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File: 1566771513249.jpg (1.99 MB, 2600x1080, 1500272.jpg)

79bce No.111710[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome to thread two of AnCap's Epic Pony Adventure.

As we left off last time, the party of ponies and a cow had been teleported away by Discord. They are waking up in the back of a wagon, as a creamy colored pony with a multihued brown mane gazes at them over the wagon's edge.

3d18e No.111712

File: 1566771635086.png (62.2 KB, 500x350, arizona.png)

>cowe intensifies

ff52f No.111714

Did the Survival and knowledge checks from last thread help to reveal what plane we're on?

4a122 No.111715

Alright! I'm ready to wake up my PCs

79bce No.111716

Back on the prime material plane it seems.

ff52f No.111717

Sister Ash seems both annoyed to have lost track of her target, but also somewhat relieved to have finally made to the prime material plane.
She greets the brown poner.
"Greetings." She says, with a bow

3d18e No.111718

"Who are all of you? I am called Sonata. What in Equestria was that?"

ff52f No.111719

Are you talking to me?

3d18e No.111720

She did say all of you

4a122 No.111721

Topaz groggily stands up.
"Ugh… good thing I have teleport legs sea legs for teleporting."
She glances at the creamy colored pony.
"What region are we?" she asks to her.

Meanwhile, Diamond immediately wakes up, leaning back into a standing position while Topaz, opening one eye and seeing turtle shell, jumps off from the shell erratically, hovering in the air.
He rapidly looks around for the unicorn pony and rushes next to the big wagon, dusting himself off.
To all ponies present, more accurately.
Ears flickering towards her, Topaz turns around.
"Topaz Tower. Nice to meet you."
She does not seem as happy as before all these events happened, but puts on a little smile.

ff52f No.111723

Dice rollRolled 15 + 47

>What region are we?
"Let me check."
Sister Ash shuts her eyes and listens to the wind.
Rolling Survival

4b14c No.111724

Is it too late for that pegasus to randomly reappear?

79bce No.111726

"Is everypony okay? You all just kinda poofed into my wagon here…."
"You're near Hevosenmat, but are you ponies okay?"
Hevosenmat is ye ol ponyvillie FYI
See above
Nope! She's now in a wagon with
>Three unicorns
With a forth unicorn agressively inquiring if they're okay.

3d18e No.111727

"Sonata Deline, in full." She clasps her fore-hooves and gives a slight bow.

ff52f No.111728

"If you're referring to what we just saw… I can only say it closely resembles one of the dragons of Limbo.. however, I've never met one that could wield such magic.." Sister Ash replies, as she dusts herself off and combs the mistletoe out of her hair

3d18e No.111730

Cowe's brow furrows. "I no of no such creature with such power. It was as though he could bend reality; the effects he created were no illusion."

4b14c No.111731

She looks around at the group a bit shyly.

4a122 No.111734

I think you're already there with every other PC.
Her polite nature does cheer her up slightly, bowing to her as well to reciprocate the gesture.
"A pleasure."
She rubs her head, but smiles still
"I think I am. Name's Topaz. Nice to meet you."
Diamond simply nods.
Topaz lands right next to the dragon, looking around quickly, as if they are in danger after what just happened.
"It seems he was called to spread chaos for some reason," she adds.
Diamond pokes her, as if to try and call her attention, then proceeds to tilt his head towards Topaz. Seems he's trying to say he's with her.

ff52f No.111735

Sister Ash bows again, out of habit
"I pardon your trouble, ma'dam. I am a but a wandering nun, on a pilgrimage from a far away land. I mean you no inconvenience."
The Kirin chuckles
"In Limbo, reality is an opinion. I've never met any creature so egotistical as to claim they ruled the plane on their own though. Nevertheless, it banished us."

4a122 No.111736

*The dragon lands right next to the wagon,

ff52f No.111737

Sister Ash bows for the third time
"I travel under the title of Sister Ash. It's a pleasure to meet you."

79bce No.111738

"It's no problem! I just run a small tavern, helping ponies is kinda my thing."
"I'm Cookie Dough, nice to meet you! Would you like to come inside?"
"The pleasure is mine."

4b14c No.111739

She is poked.
"Oh, hi there."

ff52f No.111740

>helping ponies is kinda my thing
The Kirin smiles
"I'm glad to hear that."

3d18e No.111741

"You were not present for what we just witnessed. May I ask your name?"
"Perhaps you have experience being forcibly transformed into a crab then? I've never experienced magic I couldn't resist, but this was,… something else."
Cowe repeats the bow to Cookie Dough.

4b14c No.111742

"I'm Cherry Cordial. Nice to meet you."

4a122 No.111743

Topaz is taken off guard by her suggestion.
"Wait, how near are we from the town? Aren't we inside the wagon already?"
Can Topaz see her surroundings from the wagon? If not, Phospy relays said info to Topaz through telepathic communication.
Diamond simply nods, then points his entire body towards Topaz as if a cartoon dog pointing where the scent leads.

3d18e No.111744

Sorry, I mixed up my quotes, but oh well
Cowe repeats the bow to Cherry.

ff52f No.111745

"Actually, I do, but it wasn't involuntary." The nun replies

79bce No.111746

Yay, Healy pegasus has a name.
"Nice to meet you too"
"Oh, just a few miles. But I meant come into the tavern silly."

ff52f No.111747

Dice rollRolled 10 + 15

Yertle uses his racial bonus to stealth to make himself discreet among the wilderness in the distance.

ff52f No.111748

I have to go eat dinner. brb in 20-30 mins

4a122 No.111751

Topaz hums in thought, then nods.
"If you don't mind, of course," she tells Dough, smiling.
Feeling those Pinkie vibes with this one.

3d18e No.111753

"I have no coin to offer." Cowe says curtly.

79bce No.111755

"You'd be fine"
"I think any cow that just randomly appears in my wagon is there for a reason. You can rest a while."

3d18e No.111757

"Thank you for your hospitality." She says, her expression brightening a bit, though clearly still concerned about everything that occurred.

4a122 No.111758

Topaz nods.
"If I may be so bold, what were you doing before we poofed into your wagon?"

3d18e No.111759

Quietly Cowe says to herself "Mountains, plains, shadows,…"

79bce No.111760

"Just grabbing some hay to restuff some beds."
Her horn ignites in an orange glow as she grabs some hay from a bed next to the wagon.

3d18e No.111762

Seeing an opportunity, Cowe stands and begins carrying hay, waiting to follow Cookie with as much hay as she can carry (currently 22 str)

4a122 No.111763

Topaz overhears her words, coming closer and entering whisper mode.
"You saw them, too, didn't you? I have a rough idea of where those places are."
While next to Sonata, he nods, smiling.
"I hope we did not cause you to lose progress on that, Dough. Feel free to ask for help, Diamond can help."
With that, the Earth Pony still coated in pyschoactive skin presents himself to her, awaiting instructions.

ff52f No.111764


79bce No.111765

"You ponies are fine, but thank you! You can just follow me everypony!"
She trots with a skip in her step around the building, disappearing into a door.

ff52f No.111767

Sister Ash decides to follow the poner, interested in seeing how the prime material plane has changed in the past few centuries.

Btw, what was pulling the wagon?

ff52f No.111768

File: 1566774982486-0.jpg (43.89 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

[lurking turtle noises]

4a122 No.111770

She sends off Diamond and Phospy to do the hay collecting, while Topaz follows her through the door.

ff52f No.111772

I may as well declare that I've got detect magic, aurasight, and arcane sight on constantly, on the lookout for any trace of evil/magic.

79bce No.111774

Nothing, the wagon was simply parked at the back of the tavern with a pile of hay next to it.
She enters into a small cozy room, a fireplace on one wall and a bar with a door that leads to what seems to be a kitchen on the other. Tables and chairs are across the room as Cookie heads up a staircase in one corner of the room.
"Make yourselves at home!"
Nope, just a cozy tavern for now.

b089e No.111775

Candy yawns as she wakes up from a well deserved nap
close to home/s]

ff52f No.111776

Dice rollRolled 11 + 37

Meta knowledge check: does everfree forest exist yet, and did it exist 700 years ago? I kind of made it my primary motivation to go there.

3d18e No.111778

Cowe deposits the hay,… wherever its supposed to go (the barn I assume?) and enters the tavern,… her eyes darting once or twice at the bar, but saying nothing.

ff52f No.111781

Sister Ash, seems vaguely uncomfortable with accepting such hospitality. She sort of just hangs in the doorway.
"… I could have sworn this was all woods last time I was here… Hmmm, I guess things really have changed…"

4a122 No.111782

Topaz nods, smiling at the picturesque decor.
"It looks rather quaint. Reminds me of my father. Are we the first visitors in a while?"

79bce No.111784

Inside works.
No everfree forest to speak of.
"No, we actually had a few ponies come through recently and the current guest is out right now. How about you ponies? What brings you poofing into my wagon?"
She walks down the stares with a smile on her face.

ff52f No.111785

>No everfree

b089e No.111789

"Whats Going on here!? Where am i?"
Candy shouts in Draconic

79bce No.111790

10,000 years before the Alicorn Rule. Not 700.
Cookie jumps back in shock.

4a122 No.111793

Topaz ponders on what to say for a bit.
"Well… you could say we had a magical encounter of the highest level to get here," he tentatively says, with a sheepish smile.
(I don't think telling her now is a good idea.)
Topaz looks at the pony in question dumbfoundedly.
(So much for subtlety.)

3d18e No.111794

"We did not choose to appear, we were appeared by another entity."

79bce No.111796

"Oh dear, well if you'd like to rest and gather your wits here for a while feel free."

b089e No.111797

"Wheres that Dragon Bastard?? He turned me into a bucking umbrella,separated me from my stuff and called me a whore."

3d18e No.111798

"Again I thank you. Your generosity will be repaid in full." In quieter tones "May I look to the bar?"

4a122 No.111800

Topaz nods.
"Yes, we did."
At this, she facehoofs.
With a tired smile, he bows curtly.
"Thank you for your hospitality Dough, if you need anything from us, simply ask, for we are indebted with you."

ff52f No.111801

Dice rollRolled 3 + 38

>What brings you poofing into my wagon?
At the question, Sister Ash puffs out her chest slightly, and manifests her planar bubble. The effect causes a slight halo of light to shine off of her; the minor positive energy dominance causes colors to seem more vibrant around her, and grants fast healing to all creatures within a 10 foot radius of her. Her golden reef glistens slightly in the light.
"I am Sister Ash, the Shepherd of The Blessed Fields. I sought to journey to this land on a pilgrimage for my circle…" She declares "..However, it seems as though I ran into a detour somewhere along the way."
Rolling Diplomacy
I said 700 because that's how long it'd been since she'd been here. She's very old.

79bce No.111803

"Of course, make yourself at home."
Cookie blushes at these words.
"Oh! Well thank you, that's very kind."
"Oh… Well… Um…"
She looks lost for words as the sight captivates her.

4a122 No.111805

She smiles at her.
"Don't mention it. I'm glad to help some-"
But she's distracted by the sight of Ash.
Her eyes sparkle
"Ooo~ Shiny."
(Topaz would have jumped her by now. Good thing he's busy.)

ff52f No.111808


3d18e No.111811

Cowe retrieves a bottle of spirits and turns just as Ashe is making her proclamation. "An impressive display."

ff52f No.111812

Dice rollRolled 14 + 37

Yertle, meanwhile, is slowly circling the town, giving Sister Ash telepathic feedback about the surrounding area.
Rolling knowledge (nature) to see if they notice anything interesting and/or out of the ordinary.

ff52f No.111816

*glowing stops*
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Dough. If you are ever in need, do not hesitate to ask."

4a122 No.111820

Topaz snaps back to reality.
"Wow. My brand of magic can't ever reach that level at all."
She can't help but slowly stretch a hoof to poke the previously glowing mane.
"Can I… touch it?"

ff52f No.111823

"..If you wish.." the kirin replies

79bce No.111825

Besides the pink clouds and some literal rats with wings, nothing too strange yet.
"T-thank you"

I'm assuming the part as a lot to talk about and plan as Cookie heads into the kitchen.

3d18e No.111826

Cowe glances at Diamond with a "Is this Stallion for real?" expression before shrugging, taking a seat, placing the bottle and a glass on the table, and pouring a drink. Then saying to Topaz: "You said you have a rough idea where those places the strange crystals were sent to. Could you elaborate?"

ff52f No.111827

>Pink clouds
"Oh not again…" Sister Ash groans
"If you'll excuse me… I have a some duties to attend to.." she says, stepping outside

Sister Ash goes outside to cast Control Weather to get rid of the Chaotic weather. It takes 10 minutes to cast, so she'll be out for a bit.
Topaz is a mare.

dd98c No.111829

I am here watching

79bce No.111832

If you'd like, your character could enter the tavern.

4a122 No.111835

Seeing how apprehensive Ash is currently at her question, she quickly retracts it.
"Sorry! I got too into the glow. Forget I ever said anything."
She shakes her head, looking at Sonata.
Diamond is outside doing hay-related stuff with Phospy.
"Yes. I could see what realms there were located."
She clears her throat.
"The orange one is in the dragon lands, Blue is on the plane of cold, the red is at a mountain range, pink is the plane of shadows, purple is at the "dread league", and the large pink the plane of fire."
She uses her big brain and lore knowledge to guess how far each gem could be in relation to her position.

3d18e No.111838

My bad, and nevermind about Diamond

ff52f No.111846

Alright, Sister Ash spends her control weather slot to fix the weather, and more importantly, keep it calm for the time being.
She then uses her Tulani Wild Shape to turn into a ball of light and zap any unnatural creatures with Empowered Chain lightning, racing across the sky as a ball of light.

After she's done with that, she uses her Detect Manifest Zone ability to look for any rifts to the plane of Chaos.

3d18e No.111848

>the weather

79bce No.111849

It's unknown how far away the red gem would be, but orange is definitely closer than purple. Blue, pink, and big pink would require planar travel though.
I don't have a set order, you guys can do whatever you want first. Just pls decide tonight.
Nope, no portals.

ff52f No.111850

The pink clouds that rained chocolate.
Making sure the weather doesn't do spooky stuff like that is kind of her job.

3d18e No.111851

"I am sufficiently skilled and equipped to survive in all but the plane of cold" Cowe says, sipping some fine scotch authenticity ^_~

3d18e No.111852

>not a pegasus
Who am I to argue?

4a122 No.111854

Topaz nods, taking this matter seriously.
"Alright. Closest one to us should be the orange one, in the dragon lands, so we should start fetching them from there. Anyone against it?"

ff52f No.111855

She's a Druid. Weather is her thing.
Besides, she can do in 10 minutes what takes a hundred pegasi a whole week to pull off Xp

Sister Ash returns, a bit later, covered in sweat.
"… Okay… That's taken care of…"

3d18e No.111857

"I assume that none but us are witness, so it would fall on us to address this. Unless somepony has allies to whom we can appeal."

ff52f No.111858

*A whole day

dd98c No.111859

I don't know. It would be fun to do so but I feel it would be shortsighted on my part. I still don't got a sheet and even if I know pretty much what I would put on it, I don't know if I can make it in time for the next session. I also have other things that will take priority over this.
I really shouldn't.

But you know what I will try. I will try to get together a sheet for my chracter till next weekend. Can you if I haven't ffinished my sheet by then, remove my chracter out of the story without any problem? Then I will join now.

79bce No.111860

Sure, that's fine. I'm glad to see you give it a try.

ff52f No.111863

Sister Ash listens to this.
"If you'll give me a day to prepare, I could scry and teleport each of those objects in a matter of hours."

4a122 No.111865

She ponders for a bit.
"Perhaps I could use Phospy to help us traverse there, but he is more of a water lover. Maybe my followers followed us here, too. Maybe."
She cocks her head.
"If the biped fellow got his arm turned into dust, then that thing is magic sensitive. I fear it may cause unintended consequences."

dd98c No.111866

Okay, thanks.
Was my character present at Discord's creation?

dd98c No.111867

WAs I in the wagon?

ff52f No.111868

Wait, what biped?

4a122 No.111869

Discord is a biped for the most part, my d00d.

3d18e No.111870

"I concur. Such a beast would not so readily deposit such items if they could be whisked to and away with."

79bce No.111871

No, but you character can enter the tavern having noticed things going weird and ask questions.

ff52f No.111872

"I won't know until i see it, will I?"

Sister Ash gives up her Animal Shapes spell to cast Discern location on the gem in the dragonlands.

dd98c No.111873

Sure, I will.

b089e No.111874

"What ever gets that dragon's head on a pike the fastest."

4a122 No.111875

She shrugs.
"If you plan to bring it here, at least do it out of the tavern on a remote place. We do not want risking blowing it up or anything like that."
And, you know, cheesing the whole campaign.

3d18e No.111877

Don't worry, we can work you in whenever you're ready

ff52f No.111878


dd98c No.111879

Thanks. I on it right now btw

3d18e No.111881

Fun fact: I haven't finished my character either,… XDDD

4a122 No.111882

She nods, a bit perturbed.
(That is quite excessive.)
Wait, you didn't realize the whole thing was to travel there, deal with the issue the dragons have as a side objective, then take the gem, repeated in the different locations given?

dd98c No.111883

b089e No.111884

"No pony messes with my things like he did."
The normally happy and bubbly unicorn is fuming.

ff52f No.111885

No, actually.. I was gonna just grab them real quick.

3d18e No.111887

Good luck with that

4a122 No.111889

Topaz decides not to delve into personal matters of this scale, backing away one step back and smiling nervously.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up."
You do know one of them instantly took out one of Discord's arms and turned it into dust, right?
"We sure can rest here if needed, but we are dealing with troubles of great magnitude. The sooner we move the better."

ff52f No.111890

Okay, to avoid derailing the campaign with shenanigans…

"Why don't we rest for the day? I'm sure you must all be tired after what you've been through."
I was going to jut spellcraft it to see what it did.

3d18e No.111892

"I do not require rest." Cowe says, barely stifling a giggle, her cheeks beginning to flush. She takes another drink.

4a122 No.111893

Phospy seemed to detect an epic spell of some kind, mainly designed to turn anything chaotic into dust, I assume.
Topaz looks at Ash with concern.
"I think I am fine to travel, but you and your turtle expended your energy with your barrage. Perhaps we should stay for the day and we go to the Dragon Lands as soon as we're able."

b089e No.111894

Candy looks at topaz with a realization that yet another pony doesn't understand her, and the realization that she may be dammed to a hell with nopony that will ever be able to understand.
For the first time she looks sad.

4a122 No.111898

Topaz, knowing she can't help somepony in this state, sends a quick signal.

Suddenly, Diamond enters the room, going for Candy, he bows curtly, the presents his front shoulder for any sort of related crying activities.

ff52f No.111901

"I am ready to depart when you are. I did wish to get a few hours of charity in though." She says, as she leaves into town

b089e No.111902

Candy shakes diamonds hoofClaw?
"Hello, my names Candy Swirl."

3d18e No.111903

Does Candy ONLY speak draconic?

b089e No.111904

No she speaks a few languages including common.

ff52f No.111906

Sister Ash walks into the town square and gives up a few 6th level spells (move earth; primal speed, fey ring, mudslide, find the path) to cast Heroes Feast, using Divine metamagic to apply persistent spell on to it as well. With Reserves of Strength, she increases her caster level to 28. Her Words Of Creation automatically Extends the duration to 48 hours. She does this a total of five times times, using her prepared uses of Bone Talisman for mores uses of Turn Undead. The total prepares a meal for 140 ponies (all vegetarian, of course), complete with ornate tables and chairs.
"Please don't rush now. Children sit first."

4a122 No.111907

Not activated. Don't worry.
Diamond stares at the current hoofshake with the same stoic expression, blinking once.
He then look at Topaz and presents his shoulder once again, shaking it with maintaining eye contact.

(Oh come on. Weren't you going to cry?) Topaz thinks to herself.
She nods, only to realize Ash skedaddled immediately.
"Good lu- Oh, she left."

3d18e No.111908

Then why is she butthurt about not being understood if she can speak ponish?

dd98c No.111909

Out from the woods emerges a figure. By the way it moves and its proportions one can tell that its a pony and female. One would not be sure if it was a thine mare or rather large filly however. One can't determine these things because her body is completely concealed in cloth.

She wears a plain black cloak with but a hoodie that has longer hems then necessary and the hems of the cloak. When she walks she tramples on her own hems.

She doesn't walk though it is more like sneaks through the woods; takinga one careful slow step after the another. Due to the claok's hems being so long her front hooves steps on them constantly.

Her mussle is covered by a silver scarf. One wouldn't see the rest of her face either if the hem off her hood if she hand't been a unicorn. Her horn protrudes out and hold the hood's hems from falling over her forehead reaveling her short unkempt bangs of hair the lies flat against it. A few of the bangs cover one eye. The only visible features of her face is that one undiguised red eye and the zink colored fur around it.

That eye is currrently aimed at sister Ash and so it this mare's route. But her eyes also from time to time shifts its focus to the other creatures in the group. She makes sure to moves so that she allways has all of the infront of her. She even goes on bit of a detour just to make sure that all creatures are infront of her and non our on her sides and absolutely not behind her.

Ash and probably the most of ther others notice her approach towards them. Because you know your all epic level. What do you do? And at what distacne do you see her?

ff52f No.111910

Gotta get those charity hours in.
On the bright side, free feast for the whole town.

ff52f No.111912

140 is about the size of ponyville, right?

3d18e No.111913

Certainly the turtle did

dd98c No.111918

Fun for him. So I assume that he communicates this to Ash then or maybe not.

dd98c No.111920

I don't know if he find this important enough to report.

ff52f No.111921

A nun greets you before a bunch of tables and chairs lined with hot food.
"Good evening, Sister. Please, sit down."
Poners don't need meat, fgt

3d18e No.111922

Rest assured

b089e No.111923

"I Have no idea where we are or whats going on."
She sighs
"I just know i was an umbrella a few minutes ago, what was that thing any way? it didn't look like any Dragon I've ever seen."
She's butthurt about not being understood in the metaphorical sense.

4a122 No.111924

Phospy, currently hauling hay, simply looks at the pony, then hisses at her, signalling her presence to Topaz.
"Oh! Seems somepony arrived here," Topaz announces, followed by going outside. "Be ready to move out to the dragon lands soon."
Is GM techincally lurking?

4a122 No.111925

Diamond pats her head some times, trying his best to reassure her it's all alright with the same stoic expression.

3d18e No.111926

I'd guess he's letting us make up our goddamn minds.
Cowe drains the last of her glass (a -1 modifier, I'd wager). "Alright. Are we in agreement then?"

ff52f No.111928

He would have immediately been able to tell she was a Spellcaster, but wouldn't have done anything to intercept her.

ff52f No.111930

Roll fortitude for booze.

