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To protect our way of life and to prevent shills, horse pussy must be on the 1st page. Always!
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The porn thread already was on the front page.
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There is no limit on Horse Pussy
True, but we don't really need two porn threads.

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Nobody said there had to be only one porn thread.
This guy gets it
I made the first "Obligatory Porn Thread", and post quite a bit in the current one. I never really intended it to be the only one though.
The 4/mlpol/ board was 60-70% porn
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In that case...


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Needs more Aryanne.
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Ooh, another porn thread?! Sweet, the last one was chugging my browser, anyways! Time for another story, this time continuing off of https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/res/141202.html#145408
"Go on, lemmie hear you say it."
>"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" other-Anon grumbles.
"Like a fine wine," you smirk. "Now come on, daddy's got an ego to feed."
>"Fine, you insufferable bastard. You were right."
>"Oh, for--"
>"About ponies being the best thing since CH-53E Super Stallions?" coos his very anarcho-capitalist partner.
"Very observant, Leslie!"
>"L-Leslie, please!" other-Anon stutters, flushing a little bit.
>A flush that graduates to full-on face reddening, when his tastefully coloured companion sits in his lap, wraps her forelegs around his neck, and proceeds to give him a big, sloppy kiss, like only a horse could do.
"Ahh, young love!" you say, as flamboyantly as a Shakespeare performance. "How it soothes the soul so, how it makes us want for the best things in life!"
>With a loud mwah, she pulls away from her degenerate-slaying cohort, who's still trying to regain some semblance of composure, after what just happened.
>Aww, that's cute, he still thinks he's in charge.
>The young'un has much, much to learn, still.
"God, how long have you two been at this? Two, three months now?"
>"Two and a half," Leslie responds, without skipping a beat.
"Well, good to see you've been counting, m'girl!"
>"Like I count all my helicopter rides."
"Love thy enemy, as thou lovest thy big, orange pillar o' man, eh?"
>"S-stop that at once, Anon!" barks other-Anon, still rather flustered by his previous bit of spit swapping. "I won't suffer such degenerate implications!"
"But it's true! Right, girl?"
>He tries to say something, but only manages a few splutters before he gives up, and pouts at his seat.
>Or at least he tries to, until Leslie seats herself in his lap once again, lying against his chest, and prompting him to start itching her ears, his scowl melting away into nothing.
>Yeah, you totally taught him that trick.
>Mares love that ear scratching shit.
>You just let them have their little moment, taking a few sips of the lovely, lovely tea that your dear, lovely wife picked out.
>A real sucker for honey, that one.
>"Hey, you wanna tell him, babe, or should I?"
>What doth your spidey-ears detect, from her?
>"I-is it really the right time, Leslie?"
>"Your idea, not mine."
"Now what's all this I'm hearing about telling me stuff?"
>The couple looks over to you, then back to each other, their gazes lingering on each other for a few moments, before orange-Anon nods a little, steeling himself for something.
>"W-well, Anon, you see, me and Leslie have decided to, ah..."
>What's this, O-non getting nervous?
>He swallows dry, fidgets for a little, then takes a deep breath.
>"We're engaged!" he almost yells, as quick as he could.
>Nobody says anything for a moment, both parties waiting for some kind of response: one party nervous, the other party completely smug about it.
>Did you hear that right?
>Your boy O-non, engaged?
>"It's true," Leslie confirms with a dreamy sigh, pulling her tie off to reveal a thin little gold ring, hung around her neck with a little chain.
>As the moments pass, you feel the latent excitement of the Great Pink One™ flow through your veins: your smile grows ever larger, your joy reaches incalculable heights, and you begin to shake and gyrate in your seat.
>"I-is he supposed to be doing that?"
>"You tell me, hot stuff."
>With a great, girly squeal that even Sweetie Belle would have a tough time topping, you bound over to the couple, scooping them both up in your arms, and hugging them as tight as you can.
>"Aww, you're making me blush, here!"
>"C-can't breathe...!"
>Oh right, he's a big pussy who's allergic to hugs.
>How does he even survive out here, man?
"So," you chirp, releasing the duo and getting into their faces, "When's the wedding? Ooh, who're you gonna invite?!"
>"Actually, we were kinda hoping to keep it low-key."
"Ahh, as private as the market, eh?"
>"You expected something different?"
"Come on, don't tell me holding the ceremony in a Chinook didn't appeal to you, at all?"
>"I... huh. Didn't think of that."
"And instead of tossing flowers, you toss out some commie bastards over Starlight's old village, instead?"
>"Oooooh," Leslie coos, "That's a great idea!"
"I always have great ideas."
>"But, uh, we're still thinking of keeping it private, you know?"
>"Don't want those damned griffons to find out, after all..."
"Aww, buddy, those catbird fucks won't stand a chance, once your unholy offspring walk the earth!"
>Huh, that's weird.
>Both of them just froze up, like they were afraid of something.
"That... is why you're doing this, right?" you query, raising an eyebrow.
>"W-we're, uh, st-still not sure about that, yet."
"Not sure?!" you exclaim, unable to believe what you're hearing. "But that's the only reason to get hitched, in the first place!"
>"Hey, don't you dare rush us!"
"The fourteen words, man! What happened to the fourteen words?!"
>"I want to make things as stable as possible, before taking that leap!"
"Stable, schable! You've got nine-- no, excuse me, eleven months of time for that!"
>"And what would you know about that, smart guy?"
>You stare down at the foolish mare, letting your silence speak first, before you do:
"Ohh, little girl, you've never had your spawn ready to go in two weeks, have you?"
>"Oh God, you've done it, now..."
>"Wait a minute, you mean you and Chrysalis...?!"
"In lots of at least a hundred. Every. Other. Day."
>Her jaw drops.
>"H-how'd you talk her into that?!"
"Hah! Oh, m'girl, she wanted it, first!"
>"Please don't share this story, again."
>"No, please do share this story, again! How do you even manage that?!"
"Well, since you asked so nicely..."
>"Oh, Chrysalis~," cheers Starlight, trotting in circles around the bug-mare's prison cell, in the middle of this big chamber. "It's time for your friendship lesson, again!"
>She chooses to just lie in the small bed, presumably still awake, but hoping beyond hope that this annoying pseudo-communist will just up and fuck off.
>Honestly, if you were her, you'd be doing the same thing.
>"Come on, lazybones! I even brought a friend along with me, for you to bond with!"
>And now you just feel like the biggest asshole to ever walk the planet.
>When Twilight said she needed a favour from you, helping this bitch violate the Geneva convention wasn't one of them.
>"Aww, come on, Chrysalis! Don't make me pull you out of there~!"
>How someone can torment another so gleefully, is beyond you.
>"Okay, you asked for it~!"
>Lighting up her horn, she pulls Chrysalis out of her cot, lifting her up into the air and shaking her around a little.
>"Gaaaaah," Chrysalis bellows. "What will it take to make you stop?!"
>"You just have to accept friendship into your life, Chrysalis!"
>"Never!" she screeches back.
>If Starlight meant that giggle to be all reassuring and parental, it failed completely, instead coming off as the kind of giggle a serial killer gives to his victims, right before he starts torturing them.
>"All right, Chrysalis, let's start off with the basics!"
>And from then on, Starlight proceeds to perform what you can only describe as the cute cartoon pony equivalent of the Room 101 tortures, telling Chrysalis to recite the most banal friendship tips, over and over again.
>Well, maybe 'telling' her is the wrong term: it was more like she kept using magic to directly speak into her ears from far away, and keeping her from covering said ears at all times.
>Starlight maintained perfect composure throughout, her face a blank, smiling mask that not even the greatest of Stepford wives could match.
>Chrysalis, to her credit, stood her ground for what felt like around half an hour.
>God only knows how long she could have gone for, or how many times she's had to put up with this, already.
>But somewhere along the line, you decide that stopping Starlight's horrifying, psychotic torments against this odd bug-horse was worth enduring the earful from Twilight, later on.
"Uhh, Starlight?"
>"Ooh, Anon! Sorry, I almost forgot you were there!"
>If only it could have stayed that way.
"Listen, is this really what you'd call 'friendship'? I mean, 'teaching friendship'?"
>"Of course it is! I mean, it worked great back at Our Town, and even without all my tools, it's working great here! Ooh, I'm really looking forward to doing this at the new Friendship School!"
>You don't know if it was the mention of 'tools', the lack of remorse, or the prospect of her doing this shit to little horse kids that set you off, but boy, did it ever set you off.
"Listen to me, you fucking horse," you exclaim, all but shoving yourself into her face. "You're gonna cut this shit out right fucking now!"
>Jesus Christ, nothing on her face moved!
>"That wasn't very nice, Anon," she coos, drawing her syllables out just a little longer.
"Yeah, and neither are you! Back home, this shit's banned in every country on the planet!"
>"But we're not on your planet."
"And I'm positively offended at your cavalier disregard for my culture!" you exclaim, sensing an opening to shut her down. "Why, I ought to tell Twilight about this, right now!"
>Her expression changes dramatically, the smile evaporating and being replaced with a panicked whinny.
>As a memelord from old once said, 'got eem'.
>"Wh-what? No, oh nonononono, you can't do that! I-I didn't know that you'd--"
"No," you shout with a certain dramatic tenor, "No, you didn't! Why, I bet you didn't even think to ask, did you?!"
"Sorry's not good enough!" you huff, spinning 720° towards the exit. "I'm going to tell Twilight all about this horrific display of cultural imperialism, you despicable shitlord!"
>You strut towards the exit, and--
>The next thing you see is Starlight's panicky face right in front of yours, only upside-down.
>"No no no you can't!" she cries, definitely off her rocker more than usual, "I can't get another strike with Twilight! She'll kick me out of the castle, and won't keep me on as her student anymore! I can't handle that!"
"Put me down."
>"No no no no no nononononono!"
"I'm part dilophosaur, and I'm not afraid to show it."
>"Wait! Wait wait yes, I know how to fix this!"
>Oh God, no.
>"I-I just have to teach you all about friendship, too!"
"Oh, hell no! Let me down!"
>"Yes, that's it!" she exclaims, rubbing her hooves together feverishly as strands of her mane start sticking out at funny angles. "I just have to teach you about how friendship works here!"
"You're a disgusting cultural imperialist!"
>"Don't be silly, Anon! You have to assimilate to the culture of the country you immigrate to!"
"Now you decide to get redpilled?!"
>She opens the doors of the cage, and gets ready to throw you in.
"Hey, I have rights!"
>Aaaand into the cell you're thrown.
"Am I being detained?"
>"Heehehehe, I'll see you both tomorrow~!" she sing-songs, crazy in both expression and voice, before moonwalking out of here.
"I do not consent! Let me outta here!"
>Sadly, the banging on the bars does nothing...
[align=right]>"Wait," Leslie exclaims, "Starlight did that?!"[/align]
[align=right]"She did."[/align]
[align=right]>"Why, that little--! Where is she?! She's won a first-class helicopter ride![/align]
[align=right]"Oh, please don't. What I did to her is punishment enough."[/align]
[align=right]"Oh, my dear sweet anarcho-capitalist, why do you think she spends all her days drinking now? Let me finish the story, at least..."[/align]
>You bang and bang on the cell walls, but alas, nothing heeds the commotion you're making.
"Starlight, I swear to every god in the Norse pantheon, I will rain down every agony, every violation imaginable upon you, if you don't let me outta this fucking cell!"
>"Give it a rest, will you?"
>That smooth, slightly echoing voice is the only thing that's drawn you away from the door out of here, so far.
>Looking back at it's source, you see none other than the strange, insectoid mare you stuck your neck out for.
>Definitely had the shape of a pony going for her, but between the smooth black shell, the holey legs, the thin body, the bug wings, the fangs, the kinky horn, the green hair, and the kinda slitted eyes, that was about as pony as she got.
>And boy howdy, you have to admit, she managed to do a very tasteful job of it.
>"She isn't coming back until early tomorrow, so you can stop wasting your energy."
"And what the hell else am I supposed to waste it on, finding openings in the cell? Ooh, actually, that's a great idea!"
>Dropping to your knees, you start inspecting the bars closely for anything you can Jack Sparrow your way through.
>"That... wasn't what I had in mind."
"Nothing I do is what anyone has in mind, thank you very much."
>"Uh-huh. You won't find anything, by the way. I looked."
"Then I'll just have to look again!"
>"You do that."
>Her meagre sass has nothing on your extraterrestrial determination!
>But as your search drags on and on, you begin to realize that said sass might have been more truthful than you gave it credit for.
>And after what feels like an hour of searching, you come up empty-handed.
>"Done already?"
"Hey, I thought I was onto something with those door hinges, all right?"
>"Hinges, really?"
"Leverage, bug-friend. Leverage."
>"We're not friends," she shoots back, a scowl beginning to develop.
"Partners, then! Brothers in arms! Cellmates?"
"Fine, be a grump, see if I care. Does this horse-bug-grump have a name, at least?"
>"First of all, I'm not a bug."
"Well, could've fooled me."
>"Just full of hilarity, aren't we?"
"All day, every day, 24/7/365."
>"If you say so."
"And I do."
>She may try to mask it with the snout wrinkling, but she's warming to you, ever so slowly.
>"You already know what my name is."
>"What do you mean, 'and'?"
"Okay, I am making extremely civilized conversation here, and you're biting my head off."
>"That can be arranged."
"Well yeah, but then you'd have to deal with her all by your lonesome."
>And just like that, the teeth baring she's doing fades into a shudder.
>"Chrysalis. Queen Chrysalis."
"Ahh, nice to meet you! You address Sir Anonymous von Horsefucker the third, esquire."
>"Oh, that's nice--" she starts, before realizing what you just said, and standing up off her cot in surprise. "Wait, what'd you just say?!"
"Shocked, aren't we? Not surprising, really. The von Horsefucker name is renowned across these lands!"
>That, or it's the number of mares you'd porked since coming here, but hey, she doesn't need to know that.
>"So, nerve to go with the wise guy act? How you didn't end up in jail before now, I have no idea."
"And believe me, it's not for a lack of trying. To be honest, I thought I'd be in the slammer a long time ago, from that one time where I teabagged Rainbow Dash in her sleep."
[align=right]>"Pffft," Leslie snorts, failing to contain her gigglefit. "Y-you actually did that?!"[/align]
[align=right]"Well, I had to use the time left on Twilight's cloud-walking spell for something!"[/align]
[align=right]>Leslie proceeds to lose her shit proper, doubling over and laughing hysterically, an act that takes her a minute or two to recover from.[/align]
[align=right]"Yeah, she thought it was pretty funny, too."[/align]
>Chrysalis wrinkles her snout again, this time to cover her smirk, with the added side bonus of looking cute as all hell.
"As it turns out, that rainbow hairdo is not an allusion to her sexual preferences. Ask me how I know that."
>"I think I can figure it out," she grumbles.
>Aww, and you really wanted to share how you moved up from von Horsefucker the first, to the second!
"So what's your deal? How'd you wind up here?"
>"I'm sure you can figure it out."
"Sure, I'm gonna figure it out about someone I've literally never met, nor heard of before now. Man, I should've specced into psychic powers..."
>"Wait, you really didn't know who I was, before now?"
"Should I have?"
>Oh boy, that's not a nice snarl.
>"You should be trembling in fear before my name! All of you should be! That little bitch, she covered my capture up!"
"She black-bagged you? Ooh, yeah, I'd be pissed, too."
>Nobody black-bags a von Horsefucker, not if they expect to live past 30.
>"Listen closely, little..." she starts, all intimidating, deep-voiced, and passingly sexual, before she blanks completely at the last part. "Uhh, what are your people called, again?"
"Smooth, lady."
>"Tell me now!" she hisses.
"Real smooth."
>She tries to stare you down, but all you end up doing is idly playing with that one strand of her mane, hanging down her face.
>"Oh, for the love of-- please?"
>"Thank you!"
"Friendship ain't magic, the words are."
>"Now," she announces, sitting back on her cot, and regaining her big-and-intimidating posture. "Listen closely, little human! For I, Queen Chrysalis, ruler of the changelings, have brought Equestria to it's knees many times over!"
"Ooh, how'd you do it?" you chirp, sitting down next to her.
>"What are-- You're supposed to be sitting on the floor for this!
"On that hard slab of concrete? Fuck that noise. Now, keep going! I wanna hear this!"
>She grumbles something under her breath, but ultimately gives in.
>She tells you about the times she almost took over Equestria, first with that big wedding, and then by replacing all the important ponies, like the fucking Institute does.
>Part of you wants to start ribbing this big, boastful bug-mare for crashing and burning on all of those attempts, like every other Bond villain on the planet, but something about her retelling, how happy she was explaining it all, and that increasingly attractive voice of hers stayed your voice.
>"And then, there was the time I made those evil clones of that Twilight and her friends, using just their pictures, strands of mane, and trees."
"Geez, even MacGyver's gotta go green sometime, huh?"
"Ah, nothing."
>"Well, anyways, it didn't end well," she grumbles. "They never listened to a word I said. Somehow, I know it was all Starlight's fault."
"Everything is Starlight's fault."
>"Is that little menace still a problem, outside of this forsaken place?"
"I wouldn't mind her so much, if everyone wasn't bending over backwards to accommodate the bitch." you grumble. "I mean, the big human duo crashes down literally in the middle of town, and nobody gives a shit. But this one commie gets forgiven after almost torpedoing the world, and all of a sudden, she's the second coming of Christ?"
>"Well, that's-- Wait a minute, she almost destroyed the world?"
"Yeah, I had to really get Twilight liquored up, to get her to spill that story."
>Getting to von Horsefucker the third that day was not as pleasant as you'd imagined it would be.
"Apparently, she fucked with time to keep her pals from getting their magic tramp stamps, and Twilight kept warping after her to undo them. Actually, now that I'm seeing you, I think there was one timeline with you in it."
"Yeah, all the ponies were rebels camped out in the forest, and you and a bunch of tiny bug-horses were hunting them all down."
>"Really?" she asks, the beginnings of a twinkle growing in her eyes.
"Well, she wouldn't tell me more than that."
>"Of course she wouldn't." she grumbles. "Not that I'd be able to take over like that, now."
"Aww, don't say that! I'm sure you could rustle up an army for world conquest, in no time!"
>"I don't recruit others for my armies!"
"No? Then what do you do for armies?"
>"My soldiers are all my children!" she exclaims, before turning away with a hurt look on her face. "And they've all abandoned me, turned themselves into horrible creatures..."
"Wait, what? Hold on..."
>She said she was the changeling queen, right?
>But the only other changelings you remember seeing were--
>Oh, God!
"Holy shit," you start, "Your kids aren't those rainbow-shelled bugs I see at those parties sometimes, are they?"
