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Newfag Welcome/Help Thread
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Welcome to the Mongolian political horsewhispering forum, also known as /mlpol/. This thread is dedicated to helping out newfags coming to the site with integrating into the local culture. If you have a question about something, or need spoonfed on something, don't be afraid to ask me or any other Anon willing to help.

Here's a few things to start.

1.- Read the policy page first: https://mlpol.net/policy.html

2.- When in doubt, lurk moar.

3.- Praise American, Praise Football.

4.- MODS = GODS.

5.- Anonfilly did nothing wrong.

6.- No one knows what /1ntr/ is for, not even /1ntr/.

7.- Check the catalog.

8.- Go away, Zald.

9.- Don't start shit.

11.- This is nice board.

And finally...

12.- The right to bare ponies SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
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try to access sites that a hosted at the maximum distance from you without cdn
speed is min, latency is max
Back up now
back to the bog

The Satanist fears the christfag
Wanted to post a lulzy thread in the midst of this black and redpill pandamonium. Look at this fucking faggot hoverhand the bible. Only his fingertips are touching it. What a kike.
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Yes, he certainly is a GOOD goyim now instead of merely being a sheep.
299145 299383
Gotcha homie, I even capped the post ex-satanist-anon referenced about satanism.
>I'm a huge faggot rape my face
this guy is truly making the arguement for hating the christfag not the christ when he literally could not be more blatantly a retard by acting like no one ever challenges god and his behavior directly. People do so constantly and larping like we don't is false witness at best and intentional ignorance at worst.
okay edgelord, cut yourself some more on your korn cd.
>edgelord muh hurr durr how dare you criticize thing
yeah that 1776 free speeech mang. how dare I have rights.
Based /fringe/ poster. I reached the same conclusion myself about morality. Although I didn’t get deep into LHP. It was very obvious these beings only care about keeping you running against your nature while telling your ego that is what “freedom” is. Well, it turns out our egos are not our nature. They’re just a tool. A mind suit, as it were.
I think (gnostic) animism is the only correct answer.

Coronavirus Thread #6
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The old thread >>273971 → hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
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>literally one hour after Biden takes the oath, the WHO admits that PCR testing at high amplification rates alters the predictive value of the tests and results in a huge number of false positives
Coronavirus deaths will change too. “Dying with” won’t be counted as “dying from.”

I was going to post this but you beat me to it. This is how they'll praise Biden for lowering Covid rates. It makes me sick.
File (hide): A8F26136D5DAD85FDA1A4E738AB5EC6A-2930569.mp4 (2.8 MB, Resolution:414x480 Length:00:02:49, PSA Important new information to keep you safe.mp4) [play once] [loop]
PSA Important new information to keep you safe.mp4
>PSA: Important new information to keep you safe (satire)
Admittedly not a medical professional here, but the only thing I am aware of that could cause symptoms like that are neurodegenerative diseases. The similar muscle spasms were the reason an outbreak of variant-CJD was termed "the shaking illness". Yes, I do mean the "Kuru" that one cannibal tribe had. (Mentioning this because that is the easiest one to visually compare on video.) But CJD causes these symptoms regardless of how it was contracted or developed.
So I decided to check whether there is any record of CoV-19 and CJD occurring right at the same time in a patient, and it looks like there is at least one other, a man in his 60s, now dead.
>We describe a man whose first manifestations of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease occurred in tandem with symptomatic onset of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
>This hypothesis introduces the potential relationship between immune responses to the novel coronavirus and the hastening of preclinical or manifest neurodegenerative disorders.
>The simultaneous clinical presentations of COVID-19 and CJD in this patient led us to hypothesize that the cascade of systemic inflammatory mediators that characterize COVID-19 may have accelerated the prion disease pathogenesis and neurodegeneration by facilitating loss of region-specific homeostatic identities of astrocytes and fostering a neuroinflammatory transcriptional signature.
>Neurological dysfunction in COVID-19 is likely caused by immune responses systemically and within the nervous system. Our hypothesis that inflammatory responses to SARS-Cov-2 precipitate or exacerbate neurodegenerative disease is urgent because COVID-19 portends disproportionately worse outcomes in the elderly who are already at risk of neurodegenerative disease.

Translated from medical-speak: It looks like if your prions are folding the wrong way, then the immune response to Covid-19 will make even more of them fold the wrong way at an accelerated rate.
Notice that it is the immune response we're talking about here, and not the virus itself. As in, if a vaccine triggers your immune response and steps it up to 11, it will cause the same shit.
If my suspicious are right, then there is a chance these people would've developed these symptoms decades down the line from now and woul've lived happily until then, had it not been for a hastily developed vaccine - this last sentence is my take, but the rest is an actual hypothesis coming from actual doctors.

This is what a political chad looks like
Post what you got!

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fascist italy compass.png

medieval compass.png

spanish civil war chart.jpg
yugoslavia compass.png

Oh yeas, and poner compasses, although Aryanne should technically be more authcenter than authright, and her and Celestia's positions would really be switched if that wouldn't mess up the symmetry, since monarchy is more right wing than national socialism, at least as it was practiced under the Third Reich.
it's okay I used brave browser and had Psiphon and Tor turned on.
What’s the preferred way to read a political compass? I always start from the top-left and go clockwise since left libertarian is usually the punchline.

