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Poner Prompt Pompf: Darkhorse Town
"The caves beneath Canterlot, once home to greedy unicorns who wanted to claim the gems that could be found inside. And now, your prison."-- Queen Chrysalis.


Underneath the capitol of Equestria and deep beneath the polished, marble floor of the Canterlot castle, there exists a network of interconnected tunnels similar to an anthill. To ponies who live their lives in those underground spaces, it's just home. To the ponies trotting over the well-swept streets above, it’s called Darkhorse town or Dark town. The guards don't patrol there unless they are suicidal. The nightmares guild control the streets and their minons are the ones keeping “order” and the streets “safe” from the do-gooders of the royal guard. They run the largest black market in Equestria but also enables other illegal organizations in Dark town, for a modest. Lately, however, and elite force of daymares and wonderbolts lead by Shining Armour has managed to occupy early parts of Dark town.

Daymares are unicorns who participated in a ritual to boost their magical powers. You can distinguish them by the gem lodged in their horns.


Why not try your hand at growing some greens? I got the perfect fertilizer, meaning it’s shit: this premise. The idea is that you take something you like from this premise, or it’s themes, and omit anything you don’t. Then you make a green from that in whatever length you prefer.
>"Psst, ey you look down on your luck."
>You are Sleeping Dream
>To your team and criminal scum it's,
>"Sandmane, Sandmane, Sandmane. We had our differences—"
>"—Like I said our differences."
>Bitter words poison the lucid dream.
"Come to kick a stallion when he's down."
>"Oh no, no, no! Not me, I know when a coverup and lie is at hoof."
>The fact you were denied multiple chances to prove your innocence over these past months grates away.
>"None of that now, out of all them you have the heart to stand for what really is right. I respect that, stupid, but respectable. I thought you were on a secret mission you types like to do for promotions and here you is, I mean are. Tossed- sorry the point is I want you back on their team."
>You dismissively snort.
>"I'd love to have you with me Mr. Dream."
>A mare like Jolly Green is normally thought of as dumb muscle for hire.
>That's categorically false, they are the underpinnings in keeping the underground a little ethical.
>Maybe a few of them are stupid, but acting like that is part of the job. Much like the Guards.
>They keep the worst possible case out of the hooves or claws of some creature that'll do horrendous things.
"If you get me my job back I'll owe you a—"
>That's what the underground usually deals in, unless it's to keep merchandise away.
>"Mnnn, no. I want three dates, just you and me. If there's anything maybe being a friend if all goes well—"
>Your hoof claps hers.
>She's stunned for a moment and then grins her signature giant mad mare smile.
>Not only does she do minion work, but also swings her own weight some times finished with—
>"We're going to another world to kidnap the princess' old coltfriend."
>—some crazy idea.
"Lets do it."
>More often than not it works out.
<"We're going to another world to kidnap the princess' old coltfriend."
That's rad idea dood.
Gotta steal reimagine the idea from somewhere. pulling from the idw mlp comics
”I am taking precaustions, but life is about livin'... on the edge. AlsoI'mnotgonnalosetoSpaghettiPants,” you say.
>Sniff sniff.
>”Ahh, how exquisite,” whispers a voice right behind your ear.
>You turn your pale face fast as a turtle from your binoculars to look back, over your shoulder.
>A midnight blue pony inhales with her nose right above your neck.
>You can feel your hairs rise as she sniffs you.
>You drop your binoculars and spin around on a bit.
>Ontop a torn down brick wall lies a midnight blue pony with teal and purple flames dancing where it normally would have had a mane and a tail.
>The height of the brick wall puts her on level with you even though she lies down.
>Your wide, normal eyes meet her calm, oblong, sexagon ones.
>Each vertex of those sexagons bend outwards in a concave manner and become pointy as a spikes.
>A pink veil of energy begins to swirl around your horn and the pink gem lodged in it emits rays of light.
>You clench your teeth and glare at the thing before you.
>You try to supress the shaking in your legs.
>The flame pony widen her eyes and then makes a dipping motion with her hoof.
>It's saying, ”Calm down.”
