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File: 1503455878277.png (854.77 KB, 1440x2560, 2017_08_22_21.45.23.png)


A lesbo thinks I'm Chris chan
What do /sp/?


File: 1503456788554.png (346.81 KB, 399x600, chris_chan_zombiechu_by_li….png)

ask her if she is into piercings


tell her her taste in style is shit


Get in character. Become Chris Chan. Start babbling about how great your Sonichu comics are, link her to some. Offer to draw autistic portraits of her. Show her some of your videos.


File: 1503803313436.jpg (116.03 KB, 716x960, CWC Vinyl.jpg)

new footage of CWC at Bronycon 2017



File: 1503803967832.jpg (66.39 KB, 327x607, r63 chris chan.jpg)


I'm so sick of hearing about this degenerate…


File: 1503804265553.jpg (58.53 KB, 480x773, sanic amiibo.jpg)


its a shame he did not attend the charlottesville protests despite them being held in his home state. he did attend some other leftycuck protests before with ~12 other people. at least he fetched enough money for bronycon despite one of his pet cats dying from a flu, his mother starving to death and himself being sued by a bank in a couple days.

the nice people of the alt right in charlottesville could have given him a nice ride to hell hammering his degerate retardfaggot ass to a pulp. would have done the world a service.


I hear he's only doing this shit because his "Trolls" have jewed him into thinking there's a community of "Tomboys"(His idea of the ideal woman: A woman that acts like a man) that get real horny for "Tomgirls"(A man that acts like a woman).

Someone else claimed he was tricked into trying some DIY home surgery sexchange shit that created an infected wound on the area between his balls and anus, and he might die when the infection reaches his intestines. Is that true, or just more bullshit?



Mostly true from what I know if you can believe the cwciki his taint infection has never been looked at by a doctor. Since this guy has no body hygiene it is questionable how he has not died yet. His health remains in overall bad shape and it is doubtful that he will live on much longer.


File: 1503906645238.jpg (22.21 KB, 263x350, salad_fingers_by_oddandodd….jpg)

No, no he had a piercing on his perineum, it got infected since he treated it like a clit and waved it around so he wounded himself.
In his twisted mind the sound is his vagina and when he bleeds from the infection he is having his period.
He will die soon, as the infection is making its way inside of him while the mad man helps it by shoving things inside of it.
>Pic very related


That's kind of fucked up. I never knew the Chris Chan saga would end on such a dark note.


Crap I meant wound


File: 1504356094221.png (69.3 KB, 212x210, upload_2017-8-17_9-59-18.png)

If you have some degree of interest in CWC you may know what he started to become a sexual predator towards female internet celebrities.

Recently he tried to romance an artist form Planet Dolan. Predictable, the thing backfired badly and Chris learned nothing.

For some reason he situation yet again went from bad to worse, he lowered his own expectations and is going after an infamous talentless scam artist from the brony youtuber community, ILoveKimPossibleALot.

Full Kiwi Farms thread on the subject can be found here:



File: 1504356450027.png (1.11 MB, 1280x1123, chris chan lesbian.png)


Chris drew gore and murder fantasies into his comics for years now. he grew very embittered and went regressively insane. he has been issueing death threads against people for years and assaulted the owner of that one game store near his place with a car while his mother was driving with him. So attempted murder and injury is now part of his Bio. Sadly, no one buts him into an asylum or behind bars, so this objectively dangerous threat to the public wont be dealt with until he dies or kills someone for good. Hopefully his taint infection finally finishes him off soon.


Maybe its better to put him out of his pain before he nukes the toilet and someone investigating his case discovers his past so ((someone)) can use his past as an argument against the freedom and anonymity of the internet.
This shit is moving dangerously close to the fan.



chris is one of the best documented people in human history. The CWCiki wont go away even if he died or commited a serious crime. I too have a feeling this will be used against Anonymous Internet culture in the long run when it will be weaponized against freedom of speech. Then again, CWC is a massive libcuck lolcow, so chances are he would commit a crime in the name of regressive ideals.


File: 1510703955691-0.png (626.85 KB, 955x478, Chris Chan and Parents MLP….png)

File: 1510703955691-1.jpg (147.06 KB, 543x725, CWC Bronycon 2017.jpg)


On 7 October, 2017, a new episode for season 7, entitled "Once Upon a Zeppelin", was released, and many people noticed a background pony that looked similar to Chris, and two more in the background that looked similar to Barb and Bob.

Ironically, the episode's story was about Twilight-Sparkle learning that her parents have won a free zeppelin cruise for their family. Upon boarding, Twilight discovers the cruise to be a vacation experience where the other passengers pay to spend time with her, invading her and her family's privacy.

The pony in question is a grey unicorn, with pedo glasses, a striped shirt, and a receding light green mane. Humorously, he is the only character in the audience to not smile when Twilight announces the winner.

The speculation about the pony was noticed by Chris, who commented:[7]
I was just made aware of this speculation from the MLP Zappelin episode. I highly doubt that Unicorn was based from myself.
The only way to confirm or bust this is by the testimony from Tara or someone official on the MLP staff.
Aside from that, I would rather be on there, personally voicing my OC pony, Night Star.

Sidenote towards the relevance of the cameo:

CWC gained infamy in regards of his participations in potens from an early age. When he was in elementary school age, he won a Wal Mart contest for a 1.000,00 $ Shopping Spree for SEGA Merchandise. He was later interviewed on regional television for this. It is suspected the organizers let him win out of pity due to his mental condition. It is also speculated this event fed into his delusion of being a special Sonic Fan.

