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Board Growth
/sp/ is a great board and deserves more recognition. What are some things we can do to grow the board?
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ive been using this board as a makeshift /cow/ board for the past 2 years now, that did go better than expected because the threads last very long but the overall participation in them isnt all that great, presumably because MLPOL doesnt have all too many cowboys.

Personally, I think it was semi succesful despite it being mostly ignored by the rest of the site and a certain mod being butthurt over me posting cow contents in the Welcome thread, which i will resume eventually. It plays into the obscurity of the site by offering a niche hobby with a layer of protection towards the outside while at the same time increasing MLPOLs overall infamy.

Gangstalking is a delightful side hobby for any domestic e-terrorist in training and i greatly appreciate that Atlas takes full responsibility for all my actions in advance with his good name.
Maybe you should get people from kiwifarms to come over here. Encyclopedia dramatica has just been de-platformed and kiwifarms is going to be next.
Maybe, just maybe start making propaganda for the board so people know ir exists and its more than just politics