>She just dips her head lower in both shame and disgust, shutting her eyes.
"Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints," you quietly say, scooching closer and throwing an arm around her withers. "I am so sorry."
[align=right]>"Holy shit, I didn't know that those 'changelings' were her kids!"[/align]
[align=right]>"Every time I hear it, it doesn't get much better. Imagine your own progeny, reducing themselves to such degeneracy..."[/align]
[align=right]"Yeah, there's a reason we're destroying them, first."[/align]
[align=right]>"Yes, I would imagine so-- Wait, what?"[/align]
[align=right]"Moving on!"[/align]
>"It's all Starlight's fault," she hisses, doing her best to keep from crying. "She did that to them, right in front of my eyes!"
"Starlight? She did that?"
>"That's what I just said!" she exclaims, her inhibition breaking just long enough for a tear to roll down her face, before she whirls back away from you.
>You don't say much to her past that point, choosing instead to try and calm her down, starting with a little rubbing of the withers.
>For what you thought was a sleek, hard black shell, it's surprisingly pliable, almost like skin.
"You know, here I thought today's events were enough to get me to hate Starlight. After hearing that, though? I almost want to talk to the big orange guy, to get some advice on building gas chambers."
[align=right]>"My shower designs are a trade secret, there's no way I would ever share them with you!"[/align]
[align=right]"Good thing I didn't ask then, huh?"[/align]
>She doesn't answer you, though you do feel her loosening up under your very amateurish handiwork.
"How long have you been down here?"
>"Too long."
"Good answer. Tell you what, one way or another, we're getting outta this dump in about a week's time."
"Oh, you wanted to stay longer?"
>"No! Absolutely not!" she shouts, spinning around to face you.
"Then you'll just have to suffer through the co-op then, won't you?"
>"And I'm supposed to believe that this isn't some elaborate plan of hers, to make me 'befriend' you?"
"Starlight? Plan?"
>"Oh, shut up!"
"Make me, later. Or now, since I'm hitting the sack. Right now."
>And with that, you unceremoniously flop back onto the cot.
>"Hey, what are you doing?! This is my bed!"
"Was your bed."
>"Why, you little...! Get off of my bed!"
"Make me~."
>She tries at first to shove and pull you off, but years of wrestling for bed dominance have immunized you against such manoeuvres, and she is entirely unsuccessful.
>What she does do, however, is decide on flopping down on top of you.
>"Fine then, subject. Have it your way. One way or another, I will get my good night's sleep."
>She just barely reels back a squeak, when your arms clasp around her.
"That, queenie, is the right answer."
>"Aagh, you're impossible!"
>She grumbles overhead, but eventually does relax, nodding off sometime before you do.
[align=right]>"Aww, she was totally into you!"[/align]
[align=right]"Yeah, too bad I didn't figure that out sooner. Really dumb, in retrospect."[/align]
[align=right]>"But you're together now, and that's what matters, right?"[/align]
[align=right]"Right! But we're not quite done yet..."[/align]
>"Rise and shine, you two~!" calls an all-too-familiar nightmarish voice, breaking you from your pleasant dreams of horse pussy and cyclonic torpedoes.
>Your eyes bolt open, but you're prevented from moving by the sight of a certain bug-horse snuggled up next to you, giving you the universal sign of 'shut your fucking mouth', before her eyes shut again.
>"Come on, don't make me come over there~!"
>Too bad for Chrysalis, but you're gonna have to respectfully disagree with her assessment.
>Shimmying your pants down under the sheets, you ready yourself for the first of many unwelcome surprises for Starlight, over the coming days.
>"Okay, you asked for it~!"
>The sheets levitate off of you, followed by Starlight dangling the two of you up into the air like ragdolls.
>"Now, let's get to-- EEK!"
>Hook, line, and sinker.
>Starlight was treated to a bird's eye view of the real star of the show, Sir Anonymous von Horsefucker the third's mighty blade, 'Maresbane', unfortunately still in it's very flaccid state, but still fearsome enough to get Starlight to drop you two the moment she saw it.
>"A-A-Anon, what are you doing?!" Starlight squeaks, a furious blush overtaking what you're sure was supposed to be her blank mask from before.
"Yeah, good morning to you, too."
"I'm serious, too! What the fuck is wrong with you?"
>"With me?!"
"Yes, you! Do you just go around, pulling the sheets off of every sleeping couple you see, you little freak?"
>"I don't--"
"And ponies don't even wear clothes, either, so you get to see all the equipment on display, all the time! God, you are one sick fuck, you know that?"
"Can you believe this sicko, Chrysalis?" you adlib, looking over to her with a disgusted look. "How little dick does this bitch get, that she has to catch couples in the act, in order to see any?"
>Chrysalis stops looking between you and your weapon of mass destruction, and you throw her a little wink.
>It was kind of jarring, how quickly she slipped into character.
>"Unbelievable! I have to survive on consuming the love of others, and even I don't stoop to such lows!"
>Man, she really nails the Victorian prude act, huh?
>If Starlight hadn't locked the two of you in a cage, and tried to torture you like that one poor bastard in A Clockwork Orange, you might have felt bad at her 'kicked puppy' expression.
"Despicable. Despicable! Absolutely fucking despicable! And you think you're qualified to teach us about being good friends? Yeah, why don't I call the Catholic Church to babysit my sons too, while I'm at it?"
"Out. Get the fuck out!"
>"I have nothing more to say to the likes of you!" Chrysalis adds.
>Breaking down into tears, Starlight books it out of the room.
"Yeah, that's right, go back to stalking Sunburst's Grindr page, you fucking degenerate!" you call out after her.
[align=right]>"Are you even cognizant of the irony of that statement?"[/align]
[align=right]"What, you just figured that out? God, get on my level."[/align]
[align=right]>Poor Leslie was too busy losing her shit once again, leaving you to wait for her gigglefit to cease.[/align]
[align=right]"Besides, everyone knows that Sunburst's porking his mom. Like, exclusively."[/align]
[align=right]>"What?! That skittish little freak engages in such filthy degeneracy?!"[/align]
[align=right]"Hey, I'm fucking jealous, man! If I weren't married, forget tapping that ass, I'd be drilling a well into that plot, and living off the juices until I was 80!"[/align]
[align=right]>"Stop! I don't need to hear this!"[/align]
[align=right]>Fortunately, Leslie recovers just in time, so that he doesn't have to hear more of that.[/align]
"And that, my buggy little companion, is how we do it in the hood."
>"I can't believe that actually worked."
"Believe it, baby. My dick pays rent, and it pays it quick."
>You stand back up and stow your highly illegal weaponry back in it's fabric sheath, Chrysalis's lingering gaze on it not escaping your notice.
"Now, looks like we've got the rest of the day to ourselves, don't we?"
>"Against all belief, yes."
"Guess we've gotta find something to spend it on, huh? The fuck do you even do, in here?"
>"I make do. But we can start by talking about disclosure."
>Uh-oh, here we go...
>"When did you plan on telling me about your little scheme, there?"
"I, ah, came up with it on the spot?"
>"Hmph. You're lucky that worked."
"Seriously though, A+ acting there. Totally cut minutes off of her 'break down crying' timer!"
>She's not quick enough to hide that proud little smile.
>"Well, you've set the precedent. You realize that you'll have to keep doing more and more risque things, to keep her from tormenting us?"
"You don't sound all that worried about the idea."
>"You're talking to the shapeshifter who literally eats love to survive. I know a thing or two about pushing buttons."
>Whoa nelly, that was one hell of a sexy voice, right there!
"Huh, touche."
>"Besides, going from her 'lessons' to scaring her off with simple innuendo is more than worth it."
"Oh, 'simple', is it?"
>"Very. Only somepony stuck in a high schooler's mindset would balk at being flashed like that."
>O-ouch, what did your pride do to deserve that?
[align=right]>"Ooh, she's really into you!"[/align]
[align=right]"I know, right?!"[/align]
"You know, you sure gawked a lot at the goods, for something so 'simple'."
>"Just studying what I'll have to work with," she replies off-handedly without skipping a beat. "Very weird for ponies, which will help a lot. Lacking in the size department, otherwise."
"If I had a dollar for every dick size quip I heard from a mare..."
>"Don't get any ideas, by the way. I'm considering helping you do this purely to escape this cage."
"Right, right."
>Somehow, you doubt that very much.
14649__explicit_artist-colon-shoutingisfun_queen chrysalis_bedroom eyes_blowjob_changeling_changeling queen_crown_cum_disembodied penis_female_holejob_.jpg
>The next day rolls in, and the two of you agreed to share the cot the previous night, facing towards one another to exchange plans come morning, which totally wasn't purely platonic cuddling.
>Seriously, this gal is real warm for a bug, and somehow has a faint hint of chocolate mint ice cream as a natural scent.
>How ponies, and apparently not-ponies, have these wonderful scents to them is beyond you, but you are far from complaining.
>"She'll be here any minute," Chrysalis whispers. "Any bright ideas?"
"Just one, playing around with the meatsicle."
>"'Meatsicle'? Really?"
"Hey, it's the most tasteful name I've got."
>She rolls her eyes, and moves her back leg to--
>"Such a limited imagination," she coos in that hyper-sensual voice of hers, the frog of her back leg lightly pressing into your still clothed crotch. "Rod, shaft, pillar of flesh?"
>G-ground control to Major Tom, we have an unexpected new launch schedule!
>She starts grinding it into the rapidly expanding package, but just as it hits maximum stiffness, she pulls back.
"Wh-- Oh, come on!"
>"I told you not to get any ideas. I just prepared you for the next few minutes, is all."
"I'll remember this, you know."
>"You do that. Now don't lose that erection, I don't want to have to get it back for you."
[align=right]>"Wait, wait, hold on! I never heard anything like this, when you told the story!"[/align]
[align=right]"Well, duh? You don't talk about your every stiffy with your bros, that's fucking gay."[/align]
[align=right]>"What are you doing right now, then?!"[/align]
[align=right]"Haven't told a lot of stories to the ladies before, have you?"[/align]
[align=right]>When his look betrays confusion, you simply point him to his fiance, who is lightly blushing and panting.[/align]
[align=right]>"U-uh, Anon, why'd you stop?"[/align]
[align=right]"The fuck do you mean, 'unbelievable'? You didn't think Fifty Shades sold well because of it's gripping story and high-quality prose, did you?"[/align]
[align=right]>"I-I will not hear any more of this!"[/align]
[align=right]>O-non takes that moment to head off into another room and shut the door behind him, to shield his pure Christian ears from your impending erotic serenade.[/align]
[align=right]"Ah, he'll learn. Now, where were we?"[/align]
>Resisting the urge to grumble, you flip onto your back and grip your mighty blade, keeping it stiff with a few errant thoughts of Chrysalis's previous little 'preparation'.
>Maintenance doesn't last long, thankfully, with the door heard opening mere moments later.
>That's when you start beating down upon the meat properly, making very sure to be as unsubtle as you can about it.
>"Good morning, you two--" Starlight starts, before gasping at your big, exaggerated auto-ministrations. "Oh come on, really?!"
>Yes, really, you fucking twatsicle.
>Chrysalis barely represses a snort of laughter at her reaction.
>"F-fine, I'll just... wait for you to finish!"
>Aww, she won't toss the covers off!
>Too easy, this mare!
>Starlight waits, and waits, and waits, but you just keep jacking, and jacking, and jacking, maintaining a crisp pace upon your hard and dangerous stiffy for what must be, oh, ten minutes, now?
>"Oh for the love of Celestia, what's taking you so long?!"
>Now you have to join Chryssy in suppressing a snort of laughter.
>Sadly, humour and erectivity don't go hand-in-hand, so Chryssy has to poke at it a few times to keep it nice and stable, to allow for maximum jerking potential.
>Another minute or so passes of nothing but fap--
>"Alright, that does it!" Starlight exclaims, her horn igniting.
>The covers are yanked off of you, but not before Starlight tactically spins you off to the side, where she can't see your junk.
>"Y-you should have gotten that out of your system, before I came here!"
"I did! But this little monster just keeps wanting more, and more!"
>"Ohmygosh, don't call it a 'monster'!"
"I need some way to tame the beast, man! Ooh, you're not seeing anyone right now, are you Starlight?"
>Oh, thank God for that.
>You'll do a lot of things for pony pussy, but you won't do her.
>"Of course you won't," intones Chrysalis in that oh-so-sexy voice of hers, one of her very holey hooves rubbing along one of your thighs. "Leave it to me, to finish what you won't even start."
>"I-I don't--"
>"Hush, filly. The adults are talking."
>Ooh, you liked that shutdown a whole lot!
>Chrysalis simply looks you in the eyes, her expression somewhere between enjoyment and reluctance, before bringing a foreleg up to her mouth.
>Her tongue comes out, a long, flexible item, and she begins slobbering up one of the holes on her leg.
>Wait just a minute here, she's not about to do what you think she's gonna do, is she?
>"Pay attention, filly," she starts, bringing that foreleg up to your now gently throbbing member. "This is how you keep his little beast tamed."
>And with minimal alignment on her part, she plunges the wet leg hole down atop your dick.
>To call the sensation 'unique' would be an accurate statement, the slightly pliable skin texture meshing with both the heat from her foreleg, and the ample amount of lubrication she left in there for you.
>Yeah, there was no way you weren't groaning out loud, and that's exactly what you do.
>She 'hilts' the appendage in short order, the now glistening tip of your member poking out for her viewing pleasure, a pleasure she's taking great lengths to conceal from both you and Starlight.
>Jesus Christ, you only just met this bug, and you love her already!
>All Starlight can do is stare, slack-jawed and dumbstruck, as Chrysalis just straight-up uses her leg hole to jerk you off, right in plain sight.
1173035__explicit_artist-colon-oouichi_queen chrysalis_blowjob_cheese leg sex_cock kissing_comic_comic strip_cum_dialogue_drool_facial_fangs_female_for.png
[align=right]>"O-ohmygosh, she actually did that for you?!"[/align]
[align=right]"Well, wouldn't be telling you about it, if she didn't! Too bad she doesn't do it very often..."[/align]
[align=right]>"It's wasteful, honey," coos Chrysalis from behind, wrapping her forelegs around your chest and kissing your neck. "All those potential nymphs you could have given me..."[/align]
[align=right]"Hey, variety's the spice of life!" you exclaim, without skipping a beat.[/align]
[align=right]>"Mmmm, all right, maybe I'll treat you tonight," she purrs. "But you're not finishing anywhere but the usual spot, got it~?"[/align]
[align=right]"You could just, you know, catch the schmoo mid-air, and--"[/align]
[align=right]>"It's not the same as feeling it fire inside!"[/align]
[align=right]"Geez, all right. Nothing ever comes between you and the kids, huh?"[/align]
[align=right]>"Nothing. And don't you forget it~."[/align]
[align=right]>Rolling your eyes, you pivot around and give Chrysalis a kiss.[/align]
[align=right]>It's only when you break contact, that you notice Leslie rooted to her seat, ears pinned back and her face bright red, her expression somewhere between 'god this is fucking hot' and 'holy shit i am so dead right now'.[/align]
[align=right]>"Oh, I could taste your lust from all the way over at the hive," Chrysalis answers without ever being asked. "So, what's the occasion, Anon?"[/align]
[align=right]"An intervention, this time. She's getting hitched, and she's not doing it for kids!"[/align]
[align=right]>"Well, that's definitely a problem," she intones. "I suppose we'll have to put her in the mood, then~..."[/align]
[align=right]"Damn skippy. And your timing is impeccable, because I was just about to get to that part!"[/align]
>Chrysalis moves her leg at a nice, steady pace, constantly adjusting her speed to keep you well under your busting limits, almost like she has a sixth sense for it.
>That is to say, she's really, really good at this; toe-curlingly good, in fact.
>By the minute mark, you'd stopped caring about having Starlight fuck off, instead just throwing your head back, and letting this beautiful, incredible bug-mare work her magic on you.
>Somewhere along the line, she picks up her pace, bringing you ever-so-closer to the edge, and keeping you right there.
>"Well, I can see why you're popular with the mares," says Chrysalis, that slight pant to her voice not escaping your notice. "Endurance is definitely your specialty, isn't it?"
>A throaty 'uh-huh' is all she gets in response.
>"Oh, you're still here, filly? Goodness, if you wanted to join us that badly, you just had to ask. Why don't you come on in, I'm sure Anon would be happy to have you..."
>No you damn well wouldn't be, but you could see her game, all the same.
>Couldn't see Starlight, sadly, but at this juncture, you wouldn't ever want to, anyways.
>"That's it, come on." she coos, her increase in pace making you question if that was meant for you, or her.
>"N-n-no... No! I-I won't be drawn into your evil schemes!"
>"Fine," she half-grumbles. "Have it your way. Because I know I'll be having him my way~..."
>She ups her pace at almost the perfect time, your finish screaming even closer.
>She holds you right at that teetering point for a few moments, and--
>"Look at me, Anon," she commands in that ever-sexier baritone of hers.
>You're a simple man: when a lady says to look at her, that's what you do, and when you see Chrysalis facing you head-on, her head hovering over your member and her eyes locked onto yours, that's almost enough to make you blow right then, and there.
>Fortunately, she has other plans.
>Her maw opens, and her tongue filters out, the long, slippery appendage coiling around near the head, where she wasn't going at it with her hoof-hole.
>That was entirely too much, and you grunt and jerk upwards in tandem with your release, but you get to see her take the head into her mouth, just before you throw your head back.
>All semblance of control lost, you open fire into her maw, each throb drawing a gasping, shuddering groan out of you.
>Even after your climax draws to a close, you feel her tongue continuing to idly stroke your still-stiff soldier, and the sudden new addition of suction around your cockhead almost makes you black out, right then and there.
>Summoning whatever energy was left to you, you look back down at this masterful bug-mare, who was sitting there the whole time, waiting for you to look.
>Uncoiling and withdrawing her tongue with a little slurp first, she pulls her mouth off of the head with a quiet pop, and makes a show of swirling your cum around in her mouth, before growing a mile-wide smirk, tilting her head back, and swallowing.
>The throb that draws out of you is made all the better, when you realize you're still hilted inside of her hoof-hole.
>You can confidently say, that this was the absolute best blow you'd ever gotten, bar none.
[align=right]>"And don't you forget it~."[/align]
[align=right]"Couldn't pay me enough to forget it! Really makes me look forward to your little 'treat', you know?"[/align]
[align=right]>"Oh, just you wait..."[/align]
>Off to the side, Starlight's whimpering could be heard, and you look over just in time to see her bolt back through the door, the small puddle left where she was sitting definitely not escaping your notice.
>"You know, I think you were dead-on when you called her a voyeur," Chrysalis remarks, idly stroking your slowly softening member. "Though she definitely leaves a lot to be desired in the self-control department. Honestly, I've seen old kitchen sinks less leaky than her."
"Y-you think?" you groan in response.
1289160__explicit_artist-colon-succubi samus_derpibooru exclusive_queen chrysalis_anus_blushing_bugbutt_changeling_clitoris_commission_dirty anus_femal.png
