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File: 1576974888600-0.png (70.92 KB, 478x588, 1576811219280-0.png)

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>250701


Yeah, hopefully.


File: 1576975460048.png (106.86 KB, 1067x794, h-lding h--ves.png)


File: 1576979175630.png (289.12 KB, 720x990, 1499113541065.png)


>"Alright, I guess I'll take it back then-"
>"Don't fuckin' touch him."


>Grown-ass man
>Let Twiggy put her in her Hearthswarming jammies last night
>And that bow when she woke up in the morning


>"Yeah Twilight grown ass men play with adult dolls."
>"Adult dol- oh."
And the Purple's lewdness grew three sizes that day.


File: 1576987053318.png (162.34 KB, 402x577, 1576969489552.png)


Nice work, can you make a poner version too? It's top cute.


File: 1576987739828.jpg (67.1 KB, 902x896, 2225913__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

(not filly anon but rather some green OC, still cute tho)




Recoloring the hair would've looked like shit due to the artist choosing to use a slightly transparent brush. Calm down Captain CAPS.




File: 1576988280150.jpeg (4.4 MB, 6000x6000, 2222534__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)



Green fur: Check.
Green eyes: Check.
Looks like a faggot: Check.
Black hair: Che- very disappoint.



File: 1576990351268.png (126.24 KB, 876x945, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….png)




File: 1576990699064.png (159.48 KB, 1503x794, boop-1.png)

Pretty much this

But he did do a horse of it? >>253650

Shush, go to beb


File: 1576990880431.jpg (101.34 KB, 902x896, 1576987739828.jpg)

As an anon with nothing but time and shit tier mspaint skills here you go an upgraded version of an unknown OC to an Anonfilly. don't pay any attention to the hair it's shit.




And redpilled!


File: 1576992479638.jpg (5.03 MB, 6000x6000, 1576988280150.jpg)

An equally shit one this time with the shape tool because this image is fucking bigger than the other one,


Maybe my eyes are bad, but the original looked dark enough to pass as an anoncolt. But in the end it doesn't matter I suppose.




File: 1576993765256.gif (317.64 KB, 202x242, AAAAaaAAAaaaAAaaAaAAAAAAaa….gif)



File: 1576994073687.png (1.64 MB, 2500x2500, 1540103907180.png)



File: 1576994990216.jpg (103.77 KB, 902x896, 1576987739828.jpg)

Hmmm. >>253665
HMMMM. That's one fuggly Anonfilly.
Since I still had the picture on my computer I thought Why have someone elses OC in the picutre when it already pretty close to orange Anonfilly.

Everything will be okay here's a friend.




File: 1576995573354.jpg (1.31 MB, 2880x2160, anonfilly5.jpg)


Part Five of my extremely elaborate and well thought out comic with anonfilly and one purple


File: 1576995656432.jpg (122.23 KB, 1791x857, anonfilly5_cropped.jpg)

god damn MK ultra turning my fillies around


Now thay I look back on it the black hair on black hair forms the shape of a heart. Ha! Gaey! I really should have defined the edges more. Unfortunately the question mark still looks funky.
Looks alot better on mobile where all the details just blend together.
>Oh no.
Indeed. it's good shit thanks for posting it.


Whoa, that's actually pretty cute when you turn that poner into orangefilly. Pretty gae though


File: 1576996055371.png (127.84 KB, 359x1018, unspecified(2).png)


File: 1576996075884.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>The "Best Night Ever" in Equestria.
>It wasn't my first tangle with the event.
>The warpaint may be different, but the preparation was similar.
>I had spent the entire day getting primped and brushed in new and unfamiliar ways.
>Well, somewhat. The Makeover Squad had descended upon me a few times for public events, but this was another level entirely.
>Even Raven was there, giving a crash course ettiquette refresher as I was getting swarmed.
>Eventually, the makeup sea parted, and I was led off toward a large set of double doors.
>Some horns blared on the other side as my escort hastily made themself scarce.
>"Miss Emerald Dawn!" someone… er… somepony on the other side announced as the doors swung open.
>Back straight, head up, all that jazz.
>Given the gauntlet I'd been put through, I was ready.
>I even managed to not flinch too much at the lights and camera flashes as I made my way into the ballroom.
>Given I was wearing an outfit by a pony with a penchant for putting sparkly things everywhere, I'd wouldn't be surprised if somepony got blinded.
>I reached the stairs that Celestia was already atop.
>Right. Hoof back. Don't fidget those wings. Careful now.
>With a well-coached bow, I ascended to stand beside her.
>Yo, sunbutt. 'sup.
"Good evening, Mother."
>The words tasted foul in my mouth and grated against my soul.
>Nonetheless, Celestia smiled widely, eyes twinkling.
>"Good evening, my little sunshine. You look lovely."
>I'd better fucking look awesome, or else someone's gonna get the boot.
>… Somepony. Need to keep up the illusion.
>Think of the booze.
>With a smile that felt like it wanted to run screaming if I didn't keep it pinned in place, I stepped up and gave a hug to the giant sunhorse.
>She returned in kind, beaming even brighter.
>It almost broke my heart that I was only doing it to fulfill my end of our little bargain. Almost.
>I took up a position to her side, and the main doors opened, letting in the horde of prim, prissy, and proper ponies.
>Far too many had their noses raised far enough to seem a parody.
>A line quickly began forming for ponies to greet their princess.
>Courteous smiles. Small greetings.
>Over and over, I was told how 'precious' I looked.
>Not. Fucking. Cute.
>That thought got stuffed down before it got a chance to show.
>Colts and fillies, some looking more uncomfortable than others, were dragged up and practically forced in front of me.
>Over and over, proud parents insisted that their little darling and I would 'become the most inseperable of ponies'.
>Never mind how much it might look like their child got beaten nightly with a stick. …or needed to be.
>I at least gave polite smiles and courteous, if curt, greetings to the poor children turned political pieces.
>I could feel it crawling underneath my skin, begging to be let out to tell the parents how shitty they were.
>Cram it down.
>The next pony in line sent a fidget through a wing that I couldn't stop in time.
>The snooty spa addict looked down her snout at me.
>Oh how I wanted to beat that look off her face.
>…control. Think of the booze.
>I could feel my teeth creak.
>"Ahh, Princess. Lovely to see you again."
>"A pleasure to see you again as well. I hope you enjoy the Gala."
>The cunt's gaze turned directly toward me.
>Play it cool. Give her a bow. Bitches love a good bow.
"I feel I should apologize for my tone at our last meeting."
>With a disdainful sniff, she turns back to Celestia.
>"I see that you've managed to tame your little Tartarus spawn. Truly, is there nothing you can't do?"
>My eye twitched.
>I could feel my hackles rise.
>Bold words from someone within biting distance.
>No… play it proper.
"… The tone, I apologize for. Not the content, as I see the views still apply."
>With a hmph, the bitch turns and makes her way into the gala.
>I felt a light tap on a wing.
>"Pushing it," whispered Celestia.
"Am I supposed to just let her disrespect both of us?"
>She gave a slight smile at that.
>"I appreciate the thought, my little sunshine, but they're only words. You'll learn in time."
>Like hell I will.
>She turns and greets another guest.
>I trace the line down with my eyes, and spot a mare having a hushed coaching session with a pair of foals.
>Yeah, not dealing with that.
>I give a light nudge with a hoof to Celestia's and lightly clear my throat.
"Sorry to interrupt, mother, but I'm feeling slightly peckish. Might I go get something to eat?"
>She gave a smile.
>"I suppose that would be okay."
"Would you like me to get you anything?"
>"Thank you for the offer, but I'll get something later."
>With a curtsey, I figuratively floated across the floor and away from the line of shmoozers.
>I regretted everything about my decision.
>I hadn't gotten a moment's peace as pony after pony saw my presence as an opportunity to try and butter me up.
>I'd delicately extricated myself from several less persistant ponies, but currently one just wasn't taking the hint.
>I floated a tiny cracker with some unidentifiable green paste toward my mouth, only to be jostled by the other pony as they laughed at some inane joke they made.
>The cracker went right in my eye.
>The scream that escaped me was totally manly and not at all a shrill, girlish shriek.
"That's fucking IT!"
>I rubbed my eye before whipping my hoof around the room.
>The room fell silent, apart from some distant memory of a tune stirring.


"YOU! Don't you EVER know when to shut your trap, you blithering idiot?"
>The pony had a look of shock on his face.
>Ah… that's the tune… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nWqVYYvwhg
"AND YOU! Your fashion sense belongs on a wanted poster! YOU THERE! I've never seen a pony with eyes in different post codes!"
>The two ponies indicated took a step back.
"YOU! Who told you your fucking children are pawns to be pimped out?"
"YOU! BREATH MINTS, DAMMIT! Brush your goddamn teeth!"
"AND YOU!!!"
>My hoof pointed at a small, green filly, dark mane with a horn poking out of it.
>Her wings were flared wide, and her face was twisted into a mask of utter fury.
>The mask slipped, tears welling up at the corners of her green eyes.
"You… you're the worst of 'em all.."
>I could feel my throat seizing up.
"You… messed everything up… I can't do this anymore."
>Turning, I galloped away from the reflection, murmurs starting as I ran out the doors.
>I eventually tripped and faceplanted right in the middle of a clearing in the gardens.
>I could hear it all so clearly.
>Only one thing left to do.
"I know… I know I've let you down…"
>The girlish voice cracked a bit as it sang, sniffing now and then as it drew breath.
>Ponies filtered in from different parts of the gala.
>Some joined in to provide background vocals as they were lead in some synchronized dance in circles around me.
>I could hear their hooves clacking on the ground as they sang the chorus as well.
>Eventually, I felt the song release me from its hold even as it continued on.
>I curled up where I sat, gently sobbing into my hooves as the ponies continued with the final vocals.
>Eventually, even those faded, reduced to just the sound of their hooves, marching in time all around me.
>As the song petered out, I could hear the crowd parting, with others murmuring uncomfortably amongst themselves.
>I felt myself being covered with a now-familiar downy warmth.
"I… I can't do this anymore… I can't keep fighting."
>I sniffled and rubbed my nose before looking up into Celestia's pools of magenta.
"I give up… you win… I can't do it anymore… I can't… I can't…"
>I buried my head in my hooves, murmuring over and over into them.
>Slowly the clearing faded into silence.
>I'm not sure how long I sat there.
>Eventually, Celestia's wing shifted.
>"… I'm sorry, Anonymous. I didn't think on how hard this must have been on you."
>I raised my head a little, noting that we were now completely alone.
>"I just… I got so wrapped up in the idea of having a daughter of my own that I didn't even think about what it must have been like for you."
>I got picked up and drawn into those ivory hooves of hers, her head atop my own.
>"I shouldn't have pushed you into being my daughter like this. I'm so.. so sorry."
>Another sniffle.
>"Can… you tell me a bit about your mother, Anon?"
"…Emerald Dawn."
>A sad smile came from the princess of the sun as she hugged a bit tighter.
>Eventually, the silence grew too heavy to bear.
"My mother… was a good enough woman, I thought. We all seemed happy enough…"
>I didn't want to continue.
>I'd buried the topic long ago to rot somewhere deep in my mind.
"… but then, she divorced my dad. He tried to keep things together, but she did it anyways. It just about killed my dad. For years, he couldn't even do anything. Not even work. He barely even got to see myself or my siblings. Later on, I found out that she couldn't keep her damn legs together when she was off on some trip she had to take. I… guess she couldn't handle the guilt or something."
>Idly, I rubbed a hoof along one of the legs around my middle.
>"For the longest time, I just couldn't understand it. I guess I still don't fully understand it, but it's in the past. I can't change it. Before I wound up here, I hadn't even talked to her in years. I think she'd been remarried a couple of times since. Don't even know her new last name."
>I could feel Celestia hold me a little tighter.
"I… Maybe it had something to do with some of this. I don't know. I guess I can give this… thing… a try. I just don't have the strength to keep fighting to stay me anymore."
>"I shouldn't have pushed. I had no right."
"What's in the past is in the past. We can't change it. Just gotta live with it, deal with it, and grow."
>"Well… You won't have to keep fighting. I shouldn't have tried changing who you are."
"Guess we'll just dust things off and start over or something."
>"That sounds like a good idea, if you're willing."
"… Sure. Mom."
>The rest of the gala was spent outside, beneath the stars.

>Be me.

>Emerald Dawn.
>It had been a couple of months since the Gala.
>Things had improved a little.
>Twilight had started teaching me magic once again after I smoothed things over with her.
>I'd gone to visit the guards that had been injured when I had been sick.
>Currently, I was emerging from a small closet, bottle in hand.
>Well, metaphorical hand.
>Celestia had decided that I did indeed need a place to call my own, of sorts.
>And so, after much work, I held the fruits of my labor in front of me in my magic, along with a marker.
>After a bit of thought, I scribbled on the bit of tape I'd stuck to the bottle for a label.
>Green Hornet Brewery, hard cider.
>Things seemed like they were going to be okay.
"Hey, Mom! Grab some glasses and get Luna. I want you to try something."


Oof. Writing this last bit was like tryin' to pop a painful zit that didn't want to pop. Lots of pressure.
Hope it turned out okay and folks enjoyed my little scribbles for this story.


Drawfags, and writefags rise once more to fulfill the ancient task of filling the Anonfilly thread with their sexy content.

You did great. Amazingly actually. Filled a spot right inside that I didn't know that needed to be filled.


Glad you enjoyed.

Here's a paste of everything if someone wants it.


Nice job. Can you draw filly skullfucking Rey with a lightsaber strap-on now?


File: 1576998690945.png (377.13 KB, 1330x1500, anoncolt & anonfilly.png)

filly is for colt


File: 1577003257764.png (167.1 KB, 584x881, 1577003223199.png)

You're lucky I love shitposting


I'm tired and this idea won't let me sleep. I'm not sure why.
>"As you said before, when we were human, you gotta take one for the team."
>Hot damn do I love this woman…
"That was the survival of our race. I loved evert moment of us."
>Heavy hot breathing in my sensitive ear.
>"I do too. All. Night. Long. Nearly everyday for years."
>Her moans make my wildest fantasies come true.
>Nibbling the tip of my ear.
>"We're still only one of a few humans turned ponies here."
>My wife's coltish mouth nearing mine.
>"Let me return the favor."
>"We are going to have such a large family here too."
>"We can restart the natio- mmhh"
>Mouth to mouth, she knows how to get me hot and bothered.
>"mmmm~ we need to have our bodies mature a bit more."
"Don't stop."
>Trailing down my neck. Ohhh~
>"That doesn't stop us from practicing."
"Rut me now~"
>"Ah ah, ah it's only fair I return the favor that leaves me into a mewling putty."
>There is a fire burning inside me I need. I need-
"I's so hot~"
>"I know."
"'s so burning~"
>What is she?

>Honestly this bed is stupidly large for just one pony.

>"Keep quiet or Purple will hear you."
>"Anonymous?! Oh, have you need Anon?"
>"Haven't seen hide nor hair. Oh~ but I'm sure red or orange can help."
>"That's exactly why. I haven't seen any of them at all today.-
>"I'm sure they are out and abOUT~! Causing mayhem as usual."
>"To believe you both were married, and both came here truly is a blessing. I'm not sure what I would have done without you here."
>"Aha~ yes it's certainly my pleasure."


well shit. I liked this story. At least it got proper ending and not just being abandoned


Tactical hip thrust works everytime. With such an over powered technique in the hooves of any Anon all shall fall before the might and elegance of the lightsaber. Not matter the duel or blaster fire the wearer, and bearer remains untouched.
The clash of two fillies with these techniques can last for a very long time until one get's the high ground.


We sshould fillypill this artist. I really like the faces of these cute fillers.
Wow, impressive. Much impressive. Purple-fag has taught you well. Now unleash your reeeee. Only your spaghetti can defeat me.


File: 1577015498925.png (158.86 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1577015311439.png)

>gay hoof holding edition
Not christmas

Here have something festive u fags!


That's good shit dude.


Would Discord be the kind who'd tease Anonfilly because of the transformation? Or would he actually be pretty chill?



Is this how the new soywars ends?


File: 1577027093485.png (109.52 KB, 400x400, ddmbg6.png)


File: 1577027526441.jpeg (98.06 KB, 942x940, 4C56BD5B-1985-4724-8733-3….jpeg)

I choose to accept it as the ending, but no…


File: 1577028326746.jpeg (43.11 KB, 719x845, C669CA09-C192-49EE-B0BC-6….jpeg)

Well, Pastebin tells me that two years ago I started an account. Two years and two days technically, and since I’m off-schedule already for finishing exactly at the two year mark (not even the correct date anyways because I started the green on /trash/ before making it) I might as well give myself enough time to finish this up well. First big update should drop tonight, and the whole thing should wrap up by the 25th for better or for worse. To keep myself from just being a blogposting faggot, I’d like to ask if you all want to see any Christmas-themed fillies drawn.


Yes, because new thread was made only right before Christmas, and since filly threads are long incorrect OP image persists long after Christmas. I made such mistake last year, not again.


Im joking u qt


File: 1577034199258.jpg (215.01 KB, 1200x1000, image0-4.jpg)

She's looking a little rough right now
And she's missing a wing
Say something nice about her to cheer her up!


I understand how much effort you put in, but I just prefer buffalo wings over garlic parmesan


File: 1577035583679.png (38.36 KB, 197x250, thumbEB93PYF5.png)

I pissed myself again twilight!


"What kind of theme song does a one-winged filly get?"


File: 1577036185994.gif (1.07 MB, 572x540, 337.gif)

>cheer her up!
Nope. Filly is better without wings.


No. Bad Anon, filly wings is not for eat


Clearly 'One Winged Angel' was a prophetic piece written for this exact moment


"Twilight I told you countless times that I have an auto-nomic nervous system."
>"That's just silly all creatures here control everything about their bodies sometimes they offload those duties to the nearby magic field, but a nervous system."
"I was an alien."
>"Now you are a pony. Ponies don't have that."
>Sigh fucking Purple.
"An alien turned into a pony. Somehow my mind ia in here."
>"Well it's more like a biological transformation via high intensity magic. Your neurons or whatever came with you."
"Wait what?"
>"Well anything that would effect your thinking would have to come with you. The spell adds some parts to keep the recipient from death."
"It's a forbidden medical spell, thanks for saving my life and stuff, but… look all the neurons are used for thinking and sensing. There are even enough in my gastronomical tract to make a very simple brain."
>She's looking through the notes again.
"I have something that maintains stuff I don't think about like breathing, and heartbeat, and other stuff."
>"Wait… you've always had that ability?"
>A long suffering yes escaped me. Stupid magic influencing ponies around me to not take me seriously.
>"But then… what would magic do…"
>"Oh no."
>"Your body is doing the fighty fighty-"
"Remember I'm a grown ass man."
>"is trying to remove magic because it's trying to take over…"
>So that's where the twitches, and jerks come from. Wait I've had this conversation before I should already know that.
>"Anon, if magic wins you may become intellectually challenged."
>Hopefully Twilight remembers this conversation this time.
>"If you get rid of magic… well it's never been documented for your case. Most ponies just struggle trying to survive…"
"Did you write this all down yet?"
>"I should have… weird…"
>Warm liquid trickles down my legs. Fuck it if Twilight get's distracted she may never get around to fixing this shit.
>Fuckin' magic.
>"Anon I just wrote it down the problem is you are in a high density magic field with all sorts of powerful magic going on."
"Hunh I'm surprised I've managed to hold out this long."
>"Most definitely, I've already written to Princess Celestia and further more- Anon. Is that urine all over the table."
"My body is literally fighting off the local magic bullshit, and magic is using every dirty trick it has to cut off my friends. Focus on the real problems here."
>That seems to have done the trick.
>"Cutting off friends!?"

>That's how I came face to face with Tirek pissing myself.


Might touch back in with it for shenanigans if an idea strikes me, but the overarching plot that somehow wormed its way into my story I meant to just be shenanigans is done. But who knows? Might not get any ideas for it, either. Glad you liked it.

Thanks! Glad you liked it.


I want Filly to squirt marejuice into my mouth.


I want filly to kill Anon for daring to ask her to squirt marejuice into his mouth.


File: 1577049291251.png (91.18 KB, 1024x1024, qtapplehorse.png)

Never change, fillies. Never change.


Well I still want Princess Celestia to pee in my mouth


File: 1577050894187.webm (7.29 MB, 480x360, Edge of 17 - Stevie Nicks.webm)


>No Christmas filly thread


Draw filly giving other ponies coal


I want filly to pee on me while we cuddle


Fuck off I colored that, around 4 years ago


I may be high af rn


I want to be the filly.


Same. Being humiliated by accidentally pissing on Anon before he decides to solve this issue the old fashioned way sounds wholesome.


What's the old fashioned way in this scenario? Sympathy and a warm bath?


hi, poster of that image here
not claiming I drew it or anything, just spreading the filly around, Anon


File: 1577055182186.png (94.73 KB, 839x928, disgusted.png)

>mfw pissfags


Anon is going to piss himself too so she doesn't feel self-conscious.


Yeah, that and a diaper but let's be honest, you already knew that I meant that.


File: 1577055734230.png (387.67 KB, 1200x1200, 1810588.png)


It wasn't my fault, Purple magic'd it so it wouldn't come off.


>Hi, I'm the guy who
Seriously don't make this a thing, it won't go well


make what a thing?
I'm just an innocent anon looking to spread some filly images


You're borderline trip-fagging, fuck off with that


trying to make yourself identifiable just makes you into a target. If you want to be a retard, then you can, but don't get mad when you get punished for it.

>for instance

now that we have your email, we can sign you up for all sorts of shit that you likely don't like or want.


Maybe in the old days you could do that, but email authentication is the norm now, so at most he'd get that and can just ignore it until it expires.


w-why do you make me w-wear these twilight


well don't just post it, he might not have known that if he's stupid enough to drop an email to begin with!


File: 1577058194413.png (173.95 KB, 800x540, anon faggot.png)

Thanks anons, newfag here
you're all very helpful

My mother's maiden name is Thomas, the last four digits of my social security number are 3416, the pin to my checking account with Wells Fargo is 2319, and I grew up on Truman Street

But for real, let's all just get along and talk about cute fillies
>pic related


This is the future you chose, don’t act like this was undeserved



>Be filly
>In bed cuddling with another filly
>Pressed up together taking in each other's warmth
>She's already fallen asleep, snoring peacefully
>You nuzzle up against her neck
>She makes a cute little noise when you do so
>Suddenly you hear a soft hissing sound
>Did she-?
>You feel a warmth growing on your crotch
>Luckily she's always put in "protection" before bed, otherwise you'd be soaked
>You briefly contemplate waking her up to deal with it
>But she's just so comfortable
>Eh, who cares
>It can wait until the morning
>You pull her closer to yourself, burying your face in her neck
>The noticeable bulge in her padding squishing a little underneath her pajamas as you do so
>You yawn, and join her in peaceful slumber


File: 1577062529941-0.png (519.15 KB, 957x1226, 20191222_192707.png)


File: 1577063918618-0.png (100.14 KB, 772x620, EU0bLzK.png)


is ash still here?


File: 1577068221697.png (558.88 KB, 1044x896, anonfilly2_coloured.png)

>tfw get new software
>tfw it actually works well
>pic related

Time to colour my filly drawings


Aw yeees dat fillay. Dat blank flank. is gud.
It's time for the green color revolution.


Alive but not productive. Will likely be off /mlpol/ for the foreseeable future due to moving to another state and living with my grandpa. Thanks for the concern, but I'll live. I haven't died yet, have I? Probability wise, that has to mean something.


File: 1577073127132.png (377.02 KB, 625x625, dgo1_640.png)

>not human anymore
Anon is anon.


File: 1577085829314.png (247.32 KB, 900x475, HEMPSTOPS.png)

>It's been a few weeks.
>League showed up yesterday, along with another filly that shares your skin.
>She's been mostly silent, and League won't say much either.
>One of her hooves is badly damaged, you can see the stitches all the way around it.
>The other filly is missing a leg entirely, walking around on a prosthetic one.
>Asking her about it only prompted a cold glare.
>She shares the same markings that you do, though.
>The burn marks in her flanks.
>The thinness.
>You wish she would speak to you, now is not the time to withhold secrets.
>Twilight, your Twilight has recovered for the most part.
>When the alicorn was busy, she helped you with some preparations.
>The remaining elements of harmony have been taken to an undisclosed location along with Clover.
>You went back into Applejack's barn and rooted around for a while before finding your baby, a rifled Remington 870.
>Applejack wasn't as kind to it, removing the trigger guard roughly to allow it to be fired with hooves.
>It broke your heart to see it in this condition, but after she pointed it at your face…
>How long ago was that exactly?
>Weeks? Months?
>Time lost meaning when you slipped under the veil.
>In any case, you're glad to have it back.
>There was only one round left, a standard rifled slug.
>You and Twilight took it back to the castle and unearthed your box of milled sin, using the carefully disassembled slug to painstakingly make 24 more.
>Carving in the grooves was probably the worst part, but you needed all the accuracy you could get.
>You've seen League and the other filly playing around with some bottled you suspect to be molotov cocktails, so it's safe to say they're planning for something big too.
>The contraption that makes the firing mechanism for your now equine body work is as stripped down as you can get it, and still it's unwieldy and uncomfortable.
>You could fire the weapon with your forehooves with a more simple mod, but you'd need to prop yourself up against a wall to do so.
>If you're going where you think you're going, you're luckily likely to have that luxury.
>The alicorn speaks few words to most of you.
>You can hear her working deep into the night while you snuggle up next to your chosen surrogate.
>The look of betrayal when she first saw the two of you hugging was terrifying, but instead of killing her lookalike in a fit of rage she simply slumped low to the ground and walked out without a word.
>You've only fired off one of the rounds to make sure it works, as much as you'd love to test out more you feel you're going to need every last one.
>And then, the night before the silent agreement of ending this all comes to fruition, you get a knock at your repaired chamber doors.
>Wary at first of course, you wiggle out of Twilight's embrace with some regret and cock your 870.
>You still dread sleep, Luna will only visit you once in any given night but as time has gone on she makes it more difficult to kill yourself.
>Last night, it was a belly-flop through a tiny hatch and into an air-conditioning fan.
>The night before it, you had to choke yourself to death with a banana.
>And tonight, before you burst awake covered in sweat…
>It was jumping into the brandished knife of your own mother.
>God you miss her, you two didn't agree on everything but she always cared for you.
>You scooch across the wall to the door.
>You can feel the power in your grasp, more power than you've ever felt since you became this.
>If God himself were to come through that door, you feel you could loose a slug straight through his skull and kill him.
>"A-Anon? It's me. League."
>Well, mimics…
>You crack the door, sticking the barrel up to the crack and prompting a yelp.
"Oh, sorry…"
>"'Tis an understandable concern. Do you want to go for a midnight walk with me?"
"In this weather? I don't think this storm will ever let up. It's stacked almost ten feet high out there, Twilight murmured something about wendigos."
>League grins.
>"The severity is exactly why it's important that I show you."
>Opening the front door into the icy tunnel that connects you to the rest of Ponyville, you tentatively follow League, firearm strapped to your back.


File: 1577085902780.png (236.77 KB, 2500x1800, 2073706.png)


File: 1577085934121.png (17.28 KB, 1257x331, Heh.png)

>The snow tunnels are pitch black at this time of night, so you have to rely on sound to track League.
>Truth be told you're terrified, you can handle seen threats.
>But the unseen have a tendency of making themselves unpredictable.
>You walk for what you estimate to be about thirty minutes, truth be told the cold isn't nearly as bad as you thought it would be, you just haven't traveled anywhere for quite a while without the aid of teleportation.
>Must be a similar effect to that of an igloo, a thick layer of packed snow creates insulation and allows for warmth to become trapped…
>"Anon, we're here."
>You can see her jostle her wooden bat out from her mane in one swooping motion.
>Wait, how can you see?
>A timber wolf growls at the end of the tunnel, its green eyes illuminating your friend and you.
>League grips the bat with clenched teeth, charging the beast.
>You frantically push yourself up against the wall, struggling to chamber a round.
>Dear lord, your friend is going to die if you don't do something.
>Funny request from someone who thought about killing god not an hour ago, but it seems to work out as you can hear the satisfying notching sound.
>You look down the barrel at the small ironsights, lining up your shot with the skull of the still very dangerous creature.
>The crack rings out, piercing the cold muffled sounds of the tunnel like a bolt of lightning through a clear summer's day into a group of Stacies at a picnic.
>Your sensitive ears are ringing and hurt like hell, and you're almost positive you missed because League is still charging.
"League! Get the fuck away!"
>She smirks back at you as she drops the bat into her injured hoof with a painful grimace.
>Just like her mastery of sliding into third, it would seem League has also mastered the act of sliding on ice and snow.
>The timberwolf's wooden fangs pierce the frigid substances right behind her as she slides past its jowls.
>You see her screaming something as she raises her bat, but the blast has deafened your ears too much to make it out immediately.
>Flatter cup?
>Saturn's Luck?
>Batter up.
>The hoof swings with supernatural speeds, impacting the creature and splintering its leg.
>With skills that you helped her develop on that forbidden diamond, she slides under bite after bite, cutting down two more legs before the creature finally collapses to the icy ground, snarling.
>League gives it a wave with her good hoof and spits out a wad of something onto its face before taking a fresh stick of gum out of her mane.
>"Three strikes…"
>Her windup is flawless.
>The Timberwolf looks up at you, seeming worried for the first time since it's tried to have filly for dinner.
>"You're out."
>She smashes the bat into its head, splintering the entire body into shards of wood.
>At the center, a green crystal of unknown origin.
>"You'd better hang on to that, it'll light our way home."
"I-I… how?! I leave you for so long and then I come back and you do this shi-"
>She wraps you in a tight hug.
"I-I've missed you too kiddo… but why didn't you talk to me?"
>"The other filly needed my help the most, her circumstances left her even more broken than you…"
>She looks down at the tunnel floor.
>"But I am sorry, I should've said something."
"It's in the past now. Can you tell me who exactly taught you how to do that?"
>"I sort of… died while you were gone. Twilight brought me back from beyond the veil just in time, but something else came back with me. At first I only used it to dull the pain, but later on I figured out that the more pain I allowed into my body the more it gave back to me. So I started with forward kicks and the like, but they felt weak. And then, I remembered exactly what I was good at…"
>You reach up and ruffle her mane.
"That's for damn sure. So, did you lure that Timberwolf out here just to show me all of that?"
>She giggles.
>"No, silly. Of course not. I was just going to crack some ice, but it would appear that we were being stalked."
"Lucky we both came prepared then."
>"Oh sure, like that stick could've done anything to that thing."
>You gesture to the ceiling, where a hole has gone straight through the snow, revealing a pinprick of Moonlight outside.
"Pierced right through its ear."
>You point to a larger fragment on the ground, the stick that used to be the mockery of a canid ear.
"If I had gotten a better shot, I don't think you would've been able to grab all of the glory."


File: 1577086016205-0.png (361.79 KB, 1170x930, 1573797458740-0.png)

Splitting up my posts! Why you little…


Heh, nothin' personal Lone, but you're a good writer.
What will happen next time who knows, but it'll be interesting.


>babby chad
Beautiful and so true.


File: 1577087116732.png (251.73 KB, 1920x1845, 1518669183797.png)

N-no ree


The more you deny it, the more we will say it. Do not resist, accept your birthright.


File: 1577088227087.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, headpats.png)

ur a gud


File: 1577099004765.png (421.52 KB, 1256x1503, 2227741.png)


Continue this


God I wish that were me


…go on…


How I became a female cartoon horse child in another world and became the subject of doting by many and all waifus in another world.

Also, merry christmas!



>Your eyes flutter open the next morning
>The rays of Celestia's sun beginning to shine through your window
>You're still wrapped up snugly with the other Filly
>You smile and stretch a little, nuzzling up against her
>She stirs as you do so
>"Nnnngh… morning already?"
>You giggle
"You sure slept well"
>As she wiggles around, you notice her realization
>"Oh shit, I'm sorry…"
>You smirk
"Sorry for what?"
>It takes a moment to click, but then the two of you break out into a giggle fit
>"Pfff, D-damnit, Anon"
>As your giggles subside, you let out a peaceful sigh
>"B-but really, I didn't mean to-"
>You interrupt her with a boop
"Don't worry about it. Really"
>"You sure?"
"Yes, of course. Now, come here"
>You pull her in for a hug
>After a second, she returns the hug
>"I should probably go let Twi know…"
"It's Saturday, Purple always comes to wake us up late"
>"Yeah, I guess…"
"Now hush and just relax"
>You nuzzle up to her and feel her body relax after a while
>The both of you lay snuggled up for what feels like hours
>Best way to start a Saturday


Yo, Somedope
Are you still working on that rewrite? I’m looking forward to reading it.


File: 1577154911901-0.webm (3.99 MB, 1280x720, 1577131000392.webm)

>Celestia likes to coddle her niece Anonfilly.
>Filly is a Pegasus and Celestia let's her teacher side run wild near her.
>Filly has not much a interest in flying and Celestia can't stand it.
>Starts showing off around her.
>At the lake during summer Celestia skimmed down at a high speed and a angle and skid the top of the water with wing before pulling up leaving a rainbow like trail of water mist behind her.
>Anon would be sitting on the balcony and Celestia could be seen skimming in under small bridges with a spin.
>Finally at the same lake during winter she came in at a angle and drifted in a few circles and powerfully flapping her wings to kick up some snow that rested on the ice before taking off again.
>She does this all in hopes of getting her niece into something she can teach her.
>filly wasnt looking cus she was watching the gaurds beat up a random pony and sodomized him in the street below, in front of his family


>"Anon!" Twilight calls as she joins Luna.
>"Don't follo-" Aunt Celestia calls with a blush before you're pulled in.
>It's dark…
>You open your eyes and find yourself in a winter forest.
>You need to get some height to find your way back home, but it's too dense to take off here.
>Looking out you see a lake.
>You gallop out of the forest and towards the middle of the lake.
>As you go to start a run to take off you hear something whistle behind you.
>"Hey there cutie~"
>The voice says behind you, but the speaker skids infront of you.
>A white mare with a pink mane and wings skids around you, looking you up and down.
>She looks… kinda beautiful, in a odd way.
>"What's a cute mare like you doing all the way out here alone~?" She ask skidding behind you.
>You try to keep your eyes on her but she's going so fast.
"My friend Twilight accidentally teleported me here, I'm just lost and trying to get back home."
>"Where you live greeny~?" She ask skidding around your side.
"Canterlot castle, and my name's Anon, not greeny."
>"Hmm, feisty, momma likes~"
"Excuse m- AH!"
>You're stopped mid sentence as a hoof connected to your flank.
>"I'm heading back to Canterlot now, follow me sweet piece~!" She says as she stops her skidding and enters a gallop to take off.
>As much as you'd like to give her a peice of your mind, you need to get home, so you gallop and take off after her.
>Soon you find yourself at a strange kingdom.
>It's definitely Equestrian, just… off.
>She lands up on a balcony of a castle and you land next to her.
"Hey, listen, this isn't where I live, I-"
>"I know it's not Anon, now come on." She says as her tail glides across your cheek.
>You watch as she sashays her flanks in through some purple curtains.
>You shake your head and follow.
"Miss listen, I really need to get home, my mom is probably worried sick and- mmf!"
>You're stopped as a pair of white lips connected with yours.
>You go to fight against her but you find yourself unable to.
>This feels… right…
>You're ashamed as you let yourself be pushed back down a bed, her long thick pink mane, draping over the side of your head.
>The mare pulls back, tongue lulling out, same as yours, a strand of saliva connecting the two.
>You look deep into the mare's deep half lidded magenta eyes.
"I-I need to get home, w-we can't, we only just met!"
>"Shhhhh~" She hushes you. "You're right where you belong right now~" She says, slowly kissing your neck.
>You fight back a moan as she slowly kisses down lower and lower.
>Eventually you can't fight the moans back as the beautiful mare kisses and licks your clit.
>You're soaking wet as she plays with your teats with her wings while she licks you deeper and deeper, making you cry out in pleasure.
"F-Ah! Oh fuck!"
>You cry out over and over until you cram the mare's face against your marehood and let loose.
>The mare closes her eyes and laps up everything as you squirt more and more until you loose the power to hold her there and collapse back to the bed, rear hoof twitching.
>The mare licks what little mare juices she missed and licks her lips as she climbs atop the bed smiles.
>"You were saying~" She ask, her muzzle soaked with your juices.
>Her only reply is gasp and sputters.
>"That's what I thought, but it's your turn to return the favor my dear~"
>She turns around and you're face to face with her magnificent large rear.
>It gets closer and closer until your muzzle is crammed against her marehood.
>"Nnnah, l-lick it slut!"
>You do as you're told, and lap at the mare's pussy.
>It taste wonderful and you try your best to muzzle deeper into her as she moans.
>You're ashamed of yourself as you continue to lap at the cunt crammed against you like a little filly lapping at popsicle.
>Your shame only gets worse as you feel the need to have more, to please the amazing mare atop you.
>You slowly slide a hoof to your cunt as you begin to rub it while the other holds onto the mare's rear.
>You moan licking deeper and deeper, enjoying every taste.
>"Gah! That's right slut! Lick that princess cunt!"
>The words don't even register as you lick more desperately.
>You feel your hoof get pushed away as she crams her face back down against your pussy and starts licking again.
>The two of you are nothing more than moaning messes as you both lick one another.
>Your other hoof joins the one on gripping her rear as you get close to your second climax.
>She's close too, if her tightening cunt and sloppy more desperate licking is anything to go by.
>Soon your tongue is drowned in the magnificent taste of this mare as she finally reaches her limit, but with her last bit of strength she plunged her tongue deeper and you get off again.
>Now both of you desperately lick at one another, trying not to miss a single drop of the amazing liquid seeping out.


