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What can be done to deal with the furry menace?
Nothing immediate I'm afraid, and even if furries stopped being furries they would just gravitate to something as/more degenerate. At best one can hope that they become less socially acceptable, and exposing the likes of Kero and the other corpse-fuckers might stigmatize furrydom to the point that their numbers dwindle.
That is a rabbit hole as deep as it is wide.

On the very tip of the iceberg you have cartoon characters and those that like them. Below the surface it is nasty and ugly with no redemption what so ever.

"Furries" try to lump everything into its own world view no matter what. So what, you watched Bugs Bunny growing up, to a "furry" that would be enough to classify you as a furry. To a furry the same is true for bronies, just because they like a show with talking cartoon horses, "It must be furry!", They exclaim. Sad truth is that it isn't.

Much like a church which has its own doctrine, core beliefs and practices so does furries. It is a cult in its own right as it has its own rules, beliefs, attitudes and values which it must spread and encapsulate everything into its very twisted world view and if it doesn't fit into that view, it will forcefully try to indoctrinated it to fit its view or try to destroy it.

It isn't just about liking certain themes or characters, it is an entire dedicated culture, with many levels which are just as more twisted the deeper you go. There are some that legitimately believe that they are "hybrids" either with having the "spirit" of that of an animal or their parents fucked the dog and they are the literal sons of a bitch. They call themselves "Otherkin" but I call them "Insane" especially when they so whole heartily go into public wearing collars and pretending they are dogs. It is a metal condition.

Sex is the theme of everything be it sexual or not, sex sells after all and they know it. Any one that used to draw SFW art would quickly realize that they can't profit off of it and would either quickly get out of it, others fall deeper into the trap and become obsessed with pornography to the absolute of degeneracy. What ever fetish you have, it is all there, nothing is sacred, even in public space. Sex is always the highlight in any conversation, from sports to politics, the conversation will always be about sex. It is no surprise given that 90% conciser themselves as either Gay or Bi-sexual. It has become a sexual revolution and they see themselves as being at the forefront of it.

Their costumes they ware seem innocent enough, just a themed convention one might presume. But what they call "FurSuits" are not just a theme like you would see others cosplay at a Starwars or anime convention, it is there very mirror of their personality, their "fursona" as they call it. It isn't some other character they are trying to play but one they created to how they see themselves. They don't identify as human, they identify as an animal. They aren't playing, they are living. When they go to a convention to them, it is as if they can let their "true" selves out and they act and play as animals, barking, howling, and dry humping in public. Oh laws still exist, can't say they don't know that and are completely "animal". I am just waiting for that day when the Merkle excuse comes out "They didn't know better, it isn't in their culture" as she claims for migrant rapes. When a bunch of guys start fucking on the streets in animal costumes, that is when you know we all living in hell.

To the public they always try to act like the innocent victim of accusation. "Oh we dont' fuck in fursuits" they say. "It so hot in them, you can't go 2 seconds, much less have the energy to fuck in one." Yet we all know why they wear shorts, to hide the "Strategically placed holes" which they expose themselves so they can fuck." It doesn't take a genius to figure what they do. They even tell on themselves and brag as sex is always on their mind. We all know about the wild room parties that take place at their conventions.

But that isn't even the worst of it. Sex used to be just one of the major things about them, very LGBT and liberal, it was a sexual revelation for them. Now it has turned into something more which it has become a way to indoctrinate others into communism. Half the entire fandom has turned into Anti-Fa, actively recruiting. It is a front for terrorism. "Oh come on, half, sure, right" so many are in disbelief but it is really something else that they too don't hide it. They had a spasm when Trump won, all their art reflected this if not their blogs and journals. Now there isn't a single one that isn't advocating violence against Republicans like Maxine Watters. It is even more hysterical when you see so many furries that used to try to lump bronies in with them, now activle attacking bronies on the ground that bronies lean more right than they do.