>You notice the motion but your horn doesn't stop glowing.
>You're eyes widen and you throw a glance behind you.
>But there's no one there.
>You look back again; the flame-pony hasn't moved.
>She shakes her head and giggles.
>”Are all daymares such scaredy-cats?” she asks in teasing voice. "Or, is it just you?"
>You feel a blush creep up on your cheeks.
>This does the trick.
>You stop shaking.
>Pictures for inspiration.
>Yet another incident in the Dark Town Frontier's Bagel Outpost.
>The pained, muffed cries of fellow guards in the cafeteria is starting to become an evermore present reality.
>Nothing in my line of work could ever compare to being stationed in this Celestia-forsaken place.
>I could see the victim's worried squadmates huddled closer to him, who was currently sitting down at a table while his hoof was laid on his cheek.
>Just in front of him, the culprit of such heinous crime laid there on the table next to his bowl of oatmeal.
>A sturdy looking rock with a coat of saliva on it.
>Such a cruel fate, given to the newest recruit stationed to watch the perimeter like so many other before him.
>"Another one bites the rock," the white coated unicorn in my patrol group next to me disinterestedly uttered with a tired grin.
>"Told ya," a younger, orange-maned pegasus proudly retorted on my other side.
>A sigh escaped my lips as my back slouched towards our own table.
>Looking down at my salad bowl, a small pile of pebbles met my gaze, taunting me with their coarse, rough exteriors.
>The disturbing terror that there might still be more hidden chunks of stone in my meals.
>In my golden helmet
>In my shining breastplate.
>In my polished horseshoes.
>In my pretty mane!
>Somepony has to find a solution to this dastardly villain sabotaging our camp!
<Somepony has to find a solution to this dastardly villain sabotaging our camp!
I'm pretty excited.
>Pic 5
Hey, it's the Blackspawn Gloomweb/Stalker. It's a fun monster from d&d 3.5e.
313627 313642
Yes, I found it by lurking this that Red Hand D&D campaign thread, >>>/mlpol/vx/146206
Not to be an elitist but I can find fantasy creature designs a bit generic at times. I'm sure that they can function well in a story or campaign but sometimes I feel that what I'm seeing is just a differently dyed dragon or humanoid+elemtal+one extra pair of arms+something else. This creature has, to me, and alien design and therefore is pretty cool even though, you can still see elements from real creatures in it, like spiderweb, it has assimilated it into the design by making has something to do with tentacles. Uhh, bottomline: It's pretty fucking cool.
>Another day in this underground hellhole
>In particular, it's one of those days where your boss decides to chew you out for no reason in the back room of a run-down bar
>"I haven't spent my life keeping this group of thieves together through multiple minor apocalypses and foreign invasions just to lose my empire to some upstart prince who thinks himself better than us! Now, can you do what I'm asking of you or will I have to find a different pony to go to?"
>On anything else, her crimson glare can literally kill
>Especially given her status as one of the few Daymares that had an aptitude for combat magic before the ritual, but that's not important
>However, you've seen it so many times that it just gives you a headache
"Don't worry, I'm in no hurry to start letting you down."
>"Good. You had better make sure this doesn't cut into profit margins, otherwise I'll use every connection I have to make sure you remember not to fuck with Black Briar!"
>With that, the ebony mare shoos you out of the makeshift office and slams the door on you
>It would've been nice if she had given you more information about what exactly you're supposed to be doing
>Judging by the fact that the Nightmares are doing all the work of keeping the guard at bay though, you're guessing it'll just be routine cat herding
>With that nagging detail hopefully taken care of, you suppose you should get around to making sure those idiots in your boss's employ don't start cannibalizing each other
>And you're pretty sure you've got an idea of just who can help you with that!
>After all, you've still got to cash in some favors for when you pulled his ass out of a den of metaphorical and literal snakes on that one heist
>Your walk through the dank streets eventually takes you to the unassuming hovel you're looking for
>You give a sharp knock on the sheet metal serving as a front door, only for it to be opened by something other than the biggest earth pony you know