>After a bit she rolls off and you're both a huffing mess as you try to catch your breaths.
>The sound of a door clicking open sends you into a panic.
>You try your best to move but your hooves won't respond.
>Oh god oh god! No pony can catch you like this! You're supposed to be the daughter of Luna! Your reputation will be ruined!
>"Celestia, there appears to be a time anomaly in this… oh my Faust! Celestia!" A stallion's voice yells in anger but one thing keeps echoing in your head.
>"Ugh, Starswirl come on! Why do you have to come ruin the moment! Buck!"
>"Ruin the- You're supposed to be a princess! A-And here you are covered in the climax of some other teenage filly! Not just that but a time anomaly! What is wrong with you!?"
>"Okay for one, I had no idea she was a ah nam a wee or whatever, and two, I needed this! Bad! You're so bucking stressful I can't stand it! Princess this, princess that! AAH! BUCK!" She looks at you. "Hey slut, you up for another go? This fucking geezer got me bucking stressed again."
>"Most certainly not!" Starswirl shouts as he shoots a spell opening a portal similar to Twilight's.
>You don't even move as you're dragged into it.
>If you died right now that would be the best thing to happen to you.
>But no, again, darkness, but this time you wake up to voices.
>"My baby!" One calls as you're jerked up into a hug.
>You don't move still, wishing for death.
>"Anon! You're back! Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that, it was a complete mistake, I-" Twilight goes on a rambling spree.
>"Anon dear? What are you covered in? Oh it doesn't matter! What matters is my baby is home, let's get you a bath and you're sleeping next to me tonight! I was so scared!" Luna crys out as she hugs you and carries you to the bathroom.
>But in the room you can hear the faintest voice.
>"I'm so sorry."


Wew, princest is wincest. Hopefully filly get's to cash in on fun times with auntie.


Thanks, that was super comfy.


File: 1577160252436-0.png (2.74 MB, 1756x2652, 1577158260894.png)


Truly the greatest of heroes, we don't deserve them. May Anon, Anonfilly,and Fillyanon rain down upon them. Fanatic art.


You didn't post the theme for in-thread listening, let's fix that.



god this is wholesome. I'd love to see some more from you


Rallylestia is one of the most basic OCs. Ebic guard with ebic scars from being ebic. Can you not just, I don't know, not need a super edgy oc?


Sounds like a manga title


File: 1577199907527.png (59.6 KB, 447x403, 18105881.png)

>Be Filly
>First day in Equestria
>First day as a filly
>Staying with Twilight and your identical 'sister' fillies who appeared under similar mysterious circumstances
>You're the newest filly though
>Everything seems to be fairly straighforward with your transition in to living as a pony until it's time for bed
>"What the fuck Twilight, I don't need a diaper!"
>"Your sisters all had… issues on their first few nights, if you can stay dry tonight then I won't make you wear one again."
"Like fuck you can make me wear a diaper"
>Twilight's horn glows
>Her magic grasp isn't painful, but struggling against it is beyond futile
>Moving even a millimetre away from where she's holding you is like pressing against solid steel.
"Hey, put me down you crazy bitch! This is child abuse! RAPE! RAPE!"
>Twilight looks pissed as she clamps your mouth shut with her magic
"I'm doing this for your own good anon, if you keep yelling there will be consequences, do you understand?"
>You try to speak, but with your mouth held shut your words are unintelligible
"Nod your head"
>You nod your head
>Twilight applies some powder and wraps the diaper around you, pushing your tail through the appropriate hole before doing up the tapes.
>The diaper is thick and crinkles as she slips your pajamas on and places you on the bed
"Just get some sleep and if your dry tommorrow morning we can put this whole thing behind us."
>You want to say something, but you think better of antagonising her any more tonight as she tucks you into bed
>You move around in the bed trying to get comfortable with the unfamiliar thick mass under your hips
>the bulk between you hind legs keeps them separated somewhat
>Your movement causes a lot of crinkling
>Twilight's horn flashes again
"What was that for?"
"Just to keep you safe tonight Anon"
>After Twilight leaves you eventually do get to sleep
>You wake up with a painfully full bladder
>Worried, you check the diaper
>Still dry
>Not for long if you don't get to a bathroom
>You throw off the covers and try to sit up
>Your bladder pulses in protest and you're forced to abandon sitting up to avoid leaking
>You slide out of the bed, and ease yourself to the floor, your bladder protesting with every movement
>It's dark, but with your enormous pony eyes that isn't a problem
>What is a problem is that every impact of your hard hooves on the hard floor sends a jarring pulse of pain in your bladder
>The thickness of the diaper doesn't even let you cross your legs properly
>Halfway to the bathroom you feel an intense wave of desperation
>You freeze in place, jamming a hoof into your crotch as hard as you can through the soft diaper, just barely managing to stop the flow
>It fucking hurts so bad that you consider just using your diaper right there
>After a good ten seconds you manage to get yourself back under control enough to keep moving forward
>You're hobbling on three hooves now
>One forehoof clamped between your hind legs to stem the flow from your desperate, over-stretched bladder
>You make it to the bathroom
>Fuck, now you need to somehow undress without pissing yourself
>You manage to pull your pyjama pants down most of the way
>Disaster strikes when you have to remove your hoof from between your hand legs
>A trickle of urine manages to escape in the couple seconds it takes you to regain control
>You manage to stop the flow but the pain has increased tenfold and you let out an involuntary whimper
>You're too close to give up now
>You're literally standing over the toilet
>You try to pull the tabs on the diaper but your hoof slips off it
>"Come on, come on" you whine
>Another pulse of desperation wracks your body and you can't help another tiny trickle of urine escaping into the diaper
>You wiggle and dance in place, trying to keep in in, trying to wiggle out of the diaper
>You turn around and try to grab one of the tabs with your teeth
>Another trickle of urine escapes as you bend awkwardly but your're too frantic to really care
>You're teeth slip off the tab just like your hoof did
>Then it hits you
>Twilight must have case some kind of spell on the diaper to prevent you from taking it off
>It's far too late to get Twilight
>Another trickle of urine escapes into the diaper and is sucked up thirstily
>There's tears in your eyes
>It wasn't fair
>It hurt so bad
>Shakily, you pull your hoof out from between your hind legs
>Immediately a slow trickle of urine begins, but this time you don't try to fight it
>You bring your hoof forward and feel your rock hard distended bladder in your belly
>As you brush against it gently another pulse of desperation hits and the slow trickle becomes a torrent
>Now that you've started you don't care about anything else, you just have to get it out
>There's nothing else in the world but your bladder and the need have it empty.
>After a few seconds the pain turns to euphoria as you finally release the pressure you'd been holding
>Your knees feel weak as you spray hot pee into the diaper
>You sigh, and close your eyes, listening to the hissing sound reflect off the walls of the bathroom
>After what seems like forever you wake up, in bed, feeling warm wet-
>The sun is streaming in the window and you quickly jump out of bed
>You have to dispose of the evidence before-
"Good morning sleepy head!"
>Twilight enters and is surprised to see you out of bed before she gives a knowing smile
>She pulls down the back of your pyjama pants and squishes the warm, wet bulk of the diaper against your flank.
"Aha! I knew it was a good idea for you to wear these at night!"


Oof, bad end.


This is great


>You wake up with a painfully full bladder
>Worried, you check the diaper
>Still dry
>Not for long if you don't get to a bathroom
>You throw off the covers and try to sit up
>Your bladder pulses in protest and you're forced to abandon sitting up to avoid leaking
>Tears spring into your eyes, there's no way you're going to make it to the bathroom, but you have to try
>As you ease yourself out of bed your bladder is in agony
>Each movement threatening to release the flood you're holding back
>As your hooves touch the floor there is a chiming sound which almost startles you into wetting yourself
>Hot tears run down your face, but tears aren't the warm body fluid you so desperately need to release
>Your eyes are scrunched so tight that you completely miss Twilight teleporting into the room
>Her mane is a mess and she staggers a little bit as she tries to wake up from the sleep she was pulled from to check on you
"Oh no, anon, what's wrong?"
>Twilight moves to pull you into a hug but you know exactly what any additional pressure will do to your diaper.
>No time for tact
"I need to pee so bad, I can't move or it will come out. It hurts." you sob
>Twilight teleported you to the bathroom and had your clothes off before you could even finish the sentence
"It's okay, you can go now"
>You whimper, you don't want Twilight to watch you pee but you're poor abused bladder has other ideas
>You're peeing full force as you cry and Twilight rubs your back comfortingly
"Just let it all out, it's alright. You're the first one to actually make it to the toilet the first nigh so there's no need to feel embarrassed"
>With your bladder emptied your fatigue hits you and you let out a big yawn
>Twilight carries you back to bed on her back
>She tucks you into bed
"Alright my brave little filly, maybe you didn't need a diaper after all. Sleep tight."
>"Good night mommy"
>In a moment you're back to sleep, to dream of drier, more pleasant things.


>diaperfag general
that's gonna be a yoinks from me, fillers


File: 1577220642885.jpeg (421.36 KB, 1536x1859, 9D8D01A8-57D0-407E-9E94-7….jpeg)

Now that’s more satisfying.
>Ywn be able to brag to the other fillies that you don’t need to wear padding at night
Why live?


File: 1577236170969-0.jpg (791.13 KB, 1300x1600, 1537461551941.jpg)

>"You'll never leave me now Anon!"
"Uh, yeah that's nice and all. But why a filly?"
>Luna's pupils shrink.
>A blush creeps onto her face.
>"Well you see… uh, it's a, magic thing?"
>You narrow your eyes at your wife.
"You wanted to diddle me as a filly, didn't you?"
>"W-We would never! Why, the mear assumption that we would ever want to get our marehood licked by you as a filly is preposterous! We would never have dreams of you being a small one and us touching you and teaching you how to make lo- yes, yes we did…"


more diaperposting and greens


Your disdain fuels me to return from the grave and make a green. Merry crinklemas~


File: 1577251732610.png (168.94 KB, 1315x1200, Anon - Pony 237.png)

Which Anonfilly art do you think the most of now that it is Christmas?


File: 1577252164989.jpeg (632.13 KB, 2480x1551, 1831895.jpeg)

This one, because it will never happen.


Do it faggot.


File: 1577253486359.png (13.73 KB, 454x602, REEEEEEEEE.png)


File: 1577254902724.png (330.13 KB, 363x801, 1514757695286.png)

This one. For all of the fillies fighting griffons off in the field who can't be home in time for Christmas with their momfus.


File: 1577269580895.png (671.52 KB, 1125x1250, sleppi hoers.png)

>another day, another migraine
>all the Christmassy bullshit surrounding you makes you remember all the shitty, cheesy ceremonies of life back home
>every day fillies and colts approach Twilight's castle to show the princess some holiday cheer
>it's gotten to the point that she started making a batch of cookies every day to hand out, and not just to spoil you rotten
>why do the screaming faggots get so much love? All they do is repeat cheesy music that follows an extremely basic rhyme scheme and they get free shit for it
>you're awaken early on Hearth's Warming by an especially bad pair of carolers
>the shockingly off-tune voice carries through the entire castle with ease
>the trumpet makes you jolt out of bed with a wail of confusion and fear, tangling yourself in your bedsheets
>crinkling fills the room as you wrestle with your bedding, but alas your sleeper onesie renders your hooves unable to grip anything, like a bad pair of snow mitts
>for several minutes after the carolers fuck off, you're struggling and growling to yourself, angry and wanting nothing more than to suffocate on the cloth
>alas, you know that would never happen
>the motion causes your bladder to become heavy with fullness, and your growling slowly turns to a whimper as you realize your predicament

>soon enough, Twilight's finished baking a quick last-minute batch of gingerbread cookies for the carolers

>you're left a sniffling mess on the crystal floor after losing against your bondage
>the warmth in your crotch makes you immensely uncomfortable and self-conscious in your predicament, which only further frustrates you
>"I heard some commotion in here, Anon, are you-"
"Snff, ghh…go away…"
>"Nonny, are you sure about that? I can help you up if you want…"
"I ju-hic! I just wanna go back to sleep…no stupid caroling, no dumb social games, just let me sleep."
>"Alright…here sweetie, I'll at least set you in bed and help untangle you."
>you shake your head aggressively from under your sheets, but she lifts you back into the comfort of your bed regardless
>the room is slightly illuminated by her magic as she gingerly unwraps you from your prison of pomf
>as soon as your vision is no longer blocked by fabric, her light dims and she gives a small peck on your forehead
>"I'll wake you up in a bit and we can have a quiet Hear- er, Christmas. Alright?"
>despite your emotional state, you nod just a bit
"Alright…a-and, before you go, thanks.."
>"Don't mention it, Anon. I'll dampen the sound outside for you and keep a scrying spell handy, so whenever you feel like waking up I'll be ready to change you."
"Hey I don't need-"
>"You don't have to lie."
"F-fuck off…"
>"Merry Christmas."
>and with that, you're left alone in bed again, this time not trapped anymore
>why does she always have to be so…nice? Why can't she just leave you alone with your misery?
>the smell of warm gingerbread a few rooms away helps lull you back to sleep, and despite the squish in your tush, you feel pretty comfortable
>a couple more hours of sleep couldn't hurt.


File: 1577270315843.png (260.72 KB, 1268x1024, 7b5320a3037.png)

>Why can't she just leave you alone with your misery?
Friendship anon.


Fuck off purple I don't want your lectures! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa-


File: 1577270660986.png (956.84 KB, 2000x2000, c3d.png)

Silly filly.


I-Is this a n-new green?! If so cant wait for more!


File: 1577293275801.png (162.52 KB, 1000x1200, twiboop.png)


File: 1577293316837.jpg (2.63 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20191225_100841.jpg)

Filly has a surprise for you


File: 1577293417076.png (567.4 KB, 530x663, Horsemas doll.png)

Horsemas Doll


File: 1577293452121.jpg (3.12 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20191225_110510.jpg)

Cute filly made of lots of tiny x's


File: 1577293674477-0.jpg (3.42 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191225_112417.jpg)

File: 1577293674477-1.jpg (3.52 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191225_115114.jpg)

File: 1577293674477-2.jpg (3.81 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191225_115244.jpg)

File: 1577293674477-3.jpg (3.14 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20191225_115340.jpg)

Big filly from based anon who will be sleeping all day


File: 1577294210863.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, hnnngg.png)

>big filly booping smol filly's snootle


>Implied futa


Hey Ash. Good to see you’re still alive and kicking it. You wanna maybe finish a green for us? Heh.
Top cute though.


File: 1577310956223.png (371.85 KB, 1073x2125, futa filly masturboop.png)


Few more weeks and we'll see. I'm sure I could write something on notepad and come online for an hour or two via 4G and post something. In all honesty, it's been so long and I went about delet'ing everything I really had…ashamed to say that my old stuff may be gone for good. But I'm happy to write something new over the new year between apprentice work.


Good to see you are still alive


File: 1577320942642-0.png (160.05 KB, 417x444, unknown.png)


File: 1577321031502-0.jpg (1.6 MB, 3371x2239, IMG_20191225_073732.jpg)

The Beldam has won.


File: 1577321918004-0.png (101.32 KB, 1000x904, 1545319805697.png)

>Be Anonfilly.
>Daughter of Luna.
>You've not been getting much attention from mom lately.
>She's been too busy writing on her stupid horse internet scroll.
>You've had enough.
>You waltz up to the table and hop up.
>Mom doesn't even acknowledge you hopped up.
>So you slowly but surely begin to push her magic quill away as you begin to stand atop of the scroll.
>"I- Anon you- I'm trying to- gah." Mom protests as you push your way through.
>Eventually you're infront of her completely standing over the scroll.
>"Dear could you- POMF" She sighs as you plop down onto the scroll. "Anon dearest I'm trying to write to somepony could you-"
>You roll onto your back staying on the scroll.
"Rub my belly."
>Mom looks at you for a bit before sighing and doing as requested.
>"I suppose I have been ignoring you lately, hmm?"
>She smiles and lifts you with her magic.
>"Alright, well let's go take a nap together then."


Oh look, m00t just has to be an attention whore. Imagine my shock


>hoes mad
>greentext arrow
The millennial and zoomer memes collide to create the Six Million Dollar Shitposter.


W-what? Is mootles back?


He's there, at the tip of the meme arrow.


Oh. Yeah, unless he's the actualy moot that's a bit attention-whorish.


Yeah he seems just to be a normal namefag


Its not the m00t, no


File: 1577330647034.png (351.87 KB, 744x1000, aryanne with hat.png)

Filly comes to meet Aryanne's family

>"Anon, ve are here!"

>here we go
>"Come, come out of ze carriage, I vant you to meet mein family!"
>you climb out of the carriage, trying not to look at them
>Aryanne's family
>There were at least 10 or 15 of them, and they all had white coats
>They all turned and looked at you, smiling
>they look like they're waiting for something
>"Anon… vhat did ve discuss?"
>oh right
>you raise your green hoof in a little heil, saluting the flag
>"Heil!" they respond
>"This is mein freund, Fraulein Anon. She does not look like us, but she supports ze effort."
>"Hallo, Fraulein Anon!"
>this whole thing was creepy, but you promised her you'd come meet her family… here you were
>And you would make an effort to get to know them.

what does our brave hero do next?


Bleach their coat to fit in.


>rape the whitest, purest filly to give HER the whitest, purest filly which makes the whole species proud


>It's creepy for a family to look similar to each other
You pozzed little fucker.


It's only creepy for cucks, soygoys, niggers, faggots, niggerfaggots, and politicians. That little Anonfilly was pozzed, and soon won't be.



File: 1577333227496-0.png (43.65 KB, 1608x781, Noiger.png)


Alright, penultimate update time. I want to thank all of you who've continued to read this green.
>"What I'm asking you to do has a decent chance of getting you killed."
>You rub the sleep from your eyes and yawn.
>"League and I cased the internal operations of the facility, it is very likely that neither I nor my double will have any access to our unicorn, or in my case Alicorn magic. That is alright."
>Twilight spreads out her wings, you can see a luster beneath the feathers.
>"For me, these. I've been practicing flight patterns for weeks in close quarters, so I should be able to fly close to something and launch these into it like a caustic spray."
>"Anonymous, I trust your shooting is satisfactory?"
"Yes, ma'am."
>"Good. We'll need every shot to count. Equip the bulkier gear as soon as we reach the elevator down. Can you use this relic, Twilight?"
>She says the final word with a sneer.
>"Is this what I think it is? I thought this was lost centuries ago…"
>"Well, it's right in front of you, isn't it?"
>"If it's the real shield, you don't mind if I get off a few test shots on it, do you?"
>Twilight sighs.
>"Make it quick."
>Your surrogate sets the shield down after receiving it, focusing in on it once everyone else has backed up.
>You can see her horn pulsating with magic, likely drawing in all that she can.
>The excess energy surrounding her horn is approximately the size of a large grapefruit before she lets it loose.
>It deflects harmlessly off of the shield, careening about two-hundred feet right past the Alicorn's ear before crashing into the snow.
>She doesn't even blink.
>"League, the bat?"
>"In my mane. You've seen what I can do with it, I won't let any of you down."
>"I always forget about that filthy earth pony habit…"
>She looks the cripple dead in the eyes.
>"You shouldn't be coming, but you're being allowed to because your counterpart put in a good word. You do understand that there's a greater liability with your decreased mobility, don't you?"
>The green filly's gaze betrays no emotion.
>"Yes, ma'am."
>Twilight nods.
>"Long-distance teleportation is a bit more complicated with groups. I'll teleport you all in groups of one, starting with League here."
>There's a blinding flash and the two vanish.
>You feel a hoof tap up against you.
>"Hey, thanks for looking out for me back there."
"If you're anything like me, I wouldn't want to deny you a good chance to finally get revenge on one half of what's been fucking us over."
>"Heh, isn't that the truth."
>The two of you share a moment of silence as Twilight is taken.
>"I'm sorry for being rude. I'm just… jealous that things worked out better for you."
"Was it the mill?"
>"Yeah, I didn't think it would fucking matter. One in a million the damn thing would spark, right?"
"Yeah… what happened to you after that?"
>"I was comatose, they threw me in a hospital. When I woke up, League had killed herself and I had to go to this hellish asylum. Everyone had put two and two together, so they treated me like dogshit. Everyone but Lyra, and then she got fucking shredded in the process of getting here, and I don't even think this was the correct destination. I think she absorbed most of the force, I came out without a scratch and I'm told your back legs were shattered."
>She takes out a long blade of grass and lights it with a match. You're about to call her retarded when you realize that it's burning differently.
"Can I have one?"
>She laughs.
>"It's just grass, ya tard."


"Hey, if I'm a tard then you're a tard too. Maybe more so for smoking grass."
>She giggles.
>"Yeah, maybe. If we don't make it out I guess I'll tell you that I've always wanted another copy of me to talk to, somebody who can comfort me like no other, but you already knew that."
>You smile.
"Knowing something and hearing it with your own ears are two very different things. Thank you."
>"Okay, now you're just starting to get gay. Cut that shit out."
>She says it with a chuckle though.
>Twilight pops back up.
>"Sorry, had to deal with some sort of electric rat. Which one of you is first?"
>Both of you point to the other.
>"You fucking smoked Pikachu? Christ Twilight."
>Her teeth are gritted.
>"It. Was. Trying. To. Electrocute. Me."
"You're supposed to catch them, did you not get given any Pokeballs?"
>"What in the everliving fuck is a Pokeball?"
>Even the other Twilight is chuckling.
>You're glad you sperged out about Pokemon to her that one time.
>"Let's just start the hike."
>You're shivering, and the wind cuts down to your bones.
>There's no blizzard like in Ponyville here in the middle of the wilderness, but there's still steady snowfall and no trail.
>You and Anon are probably the coldest, given your reduced fat reserves.
>League notices this and pipes up.
>"Twilight, why the heck didn't you just teleport us up to the top like last time?"
>Twilight's response comes out as a half-scream.
>"Because, last time we tried that I nearly got killed, and you did."
>Anon takes this to be the opportune moment to slip and fall, busting open a lip.
>Despite everything else, you can still see her fighting back tears from the pain.
>You offer her your hoof, which she takes with her good leg and stands back up quickly.
>She's using her good leg to stop the bleeding, and you doubt she can succeed in much more than standing without it.
>You walk over to Twilight and whisper a bit in her ear.
>She nods and hoists the little filly up onto her back along with her saddlebags full of incendiaries and god knows what else.
>"It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong. You just want this all to be over, huh?"
>She strokes your new friend's mane lovingly.
>"It will be soon, for better or for worse. Then we can all rest peacefully."
>"B-but what if there isn't anything beyond the curtain of death?"
>Alicorn Twilight sighs and walks down to the rest of the stopped group.
>"Little one, you are correct. Death is the final challenge, one which none may defeat. If you ever find yourself in its clutches, struggle with all of your might."
>The view from up here is phenomenal.
>No time to enjoy it though, before you can even get a second look everyone is being crammed into a tiny elevator car.
>The ride down takes longer than you think it probably should, and you're beginning to suspect that someone didn't shower this morning.
>Before you can chance a guess at who, the door opens.
>It's carnage.
>There are pony corpses strewn all over the floors, their blood running in rivers underneath the grates below.
>Labcoats, janitorial garb…
>Unicorns, earth ponies, pegasi…
>All killed indiscriminately, but by what?
>You can see Twilight test out her magic in the dark, the purple glow quickly fizzling out.
>"Dammit. At least we expected that, everypony suit up, and quickly. Whatever did this might still be nearby."
>Twilight gently sets down Anon, opening up her own saddlebags.
>You hold out your right forehoof, allowing her to attach the single-hoof loader with a few knots.
>It's a bit of effort, but you manage to load in a slug to replace the one you shot last night.
>"Fun time last night?"
"League took me out to show off a bit. Have you seen her go with that bat?"
>"I haven't yet, but I'm excited too. You have such nice friends, Anonymous."
>She ruffles your mane.
"S-stop, you're embarrassing me…"
>She chuckles.
>You can see the Alicorn calling forth multiple very dangerous looking weapons from what you're guessing is the Equestrian magic system's equivalent of a Bag of Holding.
>A silvery sword with very ornate runes carved into the hilt and blade.
>A small set of armor which she actually takes over behind you and helps Anon put on.
>The metal shrinks, and the filly looks a bit frightened until she realizes it's just fitting to her small stature.
>The shield from before, which she passes off to your Twilight.
>The straps lash out, binding the heavy thing to her foreleg.
>It shrinks down to a walking size.
>Clearly concerned with the shield being a bit small, Twilight lifts it up and finds that it extends about three feet in every direction when held upright.
>"I never dreampt I would see one of the old arms, much less be asked to hold one in battle…"
>The Alicorn straps a scabbard to her side and sheaths the deadly looking sword from earlier.
>Simply looking at that blade makes you hurt imagining what it could do.
>You hold up your gun and with rear up on your hind legs, clicking off the safety.
>League shakes her messy mane, her bat falling out onto the ground and quickly being scooped up by a hoof.
>Her balance is a bit off, but so is yours.
>At least you can use the leg with the loader attached.
>Anon holds a pack of matches in her teeth, saddlebags open and rag-stopped bottles sloshing with unknown chemicals.
>"Is everypony ready?"
>You all nod in silent agreement, pressing on into the darkened and bloody complex.


File: 1577334160426-0.png (110.48 KB, 800x600, 1577330432301.png)

New Lovely hoers episode with filly in it, go check it out and give John Elway some love!


We need more christmas crinkle filly


>Be diaperfag filly.
>It's Christmas.
>The padding under your onesie is thoroughly soiled.
>Twilight comes in and yells at you for being a pain in her ass and tells you to change yourself because she's busy trying to get all the other fillies up.
>You know you deserve this.


>Can't have desert if (you) don't finish dinner
>Can't finish dinner if the greens aren't done
Get your update posted, assbutt.


File: 1577354217684.png (497.35 KB, 1156x1600, cute4.png)

It's typed up, but just for that you all have to wait~
I actually need to give it a bit of editing work and the like later and I'm tired.




File: 1577355171195.png (199.39 KB, 1200x832, DkXMm6kX0AgegnV.png)

Sleep Tight, Poner.


You're going about it all wrong, Anon! You need to add bold and underline, or else the incantation fails! This must be rectified.



File: 1577355292096.gif (2.78 MB, 885x802, b1c.gif)

>or else the incantation fails




For a second you had my hopes up


File: 1577386314819.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1830x1831, warface.jpeg)







File: 1577392423299.png (89.41 KB, 732x633, 1363113__artist needed_saf….png)

Hello DeadwingDork.


File: 1577393751186.png (349.63 KB, 2100x1500, Sitting on hand star.png)


File: 1577398547019.png (240.02 KB, 1280x1280, ary.png)



File: 1577401590762.png (465.01 KB, 2100x1500, Sitting on hand sweater ha….png)


File: 1577402800653.png (290.27 KB, 2100x1500, sleeping hand2.png)


"Aw arn't you a cuti- wait…"
"Private Filly what is that hanging on your neck."
>"I don't know…"
"Well let's take a closer look."
"Holy Jesus."
"What is that."
"What the fuck is that!"
>"It's a Griff pendant sir!"
"A Griff pendant…"
"Why do you have a Griff pendant private Filly."
>"I was infiltrating the local Griff population sir!"
"Where's your battle buddy private Filly."
>"In the cozy bed sir, she had a tummy ache… Sir!"
"Had a tummy ache hunh. Why didn't you get another battle buddy private Filly!"
>"I- well- I-"
"Spit it out private Filly!"
>"Following the General's orders sir!"
"I want a report on what is going on private Filly. Until I confirm what has gone on you are confined to the comfy pits where you are the designated qt3.14 private Filly."
"I said do you understand Private Filly!"
>"Sir! Yes Sir!"

"You did well Private. You've been scheduled for momfu leave."
>"If like to stay with you Sir!"
"Aw come here."


File: 1577405383557.png (688.89 KB, 2100x1500, Sitting on hand christmas ….png)


Wait, what? Is he gonna do a video on our thread?


>Be Raven Inkwell, assistant extraordinaire.
>You were looking for Celestia, and a maid told you she was going to be bathing her adopted filly Anon.
>She was a sweet respectful little filly, you swear her smile could brighten up the room.
>Oh and those soft wings, you love that little filly!
>You approach the bathroom door and hear splashes of water.
>They must be playing, how sweet.
>You open the door and- OH FAUST!
>Celestia is standing over the tub holding a splashing Anon under the water.
>Princess or not you can't just standby!
"Celestia! What are you doing!?"
>Celestia looks to you in shock.
>"Inkwell! Help me wi-" But her loss in focus was enough for the filly to get the upper hoof.
>"GAAAAWOOOO!" The glowing red eyed filly roars out as she explodes out of the water latching onto the princess's face and dragging her under!
>You rush over and help pull her up.
>She sputters for a bit but you help hold the filly at bay.
>"Wash her- Cough-Wash her mane quick! That's all that's left!"
>Thirty minutes later.
>A fluffed up filly angrily trots out of the bathroom as you and Celestia who are thoroughly soaks slink behind.


File: 1577423505136-0.png (1.18 MB, 2100x1500, hiding.png)

File: 1577423505136-1.png (807.17 KB, 2100x1500, oh_no.png)


File: 1577423943977-0.png (644.75 KB, 2228x1614, 1567061506962.png)

File: 1577423943977-1.jpg (236.96 KB, 894x894, pincushion.jpg)

Any faggot hurting filly deserves voodoo.


File: 1577424081939-0.png (1.23 MB, 6000x4934, 4ad.png)


File: 1577425605348-0.png (403.63 KB, 800x1159, 1517377989139.png)

>A fluffed up filly angrily trots out


>The first enemies you encounter are golems, but League makes short work of them with her impressive speed.
>Spit on their backs, and they crumble. A task that is trivial when you know what to look for.
"Is that all they've got for us?"
>You look down the hall to see something standing on two legs.
>Everyone tenses up, getting ready for an intense encounter.
>It comes barreling down the hallway.
>You laugh when you see what it is.
>A fucking gondola with a knife duct-taped to its side.
>Twilight ruins the fun by cleaving the poor thing in two with her massive sword.
>"Yeah, what a fucking killjoy."
>"I… am I the only one seeing that these things are capable of killing us? It had a knife on it!"
>You and Anon hoofbump.
>Twilight groans and you press onward.
>You don't encounter another enemy that you've seen before in this world.
>Everything else is something you know, but only from on earth.
>A fat man in a gimp suit drops from the ceiling.
>On close inspection, the bright red latex is adorned with the pattern of a suit and there's a fluffy red hat on his head.
>'Naughty.' is printed across his chest.
>You let out another lengthy laugh, but this one proves to be dangerous.
>The whip it wields cuts through the concrete walls, and you assume would do more of the same to your skin.
>You cringe as the thing evades your first shot.
>Your shot isn't off, but it fucking cuts it in two with its whip.
>You see the two halves blow out chunks about fifty yards down the hall.
"Anon, can we get an area of effect on this thing?"
>She nods grimly, sliding out the pack of matches, and with a bit of flourish flipping the pack in the air to catch a match on her tongue.
>Putting a hoof down on the pack that now rests on the ground, she strikes it and sets fire to one of the bottles.
>The rag burns bright, and she chooses to grab it with a bit of that hoof magic you never quite got the hang of.
>It flies high, falling down directly on fat Father Christmas's whip.
>The bottle is cut in two, but the burning rag still ignites all of the fluid within.
>The sounds of his screaming are haunting covered by that gimp mask, so you take the opportunity to silence them with a bullet to the skull.
>Everyone steps back until the fire finally dies out a few minutes later.
>Apparently there was no foresight to install a sprinkler system, but you're glad you aren't alerting whoever is running this to your presence just yet.
>"We're close, I can feel it."
"I didn't think a mare of science would go off of gut feelings."
>"Shut up. I'm talking about getting back to Sweetie's location, rescuing her is our first priority."
>A bipedal figure of short stature drops from the air vents.
>Two tufts of hair extending out at 45 degree angles.
>You only know of this face from the history books.
>A flurry of projectiles are all thrown in your direction.
>Everybody hits the ground except for the unicorn, who holds up her shield.
>The projectiles don't embed themselves into it, but bounce off onto the ground below.
>You knew it.
>Miniature stars of David.
>Ann Frank is trying to murder you with ninja weapons.
"Will that force-field that comes up every time you get hit really hard come up here?"
>"I don't know, I've never tried it in an environment that forbids unicorn magic. The spell I used to setup-"
>She parries a few stars.
>"-the field requires unicorn magic, but it might be innate."
>She picks up what you're putting down, charging.
>As her hooves beat the ground, you can see the blade in her mouth burst into flames.
>"Be Celestia's mighty hoof, creature: come back to where you came from!"
>Ann lets out a scream as her legs are relieved of their torso.
>From behind you, you hear Anon call out.
>"Stand back."
>A bottle flies high, landing on the twitching corpse and setting it ablaze.
>Twilight gestures.
>"Coordinates are more difficult without access to my automations, but this should be the hallway where we last saw her."
>League speaks up.
>"That door, certainly."
>The door opens with no issues, and closes after you.
>"Oh, m-my. Well, y-you're right in time for the show. S-sit back and grab some p-popcorn."
>A unicorn mare steps out from behind a console.
>And then, an earth pony mare.
>Both of them look exactly like you and Anon, just older.
>And more scarred, with…
>Actual cutie-marks.
>"This man right here, tell us your name."
>"Full name, please.
>"Oriental Blitz."
>"He's been running a foal-testing initiative for the past fifteen years nearby. Well, after we kill him…"
>Oriental's head bursts into enough gibs to give Running With Scissors an orgasm.
>"We're going to begin work on rehabilitation."
>"Oriental! Oh my Celestia, what have they-"
>You can see the cold glare in that unicorn mare's eyes.
>The same cold glare you've given Twilight before.
>And you recognize that voice.
"You. You're the motherfucker that spoke out of that golem's speaker right after you crushed Peanut."
>"G-golemancy is my expertise! I'm just a hired mercenary."
>The unicorn smiles at you.
>"You can have this one if you want."
"Could you hold her down for me?"
>"It would be my pleasure."
>A magical field extends around the mare, constricting her painfully.
>You pull a shard of crystal you've been saving out of your mane and stab it into her throat.
>And again.
>You continue to stab it deep in until you no longer hear her gurgling, and her eyes are vacant.
>"Dear lord! Now that was a display, wasn't it Absinthia?"
>"I'll fucking say."


"Wait, were you the one I saw in my dream? The one who gave me the coordinates to this place?"
>"Correctamundo. The distress of a filly sends out magical resonant energy on a specific wavelength, as you can see on this chart."
>She gestures to a chart that you don't understand.
>Sure as hell doesn't use a format you know of.
>"Your weren't supposed to be here though…"
"Why's that?"
>"Those monsters out there, they were meant for those two."
>You look back, and see who she's pointing at.
>Both Twilights.
"Oh, really the unicorn is great. The alicorn-"
>"Anon, I'm gonna assume your name is Anon."
"I've been going by Anonymous to dispel confusion since we have two Anons now."
>"Right, Anonymous. I've killed hundreds of Twilight Sparkles. Alicorns, unicorns, even a few earth ponies. This isn't a rule with an exception, every last one of them was causing a filly some sort of horrible distress. She might seem fine now, but give her a few years and bam. Fucking hooks through your eyeballs."
>"Anonymous, kill her."
>"See? She knows the truth."
"That's the alicorn."
>"Same difference. Well, do we have a deal or not?"
>You look back at Anon.
>She shakes her head.
>"Hurting someone for something they aren't guilty of is wrong. I think you two should leave."
>For a split second, you can see the mask slip on the unicorn.
>You can see the rage in her eyes, pure and primal. The disdain for all mares sharing the name Twilight Sparkle.
>You know that something awful must have happened to her, and your friend just pushed her buttons to the limit."
>But then, the mask flutters back down.
>"Yeah, I'm gonna have to keep you little fillies out of the way for a few minutes. Wouldn't want you to get hurt, or god forbid get some blood on your coats."
>Before you can blink, you've been teleported into a barred cage on the other side of the room.
>You can see Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, both unconscious and tied to a large metal disk.
>Metal clashes as magic meets sword.
>kicks meet shield.
>Absinthia and the unicorn mare fight with a unique ferocity.
>Two mares so full of burning hatred that you can almost feel it boiling over and fueling every strike.
>You know Twilight is no stranger to combat, but this isn't anything like either one of them have faced before.
>They had their magic in every battle before, and now they're up against other ponies.
>Other ponies that might be better than they are.
>You check your hoof, your 870 is still attached.
>You need a way to get out with a single shot.
"League, can you beat apart these bars in a single swing? Just one coming off should be enough to let us out."
>"No, but I think I could beat open the door."
>You and your double stand back as she winds up, and with a thwoom and a sickening squeak the metal lock bends to its breaking point.
>With enough mobility to ensure that you won't get an undodgeable act of retaliation, you line up a shot in your ironsights with the unicorn mare's neck.
>A spurt of blood tells you that your target has been met.
>From the dying pony's horn, a field sprouts, covering Absinthia's quickly rushing body.
>The two smile at each other.
>And then, the earth pony nods gravely.
>Field still burning bright, everything you have is not enough to stop the mare's slow approach toward the two fillies on the metal plate.
>Twilight even fires off a bolt that punches a giant hole in the material beneath her, her magic seemingly back.
>The mare is unfazed as she carries her friend.
>And, as she bleeds out, hugs her tightly up against the metal plate.
>Twilight shudders. You've never seen her like this in all of the time you've been with her.
>She gallops up to the pair, blinding light erupting from her horn.
>Your ears are ringing.
>You've been thrown back fifteen feet to the opposite wall along with the rest of your party.
>Everyone but Twilight.
>She's holding steadfast, stood with a barrier holding back what resembles the sun itself.
>"No… distance… escape… find… portal… or… all… records… perish."
>Unicorn Twilight seems to get it, rushing over to a console.
>"This is it! It's a veil-gate generator, we can use this to get out of here!"
"Is there any time to get anyone else? Is this whole world going to die?"
>"No… time… all… go…"
>Twilight hurriedly works to get the gateway operational, and you look back at Twilight.
>Her horn is beginning to crack.
>She doesn't have long now.
>You wrap your forelegs around her, her entire body slightly cold.


