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File: 1543882540365.png (668.84 KB, 1024x576, liberation_of_equestria_by….png)

3b4fd No.67940[Last 50 Posts]

A new Role-playing game, using mechanics from DnD 3.5, and the Universe of My Little Pony and the My Little Pony based mod for Hearts of Iron 4, Equestria at War. The setting is an industrialized Equestria after the nation has been split between The Changeling Empire and former Equestrian colony.

2ea49 No.67941

File: 1543882981009.png (73.11 KB, 455x491, Curious_Anonfilly.png)

Sounds neat. So is it a boardgame or electronic? Also, Equestria no longer exists and the Changelings won? Tell us more about the story.

bc682 No.67942

File: 1543883171090.jpg (40.3 KB, 669x559, _comfy hores.jpg)


3b4fd No.67944

File: 1543884252769.jpeg (45.26 KB, 1021x783, 1879265__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Lol, it's a roleplaying game to be played here on /vx/, essentially D&D, as that is the mechanics I will be using.

This story features an alternative timeline where Chrystalis, rather than doing the grand infiltration she did in the two part season finale of Season 6, unified a set of changeling hives, developed more modern weaponry, and attacked Equestria in force. Meanwhile, on the continent of Griffonia, the Equestrian colony of New Mareland suffered a Great Depression, excessive griffon immigration, and threats from griffon nations after the chaos caused by the fall of the Griffonian Empire. They declared Indepence, and installed a Pony Nationalist government called the Black Hooves. They invaded several smaller griffon nations, causing Equestria to declare war on them. When the Changelings invaded, New Mareland invaded the opposite side of Equestria, and ultimately Equestria was defeated and split down the middle.

This story takes place in the New Mareland occupied zone in the area of Baltimare, the Forbidden Jungles (of Daring Do), and the Dragon isle. It features both magic and modern weaponry from around the Interwar period.

It features a number of factions, including Communist Rebels, ponies who want to restore the Equestrian Monarchy, Changeling spies, and the New Mareland government. Further south in the forbidden Jungles, there are Bandits, Natives, Settlers, and Industrialists trying to develop the forests. This is of course besides the Chimera, Manticores, and so forth that one is liable to run into

bc682 No.67946

File: 1543885965054.png (572.87 KB, 830x650, ponyWithBackground.png)

Dark Star
An Orphaned pony that is looking to the Black Hoofs, For assistance. The only Friend He has Left is his Owl Companion. He is Currently Heading to The City Hall, to join the Black Hoofs Party.

str 13
Dex 17
Con 15
Wis 7
Int 12
Cha 15
Fort 4 Ref 4 will 1
25 hp

Bolt Action Rifle

+2+2+12Evasion,Link,Share Spells

4c001 No.67948

I guess we're starting now?

Okay, my character comes towards wherever-the-fug the exposition is centered, dragging a cart. She's cliaked in a dress that covers her mane and head, not unlike that of a Catholic nun; it appears to be rather a rather plain and formal attire, as though she were dressed for Sunday Mass.
The cloaked figure is dragging a small cart with a canvas tarp draped over it, and is slowly making her way towards the center of attention with slow, tired steps. By her head floats a cane made of gnarled, laqured wood, suspended in the air by magick as she slowly but drags her payload.

3b4fd No.67949

File: 1543886652304.jpg (78.78 KB, 560x390, petschkuv-palac.jpg)

Well, I don't think i will let any players start the game already in possession of a firearm other than a break-action rifle, anyways….

Before you stands the Grand Baltimare Hotel. 5 stories tall, the brick building is the tallest of the Baltimare City Square, and follows a model of Architecture popular in the 950's. Of course, it's not the "Grand Baltimare Hotel" anymore. The windows on the upper levels are sealed shut and closed, and the lower level has a small section of cast iron fencing around it. This is now the Headquarters of the Black Hooves in the Baltimare Autonomous District, and a new sign has (finally) been placed above the entrance to reflect that.

To the side of the steps that lead up to the entrance are two Griffons, one with a rust red feather coloration, and the other with black. They are tall and mean looking as Griffons tend to be. One is smoking, and both are wearing tan military uniforms, complete with “Brodie” metal helmets. Each carries a rifle in their claws, some sort of Karbiner of foreign manufacture. Up the steps, and by the door, are two ponies, one a lavender Earth pony and the other a white Unicorn who stand immediately by the door. They wear full black outfits that resemble police officer’s uniforms, but much darker. They wear caps that resemble officer’s caps, and while neither carries a gun, at least one can be seen to have a handgun in holster.

bc682 No.67951

Which one seems to be in charge?

3b4fd No.67952

File: 1543887379872.jpg (55.57 KB, 768x432, gettyimages-149486373.jpg)

The gangway to the steamer is drops down onto the dock. The [i]Serene Traveller was a medium sized ship that carried as much or more mail and spices as passengers, but at least a hundred ponies, zebras, and other assorted races walked down on the docks. As you walk down, a Sailor directs you and all passengers to go through Customs.

At the customs house, you stand in line and eventually walk up to a tan Unicorn in Green uniform and with a black cap. He looks down at your cart, and says “looks like you have some items to declare.” He casts a spell on you. “Please give truthful responses to the following questions.”

He asks you in sequence the following questions. Please give answers to each in order

“What is your name?”

“What is your place of origin?”

“For What purpose do you come to the Baltimare Autonomous Region?”

“How long do you intend to stay? If you intend to stay indefinitely, answer that your purpose is ‘immigration’.”

“Are you currently or have you ever been a member of the communist party of any nation, or have you ever been a member of any left-wing political organization of any nation that seeks the establishment of a workers state by means of violent revolution?”

“Are you an Anarchist? That is, do you believe in the overthrow of the government by means of violence or assassination of public officials?”

“Are you or have you ever been a member of the Reformitsen parties of Hellquil or Longsword, or have you ever been a member of an organization that perpetrates genocide against ponies?”

“Finally, have you been infected with a vile or infectious disease in the past six months?”

Well, that'd be through the door

6f203 No.67953

In a bar in Baltimare, a stallion is finishing up his duties cleaning up before heading to his room upstairs.

3b4fd No.67954

Does he have a long, heavy night of sulking in misery planned?

Eh, I'll set out the next scene. As you go up to the door, a black uniformed guard stops you, and pats you down for weapons.

You tell the guard that you want to join, and he directs you to a unicorn on the far left after you enter.

When you enter the first floor, you see an open lobby with a pair of marble counters, including of course, the unicorn on the far left. In the lobby are a few people walking by. A pair of ponies come down stairs, and in the corner, a minotaur in Tan stands with a submachine gun in strap hanging over his shoulder

bc682 No.67955

As im walking towards the building i look at the griffons by the door and say "Hey Feathers, is this the place to join the Black hoofs?"

3b4fd No.67956

The one who is smoking looks up at you, and pauses for a moment to take out his cigarette.

"It's party headquarters, yes"

bc682 No.67957

i salute everyone i see in the room over zealously.

6f203 No.67958

>long, heavy night of sulking in misery
Close enough

3b4fd No.67959

The minotaur looks at you with a kind of surprise. The mailman is even more surprised.

You may now approach the unicorn, who is sitting on a chair behind the counter. He is a very dark blue, and wears a black vest. His horn is covered in gold plate two thirds above the base, almost like a tooth filling. You can see that his left foreleg is actually a metal prosthetic. His Rear right leg is likewise prosthetic, missing below the thigh. Where his cutie mark should be on his left is a pink and tan area of hairless hide, as it it were burned off. On his right flank, you can see a cresting wave cutie mark

You are not drunk yet

3b4fd No.67960

Oh yes, the blue unicorn also has a black eye patch over his left eye, and a a scar on his mouth on the left side

6f203 No.67961

He can't afford to be drunk when he doesn't have his papers.

bc682 No.67962

Dark Star walks over to him "hello, i am DarkStar. i would like to join the party."

3b4fd No.67964

I see, so what is your next course of action?

"Dark star. I've been told you have applied before."

He reaches out his right hoof to Shake hooves

"What sort of membership role are you looking for? Enforcement? Or just a regular membership"

6f203 No.67965

Onyx Steel decides to check that his weapon is out of sight before counting off some money to go look for a shop.

3b4fd No.67966

"My Name is Sea Breeze, by the way"
you can see he has a number of medals on his vest, though they look mostly like campaign medals

bc682 No.67967

"Whereever i am needed,sir."

3b4fd No.67968

If it's in his room that is above the bar, then it is definitely out of sight from the general public

>counting off money

'Bout how much you think you have?

6f203 No.67969

Enough pay to at least afford some bread.

3b4fd No.67970

"We need every frontline soldier, and every garrison reservist we can get. We don't have nearly enough Able bodied ponies"

That, yes. But if you want super fancy ultra-magical gear…. I'm afraid you don't have that kind of paycheck

6f203 No.67971

As long as he can get some bread in town to feed himself, he'll be fine.

bc682 No.67972

"impressive medals,sir."
"I am more than willing to be sent to the front sir, i dont have much left to live for anyways."

bc682 No.67973

Go to the bread line

3b4fd No.67974

"Thank you. This one is my Zaphian campaign medal, this is my Hellquil campaign medal, this is wounded in action…" he lists like 5 of these

"Since you've come by here before, we can start the process. Follow me"

He gets up and makes a nad signal to a pony across the room. You notice this pony has great difficulty walking. He uses unicorn magic to move up his rear leg, and his front is stiff. He also seems to have pain with unicorn magic. The gold plate sparks a couple times.

He gets out from behind the counter, and walks into the lobby, over towards a stairwell

"Follow me up here. We need to do a test, then ask you some questions"

4c001 No.67975

File: 1543889646817-0.jpg (29.78 KB, 500x500, neapolitan-nativity-access….jpg)

File: 1543889646817-1.jpg (82.77 KB, 676x451, traditional-chinese-medici….jpg)

File: 1543889646817-2.jpeg (136.04 KB, 1450x2048, 1309433__safe_oc_oc-colon….jpeg)

File: 1543889646817-3.jpg (19.72 KB, 300x300, bd3821c1ef91a1bd6200f35845….jpg)

File: 1543889646817-4.jpg (54.11 KB, 640x480, herbal throat balls.jpg)

>“What is your name?”
"I go by the name of
>“What is your place of origin?”
"I hail from hail from a monastary in the East, the Far East."
"Have traveled from afar in to this city to devote myself to service to the poor. Where there are cities, there is poverty; I go where I sense I am needed."
>How long
"For as long as I am welcome. Should the need for my services expire, I would humbly make my leave."
>Are you an X
"Communist? What's that?" The mare seems perplexed at the pony's questions, seemingly not used to being asked so many things at once
"I assure you that needless violence is against my way of life. All life is sacred."
>Longsword, Reformitsen, Hellquil, etc
"I don't recognize any of those names."
"I can wholeheartedly declare that I am in condition to serve." She says, puffing out her chest fluff boldly
"… I'm not entirely sure what a 'government' is, but I am more than willing to abide by the customs of this land."

>Something to declare

The cloaked mare smiles warmly beneath her shawl, as she slowly pulls back the tarp of her rickety old cart, using the tip of her gnarly cane.
The tarp falls away to reveal a cart filled mostly with fruits (bananas, leches, oranges, etc). Among the goods like a collection of medicinal herbs, of a rather old-fashioned variety. There appear to be several simple cloth dolls and wooden knick-knocks, pickles, candied fruits and other mundane goods, including a copiuous amount of Chinese medicine balls.
"Medicine, for the children.."
A magical glow gently picks a sealed red envelope (stamp included). On the outside of the package is a note to reveal that the envelope contains a letter of credit: a rather large donation addressed to a poverty center in the city.
"And expenses.. All I can afford to give."

bc682 No.67976

Dark Star looks at him with pity as he follows behind him as not show disrespect by looking at him with pity to his face
"Yes Right Away,sir."

3b4fd No.67977

He walks down a hallway on the second floor, making you walk in front of him. He comes to a room where a white Griffon with, well, "sharper" features than normal stands. The Griffon opens the door.

"Go on in, this is the location. Please sit in that chair over there"

You are in what appears to have been a hotel room, with part of a wall taken out and a mirror placed in. In the room is a green earth pony in Black, who seems to be missing a hind-leg and has a prosthetic. He carries an automatic pistol in his mouth. The griffon stands on a separate side from you, and is holding a submachine gun

6f203 No.67978

>looks for food market to buy some grub

bc682 No.67979

"nice Feathers."
i walk over to the chair and take seat.

3b4fd No.67980

"Uh, I'm going to put you down as answering 'no' to
questions 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Alright mam, it appears that you are eligible to enter Baltimare under an immigration visa. We'll make an ID for you and a visa, but as for your cart….. Well, I think we are going to need a customs officer to take a deeper look at that, if you wouldn't mind parting with it for an hour or so."

"But now, could you please follow me? we are going to have to do a mandatory test on you. Please don't be startled by the armed guards, this is only a precaution."

She directs you to go into another room to your right, as officers pull the cart away. A Red and Blue flag hangs, with a separate flag of red and blue stripes with a diamond shape, and two horseshoes in the center, one on top of the other and the top one upside down

3b4fd No.67981

"Merci Beaucoup" the griffon says to you

Sea breeze directs you to look straight into his eyes.

"Alright, please keep both eyes open. Please remain looking at me. And don't mind them with the weapons, it is only a precaution. The Griffon has his submachine gun pointed at you, aiming down the iron sights (from a direction to your left, so he wouldn't hit Sea breeze in front of you), and the green earth pony aims his pistol at you as he stands to your right and to your front.

Sea breeze says "please be calm and still"

4c001 No.67982

*Follows the pony*

bc682 No.67983

Dark Star is completely calm

3b4fd No.67985

In this new room there is a sectioned off area. Two ponies with green uniforms stand, with three blue uniformed officers stand over to the side spread out. One of the blue uniformed officers approaches her

"You must be restrained for the duration of the test." She places what are essentially handcuffs on the kirin's forehooves, then back off. You can see that the three ponies have now drawn pistols and are aiming them at her

"Look into my eyes," says a green uniformed pony. He pulls out a flash light, and aims it into the kirin's eyes. "Don't blink."

He does this to each eye for a number of seconds, and then turns the light off.
"Alright, we are done."

He makes a hand signal to the blue uniformed officers, and they put their guns down. One comes and takes the hoof cuffs off.

"Alright, proceed to the room on your right."

Sea Breeze pulls out a flash light, turns in on, and shines it into Dark Star's right eye. "keep 'em open." The light is blinding. He does it to the left eye, then says "Alright," and turns off his light. He looks over to the griffon, and says "Jeane, that's all for now, you are excused." The griffon leaves the room.

The earth pony sits down in a chair looking at dark star

bc682 No.67986

"Was that a Changeling test?"

4c001 No.67987

Dice rollRolled 3 + 9

Rolling Spellcraft, to attempt to discern what they did (she thinks it's magic).

4c001 No.67988

*Proceeds to room on right*

3b4fd No.67989

Onyx steel works in a commercial area that is not far from several markets. Across the street is a normal grocery market, as well as a delicatesin. Instead of either of these, he goes to a much poorer bakery. He sees a pony outside that looks like a young colt, with a black coat, grey mane, and wearing red vest. He says to passers by

"Why should our taxes go to foriegn imperialists? Our landowners and facotory owners get rich off our product. Why can we only afford to buy bread when they live lives of luxury? Fellow workers of the world, I tell you not the Princess nor the Black Hooves nor the monstrous changelings have the interests of the working class in mind"

6f203 No.67990

Onyx sits down and listens while deciding what meager meal he'll eat tonight.
"Maybe he's right…"

3b4fd No.67991

With her advanced knowledge of magic, the kirin is able to discern that no magic was invloved - they shined a flash light into her eyes while she was restrained and pointed guns at her


"Alright, sit here, and smile"

A flash of light blinds her before she is ready

"Aye mate, I see you know something already. Now let me ask you a few questions"

The Unicorn looks at Dark Star

"Do you swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth?"

He casts magic on Dark Star (zone of truth)

"Why do you want to join the Black Hooves?"

"How do you feel about Priness Celestia?"

"How do you feel about Griffons?"

"Are you a Communist?"

The little colt actually wags his tail in an adorable way, and hands onyx hoof a pamphelt

"Hello fellow worker? What's your name? You look like a crystal pony. Are you from the Crystal empire?"

6f203 No.67992

"The name's Onyx, and I was from the Empire…"

3b4fd No.67993

"Nice to meet you Onyx, My Name is Olly. I'm really sorry about what happened to your homeland. Do you have loved ones there?"

6f203 No.67994

"I do, but I haven't heard from them since they left…"
Onyx shrugs a bit
"But hey, mail travels slowly during a war."

4c001 No.67995

File: 1543891930777.jpg (59.83 KB, 600x924, a99542_drivers-license_2-t….jpg)

The mare blinks profuses with her heavy eyelashes, surprised by the sudden flash.

3b4fd No.67996

"Aye, Let's hope they are okay under those parasitic Changelings…. Do you need a bite to eat, and would you like a helping hoof?"

6f203 No.67997

"Eh, I'm just out to buy a small meal tonight. But I do thank you for the offer, and the pamphlet."

bc682 No.67998

>"Do you swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth?"
>"Why do you want to join the Black Hooves?"
"to Honor my family."
>"How do you feel about Priness Celestia?"
"Shes fairly attractive,id like to take her out behind the barn if you know what i mean *wink* And she is A traitor to our people."
>"How do you feel about Griffons?"
"on the whole They Seem Fairly Decent. But Theres a Specific Griffion i Hate."
>"Are you a Communist?"
"if i was i would put myself Down. I Hate Communists more than anything else in existence."

3b4fd No.67999

"Alright, it looks like we have you cleared. As for your cart, well! I don't think you've ever heard of 'the Gastly blight' but it kills the hell out of citrus fields. We are going to have to confiscate your fruit - the bananas, oranges, all of it - and burn it. You, however, are free."

They hand you your cart back with what is left of your stuff, and a seperate pony hands you a document. It is a visa with your name and picture on it. You can see your eyes are closed for it.

You are now free to walk out into Baltimare

Any time you need a helping hoof, we have a kitchen just up the road that gives out meals for free."

The Pamplet shows Proud ponies harvesting wheat together and sharing food on its cover, all in the socialist realism style

You go into the bakery, where there is bread on the wall, a pony buying bread, and a sort of tired earth pony with a wiry black mane at the counter

Sea Breeze laughs at the part about having sex with Celestia

"To honor your family and a specific griffon? Did you have a life experience that affected your decision to join the Black Hooves?"

4c001 No.68000

Is she directed to go anywhere else after the picture?

3b4fd No.68001

They hand her her visa, and her cart, and tell her "Welcome to Baltimare."

6f203 No.68002

"May a purchase a loaf of bread?"
Double checked

3b4fd No.68003

He looks kind of grumpy, but says "Yeah. That colt try to get you to join his religion or something?"

6f203 No.68004

"Just a bit, I haven't even looked it over"

bc682 No.68005

"Yes, my brother and i where orphaned at a young age.He Had a Friend In The Black Hoofs Back in New Mareland Before the war.He told me all about Fascism and i loved it. But he was Murdered just Before the war started, By a Griffon By the name of Scar. so i thought that maybe the party could help me."

3b4fd No.68006

"Oh, young mare, I almost forgot to tell you the terms of your visa. Your visa can be suspended, and you may be removed from the country if you are found to be materially aiding the enemies of Baltimare, or if you engage in Aggravated criminal activity. You are also not allowed to be a member of the communist party while here, and becoming a member can result in your removal"

"He's been trying to direct my customers away all day"

Sea breeze is a little perplexed
"you want the party to help you?"

6f203 No.68007

"Sorry to hear that sir"

3b4fd No.68008

"Aye, now how much bread do you want?"

bc682 No.68009

"Celesta never had anyone look into it. I thought Maybe i Could Find Some Comrades to Help me track him down."

4c001 No.68010

Dice rollRolled 12 + 9

Rolling knowledge (nature) to see if I know about Ghastly Blight

6f203 No.68011

"Just a loaf will do"

3b4fd No.68012

Ghastly blight is a fungus that affects many species of fruit bearing trees and plants. It is native to Zebrica and afflicts plants there, including causing multiple famines. It has more recently spread to Equestrian shores, and has already caused thousands of acres of many fruit trees to die, and need to be burned in containment. It does not yet threaten the trees and wildlife of the Forbidden jungles - the trees are well spaced apart, unlike in fruit orchards. Baltimare has ennacted customs requirements on fruit as a precaution to protect it's local industry

"I see, who is he and where did this happen? Did you contact the local police?"

"Here you go, that'll be three bits. You know, what that kid says about the Princess is utterly disgraceful."

6f203 No.68013

>Hands over bits
"Thank you. And you're right. Where would our light be without her to raise the sun?"

3b4fd No.68014

he closes his eyes and places his hoof over his heart

"Praise Celestia and her light"

He looks at Onyx
"You sort of sparkle though. Are you one of those crystal folks?"

4c001 No.68015

I think one of my spells could fix that. They probably wouldn't believe her if she fixed it though…

The Kirin mare seems visibly disappointed by the loss of the fruit she had planned to donate, but sits patiently and does not argue with the guards. With what remains of her humble dowry, she makes her way to the orphanage with her delivery.

bc682 No.68016

"Yes, i was told word had been sent to celestia,But She Never got around to helping me. so i did a little digging, and found out his name, its Scar. He is a white feathered griffion with bright red markings, ive heard he might be lying low in the south."

6f203 No.68017

"You'd be correct"
Onyx then looks back over his coat
"Not as shiny as usual though"

3b4fd No.68018

The kirin walks forward into the city from the Customs house. She can see many walking around, buildings of 3 to 6 stories, and many carriages. More than one Automobile and Truck goes through the streets, faster than the horse drawn carriages and seeming sort of dangerous. But they are the exception, not the rule. the city is much bigger and more urban and industrialized than she is used to. Mostly it appears clean. Mostly. The city is not, however, quite what she had expected. it is less impressive than the images she sees of Manehattan, appearing smaller, with shorter buildings, and fewer factor stacks. It does, however, look like it is probably host to a number of disadvantaged ponies

"I see. Now, how do you plan to help the Black Hooves?"

"So, you a, pledge allegiance to that Love Princess? What are you doing down here?"

4c001 No.68019

Is there an orphanage or similar poverty center she could visit?

