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File: 1509544435987.jpg (330.38 KB, 1280x720, fighting_is_magic__pinkie_….jpg)

f2f42 No.13314[Last 50 Posts]

Quick Rundown:
This(these) thread(s) started as an experimental attempt to determine whether a D&D type game could be possible over an anonymous imageboard. The results have exceeded my wildest expectations. During the week, these threads consist of game meta discussion, shitposting, bants, and more shitposting. On the weekend its on, and its something far more intense than standard pen and paper; I'm still trying to figure out all the aspects and elements.
New players are welcome at any time, and with that let me tie up the previous questions.
Nevermind that, I was trying to help you get the unicorn right away, but its gone now.
First off, you're BOTH wrong. Its an Archmage, but no one outside the Archmage knows that so spoilers.
Just because a race or species is listed as 'Outsider' doesn't mean they cannot migrate to other planes/realms.
>inb4 Trump says something about going back or w/e
Additionally, these factions (there are many, above/beyond the ants) have been written into the story, have been there the whole time. The ants were part of all previous 'boots' of the story, and have had successful and beneficial relations with several iterations of the active party.
The travel ban on outsiders limits those who's home is/remains any of the outer planes from entering willfully OR being summoned from interally.
Meaning, it is impossible to summon foreign ants from their home plane, but one can readily interact with ants 'from' this plane.
The scroll will come up in the future, its relevance has to do with a particular location which will be obvious after inspection. As for the potato, I'm sure he will never be heard from again. Ever.

And with that, the Game continues.

1669d No.13316

>it's gone now

9ebaa No.13317

File: 1509545266684-0.png (Spoiler Image, 87 KB, 525x596, 1509223793059-0.png)

f2f42 No.13319

The opportunity, yes. Its gone now, you'll have to deal with the dwarf if you want the unicorn.

9ebaa No.13320

File: 1509547848705-0.jpg (75.44 KB, 750x600, mindfuck_by_2dchew.jpg)

So, I've been book-flipping to consider her level, when I wondered, is it even possible for Tracy to class as Wilder when already having the Chaotic Mind feat? The feat itself excludes power manifestation (haven't tried manifesting any yet, so no damage, sort-of..).

9ebaa No.13321

Who exactly is Ben again?

f2f42 No.13322

Ben runs the jewelry shop

9ebaa No.13323

Why'd he need Ponimaru to deliver messages for him?

f2f42 No.13324

Because its part of the contract he agreed to. Ben's business contract is currently Thez' only way of communicating with the party, and if you think you're taking the Terrascue AND Kefka down without her, wew. Just, wew.

9ebaa No.13325

Ah.. So, the contract allows Thez to communicate with this plane then, with Ben as the middleman.

9ebaa No.13326

I need to stop beginning posts with "Ah". It's even more retarded than stuttering irl.

1669d No.13327

But it's his unicorn. How am I supposed to take someone else's property except through dealing with the owner? I already tried to take her by civil asset forfeiture and confiscation for customs violations, and you shot that down.

f2f42 No.13328

The contract allows them to exchange cross-planar business materials, supplies, and resources. This is made incredibly difficult because time in Hell moves MUCH faster than the Game in the passage of time, but much slower than the Game in the actual procession of days, weeks, months, etc. It is for this reason that a year in Hell feels like an eternity, because it is experienced as such even though it takes place in a chronologically short amount of time.
Well, you could've adopted the habit of beginning your sentences with 'well', so quit ur bitchin.
Yes, because it was jewish cuz you would have appropriated her for your own use

f2f42 No.13329

Pssst, mainboard rape

1669d No.13330

>something something legal confiscation is Jewish
Uh, yeah? When police departments and district attorney's offices confiscate goods they sell them and keep the money

f2f42 No.13331

I'm not sure how to respond. When you word it that way, it seems as though you are making my point of me.

9ebaa No.13332

>When police departments and district attorney's offices confiscate goods they sell them and keep the money
When they do that, they're being pretty fucking Jewish.

1669d No.13334

I'm not understanding you. Trumpaladin wants to acquire x that is in the possession and presumably ownership of party y. He can't rob and murder party y because of character alignment restrictions. That leaves a number of means to that end

f2f42 No.13336

Yes. "I want that. I should take it from him cuz reasons and then take it for myself." That's textbook jewish.

f2f42 No.13337


1669d No.13338

Have you ever bought anything for personal use ever? By your logic, if you answered yes, then you are a Jew

f2f42 No.13339

No, because I have paid through labor to acquire the means, and I've always given fair and agreed value of time from it. I've only used credit cards this past year, so I can state that previous inequivocally. Xp

f2f42 No.13340

What is Trump proposed to offer Korak in exchange for getting his shit jacked, other than a new guy to kill?

1669d No.13342

Then why did you say "the opportunity is gone, now you have to deal with the dwarf" as if to imply there was any other way to take possession except through business contract, if the only valid means is business contract?

1669d No.13343

Because fuck you, that's why
I don't understand your question. Are you talking about when Tourcil took the elves?

f2f42 No.13344

Because he wants to kill you now, there is no bartering or trading or whatever with him.

1669d No.13346

The game left off with Trumpaladin just having made a deal to resurrect all Pirates Tourcil murdered in exchange for the unicorn, and with the Pirates all invited to a football game

f2f42 No.13348

Yes, and that deal was made before Korak would return to the ship and find the elves gone. Now, he's pissed because he's been had.

1669d No.13349

He hasn't reached the ship yet in the game

f2f42 No.13350

No, but that's where he's going next.

1669d No.13351

Then it's not a forgone conclusion. Let the arch-negotiator do his thing

9ebaa No.13352

Then you might want to put all of your skill points into diplomacy, because he's gonna' be mad…

f2f42 No.13353

I look forward to it. I've already thought of two possible scenarios in which no one has to die (though there will be beatings)

1669d No.13355

>he's gonna be mad
I promise he won't be the only one

1669d No.13356

I'm more worried about being forced to compensate for the lost items.

f2f42 No.13357

He really should ask the pony if she brought anything back with her.

1669d No.13358

Brought back from what?

f2f42 No.13359

From the jew hoard. She did mention it IIRC.

9ebaa No.13360

I said she pocketed just whatever looked most interesting that she could carry with her (so I guess the most valuable-looking coins and some gems).

9ebaa No.13361

>compensate for the lost items.
You mean the slaves?

f2f42 No.13362

Yes, and there was nothing interesting. Tracy could however use this opportunity to reveal the side-pocket of the quiver if she wanted to improve relations with Trump

9ebaa No.13363

Maybe, but I'm still salty about that GET. Assests will be pooled only after the wedding ceremony is completed. Until then, they'll just sit in her bag and be spent on pretty-much nothing, because she doesn't really into materialism.

1669d No.13364

Trumpaladin assumed that if Tracy had taken anything, she would have produced it to him to prove that she found the hoard at all. If he finds out she had coins or whatever and didn't mention it, he'd assume she was secreting it away, which he's in a far too optimistic mood to even speculate about.

1669d No.13366

File: 1509554911692.png (1.27 MB, 5650x4730, image.png)

>Tracy has no reason at all to violate Trumpaladin's trust and do the one thing he very specifically asked her repeatedly not to do, she just does it irrationally and without cause
This post makes me sad…

9ebaa No.13367

>expecting a yandere relationship without secrets
She'll surprise you with it after the wedding ceremony. Until then, your respective properties are under separate domains.

5a725 No.13369

>You mean the slaves
I think that no character, not even Tourcil and Trollestia, knows that the elves were intended to be sold as chattel slaves. Inferius, Trumpaladin, and Tracy don't even know that they were carrying elves. Only Trollestia and Tourcil know that the elves have been removed from the ship - not even the pirates know this. I am not sure anyone at all knows how many elves were removed. When Korak tells Trumpaladin that some of his cargo is missing, Trumpaladin is going to have to take Korak's word for it, with regards to the fact of it being taken, what was taken, how much was taken, when, and how valuable

He specifically requested that she disclose all findings. It's even in the agreement concerning the child

9ebaa No.13370

>He specifically requested that she disclose all findings.
During the talks with the Dwarf, she said "I have assets." (didn't say how much, because she didn't count it yet). That was conveniently just a bit before to Trumpaladin put his hand over her mouth to stop her from speaking anymore.
As for the Jew-gold. She already declared that.
>not even Tourcil and Trollestia, knows that the elves were intended to be sold as chattel slaves.
They had shackles on and were being stowed in the cargo hold, m8. It was pretty clear they were slaves. Trollestia could also speak to them, and it she understood they were being held captive against their will.
Regardless, the situation is that Korak is going to return to his ship, find out that his cargo is missing, and then that's when things will go down in the next session.

1669d No.13371

>I have assets
That refers to, well, assets that are hers.
>mentioned the Jew gold
She mentioned that the she found the location of the Jew gold. Taking a portion of the Jew hold into her personal possession and never declaring it (or waiting until a "wedding") is a specific circumstance anticipated by trump when he asked her to help find it and when he made the agreement not to take the child.

1669d No.13372

>the slaves
GM said no one knew it was as chattel, but if Tourcil and Trollestia infer (if trollestia talked to them it didn't happen in game play) that they are slaves, then that's their little secret

9ebaa No.13373

>Taking a portion
I said she took a few coins and/or some gems if they looked interesting, as in for the sake of bringing back proof, not taking a large portion for herself to do whatever (what would she do with just a few coins anyway?)
>assets that are [i]hers[i].
Thez's intentions may have been ambiguous when she gave her the quiver, but Tracy already would've considered it and its to be a replacement for her knife cozy.

Anyway, just focus on your own character's knowledge until that point in The Game comes up.

1669d No.13374

>as if for the purpose of proving the find
Legit question, why did she not produce it when she said she made the find? Was she waiting for him to ask?
>the quiver
The quiver is Tracy's. It's none of Trumaladin's business.

I am focusing on my character knowledge, damn it! Right now, he's under the assumption that everyone can get everything they want, and he can in fact have two scoops.

b8190 No.13375

>Torc made the dwarf mad
This should become…

1669d No.13376

File: 1509558042003.png (623.73 KB, 800x800, image.png)

I'm imagining a few possible outcomes, most of which are far worse than they need to be

9ebaa No.13377

>why did she not
Short story: I was lazy.
In hindsight, a few coins don't make for much proof anyway.
Next session is going to be fun especially since I didn't get to kill anything last time.

f2f42 No.13378

I was being deliberately ambiguous. Giving you her quiver was a very calculated decision which was pushed earlier in the fight than I had intended because Tracy was already unarmed. It was intended to be a replacement knife cozy, and the side pocket is a bag of holding the size of a broom closet. You had mentioned the efficient quiver or whatever it is (Elohna or w/e) and that's essentially what Thez' is, except more suited to brutal murder.
It was known through limited empathic 'dialogue' between Troll and the slaves that they WERE slaves, so her response is entirely accurate. The removal of the slaves was a given as soon as Torcuil summoned her. What isn't known is the state that an angry troll would leave the below-deck of a slave ship in, but it was intended to cause massive butt devastation.

f2f42 No.13379

But you did, you defeated 5 gibberling clusters

1669d No.13381

I know this is the kind of thing that really would be settled in gameplay, but did all of the Pirates who were conscious leave the ship and go to Trumpaladin?

Also, since the trip from the building to the ship has got to be at least one quarter mile, maybe more, do I get several free actions?

9ebaa No.13382

I just remembered that after typing.

1669d No.13383

>doesn't even remember killing what sounds like a large number of things
Does nothing sate you?

9ebaa No.13384

My bloodlust knows no bounds.

b8190 No.13385

I've got a meme up my sleve since "omae wa mou shindeiru" didn't work, so fun is accurate
One is killing the dwarf
That would fix our problem

f5764 No.13386

>killing a guy who would be a powerful ally to have in combat against the archmage or other battles, who has a powerful small army we could call on, who is well liked by everyone in the town, who could procure for us rare things from far away, and who knows much about our enemies
No. Just no. That should not be your first thought

>omae wa

I'm guessing that's either some sort of Celtic or some sort of weeaboo

9ebaa No.13388

GM, what to the additive modifiers on a Monster's skill list entail? As in, when using a monster's natural skill that says "Concentration +25", does that really entail a +25 addition to the roll for the Concentration check ( i assume it doesn't, but what does it do?)?
Also, after counting her skulls, Tracy moves over to the library and looks at the atlases on local geography, in an attempt to garner information on the Emperor's city. (it's not actually him I have to kill before i can get the assassin class,
is it? He seems like the final boss, almost.)

1669d No.13389

There's a page full of modifiers. It's something like a 10 or 11 breaks even, les is negative, and higher is a few points added

I think Tracy would start where she left off, which is in Trumpaladin's arms as he walks with the Pirates towards the docks. But noted for when there is time later

I knew you were full of shit when you said you were not trying to take him for your assassin class

9ebaa No.13390

>as he walks with the Pirates towards the docks.
Weren't they all at the tower?
I didn't believe it, but I felt it was implied. I was just wondering who the "Emperor" in question was for the quest.

b8190 No.13391

It's weeaboo, but fun fact: I have never actually watched anime. But cletic could be good to use
And he's also a slaver, keeps dropping hints about wanting to steal Trump's wife, and who know what else
Besides, pirates don't have a reputation for being honest.
His first mate could be a completely different story though.

1669d No.13392

They were all outside of an apartment which would have been inside of a newly constructed tower building in Port Barry, presumably located next to the main plaza. It's not going to be a full 58 story building because there is no steel and I'm not sure if I can get away with mule-powered elevators, but it's still much taller than any building previously existing in Port Barry. Trump left to go with the Pirates to their ship after he made the deal, so he could help execute the transaction and talk them into converting to Football/whatever other arrangements are necessary to get them into being reliable allies. He picks up Tracy and carries her so he can be she isn't off doing something that would mess everything up *cough* Tourcil cough *cough*, so he could have an ally should the Pirates try to fight him, and frankly because poor Tracy being left alone was just kind of a sad sight. So they should be walking now just outside the apartment building.

Actually you're right, it's an entirely different guy that Thez mentioned in some letter. Just if you go kill this guy, be sure to tell your Flashy so he can send in an army to complete the job of spreading freedom and democracy

9ebaa No.13393

I'm not about to give you all the details for anything.

1669d No.13394

Eh, no one is perfect. But we can talk him into different industries. You know, if given a chance to talk out these problems.
>wants to steal Trump's wife
Trump doesn't have a wife in this dimension, and he stopped doing legal marriages after getting a criminal conviction for bigamy in his past life. But I'm sure that if he did, she'd be so desirable everyone would want to steal her. But wife stealing from a professional and notorious waifu thief is not so easy.
>pirates are not so honest
It was established that he and the Pirates could be trusted so long as it was in their best interest to do something. They want glory and good reputation, they love and carry about Port Barry, they like wenches, they don't want to die and know we can kill them, they want the arch-Mage dead, they took interest in the Broncos, and they stand to benefit from the economy being successful. So really, there's an extremely high amount of overlap between their interests and the group's, besides the fact that they can be bribed and threatened. Their behavior is frankly more predictable than certian party members, and in a way more trust worthy.
>first mate
He might be better. He might be a total dick. What we do know is that Korak was willing to offer his ship as support in attacking the arch-mage, and was willing to provide a large amount of information about our enemies. He was also willing to back down after having his ship robbed and his men murdered. But thank you for mentioning the first mate, I'll think about recruiting him.

1669d No.13395

Marriage requires trust, little pony.
I'm just going to say that he had weapons of mass destruction regardless. All you need to tell me is when and where.

f2f42 No.13396

>concentration +25
That's precisely what it means. This is why it is necessary that players dole out their skill points, so I can give them more than a 10 in stealth, for example. A saving throw or skill check is influenced by the relevant attribute (ex: dex for tumbling or the following), the character's skill rank (20 or w/e) and other miscellaneous modifiers from items, spells, or w/e. A 15'th level rogue can only have a max rank of 15 toward an attempt to set a trap. With a decent dex he would probably get a +2. This means that on a 20 die-roll he could make a DC 17 trap. That means that another rogue needs a 17 or better on their spot check, and roll a DC 17 on their disarm check, also with modifiers applied.
I've been almost entirely nerfing the skills system so far.

9ebaa No.13397

>All you need to tell me is when and where.
That'd be beside the point.
>marriage requires trust
Then stop dragging your feet and get ready to finish the ceremony, you deadbeat.

1669d No.13398

Think about this. Do you want this freedom mission to go down more like after killing Ghadaffi in Libya and no troops were sent in, or like Iraq where there was a proper occupation alongside killing the dictator? Except of course minus the pulling out part. Because as Tracy should know, Trumpaladin does not pull out.

9ebaa No.13400

I was hoping to allocate my characters skill points and levels when I finally got the class I wanted… I guess I could (with some help) if it'll make the game smoother though.
>tfw your super-saiyan form is still boss as fuck though
Would she have time to craft some potions at this point? I was looking for Potion of Rage.

f2f42 No.13401

No potions. You can hold off applying some skill points, but you use stealth alot. Without applying points toward it, rogues like Korak can see you without rolling just by skill points.

9ebaa No.13402

Act like you're assuming my character has Good intentions/alignment. I don't even know who the target is, so the rough draft intention is "Kill this guy because he's a faggot and make a scene out of it people hate him, but mostly just because I want to and need to release all of this pent-up edge before I explode, and I kind of want to try the stunt that Thez suggested."
Please to asking me to clarify character motives. It's spoiling the fun.

f2f42 No.13403

Stealth is especially important to classify because its 2 checks in one; first one has to initially hide, then they have to move silently to maintain stealth. When moving they are beaten by listen checks, and when stationary they are beaten only by search checks.

9ebaa No.13404

you act like*

9ebaa No.13405

Is it too late to give-up on Wilder?

f2f42 No.13406

To give up on? No. I'll say the chain control is part of the nightmare-ism if you're worried.