1780311__explicit_grimdark_artist-colon-shinodage_copper top_abuse_anal_anal creampie_blushing_bondage_bottomless_clothes_cloth gag_copperbuse_creampie.png
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What opinions do you anons have towards law enforcement officers? I've seen cops called ZOGbots here, but I've also seen anons express sympathy towards them. I'm sort of cynical towards them. They've repeatedly failed to defend people from bodily or property damage by criminals, from not preventing Stalinistic terrorists from comitting thuggery in Berkeley, Charlottesville, Portland, etc, to failing to prevent black riots from getting out of hand, to failing to intervene against mass shooters, like in Broward. They mostly only "protect and serve" a small oligarchic group of individuals and their interests, which makes sense because that's who pays them (although, if I want to be precise, it is really the tax cattle paying them.) It also seems pathetic how many boomercons LARP about being like the Founding Fathers and saying they'd fight the government if it tried to confiscate their firearms while worshipping the police and military. Of course, this isn't to endorse any sort of violent action against the police, many of whom have been misled and decieved like the normies who trust them.
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>Joker talks to a delusional cop
File (hide): 3EE8578A603DEA4904CEE6BEDABBD8A9-14991899.mp4 (14.3 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:06:54, 161050644.mp4) [play once] [loop]

>implying they aren't split, just like the rest of the country
Fueling a generalized anti-cop sentiment achieves only one thing: alienating those among them that would support you. They really are just ordinary people who happened to choose a certain career path. Meaning they have the same internal groups as the general population from our perspective: the actual jew lackies & co, the red-pilled ones and finally the NPCs. There is even a good chance of them being predominantly right wing after witnessing the black crime rate - they don't have to look at statistics to be constantly exposed to it, since it's all part of their usual workday.
Moreover, cops are closer to being simple civilians than being military - and even the latter is very much split right now.

I need a series of strictly non-white massacres before I implicitly trust them again

Kill all Qoomers
299003 299006 299018 299378
Now that the dust has settled, I will back the blue and applaud the military when they start rounding up low iq Qtards
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Whichever one of you it is, Quit fucking peddling this Q retardation. Election's over, Trump's fucked, and regardless of any illegitimacies in the election, nobody is going to do anything about it.

Q is how you turn Trump supporters into Bernie supporters.
i.e the day kamala and AOC brap on the constitution live on TV
>start your first post with "Because the Q psyop..."
>still not clear you're not peddling qtardation
Also, the other anon wasn't exactly keen on the Q shit either. Read the posts, maybe?
Not bad anon not bad.
With an attitude like that, you aren't going to be making any friends or changing any minds (not that I'm accusing you of trying any such thing).

Here's the problem with the Q phenomenon, most people who don’t believe the media also don’t know that our sphere exists. It’s not necessarily because they’re stupid, or even that most of them are boomers, it’s because we’re banned from everything. That’s why “Q-Tard” is an unproductive term. Tards are credulous imbeciles who trust the MSM.

They got to Q because that’s the furthest they could get from the fraudulent narrative. Q-Anon wasn’t banned until it was recently declared terrorism. In their defense, the Q stuff sounds way more plausible than the hyperbolic insanity on TV. Jeffery Epstein really was running a pedophile operation at the highest echelons of power. The total lack of moral constraint in the behavior of FBI agents has been on display for years. They really did try to remove Trump from office with dirty tactics. It’s also hard to ignore the satanic undercurrent of our era.

Q was one of the only ways to have all of this disturbing stuff make sense if you weren’t consuming dissident right content. The sheer number of people who really bought into Q caught both the MSM and rightwing dissidents off guard. When it dawned on the MSM, they responded with the customary neurotic horror and then everything was banned.

Our guys dismissed Q immediately because we have a coherent worldview that we confirm to ourselves by using it to accurately explain what’s going on. That’s what I did when I heard about it. I just figured it was an elaborate troll for idiots that sounded more credible than CNN. I was also delusional enough to assume Trump would win reelection like most incumbent presidents, so it would be stretching on for quite awhile.

Now that these people are being violently disabused of hope for the final denouement forecasted by Q and his material is considered worse than ISIS by mainstream platforms, it’s a valuable opportunity for us to provide better explanations. None of the problems that made them seek answers are getting any better. Another upside is that they’ll be forced to search in new places since everything is banned. The establishment made an enormous mistake with the Trump takedown because now they won’t be able to corral these people anymore.

Some /hope/ for y'all
297826 298037 299314
The biggest abusers of power are people who are the most-afraid of losing it. Remember, the power-mongers really are no different than wife-beating ghetto or trailer trash. They just do it in a velvet-lined room instead of out in the middle of driveway.

Most of this is theory based on what I've learned about the subjects from /pol/boards, so take from it what you will.

The plandemic wasn't as well-planned as they think

If anything, my observations about the plandemic is that they seem to be made-up on the fly at best, and a ploy to 'take credit' for something they didn't do.

Power-addicts think any power is good power- even if it's illusion. Some of the worst of the worst criminals are proud of their crimes, and think of them as achievements.

Criminals plagiarise too, the idea of having "cause of a global pandemic" gives them a twisted thrill, even if they never did it in the first place. Sounds crazy? If you think it's crazy, you're right, it is crazy because no sane person would think this is a good idea.

These people aren't sane. The reality of taking credit for a global crime is a thrill to them because crime is an achievement and a source of illusionous-power to them.