>A tune starts to play in your head… https://youtu.be/Cg4CCy2kbuA
"Mother don't worry, I killed the last snake that lived in the creek bed."
"Mother don't worry, I've got some money I saved for the weekend."
"Mother remember beng so stern with that girl who was with me?"
>You're crying at this point, full on sobbing, so you miss a few verses.
"So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten."
"Sons are like birds, flying upwards over the mountain."
>You can see cracks forming in her horn, but you need to finish this.
>You work at the verses, your heart ripping out of your chest.
>Despite everything she's done to you, she cared for you.
>Protected you.
>And this final act of hers…
>Proves that this entire time, she had nothing but your best intentions in mind.
"Mother, remember the night that the dog had her pups in the pantry?"
"Blood on the floor, and fleas on their paws and you cried till the morning…"
>With the final two verses, you hug her with a vice-like grip. You know it'll be the last time you have the pleasure of feeling that soft alicorn fluff, downy and fuzzy at the same time.
"So may the sun-rise bring hope where it once was forgotten…"
"S-sons are like birds, flying always over the mountain…"
>A wing reaches down, stroking your face.
>"Anon! We need to leave, now!"
>You look into her eyes, doused with tears and the biggest smile you've ever seen on a pony present on her face.
>"T-thank you."
>And with that, you let go and run as fast as you can into the gaping gateway.
>Into the unknown.


File: 1577429205443.png (1.29 MB, 982x1517, NeverBorn.png)

And so, it ends.
Tell me what you enjoyed the most, the least…
It's over.
Go home.


I enjoyed it the most when you stuck around and kept going despite your own misgivings and I liked it the least when you gave in to them. Good job man, you finished a story. Be more proud than that!


File: 1577431361659.png (659.81 KB, 1600x1200, 1454283146383.png)

>The least
It was a ride.
>The most
It was a ride.


File: 1577431500464.png (142.86 KB, 1280x793, this.png)


Excellent job Lone. I'll always want a sequel, and this is a good catharsis as it already is. Thank you for bringing us on this ride.

What these anons said.

As I'm a glutton for content what are your thoughts on your green?


File: 1577444580884.png (812.85 KB, 2100x1500, oh no2.png)


File: 1577444679434.png (1.03 MB, 2100x1500, scared.png)


no, do not free it! it needs to be squashed for its insolence, to feel its own life be taken from it as the poor soul holding it had to feel their hands' cleanliness be taken by that blasphemous bottled beverage!


File: 1577446432394.jpeg (146.2 KB, 1920x804, tky.jpeg)

Thank you. Filly is for care.


Now that it'a done I'll save it into a text file and read it at my liesure.


X-Men age of Autism part 2 when?


If Anon got turned into a young filly, does that mean Anonfilly now has to experience the pain of losing her baby teeth again?


>experiencing female puberty as a grown man
Honestly underrated TG/AR plot tbh.


File: 1577502830461.png (260.31 KB, 836x826, Anon - Pony 60.png)

Not sure how female puberty relates to kids losing their baby teeth, but whatever.


File: 1577506753644-0.jpg (2.88 MB, 4032x3024, u7VSAyz.jpg)

File: 1577506753644-1.png (232.02 KB, 2068x1691, YyCV6G9.png)

File: 1577506753644-2.png (3.09 MB, 1916x1078, hxPjv44.png)


>"Anon, can I sit in your lap?"
>Oh god oh fuck it's a filly.
>They climb up into your lap and settle down,and you idly give them ear scritches
>Don't get a boner
>Don't get a boner.
>Don't get a-
>"Anon, what's this thing poking into me? Do you have a flashlight in your pocket?"
"Okay, lap time over… S-see you later!"


You're good.


File: 1577510042300.png (807.42 KB, 700x884, ConflictInLiterature.png)

>Thank you for bringing us on this ride.
Please lift your forehooves and allow the bar to fully open before exiting the car.
>I'll always want a sequel
R-ree, not right now. Maybe. I'm still not entirely sure if/when I'll want to do that.
>what are your thoughts on your green
Pretty much what >>254112 said, kek. Though the perspective of a roller coaster engineer is slightly different. I enjoyed writing it, but all of the different elements could get a bit difficult to juggle at times. I'll be taking it easy for a bit on writing longer-form stories.
Thanks mate. Tell me what you think when you do.
Here's my paypal. Send a few bucks my way and I'll consider it: https://tinyurl.com/GimmeMoneyGoyim


Since I'm trying to relax for a bit, I'm going to post a few concept greens I lined out over the last few weeks. Whichever one gets more (You)s will get continued and the other one will probably never see the light of day again, so be careful…
I swear if one of you fuckers evens them out…


>You set down the book.
>You feel conflicted.
>On one hand, you were saving it for a special ocassion. The last piece of human work you would ever see.
>On the other, always having something left to look forward to could keep you afloat in dark times.
>You close the pages on the characters you’ve come to love forever, and get up out of your tiny cot in the circular room.
>The ladders are difficult with hooves, but you’ve gotten more than used to them over the months you’ve been working here.
>First order of business is breakfast.
>You suppose for most it would be dinner, but your purpose becomes most important when the sun sets.
>You crack an egg in the unwashed pan and begin to scramble it with a fork.
>Your mane is tied back of course, wouldn’t want to have to wash egg out of it.
>After finishing your task, you drop the empty carton into an enchanted basket.
>A pegasus will deliver another one soon.
>Finishing the egg, you set the pan and the plate in the ‘to be washed’ sink.
>Time for your favorite part.
>You grab a fresh jerry can from under the sink in your teeth and ascend the ladder.
>Passing the small quarters, the even smaller library…
>And making your way to the top of the structure.
>You brace yourself as you open the hatch.
>The top floor is open-air, after all.
>You pour the entire jerry can into the hopper, watching as the reservoir fills with thick, amber-colored oil.
>You turn the crank with all your might, until you finally hear the spark.
>The light, blinding at first but now only a warm glow, bursts into being and reflects off of the massive mirror.
>With some difficulty, you flip a lever and the motor begins to hum with life, rotating the light and illuminating your piece of the ocean, free from any other ponies that might impede you.
>The wind is strong tonight, so you sit down in the cheap lawn chair you found washed up here last week.
>Blink once.
>And watch as your shift begins.


>Your vehicle steams.
>You're pretty sure half of the sounds it's making aren't supposed to ever come out of a car.
>But yet, here you are.
>You still remember the day you were approached at your dead-end desk job and time froze.
>His hair was long, and his face scraped and scarred.
>He said you could have anything you wanted, you only needed to fuck up some other people while driving your old car.
>You wrote down your conditions then and there, being very meticulous to avoid any loopholes he could take.
>You know his type. Leprechauns, fae, the type of beings that will twist your wishes and make them nightmares.
>You triple-checked the contract for any abusable wordplay, and then stamped it.
>The two of you shook then and there, and you resigned your shitty job by throwing that fat fucking dyke that had made your life hell out the window onto the pavement four stories below.
>The battle was hard-fought.
>Inside some vehicles, you could see people.
>Some of them like you, scared but determined to achieve their ultimate prize.
>Others were warped facsimiles of humanity, their expressions off.
>Those ones were the most dangerous.
>But, one after the other, they all fell before your V70 Volvo with a mounted six-barrel rotary machine gun.
>It helped that you were an engineer by trade, the only issue beyond the time sink needed to build your more exotic weapons was the lack of the plans.
>A few more dead bodies on the pile and you had them.
>The police were on your ass of course, but if you couldn't take out a few cops then there was no way you'd be able to win the man's contest.
>Your preparations paid off. After the slithering of the massive twisting metallic serpent stopped, your PDA beeped with a set of coordinates.
>Driving to them over the course of several days wasn't easy. There were more than just police on your tail now.
>But it wouldn't matter soon…
>The forest was dark when you crashed through the rusty metal chains that were supposed to keep vehicles out.
>Something told you this psychological effect was intentional, a stronghold beneath the guise of a house of cards.
>But you're getting ahead of yourself.
>Your PDA beeps once more and your vehicle begins to sink.
>This is it.
>For the first time in years, you feel a smile growing on your face.
>It's finally going to happen.
>You get out of your car, giving her scratched paintjob one last tender stroke before you close the door on her forever.
>She's served you well, after all.
>"Anonymous! Excellent driving out there. Not the best I've seen of course, but certainly winning contestant material. And speaking of your victory…"
"I believe my conditions are written on the contract you gave me."
>"Indeed they are. Quite a strange request, but I'm not the sort to judge."
>You nod.
>"You wished… to be a small filly based off of the common features of one in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with a loving mother to care for you?"
"That is correct."
>"Anonymous, your wish…"
>There's a feeling, sort of a popping.
>"Is granted."
>You look up and see that the man is far taller than you are.
>You look down.
>The fucker was actually able to do it.
>Your tiny form is decidedly equine, but not in a realistic manner. Your limbs are thick and a bit pudgy, your coat clearly a substance more akin to fur than horse hair…
"Oh, my. Mr…"
>"It's not important yet."
"I can't thank you enough."
>"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Are you ready to meet your mother?"
"Yes, I'm sure-"
>"Moooommy! More tendies!"
>A woman who looks to be in her mid-forties trudges down the stairs towards you.
>"Oh, those stimulants must be doing more than I thought… are you one of those ponies Jeremy is always talking about? He's such a sweet boy…"
>You give the man a death glare.
"What the fuck did you do?"
>The man turns back his head and laughs.
>"Only exactly what you asked me to. As far as mothers go, you won't find any more loving than this one."
>"Well, I do try my best."
>"Your roommate on the other hand…"
>The basement door on the left opens up to reveal at least 300 pounds of man.
>"Oh my god! An anonfilly! A real one! I just finished fapping to your tag on derpibooru!"
>"I am Calypso, and I thank you for playing!"


Take some time for yourself you deserve it.

Really want to know what happens.
Everything was going so right until the punchline. Well done. Not sure how much further that could be taken.


Voting for pirate Filly. >>254161


File: 1577525384116.png (1.66 MB, 2100x1500, wash.png)


is dropman dead


I mean it's not necessarily female puberty there but the general "growing up with an adult mindset/memories" thing I enjoy reading.


File: 1577532674940.png (6.97 MB, 3000x2999, Princess-Celestia-royal-my….png)

Celestia is pleased.


This looks like Celestia is looking on with mirth as my house is burned down.

I can relate.


Lighthouse Filly interests me more of the two. I don't know where you could go with Fapbait Filly, which could make it very interesting…but I'm not interested in the subject.


File: 1577556099456.jpeg (537.94 KB, 2048x1461, CEECDE74-3F83-4ACB-B37B-9….jpeg)


Oh no! Now you'll have no choice to accept her offer to move in with her. Or else who knows what other misfortunes might arise?


File: 1577567021442.png (235.08 KB, 517x600, grinch filly.png)

Well now I just have to even them out


You will never cum in nugget




File: 1577579148136.png (Spoiler Image, 425.88 KB, 1000x1414, 1577579052030.png)


File: 1577579327218.png (255.14 KB, 964x1368, panicking filly.png)




File: 1577587142314.png (291.8 KB, 1000x1268, 1577587114430.png)


It deserves a big green.


For you


Don't those values mean that the Jiggly Puff is almost dead?


Time to meme Anon Filly into Smash Bros.

Yep unless a percentage sign is missing, the Anon Filly player must have missed the Puff Filly meta back in the good ol' days. Back when Reee could be spammed into a kill-confirm combo. It could be the Filly player is leading the Puff into the momfu rape dungeon for the funny defeat animation.


File: 1577591462264.jpg (1.38 MB, 2686x2326, NonnyDarko1.jpg)

Oh my fucking god
He's never played Smash


File: 1577592965414-0.png (115.4 KB, 807x775, Fillylord_Anon.png)


File: 1577593286026-0.png (3.48 MB, 4000x4000, unknown-1.png)



File: 1577593672546.png (37.19 KB, 1074x902, blush.png)




>what other misfortunes
>implying that the arson would be unfortunate


File: 1577599288963.png (460.22 KB, 1473x800, YouMonster.png)


File: 1577599748186-0.png (69.73 KB, 1608x781, AlexaJones.png)

My highly refined political commentary for the night.


File: 1577599857852.jpg (447.58 KB, 3475x2539, 1509754544181.jpg)

That's some cutting political commentary!


>He's never played smash bros

What happens if the fillylord does the Gaylord Sword Dance though? Will fillies come out from the ground below the cursed unfilly'd to boop and/or lick him?


She's really on the bleeding edge of political discourse


File: 1577626059845.jpeg (22.35 KB, 315x467, image.jpeg)



File: 1577636632972.png (583.05 KB, 1517x974, fillies.png)

Filly goes on an adventure with other fillies


Luftkrieg, no! You shouldn't befriend animals in the woods like that. Who knows what kind of disease that zigger has.


It’s Zala, she’s a good little Zeeb who dindu nuffin. She just wants to be a pony


This. She knows zigger culture is trash and has effectively abdicated to pony-lands. Her greatest aspiration is that her grand-foals will have no stripes.


File: 1577645702643.png (71.85 KB, 411x383, 1577645651972.png)


>Just sitting there listening and watching intently
>These ponies are whom the entirety of the world ought to look up to.
>They were talking honestly all you could feel was dread
>Why would you feel dread in the first place though?
>As a fellow pony they should just-!
>"… Fraulein Anon? Fraulein? Anon. Anon!"
"Hunh? Ow. Why am I on the floor?"
>Actually why did you think of these good folk as strange or creepy…
>They help you get to your fee- hooves.
>Aryanne has always helped you no matter if you were human or pony.
>It runs in the family, too.
>"Anon I am getting ze doctor-"
"No, wait maybe. I've been having strange thoughts since we headed here."
>You still feel dazed and so open. They could read you a couple miles away.
>Gently Aryanne's great grandfather asked
>"Vhat thoughts were they? You can whispering my ear."
>You told him everything
>Feeling the stallion shake with every word tears ripped down your face onto his shoulder.
>"We headings to head doctor. Herr Princess will do somethings about zem. Ze light shines und ze evil ist shone."
>In an almost inaudible voice
>"Und ve vill take ze fight to zem. Zis has gone too longs."
>Walking out one of them lay unconscious.
"Aryanne remember that twitchy griff that bumped into us? Is it that griff?"
>A guard is running towards us with a completely fucked up gallop.
>"Hold it! You all are under arrest for assaulting a valued member of society!"
>"Ve hace not, und where ist your badge herr guard?"
>"Ah… You are all under arrest!"
>Ponies started watching the commotion.
"But royal guards don't have a helm that covers the whole head, especially the face…"
>"I, I, under arrest!"
>"Assualting valued member you anti-"

>Be Princess Twilight Sparkle

>Ahhh turning Anonymous into a filly truely was one of your better decisions.
>Considering the fact Anon is completely out of your mane nothing could possibly go-
>Out of the window Princess Luna hit the glass
>"Twilight! Come out and fix your problem!""
"Oh sweet Celestia Canterlot is on fire."


>Year 3 and change in Equestria.
>Anon had managed to get his feet under him after being thrown into an entirely different world.
>He had been working at Sweet Apple Acres for at least two and a half of those years.
>He was used to heavy, physical labor from his prior life.
>Stretching up, he winced as he felt a couple of pops.
>Following the long shadows, the tall figure squinted at the setting sun before turning to the orange pony a few trees down.
"Hey, AJ! Sun's heading down. Think I'll call it a day and head home, all right?"
>Applejack nodded for a moment before her head snapped up, then toward the sunset as well.
>"Uh… good work t'day, Anon."
>She shuffled in place for a moment before nodding.
>"Want t' grab a bite to eat before y' go? Granny should be done with dinner bah now."
>Her green eyes shone as she smiled widely.
"Oof. Tempting. Tempting. If I did that, I'd probably stuff myself until it'd be a struggle to get home before passing out. I know what a mean cook every one of you apples are."
>She gave an earthy chuckle and rubbed one foreleg with the other.
>"Well… we'd be more'n happy ta put y' up fer the night. Y'all're practically family."
>With a grin of his own, he ruffled the mare's hat on her head.
"Tell you what. Let's compromise. A sandwich for the road?"
>Her face scrunched at the mistreatment of her headwear, then gave a small sigh and a smile.
>"All right, all right. C'mon. Ah'll treat y' right up."
>In moments, He was standing at the door of the Apple family's home with a sandwich in hand that would make a fast food chain jealous.
>Applejack smiled up at me, leaning against the doorframe.
>"Y'all c'n still stay the night if y'like."
"I appreciate the offer, but I've still got to take care of a few things at home."
>"Ah unnerstand. See y'tomorrow?"
"Sure thing."

>"Anon, ah made a few too many fritters. Here. Have a couple."

"There's no such thing as 'too many fritters'. Thanks, AJ."
>She gave a chuckle and looked away as Anon fished out one of the baked treats from the basket she'd passed him and practically inhaled half of it.
"Sho waff on the agenda today?"
>"Well, we were gonna work in th' west field t'day, but Twahlaht's doin' summ'n and asked us t'help."
>Finishing off the fritter, the human raised a brow.
"Can't she lift like… your entire house if she wanted?"
>"Prob'ly. She said she'd be havin' t' focus, though, so needed somepony t' help move somethin' heavy while she's doin' it."
>With a shrug and a nod, the two headed down the road.

>Machinery whirred just barely over Anonymous's head.

>Twilight had rattled off some convoluted explanation of what she was doing, but it had gone in one ear and out the other.
>Apparently, Applejack was going to be throwing switches and pushing buttons.
>You were going to be pushing some sort of giant crystal into the target area using some sort of cart.
>Twi was going to be providing the power, taking notes, and also pushing buttons.
>"Time is 14:23. Let's begin. Arcanoresonators operating nominally. … Thaumograph is properly recording at initial feed rate of 25 centimeters per second. Background magical field is reading at seventy-two to eighty-four thaums. Initiating Twinkle Memory's Cascading Beam."
>The machinery above began sparking and arcing before a beam connected from the center of the whirling and needlessly pointy bits to similarly pointy bits below.
>"Everything is holding steady. Okay, Anon. Whenever you're ready."
"You sure this is safe, purple?"
>"You're perfectly fine. Everything is operating in acceptable parameters. Even if anything did happen, we're right here."
>It wasn't completely reassuring, but it was enough to at least get him to do the job.
>With a shake of his head, he turned to the cart.
>With a steady shove, he pushed the crystal into the target area.
>The world tasted green as a sound similar to static could be heard.
>"Anon! Get away from the beam!"
>"Shutting down! Attempting shutting down! It's not… It's not..! It's not shutting down! It's not-!"
>There were screams, and the world exploded.

>The two ponies coughed from all the dust in the air as Twilight dropped her shield.

>"Anon! Y'all okay?"
>The two hastily scrambled over to the rubble, tossing it aside piece by piece.
>Eventually, they uncovered a bit of green, and with a final push, uncovered a slightly scorched filly.


>Applejack and Twilight sat outside the room in the Ponyville hospital that the filly had been taken to.
>"There's no doubt about it. In the magic surge that happened… somehow, Anon got turned into that filly. His harmonic signature is the same, but… there's so much thaumic contamination that…"
>The orange pony calmly looked over to her friend.
>"Y'all are gonna fix 'im, raht?"
>"Well… Things have warped Anon so much that--"
>Twilight gets cut off by an orange hoof going to her shoulder.
>"Y'all are gonna fix 'im, raht?"
>The way it was stated didn't sound like a question at all.
>"A… Applejack, you're hurting me."
>A bit more pressure, and the farmer was over the overturned unicorn.
>"Ah cain't be bringin' a mare home lahk that, Twi. Never mahnd a filly. Ah was… He was… Ah'm sure there was sumthin' there. Y'gots t'fix him. Now, yer like fam'ly, but that jus' means ah ain't above draggin' ya behind th' barn 'n' whippin th' fire outta ya. Y'gots t' fix 'im, Twi. Y'gots tuh."
>Twilight looked uncertain at her situation, but eventually even her socially isolated brain started putting two and two together.
>She wrapped her hooves around her friend in a comforting hug.
>"…It will be okay, Applejack. I'll try what I can, but Anon might need somewhere to stay for a while to figure things out."

>Anon's eyes opened, squinting at the ceiling tiles.

>He lay there for a moment or two as consciousness returned.
>Something seemed… different. He wasn't sure how.
>And then… it dawned on him.
>He felt great.
>No pain.
>That aching spot on his leg that never seemed to go away? The spot along his spine that complained all the time? The ever-present soreness in his shoulders?
>All of it. GONE.
>… What the hell had happened?
"… Am I dead?"
>That voice wasn't right.
>Sitting up, he raised a hand to see if he could spot that scar he'd gotten after accidentally tapping a grinding wheel that one time, only to find that it wasn't even a hand.
>Panic started to set in, and with a scramble, the covers on him were pushed off to reveal the body of a small, green filly.
>That was the last straw, and with a scream that wasn't his own, he patted himself all over where he could reach as if it would do anything.
>With the clatter of hooves, Applejack and Twilight rushed into the hospital room.
>"You're awake!"
>Soon, Anon was wrapped in the unnaturally large hooves of his friends.
>A little odd, but it was comforting to have familiar faces in some way.
>After a bit of time, the panic drifted away like an untethered and forgotten boat.
"What happened?"
>Twilight shifted a bit in the hug before pulling back.
>"There was," she began. "There was a bit of an accident. When you were helping with that experiment, there was a massive magical surge induced that you took the brunt of."
>More shifting.
>"There were changes. Extensive changes. You're lucky to be alive."
"I'm… Am I a pony? It seems like I'm a pony."
>She gave a little nod.
>"Yes. By all appearances, you're a young earth pony filly. … The hospital wants you to be released into somepony else's care."
"I'll be fine by myself."
>"Now, sugarcube, we all need help now'n then. T'aint no shame in it. Ah cain't even imagine what ya might run into, but… yer practically family. Ah know y' c'n be stubborn as th' last apple of th' harvest, but ah don't want ya accidentally hurtin' yerself with nopony around."
>The filly frowned before letting out a sigh and slumping a bit.
"…fine. No fair, using that horse sense of yours again."
>AJ chuckled and ruffled the filly's dark mane.
>"Good hearin' it. Now… y'all c'n stay with us apples as long as y' need."
"So… would I have to call myself something like 'green apple' or something to keep it on the sly?"
>"Pff. Naw. Why would we need ta lie 'bout who you are? Things happen. Ah'm sure ponies'd unnerstand."
"Guess that's a relief, at least."

Had an urge to give applehoers some love. So many red squiggly lines when trying to mimic her accent. Hope you liked.


No. Just fucking no.


File: 1577650426690.png (146.44 KB, 446x750, 1573618906989.png)

Just keeping her part of the deal


I want a comfy Aryanne momfu story…


Background poner almost had it all then Purplesmort happened. Excellent work.

I don't recall if there was an Anonfilly story about coming into the world of Equestria via all natural means.
Only reason for ghis odd thought here is what if Anonymous and Appuljacked through the power of love and the horizontal tango had foals of their own. One of them being Anonfilly. Her first words are "Sup faggot."


File: 1577650816006.png (487.16 KB, 3000x3525, 1561937594598-2.png)

Checking that 88 for a comfy Aryanne momfu story.


Thanks faggot, a comfy read indeed. I don't suppose you want to continue it?


File: 1577651523613.png (1.52 MB, 1280x835, 1508954438664.png)



File: 1577651590225.jpg (584.04 KB, 2500x1817, 1434331896057.jpg)



File: 1577651665345.png (1.2 MB, 1250x1562, 1408272381384.png)



File: 1577653147891.png (70.86 KB, 233x205, all the keks.png)

>>Out of the window Princess Luna hit the glass
>>"Twilight! Come out and fix your problem!"


Maybe. Suppose it could be taken a few places, but given my track record for putting out timely updates, I'd not hold my breath for too long.

Glad that you and
enjoyed, though.


Well, that is pretty honorary.



File: 1577670651365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.74 KB, 1000x750, 1538522174269.jpg)

Aw just look at 'em.
You can take the Zebra out of zigger culture, but a zigger never leaves.
Aye, to have the inner strength and possibly genetics to deny the call of the dindu kangs is very respectable.

>Be Anonymous

>"Aw sheeit zigger the popo comin'"
>You are a filly.
"I'll stay an' keep watch."
>A zebra filly.
"Mah zigga."
>So you wait for the Equestrian police to come near.
>Taking a look subduing you finally see them come into view.
>This is going to be the biggest crime bust in the history of Equestria.
"Agent Monkey Man reporting for duty."
>"Really cheif this is our informant a little zigger?"
"That's agent zigger to you pal, unless you want to contradict the Princesses…"
>This job really isn't all that different from what you used to do.
>"Deputy Brick we will be having words later. Agent Monkey Man what's the intel."
>You suppose monitoring those horse fuckers really paid off.
>If only you had found them sooner you could have done more.
>Be pic related.


File: 1577671407299.png (25.24 KB, 192x192, unknown-8.png)

>Be Anon, the man turned filly.
>It's a warm summery day and you're humming a tune to yourself as you trot along the dirt pathway out to your new friend's house.
>You're genuinely happy about one of your friends for once, Careful Twine may not have been one of the foals Twilight pushed you into a playdate with, but she was alright with you visiting her all the same.
>"Now Anon, I need you to be nice. If you're served something and it isn't tendies or macaroni, at least try it before you say you don't like it."
"A-alright mom…"
>"That's my good little filly."
>She ruffles your mane.
>You always pretend to hate it, but secretly you think it feels really nice.
>The two of you share a slight chuckle as she picks up the knocker and does a 'shave and a haircut.'
>You're glad some of the films are the same here.
>A tan mare with a red mane opens the door.
>"Oh, I had no idea Twine's little playmate was the Princess's daughter! Please, come on in Ms. Sparkle. Would you like a cup of tea?"
>"Well if you're offering I wouldn't be the type to turn it down."
>As the two mares chat, you see a shy face poking out from behind the mare's leg.
>She also has a red mane, but fuzzy pink fur, and shy blue eyes.
>"H-hi Anon…"
"Hey Twine, what do ya wanna play?"
>"How about 'Appleoosans and Buffalo?'"
"Sounds fun to me!"
>The two of you run off to grab some toy guns before heading outside.

>Be Twilight

>Wildflower is a lot of fun, you might invite her to one of your book club meetings soon.
>Oh who are you kidding, she'll decline just like all the rest.
>Still worth a shot.
>"I'm so glad Anon was able to break the ice with Twine, she hasn't opened up to anypony but me after her last foster home…"
"You adopted her? She's the spitting image of you."
>"Yeah, my husband and I have been trying for ages, but we recently found out he's sterile."
"Ah, that's a shame… she’s cute though!
>“It’s amazing we found such a wonderful little filly to be a part of our family. Twine has made our lives truly blessed.”
“Where did you adopt her from?”
>“Oh… um… just a… normal adoption agency. You probably haven’t heard of it.”
“I might have, you know, I adopted mine too."
>"So that would explain the green coat and black mane! I didn't want to be rude and ask…"
"No worries, most ponies don't. But yeah, my little bundle of joy has been in my care almost six years now. I adopted her when she was just a little foal."
>"She must've been adorable back then!"
>You unzip your purse, grinning.
"Still is, but I have pictures!"

>Be Anon.

>You and Twine are absolutely wiped out.
>You barely even notice the horrible chill that goes through you
>As though somepony somewhere was humiliating you right this very moment.
>You lie down in a pile of leaves next to her, the both of you giggling softly.
>Twine starts swishing her lush red tail, and she stands up, looking at it critically as she wiggles her tush.
>Then she blushes at you watching her in amusement.
>"Aha- Anon, I'm sorry."
"Heh- what for? You've done the best Chief Firewater impression I've ever heard, you're a crackshot with that plastic bow, and you kicked my butt! Don't be sorry for being a worthy adversary."
>She beams with pride, but then her expression falls.
>"No, I'm not sorry about that… I…"
"Twine, you can tell me anything. I can keep a secret better than anypony in this town."
>"No, it's silly. You'll laugh…"
>You put a foreleg around her whither.
"I promise I won't. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."
>"O-okay… I… I really want a baby Anon."
>You daww a bit internally, but keep your mouth shut. You don't want to upset your new friend.
"There's nothing wrong with that, I'm sure you'll make a great parent. In fact, if you want our next game to involve babies, that's alright."
>"R-really? You're on board?"
"Of course, Twine. You're my best and only friend."
>"A-alright, here goes nothing…"

>You watch in confusion as her face visibly reddens.

>Is she trying to poop?
>Soon your confusion turns to horror as her tail starts to flow like a liquid
>A look of relief crosses her face as her tail elongates and thickens into a fleshy mass with a pattern of ridges alongside it
>"T-this is my first time, I'm sorry if I do it wrong…"
“What are you doing?!”
>She looks at you in confusion
>“I’m having a baby, Anon!”
“Your tail is a baby?”
>“No it’s… nnh it’s about to…
>Her eyes go distant as her tail splits into writhing tentacles.
>“It’s to put my baby into you.”
>She’s looking at you now, braced on her forehooves, her entire lower body a mass of fleshy tendrils.
“Y-you can’t put it into me!”
>“What? No, you have a place to put it, a baby place! I saw you did!”
“Fuck no, what the hell are you? Stay away from me!”
>You nope the fuck out of there.
>You don’t nope the fuck out of there?
>Her ropey tendril grabbed your leg. The ridges catch you firmly as it wraps around it.
>Twine looks scared?
>“Sorry, Anon. I didn’t think I would want it this much! Please, don’t… don’t run!”
>Another tentacle grabs your other leg, and the filly’s writhing lower half is easily strong enough to lift you up into the air.
>Two more tendrils get your front legs, lifting you up to hang there, staring at your own crotch
>The lower ones stretch your legs wide, and if not for your terrified tail covering your ass…
>Twine is lifting herself up by her tentacles now, so her pony upper body can lovingly cradle one of them against her cheek.
>A big thick one with a round tip.
>“This one puts the baby in. It needs to…”
>Her expression grows anxious as the whole thing pulses and the tip just stretches open, oozing forth some kind of ichor that drips down the fur of her cheek and chest.
>“It needs to go inside you. N-now!”
“Fuck you, Twine! You can’t… do this! I–I’ll tell on you!”
>She looks so heartbroken, you just can’t keep the fury in your voice.
>“I’m sorry, Anon. W-which hole is the one for babies?"


File: 1577671528119.png (67.47 KB, 558x885, 1527717742697.png)

>Her tentacle leaves her cradling embrace and prods at your groin like a fucking gigantic dick.
>A tendril grabs your tail, and pulls it underneath you, exposing your soft green round belly where she can see the entrance there to that quivering passage you’ve been trying to ignore since Twilight “accidentally” turned you female.
>You're terrified, but even more terrified about what she might do to you if she picks the wrong hole.
>How is your friend this… this monster?
>How is she still Twine, looking at you nervously, while her reproductive tentacle writhes against your ass?
"T-the bottom one."
>She looks like you just gave her the best ice cream of her entire life, hopeful excitement filling her face as her tentacles hold your pelvis in front of her
>Staring at it ardently, she mumbles excitedly
>“It needs to it—it needs to go in…”
>Then she shoves that big tentacle hard into your anus
“Wrong hole!!”
>You cry out in pain as your tight sphincter is all at once pushed apart beyond its capacity.
>“Y-y-you said the bottom one!”
>You are being held upside down.
“Not your bottom. My bottom!”
>Twine is panting, her warm upper torso distractedly hugging against yours now, not nearly as powerfully as her tentacles grip your legs.
>“It feels so… so hot and… and you’re sure it’s not…”
>Her fucking tentacle penis is pumping some sort of slimy goo up your ass!
“Absolutely sure! I’m fucking bleeding! You—”
>Hard to continue berating her, when you have to cry out again as she yanks the tentacle out of your bleeding anus.
>She looks so worried for you, but with a hunger in her eyes.
>“Oh no oh no I’m sorry I… I feel the baby coming! I still need to—!”
>Your struggles against her tentacles are in vain as you feel the big one prod your foal hole
“It’s got shit on it! You can’t put it in myYYY”
>The tentacle plunges into your vagina.
>Despite yourself, you find yourself moaning in pleasure as the hundreds of tiny ridges stimulate you.
>You really hope it doesn’t have shit on it.
>She’s let loose of you with her forelegs, the pregnant looking half of a filly just hanging there with a distant expression of bliss.
>“Oh Anon you’re right this feels so much better!”
>That would almost be sweet if she weren't raping you currently.
>Her belly is noticeably swelling now, right were her mass of tentacles begins.
“The f-fuck is that…”
“You’re belly is fucking…”
>She looks down at herself in wonder.
>“It’s my baby!”
>She’s really into it now, eyes rolling back as she sort of hunches forward, her belly growing huge and gravid as she does.
>She squeezes her forelegs around it, and it kind of lurches down under them, sliding into the thick tentacle at the center of her grasping tendrils.
>Twine sags there for a moment, breathing hard.
>Even her tentacle stops fucking you.
“Hey Twine… you alright?”
>You don’t even know what the hell you’re saying anymore.
>“I never felt that before, Anon. It was just growing in me!”
>You look up at that fat tendril fucking penetrating you
>All the way up to the huge lump that she just somehow produced, her tentacle bulging around it.
>It's truly massive, you have no idea how it'll fit.
>She shoves her tentacle painfully into your pussy again, digging into you as it rubs in and out.
>“You feel even better than I thought. Why are you so hot in there? It’s… it’s tingling and I wanna push into you.”
“Twine, you can’t…”
>You have to gasp as your treacherous body responds to her invasion, clenching around her.
>Twine instantly blushes at that.
>“You… you squeezed me so tightly! I didn’t know you could squeeze in there. Having a baby is so amazing!”
“This is not how you have a baby!!”
>“Yes it is. Just let me…I
>Twine looks distracted.
>“Wow, I… I feel funny.”
>Her tentacle stops moving in you at all, latching on inside very unpleasantly, and just pulsating
>Not thrusting, but a rhythmic flexing motion, stronger and stronger
>And the object starts moving down the length of her rippling tentacle around it.
>“I have to…”
>Sweat trickles down the brow of the panting half of a filly.
>Why the fuck are you just hanging there panting with her…
“Twine, if you’re at all my friend, you have to…”
>You can’t tell her to stop.
>She looks at you so soulfully. Is that just mimicry to fool your senses?
“If it was smaller, I could…”
>Now you’re crying? Your heart’s hammering in your chest, your legs spread as her tentacle ripples all the way in. You’re about to orgasm, and crying that you can’t take that whole egg.
>The object reaches your foal hole
>It is in a similar shape as an egg, so it stretches you open slowly at first, making you whine in confused satisfaction
>that aching emptiness in you filling with what it hungers for.
“S-so far so good, right?
>“You’re pushing b-back. I can feel you pushing back!”
“‘Cause it won’t fit, numbnuts.”
>“No it’s… it’s making me… unh nh hn hn…”
>Her main tentacle is going nuts, every ounce of resistance your body gives making it pulse from her torso to the egg stuffed up against and partially in your crotch. Stronger every time.
“Twine! It can’t—go in! Stop fucking—!”
>“I can’t… it’s… you keep pushing back hnh…”
>On the cusp of your orgasm, sharp pains tear all around the egg, worse with every shove
“Twine, it hurts!!”
>She’s staring at your crotch with adamant desperation, as if she could avoid injuring you by being precise about it.
>“Let it… in. It’s… just need to… get it in… so close unh yesss, more, more, more!”
>Your eyes widen, as it's clear that something has to give, and it’s not gonna be the egg.
>Your cunt flexes against its intruder to no avail.
>Twine meets your eyes with a desperate fury.
>“Let it…. INNN!”