The saddest thing about cultures and subcultures is sometimes you don't see how deep something is until it starts to stare back at you. Furries are poison.
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Okay, but two things. First, the furries seem to not be rejecting this behavior to the shock of even the gays and trannies of that community. Second, there are plenty of furries that are fans of mlp. I refuse to be associated with those that split open puppies, even tangentially. So again, how should the furry menace be dealt with? Should they be dealt with at all?
Forgot pics.
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Unironically this. It's the only way we can clean this sin from the universe.

Read what I wrote, yes, Furries will try to take anything inocent, as long as it involves animals in some fashion and try to indoctrinate it into their culture. There can be tomorrow some new show, it can be about some crazy never heard of before animal in either a sci-fi or fantasy setting and it but furry definitions, be of the fandom. What other fandoms that spawn from the show alone then becomes apart of the furry fandom. It is a toxic poison and because of their stench, what ever they touch turns to mush. This is why the bronie fandom has become stained, because not of bronies, but the furries trying to co-op'ted it.

My hatred for furries knows no bounds. I used to think of it as another fad, something inocent, just a bunch of creative types that liked to cosplay; it is a cult. Cult comes from Culture and it is its very own, toxic and vile.

Admittedly there was a time I used to be apart of it, but I always was on the outside, never felt I was apart of it no matter how much others tried to lure me deeper. The more I explored around the more I found myself opening doors I wished I never had. When I found the bronie fandom it made me happier than what I ever been with in the furry fandom and when I started to make some good friends on the bronie side, the entire furry fandom pounced, no pun there, and attacked my friends on the bronie side, for what? Wearing a maga hat, supporting Trump. This is how sick these fuckers are. And I mean that figuratively and literally. The chlorine gas should of been mixed with ammonia.
Well then, the only idea I can come up with involves infiltration and targeted biological warfare, like some John Clancy shit
That isn't hard to do, just say that you are a dog and walk into their conventions. They are that gullible.
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And the bio-warfare? Mass-shooting shit won't work, you'll get a few handfuls at best.
Beat me to it.
Their largest convention is Anthrocon held around Memorials day every year. It is usually held in Pittsburg PA at the one and only convention center there.

Their panflets that they hand out every year which has the programme of events has an entire map of the convention center and accompanying hotel. When you know the layout, the time of the events and where most traffic comes in and out from, you can plan accordingly.
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Don't look at me, I'm just spitting out ideas
yeah, I know, its TOM Clancy

Well, I never heard of a single man operation, someone has to be the mastermind behind it. Only one man had the gaul to do something and that was at MidWest Fur Fest http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-19-hospitalized-thousands-evacuated-in-gas-leak-at-rosemont-hotel-20141207-story.html

If they were only wearing proper gear and mixed in ammonia to create mustard gas, sending a few with a cough wouldn't be the only thing you would of heard. The only thing I am saddened by is how many are indoctrinated into the furry fandom with out knowing what lies beneath. To these people, they need to get out. To the others hardened by their beliefs in this cult, there is no salvation.
If you really want to make a permanent impact on the cult, take out its leaders.

Uncle Kage, as they call him in the furry world, is the head of organizing anthrocon, again the largest furry convention.

Dragoneer, as they call him again in the furry world, is the admin of FurAffinity, the base of degeneracy. Camp of AntiFa, pedophiles, necrophiliacs, and the most vile sick fucks you can think of.

These are people not hard to track, they practically are cam whores and social bugs that can't stand not be in the spotlight. Posting their where about when ever they can. Real names, location, where they work, it isn't doxxing, they have it all over their social pages with just a few clicks, you too can find it.

First rule, Know thy Enemy.
Second Rule, Know thy Self.
Not only this, because the alarm would be pulled and everyone would rush out anyway (basically like the Tokyo subway gassing). If you really want to be thorough, disable the fire alarm, block the emergency exits, and place the load in the ventilation system.

However, this requires top-level opsec and coordination, and I don't know how you would get past the security cameras. After all, a mediocre op and getting away scot-free is better than a smashing success and getting caught.
Also, if you want to make a "permanent impact," build an alternate persona/fursona. Only retards do something like this and show their real beliefs, getting the rest of us on watch lists. Build up a lefty/degenerate history that is convincing then you can do whatever.

