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Tard Stories
Can we get a tard stories thread? I'll start with something that happened tonight at work.
>Working at grocery store
>Tranny comes into the store
>Not my order, but everyone sees it
>Tard bagger starts commenting to every customer on how weird it is
>Other new bagger joins in the discussion
>Fuck it, so will I
>Start talking about how to refer to trannies
"Yeah, well they generally don't look the part but if you don't conform to whatever they're saying they'll get angry at you, so call em' a chick."
>Customer at the time gets angry
>"You shouldn't say stuff like that if you don't want to get fired!!1"
>Lol the manager likes me too much to fire me and I'm one of the few faggots willing to come out during the epidemic, bite my ass
>Watch as she walks past the customer service counter and pussies out of saying anything
>Fistbump bagger bros
>Tard bagger says "well, if they wanna be a woman so much, god will make them a woman in the next life"
>kek internally and manage to resist the urge to talk about trans suicide rates
>Be me
>Be in grade school
>Have to take shit
>Go to bathroom
>Tard is hoovering his ass over the urinal with his pants around his ankles
>Tard takes dirty diarrhea shit in the urinal
>Tard tries to flush it
>Bits of shit aren't quite liquid enough to go down the drain
>Tard starts feverishly pushing shit down the drain with his hands splattering shit on the wall
>Bathroom is now brown town
>Decide shit can wait and go back to class
>Entire class was lectured about proper use of the urinal
What is it with little kids and fucking up restrooms? My elementary school didn't even have any tards and shit like that would happen on a routine basis. Granted, we did have this guy who was very obviously a faggot from the fourth grade onward when he looked at gay porn on the school computers who allegedly shit in his pullup in kindergarten and shoved it in another kid's face.