79bce No.111932

The ponies happily feast.

4a122 No.111933

Our minds have been made up. This is only some time to wind down after the whole ordeal. As soon as everyone's ready, we go for the Dragon Lands.

Diamond nods at Sonata, relaying the message.

3d18e No.111934

Dice rollRolled 7


b089e No.111935

She smiles at the petting
"Thank you,Whats your name?"
she asks to the dragon petting her
She looks over at topaz
"Can you help fill me in on the situation other than that dragon-thing sending crystals into different dimensions?"

dd98c No.111937

The mare has moved into a position such that she has nonone at her side, at least what she knows, and everyone in fornt of her. And she is very keen on keeping it that way.

The mare is only a few feets away from Ash now. Ash is being intently stared at by her. It might be a bit unerving since her facial expressions are hidden so it is hard to read her emotions or her intent. However, if one is preceptive enough one can see that her eye trembles a bit and one can also notice that she has a very low posture almost like she is ready for flight of fight.

"The pink clouds… You removed them." She says.

dd98c No.111938

>She says
Or more like whisper.

4b14c No.111941

Cherry walks up to Candy and listens in.

ff52f No.111943

Sister Ash seems almost giddy as she watches them eat.
"Ah, it's been so long since I've been on charity service. I'd forgotten how good it feels.."
".. Why yes.." she says with a slight nod "There's nothing to be worried about now, sister. I welcome you to sit down."
She levitates a piece of cake towards the unicorn
"There's no need to be shy. It's for charity." She says with a smile

dd98c No.111945

At the mometn of the dragon's hissing, the mare jumps back a bit. After a moments hesitation and looking at the dragon she continued towards Ash.

This happened before this post >>111937

4a122 No.111946

Wrong. Earth Poner is petting Candy.

Sadly, he remains silent.
Topaz, after checking the door and finding nothing, returns back.
"Seems the visitor only passed through."
She looks at Candy, currently being patted.
"Not much else, I'm afraid. He seems to be a deity who likes spread 'chaos'."

ff52f No.111950

Sister Ash can be seen through the doorway conjuring a bunch of tables and drawing a crowd of ponies.

4a122 No.111951

Noted. Will go there in a bit.

dd98c No.111953

The mare grabs the plate with cake in her magic. It is surrouned by a white transparent aura as it s floats in the air.

The mare's visible eye look down on the piece of cake and then bakc up again.

She levitates the plate back to Ash.

"I'll eat…" there is small break as if unsure if she should really say this. "You eat first."

She turns her face away.

ff52f No.111954

The nun reaches a hoof out towards the startled mare.
"Please, sit down. There's nothing to be afraid of. Don't mind that dragon over there; he's just a bit grumpy."

b089e No.111955

She says with a skeptical tone in her voice
"A Deity? No i don't think so. he was merely a very strong sorcerer."
"Hello. who are you, Didn't i see you try to help some ponies before we got turned into beach supplies?"

ff52f No.111958

>700 years of fasting
>"You eat first."
>Every pony is watching
>Don't want to look like I've poisoned the town

4b14c No.111960

"I was. I'm Cherry Cordial. And who are you?"
She smiles politely.

4a122 No.111961

Phospy stares daggers at Ash as he pretends to eat some grass. However, Topaz orders her dragon to walk to that table and take a bite, just to show the food is harmless, making his mouth water. He scans the table for any fish, forgetting about the whole 'Ash is mean' outlook.
She shrugs.
"He is one strong sorcerer, then. I never heard anypony who can incase every single pony in invisible cages then using metamorphosis."

dd98c No.111962

You hear a high-pitched voice gasp coming from the mare as you reach out your hoof towards her. She jumps back and loses control of the plate. The crashes into the ground and shatters.

The mare in question looks at the plate and draws in whezeeing breath as her eye twitch at the sight. She immediately looks up at Ash's face for any signs of retaliation.

ff52f No.111963

The nun's eye twitches slightly.
"..S-sure.." she stutters "..I guess there's no harm in indulging every once in a while…"
The levitates a piece of bread off of the table and bites into it

4a122 No.111965

Darn it, Ash! I was trying to help out there.

dd98c No.111966

Yeah, now when you mention it. That was on your sheet. Hehehe, oops! XD

dd98c No.111972

The mare looks at the nun as she bites into the bread. She then looks at the many sharp pieces of the previous plate and the broken cake.

"I'm sorry." She says without looking up

ff52f No.111973

Don't worry, she'll use her breath weapon to turn it to Ash in her mouth. That way it doesn't count Xp.

Sister Ash uses Miracle to conjure a 25000 gp pile of Topaz gems for the dragon.

ff52f No.111974

*Using up her Shadow Landscape slot

b089e No.111975

"My Name is Candy Swirl."
She smiles back at her
"What do you think that dragon thing was?"
"If he wasn't such a Bad Creature i might be impressed."

ff52f No.111977

"Oh, it's no problem. It's just a conjured plate. It'll be gone in a few hours anyway." The nun says, sweeping the shards out of the way
"Please, sit down."

4b14c No.111978

"Nothing good. I can't believe it hurt all those ponies."

4a122 No.111979

Phospy's eyes light up further, immediately rushing the gem pile and munching on the gems contentedly.
(Seems Ash did not want him eating the food. Perhaps she has this under control.)
Topaz nods.
"We are indeed facing something strong and unruly that needs to be stopped."
Diamond pats Candy some more.
"Alright, Diamond. Ease up there."

ff52f No.111981

Sister Ash just knows enough about dragons to know that they're rather easy to buy with bribes.

dd98c No.111983

She looks at the conjuration of gems that Ash does.
She also watched the sister sweep away the shards.
>"Please, sit down."
She is almost startled by this as she was captivated by the magic feat of conjuring those gems.

She looks at Ash.

"Why are there pink clouds here?"

4a122 No.111984

Keep in mind he's a pony-controlled dragon you're dealing with, here. She can always shoo it off and do whenever.

ff52f No.111985

She doesn't know that.

ff52f No.111987

"It seems as though someone around here has been causing some trouble with the weather…" She says, her brow growing dark momentarily
"But, I've taken care of it, for now at least."
*Points to chair*

4a122 No.111988

I would've thought she figured it out by now with how Phospy seems to act so aloof.

ff52f No.111990

Meh. I just decided she would've been distracted by everything else up to that point.

b089e No.111991

"I Agree. no Good Creature would separate somepony from her items."
"Which crystal do you think we should get first? you suggested the Orange one right?"
"It's Quite alright."
She has a smile on her face, Her leg starts to kick involuntarily

ff52f No.111993

>no Good Creature would separate somepony from her items."
[Stifled snickering]

dd98c No.111996

The mare looks at the chair for a moment and the the way she come from before meeting Ash's firm gaze? Her gaze anyway. She decided to comply with the request or command.

She goes up to the chair that is on the end of the table but Ash notices that just before she sits down, she quickly bends down to check so there isn't anything underneath the chair.

ff52f No.111998

Dice rollRolled 2 + 20

Sister Ash loses her patience and telekinetically picks up snd plops the mare onto the ornate, comfy seat.
"Please. I insist."

4a122 No.111999

Topaz nods, chuckling knowingly.
"Yes. That is it. Prepare for the elements."
Diamond only pats further for her encouragement.
"I am going to see how is Ash doing, accompany me if you want to or you can stay with Diamond."
Topaz can be seen exiting the tavern into the whole charity event.
"Huh. That was rather quick."

ff52f No.112000

Sister Ash greets her with a bow.
"I do what I can."
She points to a chair
"You're welcome to join."

4a122 No.112002

Topaz smiles.
"Why thank you."
She takes an appropriate seat.
"How's it going?"

b089e No.112003

"I'll Come with you. but Diamond can come too right?"
She follows Topaz towards ash
"Coming Cherry?"
"Hey,you're that terrorist from earlier"

4a122 No.112005

This question does not need answering as Diamond simply follows her along next to her.

ff52f No.112006

In case we get the into combat before the end of the night, not that your characters have been buffed with:
>1d8+10 temporary HP
>Immunity To Fear
>Immunity to poison
>+1 morale bonus to attack rolls and will saves.
These affects last for 48 hours, assuming you all spend an hour eating.

dd98c No.112008

She flails with her hooves in the air as she is picked up. It only makes the excessive long hems wave and twist in on themselves.

At the moment she is seated she moved her hooves to ther armrest ready to push herself out of the chair. But she notices before that that there is nothing wrong with the chair.

She throws a look of surprize towards Ash.

ff52f No.112009

"I don't know what you mean."

4b14c No.112011

"Of course."

3d18e No.112012

Is GM kill?

ff52f No.112013

[Smug Kirin noises]

3d18e No.112014

Unintended link

b089e No.112015

Candy pets him
"I Heard when we were in the other dimension, that some religious nuts were running around terrorizing ponies. you aren't with them?"
"I'm Glad you tried to save those ponies cherry. you did a Good thing."

ff52f No.112016

"You must be mistaken."

79bce No.112017

No, but you are

ff52f No.112018

Do you want to skip to the dragonlands?

dd98c No.112019

The mare looks over to the dragon munching on gems, she then looks at the plate infront of her and then drags her eye over the whole table.

She looks at Ash as she point with her cloth covered hoof at the dragon.

"How can he eat illusions?"

3d18e No.112021

Just checking. Its been an hour since last post, and I know perfectly well how easy it is to accidentally fall asleep during a session

4b14c No.112022

"Well, thanks, but it is nothing special to help ponies in need."

79bce No.112023

I was planning on doing that quest next week since you all apparently decided on that.
I expected y'all to talk and plan more.

ff52f No.112025

Can I scry there to see what it looks like?

4a122 No.112027

His ears flop down to accomodate her hoof, still looking stoic.
Phospy lazily looks at her then keeps munching.
Planning comes when we actually see the variables. Dragons are quite varied and we need to see what we're dealing with.
Topaz starts to eat the food in a polite fashion if possible.

ff52f No.112028

"That's no illusion." The Kirin says
"It's real."

79bce No.112029

Sure, why not

b089e No.112030

"Do you know what that Dragon sorcerer thing was that sent us here?"
"Not anypony would do something like that."
She pets cherry

ff52f No.112031

I use Create Water to conjure a scrying pool, and use Greater Scrying to scry on the stone and it's surroundings.

3d18e No.112032

Cuz Heroes Feast totally doesn't ever have water

ff52f No.112035

It has to be a pool of water for the druid spell to work.

4b14c No.112036

Cherry is pet.
"Nah, I'm sure you would do the same if you were in my place."

3d18e No.112038

Pool is subjective. It can be (and typically is) a bowl of water, not a full olympic-sized pool

ff52f No.112039

It says a pool of natural water.
Nethertheless, I prepared create water for that purpose.

4a122 No.112040

You can compare it with screen resolutions. You can see more if the pool of water is bigger.
She eyes the process while eating the stuff offered.
(And here I thought my powers were better.)

79bce No.112042

Throughout the ripples in the water, Ash can see the picture of a large hill of gold, scattered with gems, the orange crystal sitting on top. There's suddenly a loud roar before a wave of more gold buries the gem. A large white tail is barely visible before disappearing.

b089e No.112047

"I was trying to get over there when we got transformed."
Candy continues petting Diamond.

dd98c No.112048

She inspect the dragon's horde once again with her eye. The idea that it's not an illusion seems off to her but he really seem to enjoy them as he scarf them down.

Her eye beholds the basket of bread on the table. She sees the loaf that the kirin eat from before since it is missing a piece. She breaks off another piece off it and levitates it over to her.

She is about to remove her scraf whne she hesitates. She looks over at Topaz who sits nearby, I guess. Topaz calm demeanor as she eats gives her a bit more security seeing as she also is a unicorn. She drags her scraf down to reavel her mouth and chin.

The bread is lifted up and she proceeds to take a small bite off it. Chewing on it for a while almost to see if she can taste any poison before she judge them to be edible. After a long time of chewing something small she swallows.

Her eye lands on Topaz plate next. She notes the things she has eaten off before looking at where they are on the table. Topaz may see her watch her eat or she might not up to you.

ff52f No.112049

Very specific question. Is there any sand or soot on the floor of the area?

4a122 No.112051

Diamond's mane is ruffled a bit, still without showing more than a slow, relaxed breathing.
Can Topaz see it?

ff52f No.112053

Dice rollRolled 15 + 32

I roll knowledge (arcana) to estimate the size and age of this dragon.

4a122 No.112054

Topaz waves at the staring mare, obviously noticing her nervous nature.

ff52f No.112055

I don't think so, but she could try to tap in telepathically.

4a122 No.112057

Nah, I'll let you explain it later.

79bce No.112058

Some soot
Not enough information to tell just from the tail.
If Topaz looks at the pool, yes

dd98c No.112060

The mare in question tense her shoulders. She thought the mare wouldn't notice her and was a bit unnerved by how aware of her surroundings the other mare was.

b089e No.112061

"Do you never smile?"
she asks clearly interested

4a122 No.112065

He blinks once for her troubles, then shakes his head.
Topaz giggles a bit.
(Shy pony, isn't she?)
"Hello there!"

ff52f No.112066

Sister Ash draws a small bag of sand from her purse and tosses it to the wind (away from the food).
She casts Whispering Sand.
"~Yoo-hoo!" She calls out, her voice being transmitted through the soot
"Is anybody home?"

b089e No.112067

Candy waves at her

3d18e No.112070

Meanwhile, a cowe thrums her hooves on a table.

79bce No.112075

Nothing can be heard in response, almost as if she isn't heard.

ff52f No.112077

File: 1566788803861-0.jpg (310.26 KB, 560x560, 1518148825974-0.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1 + 40

*inhales sharply*


Rolling perform (oratory).

ff52f No.112078


ff52f No.112079

This is too funny to use my luck reroll on…

79bce No.112080

Ash's voice cracks, and a frog hops from her throat.
She can almost hear the laughter of that damned pegasus on the breeze.

4a122 No.112081

Topaz stifles a giggle.

ff52f No.112082

*Pets froggo*

b089e No.112083

>lungs explode

3d18e No.112084

Sonata laughs. Its totally unrelated I swear, it was in remembrance of something funny. And not in anyway related to that, which was funny but not the funny thing she laughed at. I swear.

4a122 No.112085

Topaz decides to walk towards the pool of water Ash is currently screaming into.
"Were you practicing your growl to ward off mean predators from eating ponies or something?"

b089e No.112089

Candy pets her reassuringly
"You'll get em next time."

ff52f No.112094

File: 1566789637703-0.jpg (334.93 KB, 672x936, 903d9fde-d7da-4a0e-a337-b6….jpg)

"Well… I guess we'll just have to introduce ourselves when we get there.." sister Ash says, stifling a cough
That reminds me.
Sister Ash, while everyone else is eating, draws some papers from her fanny pack and starts scribing notes of anathema, and consecrates the sheet.
Then she casts Mark Of The Unfaithful, to permanently brand Midnight as a heretic in the eye of of all nature worshippers. The call to action extends to all creatures who draw their powers from nature: any Druid, Ranger, Spirit Shaman, Rokugan Shaman, Elemental Cleric, Totem Barbarian, or Totemist, in addition to several Fey and magical beasts, will immediately recognize her as a heretic and become hostile towards her.
The range is unlimited, and there is no saving throw.

dd98c No.112096

"Hi," she Whipsers back.

Since you are facing her you can actually see her entire facial expression. The corners of her mouth are curled downward but not enough to call it a frown. You get the impression that she is apprehenseive about you.

You see, she catched a glimpse of you petting the dragon before.

She sees something move in the corner of her view so she turns toward it. She sees Candy waving at her on the opposite side of the table that Topaz was.

The fact that another pony is looking at her, even if it is another unicorn, makes another impluse of fear express itself on her face for a brief second. The then she realize that since they sit so close to her and on opposite sides of the table she can't focus on them at the same time.

After a moment of switching frantically switching between the two ponies she decided to focus on Topaz. As in she looks at her eyes to read them so that if Candy decided to attack, she assumes Topaz eyes will flicker in her direction.

Her staring in Topaz's eyes is not interupted by this, she just briefly checks what the cow does before seeing that the cow is futher away and she would be able to detect it coming towards her by the same method as for Candy.

So now she is staring at Topaz eyes intently. This is interupted though as her heart skips a beat when >>112077 she hears Ash's shout. She looks at Ash as if she is crazy.

ff52f No.112098

Sister Ash just coughed up a literal frog, and is now petting said frog as she excommunicates a Pegasus from the earth.

4a122 No.112099

Actually, delete last action of you going over and maintain giggling. She's still eating and giggling.
Topaz ponders her next course of action.
(Perhaps she wants to see a trick? Wait she's looking at Ash now. Hm.)
He decides to disengage Diamond from Candy, moving towards the mystery unicorn name at a slow walking pace. He's looking straight at her, with a permanent stoic expression on his face.

79bce No.112100

Oh, huh…. Okay then.

3d18e No.112101

Sonata notices uhhhh,… that one, but doesn't pay any mind. In her mind, its just another person from the local community.

dd98c No.112102

>He decides to disengage Diamond from Candy, moving towards the mystery unicorn name at a slow walking pace. He's looking straight at her, with a permanent stoic expression on his face.

So is this Diamond that is doning this or is it Topaz?

ff52f No.112103

Not sure how useful it'll be. I just expected the main villains to appear in the first session, so I prepared that spell to make their lives miserable in case I saw them.

dd98c No.112104

That does make sense.

4a122 No.112105

Diamond is approaching as per Topaz orders.

dd98c No.112106

Or fit chracter.

ff52f No.112108

Also, the mark can't be removed by anything other than a Druid of higher level than my own (which is 38, with Reserves if strength).
Paladins, Clerics, Rangers and Druids can all automatically sense the mark just by looking at the subject.

b089e No.112109

"Hello, i've never met a cowe before."

dd98c No.112110

When she sees the earth pony move towards her, she immediately gets out off the chair. Her horn starts to glow white light. She will start to back away if he doesn't stop his movement or even turn and run.

3d18e No.112111

Sonata notices your character, but doesn't pay any mind
"You were there when that dragon, thing, did its thing. You were unconscious afterward. I am called Sonata, I am a cowe."
She says with a bow and a slight slur.

4a122 No.112112

Topaz shakes her head.

Diamond simply stops, then sits at a chair closest to him, not even looking at her and enjoying a meal with the most stoic expression ever, like she never existed at all.

dd98c No.112113

No, that's what I meant. There was no irony there. it makes sense.

ff52f No.112114

Alright, what else do I have prepared for today that'll be useful right now…
>Only healing spells
I guess I could've offered those, if the Heroes Feast hadn't already cured the town of all diseases..

b089e No.112115

"Yea that Scaled bastard, turned me into an umbrella!"
Candy shakes her hoof
"My Name is Candy Swirl! nice to meet you sonata!"

ff52f No.112117

Oh yeah, while the scrying pool is still active (25 hours), I cast powersight, to estimate the Dragon's hit dice.

dd98c No.112118

The white glow from her horn ceases.

Since Candy That is, if nobody has a problem with the mind map i created for the situation. sits on the opposite side of the table from Topaz and close. Diamond just moved from Candy towards my character. He must be pretty close to her where he now sits so she, who sits at the ned of the table, decied to move to the other side of hte table.

The mare levitates the plate of bread and starts walking towards the seat next to Topaz.

dd98c No.112119

If nothing happens she sits down next to Topaz

79bce No.112120

Estimated 34-51HD.

ff52f No.112121

That's a big difference…
I shouldn't have said "estimate"…

4a122 No.112124

Just as planned.
Actually not really Xp
Topaz welcomes her seating with a concerned smile and a small soft expression.
"Are you ok? You seemed scared for a moment."

dd98c No.112125

She sits down next to Topaz and placed her plate on the table.

When she hears your comment, she gets a bit flustered and looks away.

ff52f No.112126

*Pets poner*

4a122 No.112127

She cocks her head.
"Are you scared of that Earth Pony over there?"
She points at Diamond.

3d18e No.112128

"Care for a drink?" Cowe says with a smirk

b089e No.112132

"Do earth ponies till the earth?"
She smiles
"Of course. What's your poison?"

dd98c No.112134

She twirls around in her seat. Actually surpised that she hadn't noticed Ash there.

But she actually calms down when she sees who it is.

She looks where you point before she looks down on her food. She shakes her head a bit to let head hood fallpast her horn so that one can only view her face from the ground.

But white light glows through the black hoodie as she uses her magic to break off small pieces of bread to eat.

dd98c No.112135

>She shakes her head a bit to let head hood fallpast
>let head hood fallpast
let her* hood fall past

3d18e No.112136

"Scotch. Its been so long since I had any spirits, cookie is gonna get hooked up for this shit."

ff52f No.112137

It's midnight where I am, so I might want to sleep soon.

4a122 No.112139

Hm. How to approach a pony who fears everything…
Topaz decides to try and bond with her by showing her a little magic, but not before asking for consent.
"Psst. Do you wanna see a cool magic trick? I can make my coat glow all sorts of colors."

ff52f No.112141

The food makes poner immune to fear for 48 hours.

b089e No.112142

Candy walks over to her table
"You Buying?"
She giggles

3d18e No.112143

"Essentially, in that I'm taking responsibility for the expesne." she replies, her intoxication evident. (I'm wagering she's at a -2 modifier ATM)
Don't even start

b089e No.112145

"Cookie was it? Would you get me a drink please?"

ff52f No.112146

It's true tho.

dd98c No.112147

After a moment of contemplation; >>112141 that being why she suddenly felt much more at ease when talking to this pony, she knows she should trust her head not her gut but-, she fastens her hoodie like before. She moves the hem of the hood over her hor nand lets it rest on it.

She glances briefly at Ash before before movng closer to Topaz.

"That unicorn's horn." A very subtle nod is made in the direction of Ash. "Why is it so wierd?" She whispers.

3d18e No.112148

Dice rollRolled 19

"Cookie? Nah, cookie is the tavern owner. I'm Sonata. Sonata Arctica. Wait, that's not right," she starts laughing, while fetching another glass, and pouring a drink.
Dexterity check

dd98c No.112149

Yes, she did actually ignore your question. She did it because she was more intrested in the kirin's horn at the moment. Sorry, she isn't well behaved.

dd98c No.112150

3d18e No.112151

>anyone is well behaved

4a122 No.112152


Topaz shrugs, smiling at her.
"She said she was a kirin. Seems to essentially be a furrier version of unicorns."

dd98c No.112153

ff52f No.112154

File: 1566793673041-0.png (578.84 KB, 2548x2476, 1892151.png)

*Poofs out floof*
"Well, I guess you could say that, in a way.."

dd98c No.112155

"Oh," she says. "Well, she was nice to offer taste bread," She mumbles to herself.

dd98c No.112156

She looks at the kirin's nice fluffy mane. It looks soft.