I will say, I have major distaste for the "furries" and their fandom. I can go on for days talking about all the filth that is intertwined with in. What I find all the time is threads such as "What should we do about X" where the OP or whom ever with in tries to play all mancho and manly like and it isn't any more radical than the bullshit the left preach. "Let's go bash the fash!".

Though when someone plays their game and indulges them, "why not?" you have all the means." Notice how they shreek up and shrill at the thought. "That is way to radical for me, no way."

So here is the question, why even say a thing and pretend that this should be a top issue that we "Must take immediate action against." Why pretend "Let's shout them out and make them unwelcome and plot to take them out." Now who sounds like a radical?

There was a time I found my self in the furry fandom. I was young, still a teen and naive. I liked animals, still do, like stories about animals because it was an escape. Much to how I enjoy fantasy and some sci-fi (still hate star series wars and trek) It was just simply and escape and fascinating to ponder at what a society of animals would be like compared to humans. Man has pondered the same thing for centuries if not millennia. When I found forums online of others who though the same, it isn't hard to see how one can be sucked into such a thing. What I didn't know is how awkward it quickly becomes, how promiscuous others were and open they were about their sexual tendencies and desires. I was young and was disturbed but also awestruck how open anyone could be where normally everyone would keep quiet about it.

Over time you learn what was once liberating is actually entrapping and you quickly find that you are on the outside looking in. Undertones come out as over tones and before you know it, everyone is beating the same drum. It isn't a fandom, it is a cult. Many start to question your identity as one of them over time, are you really amongst the others? When you shy away from engaging with others in what they find to be a "normal" conversation, it becomes more evident to them, especially when not role playing making odd sounds and lingo. When any content you produce doesn't reflect their ideologies or culture, it becomes questionable. You yourself feel like a wanderer with in this group and you only fear as they become more radicalized that you too will be attacked for not fitting in. Then your worse fears come to fruition when they start attacking others and go out on the limb to do so because they are different and won't submit. You question it, they out you as a 'Nazi' and tell you to "Shut Up!" It is not different than the violent left we see elsewhere to day.

I feel sad that I ever was even on the edge of this fandom, but it is not different than trying to wake people up to the truth and feeling saddness when you know how far gone they really are. That sadness is only anger now, anger for how naive I was, anger how so many are still, and anger how the cycle continues to indoctrinate and corrupt young minds like any other leftist movement.
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Very little, I'm afraid, this isn't new behaviour for humanity, furries are pretty much just modern animal worshippers just subtract spirituality and add sex and degeneracy. These people exist at all points in human history and the only real solution is to shame them out of the public eye, force them back underground so they can't spread their disease as effectively. Yes, this includes ponyfags too, and before I'm shouted down for saying that, I've been a fan for 8 years and a lot of the shit you see furries do are done by ponyfags as well, it's the same multi-layered degeneracy furries do. How people harm themselves is their business, but is should most definitely be kept out of the public eye, or you really do deserve to be torched.
Every fandom no matter what has its "drama". That is a fact. Which is common for one isn't always common or true for another however. Yes Bronies has its fare share of drama but I have yet to see a brony go through body modification to look or resemble ponies from the show as do furries to make them look like animals of their fursona's. Furries legitimately believe they are animals or "otherkin" or have animal spirits, be it with in them or as a guardian. Can't say the same about bronies.

The day you start seeing bronies in diapers going to a convention shitting in them and walking about as a "baby fur", where they cut their own tongue to make it forked like a "dragon" to where they wear a skin tight very see through stocking like full body suit with a leopard pattern and pretend to be an actual leopard with everything fully visable, when one pretends to be a dog, sniffs the others ass then dry humps them in public view of the convention, well when bronies get that far, let me know.

I won't defend bronies if I ever found out they do this bullshit but compared to furries, they are nothing alike. Furries is a hard culture created to themselves, they follow no one but themselves. It has become a cult where their preachers are the leaders of where they conjugate, in public or online.