1669d No.13407

Oh I don't care about intentions or whatever, I just want newly opened power vacuums to be communicated to my character in time to take advantage of the situation

9ebaa No.13408

Good, That makes things easier (psi powers are complicated anyway).
Does she have time to add an armor-plate around her abdomen?

f2f42 No.13409

I'll say this much. If I suggest a course of action, consider it an intuitive thought that if gone along with might trigger a cinematic progress that will most probably result in a peaceful and beneficial exchange. I won't tell players anything more that "perhaps if", or "You should consider" or something along those lines.
I would think a chest-plate would be less encumbering. Also to the earlier bone/skull question, it occurs to me that such materials would totally fit with the nightmare motif, as well as Tracy's character in general. Yeah, you can have an armor thing. You'll need it.

1669d No.13410

Oh I was talking to "Mrs. Sentry," who wanted to start a party in some foreign land without inviting her Flashy. He said something about "stop asking for motives," and I was trying to explain "I don't care why you are killing this guy, just please give me a heads up so I can try to influence the new management"

f2f42 No.13411

Gotcha. I threw in the bit about courses of action just cuz I was reminded. Trump and Tracy are the ones most involved in advancing the story, so that was an fyi.

9ebaa No.13412

Also, Infernius attaining meta-psionics without changing classes confused me: how does acquisition of abilities work in this game? Can meta-magic/psionic abilities really just be attained through study? I'd just like some insight.
We skullhoers nao.
Alright, there were three giant skulls and several other bones, and Tracy is experienced in working with them. They should make sufficient light-weight plating when attached to the hydra-skin armor.
>tfw no pics on Jewgle to illustrate what the armor looks like

1669d No.13413

>bone armor
Why you gotta wear such garish armor? Why can't you wear beautiful bronze like Fae's natural armor or something stylish like Korak's dandy armor

9ebaa No.13414

File: 1509571855028.png (67.3 KB, 402x402, only the dead can know pea….png)

>Why can't you wear beautiful bronze like Fae's natural armor
Don't. Fucking. Tempt. Me.
I've been wanting to do that for quite a while now: I had to make excuses not to do it.
It's brass.

f2f42 No.13415

A skull breastplate then, layered/secured over the hide w/ straps? Not enough time to fashion the greaves so I'll say it's +3 for now?
This, it could still happen. Itd make some nice crafting supplies too,… HD Hide (hydra/dragonne) would be most swank.

1669d No.13416

File: 1509572209338.png (976.28 KB, 662x936, image.png)

You can ask Lenos or your Flashy if you want to be in beautiful Amber clad. Notice how the poner on the right is well protected against most attacks, but gives off the look that she's fit to in the presence of royalty, while also retaining her natural cuteness and sexuality

1669d No.13417

By the way GM, I've been meaning to bring this up in gameplay. Can Fae be transformed into a Unicorn by Tourcil?

9ebaa No.13418

She'd make the most awesome armored surcoat too. Think of Hercules's Nemean Lion pelt, only with shining brass scales.
Did that use-up just one skull, or all three? Anyway, that should at least protect her baby-maker.
Unicorns and lions are natural enemies even in European mythology. Also, really?

f2f42 No.13419

Polymorph, yes. A willing subject can be given new form for 1min/level (Torc is 15) which 10rnds/minute is 150 rounds.

f2f42 No.13420

I'd think one, the giants have big heads compared to a pony.

1669d No.13421

Well, I guess 15 minutes is technically long enough for my purposes if cast at precisely the right time, but is there any way to do it for a much longer period of time?

f2f42 No.13422

Permanency spell, but that's beyond any character's ability

1669d No.13423

Tourcil can cast "seeming" on any subject, right?

f2f42 No.13424

Yes. Seeming is an illusory disguise spell. Tracy has a mask that can achieve those benefits without a spell though,….

9ebaa No.13425

What would be the wisest distribution for those 6 stat points we have to allocate? I was thinking mostly dexterity, but idk… I was figuring she'd be in her monstrous form in situations during which she needed the epic strength boost, but I'm not sure exactly what each stat is useful for.

f2f42 No.13426

>6 stat points
I think you mean 3

9ebaa No.13427

Ah… *smacks self for doing it again*
Put that all into Dexterity then. She's already got monstrous (though limited) strength for situations where she really needs it.

1669d No.13428

I thought about that, but, well, that's Tracy's mask

1669d No.13429

That's… Actually a very good allocation of skill points for your character's play style

9ebaa No.13430

Nightmare-form fighting feels like a separate play style altogether, but increased Dexterity seems better in both forms (especially since she can't use her hooves to hold stuff in that form, despite huge strength). It should at least be useful enough for stealth and speed.

How many skill points did we have to allocate again?

f2f42 No.13431

TRacy's dex is now 19 with subsequent bonus increase in several areas including AC and skill checks.
I need to know Tracy's experience layout, including experience reserve for assassin (don't save them, by the time you kill the T and the nerd, she'll have more levels anyway).
Most classes have a formula for determining starting skill points, and gain class-specific points per level. I can crunch those numbers for everyone except Tracy right now (unless Infernius devoted more levels to psionics).

f2f42 No.13432

And with that, I'm out

1669d No.13433

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Another character now has more points in some skill than mine does in charisma. *screetches childishly and autistically*
What is my lay out again?

9ebaa No.13434

In nightmare form, she's got more than twice your strength.

1669d No.13435

I'll still smite an outsider if necessary

9ebaa No.13436

File: 1509577451877.png (Spoiler Image, 88.33 KB, 1024x768, just for the plot.png)

Remember: open hand.

1669d No.13437

You win this round… But one of these days, your luck will run out, heretic

21561 No.13439

File: 1509580183718.png (125.93 KB, 900x900, 1493181243383.png)

you really think Ghadaffi was a dictator?
>top kek

21561 No.13440

i multi classed into jedi.

1669d No.13441

File: 1509580562528.png (314.22 KB, 1280x720, image.png)

It was an example of how not to overthrow a government

9ebaa No.13442

What are your clerical domains anyway?

b8190 No.13443

>stop dragging your feet
Oh shit
NO fighting plz
Come to your consuler with your problems

9ebaa No.13444

Praise Epona.

9ebaa No.13450

File: 1509591236516-0.jpg (184.71 KB, 1067x1600, d58320a7def0ad11645c147c1f….jpg)

Okay then.
Everything that didn't already go into Rogue goes into Blackguard. I've completely given up on Wilder, Pyro, and Psionic Fist, so just say those went into BG. Last I knew, she had two levels in Blackguard, but she'll need more in the future to realize her ambitions.
As for the rest, save it for Assassin.

f5764 No.13451

File: 1509592190026.jpg (53.07 KB, 600x827, e75.jpg)

How is she fit for black guard? Also, the description in the 5th edition makes it look like grade A heresy

f5764 No.13452

File: 1509592370357.jpg (24.56 KB, 350x420, MmdVbBR.jpg)

>Her ambitions

21561 No.13453


21561 No.13455

File: 1509592709448.jpg (271.47 KB, 1280x1024, 1459486083589.jpg)

9ebaa No.13456

>How is she fit for black guard?
Well, she's already got the prereq's for it. Nightmare is the quintessential Blackguard mount too, so the thematics fit. Blackguard spells are lawful evil, so that fits my ghost rider narrative.
Also, I'm an edgelord and a megalomaniac to boot. I have since changed the root of my character development plans and ambitions.
Oh hush. You're only barely meeting the Lawful Good requirements for Paladin anyway.

9ebaa No.13457

Amen, brother.

f5764 No.13458

It's the lawful part that seems difficult to reconcile with her
>Barely meeting the Lawful Good requirements
I'll rebut this when I can think of an argument

21561 No.13459

File: 1509592975674.gif (649.39 KB, 300x300, 1460094321589.gif)

f5764 No.13460

File: 1509593051572.jpg (64.32 KB, 650x625, 55529862.jpg)

Look, all I'm saying, is that she's been on knife's edge to getting exterminatused for a while now


Well, that would explain the root of the problem THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE, DAMN IT

9ebaa No.13461

File: 1509594054703-0.jpg (84.48 KB, 800x647, 8e8848d287ed7da86d51906b61….jpg)

I wonder what kind of spells natsoc could have..
>detect Jew
>antisemitic field
>Iron fist
Could also look up Buddhist/Hindu rituals for aesthetics: they have 6 gorillion that involve swastikas as an essential part.
pic unrelated

21561 No.13462

>pic related is me.

f5764 No.13463

Why doesn't your OC have the stars and bars painted on him though?

9ebaa No.13464

Shooping isn't easy you know.

21561 No.13465

he dosent know about north amareica.

f5764 No.13466

But he repaints his OC (err… permutation of Iron Will) fairly regularly

My character and yours need to have a talk

21561 No.13467

File: 1509596555270.jpg (2.1 MB, 3014x3065, 1491100315694.jpg)

f2f42 No.13469

So how many again?

9ebaa No.13470

I assumed 15 in rogue and 2 n blackguard, unless there could be more in BG.

0946f No.13471

What kind of sword does your character use again? I might attempt shoops, if I find the motivation to stop being a lazy faggot.

f5764 No.13472

That would be 17 classes total. You have 15 total to allot

0946f No.13473

In that you are correct.
If I take 13 ranks in Rogue (pretty sure that's minimum) and 2 in blackguard, will I still have the skill points needed to get the necessary ranks in disguise, hide, and move silently for the requirements of Assassin?

1669d No.13474

Well, Korak was able to spot you without any sort of spot or listen check. I'd be a bit worried about that.

f2f42 No.13475

Yes. Before taking the 2 blackguard ranks, you have 130 skill points to distribute. Rogues always get the most skill points, and it only takes 1 point to rank in class skills.
From Blackguard you also get 6 additional skill points as a blackguard

1669d No.13476

Also, I checked, and assassination is as a matter of fact Imperium approved. Just don't use the Blackguard harvest souls ability, at least don't use it on any human-esque enemies, and you won't get divorced https://youtu.be/RYtQMhnBtTw

f2f42 No.13477

Wait, I did that wrong. Here's the equation
1st level: (8+1)x4
Additional levels: (8+1) x (increased levels)
36+(9 x 12) = (ans) + 6 (bg) =138 skill points.
No more than 18 points per class skills and no more that 9 per cross-class

f2f42 No.13478

Trump has 54 skill points, Torcuil has 72, and Infernius has 36

f2f42 No.13479

So Tracy can max out disguise, sneak, and hide and still have 84 skill points.

1669d No.13480

I'm still confused as to how this all works

86748 No.13481

>Harvest souls ability
Wait, is that even a thing? The closest thing I can think of is Death Knell. Pretty sure only Necromancer's can pull a soul from the body.
No promises.
FYI. I normally make combat decisions based on what seems "edgier", so don't give me ideas if you don't want to see something.

f2f42 No.13482

At 2nd, you get aura of evil, detect good, poison use (blah), dark blessing (charisma bonus to saving throws), and smite good 1/day.

c5224 No.13483

At what level doesn't she get Bull's Strength then?

1669d No.13484

>no promises
So that's the game you want to play is it?

f2f42 No.13485

You also get 1 1st level and 1 2nd level spell per day

9ebaa No.13486

Actually, can I spread those points between Wis, Int, and Dex then? I didn't think I would have so many skill points available when I put that all into Dex.

9ebaa No.13487

*smacks self for typing "Ah" like a retard*

f2f42 No.13488


9ebaa No.13489

1669d No.13490

Skill points are different from ability points. Also, your character has a lady bug charm that you never use. What do you want to trade for it?

GM, what are Trumpaladin's ability points?

f2f42 No.13491

S 13
D 11
C 12
I 13
W 14
Ch 16
His +3 has not been assigned yet.

9ebaa No.13492

>your character has a lady bug charm that you never use.
Forgot about that.
>Skill points are different from ability points.
I figured she'd need the Dex for stealth.
>What do you want to trade for it?
Moar evil magic.

I get it though. She's a beast at this point, even when not transformed.

1669d No.13493

Any chance you'd be willing to make a deal on the last bug charm?

>she's a beast at this point

Take another look at the number of rogue skills. You'll see pretty quickly why that class needs to have four times the number of skill points as the paladin class. There are far more things you need to spend it on

1669d No.13494

GM, does the strength modifier apply to attacks with melee weapons?

f2f42 No.13495

Of course, damage as well.

f2f42 No.13496

Which incidentally, Infernius better be careful not to break himself with those arms.

1669d No.13497

I could have sworn you had him at 14 Int last time

Are magical beasts covered by the "handle animal" skill or something else?

f2f42 No.13498

No, Trump would need a separate skill for that (exotic). IDK about Int, above is whats written down. I'll look back when I have time.

9ebaa No.13499

In terms of Etherealness, how many actions does changing planes count as? Can sneak attacks be done in the same turn as changing planes?

1669d No.13500

If my profession check is high enough does that mean I will not be denied a business loan

1669d No.13501

>change planes AND make a sneak attack in the same turn
No. Just no.

f2f42 No.13502

Its a reasonable strategy. Note that Tracy's perception of the material plane is limited to immediate surroundings (5-10') when in the ethereal.
That's precisely what that's for
Don't worry

9ebaa No.13503

File: 1509645879293-0.jpg (70.63 KB, 709x620, flat,800x800,075,f.u10.jpg)

*momentarily considers maxing-out Escape Artist skill to appear inside characters' bodies*

1669d No.13504

For skill ranks, does the ability score modifier give free ranks, or free points on a skill check?

Also, how do I gain the Negotiator feat?

f2f42 No.13505

They ability modifier is added to the skill and other modifiers on a skill check.
Choose it. Everyone has 6 feats plus whatever bonus feats for race or class.

1669d No.13506

If a new ability point is applied to int, raising it to 14, would the int modifier retroactively apply to skill points gained (since it would raise the modifier from +1 to +2) or only prospectively?

f2f42 No.13507


1669d No.13508

Am I eligible for the "Inquisitor" feat?

This idea has already been explicitly considered and rejected

f2f42 No.13509

I never said that

9ebaa No.13510

I took improved sunder for Blackguard, but I'm undecided about the rest. Any suggestions?

21561 No.13511

a Zweihander.

9ebaa No.13512

File: 1509647417992-0.png (Spoiler Image, 49.44 KB, 1024x463, ID5lmnT.png)

That only applies for spaces that are filled with solid material.
Anyway, I've been playing true to the Element of Unoriginality: all of my options I've considered have been rip-offs of something I've seen on 4chan.

21561 No.13513

ill be fine.

f2f42 No.13514

You would need a light armor proficiency for your current setup (technically medium also to add the breast plate, but its not a full breast plate yet). You would want two-weapon fighting to go double-knives,….

1669d No.13515

Could quick draw apply to switching between weapons?

I'm feeling like Negotiator, Leadership, and Multi-attack

f2f42 No.13516

Yes, but don't forget that Trump needs 3 feats in armor. Oh hey look, humans get 1 extra skill point per level, giving trump an extra 15 skill points, same for Torcuil

21561 No.13517

what are the racias for minotuar? also how many points can i put into a skill?

f2f42 No.13518

18 in class skills and 9 in cross-class skills. Cross-class skills take 2 points, and for minotaur I used Hal-orc stats, which were already applied

1669d No.13520

I need three feats to wear heavy combat armor?

>15 points

My power grows

f2f42 No.13521

Yes. Armor proficiency pertains to a character's ability to move in armor, as well as utilize it properly in combat (deflection, protecting vitals, etc.). Its not like weapon proficiency where you get a negative to attack.

1669d No.13522


So I can max out in three skills and have 15 points left over?

f2f42 No.13523

f2f42 No.13524

>inb4 Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Bluff

1669d No.13525

The wiki says Paladibs and Clerics get armor proficiency (all three levels) as free bonus feats

f2f42 No.13526

It does, carry on. ^_^

21561 No.13527

can i put skill points into a non class skill?

21561 No.13528

i want to do a reverse mr bearington.

f2f42 No.13529

at 2/1

9ebaa No.13530

File: 1509649754747.jpg (225.25 KB, 351x610, green fire.jpg)

Yeah, I thoughyt of those, but I also considered that the boss fights would be in Nightmare form (only 1 weapon), so for those only I was considering something like:
>great cleave
>Improved bull rush
>rapid metabolism
>Awesome blow
>Two-weapon fighting
Most wouldn't be accessible unless transformed, but would work well when facing a damned army. I was figuring Silent killing in pony form; and charging beast in monstrous form, for dire/extreme. situations.

9ebaa No.13531

Also, aren't blackguards proficient in all armor types?

f2f42 No.13533

Nevermind, light armor is an automatic feat for rogues
Huh, so they are. That makes no sense, but w/e
Kek. Remember, you're saving one of those for Thez

9ebaa No.13534

It will be remembered. /)

21561 No.13535

post pic i didnt get to look

9ebaa No.13536

File: 1509650735347-0.jpg (195.2 KB, 710x528, 710x528_8925762_6577684_14….jpg)

21561 No.13537

mainboard rape.

9ebaa No.13538

Although, if I took those feats, she couldn't craft a Vorpal sword..
That's fine, I'll figure out another way to acquire one eventually.

21561 No.13539

i need one too

f2f42 No.13540

Funny you mention that. I've a quest in mind that accomplishes just such a task (acquiring uber-master Smith)

9ebaa No.13541

File: 1509651700271-0.jpg (394.89 KB, 1354x1600, 1391477706061.jpg)

>Wasting those buffed-as-fuck arms
You should dual-wield battleaxes or clubs
Maybe pic related.

9ebaa No.13543

*pony ears twitch*

21561 No.13544

but the blades are vorpal.

21561 No.13545

*Minotuar ears twitch*

f2f42 No.13546

Mind you, that will be three sessions off at the very least, but yes its literally in the cards.

1669d No.13547

Wait a minute.

If I chose the special Paladin feat "Devoted to a Cause," and if my patron grants me access to the Law domain, does that mean I can cast that Dictum spell Thez used?

>Paladins can chose a feat whereby their mount can Smite Evil

The Smiting has been doubled!

9ebaa No.13548

I was thinking greatclubs that did additional slashing damage.
Isn't Hitler in the War domain? I bet they would count as his favored weapon.

f2f42 No.13549

File: 1509652966619.png (165.82 KB, 480x323, explain.png)

Can I get a link for that?
>slashing with greatclubs
>pic rel

9ebaa No.13550

Idk how weapons work… I just know some do both bludgeoning and slashing.

9ebaa No.13551

Should I put a few points into Control Shape to make Tracy's monstrous transformation less bullshit?

