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lolcow Indictment - Yandere Dev/Alexander Mahan

"I am not really experienced enough to write complex character AI or do some of the other complicated things that are NEEDED to make Yandere Simulator become a REALITY" - Alexander Stuart Mahan on his programming skills


Video Games and Japanese Anime. The great Beasts of our time. You can barely go anywhere on the Internet and not find people talking about one of the other.

This current year media has probably ruined more lives on the planet than cigarettes and alcohilism combined. How can it be any surprise that this industry is full of entrepreneurs trying to make a living of it by flooding this oversaturated market with their own filth in the vein hopes of making a quick buck.

Today and in this thread I will provide you the tale of a boy that set out to make a fortune with this. Someone with the ego of Elliot Rodger, the Business sense of Darksydephil and the creative mind of Digibro.

Enter Alexander Stuart Mahan, better known under his Internet Alias "Yandere Dev" and the Magnum Opus that will brand the short rest of his young life, a game called "Yandere Simulator".

In the following posts i will offer you a variety of images, text and videos that shine a light on one of the argueably most successful scam artists turned lolcow that came out of the Chan Sphere in recent history and how the Ruination of his Career and maybe even his life might be just around the corner.


>Alexanders ED Page

>Alexanders Kiwi Thread - 1.300 Pages long

>Yandev Thread on the Ugly Little Liar Forums

Main Detractor Channels

>Yandere Data Digger


massflagged to death by Yandevs rabid child fans

The Main Nail in Alex' Coffin


If you have any interest in this topic at all, I highly recommend this video for a watch. It is the collective effort of 4chan and 8chan to burn this filthy kike and his dirty scam empire to the ground. Especially the second hour is full of material that you wouldnt even expect to exist in regards to a public person of this magnitude.


The Rise and Fall of YandereDev (Reupload)
- Original by Rommel from 8chan - ~80.000 views

2 hour documentary - recommended for watch - Original uploaded around February 2018 with circa 30.000+ views.

Timestamps (So you can watch bit by bit)

Opening: 0:00-1:30
Introduction: 1:30-3:36
Pre-YanSim Era: 3:36-50:22
Rejection of Original Audience: 50:22-1:00:40
Progress of The Game: 1:00:40-1:27:43
Cult Fanbase: 1:27:43-1:38:07
The Censorship of Information: 1:38:07-1:40:32
"Vacations": 1:40:32-1:42:28
The "Devpai" Persona: 1:42:28-2:01:19
Conclusion: 2:01:19-2:07:05
ALEXQUEST: 2:07:05-2:08:54



Obviously he doesn't realize that the last bit is in a joking manner and he blames me for going through his posts history despite it being him as a grown adult for making those posts and not changing his ways since then. This is going to be a great spergout to observe. After 2 months of research, note taking, voicing and editing, with 650 individual files, I finally have completed my documentary on the Rise and Fall of YandereDev. I originally said it would be an hour long, but it turns out that the YandereDev saga went much deeper than I thought. Please watch the video in full before disliking or making judgement.

EDIT: Alright lads, it seems that only in a couple of days Alex Mahan has already seen that the video exists and responded to it as exactly as I predicted in the video. Here is the link where at the end he asks to falsely flag my video, so expect this to go down sometime soon, I will appeal it, but if it doesn’t go through I will reupload on my larger channel. Here is the response:

EDIT 2: I recently did an interview with Adam "Godwinson" Black as a post mortem on the documentary as I explain how I first started the documentary and what has happened after it came out. Here is the link:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EbDI... (VIDEO DELETED)

Edit 2,5 is back up and can be viewed here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRJg_... (VIDEO DELETED)

EDIT 3: Thank you for 10k views, I didn't expect it to get this many views. The Godwinson interview from (Text missing)

EDIT 4: After exactly 3 months, almost 30k views, finally the YandereDev Cult have begun to false flag and strike my videos down. My segment from the documentary of the fandom simulator has been taken down and I have appealed it, though I dont think it will go through so in the meantime I am privatizing all videos except this one since I am now on my second strike. If I get a third strike the channel gets nuked and I will make the backup documentary public, and you are also free to mirror this documentary if you wish. Had a great time reading and responding to all your comments, but I think the Mahanic Wrath has finally caught up to me. :)

