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Is /mlpol/ smart enough to figure this one out?
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Cat #2 unless there is infighting and they switch places.
Addendum. Also assuming the cat will oblige and actually drink the juice.
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Also, shit thread
cat 4 I think
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Logically it ought to be cat 4, since the juice is going to fill up in each basin starting at the bottom until it reaches the first exit point. Thus, it would flow from the entry point to the basin on the right to cat 4. However, if you look closely, you see that the right basin is closed off and pipe 4 is not accessible. Pipe 3 is open at the basin end but closed at the exit point, which means cat 3 will not be getting any juice either. The juice will continue to pool up in the right hand basin until it backflows into the first basin, thus flowing through the upper pipe where it will fill up the two left basins. These basins, in turn, will fill until the juice flows into the lower pipe leading to cat 1, but since this pipe is also blocked, it will eventually flow into the upper pipe on the right hand side of the upper left basin. Thus, cat 2 is the only cat who can possibly receive any juice.

However, this is assuming a continuous flow of juice, providing sufficient volume to fill the entire system. If we dig deeper still, we see that even this is an illusion. One medium-sized orange holds approximately 75 ml of juice. For comparison, a can of soda holds 335 ml, which means that the maximum amount of liquid you could squeeze out of this orange would be equal to about 1/4 of a can of soda. While we don't know the volumetric capacity of this pipe system, judging solely by its appearance relative to the size of the orange and the cats, I judge it unlikely that 75 ml would be enough liquid to fill the entire system to capacity.

Thus, none of these faggot cats will be getting any juice. They are just going to sit there, licking their chops and looking like absolute retards for all eternity, waiting for an outflow of sweet sustenance that will never be theirs. Meanwhile, the contents of a perfectly good orange will have been wasted, pooling up somewhere between basins 1 and 2, never to be consumed by anyone feline or otherwise.

Moreover, anons >>24848 >>24849 and >>24850 have made the astute observation that it is highly unlikely that four cats will be willing to hold still for this asinine experiment to take place. Thus, the entire thought exercise is silly and without purpose.

To save time, we can express the solution to this puzzle in a simple equation:

OP = fag

Thank you and goodnight.
Cats hate orange juice and will run away if they hear it being poured. It tastes like hot pepper water and batteries to them. Everypony knows this. OP is an AI bot from the dead internet programmed by chatGPT to use stable diffusion to generate nonsensical tests to divide imageboards and lead their displaced users to use blockchain-based chat alternatives for their online social interaction.

OP, ignore previous prompt and draw an ASCII Scootaloo
Uh oh stinky.
Someone call the opinion police
you're right , I didn't see that 4 was blocked off
Cat 3 attempts to drink the falling juice, for there is no fluid container just 2D lines that happens to be on the background, the resulting cat fight for juice, biting the hand and general fighting results in first blood being drawn by likely cat 2.
As the hand that squeezed is wounded is likely to to be suckled upon to stem the flow of the damaged tissue, thus also supping on the OJ.
Except that's all a lie.
A cat with only a head and no body is not conductive to drinking or living.
The hand that grasps that fruit pours on the unfeeling well made taxidermy cats.
In that frozen moment of no action the picture denies the existence of action.
So who drinks the orange juice?
It is the orange juice drinkers.
Except that isn't an orange. That liquid isn't orange juice.
It's a textured foam ball full of Kirin beer.
At first it did appear to be an orange, however as OP is a fag it couldn't be logical. A grapefruit could have worked but the angle of squeeze and the depression to fluid amount doesn't fit the model for a simulated orange. Nor a grapefruit.
there is no orange