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File: 1527479552868.png (959.97 KB, 1280x914, Rozen Maiden MLP.png)


Rozen Maiden has won anime night! Tuesday at 6pm PST we will watch 4 Episodes a night! I will be posting the rabbit link Tuesday before the show!
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File: 1527490629802.jpg (869.52 KB, 2480x3508, 0a2804b355502125703b1f6fac….jpg)


>6pm PST
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Why do I always have to miss such things every single time?


Anime night is tarting in 24 minutes at 6pm PST



I can't wait to pick out a few anime to vote for in the polls.

We could do Yu-Yu Hakusho, we could do Berserk, we could go for the ultimate manime DBZ, we could do Boondocks, we could do Boku no Pico

Lots of potential, for sure. Maybe we could even do some kind of group reading event wherein we take turns reading a kinetic/visual novel? I'd love to do that kind of thing with the /mlpol/ discord server, maybe some Song of Saya.


File: 1529485464118.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.48 MB, 700x394, 10288c73fa8a2d1dd3eaf1a571….gif)

We could do Nep

File: 1528609578057.jpg (91.13 KB, 848x1200, FLCL_Progressive_poster.jpg)


what's the general consensus on this? I was always under the impression the main draw to the original series was the animation, and it seems incredibly flat in this one. Is it just me being gay or it the show shit?


File: 1529408114537.jpg (126.73 KB, 1500x1125, 61I3bKqvtlL._SL1500_.jpg)

I've only seen the first episode so far, but I find it meh. The story is okay but it so far just seems like a fairly conventional sci fi anime, it lacks a lot of the trippy visual elements that made the first one so fun and bizarre. Story wise it also seems to be playing it a bit safe too, just a standard "lonely bored character has her world shaken up by the arrival of some crazy new person" story. The first one was not just notable because of its visuals, it was the amount of depth it was able to squeeze into a 6 episode series. It's a great story about adolescence.

That said though I've only seen the first episode, I'll try to reserve judgement until I've seen the whole thing, but I kind of suspect I'll be disappointed. A lot of times when a sequel gets made a decade or more after the fact it's hard to find the same groove again, and I suspect that's what's happening here.

I like that they got The Pillows back to do the music again at least.

File: 1527303257220-0.png (1.02 MB, 1280x1732, 774985__solo_oc_humanized_….png)

File: 1527303257220-1.png (3.09 MB, 2018x3000, 1525794__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1527303257220-2.png (3.74 MB, 2550x3507, 1287349__safe_solo_oc_solo….png)

File: 1527303257220-3.jpg (32.84 KB, 480x480, 15697593_10155031401939059….jpg)

File: 1527303257220-4.png (659.97 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot-10.png)


Do you like Jojo /mlpol/? If you want to read up on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure check out this website: http://jojocoloredadventure.blogspot.com/2014/08/download-our-latest-releases.html You can download Jojo Part 1 to a good amount of Jojo Part 8.
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Have those niggers done part 5 yet? With a good translation this time?


File: 1527513920770.jpg (863.17 KB, 1300x960, 1524847746735.jpg)

>not waiting for it to be animated and then for it to be translated to the superior language


*Uncontrollable vomiting*


What am i,a gook?



File: 1528927725076.jpg (16.73 KB, 400x225, 1109803380.jpg)


What were animes that really affected you and changed what you think or who you are?

For me it is "School days" especially "Everybodies Makoto"

What about you?


File: 1528928778816.jpg (1.62 MB, 1460x2060, hakkenden.jpg)

>pic related


never watched it
maybe I am missing some scars?


Naruto was the first non-Pokemon anime I ever saw. The sheer depth of it had child-me in awe.

But Gurren Lagann was the first time I felt pure awe, joy, and amazement as a man. That scene where they break out into the surface still gets me.


DNA² hit some spots.

Uncensored really was something.

