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File: 1544338062638.jpeg (45.24 KB, 1021x783, 1543884252769.jpeg)

20b45 No.69622[Last 50 Posts]

A D&D RP game based on My Little Pony, and the Hearts of Iron 4 mod Equestria at War, featuring an Equestria where the Princesses have been deposed, and Equestria is split between Changelings and a former Equestrian colony

Thus far, Dark Star has joined the fascist faction, and is taking on a job to assemble a team to stop a Communist cell. Onyx is no longer being detained, Ash has sort of joined a nunnery, Iron has joined the Waterside gang as a loanshark, Brie is still being edgy, and a new unicorn has joined. All are ready to reconnoiter the Docks.

ba77c No.69627

is Dark Star at the docks?

20b45 No.69628

He can walk towards the docks. Does he have the dossier with him?

ba77c No.69629


20b45 No.69630

On Black and red. that is to say, an understanding of exactly where they were observed

ba77c No.69631

yea he would have it with him.

20b45 No.69632

A deeper view of the dossier shows that the two griffons were observed with a group of ponies - two of whom are known socialists, at the very end of "Blackwood" road, heading into a group of buildings that are a part of the seaport of Baltimare

ba77c No.69633

im gonna attempt to hid the rifle somewhere close by stealthily.
what should i roll?

20b45 No.69634

You're going to have to be one hell of lot more spefic. It's not a building or a wooden structure. It's an industrial park

ba77c No.69635

Could you describe the area?

20b45 No.69636

The seaport is on the east side of the city. The sea port includes a narrow strip of buildings along this stretch. Blackwood road is a road that runs from east to west. It is the North most road that dead-ends into the harbor. When you look from the end of the road straight on and East, you can see the sea.

Black wood road goes directly into a concrete paved area. On the left side of the road is a one story square building of white coloration with the phrase "United Dock Workers Union Hall" on it. It seems recently abandoned. To the left on the road is just open area where it seems trucks park. Into the paved area are four very large structures, two on the right and two on the left. It's like a square with four sides. On the left and closest to the end of the road is a 3 story building with a high arching roof that has some windows and two smoke stacks. This structure is a rolling mill. The next structure that is on the right and next to the water and seawall is a huge Rectangular structure that is two stories on the side furthest from the water, and contains a few offices, but a single floor with a high roof for most of its length on the side facing the sea, opening in a massive door. This structure is a pipe rolling facility. On the right, the closest building is a single floor with a very high arched roof. It is a warehouse that stores mostly liquid products contained in barrels. It has some offices that are on a sort of second floor elevated above the main floor, on the side close to the center of the set of structures. The next structure on the right is a single floor rectangular building with a flat roof. It is a warehouse for storing crates. It too has offices that are elevated above the main floor. On the sea, the area to the left of Blackwood road has no dock space, but the area to the left does. there is a dock which a reasonable sized ship could connect with

ba77c No.69637

>This structure is a pipe rolling facility.
Heads to check out this building

20b45 No.69638

The first thing that Dark star notices is that this area is not abandoned. It is actively used by workers, and crates move around on the ground. A pony asks "can I help you?"

ba77c No.69639

"Oh Sorry, i got turned around."
*walks away*

20b45 No.69640

I take it he is *not* going towards the pipe rolling facility?

ba77c No.69641

>a one story square building of white coloration with the phrase "United Dock Workers Union Hall" on it.
Checks this one out

20b45 No.69642

This building definitely is abandoned. When going to the door, it is locked

ba77c No.69643

Any windows?

20b45 No.69644

Yes, four on each side

ba77c No.69645

are there any broken ones?

20b45 No.69646

The building was only closed very recently, and none of those appear to be broken

ba77c No.69647

are there any ponies around?

20b45 No.69648

At the Union Hall? Ponies do drive by, but no one is at the union hall

ba77c No.69649

i try to open one of the windows

20b45 No.69650

they don't seem to open from the outside, at least very easily Maybe with a roll of a skill

ba77c No.69651

Dice rollRolled 14

tfw no bonus

20b45 No.69652

What is the skill?

ba77c No.69653

open lock?

20b45 No.69654

Open lock is a trained skill only.

ba77c No.69655

well i dont have any skills for this. so i guess im going to break it.

20b45 No.69656

With either a swift hit of his hoof or the butt of his gun, the glass breaks

ba77c No.69657

Dice rollRolled 6 + 7

im gonna roll a spot to see if anyone noticed

20b45 No.69658

It doesn't look like it

ba77c No.69659

Dice rollRolled 7 + 7

listen check as well

20b45 No.69660

Industrial sounds of various kinds, nothing that stands out

ba77c No.69661

Dice rollRolled 20 - 2

assuming the window is big enough to climb through i do.

20b45 No.69662

He climbs through the window, and is not cut by broken glass

ba77c No.69663

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7

spot check to look foranypony

20b45 No.69664

He sees one of those phantoms, were you think you see a person in the corner of our eye, but move your eye towards it, there's no one there. But nopony actually seems to be inside the building

ba77c No.69665

Dice rollRolled 11 + 7

i look for anything that could be useful to th mission inside, like weapons or Medicine

20b45 No.69666

The abandoned Union hall does not seem to have any kind of weapons in it. There is a single first aid kit under a sink in a break area

ba77c No.69667

Dice rollRolled 11 + 7

*takes it*
*Trys to find a spot for my rifle*

20b45 No.69668

There is a trade off between how open you want the gun, and how easy you want it to be to retrieve. It could be placed in a top cabinet to the side in a side room that would never be found, but it would take a good 30 seconds to get it. It could also be placed immediately inside the window and just picked up through the window, but would be found immediately if somepony went inside the building

20b45 No.69669

>my rifle
I don't recall a rifle being formally requisitioned

ba77c No.69670

File: 1544347615375.jpg (72.6 KB, 960x906, _aj kermit face.jpg)

>mfw i Didn't realize

d3fd2 No.69671

Iron reached the tavern where he was supposed to meet for this mission.

4152c No.69672

Sister Ash returns to the tavern, after failing to find a decent stick.

d3fd2 No.69673

Iron ponders for a moment and looks at the scaly pony. "Can I ask you a question? What kind of magic do you do?"

4152c No.69674

"Mostly just Orisons and the like.. I did dip into conjuration practice back when I was in training." The scaly mare says, obviously lacking confidence

4152c No.69675

>tfw already used up my strongest spell, and all of my healing spells for the day

d3fd2 No.69676

"I see. Do you have any backup weapons?"

4152c No.69677

"Just this." The nun replies, holding out her broom

d3fd2 No.69678

Iron looks dissapointed for a bit. He takes a closer look at her figure, see how handy can she be in an actual fight. "I can pass you some rocks if you need them." He fumbles inside the bear armor and snatches out his rock pouch, opening it in front of her. "I got it from the riverbank, outside the city."

AKA I want a description of your character currently

4152c No.69679

Tbh, I've been having trouble deciding on an appropriate color scheme…
".. I guess I could take a couple." The mare replies, placing the rocks in her satchel.

d3fd2 No.69680

Iron smiles. "Do not worry about the battle ahead. I am sure these weaklings will not try to kill such a nice mare." He gently pats the scaly mare. He really wanted to believe that. That these ponies had the decency not to fight mares. Fighting mares physically shows how weak the stallion is in his tribe.

20b45 No.69681

Iron's favorite interrupter interjects, "I assure you that their like have killed very many a nice mare before"

d3fd2 No.69682

Iron looks somber. "What a way to show weakness. No honorable stallion could hurt a mare physically and be proud of it."

20b45 No.69683

"They have no honor, nor they any pride. They see themselves as a great mass striking against tyranny. As moral crusaders. And with a cause so righteous, nothing they do could be evil"

4152c No.69684

The mare in question is covered mostly in a nun's religious habit that doesn't seem to really fit her, although the part near her head appears to have been mostly torn away, allowing part of her peculiar swirling mane to flow freely, despite obvious efforts to restrain her.
If Iron looked closer, he might question if the creature is really a pony at all. Although she's roughly the same size of an Equestrian mare, she has several features that distinguish her as an entirely different species. Her mane is like a bush, and puffs out towards the front of her chest like a lions; and her tail (the part he can see) is visibly Leonid. The hoof currently clutched around her broom is split in two, like a reigndeer. Most visible, are the armor-like bronze scales that stretch from the tip of her nose, to what Iron can only assume to continue all the way down her back, in a scaly carapace that meshes almost seemlessly with her cedar fur. Her eyelashes are thick, like an Equestrian, but her smooth brows resemble those of a crystal pony. Her horn is a deep scarlet, curved and serated like a branch. Everything about her body seems peculiar.

d3fd2 No.69685

"I see that they will be destroyed one way or the other. No honor causes any group to break down onto itself." Iron raised one of his forelegs, showing his spiky gauntlet. "But I will be sure to take down some with me."

"You do not look like a mare, now that I look a bit closer. What are you?"

4152c No.69686

".. A foreigner.. from the southest. I believe the ponies of this country used to call my tribe the 'kirin'." The dragonblood replies

d3fd2 No.69687

"Kee-reen? What a strange name for your kind." He tilts his head sideways. "Is it because of something in particular your species do?"

4152c No.69688

"It's a very old term. It's means something along the lines of 'one who delivers the sages'. I can't say I understand the origin. We've been isolated for Equestrian society since before the imperial ages."

d3fd2 No.69689

"So you say." He takes his rock pouch back. "Why did you leave your tribe, especially alone?"

4152c No.69690

"It was a pilgrimage. I heard there were many Equestrian foals who were displaced by the war, so I took it upon myself to come and treat them."

d3fd2 No.69691

"That does not explain why you travelled alone. Do you not have a stallion to protect you?" He looks somewhat worried. "You seem too innocent to defend yourself."

4152c No.69692

"I came alone because I had nopony to travel with. You'll find that robbers tend to let you be when you don't have anything worth taking."

d3fd2 No.69693

"I see." He looks somewhat baffled by how she survived thus far. "Do you mean no stallion on your tribe even approached you to help? I can see your maternal prowess if your personality is anything to go by. Do you not have any children?"

20b45 No.69694

The blue pegasus interjects
"A mare travelling alone always has something to take"

d3fd2 No.69695

"Ain't that the truth."

4152c No.69696

"No.. I have no children of my own.."
The nun gives a perplexed look, as if she never before considered that she had anything worth taking
"Just what do you mean by that?"

d3fd2 No.69697

"I am sure I know what she means." He fidgets uncomfortably. "If I was a mare, I would not want that to happen to me."

20b45 No.69698

"I mean to say a mare is always useful to a stallion in a certain sort of way that can be taken by force"

4152c No.69699

[thinking Kirin noises]

20b45 No.69700

"So…." she pauses and moves her hoof, and you get the sense that she's trying to say anything other than "plantation colt." "What was growing up in the jungles like"

d3fd2 No.69701

"It was a simple life." He started. "I grew up with my mother as my caretaker until I was about 4. Then I started the many trials to reach maturity. Things like hunting, foraging and fighting." He mused for a moment. "My father taught me how to do these things, but his weapon of choice was a spear. He was dumbfounded that I did not accept his weapon as a gift for my departure. I simply told him I would not need it." He chuckled "Maybe I can pick it up once this final trial is done with. I do not want to let his spear to rot. He had quite the fondness for it." He places his hoof on the table. "No mare in my tribe ever did anything more than medicine or taking care of children. They were nice mares, all of them." He chuckled "They would always give the colts some small gifts of cane sugar."

4152c No.69702

*sweeps sidewalk*

20b45 No.69703

"I see. A rather wholesome upbringing, very traditional. You have been spared the mass social upheaval that has afflicted so much of the world. Times are changing"

d3fd2 No.69704

"Our tribe knows this. This is why the stallions venture out the world to complete their process of maturity. To see how corrupted this 'gift' of…'cee-vee-lai-sei-tion' has turned the outside world into misery." Iron ponders a bit. "I take it you did not share my fate by your comment."

20b45 No.69705

"No, social progress came to us, hardly a need to venture out, though I ventured out anyways, and found more misery"

"You don't want to talk? Aww"

d3fd2 No.69706

"You know why this social progress came. It is your tools that facilitated life for all, essentially foregoing natural strength and increasing the weakness of the population."

20b45 No.69707

"It's hardly all bad. Life can be easier with tools. You can live longer and wealthier. And it can be liberating. More choices. I am happy to have life doing other than just medicine or raising…. younglings down on a farm. And for that I have 'progress' to thank.

But in any event, you may not have a choice. You're daddy's spear was an obsolete relic when he was a fillie, and you'll find you will need much to make it out alive and free in this Brave New World"

d3fd2 No.69708

Iron is bothered. "Yes, those tools that 'liberate' you from doing what you were supposed to do. Do not expect me to believe that your life is as good as home." Iron looks down "As 'obsolete' as you may think it is to keep these weapons, it gives the tribe stability from these ponies. Heritage is important and it shows our prowess when other submit to these tools. I shall show you the true strength of my tribe when the time comes." Iron pauses for a moment. "My name is Iron, by the way."

20b45 No.69709

She smiles "nice to formally meet you, Iron. My name is Blue Skies. But I will say that I don't think you understand the situation. These ponies will be going to your own tribe. I take it you must be from one of the more isolated villages, bevcause Equestrians have been down there for centuries. Now, rich bandits wish to profit from ancient treasures, Industrialists from the north wish to exploit the forests, and Communists wish to start rebellion. All this is besides the threat of a Changeling invasion"

d3fd2 No.69710

"It is fair to think that, but our tribe lasted for centuries. Surely this social progress will not affect us as hard as you think it will." Iron crossed his forelegs.

d3fd2 No.69711

Iron suddenly notices something. "Where is that dark red stallion you were with?"

e4dc1 No.69712

File: 1544382078751.jpeg (92.82 KB, 625x1009, F1A854AA-7ED8-4FFC-8BF3-9….jpeg)

“My society lasted for centuries for centuries as well. It’s not just internal upheaval. Your tribe may be conquered if it doesn’t keep pace. A mining company may get them, maybe rebels. Don’t think they are safe”

“He ran off, it seems.” She looks down at her empty glass

d3fd2 No.69713

"I do not expect you to understand our power. Your use of tools blinded you of the real strength of our kind. That is why you think we would fall." Iron, somewhat bored, asks the mare. "What choices did you take with this 'liberation'?"

d3fd2 No.69714


20b45 No.69715

"I've read about how tribes have fought off and even expelled Equestrian garrisons before. What is different this time is that, with bauxite and rubber plants, the jungles are more desirable. Those that want it will be more determined and bring more force."

"As for me, you can see that I'm not raising foals or practicing medicine. My society was never that limiting for females anyways. But I specialize in… shall we say, 'intelligence.' Counter-insurgency and counter-espionage."

4152c No.69716

Gosh, my head is spinning today.. Give me a minute..

d3fd2 No.69717

Iron cocks his head. "Do you not feel the need to bring and care of children to this world? Why do you desire something like espionage, which can lead you to danger of death?"
Iron looks down again. "And yes, the matured stallions that came back told the elders the same thing. How these rocks will bring us destruction. I did not hear the response, as I did not pay attention at that time."

4152c No.69718

The druid speaks up
"I hear ponies around these parts talk about 'progress' a lot lately.. but are ponies really happier today than they were centuries ago?"
She steps forward
"I came to the city, because I knew where a city stood, there would be suffering ponies. Food production has increased, but more ponies go hungry than ever before, unable to sustain themselves in the concrete jungle. Warriors found all sorts of new toys to play with that they promised would bring a 'swift end' to the war, but they only increased casualties.
Where this city once stood, there used to be nothing but bountiful rolling hills and lush fields, and the ponies who lived here were happy and content. Now it's a dessert of asphalt and iron, more polluted and more dangerous than ever before. The world as it's becoming is so dangerous, our foals have to spend decades of their lives training just to survive in it, when mere centuries ago they could make a living with little more than the virtue of their bodies. The artificial enclaves that ponies have created are certainly profitable for the few who can exploit them, but they're of little worth to the average ungulates who once thrived off of the bounty of nature."
She hangs her head
"Is that really progress to you?"
It's funny, this character is basically the utter opposite of my last one.

d3fd2 No.69719

Iron nods in agreement. "See? This mare knows what I am talking about. Your tools cause you misery."

4152c No.69720

"Ponies of this age only want tools for the sake of getting ahead of other ponies. A short-lived advantage, that they choose to believe will bring them permanent peace. Tools of war spread more quickly than wildfire,and are twice as destructive. Military advantage only lasts as long as the one who has can suppress the one who has not. Every day, more is sacrificed to feed their war machine. At the rate it's going at, ponies could get so good at destroying things, that they might just reduce their homelands to ashes.." her eyes grow dull at that last line

20b45 No.69721

>"Do you not feel the need to bring and care of children to this world? Why do you desire something like espionage, which can lead you to danger of death?
This question definitely takes her off guard, and she gives an expression suggesting she's said something she shouldn't have. She then smiles, looks at her flank, and says "division of labor. Some are great with handling children, and some have other talents. I know where my talents lie."

>told the elders

"So I see you have some knowledge of the situation. Well, it's far from doomed, but never assume an opponent to be weak when you've never met them before. You will need to be strong, and you will need the help of what the natives of this land call 'friendship.'"