21561 No.13552

the clubs have blades attached
like >>13541

1669d No.13553

The dictum spell is listed as one of the spells available under the law domain http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Law_Domain
The effects of the dictum spell depend upon different things though, so it probably wouldn't be as powerful as when Thez casts it, but having the ability to at least paralyze non-lawful Allies who piss me off enemies would be remarkably useful.

The feat that allows access to a Patron's domains is here http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Devoted_to_a_Cause_(3.5e_Feat)

Actually though, I think I like the Charm domain and especially the spell "Charm Magical Beast" even better.

f2f42 No.13554

So a literal fasces? Sure, have at it.
Quite. I didn't know about the domain feat, It is so.

b8190 No.13555

So, what can I do with these skill points?

f2f42 No.13556

Basically you want to max out on the things you already do and whatever with the things you do less/not. There are lots of Mage-skills that are useful in context.

21561 No.13557

vorpal fashaxes im gonna get the uber forger to make them.

21561 No.13558

b8190 No.13559

>i wasted trips on this shit
Thanks though

1669d No.13560

What are Tracy, Tourcil, and Inferius's hit dice?

b8190 No.13561

What would be the best skills for a mage?

9ebaa No.13562

You could probably craft them now (just a bunch of uniform rods and an axe), minus the vorpal attribute.
When transformed, Cauchemar Nightmare has 15d8+105.
They're physically the beefiest of all hoerslike creatures. Not unlike mudpones.
I figured she'd be pretty squishy in warpony form though, unless I'm wrong.

21561 No.13563

could lennos craft me some FashAxes or can i?

f2f42 No.13564

Tracy: 13d6 + 2d10
Torcuil: 15d4 + 15
Infernius: 15d8 + 60

f2f42 No.13565

Those are base die-rolls, without accounting for race.

b8190 No.13566

So I roll 15 4 side dice and add 15 to the result
>Torc is a puny human cause forgot about race
Does human get any bonuses?

f2f42 No.13567

I'll let Players do their own dice rolls. ^_^
Praise Epona

9ebaa No.13568

Infernius spent quite a while working with him, so i wouldn't put it past him to bundle a bunch of sticks around a reinforced battleaxe.
Not sure if the characters have the time before the next round though.

f2f42 No.13569

Correct, and no modifiers for human.
Not of masterwork quality, and not near enough for vorpal. Lenos can masterwork, but now Infernius is a student so he's on his own.
>no time

b8190 No.13570

Torc can give him his old axe things now that he has his dagger

21561 No.13571

do i get some free skill points in craft?

1669d No.13572

Definitely taking Charm if that is one of Trumpaladin's patron deity's domains

Also, holy shit, these spells. Can they work on player characters?

f2f42 No.13573

Sure. +3 in blacksmithing (I'm combining weapons and armor)

b8190 No.13574

Okay, I think I've picked three for Torc
>decipher script

1669d No.13575

Fuck. Celestial Chargers have saving throws of +15. At least Cauchemarsare easier targets

Is there a way to increase the chances of a spell working against a saving throw?

f2f42 No.13576

Yes, spells can be directed at other players, and in some cases affect other players whether directed at or not

9ebaa No.13577

What classes besides Clerics can use Domain spells?

21561 No.13578

updated char sheeeeeeit
HD 15d8 + 60
Wis 13
Cha 16

the bracers of armor +4

Spell like abilites
"Uatchit" (ooh-wad-jit) and "Shoo-fly".
"burn" flaming sword.

>Psionic Weapon
>Greater Psionic Weapon
>Wounding Attack
>Psionic Body
>Psionic Dodge

psionic powers
Precognition, Defensive

endless bandage
the Infernal Arms of Relentless Might. +12 str,
REgen stone ,
belt +5 str

cleric domains

10 craft(blacksmithing)
10 knowledge(religion)
10 Concentration
3 knowledge(history)
6 Heal

21561 No.13579

what is my swords hd?

9ebaa No.13580

Unicorns are notoriously hard to catch.

9ebaa No.13581

I wish I were diligent and could remember all of my characters stuff… I did invent a new system of math to calculate her insanity though.

21561 No.13582

just open a .txt ans write down your stuff.

1669d No.13583

Paladin. I don't know, but I suspect a level 3 Blackguard with a patron could as well

9ebaa No.13584

I know of powerful Patrons, but I dare not speak'th thy names.

f2f42 No.13585

The DC (difficulty class) for a saving throw is determined mostly by GM's whim cuz its otherwise a ridiculous calculation to do for every spell.

21561 No.13586


1669d No.13587

A 1 in 4 chance to succeed with Charm Monster or Dominate Monster is pretty good odds I think. 1/2 for a cauchemar

9ebaa No.13588

How many domains does a diety usually have?

1669d No.13589

File: 1509657226546.jpeg (76.22 KB, 600x803, image.jpeg)

Please accept Columbia as your goddess

21561 No.13590

uncle SAM wouldn't like that.

9ebaa No.13591

Serious question, I'm trying to make a list.

f2f42 No.13592

3-4 depending on deity scope

1669d No.13593

Don't worry about it, it was a Paladin unique feat that only exists in this edition. It may not exist in Blackguard version. Even if it did, you'd need 7 or 8 or 9 levels in Cleric or Paladin/Blackguard to access these spells.

It's a more interesting question for Inferius, since I bet he can access multiple domains and he has the required number of levels.

Also I don't see any information on the number of domains gods have

21561 No.13594

are my domains ok?

1669d No.13595

Um… Either way, can we say my Patron Diety includes Charm within his/her scope?

21561 No.13596

eleway is charming.

b8190 No.13597

>the faggot writing this would make a character sheet, but can't remember my stats
I'm gonna look for them tonight.
I'll be back in ~3 hours.

9ebaa No.13598

Speaking of which, Gods in this game should be memes.
>Ebola-chan: Destruction, Glory, Charm, Repose
>Tay-sama: Artifice, knowledge, Trickery, Community
>Epona: Animal, Charm, Community, Travel
>Winter-chan: Weather, Protection, Water
>Kek: Chaos, Darkness, Trickery, Magic
>Hitler: War, Nobility, Glory, Law
How does this look?

21561 No.13599

truth should really be a domain of hitler.

1669d No.13601

GM, can I cast in succession Dominate Monster, Geas, and Charm Monster in successive rounds? I can't quite find the limits

21561 No.13602

that would be a hell of a concentration check.

1669d No.13603

File: 1509658614720.png (163.36 KB, 763x1140, image.png)

>No America, Elway, or Football

9ebaa No.13604

>Implying those aren't all the same thing
I knew GM would want to decide that, so I didn't step on his turf.

1669d No.13605

Goddamn right the holy trinity is unity. That's my Patron Diety

9ebaa No.13606

Meant to type Liberation in place of Tay's Trickery.

f2f42 No.13607

Done, needs work tho like >>13603 said

9ebaa No.13608

I'm reconsidering things already…
>Elway: Community, Glory, Liberation, Creation
>Ebola: Destruction, Repose, Air, Evil (but it's a cool evil! She's a devil anyway.)
>Kek: Darkness, Chaos, Magic, Rune
>Tay: Artifice, Knowledge, Liberation, Good
I'm new to this…

9ebaa No.13609

Actually, replace Magic with Trickery for Kek. Chaos, Darkness and Rune are a must for him.

21561 No.13610

Ebola-Chan doesn't equal Nurgle?

9ebaa No.13611

You tell me. I figure Air because it's her dream to become Airborne.

1669d No.13612


Unicorns only have a 6 Will score, even if Celestial Chargers have a 15

Also, GM, what are the Will scores on the player characters?

1669d No.13613

9ebaa No.13614

Actually, there's no point for Ebola to have Repose.
Replace that with Charm.

21561 No.13615

why would she have charm?

9ebaa No.13616

File: 1509660827038-0.jpg (30.55 KB, 462x250, 392.jpg)

Her catchphrase.

21561 No.13617

ok point taken.

9ebaa No.13618

File: 1509661783075-0.jpeg (454.05 KB, 2592x1944, 1400832__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

How many swords are in the tower inventory? Better to have one equip for Tracy.

9ebaa No.13619

Unicorns are immune to both charm and compulsion.
What were you planning?

b8190 No.13620

Get rid of darkness for Kek
>Hilary Clinton: Darkness, evil, email, jews

9ebaa No.13621

Kek IS Darkness though: he's the deification of the darkness element of primordial chaos.

b8190 No.13622

Fine, but I better get some dark spells cause of this

21561 No.13623

>George dubya bush:FREEDOM, Usury, Deception

b8190 No.13624

You forgot:
>jet fuel, steal beams

9ebaa No.13625

But on a serious note, could I actually do this? Just phase inside characters bodies, find a 3-inch air/fluid filled space, and then just annihilate them from the inside before they even knew what was going on?

9ebaa No.13626

2 inch*

21561 No.13627

i dont know of any rules against it.

21561 No.13628


f5764 No.13629


The spell resistance you mention exists in the 5e, but does not exist in the 3.5e THANK GOD.

But obviously, something to make Trollestia stop fucking things up, and "charm monster" on the Slovenian Unicorn

I still think that was already rejected

9ebaa No.13630

>spell resistance does not exist in the 3.5e
Check again. It's under Special Qualities.
You'd have to take them to dinner first, like an honorable Paladin would.

f5764 No.13631

Fuck! The 3.5 is immune too
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mother fucking fucking fucker!
I'll find a way

9ebaa No.13632

Whoops. It's under unicorn too though.

9ebaa No.13633

>Paladin using his powers for selfish intentions

f5764 No.13634

You know, if she's a my little pony class and not a large horned-horse, then the racial bonuses need not apply

f5764 No.13635

My waifu can help out with the war effort. Somehow. I guess comfort

9ebaa No.13636

Better ask Elway for that big a request first. In normal D&D, you gotta pray for spells daily.

21561 No.13637

i think elway should reprimand him.

f5764 No.13638

>3 inches of air to teleport in an 8 foot 1200 pound horse
How is this anything other than teleporting inside of solid substance? If there is a 3 inch pipe below ground surrounded by bedrock, and you try to teleport an eight footlong, 2 foot diameter, 1200 pound horse into the 3 inch pipe, are you doing anything other than trying to teleport something into solid matter?

Second, why should we assume the plane-changing starts at a point that expands until the entire creature is through? If instead it functions like a door, then there would need to be a hole that is big enough for the creature to go through, something like 3 feet by 3 feet for a horse like entity. And alternatively, what if the entire horse thing enters all at once? Then it would have to displace all of the matter at once.

Now if the entity is smaller than the area it is coming into because it is shrunken, that would be doable…

That's literally how the charmed spells work. The unicorn is already there, so no need to pray for him to deliver one.

9ebaa No.13639

It would only work if one maxed-out Escape Artist to get Extremely Tight Space: allowing one to fit into a space the size of two inches or more.
I'm not about to blow skill points on that though.

9ebaa No.13640

>so no need to pray for him to deliver one.
That doesn't mean he couldn't see you.
Also, I read the Paladin description. Where does it say they have access to domain spells?

f5764 No.13642

>there's a skill that allows someome to fit in 2 inches
Wait what.
Right here http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/3.5e_Paladin_Feats and here http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Devoted_to_a_Cause_(3.5e_Feat)
It's a feat named "devoted to a cause." The description is:
>You gain access to one of your deity's domains. You gain the domain's granted power and you may add the domain's spells to your Paladin spell list, up to the level that you are able to cast. For purposes of this domain only, your cleric level is equal to your character level.

9ebaa No.13643

Oh, I never saw the class feats before. It doesn't show up in the wiki I use…
Would've liked Kick 'em While They're Down..

f5764 No.13644

>Kick Em' While They're Down
Can't you take that anyways though? The only requisite I see for it is the "sneak attack" feat, which you probably get for free as a Rogue

9ebaa No.13645

Idk how class feats work, but I'd like that one.

f5764 No.13647

Do we care?

9ebaa No.13648

idk. Ask GM.

b8190 No.13649

To be fair, Torc is the only reason hhe did that shit….
Shit that puts him in worse light

9ebaa No.13652

How many points does it take to max-out a skill?

f5764 No.13653

I geniunely think I can completely slavage the situation if only given about three rounds worth of talking without things actively getting worse. If Tourcil wants to cast a "Now hol' the fuck up" spell that freezes all pirates (and preferably player characters) for a small number of rounds, should the pirates indicate they want to fight, it would be appreciated.

But seriously, like what the hell on some of these spells? With a 45% probability of overcoming a saving throw, I can perfectly mind control a Cauchemar in a single round. If only I can keep them within 60 feet of me for 10 minutes, I can geas player characters with 60% probability of overcoming a saving throw. But charm a unicorn into sleeping with me? Nope.

It's player level plus 3 at least for me.

f5764 No.13654

I can charm Korak though

9ebaa No.13655

> like what the hell on some of these spells?
They're Domain spells: spells of God (think Moses in the Exodus). That's what it means to be a Cleric: Clerics have to be devout to their patron deity's creed (one slip and they lose their powers; not unlike a Paladin staying Lawful Good), and they have to pray for their spells in advance to use the God's powers (GM just cut out that part, because he wanted to steamline things). That Homebrew you referenced was basically a mechanic that shattered the divide between the two classes.

f5764 No.13656

>Thinks I'm opposed to daily prayer
The Denver Broncos are the sole proprietors of the football cup. In the days before football, there were no cups, no Football, and no Broncos. The Ponies wandered in darkness, for there was no light to guide them, and they did fornicate with each other for they knew not what else to do with their time.

Then the light of John Elway came unto them, and he brought forth the cup from which all blessings flow, and he did bade them to drinketh from that cup, and that which they drank was Football. And so it did fill their cute widdle pony bodies with the heavenly goodness of Football, and their eyes were open.

Thence no more did they fornicate with each other, but did fornicate with John Elway, who bade them go forth and fornicate with Anon, for to fornicate with a pony is to fornicate with Football.


9ebaa No.13657

Well, that's fine, although the regular game drawback would be you had to also decide and prepare (there are materials for rituals in some versions) which spells you were going to use for the day.
A Paladin is the same, although their spells are much more limited (no domain spells in canon), and they prepare them through morning meditation.

If you wanted to multi-class a a Cleric to get more divine spells, you probably could, although you wouldn't be able to level-up a a Paladin anymore, due to Paladin's special restriction.

f5764 No.13659

>Multi-class as a cleric
Without this feat I think access to the spells would be impossible, because most of these spells require something like 9 levels in Cleric, which would be basically impossible and not worth giving up the added levels in Paladin.

9ebaa No.13660

Well, it's up to GM to decide these thing.
Imo, if you wanted two classes worth of divine spells, you may as well have just been a wizard.

9ebaa No.13661

File: 1509674680702.png (589.98 KB, 800x899, infernius studying.png)

Forgot to post a nice pic I found for Infernius.

f5764 No.13662

File: 1509674791881.png (90.72 KB, 310x272, Capture.PNG)

We can say the same thing about all of your special requests

9ebaa No.13663


b8190 No.13664

>you may as well have just been a wizard
Or a meme mage

9ebaa No.13665

File: 1509675899669-0.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

b8190 No.13666

True art

9ebaa No.13667

File: 1509676062623.jpg (102.83 KB, 768x960, petting kek.jpg)

Digits confirm.

b8190 No.13668

GM, what magical meme powers can I get from pic related?

b8190 No.13669

File: 1509676426619.png (Spoiler Image, 469.99 KB, 2207x3963, c68.png)

Fucking hell, forgot the pic

9ebaa No.13670

I'm pretty sure an item like that burns the hand of any non-Chaotic, non-Evil wielder…
Otherwise: the power to effortlessly smite all your enemies and take over the entire world.

9ebaa No.13671

Gosh, I've been making only awful jokes all night…

1669d No.13672

File: 1509677022295.png (46.23 KB, 462x448, image.png)

Gah! Nuke it from orbit

9ebaa No.13673

File: 1509678320183-0.png (Spoiler Image, 201.06 KB, 819x1789, 485377__safe_artist-colon-….png)

"..Use me, Flashy..! I can make you God Emperor..!"

1669d No.13674

FUCKING KEK that's a good one
"I've always wondered what it was that Primarch Horus was offered that could make him, the Emperor's finest, stray from the light; betray his oaths. Now… Now I know…"

21561 No.13675

needs less horns.

f2f42 No.13676

>>13612 Fort Refl Will
Trump +9 +5 +5
Torcuil +5 +5 +9
Tracy +6 +8 +4
Infernius +9 +5 +9
Oh? You're not? That's a shame, I'd have let you.
LIke I'm gonna tell you in advance

9ebaa No.13680

I absolutely was later on, I just wasn't about to start an argument with him about that.
>tfw Will-let
..Y-you can't control me..!

9ebaa No.13681

File: 1509715444181.png (56.19 KB, 250x284, Love conquers all.png)

>be ghost-pony
>be Assassin
>be stalking high-rank target
>Almost have it in the bag
>Was able to get all the way into his private chamber by phasing through walls
>Be sneaking up behind him, with perfect stealth check
>be ready to stab the mofo, knife in maw
>'oh no he's wearing masterwork armor! My awesome back-stab won't work.'
>lol, not a problem
>become ethereal
>Phase into his body with ghost-powers
>He doesn't notice because materialfag
>materialize inside his bowels with supernatural talent
>wait a few minutes for right moment
>Target is relaxing, if not a bit constipated
>then suddenly-
>a fucking horse bursts out of his midsection in a grizzly whirl of blades
>he's dead before he even knew what happened
>Guards hear explosion and burst into the room
>they see seemingly innocent pony
>continue to look for assassin, until they realize the "innocent" pony is covered in blood
>try to seize monster-pony
>lol no
>phase through floor, waving 'goodbye'
>guards don't know wtf just happened or what to do
>GhostPonies=1; MaterialCucks=0
>mfw the Four Horses Sisterhood has a signature killing jutsu

b8190 No.13682


I don't understand what these stats mean

9ebaa No.13683

File: 1509716178810.jpg (48.28 KB, 300x500, hide the body.jpg)

>I don't understand what these stats mean
Neither do I, but I don't object: it looks reasonable.

1669d No.13684

File: 1509720533814.png (166.53 KB, 400x402, image.png)

I'm watching you

86748 No.13687

Better rank-up on Spot then, 'cuz I'm invisible.