"Thank you," she says towards her.

4a122 No.112157

Topaz is trying hard not to get jealous.
(Imagine all the braids that mane could have.)
She shakes her head, returning to a smile.
"She is quite nice overall, too."

ff52f No.112158

Okay, I'm going to have to sleep now. Work tomorrow.

Goodnight, Anons.

4a122 No.112159

Night-o, Ash-o

dd98c No.112160


for the food that is

dd98c No.112161

Yeah, goodnight.

dd98c No.112162

"So I been wondering…" The mare look at Topaz.

4a122 No.112163

She cocks her head.
"What is it?"

3d18e No.112164

Just don't ask her about her 'holy water' Its pee

dd98c No.112165

"The dragon." She motions with her head towards Phospy. "I saw you with it." She mumbles.

4a122 No.112166

Phospy has apparently ate enough, lazily sleeping over the remaining gems provided by Ash.

"Oh, you mean Phospy?" she asks.

dd98c No.112167

"Is that the dragon's name? Then yes. What is your relationship with it?"

b089e No.112169

"Wow,Great Pour!"
She Pets the cowe
and then takes a sip

4a122 No.112171

Topaz smiles, thinking she's interested in dragons.
"He's a companion of mine. Want me to call it here?"

dd98c No.112176

"No!" she doesn't really shout but since everything she says is murmur otherwise it seems that way. "Please, don't" She flails her hooves infront of her in an abortive motion.

"It just thought it was odd to see a dragon with a pony. That's all."

She takes another bite of bread before continuing. You hear her as she mumbles hher thoughts uner her breath. It wasclearly not intended for you to hear since she just voiced her thought to herself unbeknownst to herself but you did.

"She most be powerful to a have a dragon as a companion."

3d18e No.112177

"Don't pet the cowe." she says.

dd98c No.112179

> You hear her as she mumbles hher thoughts uner her breath. It wasclearly not intended for you to hear since she just voiced her thought to herself unbeknownst to herself but you did.
>So messy

Sigh. Do you understand what it says or must I clearify.

4a122 No.112181

She peers closer to her, clearly concerned, but has a little smile.
"Phospy isn't a bad dragon. He's a nice one. Look."
She whistles Phospy, whom in response, scrambles into a salute.
"Do a barrel roll!"
In response, Phospy does so, ending belly up, expecting some sort of reward, which she gives by telekinetically petting his exposed chest, eliciting a line of steam from his nostrils, clearly content.
She looks back at the unicorn mare.
"See? Completely tame dragon."

4a122 No.112182

BTW no need to clarify. I understand she voices thoughts out loud sometimes

dd98c No.112189

Her eyes go wide at the display. She is starting to think that something is off. Normally she would have been terrified by this mare who had turned a dragon into a pet but she wasn't.

Has she cast some form of charm on me? She wonders.

"How though? How can you-" She interupts herself as she glances at the dragon, leans in close to Topaz and whispers. "-controll a dragon?"

dd98c No.112190


3d18e No.112191

"Please excuse me, the bottle is yours now." Sonata says with a slight bow, wandering off into the surrounding forest.

b089e No.112194

"Goodbye My Friend. i'll see you later."

4a122 No.112199

Don't you go splitting up now.
Topaz chuckles.
"Oh don't worry about subtlety, Phospy can hear it."
She downgrades her smile into a sheepish one.
"I simply… ask him to do stuff. I can't quite say what's causing him to be so compelled to listen to me. I guess it is because of my charm."

dd98c No.112209


She takes a quick peek at the dragon.

Is that true? Why would a dragon find a pony charming?

She looks back at Topaz before returning tp consuming her bread in silence.

Well, she is very pretty. But I thought dragons only cared for crystals, treasure, and gemstones. But I guess it is possible that she reminds him of gems or something.

Wait, did she say "my charm"? Was she saying she put a spell on him?

Is that why I am so calm when I look at her? Has she put a spell on me?

Regardless, if I want to escape her, I must do it later when the dragon isn't present.

Then, again the dragon doesn't seem to be in pain so maybe it souldn't be to bad… No, what am I thinking? What have you done to me?

A momentary glare flashes by on the mares face before it becomes calm again.

Well, I came here for information so I will get it and get out. I will ssimply play along.

She turns to Topaz again.

"I realise I haven't introduced myself. I am Reality Phobia. Who are you?"

dd98c No.112210

I don't know if I went overbaord with this one.

4a122 No.112212

Topaz smiles.
"I'm Topaz Tower. Nice to meet you Reality. The dragon is Phosphorus."
He lazily waves, suddenly without much worry.
Topaz points at the Earth Pony eating without emotion, only stoicism.
"And that is Diamond Hoof."
However in her mind, she's plotting herself.
(Alright. I have broken that outer exterior full of concrete with the dragon. Now to sneak in the friendship roots!)
"Want to take a closer look at the dragon? I saw you looking at it. Don't worry, it won't bite."

4a122 No.112216

You didn't, dun worre.

dd98c No.112219

> it won't bite
No, it would probably swallow me whole.

Reality looks at the residue on Topaz's plate and gether the same things she had on her plate aswell since one cannot only live on bread. She is also hungry so.

She stand up from her chair and lifts the plate of food and fork and a knifein her magic aura.

"Okay, but what is that you want to show?" she stutters out. She looks at the dragon as a crease appears between her eyebrows and her lips thines out; she looksat it sceptically.

dd98c No.112220

Woah, what a nice schemeXD

4a122 No.112222

Iron glances at the taking of her residue.
(Hm. She still seems to be acting cautious.)
"I want to show her how serene he is."

Looking at Topaz, he's basically posing as if he was sunbathing, without a care in the world.
Diamond stands up from his plate, carefully cleaning himself with the proper napkin, then walks to the dragon.
He pokes the dragon's snout, making him open the mouth, in which the Earth Pony puts the whole foreleg, even to the point of stroking its teeth slightly.
"See? He's not afriad he'll bite. Why should you?"
She has big brain.

4a122 No.112223

*to show you how serene he is."

4a122 No.112225

**Topaz glances at the taking of her residue.

4a122 No.112227

***Looking at Phospy
Holy shit, how many more mistakes I can make?

b089e No.112228

dd98c No.112229

Hehe, I probably have a lot to. They appear when you wrrite so much on short time I think.

dd98c No.112230

dd98c No.112238

(Who is Iron?)
"I-I-I… Guess?I don't know. I don't really feel comfortable with being near it. What do you want me to do anyway?"

4a122 No.112244

Topaz smiles through her concern.
"Well, you could say that is how I managed to get myself a dragon. By not being scared of it."
Diamond is currently patting Phospy.

dd98c No.112246

She looks at you for a moment and then back at the dragon.

Then she put her plate down on the table.

"I'll pet it if you come with."

7b468 No.112247

File: 1566801394991.jpg (1.06 MB, 1828x970, 2019-08-26 (2)_LI.jpg)

dd98c No.112248

Ah, I see. Arganon is a two timing bastard.XD

4a122 No.112252

File: 1566801788396.jpeg (158.86 KB, 1171x1175, 1224ffsbsvjv wgsjgtyhfdwe….jpeg)

Topaz smiles ever further.
"Great! Follow me."
She stands up, beckoning Reality to follow while Diamond went back to sitting and eating again.
Phospy looks at Topaz and Reality from his belly up perspective, surprised, but does not move a muscle as his master ordered.
The dragon awaits its pats.
I is guilty
Sed tiem.

dd98c No.112259

Reality meets the gaze of the dragon for a short moment. She look at it t osee if he truly is okay with this. He doesn't indicate that he isn't so she continues forth.

She reaches out her hoof and starts to stoke scales in the direction the they go in.

How does it feel to pet Topaz's dragon?

b089e No.112260

Candy gets black out drunk

4a122 No.112261

Topaz exhales contently.
The feeling of scales on hoof can be considered rocky at this stage, like stroking along a smooth rock road. The heat is a little bit lower to other dragons and Reality could even swear she felt water inbetween the scales at times. Sometimes, he could feel his big heart palpitating through her hoof, clearly showing his young adulthood.
This only makes Phospy throw out a thin line of steam for her efforts.

Topaz, meanwhile, knows she's close to hooking her into the friendship.
"See? Look at how docile and happy he is."

dd98c No.112262

Is this your way of saying that you are done for this session?
Reality smiles. Petting the dragon was more fun and intresing then she thought. But then her smiles falters and she stops petting him.

Why is she so nice to me?

She turns towards Topaz.

"Topaz. Why did you let me pet him?"

b089e No.112263

Yea its getting kind of late.

dd98c No.112264

True. Is the GM still even present?

b089e No.112265

He's probably asleep.

dd98c No.112266

Should we also call it a day?

dd98c No.112267

dd98c No.112268

I have half the day left.

4a122 No.112269

Topaz simply smiles
"You seemed interested in him and you were quite down when you came here."
Sure thing.
>4:10 AM here
Have a good night and I hope I've given you a good taste of D&D.

dd98c No.112272

>I hope I've given you a good taste of D&D.
It was great.

I have had a blast. It has been so fun.

4a122 No.112273

Don't forget to respond to Topaz before you go~

dd98c No.112274

If she has any ulterior motive she is good at hidding it. However, maybe she actually means it.

She didn't know what to think about the unicorn.

Reality shakes her head and give you the warmest smile she had given anyone this evening.

"Thanks. That was sweet of you."

ff52f No.112276

Dice rollRolled 14 + 18

Rolling profession (masseuse) to pet cowe.

3d18e No.112279

Don't get merc'd

ff52f No.112281

Dice rollRolled 14 + 75

In the time before the next session, I'd like to predict the weather. Just doing this for spell prep.
Rolling Survival, discharge Moment Of Prescience for a +28 insight bonus. Survival predicts the weather for one day, plus an additional day for each 5 points by which the check exceeds 15.

3d18e No.112286

If you really want to touch the cowe, I'll entertain that process, but its more complicated than just rolling a dice. The bedroll she had strapped to her is a Personal Oasis so,….

03a29 No.112287

I mean, Diamond can probably do it with his unwavering stoic personality. Probably would do backflips, too.

ff52f No.112288

File: 1566838656638-0.png (1.11 MB, 625x1378, dbd.png)

Dice rollRolled 14 + 26

Rolling to touch the cowe.

3d18e No.112289

See >>112276
If one were to attempt to touch the cowe, they would find that there's a 5'x10' tent just outside town, with a campfire that doesn't go out.
I'll give you three guesses what's gonna happen if someone attempts to enter the cowe's tent unannounced.

ff52f No.112290

Oh, never mind then.

Sister Ash is busy with divination.

03a29 No.112291

Struggle snuggles?
JK, I wasn't gonna pet you. I have Reality to deal with
cue laughter

3d18e No.112293

>struggle snuggles
Not what I was going for, but sure.

ff52f No.112294

I built a Grapplemancer, but not for this.

03a29 No.112295

No one does.
I'd say Diamond can resist a struggle snuggle very well tho.
Are you sure? You're dealing with an adept snuggler if I ever send Diamond there.

3d18e No.112296

O rly? How many hit dice does Diamond have?

03a29 No.112297

Hah! Like I'd tell you without you saying it first!
Although I know you have it multiplied by 25.

3d18e No.112298

I'll get you next time gadget,… NEXT TIME….

03a29 No.112299

Perhaps I must test your snuggle proficiency, cowe.

ff52f No.112300

File: 1566842000477-0.png (522.36 KB, 640x748, codzilla6.png)

File: 1566842000477-1.jpg (56.83 KB, 384x480, codzilla5.jpg)

File: 1566842000477-2.jpg (60.62 KB, 750x600, codzilla2.jpg)

File: 1566842000477-3.jpg (82.13 KB, 608x430, codzilla.jpg)

File: 1566842000477-4.jpg (931.06 KB, 2480x3508, codzilla4.jpg)

Clerics and Druids are the best grapplemancers, imo; especially if they've got Intuitive Attack. Between Divine power and Righteous Might, priests of all kinds make for some of the best wrestlers, provided they have the time to buff-up (or in the Cleric's case, use DMM to persist their buffs). That's tier 1 for you, I guess.

03a29 No.112301

Never thought clerics were great grapplers.
I would've thought monks were.

79bce No.112302

In Ash's mind a picture appears, almost too real to be her own thoughts.

The creature from earlier appears infront of a map of Equus, showing blue and red weather front lines. Along with some strange orange and pink ones, a few clouds raining tables and chairs. Discord himself is dressed in a suit, giving a good old cheesy weatherman smile. A frame seems to be set around the image, and scrawling text at the bottom says phrases such as "Visit sunny Hevosenmat today!" or temperatures such as 90° in Auritanssi or 57° in Unelakso.

"Hello! And thank you for tuning into Channel 69's 42 o'clock weather! I'm meteorologist Joe Momma, and we'll be starting with a two week weather forecast. Starting tomorrow there will be even more cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain, so be sure to carry an umbrella! This will continue for a few days, reaching hurricane force in some areas before giving way to a beautiful green sky in contrast with the purple grass! Then we'll have a few days of clear weather before the sun and moon stop moving! How about that! After this weather patterns will become sporadic, but will include phenomenon such as, Ahem; raining anvils, raining cats and dogs, frost that is actually rock candy, the air suddenly being replaced with orange juice, feathers weighing as much as a pound of lead, lead weighing as much as a pound of feathers, and my personal favorite! Bug swarms! I've been your host, Joe Momma, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again, if you survive."

The text at the bottom has turned more ominous, the temperatures ranging anywhere from -200° to 1000°, including phrases like "There's no escape" and "enjoy the world while it lasts."

ff52f No.112304

Oh no, they're by far the best grapplemancers, even better than Druids. They have access to Enlarge Person, Righteous might, Divine Power, Giant Size, etc. Even a low-op Cleric can rip an optimized Fighter in half if he's got time to buff-up. They put the C in CoDzilla.

>lots of wacky stuff
Sister Ash spends several minutes tasting the air with her tongue, before a dark look creeps over her face.
"It seems as though my Circle was right. I would have never expected such wickedness to have encroached on our territory…" she utters through a low growl
Sister Ash then casts Lay Of the Land to immediately know any and all landmarks within a 50 mile radius.
She then casts Commune With Nature, to get a much more in-depth picture of everything she just sensed, looking for any and all details that may point her to the origin points of the energies causing these unnatural weather patterns.

TL;DR: she takes a full ecological survey of everything natural and unnatural going on right now. This takes her 10 minutes.

Commune with Nature is a pretty broad scope of Divination, so I'm just going to post the description:
>You become one with nature, attaining knowledge of the surrounding territory.
>You instantly gain knowledge of as many as three facts from among the following subjects: the ground or terrain, plants, minerals, bodies of water, people, general animal population, presence of woodland creatures, presence of
powerful unnatural creatures, or even the general state of the natural setting.
>For example, you could determine the location of any powerful undead creatures, the location of all major sources of safe drinking water, and the location of any buildings (which register as blind spots).

She uses Reserves Of Strength to bolster her CL up to 29; giving her a 29 mile radius full-scale view of anything and everything that's going on right now.

ff52f No.112305

(For a Druid, "unnatural creatures" may include things like undead, aberrations, outsiders, non-native elementals, templated extraplanar animals, etc)

b089e No.112314

Candy boops Sister Ash

ff52f No.112316

And while I've still got these spells prepared…

Sister Ash casts Elemental Guardian into the air above the town at 28th caster level. This conjures a lesser Elemental Weird in the town, guarding it for 28 days.
With Rashemi Eemental Summoning, the Weird becomes an Orglash: a more fearsome, Asiatic version of your typical Air Elemental Weird. It gains the Cold subtype, gains fast healing 3, cone of cold 3/day at 8th caster level, cold damage to its natural attacks, and other things.
The Orglash Weird is given the order to "protect the town", form unnatural creatures that may threaten it. It is completly invisible, and will scout the area around the town for the next 28 days, shooting bolts of lightning at hostiles.

She follows up by casting Liveoak on the largest tree in the vicinity, and speaks the password to the weird, instructing it to awaken the tree if faced with any monster it cannot zap/freeze to death. Upon activation, the LiveOak tree with animate into a Treant, and will stay active for 28 days. She instructs the Orglash to Awaken the treant after the duration of its 28 day summoning expires, if it has not already.
The treant will similarly be commanded to "defend the town", attacking evil and/or unnatural creatures who threaten its territory. Faced with an extraordinary threat, the Treant is ordered to use it's Animate Trees ability, then retreat to defend itself, potentially animating the entire forest into an endless chain of treants.
Orders are given to both the treant and the orglash weird to recognize eachother as friendly. They will fight together when needed. The orglash prioritizing fire-breathing creatures with it's cone of cold ability, taking advantage of it's natural invisibility and perfect Flight. The treant will prioritize monsters resistant to energy, and direct its wooden army towards monsters capable of seeing and/or shooting the flying orglash. The orglash is capable of healing itself by producing small amounts of snow, and it can travel to the elemental plane of air and back at will to retreat if necessary. The treant will use it's animate trees ability before exposing itself to extreme harm. If necessary, it will travel up to a mile to find more suitable trees for its militia. Animated Trees have all of the powers of the original treant, and will animate more trees if necessary. Treants in large groups will attack as Mobs:
They will swarm the enemy as a CR 10 encounter, while the higher treants animate more trees and form more mobs. If the mobs are broken up, they will attack individually until the enemy is exhausted or dead.
The Elemental Weird will attempt to Dominate any non-good creature with the Air or Cold Subtype, adding these creatures to this militia.

Sister Ash then gives up her Avatar Of Nature spell slot to summon an Octopus tree at 28th caster level. The octopus tree uses its Grow Plants ability on the surrounding region 28 consecutive times in a row, causing the trees to grow enormously and the vegetation to grow lush and dense. It is impossible for Creatures larger than huge to navigate the region without significant injury, let alone go unnoticed.
Also, crops fields in the region will yield 932% of their normal productivity for the , regardless of the weather.

It's not much, but in case something nasty threatens the ponies here, they will have a champion. Also, i might have to put the weather on lockdown with a Thimblewinter, so they're going to want to stock up now in case the going gets tough.

ff52f No.112318

roll a touch attack

ff52f No.112319

*933% productivity for one year

3d18e No.112320

>inb4 they get so much produce that alot of it goes to waste, rots, festers, and causes a plague

ff52f No.112321

Wheat is easily stored. If they grow too much food, they can just burn it for fuel or bury it in the woods. I trust that earth ponies would know what to do with it all.

ff52f No.112323

What i prepared should be able to deal with encounters up to 11th level. The Elemental Weird should be capable of dealing with monsters up to 8th CR without having to activate the liveoak, considering it has a directional and stealth advantage.

Should I set up a Druid's Grove to call a few contingent Siabries for emergency backup? It might be a bit overkill, but I also don't want the town to be destroyed while we're away. I still have spell slots and uses of turn undead left.

3d18e No.112324

I have an idea, how about you wait until Friday?

ff52f No.112325

File: 1566850534578-0.jpg (64.21 KB, 960x719, ea54f8e48fa58a97b5a21f4ad4….jpg)

I don't want to slow down Friday's session with metaposts, and i'd prefer to declare my uses of today's spell now so that we can begin Friday's session on the dawn of the next day.
I prepared a lot of debuff and utility spells for today. On the next day in game, I'd prefer to prioritize divination and combat spells.

3d18e No.112326

Niggers gonna nigg

ff52f No.112328

File: 1566851402574-0.jpg (80.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No u.
Not like you've even finished your sheet yet.

I'm just planning ahead, so I don't have to make all of these long posts when the session actually begins.

If it's a question of during what time my PC is doing this, she's got Holy Wake, so she can cast her remaining spells during the ~8 hours while the party would be resting.

Besides, it'd be better if somebody opened a Gate to the demiplane city, so Topaz's believers could get here without having to traverse across the Astral sea. While the party is preparing/resting, I could call them in during the night.

5dba5 No.112329

Anon, It’s not like there’s a different campaign that plays during week days that he could spend his time on

ff52f No.112332

Would it be okay if Sister Ash gated them into the prime material plane during the night? There's still more than 2000 poners in that demiplane.

03a29 No.112334

I am all for it, but you'll have to let Topaz know.
There's always using astral caravan to come here, since their surival rolls are above-average, but I don't think she can speak with them without using Correspond.

03a29 No.112336

Actually, no you don't. The moment she feels their brethern in mental sight, she'll probably be all for it as well.

ff52f No.112337

Sister Ash still has 8th level slots available to channel into Discern Location. She also still has enough uses of Wildshape left for the day to use the Titan's Gate SLA to create a portal to the demiplane.

After finishing the spellcasting above, Sister approaches Topaz at the table.
"Your… followers(?) are still stuck in that unstable demiplane. Shall I bring them here? Only a truly powerful Magi could have created that world, but I doubt it will last forever now. It's been unstablized by having been in contact with Limbo.."

03a29 No.112340

Topaz instantly lights up, with a big smile.
"Yes! If you can bring them, please do! I was starting to miss them a little."

03a29 No.112341

Oh by the way, she's with Sven Player (Reality Phobia) at her dragon, after Reality petted Phospy at the gem pile.

ff52f No.112342

I'll wait for GM.
In the meantime, I've got work to do.

03a29 No.112343

K. You do that.

ff52f No.112356

File: 1566866643248-0.png (2.13 MB, 2000x1428, 1235747.png)

File: 1566866643248-1.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1400x1334, 498287.jpeg)

Well to accomplish this, I would need to manifest a gate, and hold it open long enough for ~2000 believers plus the residents of that demiplane to bottleneck through.

Sister Ash can do this this by travelling to the edge of the path in he forest and burning 2 uses of Plant Wildshape to Wildshape into a Titan. Due to her planar wildshape ability, she gain immediate access to the Titan's spell-like abilities, including Gate.
She then burns her prepared Anathema spell to cast Shapechange (CL increased to 28th level, via Reserves Of Strength), and Transmutes herself into a phoenix. Shapechange does not afford her the phoenix's spell-like abilities, but it does afford her the phoenix's Spell-Like metamagic ability, while retaining the Titan's spell-like abilities. This allows her to apply her metamagic feats to the Titan's spell-like abilities by using them as a full-round actin. Thus, he can apply Persistent Spell to Gate, allowing the herd of poners to travel through over the course of 24 hours.

