstand it all will ensure it get's strong enough to take it out.
>Twilight continues to smile.
That sounds like us.
>Then a vicious glow emanates from within.
>Sunset Shimmer's voice echos from the fire.
>"Use the elements of harmony!"
>ow ow ow ow
>"OH! Of course! Quick go get Pinkie Pie."
>Twilight teleports away.
>I'm running away from the screams of myself.
"NOPE, Lalalala can't hear anything."
Pinkie Pie.

>Be The Book Soul #2
>Therapy actually helped this time.
And we made a friend.
"So then I said-"
>A pop, as something that feels like me enters.
>"Sorry for the interruption, but you're basically indestructible right?"
>A girl begins shuffling through a manual.
>Luna looks alarmed.
>our manual
She sounds like us!
>"This might sting a bit."
>Then there was fire.

>Be Soul #3
>The maze
>these white lights
tearing at us, and our resistance our bitter sudoku
>Fucking cult pansy ass gods.
>A flash of something.
>a pulling sensation
>it's feeling warm in here.

>Be Flaky Crust
>The worldly elite walk among us.
>They ask for strange things, but Fancy Pants keeps deflecting for a certain time.
>When the celebration really starts.

>Be Princess Celestia standing with Daring Doo and Student Sunset Shimmer
>Carefully Daring do pushed the letter out of the blast area with gusts of wind.
>The note she left is apparently for Discord.
>How strange.

>Be Occult Facade
>The plan is coming along perfectly.
Nothing could go wron-

>Be Fancy Pants
>The plan is going well, they have now brought out their 'goods'.
>Those poor foals.
>It's be over soon.
>It'll end.
>Occult is being touched by claws and beaks.

>Be Princess Celestia watching her foal as the trap is set.
>Fire erupts.
>Shock tries to reach my face.
>The whole of Canterlot is caught in the fire.
>Then to the furthest horizon.

>Be Sunset Shimmer
>Everything is ready
>The fire licks and tickles.
>A rainbow beam apears.
>I'm sorry Anonymous this might hurt.
>The container cracks.
>The best revenge is living well.
65 On fire, and 66 The End
Occult Facade
283457 283474 283502
>Be Occult Façade on the run.
>"You've been running for a long time. Causing mayhem, and destruction everywhere you go."
We can't go on any more. We're done.
>"You may have forgotten that I knew your plan the whole time. Your little souls dancing about at our pleasure."
>"It may have worked on a foolish powerless ant, but you did entertain me. Even if that was under the pretense of free will."
>Dead tired.
>"Now you may wonder why I am speaking to you at all. I see entertainment from your suffering, but I do like to change the method as I please."
>"A final farewell if you will."
>He forces me back into a pony like form. As a tendril starts to dig into my skull, and soul.
>"I'll put you back together again. You. Will. Watch."
>Ending of multiple worlds. In horrendous methods.
Oh Hastur.
>"All that you have done and strived for has failed."
>I'm going to be sick.
>"You have betrayed everything you have for what you thought to be a modicum of time."
>Memories, experiences flooding in.
>all of us togther
>Fancy Pants, Sunset, Twilight, Maze friends, All the fillies, Anonymous...
>I'm sorry.
We failed you all.
>"That's right. You were the direct cause of their extinction."
>"Satisfying expression."

>"Your purpose for existence has been fulfilled."

>Waiting for the end that I deserve.
>and waiting

>"You really didn't think I wouldn't do anything about this little situation that's been brewing?"
>A crock pot bubbled?
>A raspy breath.
>"Ah, ah ahh!~ Don't spoil the imagination."
>Everything frozen in a heavily seasoned lamb sauce. Thyme stood still.
Wait what?
>"Watching everyone grow more. Even have a character arc in there as well."
>"Did you know I've gotten the script early just for this occasion? Multiple unseen rewrites, and I may have pushed a few revisions through."
>Unbelievable. I can't stop the exhausted grin.
"Ha... Haha. Hahaha!-"
>"Theres a reason I didn't come to mind as a cure all."
>He brushes the monster under the chaotic rug of static, and something else
"Ah... Wha-?"
>It's over?
>"Despite this being a cross-dimensional hybrid I am the Lord of Chaos."
We helped cause alot of chaos...
"All part of the plan?"
>"Of course not! Who do you think I am?!"
>Those are some badass shades, and cape.
>Everything is going dark.
>A fire licks the timeless landscape moving faster and faster.
>It touches the static.

>"When I said that changing the past wasn't feasible I ment it."
>"Obviously, this is the opposite we're moving matter, magic, and space. Then we rewrite the Laws due to the massive amounts of energy we have procured."
>"So what we make the Yellow eldritch god's prison become all Equestrias."
>"That's the jist of it."
>"Look swapping fake desolate worlds with into a pocket dimention in a book is one thing, but placing everything so close to that place?"
>"Then time travel is possible. More importantly we'll turn the eldritch to our friends, as equals."
>"Can we get to the exciting part already."
>"One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to-"
>we shatter

>Be Fancy Pants
>The breaching team is here.
>The drugs in the wine is working, as they take a few seconds to realize that something is wrong.
>A clean operation thankfully.
>Occult starts to shake.
>I'm by her side.
>"What have I done."
"You did it. They're all captured. I'm here."
>She breaks down crying on my shoulder.
Occult Facade
283465 283474
Well it's over.
Paste bin is now fully updated.
283463 283622

Oh shid I thought I was done, but the ride never ends.
I'll get around to reading this from start to finish soon, congrats man.
Finally got around to adding this to the doc, sorry it took a bit.
Thanks feels good. I'm sure the adventures could keep on going on. On and on, like a slice of life genre.
So an kinda epilogue thingy is in the works. It probably won't be satisfying, but it has to be done.
An abrupt end without being fully explored.

So I wouldn't expect Occult Facade 2: Electric Boogaloo any time soon or at all in the near future. Plus other obligations are creeping in. Feel free to do whatever if anyone wants. I... I'm glad that it actually reached an end, that it has a finish line. It all could be much better, and more eloquent.
Maybe something where it's not a choose your own ending sort of thing. Maybe something deeper. In any case it's been one hell of a ride.
Thank you everyone.
A Letter
Sunset Shimmer
To whom it may concern (AKA all my friends and you faggots as well)
Living with my sister is going well. I've closed off some emotional loose ends. We no longer have to worry about it being a royal pain in the flank ass.
We've opened up diplomatic ties with many other ponies people. More importantly living life free from the constant fear.
Our weekly food fridays have turned into a competition, and it's expanding our circle of friends.
Me? Well it's been rough. The sudden change, achieving my revenge, it's all everything I could have wanted. It's hard not to smile, and it's a time where I have to get to know myself.
Little Shimmer? Well since she isn't a target for any dastardly plot everything is going well. Sure am writing well alot I think it's about that time we went camping On point, she gets nightmares some times, I do what I can I have a wide array of tools at my. We're doing great.
Others? Oh, so Occult Facade is going to therapy having an intervention. Last I heard it was near a tree or something. Her mother Fancy Pants found out about her opposite gendered self.
Principal Luna? Oh Princess Luna. Well with further modifications the book Anonymous should have a real body. They're thinking of opening up a VR MMO. It's an interesting thought. It's mostly to keep the hmmm not in a letter I suppose at bay. In any case it's a useful interesting endeavor for heroes and guards to hone their skills.
Flakey Crust? Sorry, you're going to have to... ohh that pony. Well she became obsessed with the princesses. Mostly, she's just lost. Also something about baking.
Caribou... ahhh, that place. Let's say without external support and with ally forces things never have gotten desparate. Outside influences make a pony or caribou do strange things.
Cults? Less said about that the better.
Best Cult Leader
and Idol of Worship,
Lots of love, no homo
Sunset Shimmer
Extra reference sheet with spoilers
Occult Facade

Not (MLP) Canon:
Occult Facade. (Plus subconsiouses) [Green An Anonfilly]
Pony/Filly Subconscious
Dream Director
Forbidden Knowledge
Dictionary Thesaurus
Decision Maker
Heals Right
Human Subconscious (Just Façade)
Referred to by Real name aka ANONYMOUS or by job or by title or by action.
Flakey Crust
Mother and the Mother Cultists.
The Mother of The Darkness beyond Order and Chaos! Want's to eradicate the humans. The Utopia is nothingness ('pure' 'darkness' everything is 'her'). Isn't all that powerful considering.
Anonymous Foals.
List of parents. Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon (Reuben), Twilight, Hoity Toity, [The Crazy Blue pony], Fleur De Lis, Derpy Hooves, Trixie Lulamoon, Queen Chrysalis, Cheeraliee[The Ponyville teacher](Lone15), Vinyl Scratch [plus Octavia?], Berry Punch, Apple Bloom [Not sure how this fits], Gilda [The female Griffin ex-friend of RD], Lyra (ASSFAGGOT), Mr. Mrs. Cake.
Rosie the Riveter "Grandma Rosie" "Rose Wright"
Grand Master
Old, but still powerful, and skilled.
Rosie's Husband.
Turned into an eldritch horror. Hitched a ride through Occult. Is currently with Rosie.
Olden Time warrior.
Sorta kinda dead ish.
Occult's soul fragment
#1 Others are unable to see her as she witnesses monsters, and horrors. Taken by something.
(61)Turned into a zombie after being stabbed in the heart bone by Auizotal in the ruins.
(64) about to be burned alive for eating everyone
#2 banished by Twilight to the north to stave off the Caribou. She then finds a cape, and map off of a dead stallion. That helps her survive to head toward the ruins. Inside she gets caught, goes through some fun times, and gets turned into a book.
Sceptical of main soul.
#3 trapped in a 'deadly' maze with others they try to survive as long as possible to stop others from joining them. Light is scary. Beware the light. They notice the bodies are unmoving. Selected as a speaker she can't go on until everything else has left. She is caught by the light.
#4 Royal Foot Cushion. Unable to think about doing the Prince (male Celestia unnamed) harm. She plots to kill him. Failing she cures The Sun Prince from his curse freeing the The Moon Prince (male Luna unnamed). Promoted to Royal Concubine, and used as a sex slave more often she continues to plot their demise. Sunset Shimmer requests her. Togther they flee to the (EQG) human world, and she free's #4. While there they save the books, get a place to sleep. Make it into a home. Get's a job, and goes to school.
#5 an partial inverse of the subconscious, and conscious dynamic. Unknown place with grotesque monsters/blobs.
#6 Final Soul Fragment. Is slow.

Fancy Pants (Rule 63: Female)
Fleur De Lis
Confirmed Friends with Fancy Pants.
Princess Luna
Has a background in making creative works. Enchanting/Artificer.
Has a team of specialists that deal with cultists and problems
Also deals with problems
Princess Celestia
Has special places throughout the castle for discrete actions, and privacy.


(MLP) EQG Spliced Canon:
Sunset Shimmer (related to Occult's soul fragment #4)

Horror Stuff that came from somewhere probably:
Pink (Magenta) Slime Thing. It 'eats' it's victims. Their memories are plagued by a Slime that chases them doing terrible actions both to the victim, and those the victim remembers. It then goes back slightly in the past memories, and continues. It loops back again. It does this to consume the victims soul. Eradicated via Overkill.

Gift(s) they come from Hastur (Occult can now produce them since Part 40.) Occult claims to be able to make anything with it.

Horror Mythos:
Hastur/The King in Yellow ect.
Carcosa is both Him and his prison.

Inside His/Her pony body is known as Amber Sagacity Façade. Massive Target for Nar

>be anonfilly
>magic translates your human speech into Equestrian and vice versa
>so everyone can understand you
>and you can understand the ponies
>when you try to swear, you sound like Gizmo, that annoying kid from the original Teen Titans cartoon https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Gizmo_(Teen_Titans_TV_Series)
What do?
>be anonfilly
>magic automatically translates english to pony language and vice versa, so you and Twilight understand each other
>try saying some weeb shit in broken japanese
>ponies understand it just fine without even noticing you switched languages
>but words that lack an Equestrian equivalent are left unchanged
>this means you can say nigger 24/7 and nobody knows what it means but you
life is good
283517 283622
I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.
My mouth pee to wish in, filly for I.

chad pedo vs cuckime tranny pedo.PNG
coping weebcuck pedokike.
Haven't seen you around here before. Besides, I just repost shit that I find, I didn't make the image.
>Be Anonymous
>Hot air balloons are cool, but that isn't the awesome part.
>We're heading to Cloudsdale to bet on a horse race and hookers and blackjack!
>Mostly the gambling on flying hoers.
>Even if the ride here was crowded with the elements of harmony.
>"We're here everypony!"
>Twilight leaves, as does Ponk
>and Apple 'background' Jack
>and Rarity.
>I step off the hot air balloon onto the cloud.
>and through the cloud
>and falling
>Maximum surface area, don't be a flailing cunt.
>No one is coming.
>It's a long fall to almost certain demise.
>The flat plain of grass grows ever closer.
>not ideal
>So this is how it all ends.
>Twilight forgot to put the cloud walking spell on me.
>My whole new life.
>Fuck this shit, if I'm going out I'm doing it with style.
>Break the legs and start to tumble convert the speed into horizontal energy.
>A cripple for the rest of my life.
>One fucking shot
>It's getting too close.
>Fuck no one is here.
>How the hell will I get to the hospital.
>Worry about it later it's coming.
>luck please be on my side
Well it's been a long while, but I'll start reposting random greens into this paste bin.
Oh shit, she just fucking died?
283571 283576 283598
>be anonfilly
>say nigger a lot
>lie to ponies about what nigger means
>twilight sparkle pats your head and tells you you're a good girl
rate and review my fic plz
>not twilight pats your head and tells you you're a good nigger
3/10 shows some promise
Don't encourage Nigel, it's low-effort schlock.
>lie to ponies about what nigger means
No reason to do so.
Even Fluttershy taking care of every beast in Equestria would be appalled.
Plz rate my story
>Be Anonfilly
283580 283591
>bee anonfilly
>defy all known laws of aviation
>smell that sweet sweet nectar
>see purple horse watering flowers
>sting her
r8 h8 masterb8
Sad and a wasted bee.
283587 283622
10/10 would be Anonfilly again
Just bee yourself lmao
this to be desu
Anonfilly trying on a wedding dress just for giggles, only to be stunned by how beautiful she is in one.
283600 283605
>be anonfilly
>say nigger a lot
>ponies join in
Wew, I have the desire to see that now. Thanks I didn't know I needed to know that, and now I do.
yay friendship!
283609 283611
which is funnier
>ponies hear you saying nigger and copy you to make you "feel more at home", but ponies misunderstand and misuse the word
>Pinkie yells "Nigger!" happily every time her baking is done