1669d No.13688

I have multiple ways of finding you telepathically

86748 No.13689


f5764 No.13690

If she falls to Dominate Monster, the caster would have the ability to experience what the target is experiencing, short of sensory input, besides the ability to give orders.

There is also another way, but I don't want to name it.

And besides those two, I'll find something

86748 No.13691

Was Tracy able to find any worthwhile info in the atlases in the Library during the period before the next round? I want to find more info about the continent and exploit the local knowledge skill.
Also, I've chosen the two Special Rogue abilities for Tracy at level 13:
>Bonus Feat: Improved Overrun
>Bonus feat: Dire Charge
Not sure if this was seen, but is there a way to rank-up this ability to transform more freely?

One more question: Does Magic Vestment oil actually transform the clothes into heavy armor, with all mobility drawbacks?

f5764 No.13693

Alright, I definitely want "Devoted to a Cause" as a feat, with John Elway granting Trumpaladin access to spells and the power of the Charm Domain. If not, I'll give up on it as soon as it is explained where in D&D canon a rogue can transform at will and with no spells into an extraplanar monster and back again, or can psionically control chains, or any number of other things I can and will find.

Besides that, I will be selecting Leadership, Negotiator, and Quick Draw as feats. That would leave me two open feat spots hat I have not yet filled.

I would like to ask if feats like "Great Constitution" and other "epic" feats like that are restricted to those with 20 levels in a class or higher.

I will be allotting my skill points as follows (tentatively, I may change).

Diplomacy: 18
Sense Motive: 18
Profession (Businessman):18
Knowledge (Royalty and Nobility): 5
Knowledge (Religion): 10

I will be adding +1 point to Strength so
S 14
D 11
C 12
I 13
W 14
Ch 16
Plus 2 points I want to wait to allot until I have specific information
I think the next round is going to have to start immediately, or within 10 minutes of where the last round ended off. Making giant skull armor, going to the library, studying or whatever, is going to have to wait until a lull in the action, which I think could happen after the immediate pirate situation is resolved, but before the next stage of the action.
Are you willing to make a deal on the ladybug charm?

86748 No.13694

>Wanting to wear girly charms
It's a wife's duty to defend her husband's masculinity. Just what kind of deal with Tracy's Faggot would you be proposing to overlook that?

Also where was the post where the new gear received after the Soros battle were listed? I'm in the middle of typing my own sheet.

f5764 No.13695

Can I ask Tracy really nicely to let him borrow it indefinitely?

f2f42 No.13696

Its a table depicting fortitude, reflex, and will saving throw modifiers by character.
Yes, I'm definitely glad I made Trump Good.
>Vest oil
No, it doesn't increase the weight or encumbrance, just the armor bonus. Thez uses Magic Vestment, and she's neked.
>I'll give up on it as soon
Dammit, he's onto me. I'll allow a partial skull breastplate because it was inquired about some time before characters were in the current advancing timeline with Korak, so I'll let Tracy have it.
Soon, very soon. As for transforming, some skill points would make sense.

86748 No.13697

Don't bother asking. She'd keep it from you for your own good.
>wanting girlish charisma

f5764 No.13698

>Not willing to dress nicely for a husband whose work depends on image
And you really should rethink your bone armor. Just yuck
I'll let you keep taking GETs, trips and quads. You know that's a bannable offense on /1ntr/

86748 No.13699

Oh no, she'll wear it, she just wouldn't let you wear it, because she knows you're a man with high standards.

f5764 No.13700

Well, should someone's bone armor happen to be thrown in the trash, or should someone's flag be changed to Canadian…

86748 No.13701

How do I apply racial modifiers to hit dice?
Last I checked, she was a fiendish warpony, so her species hit dice should be 2d8+8 (17 hp) but I have no idea how much that is…

f5764 No.13702

Let the GM do that

f2f42 No.13705

86748 No.13707

Got it (although I'm still having trouble understanding) I'll figure it out.

f2f42 No.13708

13d6 is rogue hp, 2d10 is blackguard. Tracy gets no constitution bonus. The values are not set, and while I reserve the right to modify HP rolls, I'm leaving it up to players to make the actual rolls.

f5764 No.13709

>Trump Good
Playing Lawful Good is very difficult because everyone is evil here and everyone deserves to be purged. But when you play like that, like Tourcil did with the slaves, it just has bad consequences for everyone. It robs you of allies and resources you need for later for fights against more important and more evil enemies. So you pretty much have to narrow your focus on what evils you want to fight, and adopt a sort of "The enemy of my enemy dies second" attitude and tolerate the existence of a great many evils so long as it is necessary to achieve a long-term, over-arching goal.

I'm basing this in large part on the foreign policy of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, which was focused around doing anything necessary to fight a great and dark evil, overlooking numerous smaller evils in the process. I also take inspiration from the civilizational goals of the George Bush and William McKinley foreign policy, which sees America as an ideal worth spreading to others. Donald Trump's Domestic policy, especially in Immigration, also forms a large part of my understanding of American good.

Of course, I included a hell of a lot of Donald Trump's actual life in the way I play this (am I the only one who has read "Art of the Deal"). The paranoia and megalomania are a personal touch.
>Tracy have breast plate
Shouldn't the characters start that scene naked or almost? Is there a moment to put on Armor?
So there is nothing for which you would be willing to bargain the ladybug?
So… I can have "Devotion to a cause"? Besides this, are feats like "Great Constitution" available to those with less than level 20?

f5764 No.13710

Does Trump get any bonus, racial or otherwise, to his 15d10 HP?

f2f42 No.13711

>Great Constitution
Epic = lvl 20+
Yes, a combined +15 to total (+1 con for each level)

86748 No.13712

What's Tracy's Con Stat again?

f5764 No.13713

Is this feat possible for a Paladin? http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Inquisitor
Is there nothing for which you'd be willing to bargain the ladybug?

f5764 No.13714

f5764 No.13715



I kind of just assumed I had something at least aesthetically similar

f2f42 No.13716

A Psionic Paladin

9ebaa No.13717

Her Char was also 11, right?

f2f42 No.13718


9ebaa No.13719


Do you have any idea how many rounds ago the post that listed the new gear was? I'm trying to make a character sheet.
Also >>13618 I'm taking a sword.

f2f42 No.13720

Uh, new gear? I don't follow.

f5764 No.13723

*cries in corner*

f2f42 No.13724

Oh, that post. Yeah, that works, although I'm waiting for Tracy to actually dig through the ducats before I go into any more detail; there IS more detail after all.
She did, and she even gave you the combination. See above.

9ebaa No.13725

Aren't the characters at the the tower?

f5764 No.13726

No, it's a very different building. One in town

21561 No.13728

is the map maker done with my map?

f2f42 No.13729

Trump and Tracy are at the apartments, Torcuil is at the tower, and Infernius is,… not specified at the moment.
Now I'm confused again

21561 No.13730

cool cool are we in cinema mode?

f5764 No.13731

>I'm confused
I will say nothing except that this slight has been noted and will be remembered

Inferius should be outside of the apartment building, which does not have a specified location but should be near the main plaza. You will be able immediately to join with Trumpaladin, Tracy, and Korak and all of the pirates as they go to the harbor. Or go immediately to the map shop

GM, if I can select actions, I would like to don armor before leaving, at least through the medium level, pick up my arms, and while walking, CALL MOUNT. The time during the walk should be filled with attempts at friendly dialogue

f2f42 No.13733

Alright. This is Tracy specific (no one knows this) but here's the quick rundown on Thez' ducats.
There are about 13 pieces of jewelry ~1-1.5k in value, floral patterns and motifs.
There is a little over 1kgp in assorted coin (mostly larger coin, with some pieces and plates of platinum and other metals).
There are dozens of chains of larger and smaller capacity, all totaling about 2kgp in value.
There are several bracelets, bangles, and other assorted jewelry valued at about 3kgp.
There is a matching set of embroidered velvet gloves, "pants", and masquerade mask, totalling 1kpg (gilt, stones, etc.).
There is a pile of earrings, ear cuffs, toe rings, totalling about .5kgp.
There is a small empty skull-shaped bottle with a jewelled stopper (.5kgp), and a larger spherical bottle that is so full there is no air in it, also with a jewelled stopper.
There's a solid-gold garter with rubies along its surface that has the "knife sheath" that she wore openly. The sheath is a sheath of holding, capable of holding anything from a dagger to a claymore as though it were a wee pocket-knife.
There's the frilly-lace and platinum garter which has the array of stones and which is the combination device that holds "the" stones. There's the mounting jewelry that Thez attached the quiver to her tail with, which is an over-the-top piece consisting of fragmented rubies arranged in a manner that makes it look like dragon's scale.
The whole material value of the set is near 100kgp, and if one knows what's inside, the value is more like 500kgp.

21561 No.13734

how do you open locks with no fingers?

9ebaa No.13735

stab keyholes with knives

9ebaa No.13736

How did this get unspoilered?

f5764 No.13737

>unquenchable… friskiness

>Gilded, Silk Adorned saddle that her husband never uses
Maybe if she tried half as hard to woo him as Fae did, she'd get further

21561 No.13738

grrentext dont mix well with spoilers

9ebaa No.13739

It was partially spoilered earlier

f5764 No.13740

What is kgp? We've been using shekels?
>All of this fine jewelry that would look great on a trophy wife but is never used

Why did Thez will almost everything to Tracy

9ebaa No.13741

Because she'd keep it safe.

21561 No.13742

for the babby

f5764 No.13743

It was just godawful to read completely spoilered. I went to look at it in Edit and there was a "s" but no ending. I edited out the spoiler because it was just awful

Sitting on it uselessly like a dragon on a horde or a jew on his gold

9ebaa No.13744

Like I said, it was just a rough draft; I didn't intend for other players to read it take it to heart. I just wanted advice from GM.

f5764 No.13745

>Thez wrote me out of the Will
Another slight that will be remembered

9ebaa No.13746

Like I said, it was just a rough draft; I didn't intend for other players to read it take it to heart. I just wanted advice from GM.

9ebaa No.13747

The foal will have a great upbringing.
You can have access to it after you finish the wedding ceremony and become part of the unified family.
Is this in the bag, or is it part of the stuff that Tracy would've found in her room and transferred to the treasure chamber in the >RapeDungeon during that week after?

f5764 No.13748

The damage is done. No matter, he does not need Thez any more than he needs you. Not anymore.

21561 No.13749

f2f42 No.13750

It wasn't a Will, she just threw it all in her 'pocket', and ended up giving that to Tracy cuz OMFGWTFBBQ
Kgp = 1000gp
Are you KIDDING?! She gave u her frickin' sword!!!
Purely bag contents, omitting the pieces u know about (dragon crown-thing, butterfly brooch, ladybug charm, etc.).

f5764 No.13752

Was the side pocket itself gifted to Tracy?
So is a gold piece a shekel?

Only counts as one item

f2f42 No.13753

The side pocket is attached to the quiver, so yes. A gp is a shekel.
>only one
What a jew

f5764 No.13754

>What a jew
You clearly see that the items were not distributed even remotely close to evenly

So it's Tracy's quiver?

9ebaa No.13755

File: 1509740866151.png (918.73 KB, 736x807, ready and willing1.png)

Will we have a session tonight? I'm free for the night.

f2f42 No.13756

Are you a commie then?
Maybe, dunno

21561 No.13757

f5764 No.13758

Why was so much more left to Tracy though?

9ebaa No.13759

File: 1509741060603-0.png (252.52 KB, 680x521, 1484538377109.png)

f2f42 No.13760

Because it was in Thez' pocket when she gave Tracy the quiver, cuz Tracy had no weapons. It wasn't "Gorshk, I'm gonna give all my wealth to Tracy", it was a hurried "put everything away" and then later "What? No weapons? Here".
The only items that were given with deliberation is the items that were left in the rooms.

f2f42 No.13761

Better question: Why does Trump's faggot care so much about who has what monies?

f5764 No.13762

File: 1509741274701.png (144.89 KB, 449x401, kek_rodina_alunya_by_comra….png)

>He doesn't have superior memes

It's not the monies

9ebaa No.13763

My memes were rationed-away by a faggot in a communist thread on /pol/ who insisted that my collection of memes gave me an unfair advantage in thread banter.

f5764 No.13764

File: 1509741488093.jpg (70.47 KB, 700x1006, CpVZJV5UIAAJtaa.jpg)

>Rationed away
Communist industrial might is superior

21561 No.13766

File: 1509741695021.png (345.89 KB, 499x564, 1482038388519.png)

9ebaa No.13767

File: 1509741767487.jpg (258.21 KB, 1000x1001, leftypol catgirl temptatio….jpg)

>implying true communism has been attained yet
Keep on working, Ali. That 4th syndicate won't build itself.

9ebaa No.13768

>fucked up twice
I surrender.

f5764 No.13769

File: 1509741999744.png (323.03 KB, 586x499, 1496923354448.png)

These nice men here of the NKVD will accept your surrender and take you to the train that will take you to the gulags
The fuck is that?

21561 No.13770

File: 1509742105467.png (45.87 KB, 774x643, 1480826028326.png)

f5764 No.13771

File: 1509742296294.jpg (108.63 KB, 800x533, 94c4da3d20832d568632743ba1….jpg)

>Promoting a nationalist western oppressor of indigenous populations

f5764 No.13772

I am free

21561 No.13773

File: 1509742550243.gif (231.67 KB, 800x533, 1480826255906.gif)

>implying you read the meme
>implying the Palestinians care about you.

f5764 No.13774

File: 1509742661494.jpg (42.35 KB, 604x401, gazarally11.jpg)

>Implying you care about the Palestinians
>Implying the meme didn't read you

21561 No.13775

File: 1509742840224.jpg (28.58 KB, 480x480, 1505603614524.jpg)

>i do actually care about the plight of the Palestinians.
>because fuck joos

9ebaa No.13776

I never gave a fuck about them, but sometimes I pretend to, just to stick it to the kikes.

9ebaa No.13777

Praise Epona.

f5764 No.13778

File: 1509743149184.gif (524.66 KB, 500x240, Really.gif)

I don't care about them. At my university they are a bunch of leftist extremists.
I dislike the Palestinians more. The Jews and Israelis here don't riot or threaten violence
I'm watching you
>not football

21561 No.13779

id rather associate with muzzies than kikes tbh , at least the muzzies are up front about how much they hate us.

9ebaa No.13780

>riot or threaten violence
I don't condone that at all, unless it's in Israel.

21561 No.13781

same here.

f2f42 No.13782

>is watching virtual divegrass now cuz you fucks are off the rails

f5764 No.13783

GM, I've determined that I want to allot the remaining two ability point to my charisma score to bring the total to 18.

Also, how many of the Charm domain spells can I cast a day?

21561 No.13784

wes just talkin bout them khazars masta

9ebaa No.13785

File: 1509743754780-0.png (386.15 KB, 6002x3668, 1230788__explicit_artist-c….png)

Watching while shitposting with one hand.
Clerics prepare two Domain Spells at the beginning of each day.

f5764 No.13786

That makes sense

Can I talk at the same time as casting a full round spell and while invoking a free action? Also, how much can I talk in a round?

9ebaa No.13787

I'm going to start by putting 8 ranks into Move Silently and Hide, then put 4 ranks into Disguise.

21561 No.13788

dont forget to add it to your sheet

9ebaa No.13789

Do I need to add species/racial bonus to my character sheet? Should I list bonuses and skill points separately?

9ebaa No.13790

May as well just max-out Hide and Move Silently to 15 each.

21561 No.13791

add it all.

9ebaa No.13792


b8190 No.13793

Holy fucking shit
Thats long as hell
GM, could I kindly have my level as I go digiing for stats

21561 No.13794

no just write that you have a bonus in it

f5764 No.13795

I just wrote up a speech to give to Korak that will probably piss off GM, but my God was it fun to write.

I really want to RP this

f2f42 No.13797

Before anyone gets too carried away, please note that Tracy's Cauchemar transformation IS NOT on par with a full-form Cauchemar, and that her stats and abilities are likewise NOT on par

f5764 No.13798

We can all find the page. We know she exchanges her normal stats for those when she wild shifts or whatever it is called

f5764 No.13799

… What?

f5764 No.13800

Okay, I remembered she has more limited shifting between planes

b8190 No.13801

Whats a Cauchemar?
And whats Torc's level?

f2f42 No.13802

I have him as a 14th lvl Sorceror, 1st level Theurge (15 overall)

9ebaa No.13803

File: 1509752298395-0.jpg (135.03 KB, 800x800, y9zlvlt49xey.jpg)

[angry nightmare noises]

9ebaa No.13804

Basically a Nightmare with a couple extra feats and a lot more strength.

f2f42 No.13805

>Nightmare feats
Feats listed for Nightmares/Cauchemars are for actual nightmares/cauchemars and not "recently augmented player types". Deal with it.
Before added bonuses (which I recall were all put into Dex) I have Tracy's stats at S 13 D 16 C 11 W 9 I 13 and Ch 11.
Where'd the +2 str, +2 wis, and -1 Int come from?
Oh goodie

b8190 No.13806

>prepares autism
Okay char sheet time

Name: Torcuil
Human Male
Allignment: Choatic good
Class: Meme Mage
>Level distibution
14th lvl sorceror
1st lvl theurge
Lvl 15 overall
Str: 9
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Int: 16
Wis: 11
Cha: 14

Fort: 5
Refl: 5
Will: 9
>Meta Staff
(Weapon) Self-affecting magic
>Staff of ultimate power
(Weapon) Traditional spells
(Tool) Allows the moving of metal objects, using magnetism
>Meme Tome
(Item) Used to prepare Meme Spells
>Claymore Dagger
>Ring of Jumping
>Ear cuff(?) Of blinking
>the personal shield thingy

>decipher script

Hit die: 15d4+15
>Le fin

f2f42 No.13807

Ring of protection +3

f5764 No.13808

GM, in the play session last Saturday, I did a Sense Motive check on Korak, and you listed all of the things he truly wants and values. I could not find it when reading through again. Could you please reprint it?

