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0acfe No.121000[Last 50 Posts]

We ride again

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44a85 No.121004

War. War never changes.

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0acfe No.121008

File: 1575417246534-2.png (317.45 KB, 600x600, 59CCE212-CF05-45C1-AED7-E5….png)

Alright Poners, are you ready to kick some griffin ass?

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File: 1575417679522.png (2.53 MB, 1242x1219, _CEO of horse racism.png)

0acfe No.121011

The ponies have determined that there is a mass group of griffins who belong to the organization inside of a central meeting area in the dormitory square.

Dark Star was scouting for exits with Blue Shekels

9f308 No.121012

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5

Dark Star looks for a exit

0acfe No.121013

Down the hallway, it looks like one is visible over to the right. It's recessed into the wall, so he can't see the actual door itself, but he can deduce that it is there.

The greater trouble comes from the fact that across from it on the other side is an entrance into the central area where the griffins are gathering

9f308 No.121014

Dark Star points this out to Blue
"Looks like one over there."

0acfe No.121015

She nods, and looks back to him
"Well, that's one. There may be more past it"

9f308 No.121016

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

"I Don't like this one its too close to the entrance. Lets try to find a better one."
He moves quietly past it

0acfe No.121017

Dark Star walks past the entrance, carefully, delicately, on his hooves until….. A griffin collides directly with him, knocking him to the ground, and making quite a sound

9f308 No.121018

He has a look of shock on his face
"Sheeit. sorry griff."
He Reaches down to help him up

0acfe No.121019

The griffin is a young to middle aged looking griff of grey feathers and a brownish coat who is wearing an off-white colored robe. He looks to Dark Star/Zekker strangely, not immediately taking the hoof

9f308 No.121020

He shakes his hoof slightly
"Lemme help ya up."

0acfe No.121021

He offers a paw
"I saw you…."

9f308 No.121022

"Wha was dat?"

0acfe No.121023

He pulls on Dark Star, evidently to pull himself up
"I saw you. You and that Unicorn. You came into the temple and sat down for the lessen. I did not see you come back here…"

9f308 No.121024

"Yea we come here,heard there was fun. we come straight here after temple."

0acfe No.121025

"How…. who let you in here? You should be with the rest of the group in the other building"

9f308 No.121026

"My Zigga with a turban."

0acfe No.121027

He sighs, almost with disgust
"Well, that would explain where he has been… But the event is upstairs…. If that is where you want to go"

9f308 No.121028

"Dat Sounds good my griff. Which way do i go?"

0acfe No.121029

With a foreclaw, and a look of mild irritation, he points behind him, and through the entrance that he just came from
"Through there. Up the stairs you can find on your left. To the top floor, the third one. At the end of the hall, you will find them."
With a pause, then he says
"Did the Minister approve you?"

9f308 No.121030

"Yea he did do dat. hey wheres da bafroom?"

0acfe No.121031

"Behind you. Around the corner. On your left. I would not go up there unless the Minister or the Landlord has invited you first"

9f308 No.121032

"Thanks muh griff."
He walks towards the bathroom, he walks loud enough so blue can hear his hoof steps.

0acfe No.121033

The Griffin looks back to him with a somewhat uncomfortable look. At least two more griffins from within the central look over to Dark Star as he walks, but say nothing and do not move. As soon as he moves out of the doorway, they pass out of line of sight. Blue Shekels stands further away, and out of line of sight from any intruding griffin. As he approaches, she says to him
"Well that was unsettling"

9f308 No.121034

"Very. the one i ran into suspects something."

0acfe No.121035

"Well…. It looks like we have limited time. Let's hope we don't run into any more."

9f308 No.121036

"Lets hurry."
Dark Star continues moving towards the bathroom

0acfe No.121037

It becomes quickly apparent that the bathroom the griffin sent him to was the one that the party is using as a staging area

9f308 No.121038

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Dark Star spots to try and see if any griffins followed them

0acfe No.121039

Um…. is Dark Star going into the bathroom and talking to ponies, or waiting, or…. what is he doing?

0acfe No.121040

None have followed him to the bathroom

9f308 No.121041

He's trying to make them think that he's going to the bathroom,so they go back to doing whatever they were doing. before he goes back and continues searching for exits.

0acfe No.121042

Dice rollRolled 1

Alright. Dark Star goes into the other hallway, and waits an appropriate amount of time before, presumably, going back the way he was going

ff671 No.121043

[Occupied game excites]

0acfe No.121044

File: 1575423304564.gif (275.61 KB, 3184x3096, 21e.gif)

Hello poner! Silver floof is (presumably) in the bathroom. He may plan, prepare, or otherwise act for the mission at hoof

9f308 No.121045

File: 1575423588910.png (301.09 KB, 520x678, _worried laughter.png)

0acfe No.121046

Dice rollRolled 16 + 2

Alright, how does edge pone cross the same entrance?

9f308 No.121047

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5


0acfe No.121048

As he walks forward, stealthily, a different griffin moves forward. Into him. Directly into him. Dark Star collides with a griffin and falls to the ground. Again.

58cb3 No.121049

From where you're kneeling it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck.
Truth is…the game was rigged from the start.

9f308 No.121050

Dark Star Continues walking the way he was going

0acfe No.121051

He hears a yelling from behind

9f308 No.121052

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

He ignores it and looks for a place to hide.

0acfe No.121053

He does not find one. The other griffin quickly gets up and angrily follows him
“What are you doing? Say you are sorry”

9f308 No.121054

The Griffin thinks he can smell some alcohol on the zebra
"Sorry, griff. i didnt see you there."

0acfe No.121055

“By Maar you didn’t! Knocked us both right down!”
He moves closer to Dark Star

9f308 No.121056

"Look i said sorry."

0acfe No.121057

He looks at him, and stands before him
“You ran into that other griffin before, didn’t you, stripes? Where did you come from?”

9f308 No.121058


0acfe No.121059

He is silent for a moment. Then he nods.
“I take it the town group must have shown interest in you. I do not think they will take so kindly to your showing up under the influence of intoxicating spirits… unless they had other plans. Where are you going?”

9f308 No.121060

"I is looking for some creature."

0acfe No.121061

He blinks

9f308 No.121062

"Some zigga named zebron."

0acfe No.121063

He is silent for a moment
“I don’t think he’s here. This is a private residence. You should not be here at all”

9f308 No.121064

"Sheeit i wuz invited."

0acfe No.121065

After still another pause
"… By who?"

9f308 No.121066

"None udda den maakie himself."

0acfe No.121067

His eyes grow wide
"Maakie….? What did he invite you for?"

9f308 No.121068

"He wuz impress by me."
Dark Star tries his best to look smug

0acfe No.121069

He stands there for another moment, opening and closing his beak as if in a smack
“If that’s the kind of help he’s hiring… no matter. We’ll leave him to his business, while we pursue ours.”

9f308 No.121070

"Here an apology from me. i really is sorry."
He hoofs the griffion bits.

0acfe No.121071

He takes the bits, inspects them, then pockets them, before nodding to Dark Star
“Carry on”

9f308 No.121072

He tries to see if blue is watching if so,He continues down the hallway.

0acfe No.121073

Blue Skies is indeed watching. Dark Star can also travel to the end of the hallway

9f308 No.121074

He does so

0acfe No.121075

The griffin does not hang around, but goes back the way he can’t from, back into the central area. Blue sheckeks, peaking around, comes through too, to end of the hall. On the sides it rolls more or less symmetrical, with just a couple rooms on the walls. Dark Star has reached the corner

9f308 No.121076

He peeks around the corner

0acfe No.121077

No creature visible at the moment, and the hallway stretches down to an end

9f308 No.121078

Dark Star listens at the doors he's near

0acfe No.121079

Seems to be silent, though hard to tell with sounds from inside the central area, and from pipes in the walls

9f308 No.121080

Dark Star slowly opens one

ff671 No.121081

Silver looks to Mala. "Do you have rough idea of how many entrances there are to common room?"

0acfe No.121082

Dice rollRolled 2

“…. I think… I think there is the one from the central building, one to the street…. maybe another to the north or to the sea? Those should be closed I think. And the stairs”

0acfe No.121083

The room is dark, and no signs of any creature in it

9f308 No.121084

He shuts it. and continues scouting for an exit.

0acfe No.121085

Looking further down, three things are visible. To the right, halfway down, a recess in the wall. It looks like an exit. To the left, an opening in the hallway, evidently to the central area, right across from the exit. Also the right, just further down, what seems to be a door to a stairwell

9f308 No.121086

"Buck. this exit looks like the same one. maybe if we go down the stairwell we can find an exit?"

0acfe No.121087

“That one probably connects to outside. I’m not sure what is through the stairs”

9f308 No.121088

"This exit might work."
He puts his hoof to his chin in thought

0acfe No.121089

“…. What are you trying to do, exactly?”
She asks

9f308 No.121090

"Let's relay the location of this exit to silver."

0acfe No.121092

“Alright… what’s next?”

9f308 No.121093

"Did those fire bombs ever get finished?"

0acfe No.121094

“I believe so, yes.”

9f308 No.121095

"Prehaps we should scout the main area?"

0acfe No.121096

"…. With all the Griffins in it?"

9f308 No.121097

"Yep. i want to see if maakie's ugly beak is in there."

0acfe No.121098

“Alright…. but don’t get their attention”

9f308 No.121099

He Chuckles slighlty
"I've been very good at that tonight."

0acfe No.121100

She smiles back, and shakes her head with an "Oh you"

9f308 No.121101

Dark Star enters the main hall inconspicuously.

0acfe No.121102

Gonna need a check on that…. not entirely sure what, but I'm going to need a check

9f308 No.121103

Dice rollRolled 5


9f308 No.121104


0acfe No.121105

A couple creatures look towards him

9f308 No.121106

Do they look familiar?

0acfe No.121107

No. This is a room full of similar looking griffins, unlike the more diverse crowd in the church earlier that night

9f308 No.121108

"Dis aint da bafroom. sorry."
He turns around and walks out.

0acfe No.121109

He evidently does so

9f308 No.121110

He Walks over back to blue
"Lets just go back to the others. im not very agile tonight."

0acfe No.121111

Before Dark Star leaves the room, he is able to gleam the following information:

The room itself is square. However, the second floor on the east and west sides "hangs over" the lower floor, making the raised ceiling a few stories above a rectangular shape. On each of the long ends is a railing to a hallway. Some of the rooms on the hanging sections have windows that look into the open area in the center.

The griffins are all dressed in robes, which include brown, white, and red. Some wear hats. Many seem completely relaxed and are clearly socializing in a normal way, while a couple read from books, and a few loiter and stand anxiously, or expectantly.

There is one familiar face - aside from the griffins he ran into, literally - the speaker at the church from earlier, who at the moment is talking to some griffins with a sort of urgency

9f308 No.121112

Dark Star Takes in the Sights and gets a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.
He trots over to blue and says"Something is wrong."
He then moves back to the bathroom.

0acfe No.121113

She nods, and scurries back

9f308 No.121114

if he is at the bathroom he enters it

0acfe No.121115

Behind him, he can tell he has two guests

9f308 No.121116

He stay calm and walks over to one of the toilets.

0acfe No.121117

The two creatures follow him from the hallway

ff671 No.121118

Is this the bathroom they're all hiding in?

0acfe No.121119


The only question is whether Dark Star makes it inside first

9f308 No.121120

He walks inside. towards the toilet.

0acfe No.121121

He walks inside

They follow him, and speak
"And where did you come from?"

9f308 No.121122

"Who wants to know?"
He hasnt turned around yet.

0acfe No.121123

Insisting, angry:
"What are you doing here"

ff671 No.121124

Silver tries to hide somewhere in the bathroom while the griffons are distracted.

9f308 No.121125

"What i'm doing here? in the bafroom? what you think?"

0acfe No.121126

Dice rollRolled 1

"You should not be in the building"

9f308 No.121127

"Are you sure about dat?"

0acfe No.121128

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4

At this point, the first griffin reaches to put his claws on Dark Star

9f308 No.121129

i think he misses

ff671 No.121130

Should we join combat?

0acfe No.121131

Dice rollRolled 8 + 4

Well, what he's doing is reaching to grab Dark Star. Assuming Dark Star is not flat footed - which is actually not a solid assumption if Dark Star is turned to them, and initiative has not been rolled yet - Darl Star's AC should be 13, which is exactly the number required for it to land

Of course, Dark Star has an attack of opportunity.

Either way, the other tries to grab him as well, next

Only if you want

ff671 No.121132

Silver is not going to leave his friend to be taken. He rushes out of the bathroom, sword in his telekinetic grip.

9f308 No.121133

Dice rollRolled 14

"Hey git yer dirty griffin claws off of me."
He says loud enough so his friends can hear.
Dark star bites at one

0acfe No.121134

You damned, dirty griffin!
Dark Star manages to move his muzzle over and bite down on a shocked griffin's claw, as his eyes raise in shock

The other one, just freshly missing Dark Star, looks up in shock at the Unicorn waving a sword

ff671 No.121135

Aw, fuck, I forget the penalty for a nonlethal strike.

0acfe No.121136

Dice rollRolled 3 + 2

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1

First, roll initiative

ff671 No.121137

Dice rollRolled 13 + 4


9f308 No.121138

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3


0acfe No.121139

These griffins are begining to question their decision to enter the bathroom

Dark Star, then Silver

9f308 No.121140

Dice rollRolled 20 + 8

Dark Star takes a five foot step and draws his bow, then fires at the one that touched him
Bab is +5 dex is +3

0acfe No.121141

Roll to confirm

9f308 No.121142

Dice rollRolled 20

09a36 No.121143

Holy shit

0acfe No.121144

Dark Star takes a step back, pulls his bow and a single arrow, draws the string, and lets it fly almost point blank, right into the griffin's forehead, dead center between the eyes. A pink electric shock goes over his skull and shines in the eyes, as the energy pushes him backwards before he collapses to the ground on his ass, and then falls over to his side

Khoi and Jubilosa peak out from behind a shower curtain to watch the scene, as Blue Shekels stares

9f308 No.121145

"Mmmm fried turkey."

ff671 No.121146

Dice rollRolled 11 + 8

I forget what the penalty is for a nonlethal strike, so just take it off of the roll.

Silver aims a nonlethal pommel strike at the remaining griffon's head.

0acfe No.121147


Silver swings his sword down, and strikes the second griffin with the broadside

ff671 No.121148

Dice rollRolled 3, 1 + 5 = 9

In case that hit.

0acfe No.121149

The last griffin, having been hit on the shoulder and wobbling because of a pain that runs down through the shoulder and into the right foreleg, turns and tries to run for the door to escape


And he's hurt

9f308 No.121150

Dice rollRolled 12 + 8

Dark Star assuming its my turn shoots another arrow at the retreating griffin

0acfe No.121151

It is, and he hits

9f308 No.121152

Dice rollRolled 6, 3 + 2 = 11


0acfe No.121153

Already in pain from the sword strike that came down upon his shoulder (and may even have broken something), the griffin turns around and seeks to flee the room…. but not before being shot in the back around the base of the wing by an arrow from Dark Star, which, with a burst of pink energy, stops the griffin, lets him shiver once, then collapse to the ground

0acfe No.121154

Jubilosa and Khoi come out from behind their shower curtin, and Mala from behind Silver, as Blue Shekels comes closer into the center of the room from near the doorway

9f308 No.121155

Dark Star drags him back into the bathroom

ff671 No.121156

Silver drags the other griffon inside as well.

0acfe No.121157

And so the griffins are pulled inside, tied up by the females, and thrown into the pile of the other griffins inside the showers. There are about five of them now

ff671 No.121158

"So…find anything useful out?"

9f308 No.121159

Dark Star gives him the description of the room from >>121111
"We Found 2 Entrances to the main hall."

0acfe No.121160

Blue shekels:
“At least two entrances, plus the stairwells. There’s a railing overlooking the main hall.”

ff671 No.121161

"Hmm…should we split into groups to cover them?"

9f308 No.121162

"perhaps. its gonna be hard to get into the main hall without being noticed though."

0acfe No.121164

File: 1575509732193.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3072x4096, E5FFE71F-A175-4579-979B-E….jpeg)

Hello ponies! Who is here?

f2df8 No.121165

9f308 No.121166

File: 1575509992649.gif (273.07 KB, 500x549, _boop (you).gif)

ff671 No.121167

0acfe No.121168

Hello little ponies. The ponies are about ready to attack, once they have an approach to the area.

As far as is known, at the center of the building is a large square where many of the members of the organization are congregating, including the minister, but not including Maakie. A set of hallways form a square around the inner square, with four connections to it. These lead to an exit to the central building, one to a Hoebuck street, maybe one to the sea, and a pair of stair cases. The square is over looked by windowed rooms on the second and higher floors, and railings on the second floor on two sides

9f308 No.121169

"well that was quite something" he says motioning to the dead griffins they just killed

f2df8 No.121170

Where is Iron currently?

9f308 No.121171

i assumed he was in or around the bathroom

0acfe No.121172

Blue shekels looks down at the griffins as they are dragged off by Khoi
“I think your bow just stubs them… They must have suspected you shouldn’t be here. They seem to know everyone who is here and anyone who isn’t one of them stands out.”

She looks back to him
“The communists were expecting visitors and new faces. Maybe the creatures at the church were. They are not.”

I think he would be with the others in the bathroom

ff671 No.121173

I think they're just unconscious.

9f308 No.121174

"i convinced one earlier that i worked for maakie."

0acfe No.121175

“ Well, then at least there are some creatures they don’t know that they don’t want to mess with”

f2df8 No.121176

Iron listens to the conversation for now.

9f308 No.121177

"Its going to difficult getting into the main hall without being a griffin. its packed full of the flappy merchants in there."

0acfe No.121178

“Well ponies… What is the plan?”

“Do you want Jubilosa and I to go? Or should we not go inside the main hall at all?”

9f308 No.121179

"well you said the fire bombs were unethical right?"
Dark Star puts his hoof to his chin in thought.

ff671 No.121180

Silver turns to Dark Star for guidance.

f2df8 No.121181

"All we know is that we need to surround them and do not let anypony escape from the room," Iron comments.

0acfe No.121182

“Well, here’s the thing. Every creature inside of Baltimare territory is protected by the laws of Baltimare, even if they are illegal aliens, and even if they are criminals guilty of acts so heinous even the SDP would hang them. So you can’t just sneak up on them, light them on fire, and kill them. That would be murder. You can kill them if they fight you with potentially deadly force. You can kill them if they imminently threaten someone else’s life. You can kill them if they are felons fleeing capture. But you cannot ambush them and kill them. I know we did exactly that over at Blackwood Pier. But that was a mission from the SSA itself, and the SSA considered itself at war with foreign elements and fifth columnists who themselves would not fight by the rules of law. So we treated it as war. But here, as of now…. even though these criminals are worse than the communists ever were…. we have a few more restrictions.”

9f308 No.121183

"Laws are for ziggers."

9f308 No.121184

""the law didnt care about me when i got kicked out of my home."