"You're wearing modern stitches aren't you? Both of you actually. You can piss on modernity all you want, when you get malaria later you'll be eternally grateful for a vaccine. And be grateful likewise that your water doesn't have manure in it because dying of dehydration from diarrhea is anything but pleasant.

As for 'this area used to be lush rolling hills,' well pardon me but this land is natural swamp. And I don't know if you've ever been on a stroll through the woods but it's filled with all sorts of monsters that will eat you. Chimera, Manticores, Bug Bears, Timber Wolves, Tassleworms, Cragodiles, great Dragons, and far, far more. This is all besides windigoes, sirens, and other ancient horrors the ancestors of this land faced.

You came from that Pransiscan orphanage up North, right? I take it that's where you're from. Ask any of those nuns or foals if they want to give up central heating, a brick exterior, and food produced with modern fertilizers for the open wilderness of the forests and swamps. I'm not talking about those really cuddly forests you have nearby where everything dangerous has been shot, I'm talking about real wilderness. i promise you every single one of them is happy to have their factory made blankets, even if they hate other aspects of this modern world. Seriously, go ask them if they want to live out in the Hayseed Swamp.

Yes I know damned well we have many hungry ponies. That is the reason the Communists are so popular. And those 'new toys' have been perfected by the Changelings. But the fact is the Changelings will have and use their toys regardless of what you do, it's just a matter of whether you will let yourself become their food."

"My tools? Go ask the Griffons, the communists, and the Changelings to put away their Tanks, Bombs, and guns."

"The ponies will be conquered by the Changelings in two years time. After that happens, you won't have to worry about the ponies burning down their own homeland. Someone else will have done it for them."

d3fd2 No.69722

>It's filled with all sorts of monsters
"You should not fear these monsters. You learn to live with them, showing your strength. But the tools you use, as I said, made you forget this natural feeling, wrapping yourself in the comfort of controlling everything around you."

>Wearing modern stiches

"While I agree with you there, this small advantage does not equal that your system is good. It is not the first time I have been wounded and the tribe healed me just fine."
>Go ask the griffons, the commies, etc.
"So you say ponies living here did not invent these tools before them?

4152c No.69723


d3fd2 No.69724

Oof. You should write on a notepad next time. It's the fourth time this happened.

20b45 No.69725

"Look, I'm flattered that both of you I'm this great Inventor-Philosophy who single hoofedly invented the gun, the automobile, the refrigerator, the toilet, and the department store while writing every book on Markism, Fascism, and Democracy that ever existed. And I'm flattered, I really am. But I'm just a refugee in this pony land. I wasn't even born or raised here, and I sure as hell didn't create it.

As for who did, it turns out a lot of creatures have laid down stones for this society. the ponies are more advanced than the griffons, but the Changelings have more and better machines of war. As for controlling things around you, well, when power is what you want, it's useful to have power over nature as well"


4152c No.69726

I didn't expect to get a mod warning… e_e

d191c No.69727

The sorcerer is still curious as to the plan the Anti-Communist had… but simply stays and listens to the others that were with him. Perhaps they know what to do.
"Wait… who are you?"

d3fd2 No.69728

Iron sighs "Look, I can see you are the one who is stomped on out here. Do not misunderstand me. I only seek to defend verbally my way of life, while rejecting yours due to the advantages of my way against the disadvantages of your way." He skids a bit closer. "I am sorry for this discussion." Iron asks "A refugee? From where did you come from?"

20b45 No.69729

"Well who is asking?"

"Eh, I think I've spoken enough here"

d3fd2 No.69730

Iron nods. "Agreed."

d191c No.69731

"I was just curious. One last question. Did your books ever make their way to Canterlot libraries?"

20b45 No.69732

She glares, slumps down, looks at her empty glass, then leaves the table

"What? I just said I never wrote any such books"

4152c No.69733

Whatever, I'll type it all again some other day.
Changing subject
"Did you say there were Timber wolves around here?"

d191c No.69734

You did technically type that you did. Just now picking back up, it seemed that you said you did write books. My bad.

"You sure? You look like a writer I saw on a book sleeve."

d3fd2 No.69735

Iron laughs "Hey, do not torture her. She has had enough." He points to the counter. "I say you buy her a drink, maybe she will like you enough to talk to you."

20b45 No.69736

"They exist in scattered locations around Equestria. Mostly they've been pushed back into deeper wilderness

She looks again, confused. "I've never written any books."

4152c No.69737

"Fascinating. I've always wanted to see one myself."

d191c No.69738

I stare at the sleepy bartender.
"I don't know how this one is still employed." I mumble
"A drink for the writer to be please."

20b45 No.69739

"I've never seen one, and I am okay with that. They are like dire wolves but less friendly, and generally come in packs"

"Well, I do subsist off the kindness of strangers"

d3fd2 No.69740

"They are just sticks held together by magic. There is not a lot to them" He waved it off dissmisively. "They are a pain since they always go in packs and are too patient to attack. Coupled with their mobility, they are annoying to me."
"Oh, I forgot. Well, just take the bottle and serve a glass already. He will wake up soon enough

d191c No.69741

I take the bottle and pour a glass.
I had over the drink.
"Must be hard going these days."

20b45 No.69742

When I throw a pack at y'all they'll be at least as strong as Dire Wolves

"It can be, but a mare survives"

d191c No.69743

I continue to stare at my full glass.
"Have you ever considered writing before?"

20b45 No.69744

"It never really seemed like my sort of thing"

4152c No.69745

"You've seen them, you say? I've never had the privilege of seeing one, although I've read about them." She seems almost giddy, despite having been bitten by a wolf just that morning

d3fd2 No.69746

"Eh, I have never met them on "nice" conditions, so my view is a bit biased against them." Iron notices her glee when talking about animals. "Why do you care about those creatures, anyway?

d191c No.69747

"It's not for everypony I supose. Do try it if you ever get the chance. You might be glad you did."

20b45 No.69748

"I'll see about it. What do you do?"

d191c No.69749

"Not much. I just roam around. I don't have anything anymore. I suppose that means nothing to hold me down as well, but I do miss what I had."
I think for a moment.
"Well… I have this drink now and the few bits to acquire it. So I guess it isn't all that bad."

4152c No.69750

File: 1544390159590-0.jpg (402.88 KB, 1440x1120, 346219__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

File: 1544390159590-1.png (1.05 MB, 1000x904, 198219__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1544390159590-2.jpg (319.55 KB, 1440x1120, 350046__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

"Oh, it's a bit complicated; although the truth I've always been fascinated in magical creatures. They're part of the magick of the landscape, and certainly worth appreciating. Timber wolves especially; creatures who are simultaneously both animals and plants.." The dragonmare says dreamily
>Druid reasons
I'm tempted to make a knowledge check, but it's unnecessary meta atm

20b45 No.69751

"I see. I've been in a sort of similar situation these past few years. Depending on your talents, the government may be hiring."

d3fd2 No.69752

"I see, you seek knowledge of these creatures. It is actually good. Knowing potential enemies is always good. To avoid it, maybe kill it, or maybe even convince it not to attack." Iron nods "But do you think you are safe when doing that? I do not see you defending yourself very well." He looks at the stiches "I can still see the large chunk of flesh that was hurt, even with the stiches."

20b45 No.69753

The eternal eavesdropper runs over from the bar
"You didn't seem interested in learning about communists, but you took the 200 bits anyways"

4152c No.69754

"Oh, it wouldn't be the first time I needed to defend myself after getting slightly too curious. Defending others.. well, that requires precautions."

4152c No.69755

"As for the stitches.. They're only temporary."

d191c No.69756

"No… I won't work for any government anymore. That was a mistake."

20b45 No.69757

"Too bad." She takes a drink

d3fd2 No.69758

"Of course." He nods "I only need to know they are weak and seek to increase their weakness." He raises his hoof. "They are looking to be put down."
"Your innocence and charm does not reflect that." Iron raised his eyebrows. "I never did ask your name, did I? Like I said to Skies, I am Iron."

20b45 No.69759

"And yet knowing that a timberwolf is a magical dog isn't enough knowledge for you? Why the Double standard?"

4152c No.69760

The Shamanistic nun bows politely
"I go by the namesay of Sister Ash."

d191c No.69761

"Have you worked for the government, previous or current?"

d3fd2 No.69762

"Like I said. They are weak. They pose no threat to me." Iron stands up "Timberwolves actually have some self respect to be considered dangerous and manage to live in the same environment as I do."
He picks her hoof up and kisses it. "A pleasure to meet you, Ash."

20b45 No.69763

"You could say that I have"

"They do, you just don't know it yet. And I assure you the Communist has found its way to live anywhere"

d191c No.69764

"If you don't mind me asking, what work did you do?"

d3fd2 No.69765

"These communists you speak of would never pass our trials to be considered as our kind." Iron laughs "They would rather cry about life being unfair instead."

4152c No.69766

File: 1544391465858.png (578.84 KB, 2548x2476, 1892151__safe_artist-colon….png)

*Steam whistles from ears*
"Ah.. A p-pleasure to meet you too, M-Mr. Iron." The mare replies, a little too quickly

20b45 No.69767

"Most of the younger ones probably wouldn't. That's true. the older ones, well some of them would have been like Elders in your village. You don't defeat a modern army by being weak, and you'd be amazed what the rebels of the ricefields of Prywhen could accomplish. Hell, you should have seen the ones from my old village. Communists are usually a cross section of the bottom of society with some of the high. Mostly worthless, and all scum, but some are strong."

"Shall we call it, 'intelligence gathering.'"

4152c No.69768

File: 1544391734442.png (358.31 KB, 654x692, 1544318477091-1.png)

Glownigger detected

d191c No.69769

"Intellegnce… the problem is they gather all the wrong information. This war is testament to that."

d3fd2 No.69770

Iron smiles "Likewise." He proceeds to sit back down next to her at a foreleg-length distance.
"We treat our elders with the outmost respect. I do not think they would try to change the tribe to communism just because they want the advantages they already have." Iron leans forward again. "So I doubt any existing elders would change our tribe for that. We also do not accept new stallions to join the tribe at all, as we know they might have conflicting ideals with ours. Only mares are allowed to join, which as you may have guessed, do not have power over how the tribe functions." Iron leans back "As for direct confrontation, we have the home advantage and are quite formidable in our environment."

20b45 No.69771

Blue Skies doesn't seem to be exuding any light at the moment, as least as is visible in the well lit room


"Don't assume you have already won before the battle begins. That was Celestia's folly, don't let it be yours."

4152c No.69772

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

A significant NPC deserves a Sense Motive check.
Sister Ash eyes the mare, contemplating who she is exactly.

d3fd2 No.69773

"I am sure your village was attacked from the inside instead of showing up with an army. That is why I said the first part."

4e971 No.69774

Onyx walks down stairs back into the main area of the bar.

d191c No.69775

I pay for the glass I poured and tip one bit as before.
"There you are."

d3fd2 No.69776

Iron achknowledges the coal pony's existence.

20b45 No.69777

She is nervous about the events tonight, nervous in general about the future, frustrated that Dark Star left, and not quite satisfied by the new Stallion. You can tell she works for the Blackhooves, but whether she is more of a contractor or a true believer is harder to determine

4e971 No.69778


d191c No.69779

"So, how are you, bartender?"

4e971 No.69780

"Been better, yourself?"

d191c No.69781

"Definately been better myself, but dwelling on that doesn't fix it. What's your name by the way?"

4e971 No.69782

"Onyx, yourself?"

d191c No.69783

"Shimmering Spark. It's nice to meet you."

ba77c No.69784

Dark Star wakes with a start
"i need to stop drinking. i cant believe i forgot to get the rifle."
*Dark Star heads for the door*

4e971 No.69785


20b45 No.69786

There is indeed a door
If you had a rifle, it would be a bit of a challenge to carry through broad daylight without being noticed

4152c No.69787


d3fd2 No.69788

"So, Onyx, huh? Why is your name that?"

ba77c No.69789

Does it have a lock on the inside?

4152c No.69790

Wait, are we at the docks now?

4e971 No.69791

"Er, really?"
Onyx finds a window to stand by, letting his coat shimmer a bit more.

4152c No.69792

20b45 No.69793

No. Dark star is and only Dark star because he left for there

It can be unlocked from the inside through a fairly normal mechanism

d3fd2 No.69794

"Never heard of the word. That is all. I suppose because you look like it."
Only Dark Star and Brie (maybe) are there, everyone else is at the tavern

ba77c No.69795

Are there any windows on the wall close to the door?

4152c No.69796

20b45 No.69797

ba77c No.69798

i look out one of them

20b45 No.69799

A truck is loaded across the street, but nopony is paying attention if that is what you are asking

ba77c No.69800

i open the door and walk out then head back to the eastside

20b45 No.69801

And such is done, and let us assume that you close the door on your way out

d3fd2 No.69802

"A question, Ash. How does your tribe work? I never really heard any of your kind."

d3fd2 No.69803


ba77c No.69804

4152c No.69805

What time were they supposed to meet up?

4152c No.69806

Sorry, I had to step out.

4152c No.69807

"Well, that's a bit of an odd question. You've probably never heard of us because we come from off of the continent."

d3fd2 No.69808

Iron motions to continue.

4152c No.69809

She gives him a perplexed look, as if she simply didn't understand the premise if the question
".. Well, I guess you could say we're a bit similar to dragons, if you've ever seen those before." She goes on, trying to straighten her mane
"But we still speak ponish where I come from, although the dialect is a bit different."

d3fd2 No.69810

"I have only heard of dragons. The elders say it is bothersome to them to inhabit here since there is too much going on in there. I am not sure if even they saw them so take it with skepticism." Iron coughs. "But you did not answer my question. Do you not live with your fellow brethren in a tribe? If so, what was it like?"

d3fd2 No.69811

*in the jungle

20b45 No.69812

If only there were one or more other characters with that information, and there were some way of transferring that knowledge from either of those characters to your own

Well, he is at the tavern if he likes

4e971 No.69813

>uses rag to make the bar shine

4152c No.69814

"I actually haven't been with my tribe in year.. I gave myself to the temple many years ago, and haven't seen another of my kind since it a disbanded.."

20b45 No.69815

She approaches
"working hard there?"

ba77c No.69816

Dark Star walks through the Door looking more red than usual especially in his cheeks

20b45 No.69817

Blue Skies takes notice "Well Hello. What did you find out?"

d3fd2 No.69818

Iron suddenly looks hurt. "I cannot imagine the pain you must feel for not being with your kind, Ash. How are you coping with this?"

4e971 No.69819

"More like hardly working"

ba77c No.69820

"Uh well i found an abandoned building that could be useful."

20b45 No.69821

She laughs at the joke, which is much fresher in the 1940ish environment than in the modern day
"Are you one of those Dark Star recruited?"

20b45 No.69822

"I see. Do you have a general plan?"

4152c No.69823

"Well.. when you train for as long as I do.. you'll find that you don't need things to stay content.." she says, although her eyes betray a sense of regret

ba77c No.69824

"Sort of."

d191c No.69825

The sorcerer listens in.

4e971 No.69826

"Nah, I just work here. I may come but I haven't decided for sure."

20b45 No.69827

"Alright, let's hear it"

"What talents do you have, besides getting yourself detained by police?"

d3fd2 No.69828

Iron nods. "I understand." He looks at the dark red stallion. "I guess it may be time to finish up this talk."

4152c No.69829

"I'm ready to leave when you are.." she says, fidgeting a bit

4e971 No.69830

"Uh, I'm good with my hanlberd and fixing it up if need be. But in the war I hauled around the artillery."

d3fd2 No.69831

Iron smiles. "Do not worry, focus on your magic. I will cover you." He heads to the dark red stallion.

ba77c No.69832

"Well Depending on where they are and what they are doing when we show up. I was thinking of Saying i recruited some Party members which will be you lot. and our friend brie will check out their building for us to see it they have any illegal items that we could use against them when the fighting starts."

ba77c No.69833

"Hey there big fella. Whats up?"

d3fd2 No.69834

"Are we ready?"

20b45 No.69835

"I see. How are you with a gun?"

I think it's not terribly likely they will just leave expensive in caches, that is unless of course they are transporting them

20b45 No.69836

"Alright, what are you planning to do tonight?"

ba77c No.69837

"Basically. we just need to wait on Brie."
"Which they may be doing, and on the chance theres nothing brie can stab them in the backs while we are shooting at them."

d3fd2 No.69838

Iron huffs, then rechecks to see if he has his two armors and spiked gauntlets equipped to pass time.

20b45 No.69839

"Okay, so will you infiltrate first and see what they are planning?"

ba77c No.69840

"Yes, the rest Could Wait back at the abandoned Building. Maybe i could bring a few of you with me. like you >>69838.

d3fd2 No.69841

"While I do want to be punching these weaklings, I thought this was a sneaky operation, and I am not that good at stealth. Are you sure about that?"

