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File: 1564973534639.png (199.65 KB, 694x1136, image.png)

ec80b No.234482[Last 50 Posts]

8chan is about to go down. Time for a fishing trip.

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ec80b No.234484

191aa No.234485

I am not able to post on 8chan. Is anyone else having the same problem?

39fdd No.234490

Time to move to a non Western infrastructure?

8cf20 No.234493

Came here to post this. I did see a link to mlpol on 8/pol/. RIP 8/pol/ it was good while it lasted, but the past 4-6 months have been total shit.

I'd be worried about the coming election, and how we don't have a place to congregate and create memes, but the democrats are off the rails. It's all going to come down to 1) how much people hate trump and 2) how much crazy people are ok with from the democrats.

I don't know that there's much room for influence, maybe shit will settle down after the primaries, but right now, holy crap, the whole democratic party has OD on crazy pills.

Might be time for a full fledged campaign over there to scoop up more anons. At any rate, after three high-scorers posting over there, I think the heat is too much and it's not worth fighting the shills.

ec80b No.234495

I'm afraid kikes will go after 4/pol/ next.

39fdd No.234498

>I'd be worried about the coming election, and how we don't have a place to congregate and create memes
The more I thinking it, the more I reach the conclusion that we need somebody in the Ocasio Cortez' category for 2020.

4388b No.234500

There are based WeChat groups and the platform lets you make as many Holohoax comments as you want; just don't talk about the Falun Gong. The disadvantage, naturally, is that Tencent (and China) will harvest data from whatever device you use.

Also, while Jewtube is cracking down on videos it's still easy to go under the radar, and comments are relatively free. I've switched to redpilling people there.

545d3 No.234504

That would actually be good, as it wuold drive people away from the honeypot with shitty moderation and 90% shills to other platforms.
Theres nothing good coming out of 4pol anymore and it will be even worse during the election.

7518f No.234508

File: 1564981129121.png (104.47 KB, 593x702, mlpol ad.png)

just saw this

626fa No.234510

Nice. I hope more make it here.

8cf20 No.234511

4/pol/ has been a lost cause for years. I never go there. neinchan was briefly good, but I fear it's dead now.

It could be biden, but if it's not, it's crazytown. Biden seems to be on the verge of senility though. We'll see.

3b21c No.234639

3b21c No.234640


27241 No.234642

>honeypot is ded
Oh wow, what a loss.

08d90 No.234643

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ee6eb No.234655

File: 1564991576722.png (345.79 KB, 572x579, 7B81850A-FDAB-44F5-92BC-4F….png)

So long old friend

3b21c No.234664

Is this the end of the Q LARP? Did people die to end the Q LARP?

74e9c No.234665

A small price to pay for salvation

39fdd No.234669

>Did people die to end the Q LARP?
Interesting point.
Cui bono?

1848c No.234676

File: 1564995678096.webm (1.03 MB, 1024x768, New Dark Age.webm)


Who wants to move into my village?

3844f No.234683

File: 1565005698058.jpg (276.08 KB, 640x425, foal laying down.jpg)

everything ends eventually some sooner than others but despite this knowledge i can never get over seeing a old friend die

cac1b No.234690

>Well this proves that Matthew Prince was full of shot when he said he would not terminate service for anyone who didn't break the law after The Daily Stormer incident.

3b21c No.234698

File: 1565008629842.jpg (175.17 KB, 470x495, back.jpg)

…. And it's back.

You may need to wait for the new DNS records to reach your DNS provider.

7e537 No.234699

3b21c No.234700

https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ appears to be in charge of the solution and it seems they have gone over to https://twitter.com/bitmitigate

bbd42 No.234703

That didnt last long lmao

a4695 No.234720

Did you not see the April 1st merge? The moment the URL changed, it was blatently obvious that 4/pol/ had as many bots as it had actual posters.
4/pol/ has been dead for years. It's 50% bots, 10% shills, 10% trolls, and 30% reddit crossposters.

da464 No.234729

All those q anon tweets on codemonkeys tweets are kind of worrying

3b21c No.234735

What'a also interesting in Q has been chased out of 4chan -> 8chan, reddit -> voat -> is currently unviewable, and now 8chan looses Cloudflare.

