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The Garbage Can - Thread #4 - Equestrian Coin Edition
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The old thread >>243820 → hit the bump limit.
Same as before: ITT post anything off-topic that doesn't need its own thread.
File (hide): 01F858B235089E0AAB0833F4C739E3F2-20423855.mp4 (19.5 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:03:20, Based guy calls out the Jews live on NTD.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Based guy calls out the Jews live on NTD.mp4
MAGA march in DC. November 14, 2020.
Based guy calls out the Jews live on NTD.
>Why Do Almost All TV Ads Feature a Dumb White Husband with a Smart Black Wife?
>Southern Poverty Law Center "Union" Is Led By Open "Antifa" Member Who Dresses Like Fidel Castro
>Esteban Gil, the Southern Poverty Law Center's Program Director in New Orleans, is indignant. The SPLC "union" is not getting its fair share of the pie.
>Gil recently appeared in negotiations with SPLC leadership dressed up like Fidel Castro and flanked by the flags of anarcho-communist ("antifa") groups, the IWW and the CNT, to negotiate a pressing labor issue at the neo-liberal non-profit juggernaut: the snacks leave much to be desired.
>The self-described "organizer" and "syndicalist" whose twitter promotes extremist anarchist ideas going back almost a decade is representing his fellow SPLC staff members across five states in calling for CEO Margaret Huang and Chief of Staff Lecia Brooks to provide workers with pizza and ice cream instead of smaller meals under the hashtag #NoSnacks.
>While normal observers may assume this display is satirical, the fad of cosplaying as union organizers has grown among "social justice warriors" in bourgeois cultural professions.
Screenshot from:
>Dear Biden Supporters, It's Not Too Late to Secede
>“Nuclear Scientists” indeed. What sub-70 average IQ looks like.
>“Nuclear Scientist tries to travel clandestinely by hiding himself in the engine of a plane within the blades of the turbine. Brilliant.”

12-Year-Old Discovers All U.S. Presidents Are Direct Descendants of King John Of England .mp4
12-Year-Old Discovers All U.S. Presidents Are Direct Descendants of King John Of England.


>IQ Denial Goes to War
>Smart people are more capable than dullards. People with high intelligence excel across the whole range of non-rudimentary tasks, including organized violence — which is why the United States armed services have used intelligence testing for over a century to screen recruits and select candidates for special training.
>Hamilton Gregory, a former Army officer, experienced first-hand a misguided Pentagon effort to relax mental standards for draftees. As he ably recounts in McNamara’s Folly, this Vietnam-era experiment, called “Project 100,000,” only confirmed that low native intelligence cannot be overcome by false hopes and good intentions.1 In today’s racially-charged environment, IQ denial leads to endless deception and conflict; in Vietnam, it got people killed.
>The program was mercifully terminated in 1972, but IQ-denialism lives on in government, the workplace, and the Academy. As in Vietnam, much of the impetus for ignoring the reality of native intelligence is racial, and the results are depressingly predictable. Mr. Gregory’s book is a cautionary story of one such effort that was quietly shelved, and from which no larger lessons were drawn.
Creating a Culturally Responsive STEM Classroom.pdf
>Critical Race Theory in the classroom
>Not only is America’s #1 STEM HS being destroyed (Thomas Jefferson-VA), but Illinois’ top STEM school too. And look who is influencing this change....
PDF of the commie Powerpoint: https://digitalcommons.imsa.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1057&context=pres_pr
Are White kids still attending anti-White zog' schools?
I am surprised they haven't attacked Reading and Writing as a form of White supremacy yet.
They are working on it focusing on literature, the aim is to erase Western culture and history, because of razzzism.
See example: https://iai.tv/articles/the-racism-of-the-western-philosophy-canon-auid-1200
>Bailout for the rich but not for the people
>Food lines are getting longer, evictions are here, and weather is colder; not talking about Venezuela, but America
File (hide): A9003539C9AAC538161F28A6D390307A-3199559.m4v (3.1 MB, Resolution:720x558 Length:00:01:47, Steele.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Qanon tier shit.
