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File: 1534535679904.png (385.33 KB, 1280x1152, 278220__safe_ponified_anim….png)

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Post in this thread every time you visit /a/
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File: 1556223545991.jpg (26.01 KB, 700x807, 1549571764000.jpg)


File: 1556223578870.jpg (121.73 KB, 1196x1181, 1528305558304.jpg)


File: 1556223917553.gif (658.88 KB, 487x560, image0-6-1.gif)


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File: 1527303257220-0.png (1.02 MB, 1280x1732, 774985__solo_oc_humanized_….png)

File: 1527303257220-1.png (3.09 MB, 2018x3000, 1525794__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1527303257220-2.png (3.74 MB, 2550x3507, 1287349__safe_solo_oc_solo….png)

File: 1527303257220-3.jpg (32.84 KB, 480x480, 15697593_10155031401939059….jpg)

File: 1527303257220-4.png (659.97 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot-10.png)


Do you like Jojo /mlpol/? If you want to read up on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure check out this website: http://jojocoloredadventure.blogspot.com/2014/08/download-our-latest-releases.html You can download Jojo Part 1 to a good amount of Jojo Part 8.
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Should I start with the manga, or does the anime follow the plot?


File: 1556041375827-0.jpg (109.75 KB, 720x967, FB_IMG_1555151527201.jpg)

File: 1556041375827-1.jpg (115.76 KB, 750x932, c4t0upsyg6s21.jpg)

File: 1556041375827-2.jpg (89.72 KB, 984x988, IMG_20190420_205215.jpg)

File: 1556041375827-3.jpg (51.05 KB, 1036x580, FB_IMG_1554913658245.jpg)

File: 1556041375827-4.png (482.84 KB, 631x422, unknown-8-3.png)


Sorry for the late answer. /a/ isn't my main board, and I was just seeing the overboard when I saw this thread.
As for your question: I don't know. I spoiled myself with memes, like >>746.
But if you want a very loose overview of the show, see this



File: 1556207510402.jpg (70.38 KB, 600x960, IMG-20190424-WA0056.jpg)


File: 1556207624521.png (315.01 KB, 590x732, 58442090_468502207022007_4….png)

File: 1538006988717.jpg (217.75 KB, 1404x856, 1502664885668.jpg)


ITT: Post Waifus and Waifu tier grills because you can only have one and I have nothing better to do.
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File: 1546573876307.png (3.73 MB, 3840x2160, 12342134.png)

Most animu pic I own of the only true waifu.


That anonfilly is a beauty.


That's a guy


File: 1552966955351.png (201.17 KB, 1034x835, 1530988577663.png)



File: 1552968850646.png (240.77 KB, 640x480, HaruhiFujioka.png)

Patrician taste in waifus right here. If I'm ever asked my waifu, I always post Nausicaa.

Besides Nausicaa, I have always like Haruhi Fujioka as well.

File: 1537228395856.jpg (363.86 KB, 1536x1024, john-elway-contract-extens….jpg)


I hereby declare this board to be the sovereign domain of our lord, John Elway.
Praise Football. Praise American.
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Praise Footall, Praise American


File: 1537348736988.jpg (804.97 KB, 3600x2400, elwaywinning.jpg)

You know what goes great with board appropriation? The Denver Broncos. But you knew that already knew that didn't you? Cuz everyone knows that who isn't the Oakland Raiders, who are not Football and who's American is Europe, usually in the form of England or French.
What you may not know is that the Denver Broncos have a long history of appropriating /a/ boards beginning with the first appropriation of an /a/ board, what became rightly known as /mlpolqa/. In those days a bunch of uppity weebs had seeded their neckbeards far and wide, wibbling into their dakimakuras and drinking mountain dew code red. Then came the Denver Broncos, led by none other than the 100% Football himself, John Elway. Like vampires in the sun, like liberals after too much winning, the weebs burst into flames as their beloved Tenchi was made to consume not corndogs, but American and Football. What once was a wasteland of 2d random had become a paradise testifying to the greatness of John Elway, and the weebs did become so Football that the board was frozen in time to preserve the sanctity of Football so that all the little tykes might see it and also become Football, and their penises grew three sized that day as their faces became a little more like John Elway, who is Football. And with their enlarged penises they did butt-devastate the lingering and resisting weebs who were eventually driven back to Seattle and Oakland, from whence they came. In honor of American, and to the glory of Footbal, the Denver Broncos appropriate /a/ board to this day. Rejoice weebs! Today is the day that you too can become more Football, and also American, and if you're Football enough perhaps also a Denver Bronco which is both Football and American. Praise Football.
>t. Denver Broncos


File: 1537395633638.jpg (601.78 KB, 1088x1516, Hirohito_in_dress_uniform.jpg)

Does anyone else ever dream about wrapping their lips around Emperor Hirohito’s thick, juicy, delicious cock?