0acfe No.121185

Blue Shekels reaches over and tries to pet Dark Star with a claw
"Dark Star…. The law needs to care about the zeebs and the griffins. If it doesn't, they will become as disenchanted as you are. And if they do, they will rebel. And I assure you the Party cannot afford that, not at all."

ff671 No.121186

"We split up into teams. Each team covers one of ground exits. When we are in position, we give griffons order to surrender, and alerting them to status of their comrades we have already captured or killed. Those who do will be taken peacefully. After that, we will converge on those griffons who did not and dispatch them, capturing them alive if we can, killing them if it is not option."

f2df8 No.121187

"I would rather let them feel shame from being beaten up, frankly," Iron comments.

0acfe No.121188

"Alright… who is in which team, and will the exits just be the ones that can get out of this building, or get out of the square?"

f2df8 No.121189

Iron raises a hoof, waving it excitedly.
"Oh! Me! I can be obnoxiously loud and threatening to make others surrender!"

0acfe No.121190

She nods
"Alright, very good. Now which area will you cover and with who?"

9f308 No.121191

Dark Star frowns and then sighs.
"that sounds like a good way for none of us to see dawn ever again."
Dark Star chuckles at iron's response.

0acfe No.121192

"So you'd rather not split up?"

ff671 No.121193

"We will cover exits to square. We have eight battle-ready ponies, so we will split in teams of two to cover four exits. Teams will be me and Mala, Dark Star and Blue Skies, Iron and Khoi Lua, and Midnight and Jubilosa. Loputu will stay with me, and Meadows will stay with Midnight. For their safey, they should avoid battle as much as possible."

ff671 No.121194

"I understand your concerns, here, but if we do not split up, we will end up bottlenecked, and they will be able to retreat out of other exits."

0acfe No.121195

Blue Skies:
"Uh… Well, we could do that, but both Dark Star and I are really… well, we're not entirely effective in melee. We are both more of the ranged type"

"We could also explore the possibility of blocking off exits"

f2df8 No.121196

Iron glances around the room, thinking a pony is being left out of the plan.

9f308 No.121197

"This is likely to get at least one of us killed, if not Everypony."

0acfe No.121198

With slightly narrowed eyes, White Sands stands rather close to Iron, listening to Silver Sword

f2df8 No.121199

Iron nudges Sands on the shoulder, offering her a small smile. "You keep my flank safe in case some griffon tries to sneak up on us."

0acfe No.121200

With malign glee, she responds
"Don't you worry. No one is taking you away from me"

ff671 No.121201

"So, you and I, and Dark Star and Mala?"

He rubs his chin for a second in thought before realizing how stupid he is. "Sorry, Sands. Where do you think you would be most effective?"

"That could work, but what would we block them with?"

"All plans we could come up with have that chance. I will do my best to make sure you all get out of here safely."

f2df8 No.121202

Iron throws out a guess.
"Considering she uses the tube thing that fires metal bits, she most likely will be guarding the rear."

0acfe No.121203

"Oh, I'm staying with him"
She places a leg over Iron as Khoi Lua gives her a glare

"Well, we could rope things off, find some metal objects, furniture, traps…. Fire"

f2df8 No.121204

Iron can't help but blush slightly over the leg placing on him.

9f308 No.121205

"that could be bad if one gets too close."
"how about Skies and Mala, and You and i?"

0acfe No.121206

"Well, I don't think we are alone in this building. It's best to make as little noise as possible."

Sands narrows her eyes and turns her head slightly while keeping her eyes locked on Skies. But she does nothing more and says nothing.

She looks to Iron and smiles almost smugly

Mala turns his head, and becomes a little droopy at this suggestion

ff671 No.121207

"That also could work. I am only one pony out of this group, I am just explaining plan so we have one."

Silver trots over, and gives Mala some head pats.

Silver looks over to the firebombs he's packed. "…That could work."

9f308 No.121208

Dark Star scratches Mala's head
"You're a good boy, i'm trusting you to protect my marefriend."
"yea i understand. its always better to work together to come up with a plan though."

f2df8 No.121209

Iron chuckles.
"Do you have some tricks in your horn to deal with far away opponents?"

0acfe No.121210

Mala closes his eyes, and smiles at the pats, pressing his head upward against the frogs of the hooves as his short fur is rubbed. But when it finishes he says
"But… But I wanted a chance to protect my new friends"

0acfe No.121211

Her horn glows that yellow-green color just off from her eyes, and pulls out from her pack the strangely curved knife
"There are always other options"

ff671 No.121212

"It doesn't matter who you are will. By fighting with us, you will be helping to protect all of us; including your friends." Silver smiles at the striped gnoll.

f2df8 No.121213

Iron nods.
He turns to the rest, awaiting the moment to start.

0acfe No.121214

"Oh… oh… okay"

Blue Skies
"So, will we split up or not, where do we put the archers, and what are we doing with the entrances?"

9f308 No.121215

Sorry had to go take some meds, i feel like shit
"What do you mean?"
Dark Star scratches behind his ears

0acfe No.121216

"To help you two… To fight for you two. To be useful to someone"

f2df8 No.121217

"I definitely want to get in there and demand surrender or force them into it through my hooves," Iron offers.

0acfe No.121218

She nods
"That will probably be pretty effective"

9f308 No.121219

Dark Star continues petting him.
"you will though. you're a Good Boy. Yes you are!"

0acfe No.121220

He moves forward, now almost pressing into Dark Star, before his tail wags back and forth, and he moves, squatting as if about to sit

His tongue comes out, moving slightly in and out with each breath

9f308 No.121221

"Good Boy!"
Dark Star pets his back

0acfe No.121222

Dark Star's hooves go down the spined back of the gnoll, which arches down onto ribs. The fur is lose and moves around over the body as the hood presses against it, and there is a little fat on him.

He seems to really enjoy it, his tongue going in and out as Dark Star pets him

9f308 No.121223

Dark Star picks up speed on his rubs
"Whos a Good Boy? Whos a Good Boy?"

0acfe No.121224

*pant pant pant*
The fur is rubbed by easily, as the organs below the ribs bounce a little. Mala is fairly large, larger than Dark Star, actually. But Dark Star manages

Blue Skies:
"Well? We still need a plan"

9f308 No.121225

"I Think Silver's Plan Could Work."

0acfe No.121226

"Do you mean, we split up the group into four and one covers each entrance?"

9f308 No.121227

"Yea, now that he has explained a little more. i think it could work."

0acfe No.121228

"You do not want to close any of the exits with fire or other things?"

9f308 No.121229

"That does actually sound nice."

0acfe No.121230

"So…. Where does that leave us?"

"You know what? We can all just move into positions, so long as we know where those positions are"

9f308 No.121231

"That leaves us setting an exit on fire."

f2df8 No.121232

"I take the biggest door possible!" Iron extends his hoof as he exclaims.

0acfe No.121233

"If a pony could sneak past, they could certainly do it. They could time it at the same time as one of you makes a speech to get their attention

"Well… they are similar in size, but the one right before the entrance to the center building is most obvious to flee to, as is the one near the street. It also requires the least stealth to get to"

f2df8 No.121234

"Excellent. That is where I will go," Iron nods. "I shall wait for the others to decide what positions they want to take before moving out."
He turns to Sands with a grin.
"I will be in good company," he says, proceeding to turn to Khoi. "Will you also accompany us there?"

9f308 No.121235

"A Speech?" Dark Star smiles.
"That sounds like an excellent plan."

0acfe No.121236

Khoi nods
"I may. I do not want to fight, but it would be immoral not to"

0acfe No.121237

"Well, I'm sure one of you three will be happy to provide. Just… don't get us all killed"

9f308 No.121238

"So no calling them Dirty hook beaks?"

f2df8 No.121239

With a nod, he returns his gaze to Skies.
"We three will take the entrance you have suggested, boss."

0acfe No.121240

Jubilosa stares at Dark Star

Blue Shekels
"Well, what I mean is, beware that most of us can't take combat well. Maybe put some of us behind walls of fire so we can shoot over them, or try to attack griffins that jump over?"

She nods

9f308 No.121241

"Yea that does sound like something we should do."
He makes eye contact with jubilosa
"i didnt mean you. i meant your captors."

0acfe No.121242

Jubilosa responds:
"Herzlanders. From the Imperial Remnant, maybe. They have the attitude for it, it seems"

Blue Skies
"Where do you want to go?"

9f308 No.121243

"Imperial remnant?"
he looks over to blue.
"I'd like to give the speech to distract the griffins."

0acfe No.121244

"Alright, here's the situation.

There are four entrances: North, East, South, and West. The North entrance is right across from the connection to the central hallway of the building. That's the easiest way for them to get out. It's also one of the easiest for us to get to.

Then there is the East doorway. That is maybe across from an exit to behind the building and towards the sea, but we don't know. It's most likely locked, if not boarded up. It's also easy to get to. The east entrance is also next to a stairwell, which we know can go both up and downstairs.

Then there is the entrance to the West. That entrance, we know, is right across from an exit to the street. It's probably locked, but still. There is also a stairwell there. This one is harder to get to.

Finally, there is the one furthest to the South. That one may have an exit across from it, but if it ever did it's almost certainly boarded up. It's also harder for us to get to.

Don't forget that there are stairs and rails overlooking the central area"

"Grieffenhiem" She answers
"The Griffin Empire. If not one of them, one of the surrounding areas. They all have the same decadence to them"

Blue Skies:
"Just… do a good job. Remember that you have several civilians here who you may need the help of, and who will want sympathy for their own personal struggles, as well as for all of the… victims, of the organization here"

f2df8 No.121245

"I will definitely take the North entrance with Sands and Khoi," Iron responds with certainty. "We will strike them down when it is time."

0acfe No.121246

She nods
“Sounds like you know exactly what you have to do”

f2df8 No.121248

"Tear the door down, ask for their surrender and if they do not, I beat them up until they do, right?"

ff671 No.121249

"Dark Star and I will cover North."

9f308 No.121250

" i won't let you down,blue."
"Grieffenhiem? what do you know about this situation?"

f2df8 No.121251

"I suggest you two take the West. You might need to sneak in to deliver the speech."

ff671 No.121252

"If it is what you suggest."

0acfe No.121253

“Oh, there is no door”

“Hmmmm…. it looks like Iron wants that one”

Her tail, cat like, with a puff at the end, flips, and she looks away for a moment with her catlike eyes
“I can say they’ve been the sick bird of Griffonia for quite some time, and that they are… Como se dice…. ‘consolidando’? They are… becoming as one. Maybe that is why these are here. But I do not know”

9f308 No.121254

"Consolidating? that….seems very very dangerous."

f2df8 No.121255

Iron's ear flickers at the sound of his native language, storing the possible question after taking down the big group of griffons.
He turns to Silver and Skies.
"My decision remains firm. We will act as the enforcers of justice from the main entrance. You will have to choose another door."

0acfe No.121256

Her eyes are narrowed
“Indeed. Much like the Colonists. They try to dominate over everything. But we shall beat them back”

“Well okay then. Don’t get overwhelmed”

f2df8 No.121257

"It should be alright with three ponies dissuading them from exiting through the northern door, right?"

0acfe No.121258

“Not if they force through en masse. It may be better to block off two doors and have only two groups”

9f308 No.121259

"Damn colonizers, beat them all back."

f2df8 No.121260

"I see. I assume Star will do that part of the job with Silver, then?"

0acfe No.121261

She nods

I still think he may have told all of them

“Probably. Where is Midnight?”

0acfe No.121262

“What do you think, Silver?”

9f308 No.121263

As far as i know he only told mala.

ff671 No.121264

"Sounds alright to me."

0acfe No.121265

“Alright… the south entrance is less important. Somepony stealthy will go light a fire there with our fire bombs to close it off. The west entrance will have silver and probably dark Star. The north will have Iron. The East… well, that will either be closed off with more fire, or covered by midnight. I don’t suppose anypony will want to throw firebombs from the second level or shoot arrows from there?”

f2df8 No.121266

Iron glances at Sands when Skies' suggestion props up.

0acfe No.121267

Her eyes are wide, not obvious expecting that
“Uh… maybe?”

9f308 No.121268

"I would but shoot arrows from there but, it'll be hard to do that from the west."

f2df8 No.121269

"Your choice, Sands," Iron places a foreleg on her. "Choose what you think you will do best."

0acfe No.121270

Now she smiles.

“Give me another smoke”

“So… you’d rather go to the west?”

f2df8 No.121271

Iron blinks, not sure if she chose or not, but assumes that time will tell what she chooses.

9f308 No.121272

"thats what i planned on doing. but then again. im not sure anypony else could shoot well from there."
He puts his hoof to his chin in thought

0acfe No.121273

“Well… you have one other archer. And firebombs. If you want to use those”

9f308 No.121274

"who has the firebombs?"

0acfe No.121275

“They should be on the floor of the bathroom” she answers

ff671 No.121276

He does so, and holds his lighter up to light it for her.

0acfe No.121277

She takes the cigarette with her magic, then takes a deep puff
When she pulls it out, there is an orange, glowing end.
“I may be able to light something with this”

9f308 No.121278

"Where will you be?"

f2df8 No.121279

Iron nods, putting his hoof near the glowing end of the cigarette.
"I assume you want to set the place on fire, then?"

0acfe No.121280

“That’s kind of the question”

She shakes her head
“If only brick and mortar burned”

f2df8 No.121281

Iron pouts slightly over her comment.
"I assume it does not, from your comment."
He gently squeezes her.
"At least you will get to stab some of them to death."

9f308 No.121282


0acfe No.121283

She is squeezed

She takes another draw, and says
“I’d do worse to them if I had the chance”

f2df8 No.121284

He stares vacantly at a wall.
"I would not put it against you."

0acfe No.121285

She looks away herself, grits her teeth, and says
“Just… punch them real good”

“I can go to the south, maybe shoot some of them in the back. Or above to the second level. Or, I can stay by your side”

f2df8 No.121286

"Will do, Sands," he responds sternly.

9f308 No.121287

"We Could both shoot them from the balcony."

0acfe No.121288

She nods, and she smiles.
“Let’s run that by silver and midnight”

ff671 No.121289

"I do not see problem with it."

0acfe No.121290

“Alright then… looks like we know at least most of what we are doing”

f2df8 No.121291

Iron nods.
"I will enact the blunt force trauma and scare tactics to take out the will of these souless beaked folk."

ff671 No.121292


c9a9c No.121293

Spark will continue in the north soon.

0acfe No.121294

File: 1575604748564.png (2.96 MB, 2600x3200, 4d9.png)

ff671 No.121295

0acfe No.121296

File: 1575604950845.gif (1.71 MB, 482x505, 1521662565713-4.gif)

No. (You) are cute

Soon enough, soon enough

c9a9c No.121297

Can't wait.

ff671 No.121298

Floof pone sticks head out of bushes

0acfe No.121299

Hello little floof pone.

Who else is here?

9f308 No.121300

is discord down for anyone else?

ff671 No.121301

is booped

6ed0e No.121302

File: 1575746904017.gif (90.67 KB, 320x320, B18C097E-E5FE-4724-B17F-17….gif)

Hello edge pone!

Hello floof pony

9f308 No.121303

Sorry i didnt post yesterday. i had a Fever.

ff671 No.121304

Hello GM pone!

ff671 No.121305

Awww! I'm sorry to hear that, buddy. I'm glad to see you back, though. You feelin' any better?

9f308 No.121306

Not really. although i think my fever has broken.

6ed0e No.121307

Aww, it’s okay little edge pone. I hope you are feeling better now than before

*Hugs both ponies, keeping mouth and nostrils firmly closed bear fever pone*

ff671 No.121308

Awwww! I hope you start to feeling better soon.

is hugged
hugs back

6ed0e No.121309

I guess we could proceed to the next stage as soon as everypony is here. Midnight may be absent, which could be problematic

*Is hugged*

5a43c No.121310

is here

dbf52 No.121311

Hugs back

0acfe No.121312

File: 1575749351511.png (294.28 KB, 892x895, 1500430972172.png)

*is hugged back*

Um… was Dark Star wanting to go to the upper level and shoot his bow?


dbf52 No.121313

5a43c No.121314

Iron wants to enter through the northern door and act as a stone wall with Khoi (and maybe Sands, depending on what she believes is best at)

0acfe No.121315


Even without Midnight around, Dark Star could go upstairs

Sands seems just a little hesitant to leave Iron with Khoi, but is even less desirous of melee combat, so she slinks off. Khoi and Iron don't know each other well, but she seems…. motivated

5a43c No.121316

That is all Iron needs to know, as far as he knows.
Should Iron move out now or wait for Silver and Midnight to choose their positions?

ff671 No.121317

Hi fren!

dbf52 No.121318

Midnight's player wont be back until monday. he's on another trip.
Boops native pone

5a43c No.121319

Hello, horned one.
*insert knockout scene here*

0acfe No.121320

As soon as Iron moves into the actual opening itself, he will be visible to the creatures inside of the square, and from basically every point in the square. This is true of all of the characters. Silver and Mala (and White Sands) are at a special disadvantage because they will have to run past an opening to get to their positions.

I'm wondering if someone else should take control of that character

5a43c No.121321

Sounds like they'll need a distraction.
Is it time to pull out the trans advocate Iron again?

dbf52 No.121322


0acfe No.121323

Now a distraction could work

Being on the top level may result in some enemies at the East and West doors being out of line of sight. Dark Star should also be up there before the others

5a43c No.121324

Is Skies around Iron for him to ask?

0acfe No.121325

Yes, at the moment

5a43c No.121326

"Boss, the path for Silver, Midnight and their companions seem to be pretty exposed," Iron comments.

0acfe No.121327

She nods
"It seems so"

dbf52 No.121328

im sure it'll be fine.

5a43c No.121329

"Have you come up with anything to alleviate this small blunder? I could act as a big distraction if need be."

0acfe No.121330

"I think Silver and his companion are just going to have to run past and hope it will be okay. A distraction may be possible, but it is more likely to alert them to danger and will be very dangerous for the one putting on the distraction"

5a43c No.121331

"Do you think making noises with rocks would help, at the least?"

0acfe No.121332

"Hmmm…. It could. But there are a large number of them and every single one of them would need to be distracted and not paying attention while also not being aware of danger. If even one of them is looking that way and thinks something is strange, that might alert all of them"

0acfe No.121333

Just be sure to be up there before combat begins

5a43c No.121334

Iron hums.
"That is a problem. Not to mention they will be nervous of the bat-winged pony if they were to casually glance her way."
He looks at Skies.
"I suppose I could stir up trouble of some sort by mocking a big griffon or something."

0acfe No.121335

"But if you do that, you've substituted them noticing they are under attack because they see silver to them knowing they are under attack because they hear you"

5a43c No.121336

Iron huffs in frustration.
"Alright. Maybe I could just make an extremely awkward conversation to make everypony look my way. Would that work?"

dbf52 No.121337

Dark Star puts his hoof to his chin in thought.

6ed0e No.121338

“Maybe it would be better for Dark Star to draw their attention - he’ll be on the second floor and so out of range…. hopefully…”

dbf52 No.121339

"Are we ready?"

6ed0e No.121340

“To go to position upstairs? Certainly we can.”

dbf52 No.121341

"Let's Head that way."

5a43c No.121342

"I assume I will have to hold for now, considering the possibility of our cover being blown before the roof pony squad gets there," Iron comments.