EDIT 5: Just noticed that the documentary has pretty much exploded and it is nice to see all the comments come in. If I knew it would get this many views I would have made it a lot better in terms of structure and quality. I decided to do a small FAQ since I am getting these comments quite frequently:
"Why is the documentary so long?" - The documentary was meant to be an hour long but due to all the information and content I found, I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Even though the first hour is pretty dry, it was there to set the context for Alex Mahans later behaviors. There is also the psychological effect of a 2 hour documentary that turned out to be effective against Mahan and most of his fans. If I made the video 20 minutes it would have either been dismissed or just swept under the rug. Having a 2 hour rise and fall documentary sends a message.
"Do you hate YandereDev?" - Of course not, he does some very questionable things but I do not hate him as a person.
"Why do you bring up his past? Why do you hate him for being a pervert? Why are you making fun of his appearance?" -
This is a classic case of misinterpreting what I am saying, I bring up his early years to set context for his future behaviours and I explicitly state that I would not bring it up if he had changed his ways. I don't hate that he is a pervert because he himself admits it, I just showcase it because it is a contradiction of the cutesy "Devpai" persona and the real Mahan. Additionally I bring up his questionable interest in lolicon material because of his mostly underage fanbase. I also state that I don't care what someone looks like and only bring up his "woe is me" posts to establish context. At some points I add in some edited images but that is to just take the piss, nothing more.
"Wow! Stop calling people autistic or jews!!!!!!" - Who the fuck cares, it is just some video on the internet. Stop being a sookie la la. This video was only meant to set basic knowledge of the Mahanic situation, if you think that the documentary is too verbose you are more than welcome to make your own 20 minute easy-to-digest video, go for it.

The Not-So-Quick Rundown on Alexandere Mahan
yandere chan pistol.png

"The greatest trick Yandev ever pulled, was convincing the world that he was going to make them a lewd anime stealth game, when in reality all he ever wanted was to turn himself into a fully monetised E-celeb." - me

A list of Alexandere Stuart Mahans Life Achievements and accomplishments:

- earns between 5.000 - 10.000+ dollars per month, (Patreon, Youtube, Twitch and Merchandise
with a total net income estimated around 500.000 k - 1 Million Dollars (since arly 2014)
- having a youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers
- having a degree in animation
- Yandere Simulator is in development since spring 2014
- circa 27 years old (as of 2018)
- jew
- Narc
- weaboo
- video game addict
- pedophile (tried to have sex with a 14 year old girl)
- manlet
- virgin/incel
- pervert (his waifu is Zero Suit Samus)
- professional scam artist
- worked at a videogame company for 3 years, helped develop 10 games
- the last game he released in Early 2014, Lunar Scythe (an anime themed brawler), was a commercial failure full of bugs
- his coding is worse than an entry level amateur
- selling merchandise for an unreleased game
- unironically selling bodypillows
- unable to take any form of criticism, constructive or otherwise
- calls criticism misinformation and lies
- hugbox mentality
- being a tripfag on 4chan and 8chan
- steals assets from other games
- flips assets from the unity store and uses them for 4+ years
- being the physical embodiment of proctrastination
- streams videogames on twitch every day for about 4 hours
- fanbase of underage children and teenage girls
- a guy from reddit called NewYandereDev managed to relaunch a copy of Yandere SImulator from Scratch and port it to better programming software (C++) in LESS THAN ONE HOUR in 2017
- makes no progress on his game
- wants to abandon his game
- failed cringey hentai fic writer
- terrible writing skills
- has rape and murder fantasies (incuding his parents)
- living with his parents
- wrote blogposts about murdering his parents
- his game is permabanned from twitch for sexual exploitation of minors and explicit gore and violence afflicted upon underage characters
- Censoring Youtubers who play his game
- shitting on modders who support his game
- banning people for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all
- shutting down all comments on his social media after the Osana Controversy of June 2018
- treating volunteers for his game like shit
- promising crucial game features and being unable to implement them for 2+ years
- adding almost nothing but pointless easter eggs and cosmetics to his game
- Yandere Simulator is a poorly coded barely functional mess with barely any gameplay after 4,5 years of development
- He spends more time on making youtube videos and streaming on twitch than working
- incapable of hiring someone to do his mail
- closing the youtube comment section ON ALL HIS videos permanently after 50 months because he can not handle the backlash from the Osana controversy
- acting like an angsty woman on her period
- painting himself constantly as an overworked victim of harassment
- getting shit on by his Idol Mike Z (the lead developer of Skullgirls) in public
- being uncreative
- being endorsed by pewdiepie in 2015
- stealing ideas from other games
- promoting disgusting fan art
- harassing game critics, dopiling his underage fans on them, telling them to kill themselves and saying afterwards they deserved it for doubting him
- having temper tantrums on stream
- becoming traitor to his own audience of chan supporters
- not wanting to have a partnership with a company to finish his game
- endorsing a partnership with a company
- losing a partnership with a company over petty drama and his own lack of programming skill in less than a year