4e971 No.69842

Onyx shurgs
"I'm best suited to carbines, but I don't like guns"

20b45 No.69843

"Well, I want to give you some advice in doing this. The Communists don't know who any of you are, which naturally is why you were selected to do this rather than our own police. You specifically have been seen attending at least one communist meeting, and maybe some of them will recognize you. The others will not be recognized as hostile, but security will probably not let them in if they don't know who they are and can't bluff. They will probably have sentries and door guards. Radios are as big as backpacks, so they won't be communicating to each other except by shouting or running back and forth. Guns are loud, very very loud, so don't use one until you absolutely have to. Try to get some ranged silent weapons as well.

"Can you keep silent while another guy tries to pass you off as a communist? If they don't know you mean them harm, they may let you right in. But they may also not let in anyone they don't know."

She looks at his butt. "Can you pass yourself off as a communist?"

4e971 No.69844

"Uh. I don't know. Never tried"

d3fd2 No.69845

"Well, when you put it like that, then sure I can."

4152c No.69846


ba77c No.69847

"While some parts of the mission in sneaking, the other parts are trying to convince them we are their friends. and when im in the timber wolfs den i would like someone that is good at kicking ass."
"That all seems accurate to me, but then again id like to have some back up in there. What like a crossbow?"

d3fd2 No.69848

"Alright, I will follow you."

20b45 No.69849

"Can you stand silently as another guy talks?"


"A crossbow would work very well, yes"

"Are you in with us missy?"

"Yes, that'll work, although now that I think about it, they will see that you have those if you go in with those. Maybe under a huge jacket, or if you have an excuse for having weapons. The same rule applies for any large weapon."

4152c No.69850

"Yes." The Kirin replies

4e971 No.69851


ba77c No.69852

"If not a crossbow what would you suggest?"

20b45 No.69853

"I guess it's kind of a question of how you want to deal with the guards. Do you want every pony to go inside? Some to go inside and some to stay behind and then attack sentries with crossbows? Can you bluff your way into the building with crossbows? Can you hide them under clothing?"


ba77c No.69854

"option B sounds like the best approach to me."

20b45 No.69855

"Alright, just ask everypony if they need equipment and set up a plan. I think your bartender needs armor by the way"

4e971 No.69856

"And where would you suggest I get armor considering I can barely buy food?"

d3fd2 No.69857

"I remember there is an armory named Jungle Rush near the mission area. We can go there if he accepts."

ba77c No.69858

*throws over the second piece of armor i bought*

4152c No.69859

"When was that bat supposed to get back?" The Kirin says, a little impatiently

20b45 No.69860

And Onyx now has an Airman's Flak Jacket. +4 AC and no real drawbacks. It looks like a green vest on an otherwise naked pony

"Is there anything you wish to acquire?"

d3fd2 No.69861

"Oh no, I have everything right here." He pats his two hides and gauntlets.

4e971 No.69862

Onyx looks at the jacket at his hooves
"Thank you, seriously."

ba77c No.69863

"its not a problem."

4152c No.69864

*Sweeping intensifies*
"It should be time to go soon…"

d3fd2 No.69865

Is my wolf and bear hides two separate armors or is it one double-layered armor?

d3fd2 No.69866

"I agree. When shall we leave?"

20b45 No.69867

File: 1544404724647.jpeg (61.02 KB, 736x1012, 1A5BAA73-71FB-438A-B8DF-8….jpeg)

Last call for weapons requisitions.

Blue skies: “we have an armory if you need to borrow something”

d191c No.69868

"May I take a look?"

ba77c No.69869

"Iron and Shimmering Spark come with me and the rest of you stay behind and then attack sentries with crossbows."

20b45 No.69870

"It's under lock and key, we don't let persons unknown to the organization inside. I would fetch an item"

4e971 No.69871

"Any halberds of better quality than mine? I don't mind fixing it up a lot, but I'd prefer not having to do it in battle."

ba77c No.69872

"were gonna need some crossbows."

d191c No.69873

"One moment."
"Got a dagger I could borrow?"

20b45 No.69874

"I've got one right here on my pony"
She pulls a dagger out of her bag

"I don't believe that we have any magical ones, if that is what you are asking"

"Murder is still illegal. But if the investigation were to be taken away from the Baltimare Police and handled by the Governate, well… let's say certain details can be 'overlooked.'"

4e971 No.69875

"Nah, just one that isn't gonna fall apart at too much pressure"

4152c No.69876

The mare is silent for several Monet's before speaking up
"… Do you have any bronzewood? Or shields?"

20b45 No.69877

"Well, I could I guess. Do you want a gun in case things get loud?"

d191c No.69878

"I appreciate your help."
I take the dagger.
"And I will see this returned to you."

ba77c No.69879

"that seems interesting."

20b45 No.69880

"I could certainly acquire one for you. Could you be more specific?"

4e971 No.69881

"Carbine please"

4152c No.69882

"Anything that isn't synthetic would be fine, although I could use a some barding."

20b45 No.69883

"We only have New Mareland models, so for the love of whatever deity you worship, don't lose it"

20b45 No.69884

"Hmmm…. I must admit I'm only familiar with Nylon Flak jackets and steel plates. If you name something I could ask for it"

4152c No.69885

"Got any wood or leather back there?"

4e971 No.69886


20b45 No.69887

"We have leather Jackets that are dense enough to serve as body armor, and would the wood be for a shield?"

4152c No.69888

"Yes, if you could spare."

50c92 No.69889

After a 'brief' stop at his 'residence' to nom another kiwi can't be pulling a mission on low blood sugar, the batpone approaches the docks from a high altitude, slow descent

20b45 No.69890

It's two distinct sets of armor, I would count it as Hide armor +3 AC

"Anything else?"

ba77c No.69891

"A shotgun?"

d3fd2 No.69892

If I put both of them on, then it is +6 AC then?

d191c No.69893

"Do you have a small, quiet handgun by any chance?"

4152c No.69894

"…A club? Preferably a big one."

d191c No.69895

Just realized

4e971 No.69896


4152c No.69897

>No hands

d3fd2 No.69898


20b45 No.69899

Oh dear, it looks like they already want to start

The rules say no stacking of armor effects. I would be more inclined to stack if one set were steal and another hide, but I think with armors that are identical in type they only count once

"Police batton, got it"

"The words 'quiet' and 'hoofgun' do not belong together in the same sentence without a negative qualifier"

d191c No.69900

I shrug
"Whatever hoofgun you can find will be ok."

d3fd2 No.69902

Got it

"I am ready."

50c92 No.69903

I'm just getting in position for when we do start, but note I have a significant head-start over everyone else and hopefullly they'll remember that my job is to see what the situation is and report back so they don't get killed for being dumbasses

4152c No.69905

>Synthetic material
"I think I'll just take this broom…"

4152c No.69906

"I think I'm ready too."

20b45 No.69907

Blue Skies flies off. An hour later, she returns with a Carbine, a set of thick leather, a wooden shield, a halberd, a police batton, a revolver, and a shotgun

She gives him a revolver
"This thing is NOT silent, do >>69636
not fire it until things are loud"

"Too late." She hands her a Police Baton. It's an older, larger club made out of Wood. She hands over a set of leather armor and a shield

Early in the day Brie can see >>69636. It was in use at the time. Come nightfall, the workers go home, but ponies hold position at various points in that area and south along the docks

"Here is an Artillerymare's Carbine. Seriously, don't leave this behind"



She hands him a Lupara Break Action Shotgun and 10 shells

4152c No.69908

*puts on armor*

d191c No.69909

"I understand. I should be ready now."

20b45 No.69910

Alright, lets's assume for the sake of argument that you all go to the docks. The area is as it is described in >>69636. Study that description.

At sunset, a few ponies are moving up, forward into the groups of buildings. Some stand outside. Several are in the Union Hall, which has a light on inside

ba77c No.69911

"Are we ready?"

20b45 No.69912

"Red and Black were seen going to the docks at 7PM on those occasions. That is when ponies would be arriving. You can go before or after that point"

50c92 No.69913

4e971 No.69914

"Thank you ma'am"

4152c No.69915

How many ponies?

d3fd2 No.69916

"I am ready to follow orders." He is standing close to Ash as promised.

ba77c No.69917

"We Should head over about 7:15"

50c92 No.69918

Batpone is entering the mission equipped with his unvetoed masterwork lockpicks, a crow-bar, and his 18 unvetoed masterwork throwing daggers.

4152c No.69919

"St-standing by as well." Sister Ash meeps, contemplating just what the fuck she was thinking

4152c No.69920

*Thinking when she decided to do this

20b45 No.69921

And thus, it is so. By 7:15 the only ponies outside are a few before each building. There are two trucks in the truck lot with lights on

Where is he stationed

d3fd2 No.69922

He pats her head. "It is going to be okay. Breathe in and out and you will be fine. I shall stand by your side."

20b45 No.69923

Blue whispers "I think dark star wanted you to go forward with him and Ash to stay in the back"

4152c No.69924

*Coughs a smoke ring*

d3fd2 No.69925

"I suppose it is the dark red stallion there." Before leaving he looks at Ash. "Do not worry, Ash. We shall succeed." He then positions himself behind Dark Star.

50c92 No.69926

Overhead, waiting to see if anything occurs while his allies begin their approach

4152c No.69927

"Go on then.." she replies, clutching her broom

20b45 No.69928

What kind of overhead?

ba77c No.69929

"Lets go colts"
*walks towards the trucks*

d3fd2 No.69930

Iron follows.

d191c No.69931

I follow behind cautiously.

50c92 No.69932

The kind of slow descent where if someone became alarmed for some reason he could dive in their direction to silence them, but otherwise observe for the least populated spot to land and begin infiltration, generally trending toward the union hall

4152c No.69933

I stay like 100 feet away and pretend to be an innocent bystander.

20b45 No.69934

One Truck is empty. The other truck has a pony in it who is distracted. Both have engine and headlight on

You're damned lucky it's after sunset and you have a dark coat because flying is the least stealthy conceivable act besides fire and explosives. Three ponies before each warehouse, and two before the rolling mill are seen

A pony comes out of the union hall and speaks to Ash. "Are you lost?"

4e971 No.69936

Onyx waits for orders.

4152c No.69937

"Well, you could say that.." she says, gripping her broom nervously
"How are you this evening?"

50c92 No.69938

I wouldn't try it during the day
Is the Union Hall clear? Cuz he was heading to the least populated place (not just that, he has suspicions)

20b45 No.69939

See the first line of >>69934


For future reference, even at night you are visible at shorter distances

"What are you doing here mam?" The stallion asks her

20b45 No.69941

No, it has ponies inside. None on the roof though

ba77c No.69942

"Hey, this is the place right?"

d3fd2 No.69943

I still follow Dark Star, looking back at Ash's location, seeing how she fares.

4152c No.69944

"Oh, just, looking for an aquaintance of mine.. Haven't heard from her yet though." She continue

20b45 No.69945

If you were responding to the pony who questioned Ash, he came out of the Union hall and talked to her. She is 100 ft away across the street. You went to the Trucks

"Who are you looking for?"

4152c No.69946

"My sister."

20b45 No.69947

"I see. What is her name?" At this point, a small colt runs out.

Hey, I know you >>69936! You decided to join us after all! It's Ollie, the colt who asked you to go to the Soup Kitchen

20b45 No.69948

ba77c No.69949

you said there was some ponies by the truck right?

4e971 No.69950

Wait the commie fucker?

20b45 No.69951

No, only one pony in one of the two trucks

Yes, the Communist Colt. He recognizes you

4e971 No.69952

Fucking hell

20b45 No.69953

The pony in the truck responds
"I'm sorry, I'm just here to pick up some cargo"

20b45 No.69954

"You've joined us! The little colt is overjoyed. "Oh, I see you brought weapons for the revolution! Unfortunately that doesn't begin for a while now.

The little colt is sad, but then "I'm glad that you're here though! And you brought friends!"

50c92 No.69955

Goddammit, aiming for an overhead descent on the tallest building then.

4152c No.69956

Sister Ash turns away a bit, nervously.
".. Umm, everyone knew her as.. Sage…"

4e971 No.69957

Onyx's good eye is twitching.

4152c No.69958

Sister Ash turns away a bit, nervously.
".. Umm, everyone knew her as.. Sage…"

ba77c No.69959

"Yea i thought this is where the workers are. i brought some friends that want to join."

4152c No.69960

Ash seems eager to change the subject
"Hello little one. What's your name?"

20b45 No.69961

He can fly off to the top of the foundry, 60 ft above ground and 100 if he wants to go to the top of a smoke stack. The flight is doable without being seen

"Hmmm, a sage. I don't think she is here." The little colt interjects "she's a friend of the Coal pony over here"

"Excellent! Well, don't let me stop you from going forward. The leaders didn't want me in the main meeting tonight"

"Oh I'm sorry sir, I don't know what is going on with the Dockworker's Union or whatever is going on"

4e971 No.69962

Onyx looks at the ones surrounding him

50c92 No.69963

Yeah, make like batman and land at the highest point and then descend from their either by glided jumps or silent climbing, taking a 10 on every check (21 cuz 10+11 modified)

ba77c No.69964

"oh thanks."
*Walks towards the union building*

20b45 No.69965

"Hello! My name is Ollie! Would you like to join the Revolution?"
You recognize this colt as one of the ones taken from the orphanage

20b45 No.69966

Do you wish to stay at the top, or go down further. If you wish to go down, where do you wish to go down?

You can see that Ash and Onyx are talking to a colt and a Stallion

4e971 No.69967

Onyx heads on in then.

d3fd2 No.69968

Of course, Iron follows.

ba77c No.69969

"hey comrades,i got some friends here. motions to iron and spark "they want to join up with us."

20b45 No.69970

When you enter, you see two stallions besides the colt

One of them asks "Are you late for the meeting?"

50c92 No.69971

Approach slowly from above to maximize sneak and/or flank (sneak) attacks with emphasis on stealth. Aiming for stealth kills.

4152c No.69972

"That's a big word. Have you been here for a long time?" She impores, completely dodging the question, as she draws a peppermint out of her pocket and gives it to him (you know how childless women are)

d191c No.69973

I stick behind Dark Star, still holding onto the full drink from the bar.

ba77c No.69974

"yea sorry we are late, we had to clean up the caltrops from in front of the door."

4e971 No.69975

"Am I late? Sorry"

50c92 No.69976

Dice rollRolled 4, 15 = 19

Rolling for the first necessary stealth attack. +9 modded, +x for ninja sneakiness (determined by 2nd roll)

50c92 No.69978

13 on the initial stealth attack roll, and a 18 (+3 dex) on the stealth

20b45 No.69979

"Ay! Are you from that orphanage? Nasty princess worshipers sold some of us to the Gang to try to pay bills. When they took us in town I managed to kick one of the ganaster's in the haunch. I was homeless for a week till a soup kitchen took me in. Nice stallions told me why poverty exists, and why orphans exist.

You know, those stingy mares at the nunnery wouldn't even let me have a second helping of porridge? And you know they wanted to pawn some of us off to the Fascists as well? As if it weren't enough that the fascists took my parents"

He starts to cry
"It's okay though, because we are creating a world where no one is poor, where everyone has all the food they could want, and where everypony is family"

"They are over there"

Who are you attacking?

d3fd2 No.69980

Are you roleplaying a schizophernic bat for real?

4152c No.69981

*Hugs poner*
"Shhhhhhhhhhhh.. don't fret now.."

20b45 No.69982

The little colt is hugged and somewhat comforted, crying

ba77c No.69983

*heads in that direction*

4152c No.69984

*Pats his back*
"You don't need a reason to cry.. Just let it out."

4e971 No.69985

Onyx watches the scene unfold, shifting from hoof to hoof.

4152c No.69986

Where is everpony atm?

20b45 No.69987

He motioned to the East, which would be further in the direction of the docks

He cries and starts to calm down a little

I think every character is in the Union hall except the bat and the pegasus, who have both vanished

d3fd2 No.69988


I am with Dark Star and this other fellow. Brie is attacking the air and Onyx is next to you somewhat.

50c92 No.69989

You noticed?
Attacking the first necessary stealth kill he comes across. He got a 19 on his stealth roll, +8 for his move silently and hide (pick one) and +3 for dex on both. so he could slip by undetected, but if he does decide to attack, that's his roll (modified 11 + stealth bonus)

4e971 No.69990

To your left

Or is it right?

d3fd2 No.69991

I don't think that is how it works, even though I am new here.

ba77c No.69992

*Walks towards the docks*

20b45 No.69993

I mean, what? I'm confused. From the top of the Foundry he can see two ponies standing outside the door of the rolling mill, 150 ft from that are two outside the dry goods warehouse, and there are three in front of the barrel-storage facility. If he means to attack the air, yes. The air is kill

50c92 No.69994

File: 1544411984054.jpg (184.35 KB, 629x354, John-Elway.jpg)

Perhaps not, but if it is how it works, those are the dice rolls I imagine would come into play. Its GM's choice

d3fd2 No.69995

Iron keeps following.

20b45 No.69996

Dark star advances towards the docks. He can see three ponies in front of the liquid goods warehouse

ba77c No.69997

*walks up to the ponies*
"Hey Comrades,is this the place?"

4152c No.69998

This poner has obviously been deprived of hugs.
Reminder that all poners deserve hugs.
*Hugging intensifies*
"There, there.." she coos, carressses his back
"It's okay to cry.. You're hurt, I can feel it."