6ed0e No.121343

“But once it doesn’t matter if the cover is blown… feel free to be as loud, rude, and obnoxious as you like to our griffin hosts”
She says with a smile

“Up the stairs. We can go in front of them or behind when there”

5a43c No.121344

He smiles back.

dbf52 No.121345

"Lets go in, in front of them."

6ed0e No.121346

File: 1575756896577.jpeg (18.31 KB, 244x207, 5EB67060-4EE4-4191-991F-6….jpeg)

“Okay… but I’m best at shooting from behind”

dbf52 No.121348

"Then we can go in the back way."
He Smiles at Her

6ed0e No.121353

“Alright… just remember that somepony needs to tell them all who we are, and give an ultimatum to surrender.”

Outside of the bathroom, to the right on the other side is a stairwell. Going up one flight leads to a landing with another door and another set of stairs going further upwards

9f308 No.121354

"I'll be sure to include that."

0acfe No.121355

If Dark Star goes up, he finds the door opens inwards to a hallway

9f308 No.121356

He opens it stealthily.

0acfe No.121357

No immediate activity in the hallway. It's actually less well lit on the second floor, with painted off white walls on both sides, and a tan set of tile on the floor

9f308 No.121358

Does Dark Star see anypony in the hall?

0acfe No.121359

Judging from what can be seen and heard, nocreature seems to be active in the eastern hall, second level at that moment

9f308 No.121361

Dark Star Creeps towards the position they are moving to.

0acfe No.121363

To the right, presumably, is the North side. This would place them above Iron, and above the entrance to the other part of the building. To the left, presumably, is the South side. This would place them opposite Iron and the entrance to the other building. To the left and in front of them is a closed but wide pair of wooden doors that evidently enters a room that partly hangs over the central square, and also covers the eastern entrance from above

9f308 No.121367

He goes to the spot the decided on before

88c7f No.121515

[lonely pony stuck in the north noises]

ff671 No.121516

[floofy unicorn in the south noises]

0acfe No.121520

File: 1575936360556.png (920.2 KB, 4538x5000, 379508.png)


39c69 No.121521

fd762 No.121522

File: 1576016866038.jpeg (121.16 KB, 700x700, 288A3CB8-696C-4C51-B45F-8….jpeg)

Alright ponies… let’s try this again. Who is here?

39c69 No.121523

fd762 No.121524

1bd09 No.121525

File: 1576017198643.png (238.31 KB, 2772x2048, _boop 2.png)

664c7 No.121526

File: 1576017278786.png (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 1920x1090, _aku sad.png)

>tfw Czechoslovakian

39c69 No.121527

File: 1576017333689.jpg (79.31 KB, 319x319, 1519431946035.jpg)


fd762 No.121528

File: 1576017619959.png (385.71 KB, 1280x720, 5731B95D-EB0B-4FA6-8A44-A2….png)


I’m’a annex you for that

dbf52 No.121529

File: 1576017781690.jpg (72.6 KB, 960x906, _aj kermit face.jpg)


fd762 No.121530

I’ll take you to Tim Hortons later

dbf52 No.121531

Eh thats pretty Good m8. Can we get a bag of milk along the way?

fd762 No.121532

File: 1576018464150.png (246.52 KB, 808x500, 23F928DF-0985-4B82-B30E-E9….png)

>milk in bag
Alright, that’s way too much Canada for me

dbf52 No.121533

All hail, the glorious leader black Trudeau! hey you got any ketchup chips,bud?

fd762 No.121534

File: 1576024956745.png (1014.07 KB, 1000x1000, C178157D-31C2-40CD-939C-D7….png)

Alright, I am at my apartment. Who is here?

4384f No.121535

File: 1576106860840-0.gif (82.57 KB, 275x374, 1884092__safe_artist-colon….gif)

fd762 No.121536


39c69 No.121537

fd762 No.121538

Before she goes upstairs, Blue Shekels ask midnight

“To our winged pony friend, would you like to guard the East entrance that goes to the hallway and the seaside exit, or would you rather trust that be walked off by flame, and instead stand beside silver or iron at either of two other entrances?”

4384f No.121539

Midnight pauses for a moment, considering her options.
"I will take the east entrance."

fd762 No.121540

Blue shekels looks at midnight for a moment, and pauses, as if not certain. But then she speaks
“Okay. That should divide them, hopefully.”
She moves forward a step
“It will be dangerous to go alone. Take Jubilosa.”
The weird catbird looking thing pauses for a moment, then steps forward, each paw in a line, and with some raised hairs visible between the ends of her forelegs legs and where the leather vest begins. Her head moves from direction to direction in quick, clean movements, like a bird, and she looks at midnight with slit, green eyes

4384f No.121541

Midnight politely nods to Jubilosa
"It will be good to work with you."

fd762 No.121542

She twists her head significantly to the right, causing medium-brown feathers on her neck to pop out almost like cards in a deck-mid shuffle. She responds,

“Who are you?”

4384f No.121543

"I am Midnight, I am working with the other ponies here."

fd762 No.121544

“Working what, exactly?”

Her paws are almost in a line one behind the other, and dried blood stains her brown leather vest running down from a slice in the middle, which overlays her dark-gold fur.

4384f No.121545

"Well, I am just here to follow orders, not make them. And now, you and I will be working defense."

fd762 No.121546

“What… what are we defending against?” She asks

4384f No.121547

"I… Am not completely sure…"

fd762 No.121548

She nods, slowly. As she does so, her green, slit eyes are wide and fixed on midnight

88c7f No.121551

[continuing to look for terrorists noises]

88c7f No.121561

Are these terrorists religious based, closer to Muslims? Or are they simply trashing things Antifa style?

88c7f No.121567

File: 1576377078343.gif (1 MB, 1280x989, changelingslep.gif)

I wonder what the bugs are up to…

88c7f No.121569

File: 1576466747194.jpg (102.85 KB, 750x750, changelingrawr.jpg)

Changelings are coot

ff671 No.121570

0acfe No.121573

Spark finds himself walking through the active mine. Most vehicles move, some do not, and there is no shortage of workers, both actually working and standing around. Some, at attention, some, idle or waiting.

Spark doesn't really know that at this point. It looks like the exterior panel, as well as part of the engine and transmission block, where damaged by blunt force applied from the outside

Ruby is still over playing with Mutey and Broody over by the partly flooded area in the lower mine. A couple workers look over, or seem either irritated or intrigued by the presence of the foals, but most pay them no mind, or seem to not notice them.

88c7f No.121575


Spark ponders for a moment.
"Are there workers here that would do something like this?"

0acfe No.121576

Um…. who is he talking to?

88c7f No.121577

Wasn't the boss there talking to Spark last we left off?

0acfe No.121578

We'll go with that

"Some of the workers are Equestrians from the area. After many of them refused to work here we replaced them from workers from the Crystal Empire…. they are marginally better. The thing is, really any of them could be motivated to sabotage the equipment. They are not too thrilled about mining for the Hegemony"

88c7f No.121579

"Any of them make any threats that could be more directly related to these attacks?"

0acfe No.121580

"Threats? No. No threats. Well, except maybe Gemmy last Tuesday. But mostly they claim it's an outside force"

88c7f No.121581

"Well, let's hear about Gemmy. Might as well while we figure things out."

0acfe No.121582

"He made a threat about damaging his shovel last week after being ordered to do something he didn't like. He was detained."

88c7f No.121583

"Do you think that others that were his friends might not have taken a liking to your punishment and acted out?"

0acfe No.121584

"The Gendarme say that reprisals and being tough stamps out the will to resist"
His facial expression betrays some doubt

88c7f No.121585

"Which is why you are having terrorism obviously, internal or otherwise. Your defenses are weak and you don't have a clue where or when it will happen again, but you can be sure it will."

0acfe No.121586

"Look. I know we are having problems, alright. I just need to make it stop. We haven't met a single quota"

88c7f No.121587

"Not a single one? My, you must be in good graces with the hive to get away with such a bit reputation. Regardless, looks like I will have to get things in working order here. Let me talk to this Gemmy and maybe I can find out what is going on."

2377e No.121589

File: 1576548372180.jpeg (70.3 KB, 1280x720, DBA1FEF5-E8FC-40AF-82FD-E….jpeg)

He is left looking something almost like pic related at Spark’s words
“We can make the quota if we can just stop the sabotage! The rains finally stopped…” he looks down and away, and then back up. Then he answers
“I think Zu Lang has him…”

88c7f No.121590

"Well… I think we can get things back up to speed soon if you let me work my magic. So… where is this Zu Lang?"

0acfe No.121591

"He's probably been provoked by your arrival. Maybe near your cart"

88c7f No.121592

Spark nods and heads to the cart.

0acfe No.121593

Outside of the wagon, looking in, is a peculiarly tempermental creature. A Changeling, of the dry, almost beatle like skin, wearing field grey.

88c7f No.121594

"Hello there. Are you Zu Lang?"

0acfe No.121595

The creature looks back at spark with red eyes that narrow on Spark
"Who are you?"

88c7f No.121596

"I'm here to get things back on track before you wind up with a crack down. I was told you had someone by the name of Gemmy. I need to ask some questions to figure out the source of the mishaps here."

0acfe No.121597

He narrows his eyes again. His solid, magenta eyes
"Yes… we do have a 'gemmy'."

88c7f No.121598

"Fantastic. Arrange for me to speak with him please."

0acfe No.121599

He tilts his head at him
"Perhaps…. who sent you here?"

88c7f No.121600

"Your boss of course, from right over there. Or do you mean in the grander scheme of things?"

0acfe No.121601

"My boss? My boss? Is that what Otis told you? If anything I am his boss. I report to the Lieutenant General in Whinnysota"

88c7f No.121602

"He didn't tell me anything other than you are holding someone called Gemmy. Now, if you would like to report something decent for a change, I would be happy to fix this place up, but I'm going to need a chat with this rebel."

0acfe No.121603

His mouth opens, and emits a definite "hiss"

But he does not move forward, and means less aggressive response than expressing internal frustration.

"Yes…. He is up in the genderarme center in the town"

88c7f No.121604

Spark makes sure the party is all inside their ride.

0acfe No.121605

This takes them out of the mine. Down the path that goes back up. Through the thin hundred yards of forest, and back into the lower town to the building across from the comapny building. A lone changeling stands outside. It looks like a normal Equestrian police station, with stone elements in the lower floor, and wood above. It must have been a police station not long ago. In a way it still is

88c7f No.121609

Spark heads towards the police station, hoping the changling isn't the attack on sight kind.

88c7f No.121612

Perhaps the changeling doesn't notice Spark?

88c7f No.121615

File: 1576900757277.jpeg (887.45 KB, 4000x3600, 1CD8B647-9259-4B5A-80EE-5….jpeg)

Does the changeling outside look like this?

164cb No.121616

File: 1576901943060.png (85.9 KB, 545x613, 00_20_12_795_fick_dichMkII.png)

>changeling swatter
If only it were that easy.

88c7f No.121617

I meant more the design and cute bow.

88c7f No.121618

Spark approaches the building whenever you are ready.

b3694 No.121619

If you tickle a Changeling, it's forced to change back.

ff671 No.121623

I love that image.

2377e No.121624

File: 1577139019497.png (364.87 KB, 906x882, 5FA99C0B-7755-4A23-AAA9-9B….png)

Hi floof pone!

ff671 No.121625

is fluffed
Hi GM!

88c7f No.121626

Can Spark have fluffs?

ff671 No.121627

*fluffs the Spark pone*

88c7f No.121628

*is fluffed*

88c7f No.121633

Merry Christmas!

3f58e No.121634

File: 1577329128706.jpeg (71.59 KB, 437x538, EA4C24C7-7933-4C80-A65C-9….jpeg)

Merry Christmas!

88c7f No.121635

I hope you had a good one.

88c7f No.121638

[sneaking past bug noises]

3f58e No.121639

File: 1577486697613.png (104.72 KB, 497x600, F455FCFF-6AFE-424F-864E-E2….png)

Is anypony here?

88c7f No.121640

I am now.

88c7f No.121643

Maybe we can play tomorrow?

88c7f No.121652

Hopefully I will make some fan art for this game soon. I just need some free time.

88c7f No.121655

Spark continues to investigate the building if he makes it past the changeling.

10f24 No.121658

File: 1577830488725.jpeg (29.87 KB, 200x250, C81B2072-7759-4974-BD13-8….jpeg)

Alright ponies, are we about ready?

0acfe No.121659

File: 1577832816897.png (2.43 MB, 3100x1700, d5kn8wt-5087dc63-163a-46df….png)

In the central hall of the square, stone and mortar, northern building of 33 Hoebuck, a large number of griffins congregate. They talk amongst each other, sometimes in groups of three or five where one or two personalities dominate, and the remainder listen, though more often in pairs, talking as creatures do in parties and large social settings. Their spirits tend to relaxed and sociable - at least where not excited by argument or heated conversation - and tend at worst to be bored. They chirp not in the cacophany of myriad languages plucked from all corners, as can be heard in the streets and markets of Red Heart, but overwhelmingly in the same, obtuse-sounding foreign language. Off to the side of the hall stand lone individuals. Some seem anxious. Some others, more introverted types by nature, hold with a single claw a small book that they read lines from. A couple more, new arrivals, enter the hall from the entrance closest to the street. All wear robed clothing, mostly red, less often white or brown, and always with a darker band around the beginning of the neck. Some wear headware, and like the robes, it is not a head wear typically seen in the streets. The group is uniformly griffin, excepting a zebra or two, and similar shades of brown, tan and yellow predominate.

In the Bathroom in the corner, and in the hallway, the party and their array of freed prisoners wait. Here, a mood of quiet anxiety pervades. Khoi Lua stands perhaps the strongest, quiet and expressionless, but even she seems to grind her teeth. Mala whimpers and lowers his ears, but then turns his head closer to Dark Star and Silver, and his ears return upright. Jubilosa stands tall, but her eyes focus on distant objects past the wall, and her lower beak is pulled back. White Sands lights another cigarette - where she got it, no one knows - and regularly looks off to the side, in any direction. Loputu takes it perhaps the least well, cowering in a corner, though he's been in such a poor state at least since the garbage chute.

In the center of the group of griffons, a single griffin in flowing dark red robes and with red cap stands on his hind two legs, and yells "Beachtung!" Most griffins turn their attention to him, and with a second "Beachtung," the remainder silence themselves, and turn to him. He then says, in that obtuse tongue, a small speech that all listen to. Upon the completion of this, he then is silent for a moment, looks around, and says, with only slight accent and in the Princess's Ponish:
"The Town congregation is inducting new members tonight and so has us separate until the first stages of their induction are completed. However, we will begin the ceremony as normal before the moon is directly overhead at midnight. We will head over collectively in six minutes."

ff671 No.121660

Silver looks over at his companions, feeling equally anxious about what's to come.

"Sounds like it is time. Come on, Goddesses will not give us second chance."

0acfe No.121661

Silver is in a delicate situation, as he has been assigned to handle the entrance next to the street-side exit. That means he'll have to run past another open doorway to get there.

Mala is Silver's assigned companion. He stands up, places his sheathed foreign sword over his shoulder, and looking to Silver, moves his tail from side to side slightly.

Also, you'll probably need to play Dark Star as well, who is with Blue Skies, going to the railing on the second floor to try to shoot down on them from above with his bow

ff671 No.121662

Let us get to that area before worrying about it too much. The unicorn scratches Mala behind the ears briefly before giving him a, "Come on, friend," and leading him to the doorway they need to pass by.

Dark Star smiles wickedly at Blue Skies. "Ready to get some target practice in?"

Can Silver use a Hide check to stay hidden while crossing the doorway?

10f24 No.121663

Mala smiles, then returns his face to a more serious expression, and slowly nods.

Blue Skies, calmer even then Khoi, looks from over the railing and back to Dark Star. Her expressionless mouth twists over to the side, then up into a malicious grin. “I’ve been practicing much of my life. Time to do what I was made to do.”

There isn’t really anywhere to hide, but he can roll luck with a dexterity modifier, which is basically the same thing

ff671 No.121664

Dice rollRolled 7 + 4

Dark Star can't help but swoon. "Have I ever told you that I love you?" He leads himself and Skies up and into position.

Dexterity: Silver tries to avoid detection while moving past the doorway.

4384f No.121665


9effe No.121666

Iron nods, shield and hoof bared.
"Alright, then. I'll move to my spot right away."
With that, the stallion beckons Khoi.
"Let us move."

0acfe No.121667


Midnight is pared with Jubilosa, who stands tall if occasionally jittery at Midnight's side, armed with a machete

Meadows stands over to the side, looking somewhat tired, and almost oblivious to the situation

Silver runs past, dragging a slightly noisier Mala behind him. There is no immediate sign that they have been noticed, not that they can be certain.

Blue Skies keeps her malicious grin, and now moves a step closer to Dark Star
"Not enough"

Light just a bit more yellow than preferred shines down big bulbs tacked on to the side of the walls, positioned as high as two stories up.

She nods, slowly. Iron presumably equips the large white and black hide shield from the records room

4384f No.121668


Midnight steps over and gently places a hoof on Meadow's withers
"Do not worry, it will all be over soon… And then I will get you somewhere safer"

0acfe No.121669

She turns around, and looks back to Midnight - almost looking at her, but not quite, slightly above and to the right

"Well…. I hope it ends well for…. others" she says, somewhat weakly

ff671 No.121670

Thus both Silver and Dark Star get into their respective positions, and wait for the others to prepare.

4384f No.121671

"So do I…"
Midnight nods to Jubilosa and gets in position

0acfe No.121672

Alright little ponies

Blue Skies: "Remember that we can only attack them with lethal force if they attack us first or if they 'flee' from legal apprehension. So be sure to ask them to surrender first, and identity us as acting under the authority of the New Mareland State and the Baltimare Governate. Remember that most of them are only wanted for immigration violation, and their may be a bounty on them if turned in alive, but only the ones wanted for trafficking or other crimes carry a dead or alive reward."

ff671 No.121673

The ponies nod.

4384f No.121674

Midnight nods and prepares her shortswords.

0acfe No.121675

Alright, somepony deliver a speech to make them give in, and roll intimidate

Dark Star and Iron are the best candidates

ff671 No.121676

"Dark Star" can do it, if everyone else agrees.

9effe No.121677

What's his intimidate stat?

4384f No.121678

I agree, dark star. since I have no intimidate

ff671 No.121679


0acfe No.121680

Well, Dark Star can give the legal-disclaimer portion full of fuck-you's, and Iron can do the heavy work of intimidation

ff671 No.121681

Sounds good. Are we ready?

0acfe No.121682

Yes. Dark Star's play, then roll intimidation, then presumably initiative

9effe No.121683

Roger that.

ff671 No.121684

Dark Star nods at Blue Skies, clears his throat, and begins his speech in the most authorative voice he can muser:

"Attention! You are all in violation of the law, and have committed crimes against the State of New Mareland, the Baltimare Governate, and the ponies therein! By order of the aforementioned powers, you are to be placed under arrest! You are surrounded and outmatched! Surrender peacefully and come with us, and no harm will come to you!"