Chris went later on to take part on in a Music Contest held by Sony for a Parappa the Rapper game. Despite getting into the top 10 of finalists, he ungraciously lost. Being a very sore loser about it, He later created a website to shame Sony, declared himself to be the true winner and send death threads to the actual successor and his underage sister.


File: 1510704472901.jpg (803.48 KB, 1600x2475, Sonichu_12-9_Cover 2017.jpg)

Cover Art of Sonichu Comic #13, currently in production at the time of this writing.

Chris Chan has turned himself into a transsexual unicorn Oc, Night Star.


File: 1510704722949.gif (1.99 MB, 335x222, deadly attack on coliflowe….gif)


The art is both better, and worse than I expected at the same time.


File: 1510706467977-0.png (675.44 KB, 729x1380, Uzume.png)

File: 1510706467977-1.jpg (864.13 KB, 1000x1149, Neptunia.jpg)


In other News, as of November 2017 CWC now claims that he is posessed by a side character from the Playstation Anime Game Series HyperDimension Neptunia, a franchise he very recently became an overly enthusiastic fan of.

"Miss Uzume Tennouboshi. She had been dormant inside my Dreamcast, and I pulled her out. We've been sharing my body since. Yes, she is able to control my body when she has control, and speak through my lips in her voice." — Chris, on being possessed by a fictional character.


File: 1510707366803.jpg (127.74 KB, 1428x1038, cwc autism virus.jpg)


CWC throws the first curse ye hame ha in over 5 years shortly after his recent facebook girlfriend troll broke up with him and deleted her account.


File: 1510926719074-0.png (25.82 KB, 182x214, cwc stalin.png)

File: 1510926719075-1.png (51.19 KB, 586x329, CWC Heil.png)

File: 1510926719075-2.jpg (123.96 KB, 1326x536, cwc anatomy.JPG)


Chris Chan released a new video recently in which he can be seen dancing to the infamous meme Song "God is a Serb" (Aka the REMOVE KEBAB Polka) in front of a LGBT Flag while wearing a MLP shirt and a tinfoil hat.

Trivia: The song "God is a Serb" from the mid 1990' was used as Propaganda by Serbian nationalists during the events of the Balkan war, who were largely later to be considered (((War crimes))). Chris intended this video to be a message for world peace.

It is speculated that he either did this video because of a donation of a "Fan" or to honor a ongoing Story Arc of his his currently being worked on Sonichu comics issue 12 & 13, who will resemble events from World War II and the Holohoax, including a "Fine 'ol Solution".

Chris Chan is currently gaining ~650 $ monthly per Patreon donations + "Disability funds" from the US Tax Payer.

Additionally, Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie made not one but 2 videos about Chris Chan. One concerning the Sonic fanbase and the other exclusively about CWC himself.

The second video in question can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=213&v=VvQ8HbaJeC0

CWC has ever since gotten over 1.000 new subscribers to his Youtube Channel and contacted PewDiePie on Twitter. A response has yet to be seen, but is not out of the question. https://twitter.com/CWCSonichu/status/929823959205412864


File: 1510934263986.jpg (13.25 KB, 500x332, top-kek-meyveli-40-gr-cake….jpg)

>Nationalist anti-Islam song
>MLP shirt
>tinfoil hat

I swear, if CWC wasn't a tranny or a max-level attention-seeker he'd fit right into /mlpol/.


File: 1511014270481.png (5.6 MB, 3000x1754, dobson_vs_cwc__le_epic_mem….png)

getting kind of sick of this meme but i will admit this one looks pretty rad


Why do I keep hearing about this freak?


File: 1511033438448.jpg (945.19 KB, 1300x1323, happy_126th_birthday_mein_….jpg)

just got done watching a 2 hours Mr. Metokur livestream about an asian pedophile apologist. Some people asked Jim about CWC, he wont make a video about him anytime soon, since Sachumo covered him with that 90 minute documentary piece a while ago.

I also saw several people mentioning MLPOL in the chat repeatedly, including a youtuber with ~50k subs.


Seriously reconsider your life choices


Did i seriously just watch Chris-Chan dance to Remove Kebab?


Yeah, that directTV ad is worth reconsidering.


File: 1511463638822.jpg (75.29 KB, 680x516, Gott Strafe Traps.jpg)

Now heres something funny for your mind to ponder:

Trolling Induced Transsexuality Syndrome (also known as TITS) is an increasingly common condition that occurs when someone is trolled so hard online that they become tranny.

Video on the subject

ED Article


I've always felt that only maybe 1 out of every 50 men calling themselves "trans" is actually suffering from legitimate gender dysphoria. Most of it I think is just another symptom of the whole beta/numale condition. I think that when some men fail at being men, and not just fail but fail spectacularly and in full view of a lot of spectators, they may try to compensate by convincing themselves that this happened because they are actually women trapped in men's bodies. You combine that with the amount of positive(?) attention currently given to transsexuals on the internet, and you end up with guys like Chris Chan. I suspect 100% of the traps who attention whore on 4chan and the like are in the same category.


Hit the nail on the head there, pal.

Feminists call themselves "Trans" and "Genderfluid" because they feel manly some days and womanly other days. It's a shallow, ignorant view of what these genders mean, but that's what happens when you believe the cultural marism lie, you end up thinking nothing is more than a single word deep.

It wouldn't surprise me if the feminized boys with no male role models and the self-loathing attention-seeking fugly feminist bitches bought into the "being trans makes you special" lie and thought they could coast through life as a sexy girl/priveleged guy.

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