6f203 No.68020

"The war ended up driving me here"

bc682 No.68021

"Whatever The Party Needs Me to do.Sir"

3b4fd No.68022

She'd need to ask somepony for that, or find a map, or succeed on a knowledge check

"I see. Well, I hope you have a better day tomorrow"

He moves around his prosthetic leg to a more comfortable position.

"Half this city is run by Communists, down south we have bandits and occasionally unruly bandits, all with the ever looming threat of changeling infiltration or invasion."

6f203 No.68023

"You too"
Onyx takes his bread and heads back to his room above the bar.

4c001 No.68024

Dice rollRolled 16 + 10

Rolling Survival to navigate through the city

3b4fd No.68025

I'm not perfectly sure what to do with your character now

Oh she could navigate it alright. But she doesn't know where to go

bc682 No.68026

"I Would be Partial to removing the communists if i have a choice."

4c001 No.68027

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

Is that knowledge Geography?
That's not a class skill for me, so I could only roll if it were common knowledge (DC 10).

4c001 No.68028

Ignore that roll

6f203 No.68029

Just throw something interesting at me if you'd like

992f3 No.68030

File: 1543894771715.png (128.31 KB, 534x534, Screenshot_2018-12-03 Pony….png)

I'll get fully started on this tomorrow but a new challenger approaches

3b4fd No.68031

Dice rollRolled 18 + 3

"Well, that actually coincides with what we had in mind. You see, we can't really afford to train you formally or let you in just yet, but we could let you in on a provisional basis if you could maybe prove yourself to us with a sort of…. 'task,' if you will"


just buy a map or ask somepony

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Where do you want to start?

4c001 No.68032

Dice rollRolled 11

Rolling Gather Information to find the orphanage.

bc682 No.68033

"A task you say? What did you have in mind?"

6f203 No.68034

Dice rollRolled 17

>Cuts self on the edge

992f3 No.68035

Undetermined. I haven't read the thread very far, just wanted to get my hoof in the door

3b4fd No.68036

The kirin finally decides to just ask somepony. The first pony was offended that a stranger wanted to talk to him, the second one was kind of creepy, but the third one had some useful inormation.

"Why I think you are looking for the Ophranage at the top of the Hill. It's operated by the Sisters of Saint Prancis. I think they would welcome volunteers. just go down this road until the end, then to the left down the end"

"We have two of our griffon reservists that we believe are secretly members of the communist party here in Baltimare. We'd love to follow them, but, well, we don't have any pony that whose faces they haven't already seen. We'd like you to follow them in a couple nights, and if you can, sit in on their meeting. We think they meet somewhere in the factories near the docks. Now, just meeting and talking about communism is not illegal, but if they are planing the overthrow of the state, if they have foriegn supporters, or if they are importing arms, well… that is arrestable

Onyx steel walks down the street. After traversing some distance, a Dire Rat springs out of a trashcan.

It closes distance in its round, where it has initiative

That's okay, I am starting each character separately at the moment

6f203 No.68037

Dice rollRolled 17 + 9

Onyx steps on the rat

4c001 No.68038

The Kirin lowers her head in a modest bow.
"I humbly thank you for your assistance."
She gives him a silent prayer, and heads off in the direction he showed her, with her cart of donations in tow.

bc682 No.68039

"Can i beat up on them if they are communists?"

3b4fd No.68040

Dice rollRolled 1

Is step

Rolling for damage

She goes down the street past restaraunts, shops, and eventually even things like factories, until the building narrow out a bit. She finds herself on a hill that she can be sure is the orphanage. It is three stories tall, grey brick, and there is a nice, inviting door.

"Only if they do one of the things I mentioned - conspire against the government, conspire with foreigners, so forth"

6f203 No.68041

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4


3b4fd No.68042

Blood splatters everywhere as Onyx's oblong step is enough to crush the rat, killing it instantly

4c001 No.68043

The Kirin Sister wheels her cart up to the door and takes a moment to ensure that her shawl is in order, before politely knocking on the front door with her oversized cane.

6f203 No.68044

"Maybe I could stand to lose a few pounds…."

3b4fd No.68045

The door is opened by a brownish Earth pony dressed fully in black dress. "Come in! What is your name?"

bc682 No.68046

"Ill be honored to Do this for the party,Sir."

3b4fd No.68048

"Well, you seem trustworthy enough…."
He looks away for a moment, then back again.

"I think we can allow you on a provisional basis. Complete this task, and you will able to get more priviliges"

"You need only know them as "red" and "Black." He hands over two images of griffons. Despite having similair color schemes to the two griffons outside the building, they seem distinct looking. In fact, you have to notice that the griffons you have seen look kind of…. diverse.

"Find out where these two of our reservists are going, and maybe you can join. Don't shoot anyone you aren't supposed to, or we will disown you and say you are a random criminal."

He pushes over a revolver pistol, then a box of shells

Onyx looks over to his side, and sees that a little white pegasus colt has been watching. He was so close, his face is covered in blood. he has a horrified expression…. at first. His face turns to an expression of Glee.

"That was AWESOME! You are incredibly strong Mr."

6f203 No.68049

Onyx really hopes this doesn't turn into a repeat of all the new recruits seeing his strength for the first time.
"Uh, thanks"
He makes sure to turn so his injured eye is away from the kid.

4c001 No.68050

The Kirin bows politely.
"Greetings, sister. You may call me call me Ash.
I hailed from a far away land to devote myself to serving the poor children of this city."

bc682 No.68052

File: 1543897076460.png (Spoiler Image, 61.08 KB, 324x338, 4pN83up1CQg3bbnXEX2sz5edRD….png)

"Yes,Sir. I thank you for giving me this opportunity."
>red and black

3b4fd No.68053

"Mr., you are so strong, do you think maybe you could help my daddy?"

The Pony Enthusiastically shakes her hooves.

"Aye, I'm Sister Marery. We are the nuns of the Order of Saint Prancis, and we take care of the Poor orphaned Children. You know there have been so many since the War, and we haven't been able to get as much money from canterlot. We need all the help we can get…."

Sea Breeze tells you more Where you could expect to find these two. They don't know for sure, but a coworker heard some things, and has seen them around with the wrong crowds. as for the communists meetings, they haven't done many of them, mostly because of fear of police raids, and when they do, they rarely do anything, well, illegal. But they seem to have grown more audacious recently, like something is up.

6f203 No.68054

Onyx's ears twitch
"What kind of help?"

bc682 No.68055

"Would you like me to infiltrate them?"

3b4fd No.68056

"Well, you see Mr., my daddy owns a shop on the other side of town, and there are these ponies that come in and take money from him. They say it is for his protection, and that I don't need to worry about it, but I've seen the way he looks the two times I was there when it happened. And well, you look like one of those people who fight to help others.

"Of course. Or at least spy on them from a distance. They don't know who you are, so if they find you, it won't cause them to flee thinking there is a raid. Or shoot you. Keep your cool, and find out what is going on"

bc682 No.68057

"I will not fail you,sir."

3b4fd No.68058

Sea Breeze shakes Dark Star's hoof, and allows him to leave

6f203 No.68059

Onyx looks like he's seriously considering saying no, before sighing and hanging his head down.
"I'll help, but first I need to grab something. Can you wait here?"

4c001 No.68060

*Bowing intensifies*
"I would wish to assist in anyway I can.
If you would accept, I have brought a humble offering to the children of this establishment."
She wheels in her (reduced) cart full of goods and pulls out the red envelope from her chest fluff.
"As much as I could offer, for their sake."

bc682 No.68061

As Dark Star Leaves the building, he walks up to the minotuar in the lobby.
"Excuse me which way to the docks?"
you did say they were at the docks right?

3b4fd No.68062

The colt looks up at him, impressed, and sits on the ground

"Why, Praise Celestia! Sisters, we have donations! A number of other ponies come down, all wearing similar black dress. They go over to the cart, and pull up items. "We've been very poor. The Orphanage run by the Domanenicans had to shut down in Moonlight Shores…"

Sea Breeze pulls out a map, and shows the approximate location. He doesn't know the exact building, and in any event they probably change it regularly

6f203 No.68063

Onyx chuckles a bit while heading back to get his halberd. Once he returns, he asks the colt to lead the way.

bc682 No.68064

*salutes Sea Breeze as hes leaving*

3b4fd No.68065

The colt happily prances forward. You can see he was actually a decent way away from the shop. The shop is a flower establishment, and when he walks through the door, he gets a face full of pollen, and can see the Stallion who the colt says is his father: A tan Pegasus who looks a bit older and with a beard. When he moves, he seems to have a sort of limp, as if he had an injury to his side or his hip

4c001 No.68066

"That's so unfortunate.. I shall do all I can to help.."
Then her expression warms somewhat
"Now, where are the children?"

6f203 No.68068

"Good day sir. Your son met me in the street and asked if I could help you. I was wondering what you needed help with."

3b4fd No.68069

Sea Breeze nods, and Dark Star leaves the building. He has a holster for his revolver, and a permit, but the pistol is visible when he wears only a vest. Or whatever he wears

"Right down this way."

Sister Marery goes first into the room. The children seem to be frightened. They are actually hiding underneath covers.
"It's okay little ones, it's not the Stallions from the Harbor. You can come out. This is Sister Ash, she comes from the East and has brought goods for us." The little colts and fillies come out. They look kind of malnourished, actually, and the clothing they have looks used

"We really can't say how grateful we are."

A little tan colt comes up to Ash
"What are you supposed to be exactly?"
A fillie pokes at her scales

"You here for the Florist job?"

bc682 No.68070

*Dark Star heads to a tailor*

6f203 No.68071

Onyx looks at the kid
"Is that why you brought me here?"

4c001 No.68072

The envelope is rather gaudy, laced with chinese symbols like the envelopes given to children on new years (pic related). Inside is a considerable amount of money, worth more than 9000 bits. It should be enough to pay off the mortgage for he church, and pay for any renovations necessary.
"My sisters pooled the last of our resources for this package. Our temple has been all but disbanded in these past few years; it's the least we could do to offer what we had left to the needy.."
She looks somewhat gloomy
".. I have no place to return to.. I can only beg your hospitality, and pledge to you my services."

4c001 No.68073

File: 1543899279126.jpg (46.6 KB, 480x356, 2172234_154928085394_2-480….jpg)

Forgot pic

3b4fd No.68074

The colt looks to Onyx and his father

"You know father, the men who come in and take your money"
He responds
"for the seventh time, they are business associates of mine, nothing you need to concern yourself with. And who is this guy"
"He's a big big guy who hurts dangerous things. He looks like one of the soldiers of old"

Baltimare does not have the fancy Saddle Row of Manehattan, nor the high class boutiques of Canterlot, nor even the tailors of Filliedelphia. but it has it's selection, and a few shops exist in Baltimare worth your time and bits. What are you looking for?

3b4fd No.68075

"I see, we too have hard times, I am sorry for your temple. May Celestia be with you and your sisters"

Sister Marery takes the envelope and is astonished, shocked beyond words.

"Aye, if we take this, we're not going to get a visit by stallions in a month demanding interest, are we?"

bc682 No.68076

a long coat

4c001 No.68077

The Sister smiles warmly, her mood visibly lifting in the presence of the children.
"I'm glad to meet you all." She says, kneeling down to eye level
>What are you supposed to be exactly
She passes for a bit, somewhat unsure how to respond
"… I'm your new new Sister, of course…" She says, dodging the question

6f203 No.68078

Onyx absent mindedly kicks at the ground
"Well, um, I'm sorry to have intruded then."

4c001 No.68079

*Eyes narrow*
"… Interest..? For charitable donations..?"

3b4fd No.68081

You walk to the store of the Pommel Fashion line, a one story building with nice Stallion's dress in the front. A older stallion with grey hair greats you.

"Good afternoon sir" he says with a fancy accent
"What can I do for you today?

"Are you going to help us?"
"What happened to sister Sage?"
"your horn looks funny"

"Well I just wasn't sure if we were being tricked into a loan or…"

"No! come back! My dad needs help, he just won't admit it"

bc682 No.68082

"hello,Sir. Do you Have a Duster Coat? And do you sell cowpony hats?"

6f203 No.68083

"Well, I don't know kid. Do you have any ideas of what I could do?"

3b4fd No.68084

"Indeed, we can get you a duster coat. As for the hat, well, I believe I know what you want, yes"

"If you could stay around until they come. I know they come every month. They came a couple days ago and he told them he didn't have money. They said they would be back. Soon"

4c001 No.68085

*Tickles foal*
"Yes, I will."
Sister Ash takes the hoof of Marey, stopping her as she speaks.
"Trust me. Only a wicked fool would think to deal 'loans' (she seems to spit this word out) to those who had nothing to offer themselves."

6f203 No.68086

Onyx stares at the kid for a minute.
"Alright fine, I got nothing better to do anyway"

3b4fd No.68087

The foal is tickled and giggles. A swarm of foals slowly start to attack her wild mane, feel the weirdly shaped horn, and rub the scales

"Aye indeed, but there are plenty of wicked foals in this world."

She moves around, and kneels down next to Ash, almost wispering.

"So tell me. Ya not a follower of Celestia are ya?'

bc682 No.68088

"Do they come in Black?"

bc682 No.68089

File: 1543900684507.jpg (15.88 KB, 474x541, download 1.jpg)

>hitler dubs

3b4fd No.68090

The colt sits him down in the flower shop. A couple customers come in or out, mostly buying for funerals and grave sites… or something. He's actually not entirely sure what people buy flowers for. The colt seems to spend time helping water flowers and the like, or checking petals for damage and so forth, and putting price tags on things. Onyx sits there for like an hour. The Stallion tells him his name is Petal Prancer, and tells Onyx far more than he could ever want to know about flowers

"Indeed they do. We have fifty shades of black"

4c001 No.68091

[Also whispering]
"I cannot say that I am.. yet.. The people of my homeland are unfamiliar with the ways of your own. My allegiance is with nature, and my pledge to give up my body and spirit to those who cannot provide for themselves."
Then she bows once more.
"I humbly request to preach under your guidance, in service of these children."

3b4fd No.68092

"You can stay certainly. We've got the room. As for vows, that can only be bestowed on the full followers of the Universal Colt of the Sun"

4c001 No.68093

*Bows for the six gorrilionth time*
"I will be in your care."

And with that, I'm turning in for the night.

bc682 No.68094

"How many bits will those be Sir?"

3b4fd No.68095

For the fancy, and fully fit? We could rush it in an hour or so at 150 bits for the set

bc682 No.68096

"that sounds good to me. ill be back in an hour" *Dark Star shakes the ponys hoof*
"i never got your name sir. mines Dark Star."

992f3 No.68097

Are there any run-down, abandoned buildings for a shifty vagabond type?

3b4fd No.68098

"My Name is Trim Fit, thank you sir. By the way, if you need anything else, I can tell you where to look"

This is Baltimare. Baltimare. Hell yes there are run down buildings? What are you looking for, abandoned house, abandoned factory, buildings that were nice before they got hit with an Artillery shell?

992f3 No.68099

Oooh! The last one!

bc682 No.68100

"Well, i was thinking of finding a nice bar and heading there for an hour. Do you know any good ones?"

3b4fd No.68101

Well, I must say that you've come to the right place.

East of Main street, between the Harbor and the city square, lies the oak branch apartments. This was a very nice part of town with nice little shops on the first level and apartments above them. However, the nothern section had it's roof cave in after being hit by Naval artillery fire. The southern portion has a smaller hole in it's roof, but was abandoned for some reason. Something about an unexploded 500 lbs bomb in the basement, I don't know, normies are superstitious in their understanding of what is and is not a safe place to live. Anyways, it has several rooms that are actually not water damaged, even if all of the windows on the first floor have been broken by looters. Thanks to an abundance of abandoned buildings in Baltimare, you may not even have to share it.
And if you don't like that, there are more

The guy leans over and looks at him

"I don't think you're the kind of guy who wants a nice bar. I think you want one as rugged as you are"

bc682 No.68102

"Youre right."

992f3 No.68103

"This seems a decent enough place to start" the shifty bat-pone Eeeeee's thinks to himself, his eyes taking in the remant aesthetics of the building. "Doesn't seem to be anyone here, and the price is right." he Eeeeee's as he carefully sidesteps broken glass and fragments of debris. Locating the most apparently stable room (preferably one with 2 exits) he unties his pack and begins laying out his bedroll. "Baltimare,…" he whispers quietly to himself as he lays down. He lays there, unable to sleep as his mind is racing.

3b4fd No.68104

"Let me tell you. There's this tavern in center town that is neither Hoity Toity, nor a hive of villainy. Just right in the middle. It's Called the East Side Tavern on East Main"

There is an entire apartment free, with an exit out the back and front

3b4fd No.68105

Roll for Listen check

992f3 No.68106

>Eeeeeee's quietly staring up at the ceiling, trying to concoct a plan. Will develop more tomorrow

992f3 No.68107

Dice rollRolled 7

Stats are unassigned or determined so far, but let's see what the dice says

3b4fd No.68108

You don't hear him until he's in the room. You get up to see a pissed off badger. Evidently the room wasn't so empty after all, as it yells at you in that weird animal language the vermin are liable to use

992f3 No.68109

Dice rollRolled 16

Is it hostile, or just pissy?
"Oh ffs, piss off you damn,… what sort of insult DO you call a badger?" he Eeee's internally, hooking a hoof on one of his throwing knives.

3b4fd No.68110

What is that roll?

bc682 No.68111

sorry got distracted by memes
"Thank you,Mr fit. ill be back in an hour or two."
*heads to the bar*

992f3 No.68112

Uhhhh, sense motive? It totally wasn't a mistake of not deleting the dice roll from previous, I swear

3b4fd No.68113

Oh it's freaking hostile.

"Rable Rable get out of my house!"

I'm guessing you want to meet up with Onyx?

bc682 No.68114

thats right.

3b4fd No.68115

Well, he's offline now, and I want him to have a fight before he goes back to the tavern

992f3 No.68116

Dice rollRolled 19

Throwing knife
>inb4 I wasted my chance with that accidental roll

3b4fd No.68117

Dice rollRolled 3

Dice rollRolled 14 + 6

Fucking hits

Rolling damage and to see if that is a critical

bc682 No.68118

We Could say some time passes if you want.

3b4fd No.68119

The Knife lands right in the eye of the angry badger, and it falls to the ground, bleeding. Dead. It looks like, by right of adverse possession, you have won the apartment against the opposing claimant. Also, there is a dead badger getting blood on the floor

You head down to the bar and see the establishment, a two story wooden building

992f3 No.68120

Dice rollRolled 4

Stick it again double-tap

bc682 No.68121

Any ponies of interest outside?

3b4fd No.68122

upon plunging your knife into it, you discover it had a tiny bit of life left in it as it bled out. But it's definitely dead now. And thus you learn the valuable lesson of the important of the Double Tap.

At the moment, nopony appears to be outside of the establishment. At least, no pony you can recognize

bc682 No.68123

*Dark Star walks in*

992f3 No.68124

"Who's house?" he quietly mocks the badger before realizing that there's now a dead animal in his room. "At least it wasn't the cops," he sighs, dragging the body to another room before returning to retire for the night. "So far, so good" he Eeeeee's internally. "Too bad about that blight though, what I wouldn't give for a kiwi."

3b4fd No.68125

A Dark Brown earth pony bar tender stands behind the bar. Other ponies sit else where in the bar, playing pool or talking

Alas, there are no kiwis. They are outrageously expensive, like 2 bits just for one of them. No police either

bc682 No.68126

Any good looking Mares?

3b4fd No.68127

I mean, how good is good looking? Like maybe two 5s? It's a week night

bc682 No.68128

*Walks over to the bartender*

3b4fd No.68129

He looks up and smiles
"What can I get for you tonight?"

bc682 No.68130

"Some Apple Whiskey,Sir."

3b4fd No.68131

The bar tender pours him a shot

"I thought our help would be here by now"

bc682 No.68132


3b4fd No.68133

"I mean a guy who works here. He doesn't usually bar tend though. Cleans dishes and such. Anyways, it's just me tonight, that's all I meant to say. Anyways, how's your day?"

bc682 No.68134

"ah things are looking up for me, thanks for asking. if you need some help i could assist with dishes or something."

3b4fd No.68135

"I am good now"
He hands over the drink

bc682 No.68136

Dark star drinks it
"can i get another one?"

3b4fd No.68137

"Of course"
He pours another one

bc682 No.68138

"hey what do you think of the communist running around?"

3b4fd No.68139

"They've been doing this since before the War, they've always been popular here. I can tell you I don't want the state taking my bar"

bc682 No.68140

"Ah yea i could imagine, i wouldnt want my property taken either. How do you feel about the Black Hoofs?"

3b4fd No.68141

"They fucked us over in the war. We could have held off the Changelings if they hadn't come in"

bc682 No.68142

*thinking horse noises*
*Drinks the second shot*
"Well there certainly better than the changelings and the communists."

3b4fd No.68143

"That's not saying much"

A guy takes issue with his last point, and interjects
"Oh please, Celestia declared war on them because she wanted to protect Griffons, and couldn't even keep the Changelings out of Los Pegasus. Hell, the Black hooves are the only ones who keep Chrysalis off Celestia's own throne"

bc682 No.68144

"All Celestia Cared about was Staying on her throne, she didn't care about us, and certainly not about me."

3b4fd No.68145

File: 1543908056257.jpeg (135.83 KB, 1145x750, 11B35E2D-C730-4B02-ABCA-6….jpeg)

“Well, that [i]is what the communists have been saying for the last several years now, so you aren’t alone in thinking that”
He starts to clean a glass

bc682 No.68146

"Bartender Pour him and me another drink."

3b4fd No.68147

He pours the two another drink

The one who spoke is a grey Earth Pony with a pick axe cutie mark

bc682 No.68148

where is he at? is he at a table? or at the bar?

3b4fd No.68149

At the bar, further down

bc682 No.68150

"Whats your name friend? mines DarkStar."

3b4fd No.68151

He looks over, at first uneasy to talk, and perhaps still reluctant

"My name is Steel Heart"
He takes a drink
"Thank's for the drink," and looks forward again

bc682 No.68152

how long has it been?

bc682 No.68154

"You a Worker?"

3b4fd No.68155

"I had been for many years, worked in the Smokey Mountains as a miner."

bc682 No.68156

"I always wondered how mining operations worked."

3b4fd No.68157

"They had gotten better over the years. It used to be we had to remove the ore with shovels. They brought in steam shovels, then real big steam shovels, first to remove the top soil, then to remove the ore. I did pretty much all of this over the years"

bc682 No.68158

"The Black Hoof party Values our Workers more than the Communist ever could. The communists only pretending they love the worker until they take power then the workers are oppressed terribly."

