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INTERNET DRAMA - The Implosion of the Sons of Kojima (SOK)
"Scorched earth. The SoK has decayed into a cancer, lead by corrupt wannabe cult leader Fred Fuchs. Stockholm Syndrome at it's worst for members that are terrified to leave. Standing ovations abound." - SirJamesDTech

A short while ago the handmaiden of the leader of the SOK, Moogle, was ungraviously let go from the infamous Sons of Kojima podcast after being smacktalked, despite his years of trusty service towards his liege Fred Fuchs. What followed was a submission of a years worth collection of internal documents and recordings that show that this group of parasitic obsessive circlejerk streamers is not only ruled over by an insufferable individual with a control complex, but has also turned from a part time fun commentary group into a terminally cancerous mass or mentally retarded school yard mafiosos.

What we are currently witnessing could very well be a serious blow against the continued existence of this group, if not their utter destruction within the forseeable future. A Mister Metokur video about the subject is within possibiliy and speculated to be released within the next 1-4 weeks.

Sons of Kojima Kiwifarms thread by JoRo

ED page

Anti-SOK Videos from NoSafeSpaceForYou

Sons of Kojima Exposed Youtube Channel
Threadly Disclaimer and Quick Rundown on the subject
File (hide): 12AB867062F2D715EE1891E2AF9FC923-610468.m4v (596.2 KB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:04, DSp worthless humans.mp4) [play once] [loop]
DSp worthless humans.mp4
So this thing kind of went over my head. For one, I do not watch either parties involved here and second, I've been busy following the trainwreck that was Jonathan Ross and the Bathub gang. Thankfully (or tragically) some of the events and people from there also managed to pop up in this upcoming Saga of Internet Drama, which sparked my Interest. Most of this drama started Tuesday this week, September 5th 2017.

For Cross references see the main Thread here - >>1804 →

If You dont know who the Son of Kojima are or what their business is, heres a quick rundown:
- there exist a Let's play channel run by a man called Phillip Burnell (Internet Alias DarksydePhil/DSP for short)
- DSP has been a lets player for over 8 years
- sadly, he a only mildly less retarded version of Chris Chan and bad at his job
- Somehow with his inability at being a competent videogamer Phil managed to give the live spark to a widespread community of people that hate, document and perpetuate him and his content
- A lot of people hate him and watch his videos only to make Fail compilations of them
- The "Sons pf Kojima" (named after the famous Japanese Game designer) are the biggest cohesive Anti-DSP community on youtube and possibly on the internet
- they were founded in 2015 and are currently led by an individual under the name "Fred Fuchs" (named after a running gag from the Angry video game nerd)
- So far the SOK have produced over 500 hours(!) worth of live commentary since their insurrection, almost exclusive made by and about Philip Burnell
- Their Youtube account currently sits at about 14.000 subscribers.
Former SOK member who left in 2016 speaks out against Harassment from SOK and their degeneration
Fred Fuchs and a henchmen """Interrogate""" the co-author of the ED article for 25 minutes

Note: The co-author of this article is Boon aka Ironic Meme name from the Bathtub gang. The full draft of the ED article was likely written by an individual named Burn, who has been a mod in the 4chan steam group for years.
Mr. Metokur shits all over Fred Fuchs and his Yes-Men on their own stream

Upload from August 18th, includes loads of awkward silence, fake laughter, stuttering and bad excuses.
Fred Fuchs uses a voice changer to stalk an autist from the Bathtub Gang (Puk) into gay cyber sex
File (hide): 0B346B54671587F0F9BCB841E63A06EC-385827.m4v (376.8 KB, Resolution:360x360 Length:00:00:06, gay pepe.mp4) [play once] [loop]
gay pepe.mp4
Intel on Fred Fuchs himself
- 27 years old
- male
- US American
- lives in Illinois
- overweight
- possible Italian hetitage/ Ethnic Jew
- masturbates to dickgirl hentai/possibly a closet homosexual
- allegedly trying to get a masteres degree in political science
- closet SJW
- shows signs of paranoia and clinical pycopathy
- cant take contructive criticism
- initiates witchhunts in his own community
- thinks he is the talking head of the entire anti DSP community on the internet
- forces unfunny memes in the Anti DSP Community
- seems to suffer from some kind of compulsive behavior disorder that locks him into acting like he is morally superior to others and goes out of arguments winning
- encourages circlejerk mentality
- responsible for the internal quality decline of the SOK and the departure of important stream contributors
- intimidates other users and stream regulars on the show into silence
- gets unironically angry at people for having bad sound during streams
- is host to a circlejerk of flag and downvoter bombers on both Youtube and Twitter
- took over the Sons of Kojima for personal gain, to become famous and make a career on toutube that was supposed to grant him monetary independance
- bans people for mentioning or linking the ED article in his stream
- sends spys after people and purges community members for being moles
- issues false copyright strikes against other Anti-DSP Channels that are not under his control for video monetization
- IS hypocritical towards bigger anti-DSP channels he cant intimidate or is friends with for video monetizations
- thinks he is both morally and factually superior to others, regards critics as detractor and dismisses them for being childish, envious towards him or just blanket hating on the SOK in general.
- cant diversy the content of his channel and is blissfully ignorant to the fact that the Death of DSP will mean the Death of his Youtube Channel as well
More Sok Leaks, discovered Dirty laundry and false apologies
Fred Fuchs false blanket apology and rebuttal.JPG
fizz (1).PNG
"If you remove DSP out of the equation, the SoK are irrelevant, no one would watch their shit if it wasn't DSP related. They need DSP to feel validated about themselves. They were doing damage control, banning people commenting on leaks. SoK had to end some way or another but this leak was a ticking time bomb from the get go. Best thing to happen on the shitstain known as SoK. " - Pointandlaugh

