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Weird and Wacky Dreams
Post any especially strange, memorable, or vivid dreams you have here! Technically this could go on /vx/ but it's less about interpreting the paranormal in dreams and more about just showing off your unconscious creative outlet. Writing down your dreams is a good habit to develop and this is the best place to share.

I'll start:
Last night I dreamt that I was sitting in a car in the suburban neighborhood I grew up in except there were Chinese police around for whatever reason. I decided spontaneously to be rude to them (or commit a very petty crime in front of them, I’m not sure which) and make a getaway, though I knew the risk of getting caught was high. On the street corner was Adam West’s Batman who tried to stop me and ran to open my door as I accelerated but I distracted him by throwing out a tiny scented firecracker. I got on the main road and fell into worry that getting caught by the long arm of the law was inevitable so I thought to just give myself up peacefully, but because I was going at a leisurely pace and trying to follow traffic rules to the best of my ability I was not actually found. In fact, the cop car “chasing” me went on the ramp to the highway just ahead of me; in this setting this was incredibly lucky because he never suspected I was behind him. Also for some reason the highway connected the whole solar system but I was prepared for the long journey because I had a lot of water bottles. As I “left” the earth’s atmosphere (despite the police’s aim to prevent that) there was a transition to a sort of branching tree map to the outer solar system (sort of like pic related but more abstract and without color) and beyond with destinations marked in number of days to get there. I essentially fast-forwarded through all of this, went directly to “deep space” and wound up at a cozy small library with a fireplace and leather armchairs. I happened to meet the new cardinal of Argentina as I heard over a radio that the people of Argentina still consider Pope Francis as “their cardinal,” so I decided to be nice and actually respect him; then we read our respective books. Then I woke up.
Yeah, okay.
>Be me
>Hanging out at the mall with these two big tiddy doth girls I knew in high school
>We're fucking around, checking out the firing range set up around back, I get handed a McDonalds coupon but I fucking hate McDonalds so I try to pass it on to someone else
>We go into gamestop and we're checking out CDs and movies (yeah, I know) and I come across officially licensed Evangelion content
>I pick it up, and it's a fucking blue-ray of some meme somebody made about Evangelion
>Five minutes of oc for twenty fucking dollars, and you can find it on youtube for free
>Laugh about it with my goth friends
>Dream ends
>Wake up and really need to shit

>Back in high school
>Playing DND with this kid I kinda knew
>In the dream he had some connection to a thread I was posting in
>He's allergic to peanuts, accidentally eats pranut brittle and fucking dies
>Tell thread he's fucking dead
>wake up in dream
>still back in high school
>Ask guy I hardly know if other guy was in class yesterday
>Yeah lmao
>An anticlimactic dream within a dream, guy was fine
I had a dream that I was talking to my mom last night. We discussed some literature, shared a hug or two, and ordered a pizza.
She's been dead for four years, I cried my eyes out when I woke up.
Had a similar dream with my grandpa a while back, except he took me for a drive in his old truck instead. I had a similar reaction upon waking up, but I was able to contain myself before I completely lost control. Hope you're holding up well, my dude.
I very rarely recall dreaming at all (as in a few times a year) but I vividly remember last night dreaming of sitting in my filled bathtub fully dressed, lying back and my clothes weighing me down while I struggled to pull myself back up and very much not being able to breathe. I remember that things happened before that but don’t remember any of it except for driving a stolen bus for some reason.
Some days better than others.
Maybe I'm OP
I had a dream where I was going to obscure spots around parks in China, sometimes at night because I like to explore and I don’t like the constraints of China’s urban geography. I also practiced getting over stuff like with parkour. However, this picked up the bad notice of a surveillance agency which didn’t like what I was doing, even though I had not done anything technically illegal. So the head of the agency plotted to put me in a compromising position where either I would have to consent to being constantly surveilled or I could be killed as a public threat.
For whatever reason, there was an emergency armory for agents in a prominent public spot with the door being open and the guard being inattentive. Because I felt like my life was in danger I borrowed a shotgun similar to the one in Half-Life and no one noticed. At twilight I went to a part of a large wooded park that had no buildings or really anyone around, and for whatever reason this was in New England now. Soon after I’m classified as a suspicious person and am ordered to be arrested. Some agents coming at me, however, appeared little interested in due process and were shooting at me. I shot back, and fortunately some bystanders with guns also return fire, killing the agents. Somehow I’m vindicated because apparently the head of the agency was so corrupt that he used public funds to buy a PMC in exchange that they send the hit squad after me. I was interviewed in Shanghai then I woke up.
Had a dream where I was traveling down a road and the toll booth closed just as I was getting close to it. My mom and I got out of the car and the guy on staff let us inside, revealing a beautiful if dilapidated space that was very lived in. There were plants everywhere, legos scattered around on the floor that someone's kid had built, etc. The entryway for our vehicle disappeared, now termination in a small garage for the toll booth runner. I went outside to retrieve my car so that I cpuld drive to the other side and pick up my mom, but reality began to crumble at this point and the roads were flooded with water. I never made it to the other side of the booth, I just woke up.
I had a dream a couple of nights ago where I and a group of friends were in a town with a zombie outbreak (the supernatural kind of undead, not the infection kind) looking for information or something (sort of like Resident Evil). Most of this was in a large brick-and-mortar building that was later revealed to be a school. After a bunch of combat and sneaking about I suddenly went back in time to several days prior, where I learned that it was a magic school and a mishap caused the outbreak. I warned them about this and went back to the present, where I and my team grabbed our loot and went out through the mostly deserted roads. As we approached the outskirts were was less and less danger and you could find gatherings of people, even including a nightclub. I woke up shortly before I reached my car.
15869 15874
Ended up having a dream last night where the entire thing took place in my room, in my bed. It started off with me sitting there and messing with a lego set (rock raiders/power miners combined) while I was also in the middle of a discord call on my phone. After a while, I ended up taking a minifigure rock monster and throwing it across the room for some reason. Apparently, this got me in the mood for some lewd things, because I then took my pony plush under the covers to eat her out. Right as things were getting good though, my mom shows up, rips off the sheets, and starts yelling at me about how what I was doing was disgusting or something. However, when I looked down, I saw that my plushie was no longer there and was instead an energy sword and a covenant carbine, both from H2A. Then I woke up, wrote all this down, and held on to it until I just remembered to post about it now.