20b45 No.69999

The colt's attitude has warmed significantly

The three ponies don't react to the statement.
"You need to step away from this building"

4152c No.70000

File: 1544412269006.jpg (147.64 KB, 1000x684, tebow-centaur-elway.jpg)

Praise Football!

4e971 No.70001


4e971 No.70002


ba77c No.70003

"Were here to join up."

d3fd2 No.70004

The dice gods will save us from disaster! It is a miracle!

20b45 No.70005

The two stallions and one Zebra mare respond
"I'm not sure what you are talking about, but you need to leave'

4152c No.70006

She pats him on the back for a few more minutes (although it's a bit unclear whether it's for his comfort or her own stuff this point)
"Have you been all alone here by yourself?"

50c92 No.70007

Dice rollRolled 16 + 9

Sooooo, making a second stealth attack roll

d3fd2 No.70008

Iron has a deadpan expression on his face.

20b45 No.70009

"No, I told you, the Communist Brotherhood took me in"

Congratulations, you hit the 70007

4e971 No.70010

Onyx deadpans

50c92 No.70011

Here's the thing. The outer/upper-most guards are the most isolated. Brie will assume they're expendable and a liability. He will kill them slowly like it was a playstation ninja game, using close-ranged, thrown dagger sneak attacks to stealth-kill his way in. Hopefully no one sees him (good stealth roll)

ba77c No.70012

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6

*looks at Iron*
"look, im with the party alright. Affordable Care Mentioned the Docks to me today."

4152c No.70013

"What about your friends? What happened to them?" She asks, with geniune concern

d3fd2 No.70014

Brie keeps stabbing the air like a madpony, obviously having a pyschotic attack because he only eats mangos. He foams his mouth and does ten loops only to crash into one of the trucks, instantly tearing the truck in half, carving a straight line through concrete, sinks the Titanic and bounces on the water about twenty times. He finally stops when he crashes into a mango tree, which makes him calm himself down and recover his senses.

Seriously GM, you should clarify this small issue if it's going to cause problems

4152c No.70015

20b45 No.70016

Well, I haven't specified any up guards, but while we are on the subject, it does look like there are two guards on the roof top of the Rolling mill. Here's the thing though. They are on the opposite side of the mill from the side where the entrance is located, at least 150 feet away. They are looking out to sea

"You must be lost. I don't think this is the place you are looking for"

"My friends are here at the docks tonight. Well, some of them are. Not everypony could join us tonight to see the first step towards the revolution"

d3fd2 No.70017

Iron is clearly annoyed.

4152c No.70018

*Pets poner some more*
"Revolution… Sounds like you have quite the party planned."

20b45 No.70019

It's at this point, that the Zebramare comes forward
"Iron? Is that you? What are you doing here?"
It's none other than Black Cauldron, as if you hadn't already guessed that

"Well I'm not really the one who planned it"

d3fd2 No.70020

Iron's eyes widen. "Cauldron, what are you doing here?"

ba77c No.70021

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

"oh wow you know iron too? i met him at the bar today and told him all about the joys of communism"

4152c No.70022

*Brushes mane*
"You're a big colt.." she is now kneeling on all four legs, in a lying position
"Are your friends waiting for you?"
Nice roll

d191c No.70023

The sorcerer has been watching this unfold with a look of confusion.

20b45 No.70024

"I'm guarding a shipment of smuggled goods. Guard work can be boring, but it pays. Not as much last night though."

"Uh, okay. That's good I guess. I like that the communists pay attention to the lower class and the working mare, though they seem a little far out there though. I don't pay that much attention to politics"

"No, they are doing their thing. The Stallions didn't want me involved in what was going down on the docks so they kept me up here"

The Sorcerer is unmolested

4152c No.70025

"Awww. So you're all alone here? That's not nice at all. A colt like you should be out playing with his friends."

(Yeah, she has a terrible case of childless mare syndrome)

20b45 No.70026

"No, I'm with these two"
He points to both Stallions
They are looking at Ash kind of strangely

4e971 No.70027

Onyx decides the two made three aren't going anywhere quick and sits down.

d3fd2 No.70028

"Oh, sorry. I was just surprised to see you here too. I am here accompanying this fellow stallion here since he wants to show me 'the wonder of communism', he did beat me to a hoofwrestle, so at least he is strong enough to respect."

20b45 No.70029

"Uh, I guess you must be late for whatever is going on over there, in that building." She points to the rolling mill. "I didn't think anypony could beat you in a hoof wrestle"

4152c No.70030

She nods towards them in acknowledgement, but pays them little mind.

ba77c No.70031

"thanks for the directions."
*Dark Star Heads towards the mill*

d3fd2 No.70032

"I thought so too. I think I had a bad day when the wrestling started." Iron looks towards Dark Star "Well, if you are ready to show me the light? Let us go inside."

20b45 No.70033

One of the Stallions asks Onyx
"Why the weapon?"

He is able to get to the mill, where he sees two guards outside the door. They say nothing until he approaches.
"You are?"

4e971 No.70034

"Why not?"

d3fd2 No.70035

Iron is getting tired of all this pointless waiting.

20b45 No.70036

The colt interjects
"It's for the revolution, comrade. The Bourgeoisie will not relinquish their control on the means of production without violence"

20b45 No.70037

He continues
"We've been over this"

4152c No.70038

*Pets poner*

ba77c No.70039

"Im Here for the meeting. i brought some Friends that are interested in joining."

20b45 No.70040

"Have you attended a Communist meeting before and where?"

ba77c No.70041

"i saw Golden Delicious Speak yesterday, and i went to Affordable Cares meeting last night."

20b45 No.70042

"I see. We'll try to verify that."
One of them goes inside and eventually brings out a mare, who you don't remember seeing but maybe you did
"Yes, he was there."

"Alright, you may go in"

When you step through the door, you will see that there is to your left, a sort of machine shop. To your right is a door, and a flight of stairs. In front of you the Building opens up to a very high ceiling. there are a crowd of ponies and griffons in the center. No pony is watching your current position.

20b45 No.70043

The pony is pet

"How long have you been a Communist?" one of the stallions asks

4152c No.70044

Is the colt still there?

ba77c No.70045

*walks over to the crowd*

20b45 No.70046

Still in her hooves. Why would he leave?

4152c No.70047

Just making sure.
*Cradles poner*

d3fd2 No.70048

Iron still follows, relieved that they finally entered.

d191c No.70049

I look around and bring the glass closer to my side, not wanting anypony else to steal it.
I reluctantly follow.

4e971 No.70050

Dice rollRolled 8 - 3

"Oh, probably a month now."

d3fd2 No.70051

Oh wow. Even I don't have such low charisma.

ba77c No.70052

oh no

4e971 No.70053

5 Charisma
It sucks worse than it sounds it would.

20b45 No.70055

There are many ponies and griffons in the crowd. You see a mare speaking. She is the same mare as from the night before who introduced Affordable Care. In the crowd, you see the Black Griffon from the Dossier.

The mare speaking tells the crowd
"We are taking action against the Fascists! Tonight, comrades, our ship lands tonight. We are importing arms to use against the fascists"

He looks at you really skeptically

4152c No.70056

"You said you managed to make it here after escaping the gang?"

4e971 No.70057

Dice rollRolled 10 - 3

"Alright fine… A week"

20b45 No.70058

"No, I was homeless for a while. They took me in off the street"

20b45 No.70059

"That's slightly less unconvincing"

d3fd2 No.70060

"We did come a bit late it seems." Iron looks to the griffon.

4152c No.70061

*Hugs poner*
"That must have been. So frightening. I can't imagine what the other foals are going through right now."

d3fd2 No.70062

*I said that to Dark Star, not the griffon.

4e971 No.70063

Dice rollRolled 9 - 3

"Alright you got me"
Onyx hangs his head
"I joined the other day"

ba77c No.70064

*Dark star Whipsers to iron*
"Yea, lucky us, just go along with whatever they say."

4152c No.70065


d3fd2 No.70067

"Yes sir."

20b45 No.70068

The vast door behind the mare is open.

"My Fellow workers of the world, it is time we train to take up arms for the revolution. And to that end we have secured shipments of rifles to come in, more than a thousand. Many will stay here in Baltimare when the time comes, but many will be shipped down south. That is where we shall start. A war in the Jungle to slowly bleed the fascists dry. Only later do we strike the heart, here in Baltimare."

He looks at you very unconvinced

4e971 No.70069

Dice rollRolled 1, 5, 7, 7, 1, 1, 9, 2, 1, 7 = 41


d3fd2 No.70070

This. Is so. Sad. Can we get a (You) for the man?

ba77c No.70071

wow just wow, none over 10

4152c No.70072

Does he respond?

4e971 No.70073

Dice rollRolled 12 - 3

Onyx sighs and flops down
"Fine, tonight would have been when I joined. By I didn't wanna be the new guy on the block."

d191c No.70074

He used a d10 for each

ba77c No.70075

Dice rollRolled 19 + 6


20b45 No.70076

he sniffles
"They are probably being exploited by those criminals, those Lumpenproletariat gansters who do all sorts of horrible things. I bet none of them get extra porridge. Maybe it's better than the rest of the foals, sent over to the Fascists who will slowly brainwash them"

He's just a little less unconvinced

d3fd2 No.70077

Oh, read the dice wrong. Still sad though.

4e971 No.70078

Fuck the dice

d3fd2 No.70079

Iron just stands there, since he cannot show his spiked gauntlets, lest he garners too much attention. He does nod to pretend he agrees.

20b45 No.70080

Ponies in the crowd join in the cheering

"Death to the Fascists!"

They pause for the chant

When it ceases, the mare adds
"But we have more than just rifles coming in tonight. We have secured the help of foreign Advisers. Special Forces captains who will help us to fight our revolution. They are well educated and well experienced. They have fought in revolutions before. And they will teach us how to fight Guerrilla wars, in jungles and in cities. They will teach us how to win"

"Sir, why are you here?"

4e971 No.70081

"Are you discriminating against me because of my disability? Am I not good enough for the party?"

20b45 No.70082

"What disability?"

4152c No.70083

She nuzzles his shoulder to calm him down
"Children deserve better.. Can you tell, where did you last see them?"

4e971 No.70084

"Hmmm, so the party is all inclusive. Good to hear, pretend it doesn't even exist. Good stallion"

d3fd2 No.70085

Iron just watches on. He jots down to tell the elders about the attacks later, when his maturity trial was over.

d3fd2 No.70086


d191c No.70087

The sorcerer still watches everything unfold, with confusion. He stares into his drink for a moment, then back to the others to see what to do.

4152c No.70088

*Pets poner some more*

20b45 No.70089

"They took us all to a building by the north shore. It must have been a factory or something. Maybe they put fish in cans, I don't know. But they were taking us together and I kicked the one carrying me and I ran"

He is confused

"The Fascists have been trying to gain favor with the Ponies of the Tenochtitlan, particularly the Nuethual and Xiopilli tribes, by building road ways, railways, and providing education. Fascist Education. If they get a base down south, that will prevent us from making a base here. We must stop this, both by infiltration and demoralizing the tribes, and by making attacks on the railways to halt their construction. We shall disguise ourselves as natives so as to direct hatred towards the natives, and stop the industrialists of the North from gaining favor with them. The Natives will fall into our fold, but only if the Fascists and the Capitalists Fail. We must also make attacks on their supply of rubber which they use for their war effort"

The pony is pet more, and wags his tail

ba77c No.70090

Dark Star looks at spark and whispers
"hold on."

4e971 No.70091

"So when does the meeting start?"

20b45 No.70092

"It started more than an hour ago"

4152c No.70093

The mare's brow curls at the mention of human traffickers, but softens as she continues petting the colt.
"Thank you…"

4e971 No.70095

"Damn it, I thought I may have been late"

d3fd2 No.70096

Hm, that seems way more problematic than before. Maybe he should head back down after this mission. Needless war could cause the destruction of his home and he was not going to let that happen. Damn weaklings, can't fight on their own and relies on others to do it.

4152c No.70097

>We shall disguise ourselves as natives so as to direct hatred towards the natives, and stop the industrialists of the North from gaining favor with them. The Natives will fall into our fold, but only if the Fascists and the Capitalists Fail.
This is the most Jew tier shit I've ever heard (in faction that is; real life is worse).

4152c No.70098

*in fiction

4152c No.70099

Okay, while my character is preoccupied letting estrogen run to her head, I'm going to turn in for the night.
Goodnight fellas

20b45 No.70100

Hmmm, I'm wondering how far we should proceed

d3fd2 No.70101

Honestly, we should call for the night. It seems that every player should be here since this is pretty important.

20b45 No.70102

There's still more set up before it's practical to start action

d3fd2 No.70103

As long as Dark Star or the sorcerer fellow don't leave, then it should be okay to flesh out this pre-action phase.

d191c No.70104

Sorcerer fellow will be here for a while longer. What ever you decide is fine by me.

ba77c No.70105

im here

d3fd2 No.70106

Alright, I say we get to the action you speak of.

ba77c No.70107

i agree

d191c No.70108

I give Dark Star a look of 'what do we do now?'

d3fd2 No.70109

Iron looks a bit troubled.

ba77c No.70110

DarkStar looks rather calm

20b45 No.70111

"Alright every pony, and now, for the guests of the night. The advisors."

Through the door, you can see a light of a small motor boat approach what you guess is the shore line. It stops, and after a minute of silence, a pony walks through the door. In this time, a set of ponies to try to play what seems to be a communist song, none other than https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs

This pony is a Unicorn Mare, with dark red hair and a cream colored coat, a color scheme similar to Rose from the show. Her cutie mark is visible as two hooves pressed against each other, and she wears a green uniform with a red belt. She wears glasses, and has strapped over her back a PPSh-41 Submachinegun, although you can see that the magazine is not in the gun.

The speaker waits for a decent moment to stop the music, then says "Our first adviser here is named Lavender Marecuse. She is sent to us by the Worker's Council of Stalliongrad. She is a graduate of the Comintern School in Saint Petershoof, where she studied military tactics, strategy, Markist-lemmonism philosophy, and weaponized magic. She is a Mage in her own right, and as a fillie studied abroad in the Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns. She has had experience organizing Socialist uprisings in Hellquill and briefly in Brantbeak. She is now here to help us in our revolutionary struggle."

The speaker stands aside, and Marecuse moves up. She has a sort of magnetism to her, and you can see why ponies would follow her. She says, in a thick foriegn accent. "Comrades, fellow Workers of the World, that the proletarian should rise is the innevitable course of history. We here today are a part of that course of history, and I have been sent to you to help bring it about. You proud worlers of Baltimare have the will. And tonight on our ship we are bringing in weapons. But will and weapons are not enough. You need to know how to use these weapons to bring about your liberation. And thatis what I am here to teach you"

Sorry, it's a lot of typing. I have another one of these to do as well

ba77c No.70112

*Dark Star turns to Shimmering Spark and whispers*
"Go tell Blue."

d191c No.70113

I nod and head back out the door and toward the tavern.

20b45 No.70114

Marecuse steps aside, and the former speaker continues
"Our next and last adviser for the time being is also with us here tonight. His name is Ho Redclaw. Redclaw was a born to a humble pastoral family in what was then Brodfield. He saw firstclaw the oppression the Griffon nobles placed upon the common Griffon. At the very beginning of the Revolution, he joined the Griffin's Liberation Army, and fought against the Reactionaries in the Marshes, Jungles, and Rice fields of Prywhen as the workers established their state, and he fought again in the Mountains of Black Hollow. He is an expert in the art of Guerrilla Warfare in hostile environments

Through the door walks a giant Griffon with rust colored feathers. He too wears a green uniform, albeit one of a different make and style, as well as a green cap. His right eye is somewhat closed by eyelids that don't open fully, as if there is swelling on either side from a scar from an injury that was not quite enough to destroy the eye. He has a rifle on his back, and he holds in his right claw a Machete, although he has a perfectly good scabbard for it on his side. This is a very big bird. Very strong looking, and he could certainly take quite a many hits. You'd wonder how he could fly if his wings weren't so massive. He dwarfs the petite mare next to him. he has no anthem, and when he speaks, he too has a sort of magnetism to him. You can see why many have followed him before

"They tell me you have jungles and marshlands here. And they tell me that you have enemies of the common folk who need cutting down" He aims out his machete, and pulls in his lower beak in such a way that it appears to be a grin. "I've cut down many an enemy of the people in my years. And I can show you how too. I tell you, there is no education that can replace experience of having done it yourself, but I can guide you in your revolution. These capitalists are weak. The fascists are stronger, but they too shall fall"

Before she left earlier, Blue Skies said that she was occupied in her own tasks

ba77c No.70115

dark star would have said then "Go to the headquuarters and tell sea breeze"

d3fd2 No.70116

Iron admires the griffon for a bit. He wonders why he would join such a faction full of weaklings when he had the strength to achieve greatness himself. Then he sees the rifle and his admiration wanes for a bit. He really hoped his claw cut as sharp as his tongue.

20b45 No.70117

I assure you, he would be happy to test it with Iron

d191c No.70118

If there isn't anything stopping me… then I head toward the headquarters

20b45 No.70119

Your orders were to try to stop the event yourself, and then relay the information to headquarters. Do you want to tell Blue Skies that you let them get away?