Every night I dream that I am in Japan, alone with my beautiful Emperor Senpai. I am kneeling before him, all four delicious inches of his mighty Nipponese cock buried deep inside my yeasty esophagus. Senpai thrusts deeper, and his tiny raisin-like balls slap against my chin. I giggle a little as the tip of his cock tickles the back of my throat, and he slaps me lightly on the cheek, signaling for me to stop my childish tittering and return to doing what I do best, the only thing an inferior Gaijin like me could aspire to, which is to bring pleasure to my one and only Emperor Senpai.

Senpai grabs my head and pulls me forward, grunting as he forces my mouth up and down on his shiny Nipponese member. Then with a mighty cry he makes one final thrust, and I can feel his warm gooey goodness trickling slowly down the back of my throat. It fills me up inside. It’s all I’ve been able to think about since lunchtime.

Finally he releases me, and I lean back, smiling lewdly as I lick the last remaining drops of semen off of my chin. “Am I kawaii Senpai?” I ask him.

Wordlessly, he turns around and marches out of the room, having no further need for an inferior Gaijin like me. I always wish he would let me lick his butthole, but he never does. Then I wake up, my sheets sticky with my own seminal fluids. I usually lie there for a few moments, rubbing my own semen all over my body and pretending it’s that of my beloved Emperor Senpai.

Does anyone else ever have this dream?


File: 1551570276443-0.jpg (19.09 KB, 300x225, hiruma3.jpg)

Praise Football. Praise American.


I was gonna check these satan trips, but that would be redundant. Do you know why? Because you don't check Football gets, they check YOU. Right in the scrotum, so you better wear a cup. Not that that would help you if the Denver Broncos were involved, You would need at least 15 cups to avoid dying in that event and if it was John Elway, well there's nothing that can save you. Not even a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris can stop John Elway. Chuck Norris tried roundhouse kicking John Elway once, and all he did was become more Football, which is exactly what is gonna happen to you when John Elway comes to town jizzing in your face and then curb-stomping American into you. Consider this a warning, all ye who do not know Football, because John Elway ALWAYS comes to town, serving up some piping hot Football fresh from Rainbow Dash's sweet sweet walls. Get it while its hot, because it will be the last thing you taste before Football gets shoved down your throat like a glazed Bavarian donut.
Praise Football. Praise American.

File: 1549071461420.jpg (101.97 KB, 894x894, I am loli believe me.jpg)


So here you post your fanfiction of chinese cartoons if you have any. The rules for posting are the following: 1) Avatar: The Last Airbender is an anime. 2) Panty and Stocking is a cartoon. 3) The tier-list for animes goes as follows: Eromanga-sensei>Mad Bull 34>Sword Art Online> Garcy's wings>>>>>>Death Note.


>Be Anon

>You walked on clean cobblestone road that leads you through the town
>The light from the lamposts on the sides of the road has a cozy and warm glow to them
>A calm breeze travel through the neighborhood and hits you
>The wind causes the lanterns on the lampposts to sway and the shadows they cause with their light to fluctuate between dilated and shrunken shadows
>Your own shadow as well as your passenger on your shoulders
>While you welcome the coolness of the wind, she clearly doesn't
>You feel her body shudders on the back of your head
>You turn your head back and upwards to the best of your ability
>Your large chin pushes her thigh off your shoulder which causes her, in turn, to pressed her thighs tightly around your head not to fall off
”Wah!” she shouts.
>You grab hold of her knees and hunch your back forward to make sure that she doesn't fall off
>You also turned your head back, forward in this motion
”Oni-chan! I could have died!” she whines in her loud and high-pitched voice
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1550150904011.jpg (34.4 KB, 432x600, Izumi.Sagiri.600.2115044.jpg)

Rewritting this because I drifted off to far away from the main idea.