Anybody have any fucking clue what I was on to dream all that?
15874 15880
>playing with legos
>lewd things with a plush
>living with your mom
Yep, you've got the autisms
15877 15880
Do you still play with legos irl?
15877 15941
I may say that I never dream, or to be more precise, I dream once every 10 years, btw, I'm really old.
What this means?
Being creative with Lego and testing out engineering concepts is fine, but if you're just playing with pre-made sets as an adult then you might have a problem.
People dream differently, I have relatives who dream rarely.
Oh shit, oh fuck! Not the autism, it's totally not like this wasn't unexpected!

Not often, but when I get the urge to build something the legos I still have help.

I don't mess around with the premade sets much, just fuck around with the pieces I already have. I just remember the sets because I got a few of them when I was younger and thought they were the best thing ever.
>I'm really old
How old?
Got another one
I remember being in a crime-fighting/detective duo that was initially more like Sam & Max (extremely cartoonish and comedic in chasing down crooks with a car and making them crash into things; at one point we even defeated an enemy through a game of tag) and later more like Mr. Monk with his/my neuroticism. The car was super-realistic and constantly needed things to be fixed particularly with our style of driving: at one point there was a constant incessant beeping and we tried to figure out what it was but it was just the CD player with recordings of an old radio play. This crime-fighting spree went on for quite some time and was the best part but I forgot so much which is sad.

The city was so lawless that eventually the car got stolen with all our notes on the criminals we were chasing, which was depressing as we struggled to remember everything we wrote down and the baddies could use those notes. Being on foot at an outlying gas station we had no choice but to walk through the city all night. We didn’t see any more crime but one odd thing to pass at 2:30 in the morning was a line of schoolchildren finishing up a late-night meal and going back to a last half-hour class. Apparently the odd hours was due to time zone differences as this was for Chinese lessons with the instructors having a Skype or Zoom call for the whole class. My partner remarked that if people were this eager to learn Chinese then a program which actually respected people’s sleep schedules would make a killing.

Morning came up as we were still walking and I made the remark that it looked like Fallout with all the ruined buildings and empty lots strewn about; one scenic thing that caught my eye was an old stone house of sorts on a sea arch above the river. We talked about how though extensive regulations kept people and even us from exploring such ruins, nothing stopped criminals from using them as bases of operation. We went off the beaten path and did some rock climbing and taking different paths; my partner pranked me by feigning to let go when pulling me up a steep rock face

A bit later I felt like I wanted a drink and we were in the bustling downtown area. I bought three of a cool-looking cocktail with bitters, gin, something like grenadine syrup, and “an English muffin” more like a glutinous rice ball (if you’ve ever had those you’d know what I’m talking about). Later in a hotel room I found out that the cocktail–and many other exotic ones I prized–was owned by the Satanist LaVey family who put an imperceptible amount of serpent extract into every cocktail they owned. I was overcome with disgust and my partner and I talked about the growth of evil of evil in the world. My partner made a Lord of the Rings analogy to Sauron gaining power and I–being an utter autist–made a correction by saying it’s Morgoth and that Dagor Dagorath is approaching. I said people could prevent it if they wanted to but they’re so confused and unwilling to change their ways–I pointed out how this sounded pretentious but that everyone has an aspect of themselves to work on–that they were unlikely to organize against evil.