The Argent Collection
A selection of Yandev videos made by Argent, a canadian right wing youtuber and freelance lolcowlibrarian

>The Character Profile of YandereDev
- Act I
90 Minute Youtube Stream in September 2017


Argent forges a basic foundation who and what alexander mahan is as well as taking a look at his game after 3,5 years of development

Yandere Dev Update
>Almost No Progress, Greed is Massively Strong and I beat a Mission!
- Act II
Recent 80 Minute Stream June 1st 2018


Censored Because People are Pussies Who Get Triggered Over Anything Mildly Un-PC
(when he pulls up the DA account of the Tranny he says this artists is a literal faggot)

Argent takes a look into the developments of Yansim since his last stream and looks into the supportes behind the project, 50 months into the development cycle.

>Yandere Dev Tries It:
>My Fans Are Detractors and The Lack of Progress is Actually 4D Chess
- Act III


Argents 18 Minute response Video to the latest Osana Censorship Controversy of June 2018

Metokur Tweets
kilroy gate skeptic doxxing server cia nigger tire fire jew.jpg

As of this weekend Jim aka Mister Metokur has been allerted about the blazing trashfire that Alexander Mahan and his game have become. A designated Internet Insanity is now in the realm of possibility. 9 Tweets total over the course of just one evening.

#1 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005553935992713216

Waifu watchdog
>Have you picked up on this guy yet?


>On YandereDev? I haven't really paid much attention. Last I heard he was working with some company to get his code fixed up and his game out.

#2 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005555915892936704



>Sounds like he gave himself as concussion. lol

#3 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005557056760438785 - 2:07 PM - 9 Jun 2018

>His little sperg out on 4chan lol

>Why is he shit talking 4chan? Didn't he use /v/ to flush out his idea? Like I said I'm not that familiar but I could have sworn he was using the board to help get started.

#4 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005558227956846592

The Jaded Crawler
>That's 8chan ya goof (< Jim seemingly cant tell 4chan apart from 8chan, fucking Mr. Leddikur)

>I thought he went to 4ch, threw a fit, left. Then went to 8ch, threw a fit, left. Then went to Reddit. I'm really not that up to date on this guy I just remember the game pitch and that it's been in development hell forever now.

#5 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005558908692418566 - 2:15 PM - 9 Jun 2018

>Oof. I'm starting to get a Star Citizen vibe.

#6 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005559866444931072

Big Brain Evola Nigga
>you should watch his Twitch streams and look at his patreon account. it's clear why he's taking so ridiculously long with the game, he's making too much money and he's scared the product will underperform


>IDK about that. I mean looking at his Youtube account he has 2.1 million followers and his most recent vid has 62k likes. I'm not sure what his hold up his about finishing the game or why he pushed away people that have offered to help clean it up and finish it.

#7 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005562385493643264


>Huh looks like the Yandere Simulator subreddit is pissed off at him. I thought they were one of his more ardent supporters. Also did he nuke his discord or something? I'm seeing people angry about something happening with his discord.

#8 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005562791976161282 - 2:30 PM - 9 Jun 2018

>He nuked the discord server last night and made it Twitch sub only.


So he disables Youtube comments
Nukes hid discord
Only let's subs comment now
Changed his release date to "whenever"
Is this the start of a shitstorm, kinda feels like it.

#9 - https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/1005564221785083904 - 2:36 PM - 9 Jun 2018

>You should read the kiwifarms thread, it's a riot


>Holy shit it's nearly 1300 pages long.