>A little girl with silver hair to her ankles lead a man by the hand to an abandon apartment building

>The man, your stereotypical obese, fedora-wearing weeb, with cheetos' crust around his mouth, waddled behind her
>his face kinda looks like Jabba the Hut
>In a febrile manner, he looked around the street
>He didn't see anyone but if he had checked the roofs not just the streets, he would
>On the top of the ridge of a nearby roof, stood another man looking at the channerweeb on the ground being lead by the silver-haired loli
>On his shoulders was a loli with pink hair in a drill pigtails, who was in the middle of sucking on a strawberry lollipop
>She leaned forth and removed the candy from her mouth
”Oh, how sweet young love. Like… Really, young love,” she whispered to you
>Yes, (you) you were the man on the rooftop
>Have I told (you) how handsome you were?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1550151023754.jpg (231.08 KB, 1590x2070, Loli with unicorn plushy.jpg)


>Your landing didn't go unnoticed

>The couple and Chris are staring at you
>You flail your free hand at the cute, pure couple
”Run! I will hold him off!”
>They didn't need to be told twice
>The loli immediately turns around and runs away
>The fat guy gets pulled forth by a thine arm
>He stumble-runs after her
>She is assaulted by his onion breath as he pants uncontrollably
”You won't get away,” Chris says.
>He puts the palms of his hands on the ground, moves back one of his feets and leans his torso into the knee off the other leg
>Just like the starting position before running race
>Then with a might snap, the muscles in his legs contort and he thrusts himself forward
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is pretty stupid but I like stupid, so please continue


File: 1550206198013.jpg (79.15 KB, 1024x768, Pet that Loli.jpg)

Kind of you to say. It makes my more inclinded to continue.

File: 1531531480219.png (391.3 KB, 746x555, LOL.PNG)


Naruto fights in a nutshell
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Saucegay is a faggot.


Gaara is 3000x the faggot that saskue is.


Gara was more of an edgy, autistic creep.
Saskue was the bigger faggot, imo, with his emo nonsense.


File: 1545625389281.jpg (52.21 KB, 750x600, Poster-Sasuke.jpg)

No way Fag


File: 1548073178900.jpg (237.91 KB, 1600x900, _88.jpg)

File: 1545659717112.jpg (21.96 KB, 490x276, ReZero_12_6-490x276.jpg)


Post cute cat girls


File: 1545662138835.jpg (13.55 KB, 375x366, 13dd7f68bcf828d5.jpg)

This is bait.


File: 1536714052916.png (262.02 KB, 706x473, constanze me109.png)


We all know who best girl is…


Its constanze.


File: 1545557711894.png (3.72 MB, 1746x2191, _litlle witch swastika.png)

File: 1535588428578-0.png (180.53 KB, 203x455, 1535586747989.png)


did anyone else want to FUCK misty as a kid?
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Does anyone else want to fuck misty now?




>anyone else


File: 1545557663091-0.jpg (85.16 KB, 810x1080, 96.jpg)

File: 1545557663091-1.jpg (85.1 KB, 1000x1247, 82.jpg)

File: 1545251312447.png (1.05 MB, 2048x1153, Screenshot_20181219-152804.png)


>A cartoon series about the life and times of Karl Marx is set to be shown on a Chinese video streaming website with the full backing of Beijing, according to the host company.
>The Leader, which recounts the story of the German philosopher and socialist revolutionary, will be broadcast by Bilibili.com “soon”, the company said on Tuesday.
>The production was commissioned by the central government’s Marxism office, in cooperation with authorities in Inner Mongolia; Weiming Culture Media, which is based in the region; and animation company Dongmantang, Bilibili said on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service.

Looks like the Chinks are getting serious with their propaganda.


INB4: it's shit, just like communism.


They need to translate this into Chinese and broadcast it:



File: 1544128185842.jpg (70.77 KB, 500x385, spike-spiegel-3.jpg)


They Are Doing a remake of it
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>The token nygga present too, of course - into the place of not black character.
whos getting blacked this time?


Dunno yet. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!




Who gives a shit about these stupid Netflix anime remakes anyway? I don't even understand who this is for. Fans of the original aren't going to be interested in seeing some live-action Western knockoff, and the soyboys who watch all the woke Netflix crap have probably never even seen Bebop.

I'm beginning to wonder if this whole thing isn't just Netflix throwing money into projects they know will tank just to make some pointless angry gesture at the alt-right. Same as with feminists and video games, they just want to ruin anything that brings us joy.

Anyway jokes on them, I have the original on DVD so I'll just watch that instead.

File: 1543212218864.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_2585.mp4)


Got a treat for you all


how much did that nigger pay for that shit


>handicapped parking

File: 1543148333590.png (91.13 KB, 339x385, 28021d2c6740312846ed79efc0….png)


Why is it so much more bearable than western furry shit?