"Also, that apology had a fucking lie in it and did not address any issues. It was blanket. He didn't feel sorry he said in it he felt ashamed. It came off as some pro-bono insincere apology. " - King of Pol

"You honestly think there's going to be another SoKast?
Fred with that half-assed, bullshit, drenched in lawyer speak "apology" twitlonger, Drgnkiller calling for a vote to remove the fuck, every member except the ones drunk laying in their own piss on the couch watching another Rick & Morty marathon(Picture of FizzDoctor) are jumping ship. Just imagine all the trolling and furor in their stream chat if they try putting on a SoKast with Fred leading it. "
- SirJamesDTech, lead evidence provider

"This is a backlash that SoK never faced before. No matter what Fred does the Internet remembers. Ex members aren't playing games." - Supermariopawnstar

"Just want to post these for proof on here that Fred banned and reported me for criticizing him. He has turned completely into Phil, in some ways even surpassed him ahahah" - JoRo, Thread creator and editor

Quick Rundown on Sok Leaks by Joro & Neger Psykolog
Pretty much Fred is fucking insane, look at the OP as it has a lot of context to everything. If you want a quick rundown, Fred has lied about false copyright strikes, doxxed people like tevin, posted TheycallmeTXTs ip, egged on pol into drama with txt and vidar causing pol a lot of problems and then kicked pol out of the group after It backfired on him, he has also talked shit about every member, harassed, blackmailed, and blacklisted people over monetization. Also when people criticize him he either ignores it, blocks people on stream or reports people on twitter just like phil. In ways he has surpassed phil ahahah

Fred has been revealed to be very paranoid/controlling over other people, mainly seems to be targeted at people who have left SoK or spoken badly about them.
Fred/some members of SoK flip out if anyone monetizes videos about DSP
Fred/some members of SoK have been implicated in blackmail of people
Fred/some members of SoK have been implicated (or was aware) of fraudulent copyright strikes against DSP
Fred/some members of SoK have implicated (or was aware) of Doxxing of certain people
Fred/some members of SoK have (or was aware) of organized disliking of videos that went against his views
Fred/some members of SoK have (or was aware) of organized reporting/takedown of videos that went against his views
Fred/some members of SoK have (or was aware) of organized reporting of twitter accounts that went against his views
Generally speaking a lot of the SoK members have recorded voice conversations, captured Skype text chats and similar things leading to a large amount of controversial information being revealed. This is where a large amount of drama seems to be coming from.

NOTE: After the recent leaks, manhunts, spying and involvement in false copyright strikes it is speculated thet Fred Fuchs/ the SOK had a hand in Phillip Burnell getting SWATted in mid 2015, that they either knew or perhaps even ordered it. Evidence of this could be incriminating for a prison sentence and is speculated to be held back by Freds remaining henchmen.
Che's Response To Sons of Kojima Leaks
"Don't want to rain on the parade, but nearly every primary member dropped the 'SoK' tag. Nothing to really salvage. The ex-members are better off not making a treehouse club and just making their own content whenever. Next SoKast if they actually bother is just going to be Fred and Fizz playing damage control or fellating each other between Overwatch games for 4 hours. " - Rare Drop

"OH MAN its almost like me stating that fred kept pushing me to do shit & do unhealthy behaviors was fucking TRUE. Sounds like HMG and others look like they just got blown the fuck out.

Looks like the gloves are off. Who's ready to hear secret recorded convos of Fred on voice talking about how he hates TXT, Tevin, Pascal, him giving me TXT'S DOX. You all ready? When I get home expect some massive leaks "
- King of /pol/, just now
skateboard retard.jpg
Fred Fuchs pulling a Chandlerian stunt, purposely adding information of several high profile SOK members to his ED article to """oust""" a mole in his community.

File (hide): C175F571D515EA7AE785A93367203B7F-665112.webm (649.5 KB, Resolution:512x304 Length:00:00:09, lel.webm) [play once] [loop]
"You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other. " - Null
King of Pol released Skype screenshots from a Fuchs whiteknight
swat cops.jpg

Allegedly this "Fayt" person seems to either be Fuchs or a sympathizer of Fuchs. IF you can believe KOP he also has ties to the Swatting incident or even caused it by himself.
Mr. Metokur has been activated.
Jim is in. He knows and he is reading.

Also apparenly this Fayt guy is someone called Eddy. Word is Eddy let Fred Fuchs in on his SWATting plans before he executed them in 2015.

