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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever

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After 11 years of work, I finally finished the ultimate meme. His name is Cool Shirts Guy. It's ridiculously amazing and has all kinds of epic jokes. Only I can post this meme because I am the best memer in the world. I am the best. No one is better than me, because, as previously stated, I am the best in the world at meming. I know I'm being modest, so I should say this meme was easy to make, because, as stated, I'm the best there is. This meme is perfect, hands down. Anyone who says it isn't perfect will have their comment deleted, blocked from my account, blocked from 4chan, computer destroyed with a hammer, and you will be killed by my millions of fans at the snap of my fingers, because I can demand that much respect, because I'm the best. Hope you enjoy my meme. His name is Cool Shirts Guy.
What a homo thread