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Let's skip the other 6 layers and go straight to the physical /cyb/

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Six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

Ash and Iron seem to want to head out from the abbey. Dark Star was having a conversation with the rescued foals after doing community service. Silver is having a surprisingly friendly conversation with Blue Skies about politics. Spark is babysitting and Brie is supposed to be doing the same. Onyx is sleeping.
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d4cf6 No.90817

File: 1550548098317.png (107.45 KB, 900x683, D2510688-B1BC-4405-8448-97….png)

“Okay” says the little Pegasus, somehow happy
“Okay…” Kerr conceedes

4dabc No.90818

Brie flaps his wings, and points with his hoof. "Fleider sie?"

d4cf6 No.90819

The pegasus flaps his wings slightly
"Ja, Ich kann fliegen"

0a952 No.90820

>inb4 sells them to slavery for 1500 bits each

4dabc No.90821

"Ja! Wir gehen!"
Hold on, what do they look like? Do they look passable as pegusi?

d4cf6 No.90822

Kerr, is entirely undisguised and looks like a changeling drone, but smaller. Black, chitinous hide, blue carapace, fins, tube-like ears, fangs, entirely blue eyes…. so forth. Wesley looks like a pegasus, or more specifically, like Silver's grandcolt. Dark grey mane, light grey colt, bird-like wings, and so forth

"Woher?" asks Kerr

4dabc No.90823

Brie looks to Kerr. "Kannst du wie ein Pony aussehen? Bitte tu es so." He then looks to Wesley, "Wir werden einige Freunde treffen, um uns zu helfen. Diese Ponys, die du erlebt hast, waren sehr schlecht, und wir werden dafür sorgen, dass sie es merken."
Yeah deal

d4cf6 No.90824

A green light envelops Kerr, almost like a cocooning green flame, which recedes after less than a second, to show a grey bat pony: grey coat with purple hue, back short mane that almost spikes, small fangs, and no cutie mark.
He says: "Ich bin dein dummer jüngerer Bruder"

Wesley looks up, almost cutely
"Okay. Wir sollten gehen"
And he blinks

4dabc No.90825

Brie smiles. "Okay, folge mir und bleib dicht bei mir."
He opens the window and flaps up to the roof of the tavern, waiting for the other two.

d4cf6 No.90826

Wesley is the first to come out. He moves his hooves through the window, flaps, then moves through, falling down somewhat, before finding his way up. He beats his wings bizarelly quickly, much faster than a normal pegasus would. Kerr comes out second, looking around the area through the window, then beats his wings at a furious pace, and bolts through. He goes rather far forward before eventually circling around and coming back near by. He looks all around himself outside on top of the roof, taking in his surroundings

4dabc No.90827

"Bist du hungrig? Es wird eine lange Reise sein"

497c5 No.90828

Alright, I got distracted again, but looking at the situation, I think it would be better for me not to handle this with only half a brain…

0a952 No.90829

So you're going to bed, right?

d4cf6 No.90830

"Wohin gehen wir?" Asks Wesley

497c5 No.90831

If that's not terribly annoying, yeah.

0a952 No.90832

Sure. Sleep well.

497c5 No.90833

Goodnight, Anon.

0a952 No.90834


4dabc No.90835

"Wir werden Verbündete finden, damit Sie und Ihr Bruder und alle, mit denen Sie sich nie befassen müssen, mit denen, mit denen Sie sich befasst haben
Wir werden Hilfe bekommen"

d4cf6 No.90836

Iron could try to say something

Wesley: "Das ist gut"
Kerr: "Unsere Mutter über Mütter wird diejenigen kontrollieren, die uns schaden würden"

Also Wesley
"Ich könnte essen"

0a952 No.90837

I feel like I'd be talking to brick walls now. I suppose I could use the 'I am Cauldron's friend' card, but would he really care now?

d4cf6 No.90838

Wesley talks to Kerr, who is still taking in his surroundings

"In Tall Tales gab es Ponys, die unserer Mutter helfen würden. Er meint diese Verbündeten. Was sie 'Kollaborateure' nennen"

It would probably work better than calling him a pony trafficker and being disgusted at him