Well that explains everything.
The Data Digger Collection
yandev spaghetti code.png
YanDevSpergOut as evaxephon.jpg
A selection of EXPOSED videos of maybe the most excellent Yandere dev detractor channel I could find, Yandere Data Digger.

The videos speak for themselves. Alexandere Mahan himself has executed several false flagging campaigns on this channel out of fear for his scam empire and his crumbling reputation.

Data Digger has recently opened an uncensored discord server as well, which you will find in his latest videos.

>A Warning To All Yandere Simulator Supporters - Posted in January 2018 - 80.000 views
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KanxPjPBn70 - Original created by Zflarex

Everything wrong with Yandere Simulator and the Developer in six and a half minutes.

>Janurary 2018 Progress Update - Tinybuild partnership TERMINATED
https://youtu.be/Ox8EH8yXr7w - Uploaded In January 2018 - Reuploaded and this video was created by Zflarex.

How Alexander Mahan lost his Partnership with Tiny Build Games and access to their programmer for the most idiotic reasons imaginable.

The Osana Controversy double feature

>Where's Osana but comments aren't disabled

>How Long Does It Take To Make A Video Game *reupload*

Reuploads from Data Digger of a Yandev Videos with Comment Section attached.

Meme videos

>Osana will be finished by "2017"

40 second nushell Meme Clip about the Osana Controversy from June 2018


>a message to fans of yandere simulator

15 second meme clip about Yandev

11 Minute Video why Yan Sim will never be finished.
yandere dev spamming threads on 4chan.jpg

>Yandere Simulator - the game that will never be (Tumblr style video)
11 minute video from BKgirl483 - Published in Jan 2018

As much as i do enjoy parts of Yandere Simulator, this video is going to explain why maybe it's not a good idea to assume 100% that this game is going to be a good one or finished at all.

There was a lot more i wanted to explain and tell in this video about YandereDev personally but i stayed back because some didn't have much evidence to it, down to a matter of opinion or something I don't know enough about to have a fair say in talking about it.

Lies straight from the roaches maw
yandev harassing female critics on tumblr.png

>Alexanders embarrasing E-Mail Complaints
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbQkf10LBnA - April 2016

Alex complains how he sees himself incable of handling his business mail like an adult for 20 minutes.

This is widely considered the first crack in his facade before shit started to went down big time and one his his worst overall videos of all time.

>Alexanders Rant video about his Twitch Ban
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS6GLrM0mVA - January 2017

Part I of II where Yandere Dev tries to throw his Youtube E-celeb Power against Twitch so He and his fans can force them to unban his buggy meme game.

Sufficient to say that his attempt failed.
And to wrap this up, some Misc Links.


http://yandere-simulator.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:CrystaltheCool - Full Set/The_Packs_From_The_Unity_Asset_Store_That_Are_Used_In_Yandere_Simulator

>Yandere Chan base model - confirmed asset flipping

>Alexanders private youtube channel

>Archive of Alexander Mahan posting and tripfagging on 4chan

>yandere simulator subreddit (currently in meltdown against Alex)

My closing statements to this thread and Alexander Mahan
yandere dev the world is better if you died.png
Yandere Simulator the comprehensive Shitpile.jpg
yandev shoots fans.png
yansim shit code 1.png
yansim shit code 2.png
Yandere Dev and his game has just entered maybe the act of their career which will be the beginning of the end. Truly one of the most notrious lolcows. I have hardly seen someone turn themselves to shit so hard in quite a long time.

Over the past days it has been going progressively worse by the day and now that more and more people see the detractor videos and that even Jim has smelled the smoke I am cautiously optimistic this thing will grow more cancerous soon. Check on the detractor channels for more updates.

This should be lesson to all of us. Independent Game development and crowdfunding are shitholes that are screaming for a scam. Dont be a gullible sheep and stay away from these demagogues that promise you a pie on the sky they can never deliver.
yandere chan with sniper rifle.png
Yandere Simulator/ Alexander Mahan
Lolcow Thread on MLPOL

8261 8279
I've heard a lot about the Yandere Simulator relaunch done in one hour, but I can't find any links to it. I just want to play a sneaky murdergame no matter who does it.