01B Fayt's kill phil screencaps in GSoK Discord.png
KoP Leaks of Fayt/Eddy talking about Killing/supporting the killing of DSP.
Fred Fuchs Identity possibly unearthed as Wilfredo Najarro
Possible footage of "Fred Fuchs" IRL Identity or family members of his, found by either /cow/ or /baphomet/ on 8chan.
The KING OF DIVAS speaks out.
Former famous Anti-DSP Community Member KING OF DIVAS VLOGS, who had beef with the SOK and officially surrendered in 2015 (leaving his youtube channel dormant) speaks out against Fred Fuchs and the SOK.


SOK Insider gives an analysis on Freds internal conflict of power hunger & responsibility rejection
"I used to defend Fred, and as a watcher of everything that has been happening with the recent drama between TXT and KoP, which digressed into KoP vs Fred, I actually defended Fred and was actually going to make a video addressing KoP as I felt he was in the wrong in the situation, but after seeing all this evidence, I really can't believe I was going to try and defend Fred. Now that I have seen the light, I can tell you 2 things.

1. Fred loves being in charge. In the discord I was in, he relished being the leader, despite not doing anything, and would occasionally crack jokes about kicking people out of amusement. The entire reason he was even made an admin was due to a joke poll made about him becoming an admin there, which he seized and forced on everyone to vote on, despite having backlash from people with geniune concern and opposition which he just brushed off and pushed forward anyway making peace offerings and goodwill gestures. Once getting in charge, he started to use his power just to insult others, albeit some of it being funny, but due to who is doing it, I can't stand by the humor of it all, such as making an entire group in the server simply to make one user feel bad about himself not having a girlfriend at the time, which just further shows he likes to harass and abuse power. He also made the 1v1 room which KoP mentioned before for him and his fan girl/girlfriend to hang out in and have no one else to talk in when they are in there. One user was even blacklisted by Fred after a joke cut Fred too deep and they began an argument which lasted at least two days with the user being mocked for his new "role" in the server simply because Fred had a bad day. Granted, he apologized for it, but it was in the presence of said girlfriend and others seeing him being exposed.

2. Fred is a direct liar and deflects any responsibility. Many times he has directly said in his own literal words coming out of his mouth "I am not in charge of anything". Whenever someone was needing help with anyone in the server or the SoK itself, he would stick behind the "They won't listen to me" logic and refuse to even say anything towards the group. He even spent an entire afternoon muting everyone just to fight with this person over whether Fred and the SoK are morally right when it comes to criticizing/mocking people. Fred stuck to his guns that he doesn't control the group in any way, and that he has no power that cannot be equaled by anyone else when the truth was he found it amusing no matter what it was and he was simply shifting the blame to his fellow members and acting like he was in an asylum and the lunatics are the ones running it.

For those who found this too long, I'll TL:biggrin:R for you: Fred is a power hungry, teflon attitude man who is in many ways the same as Phil himself.

Fred, if you are reading any of this, maybe you should go back to the server and try and make true amends and not the stupid crap you did before. "
More Insight from the SOK Insider about Fred Fuchs
Would you say Fred is essentially a cult leader?

I could. During the argument I mentioned before that took place while he muted everyone, the fight became "Fred is the leader of the group" so he unmuted those he muted and asked one by one "Do you see me as leader?" putting them on the spot in the middle of a tense and quite ferocious argument he was having. At the time I was buying into his crap so I said he was simply the voice of the group but not the leader, as did everyone else. That imo is exact Cult Mentality when it comes to the leader demanding you tell him if hes ordering you around or not and puts the pressure on you for it.

I am curious, did anyone say "No" while he was going around the room doing this?
If someone did or had, what would have happened to them?

Just to clarify, the question was "Do you see Fred as the leader of the SoK?" which we now know is practically the truth due to his actions.

No, no one disagreed with his stance, and if they did, they would have been dragged into this strawman argument he was having with the other user, and basically would have manipulated his way through it to look like he was a victim and the people saying he was the leader and not just a member of the SoK were wrong. Basically, the argument was about defending people on a server he was apart of, and that as the leader of the SoK who criticize DSP and criticize him for attacking his fans, Fred should be doing something about it, to which he finally unmuted everyone and one by one "Do you see me as the leader of the SoK? Yes or no? Ok, I'll skip you and get back to you in a minute to answer then" and would move on. He was essentially called out on his crap and was pushing back and you could feel in the audio call that if anyone said yes, then you made his list and now you get to be roasted by him as well.
Metokur tweets about the SOK Leaks popping up on /v/ - 2017 Year of Phil
Mr Metokur Sons Of Kojima September 2017.png


Caps from the Sons of Kojima Hitbox Channel by Rare Drop
(Twitch was terminated a while ago)
Former SOK Member Stream
fire feel wojak.jpg

Former SOK members are holding a stream on twitch and roast Fred Fuchs, the host is loophole, Guest is Hey its Che and Tevin. Renegade may be in there too. They are currently talking about a woman with cancer Fred Shittalked in 2015 who had passed by now, they wish Fred Death. Che is openly talking about spilling all his beans to Metokur for a video.
The Sons of Kojima are no more.
File (hide): 18EEF824D35C774A97B1E92C56B10000-745297.webm (727.8 KB, Resolution:720x480 Length:00:00:11, Zeldadriver.webm) [play once] [loop]
"And now Che is telling stories about Fred calling him 4 in the morning to talk about flying out to fight people. Che, seriously dude, you gotta make an account here and tell these stories bro. This is fucking too funny to try and fit in one stream lol." - Keystone

Over the course of the last night, the Sons of Kojima has disbanded for good. There was no official statement from Fred Fuchs about it. It is doubtful we will ever hear from him ever again, according to rumors he is now suicidal, this Podcast was his life. The community spread over 4 chatrooms of backstabbing Pseudo KGB Agents is blown into the 4 winds.