More words, posturing and no action. The same old song.
>We Have It All
>(((inteligence))) expert larping as the guy guy

That was clear as soon as the first woman started threatening to abort her unborn child to manipulate men who want children, and stealing the children and child support money from men who don't.
Clippity cloppity women should exclusively be the property of white men.
Girlish thinking is inferior to mature adult thinking.
Women are too coddled to think clearly and too brainwashed by feminist teachers/colleges and the electric jew and social media to think critically.
Please be specific. You said white men, is one to assume you mean all white men? Does that include unemployed white men? Is gainful production and/or employment a requirement? Is that all inclusive? Does the traditional white man get all the women, or does he share them with futa-obsessed NEETs who only argue what is favorable to them so they can spend all their time trying to determine their ideal totally-not-gay waifu with a prnis? Asking for a friend
293193 293217
It would be easier for white men to find gainful employment/create it for themselves through entrepreneurship without jews holding them down and forcing less qualified elements to take up space in the job market.
Would be easier for white men to women if white women weren't propagandized to crave the cock carousel and think black men make good family men.
Are you really going to try and shame me for not being employed when I have no reason to subject myself to back-breaking labour because working for this anti-white system would postpone the collapse of this anti-white system? There are people out there who could get jobs but choose not to because the govt pays lucky unemployed people better than businesses pay workers. If the world had good women I'd give up fantasizing about perfect women and become a family man in a heartbeat.
You're gay.
293209 293217
No, but I am gonna shame you for having unrealistic expectations and maintaining obviously biased and self-serving preconceptions which the slightest critical thinking could identify and refute.
Your worldview is naively narrow and mostly consisting of memes that don't pan out in the long run, but that doesn't prevent you from touting them any time something triggers your programmed responses. I get that you're mad and who's to argue, but it's not as simple as "hurr, wamens should belong to mens" or "life would be beautiful if not for da joos". How many men are really viable for producing offspring? Imagining (and posturing) as though all it will take is a Thanos snap to fix everything is tantamount to that Harry Potter mirror which theres a reason one doesnt look into.
Stop looking into the mirror, anon.
Tl;dr Nothing personal kid
293213 293217
Western civilization prospered when it treated women as both property and a man's reward for being a good man. A good man attracts many women and has his pick of the litter, and he chooses based on what is best for the family unit, his future, and the future of a nation that loves him and is loved in return. When women are allowed to choose who they sleep with and encouraged to be pleasure-obsessed sluts, they ride the cock carousel until they're old and unloveable and full of anti-male bitterness.
It is an exhausting unpaid labour to be masculine and self-sacrificing to a fault. It's even more exhausting when judensociety hates masculinity and goes out of their way to harm the development and futures of white men. No wonder so many decide breaking their backs for this reality isn't worth it and they'd rather go full NEET over escapism and cartoon babes. Is an obese man who retreats from a society that betrays him at every turn really any more shameful than an obese hyper-privileged hedonistic iphone commie cunt who can literally make a living from taking money from ashamed virtue-signalling men despite offering nothing good to society?
Tell me what nuance you think I'm missing. But if you claim I "feel entitled to a woman's body" and assume my disdain for the modern woman solely comes from a bad sex life, I will call you a brainwashed male-feminist cuck.
So, your position IS in fact "if the world were Thanos snapped to how I think it should be, everything would be swell"? Cuz that's not how the world works. You gotta start where you are and improve from there. Crying and fantasizing wont change a damn thing.
I've never actually seen the second Thanos film. I saw the first one where he eliminates half of all life, but didn't bother with the second. Before that, the last MCU movie I watched was the Ultron one. Oh and I saw Doctor Strange at a friend's party years ago. plz no normie media comparisons I barely watch the stuff.
Do you think Thanos-snapping away blacks and jews would work in minecraft?