Gaslighting is the only thing they have left now

I remember hearing about how SJWs are comparable to mother-in-laws. It's amazing how accurate this is.

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Obligation. Guilt. Shame. Distraction.
Those are their weapons, their drugs, and their way of life. It's all they have left and all they try to force on people.

Gaslighting is one of the most prevalent and ever-used tools of these people. All they do is spew noise in the hope that people don't understand the truth. It's their last weapon, and it's last weapon of a cornered, weak creature.

Most normalfags I talk to about current events think the media is a joke, the others are gaslit so hard they're useful idiots.

The sane normalfags? They're just scared.

This entire powergrab's conspiracy is not 4D chess, it's a tyrannical temper tantrum

People who have real power exercise it swiftly, simply, and put it away as quick as possible. People with no power scream and shout that they do and then whip it around like an untrained fool with a sword.

Why would the eye-wide-shut cults turn out to not only have been thorourghly documented by the CIA (Source: 4/x/ synchonicity thread) but it turns out they're no better than their hipster grandchilden when it comes to the occult?

These people don't even realize they're just a gilded, religious version of the charles manson cult, being ruled by their own demons, be it inner or those they have summoned.

If they run to china, they're fucked

If they run to china and get their world war, they'll end up in the epicenter of one huge fuckfest. China has been invaded and buttfucked for centuries, it's why China built the great wall, because they have no tactical warfare advantage on their own damn homeground.

As for armies, An army is only as good as it's individual soldiers are. Quality-of-life, and quality-of-food has been ever-important for quality-of-soldiers since the beginning of mankind. The thing about this front, is that this part of war must be won during times of peace, else they cannot keep it in times of war.

Eating insects, gutter oil, pigs who are rife with superdiseases, dogs, whatever-the-fuck-is-in-chinese MREs? Not conclusive to quality of life. It's also the reason there's been so much genetically-modified-meatless-trash-pushing; they don't want us to be strong and would rather do the crabs-in-a-buy.

Furthermore, china is just as rife with the insane shit that the power-mongers have done to themselves. Maoist china's policies were balls-to-the-wall psycho, because they'd rather take a sledgehammer to a problem that needs a drill.

So that begs the question: why would they run to a vulnerable country they're not only actively backstabbing, but they're trying to make an enemy out of their old country in the first place?

I can think of three reasons:

1. The descision isn't based at all in sanity.
2. They've literally run out of all other options.
3. Both the above.

What sane arsonist would set a fire, and then run downwind where it's going to spread? One who thinks that's his only avenue of escape and he's running from people out to get him, or he's just insane.

So what's gonna happen if they do run to china? From my observations with in abusive relationships, it's one of the following:

1. It's a silent relationship where they basically hold each other hostage with their own killswitches. (Quiet, yuppie-style-abuser couple)
2. It's a fuckfest of violence and insanity. (Trailer/Ghetto trash couple)

What you can do in a time when you can't figure out the truth

Get a spiritual hobby, get others into spiritual hobbies too. Meditation, prayer, whatever you want.

Pick your faith, ask for help, but also take your time to rest and listen to what they have to say to you.

You'll make it.

In Conclusion

The shills want you to think this is their 1984-level-opus. The reality of this, is that it's a freak-out, the freak out of a bunch tyrannical, wannabe-king oligarchs who are losing control and are utterly terrified of losing said power.

People make mistakes when lose control of their emotions, how many mistakes have we seen (((them))) make?

**I really love you mlpol, It's nice to get my shit out and not have it drowned out by conspiratards, spammers and shills.**
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Here's another bit of whitepilling for you lads. Donald Trump was not the last hope for the West and the American People, he was actually the last hope for the ruling class. As much as they didn't like him, they could've still worked with him, allowed some of his agenda to go through, they could've thrown him a few bones, so to speak. But alas, they were either too spiteful, or just too shortsighted to make any sorts of deals with the Orange man, and now the people see plain and simple that they can't be reasoned with, negotiated with, or trusted.

On top of that, with the National Guard being stationed in DC for the inauguration, with all the walls, barricades and barbed wire being deployed to protect the Dementia Patient, it is being overtly communicated with us that they have an antagonistic relationship with the people over which they rule. Even the biggest stooge has to see that at this point.

The Orange Man may be gone, but we're not going anywhere.
You live in a dictatorship now.
>Look up jungian psychology, the shadow, anima, animus, and try to treat your inner self as a hurting child. Be the parent to your inner self that your parents were not. In my experience, people who complain about "all women" or "all men" are talking about "mom/sisters" or "dad/brothers". Try to hunt through your horrible memories and heal them
Not sure if this is something you're referencing, but there are 12 step programs out there for people living with family dysfunction that deals directly with these kinds of techniques. Unlike therapy, it's free, and as well people will actually STFU and you can speak your mind without someone trying to interject. You don't have to perpetuate the cycle to heal.
Thanks OP, wish more people would see and read this.
>last hope for the ruling class
if you got the impression that after that shit show the ruling class isnt in an even better position (politically) then youre a retard. they are only doing worse popularly.
Ok doomer.

But in all seriousness, of course they have full control of the reigns of power, both in name and in practice. But that whole "shit show" showed everyone that the people in Washington are scared. And when you're scared, you tend to make mistakes.

>they are only doing worse popularly.