9ebaa No.13809

File: 1509753376251-0.gif (1.65 MB, 480x481, 465.gif)

>mfw I've been basing my entire play plan on being able to turn into a nightmare and bulldoze the party out of trouble when the going got tough, but now I find out she's nerfed and I don't have an unfair advantage anymore
Then I guess she'll just have to keep hunting down and devouring infernals until she consumes enough essence to achieve a true nightmare transformation.

b8190 No.13810

When did I get that?

9ebaa No.13811

At the same time you got the bracers

f5764 No.13812

>Becoming a Jew
Do I really need to say anything?

f2f42 No.13813

You can still bulldoze, Trollestia did it quite easily last round, you're just not the size of a small house. Poor you.
1. Korak, 2. Money, 3. Ship, 4. Pirates/Barry/etc/wtfe
I don't know what you're referring to, but that's the list

b8190 No.13814

9ebaa No.13815

I will devour the Jew and claim the spoils his throne!
Why do you think I want the whip and vorpal sword? I had an ongoing theme of her inheriting the powers of the enemies she consumed.
I was hoping to duel her in the future and prove which beast was the superior monster… Oh well, I'll show her someday.
>small house
The wiki says it's the size of a light war horse

f2f42 No.13816

A huge creature is not the size of a light war horse. A LARGE creature is the size of a light war horse. A huge creature is 125%-150% the size by height and/or volume.

21561 No.13817

id suggest creating a seperate sheet for the ghost horse form.

9ebaa No.13818

Ah. I was wondering why the entries on every site I visited listed that creature as Huge, but still said "about the size of a light war horse"; it made little sense to me at the time. Must be some error in the listings or something (idk how the game works though)

f5764 No.13819

>Vorpal sword
I thought it was really weird, because she's always depicted as holding large knives

9ebaa No.13820

File: 1509754527326-0.jpg (60.88 KB, 464x640, 1850595-vorpal_poster.jpg)

I'd prefer a smaller blade, but it should be vorpal.

f2f42 No.13821

Huge would mean that a 6' tall human would be standing face to chest with her.
Meh, I'm not impressed. It does good job of describing a baseline (10-11) but totally nerfs the higher stats.

21561 No.13822

File: 1509754769544.gif (551.51 KB, 498x250, 1458339243624.gif)

>not wanting vorpal fashaxes

9ebaa No.13823

File: 1509754896012-0.png (167.54 KB, 900x152, restricted___vorpal_blade_….png)

>Implying she could dual wield weapons that big in nightmare form
I have a theme to work on anyway.

f5764 No.13824

>Wielding weapons at all in Nightmare form
Is the hoof attack not good enough for you?

9ebaa No.13825

Since she doesn't have 31 Str in Nightmare form anymore, I guess Awesome Blow is disqualified. Can I have Improved Multiattack instead?
She'll always have a knife on her.

f5764 No.13826

Of course she'll always have a knife on her. Using it when all you have is a hoof? I don't know…

9ebaa No.13827

>Dexterous Maw
She'll hold it in her mouth, like she did during the last boss fight.

f5764 No.13828

Does she have three natural weapons to attack with in nightmare form? I thought she just had her two front hooves?

f5764 No.13829

Does she still have dexterous maw in Nigtmare form?

9ebaa No.13830

Dexterous maw was part of the Awakened Horse homebrew. I assume it still counts when transformed, because the head shape is not unlike a horse's.
She has three: two hooves and a bite attack (nightmares are predators)

b8190 No.13831

So, are we gonna do anything tonight?

f5764 No.13832

Well, if you are not getting full Cauchemar strength then you might as well

>three attacks

Be advised multiweapon attack applies only to natural weapons, not to melee or magical weapons. I wanted it for myself until I discovered that

God I hope so. I've been preparing for a while now

f2f42 No.13833

After review, I have Torcuil and Troll at the tower. Trump and Tracy are at the apartments (NOT with the pirates), and Infernius was at the back of the pirates when they left, not sure where he is headed.

f2f42 No.13834

I took a 3 hour nap and have lots of beer and coffee, so if everyone is ready and still in the surroundings (board) then we can get started

b8190 No.13835

What happens when Torc leaves thtt booth thing?

f5764 No.13836

GM, I would like to note that I should now have 18 ranks in Diplomacy, as well as 5 in Knowledge (Royalty), and 18 in Sense Motive, besides the negotiator feat and a Charisma score of 18. With "Devotion" and the charm domain I can invoke that domain's power - a charisma increase of 4 points for 1 minute. With a full round devoted to casting the spell, I can also cast "eagle's splendor" once a day as a Paladin spell.

So this means I would have
18 in Diplomacy, +2 from synergy from knowledge, +2 in Synergy from Sense Motive, +2 from the Negotiator Feat, and +4 charisma modifier from my normal charisma. If either Eagle's splendor or the charm unique power is activated, that rises to +6. It rises to +8 if both are activated

So I should have +28 points added to a diplomacy check on normal and up to 32+ if the spell and special power are activated

I'd like to start walking with the pirates as they go back to the docks. I do not want to leave their sides. I prefer to be carrying Tracy in my arms

21561 No.13837

File: 1509756998933.gif (1.98 MB, 164x275, 1480826211770.gif)

lets go my dude

f5764 No.13838

It should take several minutes to walk to the docks. In that time I would like to chat with Korak and the pirates and very importantly, CALL MOUNT.

If Inferius is seen within range, "Inferius, please come join our new friends."

f2f42 No.13839

He's still hungry
Are you going to put armor on first?

f5764 No.13840

If it can be done without losing Korak (I can invite them in for alcohol to buy time) then yes, with Tracy helping or a random pirate helping if possible. If it cannot be done without losing the pirates than no, I will not be

21561 No.13841

oh hey trump. what do?

b8190 No.13842

Torc trys to find the mess hall, looking hopefully for some haggis

f2f42 No.13843

Interesting choice, pajamas then? The pirates have had a long night of booze and impromptu fighting, and are eager to turn in. In following them, you would run into Infernius, and can call him along if you like.

f2f42 No.13844

There is a replicator straight outta star trek. In a moment, there's haggis.

f5764 No.13845

"Make friends. Tell them about the Jews - not just Korak. Help us bring back the bodies"

No Armor? Okay then. Call Inferius and, I cannot emphasize this enough, CALL MOUNT

f5764 No.13846

>Eager to turn in
That's quite alright. Their resurrected companions will be waiting for them at the football game in 12 hours

f2f42 No.13847

Fae comes swooping in from the air, to the amazement of Korak and the pirates.
"Ye're just a barrel full of surprises ain't ye."
F> You called, Lord Trump?

21561 No.13848

i start reading a few passages from mein kampf.

21561 No.13849

outloud to the pirates to see if any of them are interested

f5764 No.13850

To Korak
"Why thank you. This is my mount. Fae. She knows all about Elway, Football, Ponies, and America. Trump tower is in the air, so I will need her to fly me to it when I help you."

To Fae
"Please be ready to carry me and items as need be."

Good choice

9ebaa No.13851

Alright, for now I've decided to allocate skill points to
>15 in Hide
>15 in Move Silently
>5 in bluff
>5 in Sleight of Hand
>10 in Handle Animal
>4 in Disguise
What benefit would I get if I invested points in Control Shape?
*puts on armor*

b8190 No.13852

f5764 No.13853

Let's say Tracy fell asleep in my arms

21561 No.13854

f5764 No.13855

You should accompany me. Ideally in my arms

f2f42 No.13856

You mean aside from being able to legitimately control your shape better? Armor noted (hide is easier than plate).

f5764 No.13857

Can I get partial armor like leather armor? Failing that, can I get a business suit? Failing that, can I get literally anything more than pajamas?

f2f42 No.13858

You can have a business suit, but no time for more if you want to keep up with the pirates.

f5764 No.13859

I will take business suit

f5764 No.13860

Taking both weapons

b8190 No.13861

I forgot to specify
I put all my skill points equally into the 3 I picked
Torc decide to rest for awhile, until he can figure out what to do with the pirates
I'll be back "soon"

9ebaa No.13862

She'd wake up as soon as she smelled the lion
>*sees lion*
>*sees the jewish dwarf that shot her*
Now she's pissed-off.
I was going to try to have her assume hybrid form for certain situations, but now I'm not so sure how beneficial partial transformation is.
>Trumpaladin not only wearing the most high-class golden armor
Do full armor or just a classy business suit.

21561 No.13863

File: 1509758148224.png (3.7 KB, 262x255, 1482042395992.png)

>not sleeping in a suit.

f2f42 No.13864

"So what did ye come back out here ta meet me fer? I thought our business was concluded for the night, all things considered."
Here's the skinny. Smaller = faster Bigger = stronger. There's less significant elements, but that's basically what it boils down to. You can smoke and fly in either form, but you can't NOT smoke/fire in big form.

f5764 No.13865

"Calm down little pony. You got something from me last night and this morning she's never gotten. You may just get more if only you stay good

>Full armor or suit

Good point. Business suit only

Also a good point, but it was complicated by sex and needing to like like I was having sex
>inb4 have sex in the suit
I wanted to show Tracy more respect than that

f5764 No.13866

"Concluded? It's not concluded until it's executed. Let me take your men and the unicorn."

f5764 No.13867

"Where is she anyways?"

21561 No.13868

are any in the group interested in my preaching?

f5764 No.13869

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather stay in some of our apartments?"

9ebaa No.13870

Most Anons wear the suit while fucking: it's part of the deal.
>"calm down"
[suppressed stabbing sounds]

Sure, I'll take 9 points in that then.
Could she advance her transformation further by taking more ranks in the future?

f5764 No.13871

Well, that would explain why he was able to put in on so quickly

*Pets pony to calm her*

f2f42 No.13872

>take your men and the unicorn
I'll need clarification on that statement before continuing
Nope, they just sorta walk around you.
… maybe

f2f42 No.13873

Mainboard rape

f5764 No.13874

The arrangement was that Korak would drop any claim against him for Tourcil's attack, and also deliver to trump the unicorn, in exchange for Trumpaladin using the Entertron to resurrect the men killed by Tourcil and Trollestia. Trumpaladin is very eager to carry this exchange out

f2f42 No.13875

"Oh no lad, the arrangement was for ye to give me the Scotsman, and in exchange we don't kill the lot of ye."

f5764 No.13876

"Don't worry Inferius, they are just a little tired. After they wake up bright and early at 4 PM they will be more receptive to your message"

f2f42 No.13877

… also the resurrection bit

f5764 No.13878

"Now that's not what I recall you saying at the tower."

f5764 No.13879

"You can take his celestial charger if you can catch her though. But I don't recommend trying. She's difficult to deal with"

21561 No.13880

*minotuar pout*
me hope you right.

21561 No.13881

nobody take meme man!

9ebaa No.13882

>I gotta go for the next 20 some minutes
Tracy makes a look like she's about to stab someone in the next 2 minutes if she doesn't get her space
"Brb. Going Ghost."
And with that, she phases ainto the ground and disappears somewhere off into stealth.

f2f42 No.13883

Torcuil was never removed from the barter list, and while Trollestia was included, Slovenia was never agreed as also part of the agreement.
The agreement stands at:
Party coughs up Torcuil and Troll (and the yet undiscovered lost slaves), and in exchange no one else has to die.

f2f42 No.13884

And THAT is how you legitimately stealth in plain sight. >golfclap

f5764 No.13885

"Fuck. She better not fuck things up."

"Now don't play silly with me now Korak. I know you value your men more than that"

Trump moves in front of the group and addresses all of them
"Isn't that right men? Haven't you got the greatest captain ever here? Willing to go to great lengths to get his men back?"

Trump addresses Korak specifically
"I can see why they are so loyal to you. They respect your loyalty to them'

f5764 No.13886

She did t in Trump's arms. She could have done better

f2f42 No.13887

Nervous, but joined cheers of accord
Yes! Play to his vanity! Its obvious when you look at his attire!

9ebaa No.13888

>one last moment
Praise Epona!

f2f42 No.13889

>inb4 delet

f5764 No.13890

Tracy leaving really does fuck up contingency plans.

"Three Cheers for Korak!"

f2f42 No.13891

You lot ALL fuck up contingency plans. Xp
Korak raises an eye at you, but accommodates and goes along with the cheering. Many backs are slapped and laughter is now bubbling through the advancing throng of pirates (there's about 30-ish, its a big ship).

f5764 No.13892

"Korak, I know you're exited for all of the opportunities that are coming up. I know you're tired too. I'll explain so much more to you when you join us tonight at the football game"

Trump addresses the whole group
"Join us, 12 hours, for the football game! I tell you you'll love it."

Addresses Korak
"Korak, there's a tradition where I come from of giving applause and recognition to important men beofre football games. I don't mean like business men, I mean true world leaders. Our equivalent of Emperors. The people of Port barry would love to address their founder tonight"

f2f42 No.13893

"I don't take to ur meaning, but I'm not mindin' the sound of more entertainment!"
More agreement from the pirates. "Then its settled, we meet tonight for this Football, and American, and whatever else ye been sayin', and we won't kill the Scotsman (for now). Deal?"

f5764 No.13894

"Korak, I understand our Scotsman has violated your trust here. He violated mine too. But please don't think so poorly of the man. As I said, he's from a different place and time. He wasn't looking to harm or insult you or your men, he was looking to do what he thought was good. We'll reprimand him for certain"

f5764 No.13895

"Yes, of course. And your men, whom you value as they value and appreciate your allegiance to you, who were unfortunately killed last night, will join you at the game in perfect health and a little boozed up by pre-gaming if we take the unicorn. Please don't mind that part, it's just that bringing people back from the dead is quite a feat. I know they are worth it to you, noble captain"

f2f42 No.13896

"Well the way I figure it, if ye can revive him, we can kill him without harm right?"
More laughter from pirates.

f2f42 No.13897

"Ah, but if I give ye the unicorn, whatever will I attend this gala event on?" he says with a slight glint to his eye. "I'll keep the mare for now, I hope you won't be too put out by it."

f5764 No.13898

*stops to seriously consider this possibility*
"Well, I haven't met him since he did whatever he did. I'll see what his intentions were, what he did, and consider what is appropriate"

f2f42 No.13899

"Aye, ye do that. It doesn't do to allow one's subordinates to start thinkin'. Ye never know what sorta trouble they might brew when ye back is turned."

f5764 No.13900

"Well, in my time, we had something called "pick ups" that we would ride out to the game, and we would keep them in the parking lot, get drunk on the back of them, and grill hotdogs. But there's not room to ride horses inside of the stadium. But I'd like to meet her and dress her up. I don't mean to imply I could do a better job than you. I mean, look at you. I just would like a personal touch. But if you want to arrive in style - true style - we've got multiple flying animals here. My dragonne. And Tracy, wherever she is"

"That indeed, that indeed. I wonder where the blue one is"
Fuck fuck fuck! He found one Trumpaladin's weaknesses

f2f42 No.13901

"Ah appreciate the consideration, but I assure ye, we've plenty of finery to gussy her up with. Don't ye worry, we'll make an entrance, don't ye doubt!"

9ebaa No.13902

Where was that Slovenian Unicorn being held again? Go over there.

f2f42 No.13903

This is gonna be so good, you don't even know

f2f42 No.13904

Unknown at this time. She hasn't been seen since the initial encounter.

9ebaa No.13905

Could I Track her down?

f2f42 No.13906

Yes, by scent. She's near the docks.

9ebaa No.13907

On that note, a unicorn is a pretty rare piece of cargo; the townsfolk should still be gossiping about seeing it. Tracy could ask around and to see where she was led off.

b8190 No.13908

Something clicks in Torc's mind, and he feels like a retard
Torc> Trollestia, where are the elves?

f5764 No.13909

"I do have faith in you. I just want to inspect her before taking her. Don't you worry, we'll be taking your men now. They will be compensated for all of their trouble, and told what a truly good captain they have willing to forgive slights and relinquish valuable items for their sake. There love for you can only grow. We'll have them tell their stories to the town at the game so the town may know of your magnanimity, and their love may grow."

calls out to the side

f5764 No.13910

>Where are the elves
Isn't that the beauty of it? No one knows

9ebaa No.13911

Dice rollRolled 18, 12 = 30

Follow tracks in stealth
Roll for stealth (both checks are +15)

b8190 No.13912

I got this, just wait
Oh no one asked you ye bastard

f5764 No.13913

"Inferius! Can you come close to me?"

f2f42 No.13914

They're downstairs (the treasury area)
K> TAKING her, whoa lad, I'm still missing the part where I agreed to that, tho ye're welcome to link to tha post if ye can. Also, they already sing songs about me,….
Its scent, and there's a gaggle of pirates in the way and in the surrounding area.

21561 No.13915

uh… me guess so

f2f42 No.13916

>Note for later

f5764 No.13917

"Believe me, they can add verses. As I said, healing a wounded person is one thing, but dead three hours is another"

b8190 No.13918

T> Keep them safe, I have to fix what I have started
Torc gears up before leaving, and then casts "I believe I can fly"

9ebaa No.13919

Follow scent then.
Where does it lead?
Put on Mask to disguise self as delivery boy, in case anybody gets through stealth.

f5764 No.13920

A second time, Trump calls out to the side loudly

"TRACY CAGE!" says much more softly "and she wonders why I don't trust her to be a mount"

f5764 No.13921

9ebaa No.13922

Dice rollRolled 7

May as well make disguise check (4 ranks, +8 with mask)

b8190 No.13923

Quick question, what does blinking do to Torcuil's aappearence?

f2f42 No.13924

Torcuil, from the tower exits through the main entrance and takes flight.
Just imagine it for the moment, leaping from a 120' tall building without fear or regret, and gliding along across airwaves, drafts, and gusts. Ahhh.
Tracy has separated and is out of audible range.
It's +10, but k. You're a skinny delivery boy with freckles and a foppish hat.
Good question. A pity you haven't experimented with it yet. Xp

9ebaa No.13925

Okay, follow scent towards unicorn. Ask gossiping townsfolk if need be.

f5764 No.13926

"Korak, I am not sure I want to explain why, but you may want to go make sure your horses are secured. All of them. Now"

b8190 No.13927

Hmmm, Torc activates the blinking. He flys into town, formulating his plan

9ebaa No.13928


f5764 No.13929

You wonder why she's not his mount?