/pol/ hasn't experienced this. Just a coincidence?

ec80b No.234769

Let's face it 8chan was on borrowed time. Hell I'm not sure 4chan is going to make it to the next election.

ec80b No.234774

4/pol/ still has some life in it. It is one of the few places on the internet where you can discuss bad goy topics without getting banned. They aren't going to allow it to exist much longer. Even some of the redditors have become redpilled on 4chan.

ec80b No.234775

Meguca's /pol/ is kill too.

a050b No.234832

I've said it before, but at this point I only find 4pol useful as a happening detector. If something is HAPPENING anywhere in the world, then 4pol will be freaking out about it. For example, I heard about the coup attempt in Turkey the other year on 4pol hours before I heard about it from normalfag media.

6472c No.234833

File: 1565046598778.png (87.98 KB, 899x500, 010de716eec0418fb5aa272545….png)

>I'd be worried about the coming election, and how we don't have a place to congregate and create memes, but the democrats are off the rails.
>he still thinks voting in a rigged system is going to accomplish anything
Oh lawdy. The redcoats weren't voted out of the states. Not telling you to go out do anything stupid but if you are having serious concerns about an election you desperately need to get your world view in order.

a050b No.234835

File: 1565046994687.png (13.72 KB, 640x480, d0a.png)

Everyone in my workplace, except the "centrist" who voted for himself, supports Trump and laughs at the triggered snowflakes.

ec80b No.234838

The Daily Stormer is down. I guess it is kind of a good thing nobody knows we exist. The kikes are going after everyone.
Mods do we have a plan if our service is cut?

2bf70 No.234845

f9cab No.234886

File: 1565050757000.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1900, 1531725.png)

Dark times ahead for the Internet. All across the web we're seeing severe signs of censorship and deletion of knowledge on a scale perhaps never before seen.
The Library of Alexandria is being burned, but the masses don't know or care.

b5aee No.234891

And what of the possibility of attracting the glowing ones here as well?

77eb0 No.234893

2bf70 No.234894

Don't you worry your pretty little nose

ad2b3 No.234895

Hell, they might already be here, Longnose. Speaking of, hello Glowniggers. I hope you are enjoying our discussions of Israeli nukes and our vast compendiums of horsepussy.

b5aee No.234897

Why do I have a merchant flag and not a burger one?

39fdd No.234898

Ok, we have here a truly judeo-marxist specimen.

2bf70 No.234900

Probably from shitposting

b5aee No.234901

What did you want me to say? The mutt flag? Anyways, im guessing this is the doing of mods but I cannot recall doing anything that earned me it.

39fdd No.234903

File: 1565051995711.png (119.39 KB, 900x784, pinkie-pie-giggle-png.png)

>I cannot recall doing anything that earned me it
Who knows.

2bf70 No.234904

Its due to outdated IP2Country Database. It is being addressed good jewfag

4964d No.234905

If I had the funds I would build a highly secret data storage vault and keep as much uncommon info in there. These are ideal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItNT9BGDB4o

6472c No.234911

File: 1565052443560.png (361.93 KB, 640x480, 1450649168376-3.png)

Did you see all those tweets kikewheels made about how Jim should just delete /pol/ and how CIAflare would have stuck with him if he he had just deleted /pol/? Basically how he would be fine with Jim keeping 8chan around as long as /pol/ is gone? Well, if you did kikewheels exposed why he wants /pol/ dead on the killstream earlier today.

In short it's because /pol/ has made the site as a whole reject jewish politics and jewish religion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XOY0RG-eG0#t=44m

On twitter he's been saying that he's been digging into whatever services 8chan uses so that those can be pressured to drop the site by the twitter mob.


How the mighty have fallen.

39fdd No.234927

f9cab No.234928

File: 1565054364794.jpg (1.49 MB, 1644x1700, 1174986.jpg)

It's really sad to see what has become of Hotwheels. The guy seemed to really stand for something back in the day, when Gamergate first stirred up the hornets nest and showed how deep the rabbit hole went. Apparently he's become some kind of born-again christcuck now?
Just goes to show, the only good heroes are dead, because anybody else still has a chance to stab you in the back.

6f282 No.234931

Libertarians almost always cuck. They claim they want freedom but when shit gets real and they start getting things they didn't bargain for, they try to run. They basically are very naive and live in a fantasy world. They're liberal anarchists who don't want the chaos that comes with anarchy. For that reason, I hate them.

ec80b No.234933

Right now is a good time to go fishing on 4chan. Mention mlpol.net in any of the threads about 8chan.

d7fad No.234953

We need an image so we can make threads.

39fdd No.234955

File: 1565057662055.jpg (62.7 KB, 1000x1000, DuArzMkUcAETgDf.jpg)

I don't get it.
This is an image board you need images?

d7fad No.234956

I mean something with our website address in it. Like chen2.org is doing. It can't have any ponies in it either or 4chan will ban it.