And that's the whole point. You don't seem to understand that there has never been a better time for dissident politics than now. People are looking for answers, and they're going to be much more receptive to what we have to say. While the people that rule over us don't need our consent to govern, the costs of governance have gone up. It's going to be our job to keep driving up those costs.

Is the road ahead going to be easy? Fuck no. Will it be sexy and exciting like an actual guerrilla war? Absolutely not. But despairing about it isn't going to help.

Glim Glam Continues to Slam the Work of K "Wham Bam Call Me Ma'am" Kat
294033 294057
Last thread hit bump limit.

Previous thread: >>284789 →

Continuing from my last post: >>294025 →

Once again, Velvet's basic argument here seems to be that killing in self defense or in defense of others is okay, but she draws a line in the sand at doing it for profit. It would be hard to justify Littlepoop's actions at the slaver colony by this logic.

Self-defense, as far as I'm concerned, is right out. She attacked them, and they were the ones defending themselves; again, the morality of who the slavers were or what they were doing doesn't factor into the equation here. As to the defense of others, you could argue that she was acting in defense of the slaves, but on the other hand the slaves didn't ask for her help, and she had no direct connection to them that justified getting involved.

Also, she drew the train ponies and arguably the entire town of New Appleoosa into her fight against their will, and got the train ponies killed. Does rescuing a few slaves balance out the equation and justify the loss of all that innocent life? Again, it's not particularly important what you or I might think about this; the issue is that these questions ought to have been weighing heavily on Velvet's mind for most of the past few days, but by all appearances they haven't. Really, the author has a pretty nice opportunity here to create a difficult moral dilemma for Velvet, and develop her character by having her try to solve it, but unfortunately this seems to have gone over his head as usual.

We also have LP's actions since the train scene to consider. Between the farm scene and their first meeting with Gawd, there was an entire scene in which LP and Calamity butchered another group of raiders. That wasn't in self defense at all, nor was it in defense of others; they walked up, picked a fight with the raiders, and then killed them all. Here is exactly what happened:

>Velvet Remedy crouched beside me, tending to a gash in Calamity’s side. To her credit, she’d actually tried to talk to the raiders. They returned her hello with some extremely perverted suggestions, at least one of which involved necrophilia. That’s when Calamity started picking off the ponies who had taken sniping positions on the roofs.
So basically, they were walking along the road and they came across a group of raiders. Velvet made an effort to talk things out, the raiders insulted her, and Calamity started shooting. Does this sound like self defense or defense of the innocent to you?

Granted, the raiders probably would not have let them pass and it would have escalated into violence one way or the other, but from Velvet's perspective this shouldn't matter; Calamity was the one who opened fire, so technically their side initiated the conflict. Plus, they could have just as easily turned around and found a way around the settlement, which is what what Velvet would likely have favored.

Anyway, now let's hear Littlepoop's side of the Gawd-contract debate:

>I felt like I was bleeding out, dying. But the more they yelled at me, the more I realized I had already chosen my course. I just had to make them understand why.
>“Silver Bell.”
Oh yeah, Silver Bell. I'd almost forgotten about her. As I recall, Deadeyes, for some reason, made an entry in his accounting ledger in which he confessed to being responsible for the farm attack that killed her parents. Well, I suppose that's a good enough reason to murder somepony as far as Littlepoop's logic goes. So, the question is: does the additional moral justification of Deadeyes being an icky meanie-pants baddie-pone who deserves a horrible poopoo death solve the ethical dilemma for Velvet, and also for Calamity who for some reason has a problem with murder for hire all of a sudden? Let's find out.

Littlepoop goes on to explain what she read in the ledger: that Deadeyes sent his evil meanie-pants poopoo henchmen to murder Silver Bell and her sister's parents in front of them. They also did it really slow and gruesome and made it really really painful, probably with ball-torture and butt stuff and everything, and they did a lot of other bad meanie-pants stuff too, like prank call a bunch of pizzas to Silver Bell's farm that she didn't order, and they left flaming doodie bags on her front porch that she had to step on to put out, and...and...

Anyway, you get the point. Blah blah blah, Deadeyes was a baddie and this justifies turning him into worm food; we've heard this bit before. How do her friends react?

>Calamity spoke first. “Well, now, that changes things.”
Of course it does. Killing for material gain is always wrong, even if it's not material gain you're receiving as compensation for killing, but is just the regular type of material gain you normally get from doing the type of killing you normally do anyway. But, if the pony you're killing is BAD, well that just changes everything now doesn't it?

>Velvet Remedy shook a little, but stayed firm. “What does it change?”
Velvet Remedy taking a moral stand for once? In my Fallout Equestria? It's more common than you think lol not really.