9ebaa No.13930

Not really.

f2f42 No.13931

Eyes narrow.
"What're ye gettin' at?"
Any interactive investigation will take more time than you have. You know its one of the buildings near the docks.
The surroundings begin to strobe/flicker from 'reality' to a gray and windswept barren (even of land) area. Torcuil notices his speed increases.

9ebaa No.13932

Keep looking for unicorn.
>more time than you have
What's she waiting for?

b8190 No.13933

Uh, can I use that autohypnosis to get a better look at the gray place?

f5764 No.13934

"I'm sorry, it's just I am a bit paranoid. A couple weeks ago I lost some horses to a notorious horse thief. I thought the situation was under control and then I realized while walking that it was not."

*Trump activates contingency plan Delta*
"Tell you what. Keep the unicorn. But I want to see where she was kept on the ship"

f2f42 No.13935

"Its not custom, but I think it can be arranged for ye to see the ship."
Its a shapeless wasteland of nothing but wind and the occasional fragmented shapes. The ethereal plane is not known for scenery.
Oh give it a minute.

f5764 No.13936

"I am going to tell you right now that all equines you own are in grave danger. But as you said, I am full of surprises."

21561 No.13937

infernuis has confession me have always wanted to see the inside of a pirate ship.

9ebaa No.13938

File: 1509763267711-0.png (69.92 KB, 500x500, 1198887__artist needed_saf….png)

That largely depends on whether or not she decides to be an insufferable cunt.

b8190 No.13939

Strange, but it gives me an idea
Torc lands, and with precise timing, torc stop the blinking in the ethereal plane, takes ten steps forward and blinks back to The Game

f5764 No.13940

"You may well get your chance Inferius"

Ponimaru fucking deserved it and Trollestia would have. But don't worry, you may just have inadvertently increased your Flashy's bargaining power

f5764 No.13941

The one that Thez ate didn't deserve it though

21561 No.13942

she was hungry

f5764 No.13943

So hungry she could eat a horse apparently

f5764 No.13944

I was going to make you mount though

b8190 No.13945

No killing Torc's waifu

9ebaa No.13946

This is true. I let her get away just for that..
No promises (she already hates her)

f5764 No.13947

Like how? It's fucking invincible. I hope Trumpaladin's waifu is as resilient

9ebaa No.13948

Tracy could probably pull it off pretty easily if she were fully transformed…

f5764 No.13949

"Tell you what Korak, I agree to your arrangement. Deliver the Unicorn to the Stadium at game time. Be advised that an insane, powerful, and stealthy horse murderer is on the lose and there is nothing I can do about it at the moment"

f5764 No.13950


9ebaa No.13951

Does she find the unicorn or not?

f5764 No.13952

Jesus, they aren't even to the ship yet. Give it time

9ebaa No.13953

I compared their total stats: not impossible.

f5764 No.13954

I'll give you some advice: don't attract attention to yourself on the docks by transforming or burning things down

9ebaa No.13955

I want to at least get some dialogue down tonight.
I'll do what I see fit.

f5764 No.13956

As will I and the pirates

21561 No.13957

File: 1509764190980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.98 KB, 450x433, 1481042069953.jpg)

secret thread

9ebaa No.13958


f2f42 No.13959

Alright. So the pirates make their way back to the ship in high spirits. As they do so, several emerge from a warehouse near Tracy's position, leading Slovenia back to the ship. Korak and co disappear below-decks, leaving Infernius, Trump, and Tracy (stealth) on an otherwise empty docks.

f5764 No.13960

"Inferius, follow me"
Heads right for the Unicorn
"Never mind on needing to go below decks, Korak"

Off to the side

9ebaa No.13961

Dammit. I wanted to speak to her in the warehouse first.
*follows unicorn onto ship, in stealth*

f5764 No.13962

GM, please tell me if I get within physical proximity of the unicorn. I mean if I can get so close as to touch her

b8190 No.13963

So what happens when Torc tries this?
I'm assuming that he moved those ten steps in the game too

21561 No.13964

ok me follow you

f2f42 No.13965

Not at the moment, but Korak and co (who Slovenia is in advance of) stall for a moment.
"Yeh? Wut ye want?"

f5764 No.13966

Whispers so Inferius only can hear
"If I call for contingency plan Epsilon, grab the unicorn and fly off far from here. Cast a protection from evil spell if necessary"

f2f42 No.13967

Depends on what you're attempting. If you're trying to develop comprehension of the gear-cuff, then k. If you have an agenda, that will be more difficult.

21561 No.13968

got it.

9ebaa No.13969

You can walk thru walls 'n shit, but you might get nommed by a spook if you do it too long.

9ebaa No.13970

Tracy lurks around furtively in stealth, just close enough to observe unicorn for the round.

f2f42 No.13971

And here I had hoped you weren't aware of that catch,….

f5764 No.13972

"I am terribly sorry to trouble you, but I need a lock of hair from the unicorn. It's terribly difficult to explain, but that's all I need and we can take the corpses and leave you to sleep"

9ebaa No.13973

Why do you think I was only doing it momentarily?

f5764 No.13974

Dice rollRolled 8

Can I do a sense check on the environment for anything out of the ordinary? I do mean anything in my surroundings

f2f42 No.13975

"Ah dunno, what 'yer talkin' about sounds alot like some crazy voodoo shit. Why do I need to give a bit of me unicorn to ye?"

f5764 No.13976

"Why, because of crazy voodoo shit of course. As I said, our machine takes a unicorn."

9ebaa No.13977

>Paladin lying
And after you got all triggered about it earlier…

b8190 No.13978

I'm just trying to see if moving in that realem would also change where Torc is The Game

f5764 No.13979

"Inferius, call out your fly and start loading corpses. We're here to help"

f5764 No.13980

It's true in a way

21561 No.13981

He has a name you know!

f5764 No.13982

"I don't mean to insult you Inferius, I just can't remember every name that isn't Anglo"

9ebaa No.13983

Lurk close enough to avoid detection, but still observe unicorn.

f2f42 No.13984

It does, but not "1 to 1", meaning there's some variance between where one perceives themselves and where they 'appear'.

f5764 No.13985

Head towards the Unicorn, and if not physically prevented, take out Vanderium, and use him to slice a lock of hair

21561 No.13986

sorry it was never specified.

b8190 No.13987

Torc goes back to flying with blink on

f2f42 No.13988

No worries I'm not the one who offended a millenia-old archetypal Egyptian deity. Xp
Restrained by pirates.
K> Whoa there lad, what're ye about now. Ye been actin' strange today. Somethin' I should know about perhaps?

f5764 No.13989

"As I said before, there is a murderer on the lose. The machine does not operate on nothing, it needs matter. Please give me a lock of the Unicorn's hair, or better, blood, and all will be right when you see us tonight. This is an insurance policy, and you will be glad I did it if needed"

21561 No.13990

i restrain the pirates that are restraining trump.
which one?

9ebaa No.13991

Dice rollRolled 8

Spot check to observe unicorn while I wait for chance to do something.

9ebaa No.13992


f2f42 No.13993

Infernius proceeds to buffet and guide pirates along, largely outside their intentions and plans.
K> to Trump> What's he about? I'm not gonna have to thwump him am I?

f2f42 No.13994

The unicorn is clearly visible, surrounded by a ring of pirates, who are surrounded by more pirates. Trump and Infernius are in the mix, but as the exception; the rule is pirates.

9ebaa No.13995

What about her expression?

f5764 No.13996

"He's a bit protective of his friends. He got spooked when you restrained me. But it's all okay, I just need a lock of hair or vial of blood from the unicorn"

f5764 No.13997

Search pockets for anything of value to offer the pirates

f5764 No.13998

"Inferius, you can step back a few feet. They mean me no harm"

9ebaa No.13999

Praise Epona.

f2f42 No.14000

Distraught mixed with resignation.
K> Ye keep sayin' that. I'll hold onto, if ye don't mind.

b8190 No.14001

Torcuil goes invisible as he flys into this cluster fuck

9ebaa No.14002

>Distraught mixed with resignation.
Keep lurking in stealth. Wait to follow wherever they take her.

f2f42 No.14003

Brilliant, now mix Epone enthusiasm with Football enthusiasm, and its golden. Just sayin'
K. The proceedings are now (as though they weren't) to Torcuil's privy.

f5764 No.14004

"Yes, you can hold on to her, that's quite alright. Just hand me a piece of her hair, an old brush you used for her, hoof clippings, a vial of blood, something from her, for use as an insurance policy in case things go as badly as they could. I am not playing games with you, and I mean everything I say. Check me. I am sincere."

b8190 No.14005

Torc now waits for an oppertunity

f5764 No.14006

"As I have said so many times before, the machine takes a Unicorn"

9ebaa No.14007

File: 1509766474986-0.png (165.04 KB, 1024x1163, 1415483__safe_artist-colon….png)

I've been praising football hard for months, up until and after /sp/ was established as a permanent. It's well known that Lord Elway has all of the footballs.
I just figured figured Epona deserved a bit more recognition as a patron diety of this board.

f5764 No.14008

File: 1509766541119.jpg (56.02 KB, 728x768, 30a.jpg)

>Worshiping any deity besides Elway

9ebaa No.14009

>polygamist lecturing me about faith

f2f42 No.14010

K> Oi lad, there's this funny bow that keeps hoverin' over me mates. Might ye know what its about? Its all greenish and has a bit o' darkness about it
K> Well now ye got me hackles up. You'll keep yer paws off me unicorn and we'll proceed as we 'ave.
With a slight sneer and an edge of tension.
He pulls you aside for a moment.
"Ye never said that! This here is worth more than most of our measly lives. I'll need more than your
s - anyone's - assurance that this isn't some sort of con-game. Sorry, but nooo."

f5764 No.14011

File: 1509766647738.jpg (90.16 KB, 500x750, 2f72572fb0530333bf1b4ef17f….jpg)

Am I wrong?

f2f42 No.14012

I apologize for ever doubting. Praise Epona, Praise Elway. ^;_;^

21561 No.14013

>why are you ok with hitler?

9ebaa No.14014

Dice rollRolled 13, 5 = 18

God fucking dammit, Bob! I knew he would be the end of me. This is why Tracy doesn't trust non-edged weapons.
*phase through the fucking dock and get away quickly*
Reroll stealth (15 ranks)

f5764 No.14015

"Listen, I have reason to believe the unicorn might be killed as you sleep. If she is killed and all parts of her spread out across the bay as shark food, she's gone forever. Unless - I tell you now, unless - we can get a lock of her hair, you are in danger of losing her forever. But if I take a part of her, she can be brought back just as surely as can your men. It's an insurance policy. Trust me. You'll be glad I did it if you need it. And frankly, you may want to give me bits of more of your horses and more of your men."

f5764 No.14016


f5764 No.14017

Hitler is a man

f2f42 No.14018

Relax, ur not revealed yet, just the bow
K> Lad, you've been right fair with me and me mates, so I'll be right fair with ye. I knowed ye've had yer eye on me unicorn since ye saw her. I get it, she's a might pretty that one, but I'll have no more of this "Oh, I don't care about the unicorn but gimme the unicorn
spiel. Ye done ruined the pie on that one."
Muttered pirate laughter

9ebaa No.14019

>thinking I'm going to let the plot I've been working towards for hours slip away
She accidentally put her face in the water after phasing through the deck: she didn't hear you.

9ebaa No.14020

Dammit, Bob! Learn to stealth.

21561 No.14021

he acsended to god-hood, you piss ant

f5764 No.14022

"Yes I am interested in her. Why else do you think I've been asking for her? The fact remains that she is in danger. You saw the bow. Give me a lock so she can be brought back if need be."

f2f42 No.14023

Tracy is fully concealed still, its that bow that hovers overhead that isn't

b8190 No.14024

>Torc makes sure his anvils are on hand

f5764 No.14025

He made it out pretty well considering how poorly a shape he left Germany

9ebaa No.14026

*mutters to self silently*
>'Tartarus. This is why i only trust knives. Get out of there, you stick-thrower.'

f2f42 No.14027

>brushes insistent hand away.
K> No. If ye want to negotiate for her, I'm listenin'. In the meantime I'm not offerin' hide nor hair to ye', ESPECIALLY since apparently ye can bring folks back from the DEAD.

f2f42 No.14028

The bow doesn't affect ur concealment, but it does follow you

9ebaa No.14029

File: 1509767380316-0.jpg (103.51 KB, 620x412, adolf_hitler2.jpg)

9ebaa No.14030

How far away is the ship?

21561 No.14031

File: 1509767708156.png (280.92 KB, 720x480, 1503357216222.png)

f5764 No.14032

"It's the same deal as I said before. We resurrect your men and you deliver the Unicorn at the game, and no sooner. But if you do not want insurance beware, for you are taking an unnecessary risk upon yourself. Be on the look out for a stealthy murderer with a green magical bow that floats. We will leave you be."

With that, I fuck right off. Walk to mount, get on mount, and leave

"TRACY! DO YOU WANT TO KILL SHIT? DO YOU WANT TO IMPRESS YOUR FLASHY? DO YOU WANT TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE?" without giving tine to respond Trumpaladin adds "no? I didn't think so. Fucking less than worthless"

"Inferius! No need to stay here, let's get out of here. We'll be back for the bodies later"

9ebaa No.14033

*is trying to get water out of pony ears, but it's difficult because hooves*

f5764 No.14034


Did I see from where the unicorn came? Where at the stable?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it

f5764 No.14035

A pony thrashing around in the water? Must be awfully noisy

9ebaa No.14036

Heil /)

9ebaa No.14037

She just dunked her face it. A minor slip.

f5764 No.14038

Damn. That's gonna hurt her listen checks for a while. Possibly even until she can get someone to clean her ears.

b8190 No.14039


f2f42 No.14040

Many keks.
So Trump leaves the pirates to themselves and their ship, Tracy has found that the pirates were keeping Slovenia in a nearby warehouse until now, Infernius has determined that the pirates are not too interested in this 'Adolph' fella, and that there's a date tonight for the Devner Broncos VS. Who-The-Fuck-Ever-Else!!!

f5764 No.14041

Check knowledge for where the stable at the dock is located. He's a business man who helped plan the rebuilding of the town.

9ebaa No.14042

Follow to where they're keeping Slovenia.

21561 No.14043

me go to map shop(unless trump needs me for something else)

f5764 No.14044

"Nah, you're free. There was a quest we needed to go on, but we need Tracy for it, and she's disappeared, as per usual."

f2f42 No.14045

Its a big one. Its been run down and was only being used as a "less conspicuous stable"
You're not letting this go are you?
>getting toward night-time
"I had wondered if you might be back. We've hit some snags with your order. We have a map, and we're ready to present it, but with Master Korak's return we are finding several areas that are inaccurate with recent assesements. Simply, the map we cold give you is not as accurate as it could be. We could give it to you as is, or we could refine it further. Which is to your preference?"

f5764 No.14046

"Actually Inferius, maybe we don't need Tracy. I have an idea. Let me go with you to the map shop"

21561 No.14047


21561 No.14048

how long it take to do?

9ebaa No.14049

>You're not letting this go are you?
I've spent hours on this and missed out on all the dialogue. I'm not giving up.

b8190 No.14050

>Torc didn't get to drop anvils
He follows Trump and Infernius, deciding to see what they do

f2f42 No.14051

"Oh, but a few hours I'm sure. Its just a matter of re-drawing the lines, re-checking for geological elevation, re-calculating for,….."
Not too long, but unavailable unless u want the earlier version.

f5764 No.14052

Tell you what Inferius. You go to the map shop, and meet me at the plaza. I'll need your map.

Go to the stable

f5764 No.14054

Is there any chance I would see Tourcil without trying to look for him?

9ebaa No.14055

Continue to follow unicorn in utmost stealth.

21561 No.14056

me take now it good.

9ebaa No.14057

For the record, Slovenia is a pony, correct? Not just a worldly unicorn? She had a cutie mark earlier.

f5764 No.14058

I want this question resolved as well

f5764 No.14059

Send Fae to fetch Inferius at the map shop. She is ordered to wait until he is willing to leave, and to take him to the stable when he is done

b8190 No.14060

Torc heads to the stable to meet up with the rest of the party

f5764 No.14061

This will happen if and only if Tourcil is within sight. If he tries to be stealthy in any way, or really if he just comes from behind, Trumpaladin will not notice him

Trumpaladin says when he notices Tourcil, in a tone that doesn't sound angry at all
"Hey Tourcil, did something happen between you and the pirates last night?"

f2f42 No.14062

No, he's hiding in the tower ATM
K, given
Dude, what in this world IS "canon" or "per the rules". She's a unicorn, adult-ish, and can carry Trump. What more do you want?
Unfortunately, if the party is travelling w/ the pirates, they're in for a surprise. At the border of the ship, non-pirates are barred from entry.

21561 No.14063

could you draw it for us?

f5764 No.14064

Nope! We're at the warehouse, not on the ship

b8190 No.14065

Stable, not ship

9ebaa No.14066

Does she have a cutie mark or not?
This is critically important for muh flowcharts: it separates ponies from beasts.

f5764 No.14067

The stable is barred from entry? If so, engage in diplomacy and politely ask why they are barring a partial owner from inspecting the goods of a warehouse that no longer contains at least some of their goods

f2f42 No.14068

File: 1509769398656.png (173.97 KB, 510x529, bane.png)

Do you feel in charge? Oh I'm too lazy to shoop atm but u get the idea.
I don't get ur meaning. Which pone r u talking about?

f5764 No.14069

You're not GM.

GM, see >>14067. Ask why the stable is barred from entry

9ebaa No.14070

Slovenia: is she a pony, or just another one of the brutish equines that inhabit this world?

f2f42 No.14071

The stable is not barred, but slovenia's location IS.

f2f42 No.14072

No, she's clearly an MLP OC

9ebaa No.14073

Also, keep following unicorn until she reaches where she is being kept.

f5764 No.14074

The location where she stayed at for the night?

b8190 No.14075

I never said I was GM
I just pointed out that Torc went to the stables, and he was invisible, so trump couldnt spot him

f5764 No.14076

Trumpaladin is going to the place where she stayed for 9 hours or whatever, not where she is now

9ebaa No.14077

>she's clearly an MLP OC

f2f42 No.14078

>GM double-facepalms
Okay, fine, have it your way. Starting with,…
She stayed the night in a now unoccupied warehouse
Ponimaru and Trollestia are on hand, the former is eating a banana.
Empty warehouse.

f5764 No.14079

He's asking for a reason. It affects her attack ratings, hit points, resistance to spells, and so forth

b8190 No.14080

>waits for Infernius and the map

f5764 No.14081

Inferius is invited with me to the empty warehouse, and is told that we want to find out which stall the unicorn stayed in. Check to see which stall she stayed in. I guess ask an attendant if there was a record? Look for clues?

