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342cf No.125000[View All]

It looks like thinks are concluding in both the North, and in Baltimare
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e5f92 No.126684

"Ah Interesting. Im Not sure what a caliphate is though."

342cf No.126685

She bows her head in a single nod
"It was the Saddle Arabian Empire, at the time"

e5f92 No.126686

"Ah ok i see now.are Karkadanns as Friendly as ponies?"

342cf No.126687

"When well bred and raised, they can be. But not quite as much to strangers. They are more reserved, more proper. And of course they are great as friends and family. But there is something special to ponies… So I've been told, anyways. I haven't met very many at all, besides you three."

e5f92 No.126688

"And What Do you think so far?"

342cf No.126689

She places her hoof on the cannon of his right foreleg
"You have all been marvelous so far. Courageous and kind. Very generous. The Elements live on in ponykind, it seems"

e5f92 No.126690

"Thats Kind of you to say. I Hope you are right. I Tend to see the best in my ponies. i hope they will join me in breaking the socialist hold on Baltimare."

342cf No.126691

Her face returns to worry, as she pulls her hoof back
"I had thought the… 'Reactionaries' winning the civil war would drive them out. They are still strong here?"

e5f92 No.126692

"The are still in control of the government yes."
He frowns

342cf No.126693

"… How? How far does their reign go?"

e5f92 No.126694

"The Mayor is currently a socialist. as well as most other officials. and there are some in a couple nearby communities."

342cf No.126695

"So… are things different further out in the countryside?"
She turns her head

e5f92 No.126696

"It Is. Its Better Out there. Not Like in the city,Its more orderly."
He seems melancholic
"I Almost wish i could leave, but who would stop the commies,you know.?"

342cf No.126697

"I would assume the Reactionaries"

e5f92 No.126698

"Yea, im one of them."
He smiles

342cf No.126699

She smiles back
"And you have been a wonderful example so far. To think, I feared they may be brutish"

e5f92 No.126700

"I Can be When needed."
He chuckles

342cf No.126701

"Heheh" She giggles, and again places her hoof on his cannon (lower foreleg)
"And that is why I think you can prevail where others fail"

e5f92 No.126702

He smiles more
"Thats very nice of you to say."

342cf No.126703

"It was nice of you four to pull me out of that cocoon. Save me from being cut open… It was like being a spider's prey… but you saved me. You are strong and kind, like my husband was, and like I hope my son will become"

e5f92 No.126704

"That was the right thing to do,meadows."

342cf No.126705

"Indeed it was… And it was you four who did it. Thank you. I do not know how to repay you but… You have my gratitude"
She again places her hoof on his cannon, a little lower

e5f92 No.126706

He Looks a little nervous
"Its fine. I Have no need of payment, helping a fellow horse was reward enough."
He smiles at her.

342cf No.126707

She smiles back, in a new smile that shows more of her teeth. Music is playing, a slow song Dark Star has heard on the radio before. Silver long ago went dancing with Jubilosa, had a drink with her, then went upstairs after her. He has not come back.

She does not say anything o him, at least immediately

e5f92 No.126708

Dark Star Clears his throat
"I-I uh, Do you want another drink?"

29a16 No.126709

“I” she smiles awkwardly “I don’t drink alcohol. Water would be welcome, though”

a2e38 No.126710

>We are large, horned equines
Interested native noises
Silver would also be into her, because he's Silver
And she's most grateful to Dark Star…
Let's see how complicated this love polygon can get

e5f92 No.126711

"Mr.Glass 2 Waters Please."

342cf No.126712

I prefer to think of it as Dodecohendron in waiting

He pours the water, and Meadows immediately pushes it towards herself, bending down to drink, and tilting it with her head. She manages to drink nearly half immediately, before Glass pours more in, and then adds a straw

"It's rather… cold"

e5f92 No.126713

"Cold? Yea,is the water not cold in Karkaddanistan?"

342cf No.126714

"If there was an icebox, yes. My husband would have ice brought in from the mountains, and kept in an icebox. Some shops would do this as well. But it wasn't common for water at the restaurants for commoners. And I certainly didn't have it at that place I was kept prisoner. I just didn't expect it to feel this cold"

e5f92 No.126715

"Yeah the Uni's invented Refrigerators. it is very interesting. it can keep things cold for months."

342cf No.126716

"Huh. Equestria really is a magical place"
She takes another drink from the straw

e5f92 No.126717

Dark Star sips on his water

342cf No.126718

File: 1585704881566.gif (2.14 MB, 560x315, marcorubio.gif)

e5f92 No.126719

"How did you like Iron and Silver?"

342cf No.126720

"Iron… That's the big, grey hornless one right? He was kind of stand-offish. I didn't talk to him. He was always with that little white mare, or maybe with that Kirin. At least I think that's what that scaly creature was… Is. Silver? He's very kind, and generous. Maybe even more than you. Kind of touchy. They are both great fighters, from what I could see."

a2e38 No.126721

Read it as "homeless," but that's probably accurate too

e5f92 No.126722

He Laughs
"Yea that describes them both very well."

342cf No.126723

Kek. Also true

She laughs with him
"Where did all of you meet? she asks

e5f92 No.126724

"We All met at this bar when i was assigned a Job. we all work well as a team."

342cf No.126725

"What exactly is this team?"
She asks
She takes another peanut in silver magic, and puts it in her mouth, chewing it hull and all

e5f92 No.126726

"Well, im officially a Deputy of the Black Hooves. I put together a team to. *He leans into her ear* A Strike on Communists at the docks. they were stockpiling weapons,getting ready for an assault. we crushed them."

a2e38 No.126727

Top-tier operational security

342cf No.126728

Her ears go up
"Wow… That's, that's pretty significant work. Though I saw some of what happened with the cultists and their leader… I can believe it. Are they Blackhooves deputies as well?"

e5f92 No.126729

I Know Right
"Iron isnt. I Think Silver Got Deputized."

342cf No.126730


She swallows, cracks open another peanut, eating the nuts, then adds in the hulls

"Why are you keeping us, though?"

e5f92 No.126731

>archer clip
Kek thats a great show. i was thinking about archer and clint eastwood when i came up with him
"Why? its better for you to be held by me than to be detained i suppose."

342cf No.126732

The hulls fall out of her mouth as she grits her teeth
"I'm not some petty commoner! They should welcome me, if anything"

e5f92 No.126733

"I may have misspoke. it wouldn't be detention as much as a questioning."

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