>Velvet Remedy shook a little, but stayed firm. “What does it change?”
>“Ain’t murder no more,” Calamity stated without reservation. “It’s justice.”
>Velvet shook her mane. “Revenge, you mean.”
What's vexing to me about all of this is that kkat clearly wants to explore some complex moral questions in this story, but obstinately refuses to put even a tiny bit of serious thought into the questions he wants to explore. The only character in this story with any clearly-defined ideals is Velvet Remedy, and she almost goes out of her way to avoid adhering to them most of the time. Everyone else seems to (loosely) follow a basic-bitch white-hats-vs-black-hats code of morals that basically amounts to: "bad stuff is bad, unless the pony you are doing bad stuff to is also bad, in which case bad stuff is good."
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There is a page break, and when the scene opens again Littlepoop is apparently over her mysterious ailment. We still don't know what disease she had or how she caught it, and I suspect the author has no intention of ever telling us (or more likely he just assumes we already know). We also still don't know what became of SteelHooves. It's obvious enough that he must have been healed somehow, but there are a lot of unanswered questions as to how exactly it happened. Again, I suspect the author simply feels that this does not require explanation, because once again he is just assuming that we can see whatever is in his head. In any event, who cares; Littlepoop isn't sick anymore, and SteelHooves is still alive for some reason. Moving on.

As Littlepoop is getting ready to hit the road, SteelHooves approaches her and informs her that he will be joining them:

>“I will be accompanying you to Tenpony Tower. After risking yourselves to save my life, escorting you safely to your destination is the least I can do.”
"After sustaining severe injuries in a battle I engaged in specifically to save you guys, I was lying in the throes of death. You left me there, completely exposed and in excruciating pain, for literal hours while you went goofing around in some abandoned stable, listening to old cassette tapes and watching memory orbs and cooking drugs and taking naps. Presumably, at some point, you eventually left the stable, wandered back to where I was, and presumably administered whatever treatment I required. I'm a little fuzzy on the details there for **some reason**. By some miracle I was still alive when you eventually wandered back, and for reasons that science could not possibly explain I have somehow made a complete recovery. I am apparently fine now, despite the fact that several of my vital organs were crushed and I was bleeding internally for, again, literal fucking hours while you faggots went dungeon-crawling. Apparently, either sepsis isn't a thing in Equestria, or else these potions literally do cure everything. Anyway, I really appreciate you guys apparently saving me when you finally got around to it, so I figured the absolute least I could do is risk life and limb for you again."

Wow, what a stand-up guy.

Also, I notice this group's destination seems to change around quite a bit. Tenpony Tower has been mentioned a few times before, and from what I gather it's the place where the DJ broadcasts from. I'm still not 100% clear on why they are doing this it's been explained by others in the thread that this is just another Fallout reference the author is assuming the reader will get, but as far as in-world logic goes LP's reasons for seeking the DJ are spotty at best, and moreover, they never seemed to actually settle on it as a destination. It seems like about half the time LP is talking about going to Tenpony Tower, and the rest of the time she seems to be following through with her original plan of going to Fillydelphia to bust up another slaver ring. They were in Manehattan earlier, and it was mentioned that Manehattan was on the way to Fillydelphia, so I assumed they had settled on Fillydelphia. However, now it seems like they're going to the tower again.

Part of the problem is that we don't know where any of these locations are in relation to each other. Is Tenpony Tower also on the way to Fillydelphia? If so, it would make sense as their next destination; however, this has never been clarified. I've been working under the assumption that the Tower was off in some other part of the world, and going there would be a complete detour. Shit like this is why a lot of fantasy authors will include a map of their setting in the back of the book. Fictional geography can be tough sometimes; your characters live in this world and presumably know where everything is located, but the reader does not. Even just a quickie MS-Paint map that shows approximately where everything is would make this story a lot easier to understand.

Anyway, for some unexplained reason, LP is ambivalent about accepting his offer.

>I frowned, looking about the room while I thought. The shack had three rooms, the bedroom, the main room, and a workroom in the back. Upon seeing the whole of it, I realized that SteelHooves had given me his own bed to sleep upon, and that everypony had slept on the floors save for me. It made me feel grateful and guilty.
Wow. So not only did this guy just lie there patiently, slowly bleeding to death while he waited for LP and her crew to finish screwing around in the stable, but he even gave Littlepoop his own bed to sleep in while she recovered from the flu or whatever the fuck she had. I can't imagine what about Littlepoop could possibly inspire this level of devotion on this soldier's part; literally everything bad that's happened to him recently is directly her fault. If he hadn't risked his life to save her from the alicorn trio, he could just be having a normal day right now, and so far she's mostly being a cunt to him. If I were in SteelHooves' position, I'd slip a timed explosive into her saddlebag when she wasn't looking and then send her on her merry way.

Anyway, she tells him to ask the others about it. He tells her that he already did, and they told him that she was their leader.

>What? Why? I was really the least qualified to be in charge. Because the radio kept saying so? I added that to the list of things to talk to DJ Pon3 about when we arrive to Tenpony Tower.
False modesty does not suit you, LP.

Anyway, this goes on for awhile. We get confirmation that SteelHooves is indeed the same pony who was dating Applejack in the memory orb earlier (he has some mementos of her around his house). How he has managed to live for more than 200 years is still a mystery, but I'm assuming it has something to do with his suit. Littlepoop tries to bring it up, but he plays it like he doesn't know what she's talking about.
299117 299135

On a completely unrelated note, my brain has started reading all of SteelHooves' lines in the voice of the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, and it's one of the few things that's making this story bearable.

>DJ Pon3’s voice erupted from the back room. “Got your ears up, faithful listeners? Cuz I’ve been talkin’ and some of you ain’t been listenin’. For years now, I’ve been reminding you that ghouls and zombies ain’t the same thing. Ghouls are ponies who have had the misfortune of soaking up a major dose of magical radiation and not dying. That stuff twists and rots their bodies, but unlike zombies, their minds are still like those of any other pony, and they deserve t’ be treated as such.
This information would actually have been helpful like ten chapters ago; here it just feels completely out of left field.