All his former internet friends threw him under the bus, the spicy Loophole stream set the house ablaze and now theres nothing left but smoldering cinders. Every bigger SOK member has distanced themselves from Fred and dropped the SOK Tag on Twitter. Even his inner circle of Partisans left him in the dust or are driving off into Oblivion. The SOK is now history.

Theres still dirty laundra to be washed about EvilAJ2010, who was an assistant in spying in harassing people, SchadenFräulein, who was a suicide baiter and involved into monetary scams as well as other people. Expect a smaller stream of leaks from former members in the near future. In Regards to Mr. Metokur, It is unknown if he will make a video about this, but he essentially told Fred Fuchs to fuck himself when he was asked to Trollshield him. Another IRL photo of Fred Fuchs was leaked in the Kiwifarms thread from an alleged Insider, sadly i could not obtain it.

I've got to give credit to DarksdydePhil. Not only was he right about a sizeable portion of his detractors being clinically insane retards, they were also commiting crimes and showed overall shady behavior to ruin his livelihood. With all the pain and hypocrisy the SOK dished out in their 3+ years of existence, it only took one punch on to their collective class chin to send them hurdling towards the ground. Phil deals with this shit for over 8 years now and hes still riding with worse things happening to him.

With the SOK gone, the Anti DSP community took a serious Blow it might never again recover from. There is nothing to salvage here, everybody is gone or on the move. If anything, this event will splinter the remaining antis even further.
"I just noticed that the SoK YouTube page now says: "We were the Sons of Kojima."" - Tripmix
Im outta the loop who were the sok?
Im a stupid asshole im funny ohohoho DSP Super Saiyan.png

Anti Darksydephil Detractor Community of Former Phil fans (on Youtube, twitter etc) formed in late 2014 who made hundreds of hours worth of live group commentary exclusively on DSP video or DSP related content.

They were rotting away after Fred Fuchs got in charge and established a Communist-esque thought crime regime against his own supportes and external Anti-DSP Channels/Communities. Fred spend up to 19 hours day in group chats and calls, most of their videos are between 2 and 6 hours long. Many of them are now suspected to be mentally ill.
2015 Recording of a 1,5 hour debate between Jonathan Ross (yes, THAT guy) and Hey Its Che
SOK Youtube Featured OLD.jpg
SOK Youtube Featured NEW.jpg
Fred Fuchs has removed all other Sons of Kojima Member related Youtube Channels from the FEATURED list on the Official SOK Channel. I take it this is the definitive proof this things is now broken up.
DSP's commentary on the destruction of the SOK Part 1
Source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sq5us3

My thoughts on the SOK situation (And my only ones, so please, stop asking me for more):

Tons of people are now messaging me to say that SOK is "being exposed for doing horrible things to me that they denied for years" and the like via a series of leaks. It was obvious the vast majority of the shit was always them, as they are the only group who delve THAT DEEP into my personal shit. I would NOT be surprised if they performed the vast majority of negative things against me including the DOXXing, DDOS attacks, false copyright strikes, prank calls, pizza deliveries, signing up my e-mails to HUNDREDS of spam e-mail sites, signing up my physical mail to dozens of catalogs and magazines I don't want, sending me feces in the mail (yes, all of that happened) and even SWATing me. And remember, Leanna's father ALSO got SWATed after the SWAT against us didn't get any of the negative desired effect nor the real ability to make fun of us.

That's the most fucked up thing about SOK and the like: the way they don't only try to ruin MY life, but the lives of everyone around me as well. I wholeheartedly admit that money was one (of many) factors in the breakdown of my relationship with Leanna, and what caused the money situation? Two things: 1. My accumulating huge debt from a move across the USA, and 2. My INABILITY TO PAY OFF THAT DEBT because of false copyright strikes singlehandedly DESTROYING DSPGaming as a profitable YouTube channel. Now that it's come out that they were directly involved with the false copyright strikes, I can 100% accurately say that SOK has, in many ways, destroyed my reputation, my capacity to keep making money on YouTube, and my personal life as well.

I WILL NOW REVEAL SOMETHING THAT I HAVE NEVER REVEALED BEFORE, and it's something the SOK have dwelled on FOR YEARS and totally spun for their own purposes. This will blow your mind: the REAL reason that we did not attend Leanna's brother's wedding.