0acfe No.121685

With these words, all creatures in the hall, whether they be reading or socializing, look up the intruders on the second floor railing. Many also look over to the doorways where now Midnight and Jubilosa, Iron and Khoi, and Silver and Mala step into. Only the rear exit remains open. Many react with expressions of shock, or fear. Some gasp, or whisper. Some are angry, and growl. Perhaps most simply look over and listen, slowly taking in the information they cannot yet process. At least one, standing near the middle, looks on calmly, almost as if with a smile.

You may now make an intimidation check

ff671 No.121686

Would you happen to know Dark Star's Intimidation and Charisma modifiers?

0acfe No.121687

According to his character sheet, as high as a +10

ff671 No.121688

Dice rollRolled 2 + 10


ff671 No.121689


0acfe No.121690

Some remain calm, but many seem not so convinced

9effe No.121691

Stone stomps the floor, grinding it back against the floor, a menacing grin on his face.
1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 12 ]<Intimidate roll

9effe No.121692

This sucks.

ff671 No.121693

Well guys, it was nice knowing you.

0acfe No.121694

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

The Griffin in the center speaks:
"So there were intruders… That is why Schwarze Feder did not show up"
Then he addresses the crowd
"The City has found us, and has sent its revenue agents to arrest us. Remain strong, for there are only a few of them, and so many of us. What do they have? Little Ponies? A deer thing. No. They have attacked us before and we have driven them back. They are not like the Inquisition back home. For they will all Fall."
Then he looks with a devilish grin, and a redness in his eyes that looks unnatural except where caused by reflection
"With the Power of Maar against our foes, they will beg for merciful Oblivion, and they shall not receive it."

A small amount of phlem in his throat and the only-so-intimidating female kirin to his side makes his delivery of the line sub-optimal, but his strong will shines through in the line, and some recline to the center, while still more peer out to the sides at the exits


4384f No.121695

Midnight rolls her eyes before clearing her throat.
"Attention griffons! We do not wish to have you! If you come out now you have my word as a worshipper of Luna that you will not be harmed, and your sentence will be shorter. If you show agression, it will be met in turn, and we will not restrain ourselves. IF you survive the ordeal, you would be lucky to gaze upon the light of the moon again within your life time. Please make your decision quick, and for all of us, I beg you to choose correctly."
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 23 ]

0acfe No.121696

Dice rollRolled 3, 4, 4, 3 = 14


0acfe No.121697

A majority stay in the center, some pulling out weapons

However, 3 run out, towards Midnight, some bearing knives and short swords

4 Run out towards Silver.

4 Run out towards Iron.

3 run out to the unguarded door, with more looking to follow.

And still more reach for weapons, take them from comrades, or survey their surroundings

Roll Initiative

ff671 No.121698

Dice rollRolled 1 + 4


4384f No.121699

1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 22 ]

ff671 No.121700

Dice rollRolled 15 + 4

Dark Star

9effe No.121701

1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 7 ]<Initiative

0acfe No.121702

Dice rollRolled 9, 2, 13, 3 = 27

Dice rollRolled 16, 4, 6 = 26

Dice rollRolled 10, 7, 13, 4 = 34

As if from directly behind, Midnight can hear a voice speak into her ear:

"The Moon is Not on your side tonight, for it belongs to those older than your god, and they are the more powerful"

Dark Star is not threatened this turn, but may attack. Silver fumbles his sword

4384f No.121703

All the hair along her spine sticks straight up as she looks behind her, short swords held at the ready.

0acfe No.121704

Silver gets attacked by 4

Midnight, then three griffins

Two griffins attack Iron, then he attacks, then two attack him

0acfe No.121705

Dice rollRolled 10, 20, 7 + 3 = 40

Dice rollRolled 17 + 4

Four Griffins attack Silver, as Mala tries to thrust his way in to help his friend

0acfe No.121706

Dice rollRolled 6 + 3

Dice rollRolled 14 + 4

Two griffins attack Iron. Khoi is behind in reserve

4384f No.121707

Midnight places her attention back on the griffons, and swipes at the first one to get close
Shortsword: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 8 ]
Dagger: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 8 ]

ff671 No.121708

Roll to confirm.

0acfe No.121709

Dice rollRolled 3

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

One definite hit, and rolling to confirm

I spy a double bullseye

ff671 No.121710

That's two hits, then.

0acfe No.121711

Dice rollRolled 14 + 5

One comes forth with a sword, and cleaves it through Silver's plate armor - though the hit could be worse. Far more unfortunate is the dagger - it seems as if every single one of these griffins has a dagger of this kind - that is stabbed into the opening for the neck, and hits Silver's shoulder

Mala breaks in, and attacks the griffin with the dagger directly

Dark Star may shoot

9effe No.121712

One hits Iron square on his chest, grunting painfully as he readies a powerful hoof punch straight on the offending bird with a swift exhale
1d20+5[ 1d20+5 = 8 ]<Power Attack filled Melee Attack

0acfe No.121713

Dice rollRolled 5 + 7

Dice rollRolled 5 + 3

Blue Skies shoots her crossbow at the back of a griffin fleeing to the northern exit

Mala hits, and stabs into the creature

I don't…. I don't think that hits

0acfe No.121714

Dice rollRolled 9, 12 + 3 = 24

Dice rollRolled 4 + 2

The griffin that hits Iron is one that is carrying a sword.

Now, two mare attack Iron

0acfe No.121715

Dice rollRolled 2, 20 + 3 = 25

Dice rollRolled 16 + 4

Three griffins attack Midnight

0acfe No.121716

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

Dice rollRolled 6 + 3

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

One hits, and rolling to confirm a crit

9effe No.121717

(It doesn't)

0acfe No.121718

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

12 damage to Midnight,

6+dice damage to Iron

6 Damage to Silver

5 damage done on one griffin attacking

9effe No.121719

Iron takes the second hit as he dodges the first, growling slightly as delivers the second strike lashes out at the mare that hit him nonlethally.
1d20+5[ 1d20+5 = 22 ]<Power Attack Melee Strike

0acfe No.121720

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4

Dice rollRolled 20 + 4

Khoi jumps in to attack with her hammer. Rolling her attack

Jubilosa attacks with a sword. Rolling her attack

0acfe No.121721

Dice rollRolled 8 + 3

Dice rollRolled 8 + 4

I don't think it's quite Iron's turn yet, but he can move after enemy griffins get two more attacks

0acfe No.121722

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2

Dice rollRolled 1 + 2

Dice rollRolled 2 + 4

Rolling to confirm Khoi's hit, and to roll damage for Jubilosa

ff671 No.121723

Dice rollRolled 9

I have no idea what Dark Star's attack modifier would be so just insert whatever it is.

"ARGH!" Silver staggers from the shoulder hit. He's down one leg.

Dark Star looks over at the griffons attacking Iron. "Hey Blue, do you think we can drop firebombs down there without catching the others in the blast?"

He fires an arrow at a griffon attack Midnight.

0acfe No.121724

Dice rollRolled 2, 5 + 2 = 9

Hit. Dark Star lets loose an arrow that goes forth and hits a griffin in the side, exploding with electric pink fire

9effe No.121725

Iron proceeds to throw a punch at one of the griffins, connecting with the closest one that could potentially flank him.
1d3+10[ 1d3+10 = 11 ]<Damage

0acfe No.121726

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

Silver can and should reroll initiative

And…. Bang! stunned, and knocked down. Another one attacks Iron

Midnight may attack again

4384f No.121727

Midnight winces in pain before lashing out at the griffon who attacked her, and got a crit.
Sword: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 12 ]
Dagger: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 25 ]

0acfe No.121728

Dice rollRolled 17 + 4

Over in the back, three griffins run for an empty exit

The one that attacked Midnight is a female with a partly curved dark beak, armed with only a dagger. Midnight's sword and dagger both stab into her

4384f No.121729

rolling damage
1d6+1[ 1d6+1 = 7 ]
1d4+1[ 1d4+1 = 2 ]

0acfe No.121730

Dice rollRolled 2 + 4


A bottle hits the floor, and lights up in fire around the griffin closest to the exit, as another one is shot in the back, and the third runs away

None land hits on Iron, as Khoi makes another attack on the same griffin

0acfe No.121731

Dice rollRolled 16 + 4

She takes a sword through the chest, and a dagger through a little between the neck and shoulder. Jubilosa attacks her

0acfe No.121732

Dice rollRolled 5 + 2

And hit

ff671 No.121733

Dice rollRolled 3 + 4


0acfe No.121734

And with a stab of Jubilosa's sword, the griffin falls to the ground, bleeding, if not quite fully unconscious

0acfe No.121735

Dice rollRolled 15 + 3

Dice rollRolled 7 + 4

Silver is midway between 2 griffins. 2 Attack before him, and 2 after. Mala is fully in the fight. Rolling attack on the first two griffins, one of whom is an armed sword wielder. Mala has already wounded one of the dagger wielders in pair of griffins that attack after silver's turn.

0acfe No.121736

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

Rolling attack for two of the griffins attacking Iron

ff671 No.121737

That's one hit. Roll damage.

0acfe No.121738

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

The sword misses, but one attacks with a Dagger. Rolling damage. Iron may attack

0acfe No.121739

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

Rolling Damage. Silver may attack.

0acfe No.121740

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4

Two alone attack Midnight. One wounded, one nearly stunned

ff671 No.121741

Dice rollRolled 13 + 8

Silver winces from obtaining yet another stab wound. He stabs at a sword-wielding griffon attacking him with his greatsword.

ff671 No.121742

Dice rollRolled 2, 6 + 5 = 13


9effe No.121743

Iron, having racked up a surprisingly number of three attacks, figures his odds are lower than expected.
(I must change my strategy)
With that, he rushes at the dagger wielder, attempting to start a trip attempt.
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 28 ]<Melee Touch Attack

0acfe No.121744

Dice rollRolled 14 + 5

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

One with a dagger stabs into Midnight.

This wound hits the Griffin square in the shoulders, cutting through his red robe, and shattering bone. He falls to the ground. Even in the bright red of the robe, the blood drenched sections can be seen, ever so slightly darker than the rest.

Mala attacks with ferocity, jumping forward, sword in mouth and swinging wildly

Dark Star's turn

0acfe No.121745

Dice rollRolled 2 + 3

Mala hits the same griffin again with his sword

ff671 No.121746

Dice rollRolled 1

Dark Star lets loose another arrow, aimed at the griffon he hit before.

0acfe No.121747

One downed y

Midnight 15 damage

Iron 9 damage

Silver 9 damage

One downed by midnight, 2 wounded attacking

One downed by Silver, 1 wounded, 2 attacking

One downed by Iron, 1 wounded, 2 attacking

Dark Star has the misfortune of the arrow remaining in place as the strong is released

0acfe No.121748

One dagger wielding griffin may attack Silver, then Silver's turn

Midnight's turn

Iron's trip attack lands

Correction. Iron has 12 damage

0acfe No.121749

Dice rollRolled 16 + 3

One griffin attacks Silver, then Silver may attack

ff671 No.121750

0acfe No.121751

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

The dagger hits into Silver's leg

4384f No.121752

>1 downed
2 to go

Another strike, this time at the one who attacked her this turn.
Sward: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 9 ]
Knife: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 8 ]

ff671 No.121753

Dice rollRolled 13 + 8

Silver is still standing, if barely. His legs are quite shakey, however, and blood runs freely down them. The unicorn tries to return the favor.

9effe No.121754

Iron struggles with the griffin, using his strong legs to sweep under him so he becomes prone.
1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 28 ]<Trip Attempt (Strength check)

ff671 No.121755

Dice rollRolled 6, 4 + 5 = 15


0acfe No.121756

Dice rollRolled 5 + 5

All Severyans must know Suffering in their lives. As it was with those brave cossaks who fought off the Emperor and who held back the Knights on the Frozen Lake, so too does Silver know it tonight, bleeding from multiple wounds.

But he is a teacher, for a new griffin came to learn it in kind. Silver smashes through a dagger wielder, cutting open a rib. Unlike the last griffin, whose blood was disguised by a red robe, this one's intestines seep out in part onto the floor.

Mala makes still another attack at a Griffin behind him

Complete Success

0acfe No.121757

Dice rollRolled 4 + 4

A miss, knives barely slipping past the griffin in front of her. But she is not alone. Jubilosa attacks

0acfe No.121758

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

One griffin swings at Silver

9effe No.121759

With the sweep, Iron adds a slight buck to the beak (as per Improved Trip allows)
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 22 ]<Melee Attack

0acfe No.121760

Dice rollRolled 7 + 3

The other, at Mala

0acfe No.121761

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

Dice rollRolled 14 + 4

From the center of the room, two Griffins aim bows at Dark Star. They shoot


ff671 No.121762

Two hits, I think?

0acfe No.121763

Dice rollRolled 3

One bow barely goes through Dark Star's jacket. But it hits.

0acfe No.121764

Dark Star has pretty full armor on (surprisingly)

Dark Star's Turn

9effe No.121765

With a swift motion, he crashes her hooves on the griffon's head, before returing to original position.
1d3+5[ 1d3+5 = 6 ]<Quick Buck to head

ff671 No.121766

Dice rollRolled 7

Dark Star: "Ngh!"

He snorts out air from his nostrils, and aims a retaliatory arrow at the griffon that shot him.

0acfe No.121767

Dice rollRolled 5, 5 + 2 = 12

Khoi is stunned for a moment, looking at the contact, throw to the ground, and headbutt before her

Dark Star has +5 BAB, like +3 dex, and +2 for ranger's favored enemy. Hit

ff671 No.121768

Dice rollRolled 14 + 8

Good to know.

Silver turns his sword's wrath on the griffon attacking his friend.

ff671 No.121769

Dice rollRolled 5, 5 + 5 = 15


0acfe No.121770

Dice rollRolled 17 + 2

Dice rollRolled 4 + 2

The bow Wielding Griffin rides the lightning

Midnight is at 15 Damage. 1 enemy downed, 2 wounded.

Silver is at 12 damage. 2 enemies downed, 1 super wounded, one unscathed

Iron is at 12 damage. Two enemies down, 2 unscathed.

Dark Star is at 3 damage. One enemy down, one unscathed.

As if Directing the battle, the griffin in the center points a claw over to Midnight, and another over to Silver. From each sallies forth a Zebra. These are Zebra Stallions wrapped in white turbans, covered in orange and brown jacket, and each carrying two big spears.

He chants,
"Geben Sie Ihrem Instrument die Kraft, sich zu rächen"
And a Black energy surrounds the zebra going towards Midnight.

Just a moment, little pony

0acfe No.121771

Dice rollRolled 6 + 8

The one nearest Silver jumps in first, and attacks Silver with his spear

ff671 No.121772

Said spear is deflected by one of the metal plates making up his armor. Miss.

0acfe No.121773

And Now silver may attack, using the same rolls if preferred

Midnight now has a Zebra entering to attack her, but he is somewhat delayed. Midnight's turn

ff671 No.121774

Yes, please.

0acfe No.121775

Dice rollRolled 15 + 4

Khoi attacks with her hammer at another griffin

Is he still attacking the same target?

4384f No.121776

Midnight decides to slash with just her sword this time, at the same target as last turn.

ff671 No.121777


4384f No.121778

1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 13 ]

0acfe No.121779

Dice rollRolled 5 + 3

Khoi's hit lands

The griffin falls down onto the ground. One remains, and the zebra


0acfe No.121780

Dice rollRolled 19 + 4

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

A new griffin salies forth towards Iron in white robes, while the sword wielder attacks again, and the remaining dagger wielder attacks again. But the sword wielder is wounded now, hit with a hammer swung by the pissed off Kirin

4384f No.121781

Damage tiem
1d6+1[ 1d6+1 = 2 ]

0acfe No.121782

Dice rollRolled 2 + 1

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Both Hit Iron, stabbing into his hide and slicing his back.

0acfe No.121783

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

Midnight's sword slices the Griffin, drawing blood. It isn't a lot, and Midnight has seen griffins, even these civilian griffins, survive worse. But an arround sticks out of this griffin's barrel, which, with a residual shock of pink light, causes him to fall over and down. One wounded griffin remains, and the Zebra. Jubilosa stabs at the remaining Griffin

0acfe No.121784

Dice rollRolled 6 + 3

The sword stabs into the griffin

0acfe No.121785

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5

The griffin, already wounded, falls over. Only the Zebra remains.

Iron has taken 7 more damage for 19 damage in total.

Now, Mala attacks the remaining griffin

0acfe No.121786

Dice rollRolled 15 + 9

But the Zebra Strikes Back

0acfe No.121787

Dice rollRolled 1 + 6

The Zebra Stabs into Midnight with what might be an unexpected ferocity

9effe No.121788

Iron grunts loudly by the double attacks he suffered from the persistent griffons, flesh and white cloth slashed and pierced.
He proceeds to quickly bash the most recent victim of Khoi's bashing, striking him with a quick jab, eyeing at the unarmed griffon.
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 23 ]<Melee attack

0acfe No.121789


Midnight at 22 Damage

0acfe No.121790

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

A remaining Griffin stabs at Silver

0acfe No.121791

Dice rollRolled 19 + 3

And now, the White robed Griffin reaches out to touch Iron with the end of an extended claw. Not swiping at Iron. Touching Him

ff671 No.121792

The dreaded CLINK! of a deflected blow is all that greets the remaining griffon.

9effe No.121793

Quickly and non-lethally punching the griffon chest, Iron breathes out to further strengthen the blow
1d3+5[ 1d3+5 = 8 ]<Damage

4384f No.121794

[silent reeeeing]
Midnight looks absolutely peeved, and strikes back against the zeeb.
sword: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 26 ]
dagger: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 23 ]

4384f No.121795

Rolling to confirm sword crit
1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 17 ]

0acfe No.121796

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

The Griffin touches Iron right on the end of his snout, and mutters,
"Bringt unseren Feinden Schmerz"

It feels like Iron has been punched. Hard. Or more like a strong electric shock, that radiates across his face, and his body as some black, dark energy runs through him, and saps him

Rolling damage

As this Griffin has already been hit with a hammer, Iron's punch is enough to knock the air out of him with a "heee" sound, and he falls to the ground. Only the dagger wielder and the white robed griffin remain.

0acfe No.121797

Dice rollRolled 8 + 4

Two griffins fly up into the air, towards the second level. One bowgriff shoots at Dark Star

0acfe No.121798

Miss. Dark Star's turn

ff671 No.121799

Dice rollRolled 7 + 10

"Wrong move, feathers-for-brains!"

He fires off his bow towards the griffon that has yet to attack at him.

ff671 No.121800

Dice rollRolled 2, 2 + 2 = 6


0acfe No.121801

Not enough to knock him out of the air, but enough to make him slip in his glide, and fall down several feet before righting himself, and forcing him to make a turn to land elsewhere. Never the less, one griffin lands on the same level as Dark Star and Blue Skies, landing on the railing with his hind legs, and falling down inside, opposite Dark Star

9effe No.121802

Iron's body shakes slightly from the shock sent across his body, leaving his muscles sore as his eyes go unfocused for a bit, before staring at the griffon intently.

0acfe No.121803

Silver 12 Damage. One griffin remaining, One Zebra Remaining Silver. 3 Griffins down.

Midnight 22 Damage, 3 Griffins down, 1 Zebra remaining

Iron 21 Damage, 3 Griffins down, 2 Griffins Remaining

Dark Star 3 damage, one griffin down, one wounded and knocked back a round, 2 remaining.