>"Great performance, by the way. With that kind of endurance, I wouldn't be shocked if you could keep up with an alicorn."
>She pulls her hoof off of your cock before you can respond, a small gasp escaping as it lightly pops free, the spit- and pre-coated hole following the limb back to solid ground.
"A-alicorns are overrated, trust me, you chuckle. "Heh, s-sounds like you enjoyed yourself..."
>"Better than I expected. And much better in terms of taste. Been a long time, since I've tasted anything quite that... bestial, that primal."
"You're welcome. Hoo, sorry, I just need a minute..."
>While you catch your breath on the floor, Chryssy sits back on top of the cot, licking out the mess you left in her hoof-hole, something which takes far less time than your own recovery.
"Good," you finally say, standing back up. "I'm good, now."
>"That's quite a refractory period."
"I make do. Why, interested in another round?"
>"No. At least, not until she returns."
"Aww, 'cause you know, when we get out of--"
>"If we get out of here."
"When we get out of here," you continue, "And if you're still DTF, I wouldn't mind a more long-term fling, you know? I mean, you're already way better at this than any pony I've ever--"
>"Not interested."
"Aww, not even a little?"
>"More than a little. But I'm not interested in a 'fling', as you put it."
"Wait, really? How come?"
>She looks off to the side, avoiding your eyes.
>"I need something more... permanent. As in, lifelong permanent."
"Ohh, I getcha. Holding out for that one true love, huh?"
>"I don't know if I'd quite call it that," she quietly replies, "But yes, I am."
"All right, so matchmaker it is, then!" you chirp, taking a seat next to her. "Any strapping bachelors jumping out at ya?"
>"Nothing Equestrian, and certainly not here."
"Well shit, there goes just about my whole list..."
>"Besides, nothing would ever willingly stay by my side. Changelings shapeshift for a reason."
"Now that, my buggy partner-in-crime, is a complete load."
>"Don't try to flatter me."
"Bitch, I ain't flattering shit," you say, pulling her head to face you with a tactical hand under the chin. "Ponies have the worst fucking taste in looks, anyways. I mean, who the fuck hooks up with Mrs. Cake? Willingly, at that? As in, without enough liquor in your system to kill a herd of goats?"
[align=right]"I still think Mr. Cake was threatened at knifepoint to marry her, you know. She has to have mafia connections, or something."[/align]
[align=right]>"Oh, she does. He had a springtime fling with her, left her a little more than good memories, and the next thing you know, his name suspiciously changes to just 'Mr. Cake'."[/align]
[align=right]"Fuck, her papa couldn't have been happy about that."[/align]
[align=right]>"What, you mean some strapping young stranger coming along and knocking up your only successor isn't grounds to lose your mind?"[/align]
[align=right]"Hell, I wouldn't have bothered leaving him alive."[/align]
[align=right]>"Ah, but you don't have any beautiful daughters to have stolen away," she coos, before leaning in and whispering into your ear: "At least, not yet~..."[/align]
[align=right]"Chryssy, when we get there, promise me we'll co-op manhunt the first fucker to try putting the moves on her."[/align]
[align=right]>"Promise," she finishes, sealing it with a kiss.[/align]
"Look, point is, you're smoking hot."
>"You're a liar."
"No, I'm an asshole, there's a difference. Mama didn't raise no liar."
>"Do I look like an idiot, to you? Every single race on this planet runs and hides at the sight of me."
"Then every single race on this planet has the worst fucking taste in the universe, because this Earthling's telling you that holy hot damn, you're the hottest thing since snorting cayenne pepper. 11-outta-10."
>When the initial surprise passes by, she scrutinizes your face for any signs of lying on your part.
>Evidently, she finds none.
>"You... really think that, don't you?"
"Better believe it, bugbutt."
>D'aww, she's blushing!
>Someone's not used to getting hit on, out of costume!
[align=right]>"Could you blame me?"[/align]
[align=right]"Well, you've got no excuse now, hot stuff."[/align]
>"Oh, sh-shut up!" she huffs, turning away in the most tsundere possible way there is to turn away. "I give you a little attention, and all of a sudden you want to take me out to dinner?"
"I wasn't going to, but that is a great idea! Any favourite spots?"
>"W-would you just--"
"I vote this one minotaur-run place, off in an alley here in town. Super sketchy, and the maze motif is kinda chintzy, but boy do they have the best meat in town! And for way less than those kike griffons charge you for it!"
>"M-meat?" she mutters, turning back just enough to look you in the eyes.
"These puppies ain't for show," you reply, flashing your meat-shredding chompers for her. "And I'll bet those big teeth you've got ain't for show, either."
>Chrysalis spends a few moments debating internally with herself, her eyes flicking over to you every so often.
>"You're serious, aren't you?" she asks quietly, almost shyly.
"Serious as can be, babe. You and me, I think we've got something to expand on, here! I can feel it in my scrote!"
>She snorts, turning away for a brief moment, before turning back with a cautiously optimistic smile.
>"Fine. I have no idea why you're so eager to try and woo me, of all ponies. But if you're so set on getting a chance to do it, you'll get one. Just don't be surprised when you don't measure up."
>Woohoo, score one for team Ape Escape!
>There's no hiding the fist-pump you make, nor would you ever want to.
1027192__safe_starlight glimmer_the cutie re-dash-mark_exploitable meme_meme_smuglight glimmer_that fucking cat_tom and jerry.png
>"Now shut up and go to bed. I want you at least somewhat capable of getting it up, for our next attempt at a disappearing act."
"Way ahead of you, Chryssy," you yawn, splaying out across the bed.
>"D-did you just call me, 'Chryssy'?"
"I did just call you Chryssy, Chryssy," you wink. "Unless you prefer 'bugbutt', of course?"
>Your attempt to squeeze that rear end of hers is met with failure before it even begins, as she lights up her horn to swat those hands away from her posterior.
>"No, it's... fine," she finally decides on saying, before laying herself down on top of you again. "Just remember, no funny business until she gets here."
"But I'm a funny guy! You can't just destroy the economy like that!"
>"Shut up and go to sleep, will you?"
"Fine, fine."
[align=right]>"You know, you never did take me out to that minotaur place."[/align]
[align=right]"I didn't figure out until after I'd chased you down, but those same kike griffons hiked their rent so damn high, that they had to shutter the doors. Fuckers Jewed out the competition."[/align]
[align=right]>"Good thing we cleared out Griffonstone, then."[/align]
[align=right]"O-non's still salty about that, you know."[/align]
[align=right]>"Good for him. Now, our friend here's getting a little, oh, hot and bothered. Want me to make something to cool her down, a bit?"[/align]
[align=right]"Oh, I think she's earned it. Just don't cool her off too much, you know?"[/align]
[align=right]>"I know, honey. The usual for you?"[/align]
[align=right]"Yes, please."[/align]
[align=right]>Kissing you once more, Chrysalis trots off to the kitchen to brew up those teas.[/align]
[align=right]"Still with me, Leslie? Good, because the best part's just coming up!"[/align]
>You're woken up by the sound of the door opening, and Chrysalis's eyes shoot open at about the same time as yours.
>Now, normally this is where Starlight would be cheering for you to 'rise and shine', and all that, so the fact that she isn't is more than a little concerning.
>You don't even realize you're holding your black, holey partner close by, until she holds on tight, herself.
>Something is definitely very wrong here.
>Unfortunately, your fears are soon vindicated in the worst possible way.
>All at once, the sheets are practically ripped off of you two, and with almost Herculean magic force, the two of you are lifted into the air and pulled apart like ragdolls, held in place at either side of the cells.
>"No more!" Starlight all but screams, the insanity now very clearly visible in her dark-ringed, haggard eyes. "I've had enough, enough, ENOUGH OF THIS! Heeheheheh, y-you two aren't gonna s-stop me from being your f-friend, YOU HEAR ME?!"
>Mr. President, take us to DEFCON 1!
"Well, good! I don't want to be your friend, anyways!"
"Oh right, because friends totally lock each other in cells, and manhandle them around with magic! You know, if anyone's being a shitty friend here, it's you!"
>She flips you upside-down, pre-empting any response you could have given her.
>The new angle lets you see Chryssy trying to poke her horn out of the bars, deforming a weird magic forcefield you didn't notice was around the bars, as she goes.
>Shit, she's trying to break out?
>Okay, it's distraction time!
"You know, you can do whatever you want with me, but I'm still telling Twilight all about this!"
>"Nehehehehe, d-don't be silly, Anon! Sh-she doesn't have to know, ABOUT ANY OF THIS!"
"Oh, is that what you told those poor fucks, back at your village?"
>"YES! Heehehee, a-and it worked, IT WORKED! And it'll work juuuuust the same with you!"
"I'll pass on the brainwashing, thanks. Jesus, someone really needed to dick the commie out of you, a long time ago."
>"Actually, in an alternate timeline, his orange friend did boink the Marx out of you, Starlight!" calls Pinkie Pie, stretching her neck all the way down through the top bars. "In fact, that alternate timeline is over here: https://pastebin.com/dVJCbqXS"
"Wait, when the fuck did you show up?! And why aren't you helping me?!"
>"I'm just here for the author's shameless self-promotion, silly! Whoo, off I go!"
"Hey, wait--!"
>Too late, Pinkie's disappeared into the Warp.
"Come back here, you coward! Don't leave me here!"
"I'm not boning you, you crazy fucking horse. Not even a hate-fuck!"
>An impish, demonic laugh escapes her throat, and she brings out...
>Oh, hell no.
>Oh, hell no!
>Where the fuck did she get that complete set of traditional Jewish circumcision equipment, bloodstains included?!
"Get that shit away from me, you crazy fucking horse!"
>She yanks your pants down and starts sharpening the blades, and in that moment, you feel true, mortal terror grip you.
>Oh, no, nonononono, fuck this noise!
>Someone help!
>Kynareth, Akatosh, Shub-Niggurath, O-non, mein Fuhrer, Atlas, the God of Succ, anyone, please hear this prayer!
>Starlight doesn't even cry out, dropping like a sack of potatoes once that green magic bolt hits her upside the head, and by extension, dropping you out of her telekinetic grasp, where you land flat on your ass.
1715524__explicit_artist-colon-ecmajor_artist-colon-oddrich_artist-colon-pig-dash-fish_editor-colon-angrydraconequus_queen chrysalis_anatomically corre.png
[align=right]"I still have nightmares about that attempt, you know."[/align]
[align=right]>"Oh, honey, you didn't have to mention that part..."[/align]
[align=right]"No, it's fine. This gal needs the full context of what happened."[/align]
[align=right]>"If you say so, Anon. Do you want me to take over from here?"[/align]
[align=right]"No, I'll be fine. Thanks though, sweetheart."[/align]
[align=right]>The two of you share another kiss, before you jump right back into the story.[/align]
>Chryssy's painful-sounding landing draws you away from the sight of Starlight being laid the fuck out, and you turn to see her splayed out on her back, her horn glowing a dark red, and lightly smoking.
"Chryssy!" you exclaim, rushing over to her side. "Christ, are you okay?"
>She tries to reject your help, right up until she realizes that she can't stand under her own power, quickly settling on letting you carry her around.
>Expecting her to hurl, you carry the surprisingly heavy bug-mare over to the toilet, where she proceeds to instead quench her still-glowing horn in the water, the porcelain cracking under the sudden heat, and leaking water everywhere.
>"Ahh, much better..."
"Jesus, you sure you're all right?"
>"Just winded and low on magic. I'll live."
>You try and run a hand through her mane, in some attempt to calm her down, but she bats it away and looks over at Starlight.
>"Damn it, I didn't think she'd fall that far away! Can you reach her from here?"
"Sure, I can try."
>"Then do it!"
>Setting her down, you head over to the bars, and try reaching your hand through towards her limp, yet still breathing body.
>Key word being 'try', since you can't reach her, your hand coming up two inches short.
"Oh, get fucked!"
>"Let me try!"
>You double back and grab Chryssy again, putting her next to the bars, and letting her take a crack at reaching for Starlight.
>Unfortunately, she also comes up short.
>"Aaaaagh, come on!"
"Fuck my life, we're so close! Isn't there something you can do?"
>"Not without more magic, and I'm not waiting around for her to wake back up!"
"Hey, wait a second. Why didn't you do that magic bolt thing, before?"
>"Because I needed to-- Wait, that's it! I just need another shot of love, then we can get out of here!"
"Say what, now?"
>"Ugh, that thing I did from yesterday, the cuddling, all of that powers me up, feeds me!"
"Oh yeah, you did say something about that. Wait a minute, you mean you want to...?"
"Well, I've had quickies on shorter notice, I guess," you shrug, reaching down for your pants, only to find that oh yeah, they're already gone. "So, you gonna skip the hoof-holes, and go straight for the tongue--?"
>"No time, that'll power me up too slowly!" she says, looking off to the side for a brief moment. "Can't believe I'm actually letting him do this..."
"Huh? Wait, you're going right for the main event?"
>"Oh, quiet! You're making this more awkward than it needs to be!"
"Who, me? I'm DTF anytime, what're you talking about?"
>"I-it's just... Oh, damn it, you'll see!"
>Okay, this is the same lady who just demonstrated her master's degree in succ yesterday.
>She should not be getting this antsy over jumping right into a full-course screw.
"Uh, hey, is it me?"
>"Yes! I mean-- Ugh, just..."
>Ooookay, super curious about this, now.
>Swallowing dry, Chrysalis begins to slowly and shakily turn in place, her tail now pinning itself down.
"Look, if you're not cool with it, we don't have to--"
>"No, no! It's just that, I-I--!"
>Yeah, this is quite enough pussyfooting for you.
>Rolling your eyes, you grab hold of her rear end and turn her around, facing that thin, buggy posterior towards you proper.
>"Aah! H-hold on, I--"
>You grab hold of her tail and lift it straight up.
"Look, if it's a scar or something, I'm sure we can work around it."
>She freezes up, and you swear you hear her whimper a little, very out of character for her.
>Well, you don't know what has her so worried; despite her very buggy heritage, her equipment sure looked like standard pony-issue stuff.
>Well, okay, maybe the darker-green flesh making up the opening was pretty different, but hey, horse pussy's different from human pussy, so you know, you can work with it!
>A shudder runs through her, and she winks at you, the dull, neon-green pearl popping out to say hello--
>That's what she was so nervous about.
>Resting directly behind her otherwise pony-like clitoris, was a set of six tiny little 'fingers', three on each side, a tiny, skin-covered point at the end of each one, almost like a covered-up fingernail.
>The appendages seemed to clench gently around nothing, in time with her winking.
>That's, uh...
>"Go on, say it. I know what you're going to say. That it's absolutely dis--"
"Fucking hot? Why yes, yes it is."
>"I knew it, I should've just-- W-wait hold on, what?!"
[align=right]>"I still can't believe you think it's that attractive!"[/align]
[align=right]"Oh, my dear sweet lovely wife, you have no idea how schlong-shudderingly hot it is."[/align]
[align=right]>"Oh, I've got a good idea. I'm just saying, it's so strange to--"[/align]
[align=right]"Forgotten who you got hitched to, already?"[/align]
[align=right]>"Realized the second it left my mouth."[/align]
[align=right]"Don't you forget it. Now, let's get back to the story, shall we?"[/align]
>"I knew you were a liar. There's no possible way you can-- Aaah~!"
"I told you, mama didn't raise herself no liar," you repeat, poking at the bug-mare's pearl. "And my dad always taught me to appreciate the things the ladies bring to the table, ya feel me?"
1137253__explicit_artist-colon-kyokimute_queen chrysalis_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_bugbutt_clawtoris_crotchboobs_dock_everfree forest_exhibiti.png
>That prodding finger of yours slides on up into her opening, where you let those wet, slippery 'fingers' clasp around it, squeezing it with a fairly surprising amount of force.
"Well, I'm sure you're feeling me right about now, huh?"
>No doubt about that, if the long, shuddering moan she just gave you is any indication.
>"N-no way-- Aaaaaah~!"
>Ooh, those little digits hold on real tight; not even that little tug of yours can get them to let go!
>Already, you're imagining those things going to town on your cock, and you quickly decide to not leave that in the realm of imagination for any longer.
"Say, wanna let the poor little guy go, down there? The big guy's getting a touch jealous."
>You let her know just how jealous the big guy is, plopping said quickly hardening object between her thighs, where it achieves maximum stiffness in no time at all.
>Funny, rubbing it along her underside a little, it doesn't feel like she's got any teats to work with.
>Oh well, you can live without them.
>"Nngh... f-fine," she hisses, unclenching her inner fingers and allowing you to withdraw your hand.
>Without further ado, you take your member and start rubbing it along her opening, finding it's quite wet enough for you to make a smooth entrance.
>Making sure to angle yourself to make as much contact with her inner fingers as you can, you begin pushing--
>"Listen, okay? Th-this is really, really important."
"Sure, what is it?"
>She looks back at you, her flushed, lustful look being pushed out a little by a serious one.
>"I just need a few minutes of sex to get a good charge going, all right? Do not, I repeat, do not come inside of me, do you understand?"
>Aww, what?!
"Come on, we--"
>"This is serious! Look, I'll finish you off with my mouth, or legs, or whatever else you want, just don't finish inside me."
"Fine," you grumble, resuming your course and slowly slipping into her surprisingly warm opening.
[align=right]>Leslie looked like she wanted to ask something, but it just kind of came out as a mumble, what with her eyes glazed a little, her blush achieving new levels of redness, and the fact that she's busy nursing a nosebleed with one of your napkins.[/align]
[align=right]>"Yes, that warning did go unheeded," Chrysalis answers, again without being asked.[/align]
[align=right]"Don't get me wrong, though: I wasn't trying to go against the grain, that time. Hear me out, here..."[/align]
>The two of you groan as you work your way inside of her, the texture of her insides feeling a bit more smooth and slippery than the slightly bumpy, rippling flesh of most other mares.
>That, coupled with her very present and accounted for fluids, made the extra bit of tightness a non-issue, and soon enough, your groin connects with her rear end, the tip just barely grazing something deep inside, as you bottom out.
>Chrysalis gasps after you finish burying yourself inside her, those inner fingers of hers coming to life as she winks against your balls, gently wrapping themselves around the base of your penis, but never gripping onto it as tight as they did your finger.
>Tight hold or not, the sensation draws a breathy groan out of you, and you stay buried in Chrysalis for a few moments, just savouring what she's doing to you.
>"Oooh~," she coos, mirroring your feelings exactly. "S-sorry, I'm not used to somepony doing this, well, willingly..."
>She punctuates that last line with a little clench of the 'fingers', successfully milking another groan out of you as they graduate up to gentle strokes.
"Aah...! Y-you mean, folks don't usually-- Aah! F-feel the extra digits?"
>Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it's hard enough keeping your composure when screwing a pony: this extra bit of stimulation was really jacking the difficulty, in more ways than one!
>"I, uh, hide them away whenever I transform..."
"Heheh, f-fuckers don't know what they're missiiiiiii~ng...!"
>D-do you even have to do anything, at this point?
>She could probably just finish you off, without you ever moving!
