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Newfag Welcome/Help Thread
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Welcome to the Mongolian political horsewhispering forum, also known as /mlpol/. This thread is dedicated to helping out newfags coming to the site with integrating into the local culture. If you have a question about something, or need spoonfed on something, don't be afraid to ask me or any other Anon willing to help.

Here's a few things to start.

1.- Read the policy page first: https://mlpol.net/policy.html

2.- When in doubt, lurk moar.

3.- Praise American, Praise Football.

4.- MODS = GODS.

5.- Anonfilly did nothing wrong.

6.- No one knows what /1ntr/ is for, not even /1ntr/.

7.- Check the catalog.

8.- Go away, Zald.

9.- Don't start shit.

11.- This is nice board.

And finally...

12.- The right to bare ponies SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
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זיין ווייַס, קאַטהאָליק און רעפובליקאנער.
I see you.
Translated from sandnigger means: "The interest that was .25 is now 2500, your name, address political affiliations are recorded."
I'm glad someone responsible on your team is making sense.
Chop chop.
Fuck jews

Degenerate media discussion thread
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There is a lot of degeneracy in media. Want to talk about it here?

In Batman Beyond season 2 episode 5 "Hidden Agenda" an evil white wannabe-valedictorian teenager who's secretly a member of the criminal gang Jokerz attacks the only person smarter than him, a literal pink-haired black computer genius girl. She's soooo smart she can program a computer to figure out who Batman is AND who the jokerz gang are. And naturally, she can kick the ass of men twice her size like all "stronk" female characters. The episode ends with her becoming the hero Terry's only friend who knows he is Batman.
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Yeah they seem to appeal to the lowest common denominator when it comes to culture and so the worst ideas seem to get projected as the next big thing and taken way out of proportion. I will say though that it's not all that inconceivable that when a society gets feminized in general then there's more trannies running around; it's just that now there's a lot of money and social incentives behind getting young men hooked on this sort of thing. Enough lies and manufactured incentives and they can pull the wool over someone's eyes and encouraging them long enough to make a rash decision. Like setting the house on fire and the public blames someone for jumping out of a window; that's precisely what (((they're))) looking for to both achieve their ends and avoid a PR disaster. And then their body chemistry is all out of whack with synthetic estrogen and their subconscious mind is screaming at them about where their penis went and by then it's pretty much too late.

Point being, it's pretty easy to fool women, all you have to do is change what's in style. They'll kick themselves as much as they have to such that they rise to the top of whatever petty or immediate social hierarchy they're a part of, for men it's a bit different but they're pretty much "incentivized," meaning scared, into submission and encouraged to lie to themselves all the same, and that's pretty much how it starts for a lot of guys. If they don't they're thrown out on the street due to the resultant economic terror or into prison because some girl was told by her feminist "friend" that she was raped because he didn't call her the next day. And I will say at least this sort of thing, proto-troonism, has likely been around for a long time, it's just that with HRT and SRS, not to mention Frankfurt School fuckery and corporate interests at play you get the present volume of trannies running around needing to dilate all the time.

Inner wisdom trumps external imposition of identity, meaning propaganda really only works for so long. The same normies that were whining about people wearing masks "the incorrect way" are probably not all that concerned about covid anymore. At the end of the day nobody ever really was; the social entrepreneurs, eg. commissars just used it as an opportunity to impose their will onto people. Unfortunately it's incredibly effective; scientifically robust in the form of operant conditioning. The most steadfast way to get someone or a group of people to change their behavior is by imposition of a negative stimulus that's removed when someone does what the scientist wants. Doesn't have to have any sense to it whatsoever. And then the damage has already been done in the form of a mass DOS attack for the ages.
Remember that time they tried to feminize Captain America by introducing some old hag who said "Me and the girls at 3AM- I mean me and the girls during WW2 were secret agents hiding in the background helping you from the shadows! We are literally the only reason you ever saw success! We saved your ass a nillion times because all straight white success comes from unsung minority heroes!"

That was annoying. But kind of funny too. People got angrier over this than they got over that time they retconned it so Captain America went nazi for a while and was always a nazi for a publicity stunt only to reveal it was brainwashing all along.

Captain America is such a jewish character. A tiny wimpy good-hearted American (sometimes with jewish ancestry) is turned buff by German science because German science sekai ichi. And then he fights against the nazis because he "loves America" and doesn't want to let Germany be free. A "red" skull is in charge of the nazis instead of something that would make sense like a bigger buffer aryanner hitler clone with a minigun. Fictional nazi organizations like HYDRA are invented to let him keep fighting nazis in fantasy land even as the real world is full of conmunist nations. Baked into the character of Captain America is the fact that there is something good about Germany and their science, even as they fantasize about street-level bootleg-batman in Superman spandex backflipping around and tossing his shield-batarang at everything that moves.
You want degeneracy in comics, I give you: Safe Space with a heaping side of cringe. Behold.

>in ANY other time in history they'd have died from mental issues early, and if someone tried gashing themselves they'd die from infection for having an eternal open wound
Anon, I...
>The Skoptsy[1] (Russian: скопцы, IPA: [skɐpˈtsɨ]; sg. скопец "eunuch") were a sect within the larger Spiritual Christianity movement in the Russian Empire, best known for practicing castration of men and the mastectomy of women in accordance with their teachings against sexual lust.[2] The term is a descriptive one used by the official Russian Orthodox Church.
>The movement emerged in the late 18th century. It reached the peak of its popularity in the early 20th century, with as many as 100,000 members, in spite of persecution by the imperial government. Despite severe repression under the Soviet Union, small groups persevered into the 21st century.
For reference, they were persecuted as a dangerous heresy by the Church and as dangerous self-mutilating morons by USSR.
The tranny shit is just skoptsy 2.0.
This is the second time I hear about it. First time was when it was released, and it was just as complete cringe back then.
>The tranny shit is just skoptsy 2.0
skoptsy was a misguided attempt to get rid of lust, while trannies are an attempt to pursue perverted lust deeper. ain't the lead authors who brought trannies to western civ primarily jewish, around weimar germany time period? Pretty sure the Church has always been against sexual immorality since it's quite a clear-cut topic in the Bible.
>Church has always been against sexual immorality since it's quite a clear-cut topic in the Bible
Watch the church support burn loot murder, even though the concept of responsibility for someone else's actions (i.e. "you're at fault for what your ancestors did") is anathema to the Bible and the christian canons.
>skoptsy was a misguided attempt to get rid of lust, while trannies are an attempt to pursue perverted lust deeper
Skoptsy were against "sexual lust", trannies are against "masculinity", the result is the same: mutilation and promotion of shit standards in an effort to prevent sex.