This next bit could either be foreshadowing the plot of the next episode, or it could just be more random autism the author is bringing up that will never be mentioned again, or it could be something that seems like random autism that will never be mentioned again, but will actually be important in another seventy or eighty chapters when some obscure detail mentioned by the DJ here becomes mission-critical. You honestly never know with this cross-dressing faggot author, and I'm getting tired of trying to read his mind all the time. Anyway, in case it's important, here's this ridiculous bullshit:

>“Well, some of you ponies up in Tenpony Tower didn’t get the message. And when Sheriff Rottingtail kept pressin’ for him and his ghouls t’ be allowed inside, just cuz they were sick of being hounded by manticores an’ slaughtered by bloodwings, Chief Grim Star, the head of Tenpony security, responded by hiring a bunch of mercenaries to scour the tenements along the Celestia Line and wipe them all out.
>“In an interview, when asked how he had managed to be such a supreme douche bag, Chief Grim Star had this to say:”
>Another voice, gruff and irritated, came through the radio’s speakers. “Fuck off. I did what was right by those I swore to protect.”
>DJ Pon3’s voice returned. “Just warms the heart to know that there are ponies steadfastly defending prejudice and bigotry, doesn’t it? Thank you, Chief Grim Star and may Celestia bless you with a kiss from the sun.” The last certainly sounded like it was said through gritted teeth.
Hurr durr social commentary.

>I shook my head. On the one hoof, I actually felt relief to hear a news report that wasn’t about me. But on the other, I had experience with both ghoul-ponies like Ditzy Doo and actual zombie-ponies. I knew the difference. And the idea of somepony endorsing wholesale slaughter of innocent ghouls because they couldn’t be bothered to discern between them made me hurt and tinged my vision with red.
In other news, Littlepoop once again has sand in her vagina over some bullshit that has literally fuck-all to do with her. Who is she going to brutally murder in the name of justice this time? Stay tuned and find out.

Meanwhile, SteelHooves reads the expression on her face, and misinterprets her reaction to the DJ's comments. He assumes she is anti-ghoul, and is upset with the DJ for being pro-ghoul. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth. She has this to say in response:

>“One of the wisest, kindest ponies I’ve met in this blasted hellscape is a ghoul-pony!” I spat at him. “Her name is Ditzy Doo, and she’s easily worth any three Steel Rangers put together. Not for fighting skills or fancy weapons, but for the quality of her character.” I stomped a forehoof hard enough to sprain it. “DJ Pon3 is right. And if you don’t get that, then you have no place traveling with us.”
"Yeah, don't trigger me you racist shitlord. It doesn't even matter that you mortally wounded yourself just to save me from alicorns who would have easily killed me if you hadn't been there, and then gave me your bed to sleep off my crack hangover or yeast infection or whatever the fuck was wrong with me for the first three sections of this chapter, even after I left you to die alone while I went dungeon exploring. The only thing that matters right now is that you're being prejudiced, and my off-the-shelf consumer-grade one-size-fits-all values system I ripped off the back of a cereal box and stapled to my sleeve to make up for my complete lack of actual convictions says prejudice is bad."

If nothing else, this story is proving to be an amusing psychological profile of its author.

Anyway, even though technically Littlepoop never said yea or nay to his coming along, it looks like SteelHooves has joined the party. Page break.

>I gazed at the leftover parts strewn across the workbench in Calamity’s wake. Now that I had all the parts to build my poisoned dart gun, I should use this opportunity to put it together.
Jesus Christ, is she still talking about building that stupid dart gun? At this point I'd like to see it get built just to eliminate it as a topic of discussion. The actual finished gun she can shove up her ass for all I care.

>The conversation from the night before still cast its shadow in my mind. I knew what Calamity and the Steel Ranger had talked about, and just how convincingly SteelHooves had woven doubts. Calamity knew I’d been eavesdropping. But neither of us had said anything.
It seems like the author is attempting to build some sort of tension between Calamity and Littlepoop. My guess is that he wants to have Calamity start doubting Littlepoop's intentions or identity or something, and this gradual mistrust on his part will eventually intersect with Littlepoop's jealousy over his relationship with Velvet. At some crucial moment in the plot, the tinder will explode and create an actual rift between them. At least that's what a competent writer would do; like I said, it's impossible to guess what this loony trap actually has in mind.

Calamity notes that LP appears to have accepted SteelCock's offer to join them on their murderous rampage quest, and asks her what she thinks of him so far.

>I shrugged. I still wasn’t sure what to make of the Steel Ranger. I’d seen the shadows of both good and bad in him, but it was too soon to do anything more than to hop, skip and jump to conclusions.
Oh, blow me, you self-important cunt. You haven't seen the shadows of jack and shit; how could you have? You've barely exchanged three words with the guy.

