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File: 1552970051376.png (549.57 KB, 1280x1883, 1491522647163.png)

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Set six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where the Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures because of their encounters with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.
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0c965 No.96951

And thus, the two ponies stood in silence, staring deep into each other's eyes: Silver into Skies' jade green orbs, Skies into Silver's deep blue sapphires. He gives her a smile, shining with what must seem like all of the warmth missing from his cold motherland of Severyana.

Those are some super spooky rolls. Mind keying us in as to what they're for?

d4174 No.96952

Dice rollRolled 2 + 5

Listen check

7351f No.96953

Whoopsie daisy, can't into the talk Starry boy.

54a0c No.96954

File: 1554592623560.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.3 KB, 298x300, AAC2F87C-085C-4183-AF24-1….jpeg)

Dice rollRolled 15 + 10

Dice rollRolled 9 + 10

She continues, staring into his eyes
“He claims I’m the best thing in his life, and then in the next sentence calls me a ‘wing-brain’ and says my homeland is degenerate. Does he think of me as a pet or a simple possession?

He cain’t hear shit

7351f No.96955

Seriously, those rolls are quite scary and I don't know what they mean for either PC or herself.

0c965 No.96956

Silver gives a confused, disappointed look not directed at Blue. "He said that?" His eyes look up, breaking eye contact for a few seconds as he considers what he's seen of those two together. His orbs return to match Skies' once he's finished. "…Perhaps that might not be too far from truth. As I said, he is young, and will need to learn. This is his first relationship, one he has had for only few days, if I am correct in understanding."

7351f No.96957

Not to mention his super duper tragic past of seeing her mother killed and losing his brother due to incompetence and edginess. He's basically a mental cripple
Also you were right there when he said the mean things. Were you even paying attention?

0c965 No.96958

Thought that was just after Silver left.

7351f No.96959

Close. Star said it before he planned you to say you fucked Skies.

54a0c No.96960

Skies pulls away from Silver a little, both breaking eye contact and moving back a foot
“And he gets angry at me because I’m relunctang to have foals with him. We’ve known each other less than a week. We aren’t married. He hasn’t even talked about getting married, but he thinks that because I am relunctant go have foals with a stallion I’m not married to and have known less than a week I must be disgusted by him, or something.”

54a0c No.96961

Actually yes. I checked and all of this was said before Silver left. So Silver actually already knows all of the things Skies is telling him

7351f No.96962

Master of spotting and seeing a series of events.
Mostly cuz I'm bored rn.

0c965 No.96963

"Patience is definitely not his virtue, it seems." He continues to look at Skies, even if she has broken eye-contact. Even if he can't see her eyes, he can imagine easily that something like this is upsetting to her. "Do you think you could get Star to see effect all of this having on you?"

54a0c No.96964

“I don’t know. I don’t know…” she starts walking away. Down the hallway

0c965 No.96965

Silver looks at her as she takes a couple steps, then back at the door for a second, before joining her in her walk. He's not sure if she wants to be left alone right now, but…well, he certainly wouldn't want to be alone in her position. Not now.

7351f No.96966

cuz u a big baby

0c965 No.96967

0d2f2 No.96968

She walks down the hall, down to the stairwell, then down the stairs

0c965 No.96969

Silver continues to travel with her, hoping his company is at least a small comfort to his forlorn friend/lover. He looks to see where they're heading.

7351f No.96970

But then, Skies suddenly turns around and pins Silver to the wall and furiously kisses him for being such a nice guy that finished last.

0d2f2 No.96971

She continues. All the way down the stairs, then at the bottom door, she opens it, goes down the hall, and ends up in a room that once must have been a lounge, with big red fluffy couches, and a bar on the end. Hardwood adorns the wall, and large glass shelves presumably once stocked alcohol. Now there is a coffee maker near a sink. The room isn’t all that big. She lays down on the couch

0c965 No.96972

This looks like it would have been nice place to spend time with friends before occupation. He looks over to Blue on the couch, worried for this pony he loves so. Still is, I suppose. Such weird behavior from her to head down here.

He lays down on the spare portion of the couch with her, giving a concerned look. "…Blue…remember when I said I was always here for you, if you needed me?"

0d2f2 No.96973

And now, it is an instrument of the occupation itself, in a way

Shelooks at him now. It’s not like she didn’t know he followed her, but she wasn’t expecting it

0c965 No.96974

"I think is one of those times." He opens his forelegs, physically and metaphorically, to her, inviting her to come and share her worries with her dear friend.

0d2f2 No.96975

She looks over, then moves closer, and then moves into his hug

0c965 No.96976

*poner is hugged*

Silver holds her close to him, forelegs wrapped around her neck and stroking the back of her mane.

0d2f2 No.96977

Her mane feels soft enough. At least she’s washed it recently, presumably today. She feels a little cold though

0d2f2 No.96978

Dice rollRolled 1

0c965 No.96979

Silver continues to hug Skies, not indulging his desire to cuddle her further. He doesn't want to ruin this right now, when this is about her, and him doing what he can to help her feel better. "Let it out, Blue. It is what I am here for."

Ooooo, branching path. Wonder what this means.