4dabc No.90839

"Wie sie sollte Sie hat auch die Chance verdient."
To Wesley. "Wir werden jemanden finden. Oh warte, ich hätte es fast vergessen. Halten Sie diese Pose nur eine Sekunde lang."
Brie pulls a piece of parchment from his bags and scribbles a long note, which he wads up and tosses unceremoniously back into the room.
"In Ordnung, lasst euch etwas finden, worüber man fressen kann"

0a952 No.90840

True. I did try flattery as well, but he's a sort of wall.
I think this is going to end badly even with Iron's interjection of 'take the money pls' so I'll wait for Ash to conjure up a conclusion to her path.

d4cf6 No.90841

This encourages Kerr
"Okay, lass es uns tun"

Wesley moves up happily
"Ich kann einen Hund essen, wenn ein Pony zu hart ist"

4dabc No.90842

>Ich kann einen Hund essen, wenn ein Pony zu hart ist
And Brie leaps forth into the night, taking care to see that the Lings are dutifully following him, keeping eye out for suitable 'food' and lamenting that he only has 12 knives to stick people in the eyes with.

I take it that I can operate independent from the party heretofore?

d4cf6 No.90843

Yes, though note that, at the moment, it is around noon-ish

4dabc No.90844

Its gonna take days anyway, best to be on about it.

d4cf6 No.90845

Alright, so does he taken them somewhere now, try to meet with somepony, look for prey, go buy something?

4dabc No.90846

First step is find prey food, but thats best left until tomorrow

d4cf6 No.90847

Suit yourself then

0a952 No.90848

Well, you should go to bed if you can.
Unless you want to ERP Iron and Cauldron in the void or something dumb like that.

d4cf6 No.90849

Now you take an interest in her?

0a952 No.90850

I always did.
Only now does Iron realize that maturity takes a long fucking time. Time that could eventually change Cauldron's circumstances.
Maybe his.

e757a No.90851

You could try the "good cop, bad cop" routine. Though I'm not sure how well that would work when the "bad cop" is a nun and the "good cop" is a 300 lb armored mercenary.

0a952 No.90852

It's basically a 'bad cop' and 'slightly badder cop' routine that I'm pretty sure no one likes.

ec5b0 No.90853

What about "good-bad cop" and "bad-bad cop", then?

0a952 No.90854

A little better, but I'll still wait for Ash to play her cards for now. Combat is sure to come.
Besides, no diplomacy skills to ease tensions.

59d1e No.90855

Who knows, diplomacy hasn’t really been tried

0a952 No.90856

I have -2 on it, so no dice for now.
I could try to kick Ash out and try to salvage it by buying the colt, but I don't want to be separated, especially after dissing a gang leader.

e757a No.90857

Is this in the morning or afternoon?

0a952 No.90858

Should still be morning, closer to midday.

e757a No.90859

You're keeping him from his lunch. Never separate a stallion and his lunch.

0a952 No.90860

It's like you want us to beat Brooks up or something.
Ultimatum, give the kid or no lunch for Brooks.

e757a No.90861

I was going to suggest inviting him out to lunch to make up for your brusque entrance. Your irl diplomacy matches your characters'.

0a952 No.90862

I would doubt he'd want to have lunch with an armor-clad merc after her client dissed her.
I do get where you're going with this though. I'll keep that in mind if he doesn't immediately shoot at us for still being in his office.

e757a No.90863

I'm just saying that a bodyguard is supposed to keep his client safe, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

0a952 No.90864

While true, I'm not sure if it's even going to work, with the possible stubborness that Ash possesses.
I would be talking to two brick walls right now. Ash being the sturdier one.
Like I said. It's incredibly likely that Ash will not be allowed to stay in the office and I'm not sure how vindictive Brooks can be,
especially without the bodyguard.

e757a No.90865

Honestly, I'm not sure what Iron is scared of more: fighting the gangsters and triggering possible retribution against the orphanage (if that even occurs to him) or facing Ash's ire if he carries her out

0a952 No.90866

You're forgetting the possibility of antagonizing Cauldron as Iron used her name to enter said office. Overall, pacifism is top priority for now. No need to enter unwanted dangers.
Problem is that Ash, being capable of turning herself into fire, needs to be convinced not to escalate the tensions further or risk severe burn injuries and be unable to carry her out of the room.

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