>Fucking Peytrel...
>"Sorry Straight Line, the Enforcer's not here right now."
>You give an exasperated sigh as the changeling before you stares at you through slitted compound eyes
"Then tell me where, I've got a job I need help with!"
>"He said something about a contact in the Nightmares needing him. He also told me to tell you to piss off if you showed up."
>That ungrateful son of a bitch!
"And this is how he treats me after the Underdark!?"
>"From what I heard, you're the reason that happened to begin with. I wouldn't be so outraged if I were you."
"One, I'm not the one who decided to run blindly into that obvious trap. Two, if you're just going to be a dick then I'm just going to kick your ass with the new horseshoes I'll have after this job's done."
>Peytrel cocks an eyebrow at you and releases her look of thinly veiled hostility
>"So Black Briar hasn't thrown you out on your ass yet? What's she got you doing this time?"
>You pull yourself up as much as your small stature will let you and unfurl your wings with sarcastic pride
"I'm the one she put in charge of making sure everypony else doesn't kill each other."
>The changeling smirks and snorts slightly in response
>"If I weren't in charge of holding down the fort right now, I'd come with you just to watch you make everything worse."
>You deflate a little, the obvious jab making it through your layer of irony to strike your actual pride
"You do realize that there's a reason why my nickname is the platinum tongue, right?"
>"What, your last client at the brothel that impressed at your performance?"
>Don't let it get to you
>Don't let it get to you
>Don't let it-
>Too late
"You know what? I didn't come here to get lip from you and I don't intend to waste time if it's not going to get me anywhere! Fuck you, fuck your mother, and fuck everything you stand for!"
>And now that everything's properly out in the open, Peytrel slams the door in your face and leaves you standing outside in the stale air
>You take a moment to breathe deeply, collecting your thoughts as you do so and pushing all the anger into the bottle
>Once you're calm enough, you start heading towards the first of your targets
>Sticky Fingers
>After some navigation through the city and some avoidance of skirmishes between Nightmares/Guard and rival gangs alike, you find the warehouse-sized cavern he works out of
>You also find it abuzz with activity!
>In the center of it all is Sticky Fingers himself, flipping through stained papers and cataloging whatever his various underlings bring him
>You weave your way through the mess and make sure you don't get in anyone's way, deftly dodging through ground and air traffic alike
>Once you reach the eye of this storm, you reach up and tap the light blue unicorn on the back
>"Item description and retrieval location."
>Since he doesn't realize who it is, you instead opt to clear your throat somewhat loudly
>Now somewhat annoyed, he turns around in a huff
>"Are you deaf or just st- oh. It's you."
>Sticky Fingers glowers down at you from behind his smudged glasses, magnifying the second worst stare you've seen today
"Yep, it's me. More importantly, Black Briar wants to know if everything's going alright here."
>The stallion loosens up a tad and chuckles dryly at your statement
>"Tell her it's going smoothly. In fact, all the fighting between the do-gooders and the Nightmares has actually given us quite an opportunity to swipe misplaced ordinance from both sides!"
>Wow, there's no way that could backfire at all
>Especially if another gang gets it in their heads that stolen gear means they can take on the Nightmares and it gets tracked back to us
>Eh, you're not paid to think
>Not on this job, at least!
>You thank Sticky Fingers for his time and leave as unobtrusively as you came, mentally checking the first name of your list
>That just leaves Gun Point and Deep Down
>Gun Point scares you, so you're going to Deep Down first!
Fun fact, the blackspawn stalker is basically a giant spider that's been corrupted by draconic demons into becoming that monster, iirc!
>t. one of the retards in the RHOD game
Yeah, I'm so on this.
I picked those three pictures to go with my post in particular to ruffle some feathers but it seems my trolling have failed to lure anyone in.
Yeah, that's why I included it in my game.
Red Hand of Doom is an ideal adventures to use Dragonspawn in, so I tried to use as many as I could, although I didn't use all of them. I'm going to try to use some more when I do the Fane of Tiamat.
That's lewd!!!