293220 293221
The bestest slight exaggeration construct is the bell curve the most average curve.
Then know that human actions and interactions and effects and inputs and outputs lie on either exponential curves or logarithmic curves.
With those three things human behavior and future predicting is a cinch.
Not only that roots to problems which is the real underlying issue here >spoiler are exposed more readily.
>if not for da joos
Oh boy. Time for the application of ze bell curve.
The percentage of ALL jews compared to those that is known and in power still holds true.
Then there are jews which are in most accounts normal, yet still help the cogs turn.
The exponential side effects those specific jews have caused bring about even more suffering.
This also applies to mudslimes.
And blacks.
And Hispanics.
And Asians.
And Europeans.
And Americans.
And Russians.
And Dunecoons.
And Arabic lines.
And Niggers
And Kikes
And Mutts.
And Pure genetic lineages.
And nearly any other category you could think of.
So saving good people is all part of my plan different races have different proportions, and different variations of the average bell curve.
>>221790 →
For more information. So no it's not just the kikes, but discussion needs to happen.
293221 293226
Yeah, no shit. So naturally the best course of action is to cry about how things were and how they should be that way. That's productive. I'm sure half the voting population is just lining up to turn women back into property. Let's goooooo!
293222 293226
You have a master plan? Please tell me everything you can legally tell me about your plan, if you want a constructive discussion on the plan's chances of working.
Do you have any better ideas? If you don't identify where the problems came from and what caused them you'll never be able to figure out a way to fix them.
293225 293226
I do actually. The answer is generational. You have to start somewhere, so you start now. Yeah, it's good to be aware, but if not put into action you're just pissing in the wind.
293227 293228
I agree that action is good. Discussing the kinds of actions that could save the future white people would probably be illegal so maybe we should change the subject.
Wouldn't it be funny if I was actually not a NEET obsessed with escapism and that was just my cover so nobody will think I am in minecraft literally a supporter of the literal hitler in minecraft wink wink? Wouldn't it be wacky if somebody willing to die for a good cause dreamed of joining a good cause but was patiently waiting for that cause to come along? That'd make a great character idea for a book where the hero kills all the baddies and saves the day.
Anyway, I read and I exercise with audiobooks playing. I'm listening to the classics. I redpill people who can handle it. I don't waste money on escapism. I know people with huge collections of toys and games and assorted other distractions but I'm not like that. I don't know what impact these little good things will have but doing them helps me keep my spirits up.
No, it's much simpler. So incredibly simple yet hard to obtain. Women the standard kind of woman have a social envy streak.
Raise good women. Praise the important merits.
There is enough horor stories about not having those merits to back up your point.
However family court system is designed to extract every single penny. With an excellent woman that isn't necessarily a problem.
Don't wait for me it'll never come that way.
It's a very secret and sublime plan in the works for eons. Quite simply friendship is magic.

Always start somewhere, and be prepared for change and trials.
The time frame can be quite short, not even on a generation by generation basis. Having long term plans is always nice to have and enact. The facade society has is malleable.
Quite simply the world needs real stories of heros. Because they detail how to go about saving the world one little section at a time.
Heros, of male and female heros, to be role models as a suggestion for a potential future.
Demoralization has increased to such an extent true inner beauty on the mainstream is nearly impossible to find.
Many people will never heed the call for goodness. Many do avoid evil for convenience.
Doing so will be a beacon of light in their suffocating darkness, they may snuff out one light for a while, but the blinking will attract attention.
>what if
Bump bump bump badaladaa dadaaaaa da da da daaaa
Well, no technically speaking that's not the answer.
The answer is something that future generations and these ones can grow into something beautiful. Something of such magnitude and audacity that it will be known.
It's the pinnacle of friendship. With the past, present and future. (And more)
They can't bribe or cut it, they can't lie or steal it, they have only two solutions.
Get YOU to give up friendship or bring about the destruction of all friendships ever.
They lose, because friendship which is a fundamental truth never dies.