9ebaa No.14082

All those stats are irrelevant to what I'm about to do.

f5764 No.14083

Wait a minute, did Inferius receive the map already and is he with me, or is he still at the map shop?

f2f42 No.14084

Players who wish to act in a matter that doesn't involve unnecessary or egregious amounts of minutiae are welcome to do so.
Players caught in the 'act' (of whatever) find themselves suitably distracted.

9ebaa No.14085

Go to the unicorn.

f5764 No.14086

File: 1509770076579.jpg (181.21 KB, 993x804, luna_for_apples_by_kp_shad….jpg)

Alrighty then

f5764 No.14087

Check for the stall of the unicorn

f2f42 No.14088

It seems there was an equine individual in the area recently.
Apparently it went that-away (toward the door)

f5764 No.14089

Look at that-away for hairs

9ebaa No.14090

>Paladin thinking he can search/track better than a rogue

f2f42 No.14091

Quick-jump cut-to, the party has missed the opportunities for gainz I left open. This won't negatively affect gameplay, but for the time between morning and evening, everything seems to play out 'normally' and without consequence.

f5764 No.14092

What? You didn't even find the stable. I just want a few hairs

Goddamn it I wanted to do something with Inferius as soon as I exhausted the stable

9ebaa No.14093

I've been trying to do one thing for the past 4 hours.

f5764 No.14094

Let e find hairs or not! I need to get back to Inferius

9ebaa No.14095

Go to unicorn.

f5764 No.14096

Fuck off from the stable and find Inferius. I need to ask him a question

f2f42 No.14097

Wuts that? Only GM has the luxury of being vague with affect.
So it seems the party is converging on the tower then yes?

9ebaa No.14098

Keep following.
Where did they take her?
I've been meaning to meet to unicorn.

f5764 No.14099

Where is Inferius. I converge on Inferius.

f5764 No.14100


Are you here?

f2f42 No.14101

Slovenia is being kept on close guard with no less than 12 ppl observing her suroundings (from all angles)

9ebaa No.14102

I continue to follow unicorn towards where it is being kept.
Roll out max stealth and Go Ghost if necessary to phase through barriers.
Walk right up to her.

f5764 No.14103

Fuck it

"TRACY!" Cry out from the location of the dockyard stable

b8190 No.14104

>Torc is at stable, wondering how long a fucking map takes

f2f42 No.14105

Okay, assuming Tracy is successful, and she's standing vaporously before Slovenia,….

f5764 No.14106


21561 No.14107

9ebaa No.14108

*holds out hoof*
>'Come with me.'
she says with her eyes

f5764 No.14109

Trump cries out with tears of Joy

"Do you have the map in your possession?"

21561 No.14110

me do the guy say it might be off because korak discovered stuff.

f2f42 No.14111

"You. You cannot compel me to do anything. Answer me: why follow you?"

f5764 No.14112

File: 1509771067393.jpg (79.63 KB, 1100x424, free-candy.jpg)

f2f42 No.14113

Is that pic state's evidence?

b8190 No.14114

Come with me if you want to live

9ebaa No.14115

*raises eyebrow*
>'would you rather stay here and be sold off with the other livestock?'

f5764 No.14116

I see. But first I want to ask you something. I want to ask you if you might understand what I am talking about. In the forests not far outside of town, are you aware of any, and I quote "Big tree" that is "out in the open"?

Kek, just a reflection on the situation

f2f42 No.14117

S> My kind have long been held as dowry, or other material possession. Why should I trade the life I knew, the life I have known, for the comforts that you suggest (muttered: let alone the consequences)?"

21561 No.14118

i may have seen the tree when i was picking herbs.

f2f42 No.14119

Through Trump's elevated discern motive, he can see thatr Slovenia has endured a multiple-degree scenario involving self-interested groups. She is quite jaded, and most quick to anger.

9ebaa No.14120

*slightly irritated and hurried expression*
Whisper softly:
"Bitch, you've got a week at best before these bastards cut off your horn and liquidate you into potion ingredients. Do ya' wanna' get out or not?"
*waves hoof hurriedly*

f5764 No.14121

"Good. Last night Tracy claimed that she found the Treasure - the Jew Treasure - underneath a big tree in forest that is "out in the open." Tracy dissappeared from my arms as we were walking, she has not been seen since, and while I have much hunch as to where she is, she cannot be summoned. I don't know where is Tourcil is either. Want to go scout the location?"

Wait. Why would Trump know this? He never got near her. What is a "multiple degree scenario?"
Great! We already have something in common

f2f42 No.14122

Also whispered
"You think I don't know that? These fools have nothing to offer the world than base labor. And yet,… they are not wrong or bad for doing so and neither do they need a sufficient rally-point. You may not appreciate my means and measure, but observe the pirates!"

21561 No.14123

yea we take my fly it fastest way.

f2f42 No.14124

>multi-degree scenario
Just saying that she displays evidence of a number of masters, captors, benefactors, and everything in between

b8190 No.14125

Torc gives up hope on the rest of them coming, and instead sets out for town with a larger brown cloak completely covering his full body kilt

f5764 No.14126

File: 1509771835580.jpg (14.38 KB, 400x225, saddonald-trump.jpg)

Now I feel sad. Poor Unicorn. I wish she could come to me and tell me all her problems, and then we could feel sad and angry about everything together

f5764 No.14127


We go to the Tower if you want us to, but Both Inferius and Trump are on flying mounts with the intent of going to the location of the treasure

f5764 No.14128

File: 1509771946908.png (132.21 KB, 320x296, fluttershy_dressed_up_as_a….png)

>tfw you are the unicorn

f5764 No.14129

Wait, no. Trump goes to put on full armor first

f2f42 No.14130

Noted, but don't go too far
Nice try.
Upon arriving in the tower, Trollestia is happy to inform Trump that Torcuil "Just left", without knowing where he waa headed.
Slovenia is a spirited one, not to the pleasure of those who thought to buy her.

9ebaa No.14131

>dafuq is dis bitch saying?
*confused look, unsure what the unicorn means, but clearly growing increasingly annoyed with the depressed unicorns riddles*
Tracy puffs up a bit, her edginess beginning to seep through the cracks
"Listen, sugarcube. I came all this way to help out a fellow pony for once in my fucking life, the least you could do is be a bit more clear. If you take my hoof, I could phase you out of those shackles and inna' woods by sundown. If you don't, I have better things to do than listen to the woes of a battered, suicidal mare. So what'll it be, pumpkin?"
*holds out hoof for the third time*

f5764 No.14132

Can I quickly ask Trollestia what the actual fuck went on the night before?
Do I get all of this from a motive check while near the unicorn earlier?

21561 No.14133

do i see torc as hes in town?

b8190 No.14134

Okay, Torc just hopes to see whats going on then he's going back
She's at the stable, aka where Torc is. So, where are Trump and Infernius?

f2f42 No.14135

"That is an accord I can abide."
What Slovenia was trying (failingly) to convey was that she knows most humans are dross. Meaning, most humans are glorified chattel. Meaning, most humans don't know a hole in the ground from the thumb up their ass.

21561 No.14136

in town waiting for trump to get back.

f5764 No.14137

Trump went to the tower to get a new set of Armor before going on a quest with Inferius. Before leaving, he politely asks Trollestia what the fuck happened last night

9ebaa No.14138

Imma' cut a bitch if this horse gives me shit like every other one in this game.

b8190 No.14139

She's at the stables, not tower

f5764 No.14141

Alrighty then. Don armor, go to Inferius

f2f42 No.14142

Calm, she's just being edgy
U seem to have gotten it then. It sounds like its time for the denaumont.

9ebaa No.14143

Dice rollRolled 8


Etherealness: Go Ghost and phase out of there with willing creature.
Then deck it, as stealthy as can be while pulling a poetic unicorn
also Check: handle animal (push animal), to make it easier to tug her along.

9ebaa No.14144

I'm glad I got 15 ranks in that.

b8190 No.14145

What does Torc see when he ventures out?

21561 No.14146


9ebaa No.14147

What does she encounter on her great escape?

f5764 No.14148

So did I not encounter Trollestia or Tourcil at all over all of this, and I never got to
ask them what the fuck happened?

Kek. That faggot is going to wish he had gotten the insurance now. He was forewarned, and he has no one to blame but himself

f2f42 No.14149

Okay, everything is meshing together. Several individual arcs are combining, and players - though divergent etymologies - are finding commonality and consistency. This will continue as the party interacts with Korak's crew, and its not a consequential/bad thing. This was planned, it is a story element, and it will lead to parties being friends.
There will be a bit where Torcuil is a 'scarecrow' and has to take 'throwing knives', but there's always the entertron.

9ebaa No.14150

Wait, they only left the room as far as I could confirm.
Were they able to get all the way to the edge of the forest (original goal)?

b8190 No.14151


9ebaa No.14152

I really have to sleep…

f2f42 No.14153

Individuals wishing to declare "before habbening" interests/actions are more than welcome, otherwise game kicks off tomorrow at ~2pst (cuz east coasters)

f5764 No.14154

GM, can you elaborate on this
>Slovenia is a spirited one, not to the pleasure of those who thought to buy her.
I want to think about what to tell her when I meet her

>continues to think about how to make every outcome a winning one

b8190 No.14155

I got nothing

21561 No.14156

can you post map?

f2f42 No.14157

No spoilers. ^_~
Thought so. Carry on!
Tonight may have seemed like a cop-out. Don't worry, its gonna be on from the moment everyone is on scene. ^_^

9ebaa No.14158

Start by leading her into a private, isolated area outside the city, closer to the forest.
I'd like to start some dialogue with her tomorrow.

f5764 No.14159

What time is it in game? I'd like Inferius and Trumpaladin to arrive at the edge of the location of the treasure assuming Inferius actually does know the location

f2f42 No.14160

As long as not lewd, you'll have ur chance.
The jew treasure? You don't even know to begin with
Players/characters,… game faces. Its gonna be an ebin fight.

f5764 No.14161

Trumpaladin is going to have to go more or less with just Inferius, because the other two party members couldn't be fucked to answer when called. I'm sure it will be, but Trumpaladin knows literally nothing about the location of the treasure except those teeny tiny bits he remembers Tracy talking about. He's going to have to assume that he and Inferius can make it alone.

Now what CAN be done, if the time before nightfall is long enough, is to take a platoon of soldiers from the Order of Football and the Order of Hitler's Knights, to the scene under the respective commands of Trumpaladin and Inferius. After all, if the treasure is large enough, it will take many people to haul.

But Trump must be present for the date at the football game

f5764 No.14162

If it's going to be a really intense battle, and with GM's blessing, I would like to do the following two things:

First, take one of the pieces of Tracy's hair that I am sure are all over Trumpaladin's suit, then take a piece of copper wire. With these, cast DEMAND on Tracy. DEMAND is a contact/compulsion Charm domain spell that he should be able to access through "Devotion to a cause."

The suggestion and contact message will be "We are getting the treasure. Please come here and help your Flashy by killing shit in an incredibly edgy manner" you unbelievable fucking faggot

This is a contact spell that allows the message to be communicated regardless of water in the ears, spell resistance or whatever, although if she is in a different plane of existence, she has a 5% chance of it not getting through. So she would need to roll a 20 to not hear the message clearly AND be on a separate plane of existence when she receives it in order to not hear it.

It's also a mind control spell at the same time as a contact spell, and she'll need to succeed on a Will-based saving throw to prevent herself from being compulsively made to carry out the suggestion. Suggestions must be worded in a manner that makes the action sound reasonable and must be 25 words or less

With my remaining Charm based spell for the day, I will also cast DEMAND, this time on Tourcil. This is assuming I can get a strand of his hair, which is less likely, so I may have to go to his room and find a hair. Trumpaladin gives up on this if it takes too long.

The message and suggestion is worded as "We found the Jew Treasure. Please join Inferius and I as we go to retrieve it." As with Tracy, it is a telepathic spell, with a 100% chance of the message reaching him if he is on the same plane of existence and a 95% chance of it reaching him if he is not. Once again, it's a compulsion spell, so he has to succeed on a will-based negation in order to not be mind-controlled into carrying out the suggestion.

Both subjects would have the option of replying to the contact with a quick response regardless of the success of the mind-compulsion aspect of the suggestion, and both will know it is Trumpaladin. Should the GM find that a suggestion is "very reasonable," the target should suffer a -2 penalty on it's saving throw to avoid the compulsion to carry out the suggestion.

It takes ten minutes to cast, so Trumpaladin will not cast it on Tourcil if he walks through the door or if it is too much of a pain in the ass to get a strand of his hair.

On an unrelated note, I think I understand now why Korak thought I might do sketchy and evil magic shit with the Unicorn's hair lock

f5764 No.14164

FUCK. I wish I had cast "suggestion" on Korak when I had the chance to make him give me the unicorn or at least a lock of her hair. Oh well.

9ebaa No.14165

It's a divine spell. What'd you need the hair for?
Domain spells are prepared at the beginning of the day through morning prayer; they do not require material focus, unlike arcane spells.

f2f42 No.14166

File: 1509803762868.jpg (707.37 KB, 2200x1700, jonrobertsmapwebres.jpg)

>Infernius' Map
Pretty sure he wants to try and reconstitute her with the Entertron, or something along those lines.

f5764 No.14167

If you mean Tracy and Tourcil's hair, that is for the Demand spell. It has a material component. It requires copper wire and a piece of the target's hair

If you mean the Unicorn's hair, that was to, as >>14166 said, reconstitute her if she died. I don't know how the Entertron works, if it requires entire corpses or no matter at all, but my best guess is that it requires at least a tiny amount of the subject's matter. I also realized last night that with the Unicorn hair I can use Demand to communicate with her in a very limited fashion without knowing where she is.

f5764 No.14168

I could also force her to do things with it, but that's just a very bad place to start with her

9ebaa No.14169

File: 1509805180816-0.jpg (65.21 KB, 548x958, Nope you are not pic relat….jpg)

You're not the boss of me! I've already started to apply the math.

f5764 No.14170

I was talking about the unicorn. I don't want to use compulsion on her because that just wouldn't help to gain her trust. If you were talking about the spell being applied to Tracy, well, I've done the math and it isn't in your favor. You have a only a +4 Will resistance, the weakest of any member of the group. You're getting maybe a +1 from the relevant modifiers, but possibly a -2 penalty.

f5764 No.14171

What she didn't realize was that she selected a target who was himself Yandere

9ebaa No.14172

>+1 from the relevant modifiers
With Dark Blessing, I can add a my Char modifier to all saving throws.
With the ladybug charm, the stat is 14. How does the modifier play out then.
Also, when was this spell cast? Timing is important.

f2f42 No.14173

Alright, it appears that Trump and Infernius (and Torcuil? he's still invisible as I'm seeing) are headed to the Jew hoard. Tracy is spiriting off with Slovenia, presumably toward Trollestia's grove (though I could be wrong). Korak and the pirates have spent the day seething plotting resting, in preparation for Football.
Not gaming, just bringing the latest to the fore.

f5764 No.14174

You'd get a +2 to the saving throw with a Charisma stat at 14.

As for when the spell is cast, I don't know. GM is going to have to decide when all of this shit happens. But it will be a "one last thing before we leave to go" sort of thing. I would also like to mention that dark blessing requires a full round to cast, only lasts a minute, and most importantly of all, she'd need forewarning, which she simply won't have. Even if she wins and resists compulsion, she'll still hear the message.

Definitely doing what I said in >>14162 in preparation for the fight

9ebaa No.14175

I gotta work all morning…

f5764 No.14176

Your charisma stat was 11, so she'd only have 13 Charisma with the ladybug. That's a +1 modifier

f2f42 No.14177

No worries, will wait.
There's just one slight problem. Demand is an arcane spell, and its level 8. SO out of Trump's range of ability.

f5764 No.14178

"For the purpose of this feat only, Paladin levels are to count as cleric levels."

f2f42 No.14179

Fair, but its still an arcane spell (wizard)

f5764 No.14180

> For purposes of this domain only, your cleric level is equal to your character level.

f5764 No.14181

So how did Tract carry on a conversation with a unicorn surrounded by 12 guards without being spotted again?

f2f42 No.14182

Etherealness to get into the hold (there aren't any guards IN there). The rest is just dialogue and developing rapport.

f5764 No.14183

Isn't Wild Shape a level 5 druid power?

f2f42 No.14184

Yes, but if you're referring to Tracy's situation, that's not the same thing. Still, you make a good point and one I've been thinking along the lines of. It will come up.

f5764 No.14185

If he can do weird pinkie pie shit that isn't even remotely close to being allowed by the rules of the game, then I can do a small number of Twilight Sparkle shit

f2f42 No.14186

Well played. Carry on.

f5764 No.14187

If Tracy were limited to Rogue and blackguard, she could not have left my arms without a saving throw, or if nothing else, without me at least saying something to her. But no, she can turn ethereal at will because he asked for it, even though Tourcil is only just now getting that power, which makes her absolutely impossible for either a level six gorrillion thief to stop or for a level 15 paladin who is grappling her to have enough reaction time to get in a free action

f5764 No.14188

Wait really. Ignore >>14187 then

f2f42 No.14189

Well, what you're describing is more Glimmer than Twilight, but since Trump hasn't really used ANY of his paladin spells, I'll allow him to use Demand (it IS in character) in exchange. 2 uses would consume all his daily magic though.

f5764 No.14190

Yeah I know, I was thinking of "Every little thing she does" when I first thought about it. But Twilight actually has cast a mind rape spell on an entire town, in Lesson Zero. There's also that beautiful line from Sunburst when Starlight says to him "you can't make people be your friends." He replies "Yes you can. I know three spells"
Can I get all of the Charm spells listed under the Domain? Geas and Calm Emotions are Cleric, but Charm Person, Suggestion (a lessor form of Demand), Charm Monster, and Dominate Monster, Heroism, and Insanity are not

So that would exclude me from Paladin spells as well?