Poner Prompt Pompf: Darkhorse Town
"The caves beneath Canterlot, once home to greedy unicorns who wanted to claim the gems that could be found inside. And now, your prison."-- Queen Chrysalis.


Underneath the capitol of Equestria and deep beneath the polished, marble floor of the Canterlot castle, there exists a network of interconnected tunnels similar to an anthill. To ponies who live their lives in those underground spaces, it's just home. To the ponies trotting over the well-swept streets above, it’s called Darkhorse town or Dark town. The guards don't patrol there unless they are suicidal. The nightmares guild control the streets and their minons are the ones keeping “order” and the streets “safe” from the do-gooders of the royal guard. They run the largest black market in Equestria but also enables other illegal organizations in Dark town, for a modest. Lately, however, and elite force of daymares and wonderbolts lead by Shining Armour has managed to occupy early parts of Dark town.

Daymares are unicorns who participated in a ritual to boost their magical powers. You can distinguish them by the gem lodged in their horns.


Why not try your hand at growing some greens? I got the perfect fertilizer, meaning it’s shit: this premise. The idea is that you take something you like from this premise, or it’s themes, and omit anything you don’t. Then you make a green from that in whatever length you prefer.
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314174 314602

>Your heart immediately drops into your stomach as the guard stares down at you, but you manage to maintain a fairly straight face
>"A place like this is nowhere for somepony your age to be, let me get you somewhere safe."
>You almost shout down the guard for assuming you to be a filly, but you realize that this could actually get you where you want
>Namely, anywhere but here
>So, you play along and use a higher-pitched voice
"Please, this is scary!"
>The guardspony puts a hoof around you and pulls you away from the battle, uttering reassurances as he does so
>"Don't worry, I'll take you back to the safest place in the whole cave system!"
>You're pulled along by the guard as he walks, almost powerless to take back your freedom
>Not because he's that strong, because wings trumps legs
>No, the problem is that the instant you do, you become a target
>And a target is an exceedingly bad thing to be behind enemy lines
>This guard leads you around for a while, past a few landmarks you recognize as you plot an escape route
>You're not quite sure how well they have the tunnels mapped out, but you know a few secret passages only used by your guild and the Nightmares that are unblocked
>Meaning either they don't know or all the entrances are already covered
>You hope to every god you can think of that it's the former
>The guard continues directing you around until you finally reach a big walled off area swarming with similarly armored ponies
>Your guard waves to one of the ponies managing the gate and grabs her attention
>"Passphrase CORNDOG. I got a civvie filly here, nearly walked into a nasty firefight! So, you mind letting us in?"
>The mare sighs and looks you over before turning back to your supervisor guard
>"What's with you and helping out the scum down here? They're all just criminals or savages, that's why we're here."
>Okay, you're pissing on her bunk when you make your escape
>"I recall our orders being to find anypony worth bringing topside and then torch the rest. Otherwise, we would've just caved in the entrance and been done. Now, are you going to let us in or not?"
>As much as you'd enjoy being able to experience flying for real, you know that open air wouldn't be nearly as engaging as weaving your way through tunnels barely bigger than you at breakneck speeds
>Anyway, the mare huffs but still opens the gate to let you both in
>The guard you're with leads you through the gate and then over to a portion of the camp that looks to be nothing but refugee housing
>Once you're there, he backs away and turns towards you
>"Alright, you'll be staying here for now. If you have any questions, just ask another guard and they'll assist you. I'd help you more myself, but I've got a squad heading out in a few minutes that I'm joining."
>You sheepishly nod, watching carefully as your one supervisor walks away
>Finally, freedom
>Well, one step closer to it
>You decide the first way to claim your actual freedom again would be to start surveying the area that they've claimed for any secret exits/entrances you may know of
>Sadly, all the landmarks in this area that you remember have been destroyed by the invaders, so you're on your own
>Also, guardsponies seem to be crawling around every inch of this place aside from the part you're in now, so you're going to have to pull some sick nasty stealth moves if you want to make it out alive
>Well, you're not a legendary runner down here for nothing
>Not to mention if you make it out, you can probably sell that password for something nice!
>Well, Black Briar probably will
>Time to get to work!
>You walk somewhere out of sight of any guards and begin your search
>Walking through the rows and rows of tents, you see nothing that may help you so far
>However, when you get to the nearest wall, you find one of your guild's classic markers for a secret passage!
>Three rocks placed near a big one!
>It takes some musclework, but you manage to get the boulder off the hole in the ground
>After that, you hear some voices drawing closer so you panic and put the boulder back
>You're not sure if the panic was warranted though, because it's just a pair of fellow captives
>"Hey kid, the hell are you doin here? You even know where you are?"
"Of course I know, otherwise I wouldn't be here! Also, the name's Straight Line, you may have heard of me."
>The two of them look between each other for a solid few seconds, alternating between each other and you
>"How in tartarus did the slipperiest mare in Darkhorse get caught in a Fuzz camp?"
>You sigh, hoping this doesn't put a mark on your "official" record
"It was either this or walk into an active warzone; I'd say I lucked out."
>"Whatever you say. Need help moving that, or do you got that too?"
>You look at the rock for a second, considering your next move
"You know what, I'd love the assistance. You two could move it much faster, and I can keep lookout to make sure nopony catches us!"
>The two of them shrug at your suggestion, but ultimately get to work
>While they're doing that, you consider how you're going to track down Gun Point
>Maybe you should just go to her base of operations and just wait it out?
>Yeah, this has been enough action for one day
>Have those two gotten the rock off yet?
>You turn towards them and see that yes, yes they have
"Nice! Let's go!"
>Without further ado, you leap down the hole and take point for your compatriots
>The two glance between each other again, but shrug and keep follow you down
>"Sure are eager for this."
>"Eh, maybe she'll be helpful."
"Whatever, are you coming or not?"
>The two also now enter the tunnel, but one of them pushes his way in front of you
>"Just don't get in the way of our mission here and we'll help get you out afterwards."
>Wait, what?
"Uh... Forgive me for asking, but what mission?"
>The one behind you groans audibly after he finishes putting the rock back
>"We're bringing this camp down."
Go ahead and give your criticism, my next post will probably end the story anyway and I've pretty much got it all thought out afaik. It may take more than one post, but I pretty much have the rest figured out.
>Go ahead and give your criticism
>She is a mare
I was actually thinking about this. You didn't inform us of the sex of the mc early on. Most of the details of each character is dropped when it makes sense to mention them.
<You pull yourself up as much as your small stature will let you and unfurl your wings with sarcastic pride
Here you combine "action that informs us about personality"+"action that describes the character's appearence."
>The one big rock and three small
Alludes to Black Briar and her three underlings that Straight line goes to.
I enjoy the character interactions so far.
>Since the story is ending, I assume the swapt ordinance plot point and the dragon's heart plot point won't be continued. They did give these characters more depths though but it's a bit *feels bad pepe* I must admit to see that nothing more comes of it. Like another expedition in the underdark or Black Briar and mc being put under a lot of pressure due to a crackdown from the nightmares.
The plot point of the guards could take mc to see things from the other side of the conflict and so on and whatever.
It's not actually a problem. One cannot explore every single element in story anyway. Just some input.
>my next post will probably end the story anyway
Well, if you have a fiting ending in mind than that's good. It's a bit sad though since I enjoy this story a lot.

