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File: 1574880706570.jpg (155.42 KB, 898x1200, htymrymsrs.jpg)

0a4c1 No.251951

A glimpse on this modern threat.

0a4c1 No.251953

File: 1574880835474.mp4 (5.85 MB, 854x480, Leaked Pentagon Video - Fl….mp4)

Vaccines as a vector for behavior control.
Video: Members of the Pentagon sit through a presentation about new technology to control and pacify large populations of human beings.

cc28c No.251955

File: 1574881129855.jpg (360.85 KB, 1365x1024, denver-broncos-003.jpg)

You know what's not in a vaccine? The Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos are the best footballing team ever. There is no one on earth who can do footballs as good as the Denver Broncos. Many others have tried and failed to be as football. You think you can football like these guys? Heh, get in line, cuck. You'd need to get up about 12 hours earlier and spend all morning and all afternoon being football to football like the kings of football, the Denver Broncos.

Seriously, faggot. If footballing was the olympics these guys would be like the John Elway of football olympics. The Denver Broncos are the alpha and the omega of all footballs, the footballs that came first and last and shall be evermore the football. They own footballs now and forever. Footballs.

t. Denver Broncos.

c8d5e No.251958

>Vaccines as a vector for behavior control.
They found or through selective pressures ect.a virus that can turn off genes related to disgust.
'Religious' persons brain
"Areas associated with disgust…"

For use on targets like ISIS. Or any group looking to oppose us in the global agenda.

Lobotomize the population so nothing is disgusting. I'm sure that will end well. Surely killing an important part of the brain to resist eating bad food will go down well.

If the jews are trying to get rid of the disgust people feel towards them and their actions that is technically possible.
Doesn't kill the cold calculus of cost benefit analysis, nor does this kill other emotional centers (yet!)

Honestly this is going to backfire.
If infected people no longer feel any kind of disgust completely only thing keeping them from going through waves of gore, waste, and viscera is intellectually.
Possibly giving rise to degenerates, but doesn't remove all the experiences up till then.
Instead the population has no qualms about getting their hands dirty metaphorically, or literally.

61c6f No.251959

Of COURSE the Denver Broncos aren't in a vaccine. You can't weaken the Denver Broncos, and even the tiniest amount will take over the host, giving them a massive cock and making Footballs explode from their face with a radiance comparable to (but not as Football as) John Elway, who causes everyone in his vicinity to become Football. And American.

19a60 No.251961

I can get behind the concept of vaccination, but I see a lot of problems with how it's done right now. How to prevent use of expired vaccines? How to incentivise using less mercury etc when the "consumer" can't check it and it's cheaper for the gov/manufacturer? How to disincentivise the use of vaccination coctails, make manufacturers not compete on "most types of bodies in one shot", and only vaccinate what is neccesary?

I think you vid's a ruse, or the researcher is presenting dishonest results.
look closely at the "fmri of two different individuals" slide.

5030d No.251963

Not all vaccines are created equal. I believe that they are intentionally giving free working vaccines to nigger countries to demote the white race, while giving the developed countries toxic vaccines. Ether way artifical immunity makes the human race overall weaker even if "safe and effective"

b82b8 No.251974

File: 1574910942198.jpeg (63.79 KB, 960x756, GothAntiVaxxer.jpeg)

I have to wonder, are anti-vaxxers controlled op? There are plenty of legitimate criticisms about what's in vaccines but instead of effective advocacy they sell a form of quakery and end up ridiculed on the internet. Also, their kids dying because they refuse any vaccine rather than wanting a better one makes it convenient for governments to outlaw refusing or criticizing vaccines. All in all the toxic cocktails are in a stronger position because of them.

Funnily enough, I've heard rumors of the opposite and criticism that vaccines from the Gates foundation are used as a form of population control in Africa.
Cost-benefit-wise I think catching measles and worse every generation wouldn't be made up for by "stronger genes."

59cce No.251975

>they sell a form of quakery and end up ridiculed on the internet.
Whatever, but Big Brother won't stick a needle in me or my family.
Natural selection and immunity is The Way.

61c6f No.251977

>are anti-vaxxers controlled op?
Do jews like money and control?
A good sentiment, but one has to be smart about it. One can't just say "much internet sources", they have to present legitimate concerns and objections, and as time progresses religion, personal preference, etc. becomes a less viable justification by design. If one chooses to abstain, it can't be half-assed.