File: 1577671579505.png (49.94 KB, 557x443, 1476310492484.png)

>You cry out in pain and pleasure as your strained folds feel like they’re tearing like paper.
>The tentacle pushes its baby through your entrance, and you can’t stop it
>Your torso is distorting around it despite the pain, and you can’t stop doing it.
>It’s past your entrance, sliding thickly into your insides that… holy shit.
>Your first orgasm? You can’t tell! Your whole… passage is just going nuts, because there is an EGG inside it!
>Twine… looks? Like she’s orgasming?
>Hanging limp again, breathing hard, staring at your groin with half lidded eyes
>All you can give a fuck about is your pelvis exploding from the inside
>Distending grossly as you wrap around the egg sliding inside you
>No more sharp pains just absolute mind blowing white hot explosions with every flex of that tentacle.
>Your legs are jerking, your whole body thrashing to no avail.
>Her tentacle flexes with such determination, a muscular tube that forces Twine’s baby into you
>You didn’t even know you had the muscles you’re struggling to push it out with
>Why does it feel so good when it gets shoved in, instead?!
>Abruptly you can’t struggle anymore.
>Her egg slips past your convulsing passage and sinks into a …quiescent place inside you.
>You look down at the bulge in your abdomen in shock.
>The pulsing ceases.
>Twine recovers enough to look at the bulge in your abdomen in love and amazement.
>She gently touches it with a forehoof.
>“My baby…”
“F-fuck, Twine… what…”
>She starts crying now
>“I’m sorry, Anon! I didn’t know it would… I didn’t even care! I-I-I’m a…”
>The tentacle monster who raped you is holding you in the air restricting your arms and legs so she can bawl against your chest.
>You can’t exactly pat her awkwardly on the back, but she calms down eventually.
“I don’t get it. You got your… baby in me, so what’s the problem?”
>“I didn’t think it would hurt you!”
>Twine lifts off your chest, biting her lower lip guiltily. Her tentacle pulses inside you again.
>Pumping some more fluid into you
>You don’t even try to stop it at this point.
>She pulls out of you with envious ease, continuing to spurt her tentacle goo all over your crotch.
>“These fluids should fix you up nicely.”
“How do you know?”
>“I don’t know. They just… will.”
>She lowers you to the ground.
>You just lie there as her tentacles release you.
>You’re not sure if you can even stand.
>Twine clops down on her forehooves, with that adorably awkward smile.
>“I’m so happy you were willing to let me have a baby, Anon! Even if I… did it wrong.”
>You touch your swollen belly. It feels… full. Below your belly feels full. Having a womb is weird enough, much less having it stuffed full of Twine’s baby.
>You stand up. It feels heavy between your hind legs.
“What’s gonna happen to me, Twine?”
>“I don’t know.”
“Is your baby gonna kill me, coming out?”
>“I–I don’t know.”
“What are you, even?!”
>“…I don’t know.”
>Twine’s hind legs emerge stickily as her tendrils twine around her main tentacle, sprouting red hairs all over as it shrinks down into just being the tail of an ordinary filly again.”
>She shakes it out unsurely, but then turns to you with such worry on her face.
>“A-are you gonna tell on me?”
“…do your parents know?”
>“I don’t know. I don’t think so. I never thought to tell them.”
“Your baby’s gonna grow, isn’t it?”
>“I–I think so.”
“I’m not gonna be able to hide it if it gets much bigger.”
“Until then, I… guess you’re off the hook.”
“But if it kills me, I am going to fucking haunt you.”
>“Like a ghost?!”
“…yes, like a ghost.”
>Twine thinks fiercely, but seems unsure of her conclusions.
>“I could put more fluids in you if my baby starts hurting you. But I don’t know what else to do.”
“Sure, that’d be… pretty awesome, I guess.”
>“You wanna play mommies and daddies?”
>“You can be the mommy and I’ll be the daddy. And we can pretend my baby is coming out!”
“Is that gonna involve more of your fluids?”

>You spend the rest of the day in a daze, barely even noticing when Twilight comes to take you home; promising Twine and her mother that you'll be back to play soon.

>You're given a bath and tucked in, but after you're sure everyone in the castle is asleep you go into the bathroom and light a lantern.
>Your ponut and foal hole are completely healed at this point, the only remaining evidence of your encounter with Twine being the sizable bulge in your belly.
>You’re pretty sure it's gotten bigger.
>You don't know what will happen when it hatches, or matures, but you don't think you want to.
>Twine didn’t know if you’d survive the birth.
>You don’t wanna be a mom.
>You climb back into your bed, but no sleep comes.


>Rolls d100 for >rape
>it's for the long odds
Natural 1
>Oh fuck
The DM's words still rings true.
>"Nothing like a bleeding anus between friends with an egginator."
This kids is why you teach the friendly egg laying shapeshifter the bird and the bees.
Never forget the emergency lube.


>ywn wake up with twilight holding your little green body close to hers
>ywn snuggle against her and gently slip back to sleep
>ywn wake up to the smell of breakfast because twi mom is baking just for you
>ywn be greated with a "good morning sleepy head" by a happy twi mom
>Ywn get to have a family breakfast with twi, spike and yourself
>ywn get a kiss on the head as twimom sends you off to school
>ywn come home and pretend not to know how to do your home work so twi spends just a little more time with you
>ywn get tucked into bed and beg for a bed time story


File: 1577681839188-0.png (2.99 MB, 2892x4092, 20191229_185032.png)

>"Anon, dear, princess to be, please let me down." Twilight ask the filly she offered to watch for a day as she's twirled around, rope binding her, trying her best not to sound angry.
>She loves fillies to death, but this one, this one was a bit different.
>With adept magic due to her background, she treats Twilight like she's no more than a filly her age.
>Granted she had the odds in her favor due to catching her off guard and Twilight not wanting to hurt the filly, it still does hurt her pride.
>The filly stops Twilight's spinning facing her.
>Her eyes lock onto something Twilight doesn't understand.
>Somewhere around her chest for some reason, there's nothing there, just chest tuft.
>The filly gets a blush across her face as she stares
>Twilight starts to lose her cool.
>"Anon, let me go. Now- mphm!" Twilight is interrupted as a gag covers her mouth.
>She begins to struggle as she's placed on the bed as the filly hops up.
>Her forlegs are put out to form a type of sideways 'u'.
>'Oh my!' Twilight thinks as she struggles. 'This filly is going to start exploring anatomy on me and some pony is gonna see and think I fiddle fillies and I'm going to have to try to explain how a little filly over powered a full grown alicorn ohfaustohfaustohfau-'
>Her panic stops as the little green filly curls up into a ball of black mane and green fur, snuggled against her tuft and belly.
>Twilight feels kinda dirty.


File: 1577684059431.jpg (9.95 KB, 219x230, 1538244711185.jpg)

This is great, and I want the shenanigans to escalate.


>inb4 the insanity continues, and always ends in filly simply doing normal daughteru things with Twi whether she wants to or not


File: 1577686776740.png (197.05 KB, 1000x1414, 1577686740434.png)


>More League schenanigans after Lone's green ended
Fuck yes
>It's EQG


File: 1577687768342.png (564.91 KB, 1600x900, rarity_disapproves_by_derp….png)



That isn't anthro, it's Eqg. They're both bad, but anthro is far FAAAR worse.


File: 1577699435133.jpeg (443.76 KB, 900x900, RaritySweetieBelleVictori….jpeg)


File: 1577701382830.jpeg (35.5 KB, 505x568, jazzmusicstops.jpeg)

>liking EqG



And saved.


File: 1577720706346.png (151.52 KB, 600x509, 1577710731180.png)


>Be waiting for reincarnation to Equestria, as each person gets their own Equestria or can choose to go with a friend or friends.
>A couple of human Anons chat on one side, while some filly Anons chat on the other.
>All respect eachothers choices.
>All the sudden the door slams open and some red and black changling walks in.
>"Hu hu hu! Hu hu! Huhuhuhu! Dirty non-changling peasants!"
>A overseeing angel pony sighs.
>"Just ignore them and they'll go away." She says poofing up some phones for you to play on.
>"Peasants, I bring news! Join me in changling reincarnation, and ascend to god hood!" It says flicking it's red mane. "Whiteness, mortals, my overpowered changing abilities, over sized muscles! Bug scales!"
>Everyone is either talking or playing on a phone. Including the angels. But the changling continues.
>"And a dick so big, I can't find a female willing to take it!"
>It starts to notice no one paying attention.
>"C-Come on guys! Don't you want this sweet changing form? I'm just trying to help you design a oc."
>Again, ignored.
>"Fine! More yummy dick for me then!" It says as it starts to lick itself. "Mmm, it taste so good you guys!"
>"Huhuhuhuhu! Huhuhu! HUUUU! Dirty 36 inch dick peasant, I have a 38 inch dick! Join me in 38 inch ocing, for you are weak, and I am mighty!" A new changling OC says.
>"Oh yeah well… you're a fucking faggot!" The first says.
>"Well I'm just superior is all, and you just gotta know it…"
>"No one even asked for your opinion, yet you come in here and give it anyway you prick!"
>"Hey just cause my dicks bigger than yours!"
>"Mine was biggest last hour!"
>"Well that was last hour, this is this hour, and now your 'big dick' is considered small!"
>"Is not!"
>They both charge up a lazer and eviscerate eachother, sending them back to the entryway.


Very nice green. The bond between Anons is truly a magic to behold.
>All the sudden the door slams open and some red and black
Oh no.
>changling walks in.
>They both charge up a lazer and eviscerate eachother,
Huzza! A happy ending.
> sending them back to the entryway.
Oh right everyone is dead as a doornail.


File: 1577743661959.png (571.65 KB, 678x676, kek.png)

>even the angel ponies just ignore the edgy OC fags


File: 1577746321863.png (248.06 KB, 2100x1500, 18.png)



File: 1577747137886.png (142.99 KB, 671x448, 1577746991919.png)


Such a valuable lesson in politics.


File: 1577750547147.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.19 KB, 1200x1200, 1200x1200bb.jpg)

Filly, a natural born politician.


File: 1577767237629-0.png (253.55 KB, 780x500, 2234491.png)


One syllable short.


Hey, it's better than most songs.


File: 1577767540751.jpg (70.76 KB, 774x1024, 140432515728.jpg)

Aryanne approves it.


what do you mean "one syllable short"?
>su-gar is sweet le-mons are tart (8)
>the ho-lo-caust was just the start (8)


The pronunciation of holocaust doesn't sound like it has three syllables when it actually does, the way in which 'ho' transitions to 'lo' when spoken makes it unsuitable to count as two syllables for a song like this, which is why it should be treated as one, with a ninth syllable added to make up for the lack of punctuation in 'holo'. Speak it aloud, if it doesn't sound wrong to you, I don't really know what to say.


The first and last syllables in holocaust are stressed while the second syllable is unstressed, but that doesn't mean the second syllable just isn't there
The only potential issue here is the meter, since the first line has alternating trochaic and iambic meter, whereas the second line only has iambic meter


File: 1577774942895.png (98.13 KB, 732x633, 1485562322344.png)

Okay, this is way over my head at this point, I just spoke it aloud and felt it sounded wrong due to the unstressed syllable, I don't know what any of those terms mean.


File: 1577775576081.gif (1.14 MB, 894x1000, 64051.gif)

>"Oh, don't you worry. We'll have plenty of time for me to teach you all about it!"


They're just fancy talk for different patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables
Basically, the first line alternates between "BA ba" and "ba BA", but the second line just has "ba BA"
If the patterns of stressed syllables lined up better, it probably wouldn't sound weird to you


>rubbing hooves


I saw this on DB, were there any REEEE'ing comments left before it was taken down?


Uploader here, there was one faggot who got pissed in the comments (probably the same guy) and Texasuber Alles added the tag ‘OP istrying to start shit’. Uber is a well-known liberal shitskin artist, so I’m guessing he was the commentor, reporter, and tag adder. I’ve been trying to sleep for about an hour now, so I missed any activity after that.


oof, hope you get to sleep soon! thanks for giving info, btw


Isn't samefagging directly in violation of derpi's rules?


File: 1577818205380.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


Rule 0: all rules only apply to people we personally don't agree with


why do you always say that.
is that your fucking sharia blue callsign?
Do you not get paid your 0.04 cents a word if you don't prove that you're you through such erabolate meams?


Fuck is a sharia blue callsign? Also it's just a meme, you dip.


File: 1577829423052.png (65.92 KB, 800x600, 1502502802269.png)

My New Year's resolution for 2020 is to be more filly.


An admirable goal.


I am curious about how you are going to go achieve that.


File: 1577829724138.jpg (54.75 KB, 731x588, two nooses.jpg)

Isn't it obvious?


Of course, I should have known. Good bye and good luck to you then Anon, I will be here for a while longer still.


but Anon, it's well-known that suicidefags don't go to Equestria


File: 1577833207391.jpg (76.12 KB, 595x649, 1422919737793.jpg)

Happy new year anons.


Happy new year


File: 1577834067423.jpg (106.65 KB, 877x700, concernintensifies.jpg)

>implying current year will end


I wish for filly to pee in the tub with me in it


It’s well-known that you’re a gay nigger that jacks off to futas too.


File: 1577843593731.jpg (5.88 MB, 4093x2894, My Little Pony - Ponies - ….jpg)

Happy New Year everyponer.


File: 1577844976175.png (272.72 KB, 800x514, Dildo.png)


>"Y'all niggas is gay."


>"Ride it Anon! Ride it! Unless you're a faggot."
>"Yeah Anon a kike faggot!"


Happy New Years every anonfiller!


>"No u, double-faggot!"


>"Haha, Anon is a fillyfooler faggot!"




>"Anon is a faggot! Anon is a faggot!~"


>"B-but why can't you sit on the faggot stick!?"


File: 1577852144294.jpg (224.24 KB, 880x990, Anon - pony Twilight Spark….jpg)

Happy New Year!

Right now I really wish there was a pic of Anonfilly and Twilight sitting next to each other on a small hill overlooking Ponyville, and watching fireworks together.


File: 1577854823227.png (164.39 KB, 641x1154, 2020 Filly.png)

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year circlefilly!


File: 1577856267508.png (50.47 KB, 1608x781, 2020.png)

Happy new year ya diminutive faggots.



File: 1577856801086.png (586.87 KB, 1032x774, happy_new_year_my_little_p….png)

Happy New Year!


File: 1577868682347.png (520.64 KB, 800x1120, DayCare.png)

Short concept I probably won't finish from a few months ago. I've got an update in the works for Lighthouse as you all seem to like that one. Thanks for being big enough fags to like my work.
>"Nonny, can you tell me why you're here?"
>You sigh once again.
"Because the bitch screamed before I could do it."
>"Do what, exactly?"
"Take her… out of the game."
>"And what sort of game is this that we're talking about?"
"It's complicated, and I'm not sure exactly how to play. I do know that people like you are here because I failed though."
>The mare in the thick-rimmed glasses and clean white coat sighs, adjusting the former on her snout.
>"Twilight Anonymous, you tried to kill a pony. Another filly, like you."
"Not like me."
>"Tell me, what exactly made this pony different?"
"She pushed me. She shouldn't have done that."
>"Would you like a hug?"
>You huff.
"Tell me Doctor, what would that solve?"
>She looks a bit hurt.
>"I just assumed you might want some sort of affection, after all your mother hasn't come to visit you yet."
"No, of course she hasn't."
>You lie back on the couch, not really caring that ponies far less rigorous hygiene standards than your own have put their backs on it at the moment.
"I was to be her successor."
"Dear fucking lord, corn again?"
>You hear the clattering of a plastic plate next to you.
>"Y-you really shouldn't s-s-swear, Nonny."


>the game
>not knowing how to play
it's simple, thinking of the game makes you lose and you only win once everyone in the world is playing!


Only my dad was up at midnight and he was a thousand miles away working at his bar. No liquor on me, no grocery stores for at least twenty minutes' drive (closest one I know is nearly an hour's drive), and the only single player game from the winter sale I could buy is about a bartender. If you know which game is, fuck I think having Sei arrive the way she did is worse than what could have happened.

But, like…happy new year fillers. Here's to another one.


I haven't drawn anything all year. What should my first one be?


Lonely filly taking shelter from the rain in somewhere far away from home. Bonus points for her to be hugging a plush or using a ratty blanket.





tbf Apogee is going to get it in the eye


Anonfilly looking sad.


File: 1577911128144.png (108.57 KB, 648x636, 1577910990835.png)

Happy new year


File: 1577911631190.png (35.9 KB, 427x395, angryfilly.png)

Dammit you fucking faggot, now I want to pick that filly up and take her to a warm, loving home!


It is bad karma to make the filly sad, you must draw her happy again or else you will get irritable bowel syndrome.


File: 1577914570407.png (275.72 KB, 794x1123, 1577914525107.png)


>Fluttershy finds a feral green filly who has been lost in the everfree.
>She thinks it is feral at least.
>She talks just fine, but she found her eating something she shouldn't have… and had to bury a squirrel.
>She's also really aggressive, probably because she's been alone for so long, also keeps saying she's a 'hooman'.
>But even with all her issues, Fluttershy feels a connection to the poor thing.
>She's a good filly, she just knows it, all she needs is somepony to love her and hold her up, and Fluttershy will be this somepony.
>A few months later Fluttershy finds herself laying on the couch as the filly nuzzles deep in her tuft.


File: 1577926009721.png (618.67 KB, 5000x3664, 1153115.png)

WTF. Filly deserves better.
I'll take care of her, you lowly faggot.


File: 1577928512881.png (173.57 KB, 585x597, 1577927898930.png)


File: 1577929101039.png (304.2 KB, 1017x1287, 1345821.png)


Next shot: White pushes down on greens head from above forcing her to deep-throat the entire thing.



File: 1577931977951.png (16.47 KB, 709x920, fluttermom and grumpy fill….png)

There's nowhere near enough Fluttermom tbh


>"Wow, Anon isn't a filly foolin' fagget."
A low murmur from… fuckit who cares.
>"That's actually kinda hot."


File: 1577933423838.gif (1.85 MB, 457x512, Trust-Once-Lost-Emoji-anim….gif)


I need a template of zala silly happy face


Criminally underrated fillymom

including the darker path she could go down


File: 1577940870274.png (248.01 KB, 888x930, 1577938760436.png)

I don't know why I've picked up my drawing so much. It's like I'm back at my old job
Last one for the night


File: 1577941041791.png (189.46 KB, 1220x956, 2073881.png)

>no hooves


Pls no…I don't want to pass that line…


File: 1577942290198.png (Spoiler Image, 630.11 KB, 1280x1024, Dorothy Haze Can Serve Me ….png)

I crossed that line when I met this kinky lil binch.


>back at my old job
You’re not still a cop?


>redhead with a nigger
get fucked, mongrel.


Are you sure you didn't leave your cool-dude sunglasses on, lad? Because that cock is barely even tanned.


File: 1577948590146-0.png (122.05 KB, 579x798, 20200101_210232.png)

File: 1577948590146-1.png (89.24 KB, 477x718, 20200101_210152.png)

Got another drawing in me.

I left for a much nicer government job.


That’s like, more than ten people I’ve met who work for the government of some country and really really love foalcon now. Are you doing security?


Not my job but I've been trained to do it for overtime sometimes


File: 1577950782930.jpeg (230.82 KB, 1144x1024, 502CD9D1-2DB6-45E0-9A69-C….jpeg)

Ah, secret. I gotcha. Well, when you come across an anomaly that can turn us into fillies, I hope you’ll share.


>Go to Equestria.
>Get reverted to like 8.
>Still got the mind of a adult.
>Play the cute lost foal part though because fuck it.
>Tell ponies you got teleported here and that you're scared and alone.
>Ponies run magic test and can tell you're not from there.
>Twilight takes you in, as the smartest in town she should be able to take care of a new type of pony creature after all.
>Start acting really loving to your new 'mom'.
>Hugging alot, kissing on the cheek, hanging around her.
>But then when Celestia shows up to check out the new filly kick it up a notch.
>Hugs get a bit too long and sensual, kisses move to the lips and go longer, hang on to her leg and rest your head against her tuft like a horny housewife, and whenever possible laying head against flank when she's sitting.
>Twilight is scared to death.
>The filly is acting like they're a couple not mother and foal, she's scared to reprimand the creature as she doesn't know if that is just a show of platonic affection to her from the filly's world, but she also can't explain it to Celestia infront of her.
>Celestia is happy Twilight found a eager young partner that will last with her longer and wonders if she'd be interested in sharing her, but she won't ask right now, seems like she wants to get frisky soon.


We’re glad to have you back, Harvs. No homo, but I missed you a lot.


JC aren't lolis


Fucking hell, suprised you desired to continue the story of my shitty edit.


File: 1577972777567-0.jpg (66.02 KB, 1200x1200, ian-mcdiarmid-as-emperor-p….jpg)

File: 1577972777567-1.webm (2.49 MB, 640x360, UNLIMITED COOMER! Mr. Pli….webm)




Well done. Anonfilly get's the best of both worlds.


File: 1577988554313.png (252.86 KB, 826x1150, 1481299532029.png)

I wanna be the filly and have a Fluttermom to give me love and affection


>tfw ywn have Fluttershy as a mom
Why live?


File: 1577996515568.png (62.34 KB, 455x696, 1525559744743.png)

Fluttermom is far, far more caring, and she will make sure Filly is properly pampered.


File: 1578001885262-0.png (178.42 KB, 1414x1000, 2236960.png)

>10 years
>not minutes
I'm disappointed



what's a girt, anyway?


File: 1578005237652-0.png (1.29 MB, 2202x1371, 1577905807875.png)






File: 1578009192109-0.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3264x1773, 2140544.jpeg)

>"Okay sweetie, if you say you’re a big filly then you’re a big filly. No more nursing, no more nighttime diapers, and no more sleeping in bed with me when you get scared."


I second this. Luftkrieg gets a new sister in a form of anon. I wouldn't mind


File: 1578012925136.png (Spoiler Image, 137.64 KB, 350x350, 1538781429258.png)

What has Anon feelin' down the zebra is being a producer member of society.
Wonder why Anon is so straight.
If anonfilly opens her mouth it will be the tip of a you know what. 'cause she looks to have a stick up her butt.

>"Can you believe we sold those cookies for five times the bits to that kind stallion."

"None of you put your asses on the line."
"Butt, flank, tailhole, whatever. The royal guards you guys brought to help me were distracted with a tea party! Honestly…"
>"Herr Anon on ze bright side you sold all your scout cookies."
"Need I remind everyone why we are heading to the horsepital…"


File: 1578013793106.png (539.19 KB, 720x751, 123456789.png)


>tfw you are now the filly
>fuck yeah
>hanging out with twilight and doing ponypony things
>A few months later, another filly shows up
>hey baby, why don't you gimme somma dat ass?
>One thing leads to another, and they do the sex
"Oh yeah by the way, what was your name before you came to equestria?"
>insert sibling's name


File: 1578017772212.png (91.93 KB, 400x230, 1538423188295.png)

Joke's on you, incest is my fetish!


this tbh


File: 1578018888876-0.gif (56.58 KB, 500x560, 1577988829891.gif)


File: 1578020076257.png (227.75 KB, 758x584, NMao8Ug.png)

>filly degenerate drawing style


I'm not proud of this green I wrote frankly it's quite shitty.
>Be Anonfilly #31
"Every data set has been a call to the taboo. Finally it causes the cutie mark to be emboldened. Any questions."
>"What you're saying is that the world is conspiring to break us in way while also preventing knowledge to actually stop the event in question."
>"Ha! Told ya dad there was nothing we could have done to stop it."
>"Hey fag have you done it yet!"
"I have not. If I avoid it by some unholy circumstance it turns out the one Anonfilly that would have is my girlfri-"
>"Pics or it didn't happen."
"Or she see's me in an orgy, or something else equally horrifying."
>"Suck it up sweetcheeks we all went through it now you have to too. We will get our revenge on magic some day, but it ain't today."
>Time to go snuggle with Purple with the gf.
>And everyone else too…

>"Hey you alright in the oh fuck corner?"

"What the fuck!"
>"Oh hey you're the one that did the presentation. So what was it."
"You know the qt that paints all the time?"
>"Come on there are at least a dozen draw fags around."
"The one that's basically Yellowfly."
>"Ah gotcha the animal lover so?"
"So she wanted to paint me getting plowed by my girlfr-"
>"The mythical Anoncolt?"
"Yeah whatever theres at least seven of 'em now so, you can't have mine, she paints it. Can't do ponies for jackshit. Everything else is perfect."
>"She isn't uncle Adolf now is she?"
"No. That would be a better punchline, no."
"It was her own father."
"That's not the end of the story yet."
"See I have a personal hero of mine…"
"A teacher I used to know joined us. I didn't know at first…"
>"Everything just revolving around you hunh."
"Fuck it. Any way with me and my gf making out, the other Anoncolt tops her."
>"Well shit."
"Then whispers Shrek is love Shrek is life."
>"Are you serious that's comedy gold."
"While boning us teach starts telling us about moments teaching."
>"Okay so."
"So the gf's dads nickname was Sandwich."
"The gf's was Lorenzo."
>"Unhunh. That's another story."
"Teach's nick was bi-focal."
"I was…"
>"Tell me."
"Thunder thighs."
"Guess the order."
>"No way."
>"Teacher on top, gf, you and her dad?"
>"You made a BLT sandwich. Hot damn."
"Then a diaper fag comes by. About the same age, and says this."
"Sister you've been fucking my boyfriend this whole time."
>"Of course it's a twin."
"Your BLT sandwich just needs some white stuff in the buns hun!"
"So we were done and my real gf got me something to wear heading back to the library to my gf's room."
>"There's more?"
"In front of Miss PurpleSmart herself I shiddeded my pants."
>"Wait that was you? You're fucking Oreo! Hah!"


>Little does she know there are cameras hidden all over the place
>Twilight put one in the doll
>Pinkie somehow got one inside the magic 8-ball
>The eye on the poster?
>Camera by Rarity
>And who knows what's behind the curtains?

I noticed what you did with the books.


The rapidly alternating cutie mark looks like a pair of crotchtits.


File: 1578029401324.png (761.55 KB, 2000x1550, 2016471__safe_artist-colon….png)

So in the chances that Skitter browses the thread, /r/ing a continuation of >Image, but with filly as a statue and Twilight saying "You are so much cuter when your mouth is shut"
Cozy Glow beside her could be a bonus, but both of them alone in the garden would be fine and easier probly


I don’t think he does, just pops in every once in a while.


It's that thing NSA agents pretend to be in order to get a dossier on you for that one time you spent paper money to buy vodka.


Harvey just confirmed he's a government worker, could be a glownigger…


File: 1578091117505.png (706.85 KB, 2369x2596, Angery.png)

>Looking through /bant/ for normies to fuck with
Was this you, Anon?


File: 1578091605243.gif (647.63 KB, 1296x1173, shitposting.gif)


>Cozy Glow beside her could be a bonus
Just out of curiosity, would it be grim if she was still alive and thinking something like "I hope this never happens to me"?


>browsing 4chan 4 anything
thats adorable


>pocket filly

>Be Anonmare.

>The original to Equestria.
>Walking through Canterlot.
>A few years after you arrived a bunch of other Anonfillys arrived.
>The older single mares of Equestria weren't complaining.
>There was rarely ever a orphan here because ponies loved their foals so much, so this army of motherless fillies were a blessing to mares who wanted a filly to raise but not enough to get a stallion.
>Since you arrived first that somehow gave you alicorn princess status.
>You're about as big as Luna.
>You actually started wearing hoodies as they're comfy on your wings.
>Suddenly a griff comes from a alleyway.
>"Gimmie yo monney you bish!"
>You open a pocket with your magic and yell.
>A bunch of fillies REEE as they jump from your pocket dimension and begin biting the griffnigger.


File: 1578108516146.png (146.1 KB, 550x700, 1529023086241.png)

No you faggot


File: 1578111615066-0.png (125.01 KB, 850x900, 2238235.png)

She's mad as hell, and she isn't gonna take it.


File: 1578112354343.png (278.32 KB, 600x689, a7d.png)


File: 1578112435065.png (15.22 KB, 571x530, microfilly.png)


File: 1578112468288.png (1.55 KB, 320x307, pixel scrunch.png)

That sure is one grumpy filly


Your trips are compelling, and your donut looks tasty


File: 1578115446183.png (92.9 KB, 506x704, 404Filly.png)

It's m-my donut…
I b-bought it with my own allowance money…


>Heart songs were by all means a wholesome part of what made ponies so…
>The Anonfilly wave came and…
>we may have made a terrible mistake.
>Heart songs show a fundamental piece of who you are, and stangely the only songs Anonfillies could sing were Heart songs.
>Songs of death, of destruction, of joy, of lusts, of hope from the depths of life. They sang about anything and everything.
>Even songs from their homelands were Heart songs. Even if some were vapid.
>Their songs were more gruesome than some of Equestria's foes ever sang.
>Heart songs were a window into the soul, and some ponies were concerned.
>Another evil menace right by our doorstep singing and dancing to taunt us with their forewarning only to strike later?
>Concerned citizens across Equestria would take matters into their own hooves if need be. So they convinced the Elements of Harmony to unleash their friendship on them.
>If it prooves them innocent then nothing will happen.
>Something important was lost though…
>They changed.
>They could not stop singing.
>Old established banking groups were found guilty of crimes against Equestria.
>Nepotism exposed, flaws unearthed, corruption given faces.
>They were Anonymous, and every single one they exposed had connections to them being blasted with friendship.
>Ponies were glad they found those monsters, but Anonymous were scary. They were unponylike.
>Black manes, green fur, and the same cutie marks baring a few exceptions.
>Sides are being drawn as we speak those that wish to banish the Anonfillies, and those that want them to stay.
>Ancient foes were slain.
>That's right slain. Permanently defeated.
>They are not ponies for they shouldn't be able to sing Heart songs of this long.
>Not so constantly, not so indepth.
>Not with so much power.
>I can hear them now.
>When they first came here they wanted love, but we showed fear, disgust, and hate…
>For they wear their hearts and souls on their sleeves at all times.
>I must burst out of my front door.
>"My Little Pony, My-"
"little pony. Ah aH AH-
>"My Little Pony!"


>It's been one year since the first Anonfillies were hit with the rainbow beam.
"I'm cyan you colorblind faggot!"
>"Blue filly."
"No u."
>"No u times infinity."
>"Whatever blue filler looks like another wave of Anonfillies are coming."
"REEEEEEEE- Wait what the fuck."
>"They're purple? What gay ass emotion do they represent."

>Twilight and friens shot us again with the fag ray this time we were…

>Ripped apart. Still we had connections to our other counterparts, but we weren't whole.
>WE Aren't WHOLE!
>No matter the cuddle piles or the circle jerks we are not whole and from the looks of things may never be whole again.
>One good thing is that we can shit post faster.
>Sing more.
>Do more content fag stuff.
>At the cost of this damnable hole in our souls.
>Some of the fags and Bookhorse are figuring out a way to undo this gay shit.
>Hopefully they get it done soon, or I'm about to lose my mind.


This. I like this concept. Thank you for sharing it with us, it's so fucking twisted and brilliant.


Alright, well this is a bit of a strange explanation.
>Be me.
>Hungry as fuck.
>Go to grab something to eat.
>Look out the window into the pouring rain.
>Curse myself.
>Grab a second bag of Doritos as the plot threads develop.
I'll be continuing Chilly with a sequel at some point in the near-ish future. I can't really tell you much more than that as of right now, because I haven't planned out much more than the story's shell. The following post takes place before the events of the finale, though it is not plot-essential. I hope you enjoy, more Lighthouse filly soon(TM).


>Be Anonymous.
>The rain is different here than in most other places you've slept in.
>Houses, shitty motels, and up until recently…
>A castle.
>Your new host's friendliness does have its drawbacks at times.
>When you said that you were full, you weren't telling the complete truth.
>But she took your word as law and let you go on to bed.
>You're hungry right now, and while it isn't something she would approve of, you know she keeps some of those delicious cookies within your reach downstairs.
>You just need to find a way to defeat your ensnarement…
>Her chest and legs are soft, but you need a full belly before you can enjoy them to the best of your abilities.
>After what feels like an eternity of careful pulling and biting your lip, you finally get the last part of you, your tail, free from her grasp.
>The sounds of the rain pouring down outside are muffled by the soft oaken leaves of the tree you now call home.
>Even so, you trust it to mask the sounds of your hooves lightly clipping across the hardwood floor.
>Down the stairs, and into the kitchen.
>With practiced motions, you dig in your teeth to a chair and use all of the strength your small form has to offer to pull yourself up onto it.
>And there they are, set out on a plate.
>Taking up one in your mouth, you sit on your rump and tilt your head back, letting gravity do the work of keeping the cookie in place while your mouth does the work of preparing it for digestion.
>Lightning flashes, and for a second you see a form in the window.
>Large, menacing, and most of all…
>You hop off of the table.
>And then scooch the chair over to the sill, pressing your face up against the glass.
>There's a part of you that's screaming at you to stop, asking you if you're trying to get yourself killed, and another part of you that calmly answers.
>You open up the window with a practiced motion utilizing the keratin of your hoof.
>And come face to face with the large…
>And then you start to cry.
>'Why are you crying? You should be glad it was nothing.'
>Your hooves are gently lifted off of the sill before the window shuts.
>"What's wrong? I'm guessing by the crying that this time your wriggling out was more than just a pee break…"
>Your words come out as nothing more than gasps for air for a long time, so she carries you up to the bed and starts massaging your back.
>Eventually, your tears end with a feeling of dehydration and a headache.
"W-water please."
>She nods and comes back within a minute with a full glass.
>You grasp it with both forehooves and drink deeply, tilting it at a near forty-five degree angle.
>"You don't have to tell me what's going on, but there's a good chance I can help you."
>You hiccup.
"It's not your fault. I wouldn't want you to have to take something on that isn't your business."
>She kisses your forehead in that way that your mother used to.
>"I'm taking care of you. Anything you want to make my business, I'll happily take it on for your sake."
>You're not entirely convinced, but you need to get this off of your chest.
"Have I told you about the time I was paralyzed?"
>"You've mentioned it, yes."
"Well, I wasn't exactly optimistic about the whole thing. Add that to the fact that I only ended up in Equestria because of… well, you know what I went up there to do that day."
>"No, actually I don't think you've told me about why you were up there."
"I suppose that makes sense. I've had urges, felt the need to do unspeakable things."
>"To whom?"
>"Oh, to yourself."
>You feel the urge to cry more, but there's not much left in you for it.
>Twilight pulls you in close.
>"You want me to brush your mane while we talk?"
>You hesitate, but ultimately realize that's practically a rhetorical request and slowly nod.
"You've been so good to me. I thought it would go away, but when I was getting up I saw a flash of something I thought was big enough to eat me… and I ran towards it with open arms. I didn't want it fully, but enough of me…"
>You sniffle.
"C-can I get a tissue?"
>"I can't keep those stable through transmutation, I'm sorry… here, use my foreleg instead."
"I couldn't, please."
>She nods.
>You suck the mucus back down your throat.
>"You don't need to feel guilty about that, I'm not going to hold anything against you or resent you for how you feel. As somepony who's worked with the arcane for her entire life, there are times when I have longed for the release of emotions. To increase my productivity, to not need anypony else to live my life to satisfaction. But… the more ponies I met, the more I realized how necessary they are. Losing the ability to experience most emotions takes away something fundamental about equinity."
"I don't mean to be rude, but… why tell me that?"
>"Oh, sorry. Blathering on again. The point I was trying to make was that you shouldn't feel ashamed of your emotions because they're a unique part of your personality. The decisions we make based off of them aren't always good for us or others in the long run, but in a way they are the essence of our being."
>She pats your back as the last of your mane is smoothed out, prompting a quiet burp.
>"Realizing that something isn't right is half the battle, the other half is doing something about it. But for now, I'm exhausted. Would you like to continue this in the morning?"
>You feel a small smile spread across your lips.
"Yes, I think I would."


And a bin for your convenience.


Thank you for reading.
I didn't expect a green at this time, but I'm enjoying it fully. Hope you have a tasty snack Lone, because this green filled me up. It's not weird right? Right?[S] Coming up with new ways to say the same thing is fucking hard.