This was all following a different dream where I was in an apartment and for some reason I needed to keep getting glasses of water without being seen from my window. I think it was because the government wanted to ensure everyone was asleep but I was just really thirsty. There was a lot of other (non-spooky) stuff going on but I’m bad at remembering such bizarre dreams. It’s interesting for me how my distinct likes, surroundings, and concerns mesh together odd yet cohesive (for the most part) dreams. Looking forward to sleeping again and seeing what my mind cooks up.
spurdo fuhrer.jpg
Last night i had a dream where Goebbels and Hitler were visited by space daemons in Wewelsburg castle (i'm not kidding) so the year was set in the 1930's before the war and they were disguised as German scientists but they had funny eyes and weird behavior, there were 3 of them and they showed a lot of their tech to H and G at first but after a they showed these things (like huge machines and crystals with strange properties) they began to experiment on them with lots of different devices, they experimented on Hitler more than Goebbels, they would leave insect bite marks on the back of the head where the spine ends and they had a very keen interest in a moth that would fly around the castle (mostly sexually), they stayed and did weird things for 6 hours 6 minutes and 6 seconds, no one could go in or out of the room while they were there so no SS could intervene and after they had done they used a sort of telescope device that they plugged themselves into and shot up into the sky like a shooting star.
That was it, i think this is probably the most weirdest dream i have ever had, it was as if it came straight out of a H.P. Lovecraft story.
>Play a new vidya, a RPG
>think Might and Magic VI with a Fallout:NV-esque setting
>it’s really good
>multi-path skill-tree for every skill/trait so you can specialize for crazy stuff like “40% better talking in a bar” rather than just adding a point into speech, but you can still do that if you want
>decently designed tech tree with tons of options where you can go into medicine and with enough points even build a bioweapons lab
>you can even go full melee and innovate new shields that protect you better
>have had a fun time in the game and leveled up several times, have a character designed like a western sheriff
>join this random mission
>I have to infiltrate this base of modern elites
>they have the sort of decor and costumes of that old Rothschild party
>UI is gone
>on one previous attempt I lost, presumably to getting shot, got a weird game-over screen with a monkey head and the caption “The future is monkey”
>they ask me to eat raw duck meat straight off the bone, my NPC partner does, I realize that it’s probably sacrificed to Moloch and I don’t want to be mind-controlled, but my main concern is not getting salmonella
>book it, but apparently I did what I needed to do anyway and I just need to escape
>get outside to a poorly rendered patio with rotary phones everywhere
>call 911, but rather than get any help I interrupt some stranger’s ordinary emergency call
>my character is a police officer so I help him out, get him to call the right place
>pursuers get closer, one of them is a tall gangly man who is clearly a monkey
>run away really easily, though I assume that monkeyman is faster than me
>get outside an absurdly tall wall/fence that’s just a metal wall copypasted over and over
>on both sides are equally absurd trees, I worry that monkeyman is climbing rather than running
>melancholic music plays loudly, as if this is some grand utopian future I’m disrupting
>I must be really good at running because I left tall monkeyman in the dust a long ways off
>M16 is lying on the ground on the ground for some reason
>poorly animated, poorly programmed short monkey spawns nearby just walks past, right into the water
>the game expects me either to shoot my pursuer, now on a distant hill I passed or to keep running
>I’ll do what it expects least, I’m the sort to try out every option, I saved after all
>run into water after janky monkey, at last second it turns on me
>game over screen is of a monkey headwith bloody eyes, moving around on a screen like a DVD logo screensaver with loads of smaller monkey heads behind it, gameover text is “The Future is Monkey”
>music is slowed and distorted
>can’t even play the game anymore, it’s all replaced with that screensaver
>mfw this freaks me out
>mfw my brain not only programs really good games for me, but really good horror games
Had a dream the other night where I was a Space Wolf from 40K. I don't remember much else, but I know that it all took place inside their fortress monastery on Fenris with a massive blizzard going on outside, but inside was warmed by a few fuckhuge Astartes-pattern fireplaces and all of us were there listening to Bjorn the Fell-Handed recount a story to us all and at some point the story shifted from Leman Russ and kicking ass to Luna and Celestia having fun in a snowstorm similar to this one. I'm not entirely sure why Bjorn decided to take the story in that direction, but if I had to guess it was because this is the 10th time in as many millennia that they've woken him up just to talk about Lemon Ruff instead of fighting and he's getting tired of it, but oh well.
Ended up having a dream the other night where I was looking to move to another house in my same neighborhood. It started out fine, I walked over to it with my dog and checked in with the person doing tours. She was an older woman with glasses, and she started leading me around the house, which was pretty much perfect aside from one thing. As time goes on, I start feeling this oppressive presence, this distinct feeling of evil all around me. By this time, my dog has started to freak out, so I'm pretty much holding her and comforting her as the tour goes on. When we get to the last room to look at, it all builds to maximum where the room is revealed to be a dirty, rusted bathroom bearing years of stains and having no furnishings besides a sink, a toilet, and a mattress stained half the colors of the rainbow. I'm not sure why I didn't immediately leave here, but I instead thought "okay, maybe this could be workable? I'd have to get an exorcist and demolish this bathroom, but it'll be fine." So I ask about the price of the house and give the lady a range, and she says "Oh, it doesn't cost money." and immediately afterwards I hear some kid scream from somewhere underneath me. From there, I just fucking book it out and my dog follows close behind. From that point, nothing interesting really happens aside from somehow getting lost enough to find a gas station before I found my own house. Any idea what any of this means (if it means anything,) or am I talking to myself here?