0acfe No.121804

Dice rollRolled 4 + 8

With a shout of the red robed griffin, "Stärke für deinen Diener",

A darkness surrounds the Zebra in front of Silver, and enters into his body, nearly making him bigger

He stabs forth, with new power

0acfe No.121805

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4

With all of the Righteous Fury of the slighted Moon Goddess, Midnight lands her hits against thee Zebra. Roll damage

The dagger wielding Griffin attacks Iron

ff671 No.121806

Dice rollRolled 3 + 8

Silver's armor is working hard to be worth the money he payed for it. Another deflected blow.

"Ты уже заткнешься?"

Silver turns to the new attacker with a calculated gaze, and strikes forth with his sword.

4384f No.121807

Woohoo! the sword is a x2 crit!
1d6+1[ 1d6+1 = 4 ]
1d4+1[ 1d4+1 = 4 ]

0acfe No.121808

Dice rollRolled 3 + 3

Not quite a hit, as it seems this Zebra has Armor of his own

A griffin attacks Iron with his dagger

12 damage. The Zebra shouts "RAH!" in pain, but carries forth

0acfe No.121809

Dice rollRolled 9 + 8

He stabs forth, yet again

0acfe No.121810

Dice rollRolled 13 + 2

Dark Star should roll Initiative (+3 dex bonus) against the new griffin

ff671 No.121811

Dice rollRolled 13 + 3


0acfe No.121812

Dice rollRolled 13 + 4

Dice rollRolled 7 + 6

He hits, and stabs forth with a fury all of his own

Dark Star wins. The +4 roll is the attack roll of the bowgriff against Dark Star

0acfe No.121813

Dice rollRolled 20 + 3

Dice rollRolled 2

An arrow Flies forth, penetrating Dark Star's jacket

The +3 roll is Blue Skies initiative

0acfe No.121814

Dice rollRolled 14 + 7

Blue Skies turns, and shoots the incoming griffin

0acfe No.121815

Dice rollRolled 2, 3, 2 + 1 = 8


ff671 No.121816

Dice rollRolled 15 + 10

Dark Star winces from being turned into a pincushion, and fires his own arrow at the griffon in front of him after Blue.

ff671 No.121817

Dice rollRolled 5, 6 + 2 = 13


0acfe No.121818

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4

Dark Star is shot with an Arrow for 2 damage. There is a new griffin on the same level as Dark Star. It is wounded by Blue Skies, but is not out. Silver has initiative over that one

+13 Damage to Midnight, 35 damage in total

Khoi attacks the Zebra

0acfe No.121819

Jubilosa doesn't quite make it

The arrow goes squarely in the chest, between the lungs and below the heart. A massive wave of punk light hits him, and he falls down to the ground, dropping not one but two knives

9effe No.121820

Iron shuffles closer to the robed pony, deciding to trip him.
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 24 ]<Melee Touch Attack

0acfe No.121821

Dice rollRolled 6 + 3

A griffin attacks Silver with his dagger

4384f No.121822

>35 damage total
I gotta end this quick…
Midnight strikes once again, praying to Luna this won't be her last time.
sword: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 20 ]
dagger: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 23 ]

ff671 No.121823

Deflected again.

0acfe No.121824

Dice rollRolled 14 + 5

Miss, and Mala attacks the Griffin

Hit against the robbed Griffin

Luna guides her weapons true against the griffin

4384f No.121825

You mean zeeb?
1d6+1[ 1d6+1 = 7 ]
1d4+1[ 1d4+1 = 4 ]

9effe No.121826

With that, the native proceeds to wrap his foreleg around the robed griffin's backlegs, pulling him towards him in an attempt to trip him up.
1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 29 ]<Strength Trip Check

0acfe No.121827

Dice rollRolled 4 + 5

hehehehe, leave the specifics of "Zebra," "Griffin," Changeling" etc to Twilight and her Vizier. Killin' is Luna's specialty.

A stab into the side, then a stab up through the chest, the zebra's eyes turn up, he lets out a "uh…. cuh!" and falls forward, to the ground.

Suffice it to say, Iron has this griffin's ass

Mala cuts into the remaining Griffin

0acfe No.121828

Dice rollRolled 12 + 6

The griffin struggles to keep focus

9effe No.121829

>Iron has this griffin's ass
Much more homoerotic than I expected
As a finally offering against the griffon, he raises his free hoof, bringing it sideways to slap the griffon's flank square on where his cutie mark should be.
1d3+5[ 1d3+5 = 8 ]<Damage

4384f No.121830

W-wew, priase Luna for that.

Midnight pulls the blades from the zebra, saying a short prayer as she crosses her blades over her amlet. It then begins to glow a deep blue as she casts cure light wounds on herself.
1d6+2[ 1d6+2 = 3 ]

ff671 No.121831

Isn't Cure Light Wounds a 1d8?

0acfe No.121832

Dice rollRolled 18 + 6

Silver can proceed to his next turn. 12 damage, One Zebra remaining, and a wounded griffin remaining

We can go with that roll…. or we can wait

Again, the griffin tries to concentrate

ff671 No.121833

Dice rollRolled 14 + 8

Once again, Silver aims a swing for the beefed up zebra.

ff671 No.121834

Dice rollRolled 2, 1 + 5 = 8


0acfe No.121835

Dice rollRolled 15 + 3

The griffin is most definitely knocked down, down to the ground. But he tries to reach up, and touch Iron

4384f No.121836

Uh… yeah, you're correct
Sure, let's wait

0acfe No.121837

Dice rollRolled 5 + 1

With far less energy than before, he makes contact with Iron. But he does make contact.
"Bringt unseren Feinden Schmerz"

And another shock. This time, to Iron's barrel

0acfe No.121838

Dice rollRolled 3 + 4

Khoi smashes at the white robed griffin, for good measure. To keep him down

Silver slices into the Griffin. And yet, he stands

9effe No.121839

Iron's body shakes quite more strongly this time, eyes popping open from the shock, almost threatening to step on the robed griffon before subsiding, thankfully without stepping on his head.

0acfe No.121840

End Round

Midnight 35 damage. Skipping ahead a round, all enemies down

Iron 28 damage, 3 griffins down, one prone and wounded, 1 remaining

Silver 12 damage, 1 wounded griffin, 1 wounded zebra, 3 down

Dark Star 5 damage, one bow griff, one wounded enemy, 2 down

0acfe No.121841

Dice rollRolled 17 + 3

The Griffin with a dagger has a definite fear in his breathing. He swings nevertheless at Iron

0acfe No.121842

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1

Iron is stabbed into, albeit with less force than as if attacked by a larger griffin

0acfe No.121843

Dice rollRolled 6 + 8

The Zebra, wounded, attacks Silver yet again with a thrust forward. His exhale is labored with a big "huh!"

0acfe No.121844

From the opposite Direction, a new challenger approaches Dark Star. It's the griffin he wounded earlier, landing elsewhere and going around

9effe No.121845

Briefly glancing back at the stabbing griffon as his flank was stabbed, the native turns his head and headbutted the robed griffon right on his face, making sure this beaked mage was taking a long nap.
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 17 ]<Melee attack

ff671 No.121846

Dice rollRolled 17 + 8

Silver's armor continues to do its job. He retaliates with another swing.

Dark Star turns to face his new opponent.

ff671 No.121847

Dice rollRolled 6, 2 + 5 = 13


0acfe No.121848

Dice rollRolled 4 + 1

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

This Zebra is cut into, damned near cut in half, as his intestines enter upon the floor. Like the griffin next to him, perhaps even more so. Mala, growling through teeth that clasp a sword handle, strikes again at the remaining griffin

Dark Star roll initiative. The +5 is mala's attack, the +1 is the initiative from the other griffin

He hits alright. He hits.

0acfe No.121849

Dice rollRolled 1 + 5

Mala hits and cuts

ff671 No.121850

Dice rollRolled 10 + 3


9effe No.121851

With a sickeing crunch, Iron's stone forehead collides with the griffin's beak, before retreating to face the dagger griffon
1d3+5[ 1d3+5 = 7 ]<Damage

0acfe No.121852

Dice rollRolled 7 + 4

The remaining Griffin, likewise, is cut, and falls down in a blood pile. Mala growls at his fresh kill, the second today Silver has witnessed. No enemies remain around Silver

Dark Star has the draw. But the bowgriff on the floor fires first

0acfe No.121853

Dice rollRolled 17 + 4

The arrow misses. Dark Star's turn

With that, he falls out. One griffin remains, But Khoi Swings at her

0acfe No.121854

Dice rollRolled 4 + 3

She hits

ff671 No.121855

Dice rollRolled 8 + 10

Dark Star looses an arrow towards the griffon now in front of him.

Seeing that the rest of the party is mopping up their attackers, Silver points his bloodied sword at the remaining griffons. "He said you were outmatched. Surrender, or you can join your comrades."

ff671 No.121856

Dice rollRolled 5, 1 + 2 = 8


0acfe No.121857

Midnight 35 damage. No enemies remain

Iron 30 damage. 1 wounded griffin remains

Silver 12 Damage. No enemies remain.

Dark Star 5 damage. 3 enemies down. 1 remains.

That griffin was already limping and wounded. He now falls to the ground, stunned.

Mala growls and shakes, looking as if ready to tear apart creatures. Jubilosa, likewise, points her sword at the group. Khoi, not finished with the attackers before her, concentrates on that.

0acfe No.121858

The wounded Griffin near Iron tries to run past him

9effe No.121859

Iron uses this opportunity to grab ahold of the griffon, attempting to initiate a grapple.
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 14 ]<Introductory melee strike

0acfe No.121860

And grapple

9effe No.121861

Ohboi, you'll probably faint.
Iron attempts to chokehold the griffon, falling backwards slightly to accomodate for his inability to stand with his two hindlegs.
1d20+14[ 1d20+14 = 29 ]<Grapple check

0acfe No.121862

In the Center of the Room, the griffin looks around him at the damage. There is a griffin, caught on fire and fallen down, near the south exit, with two more lying on the ground between the center and the south exit having been shot in the back. In the center of the room, one lays downed from an arrow hit. Up above on the balcony, two are stunned, one of those with a regular arrow stuck in him. Bodies lay elsewhere. The best off are those near Iron, stunned. The worst are the disassembled corpses near Silver.

In the center are some griffins, maybe 10 or so in total, who either did not want to fight or never saw the opportunity to enter. Some of them want to come to the sides to retreat. A few eyeing towards the griffin and the winged pony. None want to go towards Silver, for what the sight of bowls and blood upon the floor do not do for the psychy, the growling, hunchbacked gnoll upon the floor does the rest, and it seems only the scimitar sword in his mouth prevents him from ripping at a griffin's throat.

The red robed griffin acknowledges the set back, but is not out. He stands still for a moment, then says
"Ziehen wir uns hinter einen Schleier zurück"
With this, from the air, in three swiftly assembling vortexes, mist forms, then comes around the griffins, growing to obscure the center of the room - only the center - in a dense fog that cannot be seen through

He's grappled alright

9effe No.121863

With that, he presses on the griffon's neck, making him 'fall asleep' on his arms.
1d3+5[ 1d3+5 = 7 ]<Grapple damage

0acfe No.121864

That's enough for the wounded griffin, who falls down unconscious. Khoi is taken back briefly from her watching of the magic in front of her, to look at Iron's theatrics

ff671 No.121865

"Вернитесь сюда!" Silver circles around the pillar of fog, towards the unguarded entrance.

0acfe No.121866

Mala continues growling towards the mist. Then a shape appears from the mist, looking forward

4384f No.121867

Midnight slumps back, sitting down. The mare is covered in many cars and scrapes, and is breathing heavy.
She takes a minute to pray, and casts cure light would on herself.
1d8+2[ 1d8+2 = 6 ]

9effe No.121868

Iron simply dumps the griffon off him, looking strangely at both the mist and the shape appearing from the shadows, hooves ready to pounce whenever the attack comes.

ff671 No.121869

Silver halts in his tracks, pointing his sword towards the shape. Dark Star draws his bow, and aims for the same object.

0acfe No.121870

Midnight regains 6 points of health, but is still 29 below where she started, with two serious stab wounds and a number of smaller ones. Jubilosa looks intently at the mist, from cone sounds of talking

Two griffins poke their heads out

A griffin pokes its head out, looking over more towards the direction of iron after a glance in Silver’s direction

ff671 No.121871

Silver lowers his sword slightly. "Will you surrender? For what it is worth, you still have our guarantee that you will not be harmed."

0acfe No.121872

From deeper in can be heard the words,
"Nein, es soll keine Kapitulation geben"

But several more griffins seem to look out in interest of some kind of surrender

0acfe No.121873

From one side of the mist, a griffin flies out, evidently heading towards a side away from Dark Star

ff671 No.121874

As a sign of trust, Silver puts his sword back in his sheath.

Dark Star keeps his bow trained on the griffon as long as he can, just in case.

0acfe No.121875

Mala too drops his sword…. Just to free up his mouth, which he now uses to spout high pitched yip-barks and growls at the enemies

The other griffin takes off, and lands on the second level on the side opposite Dark Star

9effe No.121876

Iron sees the two griffons fly up towards Dark Star, humming slightly as he looks suspicious about the ordeal.

ff671 No.121877

Silver trots over to his friend, and pets him between the ears. "It is okay, Mala, you can calm down, now."

ff671 No.121878

Dark Star keeps an eye on the griffon.

Silver smiles at the gnoll while he pets him. "Good boy."

4384f No.121879

Midnight sighs in relief at her healing before standing back up and checking on Jubilosa

0acfe No.121880

His ears fall down, and he stops barking, though he remains in a growling "attack" stance towards those looking out. Several more peer out.

This calms him down just a little bit more

They move up, and seem to run off to a side

Blue Skies asks:
"Are we going to do something about them?"

0acfe No.121881

Jubilosa is completely unscathed, as the griffins and zebra that attacked considered Midnight the more pressing target. She, more so than most, seems to want to press forward, and force the surrender

"It feels good, doesn't it? The feel of victory. Of conquest. Of killing"

ff671 No.121882

Dark Star looks down at the griffons peering out of the fog. "We'll take them in alive." He announces to the remaining griffons, "Drop your weapons, and come out of the fog peacefully, and you all have our words that you'll be unharmed."

Silver continues to pet Mala and try to calm him down, so more griffons might leave the fog.

4384f No.121883

Midnight breathes another sigh of relief before quickly thinking about, and checking on, Meadows.

9effe No.121884

Iron looks warily at the two griffs, unsure of why they're being let hanging, wakling around there instead of getting shot down.

0acfe No.121885

Dice rollRolled 9 + 4

He growls, then stop for a moment, then growls slightly, then stops, and then his tongue comes out

Then…. Swoosh an arrow comes right for Silver.

Mala yells out in a high pitched bark-yip that sounds nothing like a dog, nor indeed any animal Silver has ever heard

Meadows, thankfully, is further back, in the hallway. To the right, further down, White Sands peers around a corner. She sits calmly, smoking still another cigarette with a poof of smoke. The same brand Silver smokes, oddly enough.

Meadows is down, to the left, by the bathroom. She still seems kind of out of it. Like she doesn't quite know what's going on. But she knows it's not good. She wobbles forward
"Midnight… are you hurt? You are covered in marks"

At worst, Iron can pull out and around, going up the stairs to meet them for himself

4384f No.121886

"Yes, I am hurt, but I am very relieved to see you are not Meadows."
Midnight looks like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, despite the cuts covering her body

ff671 No.121887

Dice rollRolled 8 + 3

The arrow, thankfully, is deflected by his armor.

Spot: Silver quickly gets into a defensive posture, and tries to peer through the fog to see who shot at him.

0acfe No.121888

Vaguely, in front of him there is a silhouette. Mala continues yipping

All is well for her thus far, and will likely remain that way unless an enemy gets past them and into the hallway.

4384f No.121889

Let's hope it stays that way.
Midnight stands in the doorway, looking around

9effe No.121890

Iron hums slightly, turning to Khoi.
"Two griffons are in the catwalk," Iron whispers. "What do you think?"

0acfe No.121891

Upstairs, Blue Skies runs off

A couple griffins look out. One has shot an arrow at Silver, and Mala is growling and yipping at the veiled foe

"Are they running away, looking for help, or for cached weapons?"
She asks back

ff671 No.121892

He calls out to the other griffons. "Let me make one guess: your leader, who ordered one dozen of your friends and comrades into battle, while hiding like coward in middle of those of you who did not want to fight, and is ordering you to not surrender, was who just fired that arrow."

9effe No.121893

"That's the worst part," Iron reports. "I have no idea what they're doing, but they're not getting shot by either Dark Star nor Skies."

0acfe No.121894

None reply. Only "Yeep Yip Yeep Yip" for a moment. Then, in Ponish
"Come in yourself"

"Do you want me to go check it?"

ff671 No.121895

Silver lets out a sigh. "You do realize that means we can not guarantee you will be unharmed, yes?"

9effe No.121896

Iron cocks his brow, before nodding. "Do. I'll stay here in case any fools try to rush here."

0acfe No.121897

Khoi nods, then goes off.

No response

Two Griffins run off towards the South exit. This is the exit that has a pool of fire around it, but no pony guarding it. To the right of Silver, to the left of Midnight, and opposite Iron (Iron likely cannot see it)

ff671 No.121898

Dice rollRolled 17

Silver draws his sword, and approaches the fog. "Your choice."

Before he arrives, however, Dark Star aims a lit thrown firebomb towards the middle of the fog.

4384f No.121899

>low HP
>guarding Meadows
I'll let Silver take this one, but Midnight holds her weapns at the ready, just incase

9effe No.121900

Iron simply stands guard, unaware of the escaping future convicts on the other side, scanning the area for any sort of unwarranted rushing.

0acfe No.121901

Now This is effective. The center does not immediately clear up, for what is burned away is replaced by smoke. But it produces an immediate deluge of griffins, running towards Iron, Jubilosa, and Midnight.

Mala Jumps out and runs towards the side

0acfe No.121902

ff671 No.121903

Dice rollRolled 9 + 2

Strength: Silver tries to intercept and tackle a fleeing Griffon.

ff671 No.121904

Dice rollRolled 19 + 10

Dark Star aims at a different fleeing griffon, and shoots an arrow at them.

ff671 No.121905

Dice rollRolled 2, 6 + 2 = 10


0acfe No.121906

Silver lands on one, before Mala gets to her, while Mala gets to another

Hit. And. Downed

9effe No.121907

Iron slowly walk backwards, swiping a hoof at one of the fleeing griffons non-lethally.
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 12 ]<Melee Strike

4384f No.121908

Midnight sighs before striking out at one of the ones running by her.
S: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 19 ]
D: 1d20+7[ 1d20+7 = 20 ]

ff671 No.121909

Dice rollRolled 20 + 10

Silver tries to keep the griffon pinned while he hogties her.

Dark Star shoots at another, with a massive grin on his face.

ff671 No.121910

Dice rollRolled 17 + 10


ff671 No.121911

Dice rollRolled 2, 1, 3, 1 + 2 = 9


0acfe No.121912


A couple more griffins raise their foreclaws
"Greife nicht an! Greife nicht an!"