Was reading this >>254776 and went to make a silly continuation, but then this >>254795 >>254799 came out and they fused into this unholy child
I'm sorry

>You are Anonmare, the original

>You expected a greater title than this upon coming to princesshood
>Which all things considered is boring as all heck
>You are looking over the castle railing, as two anonfillies run by
>Both green, black haired, like all other fillies indistinguishable
>Funny how all mares of Equestria didn't care about having filly clones
>Although Celestia once chided you, telling you that each filly is unique in their own way
>Some emerald, some jade; some blue, some teal
>All you can see is that one has a longer than usual mane and the other uses a pony tail
>With a sigh you wave at them, but they just keep running and playing until both turn a corner
>It's late and their adoptive mothers should be taking them in anytime now
>And talking about the incoming night…
>On the edge of your vision, you see princess Luna approaching, just barely seeing the fillies go
>"To be a little filly again, even after a thousand moons I yearn for such simpler times gone by, don't you?"
>With a sigh she finishes walking to your side, watching the world below
>Moments of silence go by, and seeing how she's set on staying here for some reason you turn around to leave
>"Anonymous, wait"
>It's the first time you hear her say your full name since…well, ever
>No one really knows it, you were ever only regarded as Anonfilly and Anonmare
>You bet she learned it by stalking your dreams…
>With a groan, you turn around to finally and properly stare at her for the first time since she arrived
>The look of concern is clear on her face, and for some reason it just irks you the wrong way
>"Anonymous, the court…"
>She pauses, turning around to face you while clearly thinking on how she should say it
>Being as tall as her has its advantages it seems, as her usual intimidation techniques won't work on you
>"More and more nobles have been coming to the day court Anonymous, they are scared of thy fillies song of heart…"
>"We decided that we should seek you to see if…umm, perhaps you could get them to stop?"
>That remark makes you take a step back unintentionally
>While you had never sang anything yourself, you'd have to be blind to not see the good they were doing to Equestria
>Even if some cities were turned upside down by the revelations
>Or how some full blown riots rose against a few """prestigious""" pony shops
>The thought of her asking you to stop bringing the truth to light almost makes you turn orange
"Oh dear Luna can't you see…"
"All these fake realities…"
"All the ponies living blindly without choice under you~"
>You stare her in the eyes, something fierce carried you forward touching muzzle to muzzle
>You didn't even notice when it happened, and Luna is downright frightened at something…
>You hear a low "oh no" from her, but your mind is distant and the music doesn't await for you to figure out before continuing

>You are Princess Anonmare, the original

>And turns out you did turn orange
>Be it from influence like Nightmare Moon or if this is your new colour you don't know
>But apparently your song carried through the whole of Equestria
>Your princesshood, flight and the royal Canterlot voice carrying it throughout the land like an alarm clock
>A song of awakening, one which every single filly joined to make the chorus
>You shiver to think on what's going up down there
>Or down up there?
>You don't really know, seeing Equus out there in the sky and all
>Turns out you do like bananas according to Celestia
>The screams are still vivid in your mind after the song
>The divided land between fillies became the divided land between morals
>'Should the fillies stay or neigh' became a fight for monarchy against democracy
>You wish you could be there to see how everything gone along with the aftermatch
>Not that you don't trust ponies to make the right decision
>No, but for you to take every filly under your caring wings and take care of them until all this blows off
>…holy fuck that was so cheesy, when did you became so…ugh
>Perhaps you do need the vacation afterall…


File: 1578123157531.png (191.72 KB, 1648x880, [scared].png)

I don't know what this heart song stuff is but the dark turn it's been taken towards now has me frightened and confused


Never knew I wanted a filly in my pocket…
Wow. I love it. Bravo.

Now I really want a fluffy poner green…


Think about songs like "Smile, smile, smile" and "My big brother best friend forever", a song which wills other ponies to take part in it
Or at least that's what I think, could be just any song where non-existant instrumentals rise up to the voice in true Equestrian fashion


File: 1578124272201.jpg (23.11 KB, 408x359, 1532614512490.jpg)

Good to see you again Brazil, it's been a while.
And a charming weave. It's always interesting to see how fans adapt a loose concept from the show with the Power of autism.
Heh, thank you.
Yeah, be careful or you'll end up like me… forever a slave to the unnecessarily verbose.


File: 1578125799835.png (456.37 KB, 1647x1560, Filly.png)


>It's been…
>Who knew clinging on to a nickname could be so…
"Sorry, mom I couldn't sleep."
>"It's alright snookums."
"Mom? You won't… won't get rid of me now I'm…"
>It's a whisper.
>"Never. I love you so dearly."
>Just maybe everything will turn out well.
"Can I sleep with you tonight?"
>It'll stop aching one day.

>In a month the day we all came to Equestria.

>Our so called birthday.
>Riots are breaking out, thankfully it's just pies.
>or cakes…
>or the occasional daffodil sandwich…
>The carefully set flames really makes the juxtaposition between the world being a stage and this is the real life.
>I mean that specific fire is made of paper!
>Ponies, and Equestrians in general are still taking this whole thing way too seriously.
>The fuck is that?!
"Stop! What's that sound?"
>Everyon-pony is waiting for a que? Oh right.
"Everybody turn around."
>Another Anonfilly.
>"Heh nothin' personal kid."
>"Ooo eee ahh ahh ahh walla walla bing bang."
>An Anonfilly with a baseball cap is walking towards us.
>"I wanna be the very best."
>Whoa what a whiplash.
>"The best there ever was."
>A loud bell could be heard. Lunch time. A useful thing for emergencies when songs just won't end.
"I'm feeling kinda hungry…"
>"Well what are you fags thinking of?"
>Some other filly is sauntering towards us smirking.
>A perfect cover for something diabolical.
>"I'm thinking of a fruit salad."
"Yummy yummy."
>This is a song?

"Fuck you."
>"It was lunch time. I literally couldn't help myself really."
>"How figuratively, or are you not being a fag?"
>"The feeling was in place, and I was really desperately craving fruit. The words came out before I could even realized what was going on."
>"Whatever you say fruitcake."
>"Can't stop thinking of bananas now…"
"Speaking of bananas where's Anonmare?"
>"I uhhhh… hmmm… princessly things? I mean she wanted to grow up."
>Giving the other filly a look.
>"Grow up faster than normal. She just didn't want to be a filly. Thats…"
>"I think she's on the moon."
"Have any proof?"
>"My dad has a telescope. We can check tonight."
"It's a date."

>"Ho-ly shit."
>Wait it's about to be our birthday soon.
"We should get our princess a gift."
>"Yeah we'll just ship it to the moon on a flying bicycle. What kind of crackpot idea are you thinking of now."
"We can erm sing a song?"
>"I don't have any better ideas, but how many should sing all at once?"
>"Might as well try to convince everyone."
"What song though?"
>"How about you and your friends sing that pony song, 'bout friends and magic again. Anyway I came up here to say it's probably bed time understand."
>Agreements aroused from all of us.
"That's not a bad idea."

>This took a whole lot of effort and at least a little engineering, but we are about to do it.

"Any words before we begin?"
"Maybe the real ride was all the friends we made along the way."
>Thinking back on it I've been in contact with so many ponies. Even some not ponies.
>I'm not sure I would call all of them friends, but…
>Oh who am I kidding they are all basically my friends…
"Okay on the passing of noon."
>Actually convincing the large portion of the population to join in of their own free will. >A Really big hassle.
>Just a few minutes though.
>That should be enough.

>You are Anonmare, the original

>Hmmm I really want to sing.
"No one is here anyway so might as well."
>Is it just me or do I feel alot lighter?

>Be Anonfilly

"-best friends."
>I feel good. Really good.
>"Aw Emmy! I'm so proud of you."
>Is that a shining star?
"Look mom! A shining star let's make a wish."

>You are Princess Anonmare, the original impromptu comet

>Something shimmery passes through the fire.
>Just hit somthing soft and fluffy.
"I'm fine!"
>"We art fine as well, mayhaps you can move your abnormally large posterior off of our self."
>"Indeed sister."
"Oh, but this is really comfortable even royally so."
>"We've been usurped."
>I can't help, but let out a giggle.
>Then they toss me off and have a laugh too.
"Does this mean I'm the god empress?"


I'll take twenty! I'll even call now and get the good, and bad filly stick set!


And then Anon got a swift kick to the face.


Reads like an s9 episode, all conflict suddenly disappear and there's no consequences for basically attempting to overthrow the government just for the sake of comfy, don't think the princesses would be that friendly upon her return or that ponies wouldn't be at least wary of her coming back. Though there's no timeframe for how long its been since her banishment and considering the fillies surprise it seems rather soonish, but if there's a play of it then it should be common knowledge no? A banished princess sounds like a big thing

On another point
Why is she defective? That's just thrown in the start but never really explored


>just for the sake of comfy,
That sums it up.


File: 1578163410874.jpeg (829.43 KB, 3166x1395, 74DD2DF1-79B8-4D98-BBA4-3….jpeg)

>"I'm thinking of a fruit salad."
"Yummy yummy."
I can cross that off the list of things I thought I’d never see referenced in this thread. The fucking Wiggles, holy shit.


That's a fucking tiny horse, not even cat sized, holy hell
I'll never understand fags who wants ponies that small, if that's even a pony at that size

Still, 12 times her weight in cum…WeW


Cat sized ponies are fine to do cute things with. But for lewds, if she can't at least pass as the little spoon, she's not worth lewding.


She's just a filly. She'll close to double in size by the time she's a mare


File: 1578184145746.png (Spoiler Image, 159.15 KB, 1414x1000, 1578184066314.png)


You're close! So very very close.
But no cigar.
>Instrumentals play.


Still a marelet. A filly that small is only good for hugging. The perfect size to hold up to your chest and pet.


File: 1578199268359-0.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x2448, image1.jpg)

Dollar Store dry-erase board filly.


Fillian was her name
She was sweeter than aspartame
Her kisses reconfigured my DNA
And after that I never was the same


File: 1578204023360.jpg (50.29 KB, 500x500, 1569178088235.jpg)

Have this (You) and this check.
Will the fag take the blue pill, or the red pill?


I'm back with another update to "It's the Little Things"! Sorry for the wait, halo's a very fun game.

>You all continue relaxing by the fire (as best you can, for the two alien monstrosities) before Twilight decides it's time to take care of something else

>"Hey Anon, I'm going to do laundry. Do you want me to throw your sold gear in for you?"
"Sure, thanks."
>So Twilight gets up, takes your dirty clothes, and heads off to the laundry room
>Time for some alone time with Astra to get more things in order
So, the way I see things, you're going to try to take over every living being on this planet and absorb them all into you. Am I correct?
>Yo͜u ̳a͔re,͈ a͉n͙d̘ wh̬eṉ w̧e have c͇onsu̮me̡d̢ ̰al͎l̯ ̣h̤er͕e,̪ y̺ou̠ ̜w̳ill ̥jo̳i͖n ̟us͍ as͚ ̭we mo̢v̜e oṇ to ̼th͈e ̱sta̰rş ̤a̖nd gro̱w͙ ever͖ grea̗te̻r.
So then we're in opposition.
I've already told you, if I assimilate anything, it'll be the same incomplete assimilation that made me and nothing more.
>B̟ụt̖ ͜y̯ou͔ ̬st̝i͚l̗l̙ ne̠e̦d ̳to ̣l̲e̺a̡rn a͙ssi̘miͅl̘a͜t̨io̫n,̗ ̮a̧n̮d inc̜o̢m̭p̲let̠e ̧a̺s͔sim͈i̧lation͙ i͓s̼ a ̨ver̢y̰ ha͚rd̗ mi̭s͉t̢ak͖e̤ to ma͍k̹e as a̹ ̠be̬gin̥n̖e̙r.
Then I'll just test it out on something non-sentient.
>Y̝o͈ur͉ ͍fi̞rst ͜assim̤i̡lati̭on ͍will ̼be ͎ḁ ̰co̱mpl̡e̤t̟ȩ one̺,̨ ͔and ̦o͈n͈c̣e yo̘u a̠c͖c͉o͈m̧pli̡sh ịtͅ,̝ ̜y̪ou͓ ̧wi͉l͉l͚ ͉ḽe̯a̮rn͚ wh͔y̰ be̙ing o̳f o̞nͅe͜ ̤mind̳ ̻a͍nd̪ m̢a̝nỵ bod̲ie͈s̤ i͕s șu͍p̺e̙r̟i̳or͉ ̮to b̲ei͎ngͅ of͍ ͓ma̮n̫y̼ minͅds and͎ many͕ b̥o̳dͅi̲es.̮
And why is it so fantastic to be a hivemind?
>Tͅhere̻ i̧s un̹i̙ty ̱w̖i̬t̘ḩi̱n us! ̺Wi͕thout̟ o͚ne͇n̢e̜ss,͎ ther̻e i̝s̮ o̧n̪ly d̲is͇s̠o̲nanc̘e.̫ ̭W͉įt͔h ̬i̫t̨,͇ t͉h̡er̗e is̻ h̤ar̯mo̬ny͉.̩ ̼O̢u̺r ͚vo͔i̬c͈e͜ ͙is̫ tha͖t o̯f̜ ͖a ̥c̻ho̠iŗ,̨ ̻o̬n͈e̼ ̙t͕h̟a̹t̨ sh̪a̖l͍l ̘s͍ing ͎foreve͜r ̰o͇n̝ ̖in͉t̪o ͖t̗im̜e ̡wiṱho̢u͈t̢ ̣na̜r͚y ̜a̜ wav͙e̼r̡.
But with that chorus, you lose something essential to all other life!
>A̟n̩d w̘hat ̠wou͇ldͅ ̧th̥at ḇe?̥
You lose the whole point of life! You lose the interactions between yourself and others, you lose the perspective gained from one other than yourself, and may I say most importantly, you lose the ability to form an organic connection with someone else.
>A̧nd y̬e͎t͙ ̳we a͜r̯e̦ ̰co͉nn̲e̹cteͅd ̨org͇a̫n̥i̼c̣cally͎ thr̢ougͅh ͕bo͓d̬y͈.
I wasn't using the literal meaning and you know it. The connection between us was forced by the assimilation process, but I'm going to do everything in my power to bring you around to my point of view, or at the very least see it.
>A val̜i͚ant̲ ̠e̲ff̺ort̪, ͈b̻u͔t wh̩il̺e y͇ou̟r̜ s͕ol͉o̺ m̝ay͎ ca̭ll i̠ṋ o̟p͎po̲s͙i̤t̤io͓n f͚oŗ now̬, ͖s̤o̬o̪n̝ you͎ w̠i͍l̢l ̯j̳oi̮n the̠ ̰tim̫eless c̪h̤o̬r̟ṵs̳ ͉a͜nḓ ͍s̳i̖n̲g ̪eve͇rl͜as̞ting w̧i̟t̞h̰ u̲s̫.͉
>You would say something along the lines of 'we'll call this a draw, then', but you hear a voice calling over from across the complex
>"Anon, would you mind coming over here for a minute?"
"Yeah, gimme a sec."
>You stand up and trot over to the laundry room, leaving Astra to its own devices in the living area with one final word:
Don't mess with anything, I'll be back in a bit.



>A short while later, you stand before Twilight

>"Anon, would you mind explaining something to me?"
"Sure, what is it?"
>"I'm surprised I didn't notice it when you came back inside, but your undershirt has a large hole in it with a surprisingly large amount of blood around it. Are you alright?"
>Oh shit
>Time to see how good you are at lying!
"Oh, yeah, that. Don't worry, it's not that bad. Astra just jolted up from under me when I found her and her horn caught me from below. It didn't hurt that bad so I didn't say anything, but I guess it did more than I thought."
>Twilight starts nodding in consideration of what you said
>Good, she's buying it!
>"All the same, I'd still like to see it to make sure it's really okay."
>Oh fuck
>Looks like you're going to have to prove your lie
>Well, you have a second before Twilight gets into position, that's enough time to create an open wound, right?
>You concentrate on your barrel and imagine about what the wound should look like, willing your body to reshape itself as fast as it can right before Twilight begins her examination of the afflicted area
>"Ooh, yeah, that's definitely a cut. It's not deep though, you should be fine letting it heal normally. Just tell me if it looks, feels, or acts different, okay? We can't have you getting an infection this far from a hospital!"
>Twilight smirks a bit at this last statement, both of you knowing full well you just teleported here
>You, however, simply roll your eyes and agree before leaving to let her finish the laundry
>At least that's what you do on the outside
>On the inside, you breathe a heavy sigh of relief at having dodged a bullet
>Also, you learned how to shapeshift!
>When you return to the living room, you find Astra right where you left it
>Cong̙raͅtu̢l̰a̼tio̢ns͉, y̧o͉u͚'̙r̫eͅ ̯le͚ar̞nin͉g̬ ve̞ry q̤uic̪k͕l͚y!̗
>Hold up
… You can tell what I'm doing even when I'm not directly talking to you?
>W̩e̳ ̮c̞an̞ ̲do ̜man̜y͇ th̫in̖g̤s,̰ ̥m͍ḁn̤y̘ ̮of͓ wḥi̼c̢h ͇y̫ọu̞ ͎ha̹ve̺ y̞et̲ ̩to ̢lea̖r̹n. ̩Co̰ṇtro̘ll̠i͖ng̬ pa͚rt̡s o̫f̜ ̤yo̰ur̲s͖e͖lf̰ ̡fr̼om̗ ̞a̩f͈ar̭ o̪r s̖i̳m͕pl̤y̨ k̡ņow̮i̳n̤g̰ ̯wh̭a̭t ̙one of us ̫is uͅp̭ ͕to̺ ar̫e amǫn̺g̝ ͓th͓ose̱ ̲abi̢l͎it̪ies͈.͚
Ohhhkay then. Well, I might as well tell you what prompted it; Twilight found that nasty hole you left in my shirt, and I managed to bluff my way out of that situation.
>T̜he͙n we̮ ̦a̟re ̨sti̪ll͍ ͓s͙afe̳?
For now; just remember to not do anything to change that.
>Patien̹c̫ę is͓ one ̠of ouŗ ̙vi̘r̦t͈u͉e͖s; w͔e͉ ha̳v̻e ̗w̰a̰i̦te̞d ̱t̲h͓is l̺ong ̳t̯o̲ e̢sca̰pe͈, ano̘the͙r few̙ day̻s is͈ ̼tri̲via̻l̰.̜


And I should have another update for my main story out in a while, so look forward to that! As always, feel free to give whatever criticism so I can get better or just call me a piece of shit or something if you need to vent or just feel like it, I can handle it.


>But with that chorus, you lose something essential to all other life!
Yeah! Like shitposting, greens, and anonfilly orgies! Errr I mean cuddle piles.
>W̩e̳ ̮c̞an̞ ̲do ̜man̜y͇ th̫in̖g̤s,̰ ̥m͍ḁn̤y̘ ̮of͓ wḥi̼c̢h ͇y̫ọu̞ ͎ha̹ve̺ y̞et̲ ̩to ̢lea̖r̹n. ̩Co̰ṇtro̘ll̠i͖ng̬ pa͚rt̡s o̫f̜ ̤yo̰ur̲s͖e͖lf̰ ̡fr̼om̗ ̞a̩f͈ar̭ o̪r s̖i̳m͕pl̤y̨ k̡ņow̮i̳n̤g̰ ̯wh̭a̭t ̙one of us ̫is uͅp̭ ͕to̺ ar̫e amǫn̺g̝ ͓th͓ose̱ ̲abi̢l͎it̪ies͈.͚
Hmmm. Interesting, psionic memes are the way of the future.
I'm looking forward to it! You're a pretty qt u know that?


You don't really mean that, do you? If so, then I'm flattered!


File: 1578213544393.png (14.82 KB, 468x509, filly needs to eat her gre….png)

I'm overjoyed to see more of this green, thank (You) for delivering!
I can't wait to see what's in store next!


File: 1578215137530.png (41.74 KB, 132x183, Onion_Hulk.png)



File: 1578215784103.png (97.35 KB, 768x404, 1578215720022.png)


>be Anon
>still have unfinished things people have requested
>"nah fuck it, more griffons"


File: 1578216446898.png (143.31 KB, 870x1024, fillywants(you).png)


do you like griffons?


Not that guy, but as the fucker drawing them not really


then what compells thee?


Gotta say it's funny and unexpected.


Several things, it started from random scribbles while trying to get back into drawing. Then I needed a flying creature to circumvent Anon's was and pegasus didn't make sense. The BJ was a continuation of the first picture, and this last one was too point to the fact that I've never named the griffon.


I suppose if one's going by the show's naming convention, apparently it would start with G.


File: 1578256129093.jpg (86.12 KB, 1159x1151, CrippleFilly.jpg)

Been working on some quality of life improvements to the greentext archive for a bit now. I was able to restore backups of almost every deleted story, added in some other stories not listed in the doc from the writers' pastebin pages (including my own, regrettably…) and fixed a few spelling errors and the like.
If anybody can find UndeadAsylum's "Anonfilly's Usual Shenanigans" and "The Pigging out Adventures of Twilight and Anonfilly" then your help would be greatly appreciated. They were removed from fimfiction, and as far as I can tell from fimfetch as well.


Oh yeah, and shoot me any pastebins I might've missed.


Here's the Pigging out Adventure.


"Twilight! TWILIGHT!"
>"What is it Anon?"
"I just had a terrible insight!"
>"No the world isn't a globe that hasn't changed even when you convinced Discord to try it for a day."
"No that's for another time. Twilight we aren't ponies."
"Do you see how flexible our necks are. We are stunted giraffes."
>"Anon, that makes no sense."
"We have hooves, manes, tails, and extraordinarily stretchy necks. The only catch is that our species is a cross between a giraffe and a hippo."
>"Hold on what?"
"Exactly see it wasn't exactly successful, so mutations appeared. See the races were separated between the leg necks, the fucked up necks, and the disfigured necks."
"Then we have the ultra necks, like Sunbutt."
>"I don't believe you."
"Then I found archeological evidence."
>She pauses.
"Discord offered to help, but I said his magic would contaminate the findings."
>"Where is it."
>After all chaos magic can decay over an exceptionally long period of time eventually leaving no trace, no problem for my cohort.
>The perfect practical joke all for the cost of half of my dessert today.


File: 1578284306774.jpg (43.21 KB, 500x375, 1546702616605.jpg)

Added. Sorry it took so long, I've been working at the gay bath house since 4:00.


Fimfetch search appears to be broken, but they're still there.



File: 1578289708833-0.png (62.31 KB, 1608x781, YouCouldHavePreventedThis.png)


>[b]*Confused screaming*


File: 1578290173203.png (427.5 KB, 1132x1024, 1576064193131.png)

You know, your poners improved a lot since ya started, i bet you could make a proper filly if ya wanted now without it looking like an infants art. Just give some more attention to the hair and eyes really, besides of not making it in ~30 in a rush, no need to colour it on the start even


File: 1578290200705-0.png (118 KB, 1608x781, 1577600764893.png)

One I neglected to post here. Anon was dreaming about Seb sleeping in his bed for the uninitiated.


And this was supposed to be a /r/, someone please edit it to be Anonfilly(mare)


I've done draws I put effort into for this thread in the past, just playing around with a 'style'.


is big hoers


File: 1578296596845.png (1.45 MB, 3742x2259, 1885563__safe_artist-colon….png)

>not mine


Graded on a name…
Out of roughly 25 questions double sided except for the final page. The tyranny of the education system even haunts Equestria.
Sunbutt the old and maybe wise may be senile, but these trick questions truly are dastardly.
OktoBer is the season that spans from fall to the winter wrap up, thus within contains Hearth's Warming.
Skipping question the third.
I will admit the last one on the first page is wrong.
A pony's soft skin must be a toady, because it's trodden over for the whole day, and does all sorts of mental work for everypony.
At least Anonymous Anon Y. Mous Filly (Adoptive's last time here) has a solid understanding of how Equestria really works even if the systems can't appreciate the genius.


File: 1578303436098.png (100.98 KB, 800x497, twilight petting.png)


"Twilight, what's heavy petting?"
>Twilight looks over from a book she's reading
>"That sounds like what an abusive pony would call a beating if they were trying to sugarcoat it."
"So does that mean you give me heavy petting sessions sometimes?"
>"No, I beat you. You used to be an adult, so I know I don't need to sugarcoat it with you."


It can also refer to groping of the sexual abuse variety.


let's be real though, purple doesn't know anything about sex.


File: 1578306387569.jpg (188.43 KB, 1280x720, LZ_H5W.jpg)

Ponies are pure, and lust belongs to some anons' minds.


Only what she's read


I was saying it more because she's a shutin that didn't have a social life for the better part of her life, Ponk, Rainbow and Rara obviously take mad dick offscreen.

Also correct.


4 (You)


File: 1578310384665.png (500.43 KB, 1280x720, Applejack_timberwolves_S3E….png)

>Ponk, Rainbow and Rara obviously take mad dick offscreen


This made me chuckle.


Looking through that archive again, it just makes me sad. We used to have so many great writefags, but even the crown prince of updates Reuben is gone now. ASS hasn't posted an update in almost half the freakin' year, even Occult, Lone and Placeholder have slowed down considerably. We need more writefags, and if we don't do anything then we might fall victim to stagnation like so many other generals.
If you think you can write, even if you don't think you can write well, please give it a shot.


>Be Twilight Sparkle
"Girls I've called you all here today for… erm a survey."
>Dash speaks up.
>"It's about the monkey in a suit picture isn't it. You think it's hot too."
>Despite being an alicorn a blush appears.
>"I'll say darling, this sensation is sweeping the nation by storm. It's got everypony hot under the collar."
"Anypony talk to the stallions?"
>"Shucks… Ah suppose so they're just as interested in 'em too."
>The door bursts open.
>"Trixie, the great and powerful, will help on this endeavor to bring forth this creature."
>Starlight Glimmer follows behind.
>"I can't stand it anymore. Friends don't let friends suffer this yearning right? Let's make it real."

>Be (You)

>Anons in all states of dress lands with you on the softly soft ground.
>"Hoo doggy, yah really did it."
>"We devised a way for immortality, it turns you into a filly when you are old and when you grow up it can be reversed-"
>"Hurry Twilight all of Equestria is waiting. Please?"


I feel for you, I do. But if my content's what keeps a thread alive, perhaps its time to lay to rest has come already. When I force myself to write something, it never ends up being something worth posting.


"Gather around fillers it's time to play the no homo game."
>The newfags are bored. These next few words will motivate them.
"The first place winner gets three hundred good filly points."
>Oh yeah now they are interested. Honestly the Anonfilly economy might collapse if Twilight stops bringing in new blood…
"To enter the premium slots you need forty good filly points. Regular slots are ten good filly points. Trash tier entry is two good filly points, but it's free if you reach the premium slots."
"Rules are simple you please the other fillies until the other forgets to say no homo."

"Everyone ready? Begin!"
>Making my way to the observation room Twilight is recording everything.
"You know you're a real degenerate Purple."
>"It's for science…"
>I give her a look at her sopping wet hoof.
>"I really like science?"
"Unhuh, I'm sure the other VIPs totally have the same reason. Where are the butt sisters anyway."
>"Observation deck five. It's locked, here's a spare key."
>"N-no-nooooooo yes n-no homo!"
"I'll leave you to it then."
>Molestia, and her sister practically fund this endeavor, and all the funds to improve the local community.
>The new extension to the playground was bought with good filly points.
>An astronomical account of good filly points, but gaining them for some one on one time with your favorite pony wasn't that hard…
>Opening the room I see them in a pile of fillies.
"So how long will this Truman show last?"
>"Anon it's good you came to see us. This dream land should remain here forever."
"No, I mean how many hours left till it's time to wake up."
>"Ah, about two hours, so a full week in here so spend it wisely. You know what it costs to contain us."
"I almost have enough…"
>"Mmmm, so scrumptious you know how much it costs for everything here."
>The scent of mare cum is clogging the room.
"The good filly point booster."
>"Then you better get over here."
>Soon, this won't be needed, but perfectly voluntary.
>Out of all the elder things this creature won't plague Equestria any more.
>At least it plays fair.
>and when we get enough points we'll have an ally to actually save Equestria.


File: 1578368530132-0.png (30.83 KB, 1199x791, ENe05JzXsAECz1z.png)


>"I have the high ground now!"
"Blurb Glorp Squish."
>"Not even your dirty talk can convince me to leave."
>Squish squash.
>"Wait! Wait. How did you even get that?"
>"You- your- for me?"
>"I… oh ah um…"
>"Fine I'll go over to you."
>Squish squash blop.


Don't say ya weren't warned about discord, killing discussion made the thread a place to just post content, then pics moved over and were mostly only reposted when fags remembered or through dumps and barely even that unless drawfaggotry dropped there as well, thus leaving only the greens, which barely got any discussion, and often i read that even some of those moved over with the one shots going there, so you have no one to blame but yourselves
I tried making short prompts to bring discussion, but all that brought was at most a post asking for "more?" Like for scavenger filly, without discussion to bounce ideas on there's only so much writefags can do i think, and there's a reason drawfags moved over, of which its kinda sad how Harvey showed late to the party as he's no discordfag, apparently posting straight to the thread

Tl;dr: You dug your cove, now lay on it


File: 1578378137062.png (99.69 KB, 1000x1006, cranky filly.png)

>to bounce ideas


Yup, the discord from the thread attacking its own sure is what did us in, and (You) are contributing directly to that


Not sure what's happening here, but I that seem like a good life for a filly.


>When I force myself to write something
Time to pause poner.
Forced green is the worst.


File: 1578386895788.png (143.29 KB, 651x600, gfnow.png)


The only reason I've slowed down is because I'm a lazy piece of shit and thinking of ideas takes effort. I'm working to fix my problem though, so here's hoping I actually succeed at it.


And as proof of my efforts thus far, the continuation of my main story!
>Where we last left Anon and company, the fake treaty signing was finished and Celestia saddled Anon with finding out how to get Chrysalis a mate
>There were some hiccups and a few minor problems, but things didn't go horribly and an outline was created
>With nothing else to do before heading home, Twilight and Anon ironed out some last few details and Twilight started working on a book about changelings to correct pervious scientific speculations and Anon helped before they both finally went to sleep
Now, for the continuation of all that garbage and more!

>Your dreams also pass uneventfully, with more chess lessons and Luna demonstrating her full ability to you

>Somehow, she managed to beat you in literally two turns fun fact, that's actually possible!
>After suffering this brutal defense, you decide that the pace of regular chess is just too slow
>Time for a redesign!
>Yes, a single turn should only pass once every piece a player chooses to move has been moved (only once, of course), and checkmate no longer ends the game!
>After all, in real wars all the troops can move and act independently of each other
>However, it would probably take a while to end the game completely with full board-wiping in effect, so maybe a turn limit would also help?
>Fuck it, why not just make this full ChessHammer and start giving pieces toughness and wounds, too?
>Because that would ruin the full spirit of chess instead of making it more realistic, that's why
>Well, you could at least take your less frankenstein-y ideas and tell Luna
>"That's a horrible idea."
"But why?"
>"Let's try a round and I'll show you, I'll start."
>True to her word, Luna takes every piece on her side of the board and moves them all forward and into various defensive and offensive positions
>Now, it's your turn!
>Let's see if that late mover advantage can work in your favor here
>… Nope, you're in just about the same position as her, only now it's her turn again
>With a few decisive movements, Luna clears half of your side of the table before gearing up to decimate the other half
>"I'm ending my turn now so you can at least attempt to fight back."
>You look over the board, surveying what you have left
>A few scattered pawns, a knight, both bishops, and your king
>You can work with this, right?
>Yeah, you probably can!
>Ignore the fact that I know even less about chess than you do, you got this!
>You play your pieces and take a few of hers before your turn's over, but you realize that the game's going to end this turn for sure
>Luna surveys the board for a second before resetting the board to starting positions
>"I'm sure you realized I was going to win anyways, but can you guess why?"
"Because you moved first, you were able to set up your entire defense before I was able to move a single piece. White player has that insane defensive and offensive advantage due to the early moves they can make, thus making black lose in any sort of an even-skilled game."
>"Good, you're learning. One thing I'd like to know though, is what gave you that idea to begin with?"
"Well, there are a few games back home that work like that in terms of piece movement. However, that's also balanced out by the fact that the game has separate phases where pieces can attack each other and activate abilities and whatnot."
>"So a more standard war game?"
>I mean…
"… Yeah, pretty much."
>"Then why don't we play one of those? I know a few and have gotten fairly good at them, that could be fun."
"Okay, but I warn you: I only really know how to play one game. Do you have anything like Warhammer 40K here?"
>"The name doesn't ring any bells, try describing some of the mechanics."
>You run down the whole list, from toughness and wounds to perils of the warp to weapons to miniatures to army building, point totals and even the factions, without a single spark of recognization crossing Luna's face
"… And that's it. I guess you don't know it."
>"I suppose not, but that's no reason for us to not still play it. Why not teach me?"
"Probably because it would take a long time, and I'm not too sure how long this dream will last."
>Luna glances downward in thought, considering what you've said, before igniting her horn
>After a few more moments, her horn stops glowing and she looks back to you
>"We've got about a minute of real time, which means about an hour of dream time. What can you do in an hour?"
>You consider what you know about 40K in terms of setting and rules before making a decision
"Either I can make an army for you and I can teach you mechanics, or we can save the mechanics until after you have an idea of the world and what everything's like there so you can choose your own faction and army."
>Luna considers her options carefully, taking a couple of seconds to make her decision
>"Let's hear the lore, it's never a bad thing to start with."



>You take a deep breath and gather your thoughts on how to best summarize the entirety of warhammer 40K's lore within an hour while still keeping it rich and interesting

"Well, it all started with these sentient psychic frogs called the Old Ones, these irradiated husks called the Necrontyr, and these other free-floating star-eating clouds called the C'tan."
>Good start, let's keep it going
"The Old Ones created a massive, galaxy-spanning empire some millions of years ago from current time, and they grew very powerful and very adept with their psychic skills, to the point that they could create and modify existing life. However, when the Necrontyr finally made it off of their star-blasted world and into the Old Ones' empire and learned of this, the Old Ones denied the Necrontyrs' plea for help."
>"How rude, why would they not give them help?"
"Blah blah the universe has plans, blah blah deal with it. At least that's what I gathered from my own readings, but anyway, the Necrontyr were understandably pissed about that, so when they found out about the C'tan, they decided to turn them into weapons to topple the Old Ones' monopoly on the galaxy. The C'tan were lured into giant metal bodies by the Necrontyr and were as a result given incredible intelligence and near-godlike power, as well as a taste for souls."
>This is taking a bit of a while, maybe hurry it up?
>I'm trying, but this isn't too easy!
"The C'tan then decided to go along with what the Necrontyr wanted, but it came at a cost. The C'tan consumed the souls of almost every Necrontyr and transformed their bodies from flesh to metal, turning them into soulless machines bent on ending all life. The Necrontyr turned Necrons then set about genociding the Old Ones and their creations as they encountered them."
>Luna's eyes widen as your description goes further into the realm of violence still largely unheard of by ponies
"The Old Ones then retaliated through the creation of the Krork, a hybrid between animal and fungus and made solely for warfare, and possibly another species that shall remain unnamed for a very long time, and also by raising up this third species called the Eldar to their level. By the way, Eldar are to humans as alicorns are to regular ponies if alicorns were uppity racists and also another species. Together, they just barely managed to keep the Necrons at bay for long enough for the C'tan to consume each other through political schemes and force the Necrons to begin retreating fullscale and going dormant with the remaining C'tan following suit."
>A small sigh passes from her lungs, coupled by a slight relaxation of her expression
"Don't think it's over just yet, we're only getting started and Humanity still hasn't come around. Anyway, at the end of this massive bloody war, the Old Ones are rendered extinct with the Eldar taking their place, the Krork becoming the Orks, and the afterlife known as the Realm of Souls becoming fairly fucked up by the entire interaction. More on that later, when things get even worse!
>Alright, time for a massive timesaving skip!
"As time passes, Eldar society grows stronger alongside their empire, they find out that gods can be created in the Realm of Souls and create their own pantheon, and a very important man is born on Earth after a ritualistic mass-suicide is performed by every human shaman."
>"What's a shaman?"
"At least in 40K's lore, shamans were early psychic humans. In real life, think of them as zebra alchemists except without the magic or the full knowledge of chemistry."
>Luna nods and signals for you to keep going
"From there, nothing else interesting happens for several millennia. Humanity rises to the peak of its power and builds its own empire, the Eldar grow steadily more depraved and degenerate with their actions, and the Realm of Souls, now called the Warp, births three of the four chaos gods: Khorne, god of war and bloodshed, Nurgle, god of pestilence and decay, and Tzeentch, god of change and schemes."
>This is where luna cuts you off again
>"It seems pretty important for three gods to be created out of nowhere, not to mention completely neglecting to mention how or why. Could you please elaborate on them and tell me why you decided to gloss over it?"
"I glossed over it because they don't really do much yet, but I can still explain it. They were born in the same way the Eldar pantheon was, but more accidentally and across all species that share a soul. Khorne was created from the collective feelings of anger and acts of violence committed throughout the galaxy, Nurgle was created from periods of great disease, famine, and other such situations and the feelings they generate, and Tzeentch was created from the intense political plots and times of great change that happened across the galaxy and the feelings they generated."
>"So they're manifestations of the galaxy's emotions given immense power and sentience?"
"Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, back to the action! Eventually, the Eldar grow so depraved and degenerate in their actions that they birth a fourth chaos god, Slaanesh. Slaanesh, symbolizing excess in all its forms, then proceeds to consume all but three of the Eldar pantheon, almost every single living Eldar's soul, and many of the Eldar empire's core worlds. However, in the buildup to this, a massive set of warp storms have prevented Humanity's empire from being able to continue sustaining itself, so it all falls apart at the seams. Meanwhile on Earth, now called Terra, that guy from 8,000 years ago our time has finally decided to reveal himself!"
>"Wait, how far into the future is this all?"
"Around 23 to 27 thousand years."



>"So he's been around for 33,000ish years at this point?"