After Leanna's father was SWATed despite us never mentioning him in any video nor giving out info regarding him, we KNEW nobody was safe. None of our family members would ever be immune from the hatred and vile actions that we were suffering, because the people doing them had no moral compass nor conscience. So when it came time to start making preparations to attend Leanna's brother's wedding in late 2015, we talked DIRECTLY with him and his wife-to-be about it. We came to the conclusion that, ultimately, if we attended there would be a STRONGLY increased chance that someone would try to fuck with us and ruin the event. Which obviously we did NOT want to happen because it wasn't our event to get ruined. That would have been INCREDIBLY fucked up: having someone else's once-in-a-lifetime event get ruined by a SWATing or another kind of "harmless prank" that these fuckwads would try to pull. So after having serious discussions about it, we all collectively agreed to stay home and not attend the event. I stopped mentioning it altogether and Leanna and her brother were both VERY sad, but knew it was for the best.

DSP's commentary on the destruction of the SOK Part 1
i guess fate was against us.jpg

What did the SOK do? Well first, they decided to FIND OUT THE ADDRESS AND DATE OF THE WEDDING! YES, that is entirely true: they're SO fucking sick that they, on their own and without my mentioning it for MONTHS, researched and found the event, and then spread that info ALL OVER THE INTERNET. They then decided to spin it that the reason we weren't attending was because I HAD FORCED LEANNA TO SKIP IT so that I could stay home and play Fallout 4, to make money. They actually accused me of keeping her at home forcefully! It couldn't have been further from the truth: it was the crippling fear that THE SOK THEMSELVES, who found the damned date and address of the wedding, would have SWATed the wedding, that made us stay home. So not only were they the reason we missed the wedding, they then turned their own vile actions into a way to make me look bad after the fact........IT'S MIND-NUMBING, isn't it?

The best part? I don't even know any of them, nor do I even know who the hell they are OUTSIDE of the fact that they all want to hurt me. It's absolute insanity.

That's how that group is, just like anyone is who is hyper-focused on HURTING one person you don't even know. It's stereotypical stalker behavior and when it happens to celebrities, they get restraining orders. Sadly, I never had a defense against this kind of stuff, because I wasn't big enough, smart enough or rich enough to find a way to put protections in place and/or just be immune to it. This is a textbook case of a bunch of sick-headed, mentally ill (YES, if you try to ruin someone's life who you don't know, you ARE mentally ill) individuals trying to destroy someone they've never met and have zero personal relationship with. It's disgusting and disturbing.

There's a line between laughing at someone's shortcomings, and trying to destroy their life and the lives of their family. And it's NOT a fine line.

For those who are finally "Seeing the light," they need to look back over the last several years, all the shit they did to me since I moved to Washington, and seriously see if they can live with themselves. I feel bad even when I INADVERTENTLY hurt someone, but these people deliberately tried to destroy me for literally NOTHING. NO LOGICAL REASON. That's wrong on so many levels.

Anyway, outside of the fact that it's been exposed that the SOK were directly involved with the false copyright strikes against DSPGaming and more, I'm not reading up on any of the drama shit, and I honestly don't care. My life is already destroyed in a lot of ways, both financially and personally, and I'll probably NEVER recover from the financial situation I'm in, that they created. Therefore, why dwell on it? I've got a good thing going with Twitch and I'm going to focus on the positives instead of the crazy amount of negatives I've suffered at their hands. So please, don't keep contacting me with "juicy new info" as I don't care. Just let me do my daily thing and be who I've always been since day 1, and let's keep stuff positive moving forward. Everything else is just white noise that we can block out.

2717 2718
Is it weird that I feel sorry for DSP, or normal? He's bad at video games, but nobody deserves Swatting.
*nobody who is simply bad at video games. Plenty of people deserve swatting, but they're people that harm the gaming industry and world. Not some faggot who makes shit youtube gaming videos.

Since the time I discovered Phil I developed some ambivalent feelings for him. I do think he is a pathological liar, a bad friend, bad at his job, produces bad content, cant handle money well and is a bad spouse. But the sheer amount of insanity, obsession, jealousy and hypocrisy the collective of the SOK have shown towards him in over 3 years was ridicoulously unwarrented and essentially outed them as abnormal freaks. Phil is a bad lets player, nothing more, nothing less. This whole situation reminds of what would have happened to the Sonichu Fanbase if they took a turn for the worse. You cant stalk somebody online 24/7, tread it like a business and pretend to be overly serious about it.

I do feel sorry for DSP but i also have to say, it does not really matter for him or his life if the SOK exist or not. Phil is already on a bad course and time has proven that he too will soon no longer be able to keep the lifestyle he currently has. Youtube is dying and Phils fanbase was waning years before.
Here is a commendably video about Phil that covers his late teens - current year life.

King of /pol/ Twitch Stream about the SOK Destruction

Sidenote: KOP was involved in both internal SOK Drama and in the Kiwi Farms Thread where he leaked evidence against Fred Fuchs under the Name "Fedora Man Man Man".

Gerpy/Tombahat leaked some internal Skype logs of Fred Fuchs after the Kiwifarms thread got momentum. Fred Fuchs said that the SOK and his community are "scared" of what they see on the internet and advised them to lay down and ignore any material from leaks they see. They had already begun to damage control they channel and twitter logs, but expect to see more erasing.

