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U.S. Presidential Election: Voter Fraud Discussion
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I'm making this thread since the US Presidential election thread is past the bump limit and there is still some interest in discussing any current events regarding the investigations into alleged voter fraud in the US Presidential elections.

I wish that I had some juicy content of my own to kick off the thread, but for now I'll repeat a link from an anon in the last thread of Sidney Powel claiming that she has evidence that voting machines are compromised.

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Have stop paying attention fora little bit, whats going on now? Any good news? Any bad?
Some noise, but nothing with substance.
Any chance we might get something soon? Its almost december. Trump only as one more month before Biden fucks everything over.
>TRUMP SNAPS AT REPORTER: President Trump SLAMS MEDIA For "Disrespectful" Question
He also makes a commentary on fraud and rigged machines.
>BREAKING: KRAKEN RELEASED! Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia Election – Update: Michigan too
>Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia Election
PDF attached.
>WE CAUGHT THEM: Lin Wood Outed Mysterious Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling – Now Video Shows Him Admitting He Helped Set Up Drop Boxes and Promoted Far Left Activists as Absentee Ballot Counters
>Yesterday we reported on Lin Wood’s bombshell tweet about an almost $11 million grant award to the Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger and his accomplice Gabe Sterling. We wondered who Sterling even was. Now we have more.
>In a recent tweet Lin Wood zeroed in on an anomaly, or something much, much worse, relating to the Secretary of State’s Office and this almost $11 million transaction with the state of Georgia. Wood’s bombshell tweet refers to an April 15, 2020 letter to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) from Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is also Georgia’s Chief Election Official.
I seriously hope you guys don't watch past season 2.png
>endless screetching bringing up a dead topic after everyone else shut the fuck up
Did you not listen to the mods retard?
guess not, at least you're posting horses, in the future please shut the fuck up and keep it coming

So, this is the video showing a whole bunch of blue flashes. /mlpol/ now rocks /vx/ so does anyone technically smart think it might be some kind of coded message? If so, from who and to who? could the video contain information? I know its possible to embed that kind of stuff in pictures.
>Trump: -"This was a rigged election"
So he is taking it to the judges by civil affidavits.... but this is a criminal case, so... Where is the FBI, which by the way, Trump is the boss?
Am I missing something?
A smile make everything better.png
dunno. I tend to not watch too much press releases because usually it's all information sanitized for the public. I was more interested in the /x/ flickering, someone already made a video with it cut out if people want to just watch and talk about it though.
>INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia
>So easy to consume, even Democrats can understand...

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The more this drags on, the more I realize how utterly fucked politics is. Who would ever want to go into this shitty landscape where the only thing that matters is money and power?
It's painfully obvious that the whole damn system has a lot of money on the line banking on Biden's win. They probably just want the old fart to sweep the skeletons back into the closet, I bet. Only POTUS can do that.
More bait & switch aimed at both sides.
>Trump Now Says Biden Will Have To 'Prove' His 80 Million Votes Weren't Fraudulent Before Giving Up White House
>President Trump took questions from reporters on Thursday evening for the first time since Election Day. And after confirming a few days ago via Twitter that he would tell the GSA to formally begin the transition process, the president confirmed to a group of MSM journalists that he would formally surrender power to Biden should Trump's rival win the Electoral College vote.
I wish there was a pro-white movement making coordinated survivalist plans in the event of a worst-case scenario.
What happened to that "Go to a low-population american state en masse, turn it red, kick the niggers/jews out, ensure it could survive without trade from the outside world, and name it Real America?" plan?
plans like that don't exist. The reason the left can get away with stuff like that is the system of trust and financial machinery in place. These rich assholes have the whole countrys justice system on their payroll and they will frame, glownig, or fuck up in general any plan like this. the only thing that will ever work is a movement to resettle the land, build a huge family/extended family estate or groups of homes, and operate out of them like a miniature empire. If enough people did this, they would heave leaverage to deal with this kind of threat. Sadly, most families are dependant on Employment to survive, and the jews have been gloriously successful in destroying family bonds from the boomers to our generations today.