Even though I know bronies too are into the porn, I don't think they created an entire game off of trading sexual favors and trade cards with fan made art describing sexual favors so others have to collect them by putting out. I don't even think Bronies has mass orgies in their hotel rooms then talk openly about it latter.

https://furoticon.com/ (Yeah it is real)
The other things I'm not sure about since I'd rather not look that shit up, but people absolutely do organise orgies at pony conventions.

That is just sad if true. Really it is.
>Yes, this includes ponyfags too
Are you talking about bronies or horsefuckers? 'Cause I can see shaming bronies.
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Both. There's not much difference between a furry and a horsefucker bar preference in what animal they want to fuck, and I feel like I have to constantly include myself in this judgement or be seen as a shill. It is degenerate, there's no two ways about it, but the least we can do is keep our degeneracy off the streets and keep up a veneer of normalcy for the sake of society.
You've chosen a curious board to moral-fag on, and you're missing the point if you think that horsefuckers are entirely predisposed to ponies.
>There's not much difference between a furry and a horsefucker
I can name four differences off the top of my head.
>horsefuckers lean towards the right on the political spectrum, while furries lean far to the left
>horsefuckers understand the importance of hiding one's power level, while furries wear theirs on their sleeve
>horsefuckers keep their degeneracy to themselves, while furries feel entitled to share it with everyone
>horsefuckers laugh at the cringy part of their fandom, while furries defend theirs
Since furries likes to identify themselves as animals, can't we euthanize them as animals? Or at the very least can we at least remove their reproductive organs like we do with animals?

Killing furries should count as community service and you should get paid for it just like as if you were killing pests. I mean since they identify as them, are they not them?
>A horsefucker ashamed of himself? Not on my watch!
I'm here because I like to keep an eye on news and politics and because I'm a filthy degenerate horsefucker. Denying that it's degenerate is like burying your head in the sand like the collectivists do on basically every issue, it's thinking one thing and doing another.

>horsefuckers lean towards the right on the political spectrum, while furries lean far to the left
Except the furries that do lean to the right and have had articles written on them, and a significant chunk of anons back on /mlp/ now leaning left.

>horsefuckers understand the importance of hiding one's power level, while furries wear theirs on their sleeve
>horsefuckers keep their degeneracy to themselves, while furries feel entitled to share it with everyone
These two are the same, and I can point out exceptions to it. That one twifag who actually went and married a plush comes to mind, and of course you're not going to notice furries hiding their power level because they're... Hiding their power level.

>horsefuckers laugh at the cringy part of their fandom, while furries defend theirs
I can't argue this, but I have to ask if it's a difference that even matters and not something you just listed because your argument has the consistency of wet cardboard if you didn't
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>Except the furries that do lean to the right and have had articles written on them
The vast majority of furries aren't, however, right-wing.
>a significant chunk of anons back on /mlp/ now leaning left.
The original population of horsefuckers on /mlp/ are slowly leaving as time has gone on, while those arriving to the site are mostly either left-wing normalfags or Tumblrites.
>These two are the same, and I can point out exceptions to it. That one twifag who actually went and married a plush comes to mind
Exceptions don't automatically disprove a statement. The vast majority of horsefuckers at least try to keep their power level, and a single Anon I know next to nothing about deciding to be a weirdo and marry his plush doesn't change that.
I will admit, the two are rather similar, but there's a difference between saying "hey, I like ponies!" for all the world to see and saying "hey, I want Rainbow Dash to cum inside me with her futa maracock" for all the world to see.
>I can't argue this, but I have to ask if it's a difference that even matters and not something you just listed because your argument has the consistency of wet cardboard if you didn't
A horsefucker laughs at the kind of faggots who dress up like ponies without any attempt to defend or excuse the practice, because he knows he's not like them and that's it's cringy as fuck. However, a furry would act insulted and hurt if you laughed at people who wear fursuits because they feel like you're, by extension, laughing at them, and make excuses to try to defend fursuits and those who wear them.
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>However, a ____ would act insulted and hurt if you laughed at people who ________ because they feel like you're, by extension, laughing at them, and make excuses to try to defend _____ and those who ______.
Let's play fill in the blanks.