Another one, shot and falls down

0acfe No.121913

Midnight hits the fleeing Griffin, who herself has a robe partly covered in fuel oil and flame, strewing blood across the floor as she trips and falls down, leaving a trail of blood

9effe No.121914

Iron's hoof clashes with a random griffin, hoping to keep him in place after that blow
1d3+5[ 1d3+5 = 7 ]<Damage
With that, Iron stomps his hooves, attempting to intimdate the fleeing griffs.
"Lay down on the ground and I'll ensure you'll not be beaten up!"
1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 23 ]<Intimidate check

4384f No.121916

1d6+1[ 1d6+1 = 5 ]
1d4+1[ 1d4+1 = 4 ]

ff671 No.121917

Dice rollRolled 9 + 10

Intimidate: Dark Star shouts out to the crowd. "ON THE GROUND, NOW!"

Silver tries to herd the griffons away from the exit.

0acfe No.121918

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

From inside, towards the middle, a flaming robe is cast down and aside.
"Greife ihn mit deiner Kraft an"

With this materializes a green, twisted sword. Like a more massive version of the curved daggers. The ethereal greation, transluscent and hovering, strikes over towards Silver

Two of them comply immediately. Actually, he's rolling on the ground. Tying to put out the fire

She falls down, and starts croaking. Jubilosa seems horrified at this scene

Several more do so, though it looks like Midnight and Mala have already killed a couple females as they fled. More than a couple are covered in burning fuel oil, and stand trying to pull the robes off

0acfe No.121919

Dice rollRolled 8 + 1

Silver is hit by the magic sword

ff671 No.121920

Dice rollRolled 14 + 9

"ARGH!" Silver, hobbling on his four legs, charges the middle of the fog pillar.

Dark Star lets the flaming griffons put themselves out, before seeing that they get on the ground.

9effe No.121921

Iron watches in discomfort, figuring that even though they were probably implicitly guilty of dumping corpses down the sewers, these possible deaths by fire is too much. He makes sure to cover as much of the exit as he can, making sure as few griffon as they can try to squeeze through the exit.

0acfe No.121922

Is that a charge attack roll?

They no longer seem intent to exit, if they ever were. They now just want the slashing, the fire bombing, the growling hyena, to all stop

ff671 No.121923


9effe No.121924

Iron simply stares for a bit, before tugging his cloth shirt out.
"Screw it," he utters, holding his white, worker shirt on his mouth. "This is not right."
He proceeds to try and help putting out the fires on the griffons.

4384f No.121925

Midnight stares grimly at the scene before her, before turning to make sure Meadows cannot see.

0acfe No.121926

Hit against the tan and white griffin, now naked and covered in burns

Iron's big weight proves useful in this, battering down griffins, already on the floor, with clothing.

The thing is that when the bottle exploded, most of the oil did not immediately burn, but flew up. Which got onto cotton shirts. Which burn more easily than the oil, and are now covered in oil. These can of course be removed, but oil seeps through onto hide, and it takes time to remove the robes.

Meadows is behind, in the hallway. She can see nothing. But she can hear the screams. The yipping. Even sometimes the more subtle sounds of fire cackling or steel against flesh

ff671 No.121927

Dice rollRolled 3, 2 + 5 = 10


9effe No.121928

Iron breathes in, knowing there's bout to be some hoof burning.
"Let us commence the trial by fire."
Without care for his own hoofs and forelegs, he starts to take off as many of the griffons' burning clothes as he can.

0acfe No.121929

The griffin is cut into. Wounded. Ontop of burns. Yet still, he is not out. Though he is knocked down prone, the green and blue jagged, wavy sword swings again, moving back towards him, and to Silver.

It's a bit awkward to pull off. It would probbaly be easier with a knife. But not undoable. The griffins do not resist, they do not fight back. But they don't help either. He gets at least one off, after some effort

0acfe No.121930

Dice rollRolled 10 + 5


9effe No.121931

Iron would ask Sands for the knife, but he's pretty sure she'd rather watch them, opting to juryrig his teeth as the knife, trying to tear up the burning clothes.

4384f No.121933

Sadly, Midnight cannot silence the screams for her new friend. But she can make sure that her voice doesn't join them as she stands guard.

9effe No.121934

*watch them burn, opting to

0acfe No.121935

Sands has not been n Iron's sight for the course of any of this. Who knows where she is.

Silver is under attack, for what it's worth, by the leader cleric

ff671 No.121936

Dice rollRolled 4 + 8

Silver dodges the blade this time. He strikes at the griffon again, hoping for a finishing blow.

0acfe No.121937

If he were on his feet, that would likely not be possible, and certainly not with the help of his magical powers. Yet, even with some mysterious force helping to protect him, he is hit

ff671 No.121938

Dice rollRolled 2, 3 + 5 = 10


0acfe No.121939

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

From off, over to the right, Mala - covered in blood, off on his own excursion - charges in, and tries to tear into the griffin

9effe No.121940

Iron's mind does stop, humming slightly.
"Now that I think about it," he mutters to himself. "I have not seen her on the catwalk with Skies and Star."

0acfe No.121941

With corpses and burning bodies littering the floor, all hostile parties are down. The archer that shot at Dark Star at some point slipped into the mass.

Silver rends into the brunt hide and cuts down into it, as Mala comes up and starts tearing at his neck. The Griffin is down, or dead.

She is no where to be seen, nor is Skies for that matter. Dark Star is on the second level hallway railing

9effe No.121942

Seeing the main threat is dealt with, he decides to search the first loose end he should be searching for: Where is Khoi and if she's doing good.
With that, he pulls out himself, following Khoi's steps.

0acfe No.121943

Best guess is that she went upstairs

9effe No.121946

He obviously follows the trail, of course.

ff671 No.121947

Dark Star is torn between trying to help out with the chaos below, and looking for his absent marefriend. Even for him, this is pretty brutal.

Silver, now bleeding pretty badly from the wound he got from the magic sword, tries to calm his doggo friend down. "Okay, Mala, he's down, you can stop now."

0acfe No.121948

Mala lunges and tears at the griffin, biting him and pulling his neck. He pulls it in a way like its designed to rip the hide off the bone, or even rip the head off. There is blood on Mala's neck fur and around his mouth, almost all of which was not there when Mala left Silver's side a minute ago. He does not respond immediately, but starts to growl less, before calming down.

Dark Star has a fairly good view of what is below. It looks like, unfortunately, not many griffins remain for bounty. There remain several griffins who are either stunned, or unconscious, that still need to be tied, and a few who are downed but could be saved from bleeding out. Unless the two that went to the other side escaped, there are none to spread the word to any other hostiles elsewhere in the building, and in that regards it is a success.

There is no trail, persay, but he can go up levels. There is no pony on the second floor

ff671 No.121950

Silver starts petting Mala's head and down the back of his neck. "Good boy."

Dark Star starts to tie up what griffons he can find with whatever's available.

0acfe No.121951

Mala at first lurches back, as if to bite Silver's hoof when Silver touches him. But he doesn't, and he moves back, letting Silver touch him. He slowly eases out of tension, blinks a few times, calms down, licks the blood off his lips, and starts to pant, moving his head to where Silver can touch him more.

Upstairs, there are two griffins, one of whom is stunned, one is shot with a bow and stunned in part. Downstairs there are many more griffins. Dark Star has a couple ties, some mane ties, and there is always clothing. Plenty of clothing. All of them were wearing robes of some kind, much of which were burnt, but still.

0acfe No.121956

File: 1577912494428.jpg (111.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

Though the noises of a few whines and moans don't stop, the scene settles down. Mostly, at least. There’s a terrible smell of burning oil, hide, and cotton in the air. The room is darker now, either by soot covering the lights or the lingering remnants of the mist – though it feels as if some active force of darkness has entered the room and suppressed the light.

The Southern entrance, unguarded for the totality of the fight, still shimmers in flame, as the fuel-oil-whiskey-bottle's contents spread across the floor. The viscous liquid of black and gold spreads partly in a puddle, but partly partly across contours in the floor, revealing an uneven surface that slopes slightly east, towards the sea. A second puddle, connected by a stream to the first, represents either a level gathering basin for the oil, or the epicenter of a second shattered bottle. The still-burning puddles leaves an area slightly to the right that could perhaps be wide enough to fit a creature.

But this entrance was no escape. One unfortunate griffin seems to have been caught in the initial fire, and fell in the threshold of the doorway. Her clothes must have caught fire immediately, as none remain, though almost her her body has burn marks. Some portions of her body, more burned than others, must have been where the sticky oil bled through the clothing and onto her hide. Unlike the cotton robes, the oil burns slowly, and ultimately deeper into her hide. Around her chest, beneath her neck, the hilt of one of the twisted daggers sticks out.

Another griffin female did not make it as far, but yet perhaps died even more brutally when she tried to get around the fires of the threshold. She is surrounded in blood, not flame and oil, and it pours out of innumerable tears in her flesh. Her robes are tattered and torn in multiple places, with a great tear on her back around her spine revealing flesh as but crushed as sliced. A shoulder, likewise is ripped into, and the once-brown robe surrounding the right foreleg is dyed with blood. But it's her neck that is the worst off, as dozens of small cuts and tears were matched by a force pulling and ripping first the flesh and skin, then the jugular, out of her neck.

Two more lay by the entrance, though they did not get as far. A lies with a stuck in the back of his head, just to the left of where the spine and skull meet. Another one, whose body is turned around in part, has two bolts sticking out of him from the barrel and the shoulder. He may not even be dead.

The fates of these griffins contrast sharply with those on the opposite side, by the North entrance. Five griffins lay on the floor in their red, brown, and white robes. Punched in the head, headbutted, and hit with a hammer, they often suffer broken bones, broken ribs, and concussions. None are yet dead.

Immediately above the North entrance, on the second level hallway, are two more griffins. Though one is shot in the chest with a bolt, both are stunned.

To the East, by the Sea, four griffins and a zebra lay on the ground. The zebra is stabbed through several times, and fell to his side, with only a small pool of blood. One griffin is simply stunned, though stabbed with a machete. Another lays on the floor. Stabbed twice, and bleeding, but not dead when he fell. One lay dead, but a particularly unfortunate female griffin lays down bleeding and breathing heavily with a robe partly on fire. She fled the fire, only to be stabbed with both dagger and sword.

But it's the Western entrance that has the most bloody scene. A scimitar lying on the ground, a zebra rend and split open, guts on the floor, a pair of griffins cut and sliced, open. Two more griffins who, stabbed and cut, were not likely dead when they fell, but may have since bled out. A scimitar abandoned on the floor.

Closer to the center, between the southern and western exits, a lone griffin is prone and unbound. She is perhaps the only griffin in the entire room – besides Jubilosa – to have no injuries of any kind. Opposite that side, between Iron and Midnight, are four griffins, prone on the floor, and with their robed removed, sometimes torn off. These griffins were splashed with burning oil, which then caught their robes on fire. Iron has physically removed several of the robes. A fifth griffin lies nearer the center, though with even more burn marks, and a bow next to him. He is stunned, but his robe was removed before he sustained more serious burns.

Another griffin, lying blacked and charred on the ground like meat fallen through the grate of a grill, was not so fortunate as the last. This griffin, a bow next to him, must have been right next to the splash of the fire. Rather than finding the opportunity to remove his robe, by some misfortune he must have tripped, slipped, or collided with another griffin in the confusion and fog, falling to the ground into a puddle of oil. He burned where he fell. Also near the center is dead and naked leader of the group, the priest of Sacred Heart. He was fortunate to remove his robe. He was not so fortunate to piss off Silver Sword, and was soon stabbed, cut, and mauled.

The fate of the two griffins that flew up to the second level is unknown, as is the locations of White Sands, Blue Skies, and now Khoi Lua.

Jubilosa, anxious before, now trembles. She pulls her beak back or even furls it upwards, looks away, and tightens the muscles around her eyes. She turns herself to look at the prisoners - but away from the burning scene in the center. Before Khoi went off, she would look on the scene before her with less expressive eyes and tighten lips, though she would cover her eyes and mouth with her foreleg. Mala pants and smiles, enjoying Silver's pets.

All in all, a job well done.

9effe No.121957

Iron sure feels iffy about this, ngl.
Iron looks around, curious as to where she went. "Khoi?" he calls out tentatively to maybe hear a peep of where she is.

0acfe No.121958

Iron looks around on the second level, to see that Khoi is not there, nor is she immediately responding to calls

9effe No.121959

Iron hums slightly before going one floor up, repeating the process.

0acfe No.121960

The third floor has about the same layout as the second floor, notably with big rooms on the side between the hallway and the atrium than hang over the first floor hall.

But when Iron calls out, he gets a response from the room, over on the right
"Yes? Over here"

9effe No.121961

Iron walks over to the room on the right, making sure his ears are on high alert, possibly anticipating a trap from the griffons.

0acfe No.121962

In the hall, around the corner, lying on the floor is a griffin, dead or dying, with a bolt in his back, and some blood on the floor. Just pass this is an open door. A voice, unmistakably Khoi's, says "Iron? come in here"

9effe No.121963

Iron shrugs, expected the deed to be done, and swiftly shuffles towards Khoi.

0acfe No.121964

The door enters into a hall 50 feet or so long, and big enough for a set of beds on each side, and indeed there are beds on each side, and a few drawers too. Most are empty, but some have sheets and pillows, and a couple even have the sheets and pillows pulled back.

More interesting is what is closer to the door. Khoi is sitting down in the middle, with four griffins, two to each side. Chicks. Small ones. Or rather two very small ones, one almost an adolescent, and one between those two ages.

Khoi looks at Iron. The small griffins look afraid or disturbed, though not terrified, understanding that something is clearly wrong, but not understanding what. Khoi herself is mostly not expressive, but with a slight air of concern

9effe No.121965

Iron cocks his head, unsure of what to think of this surprisingly twisted event happening in front of him.
"It seems we have found… chicks?" he offers, trying to figure out the proper term for these small birds.

0acfe No.121966

She nods, halfway, before stopping
“Yes. Well. I do not know what to calm them” she says in her almost over bearing accent.
“But they are here. I do not know why they did not take them with them.”

One of the smaller chicks, with a grey and brown coloration, walks - he at least can walk - over closer to Iron

9effe No.121967

Iron looks at the chick with apparent curiosity, mind going back to what the madestallion he and Ash argued about way before as he lets it come closer.

0acfe No.121968

The chick sits down about two feet from Iron, then sits up in a way so his forelegs do not touch the ground, and he looks up to Iron with big, orange eyes.

Then the oldest Chick speaks in ponish
"What is going on?"

9effe No.121969

Iron looks at Khoi, frankly discomforted by what he should say, before breathing deeply.
"A fight out on the main hall," he responds. "Many got hurt out there due to what they did." He pauses. "Some more than others."

0acfe No.121970

Khoi shakes her head, slowly, and mouths "no."
She has a hoof around the chick that is still young, but in the middle of the age range.

The older griffin, who is still only elementary school aged, still has many questions. "Who are you? Why are there outsiders? …… Are the elders okay?"
He is tearing up

9effe No.121971

Iron looks at Khoi, not really understanding the effects on the children he's causing by telling him this.
"I am not sure who are these elders," he responds. "But some outsiders got angry and decided they were not approving of what they did."
Iron kneels down, hopefully still blocking the exit in case the small griff was outside.
"Tell me. Do you know what they did?"

0acfe No.121972

Khoi is still shaking her head, but she now moves a foreleg between the older chick and Iron. The middle one looks on in intrigue, the one that came up to Iron is still looking at Iron, and the second youngest, a female, has evidently fallen asleep against a bed post

"They made a community because the outsiders would not let them. And now they are hurt."
He is angry and teary eyed

9effe No.121973

Iron simply remains there, opting to stop answering the small one's questions as he figures the chick wouldn't believe if he told the chick, deciding to simply block the exit with his body.
He only shakes his head.

0acfe No.121974

He is silent for a moment. The moves forward a step, into Khoi’s hooves.
“Are mom and dad okay?” He asks
Now, he can’t stop himself from crying, and he sits down again

The chick leaning on the bed post wakes up, and says a word in some foreign language to the female in Khoi’s arms. She speaks back to her, and both seem confused and concerned, but more composed than the crying older male. The one in front of Iron stops looking at him, and looks back to the older make.

“And Juergen and Deinesheer….”
Khoi removes her leg from in front of him, and places it around him
He doesn’t look up, but says “What will happen to us?”
The older female says something to him in a foreogn language, and he responds with a single word.

Khoi looks back to Iron
“I saw the griffin and the hotbed one go upstairs.”

9effe No.121975

With a nod, Iron simply closes the door as he leaves, following Khoi instructions, grunting slightly over the difficulty of the kirin's situation.
(I hope she'll be fine in there. At least she won't be too bloodthirsty)

0acfe No.121977

Iron goes back to the stairs. While the stairs to the left, going down, are metal, the ones going up are wooden. In the exact separation between the third and fourth floor, a span of about 10 inches, there is naked cinderblock, and above that, a flaking white paint scheme covers the walls. The door - metal, like the lower doors, but unpainted - is open. There is no open railing on this top level, but wooden walls with a simple paint. The hall is not well illuminated to the right, with one simple light. To the left, there is one door, and a door by the corner of the hall. But to the right is one door. It is open

9effe No.121978

Iron, mainly looking for the missing party members, carefully tiptoes towards the open door, trying to be as stealthy as possible.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 14 ]<Move silently roll

0acfe No.121979

The room is dark, with a single light from a lamp off to the left on what presumably is a table. At the opposite side of the room is a slender form of a quadruped. Though sitting when Iron enters the room, it stands up and faces Iron. A green glow emanates from a cylinder on the top of what must be its head, and a glimmering metal object floats in a cloud of green light in the air five feet in front of it. Further over to the right, another figure slumps down, and in the lantern's light is recognizable as a female griffin, looking almost emaciated and unconscious, laying on its back against the wall. Near the griffin, a little further away from Iron is another doorway, and a light comes out from it as well

9effe No.121980

Iron tries to stay hidden, maybe getting to witness what is the situation at hand.
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 17 ]<Hidden big guy (Hide roll)

0acfe No.121981

Iron cannot hide in the doorway, though it is very easy to hide simply by moving to the side

If he does so, he can hear - in ponish - a loud whisper:
"Someone's at the door"

88c7f No.121982

Can Spark play some too?

9effe No.121983

Iron reluctantly walks out with a curious expression, ears folded slightly at the possible chance of danger, even though he may know who is the one.

0acfe No.121984


From through the trees, a new wind blows harsh and cold down from the North. Spark can feel the winter air drop from the mild cold a minute ago, to something much colder, as the air is filled with the sound of rustling leaves. In front of him, next to the station, is a Changeling, with no disguise, but naked chitin. Perhaps it isn't fair to say "naked," as most of his body is covered in a thick white jacket that seems to be both winter protection and the standard uniform of the Gendarme.

When he looks in, he sees the form again, silently and delicately walking like a stalking cat nearer the center of the room. But the form is recognizable now as White Sands, still hovering one of those wavy daggers in front of her. She twists her head for a moment, move her head further forward, and says "Oh. Iron! That's you." She light fades and the knife is let down.

9effe No.121985

Iron walks towards her, assuming things are in control.
"I am," he answers. "It seems you have caught some griffons."

88c7f No.121986

Spark hends right up to the station and glances at the changeling, wondering if he will stop Spark from entering.