39fdd No.234960

File: 1565058569977-0.png (22.93 MB, 3000x2000, 1523388861554-0.png)

File: 1565058569977-1.png (257.29 KB, 2350x2609, 1527572571040-1.png)

File: 1565058569977-2.png (186.11 KB, 1494x1439, 1551446945686-1.png)

File: 1565058569977-3.png (25.09 KB, 600x900, 1551463160534-1.png)

>It can't have any ponies in it either or 4chan will ban it.
>no ponies
Poner, poner… that's heresy, but check these logos out.

39fdd No.234961

File: 1565058665664-0.png (65.89 KB, 1024x550, 1537972679374-0.png)

File: 1565058665664-1.png (88.56 KB, 1322x1259, 1538066290912-3.png)

File: 1565058665664-2.png (2.43 MB, 4410x3000, 1536976157343.png)

File: 1565058665664-3.png (1.47 MB, 960x932, 1499636038131.png)

329b1 No.234975

I know it is heresy but we really do need a way of getting new users in here without getting immediately banned.

2bf70 No.234977

File: 1565061475242.png (223.32 KB, 1015x1161, milo_by_jeremeymcdude-d7g9….png)

Then place your faith in Football and American, and lace up your bootstraps tight cuz you're about to get a dose of the Denver Broncos, who are themselves Football.
Many anons think that the Denver Broncos are a forced meme, completely disregarding the American that is before them. It wasn't until John Elway came and showed the way unto the ponies that they did galavant and play with abandon. Its true most don't appreciate the glory of Football, because they are not Football themselves. These poor souls can be found in Washington, California, and Illinois to name a few, none of which are Football and all of which have sinned against American.

b75e5 No.234980

File: 1565061935900.jpg (75.8 KB, 460x550, 1564194317788.jpg)

Get on Tor, it's super easy with either Brave or Orbot, the DS will never die.

ec80b No.234982

39fdd No.234983

File: 1565062310562-0.png (190.7 KB, 1000x800, gyffdyidtdkfdtdrsse.png)

30e96 No.234986

File: 1565062580855.png (179.29 KB, 406x390, Dafuq.png)

Found you.
Wats the deal with horses?

ec80b No.234988

On April 1st 2017 4chan mods merged /mlp/ and /pol/ as a way to troll both boards. Instead they created /mlpol/ which was a higher quality board than either /mpl/ or /pol/. We asked mods to keep /mlpol/, but it was deleted so we moved here.

30e96 No.234993

Cheers anon, good to have an alternate

fb2f1 No.234994

File: 1565063214779.jpg (11.61 KB, 225x225, b_195044.jpg)


I'm so happy I found this

b1fb0 No.235023

File: 1565068107923.png (1002.74 KB, 1024x768, the true ideology.png)

I seen some redditors legit become national socialists to anyone saying that it's dead or far from gone should honestly not mention 4/pol/. 8/pol/ got eliminated with there next homeland being at endchan, however 4/pol/ is also on borrowed time, see pic related no matter how many people you are flooding it the board with it is also redpilling so many others.
ALso one of the bunkers like nobanchan had disappeared off the web but that is more due to the owner not being able to pay up, hopefully it comes back we need every bunker we can get either it be on Clearnet, zeronet, i2p/nntpchan or onii or what ever is called, freenet, tor, deepweb or darknet.

d5cb3 No.235045

Does anyone know how to get ZeroNet working with Tor? Or should I just bite the bullet and get a good VPN to use with ZeroNet?

39fdd No.235047

>Does anyone know how to get ZeroNet working with Tor?
If it is for to use with the pseudo bunker, don't. Most likely is a trap.

d5cb3 No.235048

That 08chan bunker is bullshit you think? Any reasoning?

df721 No.235053

Actually in theory it can work very well, but the setup is special for a honeypot.
Even if Tor is used, p2p connections are by definition promiscuous. In this case, a hostile party can download the whole site, because it possesses every piece of the site, every visitor will have a chance to connect to this malicious party.
So, this fucker can have:
1- an approximate metric of how many connections (anons) visit every thread
2- an approximate metric of the files downloaded
3- to load trojanhorses and worms as payloads for some files to unmask the visitors (there is no mod or admin to prevent this)
4- if a State actor is involved, exist the very real possibility of compare packets between p2p connections to unmask the anons.

d5cb3 No.235055

Makes sense. So what would be a good alternative? Since Tor servers won't help in this case, cause Tor seems to be fine with actual CP and selling body parts, but not "nazis committing wrong think".

