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sunset thread
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this is like a contest of turds competing who is the least shit, but for once, I agree.
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OP, are you gonna dump or wut?
did you want me to?
Finally, a place where I can post this paste. It's funny, EG1 sucked, EG2 redeemed Sunset and the idea of it, EG3 went in the wrong tonal direction but kept Sunset as a likable character, and you can't pay me enough to watch "EG 4: Sunset goes back to the pony world! Not to make nice with Celestia, not to meet her parents, not to eat grass or see her old friends or college professors if she didn't have any of those, but to meet Glimmer and take her into the Equestria Girls world so they can fight a shit villain and try to conflate the evil they once did while accidentally highlighting what a shit character Glimmer is!".


Starlight Glimmer is a bad character, and Sunset Shimmer is a better character.

I could write a good few thousand words on Glimmer as a villain, but the issue isn't what a dumb villain Starlight is, and how her terrible backstory turned what could have been a great villain into a bad joke almost as much as a badly-written and rushed redemption removed her reason to exist in the show's setting. I could also write quite a bit about how stupid it is that she has the magical power to fight Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle to a standstill, the reserves to do this multiple times in a day, the knowledge to create her own spells on the spot, and so on when Twilight's supposed to be the Embodiment of the Element of Magic, a student of Princess Celestia, the strongest Unicorn alive, etc. Twilight had to face character challenges related to this. What are they worth if she's not the strongest, or even anything remotely special when compared to a pony that can tear the Cutie Marks off multiple ponies like they're stickers, screw up the timeline multiple times in a day, without the changed timeline affecting herself, fight Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle to a standstill multiple times in a day, brainwash the minds of five of the Mane Six in less than a few seconds, move five billion times faster than the speed of light, and slay fire demons with her magic burning katana- whoops, my eyes drifted to the feat list for the wrong Mary Sue.

Glimmer... This post-redemption Glimmer? Take away her friendship with Trixie, her edgy best friend there to make her look better. Take away the headcanons her fans have invented for her, like the belief that she was bullied by her family or hometown for not being good enough once Sunburst was gone, or that she loves Moths because they remind her of herself: "Unloved by most but beautiful in its own way". (Christ, I could barely type that dreck without throwing up) Take away her acts as a villain. Focus on what she is, right now. What is she, besides a second-rate bootleg Sunset Shimmer? Say what you will about what an idiot she was in the clusterfuck that was the first film, back when she was a villain, and feel free to miss some more points while you're at it. We're talking about post-redemption Shimmer, and how she relates to post-redemption Glimglam. Shimmer got scenes where she struggled to earn redemption, got bullied by people that didn't forgive her, earned their forgiveness, etc. Glimmer was instantly given forgiveness, brainwashed her friends when their free thought and better ideas triggered her, was given forgiveness again, and then complained to Trixie that not everypony immediately forgave her for being the worst criminal currently known to Ponykind, arguably bar Tirek. In Pony Humans: Camp Superhero Editi-
-on, Shimmer encouraged Twilight and had more than one scene where she displayed empathy and likability. What positive traits has Glimmer shown, besides the occasional scene where she akwardly fucks up something obvious like "Don't run away from an awkward situation like you just shot someone" or "Don't use brainwashing spells on your friends", endearing her to her socially-retarded potentially-mentally-retarded fantards? Lauren Faust designed the original Mane Six to, in her words, "Represent the different ways that one can be feminine", and she wanted each one to be a good role model in their own way. I'm pretty sure being a sociopathic cult leader that feels no remorse for your crimes unless prompted by the reactions of those you want to forgive you... is not what Lauren Faust would consider a good role model. Feel free to say "Well she was forgiven for all crimes, so that means she represents forgiveness and is a role model that says forgiveness is good". You'll look retarded, sure, but you'll also look retarded. Feel free to say "Lauren Faust doesn't run this show any more. This is Vogel and Jim 'Fuck the bronies, we make this show for little girls' Miller's show, deal with it! If they think it's good enough, so do I". You'll look retarded, sure, but you'll also look retarded. Feel free to say "You don't like Glimmer so you aren't qualified to talk about Glimmer". You'll look retarded, sure, but you'll also look retarded.

But of course, triggered glimglam fans, bless your heart, feel free to point and laugh at the arguments you can't refute. Show me your best /b/-tier damage control posts. Go on. Type laughter, and call your reaction to my post an argument against it. Put on your stoner voice and claim I'm thinking too hard about "A dumb pony show", while pretending the show was never once more than that. Tell me how many views the front page of our porn site or mediocre favouritist shit-tier "Official" blog gets every day, those statistics are relevant, right? Tell me the childish Glimglam fans and their tendency to lash out at critics isn't driving people away. Tell yourself those you throw excrement at should have thicker skin and more tolerance for your shit, displaying self-absorption on a whole new level! Tell me I'm "Over-analyzing" a kid's show by critiquing an episode you want to like. Tell me I totally didn't make you cry, so there! Tell me you're crying, and I should feel bad for you. Tell me that if I don't like your waifu, it means I get triggered upon seeing her. Autistically screech at me how hard you believe my review is "Autistic screeching". Project onto me. Strawman me. Tell me I'm unfairly taking away your bad argument cards before you can use them, and ask how you can possibly make an argument now. Tell me I'm treating my opinions like they're facts by stating my opinions and backing them up with logical arguments. Tell me I'm not a real brony because real bronies mindlessly love all your waifus. Hell, I've only been in this fandom since the start of S2, what do I know?


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