75db2 No.251985

The way I see it, certain vaccinations are very beneficial to children and help them avoid deadly diseases such as Measles. also shots for Tetanus and other situational diseases are good for certain environments.

As for flu shots and other annual vaccines, it depends on one's immune system. I personally have never had a flu shot, and only had the flu twice in my life. My cousin has the flu every other month and gets annual shots.

Mercury in shots is wack tho.

cc28c No.251987

I used to get flu shots free at work so I would get one every year, then I quit that job so I stopped getting them. I find that since I stopped getting the flu shots, I no longer get the flu.

0a4c1 No.251991

>help them avoid deadly diseases such as Measles
Measles is a MILD disease, rarely develops complications and the best part is once your child catches it, he or she will be immune for life. Better yet, generations afters generations piling up that immunity makes stronger your genetic pool.

b6feb No.251993

How mainstream can a pony fuck chat room become. 8chan needs you for its Third Reich.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

2f268 No.251994

>Third Reich

b6feb No.251996

Is 8 on its 3rd of 4th iteration? I thought 3rd.

61c6f No.251998

8chan may need /mlpol/, but the inverse is not true

59cce No.251999

File: 1574926056357.png (404.89 KB, 1000x1000, thjrzsjhzjsjshajstrtj.png)

b6feb No.252000

Irony gets lost in the new world.

b6feb No.252001

Two people who must have had their childhood vaccines!!!!!!!

61c6f No.252002

You're welcome to follow suit

2854d No.252003

File: 1574926338832.png (717.91 KB, 1440x1440, ll.png)

Those trips.

b82b8 No.252007

I remember hearing about a soccer mom who read that "natural" immunity to measles was superior to that from vaccines, so she refused to get any of her kids vaccinated even as one after another caught it. The disease kept on going for months and was a living hell for the kids as they couldn't sleep due to coughing so much, were given enemas and were taken to the playground for "fresh air" (potentially getting other kids sick). The mom tried everything except for modern medicine. When the kids finally recovered she smugly asserted it was all due to her efforts and was worth it because they were immune "for life," even though there's no scientific basis for this being superior to a vaccine immunization.

Anti-vaxx is just a ploy to kill off young white children through boomer stupidity.

61c6f No.252008

Any arguments that aren't a logical fallacy?

e0f83 No.252009

>The disease kept on going for months
Ahem, better think a couple of weeks in bed.
>ploy to kill goy
Truth to be said, a extremely rare percentage will develop complications and die, as well as those vaccinated and getting and adverse reaction.
But don't take my word for it, just go outside and talk to some grandmom about her experiences.

0a4c1 No.252011

>Truth to be said, a extremely rare percentage will develop complications and die
As they should, only culling the weak the genetic pool improves.

64799 No.252023

File: 1574942554923.jpg (87.59 KB, 873x873, AntiVaxxMotherGetsWhooping….jpg)

Gas yourselves.

31712 No.252029

>Funnily enough, I've heard rumors of the opposite and criticism that vaccines from the Gates foundation are used as a form of population control in Africa.
No shit faggot, because leftist always spin the truth around.

31712 No.252030

personal case by case experience is not a sufficient form of evidence. Consider suicide faggot before its too late

31712 No.252031

You fucking retard, without vaccines more brown people would die off and more whites would more likely survive because we basically invented cleanliness and sanitation, giving us the high advantage.
Getting injected with toxic substances even in the parts per million is not a viable long term procedure, you dont have any evidence that it is. The modern world isnt as advanced as you think, disease and suffering will happen, deal with it already pansy.

077e3 No.252035

In some cases that's true, but in others its not. For example, Mexico doesn't have vaccination schedules in early childhood like are required in the US, leading them to be open to catching and transmitting diseases like Tuberculosis (among others) which can stay dormant for years before suddenly becoming virulently active and highly contagious (AFTER illegally crossing the border, of course). Considering the presence of illegals in the US prison population, and considering that some prisons are contracted to produce mass food for exceedingly cheap (the kind that goes to old people's homes and in some cases children's schools) the impact is drawn out to the point where the layman is unaware, but can still highly consequential.

d033e No.252079

My opinion of the concept behind vaccination is sound, but the fact that vaccines aren't as heavily regulated as other medications combined with mandates for vaccination opens the door for massive corruption and for big pharma to ride to gravy train of citizens being forced to pay for their product.

>but my vaccines are free :)

No they're not. They're a massively lucrative business. Someone is paying for it, and it was probably you even if the money wasn't siphoned away from you at the time of vaccination.