In swedish "six" translates into "sex". In short, that's why "hexagon" became "sexagon".


HA! Like you're gonna get me to drop my guard around a filthy, magic-leeching nightm—” you start but stop yourself as your lips form a devious grin. ”—filly. Nightfilly. Such as yourself.”
>Indeed, you didn't notice it at first but she isn't a mare.
>She is a filly.
>In fact, she even seems to be about your age.
>A tendril of the nightfilly's purple flame-mane bends down and covers her mouth as she giggles into it.
>”Woah, is that your idea of a comeback?” she says. ”Did you learn that in Princess Celestia's kindergarden for dayfoals?”
>She pokes out her tongue.
>You're cheeks are pretty hot now.
>Now imagine a banana, if you will, and instead of yellow it's teeth, that is how the nightfilly's mouth looks right now.
>You must feel embarrassed.
>You stomp your hoof into the ground and give the filly an focused glare.
”Okay, hilarious.” You bob you head from side to side with a deadpanned expression, which just seems to amuse the other filly further. ”But I'll give you a heads-up.”
>You swing your head back and shout, ”And to the rest of your crew! I'm trained in mortal arcane combat and I'm not afraid to use i—”
>A small whirlwind of purple flames which come from the nightfilly's mane and tail surrounds her and in the next second she disappears only to reappear next to you enveloped in a cool, purple-colored, micro-inferno to shove a soft hoof into your mouth.
>With clenched teeth and eyes like saucers, she hisses,”Shhh, are you crazy? Don't you know where we are?”
>You're taken aback by how fast she got close to you for a moment.
>Then your pupils shrinks into dots at the dark blue hoof in your face.
>A glacier's amount of ice emerges into your heart.
>With both your front hooves, you push the hoof away so hard that your body also jumps from standing on your backlegs to your front hooves.
>The nightfilly only manages to take a few steps back before you swing your horn along the ground.
>Sparks flare as your horn drags along the ground like a match being lit against a matchbox.
>The nightfilly, whose face displays fear, sees the attack comming and disappears out of the way in a ball of flames as your head springs free from the ground.
>The sound is like a champagne bottle decided to become a death metal singer.
>For a moment a yellow sphere of light sits perched ontop of your horn and then it pops.
>Flames shaped like swirled clouds in the wind blows over the torn-down brick wall.
>After your fire has blown over, you are left panting as you look at the, now black of soot, brick wall.
>You see the nightfilly emerge from flames a few feets to the side of you.
>She whistles at your handy-work.
>”Not bad.” She smacks her lips. ”You weren't kidding. You are powerful.”
>She looks away from you and whispers under her breath.
>You barely catch what she says.
But, I already knew that.”
>Then she licks her lips.
313709 313718
Orvieto underground tunnel.jpg
>Pics are just additions for the already established theme and mood of the thread. Just for inspiration and feels.
>Red Hand of Doom is an ideal adventures to use Dragonspawn in
Okay, why is that?
Because the main antagonistic faction of the game is the church of Tiamat, the mother of dragons and all-around evil lady. She's the source of all chromatic dragons and all dragon-based demons, so an army in her service would logically make use of her dragonspawn minions to devastating effect.
Oh, I see. "The chromatic dragons versus the metallic dragons"-lore is pretty cool.
I agree! Also, fun fact: Bahamut, the father of dragons, is stated to be Tiamat's brother. No wonder dragons are pretty much universally messed up, their family tree's a ladder!
I bet you're expecting a oni-chan joke but I'm taking the high-road.
Tiamat: "Somehow, I have always known."
no, you're right to avoid it. After all, they both hate each other and while both subspecies of dragon generally respect their other parent, that doesn't mean they have to enjoy their presence.
>Okay, why is that?
It's a campaign where the main enemies are worshippers of Tiamat, and being hobgoblins they're naturally into dysgenics.
The encounters are also very modular, making it easy to swap some monsters for others and monsters from various splats.
>You blink.
>You tilt your chin in and horn down.
>You try to send the nightfilly a glare but you feel so vindicated that you can't help but to smile.
>Your tongue caressess one side of your top row of teeth.
”So you admit it? You are after my magic,” you say. ”Meaning, I do have somthing to be scared of don't I?”
>The nightfilly shuts her eyes, her body slumps, and she releases a sigh.
>One of your eyebrows heighten.
>Her eyebrows form a roof as they look at you; she does a motion similar to nodding but with less amplitude.
>She opens her mouth and then blinks.
>She lifts her gaze over you and looks at something past you.
>You follow it and see something that makes you gasp.
>An owl with a tan body with (metaphorical) raisins spread out over it, chocolate brown wings, and a small, carrot-like beck is partly baked into a cacoon of albino spaghetti.
>One thread is twirled around it's beck like the tracks in a screw.
>It looks like a pair of hands has its fingers grip the owl from behind.
>Black hands belonging to a ugly, disgusting, and vile creature.
>They aren't fingers though, you realize.
>They are hairy legs belonging to a tarantula as large as the owl itself.
>You feel your throat constrict.
”Hoot!” you yell but also partly whine and stretch out a peach-yellow hoof in the bird's drection.
>Are you dead? You wonder.
>Then you met his terrified and very much alive eyes.
>They blink at you rapidly, several times.
>You let out a relieved sigh and a small smile appears on your face.
>Then you see Hoot nod towards the space behind you.
>You realize what or who he's referring to and spin around.
>The nightfilly hasn't made a move.
>But you can practically see the cogwheels move inside her head.
>She seem nervous as she gives you an apologetic look.
>”I... I apologise for my familiar, he suffers from an inferiority complex. But I can guarantee you, however, that your... Uhh... Pet. Hasn't come to harm,” says the nightfilly.
>You eyes grow big.
>That's why Hoot's hoot before sounded so scared. It wasn't that I was being careless, it was because he was being attacked.
>Then they become narrow.
”Your familiar?” you spit. You can feel your hooves start to shake again but not of fear this time. ”You will release, Hoot. Right now.”
>Pooff pooff pooff.
>Small sparks pop off from your horn like popcorn.

This might seem like a cliff-hanger but it's not. I just had to stop for today. With next post, you'll see what I mean.
>while both subspecies of dragon generally respect their other parent
That's intresting.
I guess that's one of the advantages of following a more ridged campaign progression.

>More tone setting images.