"Very well then. It would be better if you were there to receive them. Follow me please.." Sister Ash says, as she turns towards the woods

03a29 No.112357

Whew. That's a lot of work to do.
Topaz follows, along with Reality if she wants to.
In case she does want to see even more power and control of the nice unicorn.

ff52f No.112363

The real work to do starts now. We've flooded the setting with a herd of poners that amount to more than 20 times (maybe 40 times) the population of this town. They need a place to Sleep.

"I've mltiplied the number of trees in this region thirty-fold. If your followers(?).. followers, that is, if they require lumber, taking a few trees could be permissible.." Sister Ash says, shapechanging back into herself after opening the Gate.

03a29 No.112365

She nods, hopping a little.
"Why thank you, Ash. Some of my ponies could get cold and I don't have that many wagons to let that many ponies sleep in relative warmth."
Wait, has it been done already?

ff52f No.112367

Idk, I'm waiting for approval.

I was going to extend+persist undermaster on my tortoise to buld a few fortresses and ramparts.

ff52f No.112369

"It's the least I could do. They'd be better off here than in that demiplane. Sometimes I wonder why ponies keep making those things.."

03a29 No.112372

You know they didn't actually went into the chaos realm, right? They're still at the Hub city.
Topaz smiles warmly.
"I appreciate it."
Diamond nods in the distance while Phospy does a thumbs up.

ff52f No.112379

Yeh, that's where she opened the gate to.

03a29 No.112380

Oh whoops, I is retord. Forgot demiplanes are any plane.

ff52f No.112382

No. Demiplanes are small planes that spellcasters or manifestes create with magic. They're typically made by high level Wizards for personal reasons, or by extraplanar organizations like Mercane caravans.

The plane of chaos (aka Limbo) is an actual outer plane of existence.

03a29 No.112384

Aren't you sure the Hub was a demiplane and not part of the natural plane?

ff52f No.112386

THub was a demiplane city. It was only as big as the city itself, iirc.

03a29 No.112387

Ohok, but I wanna have the GM confirm it just in case we're opening a portal to nowhere.

ff52f No.112389

Dice rollRolled 13 + 32

I guess i could roll Knowledge (the planes)

ff52f No.112398

File: 1566871603988-0.png (1.34 MB, 1200x801, Tome_Dragon.png)

Anyway, if I use Shapechange to turn into a Tome Dragon (very old) (my favorite form) I could use its Free Metamagick ability to Persist then Extend my remaining spells to increase them to 48 hours duration. If I do so with my prepared Undermaster spell, Sister Ash could build just about any concievable structure over the next 8 hours using repeated uses of Stoneshape, Wall Of Stone, Statue, and Move Earth over the next 8 hours. She could cast it onto her turtle as well.

Then she could move on to casting Extended Shamber, them Extend+Persist a few of Nature's Allies as support for the next mission.

ff52f No.112410

She's still got a use of Wish as an SLA, if anybody wants one.
Just don't ask for shekels.

03a29 No.112411

Nifty. No current need for now, but be sure to use it in the Dragon Lands if it can save us.

ff52f No.112414

Gotta use it before the end of the day.
I might just use it to turn the weather back to normal.

03a29 No.112416

Do that, then.

ff52f No.112419

I'll wait for GM, so I don't give him a brain aneurysm.

03a29 No.112421

I agree. All the posting will give him that already.

ff52f No.112424

It's preferable to post this now rather than during session, imo, lest I spoil the game with metaposts

03a29 No.112425

Oh, I meant my posting as well. Not singling you out here.
I mean, I basically dragged Sven's character to pet a dragon nearby. That should be a show for other viewers.

3d18e No.112467

Likely. Not GM, and I get why y'all are excited and can't wait to get shit going, but honestly how many posts have occurred since the last session? And how many of them have been attempts to cue actions outside of game time?
Tl;dr This shit is discouraging AF

40ed3 No.112493

I will need to think about what she would do, which is convenient since our next session isn't until the weekend.

38fe5 No.112496

f3311 No.112499

Completely understandable. Take your time.

ff52f No.112504

File: 1566956973298-0.png (428.05 KB, 836x967, druid-eats-magic-item-lion….png)

ff52f No.112558

File: 1567048268277-0.jpg (64.02 KB, 750x600, 293d94035e4bcb127da0948071….jpg)

>tfw 175 hours of Wildshape per day, but haven't even used 8 of them yet

ff52f No.112591

File: 1567111232758-0.jpg (55.23 KB, 640x458, sideEffects.jpg)

If the GM could please make a note of what time(s) he would like to run this weekend, so that I can organize my study/work time accordingly, I would really appreciate that.
I've got time, I just need to know when.

Pic unrelated.

c749c No.112595

I'd wager it's 5/6/7/8 PM EST until 12 PM EST at the latest, so mornings should be clear.

ff52f No.112598

I can do earlier, but I'd just need a heads up.

ff52f No.112619

File: 1567122576717-0.jpg (95.26 KB, 400x463, med1.jpg)

File: 1567122576717-1.jpg (37.72 KB, 363x478, med2.jpg)

File: 1567122576717-2.jpg (45.98 KB, 400x400, med.jpg)

File: 1567122576717-3.jpg (96.93 KB, 645x370, med3.jpg)

File: 1567122576717-4.png (911.12 KB, 565x808, med5.png)

>Planar Shepherd
I think we've got every class niche covered here (probably multiple times). Quite the badass lineup. I think this party could possibly even steamroll a Protean attack, assuming we could incapacitate it before it split into infinite copies of itself. It'd be one hell of a nasty fight though. And assuming everypony showed up to the fight.

21534 No.112621

This isn't even my final form

f3311 No.112622

Going for a love and tolearnce campaign.

ff52f No.112623

That was my plan from the start.
Fingers crossed for an intensive battle though.

21534 No.112624

>love and tolerance
>tots hoping for a fight
Pick one

f3311 No.112625

We gon hug, love and tolerate the living shit outta them monsters.

21534 No.112626

As long as its with fists,… er,… hooves

f3311 No.112627

Don't forget magic

ff52f No.112628

Just because my character would prefer peace doesn't mean I personally wouldn't enjoy some life-and-death combat.

ff52f No.112629

File: 1567126577379-0.jpg (92.68 KB, 750x600, druid.jpg)

File: 1567126577379-1.jpg (98.11 KB, 600x750, 7JuJYHT.jpg)

File: 1567126577379-2.png (228.98 KB, 500x855, my-dnd-jun-9-at-5-00-pm-wh….png)

Also, being a Dragonborn, a Gatekeeper Inititiate and a Radiant Servant, Sister Ash is religiously inclined to physically remove any evil dragons, Aberrations, or Undead in most circumstances.
High-level Druids are territorial motherfuckers.

21534 No.112630

Almost makes one wonder what business a druid has trying to be a protector for anything but nature

f3311 No.112631

That's a lot of things in the hitlist there.
Poor things will never see it coming.

ff52f No.112635

File: 1567130175833-0.jpg (151.78 KB, 2048x1115, Elysium.jpg)

File: 1567130175833-1.jpg (90.49 KB, 755x1058, 4427c59a984c408272dc5323c0….jpg)

Sister Ash is a Planar Shepherd of Elysium: she's a guardian of the upper realms in addition to the prime material plane.
I said multiple time in character that she was returning to the mortal realm after centuries in paradise.
I made her a Radiant Servant because it's the class most associated with Pelor, the Lord of Elysium. It also fits her since she's a neutral good Sun Domain Druid. The radiant servant class also says it can be adapted if Pelor isn't in the setting.
Dragonborn was mostly for flavor. I like the aesthetics of platinum scales, and Bahamut is the Lord of all good-aligned dragonkind. She's closer to Tamara in her beliefs, but as a Dragonblood Bahamut would be her patron. Bahamut explicitly allows his adopted children to follow other nonevil gods or sectd and even draw spells from them, so being dragonborn doesn't conflict with any of her other religious obligations, so long as she opposes the spawn of Tiamat. Also, she has a personality very similar to most Dragonborn, so I figured she may as well be one. I think it fits well with the Ascetic aesthetic.

ff52f No.112651

File: 1567131706850-0.jpg (293.88 KB, 750x563, EMFXWY.jpg)

As Obad Hai taught us: Those who do not destroy or otherwise harm the harmony of nature deserve swift vengeance in an appropriate manner; those who are one with nature, however, have little to fear.

The Gatekeepers were actually a sect of druids in the Eberron campaign setting. It was an age old tradition of xeno-purging established by the first orcish circle, meant to oppose the wicked abominations that poured into the world from Xoriat (basically the far realm).
I actually dubbed her "Sister Ash" as a reference to the Adhbound sect, but role-playing an Ashbound Druid in a pony setting would be kind of obnoxious, because of their particular beliefs being so opposed to arcane magic… I still thought the name was fitting, since one of her defining traits is being a fanatical zealot. She's closer to the Greensingers or Forest Wardens in practice though.

21534 No.112668

File: 1567133019645.png (481.37 KB, 894x894, deadface.png)

>mfw all this
That wasn't an invitation

ff52f No.112670

File: 1567133134387-0.png (139.93 KB, 600x900, full.png)

Invitations are a spook. I will shitpost anyway.

f3311 No.112673

File: 1567133244304.jpg (363.9 KB, 1280x1287, 1520148551450-2.jpg)

Shitpost? More like nerdpost, amirite?

ff52f No.112679

File: 1567133579545-0.jpg (67.28 KB, 750x600, motivate-20.jpg)


ff52f No.112795

File: 1567199634866-0.png (362.95 KB, 462x1600, AttackTheDarkness.png)

Is this game running tonight?

79bce No.112797

Alright. We're doing this again. Roll call!
>Got Milk?
>Nun without a gun
>Healy Pegasus
>The only non-crystal pony to be named after a gemstone
>The pony who will keep discord's mother company
>Swedish Meatballs

1ce2b No.112798

I'll be available later, for I need to deal with uni stuff.
I'll let Ash take control over her actions for now.

79bce No.112799

We can just wait for you, you're the only one who's responded so far.

ff52f No.112800


Can I hear a resolution to the actions I posted earlier?

ff52f No.112801

Should I post my prepared spells to the thread?
I don't prepare them util the next day, but it' a thing I'm planing ahead for.

7f01f No.112802

File: 1567208912201.jpg (132.99 KB, 640x775, cowe1.jpg)

ff52f No.112804

Well, if I can get one last action in, I'd like to use the last of my turn undead attempts to apply DMM Persist to my Extended Owls's Insight (with Resrves Of Strength),to get a +14 Insight Bonus to Wisdom for the next 48 hours.

79bce No.112806

Nothing so far besides the clouds
2/6 present, and 1 waiting

101ab No.112807

i'm here

ff52f No.112808

I prepared Owl's Insight in a higher level slot to have it extended. This way, I can persist it for 48 hours instead of 24, and thus prepare moar spells.

7f01f No.112811

"And to think, I was accused of being a mary sue"

ff52f No.112812

I'll never live that one down, will I?

79bce No.112813

I'm talking about
3/6, howdy

101ab No.112814

ff52f No.112817

It grants an Insight bonus to Wisdom equal to half the users's caster level.With Reserves Of Strength, my caster level become 28.

7f01f No.112828

The text suggests that its a buff you apply to someone else and not yourself

ff52f No.112830

File: 1567210767073-0.gif (39.57 KB, 318x317, brain-worship.gif)

That raises her effective Wisdom score to 60 for the next 4 days. 36 natural (31, +5 inherent), +10 Enhancement, +14 Insight.
Could probably get it higher i had some magic prayer beads, but that wouldn't be the ascetic way.

As per how the chart scales in the PHB, you get a single bonus Xth level spell at +X and for each +4 more, another one, so hat should come out as..
+7 1st level spells, +6 2nd-5th level spells and +5 6th-9th level spells.
I need to add those to my prepared spells. I'll post them in a bit.
It's a touch-range spell. You can touch yourself, just like with Owl's Wisdom.

ff52f No.112831

*2 days

7f01f No.112832

>The image fades as you bestow your ally with comprehension.

ff52f No.112836

It says touch range in the text. The italicized line is just flavor and it doesn't appear in the original printing of the spell.
Also, if you check the terminology for spell-casting in the PHB, you are considered to be an allied creature for spells and effects that affect allies. That's why bards are decent at melee at low levels with Inspire courage.

7f01f No.112840

Actually, it doesn't say that
>Touch: You must touch a creature or object to affect it. A touch spell that deals damage can score a critical hit on a nat 20 and deals double damage. Some touch spells, such as teleport and water walk, allow you to touch multiple targets. You can touch as many willing targets as you can reach as part of the casting, but all targets of the spell must be touched in the same round that you finish casting the spell.

ff52f No.112843

It doesn't exclude touching yourself.
If you couldn't cast touch range spells on yourself, potions of cure light wouldn't wouldn't work, because the imbiber is considered to be both the subject and the caster. And we know Clerics can heal their own wounds.

ff52f No.112845

Heck, even teleport is a touch spell

79bce No.112846

>Touching yourself
I don't think clerics and paladins can do that

7f01f No.112848

Also re: Teleport
>Range: Personal and Touch

ff52f No.112849

Why would Paladins get Bull's Strength and Eagle's Splendor if not to use it on themselves? Assassin's get cat's grace, to use on themselves.

7f01f No.112853

So they can buff their allies

ff52f No.112854

There is no rule in the handbook that says you cannot touch yourself when casting a touch range spell.

7f01f No.112856

And there is nowhere that says you can. Trust me, I looked

79bce No.112859


46557 No.112862

I think that settles the matter then.
Ready to do some abasic actions and RP.

ff52f No.112863

File: 1567213039934-0.png (17.59 KB, 500x473, the-joke-you-31838472.png)

It says you can touch a creature, any creature in your reach. You are a creature.
And do you really think that, or are you just saying it now because you think the spell's effect is too strong? I'll tell you right now that this is not the most powerful buff in my arsenal.

ff52f No.112866

I'm ready when you are.

Was there any issue with Gating in Topaz's believers?

7f01f No.112867

All this grasping…

46557 No.112869

I mean, she did grasp Midnight with her crab claws pretty hard.

79bce No.112871

Midnight is still reeeeing in pain from that.

So, did the party ever decide to do something?

46557 No.112872

Go for dragon lands to get the orange gem, but Ash is currently trying to transpprt my believers into this dimension.

79bce No.112873

Carry on then, we're still waiting on 2 members

ff52f No.112874

Sister Ash just opened a persistent gate that brought ~2000 poners into this smol village.

And if possible, she'd like to speak to the ruler/creator o the demiplane.

7f01f No.112876

*Intended to
That was all outside of gametime

ff52f No.112878

GM just said there was no issue.

7f01f No.112880

No, he asked if the part ever decided to do something. Put it in context. He wasn't asking "Did anyone have a list of actions that they hoped to lump in when game was suspended".
You're welcome to go ahead now though, I assume.

ff52f No.112881

On second thought, i'd rather just go to the dragonlands too. I asume the believers an take care of themselves in the mantime.

Would anypony object to being turned into a bird?

46557 No.112882

None on my end.
Give Phospy a bit of warning though. He can get agitated if unexpected things happens.

101ab No.112883

What kind of bird?

79bce No.112884

Alright 2 votes for the dragonlands, any objections?

7f01f No.112885

ff52f No.112886

Dude, can you please just mind your own character?
Legendary Eagle. I'm using Feathers.

101ab No.112888

46557 No.112889

Let it be. This is not the time for drama from mere appliance of rules and regulations.
You can pet Phospy if you want to.
Or Diamond, but he's way less uninteresting.

46557 No.112890

*less interesting

ff52f No.112891

Actually wait. That'd take hours. I have Stormwalk prepared, which is better. It'll cause a ruckus, but we'll get there faster.

On the start of he next day, once everypony is prepared, Sister Ash claps her hooves together, causing the sky to go dark and clouds to brew overhead.
"I've made all of my preparations. Shall we be off now?"

7f01f No.112892

Who's telling the story now?

46557 No.112893

Topaz nods.
"I think I am ready."
Phospy lazily rolls himself to a standing position and proceeds to be at the unicorn's side.
Diamond stoically awaits on Topaz's other side.

ff52f No.112894

I teleport affect 14 creatures with this.
"Everyone gather round, please."

Also, posting today's spells here so i don't forget again.

Orisons (6)
>Create Water
>Foraging Charm
>Fire Eyes

1st level (12)
>Faerie Fire
>Summon Fey (KoK, 188)
>Instant Of Power
>Sun Father’s Face
>Omen Of Peril
>Vision Of Punishment
>Wall Of Smoke
>Regenerate Light Wounds
>Traveler’s Mount
>Impeding Stones

Second Level (11)
>Blinding Spittle
>Bone Talisman (x4)
>Nature’s Favor
>Snake’s Swiftness, Mass
>Nature’s Favor

Third Level: (11)
>Alter Fortune
>Stone Shape
>Whispering sands
>Forest Voice
>Hammer of Righteousness
>Plant Growth
>Sleet Storm
>Speak With Plants
>Entangling Staff
>Wall Of Fungus

Fourth Level: (11
>Boreal Wind
>Celestial Fortress
>Giant Vermin
>Friendly Fire
>Lay of the land
>Wall Of Salt
>Primal Sense
>Elemental Guardian

Fifth level (11
>Animal Growth
>Baleful Polymorph
>Call Avalanche
>Commune With Nature
>Control Winds
>Death Ward
>Plant Body
>Bite Of The Weretiger
>Choking Sands

6th level (10)
>Antilife Shell
>Curse Of Spilt Water
>Energy Immunity
>Fey Ring
>Find The Path
>Gate Seal
>Owl’s Insight (Exended)

7th level (10)
>Scry Location
>Master Earth
>Rain Of Roses
>Greater Scrying
>Control Weather
>Constricting Chains
>True Seeing
>Unicorn Heart

8th level (10)
>Leonal’s Roar
>Reverse Gravity
>Unearthly Beauty
>Word Of Recall
>Animal Shapes
>Speak With Anything

9th level (10)
>Summon Elemental Monolith
>Shadow Landscape
>Shambler (2x)
>Tsunami (2x)
>Nature’s Avatar
>Deathward, Mass

46557 No.112895

Should've objected sooner, boyo. We're going lava swimming.

79bce No.112896

We're still waiting for two players mind ye

46557 No.112897

The trio does as insctructed.
Oh right. I suppose we should at least position ourselves into standing near Ash for when the others want to go, lest we risk a stdetrack.

ff52f No.112898

Sister Ash's body visibly crackles with lightning as the winds pick up.
"Miss Sonata, will you be joining us?" She says, beckoning

7f01f No.112899

ff52f No.112900

Well shoot, I guess we'll just have to wait then…

46557 No.112901


Topaz decides to strike up a small conversation to pass time.
"Yoy are one of those magic users, right? My dispelling powers didn't work on the chocolate milk raining clouds."

ff52f No.112904


"Why yes I am. You could say weather magic is a bit of a specialty of mine."

46557 No.112906

Topaz nods, making mental notes.
"Interesting. To be honest, I never found such a strong weather magic caster. I read Phospy can affect weather, too, when he gets older."
Phospy only lets out steam from his nostrils.
"I assume they mean making rain and such, considering what he exhales out."

ff52f No.112907

Oh shoot, I forgot Sticks To Snakes. Here's my actual, real spell list

Orisons (6)
>Create Water
>Foraging Charm
>Fire Eyes

1st level (12)
>Faerie Fire
>Summon Fey (KoK, 188)
>Instant Of Power
>Sun Father’s Face
>Omen Of Peril
>Vision Of Punishment
>Wall Of Smoke
>Regenerate Light Wounds
>Traveler’s Mount
>Impeding Stones

Second Level (11)
>Blinding Spittle
>Bone Talisman (x5)
>Nature’s Favor
>Snake’s Swiftness, Mass
>Nature’s Favor

Third Level: (11)
>Alter Fortune
>Stone Shape
>Whispering sands
>Forest Voice
>Hammer of Righteousness
>Plant Growth
>Sleet Storm
>Sticks To Snakes
>Entangling Staff
>Wall Of Fungus

Fourth Level: (11
>Boreal Wind
>Celestial Fortress
>Giant Vermin
>Friendly Fire
>Lay of the land
>Wall Of Salt
>Primal Sense
>Elemental Guardian

Fifth level (11
>Animal Growth
>Baleful Polymorph
>Call Avalanche
>Commune With Nature
>Control Winds
>Death Ward
>Plant Body
>Bite Of The Weretiger
>Choking Sands

6th level (10)
>Antilife Shell
>Curse Of Spilt Water
>Energy Immunity
>Fey Ring
>Find The Path
>Gate Seal
>Owl’s Insight (Exended)

7th level (10)
>Scry Location
>Master Earth
>Rain Of Roses
>Greater Scrying
>Control Weather
>Constricting Chains
>True Seeing
>Unicorn Heart

8th level (10)
>Leonal’s Roar
>Reverse Gravity
>Unearthly Beauty
>Word Of Recall
>Animal Shapes
>Speak With Anything

9th level (10)
>Summon Elemental Monolith
>Shadow Landscape
>Shambler (2x)
>Tsunami (2x)
>Nature’s Avatar
>Deathward, Mass

ff52f No.112908

>when he gets older
>in a few centuries
"You do learn a thing or two when you've been in the circle for as long as I have."

7f01f No.112909

While we're waiting patiently for other players,….
Maneuvers readied:
Cloak of Deception
Diamond Defense
Time Stands Still
Shadow Stride
Distracting Ember
Tornado Throw
Swooping Dragon Strike
Dancing Mongoose

ff52f No.112910

Patrician taste.

59fe3 No.112911

I kinda knew this was going to be tough from the start. I am awake but that is by pure chance.

These sessions start from 3-4 a.m. and I have a hard time imagine myself being awake for them because of this.

I don't think I will participate in this session. I have things to do.

I apologize.

7f01f No.112912

Again, not my final form

ff52f No.112913

Those just happen to be some of my favorites on the swordsage discipline lists.

c6311 No.112914

Yeah XP.
Topaz nods.
"Quite interesting."
I smell guides.

7f01f No.112915

I'm sure you'll see a number of familiar faces in my unreadied maneuvers also

ff52f No.112916

"And you…" Siter Ash says her amethyst eyes glowing slightly as she peers at Topaz
(she's has permanent Detect Psionics, but can't psicraft)
".. Your power.. Is something I haven't seen very many times before.. It has an aura similar to that of a farspawn, although not nearly as sinister…" She says

7f01f No.112917

Since meta in advance of the game seems unavoidable, Cowe is outside her tent training/practicing stances and strikes

ff52f No.112918

Well, there's only 9 disciplines (sadly; i wish there were a sequel). There's not that many to remember.