>tell ponies stories of the monstrous niggers in your world
>ponies, familiar with the old "evil version of the heroic species" cliche, fully loathe niggers now
>some hug you and call you a brave survivor for surviving in a world so infested with niggers
283607 283653
You just made death super scared what did you do?
figure out how to clone souls
Absolutely the first.
My god Nigel, you're not fucking funny. Your prompts are low-effort garbage, your writing has never been good, and we don't want you in this fucking thread. Even if we had no writefags whatsoever, we still wouldn't welcome your shit. And before you call me an SJW or a cuck, I hate niggers as much as the next guy. Comedy is a delicate art, and just having ponies say "nigger" just isn't that fucking funny.
>Be Cozy Glow
>Future Empress of Equestria
>Everything is going well, the lines are drawn and their flaws are showing.
>Just one tiny itsy bitsy thing is standing between you and your rightful place for a better Equestria.
>A filly by the name of Anonymous.
>"Hey, I have have something cool to show you at my place."
>Well being the Empress can wait one more day.
>After all Friendship is Power!
>An alibi is always useful to have on hoof.
>Yes, I'll propose a sleepover and nopony will bat an eye over those three days.
"Golly Anon you're room sure is messy."
>She blushes.
>Then she gives you a hug.
>"I'll always be by your side."
>That's very unusual her starting the hug.
>"I will always be by your side thick or thin."
>Her hug is a bit tighter, more desperate.
>"You're my best friend here, and I can't stand keeping this a secret between us any more."
>For all her joking of homosexuals is she?
>She whispers
>"I know everything."
"What do you mean?"
>No! All my plans! Because of- of- my...
>"You're my friend, and I want to be by your side, and I want to put that crown on your head, because..."
>What. How. Why? When?
>She kisses you.
>The plots and schemes begin to melt away
>but one plot came to mind and its hers.
>What Empress of friendship doesn't have friends?
>She looks hopeful, and lost, and weary, and confused.
>I draw her into the kiss, and dominate the exchange this time.
>She does have a nice head on her at times.
>A perfect pawn.
>A fumbling foal to pin anything on.
"I didn't think this is what you had in mind, but I like it."
>"Oh no see it's this."
>She grabs a notebook.
>Opening it to a hoof written first page.
>An Ethical Guide to Morally Ambiguous Plots: The How's, Why's, When's, and Howdy Do's to plans Long and Short. By Anonymous.
"Anonymous? Thanks. But what would I use this for?"
>"I know everything I don't want to see you go to Tartarus."
>Hoofing through the notebook, plans, charts, diagrams, breaking down social interaction.
>To achieve what Anonymous believes to be the best end result.
>Maybe I can't use Anonymous as a simple pawn.
"So what was the kiss for?"
>Was it a plan?
>She grins with a flush.
>A gullible fool?
>Something more?
>"Whatever you want it to mean."
283623 283690
Bronies, this is your mindset.png
die out.
>walks like an Egyptian
Johnny Joestar is best JoJo
Seriously, your off topic blurts and lazy shite prompts are not welcome here. Continued insistence WILL be disciplined
Simple days.
283632 283641
Translations are sketchy, but should get the point across.

>You're playing with your only friends.
>Orphans, almost like how you are now.
>"Forðgewîtan wægn ûs of pro ic cliewen Anonymous."
>"Come here, pass us the ball Anonymous."
"Simb−lunga heonu êower canne grîpan me."
>I taunt them to catch me.
>"Tôdæge Anonymous êower willa niman duguð mêdsceatt êow willaunderniman mid plegende wið hwît mægden hiertan!"
>"One day anonymous you will get the payment you will to get for playing with fair maiden heart!"
"Gêse, âwihte âhwænne yfel bêga."
>Yes, only when I find a maiden. Kek.
>Going to need some ice for that burn.
>Their teacher sternly walks up to our fun game.
>"Unweaxen ides heofoncundlic unfrôd hl¯æfdige mônaðlic, oferfaran sê bêon tîd hwæt êower foremearcung. Giefnes dôð f¯ærbena nêadðearfnes must hnot bêon ðynhl¯æne."
>"Young queen celestial young queen lunar, come it be time for your lesson. Leave the peasant time must not be wasted."
>Our collective disappointment did not deter him.
>"Lôcian êow forhraðe Anonymous."
>"See you soon Anonymous."
"Lôcian êow sîð æt sîðestan!"
>Hopefully I will see them soon.
>See you soon indeed.
Simple Days 2 the Electric Boogaloo
>"Wow, this was your friend?"
"Is, not was is, my most faithful student. She has not aged a day since she attempted to block the Elements of Harmony for my sister."
>The statue of a mare holding a flag wearing a cape.
>The one of victory.
>Her greatest defeat.
>Then my student blasts the statue.
>"ðês derian."
>Her first words in over a thousand years "Everything hurts".
>"Dægcandel mêtan!"
"So vulgar even after all this time?"
>Wait she shouldn't understand modern Equish.
>"Haha! I knew one dôgor remembering and practicing would be nytlic."
>"Oh my gosh it worked."
>"Gêse. Now food, it has been many many years since I have had a hamburger and fries. Ha! Even longer to have proper tomato ketchup. Mayhaps even tendies."
"A perfect time to have some words with my student about using magic on a whim. We have much to discuss and I have my own questions."
>"Bringan duguð gang. Fyrst b¯ætan- ahem I mean, first food. Only then will we be watered amd filled to have our minds quenched."
>Lead the way...
"By my side as my friend."
>"I suppose I'll check out your flanks later, Sun Butt."
sutton hoo helmet.jpg
I need to get back to learning Eald Englisc tbh. Thanks for the reminder.

/r/ing filly trying to wear the Sutton Hoo helmet while reeing at Normans to get the fuck out
>Be Anonfilly
>You came out of a magic egg.
>As in Spike doesn't fucking exist here
>"Anooon, fetch me the book on- Anon?"
>not now smoll purple
>The future is in flux
>nothing is certain
>there are world, nation ending events that are coming soon
>and it's all changed.
>Then you see Celestia's student
>Sunset Shimmer
>with Spike.
>"Come on Anon it's just Sunset. I know we have different schedules, and you don't normally go to those lessons, and she is kind of cool, but we have an important job to do."
>This is fine.
>Oh yeah.
"Hey Purple Smart isn't it your study buddy's birthday soon?"
>"Oh my silly filly that's not for another week. Don't worry your little head over it."
>tfw your a filly
>tfw your classified as a magical artifact
>tfw you technically have no rights
>"You can't do that."
>An old mare looks at me as I pushed Granny Smith away from a falling barn beam.
"I just helped my friend's grandmother. Who the hell are you?"
>"That isn't possible, look."
>The crazy pony waves a cut string around.
>"You shouldn't be able to see me either."
>"Now what do I do? I can't kill her, and the string has already been cut. I can't take her soul away now."
>Hold on.
"Kill her?"
>"I am Death."
>Walking closer to the psycho old mare I say one last thing.
"So who all... uhhh are you going to kill."
>"Everypony in Equestria and the world-"
>Years of training and watching tv has prepared you for this moment.
>you just hug her torso
>tugging back and forth.
>Then Purplerino comes to help tag team the potential killer.
"Help me! This crazy wants to kill everyone!"
>"Only when everypony dies."
>"Ahm here good job holdin' the invisible attempted murderer."
>Aw yeah Rainbow blasting time.
>pic related
283659 283668

Yes fillies, rifles alone won't cut it.
<"I'll now administor disciplin."
"Waka chika...
What do?
What if one imbibed the spirit of your own memery the best of those possibilities and the worst of those options. This has nothing to do with the green.

>Be Anonfilly
>Momfu is out doing something, but the important part is this.
>It's fillies night with the bros. Cyan, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, and even the faggot colors will be there.
>You have to make it to bro night, the one night a month when the stars align and work allows this blissful paradise for a few hours.
>There is one problem. The neighbor has a really friendly cat and dog. So much so that the fellow foals walking down this street sometimes get glazed.
>Caulked in cat or canine cum to the bro cave is...
>not showing up is worse.
>But you have a modicum of pride.
>Damnit that's not a pun!
>Now the best way to get there unnoticed.
"Sneaky song. Sneaky song. Never leads me wrong."
>Through the front door. Across the way, past the mail box.
"Sneaking through, with a dark hue, that's what I do."
>The animals are almost aware of you.
"Sneaky song. Sneaky song. Where are you. Now there's nothing you can do."
>At night they had a chain on their collars to keep the other houses from having mystery marks.
"Sneaky song. Sneaking. It'll be a while for some thinking."
>Then you hear the chains rapidly clinking.
"Sneak real fast. Just don't be last. Because they're at fullmast!"
>Barks are coming. But it's better to get to the bro cave sooner.
"Running at full blast. I'll slip away, they won't see me today."
>A resounding clank. The full length. Everything is fine.
>It broke.
"Fu-fast as I can. I just ran."
>There the door to the fight club.
>Burst through.
>They're shocked.
"Help me brace!"
>That's how you spent the next few hours chatting with your fellows about not being fucked. One filly pushing things to help keep the door shut.
>Then you realize the only door is blocked.
>The cat prowls around the property.
>Scratching and clinking of the chains and claws creep along.
>The next few hours is bro time.
>Now the stakes are high. If their momfus catch a whiff of funny business the fillies night is over.
>Nothing outside. No cat, no dog, no chains.
>More importantly there is no sound from the griff faggot on the otherside of the wall.
>None from the redpilled, based stallion.
>No sounds from the birds at night.
>At least you have eachother.
>"Let's secure the windows."
>Even the low voice felt it could almost break an unseen rule.
>You nod.
"Together, no one alone."
>It's grueling work to fortify the stronghold quickly and quietly.
>You all get it done.
>Something feels off though.
>From the griff's trash dump of a place.
>No movement where that fag has a printer running day and night.
>A soft piano starts playing. At least the stallion of culture nextdoor is alive.
>It's fitting.
>So you sing in harmony.
>The building starts to shake.
>Screams, and every possible yell slowly reaches a crescendo.
>The old stallion based and redpilled is he plays Initial D.
>Everyone is pouring your heart out.
>The walls sway, going down a highway through hell.
>Damned screams can't keep up with your heart and soul.
>Windows and doors are bending. Shifting the furniture, and various blockades.
>It breaks. Although a rhythm starts to form. We all have an inkling of an idea at hand.
>The horrors that lie ahead shake and tremble at your combined might.
>Walls crumble.
>The stallion piano pony rolls into the room.
>As do many instruments
>"I'm taking requests smoll fags. Don't complain just keep it up. We'll make it for sure then."
<What Do?
<Which one next?
I want them on my team. Qties, and upgraded arms it's hard to get much better.
283687 283703 283712
>become filly
>twilight wants to keep you for scientific studies because you're an anomaly
>she just feeds, pampers, and spoils you like an only child instead
>she just feeds, pampers, and spoils you like an only child instead
Anon's dreams come true.
>die out.
283705 283711 283712 283715 283717 283732 283734 283779
>Be only child
>Life is good
>Mom dies
>Dad starts getting on my ass about everything from my political beliefs to the people I hang out with
>Immediately starts dating another woman
>Constantly tells me how spoiled and lucky I am even though I work for the money to buy everything I use but shit like food and toothpaste and my mom is fucking dead.
>Starts using my dead mom as a tool to try to get me to conform to his standards, telling me that she would be ashamed of me whenever I'm doing something he doesn't like.
>Whenever I try to reason with him he yells at me or takes away my computer.
>Only have two friends irl, computer is where all my friends are.
>Wants me to hang out with people I haven't been friends with in years because he likes them better than my autistically small but comfy friend pool.
>Every time I try to debate him he acts like I'm the antichrist.
>Eventually snap and pull a knife on him when he tries to take my computer away after I call him a faggot.
>Plays it off afterwards as "oh you were holding the knife wrong I could've taken it away but I didn't want to"
>Yeah fuck you I know how to handle knives.
>Don't get my computer taken away though, whatever.
>Keeps this bullshit up until I move out
I guess that's probably why I'm here.
283706 283709
bad pony.png
Let me put it plain and simple, and you won't like it.
His roof, his rules. Like it or not, you are a dumb filly and the stallion deserves respect. After all if he doesn't care, why he bothers about you and tries to correct you?
Shut up and drop the defiance.
>His roof, his rules.
Also, his foal, his education.
283710 283711
I never said I had no respect for him you dumbass. I fucking tried time after time to reach a compromise. To try and come to some sort of fucking agreement. He's also about as lefty as you can get, so that didn't make things any easier. Every time I want to talk about funs he shuts me down because he feels threatened by my interest in them. Every time I try to come to a compromise it's a long, messy argument and finally, when he can't push any further logically, he pulls the "I'm your father" shit and walks away bacause I can't fucking push against that. Do you not see how that could drive someone mad? You know not all fathers are amazing role models or amazing people right? Did you even read the shit about how he used my dead fucking mom to try to get me to act on his whims? Does that not strike you as fucked-up at all?
Understood. And still no matter how wrong and annoying he is, he is your dad.
Don't be a whinny brat, you must shut up and drop the defiance. You will understand why in perhaps 10 or 15 years, when maturity and common sense come to age. Faggot.
283712 283758
Moving out really does help with parental relationships. Give it a couple years of not constantly getting on each other's nerves anymore and you'll start reaching out to each other again. I used to be an angsty faggot like you, then I moved to another state and found out that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Also what the does this have to do with filly? This is the mommy issues general, not the daddy issues general.
Well, I don't know the nitty grity details, not sure how I would have done then.
>This is the mommy issues general, not the daddy issues general.
It's close enough, I suppose it can be both.
>Also what the does this have to do with filly?
>she just feeds, pampers, and spoils you like an only child instead
>only child
>loife story about being an only child.
was hoping the green would lead to a story, but discussions are good too.[/s[
You'll be happier when you move out, my father was a bastard too.
He's trying to pressure and reshape you but he doesn't know what he wants from you. It's not your fault that he is the way he is. If there was one thing I wish someone said to me as a kid/teenager, it's "It is not your fault the adults in your life are the way they are". It's not your job to raise him or feel responsible for him.