>"A-anyways, you plan on letting me do all the work?" she shoots back, regaining a good chunk of her former confidence.
>Well, who are you to turn down a request like that?
>You begin your thrusting in earnest, starting off nice and slow as you are wont to do, slowly ramping up the pace as the moments drag on.
>And boy is there extra emphasis on drag, because holy shit, those finger things of hers are pulling off some serious multi-tasking: you get to feel the already amazing sensation of boning this stupidly hot bug-mare, while the motions of you doing so serve to have the 'fingers' jerking you off, mid-coitus.
>Couple that with her rather generous output of fluids, and her constant adjustment of the finger's positions, having them rub all kinds of errant spots on your cock, and Jesus H. Christ, this may be the first ever recorded instance of 'ribbed for his pleasure'!
>Chrysalis, meanwhile, gave up on keeping things under wraps a little while ago, freely moaning and shuddering with every thrust, even pressing her rear against you whenever a hilting was in order.
>You know she'd never admit it, but she needed this bad, and lucky for her, you're the best delivery boy there is.
[align=right]>"Come on, the bad puns are for the kids, not for me!"[/align]
[align=right]"Everyone's entitled to a little pun-ishment, don't you think?"[/align]
[align=right]>"Oh, shut up, you."[/align]
[align=right]"But I can't keep telling the story, if I did that![/align]
>Somewhere along the line, her horn begins glowing, which you take as a sign that she's getting juiced up nicely.
>Man, powered up with sweet, sweet lovin'?
>If only 'heart' involved this, it'd actually be remotely useful, and might even make Captain Planet less of a raging gaylord.
1705206__explicit_artist-colon-alcor_queen chrysalis_blushing_changeling_changeling queen_cowgirl position_death by snu snu_drool_female_filly_filly qu.png
>"Nngh...! A-almost theeeere~!"
>What a funny turn of coincidence, feeling your own finish flashing it's approach lights, at the same time as she starts to cast some kind of spell.
>"J-just a minute more, and we'll be out of here!"
>Can't argue with results like that!
>Deciding it'd be smart to not skirt her warnings about blowing inside, you ramp your pace down a touch, just enough to keep the finish line that much further away.
>She does groan her disapproval a little bit, but you're pretty sure she got the memo, since she's not pressing you to go faster.
>God, her moans are the best you've ever heard!
>The voice alone was one thing, but the echoing effect just made them sound so much better!
>Huh, what'd she stop echoing there, for?
>Ahh, there it is!
>"Ooh, my head..."
>And now she stopped again!
>The fuck is--
>"Wh-who's making that noise?"
>The realization of who just spoke in that voice stops you both dead in your tracks: quite literally in your case, with her muscles and fingers clamping down tight enough to keep you from moving an inch, right as you finish hilting her.
>The sight of Starlight picking herself up off the floor is a serious mood-killer, for the pair of you.
>"Anon, get me to the bars, quick!" Chrysalis whisper-shouts your way, an order you're in no position to disagree with.
>With her unyielding grip on your manhood still intact, you're forced to fill in for her back legs, all but shoving her against the bars, where she pokes her horn out between them, and starts casting a big, glowy spell of some kind.
>What really grabs your attention, however, is the feeling of poking at something deep inside her, what feels like that same something you were never able to poke at again, after the first thrust into her.
>Wait, shit, she's casting spells, right!
>A green magic bolt flies out of her horn, zapping Starlight back into unconsciousness, thank God.
>Unfortunately, it also knocked her back even further, much to Chrysalis's dismay.
>"No, no! Damn it, I need another charge, fast!"
"D-don't know if I can do faster, babe...!"
>She gasps a little at what you're implying, and from the look she's giving you, she's pretty torn between getting out of here, and keeping you from filling her up.
>"B-but, I...! Damn it, okay, listen," she half-pleads, her muscles finally releasing their hold on your dick, "Go as fast as you can, but please, please pull out. Please?"
>Shit, she's more scared of that prospect than you thought.
"S-sure thing, Chryssy," you groan, before resuming your pace from before.
>Okay, keep yourself going longer, you can do that!
>Just think about that terrible first time you had, with that Lyra chick's friend--
>"No, don't think bad thoughts! That kills how much you're charging me up!"
"Well, what the fuck?!"
>"Just try to hold back as much as possible, okay?"
>Goddamn fucking Starlight, ruining this shit again!
>Okay, fine, you'll just have to make do!
>Chryssy doesn't leave lasting longer all to you, however: she pulls her 'fingers' off of your cock, letting just her walls do the work, and she's not trying to hilt you anymore.
>Despite all the assistance, your teeter ever so closer to the finish line, with every thrust you make into her.
>"I'm almost done, just hold out for another minute!"
>A minute, seriously?!
>That's really pushing it, but you'll try!
>You try to vary things up with quick, shallow thrusts, but this ultimately doesn't do very much to stave off your very close climax.
>Gritting your teeth and shutting your eyes, you do your best to try and squeeze in a few more seconds for her.
>"There, I've got it--!"
>"OH NO, YOU DON'T!" bellows Starlight.
>Chrysalis gasps, and pushes herself back on instinct.
>Things from that moment on proceed in slow-motion: you're knocked off-balance by the motion, and sent falling backwards onto your ass, Chrysalis's muscles and 'fingers' once again reflexively taking hold of your cock, her rear end coming along for the ride.
>It's that landing, coupled with the impact of her rump against your crotch, that finally does you in.
>Loosing a guttural scream of pleasure, you throb hard inside her, the first jet of spunk firing out of your cock with enough force to be heard splattering against her insides.
>Everything after that first shot happens very, very quickly.
>Your eyes are still shut, but you can see a bright green light flashing from somewhere, most likely Chrysalis, and ramping up in intensity with every consecutive shot you fire into her.
>Her yell is the first thing that really draws your attention, however: a loud, guttural cry of her own, peaking with every throb your cock makes, trying to fill her.
>Soon after that, the thing deep inside her you poked at before instead pokes at you, and you can feel whatever it is kissing the tip after the third jet, forming a seal and drinking in everything you give it.
>After that, comes the sound of magic coupled with things breaking, picking up in intensity, again, with every rope of semen she receives, until it sounds like a fucking twister is all around you, come shot number four.
>You're just barely aware of your iron grip on her hips, keeping her firmly held in place, and you're together enough to count seven, eight, nine, ten spurts fired into her.
>Even after you finish giving her everything you've got, you can still hear her protracted cries, and feel the storm of magic around you, but you don't dare open your eyes yet, and not just for a lack of energy.
>Then, after a few agonizing seconds, everything falls silent, save for the sounds of you and Chrysalis panting.
>Now, you finally risk opening your eyes.
>The unmoving, shaking form of Chrysalis is the first thing you see, but your focus quickly shifts off to the side, where...
"Holy shit," you whisper, gawking at the devastation around you.
>The entire room was completely demolished, the bars of the cell uprooted and scattered, some of them staked into the walls.
"Holy shit," you repeat.
>You powered her up enough, to do all of this?!
>Sweet merciful Christ, how the fuck does that even work?!
>Chrysalis's voice snaps your attention right back onto her, and what you see is, well, not what you'd call encouraging.
>She still sat in your lap, your cock still gripped in place, but now she was clutching her belly with a hoof, her whole body shaking and her eyes wide open, her pupils the size of pinpricks.
>She was in shock, disbelief, and was quickly becoming very, very scared.
>"W-why did...?"
"Chryssy? You okay?"
>When her terrified look flips over to you, you can't help but feel like you just made a terrible mistake.
>"You... I-I told you..."
>When said terrified look flips to rage, you know that you just made an even more horrible mistake.
>"You bastard!" she all but screams at you, pulling off of your lap as fast as she possibly can. "I told you, I begged you to pull out!"
"Look, I couldn't--"
"Yeow!" you cry out, your head snapped right to the side at the smack she just delivered straight to your face.
>"You're horrible! You're despicable!" she continues screaming, tears now beginning to well in her eyes.
"W-wait a minute--"
>"I never want to see you, ever again!"
>With that final line, she bolts out of the room, droplets of tears following in her wake.
"Wait, stop!" you call out to her, only to be met without any response.
>Oh, dear God in heaven, how badly did you just screw up?!
>Damn it, you've gotta find her!
[align=right]>"W-wait, hold on, what?!" Leslie exclaims, the bad ending almost totally breaking her out of her haze. "Where did that come from?!"[/align]
[align=right]>"Not exactly one of our proudest moments, I'll admit. I didn't realize that Anon couldn't pull himself out..."[/align]
[align=right]"And I had absolutely no idea that I'd managed to knock her up, big time. Didn't realize that changelings did the whole cross-species breeding thing, no magic required."[/align]
[align=right]>"B-but how'd you two end up back together, after that?!"[/align]
[align=right]>"Well, it wasn't easy. He had a lot of explaining and apologizing to do..."[/align]
[align=right]"And I had a lot of searching to do. When I read up a little, and figured out what I'd done, oh man, was I determined to track her down, to make up."[/align]
>Okay Anon, watch your step down here...
>You drop down the rest of the way, landing on a patch of moss in the cave.
>"Who's there?" calls a familiar voice from inside.
>You reach back for your light, but a green magic glow from somewhere in front handles that for you, it's source being none other than Chrysalis.
>Her initial gasp of surprise, however, soon fades into a furious scowl.
>"You?!" she bellows, storming her way over towards you. "What are you doing here?!"
"Oh, thank God I found you! Listen, I--"
>"I told you that I never wanted to see you again!"
>She looks about ready to rear up and kick you halfway across the planet.
>"Get out! Get out and don't come back!"
>The simple response comes as a surprise to her, giving you a window to keep pressing on:
"I've spent damn near a month trying to find you, and I'm not about to leave now."
>Well, your opening didn't last too long, since now she's back to angry.
>"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you, right now!"
"Do it."
>Once again, you act on the mild surprise that reply draws out of her.
"Really, go ahead. At this stage, I'd probably deserve it, given what I went and did to you. But first, I've got just one thing I want to tell you."
>While she stays surprised, you throw your arms around her neck, and pull her in close for a hug.
"I'm sorry, Chrysalis."
"I was so fucking stupid, not catching what you meant when you wanted me to... well, you know. I screwed things up so badly for you, because of how stupid I was."
>You can feel her tense up even more.
"I've spent the better part of a month trying to find you, so that I could apologize, and--"
>"You think you can just come in here, tell me you're sorry, and that it'll all be better?!" she half-cries, trying to push you away from her.
"No, I don't." you reply, keeping her as close as you can. "Look, I know that I screwed things up, that I made a huge mistake, but I promise you, I'm going to do everything I can to make it right."
>"Shut up! J-just shut up!"
"I'm not leaving, Chrysalis. I can't."
>Her pushing gets weaker and weaker.
"I don't care how long it takes, I'm staying right here, with you. With them."
>She fails to hold back a sob.
"Please, Chryssy. Give me a chance."
>The last few bits of her energy are spent weakly telling you 'no', before she loses all semblance of composure, breaking down in your hold.
>She doesn't fight you when you pull her in closer, or when you begin gently itching one of her ears, and in fact, ends up returning your hug when you whisper to her how sorry you are.
>After several long, painful minutes, she begins to calm herself down, at least enough to speak again:
>"Y-you mean it?"
"I do."
>She sniffles, wipes her eyes, and pulls her head back to look at you, properly.
>In those big, watery green eyes of hers, you see her distrust, her hesitance, but also a tiny glimmer of hope.
>Cupping her cheek, you--
>"Mom, look out!" calls a very young voice from the side.
>Both of you face the source, and what greets you is a little, foal-sized changeling, it's tiny little horn glowing, and keeping itself in front of a whole bunch of other little changelings.
"Chryssy? A-are those...?"
>"Y-yes. Hatched a week ago."
>Hey, wh-who's cutting onions, around here?
"You know, you always hear the stories from your parents, about how big of a change having you had on them, but man, you just don't... feel it, understand it, until it actually happens to you."
>"I'll admit," Chrysalis intones, "I was really skeptical about letting Anon help me raise them."
"Gee, thanks."
>"You know what I mean, shut up! A-anyways, I gave him his chance, and he really, really outdid himself. By the time he'd stayed there for a second week, I... I wanted more."
"Yeah, I still remember the look on your face, when I told you 'no'."
>"You scared me to death, Anon! When you said 'no', I thought that--"
"S'alright, it all worked out in the end, didn't it?"
"Somehow. Yeah, after a couple weeks of five-starring the whole parent thing, she was itching for more, something fierce. But I wouldn't let her have any more. At least, not until we got married."
>"Before you ask, no, we couldn't do it in Equestria."
"Now Seaquestria, on the other hand? Oh, they'll marry you to anything with a pulse, and to several things without one!"
>"Don't ask how we know that. Just don't."
"Actually, whereabouts were you planning on getting the ole knot tied at, Leslie?"
>Leslie takes a few moments to realize you were asking her a question, spluttering to life from her happy little stupor.
>"Wh-what?! O-oh, I mean, uh, g-gee, I never really thought of that!"
"Well, Seaquestria's a solid choice, if you don't mind the whole 'shapeshifting for the underwater ceremony' thing."
>"Which I didn't," Chrysalis adds.
"Yeah, of course you didn't. I was freaking the fuck out, until I realized I got turned into a bitching merman. Shit was so cash."
>"I wish it could have turned me into something other than a sea lamprey, though..."
"Hey, at least you could still shapeshift by yourself! And besides, you're my big, bloodsucking parasite."
>"You're such a charmer," Chrysalis deadpans, not even trying to keep the smirk off her face.
"Always and forever," you chirp, stealing a kiss from her in the process. "Anyways, only problem with Seaquestria is that those fuckers charge you a ton of money for the service."
>"You could try Saddle Arabia, they've married a few cross-species couples before."
"As long as you don't mind all the terrorists, and enjoy their national delicacy: sand and rock cobbler."
>"Oh, that's terrible!" Chrysalis snickers.
"I haven't even started with them. Oh yeah, you could also try the Crystal Empire, see if--"
>"No," Chrysalis snaps.
"Shit, I was just putting it out there! I mean, they do charge, what, 30% in sales tax, so you'd--"
>"They do WHAT?!" Leslie screeches.
"Aaaaand you know what, nevermind, fuck the pink broad's kingdom. You know, how the fuck are they even 'kingdoms', when they're still ruled by princesses?"
>"Because they're idiots," Chrysalis coos, rubbing her cheek against yours. "But we don't make that mistake in this house, my king~..."
"No, we sure don't, my queen," you finish, ending that subject with a nice, long kiss.
>"Aaaanon!" Leslie calls out.
"Uh, yeah, I'm right here--"
>"No, other Anon! My Anon! Aaaanon!"
>"Ah, there she goes~," Chrysalis whispers.
>The doors where O-non had fucked off through fly open, revealing the orange man, himself.
>"A-are you finally done, Leslie?"
>"You. Me. Talk. Now!"
>"Now!" she almost snaps, biting his jacket and dragging him towards the doors.
>"A-all right, what did you want to--"
>"Thanks for the story, Anon! And thanks for the tips, Chrysalis!"
>"Wh-what?! What did they tell you?!"
>"Always a pleasure," Chrysalis calls out.
"Auf Wiedersehen, mein großer Mann," you wink towards O-non.
>The door shuts before he can work in a quip, probably something about degenerates.
"So, how long do you give them?"
>"Three days."
"Three days? That's it? Geez, I was thinking at least two weeks!"
>"Oh, that Leslie's a mare who gets what she wants, I could tell the second I saw her. Once those two are together, she'll be begging me for all kinds of spells, to jumpstart their newlywed life."
"Heat spells, fertility, the whole shiteree?"
"Ah, young love."
>"The sweetest you'll ever taste."
"Heh, so what about the big guy, himself? Think he's got it in him?"
>"Definitely. He strikes me as a pretty strict father figure."
"Ah, so that wasn't just me."
>"Great minds think alike," she coos again. "And don't think this great mind's forgotten about your treat, either~..."
"You really know how to treat a guy, don't you?"
>With one of her signature erotic chuckles, she locks lips with you again, only this time with some tongue action to go with it.
>Sadly, you have to push her away, before she gets too into it.
"And I know just how to treat a lady, too."
"I've got a little gift for you, honey."
>Now that you've got her attention, you stand up and open the secret passage behind the fridge, and lead her down to the jail part of the hive.
>Of course, you're in no rush, and defer plenty of time to playing with the swarms of hundreds of your bug-progeny, before you finally reach the jails.
>"P-please let me out of here, the ropes are really starting to chafe!" calls the voice of your captive, freezing Chrysalis with a little gasp.
>"You didn't."
>Smirking, you turn a corner, and present the inhabitant of the cell to Chrysalis: a tied-up, thrashing Thorax.
>"You did! Ohhmygosh, you shouldn't have, Anon!"
"I do a lot of things I shouldn't, what can I say?"
>Aww, look at the big moose bug freeze up in terror, upon seeing you two!
>God, these fuckers look gross.
"So," you chirp, unveiling the table full of knives, and picking up the hooked one.[/i] "You want to start, or should I?"
>Apparently none of you are, since she's decided to suck the mother of all face with you: full body hug, tongue, all of it.
>Mmm, looks like you'll be off sick with the bug, tonight...
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1714019__explicit_artist-colon-tiarawhy_pinkie pie_queen chrysalis_twilight sparkle_animated_bad end_blowjob_changeling_changeling queen_cowgirl positi.webm
1571898__explicit_artist-colon-dankflank_princess cadance_queen chrysalis_anatomically correct_anus_bugbutt_candy_cave_changeling_clothes_cocoon_costum.png
1709523__explicit_artist-colon-alcor_queen chrysalis_blushing_cock shaming_crotchboobs_female_horsecock_human_human fetish_human male_human penis_magic.png
1787963__explicit_artist-colon-pusspuss_queen chrysalis_anatomically correct_anus_changeling_changeling queen_clawtoris_dialogue_dock_faceless male_fem.png
873628__explicit_artist-colon-gyroido_queen chrysalis_blowjob_changeling_changeling queen_female_human_human on changeling action_human on pony action_.png
This? This was entirely too long, entirely too distracting to make, and I entirely ran out of fucks to give, because I just had such a rip-roarin' fantastic time writing it out. This also happens to be the longest short, one-shot green I've written to date, so hey, that's an accomplishment!
You know what else goes great with long-winded accomplishments? The fact that it took me this long to edit out all of my nice /mlpol/ formatting to make this work on Pastebin, without looking like an abortion of square brackets and almost-BBcode. Milo, how could you fail me like this? Why?!
Anyways, have your complementary end-of-story porn dump, and the Pastebin version of this story, if for some reason you want it: https://pastebin.com/2KDiLfkA