Also, a sockpuppet popped up in the Kiwi thread who may or may not be friend. Hey its Che continues to post more anecdotes there, too.
apparently Fred Fuchs wrote several unironic legal documents for either P4scal or RADRAD that was supposed to force him by contract to mutilate his own genitals for the SOK Water charity, Involving a snapping turtle. The contract was never signed nor did the other party know of it, but exists in a google Docs file. Also theres a rumor of a contract for Loophole where he was supposed to be forced to eat his own fecal matter.

KOp just tried to call Fred on Skype. Fred was Online, but hung up on him.

Also seems like SchadenFräulein is a mentally ill single mother, suicidal and working as a nurse.
"t's amazing how bad shit has gotten for Fred in the past several days. When this thread began several days, truth be told, I thought this thread was going to crash and burn because their wasn't any really juicy info about Fred like he's a furry or jacks off to David the Gnome or some other ridiculous cow behavior that typically draws in tons of traffic. Boy, do threads on this site have a way of surprising me.

This thread has become far more interesting than anything Phil has done in awhile. These leaks and videos keep getting more interesting by the day, and really paint a picture of how fucking delusional Fred is. All the spying and backstabbing makes this thread read like an autistic Tom Clancy Spy novel. Phil's a moron and really insecure, but Fred really is on the same level, if not worse than Phil himself. If any of you new users are unfamiliar with the concept of troll shielding, this is a textbook definition of the behavior. Fred rode Phil hard after the whole Rambo/Howard fiasco, but look what he's been doing for years now.

I really am wondering if Fred will ever reemerge after this, and how long it will take. I just don't see him coming back from this in any form, DSP-related or not, without a tsunami of people riding his ass for being a dipshit.

The most poetic, yet scary thing about this whole debacle is that Sammy fucking Samosa of all people was actually right in severl ways about Fred's running of the SOK. Fred really did "do Che dirty" and "Fred lives in his own fantasy empire." Truly, an idiot savant that Sammy Samosa."
- El Porko Fako
from twitch chat
Schadenfrauleinn: I just wanted to have a giggle with people and entertain people; not all of this horrid shit the SoK devolved into. I just wanted to make people smile & make friends where I could. This turned into something monstrous.
seems like KOPs stream had to be aborted due to the Typhoon warning.
End Of The SoK Address + Fred Fuchs Tried It: Doxing My Ex - Real Talk by Renegade Operative
Hey its Che is currently telling more stories about Fred Fuchs on KOPs stream, including:

- His parents are rich
- he pretends he has a girlfriend
- impersonating his imaginary girlfriends voice during calls
- comparing Tevin to North Korea
- making 30+ hour battle plans with groups or people he accused of being traitors or spies
- trying to get Loohole to fight Darksydephil in a boxing club in Connetticut
- making blacklists of people who in his opinion slided the SOK and collecting their phone numbers
- doing pushups before skype calls while playing rocky music to get into a fighting mood
- pretending he has leadership and credible political experince by hosting a podcast on youtube
>if they took a turn for the worse

Didn't they literally make a fake forum full of catfishers claiming to be "Horny tomgirls in his area" (His "Ideal woman" is this mythical breed of women that are female, but manly and tough and competent) so they could trick him into performing "DIY Trans surgeries" on his own taint, giving Chris an infected tainthole that'll kill him when it reaches the gut while getting him to act as Trans-y as possible because "We love a man that's in touch with his feminine side"?
SoKast Episode 101 - The End - aka loophole twitch stream with Ex-SOK guests

5 hour twitch stream recorded for youtube. Most likely the one of the last Sons of Kojima streams to ever be uploaded to Youtube outside of mirroring.


i dont know every detail about CWC that ever was. I do know about this weird fetish for "tomgirls" and his deadly taint infection, but I can not tell if this Tomgirl forum was an actual thing or not.

It is possible since the People stalking Chris are/were a lot more in numbers and argueably much more vile than DSPs Detractors for a number of reasons. I would count myself among them since i unironically think Chris Chan is a risk factor to himself and his sourroundings and should be put into a closed mental asylum before he actually kills someone.

However, these CWC detractors dont necessaryly present themselves to the public as much like the people from the CWCiki or the TIHYDP Youtube channels. So there is a chance those are small group or one-man-army operations.
Recent developments towards SOK post mortem

- Mr. Metokur/Jim posted a statement that he is working on 2 videos. There is a good chance that one of the videos will be SOK related, release is around wednesday next week

- Someone found a screencap from the King of Hate Forums (Phils Official Website) Where Darksydephil paid his respects to a former SOK Member who dies of Cancer in 2016. The same SOK Member was later doxxed by Fred Fuchs via her obituary because Fred had beef with her. Also, Fred Fuchs was caught tempering with the SOK subreddit (censoring of wrongthink) and the YOutube channel more.

- The Thread OP of Kiwifarms as well as more investigators try go get in touch with more SOK Members who have dirt on their hands. EvilAJ2010 (the guy who invented the TIHYDP formatshows himself to be a sociopath and is not sorry about his involvement with the wrongdoings of the SOK. Material is currently being dug up for him.