"I probably neglected to mention that he's both immortal and the most powerful psychic in the galaxy."
>"That would explain it."
"So anyway, the guy comes out and reveals himself to reunite Humanity in this, our darkest hour, by first reuniting Terra. He does this by first declaring himself emperor, and then by creating an army of genetically engineered supersoldiers to fight alongside him. Needless to say, he stomped out all resistance quickly. From there, he moved on to reuniting the solar system by then moving on and reclaiming Mars, the first planet Humanity colonized. He met significantly more resistance, but he had prepared for this with his newest project, 20 sons of his, created to serve as generals and as leaders of humanity alongside him. However, the chaos gods had other plans."
>Luna's eyes begin to widen even more in anticipation of what's to come
"The chaos gods, spurred finally into action by Slaanesh, their newest member, decide to steal the emperor's sons, called primarchs, and spread them across Humanity's shattered empire and succeeded. The Emperor, not to be dissuaded by setbacks, took the remaining genetic information on the primarchs he had and used it to create even super-er soldiers, called Space Marines, and formed them into 20 legions based on who served as their base. With these space marines he managed to finish beating Mars into submission and gain the advantage of having such a technological powerhouse aiding him in his mission. From there, he spread out into the galaxy to find his lost sons."
>Her expression changes to minor disappointment
"What's up?"
>"It just seemed like the buildup would lead to something else. You know, from how hyperviolent everything else has been, I was expecting a bit more than stealing."
"Don't worry, there's good reason behind why they only stole the primarchs that we'll get to soon. Now-"
>"Actually, we're almost out of time for this dream; we'll have to continue tomorrow."
"Really? This soon?"
>"I can feel the change coming, I estimate another minute of our time."
"Oh well, at least this is a good stopping point for now. Next time, we'll get into the rest of it and then you can pick an army!"
>"And I'm looking forward to it. Until then!"
>You wave goodbye to Luna as she removes herself from your dreamscape and your mind as a whole, leaving you to continue the night in sleep
>. . .
>The morning begins anew with Twilight nudging you awake to keep with scheduling, so nothing new
>You get ready as you need to before going to say your goodbyes to all the royalty present, and Twilight has you both on the train back home by 10 AM
>Doing some math based on past trips, you estimate a four-hour journey back, so you should be home at around 2
>A perfect amount of time for you to check your stuff when you get to it and make sure nothing was taken
>Twilight's probably also going to make you do whatever homework you have to do too, but that shouldn't take too long
>After that, it's down to supervising Twilight as she does what she needs to get your plan into motion properly
>Some hours and many passing thoughts later, you and Twilight have returned to Ponyville!
>The trip back to the castle is over in a flash too, quite literally



>The purple haze fades from your vision and you find yourself just inside the front door of the castle, stationed a few feet from a fairly startled dragon

>"A little warning would be great next time!"
>"Sorry about that, Spike, I didn't expect you would be right here."
>"Just don't blind-teleport around like that anymore, one of these days you're going to put yourself inside something."
>"Don't worry about it, I've already run tests. The teleportation spell has a displacement field of around 0.5 meters, so long as I place myself in a fairly empty area, I won't appear inside anything as anything that I could appear inside will have been pushed away by the act of teleporting."
>"Well it still scares ponies, so it's not a good idea."
>"Noted. Now, how were things while we were gone?"
>"Not bad, nothing interesting to report."
>Spike soon retracts that statement, however
>"Actually, I just remembered. Anon, I'm sorry, but I accidentally dropped your suitcase when I was carrying it back to your room, and it opened up when it went down the stairs."
>Fucking clumsy dragon, can't be trusted with anything
"Don't worry, as long as nothing broke or got lost it's fine."
>"Nothing broke, as far as I know; I guess that makes things fine. Anyway, that's actually it, so I won't bother you further and go back to what I was doing before."
>And with that, Spike makes his exit
"Now I'm going to let you do what you need to handle the test designing and all that, I'm going to check and see what needs to be done before school tomorrow."
>Twilight nods in affirmation before adding one more thing
>"Also, don't forget to work on a plan C."
"Got it, I'll see what I can come up with."
>You and her now part ways, with you going up to your room to work on various things while Twilight goes somewhere else to plan out things to come
>However, your first order of business is actually seeing if any of your shit is broken or not
>Your clothes are fine, albeit wrinkled
>Hitler and Aryanne are still in good condition
>Your phone's case took the majority of the fall, seeing as the phone itself has no cracks and turns on fine
>The charger and magitech generator are also still okay
>Cool, everything's still in working order
>You also look through your bag and find the homework Twilight packed for you
>Nope, you didn't do it on the train up
>Guess it's a good thing you set aside time now for it!
>A few minutes and a couple of minor history headaches later, it's all done
>Good, now for the main thing you have to deal with!
>You search your nightstand for any spare papers that you haven't written all over, but find none
>Looks like you gotta check elsewhere…
>Think, where would there be paper around here?
>Well, you should probably ask one of the two who have been here longer, namely Spike since you have little to no idea where Twilight could be
>You head down to the basement, and sure enough, purple junior's there



>Be Spike

>You're still a bit unnerved by Twilight and Anon appearing in front of you so suddenly, but this isn't the first time Twilight's done it
>At least you were somewhat expecting it those other times…
>But anyway, you've gotten back to business with a new comic that the comic store owner recommended to you
>You never were one for the more graphic side of things, but a few blood drops really do add some extra realism to fights
>Your art appreciation is paused by the entrance of a small green horse to your room, though
>"Sup Spike, mind telling me where I can find some paper?"
"Sure, what for?"
>"Writing a letter, I'm also going to need you to send it too, if that's not too much trouble."
"Not at all, I'll get you some paper and an envelope to put it in and even show you where to find it for later if you'll follow me."
>You get up from your chair and lead Anon back up the stairs
>To break up the silence of the trip to get paper, you decide to ask some questions
>"Hey uh, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what was that stuff you packed in the suitcase?"
>An answer doesn't immediately come
>In fact, it takes a while for an answer to come
>"Sentimental things, mainly. I get it seems weird, but there are personal reasons for me keeping all of it close."
>Weird answer, but you'll take it
>"Mind if I ask what they are? I haven't seen anything like them before, so I'm just wondering."
>Again, it takes an odd amount of time to get an answer
>"I'd tell you, but it's less confusing for me to not."
>Now you're starting to get a bit more confused
>Confusion isn't really helping you though, so let's just put that all aside and change the subject
"Alright. On a different note, mind if I ask who the letter's for?"
>"Do you want to know now, or when I'm done with it?"
"I kinda have to know if I'm going to be sending it, so why not now?"
>"Fair point. Don't say I didn't warn you, but it's for Chrysalis."
>And you do, right where you stand
>While organizing your thoughts, you slowly turn to face the pony behind you
>"I hate to say it again, but it would be less confusing for me to not tell you."
"Nah, I want to hear it. I want to hear the exact reason that would bring a filly your age to send a letter to CHRYSALIS."
>"I'd tell you, but it's also a long story that I'm not quite sure Twilight would appreciate me telling you."
"And why would that be?"
>"Remember that time I disappeared for a few days and when I came back I told you that the events were classified by order of Twilight?"
>Yeah, but then Twilight just said that she was fillynapped
>Either way, you maintain an expression of skepticism and nod
>"Well, it all started around that time and I'm not telling you the details without Twilight giving me express permission to do so, so just trust me and drop it."
"I'm guessing it wouldn't also have something to do with that time that Chrysalis and one of her subjects were our houseguests, too?"
>You add that on almost sarcastically
>Almost, because you were still expecting the answer Anon gives you
>"Yeah, and just like back then I'm telling you to not think about it too hard and trust me. I know you don't want to; I'd certainly push further if I were you, but take it from somebody who knows exactly what's going on: it's a massive trainwreck of events that will only serve to raise more questions than it answers."
>You close your eyes, pinch the bridge of your snout, and sigh in defeat
"Fine, I'll stop asking about it. I don't like it, but I'll stop asking."
>You're not promising to not think about it though, especially since you're not sure if you could stop yourself from doing so
>"Thanks, I'm not sure how Twilight would like it if I broke silence surrounding any of it, so just keep what I've already told you under wraps, too. 'Kay?"
"Yeah, I'll keep it to myself…"
>"Cool! Now, the paper?"
"This way."
>You go back to leading Anon through the castle on your quest to find paper and envelopes, your mind swimming with thoughts and not an answer in sight


And that's what I have written for now, pretty sure this is now my single longest update at 20,000 characters. I hope it was all worth the wait, and I hope you all enjoy your night if you're up as late as I am because you hate yourself too. As always, criticize what you want to and feel free to say if it's not up to standard, I always seek to get better.


File: 1578397280145.png (1.25 MB, 1031x960, 3cd0396c50086f631bfab8b7b3….png)

>feel free to say if it's not up to standard
I wouldn't dare.
I'm sleepy now, I'll read it later.
Greens are always welcomed.


Very nice, soon the land of poners will know ths joys of war. War in 40k. It's a great update. I'll have to read it again when I'm not exhausted, but it looks good.
Silver Spoon is angerer poner that Diamon Tiara didn't collar her, and invite her to the marem.
Also *pokemon fanfare*You've caught a wild Anonfilly what will you name her?


Faggot. That is the only acceptable name.


Now this needs a story to go with it.


File: 1578419192442.png (1.19 MB, 1500x2100, Trust Once Lost145450.png)

Trust Once Lost


When someone threatened to turn me into a mare, I didn’t think they were actually serious. Mostly because, based on everything I knew about the world, everything I had experienced in my life up to that point, such a thing was impossible.

Not just the everyday kind of impossible either; it’s impossible for me to run a hundred kilometres per hour or to live for a thousand years but those are both things within the realm of reality. It is possible for things to move at a hundred kilometres per hour, it is possible for organisms to live for a thousand years. Those things are impossible, but they’re still logical. What happened isn’t even the mathematical kind of impossible, like drawing a triangle with four sides. Being in a different body, with no apparent gap in consciousness, was utterly outside the context of what I was able to understand.

One of the things about myself I’m most proud of is that I’m calm in a crisis, a skill set I spent many years honing as a nurse. The first thing I noticed was that my body was the wrong shape. I tried to take a moment to ground myself, but as I took a breath, my lungs felt wrong; as I tensed and relaxed my muscles and tried to roll my shoulders, all of that was completely wrong too.

Panic gripped my chest, and I resisted the urge to breathe faster. I held the breath in my too-small lungs and counted to three, then exhaled with deliberate slowness, feeling the air pass over a painful lump in my too-long throat and leave my mouth that was the wrong shape. I kept my eyes open and focused on a nearby tree. I felt the soft earth beneath my too-many feet. So many parts of my mind were screaming that something was very, very wrong.

I didn’t fight those thoughts. I accepted them, and then focused on my breathing, which I kept slow and even, and the ground, which was firm beneath me, and the tree, which was still just a tree.

“Okay,” I whispered with the breath I was slowly exhaling, my voice too small, too high-pitched.

I felt my wrongly-placed heart beating too fast in my chest, maybe a hundred sixty beats per minute. I could feel my muscles start to tremble and relaxed them as much as possible while standing on my too-many legs.

With my panic response under control, I could think.

“Okay, focus,” I muttered under my breath in my too-high voice.

Check for danger. I looked around, noting that with my much-wider field of vision I barely had to turn my head at all to see three-hundred-sixty degrees. I was in some type of forest; I didn’t see any movement from animals, or anything else immediately dangerous. I took a tentative step forwards. I could move; I had no trouble breathing; I didn’t feel any injuries or pain.

Okay. I wasn’t going to die. I didn’t need to take any immediate action. I could take some time to think. I lay down on the ground, resting my head on my forelegs, a position that felt comfortable in my new form.

When you work with people suffering hallucinations and delusions, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll think about what it must be like to be -if we’re dispensing with tact- crazy. A common mistake some people make is thinking that you can’t be crazy if you know you’re crazy. On the contrary, someone can know full well that their hallucinations aren’t real and still see them just as vividly. Of course delusions and psychosis are different things entirely. It was scary to think you might one day be in such a vulnerable state, unable to perceive the world around you for what it was.

My mind felt clear. I could follow a train of thought, and nothing in my mind felt jumbled, but then again I had no idea what having a psychotic break felt like. What I’d decided on in the past was that if things just stopped making sense I would try to remain calm, not do anything rash or violent, and listen carefully to what people around me were saying. Realistically there was no way that could have worked. Psychosis doesn’t work that way, but I did always like to have a plan. The applicability of that plan to the current situation seemed to confirm that it was indeed a silly plan.

If I was crazy, there wasn’t really much I could do about it. There was no-one around to take directions from. I could lay here and do nothing to wait and see what happened, but eventually I would get thirsty, and hungry, and need to use the bathroom… I shuddered to think where I might actually be when that happened, if this forest was all in my head.

As a matter of practicality, I had to assume I wasn’t crazy. Whether this was a dream didn’t matter either. Either I was right about it not being a dream, or else it didn’t matter.

Alright. If I'm not crazy and I'm not dreaming, what do I know? I'm thinking, so I exist. I remember living as a human, and I also remember being a pony for the last couple of minutes. At least, I assume I'm a pony.

I looked down at my green, furry hooves, and then turned my head to look at my own back, something I hadn't been flexible enough to accomplish as a human. Yup. Definitely a pony. No cutie mark, but from the proportions and pastel green coat it was clear that I was not a regular pony, but a fictional, magical pony.

I felt my forehead and found a horn. I tried focusing on it, but nothing happened. Tapping on it with a hoof wasn't painful exactly, but intensely uncomfortable, like a funny bone attached to my skull. Which I guess it kinda was, unless it was all keratin like my hooves.

He did threaten to turn me into a “mare.” Bracing myself for the inevitable, I stood up on all fours and took at look between my legs. Sure enough, my lower horn was gone.

Alright. Well I could place that in the increasing list of things that I would worry about later. Right now, I was in an unfamiliar place, in an unfamiliar body, lost in the wilderness with no equipment and, presumably, no one looking for me.


Fortunately, I'd been a boy scout back in the day, so I knew, at least vaguely, how to find and purify drinking water, start a fire, hunt, fish, forage, and navigate.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any containers to boil water, or any water filters, or any chlorine. I didn't know how to start a fire with hooves, I didn't think this new body would appreciate me eating meat, I knew nothing about what local plants were edible, and I didn't have a map or compass. If my assumption about being in Equestria was right, then I wouldn't even be able to find North with the stars. I could die out here and no-one would ever know what happened to me.

I felt sick to my stomach and deliberately slowed my breathing again.

"Alright, alright," I muttered to myself in my too-high voice. "What's the plan?"

First step was communication. I didn't have any tech, or any reflective surfaces I could use to signal with, but I could maybe start a fire, and, in the unlikely event that someone actually was looking for me, I would leave markers to indicate where I'd gone.

Next was figuring out where I was. I would feel pretty silly building a survival shelter if it turned out there was a town within sight of here. I considered climbing a tree, but with hooves that was out of the question. I looked at my back and noted the lack of wings.

"From all of us together, together we're friends. With the marks of our destinies made one, there is magic without end," I intoned.

I looked back and determined I had not sprouted wings.

"Meh," I chuckled. "It was worth a shot."

I had two real options; I could either try for higher ground and look for somewhere I could get a view of the surrounding area, or I could look for lower ground and hope to find a river I could follow.

I decided to aim for the river. Hopefully I could find some fast flowing water that would be safe enough to drink. Taking time to arrange rocks into a crude arrow to show where I had gone, I started walking downhill.


When the threat of turning me into a mare had been made, I played along.

"So if I become a pony does that fix any medical conditions I have?" I had asked.

"Of course," came the reply, "you get a whole new body."

"Well sign me up then," I joked, "I've only got a couple years left before I have to worry about my meds damaging my liver."

As a human I suffered from chronic itch. That doesn't sound like the end of the world right? Well imagine an itch triggered by nothing at all, so powerful that you would continue to tear at your skin after it was already bleeding, across large areas of your body, keeping you from sleep for days at a time; and completely unresponsive to standard treatments.

Needless to say, without the more powerful drugs, my life was misery. The drugs are not kind to the body though. One of them is used in chemotherapy, albeit at higher dosages. The higher the dosages I took, the more the symptoms receded; and the faster I would damage my body. When my specialist informed me that my test results indicated I had maybe two years left until I would be forced to stop taking it? It was a blow.

I had reduced the medication as much as I could bear, trading discomfort for longevity, hoping desperately that the drug trials I was waiting for would come through in time.

If I'd known that becoming a pony was an actual option, I might still have said yes.


Having all my skin intact and free from discomfort was an amazing thing. I couldn't remember a time when I'd had that, even as a child and, according to my mother, even as an infant I had suffered.

Now I could feel a breeze across my skin and not have to ignore the itch it created; I could sweat and not have to ignore the burning tingle as it dripped across broken, irritated skin; I kept expecting to feel an itch from where dirt was sticking to my coat, and yet there was nothing.

Which left me to focus on this body's atrocious lack of physical conditioning.

I didn't have a watch but I'd estimate I'd only been walking for a couple hours and already my muscles were aching and my lungs were burning. I was glad I had chosen to walk downhill because in this body I didn't think I'd have the endurance for any type of climb.

Ignoring my aching muscles, thirst, and burning lungs I kept moving, if I went down far enough I knew that eventually I would find water.


When I heard flowing water ahead of me I forgot my tiredness and broke into a run. Or I would have if I was still human, as a pony I promptly tripped over my own hooves, fell on my face and learned a couple things.

The first was that while walking as an equinoid was fairly straightforward, it turned out that moving faster required moving into a trot, canter, or gallop, the rhythms of which were decidedly more complicated.

The second was that this body's pain tolerance was much lower than what I'd enjoyed as a human. A small graze on my cheek left me fighting back tears.

I took a breath into my aching, too-small lungs and exhaled it slowly, getting back to my hooves.

"I don't got time to bleed!" I joked to myself, laughing at the way it sounded with my small, high-pitched voice.

When I finally got to the river I didn't bother doing a full set of tests for drinkability, I just noted that it was flowing fast enough and put my mouth into it, gulping the cool water down greedily.

After drinking my fill I sat back on the river bank and finally relaxed for a bit. The graze on my cheek stung a bit, but I could ignore it easily enough. Despite still being lost I felt a lot better about my situation now that I'd found the river. Not only did I now have a source of drinking water, but, with any luck, I could follow this river downstream and find civilisation.

Or maybe the population density in Equestria was much lower and I was several months trek from anything. Heck, maybe I wasn't even in Equestria and when I found civilisation I was going to be abducted and experimented on as an alien.

I sighed and shook my head. No use dwelling on those thoughts when I had more immediate concerns.

One of them being that I was feeling a gnawing hunger in my stomach and I still had no idea what plants were safe for this body to eat. In my human body I knew I could easily go a day or two without food, but with this newer, seemingly more fragile body? I could only guess.

I couldn't remember the exact procedure for testing edibility, but I did the best I could with decade old knowledge.

Ponies could eat grass right? I couldn't remember seeing any ponies eating straight grass in the show, but hay was apparently a staple for them. The reason humans can't digest grass and hay is because they don't have the ability to break down cellulose, so it stood to reason that, if ponies ate hay they could at least theoretically eat grass.

I put my head down and smelled the grass. It smelled like grass, which was unfortunate, since that meant it probably also tasted like grass. If I still had my human sense of taste and smell the grass wouldn't be palatable. Or maybe magical ponies didn't like to eat grass either?

Regretting that I didn't have hands to break some grass off, I licked my lips and rubbed some of the grass between my lips, without taking any into my mouth. I didn't feel any immediate irritation on my lips. Now I needed to wait for… five minutes? Something like that. I didn't have a watch anyway.

"One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand," I counted, trying and failing to get used to the odd shape of my new mouth, "four one thousand, five one thousand."

"Eh stuff it." I muttered under my breath

Counting it out exactly was a waste of daylight. I should be working on fire or shelter. Neither of which I was looking forward to without hands. I started collecting any deadwood that looked dry enough in a pile. I had to carry them in my mouth, much like a dog playing fetch, and the mental image helped raise my spirits.

When I felt like enough time had passed and I still had no reaction to the grass on my lips I returned to the patch of grass and carefully bit off a small amount. It tasted like grass, but it was actually pretty bland, neither the flavour nor the mouth feel was overly objectionable as I chewed on it (I couldn't remember whether there was supposed to be an extra step where I touched it to my tongue without chewing). My stomach grumbled in protest as I resisted the urge to swallow and instead spat out the glob of green goo.

I spent another few minutes gather firewood. The real problem with fire was that I didn't have any matches, or even flint. I didn't have any bootlaces to make a bow drill, or tinder to catch a spark, or a knife to feather the kindling. If I'd had fists, they would have been clenched in sheer frustration. A part of me wanted to give up on the idea of fire altogether. I took as much of a breath as those pathetic, irritating lungs would allow and after a moment, vented it out my nose with an equine snort.

Deciding that enough time had passed without any negative reaction to the grass I stomped back over to the grass I was testing and bit off a few blades, chewed, and swallowed them. My stomach ached with hunger after being teased with such a small amount of food, but I resisted the urge to grab a mouthful. Now I'd have to wait for at least half an hour to see if it made me sick.

I was tired, and my muscles ached, and my hooves hurt, and I was hungry and the food was right there! I could see that it was grass and, instead of eating it, here I was treating it like I was being tested for some stupid survival merit badge!

It didn't even taste bad anymore. In fact, it didn't taste like anything… oh. I ran my tongue over the inside of my mouth and my fears were confirmed; whatever this 'grass' was, it had made my whole mouth numb.

"Ahhh" I shrieked

I frantically rinsed my mouth with river water, but the numbness wouldn't go away. I had no idea how poisonous the grass might be. A lump formed in my throat… or was that my throat swelling shut? Was this new body allergic to this grass? No no no, if I went into anaphylactic shock out here I was dead!


Waves of nausea wracked my body but I couldn't tell if they were a reaction to poison or just anxiety over being poisoned. My coat had a sheen of cold sweat as I shivered and retched and sobbed, sitting back on my haunches. Everything felt so heavy, like I was fighting a weight pressing down as much on my consciousness as my corporeal body.

I tried to fight the shaking but It just got worse. My lungs burned, I wasn't getting enough air. I focused on my breathing, sucking in a shuddering breath past the painful lump in my throat, and then out again. Pain lanced through my chest as my heart thundered away. Think goddammit! You're going into shock. What would you tell a patient in this situation?

I rolled onto my back, putting my legs above my heart. Relax, breathe. You're going to get through this. I breathed in and relaxing and allowing myself to shiver as I pulled air past the painful lump in my throat. Now, what are your symptoms.

Chest pain, cold, clammy skin, shivering, tightness in the throat, nausea, feeling faint, numbness in the mouth. You are in shock; blood pressure is too low; chest pain possible heart attack; more likely panic attack; numbness in the mouth likely exposure to unknown plant; tightness in throat unlikely to be anaphylaxis: lack of other symptoms (no heat, no itch, no rash or hives, no facial swelling during or after edibility tests).

I had no way to test for a heart attack, or to treat one, and the presentation was much more consistent with a panic attack. The next step would have been comforting the patient and assuring them that a panic attack was nothing to be ashamed of. I knew this. I knew this and yet all I felt was a terrible, bitter self-loathing.

I was weak. I was pitiful, worthless. I lay there and breathed, and shook, and waited for the symptoms to subside.


Poor delusional nurse filly hopped on on meds tying so hard to pony up.



Chapter 2
>Self Doubt

My anger didn't feel right. In my old body, when I was angry, I felt powerful. I would have been able to feel the coiled strength of my muscles, and the heady sense of invulnerability that went along with a sudden adrenaline hit. I would have felt like I was holding myself back from doing damage to something. Now it felt like all I was holding back was a temper tantrum.

Weakness and vulnerability were things I'd never been willing to accept in myself, and I'd been fortunate that I'd never had to. Growing up I was always taller and stronger than average, something I had my dad to thank for, both with his genetics and his efforts to keep me involved in some kind of sport even when I'd have preferred to be reading or playing video games. From age thirteen on I chose martial arts.

On the rare occasions I was forced into a fight at school I ended it swiftly and decisively, without injuring anyone. I was miserable at school, and looking back I can admit I was lonely, but I never feared for my physical safety, and that was something I took great comfort in.

This new body was weak. The years of training I had put into training my balance, reflexes and movement counted for nothing. All I had left was my mind, and now my mental toughness had failed me too.

I was weak, lost, and scared but, rather than wish someone was here to comfort me, I was actually relieved that no-one else was around to see my moment of weakness.

As I lay there on the river bank, watching the sky start to turn orange, I sighed. My adrenaline had started to ebb, my fatigue and the dull ache of my muscles returning.

You're such an idiot, I said in my head. I didn't want to hear my new voice.

I tried to tell myself that I didn't care what anyone else thought of me, but here I was in a life and death situation, terrified of anyone seeing me look weak. What I realised about myself in that moment was that while I didn't care about people underestimating me, the thought of people seeing me when I was actually helpless was terrifying.


I glared at the pile of sticks as if trying to set them alight with sheer force of will. Which given I was a magical unicorn should have been entirely possible. I went cross eyed looking at my horn, but there wasn't so much as a glow.

I'd done my best without any hands or tools. Under the pile of sticks was a pyramid of small twigs for kindling painstakingly arranged by mouth, and inside that was some dried out moss which I hoped would work as tinder.

I understood the theory of starting a fire by rubbing sticks together, but I'd only ever done it once, almost two decades ago, and at that time I had made a bow drill using my bootlaces.

The concept of a bow drill is pretty straight forward if you've ever seen one; you wrap your string around a stick and then you pull the string side to side to make it rotate rapidly, rubbing the end against a piece of wood until the friction created an ember which you could use to light your tinder.

I didn't have any string, and even if I'd wanted to make some string by braiding together plant fibres I didn't know how to do that without hands.I also knew you could start a fire by spinning a stick between your palms, though it was much more difficult, especially for a child or someone with small hands.

So I sat in the dark, trying not to shiver while I twirled a stick I had pressed between my two front hooves. A few times I got a good rhythm going for a couple minutes, but inevitably the stick would slip from between my hooves which led to cursing as I frantically tried to get the stick back into position before the tip cooled off too much.

I was so tired. With my old body I knew I could go a night without sleep, and then even most of the next day before I truly crashed. Right now I felt like I'd been up two straight days. I was biting my tongue to try and stay awake, but my mouth still felt a bit numb. I smashed my hoof down on a rock, and it hurt, I couldn't stop the hot tears running down my face, but it didn't reduce my fatigue any.

When my eyes closed for a couple moments I saw flashes of a dream, people's voices, the sounds of them moving around, and it took a second to reorient myself as I wrestled my consciousness back from the brink. I thought I saw smoke coming from the stick at one point, but it might have been a dream, or my eyes playing tricks in the dark, in any case it wasn't the ember I needed to light the fire.

I don't know how much of my attempt to start the fire I dreamt, and how much was real, but at some point I fell asleep.


Contrary to the common trope, someone who's severely sleep deprived doesn't fall into a dreamless sleep. Quite the opposite; the more sleep deprived you are, the faster you will progress into REM sleep.

I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn't wake up. Having lucid dreams wasn't uncommon for me, but rarely did I have omnipotence in them. I could change the dream a bit, like making myself invulnerable, or erasing parts of the dream I didn't like, but I couldn't fully choose what I wanted to dream about.

I was dreaming about myself, in my present situation, and I was being attacked by timberwolves. It terrified me.

I knew they couldn't actually harm me in my dream, but at the same moment I was sleeping out in the open, too exhausted to even put up a fight. I'd made a terrible mistake and there was nothing I could do but hope and pray that nothing bad would happen to my body while I was unconscious.

In Equestria, it turned out, the local deities responded to prayers in a much more immediate and unambiguous way than they did back home.

In a flash of magic, a midnight blue alicorn appeared, standing over top of me protectively. Her size was on a scale such that I could have hidden myself behind one of her legs as an anxious foal might behind the foreleg of its mother. The timber wolves were frozen in place.

"Fear not, my little pony!" she exclaimed, heroically, "I have heard your call. Nothing shall harm you in my domain!"

I knew exactly why she had chosen this protective posture, and yet my human mind immediately jumped to the lewder implication of being underneath her. Blushing I scrambled out from the compromising position, moving into a bow.

"P-princess Luna! You're, uh." don't say bigger, don't say bigger, don't say bigger, "Taller than I expected."


Luna looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Rise, my little pony." She instructed, "You are dreaming. What you see before you cannot harm you."

"I know."

"You know this is a dream?" She questioned, "Then why does it frighten you so? I felt your waves of terror all the way from Canterlot."

"Afraid of these?" I asked, reducing the timberwolves to ash and cinders with a wave of my tiny hoof. "No. I haven't feared my dreams since I was twelve."

Luna gave me an appraising look.

"While I'm here, my body is in danger, in the real world." I explained, "I'm not sure exactly how much danger but, based on how badly I screwed everything else up today I'll probably die of hypothermia or something."

Luna's serene expression morphed into one of shocked outrage.

"You're out in the cold? Who has done this?" She demanded, "No pony should be forced out into the cold simply for making mistakes!"

This was the critical point, I could either pretend to be a lost pony and be assured of her aid, or I could tell the truth and risk whatever came along with that. She might have thought that I was crazy, or dangerous, or perhaps that it was some kind of joke.

I could tell an easy lie, or I could trust another person. So obviously I chose the lie.

"What?" I exclaimed, "No, nopony did this to me, I'm just lost, and I can't remember how I got here, or much of anything really."

The trick to telling a convincing lie is to believe it while you're saying it.

I was lost, I didn't know how I got here, and while someone might think I meant no-one had transported me here what I really meant in my head was that it was my own fault for getting myself into the present situation. There was no way for me to know if I was missing any memories, or even if my human memories were real. I didn't really have any doubt, but I could entertain that idea easily enough. Afterall there was no evidence they were real apart from their internal consistency. If someone could change my location and body on a whim why would creating a lifetime of false human memories and inserting them into my pony brain be unbelievable?

I was lying by telling the truth. Just to smooth over any misunderstandings. That wasn't taking advantage of anyone, it was just being pragmatic. I'm not a bad person.


"I know it's asking a lot, but could you send somepony to come save me?" I asked, rubbing the back of my head in embarrassment, "I'm not really as much of a survivalist as I thought I was. I don't have any food, and I couldn't get a fire started."

And I'm so terrified of screwing up and dying that gave myself a full blown panic attack. I didn't feel comfortable saying that last part out loud, it was bad enough she could sense my fear, I couldn't stand the thought of actually admitting it.

Even now I was trying to convince myself that I didn't actually need her help, that when I woke up I could keep working the problem. Just because I’d failed the first day didn’t mean I was helpless now. I could figure out how to start a fire, I could try other foods. I could follow the river to the sea if I had to, and then I’d work my way along the coast.

Luna’s expression changed to one of worry and my hope for the rescue I was pretending not to need was abruptly yanked away.

“I’m afraid my magic won’t be able to find you that precisely,” she explained, “I can feel you are far away, but directions in the dream realm can’t be translated into real coordinates. You truly have no idea of your location?”

“Ah well, it was worth a shot,” I sighed, “thanks for trying anyway.”

“Fear not, young one,” Luna encouraged, “we have the power of crown and country behind us, you shall not be abandoned!”

“Nonono!” I said hurriedly, “You don’t have to do that, I’ll be fine, really! I can find my own way, I don’t want the whole country searching for me like I’m some helpless foal!”

What are you saying, you lunatic?! You’re willing to risk death out in the wilderness just so people won’t be inconvenienced by searching for you? The rational part of my mind was screaming at me, but my emotional side was much less encouraging. You’re lying to them, they shouldn’t have to waste their effort on someone who’s just taking advantage of their trust and good will.

Luna looked at me sadly.

Idiot! You’re making her feel sorry for you! Now she’s going to worry about your mental wellbeing too and she’s definitely going to start a search. They’re all going to be worried sick trying to find their lost pony and when the truth comes out they’ll hate you forever!

In a sudden shift in the dreamscape Luna was behind me a wing wrapped around me protectively.

"Oh little one, I know you're no foal," she tried to comfort me, "you're a brave little filly, but there is no shame in needing help. Everypony needs help sometimes, even princesses."


I was a child.


That put things a few things in a different context.

I was lost, hungry, scared, and I was a child. Of course she would be so intent on finding me. The pony equivalent of an AMBER alert was probably spreading across all of Equestria by now.

Well now I had to get myself rescued as quickly as possible, to stop ponies from worrying about me, if nothing else. I could still be proactive.

First things first I allowed Luna to comfort me. She was trying to calm a frightened child so if I wasn't soothed it would only add to her worries.

I relaxed and slowed my breathing, feeling her warmth and her kind intentions as they radiated in the dreamscape. I managed to make myself believe at least for a while that I was actually just a lost filly.

"We know there is something you are not telling us." I felt Luna's voice rumble in her chest which was pressed to my cheek in her hug. She felt me tense up in an involuntary response I couldn't suppress. "We shall not force thee to share, but heed our words for we know well the folly of hiding our burdens from those who would help us to bear them."

She knows.

Dammit I have to fix this. Okay, she knows I'm lying which means she thinks she knows when I'm lying. Which means whatever I say next she'll think is a lie because she's actively looking for signs I'm lying. So if I say something I want her to think I'm trying to lie about - damn, what does she know?

Alright I'm a lost child she found who is pretending not to remember anything - oh. Damn, that's dark. She thinks I'm a runaway; a potential abuse victim who doesn't trust anyone, doesn't want to talk about their family, doesn't want to make a fuss because they're afraid their abuser will find them again.

Looking at it from her perspective, if I'd been treating a child who raised half the red flags I had displayed in front of Luna I would have already summoned security and be half way through dialing child services.

I couldn't tell her the truth even if I wanted to now, she just straight up wouldn't believe me. A child who was already lying to her, that she assumed was trying to hide their abuse, coming out with such an outlandish story? Even if I somehow convinced her I was being honest, she would just think I was delusional.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. Any specific denial would be taken as confirmation and I had already ruled out telling the truth. Alright fine, dodge the question. It’s not really lying, even if it will give her the wrong impression.

“Princess, I don’t know how long I have here before I wake up,” I explained, channeling fear and urgency into my voice, hoping to give plausible deniability to why I was changing the subject, “I really need some advice on some more immediate problems - can you show me how to light a fire without matches? Or show me what food I can safely eat?”

Luna gave me a steady look. Clearly she knew exactly what I was doing, but after a moment of piercing eye contact she took pity and decided not to call me out on it.

“Woodcraft is not one of our fields of expertise.” Luna explained, “If you wish we may invite another into this dream that can better assist you.”

I spotted the imprecise language she had used, the implication I was supposed to take was that she was inviting someone to assist me with woodcraft, but the two statements felt deliberately separated. If I was reading between the lines correctly she wanted to invite some kind of child expert who would be better at talking to a child in my situation. I wasn’t sure, but if I just went along with it I would find out if Luna was being dishonest. If she thought I was a dumb kid that wouldn’t pick up on that sort of thing it was to my advantage not to dissuade her of the notion.

“Of course!” I said, focusing on the excitement of finding out whether I was right, rather than the disappointment that I wasn’t going to get what I was asking for, since it lined up with the expected response if I’d been ignorant.

“Excuse us for one moment.” Luna instructed, she was relieved I had accepted the offer of assistance, which gave more weight to the theory she was manipulating me into accepting help. “We shall return with another who can aid you.”

Luna was gone in a flash, and I was alone in the dreamscape again. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t lying about needing the advice. In practical terms, I’d checked off the first and most important item; I’d managed to get a call for help out and people were searching for me. The second and third items on the list were finding a way to signal my location to my rescuers, and surviving until they found me.


File: 1578455138195.png (9.62 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

>it's like drawing a triangle with 4 sides


Beautiful. I think I have dust in my eye.


That's still a quadrilateral shape you quadroon


Are you the actual writer or just copy pasting from somewhere?



File: 1578469559244.png (1.9 MB, 1500x2100, Trust Once Lost Cover Mock….png)

Chapter 3

After a few minutes Luna returned and, to my shock, the pony she had brought along was Fluttershy. I hadn’t considered that she might bring one of the mane six, although in hindsight they were the ponies she had called on previously to help with problems in the dream realm.

Fluttershy was looking at me with sorrowful eyes and I had to suppress the sudden urge to freeze. The absolute last thing I wanted was to cause her distress, and if she got the impression I was afraid of her it would be counterproductive. I fell back on my well practiced skills for dealing with anxious people. I wasn’t sure if I was getting the body language right with this new body, but I relaxed into what I thought was a more open posture, subconsciously I was also trying to appear smaller and less imposing. I imagined a comforting warmth in my chest which I allowed to form a slight, understanding smile on my face. I moved neither closer, nor further away, allowing her to set the distance between us for her own comfort. I tried to keep enough eye contact to appear attentive, but not so much as to be intimidating or demanding.

I didn’t freeze, but I kept my movements slow and deliberate, consciously dulling my reflexes to avoid making any sudden movements in response to anything she did. I didn’t say anything, it would be better to allow her to speak first, but I started to mentally prepare what I would say and the tone and volume I would use if the silence stretched long enough to be awkward.

All of those few seconds of preparation were wasted when Fluttershy rocketed forward, boosted by her wings and swooped me into a fierce hug.

As it turns out, being unintimidating is very easy when you look like a young filly.

I wasn't normally one for hugging strangers. If I felt someone needed reassurance it was much easier to justify a gentle squeeze of their hand or a comforting hand on the shoulder, and those were much less likely to be misinterpreted. Being hugged by Fluttershy was something else. I'm not sure if it was my new body, Fluttershy's empathic powers or a property of the dream realm, but in her embrace for the first time since my arrival in this world, I felt safe.

Paradoxically, this made me burst into tears. All of the fears I'd been putting off until later slammed back into me and I lost any sense of calm rationality I'd been trying to embody.

I was afraid of dying out here, I was afraid of starting life as a child again, I was afraid of what ponies might think if they found out my secret, all of those had been gnawing at me for as long as I'd been here, but there was a fear that surprised me. I hadn't given even a moment's thought to how I was going to get back. I had just immediately considered my state of being in this new world to be an immutable fact. Why?

My tears had subsided as I curled up against her barrel. With Fluttershy’s calming energy radiating through me I could finally examine my situation beyond a surface level of ‘survive’ without my brain shutting down or redirecting my attention to less uncomfortable thoughts.

