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I went to McDonald's today and got a Filet-O-Fish combo with a bacon cheeseburger on the side. I was eating it in my vehicle in the parking lot and listening to an audiobook when I glanced up and saw the McDonald's worker I ordered outside having a cigarette.

She waved at me and I nodded and had to wait 7 minutes before she went back inside and I could eat in comfort again. I don't think that employees should be bothering or even trying to socialize with customers outside of the McDonald's restaurant or drive through, but that is another story.

I went to McDonald's for dinner tonight and got a McChicken combo with a bacon cheeseburger on the side. As I was driving to the second window the same girl was still working. She was acting somewhat obsequious and attempting small talk when she asked, 'why don't you come eat inside instead of in the parking lot where it is cold'.

That really bothered me for many reasons. First of all, I don't want my routine or actions to be tracked by a fast food employee. Secondly, she should not try to tell me how I should live my life. I do not want to eat inside because I find it less comfortable and would much rather be inside my vehicle listening to an audiobook and enjoying myself and my privacy.

Overall, I think it was very unprofessional to bring this up. I should have a clean slate with each drive through visit, not have to get the third degree because I committed some sort of faux pas. Which I don't think I did, because I often see people eating in fast food parking lots. How does she know I am not busy going to work or somewhere in a rush?

How do you feel about eating in your vehicle in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant versus eating inside the restaurant?
I prefer doing it in the car. It feels more like you're in the comfort of your own home. Also most (I assume all that are in drivable condition) cars have heaters so you can make it comfortable warm if you like. And as you say you got full control of your own entertainment.
She might just think that eating inside the restaurant is the preferred choice, and tried to be nice. Many people often assume that the norm is what everyone like, and want to nudge you into the realm of "normal". But it can also be that she fancies you, and if the restaurant was more or less empty she might have had opportunity to get a conversation going, if she got you inside. But reading those signs are not my strong point, and being shy and preferring my own company I don't act on the "hints" to see if there is a deeper meaning.
>unironically eating fast food
There's your first problem anon. The second element is, have you ever worked a fast food restaurant? Employees that aren't complete retards (yes, it happens) get really bored really quick. As >>7696 says she may find you attractive or some element to you as being admirable/distinctive, but at the same time she could just be trying to be friendly. Some people are conditioned that way, to attempt to connect with people. Pinkie Pie for example.
Tl;dr Some people like to shake hands, while other people wonder why everyone wants to control their dominant hand during greetings.
Do you really eat 2 of your daily meals at donalds?
Crap op, that's a lot of burger
I'm sorry but you might be autistic.
She was probably just trying to be nice and friendly.
They're not "tracking you" she just remembered you. Jesus fuck.
She wasn't telling you how to live your life. She asked why you do something.
Humans are allowing to talk anon, is it unprofessional to be nice? She didn't give you a third degree, you're the one who is doing that.
Maybe try eating out less if social interaction bothers you that much.
One, see >>7698
Two, see >>7699
Three, go to a fucking Wendy's or Taco Bell. Variety is the spice of life even among cheap fast-food. Also, Wendy's is better quality while Tacobell is really cheap. Learn to minnax for greater rewards.

>Giving OP more suggestions for fast food
Well now you've done it, if he really is autistic he'll just give himself the diabetus and die now.
pretty sure this is a pasta.