3b4fd No.68159

He seems unsure how to respond to that, and looks at him strange. He takes another drink.

bc682 No.68160

*Downs shot*
"Bartender,can i get one more."

3b4fd No.68161

The bartender obliges, giving another shot

bc682 No.68162

How strong is this whiskey?

3b4fd No.68163

Evidently not strong enough for your purposes

I don't drink alcohol, so I can't really say what it is doing and how long it would take, only that it's enough that the bar tender should be aware you wouldn't be allowed to legally drive a vehicle if it were in the U.S.

bc682 No.68164

*stars humming the theme song*

6f203 No.68169

Onyx's patience is now running a bit thin.
"Listen kid, I'm sure you care a lot about your dad. But nothing is happening"

3b4fd No.68170

File: 1543957189183.jpeg (99.5 KB, 1136x640, 7E16D569-92F4-41B6-A22F-A….jpeg)

He looks at you with eyes of unfathomable sadness.
“Please Mr.?”

4c001 No.68171

File: 1543957431468-0.png (201.13 KB, 1071x1029, 1879752__safe_artist-colon….png)

Are we starting again?

3b4fd No.68172

I was wanting to finish with Onyx Steel, so no unless you know what you want to do with your character now

6f203 No.68173

Onyx sighs and looks at the kid.
"Listen, I've been here for the better part of a day and I know more about roses than I ever cared to learn. How much longer will I have to wait?"

bc682 No.68174

*Drunk horse going on a rant about fascism noises*

4c001 No.68175

My character would only be getting to know the orphanage as she stands.

3b4fd No.68176

The colt continues looking cute
"Dad closes shop in an hour. If they come today, it will be in the next hour"

Steel Heart is… still surprised. Listening, I guess

4c001 No.68177

Dice rollRolled 7 + 6

I'm going to go ahead and roll Knowledge (Religion) to see what my character knows about Equestrian Clergy, particularly this church.

6f203 No.68178

"An hour…."
Onyx decides that he was just gonna drink alone anyway, so he might as well just stick around.

4c001 No.68179

I could use some more ranks in that skill…

bc682 No.68180

"You seem surprised,Have you not heard about their policies?"

3b4fd No.68181

The main portion of the orphanage includes a kitchen, a common area, a play area for the younger fillies and colts, and all of the room. The colts and fillies are of every race, mostly children who lost parents to disease, crime, or the War. The orphanage is definitely full, but seems as if it has fewer foals than sister mary's description of the situation would imply. The sisters act with extreme distrust to stragers, and many of the foals hide when Ash walks into the room, but warm to her almost immediately.

The building is attached to a nunnery, which includes multiple classrooms where nuns teach the children. There is a chapel that always has nuns praying to the Princesses, with nice stained glass windows, besides dorms an such for the sisters. Out back, there is a garden with edible plants, and a small graveyard

Unfortunately, she doesn't know that much about the Pransiscan Order. All She can really know is that they are a mendicant order of the Universal Colt of the Goddess of the Sun founded many centuries ago by Saint Prancis of Ass-Easternly. They follow an ascetic lifestyle and preach helping the poor. You know they do charity work and religious education. Aside from that, you don't know much else

An hour goes by, and ponies come in and out, and buy flowers. The father is finally about to close up shop

He seems uninformed

6f203 No.68182

Onyx decides to step just out the door while the shop is closed up.

3b4fd No.68183

The air is a bit colder now, sort of surprising for the time of year and location. Ponies are on the street, and the colt comes up to him, and holds onto his leg

6f203 No.68184

>Picks up leg
"Listen, I'm not leaving yet. Just staying out of the way"

3b4fd No.68185

Some ponies pass by. Probably 5 minutes after closing time, a dark Earth pony and a Diamond Dog walk up, wearing black jackets. They walk past, and go in. No one has said anything to you nor have they said anything, but you can be pretty sure that these creatures are sketchy as hell. The Diamond dog's right claw is underneath his jacket. They approach the pegasus

6f203 No.68186

Onyx ducks inside before the door closes, hoping this isn't about to go down how he knows it will.

bc682 No.68187

"They Believe in A Strong Independent Economy, coordinating large corporations with the state, busting labor unions, and strong state-based worker protections, so the People Dont Get Fucked over,like they did under celestia and would under communism."

3b4fd No.68188

The Earth pony goes up to the father and can be heard saying

"So where's the money"

"I told you that I don't have it. I need more time"

"We gave you more time"

The colt hides behind you, and doesn't feel the need to state the obvious

Steel Hooves takes another drink

4c001 No.68189

How many foals/nuns are staying there altogether?
Sister Ash goes about the church, politely introducing herself to all the foals and the nuns. Later she asks Sister Marey (or whoever's in charge) where she can begin to help.

6f203 No.68190

Onyx grabs his halberd in his mouth, and knocks it on the ground enough to make a decently loud klank

bc682 No.68191

"Hey Bartender, id like to invest in your business."

3b4fd No.68192

I want to say there are around 10 nuns and 3 dozen foals, maybe more foals.

As stated before, the foals tend to be reticent, and the Sisters tend to avoid her or move away. Sister Marery starts to accompany her as she walks around to tell them "It's okay" and "she's not from the waterfront. They seem much nicer after that. Most seem fascinated by her scales and weird horn. Not only have they never met a kirin before, they haven't even heard of one

Sister Marery tells her we need help most with the laundry. But something tells me you would do well in the garden"

The Earth pony looks at him, and the Diamond Dog turns fully towards him. The Diamond dog moves his hand out to show he is and has been holding a long knife, which he displays to Onyx. The Earth pony says "Oh, you want to go medieval?" The Diamond Dog says, in a voice that is a bit too high pitched for such a large creature "You're not with the police. Who sent you?"

Now the bartender takes a drink.
"How much?"

3b4fd No.68193

The Earth Pony reaches to evidently draw a weapon

bc682 No.68194

"1000 bits. i want this place to succeed."

4c001 No.68195

Sister Ash dutifully proceeds to the garden and inspects the plants.

6f203 No.68196

Dice rollRolled 3 + 12

Onyx decides there's no time like the present, and charges the Earth pony.

3b4fd No.68197

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

Dice rollRolled 2 + 6

He raises his eyebrows
"That could be a 10% share"

The more prominent portion of the garden concerns plants used for spices and the like. Mint, Rosemary, so forth. These plants grow bountifully. There is also a section that grows lettuce and tomatoes, besides peppers and cabbage. This is in less well shape. There is a small orchard of plums and apples, which the sister tells you don't grow as well here as in more temperate climates. You can see that there is a field where corn is growing, not fully successfully. Sister Rose tells you they made the field to try to see if the Earth ponies of the orphanage can learn how to grow. Not full success

Hits, and rolling 1d10+6 damage on the Earth Pony. The Diamond Dog attacks with his knife

6f203 No.68198

Oof, that's a hit.

3b4fd No.68199

Dice rollRolled 3 + 1

The Earth pony is unambiguously wounded. He Stabs you with his knife. The Diamond Dog's hit lands. Rolling damage

bc682 No.68200

"That seems fine. i have an arrangement i need to get to, Good Day Gentlecolts."

6f203 No.68201

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

Onyx then quickly switches targets to stab at the dog.

3b4fd No.68202

Dice rollRolled 10 + 8

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3

I forgot to to roll the attack for the Earth pony

That attack on the diamond dog lands

bc682 No.68203

*DarkStar leaves the bar*

4c001 No.68204

File: 1543961771265-0.jpeg (232.86 KB, 1920x1080, 1847104__safe_screencap_s….jpeg)

Sister Ash closes her eyes and takes in the presence of the garden.
In a subtle, whispered tone, she gives a silent prayer in her native language. And uses up her prepared *Plant Growth* spell, using the *Enrichment* power of the spell. Link for convinience:

Then she picks up some gardening tools and puts herself to work.

6f203 No.68205

But yeah, it seem every attack will be hitting today.

3b4fd No.68206

Dice rollRolled 16 + 3

The Dog falls to the floor. He is Dead.

The Earth Pony decides to turn and run away. He is bleeding Badly and not running fast.

A mare walking by heard the commotion and looked through the widows. She yells at the top of her lungs "POLICE!!!!" and runs

Rolling to see if the Earth Pony's stab was a critical

3b4fd No.68207

Dice rollRolled 6 + 1

The Earth pony's knife landed in a soft spot, causing double damage

3b4fd No.68208

You have taken 18 total damage to health. You are bleeding badly. The Earth pony is disengaging and limping away. The ponies in the store are shocked.

6f203 No.68209

Dice rollRolled 2 + 8

Onyx winces, dropping his halberd, before attempting to overrun the Earth Pony

3b4fd No.68211

What is overrun?

4c001 No.68212

3b4fd No.68213

Dice rollRolled 19 + 1

Uh, I guess so.

The Earth pony's strength check opposes

3b4fd No.68214

Your attempt to overrun the Earth pony has failed, and both of you fall to the ground in a pile of blood

6f203 No.68215

Onyx then turns his head in the direction of the colt.

Onyx collects himself, and limps away before the police arrive.

3b4fd No.68216

The Earth Pony gets back up to continue to limp back out

The colt smiles and waves. "You are my hero." As you leave the shop, probably at least six ponies across the street watch on in a kind of curious shock, having been alerted by the Mare

6f203 No.68217

Onyx finds his way back to the bar, smiling the whole way back.

bc682 No.68218

Do i see this crowd as im heading to the clothing store?

3b4fd No.68219

I think you need to make a dice roll.

3b4fd No.68220

Do you want to? If you want to, you can

bc682 No.68221

yea i do
"Hey! Whats going on here!?"

6f203 No.68222

Dice rollRolled 2


3b4fd No.68223

4 Baltimare police officers are at the scene of a crime at a shop. Ponies talk to each other and whisper

You manage to leave the street, but don't go far until a Pegasus and an Earth Pony pass you. They wear Blue Police uniforms and caps, with "BPD" on their uniforms. You are very visibly injured. They stop and address you, very clearly concerned about your wounds

"By Celestia, are you alright?" a mare asks, as if the answer weren't abundantly obvious

6f203 No.68224

"Y-yes I'm fine"
Onyx doesn't look nervous at all.

bc682 No.68225

"What happend here?"

4c001 No.68226

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

Well, that's going to occupy her for the rest of the morning.
Rolling Survival to predict the weather for the next few days in advance (DC 15, +1 for each additional day).
>I'm only asking this because some of my spells have varying affects depending on weather.

3b4fd No.68227

The mares get on each side of him, and look more closely at his wounds

"You look like you've been stabbed"

A police officer says "It looks like there was an altercation over a "protection" payment. One is dead. He's a known gangster. A crystal Earth pony is still missing, as is a dark Earth pony. Both are wounded and fled the scene"

A black uniformed officer walks up. You can immediately recognize him as the Green Earth Pony who was there when you were questioned at Black Hooves Headquarters

A civilian across the street whispers "good riddance"
Cloudy with a chance of rain, especially Tuesday

bc682 No.68228

"Hey,I remember you from the headquarters. Do you guyss need any help here?"

6f203 No.68229

"I promise you, I've had much worse"

4c001 No.68230

Sister Ash works for the rest of the morning in the garden, meticulously tending to the crops, plucking away weeds and parasites, watering the fruiting branches, and other mundane tasks.

3b4fd No.68231

He looks at him.

"Dark Star isn't it? Anyways, this isn't really our jurisdiction. But you can see the local police are having their time with the local organized crime"

bc682 No.68233

"Is there an Suspected Communist Involvement?"

3b4fd No.68234

"No. If it were, we'd be involved. It just looks like another death to crime. You can thank Mayor Larry Berry for that"

3b4fd No.68235

"I don't think we can let you go when you are in that bad of shape. Let us take you to the Hospital. You can get free treatment there"

bc682 No.68236

"Ah,ok is there a mafia Family in town?"

36426 No.68237

Meanwhile, the edgy bat-pone who has yet to introduce himself finally wakes up as the sun begins to set.
"Fug,… hungry again. Guess I'd better go find something."

6f203 No.68238

Onyx's eye twiches as he realizes he left his only possession in the store.
"It's merely a scratch, I was just on my way home to treat it myself"

3b4fd No.68239

"There's crime syndicates. Exactly what they do is a bit mysterious, but this dog here was apparently in a protection racket"

The Bat pone is indeed hungry. Now, where to go?

The policemares look at him, and take a more serious tone
"Sir, we're not allowed to let you go. According to city ordinance, all severely injured persons must be treated, and cannot refuse. Besides that, you look like you were the victim of a crime. I know you probably don't want to talk about it, but we can tell"

bc682 No.68240

"Has he been searched for anything that would shed any light on anything?"

6f203 No.68241

Onyx tries to decide if running is a viable option.

36426 No.68242

"Might as well try and find a place to eat." he Eeeeee's to himself. He makes his way from the apartment/house/place and ventures toward the downtown area, in hopes to find some tasty noms.

3b4fd No.68243

Well, he's very wounded. One of the Mares is a pegasus and can fly. The other is an earth pony but is not wounded. Onyx is not currently charged or even suspected of a crime, but there were a hell of a lot of witnesses. He thinks he has a defense… will that work? He can't tell if running would be "evading police" or not.

What kind of price range? There are many markets and restaurants in the city. Maybe also alternative food options

"He had a knife"

bc682 No.68244

"No I.D?"

6f203 No.68245

Onyx's voice drips with resignation.

36426 No.68246

"Better go with something cheap for now, until I get a better feel for the city," he Eeeeee's. It pains him to be frugal, but it would pain him worse to expend his resources too quickly. He's on his own now, and he can't afford to be frivolous.

3b4fd No.68247

"Oh he did. A diamond dog of the Diamondhund hinterlands of Equestria. A known criminal and suspected gang member

He is escorted to the Hospital by the two mares. It's a larger white building. A yellow unicorn is the surgeon apparently.

He asks "How did this happen?"

Among other options is a grocery store nearby in the river front area, carrying fruits and vegetables of many kinds. A bakery is included

36426 No.68248

"FRUIT" his stomach demands, upon eyeing the grocery store.
"I suppose I haven't had anything sweet in a while," he Eeee's in response.

6f203 No.68249

"I fell with a bottle and the glass cut me…"

bc682 No.68250

"I never Trusted Those Damn Bitches, We should Expel Everyone of them. Which Gang was He with?"

3b4fd No.68251

The store includes Apples, Apples, and shit loads of Apples. Pears also exist from u`p north near Ablion. Strawberries, imported from Tall Tales now in the Changeling lands, can be found but a little-bit pricier. Almost guarded near the register, are a set of Kiwi fruit, still untarnished from the fields of Great Cross, have a a higher price tag on them

"We don't know what they call themselves. We know them only as 'The Waterfront' gang. I'm sure a baltimare officer knows more, but as I said, this isn't my jurisdiction"

"Alright, we just needed to know if you were stabbed. Knife wounds go deeper and can cause internal bleeding. If it's just a glass cut we can stitch you up"

6f203 No.68252

"Just glass"

36426 No.68253

He tries to appear nonchalant while inspecting the kiwis,… but its been a looooooooong time since he's had kiwi.

54247 No.68254

Think you can handle four players at once?

A gray earth pony finally exits the Forbidden Jungle. He spots the city of New Mareland and starts travelling towards it.

bc682 No.68255

"The waterFront gang huh? I have some business there maybe i could ask around for you guys."

3b4fd No.68256

Sure. One little thing though, new mareland is across the Sea. Would you like to head over to Baltimare or some other city in South East Equestria?

The Cashier watches

"Alright, we'll get you stitched up"

54247 No.68257

The stallion after seeing the mass amount of water, decides to travel to Baltimare.

3b4fd No.68258

The Grey Stallion emerges from the forests of Duskaway. An unpaved road is beneath him, and he can see the city off in the distance, with a few taller buildings and industrial smoke stacks. The tree line thins out with a few pastures and some agricultural fields, mostly of corn. The houses increase with density as he approaches

4c001 No.68259

Dice rollRolled 16

As Sister Ash completes her work in the garden, she keeps an ear open to judge the other sisters' attitudes, asking a few inoffensive questions here and there as she gets to know them all.
Rolling Gather Information to see what she can discern about these "waterfront" stallions, and what they meant to the orphanage.

36426 No.68260

"Well don't just stand there, make like a cashier and sell me these!" Is what he thinks he says. What happens is he points toward the kiwis and lets out shrill "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

6f203 No.68261

Onyx just nods

3b4fd No.68262

"Ask around for what?"

The Cashier puts his hoof over his ears as the eeeeeeeing goes on. He takes 10 kiwis and places them in a bag
"That will be 20 bits. They barely grow these anymore you know"

When she asks, the mares get sort of hushed and sulk away. The foals too are afraid.
Sister Marery finally gives an answer
"A group of villainous scum they are. Offered to lend some money when the Ophanage was running low. We had no other choice. We took some. But then they came broke some things. And….."
Sister Marery gets very quiet

54247 No.68263

The gray pony explores the town until he can find a tavern, seeking a crewmember role on a ship travelling towards the general direction of New Mareland.

3b4fd No.68264

the stallion stitches up the two wounds
"Alright, this should get better in some days. Be careful not to put too much weight on this."

Onyx can see the two police mares walking back in the hospital

6f203 No.68265

Onyx makes like a banana and trys to split

3b4fd No.68266


Several taverns exist. He walks back in and passes a few. The Saltlick, the Watering Hole, the Eastside bar and so forth

As he sets his hoof down, he discovers he is in deep pain. The stallion tells him "watch yourself with those stitches"

54247 No.68267

He chooses the Watering Hole, as it sounded like something a tavern related to the docks. He enters the tavern, searching for a ship in need of dumb labor.

6f203 No.68268

Alright fine, he limps his way away.

36426 No.68269

Eeeeee'ing in satisfaction, he spirits away with the kiwis, only regretting that the store had the presence of mind to place them in a spot that made them difficult to steal.
Yes, he paid for them, but he didn't like it.

3b4fd No.68270


The grey Earth pony enters the tavern, and sees several ponies drinking and talking to each other, some rather loudly.

Well, I will say that the original intent of the game was to have everypony stay in the region of South-East Equestria, and meet up to go on quests. Right now there are 5 seperate characters, including yours, doing their own things going on adventures. I don't mean to say your pony can't go to a tavern and look for crews to join, then go to new Mareland and have his own adventure, just that I have a seperate tavern scene for another character, a nunnery for another character, and so forth so my creativity is just a bit stretched. In a standard D&D setting you generally tell one story that 4 or 5 people are all a part of.

We love to have you, and I think you should flesh out your character a bit more. Perhaps you want to create stats for him? That helps with Fighting and dice rolls



It's a real shame to be sure, but somethings in life can be hard.

The mares see him
"Excuse me sir"

bc682 No.68271

"ah well ill see you later,sir. ill report any findings on the waterfront gang i find to you next time im at hq"
*DarkStar heads to the tailor*

6f203 No.68272

Onyx stomps a couple times in frustration, but says nothing

36426 No.68273

Devouring one of the kiwis almost as soon as he left the shop, he feels the blissful satisfaction os the delectable fruit coursing through him. Stopping to deposit his remaining kiwis at his makeshift home, "Alright, now it's time to find some trouble," he Eeee's to himself, before setting off toward a tavern.

3b4fd No.68274

When he arrives at the Tailor, he sees Trim Fit
"You order is ready"

"Come with us"

bc682 No.68275

"Thank you sir."
*DarkStar hands him 100 extra bits*

3b4fd No.68276

Which one? Our Earth pony is at the Watering Hole, our crystal pony would be at the Eastside tavern…

He takes the 100 bits with glee
"Might you have something more for your gear in mind?"

54247 No.68277

Oh wait, I was where everybody else was? Damn. Sorry GM. By the way, I have a crude sheet for him, don't worry. Fighter, Str is highest, proficiency in unarmed.

The gray stallion deflated at such magnitudes of ponies dazzling about, clearly lost among the mass of ponies. There must be an easier way to travel at New Mareland. He realized he's tired from the trip and decides to stay at Baltimere Which I hope there's the other players somewhat for some time, trying to get used to the place.

Sorry for the troubles, DM

bc682 No.68278

"I could potenially use some rope, Maybe Some Bird Food" *gestures to owl on his shoulder* "Are there any where, where there are a large number of rats?"
Welcome aboard New Fren, Have you played many RPGS?

4c001 No.68279

Dice rollRolled 5

Sister Ash turns around slowly at the sound of the new voice.

4c001 No.68280

Didn't mean to roll

4c001 No.68281

You're doing fine.

6f203 No.68282

Onyx sighs and follows the police.
This… This can't end well for me
You'll be fine, new players are always welcome

54247 No.68283

I guess I can also post the sheet while I'm at it
Wisdom 10(+0)
Initiative modifier: +0= +0 [dexterity]
Fortitude save:+2 = 2 [base]
Reflex save: +0= 0 [base]
Will save: +0 = 0 [base]
Attack (handheld): +4 = 1 [base] +3 [strength]
Attack (unarmed): +4 = 1 [base] +3 [strength]
Attack (missile): +1 = 1 [base]
Grapple check:+4 = 1 [base] +3 [strength]

4c001 No.68284

That looks like a decent build for a Fighter.
Also, mind that previous Earth ponies get +2 to Stength and Constitution, and a bonus feat at first level.

6f203 No.68285

FYI we're starting at level 5

bc682 No.68286

Looks in order

3b4fd No.68287

That'll work.

I will be leaving soon, but there are 4 other ponies and Kirin in Baltimare, only one of whom is being detained by police. You may interact with them while I am away

Well, I think I will be leaving soon enough. I will try to make some posts and replies over the night but I will not be at my laptop.

Starting level 5, Here are the Earth pony racial modifiers:

Earth Pony and Crystal pony:
+2 strength
+2 constitution
One free feat
Tactile hooves
One free skill maxed out
Cannot perform arcane magic

It's stronger than a base D&D race, but hopefully balanced with the other races

"Sir, we have a few questions for you"

6f203 No.68288

A simple grunt is their only response

bc682 No.68289

*DarkStar Returns to the bar after paying for his long coat and cowboy hat*

4c001 No.68290

What fighting style do you intend to build?

54247 No.68291


bc682 No.68292

Wouldnt monk be better for that?