0acfe No.121987

She comes in closer to him. Much closer, without regard for Iron's personal space. "Well hello." She says with a smile. She glances over to the griffin collapsed on the floor next to her. The griffin still has a tense facial expression, as if in fear or pain.
"We followed this one up here. Maybe she was trying to hide or access the roof" she shrugs.

Indeed, he does
"Halt. Papers and your purpose."

88c7f No.121988

"Unfortunately, I was not given papers. Zu Lang insisted I talk to a prisioner and get the needed information to the terroristic ations halting production immediately or I would join him in there."

9effe No.121989

Iron admittedly isn't that uncomfortable with the Sands' bodypressing, aside from a slight blush as she looks appreciatedly at Sands.
"Good. I doubt the boss would want loose ends."

0acfe No.121990

A beak sticks out from the open door way, and a griffin comes into the room. White Sands pulls back a little from Iron, but otherwise seems undisturbed. And though the physical appears of the dark and brown griffin doesn't particularly stand out, her response leaves no ambiguity as to her identity.
"Indeed. We can't have them alerting the other parts of this conspiracy…"
She is silent for a moment
"I think I am beginning to understand why the Equestrians sealed the records when they raided this place before. Come look at what is in the next room."

"Surely you have at least identity papers" he says

88c7f No.121991

"Surely you can let me pass for a few minutes before I'm sent back to work. Unless you want to argue with Zu Lang about it."
I think this calls for a roll, right?

0acfe No.121992

If Iron goes in, he sees a wide open room with unpainted concrete or cinder block walls, and no windows, illuminated by a lantern that sits on the floor. Not far from the doorway, over to the left, a steel hook hangs from the ceiling. Some days before, Iron purchased the hide of a Tiger and of a Bear from a taxidermist. Iron sees here too what looks like a hide cut from an animal. This one is golden color, and comes from a cat, sized to be a cougar or possibly an adolescent lion. Blue Skies comes up to show it to Iron.
"But look at this"

She moves down a few feet to show off a new hide. But the pink colored fur on the hide, and the pattern of a flower, lower on the hide, leaves no doubt as to exactly what it is a hide of.

He can Or he can just show the cards given to them at the check point

88c7f No.121993

Oh, those will work? I thought they were specific to passing the border.

9effe No.121994

Iron studies it carefully, unsure of what's he looking at.
"Is… is that a pony hide?" he asks incredulously, before rubbing it softly, feeling strangely nostalgic about home.

0acfe No.121995

Maybe show off one with a bluff roll

She nods
"That's exactly what it looks like. Griffin hide too. I have no idea if it's a popular thing in central Griffonia, or if they remove the fur, tan it and pass it off as cow leather. At this point I wouldn't really doubt either"
Over further to the right is a metal table, with a couple knives on it. Long, straight knives, not the twisted daggers

9effe No.121996

Iron blinks, turning to the table, looking curiously.
"It sounds like they worship appearances, possibly," he theorizes as he walks to the metal table, looking at the knife.

88c7f No.121997

Dice rollRolled 20 + 3

He shows his papers from before.
Bluff roll.

88c7f No.121998

Well hot damn!

0acfe No.121999

"Some of their bourgeoisie over their are particularly degenerate. It would surprise me. I know they like to collect unicorn horns"

White sands, walking in, touches her horn

The knife on the table is a straight edged blade, nine inches, and rounded towards a pointed end rather than consistently tapered. Another knife is equal length, and with the dull end of a butcher's knife

He looks down at the paper, then back up to Spark.
"Sorry to keep you, Sir."
He walks over a step, and opens the door for Spark

88c7f No.122000

"Thank you."
He walks inside.

9effe No.122001

Iron is unsure of what to think of this, inspecting the item in question with a frown.
"I assume this is simply more evidence to further hunt down the griffons, at least."
He ponders slightly as he remembers the chicks a floor below, figuring they must be taught that it's correct to butcher their enemies…

0acfe No.122002

Spark walks in to see a pastel yellow female pony receptionist to the left. But they don't stop there. The guard from outside escorts Spark through a door in the center, and towards an area in the back, past some offices. Through a door on the left, and then, there are cells.

The pony in question is a Mahogony brown Earth Pony, looking very fatigued and weak, lying on the floor in a 6 foot by eight foot cell

Shekels is silent for a moment
"…. They are certainly efficient"

There cannot be much doubt that the creatures who live in and operate this place - turning griffins and ponies into leather hide just one floor above where they keep their young - intended to induct these children into this system. At least they didn't want to take the children along with them for whatever is happening at Midnight.

A slight sound of something moving against concrete further into the room

9effe No.122003

His ear flickers at the sound, intent in finding the sound as he clip clops towards the noise.

0acfe No.122004

It must be towards the end of the room over to the right of the entrance. There is a lantern on the floor, but it doesn't illuminate enough over there to determine what is making the movement

9effe No.122005

Iron picks up the magic light with his mouth, trying to make it easier to illuminate the noise maker.

88c7f No.122006

Spark clears his throat and speaks to the pony in question.
"So, you are the trouble maker, huh?"

4384f No.122007

>another sad brown pony that needs therapy
Midnight feels she is needed, but as to where, she hasn't a clue

0acfe No.122008

With the light picked up, Iron can walk over, and see what it is.

Hanging from a wire on the ceiling, though from a longer line, is what is recognizable as a Griffin. He is upside down, hanging low enough that his lower back is on the ground, neck is awkwardly positioned, and his head is on the ground, while his lower back is hanging in the air, as are his hind legs. His wings are tied, and his forelegs are tied. He is skinny and looks somewhat starved, and has bags around the eyes.

Then he moves, wiggling side to side. There is a small string tying his beak down.

He looks up, lethargically, at Spark.
"I am"

This one is Onyx's problem.

Midnight can be aware of the scene in >>121956

9effe No.122009

Iron looks at the griffon, extremely puzzled at the hanging griffon on hanging upside down. He glances back to Shekels, his ears folded slightly.
"Uh, boss? Did you tie up a griffon in here?"

4384f No.122010

Midnight surveys the damage with a grim expression before beginning to look over all of her team members to assess their injuries.

88c7f No.122011

"I need to discuss some things with you."
He turns to the guard.
"Why is he so weak? I am going to need him conscious if I'm going to get anywhere in the interogation."

0acfe No.122012

The griffin opens its eyes. His eyes. A dark brown color, and out of focus, but looking towards Iron. The pupils contract greatly in the lantern light. His feathers and his hide are a distinct yellow color, somewhat rare but not unseen for griffins.

She starts to come over

Midnight herself took the worst of the damage (around -~29 HP after the healing). Silver is moderately injured, as is Iron, though he left. Jubilosa is….. psychologically damaged, but not physically hurt. Khoi was not hit, and though Mala is covered in blood, it isn't his own.

"Must be from the interrogation" he answers, but then shrugs

88c7f No.122013

"Fine. Do we have a room for interogations, or should I just do it here?"

4384f No.122014

I guess that does it for me.
Midnight's amlet glows a deep blue, before it begins to spread over her entire body closing some of her wounds.
+10 hp from lay on hooves.

She then takes a few deep breaths before stepping over to gently pet Jubilosa.

9effe No.122015

Biting off the mouth restraint on the tied griffin's beak, he curiously gazes over him. "Tell me, do you understand me?" he asks sternly at him

0acfe No.122016

He nods
"You can have him sit at a table in a recorded room…. Or you can do it here. Either way."

Jubilosa is frightened and looking at the prisoners, but then looks over at Jubilosa when the blue light envelops her
"Woah… I didn't know the winged ponies could do magic"
She is pet. Her fur is short, and her awkward expression suggests she doesn't understand the gesture.

The restraint is removed
He bits, then gags, then he says - in accented Ponish, but nevertheless, in Ponish:
"Ja, I understand you Pony."

4384f No.122017

Midnight continues the pet
"Only some can, and I receive my magic from Princess Luna. As for the petting, I use it a gesture of comfort and calming."

9effe No.122018

Iron simply stares at him momentarily.
"What are you doing, hanging out here?"

88c7f No.122019

"He is probably going to pass out if he is moved any more. I'll just do it here. Go ahead and let me in."

0acfe No.122020

She still looks awkward

Then she looks down at the female griffin Midnight stabbed twice as she ran from the fire
"Was that…. was that really necessary?"

He moves his head, which has the effect of just moving his hanging body
"Was zur Hölle denkst du? Verdammt! Get me down from here!"

0acfe No.122021

He unlocks the door on the cell. Then he says
"If you need anything, I will be outside" and moves back with military organization

9effe No.122022

Iron rolls his eyes, before hopping up to grab the griffon by the waist with his forelegs, then biting off the hanging restraint.

88c7f No.122023

Spark nods and turns to the pony.
"So, what's your story?"
He then sits down to listen.

0acfe No.122024

"My story? Did they not tell you?"
He still sounds tired, and somewhat apathetic

He pulls off the restraint, and… Crash! The griffin falls to the floor once Iron lets go.
He moves over to the side, as he tries to wiggle out of ties on his forelegs and hindlegs

9effe No.122025

Who says Iron let go?
Iron swiftly follows him to the floor, basically falling ontop of him, albeit not crushing the griffon with his weight, staring at him directly.
"There we go," he states "now do you feel more cooperative?"

88c7f No.122026

"Well, the thing about stories is they change from pony to pony. I would like to hear it for you now."

4384f No.122027

Midnight stays silent a moment, before quietly admitting
"I do not know"

0acfe No.122028

He squints his eyes, opens his mouth, moves his head forward, and quickly shakes his head

Jubilosa pokes the griffin, who shakes slightly, and coughs blood

"Ugh…. They say I sabotaged a machine or something. They say I am working with the PLF"

88c7f No.122029

"Ok. So what really happened?"

9effe No.122030

Iron huffs slightly.
"Tell me why you were tied up like a berry on a branch and I will unbind you," he offers to the griffon. "Now do you feel like talking?"

4384f No.122031

Midnight does not respond to this, but instead walks away, settling to check on Meadows again.

0acfe No.122032

"Did I not before?"
He asks, with clear annoyance
"I am with ze Imperial Inquisitorial Service! Zat is why ze tied me up!"

She stands back, head turned down, but eyes up to meet her. Her right forehoof move forward one

"My shovel was damaged. So was a dump truck. They need to blame some one. Someone who talked to other ponies, who seemed like a plausible terrorist. So they blamed me."

4384f No.122033

"It is okay Meadows, it is just me."
Midnight slowly steps forward, careful not to startle her friend.

9effe No.122034

With a nod, he turns to Shekels to confirm his words make any sense to her.

0acfe No.122035

Her head pulls back, then her muzzle moves forward, towards the smaller pony. She blinks
"You look…. better than before. But you are still hurt."

4384f No.122036

"Yes, I am. I have used the limits of Luna's blessings for today. Let us hope I need not more."

0acfe No.122037

She shrugs
"They didn't tell me the Imperial Inquisition would be working here. Then again, I'm not sure they would either."

She sighs in a slight whinny, closes her eyes for a moment, and lowers her head
"I am afraid you may need more still"

4384f No.122038

Midnight moves forward to rest her forhead against one of Meadows' shoulders.
"Do not worry, I will be more careful. I still have to take you to Canterlot after all."
She smiles a bit, hoping to slightly lighten the mood.

9effe No.122041

With another nod, the native bites off bird claw and lion leg binding, finally setting the griffon free as he gets off him.
"I assume you went to investigate the activities down here?" he asks

0acfe No.122042

The great big horse is rested against. Her muscles under short fur are firm

She lets out a slight giggle
"I hope all will be well… But I can tell something terrible has happened there. I can smell burning oil… and worse."


He immediately gets up, and walks away from Iron, over towards the left side, by the wall

He moves his claw along the surface of something like a dresser or a tool box
"Not just any activities"
He finds a pair of glasses, and moves to put them on
"Maarist Cultists"

9effe No.122043

"Maarist Cultists?" Iron asks ignorantly?

0acfe No.122044

He places the glasses on his face, blinks, and then nods his head
"Ya. Worshipers of Maar who do his bidding"

He moves his claw along the top still more, then opens a drawer, and another drawer, finding a handerchief and some kind of card. He keeps looking

9effe No.122045

Iron nods.
"I assume this Maar is all about sacrifice of the flesh?"

0acfe No.122046

"Bah!" He shakes his head
"Not of self, anyways. Arcturious asks for restraint of passions, and sacrifice of the self for the common good. Boreas asks for Austerity, and working today for the betterment of tomorrow. But Maar… claims to give anything, or everything, to those who would worship him. Instead he replaces their will for his own."
Then he nods
"Maar does indeed ask for sacrifice. The sacrifice and the suffering of others. One more reason these cultists are dangerous"
After looking through the bottom drawer, he stops

9effe No.122047

He nods, scratching his chin.
"Interesting indeed."
Turning to Shekels, he opens his mouth.
"Think this can be added to the list of charges, too?"

0acfe No.122048

She moves her head in in disbelief
"Charges?! I think we are well beyond 'charges.' Then again, we likely were a long time ago…."

9effe No.122049

Iron shrugs.
"To ensure we can give local authorities more pressure if it tries to prop up again, at the least."
He turns back to the griffin.
"Have you found anything of interest?"

0acfe No.122050

"This whole building is a nest of them. I was inspecting in the area when they found me. They are rather bold here, walking in public, and gathering en mass in relatively open buildings. They don't expect to be harassed by anyone except perhaps criminals, and even those they expect to repel. Evidently, I was too bold as well. They found near the church, suspicious either of my snooping or perhaps after I asked the wrong question to the wrong local"

9effe No.122051

Iron nods.
"Are you feeling well to travel? This is about to become a danger zone after the strike back at the main hall, so I either suggest you evacuate or fight if you wish to."

0acfe No.122052

He nods
“That, I can do.”
He looks around, and pulls off a relatively heavy tan colored jacket
“I had a weapon, but they took it from me”

9effe No.122053

Iron shrugs.
"No idea where that could be," he responds, looking to Sands' weapon.

ff671 No.122056

Silver smiles at Mala as he ends his pets. "Do you think you can help gather and count deceased, Mala? I am going to try to keep those who are bleeding out from dying. I get feeling Government is going to want as many live specimens as we can acquire."

0acfe No.122057

Mala tilts his head to the side
"I can crush their skulls if you want me to"
Without actually waiting for an answer from Silver, he moves his head back up
And walks off

And after inspection, Silver and Mala may discern the final tally:
3 dead griffins near Silver, 3 dead by the south, 2 dead in the center of the room, 1 dead by Midnight. 2 reasonably dead Zebras. Eleven dead in all. One griffin in critical condition by Silver, two by Midnight, and one in the South, for four critical in all. Five alive and conscious but often burned griffins, five beaten unconscious (and often hit with a hammer, and four stunned, though most of these latter have crossbow bolts in them. 14 Alive in all, mostly with injuries. Two Griffins are missing.

ff671 No.122058

Silver figures he'd better get to work trying to stabilize the critical condition griffons.

0acfe No.122059

File: 1578016917683.jpg (1.04 MB, 4000x4000, 1516767786593.jpg)

Healing roll time!

Mala licks up blood, often directly off the floor… until he comes across oil, broken glass, or something else unsavory, which leaves him licking his tongue out of his mouth constantly for several minutes to try to clean it off

ff671 No.122060

Dice rollRolled 13 + 7


0acfe No.122061

File: 1578017513270.png (383.95 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_holding_popcorn….png)

Hmmm…. Well that's certainly a successful stabilization. But there are four Griffins, maybe three more rolls would be appropriate

ff671 No.122062

Dice rollRolled 17, 1, 14 + 7 = 39


0acfe No.122063

Silver is able to, through the application of bandages and other means, stop three of the Griffins from dying of immediate shock or blood loss. The fourth one…. Not so much

ff671 No.122064

Is the fourth still liv or is he now ded?

0acfe No.122065

With a 1, I'm pretty tempted to say Silver cracked his ribs while attempting CPR, or caused him to choke on his own blood by laying him on his back

ff671 No.122066

So, ded?

0acfe No.122067

Hmmm…. maybe with a good enough roll (15 or higher)

ff671 No.122068

Dice rollRolled 2 + 7

Let's see if he can be saved.

0acfe No.122069

He…. he didn’t make it. But Silver has done well to stabilize three of the downed griffins, particularly under the circumstances

ff671 No.122070

Silver lowers his head in respect, and closes the griffon's eyes.

He gets up and looks around for who in the party still remains nearby.

0acfe No.122071

The griffin in question had actually been one downed by Silver earlier, in fact, and was breathing, if unsteadily, when Silver got to him. It turned out that the wound was deeper than expected, and he bled out inside and in his lungs. His heart rate was very high, before becoming faint, and with blood out the mouth… though it didn't seem so much. Whatever fate will become of those griffins who are captured, he evaded it. Whatever fate befalls those who die here… he found it. Neither fate could be particularly pleasant, and Silver will likely never know the full extent of either.

But Silver did save three more griffins. Or rather, he stopped them from bleeding out onto the floor and going into shock, and gave a small antibiotic to the wound as well. A griffin near the south entrance has not one, but two crossbow wounds, but was saved, as was a doubly stabbed griffin near the East entrance. A female griffin - stabbed twice, partly burned, and with her wavy dagger never pulled from its sheath - was the final griffin to be stabilized, with her robe ripped off, a bandage over a burn, and a bandage around her chest extra tight to stop the bleeding

0acfe No.122072

Midnight would be the only Party member still nearby. Dark Star was formerly on the second floor hall railing, and Iron has gone upstairs.

Though they are not party members, Jubilosa and Mala are downstairs, Loputu and Meadows are in the back around the bathroom, White Sands hasn't been seen, Blue Skies was upstairs, and Khoi went upstairs

ff671 No.122073

Silver limps over to Jubilosa. "Are you doing alright?"

0acfe No.122074

Jubilosa has been left by Midnight to guard over the griffins on the floor. Though a skilled ethnographer could possibly distiguish Jubilosa from the captured griffins by her straighter and slightly shorter beak, shorter overall body, and slightly rounder wings when folded, she looks basically the same as any other random griffin - save that she is wearing a brown leather jacket with a big cut in the left side, and she is standing, while the prisoners are not.

She turns to him, with an expression of something near surprise
"Oh… I'm unharmed" she says, though her breathing is heavy and she is anxious

ff671 No.122075

He smiles at her for a brief second before resuming his concerned look. "That is good to hear, but there is more to one's health than just physical."

0acfe No.122076

“It’s a bit… taxing”
Her mouth, upturned to a nigh-smile when addressing Silver, returns to a tense pulled back and down turned position, as her eyes are wider than normal - an expression like shock or horror. Her voice cackles. Then she turns her head to the ground
“I didn’t want any of this.”

ff671 No.122077

Jubilosa feels as Silver puts a hoof on her should, then slowly brings her into a hug.
"I know."

0acfe No.122078

As Silver has probably already learned tonight from Griffin Skies, griffins are not as fun to hug as ponies. Part of them is feathery, and the portion that is fur is short haired. The bones are closer to the skin.

Jubilosa remains tense, as if resisting Silver’s touch. This tension lasts all of a second, as the muscles can be felt relaxing under Silver.

