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I had a meme idea
I had this meme idea where it's "Coomer VS Chad"
except it's "Nyoomer Pegasus vs Earth Pony Chad"
and it says "All the Pegasus does is fly around every day but the Earth Pony is good and farms"
Did you know that when a person accomplishes a thing, they get a surge of Endorphins? Endorphins are a bio-chemical system that rewards the body for accomplishing a task of whatever severity.
Did you also know that when a person talks about what they plan to do, they get a much smaller spike in endorphins? The act of communicating and visualizing what a person is planning to do triggers the same reward centers. But here's the kick.
A person can literally become addicted to talking about what they plan to do and never accomplish some/many/most of their plans. They inadverdently condition themselves to pursue the Endorphin kick of talking about the thing, rather than pursue the endorphin kick of actually accomplishing the thing. The former is far easier than the latter to pursue an achieve, and can be repeated successively (though the law of diminishing returns applies).
This phenomenon is exascerbated by the internet and social media, where one can connect to hundreds, thousands, etc. of people. Conversely, the internet and social media does not allow for the same degree of exploitation of one's accomplishment as the spike in Endorphins to do with completion is not tied to acceptance, acknowledgement, or recognition of completion, its only affected by the individual and their recognition of success and/or completion.
That's not to say that there aren't neuro peptides associated with group recognition, but that's Seratonin rather than Endorphins.
But here's another funny thing about it. If a person accomplishes a task, they don't get a spike in Seratonin; If a person tells another what they are going to do, they CAN get a spike in seratonin.
What this means is that one can get two different types of cranial reward chemicals just by repeatedly talking about (and not doing) what a person plans on doing, and VASTLY easier than actually doing the thing and then talking about it.
Bringing the internet and social media back into the equation, a person can literally get high by posting shit to the internet without expending the trouble of actually doing anything. This imo speaks volumes as to the increasingly narcissistic behavior/demeanor that is becoming increasingly evident/prevalent in developed countries, particularly among the younger generations.
Tl;dr OP is a faggot
Son of a bitch, you're right.
I need to stop being a faggot who talks all day about what he's going to do some day, and I need to start fucking doing it.
Do you have any deep philosophical/psychological shit on why some people, instead of making good high-effort things, will make low-effort shitposts they don't personally invest much in and can't feel bad about if they don't succeed?