20b45 No.70120

Oh wait, that's Shimmer spark

d3fd2 No.70121

While I would jump to the opportunity for a 1v1, I think the mob would eat Iron up.

d191c No.70122

I technically didn't get orders and just was told to come along, but if you don't want me to, I won't.

ba77c No.70123

i thought the mission was to hold them until the reserves got here?

20b45 No.70124

The speaker quickly says, "They will stay here for another 20 minutes as we unload their ship, then all will be sent to various secure and secret locations before Coastal Patrol takes notice"

That could work, if a commotion brings in Federal Police. Dark Star just needs it to look like the police didn't know they were there

As Shimmering Spark tries to leave, he runs into none other than Blue Skies in the crowd, towards the back
"I see all of this. There's a set of rooms upstairs and gangways over the main floor if you missed those"

d191c No.70125

I nod and return to the others to tell them.

d191c No.70126

I whisper
"Your friend is here. She said to check the rooms upstairs and gangways."

d3fd2 No.70127

"Alright. Where to first, leader?" he whispered to Dark Star.

ba77c No.70128

Dark Star whispers back
"Friend? Blue?"
"lets check the rooms"

d3fd2 No.70129

"Go. I will follow."

20b45 No.70130

The Stairs, as mentioned before, are right at the entrance, to the right. They are straight and could very comfortably allow one pony to go up, but to place two ponies abreast on the stair would be very cramped. Effectively the stairs allow only one pony to go up or down at a time. This leads to a hallway upstairs. There is a door down on the far right end that is already open and be seen to exit down a gangway. There are three other rooms on the side of the hallway that faces the mill floor

ba77c No.70131

*Goes up the stairs and looks into the open room*

d3fd2 No.70132

Iron keeps following

20b45 No.70133

Well, the first door opens just to a gangway that basically goes from one end of the building to the other overtop of the mill floor. the second door opens to a conference room which has chairs, tables, and massive windows that overlook the floor

20b45 No.70134

"If it takes 45 minutes to move those crates, so be it, but they absolutely must be out before Coastal Patrol makes their rounds"

d3fd2 No.70135

Iron perks his head up. He decides to go where the sound of ponies talking about crates and slowly peek through any opening while being discreet.

ba77c No.70136

Goes out on the gangway

20b45 No.70137

It's the mare speaking in the center of the floor, talking to another pony. Out of reach, unfortunately

20b45 No.70138

Dark star has a view over the floor from the side, seeing the crowd and the two advisers

d3fd2 No.70139

Iron regroups with Dark Star on said gangway.

20b45 No.70140

He can see that there is actually a central gangway that goes over top of a sort of crane that extends the length of the mill, with a hook that could move and descend to pick up pipes

ba77c No.70141

DarkStar whispers
"this is a pretty good vantage point.we cant let these ponies leave obviously, how do you feel about wiping them out?"

d191c No.70142

So… can the third door be opened?

d3fd2 No.70143

Iron smiles. "I feel good about it." He decides to see how many ponies/griffons are in this area.

20b45 No.70144

There are two more doors to open, actually

Beneath you, only about 36 besides the speaker, the advisors, and a few in and out

d3fd2 No.70145

Iron frowns. "We may need to explore more. See if there are other terrain advantages."

d191c No.70146

I try to open the first of the two doors.

d3fd2 No.70147

"However, I can ambush anyone that tries to reach this place if that is your intention."

20b45 No.70148

When he opens it, he sees two ponies
"I don't think you're supposed to be up here" they say to him

ba77c No.70149

"Colt i wish i would have requisitioned some explosives.,that seems like a good idea. lets try to find all the exits and block them."

d3fd2 No.70150

"Sure thing." Iron looks for obstacles to block the exits, being as stealthy as possible.

ba77c No.70151

Dark Star does the same

d191c No.70152

Dice rollRolled 3 + 11

I hold up my drink and pretend to be drunk.
"M-My apol… apologies. I may have had o-one too many."
+11 due to maxed out bluff skill (+8) and 16 cha (+3)

ba77c No.70153

N-Nice Bonus

20b45 No.70154

>A giant fighter
He makes loud clinging noises as he goes down the gangway

They nod
"remember to drink plenty of water comrade"

The skinny blue-white pegasus approaches Dark Star, and he did not hear her coming
"Do you see that gun the battle mage has on his back? That's death to any creature that does not have cover, and there is no cover here. Don't attack him from here so long as he still has ammo unless you've got a rogue or someone who could take him down very quickly. And didn't you recruit more ponies? The three of you may not be enough"

d3fd2 No.70155


R-r00d, I have +1 in move silently

20b45 No.70156

File: 1544425257324.png (260.64 KB, 2000x2733, 1071202__safe_artist-colon….png)

ba77c No.70157

"Yea i was thinking of getting them to come in."

d3fd2 No.70158

So can I have that or is it out of the question and should relocate my skill points? Because I also spent on hide too just because it would be useful.

*sweats nervously*

20b45 No.70159

I don't think that those are class skills, but in any event you could roll for those. It's a dexterity modifier, and your bear skin hide gives a -3 modifier

"Do you have a plan to get them, or should I fetch them?"

d3fd2 No.70160

Dice rollRolled 7 - 2

Better than almost destroying the damn ceiling with my steps.

d3fd2 No.70161


20b45 No.70162

With the further negative modifier of a steel gangway being a rather noisy surface, Iron breaks even. It's pretty loud on the floor

d3fd2 No.70163

While he tries to search and move obstacles, he ask Dark Star what is the hold up.

ba77c No.70164

"Would you please send them in?"

20b45 No.70165

Now where would he search?

ba77c No.70166

"We need the rest."

d3fd2 No.70167

Deciding it is futile to search on such a small gangwalk for obstacles, he turns to Dark Star. "What do you mean, rest?"

ba77c No.70168

"the rest of our friends, that are outside."

d3fd2 No.70169

"Oh." Iron shrugs. "That much is true."

I guess this is enough preamble and we will fight soon today in the afternoon/midnight, then. I'll see you later then.

20b45 No.70170

She trots off

There were lower level enemies to fight, but Shimmer Spark encountered those as you stayed on the gangway

d3fd2 No.70171

Oh damn. Well, do you recommend fighting them now?

20b45 No.70172

I mean, you can do what you want

d3fd2 No.70173

File: 1544427385931.jpg (161.16 KB, 1000x800, 1520354551779.jpg)

Then I guess I'll wait for the whole party to be on keyboard. Now for real, I'll see you later. Good night to all of you.

I think my brain is malfunctioning a bit, that's why

ba77c No.70174

Night fren

4152c No.70178

[Kirin noises]

d3fd2 No.70179

4152c No.70180

4152c No.70181

I gotta backread, although my character didn't actually move very much.

4152c No.70182

Okay, mostly caught up.

d3fd2 No.70183

Now it's only a matter of time for the GM and the crew to arrive as well.

20b45 No.70184

Alright, I don't think characters can "go loud" until we have everyone available. However, there is still room for movement even just for individuals. Brie especially can do quite a number of things. There is also room to explore the rolling mill, and for the characters in the Union Hall to do things on their own

d3fd2 No.70185

I don't think my character can deal with subtlety as well as others, especially with my armor, so I am stuck with Dark Star for the moment.

d3fd2 No.70186

ba77c No.70187

*Worried horse noises*

4152c No.70188

My character is mostly concerned with finding information related to the children or the waterfront gang.

20b45 No.70189

Uh, you don't need to be perfectly subtle, you just need to not fire any guns

*Blue Skies would give a hug if she were there. Probably*

d3fd2 No.70190

If you say so

Iron, impatient to start the fight, decides to leave the gangway and explore the rooms that face the mill floor on the side of the hallway to pass time, hoping to, at the least, distract himself from boredom. Maybe he could find a very heavy object to toss over the gangway and crush somepony.

4152c No.70191

How far away is the North Shore?

ba77c No.70192

*Dark Star follows*

20b45 No.70193

From your present position? Maybe something like 10 to 20 miles. You are in an area that could be called "The East Shore"

The first room is essentially a conference room, with chairs and a conference table, as well as giant windows into the mill floor

4152c No.70194

Hmm, looks like I won't be visiting any factories tonight.

d3fd2 No.70195

Iron inspects the conference table, both to see if there is anything on the table and how heavy it is.

ba77c No.70196

*Dark Star looks out the windows*

4152c No.70197

Where is my character in relation to the others atm? Is anyone else in line of sight?

d3fd2 No.70198

I think Onyx is with you.

20b45 No.70199

Really? To think you had a whole free night with nothing important to do or any prior commitments for the purpose of visiting a cannery

There is nothing on the table save for a single set of documents. The table itself is Hardwood, it seems, maybe 3 inches thick or so, rather heavy. It's dimensions are too large to remove from the room, at least in any convenient way

You are in a building known as "The Union Hall." See >>69636. The specific room is something like an event-room, open and at least 20ft by 30. You can see straight outside through glass windows to two trucks with headlights on. Inside are two stallions, Ash, Ollie the little colt being caressed by Ash, and Onyx.

He can see that the ponies are still talking. Redclaw seems to be telling the crowd a war story while Marecuse is in the back talking to somepony

d3fd2 No.70200

Iron inspects the documents.

4152c No.70201

I guess I'll have to visit the cannery tomorrow then.

4152c No.70202

She really wants to find those kids though.

20b45 No.70203

That is, until Blue Skies prances in. She seems to be in a hurry and rushing to both Onyx and Ash, quickly flashing some sort of documentation to a stallion. That is, until she sees Ash caressing the colt. She slows down and stops before the two, clearly fascinated

The documents pertain to something called "The Grand Badlands Pipeline." Specifically they talk a lot about steel pipe

d3fd2 No.70204

Iron, intrigued, keeps reading. This may involve the jungles.

ba77c No.70205

*Dark Star goes to the next room to check it out*

4152c No.70206

Sister Ash cradles the foal, gesturing to Blue that she'll fill her in on the details later (she doesn't want to stress out the kid).
Actually, can I roll Bluff for innuendo?

20b45 No.70207

The documents detail a project for a 250 mile long oil pipeline that stretches from the Badlands to Baltimare. It appears there is a desire to exploit the traditional breeding grounds of the Dragons for Oil, pump it over mountains, and then through an area of rainforest known as "Kululu," and to the Baltimare Harbor. The jungles in question are those immediately south of Baltimarte, and are well north of the Tenochtitlan basin the mare earlier was speaking about - this seems to be a different infrastructure project. A look at a group of financiers shows some names that look like Manehattan industrialists, and a 50% stake by the New Mareland government

Blue moves closer and is visibly fascinated.
I don't know what you mean, but try it so we can all find out

4152c No.70208

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

I'm going to go out on a limb and roll Horse Whispering just to see if it works on ponies too.
Sister Ash subtly mouths the phrase
>"This is one of the foals."

d3fd2 No.70209

Dice rollRolled 12

This would seem to be important. He pockets the document to inside his wolf skin and exits the conference room. He then walks towards the second room's door and put his ear next to the door to maybe hear anybody inside.

20b45 No.70210

When Dark Star enters the room, two ponies greet him

"Oh great, another drunkard. Sir, you are not supposed to be up here."

Iron follows shortly thereafter finding Dark star standing at the doorway >>70209

Blue Skies seems as if she wasn't paying attention. "Huh? Oh. Yes. Right." Looking to her surroundings Blue Sky sees the two stallions, and she says to Ash "Everypony will be cleared out in less than 45 minutes"

d3fd2 No.70211

Iron inspects the room from the outside, as well as how many ponies are in the room, apart from the sorcerer pony, of course.

d3fd2 No.70212

4152c No.70213

*Cradling intensifies*
>"What's the next step in the plan?"

ba77c No.70214

Dice rollRolled 7 + 6

"oi im just tryiiiing to seize the means comrades"

4152c No.70215

I need to go eat for the next ~30 mins

b1b17 No.70216

File: 1544486278156.png (291.23 KB, 1154x1532, 2BE9E07A-D863-451F-9613-B7….png)

The second room gives off no details from the outside, except for a pinup Board with what seems to be the shift information of ponies. The wall is an austere white, and the door is grey. More importantly, the door is now open with Dark Star standing in it, who seems to have disturbed the two ponies inside.

Blue skies nudges Ash. “Excuse me, can we step outside for a moment.” She smiles to the two stallions. “Sorry, mare stuff”

“He is drunk…. Sir, this area is off limits. Please return downstairs”

ba77c No.70217

So how do you want to deal with these ponies?

d3fd2 No.70218

Iron takes a closer look at the two ponies, peering from behind to see if they had any loud weapons like pistols or something.

d3fd2 No.70219

*behind Dark Star

d3fd2 No.70221

I was thinking the old fashioned way if they don't have guns at all. If they do, it will go loud, so we just search the last room here.

ba77c No.70222

"Comrade do you have anymore alcohol in here?"

4152c No.70223

Sorry. Back now.

Sister Ash follows Blue outside.

4152c No.70224


b1b17 No.70225

File: 1544488112255.png (114.71 KB, 996x712, B9DBCF8C-B9FD-41CA-84A6-F8….png)

I will only sort of be available the next 40 minutes

The room has various instruments along the side facing the mill floor, and a narrow door also towards the mill floor. He can see that there are two bolt action rifles in the room, laying against instrumentation, though more than a leg’s distance from the two ponies who are now standing. “There’s another one?”

They are confused for a moment.
“The two of you need to go back downstairs”

What does she do with the colt?

ba77c No.70226

"Ah ok Comrade."
*Dark Star heads to the next room*

4152c No.70227

She would preferably continue carrying him until he fell asleep and still keep carrying him; but if beckined not to she'd put him down on a chair or bench in the building for that time being.

d3fd2 No.70228

Iron whispers to Dark Star as he follows. "We can take them out silently. They are too far away from their guns. Try to keep one alive, he may have some useful information."

ba77c No.70229

*whispers back*
"lets check out this next room first."

d3fd2 No.70230

Iron nods.

4152c No.70231

[kirin noises]

b1b17 No.70232

File: 1544491897329.jpeg (14.82 KB, 250x241, 212A3FC4-268D-46B0-9863-1….jpeg)

This next room has no creatures in it, two smaller windows, and two desks. It is an office, evidently.

The two walk outside the door, and blue skies mostly states at the cuddled colt. When the door closes, she says “They are brining in advisors. Two of them, as well as rifles. They are going to clear out in 40 minutes or less.”

Ollie: “The rise of the workers is a historical inevitability!”

4152c No.70233

*Pets poner some more to calm him down*

ba77c No.70234

*Checks out the desks*
Want me to roll a spot?

d3fd2 No.70235

Iron stands guard at the door.

4152c No.70236

Sister Ash nods to Blue in acknowledgement, still cradling the child.
>"So what will we do?"

4152c No.70237

b1b17 No.70238

File: 1544492823867.png (156.69 KB, 824x743, C86643BD-B1F0-4AAB-BED8-06….png)

The desks include normal items like pencils, paper, a box cutter, a cardboard box, a whistle

Unfortunately you have something like an excited child on your hooves. He likes the petting, but it doesn’t quell the excitement. Blue seems to enjoy this.

“You two need to come to the docks, unless you have a difffent plan that is useful.”

Ollie: “can I come too?”

One of the two ponies comes through the door and into the hallway, turning to Iron. He says “the stairs are this way” pointing the opposite direction down the hall

ba77c No.70239

inspects the paper

4152c No.70240

"Sure you can, just don't get into trouble now." Sister Ash replies, still petting the colt

4e971 No.70241

Has Onyx been detained yet?

4152c No.70242

Not yet

d3fd2 No.70243

"I will go when I want to. I want to stand aside to prepare myself mentally for the battle to come." He inspects his current armor and weaponry.

4e971 No.70244

Onyx grunts and walks towards the docks.

4152c No.70245

Sister Ash follows, holding the colt close to her.

4152c No.70246

>Bringing a child into a potential killzone
I'm having second thoughts…

d3fd2 No.70247

*the opposing stallion

4e971 No.70248

That's what the meatshield is for.

4152c No.70249

Fuck it, if what I predict is correct, this whole place might turn into a vlusterfuck.
I'll bring him just so I can be the one to drag him out. Not that I can tell him anything that will change his mind.

20b45 No.70250

Am back. Finally.

The papers pertain to the civilian use of the mill. Most are black, a few seem to be work permits, and a few have drawings of pipes on them

Not yet. He would have observed Ash bizarrely start coddling Ollie, and then Blue skies rush in, and become equally fascinated with the colt coddling. If he went outside, he would have heard Blue Skies say "They are brining in advisors. Two of them, as well as rifles. They are going to clear out in 40 minutes or less"

"I see…. Sir, you need to go back down stairs. We are keeping this area clear for security reasons, as well as that we don't want anycreature caught upstairs if a raid comes"

Across the street from the union hall are the two trucks, their headlights still shining in the night. In front of them are the foundry, the rolling mill, and the two warehouses. Ponies seem to be scurrying about near the warehouses

Blue skies: "Do you really want to take him where we are going?"

Ollie: "I want to be a part of it! Those stallions said that they don't want me there in case the police come and people start shooting. But I am a big kid"

ba77c No.70251

*puts the ones about pipes in my jacket*

d3fd2 No.70252

Dice rollRolled 3 + 4

"Do not make me say it again. Leave me undisturbed here or you shall suffer for questioning our equity." He cracks his neck. "I suggest you reconsider your 'orders'."

d3fd2 No.70253

I hate you too, dice.