39fdd No.235057

File: 1565082560099.png (1.42 MB, 1440x1454, viidhvhahvaefafui.png)

>So what would be a good alternative?
Stay around and trust God. Literally.

d5cb3 No.235058

Sounds like hiding in plain sight.

3b21c No.235065

Plenty of updates here on the 8ch struggles:

I'm still awaiting text on blockchain; decentralised info exchange, to become popular. For example:

(which isn't completely decentralised)



The challenge is to have people use and co-host the decentralised information, in a world of people turning to mobile phones.

51848 No.235067

File: 1565088629830.png (3.17 MB, 999x2692, bee-yourself-mlp5.png)

Why bothering with a DDoS, if you can just flood it with botted trash posts 24/7.

A botnet for a DDoS will be around 20 bucks per hour and you have a high risk that your botnet gets shut down, the admin can take measures against you and you are very obvious.
While 10.000 rotating residental proxies with IP changes all hour will be around 100 bucks for a week and captcha solving pajeets charge 2 USD per 1000 captchas.
I always assume that buzzword postings and trash threads are made by bots, because its just so god damn cheap and easy to do that, especially for a shill company that declared imageboards as their enemy. Even if its some cheap political campaign that has a <50k USD budget, they would be easly able to spend those 500 bucks to distribute their propaganda over all imageboards with bots for months.

Even losers who are currently just bored are able to purge a whole board on 4chan. A autist is able to efficiently spot every pony picture and bot an answer in every thread with one on the whole site.

There is no way that there aren't multiple shill companies running bots to auto-reply template answers. The massive loss of quality on 4pol is not because of post-election newfags, it's because of bots.And then you have those annoying site-wide template answers.
>be on random hobby board on cuckchan
>in a thread that is totally not related to politics or to any recent happening
>suddenly some trigger word causes a bot reply
<Muh, why are incels from /pol/ so [random buzzword]. Have sex.
>someone gives it a (You) and answers that this thread is not politics related
<random catchphrase reply

39fdd No.235070

File: 1565090068174.mp4 (11.33 MB, 854x480, 8CHAN GETS TAKEN DOWN, Is ….mp4)

>Content creator Mr. Ovbious
>8CHAN GETS TAKEN DOWN, Is 4chan Next?

307fd No.235072

File: 1565091308745-0.mp4 (23.88 MB, 854x480, 8chan - Shut It Down.mp4)

File: 1565091308745-1.png (296.36 KB, 679x2920, comments.png)

A compilation of the judenpresse gloating.
With this massive publicity perhaps this is going to backfire badly when 8cuck comes back online.

>8chan - Shut It Down


7518f No.235074

File: 1565091846955.png (393.36 KB, 515x422, Shut_It_Down.png)

51848 No.235075

>choose another CDN company, CDN gets shut down
>backbone infrastructure provider can just shut down a whole CDN from one hour to another if he wants to
I would have thought that ISPs and CDNs would have binding contracts for years with those.
>if you don't like it, make your own social media plattform
>if you don't like it, make your own twitter
>if you don't like it, make your own DNS provider
>if you don't like it, make your own payment processor
now we are two levels further and reached the bottom:
>if you don't like it, make your own CDN
>if you don't like it, lay your own cables

f4a3e No.235076

File: 1565093262276.png (344.85 KB, 993x559, Dont talk to me or my son ….png)

everybody here is thinking it

but i am going to say it:

DSP outlived 8chan.

9774a No.235085

To get to 08chan (the emergency bunker for 8chan while they work on getting 8chan back up),

Go to:

Install, run, then open a browser tab to:

2c97a No.235091

What Will Finally Bring Down Our Eternal Fuhrer DSP?

ad2b3 No.235118

The Philenreich shall last for a thousand years.

fcc7e No.235120

While I agree there are bots running around I don't think it's as much as you think it is. If you train your monkeys to clap every time they see a green light they will do just that. When people get sick of the clapping they will leave and only those clapping will remain until that's the "board culture". Boards like /tg/ are now entirely clapping monkeys.

3f784 No.235132

File: 1565106269170.jpg (153.01 KB, 1690x945, 1564965421702.jpg)

And here I thought he was working on a project for a decentralized imageboard. What a sad waste.

Very true. Best solution is to create a board that only a /g/entooman can access and is a pain to take down. It may even lead to a new internet renaissance as normies are too lazy to access it thus guaranteeing only hobbyists and tech heads can use it. It will be like a pre 2010 internet again.