>The fuck did you get yourself into
>How did a routine checkup turn into a mission to take down a guard camp from the inside
>Why are you here
>Who are these two
>How are you going to get out of this alive
>And many other questions of a similar ilk rattle their way through your head as you walk, stuck between who you can only assume are a pair of Nightmare operatives
>However, you'd rather not let yourself get pulled deeper into something you're not supposed to be part of, so you stay quiet
>As your new companions shuttle you down this cramped stone tube, you slowly resign yourself to this fate as you think quickly on how to get out of this in the very likely event you're found
>One guard seemed to believe you were a mere filly, so maybe it'll work on another?
>Yeah, just play the scared filly role again and you'll probably have guards melting like butter under your wings
>Sure, your "compatriots" will probably get shafted, but you're not in this for any cause other than the one that gets you paid
>You certainly don't remember the Nightmares ever offering you any contracts!
>They may though, depending on how this goes
>Ok, so then you try to get what you need to done and throw everyone under the bus if push comes to shove
>The usual approach it is
>Just as you come to that conclusion, you realize you've reached the exit tunnel
>"Okay, we're here. I'll check for any witnesses before we do what we need to, and then Line's on lookout."
"If this works, put in a good word for me with your boss. Mercenary work's not normally my thing, but I get the sense your group needs help around now."
>"Noted, but first we have to do this."
>The orange mare lifts the rock out of the way quietly, letting enough light through that she can see across the area
>"Clear, let's move!"
>A hushed whisper, yet carrying as much intent as any barked command you've heard
>The three of you exit the hole and you immediately perch yourself on top of a nearby boulder and crouch low, your gray fur and mane giving you a bonus to stealth
>Meanwhile, the orange mare begins... Presenting herself?
>And the green stallion just puts his face in there, the fuck?
>You do your best to not let this distract you from your duties, but you catch enough glimpses to realize that the stallion is just retrieving something
>Whew, almost thought you got caught up with weirdos!
>The stallion then reveals the object he was fishing for, a small vial filled with a deep purple liquid
>After that, he dumps the vial's contents into a nearby barrel and then the two retreat back to the hole you all came out of
>And you saw all of this out of the corner of your eye, because you're a reliable teammate that keeps track of their position
>Once you're all back in the hole safely, you decide to voice some concerns
"Maybe don't recommend me if I'm just going to be used as a holster."
>"Hey, I was originally supposed to be lookout too."
"Still, I'd rather stick to things that don't involve my violation."
>"Enough chatter, it's time we got out of here before they get into their booze supply. That's a nasty poison, even as diluted as it is now, so they'll be very upset if we're found."
"No complaints here, which way?"
>Not much more is said as this time the stallion leads the way through, this time taking a different path through the tunnel and appearing some distance outside the camp outside its line of sight
>All the better for you, since you seem to recognize a bright red mare nearby, as well as the unusually small squad of goons she has with her
>Gun Point also notices you, and looks notably angry as your sight
>Third most threatening glare, simply because of how frequently it's used whether necessary or not
>Otherwise it might give Black Briar's a run for its money
>"How the fuck did you get here, and why the fuck are you buddying up with Nightmares!?"
>You glide your way over, waving off your companions, and shake off the obvious ill intent that Gun Point was all too willing to give you
"If you must know, I got caught up by the guard-"
[color #F00]>"Yeah, Black Briar was scrying you to make sure you weren't going to screw her over. What I want to know is how you got back out and why I no longer have an excuse to pound some guard's head in!"

"Those two offered to lead me out of the camp if I helped with their mission. I was already on the way out, but I wanted to at least repay the hospitality they offered me. Also, Black Briar wanted me to-"
>The mare indignantly smashes one of her wings across your face, clearly not intent on leaving her anger bottled up like you
>"Quit saying stupid shit that's obvious! She figured this would kill two birds with one stone, so that's why I'm here and not some mercenary. I'm itching to kick some teeth in, so make sure it's not yours and finish your Faust-damned job!"
>You don't need any more convincing!
>You leave Gun Point and her small gaggle of meatheads to stew over their lost chance at glorious combat, making your way as quickly as you can back to Black Briar
>Once you're back inside the bar, you once again knock the code and wait for the cue
>"Come in."
>You gladly open the door and sit down in front of your employer, who now looks to you expectantly instead of sternly
"All three reports gathered as promised. First off, Sticky Fingers is sorting through all the usual finds as well as added ordinance from the recent skirmishes, which he seemed quite pleased about."
>Black Briar nods, averting her crimson gaze from you and into space above you as she places both hooves beneath her chin
"Second, Deep Down seems confident that he's finally located the Dragon's Heart and presented a quote 'pristine bolt found before a door wide enough for all the princesses to fit through at once.' He also mentioned that you'd be more excited to hear about it than I was, and implied that he'd like funding for another team to explore that area further."
>"I'll see what I can do. Anyway, continue please."