That said, I don't believe his slow progress is ''entirely'' due to laziness, since even the code he finishes seems highly non-optimal. I too have spent months of time making barely any progress because majority of my time goes on searching for parts I need, searching instructions on how to use them, and finding info on why they're not working as intended. A terrible coder with a good idea is like a man pushing a boulder across a desert while people with empty pickup trucks drive past calling him lazy.

That's not to say he wasn't wasting time on irrelevant stuff too, but being forced to do work you're woefully incompetent at is a constant uphill battle every single day. Say what you will about him, but he actually got the ball rolling for a game that would never have come to being without him. I can only dream of being as productive as he is.

>Yandere Simulator relaunch done in one hour

It existed and I would have loved to provide a video of NewYandereDev doing this. Sadly, as most of the critical content concerning Mahan this piece of Media has been hounded by his cultists and removed. I could not find a copy so far.

I can however confirm that NewYandereDev as of late 2017 showed ambition to create a new Anime Stealth game loosely inspired by the Yandere Sim idea. There is a twitter account under a new name that is connected to this, however last time i checked on it i did not see it was receiving regular updated. NYD's master of erecting a foundational basis for a similar game in C++ is in any case laques beyond anything Mahan has pulled out of the hat in his first 18 months of development.

>NYD's Twitter for his new game

On the topic of Mahan being a pioneer in his field: To a small degree i would be giving him the benefit of a doubt that he at one point in his caeer genuinely thought that he had good intentions and was trying to make a niche game for a non-normie audience. However, his past behavior, his incompetence as a programmer, his personality flaws and the fame that went to his head have corrupted him and his lifetime project beyond recognition.

> I can only dream of being as productive as he is.

Both amateur and accomplished Programmers have given their commentary in regards to Yansim's code and its creator and the majority of them disavow Mahan's practices as inapproriate for a professional. Keep in mind that most expansive mod projects are usually finished in 2 years and small scale indie games in about 4. Alex has completely blasted his schedule and his game isnt even in Alpha yet after almost 5 years.

In fact Alexander is so full of himself and his basic bitch code that he had a fallout with the Tiny Build Programmer that has been send to him to clean up his code. During their short working relationship in 2017.

According to eyewitnesses the new code was actually decent and would have improved the game by a great deal, making it better to worki with and a lot more stable. However, Alex being his usual Internet personaly self could not deal with this. Instead of getting a few lessons in advanced coding to decipher the progress he attacked the corporate programmer personnally, ruined his working contract and is now back to his old spaghetti code.

TLDR he lost everything in his company deal he had hoped for and more because of his own fault, now he looks like an utter idiot.

Last but not least, heres a video from Azzmann from January 2017, a whole one and a half years ahead of the current drama flood.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye8LhFcWqsI - i recommend a skip to the 10 minute mark

Azzman is one several Youtuber's who made a career on playing and streaming anime games, Yansim in particular. He has been nothing but polite and supportive to Alexander Mahan, but is treated by him like a step child. He has no symapthy for the man promoting his game and flags his content whenever he disagrees with it.

I'm worried that the whole one-hour game was nothing but a minimum-requirement fuck-you to Yanderedev. Like I said, I just want a game like this no matter who delivers it, but I'm afraid the lack of progress by NewYandereDev means he doesn't really have the skills either.

I've seen his code too, and not only is mine just as bad but there's less of it. "Impressive to anyone except those who know programming" sounds much worse than it is because so many people will never succeed in coding absolutely anything. What made him such a legend was that he at least managed to make something concrete from his ideas.