7518f No.235133

File: 1565106337019.jpeg (37.09 KB, 458x670, horse german soldier.jpeg)

>not using /horse/ as the ultimate board

f6a48 No.235135

Then we get to make the glow niggers look at horse pussy.

3f784 No.235138

That was the best part of the merger back in april. Shills and glowies have to look at horsepussy before they sell their dumb shit.

f4a3e No.235142

File: 1565108379125.jpg (23.83 KB, 515x375, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) punch.jpg)


absolutely shocking. What a traitor. to think i used to have some degree of respect for this backstabbing glassboned cripple.

c5b49 No.235201

Good. It's hard to say for me, I know some democrats, but I avoid politics talk with them. They'd probably melt down. Unfortunately, the democrats now know which states need the buses during the next election.

I'd love to see the status reports on /mlpol/. Ha.

e8e34 No.235220

File: 1565122595502.jpg (116.36 KB, 624x634, 1546874245785.jpg)

Let's make a simple captcha system; Same as now but you have to give your opinion on israel's nukes before posting

a4695 No.235221

Fucking hell, they're talking about censoring 8chan on NPR right now.

3b21c No.235222

File: 1565122840006.gif (352.48 KB, 600x450, fluttershy-laugh.gif)


I like it. But lets make it more reasonable and simple. Next to the [Reply] button add "By clicking reply you acknowledge Israel has nukes."

3b21c No.235223

8ch partially functional at

Meanwhile at Zeronet 08chan the Q board is being loli art raided.

e8e34 No.235225

File: 1565123185512.gif (8.56 MB, 500x277, 1493539341128-1.gif)

Now that is actually a pretty good idea

3b21c No.235256

File: 1565130974607.png (371.92 KB, 588x542, b86c3d1df9be9c950d1379d443….png)

3b21c No.235258

File: 1565132253877-0.png (373.63 KB, 614x768, 5fdff8919f2fa77321da874e96….png)

File: 1565132253877-1.png (125.62 KB, 592x759, ed659e0f5333370c38a9adc5b0….png)


Claims that the owner of 8ch has to meet with DHS to discuss how they are deradicalizing 8ch.

3b21c No.235262

ec80b No.235263


c66ff No.235266

The only board I visited on 8chan was /zoo/ no big loss.

fa516 No.235267

a4695 No.235280

422bc No.235317

I'm hurting a bit more. I was on some boards which had content that, as far as I know, couldn't be found in such quantities elsewhere. Plus, some of the boards were just plain good.

f4b59 No.235320

It loads the main page, but not the boards.

060e8 No.235336

I'd be pressing that button all day
>some boards which had content that, as far as I know, couldn't be found in such quantities elsewhere
/pdf/, /pdfs, and /polarchive/

e2470 No.235385

Lot of refugees on just about every board on 4chan. I've told them where to go

39fdd No.235410

File: 1565169835933.png (896.28 KB, 1330x755, JW.png)

>8chan’s Jim Watkins Says El Paso Shooter Didn’t Post Manifesto
>Jim Watkins the guy who runs 8chan uploaded a video to YouTube discussing the site getting banned from Cloudflare and how they are dealing with the situation.

>Sorry for the inconvenience, common sense will prevail


3b21c No.235417

File: 1565172400236.png (84.07 KB, 1832x624, screenshot.png)

Rumour says the new 8ch CDN got deplatformed by their own hoster.

Contradicting this is that 8ch is acting more stable and fast:

Zeronet might be on the rise… how interesting. They need to make a integrated browser/software like tor. Meanwhile the old zeronet users are upset at the flood of new boards with different ideologies. Humanity is a species of peace.

6c4f4 No.235441

File: 1565178643463.jpg (173.27 KB, 900x1273, 14894111165 - twilight_mag….jpg)

>With this massive publicity perhaps this is going to backfire badly when 8cuck comes back online.
Now MILLIONS of normals know about it, and /pol/ will do what it does best.
The job of mass redpilling is about to begin.

3b21c No.235442

File: 1565178795367.png (34.9 KB, 1200x1200, yy.png)

Also discussions of distributed internet have ramped up hard. There is no such thing as final victory, just ebb and flow.

39fdd No.235445

File: 1565179152370.png (553.28 KB, 1167x665, 1543949538224.png)

3b21c No.235453

File: 1565180715098.jpg (237.76 KB, 1024x685, bp.jpg)

My predictions for how this will play out:

>Internet will increasingly becomes the Mockingbird internet.