File: 1527334515806.png (517.36 KB, 740x716, cc.png)


(((ITT Containment Operation#301)))

NepNep/Nepboo/Neppu containment thread.
All Neptunia postings are to be contained here.
Anyone feeding the Neppu fag will be shot.
The bad joke from the old days of CS soundboarding is not to leave or it will be shot.
This is your only warning.
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I know you're RoyalPony you silly little cunt, you can't hide from me I'm going to gouge your fucking eyes out barbiefag.


I'm not RoyalPony.




File: 1528780082532.jpg (1.38 MB, 1654x1654, 60c97086407b6bca309decf3e9….jpg)

Blanc a cute

File: 1527816761842.jpg (50.17 KB, 515x600, ba8.jpg)


Wch 2hu wud u fug?
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Waifu's are for gentle love making not fucking them excessively violently. That's what you do to useless bimbo's who are nothing more than free meet to fuck while rolling the lottery hoping you don't catch an std. As for the question cirno


File: 1527893449864.png (404.56 KB, 767x578, IMG_2430.PNG)

Breeding Clownpiece for the moon nazis to maintain a super-majority over the martians is the only correct answer.


File: 1528135283819.jpg (118.27 KB, 850x567, 0b8c9f4a36c0b7b86bc0e7e278….jpg)



Mokou is over rated


Ur mum is over rated.

File: 1527293725637.png (235.98 KB, 540x496, 13921070_1142605885782573_….png)


Yeah it's true


File: 1528525870651.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360, dont come back.webm)


File: 1528566254699.jpg (7.36 KB, 166x164, image(1).jpg)


File: 1528400147539.jpg (189.71 KB, 488x615, 1511485856032.jpg)


Why does Maho have autism /a/?


Missed by 1

File: 1527293589964.jpeg (25.36 KB, 400x400, 25C450D3-7E73-46E7-82FA-5….jpeg)


Aggretsuko is my favorite anime.
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Wait they made an anime with Leslie Jones in it?


Just finished watching Retsuko, top notch anime.
I wouldn't say I have a favorite anime.
I think a lesser known one that I liked was H20: Footprints in the sand. It's also based off an adult VN, if that is more your thing.


File: 1527515555886.jpg (90.07 KB, 353x500, 180783.jpg)

I saw this being advertised and it looked odd, is it really that good? Looks like a meme to me. I just started watching Ajin and it's bretty gud.


File: 1527884668610.png (156.04 KB, 512x512, B68E16FA-0F92-4062-96F6-30….png)

We can post crane porn?


File: 1528322321838.png (2.77 MB, 2600x1800, 1528121989494.png)

Loved this show.

File: 1527293589012.jpg (35.12 KB, 500x375, I like corm.jpg)


I like corm
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Potato Salad


"I like corm" may seem like a simple mistranslation however it is much more deeper than that. It shows that the like girl is intelligent enough to perceive hat the corn may actually may want to be called "corm". Now if this is the case this girl'so intellect is insanely high intellect as it shows that she has a deep connection to the world despite being so young. This could mean she is related to some of the greatest minds the world has ever known such as napoleon or even aristotle. If this is the case I say we allow this girl to blossom her already insane high IQ and make her ascend beyond what humanity can offer to her.


Digits don't lie.


I was simply showing the truth to the world. If God wishes to smile upon me and grant me good luck then I say let him.


File: 1527300503721.jpg (151.09 KB, 1148x676, C54C5E8B408A4BD68C505EF5C1….jpg)


Since we finally have an /a/ board, might as well have a ghibli thread. Post Ghibli Music, pictures, and discuss all things Ghibli!
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File: 1527480046449.gif (712.3 KB, 500x271, yay.gif)


File: 1527540847838.jpg (23.3 KB, 200x200, tumblr_o9c5ob3zE61tx32tto3….jpg)

Haru is best waifu.


This movie was 10/10.



File: 1527921513437.webm (5 MB, 750x422, GoodEvening.Webm)

File: 1527883867785.png (426.85 KB, 972x573, 8267D137-F7CB-4D3E-96E1-2B….png)


Would she make a good nazi?