0d2f2 No.96980

“That… that didn’t go down how I wanted it to at all…”

0c965 No.96981

"How did you want it to happen?"

0d2f2 No.96982

“I was hoping he’d be friendlier to you, or at least… anything other than being both cold to me and possessive of me”

0c965 No.96983

"I suppose 'cold and possessive' is one way of putting it…" He sighs. "I do still love him, in way. But he has lot to work on.

"I do not think I have asked you this yet, but…what do you think of Star?"

0d2f2 No.96984

“Right now? I don’t even know…”

0c965 No.96985

"And before now, what did you think of him?"

0d2f2 No.96986

“Strong. Respectable. Capable. A potential real leader. Passionate.”

7351f No.96987

I still don't understand the leader part she's talking about.

0c965 No.96988

What happened to that stallion in such short amount of time, I wonder… Silver does not give voice to these specific thoughts. Instead, he lets out a sigh, and continues to stroke the back of her mane. "If I am being honest, Blue, I do not know either. I wish I did. I wish I could give you answer to your troubles. I wish I could help make everything okay. I love you, Blue. You have been bright Blue Skies in my life in this short time I have known you, chasing away clouds from my mind when they roll in, providing comfort I have been without for many years and giving me hope for better days in future. It pains me to see you hurt so. I feel so helpless in trying to make you feel better…"

0d2f2 No.96989

Dice rollRolled 17 + 10

She looks up at him, only a few inches away from his face. Her eyes are almost pleading, pretty little turquoise gems.
"Silver? Can you keep a secret?"
She asks this as if he isn't already keeping a massive secret for her.
Also, sense motives for emotions, trustworthiness, and motives

7351f No.96990

If I had to guess what she's going to say, it's going to be related to either a comparison between Storm and her or something about her family

0c965 No.96991

He stares her right in her gorgeous turquoise eyes. "For you? Of course I can. Anything."

His emotions: worry, care, helplessness, confusion and disappointment at how Star has acted, and a joy at being here with her now despite everything that seems to be dispelling a great sadness in his heart.

His trustworthiness: he wouldn't betray her, give her up, let her down, or desert her. He feels he's done enough of that to last a lifetime. If she tells him this secret, he will keep it hidden, and nothing will get him to tell.

His motives: pure. He genuinely wants to help her. True, there is a very small jealous side of him that wishes he was in a relationship with Skies like she has been with Star, but in this instance his only concern and desire is her.

0d2f2 No.96992

She has a look of uncertainty. Of a sort of fear. But she places her trust in Silver
She unfolds her right wing and out falls onto the couch a cigarette… Luna's lucky strikes, and a Hippo brand lighter. She places the Cigarette in her mouth carefully, and tries to light it with the lighter

0c965 No.96993

He's honestly a little surprised that this is, apparently, the secret. But, he'll keep his word. He won't tell a soul. "You smoke?"

0d2f2 No.96994

"…. Perhaps"
She lights it, and takes a nice, long inhale. She holds it for more than a moment, savoring the flavor. It looks as if her nerves are calmed before his very eyes. Finally, she exhales it through her nostrils in what surely can't be all that pleasant of an experience… not that she seems to notice it

7351f No.96995

Obviously she doesn't want Silver to snitch to her superiors that she's smoking inside the building.

0c965 No.96996

He offers a slight chuckle, remembering a conversation they had much earlier in the day involving something else exiting through the nose.

Wow. That was only today. Talk about long day.

"I have never seen anypony exhale through their nose before." The cigarette smoke tickles Silver's nostrils, activating that craving lodged deep in his mind for a good smoke. He stares longingly at the stick in her mouth. He smacks his lips together idly as he curses himself: he forget his smokes and his lighter in his bags, which are still in the hallway in front of Skies' room.

0d2f2 No.96997

Yeah, sure. His smokes and lighter are totally in front of Skies' room
She takes another puff, and then looks at Silver with a devious smile
"Well Silver. Star is now pretty sure we're a couple together. He probably thinks we're out having sex right now.
She lids her eyes and then bats them at Silver
"Would you like to be my secret colt-friend?"
She offers the cigarette to Silver
"He's going to believe you are anyways, after all"

7351f No.96998

And thus, Dark Star, for being an impetous, neurotic twat, solidifed his own cucking to be continued forever and ever.
Skies getting manslaughtered by Star when?

0c965 No.96999

The faint remainder of his alcohol blush intensifies upon her suggestion, but it's followed immediately by a soft, warm smile as he takes the offered cigarette. "I would like that very much."

With the practice of 50+ years, he takes the end of the stick in his mouth, and takes a looooooong drag off of it, spending a not-insignificant portion of the remaining smoke over the course of the drag. He holds it there, much like Skies did, before exhaling it in a protracted cloud out of his mouth, symbolically sealing the deal.

He takes a look at the Hippo Skies used, and the cigarette he just smoked. On second thought, these look sort of familiar… He gives Skies a semi-amused look. "They say all good relationships are built on foundation of trust. So, since I suppose we are in secret relationship, be honest with me: did you pinch these from my bags when I was not looking?"

0d2f2 No.97001

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