The Starlight green: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/res/89100.html#115196 OR https://pastebin.com/dVJCbqXS
The Tempest green: >>138634 → OR https://pastebin.com/aqXdy3JX
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The GOD OF SUCC: >>>/go/3503 → OR https://pastebin.com/KH6h1Z28
my prayers were answered
so much beautyest bug
Canada, as always, you deliver greatness
I await more when you have it, and until then, I hope you get all the win that you deserve for this.
You're entirely too good to us, Canada.
Canada for president.
Thanks mate
Thanks Canada.






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open dat pussy wide
Leslie BJ.png
My first attempt at drawing pone porn. A lot of room for improvement of course.
158784__explicit_artist-colon-cartoonlion_applejack_fluttershy_twilight sparkle_anatomically correct_anatomy_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_crotchboobs_dis.png
Are you trying to milk a sequel out of me, pal-i-o? Because if you are, you're driving a mighty hard bargain.
Oh, not a bad first attempt, I guess. Here, have some guides for your trouble. Got nothing on dicks, sorry.
Would M97-Chan be up for a little Slammin'

166187 166190 166191
141343__solo_fluttershy_explicit_nudity_solo female_animated_vagina_anus_upvotes galore_vaginal secretions.gif
Does anyone have the link to that massive Google drive full of horse porn? I need it because reasons.
Ask and ye shall recieve....horse porn.
Thank you based anon
>fifth picture
>stomach vagina