>Free Speech advocates will go to distributed internet.
>Distributed internet will be purposely flooded with CP to destroy the use and credicibilty of unpoliced platforms.
>Those of good nature but wanting free speech will end up with no safe haven of size because it can always be torn down by evil or power.
>black pill
>meanwhile ordinary citizens (normies) will continue to individually move to the right and right wing alt-light civic-nationalist politicians will continue to get more votes as the years pass.

3b21c No.235457

Could be interesting if 8ch sued Cloudflare for damages. Would be a serious long term affecting decision. Would it go to the SC?

3b21c No.235459

File: 1565182265702.png (251.15 KB, 767x639, b6ab1f4a68423b6afb0a44d4fd….png)

f4a3e No.235460

File: 1565182577347-0.png (150.49 KB, 582x401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1565182577347-1.png (9.44 MB, 6000x4000, __albedo_overlord_maruyama….png)

to be honest this 8chan ship is sinking faster than i expected, its getting fucked on all sides, front middle, center and back.

f4a3e No.235463

File: 1565182838905-0.png (374.2 KB, 1118x647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1565182838905-1.png (808.56 KB, 1119x661, ClipboardImage.png)

>Gunt retort stream clip with Hotwheels and Null

1 hour


>Nulls stream about the Nishimura VS Warkins Lolsuit, that Watkins lost.

1 hour

f4a3e No.235466

File: 1565183288662.png (161.36 KB, 657x339, ClipboardImage.png)

hotwheels ripping into the admin of 8chan like a midget vagina in a wheelchair

3b21c No.235467

It isn't over yet. But yes, they got nuked pretty hard. The site servers still exist and so a re-emergence can still happen. I hope they sue Cloudflare for damages but I am not sure if Cloudflare broke the contract or let it end without renewal. Timing seems convenient.

afcb3 No.235469

I believe they waited til midnight after they announced they'd drop them. So probably an exit clause

f4a3e No.235473

Threadly reminder that Leftypol is now gone too.

3b21c No.235475

The response was disproportionate, it affected many innocents. But was probably legal.

f4a3e No.235476


just heard a claim that hotwheels browsed leftypol after he got disbanded from all his site duties.

so Fredrick Brennan may or may not be a communist now.

8d18c No.235477

color me surprised

3b21c No.235483

File: 1565185020877-0.jpg (28.03 KB, 593x399, 4chan-far-left.jpg)

File: 1565185020877-1.jpg (63.68 KB, 543x474, ideology-cycle-alignment-d….jpg)

Free speech extremism would evolve into chaos. People, who want to push free speech to the point of failure, would want the freedom to express their gender confusion and have it accepted and have the free speech right to share CP. It changes from free expression of ideas to free expression of undisciplined emotions. It wouldn't surprise me that the nature of a person who makes a chan is all for absolute freedom which evolves into the Leftyism we see today.

Chaotic (Freedom) Good -> Chaotic Evil.

3f784 No.235557

File: 1565196899671-0.png (274.25 KB, 853x480, vlcsnap-2019-08-07-09h53m2….png)

File: 1565196899671-1.png (356.45 KB, 853x480, vlcsnap-2019-08-07-09h53m3….png)

We only have to go full crypto friend. Ideas will spread one way or another.

3b21c No.235560

And in its wake a CP flood. Freedom tech, is also freedom for evil.

f4a3e No.235621

File: 1565204419080-0.png (437.7 KB, 1078x627, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1565204419080-1.jpg (63.35 KB, 1034x909, 0193_OAT_Pony_meme_Aryanne….jpg)


new shagnasty stream
communist stream delayed to friday
seems like this is a blackpill stream about censorship
and blumphy
seems like Blumphy went full retard on the el paso and ohio shooting
maybe his worst speech yet
"in one voice, our Nation must condemn Racism, Bigotry and White Supremacy."
t. Dolan

Jim predicts trump is going kill the first and second amendment eventually and take a big fat shit on chan sites. Explicitly cites that the internet is a source of terrorism and radicals.

39fdd No.235629

File: 1565205376431.png (185.59 KB, 1920x954, rainbow_dash_is_angry_by_t….png)

I cannot believe that Hotwheels cucked.

8caa9 No.235637

It honestly amazes me a little that anons still take shit like this so seriously. Tossing out blanket condemnations of dumb shit like vidya games or the internet or "white supremacy" is just what Presidents do when stuff gets shot up. Presidents have been blaming mass shootings on video games, racism and the Internet since the Columbine era. It's about as meaningful as the "thoughts and prayers" routine.

