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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever

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File: 1522847709944-0.jpg (80.67 KB, 1600x900, kek2.jpg)

File: 1522847709944-1.png (4.43 KB, 600x350, kek.png)

File: 1522847709944-2.png (236.58 KB, 1024x594, kekflag4-1024x594.png)

File: 1522847709944-3.png (970 B, 360x240, flag-designer_appspot.png)


These 4 flags represent the four main political parties of kekistan. here I will present information regarding each, and You will be asked which political party you would personally identify as. no irony allowed

The first flag is the Tyronian party. Headed by Big Man Tyrone, this party believes in a dictatorship of kekistan, headed by Big Man tyrone. they also believe in a Strong military, and Military activism. They also believe in a completely free market, no restrictions whatsoever, while in the mean time, blocking most imports from entering.

The Second Flag is that of the Holidarian Party of Kekistan. The Holidarians Believe in Racial equality because they believe there is no race except the human race. They believe in a moderately checked free market, much like the United States. they also believe in peace talks, and diplomacy rather than war. They finally believe in a Republic system of government in a presidential democracy.

The third flag is that of the Sargonis. They believe in a Religious government, much like a theocracy, headed by the Sargon of Akkad. they believe in legal drugs, and in a moderately sized military standing.they believe that all kekistanis must refer the the Sargon of Akkad for awnsers rather than free will, also believing in a socialist government.

the fourth flag is that of the Nash-Jonesians. the Nash-Jonesians belive in a monarchy style of government, mainly as a figure head, by Luke Nash-Jones. they also belive in a parliamentary democracy, as well as any religion other than Christianity, as they see it as the true religion of Kekistan. they want to create another crusade against isreal and other countries, and have formed diplomatic ties with Russia, Sudan, and Egypt. They are also the first Kekistani party to claim land for Kekistan, claiming the province of Bir Tawil as Kekistani territory. The Nash-Jonesians believe in green energy, and are against oil and other dirty energy resources. they believe in a moderate market, like the United States.


Fuck off reddit.


File: 1522848621492.png (152.49 KB, 1159x801, 1517357611705-1.png)

/mlpol/ party. Down with the kekistanis, up with the pone!


File: 1522848872022.jpg (133.09 KB, 794x1024, Ron_Paul_m16.jpg)

I think the closest one I would be willing to live under is the second one.
>There is no such thing as race.
I would not say that, because biological race does exist; however people of all races should be treated equally even when they have different genetics, because all people are born with the same inalienable rights.
>Moderately checked free market
I would change moderately checked market to minimum checked, if not a laissez-faire market.
Yes to this, but they should still have a good army and the people should form their own militia.
>Republic system with democracy.
It could work, but I feel like it would end up back into the statist government that we have today.

>Flag 1

I am interested in hearing more about it's military activism.
>Free market, but with no imports
That's not a free market then, that's basically mercantilism. A free market allows imports without any restrictions on trade.


Shit, am I gonna have to start the AnCap party?


File: 1522849942620.jpg (34.1 KB, 568x616, 17629930_1870352396568639_….jpg)

Do it.
I'd like to hear your platform.


File: 1522850171280.jpg (89.04 KB, 600x997, 1521153259111.jpg)

>this meme is still alive





File: 1522853276992.png (10.77 KB, 847x564, Bandera-club-atletico-pena….png)

That looks awfully a lot like


Why are there only 11 stars?


It's the flag of a sports club in Uruguay:


go back to reddit you gay nigger


File: 1522858970615.png (115.58 KB, 400x410, IMG_5118.PNG)



File: 1522860284973.gif (738 B, 324x216, ru-ural2.gif)

Why does the last flag look like the Free Ural State from a Vicky 2 mod?


I honestly have no idea. the flag symbolizes the darkness that riddles the world, the green represents the nations, and the white is the light that we emit. nothing to do with the mod I don't think.

Yeah, you are right, I would edit it, but I am too lazy to. and just fyi, this anon is the only anon to awnser the question.

>>7359 >>7358 >>7368 >>7369 >>136922

wow, you are all so nice in the way you present your arguments! (sarcasm intensifies) but no, I am not from reddit. this is a simple survey.


File: 1522863342078.png (256.12 KB, 451x412, 1514929012562.png)

>I am not from reddit
Sure, and I'm the Tsar of France.


File: 1522863821867.png (Spoiler Image, 2.36 MB, 1238x1913, .png)

kekistan & altright were the two biggest successes of shareblue


Please censor your degeneracy before it violates my N.A.P.


Kekistan was a fake name invented to see if libtards would actually say "Sorry, I didn't know you were actually an ethnic Kekistani and therefore nonwhite"

And alt-right? A label applied to everyone who questioned the cancerous left. Fuck it, I'm a nazi, you're a nazi, we're all nazis because at this point, I'd accept nazism if it meant the end of antifa and liberalism's communism.


If your N.A.P. is violated by a picture that hurts your feefees then i suggest you're in the wrong place.
Kekistan started as you say but was swiftly picked up by rogue actors & shareblue. It has been cancer since almost its inception.
Altright was a term created by the left to describe the right & then taken on by dickie. It is a term which never described those it tried to describe. Nazi is a better label, we may as well have tried to destroy the stigma instead so many of us kowtowed and bent the knee to the msm


File: 1522873446461-0.png (638.54 KB, 1024x749, kekistan-1024x749.png)

I am legitimately unaware of how shareblue leveraged kek, caps or archive links appreciated.

I had been under the impression that while kekistan was filled with the uninformed and other brands of normies, they did pull their weight in the meme war. More like fat tissue than cancer. It provides reserves and allows taking hits without becoming crippled. As such, deserving of at least a shred of respect.

I think I'd identify as a Tyronian, but I'm very interested to learn about the Nash-Jonesians. The patreon I found has 0 patrons so I'm not sure if they still exist.


Isn't Tyrone corrupt though? He'll say anything you want if you pay him enough money


Anchor pl0x?


Seconding this


You have to go back to grave, Reddit.


Nice job bumping the thread.


Kekistan is 0% football.


This post Is so out of place its funny


Perhaps they need to be told of the Denver Broncos. They have a 'Contact Us' section at the bottom

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