Fuck it's been a long day.
Biden astonishes audience once again

"I’m going to — we’re going to impose the — we’re going to enforce the — excuse me, employ the defense, reconstruct the act, to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things."
It amazes me that even the most blind of normalfags are capable of thinking this senile fool managed to get more votes than the third party candidates.
download (1).png
download (2).png
>CNN: There Are “Legal & Constitutional” Ways For Trump to Stay in Office
>Pre-election Fareed Zakaria video attracts fresh attention, causes consternation amongst Biden supporters.
>In a video released before the election but attracting fresh attention, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explained the “legal and constitutional” case by which President Trump could stay in office even if he loses the election.
>In a moment of actual journalistic integrity, which is incredibly rare these days for CNN, Zakaria outlined how Trump could retain the presidency “without actually winning the vote.”
>Explaining how the system worked, Zakaria said electors are determined by that state’s popular vote, but that this is “not a constitutional obligation.”
>The host then outlined the exact scenario that happened on election day, with Trump leading on November 3rd but then mail-in ballots swinging the result for Biden, prompting a flurry of challenges and lawsuits.
>“Taking account of the confusion, legislatures decide to choose the electors themselves,” said Zakaria before pointing out that eight out of nine key swing states have Republican legislatures.
>Trump’s Last Hurrah?
>There seems to be a quasi consensus that Trump will not prevail and that Biden and Harris will get into the White House no matter what. To my surprise, even the Russian media seems to be considering that the Trump presidency is over.
>Yet, I am not so sure at all.
>Because at this point in time, I think that it would fair to conclude that anybody actually willing to look at what has been revealed by this election will have to agree that this election was stolen, rigged, falsified – chose your expression – and that going to the courts to challenge this obscene miscarriage of the democratic process is a fundamental civil right and something which any democrat (small “d”) should support.
>The lower, state, courts are unlikely to resist the pressure put upon them to come up with the “right” conclusions, but never say never – all it takes is one single principled judge and Trump or, more accurately, the Giuliani team, might get the break they need. Still, it is pretty obvious that Giuliani’s real hopes are with the Supreme Court. This makes sense, local judges are much easy to influence and sway than Supreme Court Justices who are unassailable and who realize that they will make history, the only question being is: how till they go down in history books, as a “profile in courage” or as impotent cowards who betrayed their oath?
>I will say that I am, to put it mildly, not impressed by Trump’s demeanor during these crucial days: he completely ceded the narrative to his opponents (a couple of incoherent and poorly phrased “tweets” do not qualify). True, Trump never displayed the qualities of a real leader, so this is hardly surprising.
>Giuliani, however, is a tough SOB and he seems to be determined to take this fight right up to the Supreme Court. This is why I believe that it is very dangerous to make any assumptions about what the Justices might or might not do. Is it possible that even the Supreme Court justices would betray their oath and cave in to the Dem’s pressure? Yes, I suppose so. Concepts such as truth, honor, integrity, courage and heroism are very much out of fashion in the modern world, especially in the US. This is why the traditionally hallowed term “hero” is applied left and right to every bureaucrat or civil servant simply doing his/her job: real heroes are long gone.
>I think that there is also another consideration which we have to remain aware of: Trump’s entire presidency is been one long and never ending prostitution of the United States to the desires and whims of Netanyahu and his gang of thugs. True, as Israel Shamir pointed out, the Israelis failed to deliver anything in return to Trump. And yet, as Philip Giraldi recently explained, Trump is still very much Israel’s prostitute, which is why there are an increasing number of Israeli experts (see here and here) who believe that Trump might strike at Iran as a “farewell” present to the Israelis.
>Is that really possible? Could Trump really do something so crazy?
>You betcha he could!
I tried posting General Flynn's interview from yesterday regarding the kraken happening, essentially he validates the coup has been followed and watched for years by a select military group and they have no chance of getting away with it
>No MSM will admit the truth until guillotined
>Impersonating a US General is tier felony