54247 No.68293

I'd rather not be lawful, but if unarmed fighter can't keep up with standard D&D meta, I can change its proficiency to a sword or spear. Didn't want to be lawful

36426 No.68294

The Tavern sounds like it would have better-paid clientele

bc682 No.68295

Thats fair. you Dont have to Change anything if you dont want to, i didn't want to give that impression.

4c001 No.68296

An unarmed fighter, huh. Interesting.
A Monk only gets bonys feats in levels 1 through six. He could be an ex-monk.

4c001 No.68297

*one through six

54247 No.68298

I'm just a newbie here. I'd rather not burden the party for my own sake. But if it's viable, I'll keep it for now.

4c001 No.68299

Newcommers are always welcome.
I'm paying a Kirin nun, btw.

36426 No.68300

File: 1543971468609.jpg (100.45 KB, 736x717, 79a153208a58d0749883791b26….jpg)

>being polite
Awwww, it's adorable

bc682 No.68301

Its No burden to us.

4c001 No.68302

We all only just started yesterday.
Tell us about your character.

54247 No.68303

A tribesman from the Forbidden Jungles. Strength is the norm. Has ventured to complete his path to adulthood.
Sorryy for lack of response, trying to fix a bit the char sheet unsuccessfully.

bc682 No.68304

mine is Dark Star
An Orphaned pony that is looking to the Black Hoofs, For assistance. The only Friend He has Left is his Owl Companion. He is Currently on a mission to take down Some suspected Communists for the Black Hoofs Party.

4c001 No.68305

No rush; the DM isn't even here. Your character sounds pretty cool.
I'm playing a Kirin Druid.
She's a disciplined, faithful, ascetic mare who put gave up comfortable life to pledge dedicate herself in service to the poor. She works as a healer and herbalist, helping those who cannot help themselves.

54247 No.68306

Ok, so I know I have 19 STR and 13 Con for earth pony trait, also took some perks for unarmed exclusively. Put some points in jump, climb, move silently and hide. (+1, +1, +0,5, +0,5 respectively) Will add another feat for my race, taking Stunning Fist if possible. If not, I'll take Combat Reflexes. Am I doing this right or am I missing something?

54247 No.68307

Also should know I used this:
To create the char sheet

bc682 No.68308

we are starting at lvl 5, so you have 56 skill points you can use.

4c001 No.68309

If you wanna be a Fighter, you're definitely going to want Power Attack.

bc682 No.68310

I also highly suggest this.

6f203 No.68311

As a fellow fighter I third it

54247 No.68312

Already picked it.

bc682 No.68313

File: 1543974781883.png (189.6 KB, 3320x2600, hiResPony.png)

Heres a tool that lets you make your pony.
This edgy horse is mine.

6f203 No.68314

File: 1543975001116-0.png (81.62 KB, 288x343, OnyxSteel1.png)

File: 1543975001116-1.png (42.12 KB, 285x344, OnyxSteel2.png)

This slightly less edgy looking horse is Onyx Steel. The newly made criminal…

4c001 No.68315

File: 1543975675438-0.png (1.04 MB, 934x768, unknown.png)

54247 No.68316

Ok, here's the new char sheet.
Wisdom 10(+0)

Initiative modifier: +0= +0 [dexterity]
Fortitude save:+5 = 4 [base] +1 [constitution]
Reflex save: +1= 1 [base]
Will save: +1 = 1 [base]
Attack (handheld): +10 = 5 [base] +5 [strength]
Attack (unarmed): +10 = 5 [base] +5 [strength]
Attack (missile): +5 = 5 [base]
Grapple check: +10 = 5 [base] +5 [strength]

Is this ok or should I put more points on skills?

bc682 No.68317

Skills are pretty important.

4c001 No.68318

It's fine if you want to wait a bit to sort things out. I still haven't picked all of my feats.

54247 No.68319

That's for sure. I added 8 points already by the creator, but it seems to add by 0.5. So should I add 48 more skill points?

d5d8d No.68320

File: 1543976093144.jpeg (71.59 KB, 437x538, E511FDA7-85A5-480D-A64E-7….jpeg)

>those eyes
I’m not sure you want to use that color scheme. Or use it, see what happens.

That will work, just please note that fighters only have 2 skill points per level plus 8 at the beginning. With an intelligence modifier of -1 plus your cutie mark skill points, you only have 16 skill points, 8 of which must be in one skill that relates to the character’s cutie mark.

Also, a character who is s native pony of the forbidden jungles is a splendid choice

bc682 No.68321

i would suggest doing that,yes.

36426 No.68322

You only get a 1/1 ratio of skills/points on class-specific skills. Cross-class skills advance at 2/1. For a fighter, that includes things like moving silently, which is predominantly a rogue skill

6f203 No.68323

Too late, I'm using it

54247 No.68324

Thank you.
So after the first 8 from normal D&D I put 8 more limited to cutie mark relevance. Then I have the rest of the skill points to distribute as I please or I just have 16 points total?

d5d8d No.68325

File: 1543977777838.png (665.59 KB, 1024x1024, 2BF0BE1A-8E8B-45E2-B788-D0….png)

You have only 16 total if we strictly adhere to the rules for the fighter class. That other player with 56 points is playing a Ranger, which has more skill points

bc682 No.68326

oops,sorry friend

54247 No.68327

File: 1543977917191.png (153.66 KB, 1440x1660, 1521158988957-1.png)

Ok, so my char is fully done. Feels good.

bc682 No.68328

Does he have a name? or would you like to reveal that in game?

54247 No.68329

File: 1543979235466.png (25.95 KB, 830x650, myPony.png)

I'd rather do it in-game. It's a rather simple name, fitting for a tribe name. But I can show how he looks like.
Warning: Kinda dull looking

4c001 No.68330

Funky mane.

6f203 No.68331


bc682 No.68332

He looks pretty cool.

54247 No.68333

Looked messy, so I took it. I like how he turned out. Gives the "I live in a jungle vibe".
Thanks man.

54247 No.68334

Also thank you

4c001 No.68335


54247 No.68336

Oh cool.
Any hints on your backstory, you three, or will you expand in-story?

6f203 No.68337

Well, other than become a criminal there's not too much to Onyx.
He's a crystal pony who servered in the war who has one glassed over eye.

4c001 No.68338

I haven't thought very far into detail in terms of backstory, but I think i:'ve got my character's traits semi figured out.
I decided she would have come to the city because it would be the logical place to find impoverished ponies. She's only concerned with helping the poor, in addition to natural creatures.
I'll expand on how her dispositions cane to be later on, as she interacts with other characters.

bc682 No.68339

I Would Prefer to Expand on it in character.

54247 No.68340

Huh, it's flexible. Wonder how you'll expand him later. Lots of potential, can go anywhere.
It's nice. Good waifu material. Can't wait to see her backstory.
I bet she/he is addicted to mangos

bc682 No.68341


4c001 No.68342

>Good waifu material
Huh, I guess I made a decent character after all. Thanks.

6f203 No.68343

Thanks! I look forward to seeing where your character goes too.
>Waifu material
This gonna be good

54247 No.68344

File: 1543981693241.png (217.52 KB, 283x301, 1515457240639.png)

Well, it was a nice chat. I'll see you in the afternoon, maybe even midnight. Let's have fun times together with this game!

Remember, no commie

4c001 No.68345

Goodnight, Anon.

bc682 No.68346

Goodnight Fren

6f203 No.68347


3b4fd No.68348

He looks astonished, as he was apparently expecting something different.

"Rope… There is a hardware store on Mareton Hoofer King Avenue that sells rope. As for Rats…. You may find those wondering about in trashcans on the same street at no cost."

Or you can do that

Sister Marery seems to have shut herself up now

Oh God….

When he gets to the East side tavern he can see a few ponies there. In the corner a jolly stallion in a sailor's uniform speaks to an older wealthy looking fellow with a fine unicorn mare next to him, lost in a conversation. At the bar, the bartender yells something about his help being three hours late, as a Brown, overly edgy earth pony walks in and head to the bar. Besides ponies playing pool and so forth.

The Policemares grab onto him and walk him to the Police Station. Everytime he moves his forehoof, he feels a sharp pain, which the policemares do not fail to notice. They take him into a room with a table, and set him down. He is left alone for two minutes, and a Unicorn stallion, light grey coat comes in, along with a pink pegasus mare with a blue cap. The Stallion says to him

"You are not under arrest at this time, we just have a few questions for you"

He looks at you. "Do you perhaps need something to handle your pain?"

I know alignment is normally a big part of D&D mechanics, especially in older systems like 3.5, but I am fine doing things differently. In a normal D&D campaign, you make a character, and that character reacts to the world thrown at it based upon its personality. Here, I kind of want to throw the characters into the world, and you make choices as they are presented, and the character becomes who the character is based upon the choices made. That's the hope anyways

bc682 No.68349

what was he excpecting?
*i stay in the shop*

3b4fd No.68350

Note that as you arrive in the police station, a set of police officers search you for weapons and the content of your pockets

"Well, you seemed like the type who would want, shall we say, a protective vest"

bc682 No.68351

"Well… Your not wrong. How much would one cost?"

3b4fd No.68352

"A few hundred bits, depending on your preferences.

"What we have in stock are a few… Army surplus vests. Nylon fabric with steel plates woven in, used by Equestrian pilots in the war as protection against shrapnel. They've become somewhat popular among wealthy ponies who think themselves possible targets of crime. They will not stop a rifle bullet, but they might stop a knife or fragment of shrapnel.

I cannot tell you it will feel like you are wearing nothing at all. You will feel the weight on you, it will make you a little less maneuverable, and a little harder to jump or swim. But you may just be able to fit one underneath your jacket without any pony noticing."

bc682 No.68353

"That Sounds like something i would need."
*gets out bits pouch*
"how much did you say?"

3b4fd No.68354

He takes you into the back into another room. It has several suits of armor. He picks up a green vest. It has a little thickness to it, but doesn't look heavy when he holds it.

"This one here is a… fairly standard airman's jacket, against the Changeling air-defense guns. It is mostly heavy Nylon, with some steel plating. Around 12 pounds, not too bulky or heavy. It costs 300 bits."

bc682 No.68355

"And this thing can stop a knife?"

3b4fd No.68356

"It can stop many knife attacks, yes. But I don't know if I can guarantee you a knife that hits solid into it won't pierce it. What I can tell you now that it will improve your odds against all manner of danger - artillery, knife, claw, and maybe a glancing or distant bullet. Many an airmare is alive today because of it."

bc682 No.68357

"ill take 2"

3b4fd No.68358

Trim Fit hands over two of the vests. "600 bits"

bc682 No.68359

*Drops down 600 bits*

54247 No.68360

Deciding to get accostumed to the city and earn some bits, the gray stallion seeks work as muscle for any pony willing to buy his service. He will do that on the outskirts of the Watering Hole, as the lack of space would bother him a bit.

Let's see who bites

4c001 No.68361

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

I'm going to roll Sense Motive, to see what's concerning her.

4c001 No.68362

5128e No.68363

*Approaches the bardtender*
"Eee <clears throat>.. I mean, I couldn't help but over-hear that you might be short-handed. I'm between jobs at the moment, and while I was hoping to find a drink, I could just as soon fill in for you."

3b4fd No.68364

The stallion looks at The Bat with a sort of astonishment. He is in genuine pause for a minute.

"I definitely need the help. If you could clean tables and the floor *beat* that'd be very useful"

He hands over a wiping rag

She dare not speak the unspeakable, and her expression conveys sadness, fear, horror, and guilt

You wonder if perhaps tales of the unemployment in baltimare are overrated, as a blue Earth pony gives out a holler

"We got a cargo that just came in in the harbor and our normal hooves can't handle it. Looking for ponies to unload the ship in the next few hours. 3 bits an hour"

54247 No.68365

The gray stallion approaches the blue pony.
"Hello", he says, "I will move the boxes you want. Show me where the "cargo" is and it will go there"

3b4fd No.68366

"Excellent! I'm sorry, but we really are on a tight schedule. Go to that pony over there and he will take you down to the docks"

He directs you to a bigger Earth pony with a cap on who has a number of other ponies around him. He speaks in a gruff voice
"this way"

5128e No.68367

*Makes an obviously un-military salute and gets to casing the customers cleaning tables*

3b4fd No.68368

The first table has only a few empty glasses on it, with a plate, so you guess there must have been food served or something? Anyways, it's totally unsuspicious to clean, and more importantly is right next to a booth containing the pegasus in the sailor's uniform, and an older stallion with his overly cute unicorn mare

4c001 No.68369

Sister Ash's decides it's better for her not to pry into matters; instead she lowers her head in sympathy.
"I can see you have suffered.. you've been forced to make many difficult decisions. You have my sincere condolences.."
Then she turns around slowly, as she picks up her broom (I'm subbing the cane for a broom, because it fits her character better) to return to work.

3b4fd No.68370

A little fillie comes by and wags her tale at sister Ash. "Were you sent here by Celestia? Sister Rosemary tells us that she looks after each of us, and she will return to save us some sunny day"

54247 No.68371

The stallion follows.
"Why do you need help with this? You seem tough enough to move puny boxes around." He glances at the Captain dissapointedly, looking for any excuse as to why he'd need help for such a simple job. He also inspected the crew that had to move the cargo, maybe he's the only capable stallion around here.

3b4fd No.68372

He seems a little annoyed by this question
"It's a lot of cargo, and it needs to be moved quickly. We need all the ponies we can get for it. Now are you in?"

4c001 No.68373

Sister Ash tassles the little filly's mane, and smiles.
"Then I'm glad she sent me here to you."

3b4fd No.68374

The little fillie wags her tale. She says sadly "Our dreams haven't been as happy since the armnis-cis-cyst. It used to be that even when I had a bad day, I could go to my dreams to be away from it"

54247 No.68375

After a bit of thought, he reluctantly nods. "I don't have anything else to do. I… "am in" as your folk say." His posture slouched a bit, annoyed as well. Here's hoping that these bits are worth the trouble. Guess life in this "cee-vee-li-sei-tion" is as boring as foraging. "Now, point me to the cargo and where to place it."

4c001 No.68376

Dice rollRolled 20 + 7

I feel like answering to this appropriately requires a knowledge (religion) check, on the subject of Celestia and Luna, to see what Sister Ash actually understands about Luna's dreamweaving.
Also, would non-Equestrians have experienced this too? Have *everyone's* dreams been messed up since Luna was captured?

3b4fd No.68377

The stallion walks you down to the docks, at least a half-mile past shops, then factories, then warehouses, to a specific dock.

"This one, right here."

He points his hoof to a red painted ship called the Swift Pheasant that seems to have itself only just arrived, as up-swells of water imply that maneuvering thrusters are on, and a crew seems to be throwing ropes over to moor the ship. You can see the the crew from a distance. Half are Earth ponies, but half are a creature you've never seen before in your life: what you understand to be 'griffons.' The registry below the ship name is "Skyfall." You can see more ponies - and a few zebra and one diamond dog - assembled in a group waiting to unload the ship. Your little group recruited in town joins with this group, and the Earth pony yells out to you:
"We got a few dozen crates to transfer before 3 PM, that's two hours from now. Half will go to that ship over there, and half will go by truck into town. Do as I tell you"

Dreamweaving is the careful art of the Princess of the Night, Princess Luna, who crafts delicate dreams to her followers, most especially young foals who need the emotional support. With the power of her alicorn magic she visits a great multitude each night. The magic naturally responds to the emotions of each foal, and she gives the dream a more personal touch where a foal needs particular guidance or life lessons. Only Believers receive pleasant dreams from the Princess, while those who do not believe suffer nightmares and dreamless slumbers - a small taste of "what dreams may come" after death.

4c001 No.68378

Do non-followers include Sister Ash, who came from outside Equestria, in this case? What have her dreams been like?

3b4fd No.68379

Assorted dreams of daily life, fears of public speaking while naked, and the occasional dream of wondering through the forest and experiencing life in a way that makes her feel like she is connected to something greater in the cosmos. She has never had a dream that included Princess Luna, even since she was a young…. fillie?

6721e No.68380

I'm only asking because I'm considering the implications of my character's experience, before formulating a response to this filly.

6721e No.68381

Pretty sure young Kirin is a filly. The only other options would be faun, kid, or calf.

54247 No.68382

Dice rollRolled 9 + 5

"Fine." He walks towards the crates. While it's a boring job, showing strength will earn respect. That much was truth at home. He'll carry as much as he can without breaking a sweat. He'll focus on transporting the half towards the floating metal hunk.

I'll post my load capacity over head here: "Lift over head: 400 lb". Heavy load is between that and 267. Also I'll place a strength roll just in case its needed, also practicing how to use the dice

3b4fd No.68383

And indeed, his strength in transporting crates is noticed. He can carry on his back crates that would otherwise take two ponies. A number of crates are transported first to a waiting truck that immediately leaves. The truck it's self is a a two and a half ton with a fabric canopy like an army logistics truck, and it leaves immediately. A few more crates now are hauled a thousand yards further down the docks to another much smaller ship called "The Jungle Express" with a Mareida registry.

As you come back for another crates, the two pegasi handling a crate being lowered by the crane shout "lookout!"

Roll for Reflex save!

54247 No.68384

Dice rollRolled 13 + 1


4c001 No.68385

Sister Ash pauses for a moment, a subtle air of confusion then worry washing over her; her wishing she could understand the filly's turmoil more deeply. She retains her adamant composure though, taking a breath as the thinks of how to answer the filly.
"… Around the world.. ponies have been having difficult times.. Many ponies, even the Princesses, have been struggling to make ends meet, and you, me, and everypony in Equestria have been feeling it… But that's only for us grown-ups to worry about…"
She stops for a moment, hoping she hasn't disturbed the filly.
"…We all struggle together, which is why we have to think work are hardest to help one another. All of the sisters have been trying their best to let the foals in this Abby live happily together, so be a good little filly and do the same for your friends here.."
Another pause
".. Do you underdtand..?" she asks, tilting her head slightly counterclockwise.

3b4fd No.68386

He manages to roll out of the way of the falling crate, which crashes down on the docks and shatters. Wood break apart in splinters, and the contents come out: Rifles. Bolt action rifles of what seem to be a foreign manufacture. They must not have been made for ponies, because the trigger guard is much to small to allow a hoof inside, unlike the rifles with giant trigger guards that you've seen in the forbidden jungles. Many of the rifles spread about over the dock and two fall into the water

The deck foreman is horrified and yells "Get these up! Quickly!"

3b4fd No.68387

The little fillie seems put at ease, and is silent for a moment.

"I think I hear what you're saying" she says

"When we went down to the soup kitchen, there was a colt who said similar things, and so did the stallions who worked there." She continues "They told told us about the struggles we all face. The workers, the poor, the ophans. He said we were all united in a struggle. Every creature - pony, Zebra, Griffon." You can tell she wants to name another race, but can't actually name it. "You."

"The sisters won't let us go back there because she says she they spook bad about the church and about the Princesses."

54247 No.68388

Dice rollRolled 20 + 5

Time for some paddling
The grey stallion jumped down into the water, intending to snatch those two rifles that had fallen down the dock. Time to show the strength of the Earth Pony.

I'll roll for swim first

3b4fd No.68389

>A 20
The pony jumps down into the water, and hits the mud bottom - not before he can feel both rifles and return to the surface

54247 No.68390

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1

Swim underwater and attempt to hide one of the bolt action rifles somewhere at the shore if possible. While he'd want to hide both, it would hurt his honor to just jump into water without any results.

3b4fd No.68391

Well, here's the thing. The shore has a concrete sea wall that lets ships come right up to it, and the dock itself is wooden in the pattern docks are famous for. So it's not perfectly clear where to hide it

4c001 No.68392

Sorry if it takes me a few minutes to respond. I'm busy atm.

54247 No.68393

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

After looking at his surroundings, he realised there's no way to actually hide these guns here, no land near shore to bury or any other dry patch to hide it in. Instead he simply decides to take both rifles and climb into the ship. No chance for profit from it, but at least he'll gain some renown… if these still work that is.

3b4fd No.68394

The deck foreman looks over to you and is clearly astonished for the feat of swimming, as he had already written off in his mind any cargo that fell over the side. He is speechless for a moment, then yells "Get these things up"

After a minute, some ponies come in with a new crate, and they start to place them inside

3b4fd No.68395

probably could of jammed one between a support beam and a plank under the dock, it would just be a bitch to come back and get

54247 No.68396

I would've wanted to hide it on somewhere drier than that. Thanks for the future info, may be useful later.

3b4fd No.68397

The thing about rifles is that they are very difficult to hide
also very loud

54247 No.68398

Dice rollRolled 16 + 4

"I will," he starts walking towards the remaining crates "However, you almost broke a crate on me." He glares at the foreman. "While that would not have hurt me a lot, It still shows disrespect towards me, and I will not let you get away with that." He steps closer towards the foreman "I will take an eighth of the price the crate that almost fell over me or else I will challenge you to a fight for my honor." He is now right in front of the foreman "I will not let this stand down"

Using intimidate for this one

3b4fd No.68399

"Excuse me?"

A griffon on the ship notices, and ponies on the shore look over

3b4fd No.68400

Dice rollRolled 12 + 3

Opposed Intimidation roll

3b4fd No.68401

The Deck Foreman backs away, first slowly, then a little more quickly

"We got a rowdy one"

Ponies look on from the shore, and one signals to another pony who goes inside

3b4fd No.68402

Dice rollRolled 14

Making a dice roll to determine the time

5128e No.68403

Dice rollRolled 6 - 3

Profession check, cleaning tables and floors

3b4fd No.68404

You're not great at it

5128e No.68405

Very not great at it.
No worries, its all to get close to the 'client' anyway

54247 No.68406

I guess I should roll intimidate again, right?

4c001 No.68407

The Sister nods in understanding, setting her broom and dustpan aside to near down by the filly
"When times are hard, some ponies can be find it difficult to be gracious. They're so concerned for the sake of themselves and their friends that they sometimes stray and may lose faith in others. The Princesses of this land are struggling indeed, and they cannot offer so much of what they used to; so some ponies may feel that they're alone."
She pauses and looks around
"To the sisters of this Abby, who offer all they have for nothing, such words can be painful. But understand, that they only care for your well-being; so that you can know that you are loved."

*Returns to sweeping*

3b4fd No.68408

From your position at the table, you can see that they are at a table in a booth, and seem to be talking about their own adventures of sorts. The Sailor in particular talks of his experiences in a recent stop at the City of Los Pegasus

"Now, don't misunderstand me. I went to the casinos there when Gladmane ran the place, and then when Flim and Flam ran it. I have great respect for those stallions and what they did with Los Pegasus. But this new Tasian, wow!