1640213__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_rainbow dash_anatomically correct_bedroom eyes_blushing_clitoris_creampie_cum_cutie mark_dark genitals_dri.png
1634775__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_absurd res_adorasexy_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_blowjob_clitoris_clop.png
1606495__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_absurd res_adorasexy_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bed_bedroom eyes_clitoris_clopping.png
1595906__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_fluttershy_adorasexy_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_blushing_clitoris_cute_cute porn_dock_dripping.png
1594192__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_princess celestia_2 handfuls of dat ass_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_back_bedroom eyes_both cutie mar.png
Posting a few pics by this particular artist, just because I like show-accurate porn.
166193 166281
1670159__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_clothes_coffee_dark genitals_dock.png
1657837__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_rainbow dash_absurd res_adorasexy_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_apple tree_bedroom eyes_blushing_clito.png
1654429__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_absurd res_adorasexy_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_crystallized.png
1644926__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_absurd res_adorasexy_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_blushing_commission_c.png
1679313__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_princess luna_rainbow dash_air nozzle_anus_blowing_cargo ship_cute_cute porn_dashabetes_female_fetish_floa.png

1717145__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_fluttershy_fake it 'til you make it_spoiler-colon-s08e04_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris.png
1703935__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_rainbow dash_school daze_spoiler-colon-s08e01_spoiler-colon-s08e02_adorasexy_anatomically correct_anus_bas.png
1693395__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_school daze_spoiler-colon-s08e01_spoiler-colon-s08e02_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_b.png
1693394__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_starlight glimmer_twilight sparkle_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_dark genitals_d.png
1679561__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_cutie mark_dark genitals_dialogue.png

1777247__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_pinkie pie_anatomically correct_anus_balloonbutt_bedroom eyes_blue eyes_clitoris_close-dash-up_cutie mark_ (1).png
1747361__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_rainbow dash_adorasexy_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_commission_cute_d.png
1747372__questionable_semi-dash-grimdark_alternate version_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_rainbow dash_fanfic-colon-rainbow factory_bedroom eyes_blood_clot.png
1738508__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_twilight sparkle_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_bridle_clitoris_dark genitals_dock_drippin (1).png
1785073__explicit_artist-colon-shutterflyeqd_applejack_rainbow dash_anatomically correct_anus_applebutt_backwards cutie mark_beach_bedroom eyes_clitori.png

166256 168836
>pic 4
>tfw you get to pound two princesses

The fuck is going on in the last image?!
I was wondering the same, and the best guess I have come up with is that RD is blowing up an blow-up Luna in the bathtub.
This, only it's in a lake/pool.
1782045__explicit_artist-colon-trash anon_oc_oc-colon-fishtoonz_oc only_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_crotchboobs_female_looking back_mare_n.png
1782177__explicit_artist-colon-pabbley_rainbow dash_alternate hairstyle_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_clitoris_clothes_collar_dock_f.png
1782861__explicit_artist-colon-stargazer_starlight glimmer_anus_clothes_dock_female_heart_looking at you_on back_panties_panties aside_po.png
1786509__explicit_artist-colon-sugarlesspaints_nurse redheart_anal_anal creampie_an egg being attacked by sperm_creampie_cum_disembodied .png
1786505__explicit_artist-colon-the-dash-minuscule-dash-task_oc_oc-colon-elli_oc only_anus_clitoris_dock_earth pony_female_mare_nudity_pon.png
It's been a bit, so I figured I'd find something to bump with.
Up, thread! Up!
168714 190886
1812682__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-airfly-dash-pony2014_derpibooru exclusive_bright mac_pear butter_brightbutter_dock_femal.png
1812505__explicit_grimdark_artist-colon-blackkaries_princess luna_alicorn_dark_dialogue_dock_forest_imminent rape_imminent sex_night_rape.png
1812732__explicit_artist-colon-shinodage_ada wong_anatomically correct_anus_clothes_female_gun_holster_looking back_mare_nudity_ponified_.png
1812157__explicit_artist-colon-henhenmamer_artist-colon-slb94_moondancer_afterglow_aftersex_ahegao_anus_creampie_crossed legs_cum_dock_gl.png
1814093__explicit_artist-colon-grispinne_maud pie_anus_boulder buns_clothes_dock_dress_earth pony_eyeshadow_female_lidded eyes_looking ba.png
We've been getting too complacent. We must be better!
>Pic #3
God bless Shino.
lewd book.png
1768001__explicit_royal guard_oc_oc-colon-zala_bedroom eyes_cock lift_cum_eyes on the prize_female_filly_foalcon_horsecock_legs in air_leg twitch_male_.png
officer down.jpg
big UNF.png


1800302__explicit_artist-colon-eqamrd_artist-colon-slb94_rainbow dash_against wall_bedroom eyes_big penis_blushing_collar_female_male_mis.png
1799984__explicit_artist-colon-shinodage_ms-dot- harshwhinny_oc_oc-colon-jet stream_animated_armpits_balls_blushing_bottomless_canon x oc.gif
1800034__explicit_artist-colon-replica_starlight glimmer_oc_oc-colon-memory match_anus_bed_dialogue_dock_female_mare_nudity_ponut_pony_sl.png
1799964__explicit_artist-colon-thecoldsbarn_lily_lily valley_oc_oc-colon-ever harmon_animated_blushing_breastfeeding_canon x oc_crotchboo.gif
1798721__explicit_artist-colon-aaa-dash-its-dash-spook_twilight sparkle_alicorn_anus_blushing_both cutie marks_canon_female_horn_nudity_p.png