7f01f No.112919

6 for me, and you could probably guess what I have in reserve

101ab No.112920

She see candy passed out in the bushes a few feet away.

ff52f No.112921

Not really. There are a lot of different ways to build a swordsage. You seem t be fond of the Swift-action attacks that give you extra actions though.
You can also use maneuvers from other schools if you use martial scripts, iirc.

c6311 No.112922

Topaz blinks, a bit surprised.
"I haven't seen many others myself, aside from my father."

7f01f No.112923

Wait, you mean that a swordsage can use non-swordsage maneuvers and stances???

59fe3 No.112924

ff52f No.112925

>haven't seen many others
Sister Ash seems confused by this
"You say that.."
She gestures to the sea of poners behind her
"But you're surrounded by more than I've ever seen before. It's more power in one place than an illithid cult.."
Wel, if you have the Martial Study or Martial Stance feat you might be able to learn a couple outside your lass. Martial study is only 1/encounter though.
Martial Scripts can be used by anyone literate, iirc. Idk if they're reusable. I think they're like scrolls for initiators.
Thre also the option to dip single level in Crusader or Warblade, and you have access to a lot of their maneuvers at this level.

7f01f No.112926

Nah, I'm good with 6 disciplines

7f01f No.112927

Alas Sven, we may have to figure a schedule that is more accommodating

ff52f No.112928

I personally like Ironheart if only for Ironheart Surge. Flex the sun out of the sky.

ff52f No.112929

Is GM here? Are we ready?

c6311 No.112930

Now she's confused, before realization dawns on her.
"Oh, you mean all the ponies that suddenly appeared back at the Hub? They are not like me, at least not exactly."
Missing healy pegasus still, sadly.
However, GM holds the reins.

59fe3 No.112931

Eh, you don't have to. I still haven't put together a character sheet.

Let's say that when I do I will return and then we can talk about a better schedule but about this time would be fine by me since i pretty much wake up around this time everyday anyway.

59fe3 No.112932

I'll be partly lurking.

ff52f No.112933

Healy pegasus has been kind of in-and-out…
Technically, I could teleport her without her consent…

Sister tilts her head
"… They just, suddenly appeared, you say?"
>thrallherd logic. You get all your believers in 24 hours, at the same time.

c6311 No.112934

Topaz chuckles.
"Oh no, they did not suddenly appear all at once. It was more of a slow trickle of helpful ponis. I meant when they filled the streets at the Hub. Like Phospy and Diamond."
The two mentioned both nod.

ff52f No.112935

File: 1567219664012-0.gif (944.73 KB, 602x542, 1851906.gif)

*head tilting intensifies*
"Interesting…" the Sister murmurs, her tone betraying a slight confusion

7f01f No.112936

After a sufficiently rigorous practice, Sonata dispels the tent and rolls up her 'blanket', placing it on her shoulders. En route to the town proper, she kicks at Candy.

101ab No.112937

She see's a few bottles of alcohol around her
Candy wakes up startled.

ff52f No.112938

Roll fortitude for each bottle pls

79bce No.112939

7f01f No.112940

Sonata sighs

101ab No.112941

"Oh hi sonata!"
She Stands up
"What's going on?"

c6311 No.112942

Diamond only tilts his head in response while Topaz nods.
"Yeah. I admit it was quite the surprise when they started coming, but they turned out to be quite the dilligent, stubborn and hardworking ponies, so I can't simply shoo them away after they keep offering."
She lightly brushes along her mane braids.
"They are quite the skilled ones."

7f01f No.112943

"Its morning. I trust you experienced a gratifying resolution to the previous evening?"

ff52f No.112944

Are we all ready?

Alright then. Sister Ash start chanting rapidly in Druidic and a thick fog encompasses the party dropping visibility to zero.
Then they vanish.

They'll arrive in the dragonlands in 10 minutes.In the time it takes them to get there, a storm brews.
This can potentially signal their arrival.

101ab No.112945

She giggles
"I think so."

7f01f No.112946

We're still not there yet

c6311 No.112947

Woah there. A little warning, please.
Topaz jumps a little, wrapping her forelegs around Diamond's neck while Phospy pouts before turning away in jealousy as they go.

7f01f No.112948

Sonata extends a hoof to help Candy to her feet. "We should convene with the others. I trust some of them are hasty to depart"

ff52f No.112950

They have to appear in an area with open sky, but she means to teleport them as close to the gems location as possible. If it's in a building, they can appear o top of it.
sister holds the charge until the get there.

101ab No.112951

She accepts the help
"Lets Go!"
She beams

7f01f No.112953

Arriving at Ashe's location, Cowe opens. "Good morning. Have we all made sufficient preparations?"

ff52f No.112957

Sister Ash's eyes widen as she realizes she'd forgotten them, the air already getting misty.
"Oh good, you're here. Everything's set to go. Hold still now…"
*boops u both on the nose*

7f01f No.112960

In addition to Cowe's previous accoutrements, she is also wearing a white-scale breastplate that was absent previously, as well as a pair of bracers.

ff52f No.112961

Sister Ash repeats this step for everyone else in the party, and then herself.

79bce No.112966

Roll for self boop

7f01f No.112967

U did that out of spite Xp

101ab No.112968

Candy Giggles and boops her back

ff52f No.112969

Dice rollRolled 8 + 18


c6311 No.112970

Diamond is, of course, is unaffected.
Phospy simply blinks in confusion.
Topaz is startled, hugging Diamond's neck tightly.

79bce No.112971

Hmph, Ash gracefully boops her own snoot rather than punching herself in the face.
It feels nice.

ff52f No.112972

File: 1567221664684-0.png (201.92 KB, 600x600, 2015623.png)

101ab No.112973

"Quite lewd sister."

7f01f No.112974


ff52f No.112975

Okay. The party is teleported. A storm will brw in the dragonlands for 10 minutes until they get there.

ff52f No.112976

[visible confusion as you turn to mist]

c6311 No.112977

Pick one.

101ab No.112978

>not lewd
You pick one.

a4c69 No.112979

But why not both?

Okay, back to lurking.

c6311 No.112980

File: 1567222189486.jpg (79.31 KB, 319x319, 1519431946035.jpg)

Shh! They must never mix the boop with the lewd, or the universe will collapse!

ff52f No.112981

So, do we see any dragons?

79bce No.112982

You'll get there when you get there. Enjoy some elevator music until then.

c6311 No.112983

Shh! He's writing!
I think.

ff52f No.112984

Technically, becoming a Dragonborn should have stifled her libido to non-existent levels.

c6311 No.112985

File: 1567223315102.jpg (33.19 KB, 409x393, 1520148551450-4.jpg)

You could say Ash is an ice dragon, amirite fellers?

ff52f No.112986

It's not that she lacks those feelings entirely, it's just that they no longer distract her.
It's part of why I thought the Dragonborn template went so well with the Ascetic gig.
She has access to spells that could restore it, but she's had no reason to use them.

7f01f No.112987

Yeah, so,… are we doing anything, cuz I'm running out of steam

ff52f No.112988

Are we going to get to combat tonight? I might be busy this weekend.

ff52f No.112989

Idk. We spent 4 hours just waiting for everyone to show up…

c6311 No.112990

File: 1567224191901.png (1.31 MB, 1024x768, 1500149943125.png)

Is joek, my gud buddeh, but understando ur need 2 exsprain.
If want Deemond, u ask.
If want Scaleh watur boe, u ask.
If want Pointy Horn, u ask.
If want all 3, u ask.
Scaleh watur boe is steem seller. he sell u steem for patu.

ff52f No.112991

[teleportation noises]

ff52f No.112992

File: 1567224498910-0.png (446.86 KB, 680x440, 3phz2hfcjlj31.png)

ff52f No.112993

File: 1567224637874-0.jpg (377.92 KB, 2473x1600, image0.jpg)

ff52f No.112994

Is GM awake?

c6311 No.112995

I'd wager he is, but getting sleepy or otherwise tired in general.
I assume the moment he posts about the place, which I assume will have a decent amount of text, he'll announce the end of the session for today.

ff52f No.112996

It's a shame we didn't get to do anything this session, but I guess it can't be helped.
Next time let's try to streamline the fast travel a bit. I only burnt a 6th level spell slot for this because I figured using Wildshape SLAs to individually teleport each party member would somehow take longer.

7f01f No.112997

'Night faggots

ff52f No.112998

Storm Walk isn't the best teleportation spell, but it gets a party from point A to point B. Druids don't have very many Teleportation spells. I get Master Earth and Transport Via Plants, but I can't bring the party with those.

ff52f No.112999

I prepared Perinarch in case we get any more rifts to Chaos. I couldn't beat Discord with an opposed check to control Limbo, but with Perinarch I can at least create a small bubble of total control.
Gate Seal too. Didn't use it yesterday, but I think it'll come in handy.

ff52f No.113000

It's late…

101ab No.113001

c6311 No.113002

Yeah, I know.
I think we're not going to have GM respond just yet.

101ab No.113003

Maybe he's writing a wall of text

c6311 No.113004

Possibly, but the moment he finishes, I feel like he's going to end the session for today, specially after one of the players hopped out for the day.

ff52f No.113005

For 2 hours?
I think he just fell asleep.

101ab No.113006

c6311 No.113007

Don't worry.
You can ride Phospy later if you want to.

101ab No.113008

ff52f No.113012

For the record. Teleport is only labeled as a "Personal and Touch" range spell because you cannot teleport a touched target without also teleporting yourself (unless you speak the targets personal Truename, but that's complicated). This is meant to prevent casters from using Teleport as an SoL spell by teleporting targets away and/or teleporting them into hazardous places.
Teleport is in fact a personal range spell, with the addition of being able to teleport an additional target as a touch range effect.

ca672 No.113013

For the record, you're wrong. Nice try though. You keep trying to use random examples to contest the point, and yet the point is clearly made. Personal means a spell you can use on your character, touch is or spells you use on others.
Yes, in the case of Teleport, you can teleport others in addition, but teleport is initially and overwhelmingly a Personal spell.

ca672 No.113014


ff52f No.113015

No, personal is a spell that you can only use on yourself. Touch spells affect any touched creature, not excluding yourself. A touch spell can reach any creature in touch range, and that includes yourself 99% of the time (unless you're using Project Image).
There are so, so many touch spells that would be next to useless if you couldn't touch yourself. Would anyone ever want to cast Sanctuary at low levels if you couldn't touch yourself with it? Do you think a Cleric shouldn't be able to cast Cure light wounds on himself when he's at 1 HP? Do you think that Stormwalk was written with the intention of teleporting everyone but the caster?
I couldn't find canonical examples of characters using touch range spells on themselves too, if that's really what you want.

7f01f No.113016

>Personal is a spell that you can only use on yourself
Yes, exactly. Spells that you can use on yourself and others have the "Personal and Touch" or some other variant in their range descriptor. The fact is, as it is literally worded, you've yet to provide a canon justification outside of rhetoric.

7f01f No.113017

In addition, GM already ruled on the matter

ff52f No.113018

What about Sanctuary? The spell's short hand description says:
>"Opponents can’t attack you, and you can’t attack."
Sanctuary is a personal range Abjuration spell with a range of Touch. It's a touch range spell, but it's also implied that a Cleric can use it on himself.

7f01f No.113019

Level: Clr 1, Protection 1
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature Touched
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: No
Any opponent attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack the warded creature, even with a targeted spell, must attempt a Will save. If the save succeeds, the opponent can attack normally and is unaffected by that casting of the spell. If the save failes, the opponent can't follow through with the attack, that part of its action is lost, and it can't directly attack the warded creature for the duration of the spell. Those not attempting to attack the subject remain unaffected. This spell does not prevent the warded creature from being attacked or affected by area or effect spells. The subject cannot attack without breaking the spell but may use nonattack spells or otherwise act. This allows a warded cleric to heal wounds, for example, or to cast a bless spell, perform an augury, summon creatures, and so on.

Its NOT personal range, its TOUCH range, but its your rhetorical interpretation that vis a vis a cleric can use it on themselves.

f730a No.113020

File: 1567271121238.jpeg (184.21 KB, 1437x828, CD08CCBB-DF56-410E-AA2B-2….jpeg)

Or, now hear me out, he can touch himself, but any bonus with a finite duration does not increase the number of spells per day an affected creature has

ff52f No.113021

Oh come on, even you've played Clerics who used Sanctuary on themselves.
It even says "a warded Cleric" in the description, and only Clerics got the spell when Sanctuary was Printed.

7f01f No.113022

Yes, it does say "a warded cleric". It does NOT say "a cleric who wards themselves". And no, I don't play clerics.
Literally who?

ff52f No.113023

Oh please. As if that line was meant to exemplify a party with two freaking Clerics.
You have played a Cleric. I know you have, both of them used Sanctuary on themselves. One was a unicorn, the other was an elf.

Another example is a Demilich. A demilich gets harm as an at-will SLA. In it's description, it says it uses Harm usually to heal itself. Harm is a touch-range at-will necromancy spell. That is right there an example of a creature using a touch-range spell on itself.

7f01f No.113024

>a cleric and a unicorn
You're clearly mistaking me for someone else
"Yeah, he's never played a cleric dude"

ff52f No.113026

Oh come on. I remember distinctly when a certain rogue attempted to attack a certain NPC unicorn Cleric, only to have her knife slip right through (with no saving throw) because said Cleric had warded itself with Sanctuary. I also remember the time when another Healbot schizophrenic elf had used Sanctuary on itself because it wasn't allowed to participate in the melee.

You're just being anal about this. It's really starting to piss me off now.
This is common sense RAI, and unquestionable RAW. The description for touch says nothing about not touching yourself, at all. Touch range spells are spells that can be cast on creatures within touching range. A spellcaster, even the one casting the spell, is a creature in range.
Do you really think that Clerics can't use Cure Light wounds on themselves because the range is touch? Video game adaptations let paladins and clerics use all their healing tools on themselves. Clerics have healed themselves in D&D CRPGs going back to Pool Of Radiance.
Then there's just about every low-level spell you see on the list of typical potions (potions have to be touch range spells), like Darkvision, Jump, Mage Armor, Endure Elements, Spider climb, etc. Do you really think that one of those spells effect the caster?
The Description for Permanency says that Darkvision (touch Range) is one of the few spells that can be made permanent on a creature. Not only does it say that it can be made permanent, but that the caster can only make it permanent on himself; so it'd be absurd for them to say that if the caster couldn't first cast darkvision on himself as a touch range spell.
Then there's mage armor: a touch range creation spell that gives an armor bonus to AC equivalent to a chainshirt, that does not stack with actual armor. If a spellcaster couldn't cast Mage Armor on himself, what good would the spell be? It's not useful for creatures already proficient in light armor. It'd certainly make being an Abjurant Champion suck if they couldn't use Mage Armor on themselves.
Do you think that Paladins get Resist Energy (touch) to only protect other party members from dragonfire, instead of using it on themselves to tank the attack? Do you think that they get Eagle's Splendor to increase another party member's Charisma, instead of using it to buff their own Charisma-based class features?
How is a Druid supposed to melee damage a creature with X/magic DR if he can't cast Magic Fang (yet another touch range spell) on himself?
Do you think that Assassins get Jump, Spider climb, Nondetection, or Pass Without A Trace for the sake of using said spells on anyone but themselves?

If you're going to bitch about what my character does, at least get it right. It's quite frankly none of your business. If you think this is okay, why don't you show me your character sheet so I can point out any of the questionable rule interpretations there?

7f01f No.113034

Oh, you mean the game where I expressedly bastardized half the rules, openly and flagrantly?
Oh, you mean the character that was thrust on me against my better judgement?

ff52f No.113035

I'm done arguing about this. I cited plenty of relavant examples, and I don't think you'd be convinced either way.
Pardon me for ending with a bad faith argument, but I really don't believe you even think touch range spells work that way.
If you think stacking Persist with Extend for a 1 hour buff spell for the sake of preparing more spells was too cheesy, that's one thing, but don't bullshit me with absurd interpretations of spell range.

c6311 No.113036

Ash's argument makes sense.
I think you're deliberately arguing this only to cause drama at this point.

7f01f No.113039

Indeed, the permanency/darkvision argument is reasonable and sound. The text of permanency makes clear that with the initial spell (darkvision) you have to cast it on yourself immediately prior to casting permanency on yourself.
The implication is that while there are no other overt references that contest the written word of range spells, that the individuals who compiled the core rules intended it to be that way.
But that's all a moot point now for two reasons. The first is that GM already told him no, and the second is that,… well you'll hear soon enough.
Don't kid yourself into thinking this is an isolated issue though.

c6311 No.113043

>GM already told him no
Do you have the post to confirm it?
What about the other examples presented like Cure X Wounds?
I feel it's not, but sounds more like interpretations more than absolute truth from either party in this situation.

7f01f No.113046

Why don't you ask him?

c6311 No.113048

I'd rather not. This is quite unproductive all things considered.

ff52f No.113076

You know, I'm fine with whatever the DM says, but when you make an incorrect assertion that supposedly applies to all touch range spells and abilities, I'm going to speak up about it.

Can I please just ask that you just mind your own character? It's really not your call to make.

7f01f No.113091

File: 1567290128302.jpg (61.32 KB, 500x644, arguing.jpg)

>You know, I'm fine with whatever the DM says
Sure you are

c6311 No.113092

Stop this nonsense already.
You're both on the same team, for God's sake.
Respect eachother's boundaries for the remainder of this session.

ff52f No.113093

That's a good point.

7f01f No.113095

And in character, we are

c6311 No.113098

OOC, too.
At least in things related to the campaign.

7f01f No.113105

>OOC, too

c6311 No.113108

You do want your character stop Discord, right? Or do you want to fail intentionally and make the cowe sad and bitter?

7f01f No.113109

I'd love to.
I'd also like to know how Ash's player justifies a 60 Wis

7f01f No.113110

Oh wait, "that's none of my business"

ff52f No.113112

File: 1567292109088-0.jpg (76.48 KB, 900x675, ninja_cow_by_nebbzangelsin….jpg)

Ninja Cowe didn't seem like a bitter individual to me, but I don't really know very much about her yet. She's rather cryptic.

c6311 No.113113

This is why I said OOC, you're a team, too.
Let Ash talk it out to the GM.
Because for all intents and purposes, he's the one with the authority to accept or reject any PCs actions, since he's the God of this world.
I honestly don't care about individuals' personalities or emotions in this instance. This dumb stuff needs to be stopped at the roots, because this only increases tensions between players in the long run.

7f01f No.113116

Ninja cowe is dealing with a bunch of ponies she's never met before, doesn't know that she can trust, against a foe beyond her current comprehension.
Oh sure, she can bust some crazy moves and damage, but getting Thanos-snapped into a sunscreen bottle is outside her area of expertise. And no, she's not an extrovert when it comes to expressing herself.

c6311 No.113119

She does know the kirin dragonborn, and the unicorn-dragon-earth poner trio do want to stop Discord. Why would she distrust those ones after being placed in the same situation as her?

7f01f No.113123

At this point, she doesn't know anything. She knows that the Kirin has amazing powers, but Discord had amazing powers.

c6311 No.113125

Oh. She's disheartened over the foe before her.
But she did witness Discord's entire arm being disintegrated as if an actual Thanos-snap deleted it.
She should therefore know that they are the key to restoring balance/order/harmony to the land and not all hope is lost.

c6311 No.113127

By the gemstone Discord touched.

ff52f No.113130

File: 1567294424463-0.jpg (31.71 KB, 300x445, 300px-Muscle_wizard.jpg)

File: 1567294424463-1.jpg (232.13 KB, 701x1909, 65cc4d08adb9d270ae507c794b….jpg)

File: 1567294424463-2.jpg (42.32 KB, 500x500, artworks-000323322220-o2qy….jpg)

File: 1567294424463-3.jpg (44.28 KB, 659x476, cbaad754fbe3d1310bfb754389….jpg)

File: 1567294424463-4.jpg (60.12 KB, 640x590, 6b80dc37abe90da618863dcdba….jpg)

Increasing Ability stats with spells at epic level isn't hard at all. I can get a +32 untyped bonus to Strength with Giant Size as a personal Domain spell, and an additional +12 enhancement bonus to Strength With Bite Of The Weretiger, to myself or to a party member. If you add that to a Legendary Bear Or Spinosaurus's 36 racial Strength score, you're looking at 80 Strength right there, 85 after the +5 inherent bonus. A Garngroth has 46 racial strength, so that can get up to 95. If I can think of any 8th or lower Cleric spell that gives a Sacred bonus to strength, it could possibly be 100+, if the need arose for such a mega-hyper-overkill boost to raw strength. I could persist all of those spells right now with the Tome Dragon's Free metamagic, but that'd feel unnecessarily abusive…
And with an epic spell using the Fortify seed, there's no upper limit to how much i could increase my stats with enough mitigation. A permanent +30 Enhancement bonus to Wisdom is technically within my reach, but it's not like my character has time to develop such spells to increase her personal power when she's busy playing whack-a-mole with chocolate clouds. Also, that'd be simply too cheesy, and I know Epic Spellcasting is ludicrously broken so I'm a bit wary of pushing it's boundaries (which is why I haven't developed my own spell yet…).

I even prepared Extended Owl's Insight again today even though it'll last 48 hours for me, in case another party member needed a buff. I prepared Bite Of the weretiger too, even though my Shapechanging abilities don't leave me wishing for anymore strength.
Does Cowe wish to join the legendary battle? Cowe could succeed if she made some good friends that could buff her up to Hercules level strength.
And the kirin is very, very convicted in her plight to get rid of the jackass who's been making the bubblegum clouds rain chocolate.

ff52f No.113132

File: 1567294609823-0.png (164.45 KB, 1500x1924, Smug Sister.png)

File: 1567294609823-1.png (395.81 KB, 3000x3848, tilt.png)

I need an opinion.
Which mane color looks better?

c6311 No.113134

I prefer the darker tone, but the light based one is ok in my book.

