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Nigger Ramen Divining Rod
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Today, my /sp/erg friends, I shall begin a study. As a humble supermarket cashier, I aim to figure out which flavor of ramen the negros prefer over all others. This will be done by adding a tally mark for every nigger order that contains at least one. If the packet amounts are the same, no tallys will be added. If one flavor is more prevalent in one order, it will be the only one recorded. You are welcome to participate in the study with me, suggest ways I could improve my system (currently possibly a bit rudimentary due to the time constraints I may face). I begin work Wednesday, findings will be reported that night.
> You are welcome to participate in the study with me
There aren't any ziggers here, zigger.

I would help with data collection if A) I worked at a grocery store too, B) had any actual niggers near here, and C) those aforementioned absent niggers actually bought ramen. Other than that, this has some potential! Bring data back soon pls!
I've been told they love overwhelmingly shitty and salty flavours without any subtlety or quality. They can't taste spices all that well so they decide if a dish isn't overseasoned and oversalted it lacks seasoning. That's where the "haha whites dont season their food" comes from. That and whites in poverty not being able to afford spices for their meals.
That's niggers in general though. They like to view how 'they' do things as being 'the correct way' and disregard any other formats as being 'less', 'incorrect', and 'inferior'. Its a subconscious primal thing (you can see the same behavior in apes) whereby they attempt to normalize their own norms to eliminate competition in an ongoing struggle for hierarchical dominance. Thats why black movies tend to have white guys who over the course of the movie 'become' or 'are convinced' to act more black to gratify their (both the writer's and audience's) subconscious imperative (which I posit is derived froma veiled feeling of inadequacy that will likely never be recognized or addressed).
Alright, I was kind of expecting bigger figures for night 1 but only one of them got ramen noodles. They were beef flavored. I've had multiple of them getting ramen almost every night up until this point, so I'm sure I'll have more data soon.
Well in occult magic looking too hard at the magic in progress, and continously checking it leads to the magic waiting until you've forgotten. (More or less with exceptions)
But this is SCIENCE! scientific method for the win! All hail the data collection!
Expand the scope of your findings to other foods. If suddenly all the coons stop coming you stumbled on some powerful magic, and if it doesn't SCIENCE! happens.
I'm going to predict that sales of ramen will jump back up next week. It could also have been a special purchase for mlk day for this week...
So first guess of mine, beef.