4152c No.70254

Sister Ash looks torn for a moment, then turns to the colt.
"Why don't you stay here for now? If they didn't want you to come, I'm sure they had a good reason…"

ba77c No.70255

20b45 No.70256

He bangs on the wall
"Get out here. I think we have a stooge. Call for back up if necessary"

He draws out a very long knife

He looks cute
"Aww, but I really want to come"

4e971 No.70257

"Ah let him come along. Be a good experience."

d3fd2 No.70258

Dice rollRolled 15

Iron stands still. "Nice blade you have there." Iron smiles. "Hope you can cuff me by yourself. If it is not, then you may have a problem."
Rolling initiative

20b45 No.70259

Dice rollRolled 15

Rolling for the guard

ba77c No.70261

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3


d3fd2 No.70262

So… who goes first?

d191c No.70263

Dice rollRolled 18

The sorcerer is back… and looks like in a fight. Initiative

20b45 No.70264

Dice rollRolled 4

You're going to have to reroll

Rolling again.

Dark star was last seen inside the room, so he will take one round to enter the combat


d3fd2 No.70265

Dice rollRolled 2


d3fd2 No.70266

Don't take those random words as truthful, dice. I promise it was the spur of the moment. Gimme good roles next time please?

20b45 No.70267

Dice rollRolled 16

The order of initiative is Shimmer, The Guard, and Iron.

Be advised that two more will join the action next round

Rolling initiative on the second guard

4152c No.70268

>Looks at Ollie
>Looks at Blue
>Looks at Onyx
Wit do?

4152c No.70269

*wut do

d3fd2 No.70270

At least I am supporting my role as a tank. Woo…

ba77c No.70271

thats fair

4152c No.70272

Sister Ash bites her lower lip for a moment indecisively
"Why don't I go in to see what's going on first, then come back for you?"

d191c No.70273

Dice rollRolled 9 - 1

Spark takes out and attacks with his dagger

4152c No.70274

20b45 No.70275

Dice rollRolled 1 - 1

Blue: "Don't take him to the docks"

"The Dialectic is happening"

I guess if you add his +3 attack bonus, that is just enough to hit. Rolling damage

20b45 No.70276

Dice rollRolled 2 - 1

That wasn't supposed to have a line through it. Also, a dagger is 1d4, not 1d3. Rerolling damage

d3fd2 No.70277

File: 1544496629299.gif (198.81 KB, 214x288, 1519433229330.gif)

d3fd2 No.70278

At least it did some damage this time. Almost made me have a heart attack.

4152c No.70279

"I'm sorry…" She replies
"But you'll have to stay here for now… I have a feeling things are about to get dangerous…"

20b45 No.70280

Dice rollRolled 10 + 2

The Guard now attacks Iron with his Knife
"Maybe this will teach you some manners Capitalist Stooge"

d3fd2 No.70281

4152c No.70282

That shouldn't have hit you

4152c No.70283

Sister Ash follows Blue, looking back sadly at the colt
"I promise, I'll be back…"

d3fd2 No.70284

I do have +3 AC

20b45 No.70285


The colt sits down on the ground, sad

The Knife hits him, but does not quite penetrate his bear hide

Iron's turn.

4e971 No.70286

"Ah, come on kid. Just stay out of the way."

d3fd2 No.70287

Dice rollRolled 17 + 6

Iron smiles. "Looks like you are weak. I knew you were by following this rhetoric."

I use Power Attack to increase his damage by 4 points and he attacks with spiked gauntlets at the guard.

If I miss, I will make my character break through the conference window and jump off it.

20b45 No.70288

Dice rollRolled 2 + 8

The new initiative order is

Dark Star
Guard 2
Guard 1

Rolling damage

ba77c No.70289

Dice rollRolled 1 - 2

Dark star punches the one that stabbed iron

4152c No.70290

Sister Ash looks back for a few moments before running off.

4152c No.70291

d3fd2 No.70292

Come on, you guys. Finish this fight before more show up. I don't want to be last forever.
*headbutts desk*

20b45 No.70293

The Guard falls over, dead, from a mighty blow of Iron's huge right hoof. Out comes the second guard. He is carrying a Bolt-Action Rifle with a Bayonet fixed on the end, and is utterly horrified to see that his comrade has been killed in just six seconds, and starts to think that what he thought was just a drunkard was actually a serious security breach. Darkstar likewise arrives in the hallway

Darkstar and Shimmer have initiative over the guard, who with an expression of horror draws a whistle to his mouth, and clutches his rifle

Do you want to keep your crit fail on a guard who was dead before Darkstar tried to swing?

ba77c No.70294

d3fd2 No.70295

No one has the strength to overrun this guy? Come on, man. If he shoots, we will be in big trouble.

20b45 No.70296

Alright, Dark Star's turn

4152c No.70297

What does she see atthe docks?

ba77c No.70298

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

i forgot to add my BaB
Dark Star trys to disarm the pony

d3fd2 No.70299

Oh god. Please stop.

ba77c No.70300

20b45 No.70301

Dice rollRolled 16 + 2

The pony gets an attack of opportunity

He stabs with his bayonet

d3fd2 No.70302

*Dies of stroke*

4e971 No.70303

Same though

20b45 No.70304

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

His Bayonet sticks true, and penetrates Dark Star's Flak Jacket. The Disarm attempt fails. Rolling damage

ba77c No.70305

"my mother could stab better than you."

d3fd2 No.70306

Don't taunt the damn gun owner!

4e971 No.70307

See, this guy is smart

4152c No.70308

You have even less hit points than I do. Don't get cocky.

d191c No.70309

Dice rollRolled 7 + 3

The sorcerer does the only thing he can think of. He casts Scorching Ray to attack his hoof. Hopefully it will cause him to drop the rifle.

4152c No.70310

d3fd2 No.70311

*Dies of double stroke with a pinch of swea drowning*

d3fd2 No.70312


ba77c No.70313

I Blame you for saying that to the dice.

d3fd2 No.70314

I m-made up after that with my sweettalk. That's why he let me kill the guard in one hit.

4e971 No.70315

I do what this guy did

4152c No.70316

[nun noises]

20b45 No.70317

Dice rollRolled 3, 5, 5, 2 = 15

The pony wags his tail

I kind of wish he wouldn't be a dick to random strangers he encounters in the hallway though

Believe it or not, a 10 is actually exactly the number you need to land a touch attack on an opponent with no dex bonus. The ray lands. Rolling damage

d3fd2 No.70318

I guess it disintegrates his hoof?

4152c No.70319

Where am I atm?

20b45 No.70320

The Guard explodes in fire, and drops to the ground, dropping his rifle

One important detail I neglected to mention. His rifle is a Griffin model. That's important because Griffon models have trigger guards that are too small for a pony's hoof to fit through. This one has had its trigger guard removed entirely. It could discharge easily when dropped

20b45 No.70321

Rolling to see if it discharged

20b45 No.70322

Dice rollRolled 7


d3fd2 No.70323

T-that's good, right?

20b45 No.70324

The gun falls to the ground harmlessly. The carpet is on fire a little. Be grateful that smoke detectors are not a thing

ba77c No.70326

*Dark Star breathes a sigh of relief and starts to drag the ponies bodies in the office*

4152c No.70327

*sweeps the halls on the way to the docks*

d3fd2 No.70328

Iron helps with this process.

d191c No.70329

I stamp out the fire.
"You guys do realize that we are no closer to stopping this from happening, and that we have a problem on our hooves right?"

d3fd2 No.70330

"I only follow orders. Do not try to panic me." When finished with moving the bodies, he checks out the room where the two guards were stationed.

ba77c No.70331

"i know we need to kill the advisers. >>70328
hey iron you zebra friend said she was guarding arms right?""

d3fd2 No.70332

Iron nods as he's leaving to other room. "I believe so, but I am not certain."

ba77c No.70333

"We need to steal those, the communists cannot have them."

20b45 No.70334

It looks like you three have survived an encounter that could have gone very differently very easily. That flame ray spell would have been great for that battle mage.
I was really hoping Iron would learn his lesson about being an arrogant asshole to random strangers. Oh well. He'll have plenty of opportunities to learn the same lesson later I suppose

The two bodies are dragged into the office

The fire is stamped out. Shimmer has not spilled his Jack and Coke, fortunately

This room must be some sort of control room. You can see that it has a narrow door that leads out to a narrow gangway that goes overtop of a sort of crane device that has a hook on it. There are several sets of controls in the room, and big windows into the mill floor, though these windows are kind of high up and cannot be seen through if squatting. There is a vodka bottle

4e971 No.70335

Hey, being an arrogant asshole is fun.

4152c No.70336

20b45 No.70337

What she sees on the docks is the same as stated in >>70250
Across the street from the union hall are the two trucks, their headlights still shining in the night. In front of them are the foundry, the rolling mill, and the two warehouses. Ponies seem to be scurrying about near the warehouses

Stahp. Also you character needs to do things

ba77c No.70338

"do you Colts think we can take that big turkey outside?"

d3fd2 No.70339

I'm waiting on that too actually,
I feel like I'm Barney's cousin, if you know what I mean.

Iron tries to understand the crane's controls.

4e971 No.70340

I don't even know where my character is or what he's doing tbh

4152c No.70341

Sister Ash slowly approaches the building

d191c No.70342

The sorcerer smiles and holds the drink close.
"I'm glad you are alright as well Tipsy."
He then follows the others.
"We could hardly hold our own against two guards. There is no way until we can afford to go loud."

20b45 No.70343

Your character is outside the Union Hall. See >>69636
As for the scene, Across the street from the union hall are the two trucks, their headlights still shining in the night. In front of them are the foundry, the rolling mill, and the two warehouses. Ponies seem to be scurrying about near the warehouses

Which building?

4e971 No.70344

Onyx follows the nun

d3fd2 No.70345

Iron smirks. "If these guys are the supposed "mercenaries" that mare was talking about, then I would say absoulety" He then goes back to the controls, still figuring it out.

4152c No.70346

She's been following blue all this time.
The one the trucks are parked by.

ba77c No.70347

"What about the one with that magic gun? im a little worried about her."

d3fd2 No.70348

Iron expression turns grim. "I would not be confortable doing that. I say we somehow take advantage of the crane for her, if we must."

20b45 No.70349

Move the crane to the right, move it to the left, move the hook closer to the control room, move the hook further away, lower the hook, raise the hook. It's fairly slow, but it could lift tons. Moving the crane to the right or left moves the gangway over top of it as well

The trucks are closest to the Liquids storage facility. You could have sworn it had ponies guarding it before, but now ponies are in motion.

ba77c No.70350

"That would be a terrific idea. i would like to retrieve her weapon though."

4152c No.70351

She approaches the building, clutching her broom nervously.

d3fd2 No.70352

"What for? I say we complete this damn mission right now. I do not know how much more time we can take."
He points to the sorcerer. "You, stop hugging that drink. I need you to stand by on the gangway so that we can assure we hit the mare." He starts to move the crane, looking for crates to grab and drop on the mare.

d191c No.70353

"That sounds like a foolish idea, but it's not like I have a better one."
I move onto the gangway.

ba77c No.70354

"your right lets do it."

20b45 No.70355

Blue: "This is not the building the advisors were in, but it does look like they are using it, so carry on if you wish"

There is a big, barn-like door to the building, with the red words "NO SMOKING" over top of it. The building has an arched roof, and is made out of sheetmetal. When you pop inside, you see that the roof has big vents in it. Nopony bothers you when you do this.

Do you wish to proceed further?

There are no crates inside the control room, or any of the others upstairs for that matter

4152c No.70356

Well, I'm going to have to head to bed soon, so this might be a good place to stop.

d3fd2 No.70357

He points to Dark Star "You , find me a crate around these parts to attach it to the crane. The heavier the better. Go, go!"

4e971 No.70358

Same here

ba77c No.70359

are there any ive seen since we have been on the docks?

4152c No.70360

I guess this is goodnight then.

d3fd2 No.70361

Night, you three, I'll set the preparations for the chaos to start.

ba77c No.70362

20b45 No.70363

I don't think that Dark Star would have seen any in his journey

Our rogue is absent. This presents a difficulty

d3fd2 No.70364

Right, so should we call if off until he comes back? I have the sneaking suspicion he left due to that litte feud with the dice.

ba77c No.70365

"I dont think ive seen any crates since we have been here."

d3fd2 No.70366

"Look for it, then. There is no way they have this thing here just to do nothing."
"Hey unicorn, do you see crates below you that I can grab? If so, direct me to them."

ba77c No.70367

"would a desk work?"

d3fd2 No.70368

He remembers the conference desk one of the rooms had. "Right, we can use that, but it is going to be tough to get out, If I am not mistaken." Iron pats the controls "But if we can reach the desk with this, then it should be no problem." Iron ponders. "Maybe it will do a lot of noise though. Try to find crates before we go for that."

ba77c No.70369

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7

spo5 check to try and find some crates

20b45 No.70370

Hard to say. This set up is kind of a rogue wonderland. Maybe you could proceed without him, or maybe Blue Skies could fill in.

There are no crates located in the office area of the Rolling Mill

d3fd2 No.70371

"Go look for them up on the gangway then. I am sure we can grab a crate from there with this." Right GM?

ba77c No.70372

Dice rollRolled 14 + 7

*Checks the gangway*

20b45 No.70373

>Magic gun
Have no fear, the gun in question is nothing more than a mundane and ordinary PPSh-41. It's a muggle device
Only the pony holding it is magical

There are no storage crates blocking the pathways of any of the three maintenance gangways on the second floor of the pipe rolling mill

ba77c No.70374

Could i get a quick rundown on the lay out of the building?

d3fd2 No.70375

Judging by the GM's time to respond, he may not be able to withstand more of our searching. If so, we stop this session and wait for every other character to be in session. I'll wait for another half-hour, please respond if this statement is true or not, GM.

20b45 No.70376

File: 1544505920874.png (33.14 KB, 1152x648, Large Pipe Assemblage Faci….png)

It's a rectangular building, with the vast majority of it being a single floor with a high ceiling. This is the Mill Floor. On the narrow end of one side, the side that is away from the sea, are other rooms over two floors. On the first floor to your left there is a Machine shop, or at least an area with many tools, and on the second floor there are three rooms, one is a conference room, another is a control room, and a third is offices. There are gangways to the right and the left on the second floor that go over the mill floor, and a third gangway on a crane that goes over the mill floor. I should add that this gangway requires a ladder on the crane to go up, as it is taller.

d3fd2 No.70377

Oh sorry, GM, you had me worried there.

ba77c No.70378

File: 1544506244741.png (21.87 KB, 1152x648, 1544505920874.png)

Checks out this room

20b45 No.70379

As Darkstar goes down the stairwell to the first floor, he opens the door and… Surprise! It's another hallway, leading to a room to the left, a room at the end, and two rooms on the right, although both of these are labelled as respective mare and stallion's bathrooms

ba77c No.70380

*goes in the stallion room*

d3fd2 No.70381

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Well then, it's a sign.

Iron, impatient with the timing of Dark Star, decides that enough is enough, walks to the conference room and forcefully tries to pry the desk from the floor.

Rolling STR

d3fd2 No.70382

Artificial 20, woo!

Does this work GM?

20b45 No.70383

The desk is like 5ft by 20ft, but it flips right over onto its side

This bathroom is empty

ba77c No.70384

Bretty good its gonna be loud though.

d3fd2 No.70385

Oh, I that read wrong. Can you give me a reference for how big and heavy this table is? Does it weight like a nightstand, for example?

d3fd2 No.70386

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Iron attempts to forcefully take the table through the door with pure strength, having enough of these inconveniences.

d3fd2 No.70387

Wow, ok I'm sure it passes then.

20b45 No.70388

It's 5ft wide at its widest, 20 ft long, and is in a shape known as "boat," basically an oval with straight lines. It is made of hardwood and is about 450 LBS

With the Table on its side, he can push it along the floor through the door at least partway

d3fd2 No.70389

That will do nicely

He pushes the table until he reaches a position to be able to strap the table to the crane.

ba77c No.70390

Dark Star Walks Back upstairs

20b45 No.70391

Now how do you plan to do that exactly? The crane's hook is best accessed from the Mill floor

It remains to be seen if the way is blocked by a conference table

d3fd2 No.70392

I think I have a better idea

Iron listens to the amount of noise the ponies below are doing to see if he can carry the table on his back through the gangway closest to her and throw it down at the mare.

ba77c No.70393

actually dark star tries to get close to the mare with the gun

d3fd2 No.70394

I can do fortitude saves to endure those extra 50 pounds right? If not I'll go with lift off ground of 800lbs for the carrying

20b45 No.70395

The ponies are reasonably noisy, talking, cheering, and so forth, and the floors are not sound sensitive.

Dark Star sees that the mare, who was previously seen standing next to the door, is now on the left side of the floor, perhaps 30ft from the left gangway and 20ft from the central gangway, and is using her telekinesis to give a demonstration of how to strip a rifle and reassemble it

ba77c No.70396

"Wow Comrade Thats cool"

d3fd2 No.70397

Iron carries the table until he is perpendicular in the 2nd dimension from the left gangway unless I can go through the middle path to the female target and aims his throw, but does not commit just yet.