I'm opposed to infants being hit with big batteries of immunizations. I think that they should be given more time for their bodies and immune systems to mature before they are exposed to vaccinations, and that their vaccinations should be spread out over time instead of being administered simultaneously.

d033e No.252080

Fuck, I think I had a stroke typing that out. I should've proofread it before hitting send. I think my points came across though.

*Vaccination can be good
*Individual vaccines are not necessarily good
*Mandates to be medicated are bad
*vaccination can be a stressful event to the immune system even when it works properly. Infants should be given time to mature and become more robust before exposing them to the stresses of vaccination.

0a4c1 No.252084

File: 1575007261736.mp4 (6.09 MB, 854x480, Vaxxed II The Peoples Trut….mp4)

>Vaxxed II - The Peoples Truth
>Immense Volume of Parents with Vaccine Injury Stories to Share

0a4c1 No.252085

File: 1575007342300-0.mp4 (5.3 MB, 480x480, Be Brave Pediatricians Rej….mp4)

File: 1575007342300-1.mp4 (2.23 MB, 854x480, Hey Pharma I Dont Care How….mp4)

File: 1575007342301-2.mp4 (4.19 MB, 270x480, HPV Vaccine Expert Potenti….mp4)

0a4c1 No.252086

File: 1575007691439-0.mp4 (28.57 MB, 854x480, Every Child That is Vaccin….mp4)

>Every Child That is Vaccinated Is Imprinted With the Genetic Code for Cancer - Mike Adams

6ebc9 No.252097

File: 1575055674365.png (99.21 KB, 954x667, aa.png)

72bb0 No.252100

This is my opinon as well. However, I more view it as "Okay, what is actually needed?". For example, my doctor keeps advising that I take a vaccine that's suppose to prevent some STD that popular in college, but I keep refusing it because I do not go to college, nor plan on having any sex until I find a wife. Meanwhile, you have other things such as taking vaccines to prevent polio and TB, which was almost exterminated from first-world countries until the immigrant crisis. And, there's also the fact that you cannot go to some schools unless you have certain vaccinations.

And, I feel like I contributed nothing to this topic.

64799 No.252101

File: 1575060471590-0.jpeg (105.96 KB, 960x720, PertussisCases1922To2017V….jpeg)

File: 1575060471590-1.gif (13.39 KB, 455x269, TetanusDeaths1900To2015Vac….gif)

File: 1575060471590-2.jpeg (155.75 KB, 841x565, MeaslesCases1950To2005Vac….jpeg)

File: 1575060471590-3.jpeg (333 KB, 600x818, PreVaccineVersusPostVacci….jpeg)

File: 1575060471590-4.svg (11.83 KB, GlobalChildMortality1800To….svg)

Opposing vaccination altogether is a stupid, even braindead stance. You can't consider it anything other than vastly beneficial for material standards of living. What you SHOULD oppose is lack of awareness and competition over the formulation of vaccines. Unfortunately, (((they))) get you with the Jewish dialectical tactic of putting you in one camp or another: either you are completely unquestioning or you're a crazy anti-vaxxer. This isn't helped by the existence of crazy anti-vaxxers who by simply being vocal have taken over skeptical movements.

64799 No.252102

File: 1575060643162-0.jpeg (55.79 KB, 1024x768, AutismPrevalence1975To200….jpeg)

File: 1575060643162-1.jpeg (34.03 KB, 590x415, AutismPrevalenceOrganicFo….jpeg)

Going by various charts, if vaccines DO cause autism then this was likely from a reformulation post-1975, or the effects would have turned up earlier. That is assuming of course that current vaccines are a primary causal factor; it is not difficult to show correlation to push an agenda.

07c50 No.252103

Nice try shlomo. FUCK OFF.

31712 No.252111

LOL pushing for provax like every SkepticTM. The world has a brown overpopulation problem might as well let natural selection take its course on all humans.

64799 No.252112

>caring about hard evidence is being a Skeptic™
>let natural selection take its course
>implying that overpopulation is in any way relevant or something white countries should care about other than something to strengthen border protection against

82b7a No.252113

>crazy anti-vaxxers
I know, optics.
TBH, I don't give a fuck. I positively know the UN agenda is to kill us and governments are people's enemies. So, I'll take my chances.

31712 No.252119

Youre are a SkepticTM not because you care about hard evidence, but because you have (((their))) same moral interpretation of it.
>implying that overpopulation is in any way relevant or something white countries should care about other than something to strengthen border protection against
The more brown people outside the border the higher risk of invasion through the border, relative to the borders strength.