I cannot fathom how stupid he was for turning down the programming offer, as a skilled programmer could easily do his lifes work in less time than an amateur takes to just debug his own errors. That would have been any idea guys dream come true, so I cannot imagine why he'd go back to struggling with his own spaghetti code again for any reason whatsoever.
1677625__safe_artist-colon-aryanne_oc_oc-colon-aryanne_oc only_earth pony_emoji_female_mare_monochrome_nazi_pony_simple background_sketch_solo_thinking.jpeg
I'm kinda torn here. He sounds like a complete fucking sperg but at the same time /v/ is a total soyhole now full of switchfags who basically treat people the same way...
Don't really care because I could smell his scam cooking from the first week he started posting.
But it's nice to know others are finally catching on.
He always had set his goal way too high, promised way too much, and delivered absolutely nothing.
>Say what you will about him, but he actually got the ball rolling for a game that would never have come to being without him.
If you start enough fires, eventually something will rise from the ashes of one of them.
Exactly. My lifelong dream has been to start an open source sandbox project, but it would need at least the skeleton of the project for people to join in on. As I have constantly failed to make anything remotely playable for the last 15 years, I can only envy Yanderedev for managing to scrape together enough of a game to get the ball rolling.
Be careful when starting those fires.
You might have your most retarded follower come stop you and take over for you.
8278 9000
second screenshot.JPG
That's exactly what I'd want to happen. I simply cannot program a game, so if I could even scrape together just enough to inspire someone skilled to do it, I'd be happy that my ideas are finally getting done. There are games the world NEEDS, but since no one is doing them then even Yanderedev level coding would be a godsend to them. The best I could ever hope for is annoying someone into spending that one single hour of their time to throw together what I've spent a lifetime in vain with.

Pic related is as far as I've gotten. If the pony is hungry it eats the apple, if not, it takes the apple to the basket. If there is no apple, it bucks the tree to drop one. Getting to this point has taken literally months of my time, resulting in spaghetti code that I tried to rewrite from scratch once but ended up making just as bad again. This is where I gave up because with my skills every tiny step took an incomprehensibly long struggle to accomplish, despite being something any proper programmer could do in minutes.

Even if Yandere Simulator went down in flames, Yanderedev has already accomplished my greatest dream since childhood.
Dbvxhg6U8AAbtpR.jpg large.jpg

Alexander barely produced anything at all, even with all things considered. Most of the stuff he works with are premade unity assets and a few original models made by his volunteers. His Original Content, his writing, the code and pretty much anything besides his marketing all leave a great deal to be desired. that is really poor if you consider how long this project has been going, how much publicity it got and how much funds have been "sunk into it" (misappropriated by Alexander for his rivate use). I am confident to say that he has been selling a dream in the last years, not a game. He is physically incapable of creating what he promised and all his attempts to improve the development situation have ended in failure. Perhaps he was never really trying to begin with...?

Also you sound really desperate if you say you would want someone to steal your original game or game idea just to make it into a reality. You sound more like the type who should work as the producer rather than the programmer. Lastly, consider yourself lucky you did not sink more time into this pony game. I dont even know how many people got their stuff shut down by C&D letters. Best approach is always not to use corporate property if you are serious about it.

8280 8289
Wanna play a sneaky murdergame?
Play thief, its a lot more challenging and by my opinion a lot better.
I love Thief II The Metal Age
Yansim is stupid
yandere sim is stupid.png
theres been a slew of new videos talking about and exposing Yandere simulator as a scam since the recent explosion of drama and Alex shitting the bed over it.

heres a more notable one from someone called "Dillin Thomas"

>Yandere Simulator Is Stupid
20 minutes, from june 8th 2018, currently at 31k views

His avatar looks pretty faggy and and he talks like hes getting it up the ass, but the video is good and hes knowledgeable about the subject. Consider a look.

I especially liked the sections where he talked about Alexander using stolen assets from various people without permission, abusing his fanbase via a character he specifically designed to portray his potential customers as idiots and most importantly the broken development schedule that shows how promised core game features have been (intentionally?) missing from the game for years.
8296 8297
1724390__safe_artist-colon-rainb0wdashie_oc_oc only_dock_featureless crotch_padded cell_solo_straitjacket[1].png
>you sound really desperate if you say you would want someone to steal your original game or game idea just to make it into a reality.
You couldn't imagine how desperate I am about this! I have never wanted anything more than to design videogames, but there are no programmers just looking for ideas anywhere. I have nigh infinite creativity and can come up with any kind of game concept or mechanic on the fly, but without anyone to actually implement the games I'm thinking of my creativity is nothing but a curse. While I may have spent "only" months on the pony game, I have spent fifteen YEARS on various attempts with different engines and programs, all of which have failed! I am quite literally the worst possible programmer ever, as even someone who has never touched a computer at least wouldn't be broken by all the years of soul-crushing failures I've had.