"Thirdly, Gun Point seemed... Disappointed to be left without a chance to break me out of the guard camp. She didn't elaborate much further."
>"I would say getting slapped across the face would be plenty of elaboration, but it's quite hard to put something like that into words."
>She saw that too!?
>You contain your surprise long enough to finish your report properly, and when you do, Black Briar finally eases up slightly
>"You've done well. As promised, time for you to get your pay, and considering all you've been through to get this report to me, I'll be modifying it appropriately."
>Black Briar then grabs a small sack out from under her desk and places it in front of you
>"500 gems was the original agreed payment. An extra 30% was added for your daring prison escape..."
>Nice, 650 gems!
>"... However, an extra 50% was then taken off for getting caught to begin with."
>So that's...
>"With everything accounted for, you're left with 400 gems. I'll contact you wen I have more work for you; until then, you're dismissed."
>With that, Black Briar returns to paperwork and leaves you with your lighter-than-usual sack
>"I can tell you're disappointed. Take solace in the fact that you didn't need the rescue, otherwise that would've consumed your entire payment."
>You sigh, grabbing your payment and thanking Black Briar for her time before heading back to your own shack
>Maybe working for the nightmares would be better...
Story's over, so I'll tell you what more would've occurred and why I won't take it further.
>Dragon's Heart plot point
It would've turned out to be a pinch-fusion reactor in an ancient human laboratory meant to study the mantle's currents or something that Black Briar would've used to help power the weapons found in the station's security room.
>Stealing gear plot point
That would've lead to Black Briar handing the gear over to Gun Point and those under her command so that when combined with the tech Deep Down would discover, the Thieves' Guild would make an official grab for power once the invasion died down. After all, Black Briar's gotten this far by being smart and she knows the exact moment to strike is when your enemy's the weakest. From there, the Nightmares or the Guard would be pushed completely out of Darkhorse, leaving Black Briar as the sole ruler of the underground.
>Why I didn't write this
I don't know if all this is supposed to be in the same universe as the rest of the thread, so I don't want to go throwing monkey wrenches into the prompt left by OP and scaring off any other contributors in the process (which I fear I might have already done somehow.)
>the rock analogy
Yeah... I just thought that three small rocks would be something easy to miss to the untrained eye and yet glaringly obvious to someone who knew what to look for. The big rock was supposed to be the "hatch," if you will.
>I enjoy this story alot
>Thanks, Sven! Assuming you're the swede who also writes things from time to time, I enjoy your work too! Bonus points if you can guess the name that I normally writefag under. Of course, the points mean nothing and I won't give the right answer even if you guess it, I just think it might be fun to try to guess writers by their style.

large (4).png
Glim Glam Steams Up Edgequestrian Style Hams, Part IV
311565 311585 311622 311701 311813
For anyone who stumbles across this thread and is wondering what it is, this is a literary review thread for pony fanfiction. We take an MLP fic, read through it, and shit all over it discuss its literary merits.

We are currently reading Fallout: Equestria by kkat.

Thread number four. We are nearing the end of the tunnel, thank God.

Previous thread: >>304714 →

Currently on Chapter 38: Peace in Our Time

Continuing from previous post.

>>311555 →

Page bweak. Littlepoop falls unconscious, has a flashback, and drones on about how shitty she thinks her life is for literally eleven paragraphs. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Littlepoop wakes up in a filthy, unfamiliar bed in some abandoned cottage somewhere. I'm sure kkat is writing from personal experience here. She whines for several more paragraphs about how miserable she is, even claiming to have PTSD from losing a rib, even though she stated earlier that it had been healed with magic and she will sustain no permanent injury other than a scar.

>The heart-rending blow of watching Applejack step out of that elevator… and realizing that Applesnack had intended to propose to her that very night, and she was anticipating it… oh Goddesses.
This is another continuity error along the lines of what I pointed out in the previous chapter. By her own admission, she did not view the orb whose events she is referencing here until after Canterlot, and unless she's been losing herself in orbs during battles again, she would not have had time to view it between their escape from Canterlot and the present. She should not have witnessed these events yet.

LP can hear her friends talking in the next room. Apparently they found some new armor for SteelHooves from somewhere, or found some armor they could use to repair his existing armor, or something along those lines, because they are discussing rehabilitation for him. He can't move properly at present, but should be fine in a bit. Also, Xenith is there, so presumably they are back at Glyphtown or whatever that place was called.

Anyway, SteelHooves gives a schmaltzy speech about how Applejack learned to love zebras, and so he figures he could learn to love them too. You may or may not remember that SteelHooves doesn't like zebras, or doesn't trust them, or something. At least I think that was a thing with him. Anyway, the significance seems to be that he's over it now, and he and Xenith can be friends I guess. Nothing else happens.

Page break. Littlepoop is still sick or injured or something, so is Velvet, and SteelHooves presumably hasn't learned to walk again yet, so it seems they will need to rest for a couple of days. Xenith comes in and rubs ointment into Littlepoop's horribly painful bum-wounds, and tells her that she is not allowed to get out of bed until she is rested enough to stand on her own and keep down solid food.

For some reason, LP is in a huge hurry to resume her mission all of a sudden. It's been about twelve chapters since Red Eye first gave her the task of killing the Goddess, and told her that there was a bomb in Tenpony Tower that would explode if she didn't do his evil bidding incidentally, how is that situation coming along, anyway? bomb still tick, tick, ticking away?. Since that time, LP has done nothing but goof around and go on side missions, stopping to help every random pony she bumps into, no matter how trivial and mundane their problem is. She's still done absolutely fuck-all in terms of progress on this mission, though to her credit she did finally complete the mission the Goddess tasked her with, when she agreed to do a mission for her instead of killing her, which was the original mission.