Because we're all desensitized to japanese degeneracy since they've been fucked up for millenia
Now fuck off nigel


Pretty much this.
Japanese furfaggotry is indistinguishable from their normal weeb faggotry, from an outsiders' perspective.
Also, their furry fandom isn't nearly as large and aggressive as that in the West, because they're just one country.


because they don't parade it around as an identity

File: 1537702624770.jpg (233.2 KB, 1125x1500, 1537633430973.jpg)

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/v/ is currently getting bombarded with this stuff. I have no idea if this is just a meme or a serious new character they are going to implement into a new Nintendo game. But it is what it is, and it gets a lot of new Art.

These are just some samples. This thing is going viral for the last ~3 days and Randy wont stop posting about it. Some people draw her with red hair, also the accessories and the name are pending. Enjoy.

> > > https://mega.nz/#F!EvBSlSYQ!QenPq_o2yVQnoq6zYQUEvA < < <
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Quick! Post the archive link for the 7th time!


File: 1538501310961.jpg (100.41 KB, 854x640, meme fuck.jpg)


i would have pinned it to the top of the thread but staff is ignoring my request on /qa/ so i will eventually just repost it yet again so its visible at all times.(Mega link added to OP)


File: 1540310465874-0.png (2.8 MB, 1500x2122, 0061__bowsette_and_goomba_….png)

File: 1540310465874-1.jpg (323.42 KB, 850x982, 0007__boo_bowsette_and_pri….jpg)

File: 1540310465874-2.jpg (353.32 KB, 1500x1500, 0823__boo_and_princess_kin….jpg)

File: 1540310465874-3.jpg (213.56 KB, 787x1165, 1090__bullet_bill_mario_se….jpg)

File: 1540310465874-4.png (378.16 KB, 862x929, 1277_Bowsette_thread_chan_….png)

+ + + Final Bowsette MEGA Gallery + + +

>Download Link is here >>339

~2 gigs of highlight art of 4 weeks of the most viral Waifu Meme of the year!

~1.500 units TOTAL

including Comics, Gifs, Hentai and the best of Danbooru


File: 1547645625125-0.png (375.81 KB, 900x2000, qpmUW5s.png)


A thicc tail is a sign of good health and fertility in reptiles. The thiccer the tail, the better for breeding.

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File: 1536550821427.jpg (107.2 KB, 744x766, cirno and mlpol.jpg)


Today is September 9th 9/9/2018 it is the day dedicated to the strongest! Post your favorite Cirnos.


File: 1536551991776-0.jpg (230.01 KB, 1000x1000, e5eb53b377bf2e9f5f60b3e275….jpg)

File: 1536551991776-1.jpg (307.21 KB, 800x600, 702494a8e884059a533bb1f995….jpg)

File: 1536551991777-2.jpg (608.51 KB, 755x1000, 6a5a3919376a9b1b923dba5afa….jpg)

File: 1536551991777-3.jpg (178.93 KB, 744x1052, cd850555c55a78821457ae31f8….jpg)

File: 1536551991777-4.jpg (371.4 KB, 650x650, eb3c1c1d968777ca1611f9e0ae….jpg)


File: 1536552053313-0.jpg (245.57 KB, 1000x800, 194df48c0a9b66086db03468ba….jpg)

File: 1536552053313-1.jpg (29.33 KB, 400x466, d5ba780830e135eb89446a8b7c….jpg)

File: 1536552053313-2.png (895.44 KB, 800x1167, 1a665f61c50b2725826f9337c1….png)

File: 1536552053313-3.jpg (210.96 KB, 800x600, 2d49e68ef7d9d71c9e2315af3d….jpg)

File: 1536552053313-4.jpg (161.38 KB, 744x648, e99e1c1bfc160f05e9f4d07c4d….jpg)


File: 1536552125360-0.jpg (852.52 KB, 1000x1419, 26cf37cb7cf255d861c9d27637….jpg)

File: 1536552125360-1.jpg (62.86 KB, 660x660, 91090834c1c9106014b7434eb4….jpg)

File: 1536552125361-2.jpg (167.45 KB, 438x506, 3f534d6fd75c46c44967a6b0a1….jpg)

File: 1536552125361-3.jpg (72.6 KB, 491x730, e4818d353f55b749bdf54c7748….jpg)

File: 1536552125361-4.jpg (115.35 KB, 850x1160, sample_2359c85715f4da79144….jpg)


File: 1537395893323.gif (260.9 KB, 500x654, 1492869539372.gif)


File: 1538799706363.jpg (155.27 KB, 492x723, 53b15ff9e5e532285a883125f5….jpg)

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