- the 2 female members (Schadenfräulein & PridefulZombie) of the SOK seem to be getting off to soft for Kiwifarms liking, the other and Ex_Members seem hesistant to talk about them criticially. Schadenfräulein was on King of Pols stream, she stuttered and was hardly informative. There is more dirty laundry hidden here, Kiwi is on it. Just because they threw fred under the bus does not mean they are innocent

- 2 of the 4 last henchmen (Doctor of Fizz and Freddy Fazfuck) of Fred spilled their beans and released Lawyer speech pattern Twilongers on twitter. They are currently being disected by Kiwi. THe Chronologist Nomad510 exspunged all his relations to the group and is playing dumb. He most likely has access to a 3+ year detailed database of all known SOK groups since he was known as the Archivist.

Twitlonger of Freddy Fazfuck

Twitlonger of Doctor of Fizz
Lead artist of the SOK claims Fred Fuchs is considering Suicide
Superior Artist Fred Fuchs suicide.png



Fred Fuchs pretends to be his own girlfriend.
EvilAJ2010 held a stream on twitch last night. It was mostly boring until some former SOK members and Kiwis joined and hammered him. He pretended to not know anything before people brought up his involvement in the doxxing of the former SOK member that died of Cancer. Said, this was a serious accusations and ran off the stream.
retarded pepe.jpg
"AJ is so horribly inarticulate. He's the type of person who needs a Fred to speak on his behalf because he's incapable of choosing his words wisely or conveying anything with a convincing or sincere tone. He buried himself hard with his stream tonight, probably because he got greedy and wanted to capitalize on the drama for an extra couple of Twitch followers." - Chicken Skin Beanbag

"You didn't miss much, other than AJ practically confirming he's a liar and probably has done a lot of shady shit." - RIP SANITY

It starts to look like EvilAJ2010 is not only an informed liar but also seems to suffer from some kind of mental retardation, he has difficulties giving more than one word responses. This is not really surprising since he made 10+ hours long walkthroughs of metal gear games for years. Ran off the stream without giving a reason or saying goodbye.
Schadenfräulein gives a response to the Kiwi OP.
This is from the Loophole/ SOK 101 Stream - End of SOK

King of /pol/ joined the stream and leaked material of Fred Fuchs reaction to the Kiwifarms thread, also a conversation between Fred Fuchs and Mr. Metokur when the Kiwi stread packed up steam. Fred was also very butthurt about Jim roasting him in >>2525 The owner of Kiwifarms (Null) joins later on as well.

Thread Summary
The Five.JPG
"It has been an absolute pleasure playing a role in ending your reign as leader of the Sons of Kojima, Fred. After all the intimidation, blackmail, doxing, and other forms of corruption I've seen, you deserve every word of what people are saying to you. I despise you, go fuck yourself, goodnight." - SirJamesDTech on Fred Fuchs Youtube Discussion page

So this thing is pretty much over and done with, unless Fred Fuchs comes forward and dumps his own dirty laundry on the rest of the SOK Hyenas or until a possible Metokur video happens, I do not think there will be much more of note here except some minor Drama. We should all take this as a lesson on how NOT to manage a community and how people will inevitably turn on each other like rats when you shine a light on their filthy acts. And all this about a dumb Let's Player. Good Grief.

I highly recommend for anyone interested the Competent and always updated OP Post of the Fred Fuchs Thread on Kiwi for further details, includes also a Timeline of the recents events: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/fred-fuchs-freddy-boy.33971/

Lastly a tribute to THE FIVE, who Exposed Fred Fuchs and Took down the Sons of Kojima for good. As You can see, it does not take many men to change the world. Only a few good one.

Left to Right:
UnsungheroRobot, SuperMarioPawnstar, SirJamesDTech, JoRo Pengiun and TheArmedToast/King of /pol/.

Sons Of Kojima Twitter Leaks Anime Opening
Fred Fuchs' Sons of Kojima Leaks in a Nutshell
The Fred Fuchs Conspiracy 2017 Sons of Kojima SOK.png

So what's a TL;DR on Sok? Why should I give a fuck?
What I gather is that they're a shitty group of shitty people who does shitty stuff to a shitty youtuber. Anything I'm missing here?

Former dsp fans who became professional stalkers and tried to get rich and famous with it while controlling the anti dsp market like a mafia
Jonathan Ross wants Fred Fuchs Ded

Highlight from the Febreeze """Suicide""" livestream - Jonathan Ross issues a death thread against Fred Fuchs for attention and out of lolcow jealousy. Includes swearing and a REEE

Response of the Kiwi OP towards the Ex-SOK Member Hugboxing in the thread
2879 2883 2890
"So hey everybody I'm about to be a complete asshole ahah,

To all ex sok members, as you know I've been going around asking you guys what you did on twitter and seeing how much you guys would admit to, I fucked around acting like a nice guy saying good job for apologizing even though most of you never went into detail, in fact I can count maybe five of you who actually went into detail with what you did.

See, after all the streams and "twitlongers"(god fucking damn the twitlongers, aka the most insincere way to apologize ever) where you guys bury all the shit on Fred, make fun of him, laugh at the door shit, go on and on about how fucked up and stupid he is while saying nothing about how fucked up and stupid you were. He may be the worst but I want you all to remember this.