So, what's the big hurry all of a sudden? Why not rest, take a few days off, heal your injuries, which for some reason you can't just shrug off by downing a potion this time around? You were willing to spend several days goofing around in Tenpony immediately after Red Eye gave you this assignment, so what exactly is the issue?

Anyway, they talk about Xenith's daughter for a bit. Seems like she's being basically written out of the story so that Xenith can rejoin the party. Since she wasn't much of a character in the first place, I don't think anyone is really going to miss her that much. After this, Littlepoop proceeds to mumble to herself about the usual nonsense until eventually the scene ends.

She embarks on one of her annoying little self-doubt episodes, bemoaning that she is about to lead her friends on a mission but she doesn't even know what the plan is since she erased her own memory. Then, she remembers that she is Mary Sue, the Chosen One, and nothing bad could ever possibly happen to her.

>I’ve told everypony their parts, and just their parts.
>Every pony...
>…because the Goddess couldn’t read zebra minds.
>A smile broke across my muzzle. Ooooh, I was a clever pony!
Has it been established that the Goddess can't read zebra minds? This is actually a serious question; I really can't keep track of even half of the ridiculous rules that have been introduced into this story thus far, but kkat is generally more less consistent when it comes to these kinds of details. Anyway, it looks like LP's plan is going to revolve around Xenith somehow.

Page break. It looks like someone else might have pointed out the continuity error with the memory orbs to kkat, because this scene starts with an angry rant from Calamity about LP viewing a box of memory orbs while he was off getting the Fart Cruiser. If I'm interpreting it correctly, the idea is that LP watched all six of the orbs while she was in the warehouse, sometime between Calamity's exit and the basement explosion.

This one is a draw, as far as I'm concerned. +1 to kkat for recognizing and correcting a continuity error, -1 for doing it in an idiotic, clumsy and illogical way.
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Kkat can't keep his story straight because he's too busy keeping it gay! Ha! I was a professional author once.

I don't think Red Eye works as an evil take on LP. LP and Red Eye have many things in common and many things different from one another but nothing really makes them good rivals or counterparts. Red Eye is a faction leader with godhood on the brain while LP is a murderhobo with three-ish friends. They both want overwhelming power so they can solve their problems solo but a competent writer would make "you don't need to be like Red Eye and you don't want to be like him" into a lesson LP has to learn. Don't take the world on solo, don't abandon your ideals or roboticize your dog, godhood is overrated, friendship is magic, blah blah blah card games blah.

A competent writer would establish parallels with the way LP and RE like to think and solve problems while scattering Memory Orbs around that introduce LP to who Red Eye was before he... I don't know, lost his party of murderhobos to raiders and decided going full slaver was the only solution. Could make him eerily similar to LP for max symbolism before Red Eye went bad. Sometimes LP and Red Eye use charm and sometimes they use force, no characterization there. I guess both use outside enhancements in the form of LP's crackmints and pipbuck while Red Eye has his cyber implants but that's a stretch. LP is technically part machine now that her pipbuck fused into her leg but that never mattered.

maybe instead of "that raider pony in my head" and "muh corrupted kindness" LP should think to herself "I don't want to be like Red Eye".

One Piece is superbly written and loves making the wandering hero Luffy a Chaotic Good spanner in the works of assorted high-and-mighty scheming overpowered villains whether those baddies work for the law or against it. But that isn't done right here. LP doesn't differ from the villains in a meaningful way and she lacks the kind of high quality consistent characterization Monkey D. Luffy gets. On the surface he's a stereotypical idiot hero but beneath that he's an honest and straightforward adventurer with great respect for dreams and his own views on what's right and wrong. He doesn't consider himself a hero because he runs a pirate crew, not a charity, but he'll kick the ass of any villain that pisses him off or threatens/hurts someone he cares about. He really is the kind of guy who would declare war on the world government for his friends. Meanwhile LP's morality is as vaguely defined as her religion and Red Eye's, and characters suck her cock for her "morality" without ever having a meaningful problem with how she operates. It's highly unusual for a random fucking pipbuck repair pony (or toaster repair pony if you're annoying) to pick up lockpicking offscreen and master guns in an afternoon and decide being forced into becoming a social pariah is the perfect time to become a roaming murderhobo whose murderboner forces her to penetrate countless raider and slaver and assorted monster skulls with lead bukkakes. She acts like a video game protagonist and doesn't seem to care about gathering information before making a major political decision even if it means risking her life for said decision. And this can't be a consistent intentional character trait because it never meaningfully fucks her over.

"The portal to hell is opened with the incantation of good intentions" is supposed to be a major theme of this work since the good intentions of assorted poners only make things worse if they are not named Littlepip or working for her. Why the fuck doesn't LP's good intentions ever backfire on her? When she stumbles into a doctor's hideout and shoots her way out she isn't setting the cure for a plague back a thousand years, the doctor is conveniently pure evil. When she goes from New Appleoosa to Old Appleoosa and opens fire she doesn't get NA fucked. At best her decisions made involving The Megaspell from Bootleg Pinkie's place backfired a little but it didn't matter much in the long run.

Maybe Kkat should have divided this story into two halves. In the first half, LP is a civilian who can't go home and wants to find a place to live away from violence. She hates killing and hates danger but really wants to save Velvet anyway upon learning she was kidnapped and enslaved. Calamity's the one pulling her into dangerous dungeon crawls for ammo.when the party is low on supplies. If she does enough sidequests for a location to like her and consider letting her live there circumstances fuck shit up for her and force her back onto the road. Second half, LP sidequested and main quested so much that she's finally got a permanent home in Tenpony Tower and could retire. But now she knows about the whole wasteland and the factions fighting over it and she doesn't want to any more because she's grown to care about the one-off background characters she befriended along the way and really wants to save them. Now she has a reason to carry out missions for her radio waifu and they should be more important than scavenging for records, they should directly contribute to winning the bigass battle in Act 3.

Character growth. Like in real-ass motherfucking books. And like in Role Playing Games with the EXP and level ups.