In the previous chapter he was grievously wounded and most of the brief conversation centered around his injuries and how to cure them. We still don't know what took place after the chapter ended, but at the beginning of the current one LP is grievously ill. For that matter, we don't even know how she was able to ply her trade as a technician and repair his computer-powered-medical-thingy if she was delirious from fever. The more I think about it, this is actually a pretty serious plot hole; logically, this guy shouldn't even be alive right now, and that's not even taking into consideration the fact that he was bleeding internally for several hours before they even tried to save him. At any rate, the two of them haven't had enough interaction for LP to form any meaningful impression of him one way or the other. All that "shadows of good and bad" malarkey amounts to is this:

he saved my life and let me sleep in his bed, even though I've done basically fuck-all for him

he said something politically-incorrect about ghouls and that makes him an icky-pants racist

Anyway, for some reason Calamity doesn't seem to trust SteelHooves either. Unless they're simply adhering to a general "don't trust strangers in the wasteland" mantra, I don't really see why either of them would be naturally suspicious of SteelHooves. He's done nothing that would suggest malicious intent, he saved their lives earlier, and he's letting them rest up in his house. He easily outguns all three of them, and if he wanted them dead he could have killed them by now, particularly since Littlepoop was borderline-unconscious with fever for the last several days and Velvet is basically useless in a fight. Moreover, he's going out of his way to help them despite the fact that they've caused him nothing but trouble so far. Seems pretty trustworthy to me; far more than Gawd, actually, to whom Littlepoop just handed over the keys to Shattered Hoof without a thought.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that neither of them trusts SteelHooves for whatever reason, but they agree that the ridiculous amount of firepower he seems to have will probably come in handy the next time they have to fight an alicorn.

>I nodded, having begun to worry about the next time we encountered those creatures. If my suspicions were right…
Also, while we're on the subject, Littlepoop, you can take your suspicions and blow them out your ass. You left the stable like three weeks ago tops, and since then you've done nothing but kill indiscriminately and sift through collections of moldy old tapes. You know literally fuck-all about this world or what's going on within it, and your assessment of virtually any situation is worthless; stop acting like you're some kind of battle-hardened combat specialist.

This line from Calamity might have something to do with his distrust of SteelHooves, at any rate:

>“Well, let’s jus’ say that the Steel Rangers ain’t exactly got a reputation as champions o’ the common pony.”
I'm not sure whether to read this as ominous foreshadowing, or if this is just another piece of Fallout lore that the author is assuming the reader will already know. In any case, for the time being he doesn't elaborate, and Littlepoop doesn't question him.

The scene ends with an insincere attempt at emotion. Calamity's mention of "reputations" calls to mind the conversation she overheard the previous night, which once again causes her to worry that he might now be doubting her. It appears that her primary fear at this point is being abandoned by Calamity and Velvet, and I suppose I don't blame her; if I were a dull, miserable little shit like Littlepoop, I wouldn't want to be left alone with myself either. Anyway, Calamity sees this in her expression, and reassures her that he trusts her. He gives a schmaltzy speech about how he knows she has a good heart:

>“Ah’ve seen yer heart, Li’lpip. Y’all genuinely want t’ help folk, an’ ya put yer own life at risk t’ do so, even when some of ‘em don’t deserve it. I ain’t gonna start questionin’ what I know ‘bout ya just cuz somepony who don’t know what he’s yappin’ ‘bout can get it twisted all up.”
This would probably not be my interpretation of her role in events thus far, but I'll leave that alone for the time being. What's more curious here is he seems to take it as a given that she is aware of what he and SteelHooves discussed, even though it was a private conversation that she only overheard by chance.

Anyway, after he says this Littlepoop gets all teary-eyed and hugs him. D'awww not really.

Page break. As the next scene opens, the party is (still) getting ready to leave. I forget whether I mentioned this or not, but SteelHooves has a memory orb on one of his shelves along with some mementos of Applejack. He notices Littlepoop staring at it, and tells her she can look into it if she wants. She does, and the scene dissolves into memory-land again.
I bet a proofreader told him he struggled to understand the Ghoul/Zombie stuff since the mindless feral ghouls were called Feral Ghouls in Fallout 3. So in the chapter he's writing now he adds some clarification because not even he wants to go back through this trash, even to add a paragraph explaining shit.
Is Kkat trying to reference the Fallout 3 "fuk da rich and racists" mission with this radio broadcast?
In Fallout 3, Tenpenny Tower exists and is full of mostly-white Haves. The nearby Have-Nots are ghouls living in filth who demand to be let into the tower. I think a rich asshole tells you to slaughter all those ghouls? And randomly blow up the town of Megaton which is made of scrap and scrap walls built around an unexploded nuke for no reason. There is one Atom Cultist fag in Megaton praising the bomb because bugthEAsderp think wacky=good writing. But if you do as the leader of the ghouls say and let them into the tower, the rich let these ghouls in without a fight. And then they slaughter all the rich and take over Tenpenny Tower for themselves. Even the nice rich people. The omniscient radio voice of DJ 3 Dog calls you a cunt if you don't let the ghouls take over. And if you get revenge by slaughtering the ghouls after they eat the rich DJ 3 Dog still calls you a cunt.
Kkat's attempt to fix this clumsy social commentary isn't much better. If you play the games you know it is right to ignore the ghouls or take them all out no matter what the radio nigger says about racism.
Also it's really fucking dumb that when Steeltoe (PAIN! STEEL! PAIN! STEEL!) Has this zigger moment where he assumes Littlepip is racist against Ghouls, it prompts her to think she saw his dark side or whatever.
If anything she should think "Pros: He is fucking strong and loyal and honourable. Cons: I know nothing of the Steel Rangers or their role in the world, he jumps to conclusions way too quickly, and he cannot avoid friendly fire when using explosives".
I noticed another detail to that could have made a good joke. Steel let her sleep on his bed and she decided in s horny fever state to furiously masturbate and vomit on it. Almost wish the story dwelled on them prepping to leave just so there could be a scene where he is cleaning up and noticed that little gift she left.