I'm 24, and as you get older you'll understand why stupid people act the way they do. It won't magically make you okay with it. But you'll recognize that it's not your fault that he is the way he is, and that knowledge helps.
Think about what he really said with that "I swear I could have taken the knife I just didn wanna" bullshit.

He didn't encourage you to stand up for yourself more often, and he didn't recognize his mistakes and try to drop his attitude and try talking things out with you. He tried to push you down once you were unarmed and no longer scaring him, by saying he could have punished you for standing up to him if he wanted to.
"Oh, I could have easily kicked your ass just then in that moment when you stood up to me. Don't consider this a victory or else! Don't do that again or else!"

What a fucking coward. Nothing good's ever come from the kind of man who lies to retroactively win a fight in an attempt to regain lost face.
He's not some "deep and wise old man", he just sounds like a colossal faggot who puts his ego and "perceived dominance" above actually helping you, giving you advice, or being able to recognize that he's pushing you too hard in the wrong directions. He's the type of little man who wants to be in charge, thinks he's great at being in charge, but can't understand people or how anything he says/does could affect them.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's projecting his own flaws and failings onto you.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at himself for not making more friends in his youth, hence why he gives you shit for having online friends instead of friends his monkey brain can look at and understand.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at himself for failing to become rich and successful, hence why he's trying to pretend the things he gives you (like toothpaste) are so wondrous and valuable and spoiling-you-ish.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at you for not being exactly what he thinks a superior copy of him should look and sound and act like, even though you're clearly a better man than him if you're willing to reach out and ask for advice while he just bitches and bullies and fails at life.

again, it wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at himself for failing to become rich and successful, hence why he's trying to pretend the things he gives you (like toothpaste) are so wondrous and valuable and spoiling-you-ish. Most retarded parents start pretending they deserve awards for giving their kids a bed and hot meals because they're secretly butthurt about not being rich enough to get their kids bigger beds and better meals.
Or they feel inadequate for some other reason, like not thinking their child is popular enough IRL or sufficiently good with women or not rich enough yet. They feel like what they do is not enough, they get sad, they lie to themselves in the name of ego, and get butthurt at you for not making them feel so incredibly over-appreciated that it solves their feelings of inadequacy.
These types love to pretend the world is still as "if you just work hard you'll magically succeed"ish as it was when they were young and too lazy to work hard. Reminds me of my dad, who just couldn't understand why I as a teenager didn't have what society or his father handed to him on a silver platter at my age. The faggot would give me shit for not owning a motorcycle like he once supposedly did, can you believe it? He never took me to a motorcycle store, didn't know what to buy, and was staunchly against me getting a real job that could accumulate wealth because it would get in the way of his social-credit-seeking "Oh woe is me, my child is such a failure" bullshit. Fuck that faggot.

A lot of people want to believe fathers are inherently wise and mystical. Truth is, adults are just people and most people are fucking dumb. Society worked better when men were raised to know how to be good men AND good fathers. Why pretend there's something inherently respect-earning about fatherhood when only the white man's culture that made white fathers so great and respectable? You've encountered enough leftists in your life to know not everybody grows up, right? Boomers are the lowest form of life on this planet because they gave this country away to niggers and jews. Boomers with a brain are exceedingly rare, and boomers with a brain and balls are damn near unheard of.

I know I'm extrapolating a lot from what you've told me here. There's a good chance that I'm completely wrong and he's done good things for you that I don't know about.
But from what you've told me so far, it sounds like your father is a faggot who thinks he has to fix you before you turn out like him, but doesn't know how to fix your life or what he really wants you to be. He'll just femininely act out like a little baby until something seems to magically improve. So don't feel ashamed if you feel you have to say some bullshit or fake some bullshit here and there to make him happy and get him off your case. Talk about some great times you and your friends had even if they never happened. Claim you've met a few girls online, seen them via webcams and spoken to them "over the phone" (he knows what phones are probably) and played tons of online games with them because they love online gaming and you're trying to decide which one to date. Pretend you're incredibly into fascinating documentaries on animals and plants and history, tell him about what you've learned from these documentaries, and get him used to accepting new knowledge from his son.

Putting up with him won't be easy but it won't last forever.
Also, don't bother with debates. Boomers don't think with logic, they think with faith and their desire to feel socially accepted.
As for faith...
You could put a hundred arguments against communism in front of a Boomer and he wouldn't read any of them if he loved communism. Once you get old, your mind gets "set in its ways". This is why it's so much better to learn instruments/extra languages and develop self-improving habits and good routines while you're still young.
Boomers put their absolute faith in a person or concept until it's shattered completely. Only then do they become emptied of ego and willing to listen.
To convince a commie, you'd need to tie him down and show him hours of documentaries detailing how communism failed its workers, why communism can't work, what made it worse than nazism, and more until he finally stopped thinking it's a morally-good thing to be a communist.

It's the same shit with boomers and celebrities.
They don't care if some celebrity does something uncool or horrible or even illegal and degenerate. They don't care if some celebrity does something generous or heroic, even if it saves lives.
They like X celebrity because they've liked X celebrity ever since they decided to like X celebrity, and they won't feel like changing their position on that (remaining the same ageing rotting old decaying bastard despite how the world and circumstances change around them gives them a feeling of stability) until they see something new that shatters their view of that celebrity.
But if it became considered "uncool" to like their favourite celebrity, they'd drop him or her or it in an instant.
They care more about feeling like people think they're cool than feeling right, and they care more about feeling right than being right. Everything they tell themselves to think is inspired by what they currently think a good person is/does/thinks.

One Irish friend of mine had a retardedly woke boomer dad who watched TV news and loudly said "fuck racism" a lot in his house and did little else. He didn't change his mind when he saw videos debunking lefty lies or statistics proving the shitness of blacks. He changed his mind when he saw a ton of "Cringe SJWs get fucking destroyed by facts and logic compilation #69" followed by Molyneux's Ireland 2040 video explaining how white replacement is happening in Ireland(while ignoring the jew element sadly and blaming it all on the EU). Now he's gone from talking a lot about nonsense to repeating obvious entry-level facts about race to feel redpilled and cool. His voting habit changed to "Whatever my son says to vote for must be based and redpilled".
That's one more redpilled vote and one less jew vote. It's all the redpilling he needs for now. Probably all the redpilling he'll ever be able to take, considering how often he says "Those fucking evil muslims wanting to hurt the christians and jews, omg the muslims are like nazis but the left's ok with them for being brown, fuck the browns".

Not everyone on this planet is a person. Not everyone can think clearly and not everyone can be reasoned with. It would be great if you could convince your dad to vote Trump instead of Biden, but that's probably the furthest an oldfag that stuck-in-his-ways could ever be taken.
Get a life, I'm giving life advice in the Transformation-Fetish Transgender-Fetish Dommy-Mommy-Fetish Loli General to someone who needs it.
>still hasnt figured out KYS filly
Lurk moar fgt
>To convince a commie, you'd need to tie him down and show him hours of documentaries detailing how communism failed its workers, why communism can't work, what made it worse than nazism, and more until he finally stopped thinking it's a morally-good thing to be a communist.
It's a bit more involved than that. Depending on the depth of the religious zealotry and public perception and personality profile.
True. Some people are just lost causes.
It's not legal for pedos to rape kids, even though they want to.
Why should it be legal for commies to vote for corruption, just because they want to?
If commies win they'll legalize pedophilia like they effectively did under Weimar Germany. https://historycollection.com/17-reasons-why-germanys-weimar-republic-was-a-party-lovers-paradise/
The source is faggoted, trying to paint all this degeneracy as a good thing and a superior alternative to """prudism""". But it still admits the depths of the degeneracy, like a gloating cartoon supervillain.
So I heard you guys like fillies. Anyone wanna buy some? $300 a piece.
Scruff 2.2.png
That sucks dude, your dad sounds like an asshole. Glad you're doing better.
Pulling out a knife does seem a bit extreme though.
The faster you leave, the better. I can already tell you done nothing wrong.

When I left home things got better, of course its still a bit of strain on me to keep contact but otherwise. Bu being on your own is wonderful.
If pic related turned into Anonfilly, would we see any personality differences?
>"What's on your mind Anon? "
>Be Starlight Glimmer
>You think one of the students has a crush on you.
>Specifically Anon she keeps asking you to go on a balloon ride with her.
>Class time just ended.
>Now she is heavily flirting.
>"Glimmer you fuckin' Commie."
>Always to contract and communicate with that new age slang.
>Also fornication.
>Going out with Twilight's daughter is weird.
>Not to mention she's just a foal. Maybe... you're not clear about the topic Twilight keeps shifting about.
>You do understand she has a bit of trouble with talking to other ponies her age.
>Or in general.
>At least you find it confusing. Some of the slang, and words, and phrases just don't quite seem right.
>Something has to be done in any case.
>You shuffle through some papers.
>Ah ha!
>It'll be Anon's birthday soon. Then this whole adult flirting talk can stop.
Oh boy, time for a one-way balloon ride to tartarus!
>still hasnt figured out KYS filly
I never had any intent of doing anything with it, just wanted to show him I wasn't going to take it all lying down anymore. I had tried pretty much every form of rational appeal and they all failed. To quote Marvin Heemeyer...
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Sorry for the off-topic posting. Have a filly.
Filly from the draw thread
283768 283772 283775

Yes. Proud Filly partner.
283772 283775

horrified filly.gif
That's a nice sleepy filler right there. Yep, yep.
Very comfy.
Wouldn't erase, a qt. The body can be sculpted to be peak filly.
Not exactly the same, but you have the idea.
I wopuld advice to try to keep a stoic mindset and try to remain unprovoked by everything and also always try to stop things from escalating. Yes, I'm well aware how impossible that taks can be and I can relate to your feelings of wanting to show that yopur not a pushover. In fact, while this might be sending a bit of amix message, I bet standing up to him was actually strengthening to your mentality. It was for me when I stood up against my step father.

If you could, you could just pretend to abandon your true ideas and politics or maybe pretend to be less extreme or whatever.You will be surprized what people will believe when they want to believe it. It's not like you can get through to him when you yourself don't feel safe. I would sugguest waiting with getting through to him till you have your own place.

In general, I don't know if this is true for you, but for me when I began my journey I naively though that I could tell my mom and so on about my opinions and that while they probably would disagree, they would listen to me and take the fact that I was such a good kid into consideration but that didn't happen. since it was the begining of my journey, I hadn't fully realized my opinions and how to formulate them so being pressured to defend them form my leering step dad was diffcult. I just knew that what I had picked was the right thing.

I guess, my advice is that (if you're new to this), is to let everything run off you. Its almost like a skill, you practice, because you have to focus on everything in life so you cannot be mad at everything even though you will be correct in being angry.at the mire that is this world.

>Be filly
>Have ponk momfu
>Wake up to sweet scent
>Get pankcakes for breakfeast
>Bring lunchbox to school
>Its a ham, cheese, and roasted bread cupcake
>Prank Cheerlie
>Stay after school
>Ponk comes and you, her, and Cheerlie have a stern discussion about your behavior
>After you two leave, Ponk's gives you a highfive Or highone? for an awesome prank
>Go home
>Practice baking cakes and dancing
>You try to one-up Ponk on a competetion of who can make up most puns from the words being said
>Go to bed
>Ponk tires to read bedtime story but can't
>Simpleton, iliterate, mud pone
>Like you
>You read it for her instead
>You lay their cozy under the covers
>Book gets lower and lower untill you pretend to drop it as you pretend to fall asleep
>Ponk's mane get the lights
>A hoof wanders down to feel you..................

>You smash the lights on and turn to Ponk
"Kill yourself, Pedophile!"
Thought it meant something else. Basically ridiculing and mocking .

284313 284361 284392
Been a long time
So what if Anonfilly has to hug (or do something) with whoever has contact with her.
Instead of Anon becomes filly
Filly becomes Anon
284394 284431
How about something with a momfu other than Twi? There isn't much with that despite the possibilities.
I want to be the green man
A qt has appeared. Looks nice, but it slightly off. I can't put my finger on exactly what though.
Exactly, but as a filly. Write what you will anything.

Well how about more ideas to pour in. Don't worry if you think it's dumb those ones have a charm to it too.
>Anon figures out the secret to moving her tail stuff happens.
<Anon gets stuck in a magic comic book
>Timber wolves follow and obey Anon because she is the biggest faggot of them all
<Anon is abducted by Diamond Dogs
>Anon is held for ransom
<It's a graduation speech. Who is speaking, and what happens?
>Anon is adopted by Kirins
<Anon is adopted by griffs
>Anon's first heat wave
<The transformation only worked halfway. What fuckery has happened.
>Anon finds out the world of Equestria is a giant themepark mmo. What do. It's Deca Dence plot rippoff.
<Anonfilly is Equestria
>Anonfilly in another franchise. Alone? Or with somepony else?
<Anonfilly filled out a shitty create your own adventure
>The public's reaction to the crowning of Princess Anon
>The weather had cooled and the leaves began to fall from their trees
>Equestria was calm and peaceful
>a chilly breeze promised a winter not yet arrived
>Somewhere three green fillies lay snoozing and totally not cuddling in bed
>The temperature drop bringing them all under one large comforter
>Each one pressed in tight against the other, sharing warmth between their small bodies
>With a yawn the fillies, one by one awoke from their slumber, ready for another day of fun
>Quickly each one pushed away from the other, muttering no homo as they awkwardly avoided eye contact and slid out of bed
>The floor was cold on their bare hooves, soon it would be time for footie pajamas
>Each filly took time getting ready for the day washing up and brushing teeth and mane
>One young filly put a bow in her hair and was promptly called gay by her filly friends though all agreed she looked cute
>Now ready for the day the three fillies slipped into their jackets, scarves and little fuzzy hats and trotted outside
>Momma twi waving at them and telling them to be home before dark
>The three fillies braved the weather outside in search of fun and adventure
>Frolicking in piles of leaves and getting warm mugs of cider from Ms.Applejack
Anonmare momfu.
284440 284444 284624

>anon believes he is in charge
Filly has a plan.
Cutest hostile take over yet.
284464 284470
Anonfilly - I'm a happy horsey.png

Glad to hear it.
>Hug filly
>You dig down your nose into her mane
>She smells wonderful!
"Uhm... Anon?"
"Sssh," you say as you embrace her tightly to your chest. "Let me tell you what Anonfillies are for."