And it would be like in Fallout NV where Act 1 has you make your way to New Vegas hunting Benny and Act 2 has you reach the goal that carried you through act 1 before the mystery behind act 1 ("what's so special about the mcguffin you were robbed for?") Is answered and you pick a side and start doing tasks for your chosen side to rig things for Act 3 and then Act 3 has a bigass battle. Acts separated so cleanly you could cut them into three separate books and call the result a trilogy like a real-ass author. Kkat isn't a real-ass author, he's a real ass of an author! Dohohohoho!
314586 314599 314605

>…until the Cathedral shook under a mighty, rending rumble. The crippled Raptor had finally lost any semblance of control and was crashing into one of the battlements outside, gouging out an avalanche of sundered stone. The Raptor’s storm clouds dissipating in a hurricane blast that shattered the nearby windows into razor shards and fine pink dust. I instinctively lashed out with my telekinesis, pushing back at the debris, keeping it away from us and from the children, terrified at the consequences of breathing powdered Pink Cloud glass.
Couple of things here. First of all, I'm a little confused about the physical composition of the Raptor.

I think it was stated earlier that all of the pegasus technology, including their airships, is made out of clouds. For Ponyland this is perfectly fine; in fact I think it's canon in the show that pegasi build things out of clouds anyway. However, this creates some logical problems, as kkat has also established that non-pegasi are incapable of interacting with clouds in the way that pegasi can. Earlier, for instance, we saw a "cloud" terminal that LP was unable to hack because she couldn't physically interact with it.

I also seem to recall a conversation about clouds being an unsuitable material for crafting armor. See where I'm going with this? If the ships are made out of cloud, then A) LP and other non-pegasus characters should not be able to walk around inside them, and B) it would in any case be retarded to build military aircraft out of a substance that would provide no protection against bullets and other projectiles. Disclaimer: kkat tends to be selectively attentive to certain details while ignoring others, but this kind of autism tends to be one of the areas where he's pretty thorough. So, it's entirely possible that he's already explained how this works and I just forgot about it. However, it still bears mention, particularly since it relates to what I was saying earlier about kkat's limited description of these vehicles causing confusion.

This bit also caught my attention:

>I instinctively lashed out with my telekinesis, pushing back at the debris, keeping it away from us and from the children, terrified at the consequences of breathing powdered Pink Cloud glass.
I was a bit confused about the connection between the glass and the Pink Cloud. I remember LP remarking on the pinkish color of the glass earlier and how it reminded her of the Pink Cloud, but I didn't realize she was speaking literally.

I went back a few paragraphs, and here is exactly what the text says:

>I stared at the window, ignoring the monster depicted and instead focusing on the pinkish tones of the glass itself. A surge of dread hit me as I realized that all the windows in the Cathedral were suffused with Pink Cloud. My little pony conjured up imaginings of the windows slowly leaking minute amounts of necromantic poison into the building.
If I'm understanding this correctly, she's basically saying that the pink parts of the stained glass are...made out of Pink Cloud? Did I get that right? That seems like a pretty dumb thing to make windows out of. What's more, it was previously explained that Red Eye didn't make these windows himself, he had them brought from Canterlot. So...the pre-war royalty had the windows of their palace made out of Pink Cloud because...why exactly? I really don't get what the author was going for here at all.

Page break. The party descends into some kind of basement armory beneath the chapel. While there, LP decides to once again listen to some random recording she picked up somewhere. The recording is of a conversation that took place between Red Eye and the Overmare of Stable 101 at some point in the distant past. The Overmare seems to believe that earth ponies are superior to unicorns and pegasi, and Red Eye is arguing the opposite. If this subject has ever come up as a point of contention before, I don't remember it. More likely this is kkat attempting to clumsily graft some kind of motivation onto Red Eye's character at the last minute: he grew up under an ideology created by one of the CMC's wacky social experiments, and everything he's done since then is a reaction to this upbringing. As usual, it might have worked if kkat had set it up earlier and developed it properly, but now? Not so much.

The debate reads like a tedious Reddit argument, with each side ponderously rolling out fairly obvious talking points that sound rehearsed. It does not feel like natural conversation, and neither side has anything particularly earth-shattering to say. It's not really worth analyzing here. Meanwhile, LP explores the room and finds a locked closet full of guns, and Reggie finds the door to the next room. As the recording draws to a close, an implication is made that Red Eye has poisoned the Overmare's drink.

Page break. The next level is some kind of surgery room. Consistent with kkat's depiction of Red Eye as a walking ball of cliches, the area seems to have been mostly used for various ghastly medical experiments in cybernetics. Sacrebleu, le edge.

They encounter some sort of cybernetically-enhanced roboponer who is down here for some reason. He turns out to be a random throwaway character who was namedropped literally about 20 chapters ago:

>Doctor Slaughter. I knew that name. Oh, and tag her to see Doc Slaughter. She’s got one of them leg terminals that are a bitch to get off. He was in Fillydelphia. I narrowly avoided losing my PipBuck to him.
This is that doctor that she was supposed to have seen but never wound up seeing. I think the implication is that he would have cut her leg off.

Anyway, we don't learn anything important from him beyond that he was the one responsible for creating the cybernetically enhanced dragon we saw earlier. Apparently Red Eye had him install some kind of bomb in the dragon's heart to ensure that he doesn't go off the reservation; more typical cornball villain stuff.
>What's more, it was previously explained that Red Eye didn't make these windows himself, he had them brought from Canterlot. So...the pre-war royalty had the windows of their palace made out of Pink Cloud because...why exactly? I really don't get what the author was going for here at all.
The pink cloud seeps into solid objects. Everything in Canterlot was full of it. Red Eye presumably had the windows salvaged from Canterlot after they'd been immersed in the cloud for two centuries because he is a big dingus that likes his historical shinies.

Never mind the fact that a salvage operation of that scale would have required a large workforce to spend an extended period of time to work uninterrupted in Canterlot, which was supposedly one of the most lethal places in the setting.
Not only that, but that was a place the Goddess wanted in on, and thus sent Littlepip. Wouldn't she ask her then at the time ally, Red Eye, to grab the book while his expedition was there? Or wait, was that supposed to be a secret because she wanted to overpower him? I'm forgetting.
All the vehicles currently fighting are foreign to us. Enclave battleships, the cyber dragon, flying tanks, and more.

