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I've been dooming and despairing over the absolute state of cartoon horsefukery lately and I started wondering how I even got sucked into this black hole of autism. I found myself warmly reminiscing of the long gone early days of bronydom. It was just about twelve years ago, but it's surreal how much every aspect of life has changed since then. Better times before pedophilic trannies grooming kids and being worshipped for it, the intensification of anti-White idpol, the rapid degeneration of mainstream culture, etc... Twelve years ago, the world today probably would've seemed like some sort of comically dystopian hellscape to most people.

Anyway, I eventually drifted back to fondly contemplating over what seemed like better times.

Over ten years ago, this shit made me a fucking brony.
I thought bronies were obnoxious faggots at the time, got peer pressured by an acquaintance into watching a few episodes of the show and hated it, dismissed it altogether for a while...
Then, somehow, I stumbled across a 'dub' of the "Ask Princess Molestia" tumblr blog and inexplicably became infatuated with the big, nympho mare. Better times. Celestia is still best pony and rediscovering this almost forgotten trove of now esoteric horsefukery feels haunting.

Have some of my nostalgia as I commit this act of spaghetti to the void.
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