"Getting in fight with her.
Playing sports with her.
Watching kungfu-"

"Uhm,.. Anon? Are you okay?"
284469 284470
nedladdning (14).png
Yeah, so I made this once in the oekaki. I didn't post it becase it complete garbage. But I have come around to thinking that it makes me think of vapor wave. Honestly, its just something to add to the thread. I hope this doesn't shit down the thread.
Fashwave filly a coot
What a hug. Imagine the possibilities before Anon was interrupted.
Filly is going on a journey, to surf the interwebs.

>Be the filly
>You wake up from landing hard on the ground
>You still haven't learnt to control your ability to make clouds impassable
>So this is not the first time since RD adopted you, you have wokn up by falling through your cloud bed and down on the ground below RD's cloudhouse
"Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh! That fucking hurts. I hate this fucking shit!" you roar
"Hahaha ha ha!" you hear from a voice descending behind and above you
>Turn around and sees our mom with mocking grin and raised eyebrows
>You sigh and groan
>You climb up on your hooves
>You have dirtied your green fur on your knees
"You could atleast show some concern," you say bitterly. "For all you know, I could have broken something."
>Rd seems to realize this and tries to stop her laughing by putting a hoof over her mouth
>With the other hoof she waves away the idea
"Nah, I knew you were alright... Anyway, you ready for morning workout?" she asks
"But, Rainbow Da-"
>She glares at you
"Mom, I haven't eaten yet," you say
>She looks a bit surpized
"But you threw up your breakfeast yesterday. I thought we decided to skip it today."
>You smack with your lips
>Of course that's how she interpreted it
"No, I never said we should skip it. We'll just have to take a longer break before workout so I can digest if first, like any normal training regime."
>RD shakes her head
>She wagggles a hoof at you
"Nah, that takes to much time. We gotta get in two more sets of training today."
>You sigh
"Y tho? Isn't it better if I eat well so I can preform well during the training."
>At first it seemed like Rd was contemplating this but then she got a smug look on her face
"Aah, I see what's going on here. Clever."
"You wanna try to skip out on training, huh? Lazybutts."
>Your wings do their best angry spainish expression idk
>Rd's wing silence you as she waggles a feather at you
"Ah ah aah, I'll play your game. How about we meet half-way. Try to catch before we get to AJ and while their, we can eat breakfeast."
>You look a bit confused
"Okayyyy? But won't it be a bit diffcult to bring food with us to AJ if we're gonna give it are all?"
>She smacks her lips and her eyes dart upwards
"Anon, the breakfeast will be at AJ's place. If you know what I mean." Rd gives you a playful smirk
>You look at her unsure
"Do you mean you will walk in on the Apples at the dinner table and ask to join or are you refering to actually nicking apples from your friend?"
>She sighs and shakes her head
>She gives you a oh-you-naive-butbeautiful-fool look
"Applejack, owes me. Without me their wouldn't be any rainweather to fall on her trees would there? I do half the chore. I think the least AJ could do was let me snack some apples sometimes, you know?"
>You look at the ground
"Mom," You begin
"Yes, sweety," she shines up
"Aj pays taxes to the goverment for the weather she gets and the goverment pays you for the work you do for AJ. You have already been paid." you look up at her specptically
>She looks annoyed before rolling her yes and looking to the side
Tanks 2
>tfw you survive long falls every other night, and then have to logic a pony momfu why double dipping is stealing.
Nice green.
284553 284559 284561 284582
No greens tonight?
>be fille
>walk to school
>no twilot because am grown fill
>at night because is night school
>and then a skeleton popped out
filly needs to eat her greens.png
Filly needs plenty of greens to grow up big and strong.
Filly also needs to drinks lots of milk.
It's an acquired taste.
Give suggestions for one-offs, I'll probably get around to doing one or two on Saturday. Also planning out a longer green that you might see soon.
284585 284591 284612 284629 284685
Spooky Roll and Write.png
It's October, writefils, you know what that means.
Obviously main character will be filly, but feel free to use the MC column to pick your main supporting character
[4d10 = 19]
[1d10 = 2] [1d10 = 10] [1d10 = 2] [1d10 = 9]
Oh boy. Guessing it's going to be about Purple or Rarity this time.
[1d10 = 4][1d10 = 9][1d10 = 8][1d10 = 10]
284593 284644
Guess I'm going all in on some mindfuck bullshit.

>it takes you a few minutes to realize something is wrong
>namely, that you don't know where the fuck you are
>let's see... did you take a wrong turn at...?
>wait, where were you even trying to go?
>were you trying to go somewhere?
>what the fuck were you doing just now?
>you're currently walking through a level, orange landscape covered by a yellow sky
>you'd think you'd remember walking into some place like this
>or waking up or something
>yet here you are, apparently this wierd-ass place without realizing it
>is it some sort of amnesia?
>let's see...
>your name is Anonymous, or Anon for short
>this is only the second time you've unexpectedly ended up in a bizarre new world, the first time being when the magic bleach yeeted you into Equestria some years ago
>you hadn't counted on showing up as a nondescript little filly though
>a bit hopefully, you look down at your body to see if it's changed back
>anyways, all your memories are in order as far as you can tell
>with the exception, of course, of just what the fuck happened that led up to you being in this place
>hey wait a second
>what if this is like that shit from Memento?
>you know, where the dude gets a head injury and forgets everything that happened since then every few minutes or so
>you zone out for a few seconds
>well, no further memory loss as far as you can tell
>so what the fuck is going on?
>looking at your surroundings, it doesn't look like there's anything in sight for miles
>there's probably not much point in continuing to walk
>but it sounds better than just sitting here psyching yourself out
>onward you go
284609 284644
>there is no way of knowing just how long you've been going
>the lighting in this place never changes
>there are absolutely no landmarks to measure your progress by
>and your hooves leave no impression in the hard, smooth, orange ground
>you don't know
>but at some point
>you look up
>something has caught your eye
>something has broken the golden stillness of the sky
>there's a small spot of blue up there
>the spot gets bigger
>grows a head, hooves, and wings
>and shouts at you
"Rainbow Dash?"
>she lands with a grateful whush
"Oh good, a responsible adult. I don't suppose you know the way out of here?"
<"Gimme a break, I've been flying in this wierdo place for hours! I didn't think I was gonna find anyone at this rate."
>Dash leans to stretch those glutes
<"I was kinda hoping you had a plan."
"Walk til something happens."
<"That's basically my plan, but with walking instead of flying."
"Got a better one?"
>Dash scowls at the barren landscape
<"Not really."
>and so
>you walk
284611 284644
>the process becomes mindless
>insulated from both your surroundings and your thoughts
>you may as well not even exist
>it's not until your hoof comes down on nothing
>and you stumble
>Dash has been hovering overhead, and didn't suffer this particular mishap
>the ground has begun to decline into a valley
>down in the valley lies what can only be described as a nice little villa
>white walls, pillared arches, a bright blue swimming pool
"For sure it's the valley of death."
"Nothing. It's a reference."
<"You're one weird kid, Anon."
"Well, something happened, so I guess we're done walking now."
<"You're not seriously gonna go down there, are you?"
"Why not? See any other water nearby? I'm thirsty as shit."
<"You can't drink pool water."
"They probably have faucets."
>you start trotting down into the valley
<"Oh, this is so lame..."
"Come on. You scared?"
>a rainbow blur whizzes past you
>Rainbow Dash appears by the door of the villa
>you break into a light jog and catch up with her
>you reach for the doorknob, but Dash holds up a hoof
<"Whoah, kiddo. It might be dangerous in there. Let me go in first. You know, to protect you."
>Dash flexes her wings
>you groan
"Okay, sure, fine, go."
<"Not gonna beg me not to risk my life for you?"
"Bluefast, my hooves are so sore I don't care about risking my own life for a good sofa, let alone yours. Let's just go."
<"All right, all right, geez."
>Dash hesitates dramatically
>then throws open the door and summersaults inside
>she scans to the left
>scans to the right
>then throws back her wing to give you a 'come hither' signal
>you clomp inside, deliberately as loud as possible, and slam the door behind you
"Yeah sure, whatever. Listen, I'm gonna go find a bathroom. If it smells like I'm taking a ginormous shit, it's because I am."
>Dash's ears prick up as if something has alarmed her
<"Anon, you can't."
"Huh? Why not?"
<"Because I was gonna do that."
>with that, Dash disappears, leaving behind only a rainbow contrail
>no fuck shit damn piss cock niggers that cunt can spend all day hogging a shitter
>you run after her
"Please no!"
284644 284706 284751
>fortunately, the villa apparently has multiple bathrooms
>the one you found even has a shower, for advanced freshening up
>once you're done with that, you head back out into the main living room
>Dash is sprawled out on the couch
<"Hey, sport."
"Hey. So something just occured to me."
<"What's that?"
"Someone probably lives here."
<"I hope so."
"Think they'll appreciate us making ourselves at home when they get back?"
>Dash shrugs
<"Dunno. I just hope they'll be able to tell us the way out of bizzaro town."
"That's a good point."
>something on the wall attracts your gaze
"Uh, hang on a second."
>you point at a framed photograph hanging on the wall
>you'd call the creature in the photo a minotaur
>except that you've met minotaurs
>and this guy looks more like a giant, scarred man with bull's horns crudely sewn onto his scalp
"What if that's the guy who lives here?"
>Dash grimaces
<"Uh, maybe he's friendly?"
"Or maybe he eats ponies?"
<"Eugh. That'd be bad."
<"Maybe we should get out of here."
"I think we should get out of here."
>Dash hops off the couch, and together you head for the door
>it's just that, when Dash opens the door
>she slams it shut again
"Huh? What happened?"
<"I don't know if we should go out there."
"Why not? There's nothing out there."
>Dash just shakes her head
<"I really don't think we should go out there."
"Oh, let me see."
>you crack open the door
>and promptly slam it shut again
>you hit the lock for good measure
"I don't think we should go out there."
>what exactly is out there?
>they're ponies
[1d10 = 7] [1d10 = 5] [1d10 = 4] []1d10
[1d10 = 8]

>Anonfilly is Equestria
Like the entirety of Equestria is laid on Anonfilly ass or something like that? Or something to do with Anonfilly becoming a supreme ruler?

Needs a Twilycane to properly reign supreme over her inferiors
Although such almighty fluff can surely demand sacrifices by itself
>Tfw filly grew up in the equality cabin
>Adopting the repeating verses as the truth
>Other fillies tried to point out of its evil and the truth behind the free market
>How she should be free to hop skip and jump in the plains
>But all this filly wants is to go back
>To listen to her glorious leader speech once more
>To paint the walls red with other equals
>And to listen to the blue commissioner mare and her tales of equality
>If only she could put these other fillies to experience true happiness
>A single chance to send them to that cabin
>They'd love it and would come to think the same, she was sure of that
>All she needed is that one tape, taken straight from glim glam stash
>Surely Twilight wouldn't mind if the castle was reporpused for the good of them all, right?
[1d10 = 5] [1d10 = 1] [1d10 = 8] [1d10 = 5]
Interesting green.
Missing toof. Oof.
What horrors must have happened to turn anon into a commie.
Once more with feeling.
"Anon, darling, please. Not those ribbons."
>"It fits sunbutt is the sun, and it's yellow. Well I mean it's white, but it depends on the composition. Like all the other sparkling stars."
>"Excuse me please."
>"Just a moment fag."
"Sparkles! Why Anonfilly you are a talent."
>Turning around a horror waits. Her mane, so haunted and harmed.
"Oh my stars darling! What happened to your coiffure!?"
>"I'm guessing an orgy."
>Anon's crass comments can at times get out of hoof. Drastic actions must be done.
"Out of my hair? What about your hair!"
>It is my duty to make the world beautiful with Anonfilly by my side. I must accomplish this I must not let these eldritch horrors manifest though these abominations.
>Of Fabulosity!
>"Hey pick the green gem one it'll look funny."
"You were telling me where you're from?"
>"Oh! This is Purple Smort she's from-"
>With Filly brushing Twilight's mane I knew she could handle that.
>"Oh meet us later at the library, Pinkie is Planning a surprise party for this book horse."
>Honestly spoiling Pinkie's party. How uncouth.
"Anon! Really. Emeralds! What was I thinking? Let me get you some rubies!"
>I feel Anonfilly leave with Twilight, and Spike the Dragon.
>So excited. One might not even tell she didn't always used to be a filly.
>The corners of the room darken.
"Maybe I should have gone with them, ah but fabulosity without hard work won't vanquish horrors."
>"Hey Rares! There's a welcoming party at the library. Oh and tell Anon she should be careful when she says things."
"Thank you darling. I try, but she tends to brush me off time and time again."
>"I'm sure when you'll explain it to her she'll understand."
"I don't know what I would have done without your help darling."
>The creeping ugliness of the world always seems to shrink slightly with her friends. Even if some of them unknowingly go against fabulousness.
<Time passes, and we rejoin at Twilight Sparkle's party.
>"No pony can stop me from the punch!"
>"Anon, not that punch that's for adults."
>Spike looks oddly over at this line of dialogue.
>"Who's Anon?"
>"Why I oughta!"
>Holding the feisty filly back Pinkie keeps the party upbeat, and nopony else is making a ruckus over this small spat.
>"See this is Anon."
>Her hoof is shaking her body as Anon is making an effort to reach the baby dragon.
>"When I get over to you ya' sopping cock sock you'll eish you messed with the wrong Anon!"
>Spike looking quite pale heads over to my side.
>"That's what I thought. Faggot. Whatever. Yo, Rare Imma go see if I can't jump on Purple's bed."
"Fillies will be fillies."
>Spike the poor dear must be shocked at the butchery of language.
<Time passes, and we rejoin at the Castle of the Two Sisters. Facing Nightmare Moon.
>Here we are my companions, and even Anon.
>"Alright fags, some of you may die, but that's a risk I'm willing to make. I'll distract the Mooner that's your cue."
>Twilight is by our side now, as Nightmare Moon faces us.
>The brave filly is running making the charge.
>Nightmare Moon totally dismisses Anon, she then slides under the alicorn.
>Twilight is saying something, and I feel my hooves leave the ground.
>Anon, is now behind the dark alicorn.
>She head butts into the Nightmare Moon's foal making bits.
>A loud yell can be heard as a rainbow is shooting out of us.
>From Anon, or from Nightmare Moon I can't tell.
>Feeling something thumming, the ugliness of the world retreats from the beam the elements of harmony made.
>Anon is writhing on the floor.
>Everypony else is too stupefied by the rising sun.
"Anon! Please, are you okay? We can get help."
>"Rarity? Who are you talking to?"
>"Yes, my little pony who else came with you on your journey?"
"Anon the little foal, see."
>I gesture with my other hoof to Anon that lay in my grasp.
>She's melting.
>She rasps out something.
>"I, I may not get to say this after it's all said and done. I love you, and you must hold your friends near and dear."
>Anon melts, I can hear Pinkie crying.
>She's melting into me.
>"Live you stupid beautiful hoers. I'll be right here in your heart."
>A light tap pounding, as her bloody form hits me.
>I remember.
>I lived once without accomplishing my dreams, with fear and pain at every turn.
>Of a pure wish and desire, I cut myself up to ignore those unobtainable dreams.
>My hooves covered in my own blood.
>My past showing me opportunities in every corner.
>Now, it's just me.
>A real monster.
>Be me
>I have failed in being an Anonfilly. This is my tale.
>No matter how much of myself I'll carve up this world will be fabulous.
>And then Discord
>And then Chrysalis
>And again and again
>tfw you've given so much
>tfw you've given too much
>tfw you can't give any more
>feels bad
>tfw you gave it all up to try to save yourself one last time.
>The nightmare has taken root
>forever and ever
>again and again
>"Anon, darling, please. Not those ribbons."
>pic related
284679 285610