Anyone have a good reason not to be excited about this? I think it's beautiful. Gnews says it'll give them a legal case to overthrow the CCP.
High I.Q post & pretty on the nose, however, I would push back regarding election fraud's worthiness as discussion as well as the potential fruit it may yield in terms of redpilling normies.
The drama unfolding is pretty engrossing & entertaining.
Although low-brow entertainment, entertainment none-the-less.
Regarding redpilling of the normies.
Look, they've seen the hand of the (((oligarchy))) for the first time in this election.
Okay, granted they're calling it the, "DeepState,"- which I know is Illuminatti tier, but still - & not the ZOG, but at least they're SEEING it.
A cursory lurking over on /pol/ the last few weeks revealed the pedes freaking the fuck out seeing the hand of the ZOG for the first time.
Sure, they still have steps to go, but at least they're coming to understand their democracy is a facade & they live under an (((oligarchy))).
Trump has done fuck-all for white people, in fact, dissidents have gotten the dog shit end of the stick under Trump's administration.
Most censored, denied fund raising capabilities via payment processors as well as being designated DOMESTIC TERRORISTS by glowies.
Trump has been a disaster for white dissidents.
Is Biden getting an ankle monitor boot?
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tlou2 is garbage.png
Honestly the only thing I do that feels like cope is hope trump really does care about our interests when it comes to defending the constitution and uppending the fraudulant actors, but I am not holding my breath.

Trump has done pretty well in one area for whites only afaik. He loosened restrictions on investing, which would allow business smart entreprenuers to take advantage of wealth even if they don't have much of it. Other than that one change it's hard to think of anything he actually accomplished, and the only the hope that he will cross the rubicon is keeping some people from just eating the black pill. I've always personally been of the attitude that there is no point in trying to change things through political candidacy. The 4th arm of the government of the united states has weakened. It's people, the militia, are fat, lazy, disconnected, and are not able to pose a credible threat to even a swat team of antifags. The ones who are largely credited with standing up for conservative values have the neocon values at heart rather than real conservative ones.

Probably the worse thing I see among that group in my area is the complete ludditet attitude to technology, as well as an antipathy towards the next generation, blaming everything on them. There's no team spirit among our people. and nothing anyone does, even if we elected hitler, can change that but us. We have to be the ones to do it. and it means not giving up, reading business, history, investing, military, and computer systems literature, and putting them into practice. It means living in a large enough group cops and glownigs will think twice before knocking on our doors. and it means mending bridges instead of burning them with family and friends.

The elites win because they are a team and we're all individuals. that's got to change if we want to get anywhere. Blood, love, and family. These are the systems of trust that can stand up to the jew. The magic of friendship must be our sword, but we need bodies strong enough to wield it.
293077 293080
>The 4th arm of the government of the united states has weakened. It's people, the militia, are fat, lazy, disconnected, and are not able to pose a credible threat to even a swat team of antifags
The average burger, sure. But we know there's no hope for them: you can't forget about people like Rittenhouse (and presumably his family), who are just honest people trying to go to work and be home in time for dinner. Those people only follow the elites and globohomo brands because they think it's the "normal" thing to do, but for all the evils social media has done, it has made the average person much more able to find firsthand footage and evidence of any particular news event. You might not think it matters much, but before the world started being totally insane I saw the Sandy Hook shooting on a news show and never thought twice about it. I believe the Christchurch shooting was a false flag operation now, specifically because I was able to see the firsthand footage of it and notice a lot of inconsistencies and weird details.