Hear this. Now you know dancing fillies and the like? Get this? Mares that change shape to look like any mare you like. A princess, an element of harmony, you name it. A perfect replica who will look at you with predatory eyes, let you take her back to the hotel room and do anything to her you like. For cheap too!"

The older stallion seems entranced by the concept of shape-shifting prostitutes. The mare seems to be able to hold back her disgust and revulsion at the two, and is the most drunk. She is focused on the stallion

No, that dice roll was the other character's intimidation roll. He lost, you won, and he is retreating a little back. Now you chose what to say next

6f203 No.68409

>At this time
Well, little comfort to be had.
"I've handled worse."

54247 No.68410

Dice rollRolled 7 + 4

Well, hopefully I'm even more intimidating to obtain the dosh without a fight

"Well?" The stallion stands, forelegs bent, ready to strike. "Will you comply to my demands and restore my honor or will I have to fight you to prove my worth?". He snarls a bit, showing his teeth. "Because I will not tolerate my honor being tarnished."

3b4fd No.68411

The little fillie seems sated by this, and goes back to her room. A sister comes up to sister ash after 15 minutes or so

"Beggin' your pardon, but a - you're not from around here are ya?"

She knows that the next question is probably a bit insensitive and inappropriate, and maybe that's why she waited until she could find Ash alone
"What exactly do you believe when it comes to the divine?"

"Interesting" He nods
"You were found walking down 6th street bleeding and with wounds, were you not?"

3b4fd No.68412

The foreman clearly does not want to pick a fight with a stronger, native pony, and backsaway. A mare walks forward from the shore, with a hat and a long jacket

"I take it you're not from around here, are you kid?" She says confidently

54247 No.68414

"Do not interfere, mare," his heads snaps towards the intruding mare. "He has almost killed me by the incompetence of his crew and now I seek retribution for his deed. I will not be trampled on by one who only contols a floating hunk of metal." He looks towards the stallion again. "Now, do you comply, or do I have to fight?"

3b4fd No.68415

"I'll take that as a no"

She looks back at him and smiles
"Accidents happen, and not every crane operator is worth his pay. Now, I don't think you understand who runs this show. This stallion here is my underling, and you are his underling. And this, here, is my cargo. And those pegasi who dropped the crate, are somegriffon else's mooks"

She smiles again
"Welcome to Baltimare. I don't think we've been properly introduced. But all you really need to know is, don't fuck with us"

6f203 No.68416

"That's correct"

3b4fd No.68417

He looks at you with a more serious expression

"Now tell us what happened at the flower shop"

54247 No.68418

He looks at the mare, eyebrows raised slightly. "What filthy mouth you have, mare. Stallions are too soft around here that mares have more wit than a stallion. Truly a disgrace." He shakes his head. "I have made my point. Hopefully you will obtain better workers that do not fail you again." He walks up towards the mare. "I will not fight you, mare." He stops in front of her. "I am Iron. I am willing to move the crates again."

3b4fd No.68419

She looks at him again

"I take you like to be the big strong stallion? Push ponies around to your will?"

6f203 No.68420

"Gigs over eh? They both pulled knives on me when I was talking to the owner."

54247 No.68421

"I only fight for my honor. He tarnished it. I see your compassion, mare." He smiles softly. "Truly you can be a great mother for your childern." Iron's head veered towards the foreman, smile fading. "It is sad that you have to protect these overgrown colts from actually facing their problems." He looks back towards the mare. "I will move the crates now, as agreed." He starts walking towards the crates.

3b4fd No.68422

At this point, another stallion enters the room. He wears a black uniform that also appears to be some kind of policemare's uniform, with a hoof symbol on the shoulder. He is a green Earth Pony stallion with yellow hair and seems to have a prosthetic hind right hind leg

The pink mare says to him
"Homicide is the jurisdiction of the Baltimare Police. Not yours"

"Maybe" He pulls out a cigarrette and leans against the wall as he tries to light it. "But insurrection is in my jurisdiction, and this guy right here…" He points to Onyx. "Was found with this little beauty on his pony" He pulls out the communist leaflet Onyx had and holds it up, before taking a long huff of his cigarette.

The pink mare is offended. "possessing pamplets of the Baltimare Communist party isn't illegal"

He blows out his smoke in the direction of the mare. "No more illegal than killing in defense of others" She glares at him. "Continue" He motions with his hoof.

She looks back to Onyx, "And so what happened next?"

She doesn't move from her spot, but all of the ponies, who were watching the scene, get back to work moving the crates. There is a feel of urgency to it now, and the mare watches on

6f203 No.68423

"After that you guys found me and took me to get stiched up"
Onyx pulls off as much of a shrug as a pony can.
"Ah for the leaflet? Some idiot spouting heresy against the princesses gave me that. Hadn't even looked over it."

3b4fd No.68424

"So how did the diamond dog die, and what happened to the other pony?"

5128e No.68425

"Sounds like changelings, if you ask me,… oh sorry, pay me no mind." he quips at the group.

54247 No.68426

Iron keeps moving the crates as instructed, same amount as before the incident. "Cee-vee-lai-sei-tion" sure made the population weak. He shaked his head. Poor mare, he thought, had to defend these stallions when naturally it is the other way around. He sighed softly, this trip sure cemented his belief that this is a hidden hell for everyone, slowly burning their natural instinct and leaving them defenseless.

6f203 No.68427

"Self defense"

3b4fd No.68428

When the crates are moved, the foreman directs all of the ponies to get off of the docks. Noticeably, only the crates on the top of the deck have been moved, and the ship is still more full than not. At 3PM, a pony in green officer's clothing and several griffons go onto The Swift Pheasant

They pay you mind, looking back at you. The mare starts to spout something about prostitution exploiting vulnerable mares, but then retracts the statement when she senses it doesn't apply to the situation

The blue uniformed stallion now asks you forcefully
"How did it happen?"

54247 No.68429

Watch as they enter, silently calculating their strength and weaponry while looking down on them for their reliance on weapons.

3b4fd No.68430

You are at a distance from the ship, but you can hear the stallion shout "customs!" The griffons carry carbines and the green uniformed pony looks unarmed. The mare and the deck forepony instruct everypony to remain out of view

6f203 No.68431

"The horse pulled a blade, I charged. Then the dog got me, providing the wounds your officers saw. I then got him, and chased the horse. You know the rest"

3b4fd No.68432


The two ponies look at you a bit frustrated, with the third pony carrying a look of indifference

"We have six ponies who say they saw you running from the scene. But the only two who saw the killing said the dog was holding the knife the whole time and was clearly threatening with it"

The mare says "Carrying a Halberd though…"

54247 No.68433

Iron walks towards the mare to inquire about this ship and its owner. While he is at it, he will ask some questions about the city itself, such as any opportunities for strength related work inside the city. He will also ask for his pay, since he did not recieve it after the whole crate moving business.

[spoilers]Unless it is already taken and didn't notice.

3b4fd No.68434

>The ship
"Skyfall Trade Federation. Griffons overseas. We tell the Customs agents it's Talouse. As for any other details I wouldn't share them with you even if I knew."

>The City

"This is no land of opportunity. It wasn't before the war and it certainly is not now"

>The pay

"I can tell you now you forfeited that when you disrespected and then intimidated our Capo. Normally, when a pony disrespects a capo, they all of their legs broken by a tire iron. And hell, try to fight and I would have had those griffons above you put a couple bullets into your thick head, tie your hooves to cinder-blocks then toss you out at sea. That is what happens when you mess with the Waterfront gang. But you aren't from around here, so your ignorance can be forgiven, and we'll let you go free. And let me tell you, I admire your strength and your audacity, I think you could go very far. So if you want to make all of that money back and much, much more in just a short amount of time, we may have a Job for you that suits your talents better than moving crates"

>Opportunities for strength related work

There are a lot of ponies in this city who owe us money, and we could really use a debt collector as big, strong, and as intimidating as you. Just today we have a new job opening. And let me tell you, no one will be disrespecting you. So if you want to make money with all that muscle…"

4c001 No.68435

"… 'The Divine'.. is something more sophisticated than I could ever hope to understand, let alone explain..
I come from a far away land, very different from this one.. Where I come from, pegasi do not interfere with nature, nor do the foals of the Earth till the soil when it is already fertile.. Clergy is not so formal to my people: our circles and temples come and go with the wind, settling when and where they are needed. The winds spoke to me to come to this land, and so I came to pledge my service to the creatures of this land.. But again, a mare of faith should not need a reason to serve the poor, should she?
Ponies.. are peculiar creatures.. They are so unconditionally loved by creation,and yet at times they can stray to believe that they are alone. They build spawling cities where lush grasslands and forests once stood; they build worlds to meet their desires, and yet also bring their own suffering.. So peculiar, but so beautiful..
My own faith is one one of self-dicipline.. For my kind, faith is our way of quelling the fires that ravage our beings, in life and in death. We assemble circles every few centuries to nuture our soldidarity, to protect the world from both ourselves and the nameless horrors of the beyond. Our circles were once made up of magi, who bound together to fight evil and ugliness whereever it stood.. but the temple that I trained in is no more, for it stood where it was not needed, and thus drifted away.
I too sought out faith to quell the fires within me as well, fires that blazed and blistered until they threatened to destroy me from within.. I wasn't always such a patient mare; no, I was wild as I was naive.. In the past I made mistakes; I've broken many things, and lost many things, and so now I've chosen faith to guide my path. I spent many years alone looking for faith, learning from what the trees told me.. At one point, I believed that I was growing callous, but as I wandered across the continent alone, I found that I could see things that others could not. I see when creatures are suffering, struggling against illness, evil, and destitute. I had myself taught myself to live without wealth, joy, security, shelter, or even love, but the creatures of this realm still struggle; and thus can only I offer up my body in service."
The pauses for a moment, then turns
".. These Princesses that you speak of.. although I do not know them, feel righteous to me, since they are able to let such a selfless establishment as this abby exist.. I sense they've worked for many centuries to allow your people to grow in peace.. but today.. they too must struggle.. I pray for them, and for all of you.. I would love to know these Princesses some day as well."

5128e No.68436

"Sorry folks, maybe its not my place to say, but I'd be cautious about ponies that can appear as any sort of pony you'd want. I mean, prostitution is kind of a touchy subject as it is, without involving crazy magic or,… well,… bugs. Are you alright on your drinks? I can have a waiter over here in a jiffy."

4c001 No.68437

Sorry, I've been in and out.

4c001 No.68438

[mystic dragonhoers noises]

54247 No.68439

Iron laughs at the mare. "Your attempts at ruthlessness are funny. At least you have more spine than your… "cah-po". Poor stallion lost his balls underwater." He audibly laughs, then maintains a small grin. "You have a deal, mare. How will the money arrive to me when my deeds are done?"

4c001 No.68440

Maybe that was a bit too long for a normal conversation…

3b4fd No.68441

"Didn't your mommy and daddy teach you respect? He's a made stallion, and in Baltimare, that's a title that carries weight. As for business, you take the money from them and give 4/5 to us, and you keep the remainder. You'd be working with a partner who will direct you where to find debtors and where to deliver the money"

They still look a bit dumbfounded at the interjection. The mare finally says "I'll have another drink"

3b4fd No.68442

The mare strikes an expression of fear and horror at about the first paragraph, and maintains that expression until after sister Ash is done

54247 No.68443

Iron nods. "Very well then, mare. I hope your money is actually good. I would be dissapointed to see you flaunting about power when the only ones that owe you are small merchants that are broke." The stallions turns around. "As for your first question, I only respect the strongest. The one that can fend off anyone by themselves, especially without those tools of war you have. I will be at the outskirts when you need me. I am going to rest a bit." He leaves the city and sets camp at the outskirts, intending to rest a bit until the supposed partner arrives.

3b4fd No.68444

"Hahhaha," she laughs, "it's not 'our' money you should hope is good. Go to the Watering hole at sundown. The guy we would normally pair you with is severely injured, so we have a fill in. They'll meet you there. But so you know, jungle boy. Once you leave those trees, you'll find there are many kinds of strength"

54247 No.68445

Dice rollRolled 12

Iron nods as he walks off, heading to the outskirts. Meanwhile he checks the time by looking at the time of day. He decides to forage a bit of food and attempts to rest near a tree.

Roll for forage gathering

4c001 No.68446

Me and my big mouth keyboard…

Sister Ash takes her broom again and continues sweeping, trying not to look too much like a witch.

3b4fd No.68447

Time is perhaps 3:45 PM by the time you get to the outskirts. As for foraging, what are you looking for?

"Zebrica is a no place for a pony" she says as she walks away, and you get the feeling she was not talking to you

54247 No.68448

Foodstuffs to eat and all that.

5128e No.68449

"Of course, what are you having?"

4c001 No.68450

Sister looks at the space where the mare once stood, contemplating if she's said anything that may have disturbed the mare.
Having done all she can in the garden and the halls, she proceeds to go to help with the laundry.

4c001 No.68451

File: 1544053885781-0.png (647.98 KB, 1280x887, 988132__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Dice rollRolled 20 + 3

Rolling Profession (laundry) because rolls are fun.

5128e No.68452

Thats some damn fine laundry work

4c001 No.68453

File: 1544054096414-0.png (4 MB, 3840x2160, 1523129__safe_artist-colon….png)


54247 No.68454

File: 1544054136170.png (149.94 KB, 448x378, 1505545670847.png)

You clean clothes so good. You're a laundry magician!

3b4fd No.68455

"Something with alcohol in it. lots of alcohol in it"

Well, he could find two wild turnups, a couple fruit, and…. well, Grass. A decent amount of grass

>not doing some sort of dice roll to determine what it was
She goes over to where a sister and an older foal are washing the laundry. It's a large stack of mostly bed-sheets, with some foal's clothing, and the sister's garments. The washing is in a metal tub. Clothes are made wet, scrubed with soap, then scrubbed hard and repeatedly with a smooth river stone against a hard plank, dipped in water repeatedly, and rinsed off in a seperate tub of non-soapy water, before being sent through a ringer and hung to dry on lines in an area on the roof of the orphanage.
I remember when I washed clothes the old way at a homeless shelter in Rome…

And she's great at it, perhaps even inspired by Celestia

4c001 No.68456

File: 1544054740200-0.png (541.58 KB, 2152x2720, 1829933__safe_artist-colon….png)

>Foals = fed
>Garden = Grown
>Laundry = Annihilated
I think it's safe to say that this has been a successful day in the life of a Sister.

5128e No.68457

"Ever tried an AMH?"

4c001 No.68458

I just did the laundry because Sister Marey said that's what they needed the most help with, since she already did the garden.

54247 No.68459

If that's what I will find, I'll take it. Need to keep the stronk body.

3b4fd No.68460

"What's AMH?" The drunken mare says

When did you do the garden? I feel like I missed that post

5128e No.68461

"Adios Mother Hoofer, I'll have the bartender make you one and you can try it."
*quickly runs off to the bartender (I know he said he'd get a waiter, but fuck that)*
"Hey, I need an AMH for the lady over there." He nods toward the mare in question. "Who is she, do you know?"

3b4fd No.68462

"I can't say I know her personally. But she likes to follow around the guy with the biggest paycheck or the most power she can find, and she has the body and the looks to do that pretty easily. I think her daddy is someone, but I'm not sure. And what's an AMH?"

4c001 No.68463

A while back, when the Sister recommended her to do it. It was the first thing she did, before predicting the weather.
She even used up her Third level Plant Growth spell to enrich the garden to supernatural levels (33% more productive for the next year).

3b4fd No.68464

>Using magic to increase plant growth
Maybe she can learn the special role ponies play in complimenting nature after all, rather than simply standing aside

3b4fd No.68465

I mean, that's what a sister would say

4c001 No.68466

4c001 No.68467

[Shrugs in Druidic]
Whatever she can do to help.

bc682 No.68468

>tfw to excited to finish reading
"Thanks for the vests, ill be going now. heres a tip"
*DarkStar gives the tailor pony 100 extra bits*
*He then leaves the store and heads for the factories near the docks*

5128e No.68469

He represses the urge to EEEEE at the bartender, instead replying "Its like a Long Island, except its got Blue Curacao instead of cola".

3b4fd No.68470

Trim fit takes the 700 bits

As for if you want to go to the Factories near the docks, be aware that tonight is not a night you were told was a meeting night. So you can go reconnoiter if you like, but there are other ways to explore the socialist presence if that is your intent

"Sure…." He makes the drink, and hands it back

6f203 No.68471

"If that is against the law here, then I guess I am in the wrong. But sometimes old habits die hard."

3b4fd No.68472

"I take it you were a made stallion back in Manehattan"

5128e No.68473

*brings the drink to the mare*
"Here you are miss,… might I ask your name?"

4c001 No.68474

[hard-working nun noises]

bc682 No.68475

Dice rollRolled 5 + 7

Rolling Gather infrmation to try and see where the GlimeristsSocialists hang out

6f203 No.68476

"I wouldn't say I've ever been a made stallion. And definitely not in Manehattan."

3b4fd No.68477

"Where are your papers?"

6f203 No.68478

"My army papers?"
Onyx tilts his head

4c001 No.68479

Dice rollRolled 35

This time I'm rolling to determine what the next chore is

3b4fd No.68480

She gleefully takes the drink "I'm Petunia Prancer"

He looks slightly to his left, and sees a poster for a rally by Golden Delicious of the Baltimare Socialist Party at the convention center. Tonight actually

"So you are an underling then?"

"Your ID. The ones that prove who you are."

Looks like somepony needs to cook supper for all the sisters and foals

bc682 No.68481

*DarkStar thinks to himself*
"Hmmmmm, i suppose i could sit in and make sure they dont do anything illegal."

3b4fd No.68482

Well, police should be there anyways, so during the rally itself at least you can be sure they won't be saying anything illegal

5128e No.68483

"A pleasure to meet you Ms. Prancer,… or is it Mrs.? I would hate to offend."

bc682 No.68484

"hmmmm maybe i can convert some cute mares from communism to the Black Hoofs."

4c001 No.68485

*Proceeds to the kitchen*

3b4fd No.68486

The mare is drunk. The stallion she was hanging is a little offended
"It's Ms. Prancer" she says

Besides that flyer, there's no obvious other signs of activity, at least here on this street

bc682 No.68487

*Heads to the convention center*

3b4fd No.68488

It's a fairly large room with now some stacks of vegatables and loafs of bread

4c001 No.68489

>tfw no ranks in cooking
Is there anyone else there?

3b4fd No.68490

Three mares, one colt

3b4fd No.68491

When he gets there he can see a number of ponies assembled out side in various groups talking. There are several officers of Black and Blue. There are small stands set up next to the building, and many ponies are already heading inside

4c001 No.68492

Dice rollRolled 2 + 3

Well, I guess I'll start by spending my prepared Purify Food And Drink Orison to prep the ingredients and give them a small circumstance bonus to the cooking check.
Rolling to use Aide Another action, to give an addition bonus (lending a hand).

3b4fd No.68493

>A 5
I'm not entirely sure what you are attempting there, but i think it failed. One pony is cutting vegetables, and another sets a fire for a pot to boil

4c001 No.68494

>Tried to help, but wasn't significantly useful
At least she didn't screw up..

4c001 No.68495

Sister Ash just does what she can to help the working ponies, taking advantage of her telekinesis to take the burden off of anyone who would have had to use their hooves.

3b4fd No.68496

Let's assume she bothers to ask them first what they are doing

bc682 No.68497

Dice rollRolled 3 + 2

Preception to find any mares by themselves

4c001 No.68498

Yeah, that would have made sense.
I guess I should RP this:

"Could anypony use a spare hoof?"

6f203 No.68499

"Ah yes, those. Funny story… I, er, lost those…"

3b4fd No.68500

He sees a couple ponies that look like mares, that are standing and… probably talking to people? It's kind of a crowd

Sister Catherine responds
"There's a lot of vegatables to cut"
Mostly parsley and onions

"You lost them? How?"

bc682 No.68501

*he walks over*
"So Whats this Communism thing all about?"

4c001 No.68502

Sister Ash busies herself with the cutting.
"Do you handle the cooking every day here?" She asks Catherine, as she picks up the knife with her scarlet horn

6f203 No.68503

6f203 No.68504

"Er… They fell off a boat. I'm sure a fish may have found use of them"

3b4fd No.68505

He finds a unicorn mare with red hair, along with a stallion, also a unicorn, a little larger

"Oh, you are new?"

"We rotate the chores around, and today is my day to help cut the vegatables. mostly my job is to teach the foals how to read and write in ponish. I lead several classes 4 days a week for the foals of various ages

"Do you think I am stupid?"

bc682 No.68507

"Yea i Decided on a whim to come check this whole thing out."

6f203 No.68508

"Stupid or not I did lose them off a boat"

54247 No.68509

Ok, I am back and ready to pretend it's sundown already

Iron, seeing the sun near the horizon, travels back to the city having a little rest and some food to fill up his energy again. He stops at the entrance of The Watering Hole, inhaling deeply. He prays that the tavern was less crowded than the first time when he tried to directly go to New Mareland. He opens the door and steps inside.

Also, r00d, didn't give me mah turnips[/spoilers]

4c001 No.68510

I haven't picked my languages. How many are there in this setting?
"You work hard. Quite commendable. Teaching foals is an honorable role."

3b4fd No.68511

She looks skeptical at first, but then starts talking about communism

"Yes, the princesses and nobles for years have been made rich off of the labor of hard working ponies. Like you Earth ponies. Now, wealthy industrialists are taking much from the lower classes, forcing them into long working hours and into conditions that are in-equine. And these changelings are parasites even worse than the rich. New mareland also taxes us and keeps the industrialists in power, while preaching a pony-exclusive message. But the poor and disadvantaged are the poor and disadvantaged everywhere. Griffon, pony, all are robbed of the fruits of their labor.

We want the working class to unite and take control of the means of production"

"Why do you not have an ID?"

He walks in and looks forwards for a minute, when a voice says behind him
"You must be the new guy. The Underboss told me about you. You're a stallion from the wild who hasn't been broken in yet"

6f203 No.68512

"Obviously you're not listening. I LOST it.