This is basically just Trump saying "well, fuck, some faggot shot up another mall or wall mart or something I guess. They probably want me to make a speech about it, so I guess I'll just grab one from the pile that Obama left in his desk drawer, because I can't be fucked to actually sit and write a whole new speech every time this happens."

e3197 No.235638

Fuck! I can't find my crab rave gif

f4a3e No.235639

File: 1565206420400.jpg (114.41 KB, 1024x488, Bane Trump.jpg)


- complete unwarranted emotional overreaction
- New anti privacy laws
- new more excessive spyware on social media
- usa wide red flag laws
- death penalty for hate crimes
- racism is now a mental illness
- you can be put in the nuthouse and your guns taken away if they think you are an extremist
trump vows to work with democrats to do this
- you are now being collectively punished for random retards and false flags misbehaving

Trump has now turned into Anita Sarkeesian, (You) and the rest of the internet on the right

ad017 No.235643

This not going to end up well. Is this accelerationism?

f4a3e No.235649

File: 1565207525535.png (405.35 KB, 972x394, ClipboardImage.png)


it probably is. this might be officially the beginning of the internet dark ages. And Trump delivered the killing blow.

also here a screenshots from someone on 4chan who claims to have been visited by glowniggers after posting there.

f4a3e No.235656


the poster in questions seems to be a youtuber by the name Chuck E. 2009, a white farmer with a welding channel (with six figure subs) who is a selfidentified white ethno nationalist since 2014. read the great replacements on stream.

ef81f No.235680

>a white farmer with a welding channel (with six figure subs) who is a selfidentified white ethno nationalist since 2014. read the great replacements on stream
How can one man be so based?

3b21c No.235685

File: 1565214239702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.55 KB, 960x1280, Rimini083.jpg)

>How can one man be so based?
welding accident

a4695 No.235686

3b21c No.235695

File: 1565215216981.jpg (53.29 KB, 376x500, 3158376179_583104d1b6.jpg)

When a person is as sexy as you, gender loses all meaning. Kiss me you fool.

39fdd No.235773

File: 1565221843791.jpeg (85.58 KB, 1103x725, t934972_fluttershy_cringe….jpeg)

You have the homo flag.

8b3a2 No.235839

I don't know where else to put this since the rest of the internet is pants on head retarded so I will say this. You guys fucking failed, and you failed because you do not think like jews. What you guys do is you wait for an incendiary event to already start, and then you create a new website/cloudshare/whatever. but by the time you guys make it, interest has already waned and all you have left is a dead site and already burned out posters. What needs to happen is for a bunch of guys to organize a place for us all to go when shit hits the fan first, then wait for a happening and have a blitzkrieg of spam in order to get as many people as possible at once. That way it is easier for them to coalesce a culture.

e8a27 No.235841

>the rest of the internet is pants on head retarded
>but I'm totally not
>what everyone needs to do is figure out and go to the same place
I bet you're a whiz at chess

3b21c No.235863

You just literally described zeronet 08chan. >>235417 See pic.

The actual "problem" is that /pol/ and all the offshoots is a natural emergent oscillation of public reactions to events resulting in left/right ideological oscillation. It has no leader and no planning beyond emotional reactions. Therefore there is no strategy and no long term planning. Nor can there be in a leaderless reactionary group.

Also, putting aside that the first paragraph destroys your argument, why didn't you, in your ∞ wisdom do the very solution you think is needed?

f4965 No.235865

File: 1565259731281.jpg (51.15 KB, 598x448, 1563988015675.jpg)

You cant run if you dont know where you're going.
I've said many times, it Is not that we're short on power or anons, it's just that we dont have an objective to focus on.
And even if we did, we still need anons to actually do the thing.

1848c No.235867

File: 1565260179201.webm (15.97 MB, 1024x576, Sorry for the inconvenien….webm)

Some webms that I've been encoding.

1848c No.235868

File: 1565260227086.webm (15.71 MB, 1280x720, 8chan founder calls for s….webm)

39fdd No.235873

File: 1565261327404.png (332.27 KB, 1280x720, gfnxnnxf.png)

WTF, he sounds like a normie, and it is still worst talking to the judenpresse.