64799 No.252120

>same moral interpretation
That's a non-argument, the same applies to "water is wet." Also, (((they))) want to mandate vaccines, I oppose that. Benefits and costs of vaccines constitutes an objective question and if you want to get to the bottom of it you have to approach it objectively.
>The more brown people outside the border the higher risk of invasion through the border, relative to the borders strength.
That's true for anywhere; the more population-dense an area the greater the incentive to move somewhere less dense. Regardless, were it not for our traitorous governments there would be no real threat of invasion because of how effective whites are. I'm not sure what you're getting at, because of a slight threat increase millions of deaths would be somehow good? There's going to be a major war in Africa in the next several decades anyway, but there's nothing any of us can do about it except prevent crossers.

9fa5e No.252124

File: 1575092081502.mp4 (17.12 MB, 640x360, 4540.mp4)

More stuff.

c8d5e No.252138

Good work posting the video.
The video itself is kinda… lack luster. Could you post a link, pdf or screenshot of basically the manual?

2854d No.252139

a0ef6 No.252164

File: 1575111485252.mp4 (1.1 MB, 270x480, Vaxxed 2 Screening Will An….mp4)

>Vaxxed 2 Screening
>Will Anyone with a Vaccine Injured Family Member Please Stand Up?

87987 No.252169

Vaccines are a trainment for your body's immunological system, injecting dead (or sometimes weakened) virus for your system to beat up is basically how it is supposed to work.
Basically, it is stupid to assume catching it naturally would be better since vaccines do work pretty well.

The real problem is, you don't really know if someone is taking advantage of a vaccine by injecting something else for whatever purpose.
But then, why vaccines, you could get all sorts of craps pumped into your system via air, food or social engineering.

87987 No.252170

Why don't you leave your house and go live in the woods?
Because you signed the (optional) social contract that wont let natural laws come to work.
To make a travesti of society by inciting a pointless uprising is stupid, you're supposed to have the moral highground when brainwashing people for your cause.

Also the problem is not overpopulation the problem is the management of people, giving too much for no return and caring too much for someone that does not deserve it.
The solution is cold, cut off the weak fruit, a population of hobos can be replaced by one of workers while a population of workers can be left alone to provide goods.

bfd02 No.252232

File: 1575190718367.png (416.1 KB, 875x2923, canvas.png)

>Fight for the freedom to question vaccines
>Michelle Malkin offers latest disturbing data on mandated HPV shot

Michelle Malkin is a non White conservative supporting the Groyper Army against Conservative Inc.

0a4c1 No.252280

File: 1575270722891.jpg (24.61 KB, 471x359, 12540.jpg)

a362c No.252287

File: 1575281698485.png (142.7 KB, 1366x768, 152458808.png)

>VAXXED !! (FREE FULL MOVIE) From Cover up to Catastrophe, Screening Event July 29th 2016.

Vaxxed is an investigation into how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the government agency charged with protecting the health of our citizens, concealed and destroyed data in their 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. This alarming deception has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism, potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

b665e No.252331

What if this is why Liberals are trying so hard to make Autism a meaningless diagnosis that can mean any number of things from a pool of 300 things?

fa899 No.252335


e1ee2 No.252671

File: 1575713403464-0.jpg (98.36 KB, 1000x600, 012.jpg)

File: 1575713403464-1.jpg (121.05 KB, 986x714, 123.jpg)

File: 1575713403465-2.jpg (49.99 KB, 700x562, 456.jpg)

File: 1575713403465-3.jpg (27.86 KB, 640x640, 789.jpg)

0a4c1 No.252836

File: 1575968315333.png (898.89 KB, 873x2070, canvas.png)

>Never Trumper Rick Wilson Suggests Putting Anti-Vaxxers in “Re-Education Camps”
>And taking their children.

ff7d1 No.252857

That guy looks like he's saying "OOOOOOOOOOY VEEEY!"

6ea18 No.253041

One wonders if patriotic soldiers will go rogue and give equipment to the rebels when Civil War 2.0 starts.

b4664 No.253097

If she is pro vaccine I am against it.

97362 No.253109

No one will care that the US is not a free country until more Americans personally become victims of the police state.

Everyone will shrug if an American gets killed by the CIA in Yemen, but Americans might care about the police state when they get tortured for jaywalking.