LP should have been forced to fight one flying tank earlier in the story and fight one battleship much later, struggling both times and nearly dying and losing her whole team to them both times. That way we'd know what to expect from these vehicles when we see the Enclave unleash hundreds of them against Red Eye.

As for the cyber dragon of supreme unimportance, imagine a scene where the Enclave unleashes mind-controlled dragons onto Red Eye's forces. Teenaged ones and a few adult ones. Then Red Eye's one CyberChimeraTech OverDragon Inferno (it needs a cool name) rips and tears its way through absolutely all enemy Enclave dragons in a shocking display of overwhelming force, obliterating Enclave troops through collateral damage as it eliminates and outclasses all high-priority targets like the tanks and airships. This single piece on the board makes LP feel like she needs to kill it however she can right now and that motivates her to seek out the obligatory killswitch for it.

LP could even say something like "How do I know he put a killswitch on it? Simple. That's what I would do. Also he's a massive control freak. I'd be surprised if he didn't have a self destruct button somewhere in his base".

Page break. Despite having been seen by multiple guards and soldiers, and having directly interacted with one of Red Eye's higher-ranking employees, the group is still permitted to pass on to the next level of sub-basement unchallenged. Kkat's flimsy explanation for this is that Calamity and LP are invisible because of zebra cloaks, and nobody finds Regina's presence out of place because she's a griffon. Never mind that griffons are individuals like any other type of creature, and no one on Red Eye's staff would know Regina. Nope; Regina is a griffon, and Red Eye has a couple of griffons working for him, so that means she is ok to stroll around down here without anypony raising an eyebrow. The level of managerial incompetence on display here seems a bit much even by the standards of this story.


Never mind that the group is just casually waltzing through what would logically be a restricted area requiring security clearance. Never mind that an invisibility cloak wouldn't prevent a creature with hooves from making noise when walking on stone. Never mind that the sound of horse hooves going clippity-clop on stone would be even more noticeable in an enclosed stone corridor where an echo would be present. Never mind that kkat has never clarified whether or not a pony wearing an invisibility cloak would still cast a shadow. Never mind that in order to render a pony completely invisible, a cloak would have to envelop their entire body as well as cover their face, meaning that said pony would effectively be draping a sheet over themselves, which would make moving around difficult.

We're just supposed to accept at face value that all of these seasoned soldiers, accustomed to living in a world of tricks and magic, would find nothing strange about a mysterious griffon poking around in restricted areas, accompanied by two oddly-shimmering patches of air that keep whispering to each other. Clearly nothing suspicious going on here.

Anyway, according to an inscription above the door, the purpose of this level is "meta-pony testing." I don't even have the slightest idea what a meta-pony is, or what the testing of one would involve, but apparently LP and Calamity do. Unfortunately, they don't seem interested in sharing their insights with us, so we have no choice but to keep following along.

>“The way you talked, I didn’t think your stealth missions tended to go this smoothly,” Regina commented, pulling out her guns and checking the loads. “I ain’t complainin’. Jus’, I’m ‘fraid if I don’t getta shoot somethin’ soon, I’m gonna forget how.”
One of these days, someone is going to need to sit kkat down and explain to him what a "stealth mission" entails; namely that some level of stealth is actually necessary and is being employed. As usual, the issue here has less to do with the "stealth" tactics being employed by the party and more to do with the fact that their enemies are almost criminally incompetent. I suspect the three of them could dye their coats bright neon colors and strut around playing brass instruments and still wouldn't be caught.

>Unity. The password was “unity”. I felt cheated. He wasn’t even trying.
All of the passwords in this story suck. I haven't been noting them in my commentary, but most of them have just been simple words that could be brute-forced in under a second. Though I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that Red Eye's IT department is as incompetent as the rest of his staff.

Anyway, LP hacks some terminal and opens some door, and as a bonus for her; not us she gets access to another long journal entry. The author has a bit of a pottymouth, but aside from that there's nothing super interesting here. Basically, it's yet another pointlessly detailed record of some ghoulish experiment that Red Eye was conducting for some unknown and probably moronic reason. As far as I can tell, it relates to his efforts to recreate whatever that radioactive goop is that turns regular ponies into alicorns; the stuff that Twilight's Ministry was making way back when, that was responsible for turning Trixie into the Goddess.

Unsurprisingly, all the casual cruelty on display in the doctor's research notes has Littlepoop's taint in a tizzy:

>I felt a ruddy darkness seep across my vision, a drive to violence mounting in every beat of my heart, the likes of which I hadn’t felt since Arbu. My nerves were on fire.
What the fuck else is new?

Anyway, LP's PipBuck helpfully informs her that the door she has just opened leads to Stable 101. Apparently, Red Eye's Cathedral is not only built on top of the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters, it is also the site of the stable he grew up in. I don't remember if that was mentioned earlier or not, but I think I remember reading something about it.

>The door opened into a chamber of horrors. A catacomb for the horrifically malformed and mutilated byproducts of Doctor Glue’s experiments, lit sporadically by mounted lanterns, many of which were dark and cold.
What the fuck else is new?

Anyway, whatever; the room is full of more of Red Eye's wacky experiments in body augmentation, or alicorns, or cybernetics, or something equally nonsensical. Horribly mutated and misshapen corpses abound. Le edge, le edge.

>The strains of classical music were being piped down here as well, a twisted counterpoint to the vileness. The music was defiled by being played in here; I didn’t think I’d ever be able to enjoy Octavia’s artistry again.
Has she ever even heard "Octavia's artistry" before today? Unless Homage has Octavia in regular rotation alongside Sweetie Belle's assorted emo ballads, I don't see how she possibly could have. In any case, neither Octavia nor her music have ever been mentioned prior to this chapter.

Suddenly, they hear Autumn Leaf's voice, and they all hide while he and a couple of the Enclave soldiers go running past. Apparently, the Enclave got in here somehow. They appear to be hunting someone.

explosive nazi waifu meme horse.png
Coronavirus Thread #8 - Awakening Edition
6230 310463
The old thread >>303385 → hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
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>Covid camps.