>The elites win because they are a team and we're all individuals.
You're kidding, right? The elites are a small handful of Jews who work together surrounded by a larger network of Jews who are motivated by a common interest. They Jew each other just as much as they do the goyim, if they think they can get away with it. Without the benefit of 200-year-old legal systems that they've been cultivating and grooming, they're a collection of ugly, unstable kikes who are at each other's throats more often than not.

>The magic of friendship must be our sword, but we need bodies strong enough to wield it.
Please try not to sound so cringe-inducing.
Wouldn't it suck if Trump gave up, went back to his rich-guy life, and tried to play the "oh-so-noble doomed moral victor" card for sympathy?
I don't think Trump has it in him to rock the boat, take his Presidency back, restore democracy, and wind up in power for four more years with nothing to lose and revenge on the brain.
It'd be amazing if Trump fought this in the courts, won, was crowned President again (inb4 they don't wear crowns, it's an expression) and answered the obligatory lefty chimpout with arrests followed by the removal of the prisoner's/terrorist's right to vote, giving him a major conservative majority wherever he wants to erode lefty laws designed to encourage demonrat criminality and discourage white people from defending themselves.
Just imagine Trump bringing back the second amendment by legally forcing cops and sherrifs to ignore all gun rights restrictions, and giving a Presidential pardon to anyone who kills a nigger/antifa thug in self-defense. Imagine him abolishing nigger-feeding social programs and bringing out social programs that encourage high-IQ families to breed good stay-at-home moms more and have many more kids with the state's dime supporting this, because even though most high-IQ families are white he will still have plausible deniability. Imagine him leaving Twitter for some alternative that respects free speech or better yet, breaking up Twitter and Facebook and then supporting a free speech alternative. Imagine him breaking America's "Israel's battered husband" status and spitting in that illegitimate ethnostate's face.
After four years of neocon boomer republicuckery, everyone's sick of the spineless republicans that betrayed Trump at every turn. If Trump actually started taking action against the cancerous left, some would say "Too little too late, I'm not voting again" and some would say "Fucking finally! He's finally become someone fighting for white America's future! He's not Hitler but the person that comes after him should be!"
It would only take some tweets saying "Vote for this guy, not this guy" and he'd have control over which republicans get to work for him. I don't think there are any boomer republicans left who'd put that party above Trump.
He could turn America into a single-party "Trumpist" state and put his daughter in charge during 2024 for another eight years of Donald Trump calling the shots.
It would be amazing if Trump transformed into Hitler 2 overnight and solved all problems for us, but all he really needs to do is empower real white people to regain control of their families, future, and country. He needs to let good people make America great again, and stop serving (((their))) interests.
I hope Flynn is right.
>If GOP Leaders Refuse to FIGHT NOW – Trump Supporters Will Abandon GOP and It Will Cease to Exist! — Attorney Lin Wood Goes Off on Weak-Kneed GOP ‘Leaders’
>Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out a request for We the People American patriots to rise up and fight for this nation.
>The GOP elites WILL NOT do it for us!
Georgia Voters Very Angry that the Republican Secretary of State Raffensperger sold out Trump in a crooked deal with Dominion and Hillary Clinton.
293050 293077 293082 293232
>Dissidents who care about “America First” are divided over how to advance their goals now that the 2020 elections are over.
293058 293077 293082 293232
A third party is more of a threat to power, not a viable rout to it. American politics are very accustomed to a two-party system, and things break down if you introduce a non-establishment third party. We don't have time before the demographic winter to make a viable third party. as hard as It will be, creating a Neo-republican party is the best option for America first.

and this is all, ASSUMING! that Trump loses the legal battle
Do you think an "Alternate America" founded by migrating whites determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past could be possible, or do you think that is a pipe dream?
There's nowhere left to settle, Nigel
How long after we take over some 3rd world shithole and set up 'Alternate America' before the top levels of our new govt are just as corrupt as the one we're leaving and we have banana republic fake elections like the one we just had in the USA?