168871 168873
>bumping when it's the first thread on the first page
>bumping without content
1821093__explicit_artist-colon-dankflank_sassy saddles_anus_bed_crotchboobs_dildo_dock_female_fishnets_frog (hoof)_glowing horn_horsecock dildo_lev.png
1820818__explicit_artist-colon-deraniel_applejack_anus_apple_apple dildo_clitoris_cutie mark_dildo_female_masturbation_nudity_raised tail_sex toy_solo_.jpeg
1820584__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-kundofox_ms-dot- harshwhinny_anatomically correct_bed_clipboard_clitoris_crotchboobs_dialogue_earth po.png
1820529__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-evomanaphy_rainbow dash_aftersex_anatomically correct_anus_backwards cutie mark_bondage_clitoris_cream.png
1820443__explicit_artist-colon-alcor_rainbow dash_twilight sparkle_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_chest fluff_clitoris_cloud_ear blush_female_frog .png
Real bumpchads bump with horse porn.
1759602__explicit_artist-colon-kuroran_big macintosh_sugar belle_blowjob_female_impossibly large penis_male_nudity_oral_penis_pony_sex_sh.jpg
1758289__explicit_artist-colon-negasun_starlight glimmer_anatomically correct_anus_female_looking back_nudity_plot_pony_presenting_solo_s.png
1757607__explicit_artist-colon-badumsquish_derpibooru exclusive_fluttershy_the mean 6_spoiler-colon-s08e13_anatomically correct_animated_.gif
1756417__explicit_artist-colon-jcosneverexisted_queen chrysalis_shutter bug_the mean 6_spoiler-colon-s08e13_30 minute art challenge_anus_.png
1756227__explicit_artist-colon-arareroll_stellar flare_anus_come hither_female_looking at you_milf_nudity_presenting_solo_solo female_ste.png
Thank you, Bumpchad.
1714718__explicit_artist-colon--fwslash-d-fwslash-non_queen chrysalis_shutter bug_the mean 6_spoiler-colon-s08e13_anus_blushing_blush sticker_changelin.png
1820069__explicit_artist-colon-hexado_princess celestia_anal_anatomically correct_breast milk_crotchboobs_excessive vaginal secretions_female_fingering.jpeg
1819535__explicit_artist-colon-meowmavi_oc_oc-colon-mavis_oc only_anus_blushing_bride_bridesmaid_bridesmaid dress_clothes_crotchboobs_cute_cute porn_do.png
1819003__explicit_artist-colon-dankflank_queen chrysalis_absurd res_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_bugbutt_changeling_changeling queen_clitoris.png
1818806__explicit_artist-colon-atmosseven_fluttershy_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_both cutie marks_clitoris_dock_female_flutterbutt_looking a.png

1744079__explicit_artist-colon-mercurial64_derpibooru exclusive_starlight glimmer_anus_butt only_female_glimmer glutes_nudity_plump_raise.png
1743594__explicit_artist-colon-an-dash-m_artist-colon-vectorman_edit_derpy hooves_ahegao_anatomically correct_animated_anus_bdsm_bondage_.gif
1743491__explicit_artist-colon-airfly-dash-pony2014_oc_oc only_oc-colon-scarlett drop_ass_ass up_base_base used_bedroom eyes_clothed sex_.png
1743357__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-soctavia_editor-colon-saucy_dj pon-dash-3_vinyl scratch_anatomically correct_anus_bedroo.png
1742116__explicit_artist-colon-soulful mirror_oc_oc-colon-honey ella_oc only_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_clitoris_crotchboobs_dark.png

1658022__explicit_artist-colon-revadiehard_marble pie_anal_anatomically correct_ass up_balls_bedroom eyes_big crotchboobs_clitoris_creamp.png
1658713__explicit_artist-colon-ratofdrawn_pear butter_anatomically correct_anus_apple tree_braid_clitoris_colored pupils_crotchboobs_dock.png
1659731__explicit_artist-colon-capseys_twilight sparkle_anatomically correct_anus_clitoris_dark genitals_dock_female_gray background_look.png
1662580__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-whatsapokemon_oc_oc-colon-celldad__oc-colon-lemon frost_oc only_oc-colon-panne_bat pony_.png
1663221__explicit_artist-colon-10art1_oc_oc-colon-google chrome_anus_bedroom eyes_both cutie marks_browser ponies_cervix_chromatic aberra.png

1761426__explicit_artist-colon-detpoot_dj pon-dash-3_vinyl scratch_ahegao_anus_bean bag chair_blushing_clitoral stimulation_cutie mark_do.png
1761537__explicit_artist-colon-jcosneverexisted_oc_oc-colon-eclipse skies_oc only_oc-colon-ponepony_anatomically correct_balls_bat pony_b.png
1761031__explicit_artist-colon-tikrs007_oc_oc-colon-icyhaze_oc only_anatomically correct_anus_both cutie marks_dock_earth pony_female_hea.png
1760896__explicit_artist-colon-parclytaxel_artist-colon-shinodage_nurse redheart_anal_blushing_clitoris_dialogue_dock_double penetration_.png
1760870__explicit_grimdark_artist-colon-b-dash-epon_rarity_art pack-colon-rpg_aftersex_armor_blowjob_cum_cum in mouth_cum trail_eyeshadow.png

1746627__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-thecoldsbarn_rainbow dash_oc_oc-colon-blues_anal_anatomically correct_anus_backsack_ball.jpg
1746828__explicit_artist-colon-shinodage_edit_raven_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_clitoris_dock_female_glasses_looking back_mare_ner.png
1745696__explicit_artist-colon-infrayellow_rainbow dash_anatomically correct_anus_blowjob_blushing_female_human_human male_human male on .png
1745791__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-dimwitdog_pinkie pie_anatomically correct_anus_armpits_belly_belly button_blushing_botto.png
1744882__explicit_artist-colon-evehly_oc_oc-colon-kiva_oc only_android_anus_balls_bed_clitoris_commission_erection_female_horsecock_male_.png

1645999__explicit_artist-colon-whatsapokemon_oc_oc-colon-jade shine_oc only_creampie_cum_female_nudity_pegasus_pony_solo_solo female_tong.png
1646839__explicit_artist-colon-sunny4sunnly_oc_oc-colon-cirrus_oc-colon-electro current_oc only_animated_cirrent_cunnilingus_female_frame.gif
1649497__explicit_artist-colon-marsminer_oc_oc-colon-dusty tomes_ahegao_bondage_changeling_changeling slime_cowgirl position_cute_cute po.png
1651954__explicit_artist-colon-aikostable_oc_oc only_animated_blowjob_clothed sex_clothes_dripping_facefuck_female_gif_horsecock_male_mar.gif

Filthy anal degeneracy for mlpol
1631194__explicit_artist-colon-whatsapokemon_oc_oc-colon-jade shine_oc only_anatomically correct_anus_dark genitals_dock_female_gray back.png
1630569__explicit_artist-colon-zutheskunk_oc_oc only_oc-colon-snowflake_oc-colon-talcom_absurd res_anus_balls_bedroom eyes_belly button_c.png
1628147__explicit_artist-colon-spookitty_artist-colon-tiarawhy_starlight glimmer_twilight sparkle_alicorn_anatomically correct_implied le.png
1627255__explicit_artist-colon-pony quarantine_oc_oc-colon-anon_oc only_oc-colon-silverlay_autumn_blowjob_bush_duo_female_human_human on .png
1625262__explicit_artist-colon-c1nn1m1n1_oc_oc-colon-lemon frost_oc only_boobjob_crotchboobjob_crotchboobs_female_horsecock_impossibly la.png
The futa and incest is a little degenerate, tbh fam. But otherwise anal between a consenting male and female is pure and based.

Anyways, I've been slacking in keeping this thread bumped, so have a bump.
1829119__explicit_artist-colon-dankflank_trixie_30 minute art challenge_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_clitoris_crotchboobs_cutie mark_dock_female_.png
1827199__explicit_artist-colon-shinodage_oc_oc-colon-mozzarella orgy_oc only_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_creampie_cum_cum pool_dock_excessive cu.png
1830371__explicit_artist-colon-earth_pony_colds_limestone pie_bondage_chains_earth pony_female_femsub_grin_happy bondage_looking at you_pony_shackles_s.png
1829304__explicit_artist-colon-dragonedit_artist-colon-hioshiru_edit_applejack_anal_anal creampie_animated_anus_blowjob_blushing_both cutie marks_cock .gif
1829896__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-sugarlesspaints_princess celestia_royal guard_oc_oc-colon-silver sickle_alicorn_anal_anal creampie_anu.png

I don't view that one as futa personally, we never see the connection and a lot of strap-ons are black...



Up you go.
bamp for more horse pussy


Bout that time of year niggers
175438 175954
Hold your horses, every shop in the world. Its only september, nowhere near christmas yet
4 u
anons right, its only September, which means is almost October which means its almost spooky time
>pics related

175957 175958 175994
1739350__explicit_artist-colon-miniferu_derpibooru exclusive_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_anus_bone_dead_female_fetish_ghost_.jpeg
1739902__explicit_artist-colon-grypher_derpibooru exclusive_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_boots_everyday we stray further from.png
1740162__explicit_artist-colon-alesarox_big macintosh_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_anus_bandana_bone_boots_dead_dock_dungeons.png
1747383__suggestive_artist-colon-whisperfoot_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_anatomically incorrect_ascot_blushing_bone_bonybutt.png
1757061__explicit_artist-colon-phathusa_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_blowjob_blushing_bone_dead_female_fetish_male_necrophili.jpeg
175959 175988
1738077__suggestive_artist-colon-larrykitty_skellinore_twilight sparkle_oc_oc-colon-anon_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_alicorn_blushing_c.png
>he wouldn't bone the bone pone
Sounds like a faggot to me.
Holy shit, that fourth one's wider than the roastiest roastie.
At least 2 had the sense to stick an onahole in there.

1841777__questionable_artist-colon-shinodage_oc_oc-colon-aryanne_oc-colon-fireaxe_oc only_oc-colon-syriana_oc-colon-zala_drool_earth pony_female_kissin.png
1841778__questionable_artist-colon-thatguywhodrawzala_color edit_edit_oc_oc-colon-aryanne_oc-colon-fireaxe_oc only_oc-colon-syriana_oc-colon-zala_color.png
1842526__questionable_artist-colon-pananovich_oc_oc-colon-filly anon_oc-colon-leslie fair_oc-colon-luftkrieg_oc-colon-zala_bedroom eyes_blushing_cutie .png
1842884__explicit_artist-colon-mkogwheel_oc_oc-colon-aryanne_oc-colon-fireaxe_oc only_oc-colon-syriana_oc-colon-zala_blushing_clitoral stimulation_clit.png
You know what goes well with lewd threads?
1843883__explicit_artist-colon-dragk_rain shine_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_kirin_sketch_solo.jpeg
1841892__explicit_artist-colon-stargazer_autumn blaze_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anus_bedroom eyes_blushing_clitoris_female_heart_kirin_looking at you_nudity.png
1833553__explicit_artist-colon-the-dash-minuscule-dash-task_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_blushing_female_kirin.png
1834109__explicit_artist-colon-fromamida_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_autumn blaze's puppet_blushing_clitoris_dialogue_eyes cl.png
1833261__explicit_artist-colon-hioshiru_autumn blaze_spoiler-colon-s08e23_blushing_clitoral hood_clitoris_cloven hooves_dialogue_ear fluff_eggplant_fem.png

1830330__explicit_artist-colon-fromamida_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_-dot--dot--dot-_blowjob_blushing_bored sex_gray background_horsecock_ki.png
1830331__explicit_artist-colon-fromamida_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_-dot--dot--dot-_blushing_bored sex_cum_cum on body_cum on hair_facial_f.png
1829407__explicit_artist-colon-the-dash-minuscule-dash-task_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anatomically correct_anus_awwtumn blaze.png
1827413__explicit_artist-colon-aer0 zer0_artist-colon-ri2k_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_adorasexy_anatomically.png
1827108__explicit_artist-colon-hioshiru_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_female_kirin_nudity_simple background_smi.png
1822376__explicit_artist-colon-selenophile_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anus_clitoris_cute_cute porn_fluffy_ki.jpeg
1811355__explicit_artist-colon-pusspuss_autumn blaze_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anatomically correct_anus_crotchboobs_dialogue_female_flexi.png
1843889__explicit_artist-colon-trash anon_autumn blaze_oc_oc-colon-anon_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_ahegao_blushing_complete nudity_faceless.png
1825623__explicit_artist-colon-blackkaries_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anus_blushing_clitoris_dialogue_female_kirin_looking at .png
1825656__explicit_artist-colon-fotasy_derpibooru exclusive_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anus_female_kirin_nudi.jpeg
More kirins
>no horsepussy
It's a shame Syrianna has such a shapely butt, it hides the goods at that angle.

Anyway, does anyone have any fan animations with show-style models? I've been able to find only SFMs and gifs where a still image is shifted slightly to simulate banging. Bonus points if the animation has voice-acting similar to the characters.
>does anyone have any fan animations with show-style models?
People tend to be scared of looking too much like the show these days, show assets got leaked a few years back and a couple of notable animators got C&D'd for using them.
Try looking up JanAnimation's Button Mash Adventures (I think it's called) and some of Viva Reverie's older stuff. Unless you mean lewds, in which case TheColdsBarn, Mittsies and Tiarawhy are some good ones.
Look up where? The Button Mash Adventures were taken down, Tiarawhy's Tumblr was shoah'd, and I cannot find any trace of ColdsBarn or Mittsies (besides first pic) on DeviantArt or Tumblr. I don't want to make a Tumblr or Derpibooru account as the former is cancer and as for the latter that's what this site is for me anyway.

Also, could we post some Stradivarius? This thread shouldn't ever drop below first page.