7f01f No.113136

That doesn't translate into confidence in her apparent allies
She already has herculean strength, thanks to an artifact item GM-approve-stacked with another item. That's not the point. Also, those bonuses don't stack outside GM's approval. And THAT is the crux of my objections.
>fucking 100+
If you think this is how the game mechanics were intended, we're clearly playing different games

c6311 No.113137

What's the alternative? Fight the chaos deity on her own? Why not take advantage of the bold/stupid ponies who are clearly intent on fighting the discordant element with or without her? One clearly hammered the cultist who summoned her while the other summoned a huge ectoplasmic beast out of nowhere and has both a dragon, an Earth Pony and thousand of followers. It should be enough to at least convince cowe to stick by them.
Although I would get it if she's not so sure about Candy, since she didn't have a chance to show her powers.

c6311 No.113138

*who summoned Discord while

7f01f No.113141

As far as she knows, that pegasus got a pinched nipple and naught much else. You're still neglecting the major issue here. Cowe has far less reservations about this than I do

ff52f No.113143

File: 1567295820143-0.jpg (53.95 KB, 659x537, dc3153baa0d17b101b6b3d49a3….jpg)

File: 1567295820143-1.jpg (59.85 KB, 750x600, e27effb54eb9eb3065771e1d22….jpg)

File: 1567295820143-2.jpg (51.29 KB, 750x600, 9cc6d3d47bfc70de5c3447624e….jpg)

File: 1567295820143-3.jpg (74.36 KB, 750x600, 127262.jpg)

File: 1567295820143-4.jpg (40.59 KB, 562x450, XU7DlfH.jpg)

Nothing in the game works outside of GM approval.

RAW, those bonuses absolutely stack, but it's not like I've actually done it or intend to do it unless the sudden need arose to throw a mountain-sized object into the sun, since it eclipses class niches and that's lame. It was just an example of how bonuses can go really high if buffed by an epic spellcaster. At epic level, literally anything is plausible. An Optimized War Hulk + Hulking Hurler can throw planet sized objects and deal damage that scales by strength. A lvl 25 Necromancer could potentially develop a spell that could channel all of the souls on the planet into one gem and use said souls to grant himself an infinite enhancement bonus to int.
Also, you came into the game with an artifact item as starting equipment and now you're accusing me of questionable conduct? You don't see me complaining.

c6311 No.113144

>pinched nipple
Have you forgotten the turtle literally doing a fireworks show by using its 47 spell slots on her?

I ask again. What alternative do you have? You alone don't have the capacity to fight everything by yourself.

ff52f No.113145

File: 1567296102390-0.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Spellfire. Quite the interesting power, despite the crappy 3.0 mechanics.
The damage sucks, and I wouldn't normally consider the feat on any other character, but boy is it fancy.

e0983 No.113147

Are you done? That never was the point

c6311 No.113148

What point?

ff52f No.113149

What is the point then?
Does Cowe want to fight Discord?

e0983 No.113150

Oh, okay, we're playing dumb then? Have fun with that.

c6311 No.113151

Is it simply due to 'reservations'?

ff52f No.113152

No, you're just not communicating.

What do you even want?

ff52f No.113153

And it looks like game night is cancelled… Too bad, I was really hoping to play tonight.

c6311 No.113155

Me too.
However, he may appear in a moment's notice. It's too early to call it over for today.

ff52f No.113157

I guess that's true.

ff52f No.113162

[meditates in Druidic]

ff52f No.113164

*dabs on Phosphorus*

c6311 No.113166


ff52f No.113169

File: 1567305597709-0.jpg (74.4 KB, 720x594, FB_IMG_1564651083601.jpg)

[Insert Draconic translation here]
>"Lol get dabbed-on, gemboi."

c6311 No.113170

File: 1567305828447.png (35.9 KB, 427x395, 1520176448628.png)

[Insert Draconic translation here]
>"Imma tell Topaz you're bullying me. She'll kick your flank, you overgrown fern!"

ff52f No.113171

>overgrown fern
*Combs mane*
[Insert more Draconic banter here]
>"Lol u gonna run over to your mommy, fence-sitter?" XP
[smug Dragonborn noises]

c6311 No.113172

[claw digging intensifies]
>"S-shut up! You're just jealous I have a caring owner"
*dragon rubbing unsuspecting unicorn in progress.
"You really are quite energetic today, Phospy."
*pat pat*
>"Check mate, insect homestead."

ff52f No.113173

Oh shit.
Well now I'm jealous.
*sectarian violence escalates*

[Draconic banter of a 750 year old unwed mare]
>"I-I-I.. I don't need that. Jealousy is beneath me. Bahamut be praised."
*Kicks the soil slightly*

c6311 No.113174

[Smug dragon grin intensifies]
"You aren't getting into trouble now, are you, Phospy?"
[Smug dragon grin stops. Commecing sweating and intense shaking of the head.]
"…you're awfully wetter than you usually are. You haven't been messing with the nice kirin, have you?"
[Sweating intensifies]
>"S-she star-"
"None of that, you say sorry right now."
"No buts! Go say sorry!"
>"S-sorry for being not nice, quadruped."
*kicks the soil slightly*

ff52f No.113175

File: 1567307670808-0.jpg (52.13 KB, 537x720, 9b637eea6cbd51cd328cdd6082….jpg)

Best language.

c6311 No.113176

Good thing Topaz knows it.

ff52f No.113177

*Banishes impure thoughts*

>"An I apologize as well, for being boorish…"

c6311 No.113178

"Now hug it out, you two."
>"W-what?! I'm n-"
"Do you want me to repeat myself?"
*opens arms for possible kirin hugs*

ff52f No.113179

*Puffs out chest fluff*

c6311 No.113181

[Flustered Dragon noises]
>"D-don't expect it to become normal or anything."
*giggling gem-named unicorn in close vicinity*

ff52f No.113182

Dice rollRolled 18 + 25

Rolling Proffesion (masseuse) to hug dragon gently.

ff52f No.113183

[*God-like* hugging noises]

c6311 No.113184

[Steam exhaling intensifies.]
>"F-fine! We can do this once per day."
*Chuckling unicorn*
"He likes you."
[Even more flustered dragon noises]

ff52f No.113186

*Pets neutral-aligned dragon*
>"Hmmph. You're not so bad now are you."

c6311 No.113187

*steamy exhale*
>"S-stop it! I am a dragon! I am to be feared and respected!"
*Topaz pets neutral-aligned dragon*
>"N-not you too!"
*whimper whimper*

101ab No.113188

[Giggling unicorn artificer noises]
She says in Draconic
"Ash and Phopsy sitting in a tree, H u g g i n g."

ff52f No.113190

*Petting intensifies*
*Turns you into a newt*

101ab No.113191

Giggling newt noises
"Then comes love, then comes marriage then comes another kirin in a baby carriage."

ff52f No.113192

*YEETs newt*

ff52f No.113193

*watches newt fly over the horizon*
"Alcoholism.. not even once."

c6311 No.113194

*Giggling Topaz intensifies*
>"N-no, s-stop it~"
[Embarrased dragon noises]
*wriggle wriggle*
[Flustered dragon noises]
*Topaz stroking intensifies*
>"Cease, please! I'll do anything to stop this tortuous interaction!"
*steam intensifies*

101ab No.113196

An iron golem catches the newt.

ff52f No.113206

I just realized I forgot to specify my 10th level spells.
I guess it'll be Time Duplicate and Crown Of Vermin then.

1c645 No.113213

So this is where you’ve been spending your time.

c6311 No.113215

That's an admittedly creepy thing to say without context.

1c645 No.113217

He dares to speak
Not good. NOT GOOD!
SILENCE! You have no authority here

c6311 No.113218

You're technically correct, my good sir.
I am but a humble player in the grand cosmos. What business brought you here, stranger?

1c645 No.113221

Vanish, fool
Roll saving throw, CL 42

ff52f No.113222

1c645 No.113225

You know

ff52f No.113226

c6311 No.113228

CL 42? I think that's not what you think it means.
I guess I'll roll, sure.
1d20+26[ 1d20+26 = 29 ]<???

1c645 No.113229

Come now player, it hasn’t been THAT long. Or has it? I can never tell
No good will come of this. ~_~

1c645 No.113233

Caster level? Yes it means precisely that
A purplish form with bright pink hai coalesces in the sky.
What? Gm abdicated, so there is nothing preventing me from manifesting.
By the way, you are eliminated down to your very essence. I do hope someone in the periphery can wish you back, not that it’s of any concern to me

ff52f No.113234

When did GM abdicate?

c6311 No.113236

Oh. Good thing I'm Legion tho.
This is a bit weird all things considered.
You sure sound rattled.
He seems like an impatient individual.

1c645 No.113239

You have one chance, use it

1c645 No.113240

You talk big for one who doesn’t exist

1c645 No.113242

It’s Her

ff52f No.113243

File: 1567316344276-0.jpg (35.75 KB, 750x574, 4oAmva5.jpg)

>No GM
Well I guess I'll just stop time, planeshift into the Astral plane, use Shapechange and Time Duplicate to use a Sarrukh's Manipulate Form on myself, make it a free action, and grant myself every ability of every monster and every class, become immune to every possible attack, and gain infinitely high stats in every category.

c6311 No.113244

This seems a bit forced in my opinion.
I know it can get boring out there, but creating something is better than mere destruction of others' belongings.
Kek. Nice move.

1c645 No.113245

Come now, don’t hold back on me now

ff52f No.113246

File: 1567316710847-0.jpg (50.16 KB, 600x750, punpunposter.jpg)

I am Pun Pun. I fear nothing.

1c645 No.113247

Kirin fool, you waste my time!
Initiate maneuver, Time Stands Still
You’re not gonna make me draw this out are you?

101ab No.113248

Was that a jojo reference?

ff52f No.113249

There is no power above Pun Pun.
Give me your worst.

ff52f No.113252

9th level diamond mind Maneuver that gives you a second full round of attacks the turn you initiate it.
Pun Pun can do it too, as a free action, as many times per turn as he pleases.

c6311 No.113255

And what about that random saving throw?
I assume he did it because he was spooked of my character and what it could do.

ff52f No.113257

He's just flaunting his OC's character level. That's an SLA with a caster level based on total hit dice.

c6311 No.113260

I do have to wonder how does he actually know the GM abdicated.

1c645 No.113262

*Grabs Candy by the scruff*. You and I have unfinished business!
This strange entrant glares at everyone.
This one is mine!
Yes, after her round is resolved
Aaaaand she’s gone. As the whisps that we’re her form dissipate, her disembodied voice taunts: Too bad you’re not Pun pun fagit! Ha! Not only did I take what I wanted, but you also revealed your hand! Get gud fgt!
And with that, the crazy bitch Hey! vanishes with Candy in tow. For now.

ff52f No.113263

*Creates infinite identical copies of Candy*

1c645 No.113264

No, you definitely died. Destruction, Caster Level 42

ff52f No.113265

Caster level doesn't matter for Destruction for any purpose other than to overcome spell resistence. It's a Charisma-based Fortitude save DC.

c6311 No.113266

Eh, dying is subjective.
Besides, who did you even kill?

101ab No.113267


1c645 No.113271

And Thez has her way. Again. Sheesh

c6311 No.113273

I honestly don't know what you were expecting at this point.
You know Ash is the most competent and knowledgable on spells, and you're delving in the most complex area of Epic Level Casting(TM). You're basically screwed even if you wield an OC with immense power, because she knows any and all counters.

1c645 No.113278

It’s so sad that you think that. Oh well, ignorance is bliss after all. She got what she came for you will still need a resurrection btw

ff52f No.113279

Nah, he knows what he's talking about. It's just some late-night shitposting.
It's not really a contest anyway. Becoming Pun Pun was just a joke about "the DM abdicated". A lvl 4 character can become omnipotent in one round if you abuse infinite loops.
The only creature that can theoretically beat Pun Pun is the Omnificer: a lvl 4 elf Artificer that threw himself off a cliff with Masocism and Favor Of The Martyr to sustain an infinite damage loop and instantly grant himself infinite stats. And even so, the way he beats Pun Pun isn't even clear. It's just evident that the lvl 4 omninipotent onicient character being slightly more impressive than the lvl 5 one.
*Wishes everything back to normal*

25383 No.113283

Oh to be so naive

c6311 No.113284

c6311 No.113285

To be fair, it does not exactly sound like shitposting. It has an air of uneasiness to it.

ff52f No.113286

That it does.. I only know it's shitposting because I have a tiny bit of context.
It seems as though Anon let his Tulpa out of the box again.

25383 No.113287

c6311 No.113288

I suppose it's not a Jackie Chan one. He would've at least tried to Drunken Fist everyone.

ff52f No.113289

It's nothing but irritating to a person who doesn't know what's going on though, Mrs. Disassociative Identity.
Nah, it's sort of like that.

c6311 No.113290

I did read my share of Tulpa stories, but they usually turn comical or are otherwise LARPers with extra steps.
I must admit, it's quite the boring one overall.

ff52f No.113291

Idk what to say right now.

It's almost 3 AM where I am and my brain has almost completely turned to mush now so that I can't really formulate a rational response to any of this autism.
I'm going to try to force myself to sleep. I'm only still up because I pumped a bunch of different energy stimulents with the anticipation of playing games all night.

Goodnight, Anons.

101ab No.113292

c6311 No.113293

File: 1567320743172.jpg (143.04 KB, 1500x1713, 1558243932165.jpg)

Night Anon.

c11a0 No.113296

I guess, I will throw in my interpretation of what he meant.
I think our Cowe player meant that his character had some minor reservations to join the party in its fight against Discord just as my character has. I think his real problem, however, is that he doesn't like that Ash is over powered and that is what his main point is.

Let me just say that, Ash is actually my favorite chracter in the party, personality-wise. I guess, it is because she values things I value, like: Religion, higher ideals, dedication, children, and nature. So obviously, I like her, however.

She is a Mary Sue. Maybe this is a consequnence of playing on such a high level but Ash has no weakness she hasn't covered. She can only be overpowered (Discord) not outmanuvered (Example: The GM expoits her weaknesses in an encounter). I can point to several examples on why I think this throughout this thread but I will just use the fact that she could teleport the elements of harmony to her. Ending the campagin before it really began.

>You alone don't have the capacity to fight everything by yourself.
Yes, that is true but the reverse question is more intresting. Would Ash be able to finish this campagin solo by herself? Yes, I can totally see that happening.

So, like I am a newbie so I can't tell you which ones' interpretation of the rules is right when it comes to touch and personel teleportation. I thought the arguments against teleportation through touching yourself were stronger but I am in no position to know so I won't touch on it. My opinion doesn't matter. However, I don't think that's the main issue here.

It is the ridiculous flexibility of Ash's powers. I would have said that they cheapen the story's tension if we weren't fighting against Discord himself. Now, the only problem I see with it is also proabably the problem the Cowe player sees. Because of the wide range of powers Ash posses there is nothing Cowe has that she could add to the team, no specialization that Ash doesn't already have. Ash is probably better than Cowe in everyway. Ash has made Cowe extranous to the adventure and therefore there is no intrest for that player to play the game.

To a degree this is okay with me because I am fine with playing a side chracter while someone else plays the main character but I can see why some others would have a problem with it and in this case, I might be projecting from my limited understanding of the game, it seems my character would add nothing to the progression of the plot.

Okay, this might be a bit cunty and passive agressive but I think this vid is basically what I mean, I think. Not everything applies to the this situation, of course.

c11a0 No.113297

Nothing personal. Just my tow cents.

c11a0 No.113298

I guess the counter-argument for this is that this is an epic level campagin so obviously your character can do everything. This is kinda the reason I am thinking about quit playing this campagin because playing such a powerful chracter does not intrest me.

7f01f No.113299

No, that pretty much sums it up for me. Here's a snippet of a Discord conversation between me (Cowe) and Ash's player, that in his own words illustrates my frustration.
C: "Oh? How many times did your character get age bonuses?"
A: "Twice."

For reference characters gain stats as they age - specifically Intelligence and Wisdom - in exchange for a loss of Str, Dex, and Con,… unless they reverse age themselves, then they get to keep the bonuses but recoup the losses, which was apparently done twice, a flagrant sploit by any measure.

"And you know what, I'll admit that I really did pump up my PCs capabilities. […] I replaced her Exalted Feats with Epic feats using the Dark Chaos Feat Shuffle method. I gave her her ability to turn undead, making her CaDzilla. I went ahead and picked the best ways to increase my stats, or at least as far as I could within the limits of Vow Of Poverty (which I considered to be a handicap that favored flavor over power). I took the most powerful PrC available to druids. I built her so that she could potentially kill a deity, because I expected we might have to. Sue me.
Thing is, when I made this character, I didn't just mean to make her a typical Ascetic Druid, like she was in the other game. I built her to represent the oldest and strongest druid in history, fit for an epic adventure. She was meant to be a time-traveling planar guardian Messiah figure with the mission to protect the world from the greatest of evils […] to represent the oldest and strongest druid in history, fit for an epic adventure. She was meant to be a time-traveling planar guardian Messiah figure with the mission to protect the world from the greatest of evils"

ff52f No.113309

*wakes up from nap*
Give me a moment to respond.

ff52f No.113310

File: 1567373252595-0.png (151.23 KB, 500x647, party-balance-well-yeah-mo….png)

File: 1567373252595-1.jpg (62 KB, 750x574, 7bff0716bf59b7da2d126c740c….jpg)

File: 1567373252595-2.jpg (101.94 KB, 659x581, NyYJF.jpg)

File: 1567373252595-3.jpg (55.41 KB, 1280x720, 6ffc3114e3cf46117d597747c1….jpg)

And yet the last time I dared to mention Discord, I found that my posts had been edited/deleted…

I am peeved.

Can I just say, could you give me a fucking chance? All this time, you've been complaining about how potentially derailing my character might be by virtue of her tier 1 class powers, when this game has barely even started, and the party hasn't even been faced with any major battle. Sure, my PC is optimized, but it's not like I was intentionally trying to derail the game or make it all about myself like some kind of massive turbo-faggot. We haven't entered combat even once yet, so why has all this dick-measuring started so early? Do you think that just because I played a tier 1 caster who could fill any role, that I wouldn't leave any role open to the players who wanted them? You seem to believe that I'm going to just hog all of the spotlight and flex on everpony because I supposedly have so sense of self-control or fun? If I wanted to do the whole campaign by myself, i wouldn't play D&D; I'd just write a fantasy novel. Do you think I'm such a terrible sport that this game can't be fun just because my character is high-OP?

But I have to say, should you really be complaining about balance when you chose to play a monk in a party that had 4 spellcasters? You know as well as I do that 3.5e isn't even close to balanced when it comes to base classes. A low-OP druid is always going to be more powerful than a high-OP monk; that's just a failure of game design. Despite that, it's still completely possible to play a good game, so long as every party member focuses on their PC instead of dick-measuring with the others. Everybody in the party is supposed to have their particular role; how powerful each PC is in their particular niche shouldn't necessarily be problem for the rest of the party.

In the three weeks before the campaign began, the rest of us were having fun trying to make the most awesome characters, but you wouldn't say anything about your character or how to improve your build. I asked you multiple times what role you wanted your character to play in the party. I did so persistently because I wanted to avoid eclipsing your desired party niche, like let you handle 80% of the melee, or stealth missions, or reconnaissance, or grappling, or whatever it is you wanted to do in this game. Every time I asked you, you only gave me cryptic, unproductive, sometimes ominous responses while saying you were "foreshadowing". You refused to tell the group anything about what you wanted to do, and even two weeks into the game you still hadn't made your character sheet, and now you wonder why my PC, and the rest of the party, seems so powerful compared to yours? What did you expect? What did you even want out of this, if it took you so long to bring it up?
And after all this, why is it my character in particular that bothers you so much? Sure, she's optimized, but not even a quarter as powerful as she could have been if i decided to use items. We've got a Queen-of-All-Psions with 2000+ believers, who commands two other characters. We've got an artificer with the capability to replicate the powers of every spellcasting class (including mine) if given the resources. I'm not the only player high-power player here.
All the significant story actions my character has performed so far are:
>cast a heroes feast to give the party and town a free meal/buff
>dispel a few bubblegum-chocolate clouds
>Gate in Topaz's believers, for everypony's convenience
>Try to scry on one of the quest items in the dragonlands, only to find that (shocker) there was a dragon there
>Attempt to pinch one of the main villains to death, knowing very well that I couldn't kill her
>try to summon a monster to guard the town while we were away
>Cast one (1!) buffing spell on herself to prepare for the next fight
Of these actions, do any of them really seem so game-breaking unbalanced? I was just trying to fill roles i saw that the rest of the party may have not wanted to; and did my best to progress the story along smoothly. If i wanted to be an ass, I would have just teleported to the dragonlands alone and tried to finish that part of the quest all by myself, but I didn't because I'm not a faggot. And very little of this had anything to do with how optimized my character was; any Wizard, Cleric, or Druid could have done those things. If my character is so overpowered to the point that it eclipses the party, how has it shown?
And with all this, you've still repeatedly focused on my character instead of yours. With you it's always "he shouldn't have that!" instead of "can I get in on that?". When I cast one of my many, many potential buff spells on myself, you immediately started complaining that I shouldn't be able to use it, instead of asking to be buffed yourself. I even prepared the same exact spell for the day because i thought your character in particular could benefit from an Insight Bonus to Wisdom; I did that, because it's normal and polite for casters to buff their allies, because that's how teamwork works. Why does this have to be all about me?

ff52f No.113312

Holy shit. I know my character is much stronger than yours; I'm a Druid and You're a Monk. That doesn't mean there's nothing for your character to do in the story though. Characters don't need to be balanced to have a fulfilling campaign. Why do you think my character is so imbalancing when we haven't even entered combat? Did you think I did not also promise GM that I wouldn't break the game, even if my character could?
What on earth do you expect me to do in order to make an Epic Druid on the same level of balance as a monk? Should she throw herself off a cliff and become quadriplegic? Even if I used Psychic Reformation to replace half of her feats with Skill Focus (underwater basket weaving), cut her primary casting stats in half, replaced all of her class levels with vanilla druid, and a paralyzed my PC from the waist down, she'd still be more powerful an optimized Monk; and quite frankly, I don't think you'd be satisfied with it.

7f01f No.113313

>Why didn't you talk about your character
Because that's literally meta. Our characters don't know one another, what their capabilities are, etc. and any meta-discussion would have colored any interactions or story progression. Considering that the party literally just met one another, what each character is capable of - especially their 'finishing moves' and/or A game - is not something that would be openly discussed, outside an after-battle "Hey, what you did there was awesome, how did you do that" or other such dialogue. And in my particular case, Monks don't tend to broadcast their moves to strangers, that shit is a closely guarded secret.
In our last session, my character literally concluded that "Well, these are my allies, I guess I'll make the best of it", and I was perfectly willing to just go with it. As far as the touch/personal argument, I had previously admitted that the permanency argument was sound and I was rethinking my position. With that said, as the rulebooks are literally written, your interpretation of spell range seemed to be contradicted in a way that drastically changes the gameplay style. And when GM made an official (on discord) ruling YOU are the one who wouldn't stop pressing the issue.
Beyond that - and this may come as a surprise to you - but its not unheard of for non spellcasters to be wary of spellcasters and magic in general outside what they can identify/comprehend with their own two eyes, since spellcasters are the bane of melee fighters.
In character, my character's first impression of Ash was one of brashness and arrogance, first running off to attack Discord without knowing the full extent of the situation and then she completely ignored her when she introduced herself afterward. In her mind, the situation with Discord could have been handled in a way that didn't result in everyone getting turned into beach-items, and she only learned Ash's name when she decided to make a grand, spectacular display to the townsponies (NOT the party), and no she didn't eat the food because sometimes that's a good way to get killed.
As for the psion character, I have issues with 2000 followers as well both in and out of character, but I don't have almost 2 years of experience playing with Argentina and was willing to see how it played out. (you) on the other hand, I have the benefit of countless hours of playing with, including an observable disregard for other players.
I get that druids are more powerful than monks but you're not playing a druid, you're playing a God-killer druid in anticipation of having to kill a God, which is meta AF.
As for my delayed character creation, I'm trying to run a business as well as other activities pertaining to the site as you well know and in the numerous PMs between me and GM, he expressed a willingness to accommodate my schedule. So yes, I took my time to ensure that I was painting precisely within the lines and on the rare occasion that I went outside the lines I was given express approval to do so in advance. (cont?)