(Ignore my country flag, using VPN to browse / post on anything even remotely political these days)
>taking over a 3rd world shit-hole
America can't defend it's own lands, how could it ever dream of first conquering and colonizing a foreign land. If conquest will happen at all, it will be an uncivilized people conquering a civilized one. Rome did not fall to Parthians, it fell to barbarians. decadent peoples generally lose wars to barbarians.

defend what you can, if you can. The evil elites are going away but that doesn't avoid the 60 million non Americans that moved here since 1960 from demanding autonomy. There is no retreat, this is our home land and any losses here will be permanent.
293083 293232
Too many boomers in the right.
They're thick as shit & still believe they live in a republic with democratic practices.
The left has ran rings around them for decades.
The young, however, are under no such illusions.
They realise they live under (((oligarchy))).
They don't have the inherited + accumulated wealth from better times the boomers had, so they've an awful lot less to lose.
In short, they're not faggots like the boomers & certainly don't have anywhere near the creature comforts they have.

I think the point of third party would be to break the GOP monopoly on the white vote.
Because the GOP has the monopoly on White votes, they don't have to actually lobby & advocate, work for it.
Competition will change this.
it's going to be one of those days.jpg
honestly a lot of the wierd details in the CC where FUD, I am the one who went out on a limb against it and I think the strongest evidence against it is outside the video, namely the florida shooting school victims suddenly flying all the way there. This kind of information is effectively burried in a sea of "what about this thing" which angry posters will quickly debunk because it's old news. They'll talk about disappearing bullets instead of the low ass bit rate for no reason. They'll talk about jet fuel and steel beams instead of the phone calls and dancing israelis. The problem with relying on first hand footage is it's absolutely easy for them to control the narrative by silencing anyone who can process this information for you. Which many people absolutely need. Curating is a necissary thing and theres a reason only left wingers are allowed to do so in public.

>b-but theres competition!
You think the average person doesn't compete with other average people? when was the last time your entire family walked walked with you into a store without a mask, or your entire political party? If we make such a big difference with these videos, how come we cant get a enough people to go to our stores maskless for one day, risking just a tiny bit of themselves for the public good? You know for a fact that business structures, investment structures, government cabinets, and military structures are all team based. Yet the average person doesn't even live with their immediate extended family. There is on average one male in the house and .75 a white male kid. Compare that to any rich jew and you will see that even if their version of teamwork is abhorant it is still teamwork. Instead of a jew free for all its teams of jews stabbing eachother back. The organization matters!
I hope they do nothing and trump still wins and they are crushed.
>nooo goyim stay in our control. don't form a 3rd party
While I certainly don't think we would stand a chance in voting and elections, I would fully support a party based on membership. simply vote for conservative candidates who are likely to win and grow large and rich enough to destroy the aperatus of the jew.
Hitler did it very quickly. Just be anti communist. I doubt we'll ever be that lucky, but the two party system needs to die anyway. america has been in desperate need of voter reform even before you consider the jews and the minorities. Land owning votes, without first past the post winner take all nonsense.
Theres a desperate effort to make zoomers the new hated though. theyre trying to keep us from connecting with the young of our generation as much as possible.
File (hide): 5E1F032396C115B62E292E4405C2FC29-12161843.mp4 (11.6 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:01:31, D463 ranking generations.mp4) [play once] [loop]
D463 ranking generations.mp4
zoomers are a hero generation. obviously not all zoomers are based, but at this point, zoomers are as based as they need to be to make a real change.
>Republicans Plan to Occupy Georgia State House in Response to Secretary of State Ordering Dominion Voting Machines to Be Wiped
>A coalition of Republican groups are calling for an occupation of the Georgia State House in response to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordering the Dominion voting machines in the state to be wiped.
>The groups are also calling for a protest at Raffensperger’s home on Monday evening.
>Raffensperger claims that he was ordering them to be reset ahead of the senate runoff election, but a reset would wipe all votes from the general election — the results of which are still being hotly contested by the Trump campaign.
>The deletion had been temporarily stopped on Sunday, when Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr. issued an order to freeze ALL Dominion voting machines in the state of Georgia, but he reversed course within hours.
>Currently, there is a major fight going on and it appears that a short time later, a federal judge ordered officials not to reset the machines.
>Second guy literally posted in July WAY BEFORE THE ELECTION