Starting from the most basic level, I know nothing. I assume I exist, because assuming I don’t exist while possible, isn’t useful. I have memories which I assume are true and correct representations of reality, or at least representations of things I thought and perceived in the past, because assuming I can’t trust my memories I also wouldn’t be able to reason making the exercise pointless. Assuming I exist, and my memories represent things I have experienced in the past, what am I?

I’m a human. Came the immediate response, but that wasn’t true anymore was it? Right now, if my senses and memories were to be believed, I was a pony. So if I could be a human, and then be a pony, ‘I’ wasn’t a human was I?

Consciousness. 'I' was a consciousness. A consciousness was the product of a brain. My consciousness was the product of a brain which was inside this body, so this was my body, this was 'me'. So if another body came into existence with my consciousness within it, it wouldn't be me, it would be a copy of me. So if I ceased existing in this body, and simultaneously another body came into existence with my consciousness within it, I would be dead and it would still only be a copy of me.

That meant that since I started existing in this body’s brain earlier today, I wasn’t the original. I couldn’t be the original because the memories I had would have required me to be a different brain in a different body. I was a copy. The original could be alive, or dead, but I was never the original, and I could never become the original again.

It was no longer a matter of just getting out of the present situation, this was my life now. I had a full life ahead of me, probably far more than that twenty or thirty years my human body had left. Sure, it would be annoying to have to live through childhood again, and this new body would take some getting used to, but focusing only on the negatives was a waste of time. This new life was an opportunity; the only opportunity I was going to get.

I sighed contentedly. This must be what it’s like to be one of Fluttershy’s critters. No wonder they loved her.

“You can put me down now,” I spoke gently, barely more than a whisper, but this was a dream; I knew she would hear me, since that’s what I intended, “I feel much better, really.”

As much as I wanted to stay in her comforting embrace, we were on a clock. At some point I was going to wake from this dream and be alone in the wilderness again. Before that happened I needed information, I needed a plan.


Fluttershy sat me down in front of her, laying on her belly so we were at the same eye level. She stayed silent, waiting for me to talk.

I wanted to start asking about useful, practical things, but I could feel what she wanted from me. I’m not sure if it was her expression, some quirk of the dream realm, her empathic powers, or just my own guilt but I felt compelled to tell her the truth.

“I-I’m not what I look like,” I rushed to explain, “Or, I suppose I kind of am, but well, I wasn’t always this way, I mean well I remember not being me -”

She mercifully cut me off by putting a hoof over my mouth.

“It's okay, I know you’re scared,” her voice sounded layered, angelic, and I was becoming increasingly convinced that her powers were messing with my perception of her somehow, “Just try and start from the beginning. Luna said she could extend the dream as long as we need.”

The beginning? Well, I suppose I could actually start from the beginning of my existence, since it was a few scant hours ago.

I took a breath, held it, and blew it out slowly. My thoughts started to clear and - wait, what was I doing? I could feel Fluttershy's intent radiating from her and flowing through me and I had to separate it from my own. I didn't want to tell her everything, she wanted me to.

I felt bad about resisting her will, she had no ulterior motive, she just wanted to help me. I wasn't sure how much of that feeling was genuine guilt and how much, if any, was being imposed by her empathic power. Before it could erode my self control entirely I had to change what I believed to fit what I wanted to tell ponies.

Okay. If this was a different universe to the one my human memories came from, then those memories weren't real. They didn't happen to me. They weren't relevant if someone asked me about myself or things that happened to me. My human name wasn't my name, it was the name of the person who experienced those memories, if they existed at all. Ponies were born, they didn't pop into existence fully formed in the middle of nowhere so I must have a past here that I couldn't remember.

This was my truth now. Any doubts I had were just doubts. This was the truth. It was logical, it fit all the facts, I wanted it to be true, it was true.

"I can't remember anything," I explained, "I know a bunch of stuff, but I think most of it is just imaginary. Some of it is real, I know who you are, Fluttershy, element of Kindness, and who Princess Luna is, but when I try to remember my real life there's nothing. It's like I just popped into existence yesterday. That's not something that can happen, right?"

Fluttershy leaned forward and nuzzled me. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief as the pressure of her will lifted.

"Oh you poor thing," she soothed, "You're being very brave."

A sense of elation ran through my body as her praise washed over me and I wanted to curl up in her embrace again and have her stay with me forever. Was that an instinct of this body, or more evidence of her power?

I sighed. It couldn't last. This was a dream. My real body wasn't curled up in Fluttershy's motherly embrace, it was laying on the cold ground, alone and vulnerable.

I turned back to Luna who was watching us with an unreadable expression. I couldn't sense any emotion from her.

"What's the plan?" I asked.

”This river looks to be about one stride across in the dream. Is that correct in reality?” Luna queried.

”One of your strides maybe.” I tried to remember how the river looked in the waking world, “It looks a lot bigger to me.”

"When you wake, you will stay where you are," she instructed, "We will begin a search of the forests surrounding towns and villages with a focus on those with rivers within a day's travel for a filly. To narrow the search further we will investigate reports of recent missing fillies which match your description."

That made sense. It made a lot of sense actually. Assuming I was a filly who wandered into the forest with no supplies I couldn't have gone far. Unless of course I had spontaneously popped into existence in a random place.

I couldn't bring up that fear though. Not without sounding crazy.

"Alright,” I agreed, "How long can I survive without food before I suffer permanent injury?"

Luna looked somewhat taken aback at the bluntness, or perhaps the wording of my question.

"What time of year is it?" I continued, "How cold will it get at night, how likely is a storm? I have no shelter or cold weather gear. What about monsters?"

Luna held up a hoof to silence me.

"Those are all excellent reasons why a filly should not wander into the forest alone," she replied, "but there is little that can be done now save for a swift rescue. Stay where you are. Wave if you see somepony flying overhead.”

“You can see my dreams, right?" I countered, "If I can show you some landmarks you could use them to narrow the search area."

"Do you recall any landmarks?" She asked.

From her tone it was clear that she still didn't fully believe my amnesia story. On this point however I was being completely honest.

"No," I sighed, "the forest is too dense to see anything large enough to appear on a map, but if can get to higher ground-"

"Nay, your wandering has caused enough trouble." She chided, "You will stay where you are, next to the river and await your rescuers. Moving further will only hinder their efforts."

Her plan was probably the best idea. Assuming I was actually near a town and was going to be located in the next twenty four hours. I wasn't so sure, but I didn't want to argue with Luna. Aggravating my only lifeline didn't seem like a great idea.

"Okay," I conceded, "I'll stay put."

Luna visibly relaxed at that.


"Alright, secondary issue," I continued, "I can't remember how to use magic, can you, I dunno, explain it, or unlock my hidden potential or something?"

"Magic is not something you can forget young one." Luna explained, "Spells can be learned, but magic must be trained. You could no more forget your magic than you could forget to breathe."

I tried to make sense of what was obviously an oversimplified explanation meant for a child. Was magic like a muscle? Or a reflex that could be trained but not learned?

"Alright, bad assumption," I admitted, "Here's the situation. I can't remember anything before today, so I don't know if I've ever been able to do magic, or what using magic feels like, but currently I am either physically or psychologically unable to even get my horn to glow."

"If you are unable to express your magic you may simply be too young." Luna explained, "There are no shortcuts, gaining control of your magic will take patience and practice."

Well, there went my plan to start a fire magically.

"Understood." I stepped away from Fluttershy and bowed to the Princess again, "Thankyou for your time."

Standing between the larger pegasus and the much larger alicorn I felt very small and vulnerable. I didn't like it. Fluttershy was still looking at me with great pity but I wasn't sure why.

I had been tall as a human. Tall enough that it was unusual to meet someone significantly taller. Having to look up to someone, aside from my giant of a father, always gave me an irrational sense of unease.


When I awoke I felt far better than I had any right to. I most likely had Luna's dream magic to thank for feeling refreshed and well rested. For the lack of aches and pains from sleeping on the cold hard ground I suppose I could thank the magic of youth. Or perhaps just the magic of being a magical talking pony.

One thing was for sure though, I wasn’t going to sit back and wait for rescue. If I really was in the middle of nowhere I would need to find a way to prove it to Luna without sounding crazy. Grumbling again at my new lack of physical fitness I looked upstream. Climbing was not going to be fun.




>She can't logic out Problem 3 so it's x = [(4x^-2)^-(3/2)*(5x-1))/15] and at least get half credit
Absolute brainlet


>"a plane figure with three straight sides and three angles"


Chapter 4

I woke with a full bladder and I took care of it. Having different plumbing was a bit odd to be sure, but taking a piss in the forest isn’t exactly rocket science so I managed just fine, thank you very much.

The other ache in my abdomen was the emptiness of hunger, but the sensation had actually lessened somewhat since yesterday. Fasting for twenty-four hours was something I expected my patients to manage without complaint so it would be hypocritical of me to whine about it so soon.

Rationalisations were all well and good, but I was still really hungry.


Alright, so hear me out. Luna told me to stay by the river and wait for rescue, but that didn’t mean I had to stay put. If I followed the river upstream I could find higher ground to figure out where I was and still be by the river if anypony actually did find me. It wasn’t lying it was just creative interpretation.

My lungs burned and my legs ached at the strain of trekking uphill across rocky ground. My endurance still sucked, but accounting for the fact that I was a child that made perfect sense. I brought back my pace a little so I could stay below the aerobic threshold, breathing as deeply as I could with my smaller lungs. As a human adult this level of exertion would have been a steady jog, but as a filly, and traveling uphill, all I could manage was a walk.

The boulders up ahead looked promising. More rocky terrain meant fewer trees. With any luck I would be able to get a better view. They also presented a problem. Boulder hopping was difficult enough as a human. As a pony I wasn’t sure I’d have the strength and stamina for it. The alternative was to wander away from the river and look for an easier way up, the obvious downside to this was that it would take longer and I wouldn’t be near the river if anypony came looking for me. The third option was to stay put and wait for rescue, but I’d already decided against that this morning so it didn’t require too much thought.

I took a break and drank some more cool water from the river. My coat was… er, coated in a sheen of sweat and I took some time to enjoy my intact, healthy skin that I didn’t have an irresistible urge to tear off with my fingernails. It was a good thing too since I’m not sure how I’d manage that without fingers. I examined one of my hooves. It did have a layer of skin and fur on the underside, but underneath that thin layer was a solid hoof a softer frog on the inside. I wasn’t sure how the skin on the underside of the hoof wasn’t destroyed when it got crushed between the hoof and the ground, all I could say for sure was that it was a lot tougher than human skin. The hoof wasn’t as hard as that of a horse on earth, it felt more like some kind of cartilage which I could flex very slightly with effort, certainly not enough to grab anything though. I knew ponies could grasp things with their hooves so that must be another kind of magic I had yet to learn.

I could remember that mountain goats on Earth had flexible ‘rubber like’ hooves which enabled them to climb rocky terrain, even near vertical slopes. I looked up at the boulders ahead of me. I guess it was time to find out if I was part mountain goat.


I wasn’t.

From my bouldering ability I had determined that even if there had been any mountain goats in my lineage they’d have disowned me out of shame.

As I leapt from one boulder to the next I’d more than once had my hooves slip on the occasional patch of moss. I’d have some bruises on my chest and sides, but nothing serious. That is until one of the boulders moved.

I was dripping with sweat, my oversized eyes burned as I struggled to wipe sweat out of them with an even sweatier foreleg. I jumped, and landed. Then the world shifted.

I tried to keep my balance, but I fell. The wind was knocked out of me distracting me just long enough that I didn’t notice until too late that the stone tipping towards me. I barely had time to flinch, instinctively raising my foreleg in a futile attempt to hold back the massive rock. I squeezed my eyes shut.


The pain hit me like nothing I’d felt before. The spike of pain was so intense that my vision flashed and I may have passed out for a moment. I don’t know how long I was in that state, but after some amount of time the pain reduced to a sharp throb as every part of my body vibrated with energy. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to explode and my skin felt cold as ice.

At this point I could tell the pain was coming from my right foreleg. I finally opened my eyes, but I couldn’t see my foreleg. It was under the boulder.

If there was ever a time to panic, it would have been then, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. My body was as keyed up as it was possible to be and had no level of panic above this to go to. Instead, all emotions and irrelevant thoughts had disappeared from my mind.

Leg is trapped under rock.

Lift rock?

No, rock too heavy.

Try to move leg, feel it moving. Ouch. Pain.

Not crushed flat? Why?

Oh, can see ground is soft.

Try to pull out leg. Ouch. Leg won’t move.

Not supposed to bend there, bone is broken, sharp inside leg. Ow.

The spike of pain was enough to slow my thoughts somewhat and allowed me to actually remember my training.

First Aid.


Unable to move from danger, responsive; skip resus, assess blood, burns, breaks.

Am I bleeding? Can’t see.

Removal of crushing object may cause fatal hemorrhage.

Do not remove crushing object, wait for medics.

Don’t trust medics to find me in time, must self rescue.

Apply tourniquet.

Don’t have one.

Improvise tourniquet.


Hitting that dead end slowed my thoughts even further. Even if I could have made a tourniquet I didn’t have a way to lift the rock and, even if I wanted to, I had no means of amputating my leg; but maybe I didn’t have to. If I could dig out the dirt underneath my foreleg that should allow me to pull it free. That still left the problem of potential hemorrhage though. I wasn’t sure if I was bleeding at all, but with rescue so far away any serious blood loss would likely be a death sentence. I only had two choices at this point. Lay under this rock and trust they would find me before I died, or risk a much faster death by digging myself out.

If I stayed, the shock was going to wear off, the pain would return, and there would be absolutely nothing I could do about it. Call me a coward, but I was afraid, and willing to face death.


I dug the hole deeper. It was agonising work. Touching my leg sent a wave of pain that made the muscles tense, which was even more painful as they pulled on broken bones. When I started to make progress it meant the leg was no longer supported by the earth underneath it, which caused it to bend, because I couldn’t hold it up under its own power.

It was with one of these painful spasms that my foreleg finally came free. My vision flashed again as the indescribable pain returned, the next thing I remember is laying on my back, cradling my injured leg against my chest. There were tears streaming down my face as the leg throbbed, but I managed to hold it up long enough to inspect the damage.

The lower leg was bruised and bent out of shape. I could see one of the fragments of what would have been my radius, if I were human, causing the skin to bulge outwards but thankfully not piercing it. There was some blood but only from superficial cuts and scrapes. It was swollen, but hopefully not swollen enough to restrict blood flow. With no fingers I couldn’t take my radial pulse, but the throbbing in my hoof was a good indication that there was still blood flow.

I cradled the hoof against my chest and found the position that caused the least pain. Then I passed out.


File: 1578495197646.png (945.6 KB, 1646x1734, Afraid of Luna color 3-1.png)

Luna was standing in front of me the moment I started to dream, she must have some way to tell when I’m sleeping.

“Princess Luna,” I bowed awkwardly, in the dream realm my body was whole again, but I still felt a phantom pain in my broken leg, “Uh, hi.”

Luna gave me the same neutral expression she had and the end of our last conversation. Clearly she was hiding how she felt about this situation, but beyond that I couldn’t see anything. Her poker face was too good.

“Young filly, we shall give you a chance to be honest with us.” Luna said flatly, “If thou art truthful in thy words we will not be mad with thee.”

If her increasing use of muddled middle english was any indication on how strongly she felt about the situation she either really pissed or… something else.

I still had no idea what secret she thought she knew about me, but with my new outlook on the situation I didn’t have to lie anyway. This was my body, this had always been my body, my human memories happened to the original, not to me. I wasn’t sure if the original was real, so describing it as imaginary wouldn’t be a lie.

Perhaps this was about a more recent lie though. I knew she had a way to vaguely track my distance from her in the dream realm. So maybe she just knew that I hadn’t stayed in one spot like I promised.

“So, uh,” I began sheepishly, “Remember how you told me to stay by the river?”

Luna kept her face neutral while she expertly raised one eyebrow.

“We hath told thee to cease thy wandering.” She corrected.

“Er, yeah,” I conceded, “So that may not have gone entirely as we planned.”

Luna opened her mouth to speak and I flinched at what I expected to be the Royal Canterlot Voice.

Seeing this Luna sighed, her blank expression dropped and - was that guilt? She walked towards me and I reflexively stepped back to keep a comfortable distance. Internally I kicked myself, the look of hurt that briefly flashed across her face confirmed she had taken it the wrong way.

“I’m sorry!” I squeaked (seriously, even in the dream realm my voice squeaks?), “I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m just not comfortable around pe-ponies that are taller than me.”

Hopefully tha- OH GOD WHAT DID I JUST SAY! Crap crap crap crap.

Seeing my look of panic Luna’s horn glowed. She was getting ready to leave

“Wait, don’t go!” I called out urgently, “I need -”

While I was talking Luna’s form had shifted to that of a blue alicorn filly no taller than I was. She cut me off by pressing a hoof to my mouth, smiling sadly at me.

“Please, be at ease,” She reassured, “I will not abandon thee. I’m sorry to have scared you.”

She sat down on her haunches in front of me. My god she was so adorable I just wanted to hug her. You know, she would probably let me - No, focus. Important stuff first, once in a lifetime chance to hug Woona later.

“Look, I’m sorry,” I tried to put on a more serious tone with my tiny, high pitched voice, “I didn’t mean to cause you so much trouble, but, well, I made a mistake.”

“It’s okay,” she reassured, “I’m not angry with you, just tell me what happened.”

“I was worried you wouldn’t be able to find me,” I explained, “So I was trying to get to higher ground to find a view where I could see some landmarks - I stayed by the river in case you did find me - but I kinda, broke my leg.”

The expression of shocked concern on Woona’s face was absolutely devastating.

“No, wait, don’t worry!” I rushed out, “It’s not life threatening or anything, it’s a simple fracture, nothing broke the skin, feels like both bones in the foreleg fractured transversely? Could be wrong though. It’s really lucky actually, with a crush injury like that I was expecting multiple fractures. I’ll be fine, just uh… try to get here soon ok?”

I gave a pained smile and tactfully didn’t mention the part where I had thought I was going to bleed out. If anything my reassurances seemed to have the opposite of the intended effect.

“Thou hast received injuries like these before?” she asked in shock.

“Well, once-” I started, “uh, well I mean I can’t remember if it’s happened to me -”

Woona leaned forward and hugged me, and I hugged her back. Her grip trembled with emotion.

“Please,” she implored, “Please trust us, we know not who has caused you such fear, but you must believe us when we say there is nothing you could tell us that would make us abandon thee.”

I sighed, “Look, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad I -”

There was an earthquake in the dream realm.

“What’s going on?” I asked urgently

Luna’s mask of non-expression had returned, and it looked adorably out of place on little Woona’s body.

“Something is happening in the real world, you’re waking up.” She informed, “Have faith my little pony, we will find you.”


As I was dragged helplessly from the soothing land of dreams to the pain-addled semi-lucid hell-scape that was the closest approximation of awake I could manage at the moment I just wanted to cry at the unfairness of it all. So I did.

Three timberwolves were circling around me. You know what? I give up. If the world wanted me to die that badly, so be it. I was too tired to fight, too tired to even open my eyes fully. Death would be a relief at this point.

“I-is she dead?” Squeaked one of the timberwolves

“O’ ‘corse not!” replied another, “She’s still breathin’, but she’s hurt bad!”

If timberwolves could talk, maybe they could be reasoned with.

“Please!” I sobbed, “Please don’t hurt me! I don’t wanna die. I-”

My thoughts were muddled and I hissed in pain as my leg throbbed. The swelling had increased, it hurt to move the joint, it hurt when air blew over it the swollen mass.

The timberwolves had backed off for the moment and were whispering amongst themselves. Alright, while there were distracted, now was my chance. I had to escape. I tried to crawl but gave up almost immediately when my injured leg dragged along the ground. It was all I could do to stifle the scream of agony. Taking a couple deep breaths I managed to stand on three hooves, my injured leg curled against my barrel. I had barely started hobbling away when the strangely colorful timberwolves were upon me again.

“Hey, wait!” The blurry orange timberwolf called out to me in a raspy voice, “We’re not gonna hurt you! We came to rescue you!”

“It’s true,” The blurry white timberwolf added, “We snuck out to join the search so we could get our cuite marks in search and rescue!”

“Impossible!” I spat, “Timberwolves don’t get cutie marks!”

The timberwolves froze in place, stunned by my flawless logic.

I kept hobbling away from them, but it wasn’t long before they had me surrounded again. They were just too fast for me.

“Hey, uh, lost filly, whatever yer’ name is,” The yellow one spoke now, “No offence, but ‘yer not blind or nuthin’ are ya?”

It took me a moment to process that.

“What?” I answered, “No. Why?”

The orange one did some kind of acrobatic flip and landed in front of me, grabbing my muzzle between her strangely hard paws.

“Then open up your eyes!” She exclaimed, “We’re not timberwolves!”

I cracked my eyes open and now it was my turn to freeze in shock. Scootaloo was working with the timberwolves!




I would have facehoofed if my only working foreleg wasn’t required for me to stand. I felt a bit faint and sat back on my haunches. I took some more deep breaths and tried to clear my mind a bit. The pain in my leg was impossible to ignore.

“I’m sorry I thought y’all were timberwolves,” I was so tired my words were coming out slurred, “‘am ‘jus, not ‘sactly thinkin’ straight, y’know? I din’ mean ta’ say y’weren’t gonna get ‘yer cutiemarks, thas’ just mean.”

“Uh, that’s okay,” Sweetie Belle said uncertainly, glancing at the other two Crusaders.

“In fact I know y’all’ll get yer marks,” I slurred, everything was kinda spinny and dizzying, “What season are we in now?”

“Spring?” Applebloom offered, “How long have ya been out here ta’ ferget what season it is?”

“Nah, not that kind of season. Look season five you all get your cuite marks,” I winked conspiratorially, “but keep that a secret okay, I’ve already said too much.”

I didn’t actually have the coordination with this body’s facial muscles to wink so it was more of conspiratorial blink.

“Ooookay then!” Scootaloo snarked circling a hoof around her ear in the universal ‘this pony is crazy’ gesture.

“Hey, that’s not nice!” Applebloom clipped her in the back of the head with a hoof.

Scootaloo turned on her angrily. “Hey!”

“Girls!” Sweetie yelled, drawing their attention away from their spat. “We need to get back, it’s going to get dark soon!”

“All right crusaders,” Apple Bloom called out, “In tha’ filly guides they told us if somepony gets injured that one pony stays with them and the other two go to get help.”

“Hey, I’m not crippled you know!” I interjected.

They all looked at my broken leg.

“That doesn’t count, I still have three perfectly good legs,” I argued, “Now which way is Ponyville?”

The Crusaders looked at me uncertainly.

“What?” I asked, offended.


Once I had my mind set on a goal it was as simple as putting one hoof ahead of the other. I could ignore pain, I could ignore everything and just focus on the task. I couldn’t give up, not when I told them I could do it, otherwise I’d be weak and pathetic.

It became a kind of trance. I honestly don’t remember much of it. I think they were talking about me, but I didn’t have the energy to listen. I stumbled a few times, but managed to get back up. At one point they might have tried carrying me, but if they did I managed to push them off.

It wasn’t until we broke the treeline that I stumbled and fell, and couldn’t make myself get up again. I tried, but I was dizzy and my muscles were so weak.

“You kids go on ahead,” I instructed, “I’ll catch up, I just need to catch my breath.”

I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them the Crusaders had a cart and I was in no fit state to argue when they forcibly loaded me into it.

I was briefly conscious again when someone twisted my broken leg. I couldn’t manage more than a whimper. The pony responsible was wearing surgical scrubs and looked appropriately apologetic. I can’t remember anything that happened after that, probably from the anesthetic side effects.


When I awoke, I was in a bed and there were technicolour ponies surrounding me. I felt disconnected, like I was viewing things from behind my own eyes. I was shivering but I didn't feel cold, I just felt numb, and floaty.

"Are you alright?" asked one of the ponies, "Do you have any pain?"

I heard the question but it didn't really sink in. Instead I just said what was on my mind.

"H-how d-did I g-get he-re?" I managed to ask through chattering teeth. The shivers in my body were getting worse.

I drifted off for a second and suddenly ponies were packing heated blankets around my body. The warmth felt amazing and I started to drift off again when one of the ponies spoke.

"Don't worry, you're safe here," he said in a practiced, reassuring tone, "What you're feeling is a normal reaction to the anesthetic. Just rest now, let us know if you're in pain or you feel like you're going to throw up."

I smiled dopily. It was funny to be on the other side of this for once.

Wait. No. There was something important I was forgetting.

"I know where I am it's just, how did I get here, ya know?" I asked again, "It doesn't make any sense."

"You were in the forest, you broke your foreleg and were brought here to Ponyville General so we could fix it." The pony explained.

"No!" I was exasperated now, "Not like, here, like here, ya know? One moment this guy tells me he's going to 'make me a mare' and the next I'm in the forest. Do I look like a mare to you? Nah, I'm just a little filly so what's he playing at?"

The horrified expressions of the ponies were confusing to me.

"Did I say something wrong?" I asked groggily.

Nah, it probably wasn't important. I slipped back into the tempting embrace of sleep.


Really enjoying this story. Especially the medical journals which gives it a more authentic feel.


>Aw fuck it's been so long the last post is dead. RIP posting chain.

>Be Soul #1

Stayin' alive!
>Fuzzy warmth contrasting the whiplash of dry air.
"Nm, hmm, hmm, hmm."
>Her big heart thundering against the encroaching darkness. It's peaceful not like when…
>I'll just close my eyes for a momen-

>"I'm sorry miss Doo, but she is dead. She's also infec-"

>First there is darkness.

>"Hey. Hey! Doc she's awake!"
>A great big hole inside screaming to be fed. Something tasty like br-
>"Listen kid we need you to stay still."
What snobbish voice having her over some for over toast, but tea? Hungry!
It's having her over -for- some toast, and tea.
"Sooo, hungeryyy."
>Then came the light.
Eyes opening to a painfully glowing room. A pony in a hazmat suit with a red cross on it.
>"Ah? Good news… you can still talk."
Pony over toast!
"Pony toast?"
>"Haaa… that's actually good? Sorry, um, what's your name?"
>Hazzmat pony inched closer sheepishly.
Aw that's so cute I could just ea-wait no!
"I have name? Yes have name."
>A cold methodical voice whispered to the pony. Must be from a speaker… somewhere.
>"Genus 47, or possibly new strain. Continue nurse. Authorization of lightning protocols still pending."
>"Your name? Oh! Or would you like a sandwich first?"
>My name…
We know this. Our name.
Can't eat names. Devour pony!
Don't you dare!
"Name sandwich?"

>Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul #4)

>The club house is nice.
Never been in a tree house as a kid…
>Almost getting ran over though is a whole different story.
>"-ous! Anonymous!? Snap out of it."
>The valentine's day cards almost got bloodied. Enough cards for everyone in the school.
>For everyone in this club.
>"You almost cut your finger with those scissors."
"Oh. Thanks. Really thanks."
>Were they really that worried?
It is the normal response to seeing someone almost lop of their finger without a care.
>That makes sense…
>"Anon, are yah feelin' alright? Maybe you should take a nap."
"Yawn, I'm… yeah that sounds good. Sorry for not getting it done."

>Be Sunset Shimmer

>"Miss Shimmer we're glad you came she didn't wake up, and leaving her here over night alone is…"
>She's alot heavier than I thought.
"Well thank you girls for calling me."
"Ha- I think I need to visit the gym."
>Pretty sure they didn't hear that.

>Carrying the sleeping of Anonymous from the crusaders club house up to our place really shouldn't have been this hard.

>How do I tell her about her other self.
>"Hey your back, I… wow, hunh I look pretty cute. Fuck this is weird."

>Be Soul #1

This sandwich is filling. We still hunger.
>Yeah bland kinda filling, but still hungery.
>A harsh buzzing over the intercom rumbled.
>"It's being rushed in now, and nurse the lightning protocols have just came in."
>A murmured conversation with someone over the intercom.
>One in the wall rang out in Daring Doo's voice.
>"Hey do you still remember me?"
>"Kid… You're gonna be okay. Listen to the Doctors, and nurses for me okay?"
>"I have to go now, but I'll be back with some friends okay?"
More friends means more food. Friends are food!
No! Wait yes, but friends are not food. Friends are friends! Not food.
"More friend sandwiches?"
More food means more thinking.

>Be Occult Facade

>This is a bit mean.
It is, but newfags really shouldn't try dick waving unless they can take the heat.
>Is that a butchered mash of generalized statments?
Heads up Fancy Pants is heading over, and she looks really worried. As in so visibly distressed it's probably very important.
>As nice as this is talking with other Anonfillies we should go.
>We should go right now because Fancy is practically galloping over.
>"Daughter, I'm so glad you've been making friends. My dear niece it's so good to see you well. We must be off now the auction will begin in ten minutes, but I'm sure some of your long time friends will want to join."
"It's been my pleasure everypony I'm sorry, but I must go now my mother needs me. I hope we see each one another later. Follow me friens."
The auction isn't what has Fancy's pants in a twist.
>Trotting off we head to our private VIP box.
>Very lacey, with too many cushions.
>"Occult, Anonymous, there is a problem."
>"So what faggot?"
>Fancy actually flinched a bit. I feel my chest puff out in irritation. I… I'm not sure how I feel about that.
The VIP box is sound proofed.
>"A griffon international banker, who is also a foal molester has politely demaned I, my daughter, and some of her friends are to join them in a far away resort."
>A different filly speaks up this time.
>"Of fucking course it's a kike."
A teal Anonfilly this time.
>"Why us?"
>"It's because you arn't… you can handle more stressful situations than a filly without your past experiences could. I'm sending a letter to the princesses updating them on the situation."
Oh. Oh! Now we have to write the report now.
"Mom can I have some paper I have to send something to the princess too."
>"Hey. That's a great idea. I'm sure the filly that lives with Sunbutt will keep her from vaporizing us when we send our messages."
"Ah… I have offical stuff that I forgot to do…"
>"Like your greens."
"They'll come out… eventually…"
>"No worries I'm yanking your chain."
>"So tell us what the thing is you have to write."
>"Indeed dear It's faster if you tell my the words, and I'll write it down."
Well… this is fine. Just fine.

>Be Anonymous Shimmer

>Hugging something nice and warm. So cuddly. Mmmm.
>Almost fuzzy.
Like those rapist princes.
>An electrical shock wakes me up fully.
>I'm still human.
What the fuck are we hugging?
>"Yawn, hey you're awake."
>Uhhh… what. It's green and it talks.
>"I'm you, but still a pony."
"For a dream this isn't so bad."
>"But it isn't a dream."
"That's what you would say right before the horrors come out of the walls and eyes."


Holy shit I thought you were dead. Glad to have you back.


File: 1578541958822.jpg (85.04 KB, 551x484, kys filly box.jpg)



File: 1578543109478.jpeg (939.21 KB, 2375x2585, 1562987.jpeg)

Oof. You again.


same as swede anon im really enjoying this story ponybro


File: 1578546599099-0.jpg (199.84 KB, 700x579, 1094646__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

>Twilight visits Luna to see how she's doing.
>She had heard about her getting a filly named 'Anon' as her adopted daughter.
>Twilight was excited to meet her, it's not every day you meet a guaranteed princess to be.
>She wondered if Luna would mind her foalsitting for her some day, Twilight really wanted somepony she could teach all the magic she knew, and who better than a princess to be?
>Well… if she was a unicorn of course.
>Luna never did say what type of pony she was, just how much she loved her, and how much they snuggled, or how respectful she was, or how she was a little skittish.
>But no matter what species Anon is, Twilight would love her all the same, like a little sister.
>Twilight arrived to the room Luna said to meet her in.
>As she entered she hears the slightest movement but doesn't see anypony.
"Hello? Luna, you in here?"
>There's no answer.
>Twilight supposed it would be best if she just waited here for them.
>She plopped herself down on a couch in the room, only to jump up quickly.
>Twilight torpedos into the air and turns to see a small scared green pegasus beneath a blanket, here now erect wings lifting the blanket.
>That must be Anon.
"Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought you were a pillow! I really didn't-"
>Twilight couldn't quite make out what she was saying.
"Sorry, what was that dear?"
>"Guard…!" She says desperately but still too quiet for the guard to hear thankfully.
>Twilight says quickly waving her hooves dismissively.
"My name is Twilight, I'm Luna's friend! I'm not here to hurt you! I swear!"
>The filly seems to calm down a bit, her wings going down, with the blanket soon following.
>The filly quickly moves the blanket off of herself.
>"S-So sorry, it's nice to meet you." The filly whimpers her ears held tight to her head.
"It's okay, do you know where your mother is?"
>She nods.
>"She went to see aunt Celestia for something, princess Twilight ma'am."
>Twilight giggles.
"There's no need for formalities Anon, Twilight is fine."
>She gently approaches the couch and sits next to the little pegasus.
>It's sad she isn't a unicorn, but she can still help her learn to fly well.
>If Luna is okay with it.
>Twilight's eyes are drawn to the filly's fur.
>It's so…
>She moves forward on almost auto pilot towards the filly.
"So fluffy…"
>She says rubbing a hoof against the cheek of the small filly, the fluff covering the entire thing.
>"M-Miss, please don't-" The filly tries to protest but the words fall on deaf ears.
"My goodness, I always heard about some pegasus fillies being soft but… wow! This is just, something else!"
>"M-Mom uses a special shampoo but could you not-"
"Oh I just want to-!"
>Twilight can't help herself as she picks the filly up and rams her face into the fluffy filly.
>"P-Please miss Twilight!"
>Twilight cannot hear the filly as she lays down cuddling the little fluff ball close.
"Oh, that's good~"
>"Miss Sparkle." A much deeper angry sounding voice says breaking Twilight of her trancelike state. "Release my filly. Now."


File: 1578547212137.jpg (108.3 KB, 700x700, 1549467809160217982.jpg)

>fluffy anon


Purple nonsexually molesting the filly. I like the angry Luna at the end.


File: 1578551977007.png (349.3 KB, 626x640, Pant.png)

Could I request a filly (pony, not Eqg) version of this image?


>tfw the pony pantsu animation transitions to coffee being poured


I'll see what I can do later today


Supplemental: Patient Notes
>*GREEN* (F)
>MRN: 132719
>Admitted: 12/5/04
>Red Cross, M.D.

12/5/04 19:52
Unicorn Filly, name ukn, age ukn, assumed 8-10y/o, presenting to emergency with reduced LOC (GCS:9), lower RFL hematoma; gross deformity ?#, superficial cuts and bruises.

Febrile 100.7F
HR 102
BP 97/42
sats 98% on RA
Ht: 2’3”
Wt: 52lb

Rousable to pain
Speech slurred and incoherent
Pupils 30mm, equal and reactive
Non-compliant with hoof grip assessment
Nil facial droop, good strength in all limbs

EKG no anomalies
Peripheral pulses strong
Severe hematoma lower RFL
Capillary refill <1s
IVC in situ lower LFL; 80mL/hr NS; patent and secure

RR 22
98% on RA
Regular and unlaboured
Lung sounds clear

All teeth intact
Bowel sounds normal
Nil distension or masses on abdo palpation

Has not voided
Bladder not distended on palpation
Nil external signs of sexual trauma

Gross deformity ?# lower RFL
Muscle strength normal

Multiple superficial lesions (see body chart)
Coat appears healthy
Nil signs of healed injuries
Skin hot and sweaty


Hx: witnesses report Green was found injured and unconscious in the Everfree Forest. Witnesses report Green became confused and disoriented upon waking. Witness states “she thought we were timberwolves” and reports that Green was initially resistant until she could be reoriented. Witness states that Green “limped about ten miles” before collapsing. Nil Medical Hx as patient is unidentified.

CTB for urgent review
CXR, RFLXR, Dental XR for age estimation
CRP, CBC, EUC, LFT, Tox Screen, INR, XM
Cath for Urine Sample, UA, UDS, UCx
Place tracking spell for absconsion risk
NBM for surgery
For Ortho review
For Neuro review
For Social Worker review
Dr Red Cross, M.D.


File: 1578587859490.png (106.24 KB, 829x860, 1578587404819.png)

I'm not happy with it. Maybe I'll try again sometime later


She's a bit too lanky, and the smooth cup and coffee pot really add to the experience. Thanks for making it, but I would appreciate a rework.


Chapter 5

I woke to a beeping sound. Oh right, I was in the hospital. I climbed out of bed, looking at my leg cast with disdain. Ugh, that was just great. I felt nauseated and had to stand still for a few seconds to settle my stomach. I couldn’t even remember which hospital I was in.

I smoothed out the patient's bed I had been napping on as best I could with one hoof. Wait, hoof? Oh right, I was a pony now. My name was Green - that’s what they’ve been calling me. I looked around for my clipboard which would have the handover sheet with my notes so I could remember what the heck was going on, but gave up when I heard another beep. I sighed. Why can’t they just answer patient calls, they must know I’m on my break. I walked out into the hall, squinting as my eyes struggled to adjust to the brighter lights, my eyes actually hurt.

I saw the call light above a patient room and knocked softly before entering. I grumbled for a moment about not knowing how to answer the call light in this facility, but such was life when you were working for an agency.

"Hi," I greeted, "My name is Green, I'm one of the nurses looking after you tonight, did you need some help?"

A red stallion with both his forelegs in plaster looked at me and smiled.

"I think you're a little young to be a nurse sweetie." The stallion condescended.

I gave him a stern expression.