0a4c1 No.253114

File: 1576298422707.mp4 (16.16 MB, 480x270, Brighteon-1.mp4)

>VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Cancer genes are engineered into MMR vaccines

0263f No.253123

You know the US is bad when Americans say that they feel like they have more freedom in Communist countries like Vietnam.

e3487 No.253128

File: 1576311681575.jpg (173.22 KB, 784x811, wojack computer sad in aus….jpg)

˙ǝɹǝɥ ɹǝʌo ƃuᴉʌᴉl ʎɹ┴

5ce89 No.253129

File: 1576312243065.png (40.11 KB, 302x151, canvas.png)

>Upside down world.

0a4c1 No.253130

25b89 No.253193

I don't understand as to why they would even put those ingredients into a vaccine in the first place, how do they sell that shit to the people who make them? Shouldn't they be questioning as to why they are using those toxic substances? What possible beneficial use would there be in having formaldehyde in a vaccine? Let alone human cells and blood? Just how retarded are the manufacturers for thinking that is even remotely okay?

27a6e No.253199

File: 1576409627637.png (1.95 MB, 950x8190, prop423107.png)

>Lena Sun, the Washington Post’s Resident Vaccine Propagandist
>Washington Post writer Lena Sun exemplifies how professional propagandists masquerade as journalists to manufacture consent for public vaccine policy.
>Following are four examples demonstrating how she deliberately deceives readers in dutiful service to the state and, by extension, dutiful service to the pharmaceutical industry.

19a60 No.253200

- preservatives
- waste from virus breeding process
- waste from virus inactivation process
- stuff to "wake up" the immune system

dfb05 No.253243

Amongst the pro-poison crowd, the "logic" is a mix of
>hurr durr people who disagree with our stance are dumb and not doctors! we aren't doctors either, but doctors agree with us so that's okay!
>omg compromising herd immunity will literally bring back the black plague! whuddabout the poor kids who can't vaccinate and will have to die of measles!?!!? please dont think about how she'll be fine in a week if she gets measles or how only 1 in every 30000000 little girls are unable to get vaccines or how frequently the pro-vax crowd has unvaccinated kids who "totally can't be vaccinated we swear"
>who cares what ingredients go into our vaccines? anything can kill you at a high enough dosage! there's arsenic and lead paint in cheeseburgers and that won't kill you!

8a060 No.253246

Here's a thought. If herd immunity were so important, then why import millions of migrants from shitskin countries that don't have regulations for vaccinations?
Moreover, if a kid getting vaccinated makes them immune, what does it matter whether another kid/adult doesn't, if that first kid is already immune, unless its all bullshit?

0a4c1 No.253310

File: 1576583348224.mp4 (3.97 MB, 854x480, Robert Kennedy Jr. - We're….mp4)

>Robert Kennedy Jr. - We're Vaccinating More Because Congress Is Drowning In Pharma Money.

dfb05 No.253362

These are really good points those faggots won't listen to.

9a030 No.253432

File: 1576753891445.png (1.85 MB, 816x2793, vacs.png)

>Since 1980s, U.S. Government Agency Has Paid Over $4B for Vaccine Related Injuries and Death. Still Want a Flu Shot?
>Many Americans are not aware that there is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for those who have been injured by flu shots and other vaccinations. This is why Donald Trump and many others are opposed to mandatory vaccinations, especially for “The Flu” which isn’t usually fatal.

bac62 No.253433

File: 1576754265701.png (1.17 MB, 1366x768, 1708.png)

>Trump Warns Flu Shots Are The Greatest 'Scam' In Medical History
>That may explain why he has never had a flu shot or the flu.
>In an interview with Opie and Anthony on Sirius XM, some months before declaring to run for President, Trump declared that he has never had a flu shot and never had the flu.

d0c6c No.253504

File: 1576832893653.png (824.61 KB, 806x2339, dtjzr.png)

>Whooping Cough Outbreak At Texas School With 100% Vaccination Rate
>Pertussis or whooping cough, like all common childhood illnesses, is relatively benign, and rarely fatal, and its bark is much worse than its bite.
>In reality, many people contract pertussis, including adults, which manifests as a persistent cough that lasts more than a couple days, and then tapers off and disappears.
>The original developers of the pertussis vaccine warned that it should not be administered in conjunction with other vaccines as it is highly reactive and can cause brain swelling and other dangerous side effects.
>But, of course, Big Pharma ignored these warnings and now every child receives it in the DPT combo-vaccine for diptheria, pertussis, and tetanus, which has a failure rate of over 90%, which explains why a school with 100% vaccination rate can still experience an outbreak.