9ebaa No.14191

File: 1509809366269.png (550.91 KB, 900x459, until death do us part.png)

I swear, if you try to pull this shit again, your character is going to wake up in a straight jacket and a dimerterium choke collar, shakled at the bottom of an inescapable, physically-impassible dungeon with no lights, doors, windows, or halls,
because a certain deranged pony thought it would be the best way "to keep him safe."

9ebaa No.14192

>found just that moment to phone-post, still g2g.

f2f42 No.14193

Until the next resting period, yes. I mean, you've got 5 spells/day plus any bonus, at a max of level 4, but I'm allowing you to cast an 8th level cross-class spell. Demand doesn't eliminate the ability to cast other pali spells, but it consumes magic quick.
>charm spells
I'm looking into it

f5764 No.14194

File: 1509809851220.jpg (7.56 KB, 300x168, I TAKE YOUR WAIFU.jpg)

"You thought you could just slip out of my hands, did you Tracy? No… You're not getting away so easily. My grasp is so much tighter than you know. If I want to thieve you, or if I want to thieve the unicorn, or any waifu, I will take you. I will take all of you."

f5764 No.14195

The Charm domain spells are all of those I enumerated in the previous post. The main two I want, besides Demand and Geas (which is a Cleric Spell), is Suggestion and Charm Person. Demand actually includes Suggestion within it, but with the difference that Demand is not range-limited, Demand allows a message to be sent that cannot be stopped by a saving throw, as well as a response, and Demand takes an insane 10 minutes to cast, whereas Suggestion is one action. I'd also really like Dominate Monster.

f5764 No.14196

Actually, tell you what. If I can get Geas, which is a Cleric Spell, as a spell that can be cast in one round rather than the cannon casting time of 10 minutes, I'll waive pretty much all of my other spells

f2f42 No.14197

Lesser, sure
>Calm emotions
>Charm Person/Monster

f5764 No.14198

GM, how do I communicate with Thez? I think I could get her attention if I cast Demand on her, which would require finding one of her scales, but if there is a simpler way to just send a letter (Ponimaru?) then please tell me

9ebaa No.14199

> Tracy is spiriting off with Slovenia, presumably toward Trollestia's grove (though I could be wrong)
I considered that momentarily, but I thought to stop first in the clearing before the stream.

f5764 No.14200

>not burning down the entire ship with the pirates on it
>not taking the unicorn, eviscerating her, and dumping the body across the water
>not leaving her trapped forever on the etheral plane
>not chaining her up in the rape dungeon
>going through all of the effort to not kill her but still punching her and presumably making her less amenable to persuasion
You've surprised me so far

f5764 No.14201

You're using her to bait Trollestia into a fight! aren't you?
wanna make a deal so I don't cast Demand and summon you for the Treasure fight, leaving you free to do whatever you want to do at the grove?

9ebaa No.14202

>players making deals outside of gameplay
lol no

f5764 No.14203

Alrighty then

f5764 No.14204

GM, my pre game actions are these. Go to the window of Trump Tower and scream with all of my heart,

And then,

When that is accomplished, start the process of casting Demand on Tracy. When the spell is cast, check to see if Tourcil has shown up, and ask Inferius if he has seen him. If he has not shown up and had been been found, go find one of Tourcil's hair strands, and cast Demand on Tourcil

f5764 No.14205

Can I engage Trollestia in conversation?

9ebaa No.14206

GM has my character led Slovenia to the edge of the forest yet?

b8190 No.14207

ey b0ss

f5764 No.14208

Are you willing to RP this out? Because I'd like it to be done eventually, and I'd like it to be such that Tourcil participates in the battle

"Hello. Two things. First, I believe we may have found the Jew Treasure. Tracy claimed she found it last night, and while she is unavailable probably on a personal frolic, I believe she said it was under a "large tree in the forest out in the open" which Inferius claims he recoggnizes. Please join us for this"

"And second, what the hell happened last night with the pirates. Why was I awoken at 5 AM to find a number of them claiming you and Trollestia murdered some of them?"

f2f42 No.14209

Ponimaru and/or Ben
"Or we could cut the bullshit and you can just ask Xp"
Are those the demands, or is that prior to?

f5764 No.14210

Well if Tourcil is here there is no need at all to take 10 minutes to cast a difficult spell on him. The demand for Tracy would be what is stated in >>14162, worded as "We are getting the treasure. Please come find me and help your Flashy by killing gibberlings in an incredibly edgy manner"

f5764 No.14211

Yelling out of the window is a last ditch effort to try to get them without casting a spell.

b8190 No.14212

Fine, but heads up, at about 6pm est im gonna disappear for a bit
"Uh well you see, uh…

The pirates are slavers"

f5764 No.14213

That's okay
"I did see that the way they kept the unicorn and tried to take Tracy was… questionable… What exactly did you discover?"

9ebaa No.14214

>tfw delerious from testing new meds and now I gotta RP with half a brain. Fucking doctor..
>Blog post end
I'm going to wanna start a dialogue with her.

21561 No.14215

thats a sexy map.

b8190 No.14216

"About 14(¿) elves, they don't speak english so I had Trollestia translate for me"

f5764 No.14217

So long as Tourcil is speaking to Trumpaladin, you character just got reprieve

"Inferius, I found Tourcil. He claims he has information on the Pirates"

"Where are they? Did they tell her anything?"

b8190 No.14218

"Not much, I believe she said she took them to the tower. But I can ask"

f5764 No.14219

"Well if they are gone from the ship then the pirates are going to be pissed. Although I figure if you took them last night they should have said something to me by now. But by all means, let's ask"

GM we wish to speak to Trollestia

21561 No.14220

"where was he?"

b8190 No.14221

Considering they're at the stable, that shouldnt be to hard

9ebaa No.14222

GM, are the characters at the meadow yet?

f2f42 No.14223

W/ Slovenia? Fire away
YW, its the most satisfying one I came across.
Also fire away.

f5764 No.14224

"Last night he attacked the pirates, because evidently they were slavers carrying 14 elves"

9ebaa No.14225

*huff* "Okay, we should have some privacy here."

f2f42 No.14226

Sure. Its daytime, so gibbers aren't about.

f5764 No.14227

"… You have Elves you stole from the pirates in our stable"

To Trollestia
"Tourcil here claims you two attacked the pirates last night, and found that they had 14 elves in their hold. Evidently you took them and have been communicating with you. Have they told you anything we should know?"

9ebaa No.14228

>some of them got away
I'm going to genocide them later on
Strike up a conversation.

f2f42 No.14229

T> They're part of a nomadic tribe that was ambushed by the pirates. All the men were killed, and they (women) were captured and held for longer than they know (about a month).

b8190 No.14230

why am i just now learning this

f5764 No.14231

"What was Korak intending to do with them?"

21561 No.14232

could you mark port barry?

f5764 No.14233

Also this
Kek, your character can't even tell what a woman is when he sees one

21561 No.14234

he rape then sell, that what pirates do.

9ebaa No.14235

File: 1509821984583-0.jpg (46.4 KB, 640x360, a7102f_6383627.jpg)

I thought it was implied earlier
Korak's been importing migrant labor and taking food out of the mouths of Thez's colleagues.
pic unrelated

f2f42 No.14236

T> For the time behing, he's been using them as his personal harem. They do not know what is yet to come.
I suppose I neglected to nention it, but you never asked.

9ebaa No.14237

…What does the unicorn say?

b8190 No.14238

Well I just assumed a mix
Fuck me

f5764 No.14239

"Well… This is… Problematic. Sounds like the gangs and mafias I used to hunt down and fight in another life. I think we can still convince them to be useful for us, and we can convince them to take on a different industry"

f5764 No.14240

21561 No.14241

"good luck you would have to control their minds"

f2f42 No.14242

File: 1509822311381.jpg (1.05 MB, 2200x1700, jonrobertsmapwebres.jpg)

Plz note that north is south on the map

f2f42 No.14243

S> You've brought me this far so you have my attention.

f5764 No.14244

"Well if you mean that literally I can actually do it if only given ten uninterrupted minutes with Korak distracted. And maybe you or Tourcil can too.

But really, they are Pirates. We already know what they want. They want to make money, they want fame, and they want to not die. We can offer all of that to them. They have to notice that kike Ben is raking in more money that they are"

9ebaa No.14245

[Pregnant pony panting noises]
"I didn't think I'd get to meet another pony in this world.
The name's Tracy, btw."

21561 No.14246

9ebaa No.14247

Meant for >>14243

f2f42 No.14248

S> The GM isn't aware of what my name is, but if he did, I would introduce myself as "<the name>"

b8190 No.14249

What does that even mean

f5764 No.14250

21561 No.14251

me can,me think, me have never tried.

f2f42 No.14252

What he said

9ebaa No.14253

You all thought I was just going to kill her and we'd never see her again, didn't you?
Let's just name her Slovenia.

"Well, nice to meet you, [Slovenia?]. I didn't think I would have a chance to meet another of my kind in this world. Most equines who inhabit this are dumb and rude (practically animals), but I could tell by the looks of you that you were something different..
Mind I ask, where do you fare from?"

b8190 No.14254

Eh, not really
Breaking her baby oven? Now that I expected

f2f42 No.14255

Gawd, I have to do background on her?
S> Somewhere in Equestria. I'm not sure how I came to be here.

f5764 No.14256

I can persuade him I think, I think I can. He is megalomaniacal, avaricious, mistrustful of others, lustful of women, vain, and tries to use others for his own ends. I feel as if I understand him. On some deeper level. Like I've known him all my life. Anyways, I think I can get him to stop slaving and still be useful to us and to the town. I can also charm him to help.

But if that fails, or if you have less faith, if we can get him down for ten minutes, just ten minutes, we can put a curse on him that will make him stop doing one thing we name for 15 days. Or make him do a thing. Multiple casters meas a higher chance."

I did

f2f42 No.14257

I did too. So everyone (except Tracy) is in the tower, yes?

f5764 No.14258

I would have asked eventually, so yes

f5764 No.14259

Yes, we are in the stables

b8190 No.14260

T> Wouldn't an anvil be quicker?
Cyanide laced drugs as a gift?

21561 No.14261

me have faith trump, we can do it.

21561 No.14262

trump say we need pirates help, so no.

b8190 No.14263

T> *muttering* You guys would let Tracy

21561 No.14264

no me wouldnt, me would have a problem with it but me couldnt stop her.

f5764 No.14265

To Inferius
"Thank you Inferius."

To Tourcil
"Well, the Pirates said somethings when they encountered me this morning that indicated that they though we could do a lot of damage to them. Their fear of us is a valuable asset. We can harm them and then undo the harm through spells and the Entertron when they are more willing to negotiate. So yes, keep your anvils. No poison though, that won't fool them. But also what Inferius said. We want their help, and more importantly, the town will be pissed if we killed them off for good

To both: Be on stand by when I approach him, and be ready to fight. Better, see if you have a way of paralyzing someone for a period of time.

Through teeth
"No, I would not have let Tracy"
"I'd try"

9ebaa No.14266

File: 1509823684992-0.jpeg (832.29 KB, 1533x1190, 1198208__explicit_grimdar….jpeg)

>Breaking her baby oven?
No. That's Pinkamena.
Don't bother. I just needed to confirm she was Equestrian.
"Some goes for me. One moment I was tracking down a bounty, and the next thing I knew I was in this wacky place.
It's weird here. It's full of Hoo-mans and other strange creatures, and the "equines" who inhabit this place are so dumb that they're used as chattel. I never thought I'd say this, but it's nice to see a fellow pony…
I can say you're safe from equine-traffickers for now, but not for long. It gets really dangerous around here at night."

f5764 No.14267

"By the way Tourcil, you might just have to take one for the team. The Pirates have expressed interest in using you for knife practice. We can bring you back if they kill you, so it will be unpleasant as all hell, but not permanent. But you're freeing 14 elves for it. The Union only got 12 free slaves for each one of their dead, so I think you're actually getting a pretty good deal out of it"

f2f42 No.14268

S> I've yet to see anywhere in this world that isn't dangerous. Slaves? Distasteful.

f5764 No.14269

Definitely not casting demand on Tracy. I want to save my spells for the night time

b8190 No.14270

"Yeah, no.

The pirates are dying before me

9ebaa No.14271

"It's a cruel world. To survive, you have to be tough, ruthless even. I'm confident on my own, but…"
*touches hoof to abdomen*
".. I can't afford to mess up anymore.."
Yeah, faggot. Don't cast fucking spells on your waifu.

f2f42 No.14272

S> I imagine this is a difficult development for one who is otherwise self-reliant

21561 No.14273

me would try too, but trump really think we could stop her?

21561 No.14274

cmon torc please it wouldnt hurt to bad.

f5764 No.14275

"Now now Tourcil. Like I said, they are never getting those elves back. You're winning. You want to play the Christ figure, play the Christ figure.

But really, it's very simple. In a negotiation, you keep all options open. You keep nothing off the table. I will try to go for a better deal, and I am willing to use whatever means necessary to both stop him from slaving AND not piss of the whole town, but I am only so magical"

"Can you ever really stop the happening? I try. I try"

Don't fucking etheral jaunt from your husbando's arms without even saying goodbye

b8190 No.14276

Torc decides "fuck this shit" and walks back into the tower

21561 No.14277

torcuil dont be like that.

f2f42 No.14278

You're in the tower

f5764 No.14279

"Oh come on Tourcil, don't be that way. We need your magic casting expertise"

to Inferius
"Precisely, who is your Patron? pls no bully"

21561 No.14280

George Lincoln Rockwell

f5764 No.14281

D'aww. Your Flashy will be pleased to see that you are making friends. Now don't you dare let her manipulate you into betraying him like that mulatto bitch friend of my ex-girlfriend

f5764 No.14282

"What are his domains?"

b8190 No.14283

Torc turns back, a newfound fire in his eyes
"Then don't suggest letting me die at the hands of this slaver."
And since he's apparently in the tower, he walks out

21561 No.14284

i dont remember what the gm said.

9ebaa No.14285

File: 1509824987317-0.gif (1.25 MB, 1280x800, 1514643__safe_artist-colon….gif)

"… Spot on, sister.."
*worried pony contemplating her life expression*
"Back in Equestria and all the kingdoms surrounding it, I never thought I needed other ponies. I've survived mass-slaughters, pony-trafficking circles, and even a diamond-dog invasion. If I were alone, I'm could survive on my own; but I'm not going to be alone anymore: I'm going to have to take care of somepony from now on.. so.. (trails off)
*looks up*
"…Will you be my friend?"
I fucking hate the fact that I had to type-out this shit while nearly braindead!

Stop comparing this shit to your personal life! I don't fucking want to hear about your romantic woes. Keep it fictional.

f2f42 No.14286

I never did.
Don't worry, its not gonna go like everyone (and that includes the pirates) expects

21561 No.14287

ok no one is asking you to die anymore, just come back we need yu help with treasure.

f5764 No.14288

"Alright, I'll see if there is a less insulting way for take the bullet if that is non-negotiable. Please understand that I do not take this lightly. I am willing to do whatever is necessary.

Would you be amenable to suffering, but from me? I am not Tracy or Korak. I do not take pleasure in inflicting death and pain and there would not be unnecessary spectacle."

Oh calm your tits

f2f42 No.14289

You're doing fine
S> A friend? It's funny, in Equestria I had scores of friends. You're the first pony, or anyone for that matter, who has even suggested such a thing in this world. I would be delighted.

f5764 No.14290

To both

"We know the location of the treasure now. Maybe. If we have time, we should go get it"

b8190 No.14291

Torc's already outside, behind the stable. Remembering the family he lost to slavers.

f5764 No.14292

>remembering family he lost to slavers

9ebaa No.14293

"You're the first pony I've bothered asking."
*reaches out hoof for friendship bond*

21561 No.14294

maybe we should go check on him
*leaves stables to follow torc*

f2f42 No.14295

Maybe if you weren't talking about throwing him to the wolves he might tell you. ^_~

f5764 No.14296

File: 1509825625230.png (Spoiler Image, 123.18 KB, 1500x1322, 2ZCrha7.png)

D'aww! That's so cute

No I want one of those scenes like in the movies where he gives it without provocation as he is approached from behind

Obviously we follow Tourcil

21561 No.14297

torcuil i sorry we asked ou to do. please forgive?

f5764 No.14298

"Besides the obvious… Is something wrong?"

b8190 No.14299

Remember the backstory?
I'll post it as if he was telling it to Trump and Infernius in a minute

21561 No.14300

why dont you rp it ut to get some char development?

f2f42 No.14301

Okay, I'm done with other stuff (quick shoops and such for next bread). No more distractions

f5764 No.14302


I may have neglected to read it…

f2f42 No.14303

Since this is the first time anyone has bothered to walk on the outside of the tower, everyone notices how quiet it is. Aside from an occasional breeze rattling in one's ears, no sound reaches all the way up from the city below. The citizens move about, almost like ants. No particular activity is going on on the pirate ship, though a couple pirates can be seen keeping an eye out.

b8190 No.14304

Thats what i'm what I'm attempting to do
Plz note it was hastily thrown together as a very rough draft. I haven't been able to edit, as my computer is bein a bitch.
But I'll post next bread

f2f42 No.14305

You want me to wait then, or you want me to get on with it?

f5764 No.14306

>There are not giant swarms of demons filling the air nor is the city on fire
I like it

Do you want me to find it through the search feature and read it or do you want to repost a polished up version as dialogue?

b8190 No.14307

I'm gonna post the new one
I'll post it, I just thought oou where making a new bread

Torc turns to Trump and infernius
"Can I help you?"

21561 No.14308

f2f42 No.14309

I am, but I didn't know if you wanted time to edit. Baking.

f5764 No.14310

"Uh… yeah. We need you to help retrieve the treasure, and to fight or restrain Korak tonight should it come to that"

Also new bread

b8190 No.14311

I'll forgive you on one condition,
I'm the one to fight Korak

f2f42 No.14313

21561 No.14314

you? fight korak?
um torc you know he super strong right?

9ebaa No.20280

9ebaa No.20282


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