I’d actually rather have states shift focus from stopping the spread to getting people vaccinated and preventing severe disease, hospitalization, and death. That way, people won’t think of the vaccine certificates as worthless pieces of paper and we won’t have to worry about the return of mask mandates.
>stopping the spread
Read the damn thread nigger.
There was never a virus.
The CDC has not even 1 sample of covid-19.
There is in Europe a bounty of 1.5 million euros for anyone who can produce a purified sample of covid-19.
The test is a scam as stated for its inventor.
The test can be positive even with coca-cola depending of the arbitrary amplification ordered by the conspirators.
The CDC is lying when talks about variants as doesn't exist a test able to differentiate the common flu from covid and fictitious mutations.
The conspirators, including accessories such as doctors and nurses are lying through the teeth when claim that unvaccinated people are getting sick. The hospitals are filled with vaccinated victims.
The injections are poisonous and contain not only spike proteins creating toxins non stop, but graphene oxide which is highly toxic, many doctors already came forward to say that those who were injected are doomed.
The rush to inject as many as possible is because the psychopaths want to erase the "control group", the unvaccinated. If the unvaccinated don't get sick, the crime committed will be obvious. See >>314399
>Head of Baylor Medical School Confirms Covid-19 Vaccine is Deadly
>Alex Jones plays videos of top medical professionals who have done research in modern vaccine technology warning the public about the deadly dangers of the Covid-19 injection.
File (hide): 30DD9B5099460B24DFD58C91485E3208-2256798.mp4 (2.2 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:00:55, 43EDIT.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>VACCINE FAILURE! Patients Hospitalized, Dying Mostly FULLY ‘VACCINATED’!
>Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to reveal that the “Delta Variant” may not be the killer, but that the ‘vaccines’ are likely causing the trauma being treated at hospitals.
>The Delta variant is a hoax
Clip attached.

/mlh/ - My Little Human Thread
Previous bread: >>277825 →
post-anon - 510.jpg

The Fed Thread
240733 261040 264006 269228 269233 285967 292229 292374 301695
This is a thread to talk about the politics of the Federal Reserve Bank and any other central banks under the banking cartel. End the Fed
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Let it all End!
300% inflation in 2 years.

It should be “as long as you use FED-backed notes”. This is jot about taxes. It’s about the money itself.

Cringe - Reading newspaper - I should buy a helicopter.gif
RANDOM NEWS - Thread #5
301565 301571
The old thread >>281344 → hit the bump limit.
Post random news here.
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>>Women Are on the Verge of Being Forced Into Military Conscription Due to a Perverse Notion of 'Equality'
Antifeminists have been saying stuff like this for at least about a century, that's one of the main arguments they had against the so-called Equal Rights Amendment.

That's a good take. There's no other reason they would just start to add women to selective service like that.
>Due to a Perverse Notion of 'Equality'
True equality is blind. Women demand supremacy in all aspects of life.

>Service tied to a man's ability to vote
>Women demand ability to vote without service
>Men oblige
>Women preach "equality"
>Women continually beat down men for 100 years at every opportunity for all reasons
>Some men finally nut up and have no more
>BUT MUH WEEK WYMYN simps try to stop it

Keep in mind that neanderthals were conquered because there was "equality" between the sexes.
>As Trump Supporters are Treated Like Terrorists in the Homeland, Republican Lawmakers Focus on ‘Liberating’ Cuba
>Raceless Shooter In Black Neighborhood STONED TO DEATH By Raceless Neighbors
>In Como, a "historically African-American neighborhood" near Fort Worth, a person of no named race started shooting at a party, which is a thing that might happen at a party in any neighborhood, but is roughly 8 to 20 times more likely to happen in a "historically African-American neighborhood".
>The shooter didn't kill anyone, apparently, but was stoned to death by neighbors, also of no named race.
Chris Chan.
>Transgender Internet Personality Allegedly Admits To Sexually Assaulting Their Own Mother
>Internet personality Chris Chan allegedly admitted to sexually abusing their 80-year-old mother, who is widely believed to suffer from dementia.
>Police in Virginia have reportedly served a protective order against autistic transgender Internet personality Christine Chandler, better known as their Internet moniker, Chris Chan, and born Christopher Chandler, after the publication of audio and text messages that appear to feature 31-year-old Chandler discussing sexually abusing their mother, 80-year-old Barbara Chandler, who is widely believed to be suffering from dementia.
>In a nearly 10 minute audio recording posted to Kiwi Farms, the person identified as Chandler appears to admit to having repeated sexual intercourse with their mother since June of this year, and at one point explains that “We’ve been doing it every third night and the first night was on June 27”. The person identified as Chandler explained that they approached Barbara Chandler “with care and caution” in “a timed approach” that “just branched out slow and steady” until they let Barbara “make the first move, and she wanted to do it.”
Kathy Griffin has lung cancer.

Canadian politic thread
311706 311789 314061
Since we are getting a bit of attention recently we might as well get a thread to compile all the leaf info to one place.
Post anything related to leaf land here.
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>Firearm Confiscation Imminent, Language Changed in Legislation OVERNIGHT in Canada!
>Canadians' gun rights are being targeted, and confiscation seems imminent as bill C-71 was changed, literally overnight.
>Stew Peters was joined by Mike Filip, host of "Americanuck Radio", which can be heard weekdays at 2PM EST on MoJo 5-0 Radio.
>Filip, who is a true patriot, explained the slippery slope dangers of the new language, aimed at disarming gun owners, making it nearly impossible to defend themselves should the need arise.
Not sure if true but we might be at 50 burn churchs now.

Also got fire's in noth Ontario for atleast a week or two. Started near a reserve. But i'm sure it was not some bozo fucking up a church burning. No way.
314566 314576
Some of you might find this interesting
aryanne's stamp of approval.png
It is. Thanks anon.
32 - The Bee and the Spider Wild Hunt Vision Quest
Interesting, yes very interesting.
Going to take a leaf out of my book to jot this on the inky pages.
Here's hoping.

275071 275082 275774 278600 311051
my wife rarity is so cute
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It's early Friday, time for more classy white pone.

A lady like Rare would never.
Slow, steady, and steamy vaginal only.


>A very quality pone, with another or alone.

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