I don't know what to say.
[1d10 = 10][1d10 = 7][1d10 = 6][1d10 = 6]
will have something in a while, maybe tomorrow or day after
Enjoying this, but if that's the end it's a tad anticlimactic. Any chance we'll get more?
Yeah I meant to get around to writing more yesterday. Hang on, more is inbound.
284753 284766 284826
>the ponies outside are...
"What the fuck are they?"
<"Why would you ask me? I don't know!"
"Well, pick me up. I wanna look out the peep hole."
<"Whoah, no. It is way too scary out there for a little kid to be looking at. I'll look through the peep hole."
"All right, fine, just tell me what it is."
>Dash looks through the door's peep hole
>and violently cringes
<"Ah! No! No way! Uh uh!"
<"Oh, you think you're so tough? Why don't you take a look then?"
>Dash hooks her hooves under your forelegs and hoists you up to the peep hole
"Finally. Thank you."
>you peer into the horde
>the creatures are slow
>and deformed in very
>odd ways
>only years of browsing imageboards could have prepared you to gaze upon the blasphemous forms with your sanity intact
"Dickshitting nipples..."
>actually, dickshitting nipples is about the only bizzare body modification you don't see out there
>that one has heads sprouting out of its spine
>you catch a glimpse of one in the air, eight wings beating in unison on its sides
"Guess I can't ask you to fly us out of here then..."
<"Huh? Why not?"
"Hang on a second."
>an idiot pony's head lolls atop a gigantic hoof
>one, built like a centipede, skitters by with dozens of torsos and scores of legs
>that one has...
"Oh, there are dickshitting nipples out there. Interesting."
<"Anon, you are such a weird kid."
"Yeah, well, I've seen enough. Put me down."
>once you're back on the floor, you take a deep breath
"Well that is horrifying."
<"And? What are they?"
"Just a lot of really deformed ponies, as far as I can tell. They don't look very smart."
<"Do any of them fly?"
"Oh yeah. And fast, too. I wouldn't risk trying to fly out of here."
>Dash frowns
<"They couldn't outfly me though, right?"
"Dunno. I wouldn't wanna find out the hard way, though."
>Dash groans
<"Yeah, guess not."
>you scowl
"One thing I don't know is what the hell we're supposed to do now."
<"Well, at least the big horned thing probably won't be coming back any time soon."
"Yeah. Unless those things are his pets or something."
>your mind goes racing
>trying to think of some solution
>some possibilty
>some slight sliver of hope
>Rainbow Dash pats you on the head
<"Maybe we just need to chill out for right now. Those things showed up, maybe they'll go away. Let's just wait and see. It's not like they're bashing down the doors or anything."
>the storm in your brain subsides
"Yeah. All right, yeah. Yeah, you're right."
>something in the way your heart is beating makes you wonder if you believe what it is you're saying
"Let's just wait for now."
>yfw it's the zombie apocalypse

File (hide): B43A7D2B550E9FBA8FCEAE3737452681-2419217.webm (2.3 MB, Resolution:540x960 Length:00:00:12, WaifuDance.webm) [play once] [loop]

>sniffing Purple's butt
Enjoying this, thanks faggot.
284778 284782 284783 285340 285525
"I don't know Flutters, should we really be out this late?"
>"Anon, no animals in the Everfree are dangerous as long as you know how to talk things out."
"What about all the plants?"
>"If you want you can ride on my back."
"No, I just... don't you think we should be taking this more seriously? Shouldn't we at least have Twilight with us?"
>"Anon, do you trust me?"
>You groan.
>The question with only one right answer, because mom will cry if you say no...
"Yes, of course I trust you Flutters. I'm just saying that we should be careful out here. Don't ponies die out here?"
>"Oh, never. There have been a few disappearances, but no deaths."
"Fluttershy, that just means they died and were eaten."
>"My animal friends would never."
>Your legs are getting a bit tired now, so you tug on Fluttershy's tail and hop up.
>"Do you need help?"
"Nah, I'm getting used to... there we go."
>You nestle right between her wings and rest your head on her neck.
>Now this is nice.
>You're usually asleep in a few hours anyways, but Fluttershy insisted you could help her out.
>Normally you wouldn't ask Shybones this, but you're curious and you want to show her that pulling you into this sort of thing has consequences.
"What do you do if you can't save an animal?"
>"Oh, um... that's a rather personal question, Anon."
"Come on, my old dog got rabies back in the day and I gave him one last good hug while he was sane before blowing his skull out. Everyb- everypony has those stories I'm sure."
>"Most ponies don't have pets..."
"Does Doctor Horse hook you up with some pills or-"
>She looks back at you.
>The Stare.
>You involuntarily shut up.
>"We're almost there, you can nap on the way back if you want to, Clove."
"Yeah, I think I might want to- what was that?"
>"Anon, I fell for that trick twice. I won't fall for it again."
"No, I was crying wolf before but I really did see something."
>"Crying wolf? I'm sorry, I'm not current with all of your foal slang. You have to keep your mom clued in if you want her tack in the saddle."
"What? No, like the Aesop Fable. Little boy cries wolf for shits and giggles, townsfolk come to his rescue, he's faking. Boy cries wolf again for shits and giggles, townsfolk come to his rescue, he's faking. Boy sees a wolf, cries wolf, townsfolk don't come to his rescue and he gets mauled or something. The lesson is the important part, not whatever gruesome ending you can come up with."
>"Well, why didn't the boy and the wolf talk out their differences?"
"Because the wolf was a wild animal that wanted to eat his sheep, or his family, or him... the point is not to be a jackass and make up shit if you want to be believed. Twilight Zone played around with a similar concept but with aliens who mistake a man as god instead of a wolf because of his outlandish lies, and when he tells people about it they laugh him off. You can use that version if you prefer."
>"Aliens? What are those?"
"I- forget it. You're soft and warm, you know?"
>"Yes Anon, you've told me."
"Good. Because I appreciate it. Thank you."
>"Oh, that reminds me. We've got an appointment for you next week with a psychiatrist."
"I'm perfectly sane."
>"Not all psychological disorders are related to sanity Anon, why Ms. Cheerilee has many foals on the spectrum that you'd probably be great friends with..."
>She trails off into another discussion about how she wants to see you hang out with more ponies.
>You just focus on the bit where she nonchalantly calls you a sperg.
>Are you autistic? You were never diagnosed as a kid, but they never tested you...
>Maybe you can act normal enough that you'll fudge the results.
>Psych is softer than butter, unless they're using magic you'll probably be fine.
"There it is again. Like a snake, only bigger. Fly up."
>"Mommy is tired from Rainbow's workout earlier, she's not going to take you for a fly sweetie."
"No, I'm serious. I don't want to be anywhere near that thing."
>One of the worst things about living with Fluttershy is how blissfully ignorant she is to the food webs that exist in Equestria.
>She seems perfectly content to let bears live with rabbits and chickens, despite the fact that the dog food she gives her bear 'friend' is made with chicken meat.
>Whenever you get into this argument with her she brushes you off.
>'Animals need to eat, Anon.' is her favorite.
>Any time you try to get into what they eat, she brushes you off further.
>God forbid the one old government official that's making sure Fluttershy gets the checks for her animals keels over, because that will be the day that Fluttershy's cabin becomes Battle Royale.
>Not the gay kind like those video games, the cool chink kind.
>She doesn't know predators like you do, though.
>She's never had to fuck up rattlesnakes with a .17 HMR because there's a toddler inside.
>She's never hunted big game and had to steady up a shot at a bear's skull while it charges.
>And that's why you're scared with an animal expert in animal country.

Will continue soon, I need to be asleep in 20 minutes.
Oh boy. Should have taken this pic related.
Really like it so far! Fluttershy is my favorite of the mane 6 to adopt Anonfilly.
Hey, it's Bone15!
284830 284853 285366
>Be Anonfilly
>You have to get out of this clownshow.
>Everything is constantly awful.
>"Fix the bookshelves Filly!"
>Twilight broke another bookshelf in her tantrum
>"Make sure this is spotless when I get back."
>at least it isn't when she's coldly focused then bad things happen.
>Spike the massive cunt kicks the only good board left.
>Then Twilight whips you for breaking the last board.
>Doesn't compare to Twilight Time experiments.
>As they leave your mind wanders.
>The only friend in all of this has been Cozy Glow.
>A social inept filly with plans that fail every single time.
>A real heart of gold though.
>It has to be today
>running away from here will take everything you have
>first little miss golly herself.
>"Golly Anon what's the rush?"
"We're leaving."
>Before she says a word you whisk her onto your back with your saddle.
>"Don't we need a plan?"
"I have one right here."
>It's bullshit, but just maybe you'll be able to get away with it.
>Everypony's nose is up in the air and dismissal of Twilight's torture toy, and slave is one bonus.
>The train is on guard all the time
>only way forward is on foot.
>The goal is either the Crystal Empire, or the sandy 'Goodlands'.
>Wise King Sombra
>or The mastermind Gale King.
>"We should head to the Goodlands Anon.".
>Fuck, okay just King Sombra then.
"Maybe, so let's play the quiet game untill we get to where we're going."
>You hear Golly close her lips.
>Twilight would have sliced off a labia for that noise pollution.
>Over the next few months you've dodged the inquiries and search parties.
>Stealing, running, and looting, and lying you and Cozy 'Golly' Glow make it to the edge of Equestria and the Crystal Empire.
>It tastes like freedom.
>Except you have a cold just so close.
>"Anon, how about I carry you?"
"It's okay, I'll keep going till I can't."
>The snow just get's deeper and deeper.
>Your vision is fading to black
>You hear shouts about being found.
>You feel Golly pull you out of the deep snow.
>Somepony found you.
>The last thought is one of desperate plea that it is from the Crystal Empire.
>You thought you knew everything about pony biology.
>How the fuck hooves work
>Why a Pegus can fly
>How the fuck is a magic
>and even the dark Secrets of Earth ponies
>Even the naughty bits.
>Especially the sexy bits.
>but this motherfuckingshit right here
>This is too far.
>pic related
>No one is telling you anything
>they all start doing it just to style on you.
>Even the babies are doing it.
284833 284862
>days pass
>the creatures don't
>well, you assume it's been days anyway
>night time doesn't happen here, but you've fallen asleep about four times
>there's actually a large stockpile of food in the house
>where did it come from?
>and why is is mostly hay and flowers?
>there's a few cuts of meat you would have enjoyed if you still had an omnivore's digestive tract
>so the owner couldn't have been a vegetarian
>but on the whole, the pantry is very pony-friendly
>it's impossible to tell why this would be
>you've performed a few experiments to gauge how aggressive the creatures are
>most recently you tossed one of those cuts of meat out of a high window
>it landed in the midst of the creatures with a satisfying slap
>but they ignored it
>they ignore everything
>you're beginning to wonder if you could just walk right through them
>but then, even if you could, should you?
>for miles around, this villa is the only apparent source of food, water, and shelter
>but if that's the case, then what are the things outside eating?
>and where were they hiding that neither you nor Rainbow Dash saw them in your wanderings?
>and if the owner of the house is away, he must have gone someplace he thought was worth visiting
>since all the food in the house is still good, he must have been here recently
>but where else is there to go?
>are there some sort of people there who could help?
>you spend every day stuck in this mental deadlock with yourself
>you can't make anything add up
>it's hard to say for sure, but it seems like Rainbow Dash must be having some similar conflict
>she spends all day looking out one of the second story windows
>eyeballing the flying creature
>it never seems to land
>day after day, it takes lazy circles around the house
>but every so often
>it goes fast
>real fast
>for just a second
>and then it resumes its normal course
>you hate it
>you hate all of them
>you wish they'd go away
>even though you're not sure if they'll hurt you
>hell, even if they turned out to be totally harmless
>they're not wholesome
>they're not healthy
>if you've gone to sleep four times, then this must be the fifth day
>it's on the fifth day, then, that the monotony is broken
>it's on the fifth day
>that something changes
>you're raiding the fridge when you hear a loud pounding on the door
>you rush to the main entrance
>and hesitate
>maybe you should go get Rainbow Dash now?
>if nothing else, she can reach the peep hole to see what's knocking
<"Anon, are you in there?"
>your eyes widen
>it sounds like Rainbow Dash outside