3b4fd No.68513

Hell if I know, but everypony in Equestria speaks Ponish. That is, except for some of the pony tribes of the Forbidden Jungles who speak Neighuatl. New Marelanders speak Ponish, changelings have their own language but pretty much everyone you could reasonably encounter speaks Ponish, there's another pony nation that i don't think has been mentioned yet, and the Griffons speak like a half dozen different languages

"Okay. Why didn't you get a new one?"

6f203 No.68514

"I've never been here before, so I don't know where to get one."

54247 No.68515

Iron turns around and seeks the voice behind him, intent on checking who he is and what he is carrying. After this he asks about his "work", like who the person he should visit. After this, he inquires about his part in the job.

4c001 No.68516

I guess pony replaces Common in this setting then.
I get Common, Druidic, and one extra language based on Intelligence (plus any racial automatic languages available to Kirins), so I guess I'll take Neighuatl to round out any language barriers.
If that's not available, I'll just take Ignan, Terran or something else related to the elements monsters.

Sister Ash continues working in the kitchen, helping the ponies with whatever they ask for, for as long as it takes to finish preparing the meal.

bc682 No.68517

"hmmmmmm, Sounds very interesting in theory.How is it in Practice?"

3b4fd No.68518

"So where are you from?"

I intended to give a description, but forgot

The voice comes from a Zebra Mare, who is a bit smaller than Iron. She has a sort of basic dress and a saddle bag. If she is holding a weapon it isn't immediately visible at least from this angle. She has the same sort of Caribbean accent as Zecora, but lacks her rhyming skills


"A few stallions we loaned money too, gambling debts as well. We will be visiting their residences.

>his part

I will do most of the talking. You are here if they need any more persuasion, and if they try anything. The capo will know if we try to short him, avoid police, and don't kill anypony or let any guns go off, because that'll get police on you."

She seems a little surprised that you asked this question, but answers happily
"Why Stalliongrad has recently managed to stop all food shortages with their agricultural collectivization, and over in Brodfield they threw off the shackles of the old nobility

>common and druidic
Well, sure, if "common" is ponish, and "druidic" is the kirin language.
Tell me how she knows Neighuatl if she's never been to Equestria

54247 No.68519

"Hmm, acceptable." He gets closer to the zebra mare. "I follow, you lead."

6f203 No.68520

Onyx looks back over his shiny and slightly translucent coat.
"Well, uh. I figured the fact that I'm a crystal pony would show that I'm from the Crystal Empire."

4c001 No.68521

Well, I get one bonus language based on intelligence, plus the equivalent to Common.
Druidic is an obscure magical language that comes to a Druid upon taking their first level; it is forbidden to teach. It would not be available to non-druid kirins.
If Neighuatl isn't on the table, I'll just take Ignan: the language of Fire Elementals.

4c001 No.68522

Or Draconic. Do dragons have their own language?

bc682 No.68523

*Thinking horse noises*
"And you Said Communism Helps The Workers? How Exactly Do they do that?"

4c001 No.68524

Well, I guess that meta can be dealt with later.

Sister Ash proceeds with her work in preparing the meal, making small talk with the nuns about their shifts and schedules as she gets to know the workings of the abby.

3b4fd No.68525

He follows her to an apartment building, and she knocks on the first door
"Who is it?"
"We're here to collect our money. We loaned you last month and it's due now"
"I haven't got it"
"I can smell you've got the money for alcohol."

She decides to get some input from Iron to let him try

The green Stallion interjects
"Well, with that King Sombra coat he doesn't exactly shimmer in the light, but if he's not lying, that'd mean he's stateless

We're doing this based on the pony universe. I didn't say it was impossible, I just asked how it is plausible


"You see, when the nobles or the industrialists own the means of production, they take the products of the labor. Think of a serf on a farm. The serf's labor works the land and makes it grow food. But the landowner takes the fruits of the land, and only gives enough back to the serf for the serf to survive, if that. But really, the landowner hasn't created any value. Only the Serf has done that. It's more or less the same in our capitalist setting, just on a grander scale. the laborers create value by their labor, but this wealth goes to the capitalists who take the surplus and give back only a little to the workers who created the value. It's the exploitation of the worker. But when we remove the capitalist or the landowner or the noble, the laborers can enjoy the fruits of their own labor and share the wealth among themselves. They enjoy the surplus wasted by the rich

4c001 No.68526

I'll take Draconic then.
Kirins are basically dragon-ponies, so it'd be plausible for her to be bi-lingual.

6f203 No.68527

Onyx blinks, having never considered the resemblance.

bc682 No.68528

"But what if the communist elite are corrupt? What happens then?"

4c001 No.68529

Dice rollRolled 20

I'm going to role gather information to subtly try to see if Sister Ash can overhear anything about these Waterfront Stallions mentioned earlier.

54247 No.68530

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

Iron gives his partner a look. "Alright." He leans close to the door and speaks to the random pony. "Open the door and things will be easier for both of us. You really do not want me to break this door, because I will not be playing nice like my partner here." He knocks once. "If you do not open this door by the third knock, I will let myself in by force."

fingers crossed

4c001 No.68531

File: 1544062737529-0.png (284.73 KB, 1000x1000, 695462__safe_artist-colon-….png)

>Third 20 in one day

6f203 No.68532

"So what does that mean for me?"

3b4fd No.68533

"Alright, we'll ask you directly: are you wanted for some crime in Manehattan or Canterlot"

"The workers through them out. Steel Stallion especially was known to put corrupt officials on trial. But anyways it's really only the Markist-Lemmonist variety of communism that emphasizes a bourgeoisie vanguard of the revolution in pre-industrial states. Industrial states can theoretically go directly into the communist state without much need of a vanguard of the revolution.


Most of them work at the orphanage, especially providing an education to the orhpans. They spend a significant amount of time in meditation or praying

She learns too much

seriously, I'm wondering if what I had planned originally was too intense
The Zebra whispers to you, "really? that's the best you've got?"

The stallion, however, takes the threat seriously enough, and opens the door. "My landlord is going to be pissed if this break again"

6f203 No.68534

"Nope. But what does being stateless mean for me?"

3b4fd No.68535

"Depends on if it's true. Now tell me, how did you get those scars?"

4c001 No.68536

File: 1544063208093-0.png (130.02 KB, 500x561, when-you-crit-on-a-percept….png)

*Braces for the horror*

54247 No.68537

Iron motions the Zebra to talk.

6f203 No.68538

"My gun exploded in my face. I had to wear a type of mask until it healed."

bc682 No.68539

"it seems to me like pony nature is being over looked."

3b4fd No.68540

"Give us the money." She states demandingly

"Alright, here's half. My next paycheck is in two weeks"
He pulls out a set of bits

"Your Gun? Where did you have a gun?"

"to be Stateless is to be owned by no nation. Forever a stranger."

When Canterlot was captured by New Mareland, the order lost its main source of funding. This didn't change after the war, when Canterlot was placed in a different "autonomous region" and basically a different country. The war produced orphans, and not many of the mothers and fathers who went off to war returned. Besides this, the orphanage of Moonlight Shores closed down, sending their orphans to Baltimare. The overcrowding and dire financial situation caused the Nunnery to be vulnerable. they sold some property and items, but when the Waterfront gang came by offering money, they had no real alternative. They took loaned money, and it seemed for a couple months the Waterfront gang would be almost patient. But then, they wanted it paid, as if they didn't know that was not possible. What causes much grief was when they came and took a number of children. Most were evidently impressed into service as gang members, and quite a number were sold to "loving families" In far away cities. The sisters can't really be sure what happened to any of them.

The most Traumatic incident was when a sister Sage was taken away when she protested too much to the removal of the children. No one at all can say what happened to her. On one instance when the gang came it seems there was an attempt to violate the vows of a sister, but if any fillie or sister was actually violated that hasn't been alluded to.

Hopes seemed to raise when the central government in Sunset took notice of the situation of the orphanage. But the stallion they sent didn't offer the sisters direct help, they instead took more than half the kids away, who, it is claimed, would be raised by families and taken in by orphanages across the seas. They probably did this because they suspect the sisters to be Restorationists, and so want to keep children away from them. At least when the Government became involved, it seemed to scare away the gang

The sisters are incredibly hurt by all of this, although at times they admit that they aren't really sure they could have given the foals much better lives than where they are now. At least, where they hope the foals are now.

"But don't you see? Society shapes behavior, and when we have a society that rewards greed and emphasizes competitiveness, we will have competitive, greedy ponies. But when we build a society based on sharing and working together for the greater good, we can build a better pony"

6f203 No.68541

"Well, I would have hoped I had a gun in the middle of a damn war."

54247 No.68542

First, open the set of bits and, with my partner, confirm that they are real bits and that it is half of what he owes. Iron whispers to partner "If you want to choke the guy for more, say the word."

bc682 No.68543

"That Sounds like something the black hoofs would say."

4c001 No.68544

A dark, stormy cloud brews over Sister Ash's head as the details all the misfortune pile up before her, which she immediately fans away with her hoof.

Now, I take it she didn't just hear this directly. What's the atmosphere in the room (or at the table, if the meal is finished)?

3b4fd No.68545

"Are you saying that you fought in the war?"

"Those pony Supremacists? They prop up the industrialists

Check and check
"Choking might be a bit aggressive, but this guy has the other bits"

6f203 No.68546


3b4fd No.68547

When the mares leave the kitchen and set the tables there is a much happier atmosphere. the Nuns direct all of the children to sit through a prayer to the Princess

4c001 No.68548

Sister respectfully joins them in prayer.

bc682 No.68549

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

"They also improve the workers Quality of life or so i hear."
bluff roll to act like i dont know.

4c001 No.68550

Sister respectfully joins them in prayer.

3b4fd No.68551

The bluffing technically works
"Well, indeed late stage capitalism has resulted in some benefits to the working class, but the fruits of their labor still mostly goes to the industrialists"

bc682 No.68552

"the Black hoofs are Capitalists?"

3b4fd No.68553

"Capitalists of a different flavor, to be sure, but capitalists nevertheless. They retain private property and corporations"

54247 No.68554

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4

"I will take that as "the word." Iron turns his head towards the indebted pony. "Do you take us as fools? We know you have more on you, so cough up or the owner will pay far more to clean up your corpse than a broken door."

I feel like such an edgelord

3b4fd No.68555

Dice rollRolled 12

Rolling opposed intimidation roll

4c001 No.68556

Trips checked

54247 No.68557

File: 1544065806193.png (405.8 KB, 663x687, 1502514045937-1.png)

Wew, close call there. Goddamn.

54247 No.68558

Also checked

6f203 No.68559


3b4fd No.68560

he holds his ground for a moment, then blinks.

"Alright all right, I'll give you the money I saving for an engagement ring"

He hands over the other bits. The Zebra nods at Iron in contentment

bc682 No.68561

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

"i Would Argue that Capitalism and…..wait what where was called again? Fashieism? i would argue that they are 2 very different things From What ive Seen."

3b4fd No.68562

"It is, all the same, a distraction from the Worker's state and the class struggle. The Blackhooves are imperialists, and they don't accept the Griffon working class as equals in their society

54247 No.68563

"Good riddance. You do not need a ring to claim a mare.", he turns to the Zebra mare, waiting her next move. Along the way, she asks why a zebra is here instead of her homeland.

3b4fd No.68564

"That's a fairly normal take, although most will pay up immediately, and some really don't have money. My family came here before I was born. My father was a sailor who visited this land. He liked it so much he moved here with his wife, and I was born here"

54247 No.68565

He nods. "Your father sounds strong. Did he battle often?"

bc682 No.68566

"No Griffons iv seen has been treated poorly by the black hooves."

3b4fd No.68567

"No, no. He was employed out of a port in Zebrica. We were part of the 'upper class' I guess. But I've been told I had great grandfathers who saw battle"

"Why, they are impressed into military service and not allowed into the government"

bc682 No.68568

"Because this State was traditionally pony land?"

54247 No.68569

"That is fine. I have not seen many strong ponies around here either so it is understandable." He looks around. "So who is next in line to collect?"

5128e No.68570

"A pleasure Ms. Prancer, please enjoy your drink, and do let me know if I can be of further assistance. My name is Brie." He says with a wink

3b4fd No.68571

File: 1544068282972.jpg (25.88 KB, 617x617, image (2).jpg)

Alright, here's the thing.

This so far has developed as about 5 different stories, which has been managable, but it's not really a D&D campaign. For a few of you - Onyx, Iron Hoof, and Dark star, I have at least one more scene before I would think the current storyline of the mini-character would be at a place where it could be concluded satisfactorily. And when the party could be united as one, it's less clear as to why the party as whole would be motivated to do one thing, when each character has their own motivations and a couple now have factions.

I don't think the plan I had for this originally will be interesting for a long period of time

4c001 No.68572

I can do whatever it takes to get the party moving. Just give me a nudge and I'll play along.

bc682 No.68573

as the gm you have the power to shoves together without an explanation if you want.

5128e No.68574

I can continue to pretend to flirt with mares so I can end up walking them home and then robbing them blind at a later date until everyone comes together, I don't mind waiting.

54247 No.68575

File: 1544068740623.gif (3.37 MB, 522x489, 1521020631049.gif)

The name's just Iron
I have an idea on how to join up with crystal man. After that, you should encourage all of us to join a single faction, whatever it will be, opting for the Black whatevers, and then, as fascists had religion, we go on missionary business somewhere and then we bond there or something. Just my opinion tho. How it happens is up to you, or even IF it happens.

3b4fd No.68576

But if we continue along the same line

"The Griffons owned the Western shore of Griffonia before they came 500 years ago, and many of the Griffons are Aborigines, and some are immigrants"

The next two ponies in line paid without any real fuss. Less fuss than legal debt collecting half the time, really. The one after that, the mare made the guy cry. It didn't seem like you'll be getting money out of that one. And the fifth one, well, that's where it gets interesting

The Zebra, whose name you learned is Black Cauldron, knocks on the door, in what is the second floor of an apartment complex.

"We hear to collect on your gambling debts"

"I ain't payin' no debts"
the Stallion looks out through the hole.

"Open that door and talk to us or we'll break it down."

The Stallion takes the lock off the door and opens it. He is somewhat inside the door, which is now fully open, but he has a break-action rifle in his hooves. He points it directly at Black, and the barrel is very slightly outside. It's a single shot rifle

"I told you, I ain't payin' no gambling losses"

She smiles and winks, but the guy next to her is irritated

5128e No.68577

"Oh, please pardon me sir, I was captivated by the young mare here. Can I get you anything?"

3b4fd No.68578

He glares

5128e No.68579

"Oh please sir don't be bashful, its no trouble at all."

54247 No.68580

Dice rollRolled 16 + 4

Iron put a menacing glare, placing himself in front of Cauldron. "Put that tool down right now, colt. Do not make me snatch it away from you if you want your heart inside you instead of outside being raven food. This is a gamble you do not want to make."

Here's hoping if I fail the intimidate I get to roll initiative

3b4fd No.68581

Dice rollRolled 16 + 8

The Stallion gets extra modifiers for holding a gun. Boosts confidence

3b4fd No.68582

You get to roll initiative

54247 No.68583

Dice rollRolled 13

Rolling initiative

3b4fd No.68584

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1

Dice rollRolled 7

Rolling for the Gambler and for Black. Black has the +1

3b4fd No.68585

Iron wins Initiative. The Gambler is second, followed by Black Cauldron

bc682 No.68586

"Excuse me but i never got your name. id like to get in contact with you later. you're pretty cute to be honest."

3b4fd No.68587

She's kind of offended at the "pretty cute" comment. Her boyfriend, who has been standing next to her since Dark Star first approached them, is even more offended

54247 No.68588

Dice rollRolled 16 + 10


Ok, I'll improvise. Tell me if I'm missing anything

Iron nonlethally attacks unarmed with improved unarmed strike.

bc682 No.68589

"hey hows it going buddy?"

54247 No.68591

*at the gambler

5128e No.68592

Improved unarmed strike is automatic, you don't have to declare it (though it was good to state it was a non-lethal attack)

3b4fd No.68593

That sure as shit hits. the question is if it's enough to knock him out before he shoots

"Hey" he glares

The bar tender signals to Brie, and should he chose to listen, is told this

"You charmed that mare a little bit, but you're never going to make her leave a guy with more money for a guy like you. She's the kind of Succubus that seeks out prey with the most money and the most power. It's her way of affirming her value, and of being better than the other mares. She can only offer her looks and herself as a target of your affection. But she'll take from you all of your affection, your attention your money, and a piece of your life force as she dumps her insecurities and her hatred of her life onto you. When the Changelings roll into this town at the end of next year, mares like her will find that they are out of a job."

bc682 No.68594

"whats wrong?"

ec72f No.68595

*currently asleep in the back of a hay wagon wearing a straw hat, hitch hiking to the nearest town*
*plucky doesn't know where she is headed because that would require a level of planning that she simply isn't capable of*
*a small guitar lays beside her in the hay*

5128e No.68596

*whispers back*
"I'm not trying to win her affection, I'm just trying to walk her home, if you catch my drift."

3b4fd No.68597

He moves back and away, and he pulls the mare away with him

"And that's exactly the thing. She will never let anypony walk home when another stallion can drive her in a Mustang Royal.

Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure what to do

ec72f No.68598

figure out where the driver of the cart is going in order to best facilitate my character into the story, she'll hop out and start playing anywhere
*and then you hear some bitch playing a guitar*

5128e No.68599

"Well are you gonna tell me where she lives then?"

bc682 No.68600

"ah i see,my bad buckaroo.sorry."
*walks back to the bar*

3b4fd No.68601

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4

What's your modifiers on this? I think this dice roll is right? Anyways, rolling damage

3b4fd No.68602

"What exactly are you intending to do to my customers?"

54247 No.68603

5 base and 5 for STR

3b4fd No.68604

I mean specifically the damage

54247 No.68605

It's a bare hoof if you're asking for weapons. Hold on, maybe the sheet says

5128e No.68606

"Nothing improper, I can assure you of that. Research, my good man."

3b4fd No.68607

Hmmm. So I take it he went to the socialist event to pick up mares, and went home before the speaker even arrived?

bc682 No.68608

3b4fd No.68609

"I think her dad is on….. well… Damn. Let me think"

When you are about to give up, he responds "oh yes, she is on sixth and Harerington"

Then I guess he won't out anything about secret meetings, but alright

54247 No.68610

No idea where it says on the sheet, so I guess the dice is ok?

3b4fd No.68611

The town of Moonlight Shores is behind the cart, driven by an already annoyed Mule, and Plucky Strings. They head towards the night and into that realm between lighted towns

bc682 No.68612

*he goes inside the event*

5128e No.68613

*makes note*
"Sounds ritzy. I guess I've got my work cut out for me then."

3b4fd No.68614

Dice rollRolled 12 + 1

Well shit, he hurt him, but not enough to disable him in one strike.

The Gamble fires his rifle straight at Iron.

When he gets inside, a director tells him to go to Hall C, which is now filled at least a thousand ponies, probably far more, and has a big stage. It takes a few minutes to get inside and get a seat.

"Well, I don't know what your work is, exactly, but they are a part of the town Bourgeoisie, I can tell you that"

3b4fd No.68615

Dice rollRolled 5, 3 = 8

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

The bullet hits Iron. Black Cauldron swings at the stallion with her crowbar

bc682 No.68616

*He Grumbles About Getting Cockblocked by that stallion*

5128e No.68617

"I just mean it will take more than a little flirting and getting the mare drunk to work my way into that crowd."

54247 No.68618

So I got hit for 8 damage? Also what's with the two dice for the damage?

3b4fd No.68619

Iron takes damage, about 8 points. I'm not entirely sure what that corresponds to, but probably something like a shot to the shoulder. It's very far from placing Iron in critical, but he is shot, he is losing blood. You don't have the money yet. You are on the second floor of an apartment and a gun has gone off, so expect witnesses to come into the hallway

I figured a Break Action sporting rifle is about a 2d6 in damage. Guns are powerful. I still can't quite say how much HP you have in total. I think you rolled a 13 for con, and add the Earth Pony racial modifier you'd have 15, so an HP of something like 4d10+20.

ec72f No.68620

*hops off the back of the hay cart*
"Thanks for the ride old timer, have a lovely da… er night"
*looks around feeling uneasy about how dark it was*
*strums the guitar lightly*

54247 No.68621

Weird, it made HP rolls to get health, do they count? I'm sure I have more than 15 since I picked Toughness twice, but if the HP rolls per level count, I have 48 health total, so no sweat broken here.

3b4fd No.68622

"Oh yeah. You'd need money and nothing less"

The Speaker comes in. It's none other than Golden Delicious, the leader of the local communist party.

"We give praise to Larry Berry, our City Mayor, who was elected in this city for the first time 6 years ago on a pledge to help the working class."

His speech is mostly similar to what you heard from the communist outside, but there are some details

"We all fear the changelings, yes? Monstrous parasites? But we worked so long under the princesses, who were in their way, like parasites." He says some more things about Baltimare

Do you want to know more, or zone out until the end?

Your HP is a full 10 at first level, and a d10 dice role for each level after that. So 10+4d10. Add to that, 2 HP for each level from your con bonus. So another 10. What ever you get from toughness, add that to it.

I think it's very safe to say that Iron could take a few more bullets before he's down. The issue is the fact that a gun went off inside of a building.

54247 No.68623

Alright, I'm still fighting, but roll damage for the zebra since she attacked and all.

bc682 No.68624

*DarkStar pays attention*

3b4fd No.68625

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

Black Cauldron hits with her crowbar

bc682 No.68626

3b4fd No.68627

Well shit, this guy ain't quite out yet. Looks like it's Iron's turn again

5128e No.68628

"I wonder if their money would be enough." he Eeee's to himself.
"Alright, I guess I'll try my luck elsewhere." he says aloud.

54247 No.68629

Dice rollRolled 15 + 7

"Come on, mare. Let's show him that we are not to be shot at. No one shoots at me without paying for it in pain!"

Iron uses power attack to increase damage by 3 and non-lethally attacks the gambler unarmed.

3b4fd No.68630

Golden Delicious's speech focuses overwhelmingly on Equestria before the war, and tries to dissect the concept of Harmony and it's place in history. He notes that it's always been tolerant of inequality, with particular note of the Canterlot elite, who were always wealthier than the common pony. He makes what seems to be a comment criticizing Rarity, talking about making dresses for wealthy ponies when many are unclothed. He disparages the Mane Six more generally when he says that Equestria was so dependent on the few to protect them, that the great masses never learned to protect themselves. They were docile and subservient, he says. He talks about Equestrian Imperialism when he speaks about the Buffalo and the Encroachment on their land. This might be a reference to New Mareland imperialism in Griffonia, but it's subtle. He finally says that Baltimare has been a proud defender of the Equestrian people as it was the place of the final surrender of Equestria (to NM, not the Changelings). He says they fought not for the princesses, but for the workers, mentioning how Baltimare elected a socialist six years before. He praises Stalliongrad, and gives a description of its success that is probably exaggerated, but who can be sure? He speaks against the resurgent Griffonian Empire and it's aggression against griffon nations as well as it's theocratic form of fascism. The Griffonian Empire is an has been a sort of ally of both the Changelings and New Mareland.