"Aren't you the cutest lil' thing!" He exclaimed, "Are you lost?"

Ugh, I was too tired for this crap.

"Sir, please don't refer to me or my colleagues with that type of language, it's disrespectful." I explained curtly, "We are professionals. We treat you with respect and we would ask that you give us the same courtesy."

The patient looked appropriately contrite, but also very confused. Maybe I should check his mental state?

"Green!" There was a stern voice from behind me, "What are you doing?"

I cocked my head to the side in confusion and followed the other nurse out into the hallway.

"Green," The blue nurse scolded, "I know you're trying to help, but you can't go in other patient's rooms, okay?"

"Geeze, alright," I rolled my eyes, "It's not like I'm trying to steal your patients. Have you seen my handover sheet? I can't find it anywhere."

The pink Pegasus at the nurses' station covered her mouth with a wing before bursting into a fit of giggles.

"Oh Celestia!" She exclaimed, "That's so adorable!"

"Please don't encourage her." The blue Unicorn had broken eye contact and was clearly suppressing the urge to smile.

"Alright Greenie," The pink Pegasus said in a bubbly voice, "Let's get you back to bed and you can worry about all that in the morning, okay?"

The pink Pegasus burst forward with a small flap of her wings and I had the sudden fear that she was going to crash into me, she was so much bigger than me, I’d be crushed. I leapt away - and smacked my cast into the wall.

Pain erupted from my leg. I let out a short scream of pain before I managed to force my mouth closed. My eyes were squeezed tight and I could feel tears forming.

It will pass. Focus. Breathe.

"Oh my gosh," The nurse exclaimed, "Are you okay?"

"I'll live." I tried to keep my voice even. I failed and had to choke back a sob.

It took three long, shuddering breath cycles before the pain reduced to a level where I could relax enough to open my eyes.

My vision was filled by two enormous eyes, staring at me. I jerked my head back, quickly getting to my hooves - and smashing my head into the handrail on the wall. There was an audible thunk but it didn't really hurt at all, at least not compared to my leg. I heard a gasp of shocked concern from the nurse.

"I'm okay!" I said automatically, "Sorry, I'm just a bit clumsy tonight. Ugh, so tired. Can you watch my patients for a moment while I get some coffee?"

The world was tinted blue and I was gently lifted into the air. It didn't feel like I was falling, or being lifted by anything. I was more like floating in pleasantly warm, but fizzy water. I could feel the concern and reassurance of the Unicorn flowing through the magic she was using to lift me.

When she tucked me into bed I could barely keep my eyes open.

"I'm jus' gonna res' my eyes for a momen'." I mumbled, "Wake me if anything happens, okay?"

I yawned.

"Just get some rest." She said in a soothing tone, "We'll take care of everything."

"You guys are awesome…" I drifted off before I even finished the sentence.


Nurse filly too mentally distraught to explain the situation. Instead filly get's up to all sorts of highjinx.


Get has gone somewhere AHHHHH!


File: 1578625924116.png (106.71 KB, 500x572, 131196890833.png)

It was mine but I delet it. The post was in the wrong thread.
Call it just fate.


That but filly's just peeing through the panties


I'm not even one of the discordfags. I know it's a major contributing factor even if those niggers will deny it endlessly, but we've got a fucking Pom Poko situation on our hands here. There's no stopping it now…


File: 1578634700454-0.png (565.76 KB, 1556x1575, Anon-1.PNG)

>Be orange filly
>Gathering intel on those green fags with a carefully applied coat of makeup
>Magazines with mare ass everywhere in their tree fort
>Start to sweat
>Makeup coming off
>"Hey, what's with your face?"
"Skin condition?"
>"Oh, really. What kind?"
"Alopecia! Hurts like hell…"
>She narrows your eyes at you
>"Alright, come on in. We're going to be doing some penetration testing."
>Excellent, you could get a flash drive full of the security flaws they had pinpointed and then get out!
>You hear the green fag laughing maniacally as the door clicks shut behind you
>"See you soon, Johnny Covalent."
>Standing inside is a VERY hung colt


File: 1578634960189-0.webm (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 2234095.webm)

>"Do you want to become one with me, Nonny? It’s something that feels really good."


File: 1578635032113.gif (101.8 KB, 384x338, tfw no face.gif)

>no face


File: 1578635354648-0.png (190.15 KB, 600x509, 1577710731180.png)

>It's that fucking time of the week again.
>Where Twilight drives you, your friend Dyx, and her dumbass sister to swim team practice.
>You suck ass at it, but Twilight thinks it's good character-building and Dyx is cool enough to let you split her cool snacks.
>Fucking Purple always packing you carrots.
>Normally you're with Dyx 100% on most issues, but you couldn't let this one stand.
"Dear lord, if it has a dick and it's trying to pass for a girl it's fucking gay! Traps, futas, whatever. They're all fucking faggot shit."
>Dyx gives you that fanged grin.
>"Then wouldn't that make you a faggot? You used to have a dick, and now you're trying to pass yourself off as a proper mare."
"That's different you zigger, Twilight made me into this. I'd still be slaying mare pussy if I had any say in the matter."
>"Fillies, could you lighten up a bit?"
>You glare at Dyx, but shut your mouth.
>You know the wrath of Twilight's paddle.
>Nyx timidly speaks up.
>"U-uh, Ms. Sparkle?"
>"WHA- oh, right. Sorry sweetie, what is it?"
>"I-I peed…"


File: 1578635541999-0.jpg (479.04 KB, 1200x1200, 2019-161.jpg)

>Tfw Anon pours your vagina full of yogurt every year for your Hearthswarming photos


File: 1578635736676-0.png (267.25 KB, 1166x679, unknown.png)

>Ms. Cheerilee looks up from her desk and sighs.
>"God dammit you little zigger, did you tape my authentic horsecock dildo between your legs?"
>"I know you miss your dick, but at this point you're going to be waxing your legs. Stop it. Next time and I throw you in The Chokey."


File: 1578635926664-0.png (142.83 KB, 5120x2880, 2239007.png)

>"Why yes, I only need to wear pull-ups to bed. How could you tell?"


>You know the wrath of Twilight's paddle.
An unruly filly needs discipline.


File: 1578637680705.jpeg (771.53 KB, 2322x1536, B83276F2-E8DB-49AD-AA96-4….jpeg)


File: 1578638138191.jpg (962.84 KB, 1541x1425, 1573232657546.jpg)

>Deleting a get
>Deleting an one off from full digit get


File: 1578639578064.png (146.99 KB, 811x809, Fluffle-Puff-mlp-OC-825211.png)

I know.
It's fucked up.


File: 1578640025619-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.51 KB, 1563x1566, 1573775366721-0.jpg)

File: 1578640025619-1.png (Spoiler Image, 25.09 KB, 600x900, 1575354562918.png)

>tfw the poners knew all along
>"Anon… This is a cartoon series."
>Pur- no Twilight Sparkle princess of friendship is handling this better than I am.
"I know that, but…"
>"That this was a purely real place? Maybe."
>"I will say this though you, and your friends have staved off the inevitable longer, and longer each time. The comic series was very strange, as was the various games."
>She chuckles good naturedly.
>"Can't forget about the copious amounts of porn."
>"It's just another step before you know it everything will be back to normal."
>This castle with all our memories good and… hunh.
"Twilight… I'm sorry, but I don't know if I'll have a chance to say it later. I-"

>"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie-"
"AHHHHH! Ow fu-fu-fungai my eye?"
>Everything feels wrong. Even more wrong than the transition between a pony and a barrel from Chaos day.
>"Hey! Anon! You made it to G5!"
"G? 5? Oh f-f-f-fiddlesticks."
>"An advertisement is coming in three seconds!"
>"Now. Howabout now! Now? Now!"
>I feel mentally disturbed by seeing that.
>Ad Break<
"What the hell."
>Pinkie turns back to her normal self.
>"Heya Anon trying to convince human fillies to buy products like this really isn't that great of a business practice, I mean wiggly hooves? Really? Anyway the writers made a few blunders, but at least you are here."
"H-hey Pinkie what exactly is even going on."
>"It's an Ad slot silly filly. Better get dressed again. Wanna help?"
>Ad Break<
>"This is my friend the mysterious hacker, pony brusher, horse whisperer, green posting, human turned filly, Anonymous!"
>"Anonymous would you like to do a brushie!"
>That's not a question.
>>254434 pic
>A plastic pony comes into view. With a mohawk.
>"Wow! Look at her mane it's just like mine!"

>I'm back.

>The night sky with all of Luna's constellations elegantly and delicately placed.
>"Just in time for dinner. Everypony is coming over to see how you're doing."
"What is going on I thought the transition would… you know… end it all."
>She smiles warmly looking at you and at (You).
>"We live on in your hearts. No evil corporate entity can truly end this."
>She taps your head.
>"Least of all when you can still use that-"
>Touches your fluff.
>"and can still think with this."
"Sniff- Twi-"
>"No, It's okay. Call me Purple for old times sake. This isn't the end Anon."
"O-okay Tw-Purple. What are we going to eat?"
>"Something good I hope."
>Seeing my inquisitive stare she relents.
>"Applejack just came back from some place called 40,000, and she always brings something good when it's Friend Friday."
"You got that right. Say Purple I was wondering-"
>>254632 pic

>pic #2 related



>>254434 box with sad plastic little horses inside

>>254632 Applejack the inquisition


"You ah… wouldn't happen to know where all the security flaws are would you?"
>"Yeah turn around, and I'll show you alll the holes in security you'll ever worry about."
>"I've always wanted to say that."
>I have no face and I must scream.
>"Wow Anon, I'm sure you could try, but at least now you have one following behind you everywhere."
"You better not have gotten any inside of my present fagget."
Wait a minute…
>Reads green…
Hold on. I didn't get it at first, but now that I see I can't unsee. It's a chad filly. Holy moly.
44 Bushels of what? Crap people? That would be a morbid measurement, but also that's a load of crab.
Huzza! Content to slake my endless thirst for pony.


Supplemental: Patient Notes 2

>*GREEN* (F)

>MRN: 132719
>Admitted: 12/5/04
>Red Cross, M.D.

12/5/04 23:45
Patient received in post op recovery at 2330 following Managuided Closed-Field Relocation and Internal Fixation of RFL TibFib #.

All obs in normal range.
Shivering ++ but normothermic.
RFL plaster cast in situ.

Patient rousable by voice, confusion and disorientation apparent. Patient reoriented.

Patient states that she remembers a "guy" telling her that he was going to "make me a mare" before being left alone in the forest. See hospital internal incident report #1357032 and interagency mandatory reporting tool report #F3479-432 for followup.

Nil pain or distress noted. Patient is resting comfortably ATOR.
Goodcheer, RN PACU

13/5/04 00:30
Patient transferred to ward.
Patient rousable to voice, remains confused and disoriented.
Non-compliant with hoof grip assessment, all other RFL vas obs normal.
IDC in situ and draining well, for removal mane as per Dr Stone
Cloudy Skies, RN

13/5/04 06:42
Post op obs completed, nil abnormalities.

Patient slept soundly overnight and was cooperative with care. Patient alert and pleasantly confused this morning, somewhat oriented but remains vague.

Patient aware of her disorientation and responded to queries by reading her ID bracelet. Green is very impressionable and when introduced to nursing staff claimed she was also a nurse.

IDC removed, tip sighted; awaiting void post removal.

Patient denies pain ATOR.
Cloudy Skies, RN

13/5/04 08:37
Patient appears anxious and requests assistance will all ADLs. Assisted patient with toileting (PUIT) and shower. Patient cries and states “I’m sorry for being so useless, I’m wasting all your time.”

Reassured patient and returned patient to bed.

Patient ate all breakfast items, requested assistance claiming she didn’t know how to use cutlery. Patient returned to sleep after breakfast.
Redheart, RN

13/5/04 11:25
Woke patient for interview with Lunar guards, Social Worker and myself in attendance.

Green reports that her name is Green (read from her ID bracelet) and answers all other questions about her life and family with “I can’t remember”, additionally stating “Maybe I wasn’t even alive then”.

When questioned about being touched inappropriately Green became distressed and denied emphatically that such a thing could ever happen. Patient was asked why she was crying and stated “You all have the wrong idea and I can’t fix it.”, “If I tell the truth you’ll all think I’m crazy.”, and “None of this is real anyway.”

Further questioning is to be postponed until Green’s mental state improves as per social worker.
Redheart, RN

13/5/04 11:32
Attended interview of Patient by Lunar guard. Interview was terminated by myself after it became apparent that Green could not answer questions in her current mental state and was becoming distressed by the subject matter.

Full report: #548596

Not to have visitors without prior approval.
Dayglow, Social Worker

13/5/04 12:14
Miss Green referred to me by Dr Red Cross.

CTB results noted and concur with report findings, nil abnormalities.

Continue with neurological observations qShift
Monitor any behavioral changes
Withhold regular Morphine, to be given PRN only.
Will review patient tomorrow
Dr Azure Light, Neurologist

13/5/04 15:48
Regular morphine withheld as per Dr Azure Light, patient denies pain ATOR.

Green seems hesitant to speak and STML is apparent; green claims she cannot remember speaking with Lunar guards when queried. Patient claims to have seen me “years ago” but I have not met Green before today; indicates disorientation to time and pony.

Patient resting in bed ATOR.
Redheart, RN

13/5/04 23:35
Observed patient to be resting in bed throughout shift.

Care provided as per care plan.

Patient complained of pain and PRN morphine given.

Patient asleep ATOR.
Tenderheart, RN

14/5/04 06:32
Patient observed to be sleeping for long periods overnight.

Care provided as per care plan, obs stable.

At about 0330 Green was found to have wandered into another patient’s room and introduced herself as the patient’s nurse. Green appears to have imprinted on nurses as her herd and is imitating things she has heard nursing staff say and do in an attempt to integrate herself with the group.

Green startles easily to unexpected physical contact and struck her RFL against the wall when approached by RN to return her to bed. Patient denies pain/injury but appears teary. Patient states “I’m so tired”.

Returned patient to bed by levitation, patient remains asleep ATOR.
Cloudy Skies, RN


Giving all of you a third block of text in this thread because the inspiration and motivation were flowing hard today. You all can scroll up if you missed the last one, it's another episode of "It's the Little Things"!



>And soon enough, another few days is indeed up

>You and Astra have spent the time exchanging further information about the plan ahead, with you trying to convince it to take your side and it doing its best to bring you to its, all the while you two playing up your relationship around Twilight
>At the very least, you're going to make this interstellar monster honor the deal!
>It's T-minus about 10 minutes before purple teleports you all back, and you're going over some last few things with Astra while Twilight's off packing her equipment
I'm just going to say this now, NO ASSIMILATIONS when we get back. I've said this numerous times, but I'm seriously not kidding. You start doing anything like that, I rat you out to Twilight and we both die.
>Y̲o̪u ͙ha̪v̼e ͖sai͉d͔ th͉i̺s͚, ye͜t ̻we sti͉ll ̹s̨ee ̝no re̫as̠ons as͓ t̙o̺ w̫h̥y we sh̝o̳u̖ld̺n̯'t.̭
Because Twilight will fry both of us where we stand, and even if you get rid of her, then we still have to worry about the two magic users capable of flinging celestial bodies around like they were tennis balls finding out and throwing us into the sun before crushing the remains with the moon.
>T͓he̤n̯ ̘w͙e'̦ll as̮ṣi̢mila̧t̞e ̫th͓em ͚too.͍
They're surrounded by a small army of guards at all hours of the day and night, many of them also magical and all of them knowledgable of all entrances in and out of the castle.
>As̩s̮i͔milat̨e ͜th̰e̖ ̩g͕uards̖,̼ ̮do ̟y̠ou͍ ͔no̪t͈ ̰s̯e͖e h̯o͖w ̠as̤simͅi̯latioņ ̝s̞o͔l͎ve̹s ̹a̲l̢l͈ ͓o͜u͓r̡ p̙rob̡l̰e͖ms͍?̲
I see how it solves all YOUR rpoblems, but it only gives me more to deal with.
>We ̪w̪er̩en't ̢refer̦r̗ing̹ to ̭y̬ou̠ ̠ịn̳ th̳at ̖st̩at̘emḙn̗t ̖a̰nͅḍ you ̧ḵn̨o̙w̟ ͖i͚t.
>You chuckle internally at that statement, solely for the reason that the unfeeling alien monstrosity is slowly picking up some of your phrases
Regardless, do not.
>R̻eg̳ar̺dlȩss̖, ̦I̼ ̢w̧i͉ll.͔
>"Alright, I'm finished packing. Are you two having a staring contest, or something?"
>You and Astra both turn to see Twilight standing in the doorway, a small mountain of cases and bags floating in the air behind her
"Yeah, we figured it would kill some time while you were gathering…"
>You gesture to the aforementioned mountain
"… All that."
>"Yeah, it's a lot, but I needed to pick up where I left off last time I was here and it took me long enough to get these two weeks booked. Had to make the most of it, you know? Astra, you get it, right?"
>Astra takes a second to register that it's been put on the spot, and answers accordingly
>"Eh, kind of a weird question I guess. Anyway, get ready to teleport in 3… 2… 1…"
>A brief flash of purple later, all three of you along with your luggage and Twilight's copious amount of crap are all back in front of Twilight's castle, under the moonlight
>Another flash fings out immediately, and all the crap and your luggage are off in their respective storage locations
>With all that taken care of, Twilight decides to open another dialogue
>"So, Astra, Will you be fine getting back to your own house from here?"
>"I'll be fine, no need to worry."
>"Really? because I can handle any train fare you may need, or-"
>"No, it's fine. I actually don't live too far off, so I'm cool."
>"Fantastic! Then I guess I'll leave the rest to you; it was nice meeting you, and I hope to hear from you again!"
>"Likewise, Miss Sparkle, I'll hopefully see you soon."
>Twilight then outstretches her hoof for a shake, which Astra reciprocates
>You can see it all in slow motion, and hear it in your mind
>Astra going crazy because it's about to eliminate one of its biggest problems on the planet
>Twilight, blissfully unaware of the monster about to consume her in her entirety
>All of it crescendoing horrifyingly until-



>A bright flash erupts from the point of contact between the two, temporarily blinding you and putting off more than an uncomfortable amount of heat for your new body

>When your vision clears, you see a bright aura and some crackling static surrounding Twilight as she stares down at Astra's now self-mutilated form
>"Figured as much."
>Before you can register anything else, you and Astra are now both contained within a floating magical sphere
>"Now, I know you aren't likely to listen to me, but it would be better for you if you did."
"Wait, you knew?"
>"Of course I did, no ships were present within ten miles of that base and most unicorns can barely teleport a mile. Not to mention the fact that a pony doesn't just forget about a wound they get, miraculously heal it, and then grow a new one when they've been caught in a lie."
>"Now, this can either go one of to ways. I know you're intelligent, as you not only have a grasp of Equish but also were smart enough to realize you weren't getting out of there without my magic. Because of that, I'm willing to let you go on the condition that you don't act on your parasitic urges, but instead become a functioning member of society."
>By this point, Astra has reassembled itself into a semblance of its previous form, only with fangs, a few more eyes, some tentacles, and a glare that could burn a hole through solid steel
>"And if we refuse?"
>"Then I vaporize you here and now."
>It's at this point that you look over at your bubble-mate and inject yourself into this conversation
"You know, it's kinda funny; I told you exactly what would happen if you tried anything, and it happened. Not saying I told you so, but I … kinda just did. Why did I even add that…"
>Astra's glare turns off of Twilight and on to you
>"We can see inside your mind as you can see ours, you had just as little knowledge that that would happen as I did."
"Fair point, but that still doesn't fix the fact that we're both stuck in the bubble now."
>At this point, you just simply decide 'fuck it'
"Twilight, I've been trying to talk sense into this thing for the better part of a week and I couldn't. You might as well just kill us."
>Twilight doesn't immediately respond, but she does do something
>She splits the bubble
>Not in a way that would cause it to open, you're just now separate from Astra
>"Anonymous, if that really is you, then tell me something only you would know."
>Uhhh, sure?
"You're deathly afraid of quesadillas and I decided to make your birthday breakfast a plate of them?"
>Twilight's eyes narrow at you for a moment before she begins pacing, eyes still on you
>This goes on for a few seconds before you realize what she's doing
"Look, I'm pretty sure we both know that Astra takes the memories of anything it's assimilated, so I'm not sure why you asked me that."
>"I'm also trying to see if you're acting uncharacteristic, but I'm going to need help to figure out if you really are still you."
>A fat lot of good that does, then!
>"Hang on, let me call somepony."
>Twilight ignores your exclamation, instead opting to close her eyes and place a telepathic call
>A few seconds in, a look of recognization crosses Astra's face
>"No. No no nonono NO̱.
>Twilight continues to ignore everything around her and continue the call
>"We̘ s̜we̠a̜r ̳i̪f ͚yo̧u ̧bri̟ng̲ ͉he̹r ̨here, ͔we wi̱ll̘ ̪t͙e̞ar yo͖u̡r̟ mi͇n͖d ąpa̘r͙t̜ a̬nd ̼f͙l̞a̞y̝ you̟r s͔oul a͔s ̖we coņs̜u̞me̜ y̼ou͓r̹ fleșh̥!"
>Astra's threat barely has time to end before Twilight returns to the present
>"Wow, she really wasn't kidding then!
>Astra lets out a screech somewhere between jammed blender and lion kicked in the nuts and begins slamming itself against the bubble containing it as Twilight looks on with a slightly amused grin
>As you look on at the scene playing out before you, you begin trying to figure out what pony could know anything about Astra
>Well, it's obviously someone capable of agitating Astra greatly, something not even you could do with your constant pushing
>Could there really be a MacReady here?
>As you continue to puzzle further, a previously unknown presence in your mind begins to make itself known
>It appears Astra's noticed too, as it's only increased its efforts at escape
>As the presence finally reaches an undeniable point in your head, you hear a voice ring out behind you
>"Hey twilight, you rang?"


And I'll leave it at this cliffhanger since it's fucking 3:30 AM here. Have a good night and like/dislike/whatever!


>Regardless, do not.
>>R̻eg̳ar̺dlȩss̖, ̦I̼ ̢w̧i͉ll.͔
>>All of it crescendoing horrifyingly until-
Bravo! Excellent!
Welp now Anon could sign up to be a research subject and become his own parent. Real shame he couldn't change the mind of the monstrosity that has exactly one MO. I really want to know who Twilight called.
>Patien̹c̫ę is͓ one ̠of ouŗ ̙vi̘r̦t͈u͉e͖s; w͔e͉ ha̳v̻e ̗w̰a̰i̦te̞d ̱t̲h͓is l̺ong ̳t̯o̲ e̢sca̰pe͈, ano̘the͙r few̙ day̻s is͈ ̼tri̲via̻l̰.̜
Logicaly it makes good sense assimilate the most powerful oony that causes the most trouble, but realisticly (in the story) that was a very poor move when how one should act is the slowest game of Pandemic making absolutely sure no one finds out ever. Only problem is there wouldn't be a plot. This also shows that the Thing doesn't hold promises all that well.

Suprise it's could be anyone.
I would recommend linking it when possible, but that is a minor concern compared togetting the words out first. Typing it at 3:30AM is rough enough without spending even more time searching.
Hope you had pleasant dreams.


File: 1578709719876.jpeg (77.2 KB, 800x1000, 1398963091100.jpeg)

Is it Pinkie?

Is it a bunker entrance surrounded by barbed wire on a rainy night?

Chapter 12 when?


If the Thing ate a dragon would it be able to resist fire better than how it currently is? What about a Hydra then become immune to most poisons and acids?
Going to hide under the blankets as Purple goes deals with that.


It's based off of the ending of Lone15's green as far as I can gather. Lone was probably too much of a shy faggot to post it under a name.


File: 1578715422003.png (158.52 KB, 1179x1223, 1753882.png)

>You are Celestia
>You've recently "acquired" a box from Twilight's castle
>She was suposed to send a package through Marezoom, but you decided to get it yourself
>You have no doubt they'd want to fill their pockets with the royal treasury funds if given a chance
>Especially since this crate is much heavier than you expected
>It's still light, but no way a few hundred scrolls are this heavy
>And shaking it in your magic feels like there's only a single big thing in there
>But during one of the shakes, as you're lifting it, the box sprouts 4 tiny green legs
>On surprise, you let go of it, and it falls on the ground with a thud
>Some muffled reeing comes from it after the fall
>Almost as if it's trying to stay silent
>With a sigh, you take a few steps closer to open it
>But as soon your horseshoes clack closer to it, it gets up and rushes away blindly
>Right into the wall behind of it
>You know exactly who's behind that little voice
>Yet you watch, years of wisdom proving to be better to watch it, to see where it will blindly run afterwards
>But instead, it just plops down right where it is
"I hope you realise that I know you are in there Anon"
>Kinda late to tell her you're not in Twilight's tree-castle but in Canterlot
>That could just make her panic worse, what with her first reaction
>Yet, she remains unmoved for a long time
>You close up some of the distance she made, seeing if she will up and run again from the noise
>But this time, she just stays there
"Something happened Anon? Why are you in there?"
>Results are as you expected, silence
"Anon, do you want to talk? Perhaps I could offer a slice of cake~"
>A low undercinable noise comes from it, and soon after a written paper slides out
>You don't know where she got the tools, but you got tired of questioning after all this time
>It reads: "No pony here, try the next box"
>This silly filly
"How old do you think I am?"
>The box gives a little hop, as if it had finally been found out
"Buut…I suppose boxes advices are to be taken seriously, maybe she is somewhere else"
>With a little flap of your majestic wings, you fly our of your shoes and grab them in your magic
>You make it sound as if you were heading out of the door until they are completely outside
>And after a bit, the 4 green stumps rise once more
>Like clockwork, she aims exactly to where you expected her to move
>After the flap, you moved yourself to the side, making sure the shoe noises were louder than your flying
>And sitting down, all you had to do is wait for her to come closer to you
>Slowly moving forward, it didn't take long before she hit your soft fluff
>And with the angle you sat down, it tipped the box backwards just enough for the bottom to open
>Not losing a single second, you snatch the filly inside
>The shocked expression of hers is priceless, which is rewarded with your award winning grin
>She opens and closes her mouth, scared of saying anything so close up to you
>So raising her to your chest fluff you do the only reasonable thing to the green spy
>Which is motorboat her belly, winning plenty of ree's and laughs
>Hopefully this makes her open up to you next time


Mission Failed: We'll get 'em next time.


File: 1578716549059.png (318.23 KB, 846x1024, pwffzzt.png)

What a silly filly





File: 1578718900885-0.jpg (320.94 KB, 850x1100, 1571593928539.jpg)

>"Anon dearest. Why did you dye your fur?"
"I wanna be like mommy!"
>Luna smiles a sad smile.
>"No you don't…" She mutters to herself.
>"Nothing dear, let's get this off you."


>Twenty years later.
>Nightmare Moon had been defeated by Celestia ten years ago.
>The filly, who is now a mare, had looked into the mirror.
>She was alone now.
>She had been alone for years.
>But the mare she saw in the mirror.
>The mare didn't have a warm smile, but a scowl the filly now mare had seen directed towards others all the time, never truly understanding, but never towards herself.
>But she sees it now.
>She sees it all now, now that she bears the same burden.
"I want to be just like you."
>She said to the blue mare she saw, and she repeated.
>Just. Like. Her.


File: 1578719648791.png (158.54 KB, 725x724, 1578719194413.png)

Here's the rework. I think it's much better.



Aw. Filly therapy might work.
Prepare Equestria for Darth Mare is coming. Darth Anonfilly The Mare.


File: 1578720768330.gif (1.55 MB, 857x1038, f5c.gif)

Anon, what have you done?


File: 1578721965864-0.png (188.85 KB, 2133x1767, hehe.png)

File: 1578721965864-1.png (56.67 KB, 1790x1720, hehe.png)

>The filly lies on the bed, stretching her hind legs apart and holding them open for you.
>"I trust you know what to do, faggot."
"Of course."
>You hold her down with your body, taping the diaper on her before she can start screeching like the autist she is.
"That's the last time you piss on my grandmother's fucking sheets you little nigger."


File: 1578722958904.png (121.84 KB, 759x784, 1578722878256.png)

More filly panties


File: 1578724720380.jpg (447.08 KB, 1500x1500, 1543191937434.jpg)


File: 1578724829684-0.png (89.83 KB, 1737x751, SpinTheBottle.png)

File: 1578724829684-1.png (95.07 KB, 1737x751, StBWhatADweeb.png)


Pissing on the grandma's sheets truly does deserve the emergency diaper
The knights of the round table look a bit different than I remember…


File: 1578731478746.png (80.64 KB, 700x700, 1512836354711.png)

>mfw someone tells me that filly is for sexual


File: 1578731759174.png (684.84 KB, 900x960, prOmVMb.png)



Chapter 6
>The Hoof that Feeds You

I could hear a commotion the moment I came onto the ward. I dropped my bag against the wall and walked straight towards it. There was an elderly man in a patient gown brandishing a fork and yelling obscenities while a nurse attempted to talk him down. A couple more nurses were watching in case they needed to intervene and I approached one of them.

"Has the duress call gone out?" I asked.

"Yep," she responded. "Security is on their way."

"What's his name?" I asked


We both winced as Mr. Winters lunged forward and nearly lost his balance when the nurse stepped out of his reach. The last thing we wanted was for him to fall and break his hip.

"Mr. Winters!" I called out in a friendly tone. "What's going on mate?"

I kept my body language open and carefree, as I walked towards him. He was confused and thought everyone was against him, so I had to change his mind by acting completely different to how he was expecting. He likely had dementia so if I could just distract him for long enough he would forget that he was angry. Hopefully. Otherwise, he was going to end up being tackled by five people and injected with sedatives.

"Are ya feeling a bit hungry, mate?" I asked with a smile, walking closer but staying aware of his reach.

"No!" He yelled.

"Well then, what's the fork for?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm leaving!" He yelled, waving the fork.

"Were you planning on making off with the silverware then?" I continued, still smiling broadly.

He mumbled something unintelligible.

"Look mate I don't know what's happened before, I just heard yelling and I've come to help you," I explained, more seriously. "Why don't you tell me what's going on and I'll help you out, hmm?"

"These people are trying to kill me!" He said urgently.

"Mmm, that sounds serious," I responded, grabbing his wrist where he was holding the fork. "Let's go somewhere we can talk. Hey, can I borrow this?"

I eased the fork out of his hand and put it in my pocket. Mr. Winters sized me up for a moment before deciding either that he could trust me, or that I was big enough that he had no chance of overpowering me, and he allowed me to lead him back to his room.

I looked over at one of the other nurses and gave a questioning look. She tried to hold up fingers to indicate what room the patient was in, but was confused when she realized that she had hooves.

The patient knocked me to the floor and with my foreleg in a cast I was having trouble getting up again. He ran towards the pink pegasus nurse and jumped on top of her, forcing her to the ground. She was calling out for me to help her, but she was so far away, and I was so small and slow. I yelled at him, tried to get his attention, but my voice, which had been deep and commanding, was now weak and scratchy.

"You leave her alone!" I squeaked. "Get back here and face me!"

It was all my fault! I should have just waited for security.

"Please stop!" I sobbed. "You're hurting her!"

There was a flash of blue and Luna appeared, but the moment I saw her I realized I was dreaming. The dreamscape promptly collapsed, leaving me laying in a soft bed, the familiar sounds of a hospital ward softly but insistently intruding on my consciousness.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god none of that was real. I brought up one of my hooves and inspected it in the dim light. Well, almost none of it. I was still a pony.


There was a glass of water on the table at my bedside. I stared at it intently, willing it to levitate into the air, but nothing happened. Sighing, I moved to pick it up. Ah, right. No hands.

I'd managed well enough up to that point by either picking things up in my mouth or by grasping them between my forehooves. With my right foreleg in a cast that wasn't going to work.

I'd seen ponies pick things up with one hoof, probably using some kind of magic. Even a foal could do that, right? I pressed my hoof to the glass and only succeeded in nudging it along the table.

I briefly considered trying to grab it in my teeth and rest it on the flat of my hoof, but my coordination with this body wasn't the best so I'd probably just end up spilling water all over myself.

I threw my head back into the pillow in frustration, glaring up at the ceiling. I was so pathetic and helpless. Eventually, my thirst won out over my embarrassment and I pressed the nurse call button.

About five minutes later a white Earth Pony mare pulled back the curtain. She had a practiced smile on her face, but everything else about her body language indicated she was stressed and in a hurry.

"Hi, my name is Nurse Redheart," She said in the slightly sing-song voice used for talking to young children. "Did you need some help?"

"Sorry to bother you, but I'm having trouble holding the glass," I explained. "Could you hold it for me?"

Redheart poorly suppressed an eye roll and her smile faltered almost imperceptibly as she moved to pick up the glass.

"Thank you," I squeaked, too embarrassed to make eye contact.

Despite her earlier annoyance at being asked to help with something I should obviously have been able to do myself, she was very gentle, carefully sitting me up with a fetlock around my shoulders before bringing the glass to my mouth and tilting it just enough that I could sip from it without pouring it into my mouth.

She must have thought I was looking for attention by pretending to be helpless. Little did she know I actually was completely helpless, otherwise I'd rather saw my own arm off than ask for help. Unfortunately, I didn't have an arm or a saw, and even if I did I wouldn't have been able to hold the saw due to the aforementioned helplessness.

"Alright, while I'm here I'm going to check on your leg," She instructed. "Lift your right foreleg."

I did as instructed, raising up my cast.

"Do you feel any pain, numbness or pins and needles in your hoof?" She asked. "Can you feel me touching your frog?"

"Sensation is normal," I replied. "I can feel you touching just fine."

I tactfully avoided pointing out that she should have asked me to look away during the sensation test so that I couldn't see when she was touching my hoof.

“Alright,” she said. “Now I want you to hold my hoof as hard as you can.”

She pressed her hoof against my much smaller hoof and then pulled it away.

“Alright, let’s try this again,” she said. “When I pull my hoof away from yours I want you to hold onto it as hard as you can.”

She placed her hoof against mine and pulled it away. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to use the hoof magic that allowed ponies to pick things up with their otherwise flat hooves.

“I can’t do it,” I admitted. “I don’t know how.”

She couldn’t suppress a sigh. She took my other forehoof and pressed it against hers.

“Alright, same deal,” she explained. “hold on as hard as you can.”

She pulled her hoof away with no effort.

“I told you I don’t know how,” I tried to explain.

“Look, please don’t joke about this, it’s very serious,” She frowned. “If you lose grip in your injured leg it could mean that your thaumic pathways are damaged. If they are, you’ll need more emergency surgery right away or you might never be able to use that hoof again, understand?”

“I’m telling the truth, alright?” I was starting to get exasperated too by this point, “I don’t know how to grip things with my hooves, I can’t remember anything since -”

I trailed off when I realized that I couldn't actually remember how long it had been since I was in the forest. I could remember I got hurt, and then the Crusaders found me and we went back to Ponyville. Something about a hospital where they wanted me to work as a nurse for some reason, even though I was a pony. Probably dreamt that part though.

Well if this world was at all sane that part couldn't have been real could it?

Since I had stopped talking Redheart had been looking at me with pity, but not surprise. Which meant - no, it wasn't a logical deduction, it was more of a feeling.

"We've had this conversation before," I sighed. "Haven't we?"

She smiled. I had guessed right.

"Yes," she replied, a slight undertone of excitement in her voice, "We didn't get far though since you were having trouble remembering things. Can you tell me your name and date of birth?"

I had my human memories of course, but that wasn't what she was asking. In this new world, in this new body, I didn't really have either. Well in my dream they called me 'Green', which I guess is a fine pony name, or at least half of one.

"My name is Green and, uh," I looked for an ID band only to find Redheart was covering it with her hoof.

"Ah," she said playfully, "No cheating."

I sighed again. "I can't remember, everything before I was in the forest is just blank."

The nurse's excitement deflated somewhat.

"Can you tell me where we are right now?" she asked.

"In Ponyville," I responded immediately. "In a hospital."

"Which hospital?" she prompted.

"I can't remember, but it says Ponyville General on your hat so that would be my first guess," I snarked.

She blushed slightly and glanced around the room.


File: 1578739727713.png (589.66 KB, 2100x1482, Redheart-Green-blur-lighti….png)

"To save you the trouble, there aren't any clocks on the wall, you are wearing a fob watch but I can't read it from this distance unless you stand very still," I cut in before she could ask the next question. "I don't know what time it is specifically but it looks like it's early morning. I don't know the date or year, but from how clean and white my cast looks it can't have been more than a few days since I got here."

Redheart blinked. "Ooookay then," she said, rolling her eyes.

The sense of giddy excitement I had was sucked away like a riptide.

Idiot! You're acting like an arrogant prick, trying to 'score points' by proving how smart you are. She's been nothing but kind and you're treating her like she's an idiot!

I felt tears welling in my eyes. Ugh, stupid oversize child tear ducts.

She's going to hate me now, and I'll never fit in and I'll be all alone and - and -

"Green!" I heard a voice calling my name, but it was far away.

They were all going to hate me!

Somepony was touching my withers, but my skin felt cold and numb. I noticed my breaths were coming in short gasps.

"Pl-ease d-on't h-ate me!" I gasped out.

"Green," her voice was commanding, but not aggressive, I felt as she gave my withers a sharp squeeze, "Hey, Green, stay with me, breathe. You're going to get through this."

It all came together at that moment, but the realizat