She starts crying

ff671 No.122080

Silver keeps hugging her, letting her cry away the pain. He occasionally pats her back or gently rubs it in small circles with a hoof to help support her.

0acfe No.122081

She places up her right claw, to try to put it over Silver’s shoulder… which may or may not be wounded. She cries more, into Silver. The other griffins in the hall, still conscious, give judge mental looks at the two emotive creatures together.

Jubilosa eventually calms down to a whimper

ff671 No.122082

He takes the intense pain in his shoulder like a champ all the way to end. When her tears finally taper off, he pulls back to look at her, still holding her by the sides. "Better?"

0acfe No.122084

She speaks into his chest fluff
“A little. Not enough. Not nearly enough. But they are doing something at midnight. So I will keep it together.”

ff671 No.122085

He smiles at that. "You are very strong person. I respect that."

0acfe No.122086

Her eyes glimmering from reflective tears, she smiles at Silver
“Thank you… Not by choice though… Not by choice”

ff671 No.122087

He pats her on the shoulder. "If you need some time to recover and rest, go ahead and do so. And if you need shoulder to cry on, all you need to do is ask."

0acfe No.122088

“But… we’re not done here”

ff671 No.122089

He looks at her curiously. "Hmm? With what?"

0acfe No.122090

“With this whole place and… these people. And their schemes!”

0acfe No.122093

File: 1578099426679.jpeg (17.38 KB, 180x279, AF99BEA9-7B12-4726-B22A-7….jpeg)


88c7f No.122094

Sorry, but work has been killing me. I’ll have to try for tomorrow.

ff671 No.122097

"Oh, right. Well, still, if you need shoulder to cry on, all you need to do is ask."

0acfe No.122098

She seems to press her beak tighter together, and looks into Silver's eyes with her own bright gold ones
"Okay. I'll do that"

ff671 No.122099

Silver smiles at her. "Do you think you could help me with something?"

0acfe No.122100

A pause for a moment
"S-sure. Yes I can help. What is it?"

ff671 No.122101

"I could really use some help tying up these captives. You do not have to if you do not want to, however."

0acfe No.122102

"Yes… I've been trying to tie some up since Midnight left the room. I can do so. I am smaller than some of them, but most of them are wounded. Maybe they will be more compliant to a griffin."

ff671 No.122103

Silver nods. "I have some rope, if you would like it."

0acfe No.122104

"Yes. That would be very helpful, or some sorts of ties"

Mala walks up, and sits down, further away from Silver than Jubilosa

ff671 No.122105

Silver pulls out his rope, and measures some out. "How much, do you think?"

0acfe No.122106

"Let's not be stingy. They could be dangerous if they get up and free"

One of the captured griffins on the ground speaks out towards Silver an Jubilosa in a foreign language

ff671 No.122107

Silver just gives her the rope then, while looking at the griffon that just spoke. "What was that?"

0acfe No.122108

He speaks again.

Jubilosa: "I don't know, I cannot understand him"

ff671 No.122109

Silver shrugs it off. "Maybe he does not know Ponish."

0acfe No.122110

"I don't think we have anything we want to say to him and anything they want to hear. Let's shut him up before he alerts the rest of the building or he does some kind of magic with words."

ff671 No.122111

He looks at Jubilosa for a second before nodding. "They did just prove they could use magic…"

0acfe No.122112

She takes a piece of rope, places it in her beak, stretches out a section with her right claw, then places it in her claw
"Well we better tie up his mouth, and the rest of them as well"
She looks back over to Silver, then to Mala

"Could you get your… whatever that is, to watch over and stare down the prisoners? He scares them… he scares me. Most of the griffins are wounded and unconscious, but I don't want them to try anything."

slight whining sound

ff671 No.122113

He looks a little upset at that. "He has name."

0acfe No.122114

She blinks, and looks away
“Let’s just get these tied up…”

ff671 No.122115

Silver nods, and trots over to Mala.

0acfe No.122116

Mala looks up at Silver - or rather basically directly at Silver, since the two are similar height. His big, triangular left ear twitches

ff671 No.122117

Silver pets behind his left ear. "Could you do me big favor, friend, and watch over captives?"

0acfe No.122118

His eyes close into upturned half-circles, and he moves his head up into the pet. When his head comes down, he says
“Watch over captives? That’s something I can do!”
He stands up, and smiles
“If they misbehave, do you want me to bite them, or just scare them?”
He still has blood on him

ff671 No.122119

Silver smiles at the good boy. "Scare them, but if one gets loose, bite."

0acfe No.122120

He smiles, and opens his mouth, then runs over near Jubilosa. She is already leaning over to tie a tie around a Griffin’s foreclaws, then his beak. Mala takes position standing some feet over the captives in the area between the north and East - the captives who were still conscious when gathered. He stands near a corner, with a view over all of them, and makes a singular growl. Jubilosa stops momentarily to look over her shoulder at the grueling gnoll, then continues her work. She has quite a bit of rope beside her, and one of the wavy daggers besides her to cut it with.

ff671 No.122121

Silver looks around, noticing the absence of a few members of the party. He trots over to Mala and Jubilosa. "Have either of you seen where Iron went?"

0acfe No.122122

Mala, standing
“Well, he could have gone upstairs to check on Dark Star or the two griffins that flew upstairs

“I bet he went to find that unicorn”

ff671 No.122123

Silver nods. "That makes sense. I am going to make sure he did not get into too much trouble."

With that, he bids the two ado, and goes upstairs to look for Iron.

0acfe No.122124

Over in the back by the bathroom are a Midnight, Meadows and Loputu. They report he is not downstairs. So Silver goes up the second level to find Blue Skies isn’t there, but maybe Dark Star is. Iron isn’t there either, nor are the missing two griffins, though two stunned griffins are there.

ff671 No.122125

Silver looks at the tied up griffons, then at Dark Star.
Silver: "Nice work."
Dark Star: "Thanks. Hey, have you seen Blue anywhere?"
Silver: "No, but I am looking. Want to join?"
Dark Star: "Sure!"

Together, the two continue going up.

0acfe No.122126

The third level is much like the second, with rooms off to both sides, or rather, a long room on the inside of the building on each of the East and West sides. Going left, there is no pony, and indeed, no creature in the hallways. But to the right, just around the corner, a griffin lies on the ground with a bolt in its back, evidently dead

No pony in either direction

ff671 No.122127

Dark Star: "Looks like my mare's work."

Up they go.

0acfe No.122128

Going through the door, the differences are noticeable immediately. Whereas the stairs between first, second and fourth levels were painted metal and concrete, Silver and Dark Star find the top level to be more like the bottom floors. An unpainted wooden staircase, 10 inches of unpainted cinderblock on the walls before the older, decaying paint of an era even the archaic and and uninviting main floors have left behind. The door to the top level is a thick, unpainted steel door that is not ony unlocked but cracked open. Entering the top hallway they find no windows, no open railings to the atrium, walls of dulled, dirtied, and flaking ancient white paint, and only three doors visible. Two to the left, one to the right. The one on the right is actually open.

0acfe No.122132

File: 1578262325681.png (124.7 KB, 500x667, 4D359D45-C602-43BE-9319-10….png)


4384f No.122133

Would let Britannia wear eight ties and tell people she's an elder god

0acfe No.122134

Well then she’ll start doing it in public

What does Midnight do?

4384f No.122135

Well, what's going on around her?

0acfe No.122136

Midnight is anxious, but is soothed a bit by the hug. Loputu, previously in the bathroom, ventures out. He’s not frightened quite like before, but he’s anxious. Silver cane by, asking where Iron went, and left to go upstairs when no answer could be given.

In the main hall, several critically wounded griffins have been given some basic care to stop the bleeding. Jubilosa is tying down griffins to try to keep them from running or flying off, while Mala stands guard over all, occasionally growling.

The fires still burn, and the smell of burning oil grows stronger

4384f No.122137

Midnight looks for Silver or Blue Shekels to figure out what the group is doing next.

0acfe No.122138

Silver said he went upstairs. Blue Shekels is not where she was previously on the second floor

4384f No.122139

Then I guess Midnight heads upstairs to find Silver

0acfe No.122140

Second level shows nopony, but a seemingly dead griffin with a bolt in its back in the hallway to the right

4384f No.122141

"well, I believe I am heading the right way"
She continues, hoping she'll find somepony.

0acfe No.122142

last post should have said “third level”
Going into the stairwell, Midnight sees the fourth level is different than the first, second, and third levels. In many ways, it’s more like the basement. A simple wooden stair set. And unpainted cinderblock transition between the levels themselves and aging, faded white paint walls before even getting to the heavy, unpainted steel door. Opening it, there are hallways with minimal lighting, no windows, and no open railing to the atrium. Two doors over on the far left before the turn of the hallway, and an open door to the right.

4384f No.122143

Midnight finds this a little spooky, and makes a note to tell the others before heading back down.

0acfe No.122144

Midnight may return to lower levels, but still hasn’t found Silver or blue shekels (or Iron) yet

4384f No.122145

Then she returns, hoping she just missed them on her way up

0acfe No.122146

Alright, where does midnight go?

0acfe No.122150

File: 1578359408245.png (158.43 KB, 764x1046, B5476DE8-606B-4146-ADA0-D4….png)


88c7f No.122157

File: 1578451692575.gif (1.22 MB, 335x447, ponkhop.gif)

Will we be ready to play soon?

0acfe No.122158

File: 1578451948155.jpeg (135.67 KB, 1142x1173, FF62BBC8-B0F8-4DC3-9BAD-B….jpeg)

I don’t know, little pony. I don’t know

88c7f No.122176

[detective pony noises]

88c7f No.122177

[interrogating pony noises]

0acfe No.122180

The brown earth pony, looking as tired and dissolute as an alcoholic laying against an alley wall, pushes his back higher up the wall, so that he is square against it, rather than in an inelegant lean. He says to Spark

"Let me ask you again, who are you? More to the point, what do you want from me?"

88c7f No.122181

"I'm nopony special. Just passing through really. But I thought I would offer you the chance to get out of here. I just need to know if you know the cause of these attacks."

0acfe No.122182

He looks down, shakes his head
"Well I cannot imagine they let someone 'just passing through' to the cells."
Then he looks back to Spark, placing a forehoof on each side
"Alright then, what did they tell you I did"

88c7f No.122183

"They suppose you inspired the attacks, perhaps a member or leader of the group behind it, whether it be upset workers or worse."

0acfe No.122184

He actually does smile at 'leader'
"They are looking for scapegoats for poor management. They say I damaged my shovel back on the second, and that I 'helped a pony defect to insurgent fighters,' or something like that, but I did no so such thing"

88c7f No.122185

"Did you see any activity that would lead to these incidents? Do you think it was the workers or an external threat?"

0acfe No.122186

"Heh, I'll tell you exactly what it was: alcohol, and now that Zu Lang's paranoia"

88c7f No.122187

"Interesting. Who is most likely getting that drunk?"

0acfe No.122189

File: 1578717938697.jpg (185.79 KB, 1024x683, 4374118274_282bf0cdb3_b.jpg)

"No, you don't understand. What lead to all of this was back on New Year's Eve. That was a Sunday, and most of the workers were from the Crystal Empire where they have the Blue laws, so they expected to have that day off anyways. That isn't how the Marion Mining company did it - we older workers knew that - and it certainly was not how Otis wanted it, but that is what the Crystal workers wanted and they did not care that there was no Union. Anyways more than half had an off day on their shift that day, and Zu Lang found it too much trouble to bust a 'strike.' Figured it would have been easier just to figure out who didn't show up later and dock their pay. So many of them took that day off, either hanging around town, or going up by the lake, Lake Algernon.

I was one of the one half that was scheduled to work that day, but I too left for the lake at the end of the day, and found a group of my coworkers by the western shore of the lake, partly frozen that day, and they were already part drunk. You must understand that we don't get many entirely free days off. And even when not working, things are largely kept in check. How much you can drink, where you can drink, where you can go, how late you can be out at night. Especially in the woods and around the lake. Celestia knows those buggers are afraid of the wilderness around here, and they are afraid to let us near it. So that night we lit a fire - there were many lit around that lake, you could see 'em in a half ring around the southern and eastern shore, and told stories. Drank. More than a few of them brought mares with them.

I was in a group with Crimson Hoof, a Crystal pony from the city up north, and a pony in my shift. He was one of the those brought in when most of the locals quit a couple months ago. He was also one of those who took the whole day off, never-mind the fact that he had to work the same as I did. You could tell it too. He was under the influence of spirits, and was acting like it, gettin' close to the fire on a dare, climbing a tree…"

He pauses for a moment, looking ahead. His breathes sound louder and heavier.
"Changelings' too had joined in our revelry. You could see a few of 'em on the shore. Normally the workers stay far away from 'em, but there were so many of us there we lost our fear of them. They didn't look too afraid of us neither. Now I'm sure Zu Lang sent 'em there to keep an eye on us. Keep us from getting too rowdy. But they didn't seem to see it that way. They seemed to think that they were part of the celebrations too. I'm sure more than a few of them put on a pony's skin and jumped in. They could do that. They had the same kind of ability to hide in the crowd that we had. Lets you just blend in and disappear, and no one would say the next day that you were not doing your job. Because they weren't doing it either, and they wouldn't tell if you wouldn't.

Now, in Equestria we'd often have fireworks on New Years past. Course we couldn't do that this year. But someone must've told the Changelings, or they do something similar. They would- They would even fire off machine guns into the air around midnight in their celebration. Startled me at first, but they did it, sure enough. Even fired off a couple… flares? I think. From a mortar. Looked pretty in the sky. Along with green tracers, some of them goin' over the lake. The ponies didn't seem to misinterpret the gunfire. Hell they probably would do the same thing if they had guns. They joined in the yelling, the cheering…"

He looks away again, and pauses
"Except Crimson Hoof. You know, I noticed he was missing. I noticed it early. I didn't think much of it. Not much at all. He could have gone out to the woods to pee, he could have found a different group of ponies to talk to, he could have gone home. That's what I thought happened to him, anyways. But you know. In the light - it was dark that night, almost New Moon - but under the light of one of those flares… I saw somepony. I think somepony, anyways. Some pony rusty in color, out on the lake. I thought maybe it was him. It worried me. Some of the lake was thick ice, some was thin, some was unfrozen. Not a safe place to walk. I did see hoof prints. Not that he was the only one to dare walk out on it, see how far they could go and maybe fish or wash something off… I looked around for him, asking who had seen him, where he had been. I looked a little into those dark, pine forests, and over that frozen lake… I figured he went home.

The next day, New Years Day, half the work force was missing. All at home either hungover, or just feeling entitled to a holiday. So I worked my shift in someponyelse's shovel in the active section of the mine, near the mill. Then on the second, everyone returned to their shifts. But not Crimson Hoof…."

He pauses again, and this time for a little longer, staring somewhere past Spark
"And I found on that day that my shovel was damaged and not functional. And so they blamed me, calling it sabotage. But from their questions…. that's not why they arrested me. They asked ponies who knew of the whereabouts of Crimson Hoof. I was one of the few to keep track of him that night. They think he went off and joined fighters… off in the woods. And that I helped them. So here I am now. And here you are"

88c7f No.122190

"What are your feelings on the fighters?"

0acfe No.122191

He looks back to Spark again, and blinks
"Fighters? What fighters?"

88c7f No.122192

"You mentioned they think he went to join fighters in the woods."

0acfe No.122193

He looks up, to his right and away from Spark, pressing out his right hoof
“Oh, that’s what they think. They think there is some group of resistance fighters out in the woods trying to sabotage Iron ore production so they can’t build as many guns. They think the workers are supporting these resistance fighters, joining them, or sabotaging the shovels themselves. That’s what they think.

The workers themselves often claim there is a demon or some spirit or other that haunts the forest and takes vengeance on the iron machines that rip up the soil…. or something like that, I don’t know. It comes from an Onibwe legend, one the locals know well, and one they told the new crystal ponies. I don’t know if they believe it, but its a convenient excuse for being too afraid to do certain things. The Changeling gendarmes themselves I think are inclined to believe it. The forest spooks them. They don’t like it’s vast size, and how they can’t keep track of much of what goes on there. Zu Lang I know won’t believe any stories about demons, and he knows his superiors back in Versu…. Versersop… Vesu-whatever-the-Changeling-city is certainly won’t believe their iron production is being held up by superstition, so he doesn’t tell them that.

Zu Lang hears machine gun fire out in the woods, and sees flares shot up into the sky. He’s not going to think they are celebrating - Zu Lang himself cannot rest while he knows he is behind quota. He thinks his guards are fighting some enemy in the night. I guess in a way that is reasonable. What else would his guards do if they had been attacked in the night, but shoot back and fire flares?

You know a few of the guards had done big bruises and injuries on them when they came back in the second. What were they going to tell Zu Lang? That they had gotten drunk on duty, then tried to fly or climb trees, and fell down and hurt themselves? Or would they tell him that they were attacked by resistance fighters? The same thing with missing workers. Did they join the resistance, or try to fish ice from a frozen lake and…”
He trails off

88c7f No.122194

Spark nods.
"My apologies."
He takes a moment to think.
"Well… this makes my job a bit harder. How do I find the solution to celebration? Cut the whole supply of drinks?"
Spark chuckles.
"Still, I got to think of a way to get you out of here. Think we can put on a show for Zu Lang?"

0acfe No.122195

He looks at Spark for a moment
“What kind of show?”

88c7f No.122196

"Well, you did say there is some superstition involved. Perhaps we can convinve them that something more… supernatural is behind the attacks. They might not want to report it, but if we can provide both the problem and perhaps a possible solution, they might be more forgiving."

0acfe No.122197

“The lower level guards, maybe. Zu Lang…. not so much.”

0acfe No.122201

File: 1578788789733.jpeg (24.94 KB, 400x266, 15A0B94D-0756-4B8C-8465-E….jpeg)

Iron looks to Sands to see that she carries a dagger identical to the ones most of the griffins in the lower chamber had, a wavy steel knife around about 15 centimeters in length, with some kind of engraving on the blade, and a red handle with a black band.

The griffin responds to Iron’s question. Though he looks tired, drained, and starved he moves around the wall and the drawers with purpose
“Oh I’m sure they kept it somewhere. Now to find it”

58cb3 No.122202

Iron walks over to Sands, leaning into her. "I think it is the metal blade you are carrying he is referring to," he whispers to the unicorn mare.

0acfe No.122203

When Iron went over to the prisoner, Skies and Sands came closer as well. Sands came up and looked at him, but then pulled back several feet. Looking away, and turning herself a bit away from him. The griffin made eye contact with Skies, smiled at her, and readjusted his glasses, but Sands keeps a distance and the griffin, for his part, doesn’t seem interested in the fluffy unicorn. Iron almost surprised Sands when he comes up, but she turns to him, and awkwardly hoods over the wavy dagger with her left hoof

58cb3 No.122205

Iron glances at Sands worriedly. "Something wrong?" he asks

0acfe No.122206

“Uh… No, I am fine”
She continues tendering the dagger to Iron, holding it in the frog of her left hoof

58cb3 No.122207

Iron tries to use whatever amount of empathy necessary to properly help out the mare he bedded. "You sound troubled," he says instinctually
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 17 ]<Sense Motive roll