>However, a horsefucker would act insulted and hurt if you laughed at people who fuck horses because they feel like you're, by extension, laughing at them, and make excuses to try to defend horsefuckers and those fuck horses.

Do you see my point, yet? What we do and what we're into is degenerate, and yet it's supremely ironic that we turn around and call other things degenerate all while convincing ourselves that horsefucking somehow isn't. I'm not advocating tolerance for other degenerates because of this, but I'm not about to claim the moral high-ground just because I'm not 'them', having actually put my penis into and ejaculated inside a horse I'm little better than those we're calling to stuff in ovens. The difference is that I'm well aware that's it's wrong and make no excuses for my behaviour, I'm being honest with myself, are you?
Did I, at any point, say horsefuckers aren't degenerate?
Considering you were arguing against me with my entire point being 'horsefuckers are just as degenerate as furries', I made the assumption that you thought it wasn't. Why else would you pick up this argument?
Your argument was, and I quote, "There's not much difference between a furry and a horsefucker". I just wanted to state off the top of my head a few differences between furries and horsefuckers, and if it wasn't 1 in the morning and if I was actually bothered to sit down and make a larger list of them, I would.
Throwing my own quote back at you >There's not much of a difference between a furry and a horsefucker. It's not like the thread's going to fall off the board anytime soon, unless it's a zaldo thread and we've all taken the bait so get to bed and come back fresh, I really would love to be proven wrong, at least in part, because if there are massive differences, I haven't been fortunate enough to see them.
You might have a point there, if you hadn't skipped the part about horsefuckers laughing at ppl who dress up as ponies. That's kind of an important part that invalidates your fill-in-the-blanks assertion
They are human no matter how luny they might actually be. If you want to commit a mass murder, I already provided all the information you need to do so. Do it you ball-less mother fucker. Or you can shut up, actually see it for what it is and then come up with real solutions for something that is a mental disease.

There are two extremes to any situation. Do absolutely nothing, or destroy/kill anyone you disagree with. If an auto car manufacture created a crappy car (Honda) the two extreames would be, Do Nothing or Destroy all Honda's CEOS is a mass genocide. Both are stupid because it doesn't solve anything.

When it comes to furries, you can do nothing about it or if you wish to do something you can do what you want to do,"Kill them all". It isn't simple, and committing murder because you find another person offensive isn't any better than joining Anti-Fa thinking you are going to "Bash the Fash" and you are making a difference when you take a bike lock and split open someones head. Yeah you aren't doing shit.

Everyone hates furries for many reasons but I can attribute the same attributes to any other degenerate group including the LGBT community. The Furry Fandom is practically the left arm of the LGBT community, the only difference is that they wear animal costumes.Honestly, I don't care what you like, cartoons, anime or sports, I don't care if you once in a blue moon get together with other like individuals and cosplay as your favorite characters from what ever or what have you. Furries take it beyond a hobby and being fans, they incorporate it into their very existence and culture to the point it hardens into their very beliefs. They believe they are animals, they don't pretend; They believe that they aren't human, have an animal spirit with in them and just in a human body, that they have an animal guardian spirit and why they feel "connected" to this particular animal, they don't pretend; They believe that it is normal to go around and make animalistic noises in public because they aren't pretending to be an animal they are an animal.

It is a mental disorder and a cult, one filled with sexualization and abnormal behavior and they don't see the issue with it themselves because it is hardened into their very core of beliefs. It is a life style to them.

They need help, mental help. who knows if they will ever find it. But don't be even trying to lump every other fandom into the same box, there is a fine line between the furries and other groups and it is that other fandoms are just that, a group of fans. Furries are fans of nothing but everything to do with animals because they "Believe" they are animals. It isn't a hobby it is a lifestyle.

This. I wasn't seriously suggesting using bio warfare, I was ironically indicating that outside of providing social pressure to possibly limit the attractiveness of furry culture, there's no way to ethically and realistically "deal with" furries, with a subtle subtext of "OP is a faggot".