7f01f No.113314

I'm not holding my breath nor are you obligated to offer an explanation, but if you think that a 60 Wis isn't absurd, then we're clearly at an impasse. I'm sure there are plenty more elements that are if not blatant then implicit exploitations of the rules, but that's an aside.
And if when Ash did something that seemed to violate either the letter or the spirit of the rules and I asked GM about it he had said "Its fine, I know about it" or some indication that he was aware of the possibility and could therefore factor it in, I wouldn't have said "boo", but every time I asked him something he expressed nescience and confusion.
As Sven aptly pointed out, having an extremely powerful character in the party results in one of two scenarios:
Either the BBEG has to be so powerful in order to supply a challenge to the party that a balanced (read: having weaknesses) character is rendered irrelevant, or the uber character eliminates the challenge of participating in the scenario.
If you could go a single session without gloating about having spare wishes if the party wants one, or otherwise going on about what you can do when you sploit this supplement combined with that supplement and a host of others I could have kept my mouth shut. But since I can't help but be bombarded with all sorts of unwanted information (including dodgy shit) about your character especially during actual game-time (which ruins the immersion) I opted to say something.

ff52f No.113315

File: 1567383534406-0.jpg (46.07 KB, 608x435, epic-levels-dnd-memes.jpg)

File: 1567383534406-1.jpg (52.68 KB, 629x531, cbca686f006d79a09dcac17d6c….jpg)

File: 1567383534406-2.jpg (51.46 KB, 750x600, 5ed8ca56b52cfa434ddd78773a….jpg)

>that's literally meta
That's just preparing for a game. I'll admit that my experience with offline d&d isn't that vast, but every time involved everyone in the group planning and chatting about what role they wanted to play in the story.

To be real, my character is not as powerful as she could be. I could easily get to 60+ Wisdom without having to sacrifice 7 turn undead attempts if I had afforded my character the ability to use epic items (after all, my enhancement bonuses only progress by level). If I had made my PC neutral instead of good, she could cast both sanctified and corrupt spells. My PC is only about 1/4th as powerful as an optimized tier 1 caster could be (without exploiting infinite loops), but i didn't just build her for power, I built her to accurately represent the role I wanted to play. I only took this stupidly under-powered Vow Of Poverty feat because playing an artificer left me with a subtle disdain of how unapologetically broken the 3.5e item system is.

Sure, my PC is made to fight gods, but isn't that what the campaign is about? There are a lot of epic monsters who are actual gods with actual deific powers that could wipe out the entire party on the surprise round if unprepared. I built a character with powers appropriate for what I expected to encounter in an epic level adventure. Sealing a reality-warping chaos deity that can thanos-snap you into a turnip with no save requires nothing but an optimized character. I've seen the ELH suggestions for epic level adventures and the Elder Evils adventure modules. Epic level is a high-crunch, powergamed, rocket-tag setting where a single unblocked attack can mean certain doom for an entire party.
A gibbering orb can shoot 24 ray attacks at once, followed by 12 bite attacks, each with a chance for Improved Grab and a chance to swallow whole, then devouring all of the swallowed caster's spells and using them against the rest of the party, as a standard action. To counter that, I made a planar shepherd that had access to incorporeal forms to avoid being zapped, grabbed and eaten and have all of my spells sucked out on the surprise round.
A Protean, which is at exactly this party's CR, can duplicate any extraordinary ability as a free action. That means that it can make iself immune to every kind of spell (wil-o-wisp), split into infinite copies of itself (black pudding), Become incorporeal, gain any kind of damage reduction, duplicate any Ironheart, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw, or Diamond mind maneuver (those are extraordinary abilities too), give itself temporary access to any feat, make iself immune to any kind of energy damage, change size from fine to colossal, … etc. Oh, and it regenerates like a Tarrasque, and it has Dimensional Door, Detect Thoughts, and Planeshift at-will. It basically combines all of the nastiest parts of a Phasm, a Chaos Beast, and a Tarrasque, in addition to every other kind of creature that could kill a party member in one round. I strongly expect to fight a bunch of those because they're the epic monsters most closely associated with chaos and randomness. Sure, my character could try to escape from it, but not before it killed-off a party member and/or killed a bunch of innocent poners. To avoid absolute massacre, the only way to counter a monster like that is with immediate action, permanent, and persistent divination buffs, to warn the rest of the party that an nigh-invincible chaos spawn just manifested; then you would need to buff-up all of the party's martial characters so that they could deal enough nonlethal damage in the next several rounds to keep it from concentrating on teleportation so that they can knock it out and a spell-caster could use a wish or miracle to keep it dead. You need a spell-caster for that, and a spell-caster with greater spell-casting capabilities than a druid. Since it looked like there wasn't going to be any wizards or clerics in the party (at the time), I figured i'd try to get access to miracle and warp destiny through the Bonus domain feat. I made a character with Divine Metamagic so I could buff my allies and have those buffs last all day, so they wouldn't be easy-meat for epic monsters.
Then there's Infernal abominations who, thanks to their deific abomination traits, could slip through all of my divinations and defensive wards, grab me, bite me in throat and suck out my spells. How can I counter that? I really don't know. I'd just have to buff up the rest of the party and hope they can defend me from it while i try to pin it down with spells.
Then there's the possibility of a demilich, an optimized wizard, cleric or sorcerer impervious to all magic except for holy smite and kills you if it touches you. That's a monster that possesses all of the abilities my PC has, and much much more. I'd be afraid of fighting that, because the only way to deal with it would be to layer a fuckton of defensive wards and buff the party so they hopefully someone can damage it's astral projection hard enough and quickly enough for it to return to its private demiplane.
But really, there's a lot of stuff in those books that I don't think my PC could handle, let alone defend the rest of the party +2000 believers from. What if a Shape of Fire attacked and burned Topaz's believers and reanimated them all into an endless sea of lavawights? That would kill us unless you had a way to see into the future and stop the catastrophe from happening in the first place.

I built a god-fighter PC because CR 25 means fighting literal gods.

ff52f No.113316

File: 1567383641667-0.jpg (52.88 KB, 500x400, epic bosses.jpg)

File: 1567383641667-1.jpg (60.37 KB, 750x600, EpicFaces.jpg)

>body was too long
And then there's Discord himself. He is not only a god, he possesses the most powerful deific abilities. What if he interferes when we're on the quest to find the powers to stop him? If he possesses Alter Reality, which i think he does, he may be capable of duplicating any spell from any class up to 9th level, which makes him practically omnipotent. He might not attack us directly, but he could really send some nasty chaos our way if he felt like it. What if he just snaps my horn away so i lose my magical powers? Idk what I'd do then. It'd be one thing to gather the elements to defeat him, but stopping millions of ponies across the world from dying requires a certain level of intense crunch.
Like, an example one of the earliest stages of an apocalypse could be The Restless Dead, which means every corpse of every creature on the planet suddenly reanimating all at once. Could you stop something like that without optimizing, while trying to prioritize the protection of all innocent creatures? I doubt it.

7f01f No.113317

You really think GM is so much of a dick as to do any of that?

c6311 No.113318

I don't think it's about being a dick or not. It's about the appropriate challenge between the enemy and us. Since Ash bases herself on CR of our level, then it is quite understandable she prepares against said threats.
Otherwise, it may happen we curbstomp anything that dares oppose us.

7f01f No.113322

There's a fine line between being ready to respond to a situation and almost-maxing the character until its ECL is 10+ levels higher.

ff52f No.113323

File: 1567386294348-0.jpg (232.73 KB, 1140x1518, 94e44bae9bae936f212350b9b1….jpg)

File: 1567386294348-1.jpg (34.27 KB, 400x452, 1d99e0317751adb5a9de65fd76….jpg)

File: 1567386294348-2.jpg (17.89 KB, 296x447, c0Cfn78.jpg)

Those are all monsters as they appear in the epic level handbook. CR 25 is no joke.

Proteans and Gibbering Orbs, being literal manifestations of Chaos, are some of the most appropriate minions for Discord.
Hoary Hunters are CR 25 and always attack in groups. They're share a lot of archytypes with the wendigos from the show. Once they lock target, they will never stop hunting you, no matter how many times you kill them.
And then there's all all the other monsters in the 8 monster manuals.
A tiny shard of Pandorym's mind, which could be chipped from it's psionic crystal prison by a universal catastrophic event, is a CR 25 encounter. It has the power to completely cut off the Divine channel from a divine spell-caster, rendering them powerless: i'd be completely screwed if I failed that will save, so I looked for ways to buff my saves for something monstrous like that. So when I built, i built with the mindset of "how do i not get insta-killed by the ghost of the billion IQ psionic fedora that disproved god; and then stop it from consuming the souls of every creature on the planet before it disipates in 24 hours?"
What if the chaos and corruption in the world causes the hatred of the planet to manifest and awaken the entire continent as a Genius Loci? Who be more suitable for it to enslave than a lvl 25 Druid? What if that druid didn't optimize to ward from Enslavement, so then the Genius loci was able to take control of her mind and an epic level spellcaster in the party suddenly becames evil? That wouldn't end well.
CR in d&d is a meme, and usually not a proper measurement of difficulty, but it's also what the book recommends DMs to challenge parties with. I was going to count on half of potential monsters being CR 25 and the rest of the harder encounters being higher.

ff52f No.113325

ECL is nothing more than a mechanical measurement. It's a meme with no real impact on the game other than making certain races randomly higher ECL than others (like hobgoblins being +1 ECL, as if they were even close to as good as humans).
Like hell a lvl 20 Wizard should count as the same level as a lvl 20 Fighter. Not all levels/HD are created equal. That's why they made LA buy-off mechanics, since being an ogre at lvl 20 isn't the same advantage it it is at lvl 10.
>ready to respond
How do you respond to something that can turn you into a beachball with no save? You saw Discord in the show. He's omnipotent.

7f01f No.113326

You realize CR refers to individual monsters right? When they're in a group its higher. Look, we can go around and around. I maintain that I was going to let the matter drop after GM said "no", but rather than make a case to him you chose to keep pestering me about it. I admit I may have been wrong on that but its difficult to say because there are implicit contradictions even in just the one book, but I'm not the person who you should take it up with anyway. I'm done arguing this point or any others.
As for Discord, we can assume that his appearance is relatively unprecedented and therefore not something any of our characters could have legitimately prepared for. What actual character travels their respective world expecting that to happen? Moreover, he might not have turned us into beach apparel if you hadn't made like Judge Dredd with your "I am the law!".
P.S. Dying in D&D isn't the end of the world

ff52f No.113327

File: 1567387635243-0.jpg (74.27 KB, 720x551, d47lx41-6287b748-4736-4610….jpg)

I built for what i decided was appropriate for the encounters we might face. My PC is far from invincible.

ff52f No.113328

And on top of all of this, I had every part of my PC approved by the DM through every step of the creation process.
It's only you who thinks it's too OP to play.
If you seriously want me to just tear this sheet apart and roll up a new PC, I'd like to at least get through one encounter first.

ff52f No.113329

>What actual character travels their respective world expecting that to happen?
An Epic character who's spent the last 200 years doing important epic stuff.
My PC has 25 ranks in 4 different schools of knowledge: Discord may be new to her, but she's aware of the existence of things like Atropals and Xiecials.

ff52f No.113330

And it looks like Game Night is cancelled again…

c6311 No.113331

Seems like it, sadly.
Don't lose hope just yet. Perhaps we can at least reach the dragonlands aka get a description of it.

7f01f No.113332

>tear it up
Who said anything about that?

ff52f No.113333

What do you even want? What is so significant about the build that I spent 3 months perfecting that makes you so butthurt.
If your answer is just "it's too strong", there's nothing about that that will make a significant difference if changed. She's not powerful because of her level of Optimization, she's OP because of her class. This is a mid-op build.
She'd still be astronomically more powerful than your character if every single one of her feats were replaced with Toughness.
Monks suck. Big whup.

7f01f No.113336

That. That right there. Contempt. Everything else is a symptom of it.

ff52f No.113337

Wtf are you even talking about?
I've done nothing to imbalance the game yet, and I don't intend to, but you're you're acting like I just donkey-punched Loth.

2b408 No.113338

If she’s only powerful because of her class, then why not just have a more regular Druid build without a dozen pieces stitched together from various books outside of the SRD? Why have her aged twice - conveniently only after she receives timeless body at level 15, meaning she advanced to level 15 before hitting middle age, but only advanced 10 levels in the next 670 years? Why replace the free bonus feats that come with the Vow of Poverty with free Epic feats. Why calculate her skill levels incorrectly, when increases to Int do not retroactively add skill points. Why not just make a more normal level 25 Druid without a dozen source books, and questionable interpretations of the rules?

Just eliminate those aspects, and the grounds for complaint would be neutralized

7f01f No.113342

I'd be content if the sploits weren't shoved in everyone's face all the time tbh. That and not acting like the issue was about a pissing contest over class power level when its clearly (in my case at least) a matter of one PC trying to abide by the necessary restrictions that get thrown to the wind when combining supplements

ff52f No.113365

Because it's so much cooler this way. I built her character based on what I wanted to play. What other chance would I get to play an epic level Planar Shepherd? a level 25 character has more levels than most gods, so a lvl 25 druid should represent the oldest and strongest druid.
She's not just a Druid; she's a holy Druid of The Blessed Fields, who worships the light at the temple islands of Thalasia, taught by the greatest heroes in all of the realm-space as she served them in their eternal bliss. She's a devoted Ascetic who in her strife attained freedom from want, and believes in only using her gifts to help others and never for personal gain.
And as for the aging thing, it's hardly significant mechanically, because it makes up for the fact that I cannot simply purchase items that grant me a +12 enhancement bonus to stats like everyone else can. I thought being a 750 year old mother-of-all-druids just felt so badass, especially if it comes with the process of casting away one's old identity in favor of being a platinum-scaled dragonborn servant of justice.
She got to lvl 15 before reaching middle age because GM ruled that Kirin age like elves, so she would've had like a hundred years to get there. Her backstory for her first life is similar to the original backstory i wrote for her: at an early age, her father deemed her to be unfit to married off (chronic anger issues), so he sent her off to a monastery to become a shrine maiden. She's been a nun since before she hit puberty.
She's spent centuries serving guardinals, olympians and archons in the upper planes, but left paradise because she was neither dead nor dying, and wanted to return to the earth to make it a better place for the remainder of her extended lifespan (which is close to it's maximum), so she can die knowing she's served her purpose in the universe.

I built it this way because it's 100% awesome, and i thought it felt appropriate for an epic adventure.
I considered dumping planar shepherd to be a druid/sorcerer arcane heirophant theurge, but managing two 9th level spell-casting classes felt like it'd be overpowered and redundant.

>dozen sourcebooks

I used a few sourcebooks, but there's hardly any broken content there. I had everything on my sheet personally approved months ago. Maybe greenbound summoning is a bit too powerful at lvls 1-4, but at lvl 25 it's just a cheap way of putting up shrubberies.
Everyone here used multiple sourcebooks too; GM said in the original OP that we all could. Topaz has a dragon thrall from the MMII (the most broken monster manual). Candy is an Artificer: a base class from the eberron campaign setting.
It's not like vanilla 3.5e is a complete or balanced game anyway. Most martial classes in the PHB are tier 5 garbage; the Tome Of Battle saved martial characters. Most of the most broken and exploitable spells in 3.5e are in the PHB: Gate, Simulacrum, Planar Binding, Shapechange, Polymorph Any Object, Shades, Wish, miracle, etc. Splatbooks aren't a bad thing; they enrich the game, because the game was never finished in the first place.
I took some Unearthed Arcana ACFs, but i had each and every one of them approved by the DM weeks before the campaign started.

Her skill points are calculated Correctly. When you make a PC, you calculate their skillpoints by their current Int, not the int they supposedly "used to" have. Besides, if you apply Psychic Reformation, you'd be able to retroactively gain those skillpoints anyway. It's why every character who increases their int over the course of the game should pay an NPC Psion to Reform their skills.

Replacing Exalted feats with non-exalted feats did indeed increase her power significantly, but most exalted feats are crap, and I don't even qualify for most of them. Replacing them with Dark Chaos Feat Shuffle turned an underwhelming feature of the build into something i could actually make use of. It was approved anyway.
>free bonus feats for free epic feats
If by "free" you mean, "costs all of your worldly possessions" then then sure you could call it that. Vow Of Poverty is an under-powered feat that only works for Druids because druids are powerful enough by themselves.
Epic feats aren't even necessarily that great. The only ones that stand out are Bonus Domain, Improved spell capacity and Epic Spellcasting. The rest are 3.0 garbage that are easily replaced by non-epic feats. The ELH is not a well-written book. I did take bonus domain a couple times though; it rounded-out my spellcasting pallet.

If I've been bragging about my stats a lot, I apologize for that… It's just that I worked on this for a really long time, and I get really, really enthusiastic about metamechanics sometimes…

7f01f No.113376

I appreciate you saying that. There then, we've addressed all my reservations/issues.

ff52f No.113377

Okay then, I'll just try to keep my trap shut and not go off about meta shenanigans.

7f01f No.113379

Thank you. And I'll refrain from rulecucking in favor of letting GM script the game as he sees fit

ff52f No.113381

That's all I ever wanted.

c6311 No.113385

Ey! We're now a good ol' team again.
Thank goodness that's over.

ff52f No.113391

File: 1567396962041-0.png (51.46 KB, 1218x561, 02c.png)

7f01f No.113395

Ur still a faggot tho Xp

ff52f No.113397

Dice rollRolled 1 + 18

No u
Rolling to boop cowe

ff52f No.113398

c6311 No.113399

Critical mission failure.

ff52f No.113400

I'll get her next time…

c6311 No.113401

[chuckling dragon noises]

ff52f No.113406

*Pets dragon*

c6311 No.113409

[Flustered dragon noises]

ff52f No.113410

Dice rollRolled 18 + 25

Petting check

c6311 No.113411

*Steam level increases*

ff52f No.113424

File: 1567434307435-0.png (444.36 KB, 3166x1720, 2065041.png)

>labor day
>campus closed
>hurricane Tuesday
>also closed

ac546 No.113425

I hope it doesn't mess up your schedule.

ff52f No.113431

File: 1567435861547-0.png (915.79 KB, 2000x1810, 2050713.png)

It doesn't. It just can't use campus resources to study for the next test.

And I'm bored, because that's what I was going to do all day.

ac546 No.113432

I suppose the Internet can help you with that. Watch some dude explaining the subjects and stuff.

ff52f No.113433

Yeah. I got it covered. Just bored.

ac546 No.113436

File: 1567436455622.jpg (3.95 MB, 4272x2848, sF2aJWY.jpg)

Oh. I see.
Well… good luck on your endeavors.
Have cat pic.

ff52f No.113437

Thanks, Anon.

ff52f No.113450

File: 1567440880507-0.gif (129.71 KB, 128x128, spin.gif)

Well, while the PC's are floating around in a hurricane eye the plane of air for 10 minutes.
>Stormwalk winds sound vaguely like elevator music
Sister Ash does her best to position herself in the void
".. This will take some time. I'm not very good at transporting so many creatures at once.." She says, spinning upside down a bit with her legs flailing helplessly
"But while we wait.. Tell me more about yourself. You said that your father was the only one you knew who shared your power?"
[clumsy floating nun noises]

ff52f No.113454

File: 1567442278197-0.gif (173.5 KB, 128x128, reverse.gif)

"And you. I don't think I ever got your name."
*Bows upside down*
"I travel as 'Sister Ash'. What should I call you?"

ac546 No.113458

Topaz is rather unaffected, simply going with the natural order of things as her body rotates in the same way.
"Well… where to start…"
Phospy is trying his hardest not to dizzy himself with his panicked hovering.
"I had a good upbringing, mainly due to my parents. Father was a leader of some sort… He sometimes went away for periods of time with bandages around some part of his body, but inbetween those times he was eager to play with me. From chess and checkers to a simple game of tag."
She snickers.
"He let me win most of the time."
Diamond can be seen doing absolutely nothing aside from blankly staring in front of him.
"At times he couldn't, so he'd ordered some of the house ponies to keep me company. While helpful, they never seemed to be quite… there. Even my mother seemed spaced out. I only started noticing it after I got to the age of 6, when I saw a sort of… thin line coming from mother's head to father's."
Topaz smiles.
"You could guess what happened next."

7f01f No.113460

Cowe activates her mask (casts Fly) to reorient herself so that she and Ash are both aligned vertically, and then lifts her mask like a visor.
"Sonata Deline, Tsuki o tobikoeta ushi the Cow that Jumped Over the Moon, Master of the 6 Disciplines of the Martial Hoof Fist."

ff52f No.113464

Fug. That's creepy.
Sister Ash nods slowly, her expression somewhat callous.
"That's.. rather odd."
"Interesting. What brought you all the way to that 'Hub', on this fateful week?"

ac546 No.113468

She smiles.
"It wasn't that strange when I saw it. At least I understood what was happening after that."

7f01f No.113469

"That's just where I happened to be. I have lived on the road for many years, training and seeking worthy adversaries. I seem to have found one."

ff52f No.113470

"……….Hmmm.. So it is.." Sister replies,
"Oh, I'm somewhat of a planeswalker myself, although my experience pertains to places a bit more.. remote..
I was aiming for the prime material plane, but.. I missed.." she says, gritting her teeth a bit.
"I've never in my life missed the material plane before.. I guess it's all the more reason to spend some more time here."

ff52f No.113471

File: 1567445643368-0.gif (544.87 KB, 600x540, 1855524.gif)

forgot pic for first reply

7f01f No.113472

Hold on a sec,… this isn't the prime material plane?

ac546 No.113473

Topaz cocks her head.
"Are you alright? You seem quited troubled."

ff52f No.113479

Idk. It's unlear what happens during stormwalk. I just know it takes 10 minutes to teleport.

