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Found Something Fun to Raid
While I was working, I noticed that my state's lottery has a nomination and voting system for school heroes or some shit. Whoever wins gets $10000, and it can be any worker at any school in North Carolina as long as they're over the age of 18.
The kicker
The voting system isn't very restrictive. You can vote once per day per IP, so we could easily all fire up TOR and a few vpns and with a few hours of fuckery could probably skyrocket some random asshole to winning levels.
Who do we vote for?
That's up for you to decide! I suggest Ctrl+Fing for funny names here: https://www.ncschoolheroes.com/contests/entries, but you can also nominate somebody yourself if they're a real state employee.
How long do we have?
Until March 15th, at which point the winrar will be announced.
Why should I care?
It has the potential to be kinda funny. No other reason in particular.
Sounds fun. R u honeypot?
Nah. Mods should be able to tell you I've posted quite a few times on this IP.
Can confirm OP has been active on this particular ID for several weeks, with a post history/activity that suggests previous activity
>man calls upon the power of the mods to verify the truth of his statements
>mods are summoned, verify this mans claims

smaller chans are the coolest