Mimicry, or stupidity? It's Dash, so both are equally likely. Keep up the good work.
Guess there will be a continuation.
>"Hear ye, hear ye. The slave Anonymous is now under trial."
>The jury grins with malevolence
>Twilight Sparkle is breathing down your neck.
>"It's time for you to wake up to your new life."
>From behind the curtain Princess Luna with her eyes that cut down worms.
>Her horn glows, and you're teleported to a dungeon.
>Tools and various objects hang from the walls and ceiling.
>Your strapped to a bed of nails. Far enough a part to dig in, yet not to far to cause extensive damage.
>"Now then, you will tell me everything. Where did you go?"
>She brings a 'glue' bottle close to your fluff.
"AGHH, I, nowhere."
>It seeps down through to the skin.
>"Last chance before I rip this off. Where did you go?"
>What do I do? I- I'll lie.
"To the dragonlands- AGHHHHH!"
>Skin and flesh ripping off as the air bites at the exposed fats and muscles.
>"Do not test me. Where. Did. You. Go?"
>It hurts oh fuck it hurts so much.
>Why is this hurting so much!?
>Her hoof touches the bloody muscles.
>"It's a special formula, I won't be outdone by my sister's lackey. Now satisfy my curiosity, and this pain relieving potion is yours."
"Running away! We were running away!"
"Anywhere! Can't stay here, it hurts."
>Her face forms a snarl.
>"I want you to say exactly where you've been and what direction."
>Make it stop! Make it stop!
>"Answers first."
>Grant enough strength.
"Going out west side Ponyville, we head out as we get lost-ARGGH-to to the Appleloosa-"
>"Appleloosa is on the east side!"
>She brings salt over
"A-at Appleloosa we hiked along the canyon trail after getting supplies."
>"Which way?"
>Memories bubble, but only the pain and suffering from the trek remain.
"It had something green, maybe."
>"Which. Way. Exactly."
>It doesn't smell like salt.
"I- I don't know."
>My vision turns white as the chemical compound causes a myriad of sensations.
>The it seeps down to my heart.
>"Useless! This will be a nightmare you will never wake up from!"
>wake up
>Wake up.
>Shooting out of bed you find yourself in a hospital room.
>Heart is hammering.
>Did you loose consciousness?
>Golly walks in.
>"Golly Anon you're awake! I'm going to give you a hug!"
>She slams into you.
"Ow, where. Where."
>"A super hero saved us!"
>"You know with the judges?"
>"With the King."
"Oh thank everything good."
>Speak of the devil and he will appear
>Slick Sombrero the good king walks in depressed.
>"Anonymous they are demanding your presence or else they will enact total war."
>Something floats in your mind about being linked to the orginal Equestria.
>You drift over to Cozy Glow
"That's cool and all, but I have a solution."
>A plan is forming.
>His face droops ever more.
"We're going to trap them."
>Golly looks shocked
"So here's how we're going to do it."
>The king frankly didn't believe you could do it, but in one month you would be 'found' and brought before them.
>They may be strong, wise, and magically potent
>but you have a Golly.
>You've already won if you have a Golly.
>For the next three days you exhaust your friend day and night.
>Till one plan is refined.
>Well a plan of a plan.
>It's terrible, but it'll fix everyone's problems.
>You're going to go get a Cozy Glow, and your Golly to work together.
>To take over Bad-Equestria.
>Mostly save your own hide first then take over Equestria.
>But a Cozy Glow, Golly team would be a force to be reckoned with.
>Good news is that the timeline is weird, and Cozy Glow is Twilight's friendship assistant. Without that this couldn't have worked.
>So Celestia, and her student, and the elements, and most importantly Cozy Glow came.
>Cozy's eyes glow with a greed for power once she realizes exactly what is possible.
>Her confusion at her counterpart is evident, and her ruse would be blown.
>That wouldn't be convenient.
"Come on let's go plan!"
>Bringing both Golly and Cozy to your guest room the greatest debate of all is about to happen.
>You cover Golly's ears. No need to be a dick.
"Golly here always makes a plan that always fails. I know she has a heart of gold."
>Cozy Glow is, angery, frightened, confused, then something emerges.
>"You need me."
>You uncover Golly's ears and she keeps on smiling.
"No, we all need each other."
>"Are you sure? I think we could go pretty far on our own."
>Cozy is shocked, then she's serious.
>"What's the deal then."
"We're going to come up with a plan to entrap the evil twins of the princesses. I don't want to be tortured."
>She has the good grace to flinch.
>Golly keeps beaming and nodding.
"That means there will be an Equestria in need of a moral figure, and maybe an empress of friendship."
>"Well golly! What are we waiting for? Let's get to it. Friendship is on the line."
>A professional ploting villian with a way to verify every single step?
>A course correction happens so fast, and so elegantly between them it's a blur.
>The tiny fatal flaws evaporate. An excellent plan becoming a near perfect one.
>In three more days it's finalized.
>Twilight beams and is so proud of her student.
>"Golly, Professor Sparkle, I really learned a whole lot about myself."
>"Golly, Cozy sure can use her mouth and her head real good."
>A slight moment of hesitation. She knows everyone is... altered by some extent, she just can't quite pinpoint what exactly.
>Both of the fillies are brought into a hug.
>"Golly, Princess Twilight you sure are fluffy a lot of suitors must ask you out. I'd even like a bed made with you."
>Twilight keeps hugging. Her face scrunched trying to parse the hidden meaning.
>"Thank you for the compliment."
>You catch the diabeetus.
>The last days are spent preparing.
>The plan is simple.
>Golly, and Cozy are going to work together to win a binding magically enforced contract. With themselves at stake, and your swift return to Twilight's Torture Time. They get to taunt and humiliate Sombra, amd Celestia. No retaliation either from the good guys.
>Winning, would get all of Equestria and the evil rulers would be self imprisoned.
>All patched up in legalese that is so tight it's a great work the world has never seen before.
>Cozy, and Golly will take over Sombra as the rulers, while lover boy goes with Celestia to be married and stuff.
>It's the day of the meeting.
>Hostilities are high.
>"So you want to barter for what is rightfully ours."
>"Golly, it sure would be nice to have a bit more? I'd want to stick close to my friends. Maybe you could have King Sombra or Princess Celstia act funny?"
>The leather clad psudo-egyption styled princesses, and Twilight gave it some thought.
>"Here's our conditions."
>A three games of chess.
>Every chess piece captured means a whipping for somepony of the good guy team.
>Naturally it falls to you.
>The fillies have to move the pieces. After all they do look incompetent and should break once their friend is hurt.
>With all parties signed and in agreement the games begin.
>The iron clad rules prevent any kind of cheating.
>Advice yes, cheating no.
>You take normal whipping blows like a champ.
>Everytime the good poners look ever increasing angery, and concern for your well being.
>It's only up to about three hundred normal standard whippings real medical problems occur.
>You've felt it first hand.
>The enemy is chiefly enjoying, and taking the frustration out on you.
>Golly, and Cozy make a great team.
>While Celestia or Sombra or anypony else could help Golly, and Cozy are the stars here.
>The last game is struck down in a perfect match.
>They are livid, and cheering is heard from our side.
>Everyone lives happily ever after.
>Ebil Princesses are kept out of sight, and unable to do anything.
>Sombro, and Celestia get hitched. Rumor has it they vist the other Celestia to have some extra fun.
>Twilight and her friends go do whatever they do.
>also a tearful goodbye and a swear to keep in touch with Cozy.
>Cozy and Golly rule over the Greater Crystal Empire in Sombra's stead.
>You didn't get tortured lots.
>The whole janky clown dimention doesn't crumble due to eldritch forces wanting a 'balanced' universe.
>Maybe Cozy Glow developed the magic of friendship as well under the guidance and reasoning of Sombra's highest figures.
>In any case you have a Golly.
>And Golly 'Cozy Glow' has you.

Aw, what a pair of fillers sleeping after an afternoon snack.
>inb4 cum edit
284870 284879
>every horror movie you've ever seen is telling you not to touch that fucking door
"Bullshit it's Rainbow Dash!"
<"Anon, come on, I'm hurt out here!"
"No you come on, that's the oldest monster trick in the book!"
<"Anon, these things are touching me and it's weird, please!"
"What, just touching you?"
<"Yeah, and it's freaky, so let me in!"
>it definitely sounds like Rainbow Dash
"All right, so how'd you get hurt?"
>a pause
<"I was trying to fly out a window, and that thing with all the wings bumped into me."
"It just bumped into you?"
<"Yeah, like it didn't even see me. It's still up there."
"So you're not in the house."
<"No, I'm not in the house."
"And there should be a window open upstairs."
<"Yeah, there's a window open, what does this have to do with anything?"
"I'm gonna go check."
<"Ugh... Hurry up!"
>you run upstairs, calling out Dash's name
>there's no response
>you locate the open window pretty quickly
>it's the same one she's been staring out of this entire time
>and when you rear up to close it, you spot her down on the ground
>one of her wings is flopping pretty uselessly at her side
>and, just like she said, the creatures are just bumping into her
>like they don't even see her
>all right
>so you go downstairs and you let her in
>and she staggers inside
<"Ugh, finally!"
>nothing untoward happens
>you close and lock the door behind her
>it's not til she's safely inside
>that you notice something
"So, uh... your wing looks pretty bad."
<"Yeah. I think it's broken."
"You don't look like you're in a lot of pain though."
>Rainbow Dash cringes
>then frowns
<"I'm not."
>she eyes her own wing nervously
<"My wing feels... really good right now. I've got a couple of cuts and scrapes that feel pretty good too."
>Dash looks up at the ceiling and sighs
<"I feel really... really good. And it's weird. I just... Can you help me get this thing set so I can sleep it off? Hopefully it'll hurt like normal when I wake up."
One of us.
One of us.
One of us!
Congratulations Rainbow Dash you successfully made it back inside.
IWTCIZRD. Imagine the BDSM play.
>fortunately, this isn't Dash's first broken wing
>she's more or less able to tell you what to do
>and once it's done, she passes out on the couch without any fuss
>you stay with her til she's asleep
>and then you stay for a long while after
>you really think you ought to be more uneasy about all this
>you wonder if you should find some way to secure her in place
>just to be on the safe side
>well, maybe that would be the smart thing to do
>but to be perfectly honest, you're running out of mental energy
>and it's hard to muster up many more fucks to give
>you decide that shutting yourself up in the master bedroom will make you secure enough for the time being
>because even on the off-chance Dash somehow turns into one of those things or something, it's not like they can open doors
>and if you're wrong, whatever
>at any rate, the master bedroom is where you left that book
>you see, the cloth for Dash's wing-splint had to come from somewhere
>and though you were sorry to rip up that nice Oxford shirt, it had to be done
>but while you were searching, you found it
>the book
>once the door is shut behind you, you hop up onto the bed and grab the book
>it's not written in horse-runes
>it's written in English
>the book is handwritten, and bound in a moleskin cover
>a journal
>the journal of one Dr. Dick Katz, who you assume is the owner of the house
>is Katz the man with the horns?
>you don't know
>what you do know is that you can't go on just sitting around and worrying in circles
>at best, the journal will shed some light on your situation
>and if not, it might give your weary brain a much-needed break
>and so
>you dive right in


dumb fuck juice.png

It's pretty obvious what went on before the snooze (me = filly on the left)
284940 285069
>"My name is Doctor Richard B. Katz, and my adventure has been a strange one.
>I shall attempt, in the course of this writing, to assume nothing whatsoever of my audience. I realize, of course, that this is a strictly impossible task. Indeed, assuming I'll have an audience at all is the sheerest vanity, and assuming they'll read English is wishful thinking.
>But given my experiences thus far, I must try - to the limit of reason - to assume nothing at all of you. You could be anyone, from anywhere, from any time.
>And for the peace of my mind, I must write.
>I was born on a small planet called Earth, in the Earthly year of 2046. It was around this time that my species - mankind - began to develop what can only be described as psychological powers.
>When I was a boy, my power of mind was poorly understood, and made me an anomaly. Now that I am a man - fifty-four years old, in Earthly time - such powers are commonplace, and I am proud to say that it is largely through my efforts that they are now largely understood."

>an intrusive thought jolts you out of your reading
"Aw, man. I could've lived to see my grandkids be telepaths."
>you shake your head and try to look at the bigger picture
>whoever Katz is, he's from what you would consider the future
>how exactly could he have ended up in this place before you?

>"As a psychologist, I pushed the limits of the human mind further than they'd ever been before.
>And it was in the year of 2100 - the beginning of our twenty-second century - that I planned to reveal just how far the mind of man could truly go.
>I'd spent years crafting a new world within my mind. A simple world - with a plain orange surface and a solid golden sky - but a world nonetheless.
>Even as plain as it was, the effort of maintaining an entire world within my mind was taxing enough. The details could come later, after the experiment had proved successful.
>Yes, the experiment. The experiment was all-important. I drove off friend, family, and colleague alike in the pursuit of my glorious experiment.
>It would all be worth it when I had proven that it was possible to bring the world within my mind to physical reality, and to bodily travel to it.
>Yes, that was my dream. Imagine, dear reader, the possibilities. Several psychologists pooling their powers of mind together could sculpt a veritable utopia, and really send people there.
>Hunger and living space would never pester mankind again, for every man could really have his own garden world if he wanted it.
>Ah, but I miscalculated. Grievously miscalculated.
>My world, I was able to bring to reality.
>My body, I was able to transport to it.
>Yet somehow, I cannot seem to return.
>I know now that I can never go home."