20b45 No.70398

Where is Darkstar? Did he go downstairs and onto the mill floor?

There's a lot of things to think about with this post

d3fd2 No.70399

Honestly, you have the time, because I don't think I'll throw it at her until everyone is here too.
I must admit, it probably is stupid, but eh, if it works, it works.

ba77c No.70400

yea he went down to the mill floor

d3fd2 No.70401

One actual question: From this height, is the table's damage lethal aka can go below -10HP?

20b45 No.70402

The first is that the Left gangway turns off from the hallway abruptly. Getting an object that is 20ft long down it would be an accomplishment. The second is that the gangway is about 3ft wide. That's enough to push the table down, and possibly even crouch behind it, but not do much maneuvering with it. The third is that it has a basic railing meaning the table would need to either be flipped over the railing (doable, but it would go straight down). The fourth thing is that this thing weights 450 pounds, or a little over 200 kilograms for you folks in countries that don't have freedom and use French Revolution units.

Finally, the gangway over the floor is every bit as visible to the ponies on the floor as the ponies on the floor are visible from the gangway. The Gangway over the center is less visible from the floor. This isn't that big of an issue because a pony on the gangway isn't that weird of a thing to see, and if a pony did look up, they'd soon look away. But a 20ft hardwood conference table like ones you see in movies where they have scenes in corporate boardrooms - nopony who sees that on a steel gangway is going to stop looking at it if they happened to see it out of the corner of their eye

Height is probably at least 20ft, I think that would depend on just how squarely the table hits them and how

Alright, it is so

20b45 No.70403

It would need to be either flipped over the railing or lifted over the head

ba77c No.70404

Get Shimmering Spark to help

d3fd2 No.70405

Damn, what a turnoff. Well, I remember some of us had crossbows, if we do, we can just place the pony with the best sharpshooter skill and shoot from there to kill her or maybe even the unicorn can shoot a bolt of something lethal to the mare if we bolt it after that. Man, I'm wracking my brains here
He can't help twisting and bending a table through a hallway, that much is right.

ba77c No.70406

>the best sharpshooter skill

d3fd2 No.70407

Maybe you can lure her upstairs and then I can ambush her? I suppose you'll need some bluff checks, maybe even a seduce check if you're going there.

d191c No.70408

I'm not sure about this plan really…

I go check out some of these rooms that were left unexplored.
Let's try the one on the left.

d3fd2 No.70409

Oh, welcome back, if you can think up a plan OOC, I'd be glad, cause my brain is fried already.

ba77c No.70410

>I suppose you'll need some bluff checks, maybe even a seduce check
That can be arranged

20b45 No.70411

The room on the left is what is basically a breakroom, with a refrigerator, several cabinets, and a sink visible. There are multiple "first aid" stations visible on the wall. Would you like to explore the room in more depth or move on?

d191c No.70412

Well, I think that we need to maybe lure them into a room to at least try a stealth option. We are never going to survive a full on assault once the attack happens. That's probably why we needed a rouge, to do the stealth kill while they are distracted. Doing things from the second level seems only useful with a ranged attack we can't use without breaking cover.

d191c No.70413

More indepth search, along with checking out the first aid.

ba77c No.70414

the advisers are the only real threat here tbh. we should take them out possibly by luring them somewhere, and them we need to get into the warehouse were cauldron is.

20b45 No.70415

On top of the counters are a set of paper towels, a toaster, and a coffee maker. under the sink is more paper towels, a set of bleach, and a set of insect killer. In cabinets are several ceramic plates, glass containers, a few pots and pans, and a coffee container. In drawers are coffee filters, straws, spoons, and both butter and steak knives. In the Refrigerator is a half eaten cake, and a sandwich with a paper note over it saying "do not steal." The first aid station has many types of bandages, adhesives, bandaids, painkiller pills, cottonballs, and rubbing alcohol. There is also some acid neutralizer and wash

d3fd2 No.70416

Oh damn, now I feel like I need Brie right about now. Hope he comes back. My planning skills are spent. If you need any strength requirements Iron is on the second floor next to the stairs, bummed out since he cannot throw the table. I'll be here, just not contributing anymore in the planning process.

20b45 No.70417

Remember that Onyx and Ash also exist, they are just separate from the three of you

ba77c No.70418

Cant we move the gangway so you could get a better angle on the throw?

d191c No.70419

Why would a communist put don't steal? The sandwich belongs to the ponies clearly. If nothing else, the poisons may prove useful. But for now, the next room awaits at the end of the hall.
Your plan can be how to be the best containment when we get bad dice rolls, because we will. When we lead them in a room, do you think barricading the door would work?

ba77c No.70420

Bleach you say?

ba77c No.70421

>Do you think barricading the door would work?
most likely

d3fd2 No.70422

I think I can take the table downstairs and place it inside the bathroom, then angle it in a way to block the door with a push. Only problem may be that the table could be seen by anypony who enters the bathroom. Any other barricades for the door that are more subtle?

d191c No.70423

If it comes down to it, you. You could stand guard outside the room and explain away the barricade, or intimidate. Because a dice roll is as good of a shot as them just immediately calling guards on us.

20b45 No.70424

This room opens to the main floor. Across one side of the room is a set of lockers, while the other side has lots of welding equipment. It has protective glasses, welding masks, soldering sticks, cutting torches, big tanks of Acetylene gas, tubes, gloves, welding aprons, trolleys, pressure regulators, and oxygen tanks.

A spray container

ba77c No.70425

Were there any bookshelves in the office?

d3fd2 No.70426

I can break one of the toilets so I don't need to do a bluff check that the bathroom is broken to make things easier still.

20b45 No.70427

There were no separate bookshelves as items of furniture

ba77c No.70428

Shimmering Spark would your character know how to make gas?

20b45 No.70429

You guys haven't even explored all of the rooms, and you're thinking about breaking apart toilets?

d191c No.70430

Potential explosives. Noted.
I don't think so… And I'm not sure how that would be pulled of at the moment.
I'm trying here. How much time we got left anyhow?

20b45 No.70431

Hard to say, maybe 30 minutes, although the other characters would have more time because of their relative starting times. Hell, Brie would have an hour

ba77c No.70432

Well we have some bleach

d3fd2 No.70433

So the bathroom ambush is a no-go?

d191c No.70434

If only Brie would stop getting drunk on game days and join us proper.
This all depends on what you guys think is the best battle plan. Do we want to poison them? It may be challenging to get them to eat something, but then again, we could mix the vodka we found upstairs with the bleach. That might do the trick. We also could do the assault in the bathroom. The problem is getting found out. Once poison is a go, then they will know it's us. And if the cover is blown in the bathroom, we are in the same spot.

If it was me, probably the poison. And with the explosives, maybe I can make a distraction should something go wrong. Only one way to try.

ba77c No.70435

>If it was me, probably the poison. And with the explosives, maybe I can make a distraction should something go wrong. Only one way to try.
This sounds like the best plan

d3fd2 No.70436

The roles are reversed. I'll go with your plan.

ba77c No.70437

Could we somehow do both plans?

20b45 No.70438

a 450lb table that is ungainly as all hell to move around is considered an optimal blunt object to drop from a height, but an 80 pound steel cylinder of highly compressed explosive gas which could actually be carried around or thrown isn't given a single second's thought…. I can't say I understand

d3fd2 No.70439

Blame it on lack of sleep.

d3fd2 No.70440

Also, shouldn't the ponies down there see the explosive cannister like the table?

20b45 No.70441

It's one hell of a lot smaller

But I really shouldn't intrude on your planning

ba77c No.70442

File: 1544514264898.png (508.13 KB, 3666x3328, _crying lime.png)

>tfw i didnt put 2 and 2 together.

ba77c No.70443

we should definitely use the propane

d3fd2 No.70444

How could you even set off the cannister? I'm pretty sure you need an igniter, and I sure don't know who has one without blowing their cover or themselves up, so I believe an ambush is better.

ba77c No.70445

i could shoot it. maybe we could get brie to hide it close to one of the advisers?

20b45 No.70446

It's so hard to not just say things

ba77c No.70447

thank you for pointing it out

d3fd2 No.70448

Well, I'm not going to get any better at thinking or perceiving information without some sleep, so I'll close up for today. Night.

ba77c No.70449

Night fren

4152c No.70450

Gosh, I'm lost…

d3fd2 No.70451

If I had to sum this up. We got some guards killed on the second floor. I had a plan about throwing a table over the gangway to the target mare but was foiled by the narrow corridor leading to it. Spark found some poison and explosives on the bathroom on the first floor. You and Onyx did not even arrive at the building where the targets are currently located. Current ideas of assassination are to ambush one of the targets in the bathroom through Dark Star or Spark's charisma, bluff and maybe seduce checks.

d3fd2 No.70452

The plan is not set in stone and can be changed to simple poisoning through vodka and poison or maybe throw the cannister and hope it blows up. If we had Brie, this would be oh so easier.

4152c No.70453

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I'm not exactly sure what the main objective of the mission was..

d3fd2 No.70454

If I understand right, we must kill the two targets that Iron, Dark Star and Spark boi saw during the war announcement, maybe disrupt the event with some police intervention. I may be wrong.

20b45 No.70455

To stop the communists from enacting their "plan," which during the night is found to involve both shipments of guns and two foreign special forces agents as advisers

4152c No.70456

Here's a question. Were there any other children present in the area? Not just the ones from the orphanage.

20b45 No.70457

The only other ponies visible in the Union Hall area besides Ollie were the two stallions. If there are any children in the docks area, they are not readily visible

4152c No.70458

I guess I should have her move in to investigate. If they were keeping any kids kids at all there, she'd probably prefer to make sure they're all outside before bullets start flying.

4152c No.70459

>the target mare
Can I get a second description of her?

4152c No.70460

Sorry if I come off as a bit daft. I'm just trying to get an understanding of what the party is trying to get done, and set my character's motivations to match. I can't just go setting thing in fire at random.

20b45 No.70461

You may want to recall Ollie's statements in >>70250 and >>70024

Your character actually has not seen the Advisers, nor has Blue Skies provided a description

Your character has moved up next to the liquids warehouse, described in part in >>70355

4152c No.70462

Alright. I've got it now.

d3fd2 No.70465

I'm going to go for a limb here and use the third eye I have to guess that everyone is waiting for someone to post to start the session.
Here's hoping Brie is here.

4152c No.70466

I've got about an hour before I need to go eat, but I'm ready now.

4152c No.70467

I guess I'll have her proceed into the warehouse then.

20b45 No.70468

She can see a number of stacks of barrels. Those closest to the walls appear to be unmarked wooden barrels. In the center is a giant stack of drums. Some are labelled "Aviation Gasoline 130 Octane Tetraethyllead," some are labeled "Leaded Gasoline" behind these barrels and drums you can see ponies are messing with wooden crates, a few being stacked. Ponies are coming in an out of a door on the left side of the building from where you are, past the wooden barrels. A pony looks at the three of you, but, seeing none of you are wearing police uniforms, stops caring and goes back to the crates

4152c No.70469

Sister Ash walks in slowly, wondering to herself just what the hell she agreed to when she took this mission…
"Th-those are quite a few flammables.." she mutters, still a bit nervous

4152c No.70470

How many ponies does she see altogether?

20b45 No.70471

As she rounds around the hill of drums, she can see a sign above the door over to her left "No Steel Horse Shoes," and to her right is what is apparently a loading bay with an elevated platform. A truck is backing up into it, and a pony is behind it on the platform
"Backwards, keep going, keep going, Stop, STOP. That's the clutch, not the brake. Now pull the handbrake. The handbrake. It's to your right. Alright, good"

Another two ponies to her left come through the door carrying a long rectangular crate. There are 3 ponies visible, and presumably one in the truck

ba77c No.70472

Reeeeeeeeeee crates

d3fd2 No.70473

Do you think I can mingle with the advisors in-game without cocking up the mission aka making time run out for me and the other two peeps?

20b45 No.70474

Hmmm…. Go ahead and try it. I can't imagine a conversation taking longer than what would be 5 minutes IRL anyways

d3fd2 No.70475

Iron, deciding it is futile to attack at the moment, decides to go downstairs and meet up with the griffon advisor that was down the stairs, not before checking if his gauntlets were bloody or left a blood trail.

20b45 No.70476

His gauntlet was indeed bloodied, although this could be cleaned off any of several ways.

The griffon is talking to a set of ponies who seem to be listening intently, telling of a time his platoon was cut off without supplies in Black Hollow. He is drinking what seems to be bottled beer.

4152c No.70477

Sister Ash decides to investigate further into the building, so long as nobody's suspicious.

d3fd2 No.70478

Iron, not wanting to stain anyone's clothes with blood at the moment, decides to seek the bathroom on the first floor.

ba77c No.70479

Dark Star remembers his stab wound

4152c No.70480

20b45 No.70481

They already have a stack of crates set up behind the drums. There are some more drums and barrels along the other walls, and still another door on the far end opposite from which she came. The ponies' focus seems to be on placing crates inside of this building rather than on filling the trucks at the moment

That'll work

What do?

ba77c No.70482

trys to slip out of the crowd and slips over to the vodka station

d3fd2 No.70483

Iron checks the room for any sinks and maybe mirrors in order to use water to scrub off the wound and if there is blood anywhere else on his body.

4152c No.70484

Where did Blue go off to? I know Onyx is outside the building.

20b45 No.70485

It appears that the party was BYOB, with no refreshments being served

Both are possible. There is a little blood on the hide

She's right behind you. For now.

d3fd2 No.70486

Iron, assured that he can clean himself, proceeds to do so with some water and scrubbing.

4152c No.70487

*Jumps with all four hooves leaving the ground*

4152c No.70488

Ugh. You'd think commies would try barely to keep the illusion of hospitality. Dirty hypocrites, the lot of them.

20b45 No.70489

She gives off a malign laugh. "I've got more and better surprises than that. Anyways, it looks like these are crates full of illegal arms they are bringing in"
As she speaks, a second two-and-a-half-ton truck backs into the loading bay

The steel gauntlets are wiped clean. The worst of the blood can be removed from the hide, although it looks like there will be a stain that won't come off easily

They are on a time crunch to set up and then leave. At least they will provide the guns for the fun later

4152c No.70490

Sister Ash shivers, clutching her broom.
"S-so it seems.. but there are so many ponies here too.."

d3fd2 No.70491

Iron shrugs and proceeds to scrub his hide to clean as much as possible from the hide. At least it won't degrade his armor.

20b45 No.70492

"There are a few, mostly they are on the move. They want to clear out a ship in the harbor before a routine patrol comes by."

It is as clean as it will get. A stain on it won't look that out of place with his "rustic" appearance anyways.

d3fd2 No.70493

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4

Iron, finally feeling confident about not garnering much attention, decide to practice his intimidation, trying out some poses and such.

I'll just roll to excrete the bad rolls

d3fd2 No.70494

I really hope the mirror doesn't break from sheer intimidation.

4152c No.70495

>Inb4 he intimidates himself

20b45 No.70496

Iron is shaken by what he sees in the mirror, and feels ready to hand over his pouch of coins

4152c No.70497

"That poor colt said something about a 'revolution'.. I wonder what that could mean."

d3fd2 No.70498

Iron almost gives his pouch until he sees there are two pouches of coins instead of one, being reflected by the mirror, composes himself and nods in satisfaction. He now finally goes to the main room in the first floor, looking for the griffon advisor.

ba77c No.70499


ba77c No.70500

Dark Star heads up stairs to look for shimmering sark

20b45 No.70501

"We heard exactly what that means inside the rolling mill. They intend to violently push out the New Marelanders and establish a Communist regime here. Their first step will be to launch a campaign in the South to try to stop infrastructure projects there, including pretending to be natives when they attack. The ultimate goal of this is to drive a wedge between the natives and the Blackhooves - and Northern Equestria - so the natives will be more inclined to accept communist rule. Then they'll make an armed rebellion here in Baltimare and in Moonlight Shores. They've brought to advisers to help then train and strategize."

The Griffon is giving an impassioned retelling of crossing a flooded rice paddy laden with landmines

d3fd2 No.70502

Iron listens in the story. Even though he is supporting such weaklings, he was still strong, and his tales may help him understand this complicated world of weak men.

4e971 No.70503

So, what have I missed? Cause back reading lags like hell.

ba77c No.70504

Iron Scared himself and im looking for a way to fix my stab wound

d3fd2 No.70505

*stallions instead of men

d191c No.70506

The sorcerer takes note of these rooms and moves back upstairs to plan out the next step with the others.

ba77c No.70507

"Hey Spark. ive been stabbed could you help me out?"

d191c No.70508

"I don't know any healing spells unfortunately. There is some first aid in the kitchen area though."

4152c No.70509

You can almost see the gears turning in the nunshead as she finally absorbs the socio-political circumstances of Equestrian affairs.
"That.. that's bad." She says, softly, but firmly

ba77c No.70510

"Throw your Drink into my wound."

d191c No.70511

I look offended and hold the drink away.
"Umm… let's just go down to the kitchen."