I'm not worried about C&D:s. I don't aim to make money so just releasing a game as open source into the internet would make it pretty much impossible for anyone to stop. This pony game in particular is something that would benefit the fandom immeasurably by providing near infinite content in the form of a simulated pony town to mess with, so just getting it out there for people to play with would be the most important thing I could ever hope to accomplish.

Thief one was good until it turned into a zombie shooter, but I haven't found a version of Thief II that works on a modern computer yet.

ps. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have infinite ideas. Need a first-person horror game about watching paint dry? I just came up with how to make that interesting as soon as I wrote the previous sentence. Steampunk Accountant? Planned out now, too bad I can't program it. Furry-erotic geography edutainment? Can't get it out of my head now. Fun fact: My "ask for ideas" thread got deleted from 4chan after someone requested a synopsis for How Bill raped Hillary romance novel and I started writing it out. So, if anyone needs ideas for games, stories or movie scripts, character motives or workarounds for plotholes, theoretical alien species with their evolutionary histories, or whatever else may need some creativity, I can provide. Providing ideas is pretty much the only thing I can do.
File (hide): 4EA77F2FFF01B5A222DE203760CB274D-19153094.mp4 (18.3 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:01:02, downward spiral.mp4) [play once] [loop]
downward spiral.mp4
I have noticed that more and more videos that are harshly critical with Alexander are currenlty being mass flagged and/or removed/hidden from Youtube, with most of them being close to the 100.000 view mark.

This includes all the Argent videos in this thread, who have helped kick of the avalanche that is now drowning Alexander. As long as you have access to the links here, you should be fine and able to rewatch them.

After the mass censorship that occured on yandere simulators youtube channel and physically all related social media, alexander is now actively going out of his way to destroy any form of dissent he can find in the public space. I can only hope that this too will contribute to his anticipated destruction.

Alex burns down the Bridge to his Reddit fans
kick them right away.png

Alexander has abandoned the Yandere Simulator subreddit, one of his last great hugboxex, after it turned out that the moderatprs were not obedient enough for his sensitive tastes.

The Moderators of the former official Yansim reddit have now cut their ties with him, turned on Alex and removed a rule that banned criticism of Alex.

Dpcumented discord conversation between yansim reddit mods and Alex


"They took a day of their time, and Alex agreed to not make a new Subreddit. Now, he has spat in their face and decided that us allowing people to express their opinion is not okay.

We are here for you, the fans. Not for Alex. We do not tolerate being thrown under a bus again. If he thinks he can run a Discord/Subreddit, we invite him to. However, we are not going anywhere. We won’t sell out and we want to hear from you. What do you think about this?" - Head of Staff of the Yansim Subreddit
yandev anime shoop.png
yandev tranny.png

I made a thread for the pony game here, but I'm not feeling too hopeful about it: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/res/153047.html

You can get the "game" itself from here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/bxyoec Either run horsebox.exe to see it in action, or open the project in Unity to see what truly desperate coding looks like.
>but there are no programmers just looking for ideas anywhere. I have nigh infinite creativity and can come up with any kind of game concept or mechanic on the fly
Because literally anyone can do this.
Get an actual skill.
Learn to manage, write or get loads of cash. This is the only way you're going to have control over a game without having to learn how to program/art.

How Alex censors his fans
yandere simulator comments are being deleted that isnt true COMMENT DELETED.jpg
>comments are being deleted!
>"That is not true!!!" - t. Yandere Dev
<Message deleted>
>"Monitoring the comments is being interpreted as censorship, so i am going to close the comment section."
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meant for:>>8297

jewdere simulator alexander mahan.jpeg
>Alexanders Kiwifarms Account - made in 2016

>Alexanders Entry in the lolcow Wiki
https://lolcow.wiki/wiki/YandereDev - recommended for read

also id like to report that Alexanders patreon dipped from over 5000 dollars as of recent to about 4.200 dollars this month. It is expected it will end up lower next month as well du to the continued drama and controversies which he fails to amend.
yandere simulator case study of incompetence.png

this video is now the most viewed Yansim Detractor video
next to the several reuploads of the 8chan documentory
and argents now unlisted streams
8/v/ should have made a 15 minute supercut
you cant expect 12 year old chidlren to sit though a poorly edited 2 hour video
people on kiwifarms speculate Alexander will soon announce that he will abandon development due to trolling and harassment
he cant not focus on it
aside from the fact the he may or may not have a mental disorder about exericing control over it
he may have planned this
developments was stuck for 2 years with no progress
thats his ticket out
if he makes more drama videos about it he can paint himself as the victim and leave
A video like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgqGDsL_Drw needs to be made.
yandere dev impression.png
new video from that tumblr weaboo thot

