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>What did she mean by this?
>What went wrong?
>This is , say something nice to her!
>Who is best pony and why is it ?
>Why is she so perfect bros?
>*blocks your path*
>Who was in the wrong here?
>What the fuck was her problem?
>Could someone give me a quick rundown?
>(x) company is finished
>(x)fags BTFO
>How will they ever recover?
>Is she, dare I say, /ourgirl/?
>Find a flaw. Protip: you can't
>Explain yourselves
>Defend this
>What's her name again?
>Why does she trigger /mlp/ so much?
>Would you?
>She did nothing wrong.
>Now that the dust has settled...
>How did we go from this...to THIS?
>What was her endgame?
>What am I in for?
>Really makes you think
>How do we fix ?
>The absolute state of (x)
>What the fuck were they thinking?
>For me, it's
>Was it kino?
>Redpill me on __
>See this. What do?
>Daily reminder
>The perfect pony doesn't exi-
>(x)bros... we got too cocky
It's all so tiresome...
4/pol/ is honestly unbereable at this point, you gain more from shilling a political thread in /mlp/, but you gotta know what your doin', know what i mean?

Saw an Aryanned thread get btfo'd yesterday, precisely cuz OP worded everything like it was directed to polacks, /mlp/ just wants to have fun and post ponies.

In contrast, a thread with shimmer arguing about the need for a ruler in the human world successfully shilled for monarchism, and the few anons screeching "fuck off poltard" were btfo'd by a landslide of meme posters.