20b45 No.70512

"We were given orders to meet up with second company in a village south of White Flower. The land there was farmland, rich fields of rice. This was during the monsoon season and levees had been set up to keep the rice paddies flooded. No griffon wanted to walk through that, so we flew, and that worked for about five kilometers, until we encountered the Brodfield snipers. Nguwing, whom I had fought with since the beginning, took a bullet right through his skull. We didn't dare go above twenty feet, and hovering with a full set of equipment is no easy feat, for long periods anyways. But the mud - it could be feet deep, and it got everywhere. My feathers were thick with it. After a kilometer Raven Tram exploded into a muddy fireball. sprayed mud and water over many of us, myself nearby. I fell down into the mud because I thought that the Royalists were firing mortars at us. But when no attack came we realized the Royalists had mined the paddy. I'm not sure if they were hoping we would walk through, or if they set them for the Farmers when they would come……"

You are in a warehouse where they have crates of arms stacked up, waiting to transport out

"Yes it is"

4e971 No.70513

Two questions spring to mind:
Who is around?
What kinds of arms?

ba77c No.70514

"Wheres the nun?>tfw sister ash never gave her name She can use Healing magic."

20b45 No.70515

You can't know what kind of arms because you haven't seen them yourself, but you were told "rifles." Inside the warehouse right now are two ponies moving crates and another two by the loading docks, which has two trucks in it

d191c No.70516

"Didn't we leave her behind with the bartender?"

d3fd2 No.70517

Iron gathered that he was at the least good at dodging and maybe had intense luck. He did not know of the "mai-nes" or "snai-puhs" that he was talking about though. No signs of physical strength as of yet. Iron looks obviously unimpressed nonetheless.

4152c No.70518

"… I don't think they'd stop if you talked to them.." she continues, moreso talking to herself than anyone else

4152c No.70519

I'm out of healing spells. Don't count on it.

4e971 No.70520

That's about all I wanted or needed to know

Onyx leans towards the nun
"Now what?"

4152c No.70521

Are the rifles all in one place?

ba77c No.70522

"i think shes outside"

4152c No.70523

She gulps
"I guess.. we do what we came here to do.."

20b45 No.70524

This group

Just take a look at his muscles. He's freaking strong.


"I can't say I've had much success with it"

They are moving crates into the room. The crates that are in the room are in one stack

4e971 No.70525

"I've got an axe on a spear, and a gun. You got anything better?"

ba77c No.70526

"oh wait i found this healing kit. Do you know how it works?"

4152c No.70527

".. Let's wait until these ponies are done moving the crates.. then I can dispose of these.. toys.. all at once."

4e971 No.70528

"Whatever you say"

4152c No.70529

I sympathize with Bubbles.

d3fd2 No.70530

While Iron did see his exceptional condition, he had not heard of the tales of strength apart from just surviving in a battle, and even with the endurance he may have by flying with all the mud on his feathers, he could be one of those stallions that pretended to be strong, only to be just the last survivor of a group that he only survived due to luck of cowardice. He keeps listening, also alert enough to see if his employer sends a signal to go loud.

d3fd2 No.70531

*luck or cowardice

4152c No.70532

20b45 No.70533

"You see those trucks though, don't you? They will try to move some of them out tonight"

Among other exploits, Redclaw seems to have killed an entire machinegun nest of Royalists with only a Machete, and carried many huge packs of rice over his shoulders over treks of many kilometers during supply shortages. Is that tough enough?

4e971 No.70534

"Oh joy"

ba77c No.70535

File: 1544583019352.gif (726.38 KB, 561x451, _Laughing horses.gif)

>that video

d191c No.70536

I put bandages from the kit on Dark Star.
"That's the best I can do. I don't know how to use this other stuff in here."
Healing is a skill that I can't do. You probably won't recover hit points from this.

ba77c No.70537

At least the bleeding stopped.

d3fd2 No.70538

That'll do
His expression of unimpresiveness changes to a one of acceptance, hearing of how he killed that many ponies by himself inside that machinegun nest. Whatever that meant. He also admires his capacity of carrying those packs of rice through those marshlands, thinking about how the mud would slow the process by a lot. I guess it's too bad that he was on the wrong side still, but at least he knew it would at least be a fair fight. It took him every last ounce of willpower not to ask him for a spar, so that his employer's cover would not be exposed.

4152c No.70539

Were the tanks of fuel visible from outside the door of the warehouse?

4e971 No.70540

Onyx walks up to the two moving the crates
"Want some help?"

4152c No.70541

She gulps again
"That poses a problem…
Those metal beasts.. if they were incapacitated, they wouldn't be able to move them out tonight.." Sister Ash murmers

20b45 No.70542

She saw them only when she came inside, though maybe you could see them if you looked directly into the warehouse

Iron feels a tinge of happiness, as he has finally met a creature who is his equal

"Oh thank Celestia, yes"

20b45 No.70543

"No, they would not"

4152c No.70544

Sister Ash speaks up.
"You ponies are almost done here. Why don't you take a break and we'll finish up for when you're ready to ship out?"

d3fd2 No.70545

Fuck it, let's go buddybuddy with the commies for now, maybe he has a Super Special Technique for fighting unarmed or some shit

Iron tries to approach the advisor for him to hear his question "Do you have a particular fighting style with your machete?" Iron asks the advisor. "Your strength is quite impressive and I believe I can learn a lot from you."

20b45 No.70546

"Oh no, there are still many crates still on the ship and on the dock, as well as the other warehouse, we are struggling to get them all into these buildings so we can hide some of them here, and ship some out tonight"

He draws his machete, and shows a fairly simple hack and slash, as well as a disarming technique for when your opponent has a two handed weapon

d3fd2 No.70547

Iron was impressed by the speed of his combo strike and his disarming technique. "I know that some will try to disarm you when in melee combat, do you have any particular moves when that happens?"

20b45 No.70548

He smiles and looks at Iron. "Have a firm grip on your weapon, and stab them" He acts out this with the machete

4152c No.70549

Sister Ash walks further into the warehouse, where all of the crates were stacked up.

d3fd2 No.70550

Iron cocks his head slightly. "I do not mean to disrespect, but are you implying you never got caught off guard without any of your weapons by the enemy?"

d3fd2 No.70551

If I try to pick the machete from the advisor either by force or peacefully, does it cause problems because of the gauntlets aka making the gauntlets or the machete fall down on the floor?

20b45 No.70552

Inside the liquid storage warehouse she can see a stack of at least 10 crates. They are adjacent to the Gasoline barrels, some of which have been taken down from their pyramid

"Always have a machete on claw and be quick on the draw. They have tried to surprise us before. I was sleeping in a foxhole outside Sydia when a royalist tried to bayonet me. I grabbed his rifle and pulled it towards me. He fell down and I punched him, then punched him more and finally tore him apart with my machete. When you are fighting the fascists they will not be so subtle. They will wake you up with Artillery and Dive bombers"

4152c No.70553

Are there ponies in the room?

20b45 No.70554

That varies minute by minute, they move in and out

d3fd2 No.70555

Iron, kind of upset he did not embrace the true strength that unarmed combat gives to its wielders, still was impressed by the readiness of combat the griffon has. He wonders how fast he could pull out of his sheath if he threatened him when the machete was inside it. "That is quite impressive. To whom am I speaking to? Your prowess in combat is one that many ponies should upkeep and I cannot help but be amazed by your skill." Iron slouches his posture a bit. "It is quite a shame you never took up unarmed practice. Many ponies would not be able to purchase weapons for the cause, and unarmed combat requires no monetary investment."

4152c No.70556

"Okay.. Here goes nothing."
Sister Ash moves about ~40 feet away from the entrance (as far as she can move at this range), and focuses on her breathing, fixing her what's left of her shawl over her eyes as they glow faintly.
As soon as she sees that there are no ponies immediately inside the storage room, she employs her Fiery Burst skill, to cause an eruption of flame right beneath the fuel tanks, dealing 3d6 fire damage to all objects within a 10 foot circle.

4152c No.70557


ba77c No.70558

Dark Star moves down stairs

4e971 No.70559

20b45 No.70560

Dice rollRolled 9, 3, 13, 11, 1, 12, 10, 10, 15, 19 = 103

"The ponies of this continent have been so drained of their wealth by the industrialists and the nobles that they scarcely have the means to arm themselves. No matter. That is why we are shipping in arms to help with the World Revolution. But if you mean fighting claw to claw - I've had more than a few claw fights in my day

Blue skies flies the fuck out of the way. I think this requires some dice rolls

4152c No.70561

File: 1544586005400.gif (508.27 KB, 682x500, 1661080__safe_artist-colon….gif)

"What have I done..?" the ex-nun eeps as she watches the ghoulish white flames lick the sides of fuel barrels

4e971 No.70562

"And I thought artillery made a nice boom"

4152c No.70563

"Shush..!" The Kirin whispers as she backs backs away from the scene using her remaining move action.

d3fd2 No.70564

"How did you manage with unarmed combat? Tell me about them."

20b45 No.70565

An explosion can be heard nearby

Fire lights up behind you, and an explosion can be heard. The two ponies drop the crate and run

One of the barrels explodes almost instantly, while another falls over and spreads flaming liquid across the floor. Most of the barrels do not have enough oxygen to explode, but they are beginning to boil. the vast majority of the liquid is now unburned

d3fd2 No.70566

Iron waits for the griffon advisor's reaction and if he moves, he moves with him.

4e971 No.70567


d191c No.70568

I duck down.
"What the hay?"

ba77c No.70569

"oh no"

4152c No.70570

"Fire! Fire! Everyone run! Call the ϟafety ϟquads!" The Kirin mare screams genuinely as she flees the scene

d191c No.70571

"Either our friends are in trouble… or they are going to be."

20b45 No.70572

Dice rollRolled 2

On the rolling mill floor, everycreature hears the explosions

"I told those imbeciles not to smoke around those drums when hiding the guns!" A mare shouts

Everypony is pannicking, until Marecuse yells "QUEIT!"

They are calmed, and Redclaw, Marecuse, and the mare who seems to be the organizer stand together in a trio.

"We had 30 more minutes to move guns. That accident has forced our hoof. We have already lost maybe a third of our guns. Everypony, our 30 minutes is gone. We now have 5 minutes maybe before police and firemares arrive on scene. We must either blow up the other warehouse and move the ship out of the harbor now, or we must shoot at the first responders to buy time. If we do the former, we will lose at least half our remaining arms. If we do the latter, civilians will die, but we will save the revolution. Mares and Gentlecolts, we must decide now

1. They leave immediately

2. They decide to kill the firefighters who arrive on scene.

Rolling 1d2

4e971 No.70573

Oh joy, a bloodbath
This can't go badly for everyone.

4152c No.70574


20b45 No.70575

They Decide, and Marecuse loads her submachinegun.

"The Revolution is too important to delay for the sake of a few stooges of the Fascists, even if they are otherwise honorable. Everypony, you are now drafted into the revolution. Half of you will move crates quickly, half of you will defend."

They pick up arms, and Redclaw loads a stripper clip into his rifle

d3fd2 No.70576

I'm expecting both of you to be attacked. I say warn the firefighters when they arrive. Maybe stay at the outskirts to warn them.

4152c No.70577

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Listen check to see if I hear this

20b45 No.70578

Not even with a 16 can you hear what is said inside the rolling mill

Blue Skies: "I wish you had waited on that, you probably forced their hoof. In anycase, if all you wanted to do was start a fire, why not just light a match? you could have saved the ranged fire spell for their battle mage"

ba77c No.70579

Dice rollRolled 2 + 6

*Dark Star Draws his revolver and shoot at the mare with the ppsh*

d3fd2 No.70580

Iron is somewhat dissatisfied when he saw Redclaw loaded his rifle. At least he would use his blade when the time comes. Of course, he shall follow him for a chance to strike him alone, maybe honorably, asking for a fight one-on-one hoof-to-claw.

d3fd2 No.70581


ba77c No.70582

i had no choice

4e971 No.70583

"Welp. Too late to reason why, now's time to do and die."
Onyx grabs his halberd and looks around for a suitable position.

d191c No.70584

We did have explosives to throw. But we can figure out something…

20b45 No.70585

I'm going to give you the option to reconsider shooting her, since the only way you would have killed her at once anyways is with a nat 20, and there is basically no way your character could survive a single round of submachine gun fire without cover

Redclaw goes out the big door. At this point and only this point can you see that they have a ship at a dock. He yells to them "take the crates to train cars. We are not leaving these arms behind!"

4152c No.70586

Ash's expression betrays a mixture of confusion and fear and guilt all at once.
"I.. I don't know! What am I supposed to do? Ponies could get hurt!"
"And what's a match?"

4152c No.70587

What can I see room whhere I am?

4152c No.70588

*From where I am

d191c No.70589

The sorcerer runs to get the explosives.

d3fd2 No.70590

Iron follows Redclaw and helps the movement process, just to gain trust with them. He ensures to put on his back as much as he can carry just to show off to the griffon. I will fight you, he thought, just not yet.

ba77c No.70591

yea Dark Star Goes up to the gangway and tells spark>>70584 "bring the propane"

4152c No.70592

[panicked Kirin noises]

20b45 No.70593

This would be like a billion times easier if any of you had sneak attack damage. Does anyone want to order Blue Skies around?

Behind you is firery pillars of fire. To your side you can see a pony rushing to try to drive one of the trucks out of position before the next explosion consumes it. You can also see two ponies on the other side trying to quickly pick up the dropped crate and move it away. Through the door she can see two ponies with rifles run past

4152c No.70594

And that wasn't a spell

ba77c No.70595

> Does anyone want to order Blue Skies around?

4152c No.70596

How many crates are there left?

4152c No.70597

Was there another warehouse?

20b45 No.70598

You better hope you can do it again, unless you've gained rogue levels

Inside that building? None that aren't on fire

Yes, the dry goods warehouse

What about the propane accessories?

In a few rounds, she is a little ways away

He finds himself on a dock and in a situation that is remarkably similar to his situation 30 hours before. They are taking crates down a gangway and rushing them over to a pile.

Redclaw yells: "get those crates in!" he laughs "At least Customs won't be coming by now"

"They will now"

ba77c No.70599

Bring those to

d3fd2 No.70600

Iron helps with this. He has a feeling of deja-vu for a bit. From what he heard, he will try to move these crates to a train. He thinks to "accidentaly" drop some to the water, but in order for the griffon to put his guard down, decides to move as many crates as his body could muster, showing off for the griffon.

4152c No.70601

Sister Ash bites back her searing hot tears as she gallops over to the next warehouse.

d3fd2 No.70602

*he as in Redclaw
**he moves the crates towards the pile

d191c No.70603

I bring all the propane and accessories to Dark Star.

ba77c No.70604

Marecuse is still on the mill floor right?

20b45 No.70605

He does so. They seem to be placing most of the crates into a pile as a truck nears
"Harness the power of the Proletariat! Your strong backs can lift those crates, and soon enough you shall lift the revolution!"

Another explosion is heard behind her. This new warehouse is not as well ventilated as the last. There are many, many crates inside this building. One pile is being moved by ponies running in and out

Marecuse stands by the door as she takes off her uniform and carefully folds it near the warehouse door. Then, she puts on a dress shirt and red tie, then a fedora, as she cocks her submachinegun

ba77c No.70606

"try to get it close to her, ill shoot it."

ba77c No.70607

d3fd2 No.70608

Iron scouts his surroundings, see if he can damage the griffon and get away with it during all the chaos.

4152c No.70609

Any fuel tanks in this one?

d191c No.70610

"And how do I do that? Just stroll up to them with propane?"

ba77c No.70611

"youre a unicorn right? just levitate it over her."

20b45 No.70612

This warehouse, being a dry goods warehouse, does not have containers of Aviation gasoline

If he can think of something creative, maybe, but the Griffon will know he is harmed, and he is on the docks with many ponies

4152c No.70613

It won't be easy then.
How many trucks?

d3fd2 No.70614

Iron thinks up that if he trips a pony with some creates on his back, one of them may fall on the griffon. If it's not possible, he will attempt to accidentally drop one of the crates on him.

d191c No.70615

Is this possible from the gangway GM?

20b45 No.70616

To drop an Acetylene cylinder? Yes

No crates are being elevated in a position such that they could fall on top of the griffon. They are being carried down a gangway

This warehouse only has truck loading spaces at the far end, but no trucks seem to be loading here

d191c No.70617

I drop the cylinder on Marecuse.

4152c No.70618

Where are they taking the crates then?

ba77c No.70619

Dice rollRolled 15 + 6

i shoot the tank

d3fd2 No.70620

Dice rollRolled 20

Iron scans the position of the griffon, see if he is flying or standing on the ground and if he is on a higher elevation than Iron. Rolling a spot check to count how many ponies there that can witness a direct attack by him.

Also if the previous map is actually applicable for my position, barring the current position of the advisors

d3fd2 No.70621

What a waste.

d191c No.70622

Why can you only get 20 checking things? ;-;

ba77c No.70623

We Are just Getting Started

d3fd2 No.70624

I don't even know, ask the dice gods.

20b45 No.70625

One itty bitty problem, Marecuse slipped out the door just seconds before

Outside, onto the docks

There are seven ponies on the docks, and exactly one could see him