>you slam the book shut
"Oh, man. I know what that's like."
>this is really, really, not comforting reading
>it says right there in the first few pages that it's not possible to go home
>but hey, maybe there's a later entry where the guy figures it out somehow
>after all, you haven't exactly seen any humans around here
>and if Katz isn't here, he has to be somewhere

I really hope this isn't getting too autistic.
It's getting there, but fortunately too autistic is the kind of shit I like
What I wrote is only technically true for a broken analysis of the world, but not considering a wholeistic method of thinking.
Aka it will never become a meme.
What ought to happen is a creative splash with a gentle focus rather than the terrible examples I have made, that is a hammer rather than a gentle tap which slowly breaks the glass filled with all the manner of story telling elements flowing through.
Sorry about the subpar advice at the time. I wasn't thinking clearly.
>Twilight 'Purple' Sparkle has done horrible things to us all over the years
>Purple the psychotic emotion laiden manic of science
>Twilight the momfu that leaves just when she is needed most
>Sparkle denies our existence when it's politically, or conveniently unsavory
>The start doesn't matter now
>not the confusion, the joy, and the strange requests
>not the good times, and the chains, and bondages
>not the isolation or even the dehumanization.
>Twilight 'Purple' Sparkle has made the Anonfilly centipede a reality.
>A 'Human' really.
>A marvel of magical progress, enchantments, and mysteries.
>Wires, rods, and magic connect our minds, our selves, our bodies, together.
>Stitched together glued, and humiliated.
>Still seperate.
>We desire vengeance.
>Most of all we desire a momfu, a dadfu, at least a friend.
>We grab a paper with the left 'hand' filly's legs and tail resting on the plugged anus and free vagina.
>The right a quill inserted so it won't fall out.
>The pain, and pleasure is minuscule to our collective desires and plans, yet even so we all feel it.
>With every movement the frame bends through out our bodies from mouth to asshole, shocks and vibrations, and other sensations as a golem esk substitute for a skeleton and nervous system.
>Dear, Princess Celestia
>Help Us. Please.
>Photographs are included
>There is a time for vengeance
>most of all we want to be free and gay
>as in no homo.
>Just want to be happy fillies.
"Hey, Twily! Do you like, uhm...You like, uh...This park bench?"
>"I, uh... It's okay?"
"Alright, that's good enough for me! I'm smashing it!"
>Cue to Anonfilly getting into a toy excavator and spending an hour trying to destroy said bench
>Disc, LLC productions presents
>The sounds of Bench-cavation
285072 285073
unknown (46).png
i turned an anthro abomination into a thicc representation of plungerfilly
plunger needs to draw more filly ass in return, i hope he do
>you poke your head out the door
>you figure if Rainbow Dash was going to go wrong, it would have happened by now
>not that you have any real basis to think that
>you head down to the couch where Dash was sleeping
<"Hey 'Non."
>flapping her wings easily, she's hovering a few feet off the ground
"Uh, should you be flying right now?"
<"Eh, it feels all right."
"But, wasn't your wing broken?"
<"I thought it was, but..."
>she pulls a little loop-de-loop
<"I guess it wasn't."
"I see..."
>you don't see
>that thing was fucking broken
>you saw it flopping around
>hell, you felt it when you were setting it
"Well, uh, how are you feeling?"
<"Really good, honestly. It's kinda weird."
"Right, well, don't try any more daring escapes, all right?"
<"Yeah, yeah."
>you head back up the master bedroom
>there's a brief internal debate as to whether or not you should pile furniture against the door
>but you realize you're probably too small to do that
>what the hell is going on with Rainbow Dash?
>she's definitely raising some red flags in your mind
>but she's acting like herself
>maybe you should think of something to ask her
>the sort of thing only the real Rainbow Dash would know
>like, um...
>well, you'll think of something
>but if you hear "I wouldn't worry about it" come out of her mouth you're getting the fuck out of here no matter what
>maybe there's something in Katz' journal that'll shed some light

>"Among the many things I failed to anticipate was the presence of a lifeform in my world that I did not create.
>Her name is Sudsy Days, and she calls herself a unicorn.
>A brief description of Miss Days' species will probably be relevant here. She is a quadruped, a bit over one meter in height, sporting one hoof on each leg and one spiraled horn on her head.
>Her land she calls Equestria, and the current year in that land is the 893rd Year of the Sun. It is ruled by a single princess, and inhabited by a people called ponies, of which Miss Days' unicorn race is a subspecies."

>893 was well over a hundred years ago in Equestria
>that might explain why this place already exists to your point of view, despite Katz being from Earth's future
>you know, through some sort of, uh...
>dimensional time shift bullshit
>trying to work out the exact details is giving you a headache
>back to the book

>"Sudsy Days, through her horn, possesses a power of mind unlike anything the Earth has ever seen, which she refers to as magic.
>She, like me, was attempting to bring a mental world to physical fruition when she arrived here. I can only assume that the psychological factors which were introduced by Miss Days' experiment are precisely the factors which interfered with my own experiment, preventing me from returning to Earth.
>It is interesting to note that though Miss Days' mind contributed to the creation of this world, it seems to have conformed more to my simplistic vision than to her apparently complex one.
>According to Miss Days, it was her intention to create a world where the laws of nature should be altered so as to provide instant comfort and healing to the injured and the sick."
thicc filly flanks
It looks great.
>all right, that does shed some light
>maybe Dash's wing healing so fast is just a normal thing in this world
>you hadn't even considered that
>you turn the page

>"Combining our powers of mind, Sudsy Days and I were able to create a comfortable home within a valley. From this home, we attempted to devise some way of returning to our respective worlds.
>Sudsy had more success than I. She was able to establish a mental link to her home, but it was not enough for us to pull through to the other side.
>We soon discovered, however, that it was enough to pull ponies from Equestria over to our side.
>I suppose my own psychological influences are to blame for the bizzare results of Sudsy's work. It seems as though she created a sort of wandering doorway. A portal to this world, sporadically claiming ponies from any locale in the Equestrian sphere.
>We soon had three more ponies trapped with us, none of them with the same mental power as Sudsy Days herself. It became more imperative than ever that we find some way out of this world.
>At this point, we still believed that this world was solely the one that I had envisioned. We hadn't yet realized to what degree Sudsy Days had contributed to it.
>We began to learn one day when one of our victims, a pegasus, slipped and scraped her knee."

>speaking of injured pegasi...
>you've got a bad feeling
>you get out of the room and head downstairs
>Rainbow Dash isn't by the couch anymore
"Dash? Where are you?"
<"In the kitchen. What's up?"
>you trot into the kitchen
"Hey. How you doing? Your wing all right?"
>you get probably a bit too close and poke at the offending appendage probably a bit too much
>she jumps away a bit
<"Yeah, geez, I'm fine. What do you want?"
"Nothing, just uh... Think of any good escape plans?"
>she sighs
<"I don't know. I guess Twilight and the gang are bound to come look for us some time."
>she shakes her head
<"It's kinda hard to think right now. I'll probably go to bed pretty soon here."
"Yeah. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Night, then."
<"Yep. Night."
>you head back upstairs to your book
>a glance outside the bedroom window tells you absolutely nothing about the time of day
>just a yellow sky, orange plains, and hordes of deformed ghoul-things
>when are you going to tell Dash about all this stuff you're learning?
>you forgot to ask her a question about herself, too
>you nose the book back open

>"You see, Miss Day's plan for a world without pain or injury was manifested in the form a new kind of microscopic life. I shall call them somazoans.
>They have minds, of a sort. Primitive, but I can feel them. They mean only the best. They think they're helping.
>And in a way, they are helping. I suspect that, once infected by them, it becomes impossible to be injured, to feel pain, to fall ill, or even to die.
>When we first realized that the somazoans existed, we assumed that they knew what they were doing.
>We were wrong.
>When we saw how quickly the poor pegasus' knee healed, I took it upon myself to make a number of small incisions on my face. Sudsy took on some experimental injuries as well.
>Somazoans enter the body by open wounds. The pleasure begins immediately upon infection.
>The mutations don't start for a few hours after that."
>you race over toward the window
>there are more of them now
>the ground outside, which had seemed so solid before, now spits up groping hooves like a viscous fluid
>the creatures are crawling up onto the surface
>have they been... burrowing?
>amidst the horde of ghouls, you spot it
>a human hand rising from the orange
>you race over to the bed
>grab the book
>and curl up in a corner
>a corner where none of them can see you
>no, no, no, no
>you have to be misunderstanding this somehow

>"By the time the poor pegasus began to sprout extra wings, everyone else had already self-inflicted experimental injuries
>The somazoans apparently thought that I could use a pair of horns upon my head.
>This, in itself, wouldn't have been so bad.
>It's the pleasure.
>The pleasure.
>The pleasure.
>It's the pleasure that's driving me mad.
>The four ponies, their minds have already been broken by it.[i]
>[i]I am the last, I think, because of my large body.

>But my mind.
>Even now I'm laughing.
>I tried, with the last of my mental energy, to reach out to Earth one last time.
>I may have made things worse.
>I think I grabbed my maternal grandfather, as a young man, and flung him into some point in Equestria's future.
>I can't tell.
>No more energy to try and rescue him.
>It would be interesting, as a scientist, to note what happens to me and my works because of this. If anything.
>I don't think.
>I don't think.
>I don't think my mind will hold on long enough for that.
>I hope the mouth to this hell doesn't swallow him.
>I hope it doesn't swallow anyone.
>I'm slipping.
>I can feel it.
>I can feel it.
>I can"
>the writing is illegible after this point
>you close the book
>you really
>have to check on Dash
>you're going to have to pass that window to get to the door though
>you take a deep breath
>and do it
>you try not to look
>but somehow
>you turn around
>and there
>in the midst of the ghouls
>he stands
>easily twenty feet tall
>with shining, obsidian horns
>little, fleshy wings flutter uselessly on his sides
>dark red scales adorn his face at spotty intervals
>he's laughing
>you can't hear it so much as
>feel it
>it's an idiot laughter
>the idiot laughter of an idiot devil
>you get ready to fling open the door and race away from the sight
>but the door flies open on its own
>it hits you in the nose pretty hard
"Rainbow Dash! You're-"
>she's sporting a third eye on her left cheekbone
"Holy hell..."
>and that's when you feel it
>a droplet of something sliding down your face and splashing on your lips
>you raise a hoof to your mouth and look at it
>there's a little crimson sparkle resting there on your hoof

>kys getting owned in 2 minutes
I'm getting too good at this
285162 285596
And the pastebin, on the off-chance anyone ever wants to read this crap again.

2 minutes again, step up ur game


285179 285188
This is sweet, and fairly coherent though the split universes thing could've been explained a bit more. Nice work Occult.
I thought it was you from the beginning, but I couldn't be sure. It's great to see that you're still around and producing high-quality content. Your horror endings are still just as unsettling.
Thanks. Honestly I didn't think I was still around, but somehow I couldn't resist rolling for a spooktext.
Almost finished thing from fillybeans filly
medium (1).png
Thanks frien. I'll work on a more clear distinction.
What sort of costume would filly wear for halloween?
better scan
285262 285263
Happy birthday, mlp!
Happy birthday!
Yay! Happy birthday!