Yandere Simulator - it's got a bad developer
12 amd a half minutes
Mini Update - Yandev continues to gradually decline
pizza nuke.jpg
>The Real Yandere Dev - Content Detective
47 Minute video from Kappa Kaiju. - currently at 75k views

Not really something new if you have followed the unraveling of the Alexander since June, but its a decent wrap that grabs Mahan by the collar so to speak. Points out that Mahan has NO FORMAL CODING EDUCATION WHATSOEVER and that NOT WORKING on the game is currently more profitable to him than finishing it. Boycotting him seems to be the only option left.

I'd also like to announce Alexander Mahan has now founded an "official" new Subreddit for Yansim, which is under his compleze thoughtcrime control and mainly used by his drone fanboys.

The former official Yansim subreddit has now officially been disowned for being a detractor.

Also, Alexanders monthly Patreon payments are now below 3.500 dollars (formerly around ~4.000 before the developments of June 2018)
Yansim Website DEAD
yandere sim wordpress takedown.jpeg
>dead Link direct

>archive of the yansim wordpress before kill

I'd like to report that as of last night, the official Yandere Simulator Wordpress Blog, archiving 4+ years of "development", has been removed from its web domain..

Allegedly the site was taken down by the host company of wordpress itself due to "Terms of Service" violations regarding the sexualisation of/explicit violence against minors.

Mahan has not yet responded to the issue in public and is (according to a mole) waiting for an E-Mail from Wordpress. It is expected he will soon evade to another blogsite to rebuild, perhaps even make a website himself. He would posess the funds now to do so. It is rumored he took the site down himself as a false flag since he plans to abandon the game soon.

Opera Snapshot_2018-08-19_123218_mlpol.net - Yansim - Yandere Simulator - Yandere Dev - Alexander Mahan - Lolcow Thread - MLPOL - Jew.png

Website's back up again.
He seems to have gotten the wordpress back up.
Why don't you use gmod, it's easier to use alredy existing assets programing scripts than to make it this way.
Some great games came out of game mods, like CS, Tf2, dota, Dayz..
due to the continued controversies, spergouts, exposed videos and failed damage control Alexander Mahans Patreon has now shrunken down to 3.100 dollars per month, from formerly over 4.000 dollars.

meaning about 25% of his direct financial fan support has been terminated
>3.100 dollars per month, from formerly over 4.000 dollars
Jesus Christ. I don't really know who this guy is and I'm too lazy to read the whole thread, but from what I gather this guy basically rakes in more money per month in donations from random autists than I earn from doing a legitimate well-paying job, just because he's making a game that he doesn't even seem to ever work on? Did I read that correctly?
jews stealing money from a fountain.jpg

you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

hes a jewish scam artist making an anime stealth game with intense gore since early 2014, initially pitched it to 4chan, but became/was hypersensitive to criticism and sook refuge in an underage fanbase on youtube and reddit. The fact that his game is for mature audience only makes one question how his many underage fans manage to supply him with funds. he usually earns a high 4 figures salary per month with all income considered, probably similar if not higher than DSP. The saddest thing is that hes not even good at his job, only at marketing himself. Which is not only why he is getting so much hate but also the reason why he will never finish this game. Besides being physically incapable to do it, it is more profitable for him to keep it in development hell.
Game Alternative + Yansim channel keeps declining

>Sample Video from the main channel of the developer of Watashi no Mono
if you are interest in this type of game, i strongly recommend you get in touch with this thing

>new yandere dev drama
some pink haired twat claims
apparently the new not-yandere simulator game is killing his channel
he already reached out to the developer and shat on him
his channel kept being shit own by new exposed videos weekly, the decline is visible on socialblade
Yandere Simulators Optimization Issues

Yansim runs like ass even on lowest settings
this is a new video from late september
AFTER a patch athat added an optimizations menu
it took him over 4 and a half years to put this in and it barely betters performance

less than 15 FPS average on lowest settings on a high end gaming notebook