I been here since this thread opened up and going to weigh in a bit.

What discrepancies are there between Bronies/Horsefuckers (lord knows they try to say there is a diffrence betwen a bronie and Horsefucker) and a Furry?

Well they are both claiming to be Fandoms which like or have admiration for content which includes anthropomorphic animals.

They both have conventions which are held through out the world and held annually.

They both have a few which cosplay, some even in full costume.

Both of their cores revolve around the internet.

Innocent enough right? But where they begin to break off is what vastly defines both groups and separates them greatly. First of all the term powerlevel comes to mind, as this is a term used to define one's admiration for the fandom or hobbies they enjoy. We see things like tee-shirts, hats and other clothing and what difference is there here between wearing this an any other MLB/NFL pro sport paraphernalia? You would glance at it once and be on your merry way. For a few others, there might be a sticker on the bumper showing the same admiration. For furries on the other hand, it isn't just some brand logo they are showing off, it is a statement which they must shout from every rooftop.

Every message that the furries state must be towards their lifestyle and sexualized. Two animals humping each other, gay pride flags with paw prints on top (what are you saying, you are a gay furry or you want to include bestiality in the LGBTB?) They use words like Yiff to signal sex because they believe it is the sound a fox makes when he is having sex. Everything is overly sexualized and everything has to be in big bold letters so everyone can see. If you find it disgusting, degenerate or appauld by it, they coin their own term Furrsecution (Persecution) as if it is supposed to mean anything. When they don't get their way, they scream as loud as they can to make sure everyone else knows that you told them to fuck off.

Wearing animal costumes isn't something they do only at conventions, it is a life style to them and they make sure others know it. They go to malls, bowling alleys, and other venues. When told to take off their masks, they howl like wild animals and defecate on the floor before storming out. In a post 9/11 world, it is alarming to anyone that is fully covered head to toe no matter how "innocent" they appear.
When not in full costume, they choose "pet play" and bondage gear. Collars, leashes, walking around on all fours and wearing leather masks. They are practically wearing nothing but a harness and nearly fully exposed in public, but they don't care, in their eyes, they are animals.

I never seen a bronie or horse fucker not pretend, but believe that they are some magical unicorn, nor have I seen one that believed they were to be called out on their shit and take major offense and defecate in protest.

You get perversion no matter where you go, you get cringe too, some serious others just being jackasses to win some "internets" as a gag. Both can be seen as having a degenerate side to it. But just like how the LGBT community claims to be a lifestyle, so does the Furries. It is apart of who they are, and if you don't accept then you are some bigot, raciest or fascist. They lean highly left, any right group is just a gag but even they are outed by the majority. It has become a forefront for Anti-Fa and recruiting because of the highly left ideologies, the majority who are with in the LGBT community and how many use it to justify violence for not accepting their lifestyle as being "normal".

I can't attribute the same to the Brony fandom no matter how much "cringe" I see, I never see the same level of belief nor devotion to belief as I do with furries. Furries can't distinguish fantasy from reality and is the biggest discrepancy between the two. Bronies see that what they like is just a cartoon and for the most part understand it is a fantasy.

If you really want to know more about them psychologically however, look up the University of Waterloo who has been researching them for a long time along side bronies. Furries are really the most insane of the groups. I can't say when they started their research but it is still ongoing and I remember starting to follow them back in 2013. If you want first hand accounts of the furry fandom, even though largely anecdotal, I will be more than happy to share my stories.

This guy perfectly explains on why the furry is so into sexual things to younger kids, sjw, hivemind, etc.

It’s 30 minutes long, but I thought it’s relevent to the thread.

DSP phil gay furry.png

i did actually watch this video by pure accident a couple days ago. I liked it overall, although some sections were really questionable. I want to note that this guy is a homosexual, partially defended Kero and said only "SJWs are outraged about people fucking animals". I find it incredible how many detractors this guy attracted in his own crowd, still. Especially the Erotic Roleplay people.

People dont stop being degenerates by laying off a piece of clothing or disassoiating with the caustic slime pits of the internets.