None of you should be happy and chill considering you guys were all going to let him get away with this had we not stepped in. I'm going to be brutally honest, learning the shit you guys said about Fred, you need to remember that you went along with it, you took all of it seriously, and you guys were sticking together until the end. Throughout all the leaks the only ones who get a pass are Che ren and moogle, they stepped up and said shit first and owned up to it, especially
Moogle considering he was still in the group. However moogle that livestream you had was circlejerking to the fucking extreme and the members involved completely invalidated the apologies they made.

Like I said I don't believe the majority of you are completely sorry, I mean why should you? None of the leaks were about you so you release shit about Fred but strategically keep out anything to do with you. I want you all to keep in mind that Fred is a total bitch but you guys were his bitch. He had you guys in the palm of his hands doing whatever he wanted until he got tired of you and any fucked up shit that would happen none of you would say anything, and if someone did say something you all would gang up on them and ruin that persons reputation.

People like txt and pol, you all knew that shit was happening, and none of you did a damn thing about it, it took a random nobody to call the sok lame to save txt from the usual shit you guys did to people. Then on top of that you all sat there and watched Fred blame pascal for the drama when fizz and evilaj also said shit to txt. None of you could stand up to the guy, this dumbass who couldn't even show his own face. You want to act like he was the only one taking things too far but you all went along with every crazy thing he did. How none of you thought the four room shit was weird, voting to kick members, lying on a podcast so he can pretend to be late, all the doxing, the situations with ardnas and divas, overreacting to a fucking Ed page, yeah you all fucking did stupid shit like that or at the least were fine going along with stupid shit like that, and you know why? because you all were equally as into it as he was, don't pretend like you weren't.

You were keeping quiet during the leaks and ignoring it hoping it would go away despite us showing all these fucked up things that were going on at first and you guys were ready to kick pascal out had it not advanced any further. My point is you guys need to shut the fuck up and remember that you guys have nothing to be proud of right now. Not even the ones who are legitimately owning up to it, people like Che and loophole who were emotional and hating themselves for what they did, they are people who are sorry and a couple more but none of them are acting like this is a great moment. Yeah congrats you all came back together and I'm happy for you guys but you are all fucking idiots for letting this stupid shit be the cause of the split in the first place.

None of you were saints, you all can keep blaming Fred all you want but at the end of the day you guys have no one to blame but yourselves for why the group turned out this way, Fred could have easily been kicked out at anytime if you all "really" thought that he was the main problem, but none of you did, because none of you had a problem with him up until this came up.

You all at the end of the day were a bunch of followers, and you would have kept following Fred for years to come unless he himself wanted you out.

I don't really care either way if you guys are sorry or not, I went around to help give people that extra push needed to admit shit and a couple did but most of you didn't. I wanted to see who was really sincere so I could find out which of you are no better than Fred cause just like you guys did with dsp I enjoy calling people out on bullshit.

Also to the mods and @Null please don't ban people unless they really are going over the top, I don't want a one sided thread where no one protects Fred because the people that do are hilarious. " - JoRO

Kiwi Farms is currently combing through data banks of illinois universities to find Freds IRL identitiy, He left a hot trail on twitter with old AMA answers, this is one lead they found so far. Given he did not lie about his political science degree, there is a reasonable chance that they will find him.
>That panty
I has a new fetish I will produce content of
1400233__suggestive_artist-colon-aryanne_oc_oc-colon-aryanne_oc only_ass_blushing_clothes_dock_earth pony_exclamation point_female.jpeg

i think that counts as a wedgie but i am not sure

Agreed the Ex-SOK members should not get a pass on this, they allowed it to happen and they will do it again and end up right where they started.
4901 4913
You know, a similar thing happened when these same people were part of an earlier group called the Kojima World Order, which was pretty much just the SoK under a different name. Someone "went too far", members threw that someone under the bus, claimed the moral high ground, only to go on to do the exact same shit over and over.
4902 4913
that's honestly quite typical of youtubers in general, especially this unfunny kike.
Ethan Klienstienburg.jpg

ᕳᕳᕳ´• ᴥ •`ᕲᕲᕲ

its third rate entertainment. people talking about people, its usually always bad but these youtuber and twitch ticks suck the life out of it. this is also why you cant leave them to themselves. because their inner attention whore will always get the best of them. they would be better if they got an internet ban. they always stir up shit.
never not time to bump.jpg

wasnt this thread on like page 2 or 3? also i did not post an update in over 2 months. Unless theres some new Sok Drama i dont think we will need it for the foreseeable future.
SOK Summary Video Clip
dsp orgasm.jpg
Top 10 Worst DSPGaming 2017 Moments
>TheSecretLifeOfDSP - Published on Jan 3, 2018

A 3 hour video made by The Secret Life of DSP. Very good quality.
Contains a 45 Minute section about the fall of the sons of Kojima.

Starts at around 01:15:00
Fred Fuchs actual Face
fred fuchs face picture circa 2015   fat legs picture identity confirmed by Che.png
Face picture of Fred Fuchs in his car as uncovered by Kiwifarms. Validity verified by Former SOK Vice Leader Che as Freds Skype Profile picture circa 2015.

Source was this stream, ca. 4,5 hours in.

Opera Snapshot_2018-08-19_123002_mlpol.net - SOK - Sons of Kojima - Fred Fuchs - Lolcow Thread - MLPOL.png