0a4c1 No.253508

File: 1576838215449.mp4 (15.2 MB, 854x480, When an educated person ta….mp4)

>When an educated person talks to a doctor about vaccines.

0a4c1 No.255492

File: 1578552584870-0.png (1003.49 KB, 864x1275, 0.png)

File: 1578552584870-1.png (1.37 MB, 854x2935, 1.png)

File: 1578552584870-2.png (417.4 KB, 847x2358, 2.png)

File: 1578552584870-3.png (697.23 KB, 871x2630, 3.png)

File: 1578552584870-4.png (116.94 KB, 848x674, 4.png)

>The Measles Vaccine Narrative Is Collapsing
>Five key talking points—all of them false—are driving the campaign of measles-related fear and coerced vaccine compliance:
>1- If measles return, thousands of children will die annually in the U.S.
>2- The two-dose MMR vaccine regimen will provide lifelong protection in most people.
>3- Previously vaccinated adults with waning antibody protection can receive effective and lasting protection from MMR booster shots.
>4- We must achieve and sustain a 95% vaccination rate to maintain herd immunity.
>5- The MMR and the MMR+varicella (MMRV) vaccines will protect against all strains of measles.

0a4c1 No.255764

File: 1578877756687-0.png (773.81 KB, 611x2833, wh1.png)

File: 1578877756687-1.png (1.44 MB, 611x2842, wh2.png)

File: 1578877756687-2.png (852.57 KB, 611x2484, wh3.png)

File: 1578877756687-3.png (73.84 KB, 749x596, wh4.png)

File: 1578877756687-4.jpg (110.21 KB, 2048x2048, immunization-portrait.jpg)

>WikiHow goes insane with vaccine propaganda, teaches children how to “get vaccinated in secret” by scheming against “anti-vaxxer” parents who WikiHow warns might “abuse” their own children
>The WikiHow website, a hub for how-to information, has joined the other evil tech giants by going all-in with vaccine propaganda that poses a very real danger to the health and safety of children. The site now features a dangerous article that teaches children how to scheme against their own parents and stage fake cover stories to get vaccinated with toxic vaccines that even the U.S. government admits cause thousands of injuries, hospitalizations and even some deaths every year in America.

18f96 No.255825

IMO, you should get the vaccines that have been in use for a long time, but flu vaccines and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccines are memes. Healthy people will very likely fully recover form a flu, and the HPV vaccine doesn't even protect from all types of human papilloma viruses.

This is what I mean. Get the vaccines for whooping cough and tetanus but don't jump to the hype train and take the newest vaccines and leave flu vaccines for people who are in so bad shape that they might actually die from the flu.

0a4c1 No.255881

File: 1578993824835-0.png (1.63 MB, 609x6366, NN.png)

File: 1578993824835-1.mp4 (25.88 MB, 960x540, Brighteon-1.mp4)

>VACCINE BOMBSHELL as U.N. health experts admit toxic vaccine ingredients are harming children worldwide – see video, transcript
>A Dec. 2, 2019 World Health Organization “Global Vaccine Safety Summit” video has been found and leaked to the world, revealing shocking admissions of the health hazards posed by vaccines and their toxic ingredients.
>A first-wave compilation of some of the more damning quotes was created by Del Bigtree’s “Highwire” organization, which posted the video to YouTube. Knowing that video would quickly be banned, we posted it to Brighteon.com, where “Highwire” is expected to launch a channel very soon.

19a60 No.255906

This video is pure gold.

0a4c1 No.255907

Yup. These fuckers are saying that they haven't a precise idea of what they are doing but to experiment with people as they go.

eb86f No.255912

I'm sure there's plenty of (((health organizations))) and (((pharmaceutical research))) who liberally reaffirm their disposition and intentions

27840 No.256219

>Natural News
Looks like someone didn't verify their sources.

5c452 No.256231

File: 1579333418277.png (199.6 KB, 766x1043, 15713chf74212191.png)

Would you mind to point at where the facts are wrong?

27840 No.256242

I never said any facts were wrong, but stop citing garbage blogs and cite real sources please.

0a4c1 No.256243

You are more than welcome to bring your own "real" sources.
Let's see what you got.

72505 No.256548

File: 1579656201007.png (46.58 KB, 763x350, D9AC82.png)


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