Also for the Steel Rangers not being known as heroes to the common folk that is a Fallout reference thing. The Brotherhood of Steel aren't the nicest people around and their sole concern is hoarding advanced technology to ensure no one else besides them has it since they don't trust anyone else to have it and not repeat the same mistakes of the past that doomed the world.

Of course that gets thrown out the window in Fallout 3 where they are super good guy Power Rangers who want to save the world. At least it's kind of retconed in Fallout 4 where they say the Chapter leader of the group in 3 was a bit of a renegade and took their group to DC to help with the Project Purity and didn't mind helping people.

I barely know anything about the Steel Rangers in Fallout Equestria though so not sure what their role is unless it's to hoard magical artifacts and devices for the same reason as the BoS with hunting alicorns as a side hustle.
>big final boss that causes everything bad to ever happen

not really no, the eater is more of an opportunist, and shooting it actually isnt how its defeated. the most you could say is that the eater helped amare get some of his abilities but what that entails and how that works is left to the reader to theorize. if you're talking about amare, he was defeated by his own hubris, insisting to his evil egotistical boss that he would be nothing without him.

RANDOM NEWS - Thread #4
281345 281349 281376 291182 291186
The old thread >>260911 → hit the bump limit.
Post random news here.
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You guys hear about the new SOPA?


>The bill, which is known as the Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act (SISEA), was brought to the Senate by Senators Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.). It seeks to create overarching standards to which every sex-work platform on the internet would be held.

>Included in the bill’s provisions is a robust and severely limiting video verification process: users who upload pornographic material to a public website would need to verify their identity with the site, and every person in the video would need to sign and submit a consent form. Sites would also need to offer 24-hour support services and take down reported content within two hours of it being flagged.

>SISEA would also put an enormous amount of pressure on all websites that host sexual content. Pornhub is obviously the biggest target here, but other sites like Reddit, Patreon, OnlyFans, and smaller indie sites would be affected too. In the face of new pressure, these sites might face a tough decision: take resource-heavy measures to comply, or remove pornographic material entirely. Like Tumblr, Craiglist and other services has done, many will simply ban adult content, leaving some people without potential revenue from those channels.

I'm kind of indifferent to this shit, especially with so many "content creators" dropping pony content in the past few years. Would hurt everyone else (especially 3D smut peddlers) more than us.
Would it be possible to get the sluts on OnlyFans pissed off about this?
Also does the bill say reported content needs to be taken down in two hours even if the content complies with the consent form bullshit?
If this does end up in law, is getting people pissed off about this and ready to use Tor sites the govt cant touch the backup plan?
Slippery slope applies to all powers delegated to the government.
>Would it be possible to get the sluts on OnlyFans pissed off about this?
no. Women are not capable of political commentary. they will not say anything that will put their social media in jeapordy. you might get a few, but most will keep eachother in line. it would be better to get them to complain about it in a way that would doubtlessly be hard to censor, but ymmv on weather calling something racist or biggoted will hinder more than help.
I'm a literal tranny here and I don't see where this enters the picture, this guy needs to be shot. Theres a difference between a high functioning mentally ill person and a guy that will wear his daughters flayed skin if he had working testicles.
>b-but muh science though
if you want to understand science you will quickly learn that /pol/ is mostly wrong about gender because biology abhors hard defining lines in anything. Everything is at least a little ambiguous, there is no reason to rewrite sensible categories in society however, and LGBT is decrepid and exhibit B in a long list of reasons why science shouldn't be the defining centerpiece of morality.
Yeah but we were the first to get fucked by shit like this and now it will effect our enemies and bystanders. A bunch of ANTIFA accounts got nuked today, for example.

Anonfilly Thread - Equestrian Missile Program Edition
292893 293042
>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>282598 →
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Yay, more It's the Little Things!
File (hide): EB485BC62ACFB718B838A61B9DC96182-189090.mp4 (184.7 KB, Resolution:1500x1500 Length:00:00:06, Anonmare_Roof.mp4) [play once] [loop]

Kill yourself pedophile.
>be anonfilly in Equestria
>tell Twilight your home country is starving because of monsters named niggers and jews that came from hell
>she has no idea what hell is bit assumes it's a country
>when she asks you to describe niggers and jews say you can't because they're too evil
>ask Pinkie Pie to stuff impossibly excessive amounts of food into a single picnic basket
>ask Twilight to cast a spell that will teleport that picnic basket of food into DC with a letter saying "More is coming. Don't give up hope! You must save the world from the jews and commies and faggots and niggers! You must send them back to hell for the future of humankind or we will never be free from their pandemic and tyranny again! Sincerely, anonymous."
>religions around the world think an act of god is telling them to kill niggers and faggots and jews
>humanity starts focusing on space travel again after eliminating all enemies because what if this was aliens
>space race creates new golden age of jobs
>your homeworld becomes a little less shit thanks to help from pony friendship
>twilight and pinkie have no idea what they helped you do but they're used to the idea that monsters like Sombra or worse need to go
ask me how i know you're gay

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