Highly proficient Jew tracking abilities.

File: 1527862291652-0.jpg (601.18 KB, 972x963, Tenshi Corndog revenge.jpg)

File: 1527862291652-1.png (113.95 KB, 630x348, You know how much I love c….png)


Every man has needs, and this man needs corndogs.


File: 1527863767032-0.png (10.65 KB, 428x632, 1432852__safe_artist-colon….png)

Aryanne Eating Corndog.

File: 1527300433152.png (3.96 MB, 1143x1600, FMAB.png)


I'm starting a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood stream to kick off /a/ if anyone would like to join.

I figure we'll start with episode 1 and go on for as long as we can.
Starts in 15 minutes.
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>BH is OVA
I'm aware of that now, but was describing my reception at the time. My point is that while FMA was enjoyable, BH is evidently superior by my estimation, and that was evident even when I was new to anime.
A number of animes have done that, where amidst the popularity of the manga they'll license a spinoff-ish story based on the series, when people really just want the series.


I've only seen like the first two episodes of the original and all of BH. I didn't feel like the opening was rushed.
The rushed feeling might be because the original was slower, so you compare it to that.
"The FMA animation was created before the manga was finished, so the animators had to create their own story once they crossed a certain point since they weren't privy to how the manga's story would conclude."
And this is why anime shouldn't be created until the artist's workspeed is proven to be fast and steady.
Either they make up their own shitty story, or they just insert filler CONSTANTLY like Bleach and kill their own anime.
If a manga artist is consistent with their pace, and they make chapters at a rate that an anime can progress at nicely then it's fine.
Too many anime jump the gun and rush into things when there isn't enough data to know if the anime will "catch up" to the manga or not.


I watched it when it was fresh and fell in love with it.

A couple of years late they do a what I expected to be remake of a 10/10 series.
I was weird to have a different show. A different Greed in a different style a new story and new characters.
Plus all the heart-wrenching moments were changed.

It was just weird because it had to be measured against a 10/10 and was very different.

I watched the whole show but every other episode I asked myself "wait wasn't that different? what is going on? you remember this differently!"

completed and it was good but because I had all these images from FMA in my mind it was kind of weird


Very understandable. It's like playing a game series where they use the same character news every time but different personalities.
"This isn't the waifu I remember!"
Even if it's good, it's weird because you can't get over the original characters/story you were introduced to.


Same character names. God damn I need to wake up.

File: 1527339905302-0.jpg (111.56 KB, 640x960, 3cc855b30696ef70482ccf0ed3….jpg)

File: 1527339905302-1.jpg (281.14 KB, 1024x1457, mushishi_by_gaudibuendia-d….jpg)

File: 1527339905302-2.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080, thumb-1920-685929.png)

File: 1527339905302-3.jpg (15.81 KB, 350x219, thumb-350-517747.jpg)


I need to see more mature anime that doesn't end with some kid blowing up entire cities in a fight with some bad guy. Not knociking that stuff, time and place for everything. Anyone know any anime that just tell good stories while being a little more level headed?

If you haven't seen mushishi I recommend
it because it's just chilled out ghost tales that are solved by a roaming sort of shamen. The music and artwork displayed is also beautiful.


File: 1527352953379-0.jpg (91.92 KB, 1280x720, bartender.jpg)

File: 1527352953379-1.jpg (25.78 KB, 353x248, KJ.jpg)

These are two of my favs


>Anyone know any anime that just tell good stories while being a little more level headed?
A lot of them, actually.

>Witch Hunter Robin

>Kaze no Yojimbo
>Kids on the Slope
>Heaven's Memo Pad
>Haibane Renmei
>Usagi Drop
>Cowboy Bebop
>Welcome to the NHK
>Gankutsuo The Count of Monte Cristo
>Bamboo Blade
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Appreciate the list m8.

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