On the Subject of Baltimare, he praises Larry Barry's attention to the the Poor, and blames Baltimare's economic struggles on the War and a general lack of industrialization. A stallion a row in front of you whispers something about Berry not doing anything about rampant crime and especially knife murders. Delicious praises the Socialized medicine system. He criticizes how the natives in the south are "expolited" by industrialists who now enter the southern forests

As a gist, you can gather three things. Golden Delicious seems to be attacking mostly the princesses, perhaps to convert their followers. He will never attack New Mareland directly, but always indirectly. Thirdly, the government in Baltimare is already somewhat under the socialists. Importantly, the south is seen as kind of under the control of Capitalists

I think something in that should be meaningful

3b4fd No.68631

File: 1544075497320.jpg (62.28 KB, 400x366, 940484.jpg)

3b4fd No.68632

Dice rollRolled 1 + 7


5128e No.68633

You misunderstand. I'm going to try and rob them blind now that I know where they live. This wasn't a seduction attempt, it was reconaissance

3b4fd No.68634

The gambler is punched upside the face and falls to the ground thoroughly unconscious. Iron is still bleeding, you still don't have the money, and ponies are likely to come out side their apartments to see what the noise is. You are on the second floor.


54247 No.68635

Iron commands the zebra to search the room and take the weapon from the gambler. While she does her thing, he closes the door and looks for alternative exits, also making sure to place the unconscious gambler on an open space with no cover like tables and furniture of the sort.

54247 No.68636

To clarify, I went inside the room and then closed the door. The scene is in the gambler's apartment.

3b4fd No.68637

After Black Cauldron is done being offended by being "commanded" by the new underling, she grabs the rifle and starts prying around for money. That apartment door is the only way out of the apartment, an you can't be sure if this fire-trap is within city code. There is a door that leads out to a small balcony, just big enough to two ponies to sit on chairs but not really even move. It has iron bar railings and is one floor above the street, which has ponies on it. There is a window out a bathroom that could probably be opened, but is somewhat narrow. It is one floor above an alley way

54247 No.68638

Iron slowly peers outside the door to see if there are any escape routes available. Windows, doors leading to stairs, etc.

3b4fd No.68639

Nothing appears readily usable besides Jumping from the balcony onto the street, and jumping from the window onto the alley. There is no fire-escape

bc682 No.68640

File: 1544076874610.jpg (34.89 KB, 580x624, _hmmmm naz.jpg)

54247 No.68641

Iron closes the door, moves to the bathroom and inspects the alley below, looking for any soft landings nearby like filled dumpsters and the like.

3b4fd No.68642

Why don't you roll a d20 for luck?

54247 No.68643

Dice rollRolled 12

Here goes a single die of 20 sides. Let's see who has fate on their side.

3b4fd No.68644

Hmmm…. Not bad. But not terribly good. It looks like the best you have in the alley under you is a wooden crate platform to break your fall. Jumping out of that small window will also be kind of awkward

bc682 No.68645

"Larry Berry huh?"

54247 No.68646

Dice rollRolled 11

Iron hatched a small plan. When Cauldron finds the bits to pay up the debt, she jumps out the window to the wooden crate. Meanwhile, he will move some furniture to block the door and checks to see if the gambler had a mattress. Roll luck again, see if he finds it.

You can nullify the roll if you want

3b4fd No.68647

Democratically Elected Mayor of Baltimare under the Democratic Socialist Party, since long before the war

Well, since the odds of pony having a mattress are at least 50/50, he has a mattress. Cauldron is a bit skeptical of leaving him there

bc682 No.68648

can i roll to see if anything he said stands out to me?

3b4fd No.68649

Yes, but what kind of "stands out"?

bc682 No.68650

Like an encoded message, or something of the sort.

3b4fd No.68651

Sure, roll

54247 No.68652

Dice rollRolled 13

Iron shrugged. "If you have the gun, it will be fine. I am capable of dealing with him if he wakes up." Iron now checks to see if the mattress can pass through the balcony to the streets below. After this he checks the furniture one more time, see if can put the gambler in any big closet or wardrobe. Of course I roll luck again.

bc682 No.68653

Dice rollRolled 10


3b4fd No.68654

Well, one thing in particular….

Golden Delicious praises helping the poor, and he praises industrialism. Except…. He does not praise the infrastructure and building programs in the south. These are in areas with very large numbers of natives, and with settlers along the coats. He talks about a time in Equestrian history when the natives rose up and attacked groups of workers working on a railway.

Iron can fit the Matress diagonally through the Balcony door

3b4fd No.68655

One more thing. The speech is "Shocking" and "offensive," as it were, for the way it speaks of the Princess, and that is what you can bet will be reported in the papers. It seems that Golden Delicious is taking full advantage of the repeal of the Blasphemy laws

bc682 No.68656

"the south.hmmmmmmm."

54247 No.68657

Iron finally have all the ends tied up. He only needs to wait for Cauldron to find the blasted pouch of bits. He stands guard at the door, looking directly at the gambler. The mattress was dragged near the balcony but did not pass through the balcony door. This plan involved splitting the total loot where he had just a tenth of the total amount and Cauldron had the rest. First, when she finds the pouch, they both push the mattress out of the balcony and let it fall on the street. Then he escapes through the balcony while she escapes through the window. He relays the plan to her while she is looking for the pouch, staring at the gambler's unconscious body.

3b4fd No.68658

The Gambler is still unconscious. Cauldron has what she thinks is of value

"I didn't grab everything of value, just the cash. When the police get here I want him to have to explain to them that he was doing illegal gambling with the mafia if he wants to tell them who assaulted him. Not just let him say that he was robbed by some evil Native and a Zebra"

She maneuvers herself through the window. She's quite agile and smaller than iron, so she manages to hang onto the window sill with her hooves before she drops down onto the palate

3b4fd No.68659

As ponies get up to leave, you get the sense that some of them might want to go off to other, more secret meetings at other locations. A sort of "After party"

bc682 No.68660

i attempt to tail them

54247 No.68661

"There she goes." Iron said. The gambler had to get up to relay the info Cauldron. As he waits, he decides to drag the mattress near the balcony door to set up his escape.

3b4fd No.68662

What are you waiting for exactly?
Time is not exactly your friend

Dark star follows a little group, who in turn split of into little groups, one of whom seems like an organizer of something

54247 No.68663

Well, only option I see is to intimidate the gambler to spill the beans and all. I don't have incriminating evidence of the sort to pin him of illegal gambling.

3b4fd No.68664

Cauldron yells up from the ground. Whispers loudly, anyways
"If he chooses to tell police that he was accosted for money, they'll understand quickly he was doing something to get that debt. Have faith, and get out of there before someone sees you"

54247 No.68665

Well, Iron will try squeezing through the window.

bc682 No.68666

Dice rollRolled 16 + 2

listen check

3b4fd No.68667

If you are going out the window, and not the balcony, roll for Jump

54247 No.68669

Dice rollRolled 10 + 7

I was expecting to get stuck on the window for some reason

Iron jumps from the window to the crate below.

3b4fd No.68670

Pretty lucky listen. You heard a small list of places communists intend to go to, although starting almost immediately. One in midtown in a hotel, one west in an official's home, one in a manufactury near the docks, and one south in a sugar mill

3b4fd No.68671

Oh he damn near got stuck, but is able to fall and hit the ground with his hind legs before falling on his back

Cauldron: "Now come on"

bc682 No.68673

*Follows them to the Docks*

54247 No.68674

Iron follows Cauldron.

3b4fd No.68675

"Now we got to get that wound patched up. Do you think you can continue working tonight?"

Make a spot check

bc682 No.68676

Dice rollRolled 1 + 2


54247 No.68677

Iron nodded, closing the distance between him and Cauldron "I have had worse at my tribe. I can continue with the job."

3b4fd No.68678

Neither Red nor Black appear visible in this group

bc682 No.68679

Can i head to the official's home?

3b4fd No.68680

She appears impressed, and places a cloth over his wound to cover the bleeding
"I know a place where we can fix this later. Now we still got places to go."

Roll for luck for the rest of the locations

You can head to any location, just so long as it is one location

54247 No.68681

Dice rollRolled 7


bc682 No.68682

i make my way there.

3b4fd No.68683


Do you want another encounter, or is it time to wrap it up tonight. Literally in the case of Iron's wound

As you head that direction, a pony asks you how long you've been attending communist meetings

bc682 No.68684

"i just started. tonight was my first one."

3b4fd No.68685

I see. I take it you were very moved?"

54247 No.68686

IRL I will stop. Need sleep In-game I just let the zebra wrap me in bandages and continue work. The encounter can wait until midday without a sacrifice in-game, right?

3b4fd No.68687

Kek, sure. I need to sleep as well

I will try to craft something tomorrow

bc682 No.68688

"iw was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, its like waking up for the first time."
*What Does this pony look like?*

bc682 No.68689

Dice rollRolled 6 + 5


4c001 No.68694

Dice rollRolled 7 + 6

I would like to roll Knowledge (Religion) to see if I recall any useful facts about this "Restorationist" faction, and the central government's attitude towards them.

4c001 No.68695

Yep, I have got to put more ranks in that skill…
>tfw 13 only Int

54247 No.68696

File: 1544118562976.png (353.33 KB, 491x418, 1520405242166.png)

Don't sweat it. Your dish CPS is more important.

4c001 No.68697

>dish CPS

54247 No.68698

Cleans per second, of course

4c001 No.68699

Laundry doesn't do itself. All those habits need to be washed every day (which is why most ponies don't wear them).
Unicorns are lucky, they can just cast Prestidigitation to wash their things.

4c001 No.68700

File: 1544119592666-0.png (1.14 MB, 1388x1335, 1589936__safe_artist-colon….png)

But on that note, Int is a pretty god-tier stat for any class with more than 2 skills. It's basically your IQ stat, and determines how versitile your character is going forward.
My previous characters have been a Rogue, a Bard, and a high-Int Artificer, so i:'ve never been wanting skillpoints before.
I guess it's not my Niche though; I'll just put all my points into class-specific skills like knowledge (religion), Spellcraft and Heal, and let the rest of the party handle the intensive skillwork (once we meet up).
It's nice that Driuds get 4 skillpoints per level though, although they don't get Knowledge (Arcana) like Clerics do.

3b4fd No.68701

Dice rollRolled 8


She's an Earth pony of a kind of light lavender color, with a yellowish mane you could call "blonde."

The Restorationist faction is ponies of a more or less conservative bend who want to go back to the status quo ante bellum, where Equestria was an independent nation under alicorn rule. Basically the essence of the doctrine is the restoration of the Diarchy. The Central Government, for it's part has claimed to be entering negotiations for a release of the princesses from their captivity. The government has strongly condemned all instability caused by restorationists, and has generally snubbed restorationists in favor of Black Hooves affiliates when it comes to appointments for offices in the autonomous regions

4c001 No.68702

File: 1544125155342-0.png (960.55 KB, 1464x1755, 1883441__safe_artist-colon….png)

Hmmmmm, I have a hunch that the central government might not be so eager (or capable) to release the princesses as they claim to be.

bc682 No.68704

>13 int gang
"Do you Go to the meetings as well?"

b7935 No.68706

File: 1544125951334.jpeg (20.92 KB, 227x222, 96342080-7615-49A1-8EB6-4….jpeg)

The pony stamps her hooves in excitement

“Golden Delicious couldn’t say most of what needed to be said, but you’ll hear more”

“I’ve been attending for a while now”

bc682 No.68707

"What Needed to be said?"

4c001 No.68708

What time of day is it, where my character stands?

4c001 No.68709

4c001 No.68710

Oh, and one more thing:
Do the Sisters pray in the morning, evening, or both?
I need to designate a time/event at which I prepare my spells, and I would prefer to join them in in their practices for as long as Sister Ash remains at the orphanage.

54247 No.68711

Ok, When you're ready, we can continue where we left off with BIG Iron

4c001 No.68712

File: 1544127220130-0.jpg (109.89 KB, 522x522, 1533396567681.jpg)

b7935 No.68713

File: 1544127352368.png (176.91 KB, 639x490, 68287EE7-C9B5-42A2-A547-F9….png)

That’s pretty easy to do when Chrystalis has all 4 of them

They pray in morning and evening, and sometimes just when they can. The more formal and serious session seems to be in the morning, lasting an hour and conducted in a language that seems to be other than ponish

“Things he couldn’t say in public”

Well, I’m away from my laptop, so I’m a bit limited in what I am able to do right now.

54247 No.68715

I can wait, no rush. A rushed scenario will always be bad after all.

bc682 No.68716

*interested horse noises*

4c001 No.68719

From this point on, Sister Ash will make her prayers in the morning with her fellows, preparing her spells as the sun rises.

4c001 No.68720

[nun noises]

3b4fd No.68724

And we're back!

Black Cauldron gets back onto the route of collections to make. Two more collections are made in different apartments that go more or less without incident. A stallion who saw Iron's wound seemed to be somewhat intimidated by it, as if it brought awareness of the severity of the situation.

The next collection does not take place in a multi-family unit, but at a single family residence. As you walk through the neighborhood it is dark and the homes seem to be small units of a sort of "shotgun" style with small lawns in what seems to be a working class neighborhood. The unit that Black Cauldron stops at has a particularly unkept lawn, and no lights are on. She knocks on the door. She knocks on the door again. And a third time.

"I know you're in there"

After probably two minutes, she finally gets a response. "I'm not opening that door"

"Wait until we get there. It's a meeting of sorts

When you approach the home you see a home that is white with pillars on the front yard. It's a colonial style, almost like a plantation house. Of course it isn't on a plantation, but a two acre property in a residential neighborhood in town. "Here it is. I think we will meet in his library"

bc682 No.68725

"Youre messing with me right? People have libraries in their homes?"

4c001 No.68726

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

Rolling to wash dishes after dinner.

4c001 No.68727

>tfw you suck as dishwashing

47ad5 No.68728

Dice rollRolled 6 - 2

Rolling to clean tables and floors

3b4fd No.68729

The pink mare and the stallion seem a bit confused, but finally say "Alright, that is all the questions we have for you right now." They start to get up, and signal that you can get up. The black uniformed Earth pony says
"Before we can release him, there's one thing we have to do first. Especially seeing as he has no papers on him."

He stands up and moves in front of Onyx. He takes out from his pocket a small flashlight and turns it on.

He looks over to the others and says "assume a ready position." They stand up and move more closely, and then take out batons.

"Alright, now look at me."
He looks into Onyx's eyes, and seems a little perplexed
"This clouded eye, I'm guessing you can see with it?"


"Ponies of culture and taste often do. They collect books from around the world and enrich their knowledge in their free time"

A sister approaches Ash
"We thank you for your help sister Ash, but maybe washing dishes and cleaning tables isn't your calling"

4c001 No.68730

The Kirin mare shrugs defeatedly
"Where I come from, ceramic plates are only used on special occasions.."

bc682 No.68731

"my Familiy never had a large amount of bits."

3b4fd No.68732

"And neither did mine, but we shall have more when the day comes"

The ponies go into the house, with nice wooden floors, and seats assembled. There are more ponies than chairs or seats, so some sit on the floor

"Well then, what did you use to eat on normal occasions?" the Mare asks

6f203 No.68733

"Uh, no. I thought that's the scar you meant earlier."

bc682 No.68734

*DarkStar stands at the Back of the Crowd*

47ad5 No.68735

Brie continues to clean tables and floors, watching Ms. Prancer and co. out of the corner of his eye but otherwise neither interacting nor engaging anyone, memorizing her residence and contemplating what the bartender said.

4c001 No.68736

"..At the monastary where I trained, we did not possess so many things of practical value.. We were taught that material luxuries, like china, were mere distractions from our meditation..
For what little that we ate, we cooked wrapped in java leaves, and ate off of them without much zeal…"
She trails off
"..It was a simple life. A life with little for company but my elders and the trees.."

3b4fd No.68737

A pony comes through a door in an area on the far right with tables and open windows. She says "I'm sure many of you have already met the stallion who is about to speak. But this is hardly a lecture. When the worker's state is established, it will be ruled by a workers council chosen directly from the ponies. In the struggle that is to come, you all will play a direct role, and so your input is valued. Now, the pony here has played a direct role in what has been accomplished so far in our city, but as you all know there is much more that needs to be done, and he shall shed some light on that. I introduce to you now the director of the Health and Equine Services Department of Baltimare: Affordable Care

Affordable Care walks into the room. he is a grey Unicorn with a white mane and a stack of papers as his cutie mark.

"When Mayor Larry Barry promised healthcare for all 6 years ago, many ponies thought that that was only a dream. But I knew it was possible, and worked hard to make it a reality. And now, Baltimare has made Healthcare available to all creatures. Now, I know many of you believe mayor Larry Berry has not gone nearly far enough, and I agree. Because, just as affordable healthcare was percieved as a utopian fantasy six years ago, many people think that an international union of states run by worker's councils is a fantasy. And that too, can be made a reality. No, it will not be easy nor will it be done over night, but with the help of enough ponies - ponies like you - it can be made a reality"

"Well, I just wanted to know if your eyes are functioning. Anyways…"

He shines the light into Onyx's eyes, moving the light back and forth between each eye

"Keep them open"

He seems confused a bit about the milky eye, and focuses his attention on the good eye. He looks into it. "Hmmm." Then his face turns into an expression of worry. He shines the light across it again. "well." He seems very unsure. He runs the light across it again, and again. His expression grows to more concern.

"alright, I think you are good. Now we can leave the room. If you will follow me this direction." His hoof darts about

"Aye, I see. Some orders, like the Order of Blessed Word, are more frugal than we, thinking it gets them closer to Celestia. We don't go quite that far in our vows"

The trio of ponies start to leave together. The sailor is the least drunk of the three and leads. The Pony with more facial hair who is a bit older gets up next. Ms. Prancer is the most drunk, and hangs onto the older stallion in a flirtatious manner

47ad5 No.68738

He checks the time

3b4fd No.68739

Uh, 11 PM? Midnight, maybe

6f203 No.68741

Onyx follows
"So, uh waht was that for?"

54247 No.68742

Whenever you're ready, you can continue Iron's substory of debt collecting.

3b4fd No.68743

"Just a test, continue this way"

Already started. See >>68724

bc682 No.68744

*gives the appearance of thinking*

54247 No.68745

Need to increase perception

Iron checks to see if there is any peephole or keyhole to look through. He may have fallen for the gambler's trap, but it's not happening again.

6f203 No.68746

Onyx continues to follow

3b4fd No.68747

He describes now the dream that the Baltimare zone will be turned into its own workers state that will be in federation with other workers states. He speaks especially of Stalliongrad, which was able to successfully expel Equestrian garrisons 25 years before. The area of Souther Severyana is of particular concern. It is its own autonomous region in the New Mareland Occupied Zone. He speaks of attempts by Stalliongrad to take this land back. He must be tolerant of group participation by this point, because he accepts it when a mare interjects

"Why should we focus on historical, ethnic, and linguistic barriers. These don't really define creatures in the way that the universal exlpoitation of the working class does. He responds that there will be a union of states, but the base states will likely be what used to be historical nations. More discussion erupts

There is no peep hole on the door, nor anything to look through on the door. The only ways to look inside the house are through the windows to either side

The stallion leads them into an open area of the Police station as the other two move behind them. When they arrive in an area with many more ponies, the stallion turns. He reaches for something…….

He pulls out a pistol and aims it at onyx. So do a half dozen ponies around him. At least two cock shotguns


6f203 No.68748

Onyx goes rigid and comically falls on his side.

bc682 No.68749

*Thinking Pony noises*

54247 No.68750

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

Iron motions Cauldron to sneak towards the windows and see if there's any traps around them. While she does this. He stands closer to the door. "You have lent money and now you do not even pay back? You should reconsider, since I will not hesitate to break this door down, crack every one of your bones and punch your face until you either lose all your teeth or give us the money that is owed. You can avoid it by giving us what you owe now, so make this easy on us."

4c001 No.68751

File: 1544154263016-0.png (996.38 KB, 1600x1600, 1875821__safe_artist-colon….png)

Not really necessary when you worship a horse who sits on her ass and eats cake all day.
".. I cannot say it brought me any closer to the divine.. but I learned things in that temple while it lasted.. our training was strenuous . Eventually, I was able to accept that I didn't need material possessions to be content, faithful, or wise.. but I could still use them.."
She turns
".. On one occasion, the Lord of the lands adjacent came to the temple and seek audience with our elders over a turmoil that he'd faced. When the Lord came, he brought his stallions, and with the cooks came china: exquisite, beutiful pieces that only a king could flaunt. So glorious, so sinful. The Lord offered a feast to show his his gratitude, and so we ate together, even though we did not need to. For us, eating was merely an expression of solidarity; a means to accept the the stallion's hospitality. He was quite the bold stallion, and surely would not leave without paying, and so as the elders honored his favor he was put at peace..
… China.. is only good when it is shared with others, is it not?"

3b4fd No.68752

A swarm of officers surrpound Onyx. Two Cuff his legs. Each set of legs

The Black uniformed officer says to the others "Help me carry him down stairs"
Onyx is more or less dragged through a hall, down a set of stairs, and into a concrete basement room less welcoming than the interrogation room he left. The black officer yells out to get other personnel, and comes into the room. Two other officers aim weapons at him while others guard the door

The black uniformed officer asks seriously "Why are you here?"

The topic of debate now shifts to Changelings. One pony is very insistent that the Changeling worker drone is just as oppressed as the pony, and that they too, are ripe for revolution. Another pony insists the Changelings can never be trusted, pointing to a statement by the General Secretary of Stalliongrad that called Changlings "monsters." Everypony Agrees that Chrystalis is naked imperialism, and must be removed

The pony hesitates to respond, and then, with a shaking voice says "I'm not going to open this door"
Intimidation is a bit harder when they have a physical barrier to protect them

Know who brings the Light you ingrate
"Of course. The teachings of Harmony show us that you will only find your place in interdependence with others. Life is gloomy and unhappy without friendship and those around us. Tradition, Community, Family, and our friends are the cornerstones of Self-fulfillment, along with contributing our own special talents to society.