The party met on a private demiplane called "Hub".
Sister Ash seems to have been staring intently at Topaz, her purple eyes giving off a slight glow. She's reading her auras.
".. No, there's nothing wrong." she says after abit
"I'm just not familiar with your sort magic(?)..'

7f01f No.113480

I know what the hub is, but if there was any reference to it I missed it. I thought we started on the prime material plane

ac546 No.113482

She nods.
"I am not familiar with your powers either. Phospy is the only one who seems to know your kind of power."
The dragon in question can't really grasp losing any sort of friction, leading Topaz to chuckle.
"He's not exactly a manifester of any kind, as far as I know, but they get the ability later on in life. 'A spellcaster', he called you. Magic and the like."

ff52f No.113483

We started in the Hub, went through a rift into the the plane of chaos (Limbo), then got thanos-snapped into the prime material plane.
Currently, we're in teleportation-space, on our way to the dragonlands.
"I prefer the term 'shaman', but yes I am indeed a Magi."

7f01f No.113484

Yes, but it seems its a CITY and not the Hub demiplane >>109901

ac546 No.113485

Topaz is admittedly quite impressed.
"Woah. That's one stylish name. We go by the name of Psions. Mental energy to do whatever we want them to."
She smiles sheepishly
"With limits, of course."

7f01f No.113487

"I don't follow your meaning. We are on the prime material plane." She looks at the storm they are traveling in. "Or at least we were,…."

ff52f No.113490

It was a demiplane city. The city encompassed the entire plane.
I wanted to speak to the plane's ruler, but I don't
At the speed Sister is spinning, it's not really possible to tell if she's tilting her head or not.
"Indeed.. I've seen it only a few times among the gatekeepers; it's rather rare among monsters, and even rarer among ponies."
Sister Ash shrugs
"Call it a space between spaces. All storms are connected. I just conjured a storm over the town, to link us to another storm in the Dragonlands."

ac546 No.113494

Topaz simply chuckles.
"That is quite odd. All ponies who follow me actively practices it. Diamond is quite the rough pony when focused."

7f01f No.113496

Sigh If there is a post that validates your position, I'd love to see it.
"That doesn't seem accurate. Yes there are portals to other planes, but the Hub plane I am familiar with is a different place entirely. In any case, we seem to be on the prime material plane, so let's not argue about it shall we?"

ff52f No.113497

ff52f No.113498

"You quite a few ponies following you." Sister Ash says, obligingly

7f01f No.113500

Fine. I thought you meant the Outlands, but okay

ff52f No.113503

I wonder who created that plane. The creator must be very powerful, or at least very wealthy. Maybe a Mercane.

7f01f No.113505

>merchants making things
"What do you know of he Dragon lands? Is it a plane exclusive to dragons, or is it an area in possession of dragons?"

ac546 No.113507

Topaz nods.
"They're the nicest ponies around. They carry my stuff, do my braids when Diamond is busy and do whatever I say."
She smiles.
"They can do your mane if you'd like. You did bring them back here, after all."

ff52f No.113519

File: 1567452115521-0.jpg (694.84 KB, 1920x1080, land-of-dragons.jpg)

File: 1567452115521-1.jpg (153.23 KB, 1176x679, dragon_by_fesbraa-d9oolv0.jpg)

File: 1567452115521-2.jpg (339.9 KB, 1920x1210, volcano-dragon.jpg)

File: 1567452115521-3.jpg (29.05 KB, 450x311, 1387210-bigthumbnail.jpg)

Mercanes make demiplane Bazaars all of the time. Demiplanes are a natural habitat for the plane-jews. That's why a Mercane encounter in the ELH includes the Mercane being escorted by a 23rd level Union Sentinel.

"It's not a plane." Sister Ash says. "It's continent."
"The Dragon Lands, as ponies call it, is a hotspot (pun intended) for many of the dragons and draconic who frequent nearby continents. The landscape matches the attitude of the creatures; arcane energies from the powerful sorcerous beasts who live there being infused into the soil itself. It's littered in volcanoes, canyons, and vast lakes of lava. It's prone to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, volatile arcane weather and acidic downpours. It's the home of mountain-sized behemoths with herculean strength and magical powers, and the land itself trembles with generations of strife. The dragons there are just as covetous and destructive as you'd expect; all battleling for supremacy with talor and fire and the battering of wings, be it with eachother or with the gargantuan monsters who call the land their home." she says, a bit dreamily
"It's also just north of my people's homeland, separated by the peaks of Peril. I would love to visit there again, it's been so long since I've seen my old country…"
Sister Ash cocks an eyebrow at that
"Mane care.. Is something i have a bit of trouble with at times.." she says, fishing yet another sprig of mistletoe out of her golden hair

ac546 No.113521

Topaz simply chuckles.
"With the giant amount of mane you have, it's a given."
She turns curious.
"What about you? You said you were part of a circle? What's that all about?"

ff52f No.113524

File: 1567454277172-0.jpg (4.9 MB, 3264x1840, Druids_Circle.jpg)

File: 1567454277172-1.jpg (67.36 KB, 716x444, elysium.jpg)

File: 1567454277172-2.jpg (48.71 KB, 768x512, 464714163-56aac7ba5f9b58b7….jpg)

"Well, I guess 'circle' might be a bit of a strong word.." Sister admits
"The creatures of my religion are more attuned to solitary and quiet lifestyles, preferring to remain alone in our chosen territories; however, those us with like minds occasionally meet with one another on certain occasions, perhaps assemble crusades of divide up directional territory. We sometimes call our short-lived clergy 'circles', although it's nothing very official." the Sister continues
"It was upon suggestion of a few members of my faith that I return to this world after so many decades of shepherding the Blessed Fields. In the Blessed fields, both the living and the dead are allowed to live in harmony, but I am neither dead nor dying, the plane did not entrap or beckon me to fulfill its petition. It felt to me as though my service to the light in Thalasia was not necessary, even in all my devotion, so I concluded my tenure in paradise was overdue…
The mortal world is my home. I was born here, and I used my horn to protect this land and its beauty for many, many years in the past.. It's only natural that I should should die here as well in my service to nature, even if my soul is promised the Elysium." she says, with a sigh
"And so, when a brother of my sect came to the circle with the premonition that this world would face turmoil in this century, I knew it was time to leave paradise and make the pilgrimage back to this world, for good this time." she finishes, with a rather nostalgic look

ac546 No.113525

Topaz nods, a bit uncomfortable but ultimately understanding she's happy to be here in a broad sense.
"Ah, I see. So you had a vague idea that the dragon looking thing would arrive here. Interesting."
She smiles nonetheless.
"I sure hope my thousands of ponies don't disturb your quiet lifestyle."
He chuckles sheepishly while both Phospy and Diamond try to close the gap between them and her to give her some reassuring affection.

ff52f No.113526

Oh wait, i forgot I've got levitate as an SLA in this form
>tfw still no fly speed
*uses Levitate on the party*

ac546 No.113527

Were we falling to our deaths or something to warrant the spell?

ff52f No.113528

Nothing is happening. The party will appear on a solid surface in the dragonlands where the crystal is, if there is one.

ac546 No.113529

I know nothing is happening, but I think the Levitate is a bit unecessary.

7f01f No.113531

Cowe resists. "Thank you, but I can fly."

ff52f No.113532

It was more of a joke made about supposedly spinning around in a void for the 10 minutes during which the party teleports.
It's an at-will ability anyway. I was just remembering i had it.
"Wouldn't you want to save that for when you need it?"

ac546 No.113533

Sorry 'bout that XP
I honestly wanted her to keep spinning.

7f01f No.113534

"At will," she says, tapping the winged mask

ff52f No.113535

Yertle, meanwhile, is levitating cross-legged and meditating silently, as he usually does.

ff52f No.113536


ac546 No.113537

Topaz giggles like a filly as she spins.

ff52f No.113538

"How convenient." Sister replies, unironically

7f01f No.113539

Cowe simply smiles in response.

ff52f No.113540

File: 1567461397186.png (166.21 KB, 1024x1576, Sister Ash sitting2Koriel1.png)

Sister smiles back.

ac546 No.113541

Topaz simply looks at them both with a smile as well.
Phospy, now regained its ability to move, huddles closer to Topaz a bit anxious.
Diamond simply stops in place, looking at nothing in particular.

ff52f No.113542

Huh, Titan has Persistent Image too.
*creates illusionary coy fish swimming around in circles as figments of elevator music play in the background*

ac546 No.113543

Phospy follows the coy fish, biting at them in an attempt to feed himself further or a desire to hunt.

ff52f No.113544

File: 1567462074545-0.gif (1.97 MB, 310x310, source.gif)

pic related

7f01f No.113545

I should probably post this here.
This isn't a criticism or a complaint, but an explanation of where I (and Cowe) are coming from. At the moment she's minimally responsive because they're flying through a storm en route to no doubt do a fierce battle. She had expected that this sort of discussion would/should have occurred in the tavern. Additionally, I could have her say something like "If you think this is convenient, you should see my Phoenix Cloak", but that's not something she would reveal to anyone except in combat, otherwise stored in her ring of arming.

ac546 No.113546

Phospy ain't afraid!
He keeps on munching on those invisible fishies!

Meanwhile Topaz giggles at his antics.
Good to know.

ff52f No.113547

Every time he thinks he has a fish, it splits into two fish.

ac546 No.113548

Oh shit!

Phospy gets increasingly more anxious as the fishes grow in numbers.
>"I'll get all of you before you get me!"

ff52f No.113549

The fish form into a school that looks like ginormous giga-fish.

Illusions are fun.

ac546 No.113550

Phospy is starting a panic a bit!
>"I'll never surrender to food! Come get some!"
He charges at the ginormous giga-fish, swiping at it.

ff52f No.113551

Ggafish cackles evilly.
Roll a will to disbelieve (DC 24)

ac546 No.113552

Alright. Here comes the disbelieve roll!
1d20+22[ 1d20+22 = 29 ]<Will Save

ff52f No.113553

The dragon, upon charging through the school of fictional fish, realizes they aren't real.

He can hear a certain dragonborn snickering in the background.

ac546 No.113554

Phospy, upon realizing he's been making a fool out of himself, becomes extremely flustered, hiding his face with his wings as he walks over to Topaz's side, who's also chuckling at his antics.

ff52f No.113555

The nun chuckles lightly and reclines in mid air, more fictional goldfish swimming around her.

Master Yertle is still meditating, but you looked closely you might notice a slight smirk at the corner of his mouth.

ac546 No.113558

Phospy is staring daggers at the nun who dared humiliate him, but is immediately chided by Topaz, who in turn, looks at his master with puppy ears, rewarding him with some pats on the head from the still spinning mare.
This obviously makes the room a little more steamy.

ac546 No.113559

*puppy eyes

ff52f No.113565

File: 1567467529185-0.png (450.88 KB, 875x596, Dmkeks2_6d4fa8_7270411.png)

ff52f No.113578

File: 1567469532008-0.jpg (48.41 KB, 600x750, a87d78f05ca960fa3349e9da9d….jpg)

ff52f No.113603

File: 1567472783946-0.jpg (60.92 KB, 750x600, 1350023660422.jpg)

ac546 No.113605

I hope that doesn't happen to me.

ff52f No.113607

Now you're begging it to happen.

ac546 No.113608

Shush it! No barbarian, no chance!

ff52f No.113609

>NPC frenzied berserker
>zap it to -100 hp
>bow its head open
>still fighting cuz deathless frenzy
>it throws its brain at you and continues to attack afterwards

ac546 No.113610

Y-you don't give GM ideas, either! That's cheating!

ff52f No.113611

File: 1567473862519-0.jpg (104.04 KB, 700x569, 83340138.jpg)

File: 1567473862519-1.jpg (43.7 KB, 500x625, ceb510098ad65a931e7c36b66f….jpg)

File: 1567473862519-2.jpg (43.89 KB, 659x494, 398a455c5b3bb1fdb5f42c1282….jpg)

File: 1567473862519-3.jpg (118.22 KB, 604x628, Y7yCo.jpg)

File: 1567473862519-4.jpg (74.3 KB, 576x655, 1Cpjj.jpg)

I love Frenzied Berserkers. For an ubercharger build, it's gotta be one of the best barbarian PRC there is, outside the Tome of Battle that is. I'd say the possibility of being a berserker is what make barbrian tier 4 instead of tier 5 like >Fighter.
The downside is the slight pssibility of wiping out your own party in the case that yo run out of enemis, but greese, marbles, or invisibility sphere can fx that.

ff52f No.113613

2 Barbarian + 2 Fighter + 10 Frenzied Berserker + 2 Ronin has gotta be the best kind of brute force build that doesn't abuse mechanical loopholes.

ff52f No.113617

I always preferred uberchargers to hurlers. Logarithmic scaling damage to thrown objects with hurlers is cool and all, but it really doesn't compare to being able to run up to something and lop it to pieces, HP be dammed.

ac546 No.113623

Silence! Stop your ideas! You won't splatter my nice innocent mind controller with anything's brain matter!

7f01f No.113626

… seriously?

ac546 No.113629

Wait, what happened?
Are you alright?

a4c69 No.113630

Think he might be a tad annoyed about the continued meta posting.

ac546 No.113631

I figured the problem was meta posting of the actual characters in the campaign, not meta posting in general.

7f01f No.113636

IMO, meta-posting about the campaign is bad. Meta-posting NOT about the campaign is worse. But that's just my opinion

ff52f No.113638

File: 1567477197883-0.jpg (124.83 KB, 600x480, s01hz7nsea.jpg)

File: 1567477197883-1.jpg (78.71 KB, 565x639, berserker.jpg)

File: 1567477197883-2.jpg (46.28 KB, 750x537, 40fd09a7faa0acc370ec866609….jpg)

File: 1567477197883-3.jpg (119.01 KB, 1000x1333, 82e1c9dbe7d02b28d5ae52149c….jpg)

File: 1567477197883-4.jpg (175.46 KB, 1280x720, bE16C8O.jpg)

I had the idea for a Blood-horse human hybrid centaur, bred and raised by evil mages in a tortuous monster spawning camp since the PC was little. I like chaotic characters if they have tragic backstories: it's the exact kind of cliche edge that just does it for me if it's the fluff for a truly insane character.
It'd be beautiful. Take a human and a blood-horse tauric creature. Make it a Proto-creature and a Blooded One, it'd basically be an escaped experiment. That'd be 4 racial hit dice (monstrous humanoid) and +2 level adjustment; so it'd have to start at lvl 6, and wouldn't even have any class levels then. That's really, really pricey, and being a normal human, dwarf, orc or goliath would probably be better, but the idea of playing a magebred, dungeonbred Blood-horse centaur, sounds so freaking badass and sexy.
Give her Shocktrooper and leap attack; plus the Turn On A Charge Skill Trick. Then give it Centaur Trample and Spirited Charge. Equip it with a Lance of Endless Charge and you've got a psychopathic warrior that can straight up drill through armies of monsters.

ff52f No.113639

I'll stop now.
I'm just bored today. Campus is out, and i couldn't go to work either..

7f01f No.113642

You could always make a new thread

7b468 No.113660

Dude. You can fuck off with your salt

ff52f No.113661

File: 1567480167330-0.png (260.88 KB, 738x608, XoFIKx1.png)

Ah, that's much better.

7b468 No.113663

Some one who has deliberately left you alone and not bothered you, and would appreciate it very much if you didn't make snarky insults unprovoked

7b468 No.113665

Have any of your posts here been deleted?

7b468 No.113667

Then please, for the love of God, stop bitching about post deletions. You've done it two or three times in these two threads, and it's just bringing up drama that has no place in these threads. Let sleeping dogs lie, as they should

7f01f No.113668


7f01f No.113673

Can't we let it go? I'd like to have not wasted all the time I've invested in this.

7b468 No.113676

That was my question to him

ff52f No.113685

It doesn't matter now. I got what I needed.
I'll delete my posts now.

7f01f No.113697

I'm just saying. I felt I had to shitpost at him, and it almost destroyed the game we're trying to build. I'm asking, please, let it go. He may say stuff, but who is listening? And who is taking sides?
Tl:dr Nigger, please (note, not Nigger please!)

8fe89 No.113727

So I have decided to quit this campaign. The reasons for this are: I can't into epic level and I don't like how the game treats illusionist on high this high level.

Epic level is way to complicated for a newbie like me. I would probablly not even rememeber all the spell I'd have. There will simply be too many components to keep track on to act actually act accordingly to any situation.

There is also the fact that I find it more intresting to have a few very limited abilities that I have to really use the rules in my advantage rather than having all the abilities and the hard part is to rememeber the one ability that is useful for this situation. For example I throw minor illusion on a couple of flat small rocks to make them look like coins or something valueable and then bribe the gatekeeper to a city. This is something I think is more fun than just realizing that I have greater teleportation and can just appear on the inside of a the walls.

The character concept I had in mind doesn't work on epic level either it seems. I wanted an illusionist that could not damage creatures directly. Like I wouldn't have any evocation spells or such damaging spells but I would use illusionary wall to have my enemies fall down through pits and the other such tricks.

Now however, it seems that the highest level illusion spells like simulacrum and etc. are spells that do damage and such instead of just manipulating the senses of others. It doesn't help that lower levels of spells are completely disregarded for monster you face on epic level since they have truesight. Which means the entire lower- to middle-levels of the school of illusion is made irrelevant.

So you can do whatever you want with my pc make it an npc who follows the party around, have her die in funny or serious manner, or just forget that she was even with you at all. You have my consent to do whatever with her.

I like to thank you anons who have helped me and that you have been very welcomming towards me. And to the GM I also want to say that your campaign seems really fun and your description are great. You got Discord's personality done to a tea? T? t. The reasons for me leaving is these mechinical aspects I have probelms with rather than the narrative, the pcs, or anything else related to that.

f3311 No.113729

File: 1567522179623.jpg (3.4 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20190831_210458_1.jpg)

I thought it was time related issues
In any case, it's understandable. Have good time, Sven.
Here's cat pic

ff52f No.113730

File: 1567523180133-0.jpg (71.95 KB, 750x600, Gt playing dampd as wizard….jpg)

File: 1567523180133-1.jpg (41.45 KB, 564x451, wizard-meme.jpg)

File: 1567523180133-2.jpg (10.29 KB, 320x256, 54520918e491f2ce757f5acb49….jpg)

File: 1567523180133-3.png (148.11 KB, 600x750, illusion-school-of-magic-w….png)

File: 1567523180133-4.jpg (161.56 KB, 708x1000, e419c9d5422378d24bacbf331c….jpg)

Illusion schools aren't all that bad. It's an entire school of magic, and Illusionists/Beguilers get access to almost all of them; often so potent that enemies at epic level only have some immensities (mostly just the deific ones) because they'd be too easy to defeat otherwise.
There are a lot of illusion spells at every level that are effective and useful in pretty much every adventure. Rainbow patterns, Silent Image, Persistent Image, Ice Assassin, Mirage Arcana, Superior Invisibility, Seeming, scintillating pattern, Mirror Image, Project Image, Shadow Walk, Silence, Seeming, Ghost Sound, Major Image, Nightmare Terrain, Weird, Greater Mirror Image, Phantom Battle, Shadow Well, Sensory Deprivation, Hallucinatory Terrain, Shades… etc. Some may not work on some deific abominations who have explicit immensities, but a lot of illusion spells are potent dragon-killers.
For a spellcaster, being able to confuse, delay, slow, hide from or incapacitate an enemy is often more useful than just blasting them with evocations (fireball is overrated), because an enemy at 1 HP is just as dangerous as an enemy at 1000 HP. Being able to hold an enemy still for even one round is often more valuable than just damaging them. It's certainly better than being a tier 5 Fighter, who would instantly be made irrelevant by Summoning and Polymorph spells.
Beguilers also get a lot of good Enchantment, Abjuration, Conjuration, and Transmutation spells, like Haste, Mindblank, Glibness, Dominate Monster, Misdirection, Heroism, Blink, Vertigo Field, Legion Of Sentinels, Swift Etherealness, Fog Cloud, Detect Secret Doors, Mage Armor Sending, Telapathic Bond, Repulsion, Freedom Of Movement, Incite Riot, Time Stop, Power Word Kill, Demand, Spell Turning, Greater Dispel Magic, Break Enchantment, Moment Of Prescience, Arcane Sight… etc, and they get all of those good ones without needing to select them. They also get a lot of rogue-like stealth and deception skills (a Beguiler with maxed out bluff and Glibness can fool even a deity with Divine Insight), and class features and bonus feats that allow their illusion and enchantment spell to affect monsters that would normally be immune. It seems as though the main thing this party lacks is stealth, so a beguiler would fit the niche better than any rogue ever could (they're Int-based, so they usually get more skill point per level than a rogue does anyway). Their illusion spells can be made even more potent when backed up with the almighty bluff skill, since enemies might believe your figments even if they make their saves.

Yeah, yeah, this was an excuse to geek-out about Beguilers being my favorite tier 3 class, sue me. It's all true though. Illusions are underrated and lots of fun.

However, if you think it's too annoying to get a hang of the meta to make a lvl 25 character, when you've never actually played 3.5e before, that's understandable (I'd gladly help, but I don't want to force you). On the other hand, 3.5e at lvl 25 is pretty much the same as it is at lvl 25 works about the same way it does at lvl 5, except the monsters are tougher and the party gets capable of more shenanigans: it's kind of like an MORPG in that sense where everything just keeps scaling; and it's moreso harder to balance as a DM than it is to play, since arcane spellcasters quickly become demigods while fighters lag behind (barbarians and martial adepts are good though). The worst case scenario is that you just die repeatedly, in which case my PC could bring you back to life every time without even losing levels or constitution.
I really like your character though: the shy but talented illusionist idea sounds pretty cool. Hope to see you again some time, even if it's just lurking commentary.

ff52f No.113732

File: 1567545691866-0.gif (961.15 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

*makes more illusionary fish*

ff52f No.113824

*plays choir music*

f3311 No.113826

[Increasingly distressed dragon noises]

4246c No.113893

>(I'd gladly help, but I don't want to force you)
Thanks but I wll decline your kind offer.
> Hope to see you again some time, even if it's just lurking commentary.
That is garanteed.

4246c No.113895

I will lurk this campaign. I can tell you that.

f3311 No.113896

It's nice to have a spectator talking from time to time.

7b468 No.113897

File: 1567635797763.jpeg (23.22 KB, 236x349, 5CC11C56-92CE-4E84-A948-E….jpeg)