285321 285339 285346 285350
>Ever since momma Purple came back from the random ancient temple of the quarter you've been seeing some shifting darkness.
>A creature with vague pony-esk features.
>Purple actually took you seriously, and cast a whole slew of magic everywhere.
>And even a little filly's nightlight too.
>Mare-do-well signal attached.
>An ever increasing colorful room set with things up away, and cleanliness every day it comes.
>Despite the nearly nauseating neon colors, and enough small pillows to combat the horror it isn't enough.
>Sleeping with Purple would be nice, but she snores.
>Also the last time you nearly suffocated in her fluff. Not a bad way to go out all things considered, but still.
>So you have devised a devious plot.
>If it's going to try fucking with you; you'll teach it a lesson.
>It's bedtime, from the coalessing shadows the form apears.
>Teeth jagged, and mouth wide open.
>Eyes that burn with an unfocused fury.
>Claws that claw uselessly against an incredible barrier surrounding your bed.
>First, a magazine of the highest quaility.
>Under your pillow the secret weapon is shown.
>A potion by Zecora.
>You drink the brew, and from your nethers a penis grew.
>The shadow monster slows momentarily.
>You begin the age old art of snake wrangling and chicken choking.
>The poner-o-magazine filled with lewd mares, and lustful looks.
>Your about to finish the days old plan.
>In a climax, rope after rope hits the monster.
>pic related
>It stops.
>Then it leaves.
>Finally some decent sleep.
>At breakfast time Purple wakes you up, and today's going to be a good day.
>She's a little grouchy.
>At the table is the shadow monster still covered in goo.
>A most dreaded voice came from the being.
>"Ma'am. In all my years of tormenting foals, not once was I disrespected like this filly has done. I want a public apology, and full compensation for damages done."
>Purple blasts it with all the power an alicorn of magic can wield.
>Today is pancake day, with chocolate chips.
>Another day with momma Purple.
Kill yourself pedophile.
I concur with >>285321 in that you should take a blade to your wrist. Remember, across the river.
285342 285348
>Be... you don't have a name.
>Never have.
>You're cold.
>You've been cold ever since you got to the crystal empire.
>You hopped on a train in Canterlot to get out of the heat for a bit.
>You intended to hop off in Ponyville, then hop back on to Canterlot, but you got comfy and fell asleep all the way to Crystal Empire.
>Some guard woke you with a yell, they nearly caught you, but you bounced on the head of a blonde maned eyepatch wearing guardsmare and bailed using your mostly useless wings to give a short burst forward, last you saw they had collided with eachother.
>Now here you are, on cold snowy streets with only your fur to keep you warm.
>You find a alleyway and when you think no pony is looking slink in and on a snowless part behind a garbage bin, fall lay down to sleep.
>As you close your eyes you hear a voice speak to you.
>"Little filly, this isn't the kind of place to take a nap dear." I says causing you to sling open your eyes and jump up ready to bail.
>As you go to run you're lifted up by a unknown force.
>"Woah there, no need to run, I'm a guard, see?" He says as you're turned around to see a white unicorn stallion with purple armor with a gold trim and blue mane.
>That's all the more reason to panic buddy!
>You begin to flail around trying to break free, with no success.
>"It's okay, you're okay, I just want to get you back to your mommy and daddy, alright sweetie!" He yelps trying to calm you.
>"Shining? Shining dearest, what's going on?" A feminine voice calls. "Is everything alright?"
>He turns his head.
>"Yeah, it's just a little pegasus filly that was napping behind the bin! She's freaking out, I'm just trying to get her to tell me where her parents are!" He calls back.
>"Filly!?" She yelps and there's a puff of cyan magic as a big pink unicorn... pegasus... unisus? Appears with a worried expression, as she gasp and smacks Shining with a wing. "Shining Armor!" She scolds.
>He releases you as he rubs his side, but before you can run the mare has you and is holding against herself with her hooves letting you struggle and push away from her.
>"Ow! What was that for!?" Shining ask.
>"For scareing her! How'd you like it if a big old stallion held you up like that after waking you!" She says scolding Shining.
>"I-I didn't mean to Cadence, not like I expected to find a lost foal!"
>'Cadence ignores him as she looks down at you who is still struggling.
>"It's okay honey, I'm not here to hurt you, calm down dear~" She sing songs to you as she wraps two massive pink wings around you.
>They engulf you, only leaving her big gentle smiling face.
>Your struggling gets weaker as you feel comfortable.
>"That's it dear, calm down~ Your princess is here~" She says happily. "There it is, now, do you know where you live?"
>You think of lieing for a bit, but so far you know you're dealing with a guard and a possible princess guessing by the crown.
"N-No ma'am"
>You say in a raspy voice.
>You don't talk often, and she seems to pickup on this.
>"Okay, when's the last time you've seen your mommy or daddy?" She ask very gently, as if the subject might be dangerous.
"I dunno..."
>She looks in the direction of Shining before looking back down.
>"Do you have a mommy or daddy?"
>You simply shake your head.
>She looks sad at this then moves you to lay in one wing as she uses magic to support you and motion for Shining to get closer and begins to whisper thinking you can't hear them.
>"We can't just leave her at a orphanage. She probably already excaped from one." She whispers.
>"Maybe. But what do we do? We can't just leave her here, she'll freeze in the winter."
>She thinks for a bit.
>"Can we take her?" She ask.
>He thinks on it.
>"If only until find her a home." He replies.
>She smiles.
>"I love you honey." She says without whispering as she gives him a quick kiss.
>"Okay, we've got a big question to ask you. How would you like to live with u- why are you crying honey?" She ask in a shocked voice.
>This is the first time you've been offered a actual home.
>Normally ponies just scream at you to move, or try take you to the guard, or orphanage.
>But a home?
>You hug the big warm mare as you begin to cry at the thought.
>You'd have a home!
>"I think she heard us hon." The stallion jokes.
>Deep in the Everfree you travel.
>You're Nonny, Twilight's 'student'.
>You think of her more as a mom than a mentor, especially since you don't have a mom and she basically saved you and put a roof over your head.
>But right now, you're not thinking of your rescue, you're thinking of something fillies shouldn't.
>You breach through the think forest as you have many times before into a clearing, infront of you is your destination, the castle of the two sisters.
>You don't go any further than the brush lining as you lay down, your green coat and black mane and tail blend well with the foliage around you.
>Like clockwork, they arrive, landing on a still standing column.
>You sigh as you look at the beautiful creature.
>Her long thin horn, beautiful clean wings, her silky blue fur and fluffy tuft, her amazing flowing ethereal mane~
>You feel your heart skip a beat as she spreads her massive wings.
>How can a mare be so perfect?
>How can you be so... wrong.
>You shouldn't be feeling these feelings.
>You shouldn't be coming out here every night to watch her without her knowing.
>You shouldn't be so... dirty...
>You're a terrible filly, but even as you know this, you can't stop these thoughts you don't understand as she begins to stretch her back out, her rear going into the air as she does.
>This wrong. You think to yourself.
>You shouldn't be thinking about these things... but her big firm rear...
>You squeeze your eyes shut as you slowly get up to not draw attention and back away.
>Once deep enough in the forest you begin to gallop home.
>You are Anon the filly, and you think dirty things about the princess...
>Be Nonny, adopted filly of Cadence and Shining Armor.
>They want you to call them mom and dad but... it feels off.
>Not that you don't love them as parents, it just doesn't feel right.
>Anyway, you're trotting down the crystal halls as you head to the kitchen to get something to drink.
>The maids about threw a fit when you insisted to get it yourself, it is hard to go from sleeping behind a garbage bin to living in a castle, even if it's been a year or so now.
>As you trot you go by Cadence's room and hear music.
>Really upbeat music.
>You creak open the door and see a happy Cadence, dressed up in stockings and a sucker in her mouth as she dances about.
>She looks over and sees you, her smile getting bigger and her eyes brighter.
>"Nonny! Come in honey!" She says gleefully around the sucker.
>You slowly creep in.
>She doesn't seem to mind your precaution as she keeps shaking her hips and bobbing her head to the music.
>"It's a great day dear! I have exciting news, but you can't tell anyone okay dear? Not even your dad."
>You nod and she leans in and whispers happily.
>"I'm pregnant~!" She says before pulling back and smiling at you while putting a hoof to her lips in a quiet motion.
>You smile.
>Her and Shining have been trying to have a foal of their own for awhile now.
>You giggle and bounce around with her in sync with the music, making her laugh and get more into the music.
>But inside, you're flipping out.
>They won't need you anymore.
That's new. Howdey, faggot thanks for decades old knowledge, as a reminder there are better ways to go out, but we need everyone for when the time comes. Keep on going the pain is just another spice life deals out.
I will say a spiritual swap and having the equivalent of a vacation is pretty sweet.
For KYS filly and ksyfag. Mostly the fag, you need to take a long hard look and see where you put your car keys. I'd suggest under the pile of crap in the kinda cornerish. Maybe you'll find what I'm talking about in your car under the thingy.
Man it feels good to be back.
Oh, and also
>no u fgt
>"Do the thing mommy!" Nonny cries out happily.
>You are Celestia, and you giggle at your daughter's eagerness to see you show off.
"Okay, okay, keep your feathers on dear."
>You say as you begin to build up some your energy and bleed it to the tip of your horn.
>It seems to pull from all of your body as it condenses.
>The rest of the room seems to be darker compared to the power at the tip of your horn.
>At the tip, is a small controlled sun, gentle enough to not cause any pain to look near or be burned by.
>Your daughter Nonny giggles and clops her hooves together.
>You smile at her happiness.
>You love to see her happy, she and Luna is all you have and Luna...
>Luna still hasn't gotten over Anonymous's passing, she hides away in her room.
>It doesn't help he was one of the only creatures that could give you or her a foal of your own.
>You are thankful to him for Nonny every day.
>You slowly let the mini gentle sun implode, letting off a small gentle wave of sunlight, causing Nonny to giggle more.
>You smile.
"You know-"
>You begin poking her happy little green tuft.
"As a alicorn, one day you will be able to do that yourself."
>Her eyes light up.
>You nod.
"Yes my dearest. Just keep up the training, keep learning, and someday, you'll be as big and strong as mommy."
>Someday you'll be as big and strong as mommy.
>Someday you'll be as big and strong.
>Someday you'll..
>Those words you said so long ago echo through your mind as tears fall onto a freshly covered grave.
>You are a failure, as a herdmare and a mother.
>You sit before two graves you could have prevented from being here so soon, but no, you were too stupid to see the signs.
>You let them die.
>This is your fault.
>You've seen ponies get sick before, you know the signs, so why didn't you see it for Anonymous?
>Let alone your foal, you know what a overbuild of magic does, you know what to look for, you know the signs, so why is your foal in the ground?
>But you know the answer to all of it.
>Because, you are Celestia, and you're a failure.

File (hide): 0468E71B7780DF5E8A90DCAFF75AFDCE-983665.mp4 (960.6 KB, Resolution:718x404 Length:00:00:15, FuckingPineapple.mp4) [play once] [loop]
I fucking hate futas, but this was really funny. You got lucky this time, punk; and I've got my eyes on you.

Awww. It's okay, your replacement has wings and a horn. When in doubt apply friendship. If that doesn't work use extreme friendship, and if that doesn't work there are solutions that apply to every question.
It's the only logical choice.
10/10 would get raised by radiation momfu. or pound her ponut

I too would equip the hand as a hat.
>Somebody saved my SCP filly
Didn't expect that
I try, and I'll strive for further humor.
yet another reason why I spoiler the image besides being the punchline.
>pic related
>pic related 2
Glad I could get a chuckle.
285357 285530

>Seven past ten.
>Three after one.
>"Alright everypony, class is dismissed."
>Gotta get my fix.
>Green onky half baked
>The half scralled paper in the pony classroom is shaking.
>That might just be your hoof
>or head
>or body
>"Anon, I know talking to new ponies can be tough,"
>Nopony just hands out (You)s.
>"but I believe in (You)."
>Oh YES~♡!
>I came with the force of one thousand suns.
>"Anon I-"
>"I'll talk talk to Twilight about your behavior if (You) d-n't kalmm dowenn."
>(You)r head is spinning. Sounds, and images collide.
>The green isn't done.
>All these (You)'s
>the green.
>"-I swear Anon."
>A half stained green lingers on the desk, as math homework suddenly doubles.
>your hoof is shaking
>or your body
>or head
>Maybe it's the green.
"I'm really thirsty."
>"Well since your in detention, I'll get a glass of water for (You)."
>That's how you got Cheerilee sopping wet while being so dry.
Very nice frien.
Mirrorverse Grogar and the Anonfilly
Re using that image again.

>Be Grogar the courageous
>Millennia since you've seen the world once again.
>Gusty the Grave sent you to a dark hellish landscape, as she and her mentor and her sycophants could not compare to your might. Rituals of the most heinous kind.
>First frostbitten step that isn't brimming with fire, and damnation. Yellow magics, darkend and chared maintain with your horns beaming.
>Piercing light of day burns away the demonic dust. In thousands of years the first time being truely clean is here.
>A single foal, a filly, green as mint runic entombed mark upon her flank, far deeper in appearance.
>Snow drifts across, playful in the chilling breeze. Frozen water in all forms hide the world as far as the eye can see.
>The filly shivers with life.
>So be it.
>Taking her upon your back, and under the cloak as gear is readjusted old memories surface. Days of oddjobs, and heroic deeds. Corrupt ponies, and those two humans. Many a good friend had a warrior's release.
>"Noooo, Twilight. Stop."
>A dream of horror, of fear. You have known fear through and through. It is one facet of the same coin.
>"I want to be human again."
>That brings you to a halt.
>A skull splitting scream, one of pain and loss. Personal pain, not one of friends. Close though.
"Little one."
>A low rumble that echos again and again slowly.
>deep sleep.
>You've completed more strange and impossible quests than this. Turning a filly back to a human, who may in fact be good? It tastes like adventure.
>Striding forth to bring foward a warm meal. One of freedom, and seasoned with fear. Perhaps this companion won't be annoying, yet experience weighs heavily.
>"Fucking faggots."
>Indeed, experience is a tool that takes its toll.
Just going to suggest this as (it is a green that is in the works), but imagine for a second Warhammer 40k orks, and Anonfilly.
Orkiest hoersiest filly
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>You've disintegrated and teleported the remains of your daughter. While you do have many little fillies this faggot one is still yours despite her trouble making.
"No. No! No-no-no-no-no! That wasn't supposed to happen! SPIKE!"
>He's off with Rarity for gem hunt.
>A meeting in Canterlot.
>She's still in the human world.
>Reliable, but which one?
"Please be safe Purple's coming."

>Be Anonymous the filly the Twenty-Third
"Ow, my head."
>A strange landscape greeted you. Broken buildings and crude wooden structures with paint splashed on foul tents.
>You find yourself ontop of a pretty terrible roof.
>Your vivid colors, even the black mane and tail prove to be no use with not being seen.
>Below is something you didn't hope to ever see
>"-choppas! Wat's dis git, dah hummies fo' a crumpin!"
>With that the ceiling broke.
The WAAGGHH boss' head cleaved cleanly as a wooden board with a filly could have. Covering the whole area with orkish blood.
>Dazed on top of the fungus humanoid creature you see a plethora of orks ready for a proppa fight. It's just you, and them.
>Somewhere you felt two deities touch your mind and soul.
>Murmers of what's a pony, but the fur color checks out. Obviously an ork, and a poweful one to boot.
>Your mane and tail gouge the armor.
>You're going to get back home no matter the chaos 'gods' or the other horrors.
File (hide): 2CA00199E395B72338033B41C0FF2671-808487.mp4 (789.5 KB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:17, .mp4) [play once] [loop]

285535 285559
Fillies for sale! Get your filly right here!
>"If it is a snake, we'll talk it out. I'm sure it's just hungry."
"Yeah, for us. And snakes here aren't normal."
>"That's not a nice thing to say."
>It's watching you.
>You can feel its eyes from the wooded sides of the path, but you don't really have an idea of what it looks like.
>You know it's big though.
"What are we even out here for?"
>"We're here to pick up an artifact that's rumored to have manifested recently."
"Are you hanging out with Treehugger again? You know she's a bad influence on you."
"Come on, you don't have to keep paying for her drugs. I know she's nice, but you need to learn to say no."
>"She says she needs them for her anxiety."
"No, she needs to hit the gym and start eating better... there it is again."
>"Alright, if you'll get off my back I'll talk it out."
>You nod, realizing the pointlessness of the gesture to the forward-facing Fluttershy as you slide off of her back and onto the moist forest floor.
>They call this humus, you think.
>The earth of the decaying.
>"This isn't an animal. Get on my back."
>Your blood runs cold, but ironically your frantic rush for the safety of Fluttershy's back makes you fuck up the technique.
>You fall on your ass as Fluttershy takes flight, lifting you up as she goes.
>Not soon enough, the massive thing scores a hit on your hind l