So… what do you think of our China?"

6f203 No.68753

"I don't know, why did you bring me down here?"

3b4fd No.68754

"Because you are a Changeling Operative"

bc682 No.68755

"Death to imperialists Changelings!"

54247 No.68756

"I take it as permission to bust this door down." he looks at Cualdron, see her reaction to it before fully commiting to the action.

6f203 No.68757

Onyx squints at the pony infront of him.
"So now you're accusing ponys that fought against, and lost friends to the changelings of being their operatives?"

3b4fd No.68758

She shrugs, but also opens the window

"You're not fully convincing"

A mare comes in and spreads a sort of green goo substance on Onyx.

Dark Star's remark incites another remark about the failure of Larry Berry's administration to deal with the exploitation of the working class, as industries are still mostly run by large corporations. They start to criticize the Black Hooves and New Mareland, and eventually come to the agreement that the owners of Capital will not part with their power without revolution - in contradistinction to the ideology of Larry Berry's movement

6f203 No.68759

"And just what the hell is this?"

54247 No.68760

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

Iron nods and bodyslams the door. Rolling strength check to see if successful first try.

bc682 No.68761

*Darkstar commits the pony that said that to memory*

3b4fd No.68762

Dice rollRolled 19

"You tell us, Changeling"


Iron slams himself against the door, but his effort could hardly be called his best. It is, however, enough to beat the wooden door, and the deadbolt.

Rolling the cook's reflex save on the door

4c001 No.68763

File: 1544155423995-0.png (138.71 KB, 274x274, 1597901__safe_edit_edited ….png)

>tfw you type out 3 paragraphs of monologue about the metaphysical meanings of freaking table plates, but then your page crashes right as your about to finish and you lose it

bc682 No.68764

Get to retyping

6f203 No.68765

"I still don't know what this shit is"

54247 No.68766

It's honestly better than having to delete a post because of misclicks tbh. I have that happen like 5 to 6 times last night.

6f203 No.68767

A moment of silence

3b4fd No.68768

The Cook deftly moves back and out of the way of the Door. He is holding a sword. A freaking Medieval Sword

The topic now shifts to what the ponies all came there for: Revolution. All agree it must be done. The harder part, is how to pull it off. Discussion rages as to whether a revolution in Baltimare alone is possible, whether it would need Manehattan and Fillidelphia, and whether the Changelings must be dealt with first. All agree that they must take up arms if the Changelings come in and New Mareland abandons them…. but is there greater urgency? There is a worry that Stalliongrad will be invaded by Changelings

The Sister pets Ash to calm her

"We ask again, what is your purpose here?"

A cutie Pegasus mare, of a light blue almost white coat enters, with Blue hair, and a lanky almost cat like appearance enters the room, and comes to Onyx's side. The Black Uniformed pony tells her "This one denies he's a changeling"

6f203 No.68769

"Less denying and more stating to be honest. Denying would mean I am one."
Onyx then looks around
"Now is anyone gonna explain the green goopy bullshit?"

bc682 No.68770

OOc, Would this be enough to get the RWDS to take these guy?

3b4fd No.68771

Unfortunately I think that can only be done in Character

The Pegasus mare walks around Onyx, inspects him, presses her hoof against parts of his body, and especially checks the place where the green goo was placed. The Mare says "He's not a Changeling" to the other ponies

The Stallion says
"Well, looks like you are now free to go"

6f203 No.68772

"Well finally."

54247 No.68773

Dice rollRolled 19 + 4

Iron nods in approval. "Ah, your choice in weaponry is good, colt. Reminds me of a friend." He readies himself. "Well, I did tell you I would crack your bones now, but I give you one last chance. Hand the bits over and I will not break you." Iron cracks a smile. "If you want to test our skills in combat, step forth, and I will show you the true meaning of strength."

4c001 No.68774

She continues
"… The china that the Lord brought on that day.. was quite spectacular.. Stark white heirloom ceramic in antique, historic condition.. They were glazed with enough colors to match the church's windows, each displaying elegant, unique paintings of tigers, dragons and phoenixes, with gaudy golden trim. They were certainly the gloat of a stallion who took great pride in flaunting the glory of his wealth.. and for that purpose, they were splendid.."
She looks closely at a plate
".. These plates.. are simple in nature and practice. Plain, monoform pieces molded from inexpensive materials. If one breaks it can easily be replaced without grief or mourning.. Humble plates indeed.."
She turns toward the duster as she gently carressses the plate with a washcloth
"But precisely because of that, they are here in this abby. They are plates that are fit to feed the children of this orphanage; simple plates that can be trusted even to a child. They're not made to impress anyone, but their purpose is sublime. Plates that Sisters and children can use together to enjoy a earnestly-cooked meal. And for that matter, they're certainly better than the plates of that stallion; those plates who sit on the shelves in his castle collecting dust for years on end."
She puts the plate down (after taking 10 on her cleaning check).
"Plates that are humble enough to be trusted to children are the only plates we need. But for now, I think I'm better trusted with the laundry."

4c001 No.68775

[zen dialect intensifies]

3b4fd No.68776

The mare, who has a perpetual smile, walks up to you

"It's the Blue Green eyes"
She points to her own eyes, which also have a blue green coloration
"They can cause false positives on one of the Changeling identification tests"

Still more discussion speculates. Some ponies think that because the Baltimare area does not share a border with the Changeling lands, they are safe from immediate invasion in the event of a general revolt. Another pony states that there is a problem. The ponies of the forbidden jungles, especially the natives of Tenochtitlan, would probably not join in any general revolt. they can't even be sure of the ponies of Moonlight Shore. Affordable Care assures them that all of these issues are being worked on

I don't think Ash can take a 10, but anyways,

"What do you think of the wealthy of Canterlot. Maybe you don't know those ponies…. but… what do you think of those that do chose extravagance?"

bc682 No.68777

"Whats being done to ensure they help us?"

6f203 No.68778

"Huh. Don't think a Changeling would bother making himself half blind though."

3b4fd No.68779

"We are working on, shall we say, convincing the ponies of the South and to the East"

"Don't underestimate the care changelings put into their appearances" she says

3b4fd No.68780

The pony stares at him in a sort of shear horror.

He drops his sword

bc682 No.68781

*Even more thinking horse noises*

4c001 No.68782

"For me, humble life is that of a personal choice; I myself knowing that I do not know need the luxuries of mortal life to be content in my sovereign soul. I never payed very much thought to those who seek wealth and hoard the treasures of their excess. I could say such a life of extravagance is shortsighted and vain, for they will not find wholeness in affluence; but who am I to judge others for their own choices? I chose this way of life to quel my my own fire; some others may find virtue in their own paths.
I am not familiar with the area of Equestria. Agglomerations of industry and sprawling cities of asphalt.. none like the place where I grew up. I only came to the city because I've come to learn that where there are cities there are ponies who suffer from poverty and destitution, horrors of the modern world.."

54247 No.68783

Iron's posture slackened, deadpan expression clearly showing. He walks towards him and takes the sword and places it next to the door, then he plants himself next to the door. He gestures Cauldron to do her thing.

6f203 No.68784

Onyx thinks about this for a moment.
"So can I leave?"

47ad5 No.68785

Bored, and somewhat curious, Brie approaches the bartender.
"Hey, I wanted to ask you something."

3b4fd No.68786

Another pony asks for more details, but he says that he is not at liberty to say much more

And Cauldron does her thing. But the Cook finds new motivation
"So what are you going to do now? Rob me blind?"

A pony expresses concern especially about the native tribes. She things they may become as collaborationist as the ponies of Manehattan. Affordable care assures them they know how to demoralize

"I think you've heard of the other foals, haven't you?"

The Green Earth pony points a hoof
"Exit's that way"

6f203 No.68787

Onyx leaves the building

3b4fd No.68788

He is not arrested, detained, or otherwise harassed or accosted by police on his way out

3b4fd No.68789

"Now what might that be?"

47ad5 No.68790

"You mentioned something about changelings earlier, I was curious what you meant."

4c001 No.68791

Sister Ash frowns, then nods
"I have gathered an air of misfortune.. for those circumstances, I give my condolence."

6f203 No.68792

3b4fd No.68793

"I mean I think it is pretty obvious they will take what they didn't take six months ago. Chrysalis thought she almost had all Equestria 10 years ago, and she won't be happy taking only half of it. She probably won't be happy only taking Equestria, really. Those New Marelanders tried to grab land when land was there to grab. All they want to do is suck away resources and whoever will join them before they abandon the continent to the wolves"

"Only a condolence?"

3b4fd No.68794

It's around midnight, and Onyx has probably done his good deed for the day

54247 No.68795

"If you were going to avoid your responsibility that you agreed and tarnish the trust between you and the lender, then they are forced to "rob" you." Iron narrows his eyes. "You should have paid them. You should not drop to the ground and cry when things do not go your way, colt." He cranes his neck forward. "Grow up already."

bc682 No.68796

*thinks even more*

47ad5 No.68797

"Interesting. Do you really think they would occupy a place like Baltimare tI thought they feed off positive energy or something like that,… this city doesn't seem like it would,… be appetizing."

6f203 No.68798

He heads back to his room one more time, this time getting some well deserved sleep.
He's still pissed about loosing his only possession

4c001 No.68799

Sister Ash's normally disciplined complection breaks down into a scowling twitch for a fraction of a second, and if the Sister looked closely, she might have noticed a very faint momentary whisp of smoke hissing from the corner of the stoic mare's eye.
"..Those who predate on ponies who have been rendered defenseless by destitute, and exploit the helpless innocence of children… Are a kind of creature I cannot forgive…!"

3b4fd No.68800

"Oh, look at you. Think you're the righteous one because you've got big muscles? I tell you, you're all a bunch of crooks"

The bar tender looks over to Ms. Prancer as she stumbles out the door with her two stallions.

"Not every pony likes the good stuff. Some are scavangers. The Cheap thrill of vice could never satisfy the way the high and noble love that fills the Crystal Palace could. But it's enough to wet the appetite. And if Changelings are anything like ponies, that'll be enough to make it worth their effort"

"The police said they were looking into it, but I am not convinced there is much they can do"

4c001 No.68801

".. Tell me.. Sister Sage.. how long has she been missing..?"

3b4fd No.68802

"We have some help that will be arriving in at the docks tomorrow"

3b4fd No.68803

The sister is quite for a many seconds. Then she says
"Four Weeks, about. Most of this happened a little more than a month ago"

4c001 No.68804

Sister Ash nods in sympathy
".. And the stallions who took her.. have they returned sinc..?"

bc682 No.68805

"The Docks,seems like Red and Black might be working with Affordable care"

3b4fd No.68806

"They came by once, demanding money, about last week. When Sister Marery mentioned that a Stallion from Sunset had taken half our foals, they got scared and ran off"

54247 No.68807

"If you decide to take the bits of other people who expects you to pay them back and you do not pay them back, then you are a crook yourself." Iron frowns "The worst kind of crook." He glares at the Cook "The cowardly crook, who runs and pleads to get his way. You would kiss the ass of a stallion only to stab him in the gut with a knife." He leans sideways towards the wall. "Do not expect others to respect you when you are a traitorous weakling."

4c001 No.68808

".. Scavengers.. Ruthless as starving jackels, looking for easy prey.. They're more than likely to be back, once they realize that Sunset isn't protecting this orphanage, if they haven't found some other poor souls to feed off of.."
As she speaks, she looks out the window in sentinel as if glaring at the villains she envisioned.
"The Waterfront.. do you know anything of their volk?"

3b4fd No.68810

I wish I could find a video or gif of that scene in Futurama this reminds me of

Cauldron looks over at him
"This is about how much you owe us. You're lucky we don't charge convenience fees"

"Yes, 'the Waterfront Gang' is so named because they tend to operate most heavily by the docks and the factories around there. To them though, it's just 'our thing.' They recruit from the poor, the disadvantaged, and the marginalized of society, especially in the working class neighborhoods. They have a hierarchical system. Their leader in Baltimare isn't exactly know, but is believed to be a unicorn known only as "The Lady." They make their money mostly from loan sharking, illegal gambling, and protection rackets, but are also know to traffic in illegal goods and sell counterfeit goods. They prefer to keep a low profile and aren't anything at all like those villains down south in the Forbidden Jungles, or over in the wilder parts of Griffonia. But they will kill, rape, steal, traffic ponies, and even assassinate public officials where they think it necessary, or when they think they can avoid retaliation…. like when their victims are helpless nuns."

4c001 No.68811

File: 1544161110564.png (151.28 KB, 450x443, 730.png)

*Chinese eyes narrow even further*
"For those who recruit from the poor, they're awfully ruthless when it comes to finances.. Loan sharks are a special kind of malevolent"

4c001 No.68812

Fuck. I saved the fucking undercuck version bull accident

54247 No.68813

Wew, almost responded there and made my char look schizophrenic


Iron nods, then awaits departure.

4c001 No.68814

".. Do you think they'll come back..?" Sister Ash says in a hushed tone, a look of concern creeping across her face

bc682 No.68815


3b4fd No.68816

"Yes… I don't think any of us have recovered from that day. But you should know… There is worse"

"I don't know… The fact that they came back at all means that they must think we must owe them something. But with half our foals gone we are worth less to them now, and they avoid any place a federal officer has walked like the path of a black cat. Now that you are here, we do not need to borrow anything."

She leaves the house
"Well, that's another one. Only a few more houses tonight. How is your wound?"

His thinking is a bit louder than he thought. A pony next to him asks "Who are "red" and "black"?"

bc682 No.68817

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

"My Local union leader"

4c001 No.68818

"It was the least I could do for such selfless disciples." Sister says, bowing her head in respect

I gotta sleep now

3b4fd No.68819

"I see… huh, I thought those were banned. Larry Berry's really delivering on the change he promised." The pony goes back to minding his own business

54247 No.68820

Iron smiles. "Do not worry, Cauldron. I have been through worse. I am glad you still have your motherhood intact, even with this shaking job." He shakes and moves every part of his body, checking if there is any pain from moving about from the bullet wound and to prove his point.

bc682 No.68821

"Larry Berry, Is a fine Mayor."

3b4fd No.68822

"Come again?"

There is pain around the area of his right front sholder that has spread slightly. More okay than not okay, but neither is he perfectly fit

"A little too cozy with the rich for my tastes"

bc682 No.68823

*Goes back to listening to Affordable care*

54247 No.68824

He grimaced a bit, maybe the door bashing pushed the bullet around there, but he was not one to give up half-way. "What I mean is that you will take care of your future children well. That is what motherhood is. The pain is bearable. I can continue with the job."

3b4fd No.68825

"We've secured help in our struggle. We haven't set a time for any action, but we are laying a foundation"

She blushes, and after a moment says "Only a few more houses, and then we are done with this job for the night. I know where to stitch you up"

54247 No.68826

Iron nods and keeps following Cauldron.

3b4fd No.68827

Roll for luck, twoce

54247 No.68828

Dice rollRolled 1, 2 = 3

I hope this works

54247 No.68829

File: 1544163091328.gif (121.49 KB, 400x300, 1659133.gif)

bc682 No.68830

*DarkStar Fakes an Apperance of Joy when he says this*

3b4fd No.68831

As you walk out the Neighborhood, a pair of police officers approach.
"We've been told their were loan sharks, causing a disturbance?"

54247 No.68832

Iron stays silent, letting Cauldron do the talking.

Hopefully she has a higher bluff check than 0

3b4fd No.68834

Dice rollRolled 9 + 1

"I hope you catch them"

3b4fd No.68835

Dice rollRolled 18 + 1


3b4fd No.68836

"Sir and mam, do you mind telling us what you are doing walking about at this hour?"

bc682 No.68837

54247 No.68838

Dice rollRolled 15 - 1

Seeing the suspicion the cops have on them, he steps up with an admitedly shit bluff check "I am a bodyguard for her. Her father is very protective of her, and with reason." He points at the bandaged wound he has. "The crime here is too high. I am escorting her home."

3b4fd No.68839

Dice rollRolled 17 + 1


bc682 No.68840

3b4fd No.68841

Dice rollRolled 18 + 1

The police are unconvinced.

Black Cauldron sighs.
"This Stallion is my coltfriend. I don't want my father to know, and we have been trying to keep it a secret as Zebra-pony relationships are not universally approved of. That wound is from a fight that happened yesterday"

3b4fd No.68842

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1


54247 No.68843

Ok, it's going a little better.

bc682 No.68844

File: 1544164600504.png (650.08 KB, 4300x6600, _aryanne beer.png)

3b4fd No.68845

A police mare is horrified at the thought of a society and a family that doesn't approve of love. She growls to the other officer. "I told you that just because a Zebra and a Native are walking after midnight, does not mean they are up to crime"

If you feel like I stole your opportunity to do something clever, you have a separate 2 luck roll that can put you in a similar situation to try again

54247 No.68846

Lolno, I was trembling the whole way and shitting my pants, praying for dice gods' favor.

3b4fd No.68847

With the police officer's pony privilege properly checked, the two walk away quickly, with Black cauldron staying very close to Iron to give the appearance of romantic interest to the officers if they were watching as they walked off

"Well that was close. We only have a few more stops"
I'm thinking another luck roll, unless you want to keep the 2

54247 No.68848

While I would jump at the opportunity at an easier time, the rolls have spoken, and I do not intend to break the dice's will.

I'll probably regret it later, but eh. This could be epic

54247 No.68849

Iron chuckled lightly as they cops went out of view and earsight. "Huh, never thought you would go for that excuse, Cauldron."

3b4fd No.68850

I have two different ideas, and I am not sure which is better. Roll a 1d2

54247 No.68851

Dice rollRolled 2

Here you go

3b4fd No.68852

She bats her eyes at him
"Since the Princess tried to take Equestria in a more 'open' direction, the police and local government have been afraid of appearing "pony nationalist" like the Blackhooves

54247 No.68853

This adds fuel to Iron's laugh. "What a way to show weakness! I am more confident now that those Princesses wanted to let the country be taken."

bc682 No.68854

File: 1544165895483.jpg (46.04 KB, 585x621, _emma.jpg)

3b4fd No.68855

"Indeed. That is why we must be strong, and take care of ourselves"

"Well," she says, "this is our next to last stop." This new location is a bit unlike the other ones you've been to. It's a tavern that seems to be closed right now, with just a light on.
"This one closes early, but he's here"
The two of you walk through the front door (unlocked) and see that the front room is empty. "They must be in the backroom"
They walk up to a door to a room in the back of the tavern. She knocks on the door
"What do you want?"
"We're here to collect on a loan last month"
No response. Iron's turn

54247 No.68856

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4

First, check door for any open spots like last time. Then say "We are asking nicely here. If you want to do this the hard way, then I will let myself in and spill your blood into as many bottles of liquor as your body provides."

Is there a perk where the requirement for an intimidate check changes from charisma to strength in 3.5?

54247 No.68857

File: 1544166413730.jpg (49.75 KB, 960x960, 1508568495317.jpg)

Dice gods bless me this day.

bc682 No.68858

File: 1544166472413.png (79.68 KB, 300x300, _Hitler Sweat.png)

3b4fd No.68859

The stallion graciously opens the door for the both of you, and lets you walk in….

The stallion is not the only one there. Inside the room, which is rather spacious, there are 5 other creatures - four ponies, one griffon - sitting in chairs around a table, wearing Black and Red Bandanas
"And who the hell are you?" one of those 5 asks

54247 No.68860

Let Cauldron repeat her demands, ignoring the question.

3b4fd No.68861

Cauldron tells him again:
"We lent you money last month, and we are here now to collect"

A pony interjects: "The lending of money at interest is an exploitation of those who do not have money by those who do"

The stallion in question says something like "easy now"

54247 No.68862

Dice rollRolled 2 + 4

Iron turns to the offending pony. "Well, you are stupid to accept a loan in the first place. You could have ventured out with just your wits, living off the land, but you, afraid of losing your precious comfort, opted to accept something you supposedly knew it was a bad idea." Iron walks to him until he is face to face. "Now tell me, why should I listen to you complain about it like a foal and decide to bash your head in until you comply instead?"

54247 No.68863

This is why we can't have nice things.

3b4fd No.68865

The Stallion stands up.

"You, sir, are a bully. You take advantage of our weaknesses. The fact that a pony needs food, clothing, shelter. And you think that the fact that you already have the money means that you can take even more from creatures like us. The ones who don't live by money-born-of-money, but who work. I tell you, we who work are done being exploited by the likes of you. And what you and all of those like you will soon find when we rise is that we outnumber you."

On cue, and embolded by the pony's words, the other 4 creatures ride from their seats and stand behind him, with now 5 angry creatures, and a sulking stallion.

bc682 No.68866

File: 1544167862317.png (224.4 KB, 518x448, _poor marble.png)

>On cue, and embolded by the pony's words, the other 4 creatures ride from their seats and stand behind him, with now 5 angry creatures, and a sulking stallion.

54247 No.68867

Dice rollRolled 3

"What brave words you said. But your words still come from a place of weakness. If you want to show me your strength, then so be it. I will show you true strength!" Iron readies himself for battle.

Also rolling initiative

54247 No.68868

File: 1544168174640.jpg (79.31 KB, 319x319, 1519431946035.jpg)

Oh shit. Where are you dice gods?

bc682 No.68869

File: 1544168196831.jpg (63.68 KB, 569x674, _angery shimmy.jpg)

3b4fd No.68870

Dice rollRolled 5 - 1

Dice rollRolled 19

Dice rollRolled 14 + 2

Rolling. The one with the positive modifiers is Cauldron, who has more dexterity. The negative modifiers are for the creatures further away

3b4fd No.68871

Dice rollRolled 20

Dice rollRolled 13 - 2

Dice rollRolled 11 - 2

The next two ponies and the griffon

54247 No.68872

At least Cauldron attacks first? Woo?

3b4fd No.68873

Dice rollRolled 16

Dice rollRolled 13 + 1

The initiative is:
Red Feathers
Red and Black Leader
Red and Black 3
Red and Black 4
Red and Black 2

Red Feathers attacks with Claws. Black Leader Punches

3b4fd No.68874

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

The claws scrape into Iron's Hide, and Black Leader's punch lands. Cauldron swipes at Red Feathers with her crowbar, which she pulled out while Red and Black leader was blabbering