AF went mainstream WITHIN the GOP after the rest of the party ditched Trump too early, including Fox News, to venture outside and try a slow third party path will be wasting this opportunity that might never come again
293236 293243
>AG William Barr: No Evidence of Voter Fraud That Would Overturn The Election
>“WASHINGTON — Atty. Gen. William Barr said Tuesday that the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.
>His comments come despite President Trump’s repeated claims that the election was stolen and his refusal to concede his loss to President-elect Joe Biden.
>In an interview with the Associated Press, Barr said U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but they’ve uncovered no evidence that would change the outcome of the election.
>“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” Barr told the AP. …”
>AG William Barr
A review of who actually Trump appointed. Spoiler alert!: The swamp again.

>The Truth About William Barr -- Again
Barr is irrelevant in this. The main issue is states that denied ballot vetting, and the states that allowed ineligibly late ballots, which is for the courts to decide
293254 293265
demoralization is high for me personally, how many more days of this?
trees butterfly my little pony meadows derpy hooves adorable 1770x1748 wallpaper_www.animalhi.com_88.jpg
maxresdefault (4).jpg
Conceivably that's the whole point. Depending on which way the courts decide, one of two things is likely.
Trump's base (and by that I mean those who voted for, or recognize the absurdity of the election fiasco) becomes increasingly demoralized, while Joe's base does enough victory laps toinstill in the public consciousness that Biden is the new president.
Then the courts make their decision.
Either the courts throw out the results of the election for a variety of reasons, or the courts uphold the election.
In the scenario where the election is overturned, the celebratory left ignites in protests, riots, and civil disturbances the likes of which have not been seen since the civil war, in opposition to the right which will suddenly experience renewed vigor and hope. The right owns all the guns, so one can expect a whole lot more Kyle Rittenhouses et al. It wont be pretty.
In the other scenario, the right bunkers down and prepares for the worst, specifically wrt policies that the Biden administration would push through and assert. Again, the right has all the guns, so one can pretty easily surmise the outcome of encroachments on rights, liberties, and the constitution.
In either scenario, false flags are all-but certain to.occur, to.direct civil discourse, aided and abetted by a complicit MSM, especially given how Fox news has been acting lately.
Expect crackdowns on social media regardless.
Tl;dr I dont know what I can say that will help anon, and if there is a light at the end of the tunnel I cant see it yet. Have some coot poners.
All I wanted.jpg
Don't be demoralized. As always, inb4 glownigger, if things get too bad just take out the power and the transformers, etc. Do you have guns and ammo? A reliable enough 4WD car? Be prepared for everything. If you live in a cucked state like me, we're in the same boat.

Remember, if the situation was truly hopeless the demoralization would be unnecessary, and the media would not be shilling a conclusion to this election so damn hard. The kikes had to sacrifice their Fox News golem to try and push this narrative, that's how hard this shit is being shilled. Fox was a one-use controlled opposition, and they had to expend that.
Remember that Rudy's little presentations and quasi-town halls aren't for the media, or even for you, they're for those republican legislatures. Notice that the day after the little town halls, the Republicans in the State start trying to pull certification or just give the electors to Trump?

Remember, until January 21st, we will not have a conclusion to this fiasco. We all meme on Trump being a pussy and not 'crossing the Rubicon'. But I will continue to say, wait and see. You and I, all of us, can do nothing but wait and see. Dig for more fraud, look at cripplechan's Codemonkey digging up that video for example, try to get more stuff. I am 99% certain some of what /pol/ dug up ended up in the lawsuits.
Wait and see. In the meantime, buy more ammo.