>t. 25-year-old boomer
1261988__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_oc_oc-colon-cream heart_oc only_breast grab_breast milk_crotchboobs_dialogue_grope_human_huma.jpg
1261991__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_oc_oc-colon-cream heart_oc only_blushing_clitoris_crotchboobs_cum_dialogue_eyes closed_female.jpg
1261993__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_oc_oc-colon-cream heart_oc only_anus_cum_dialogue_human_human male_human male on mare_human o.jpg
1261995__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_oc_oc-colon-cream heart_oc only_anus_blushing_dialogue_human_human male_human male on mare_hu.jpg
1261997__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_oc_oc-colon-cream heart_oc only_aftersex_anatomically correct_anus_both cutie marks_creampie_.jpg
Since you asked so nicely, here's some Buttonmom (who apparently has a name now; neat) by Stradivarius.
176605 176617 177013
Also: I know you're around here somewhere, Mkogwheel, and I'm going to have to ask you two things: why did you make this, and why did I find it arousing?
I'm not sure which face I want to kiss more.
I... don't have a reaction image for this.
Gives an entirely new set of implications to "face fucking"
176855 177479
Because this thread is getting a bit dead and people are getting bored, why don't we play a game and give mares stats according to how desirable they are or perform in the bedroom? Let's start:

Body shape Figure and body composition, ideally a balance of slimness, fat and muscularity: 8/10
Natural beauty Ungroomed: 3/10
Groomed beauty After given time to look her best: 9/10
Secondary sexual characteristics Voice, crotchboobs, miscellaneous physical feminine attributes: 9/10
Sexual knowledge In how to pleasure her mate: 8/10 Because she's a massive slut
Stamina How long she lasts: 3/10
Emotional connection Values being with you more than simple physical stimulus: 4/10
Wifeliness Isn't picky or spoiled and eagerly appreciates your will: 2/10
Increase the horse pussy men!
1830085__explicit_artist-colon-ratofdrawn_applejack_anatomically correct_anus_applebutt_applejack's hat_cowboy hat_crossed legs_dock_eart.png
Body shape: 7/10
Natural beauty: 6/10
Groomed beauty: 6/10
Secondary sexual characteristics: 7/10
Sexual knowledge: 3/10
Stamina: 10/10
Emotional connection: 8/10
Wifeliness: 9/10

Thats some quality nightmare fuel

It'd be an interesting nightmare.
Still a nightmare though.
bamp for horse pussy
1848894__explicit_artist-colon-soulful mirror_oc_oc-colon-cute wing_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_clitoris_commission_crotchboobs_da.png
1847649__explicit_artist-colon-zombie_oc_oc-colon-dusk desire_oc only_anus_ass_bat pony_bat pony oc_butt only_clothes_female_mare_nudity_.png
1845626__explicit_artist-colon-grypher_derpibooru exclusive_oc_fallout equestria_alicorn_anus_artificial alicorn_blank flank_bullet_dock_.png
1803757__explicit_artist-colon-an-dash-tonio_stellar flare_anatomically correct_anus_apple tree_butt only_cutie mark_dark genitals_dock_f.png
1807019__explicit_artist-colon-shydale_daybreaker_abstract background_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_armor_clitoris_female_fire_lookin.png
Bamp request received.
>posting Shydale
Ah, I see you have patrician taste as well.

>smooth curves on #2
I demand sauce

Starlight Glimmer (to mess with Nigel)
Body shape: 7/10
Natural beauty: 4/10
Groomed beauty: 8/10
Secondary sexual characteristics: 5/10
Sexual knowledge: 6/10
Stamina: 6/10
Emotional connection: 5/10
Wifeliness: 7/10
178268 186900
1073969__solo_twilight sparkle_explicit_nudity_clothes_solo female_anus_looking at you_vulva_bedroom eyes.jpg
1174572__solo_explicit_nudity_solo female_anus_looking at you_vulva_plot_bedroom eyes_glasses.jpg
1590314__explicit_artist-colon-fearingfun_artist-colon-htpot_edit_oc_oc-colon-cute wing_oc only_anatomically correct_animated_belly button_clitoris_cre.webm
Pone MILFs
Wasted opportunity for some blowjobs with that tagline.
1849094__suggestive_artist-colon-xchan_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_bone_commissioner-colon-zizzydizzymc_lewd_r.png
1739326__explicit_artist-colon-miniferu_derpibooru exclusive_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_blowjob_bone_dead_fem.jpg
1739295__explicit_artist-colon-miniferu_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_anus_bone_dead_female_fetish_ghost_necroph.jpg
1739341__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-larrykitty_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_anus_bone_boots_face d.png
1747446__explicit_artist-colon-selenophile_skellinore_the break up breakdown_spoiler-colon-s08e10_bandana_blushing_bone_boots_card_cum_cu.jpg
1853078__explicit_artist-colon-alcor_twilight sparkle_anatomically correct_anus_butt only_cereal_clit boop_clitoral stimulation_crotchboobs_dock_food_n.jpeg
1852464__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-mercurial64_princess luna_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bed_crotchboobs_dildo_dock_female_insertio.png
1853148__explicit_artist-colon-dankflank_daring do_double penetration_female_hat_insertion_looking back_mare_moaning_moaning in pleasure_multiple penet.png
1852281__explicit_artist-colon-kundofox_rarity_alternate hairstyle_anatomically correct_anus_bubblegum_clothes_crotchboobs_cutie mark_dark genitals_dis.png
1851878__artist needed_explicit_edit_bow hothoof_rainbow dash_anus_balls_blushing_father and daughter_female_horsecock_incest_looking back_male_nudity_.png

1850073__explicit_artist-colon-nevobaster_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anatomically correct_anus_ass_bedroom eyes_blazebutt_clit.png
1850420__explicit_artist-colon-dankflank_rain shine_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anatomically correct_anus_ass_barbed dildo_bedroom eyes_blus.png
1850381__explicit_artist-colon-sugarlesspaints_color edit_edit_rainbow dash_anatomically correct_anus_clitoris_colored_crash_dazed_derp_dock_female_fen.png
1850798__explicit_artist-colon-bluebender_autumn blaze_oc_oc-colon-blue bender_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_anal_anus_balls_blazebutt_canon x.png
1850535__explicit_artist-colon-seductive pony_rainbow dash_anatomically correct_anus_ass_bedroom eyes_dock_female_nudity_ponut_pony_presenting_proposit.png

1850072__explicit_artist-colon-nevobaster_autumn blaze_sounds of silence_spoiler-colon-s08_spoiler-colon-s08e23_adorasexy_anatomically correct_anus_bed.png
One more
There are more of these of different hoers, and i would kindly like some.
1226031__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_derpy hooves_anatomically correct_anus_dark genitals_dialogue_estrus_human_human male_human m.jpg
1226037__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_derpy hooves_anatomically correct_anus_clitoris_cum_dark genitals_detailed vagina_dialogue_do.jpg
1226039__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_derpy hooves_anatomically correct_anus_bubble butt_cum_dialogue_human_human male_human male o.jpg
1226042__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_derpy hooves_ahegao_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_bubble butt_dark genitals_dialogue_dis.jpg
1226044__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_derpy hooves_anatomically correct_creampie_crotchboobs_cum_dialogue_human_human male_human ma.jpg
Since you asked so nicely.
1202171__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_starlight glimmer_anatomically correct_anus_confused_crotchboobs_dialogue_disembodied penis_d.jpg
1202174__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_starlight glimmer_abs_anal_anatomically correct_anus_balls_confused_crotchboobs_dialogue_dock.jpg
1202176__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_starlight glimmer_anal_anatomically correct_anus_balls_blushing_clitoris_crotchboobs_dialogue.jpg
1202180__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_starlight glimmer_anal_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_clitoris_dialogue_dock_from behind_.jpg
1202182__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_starlight glimmer_aftersex_anal creampie_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_creampie_cum_dock.jpg

1179097__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess cadance_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_balls_bedroom eyes_dialogue_human_human ma.jpg
1179099__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess cadance_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_dialogue_human_human male_human male on ma.jpg
1179101__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess cadance_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_dialogue_human_human male_human male on ma.jpg
1179103__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess cadance_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_cowgirl position_crotchboobs_dial.jpg
1179105__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess cadance_aftersex_alicorn_anus_balls_creampie_cum_dialogue_grinding.jpg

1155309__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_marble pie_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_both cutie marks_clitoris_crotchboobs_dark geni.jpg
1155311__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_marble pie_anal_anus_dialogue_human_human male_human male on mare_human on pony action_human .jpg
1155313__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_marble pie_abs_anatomically correct_anus_both cutie marks_creampie_cum_dark genitals_dialogue.jpg
1155315__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_marble pie_anus_balls_cum_dialogue_human_human male_human male on mare_human on pony action_h.jpg
1155317__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_marble pie_aftersex_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_creampie_cum_dark genitals_dialogue_ha.jpg

1132811__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-stradivarius_pinkie pie_anus_both cutie marks_dialogue_female_looking at you_looking bac.jpg
1132813__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_pinkie pie_-colon-_=_abs_balls_blowjob_blushing_dialogue_drool_floppy ears_human_human male_h.jpg
1132815__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_pinkie pie_anatomically correct_anus_both cutie marks_butt grab_dialogue_grope_hand on ass_hu.jpg
1132817__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_pinkie pie_abs_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_cum_dialogue_dock_eyes closed_happy_happy s.jpg
1132820__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_pinkie pie_anatomically correct_anus_balls_creampie_cum_dialogue_human_human male_human male .jpg

1109361__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_maud pie_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_dark genitals_dialogue_dirty talk_dock_female.jpg
1109363__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_maud pie_anal fingering_anatomically correct_anus_cum_dark genitals_dialogue_dock_fingering_h.jpg
1109365__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_maud pie_-colon-_=_bedroom eyes_blowjob_dialogue_drool_eyes on the prize_human_human male_hum.jpg
1109367__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_maud pie_anatomically correct_breasts_clitoris_crotchboobs_cum_dark genitals_female_human_hum.jpg
1109368__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_maud pie_aftersex_bedroom eyes_creampie_cum_cumming_dialogue_dock_facial_human_human male_hum.jpg

1089632__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess luna_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_both cutie marks_dialogue_dock_f.jpg
1089634__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess luna_alicorn_anatomically correct_balls_blushing_butt grab_cervical contact_cervix_c.jpg
1089635__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess luna_abs_alicorn_anatomically correct_anus_balls_bedroom eyes_blushing_clitoris_cum_.jpg
1089637__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess luna_alicorn_anatomically correct_both cutie marks_clitoris_crotchboobs_cum_dark gen.jpg
1089639__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess luna_aftersex_alicorn_anus_creampie_cum_dialogue_human_human male_human male on mare.jpg

1067903__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_sunset shimmer_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_bitch_cunnilingus_dialogue_dock_facesit.jpg
1067904__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-stradivarius_sunset shimmer_blowjob_breath_human_human male_human male on mare_human on .jpg
1067905__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_sunset shimmer_abs_anatomically correct_anus_cum_dialogue_eyes closed_human_human male_human .jpg
1067907__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-stradivarius_sunset shimmer_anal creampie_cum_dialogue_human_human male_human male on ma.jpg
1067909__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-stradivarius_sunset shimmer_human_human male_human male on mare_human on pony action_hum.jpg
>tfw there's only four images in this set, so you settle for a clean edit of the last panel as the fifth
1044938__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess celestia_anatomically correct_anatomically incorrect_anus_bedroom eyes_dialogue_dock.jpg
1044940__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess celestia_anatomically correct_anus_clitoris_cum_dock_human_human male_human male on .jpg
1044941__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess celestia_belly button_blushing_crotchboobs_cum_dialogue_disembodied hand_female_fond.jpg
1044944__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess celestia_anatomically correct_anus_balls_bedroom eyes_blushing_cum_dialogue_female_f.jpg
1044947__explicit_alternate version_artist-colon-stradivarius_princess celestia_aftersex_anatomically correct_anus_balls_creampie_cum_dia.jpg

1024317__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rainbow dash_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_clitoris_crying_dark genitals_dialogue_dock_f.jpg
1024318__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rainbow dash_ahegao_anatomically correct_anus_blushing_cum_dialogue_eyes closed_female_floppy.jpg
1024319__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rainbow dash_all fours_anus_blue background_cum_dark genitals_doggy style_female_from behind_.jpg
1024320__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rainbow dash_ahegao_anal_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_clitoris_crotchboobs_cum_dark.jpg
1024321__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rainbow dash_anal_anal creampie_anal orgasm_anus_both cutie marks_butt only_clitoris_cum_fema.jpg

1003479__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_applejack_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_butt freckles_crotchboobs_dark genitals_dial.jpg
1003480__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_applejack_anatomically correct_anus_cum_dark genitals_human_human male_human male on mare_hum.jpg
1003481__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_applejack_anatomically correct_anus_bedroom eyes_blushing_both cutie marks_cum_dark genitals_.jpg
1003482__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_applejack_anatomically correct_balls_cowgirl position_creampie_cum_dark genitals_female_human.jpg
>only four, again
581608__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_fluttershy_anatomically correct_anus_dark genitals_dock_estrus_female_inviting_looking at you_.jpg
581611__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_fluttershy_blowjob_blushing_female_human_human on pony action_human penis_male_nudity_oral_pen.jpg
581620__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_fluttershy_blushing_boobjob_breast milk_crotchboobjob_crotchboobs_female_human_human on pony a.jpg
581615__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_fluttershy_oc_oc-colon-anon_anatomically correct_anus_balls_blushing_cowgirl position_cum_dock.jpg
581623__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_fluttershy_aftersex_anatomically correct_breast milk_close-dash-up_creampie_crotchboobs_cum_di.jpg

551559__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_twilight sparkle_anatomically correct_anus_clitoris_crotchboobs_dock_female_heart_heart clitor.jpg
555686__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_twilight sparkle_anal_anal fingering_anatomically correct_anus_clitoris_clothes_cum_disembodie.jpg
555688__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_twilight sparkle_anus_blushing_clenching_clothes_cum_dock_eyes closed_from behind_heart_human_.jpg
555690__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_twilight sparkle_bedroom eyes_blushing_clothed sex_clothes_crotchboobs_floppy ears_heart_human.jpg
555691__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_twilight sparkle_aftersex_anatomically correct_anus_clitoris_creampie_cum_cumming_female_grind.jpg

504345__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rarity_anatomically correct_anus_clothes_dialogue_dock_female_holly_holly mistaken for mistlet.jpg
504346__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rarity_anal fingering_anus_blushing_clothes_cum_female_hand_human_human on pony action_male_nu.jpg
504347__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rarity_blushing_clothes_female_hooves_human_human on pony action_male_nudity_pony_puckered ass.jpg
504349__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rarity_anatomically correct_anus_clothes_creampie_crotchboobs_cum_cumming_disembodied lower ha.jpg
504351__explicit_artist-colon-stradivarius_rarity_aftersex_anus_creampie_cum_disembodied hindquarters_dock_female_implied straight_leakin.jpg
Last set.