3b21c No.235874

File: 1565261931831.png (199.54 KB, 1024x1325, pdp.png)

Who is the highest ranking anon here? We should organise a chain of command and a strategy around their strong and wise leadership. I vote for me to be in charge, do I have any support?

f4a3e No.235876

File: 1565266782490-0.png (75.31 KB, 1198x192, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1565266782490-1.jpg (217.67 KB, 800x1123, __magatsuchi_shouta_and_qu….jpg)


I myself am a professional and esteemed Power User Player and all i have to say is:

at this point anyone would make a better site owner than the current (((Magapede))) in chief, even Nigel. So consider yourself having my vote. Time to build a shadow government for MLPOL before we stage a hostile takeover. No Prisoners.(CARRY ON ESTEEMED POWER USER)

4b44f No.235880

File: 1565268908373.png (183.39 KB, 667x375, downloadfile-removebg-prev….png)

HotWheels is a joke and I think he's butthurt because he was stupid and sold 8Chan to Jim Watkins..

7b2f0 No.235884

File: 1565270212634.mp4 (13.52 MB, 320x568, 1564872409.mp4)


There was additional shooters at the El Paso TX Walmart and this is also being covered up.

Eyewitnesses telling about the additional Walmart shooters.

ad2b3 No.235886

At this point I don't care if you guys are cancerous newfags or if you're just joking, I'm just going to tell you both to fuck off to some other site you feel you're owed something from.

3b21c No.235888

Each machine they brought up got DDOSed. This shows it is a larger scale attack than just Cloudflare. CM claims they are taking a longer more robust path back to being available.

This is beyond someone posted a manifesto.


I am looking forward to seeing what robustness 8ch can create against such serious opposition. It's easier to destroy than create.

3b21c No.235891

I was making the point that you can't have an army or cohesive strategy, on an anonymous forum. Chain of command, needs identity and titles, which is anti-chan. Therefore no universally followed strategy will ever emerge from a chan. Said another way, chans are in a permanent state of disruption, not creation.

This is a good thing.

ad2b3 No.235892

We aren't an army. If you want to organize like that, organize off-site or in the meatspace, but we aren't some plaything for people to try to mold into whatever they desire. We don't owe anyone anything.

f4965 No.235894

That is false, creating a problem and proposing the solution as the election of a leader will only lead to the systematic destruction of the community, but you probably already know that.

Organization without a leader not only Is possible but also known to be an effective guerilla warfare technique, when lacking a fixed leader, everyone on the group should be able to lead and decitions on who and how to attack are Made througt discussion and formal arguments, generating better strategies in the process.
The power of a chan is on it's de-centralization, thats why "its ok to be white" works so well.
Dont come here shilling such unnatural tactics, you're better off arguing israel nukes location.

e8a27 No.235899

They're not newfags, but they are cancer. We've been dealing with them off and on for months. At least one of them is an unironic redditor. You should see him get into bitch-fits with Nigel.

769cc No.235900

File: 1565274570236.png (63.66 KB, 357x468, jobdone.png)

This, Not your personal army

3b21c No.235902

I'm the redditor (never post, I farm data) but I never talk to Nigel. News needs to come from somewhere.. it doesn't come from /mlpol/, /pol/ is shit. That leaves the places /mlpol/ hate. No choice.

3b21c No.235903

You are right, you can do some generic psychological stuff. But it isn't physical world, its mental.

3b21c No.235905

And upon further reflection this means it operates in the same way as Twitter etc. Text and picture warfare. The one difference is no identity, that's all.

3b21c No.235906

File: 1565276410089.png (32.35 KB, 183x200, 5e0f9021e92d25a7215163c109….png)

Sorry for the small image. 08chan has no copy of the larger one available.


No 8ch until after Congress meeting.

3b21c No.235907

File: 1565276906533.png (106.48 KB, 570x614, ea8f74e3dc6a52667d9bec2ac0….png)


Rob, the CEO of epik.com, the DNS registrar of 8chan, who is trying to help 8chan to get back up is being harrassed IRL along with his family.


I am neither in the NW or a member of FB, so not much can be done from here.

Any anon have any desire to assist his request?

-- End Quote --

Should I post intel from /mlpol/ unapproved sources? What matters most, the message or the messenger? This intel comes from QResearch.

a8b9c No.235909

>it isn't physical world, its mental.
First you imagine it, then you will it, then it exists.
Youre throwing a strawman my way, your posting habits remind me of the rules of disinformation, whats up with that?
Throw me a valid argument anon dont be scared.

e8a27 No.235911

If possible, please archive links (especially (((certain))) ones) but there's no prohibition to posting information. How you post it might get a reaction tho.

3b21c No.235912

File: 1565278524978.png (26.55 KB, 900x600, dont-tread.png)

>>it isn't physical world, its mental.
>First you imagine it, then you will it, then it exists.
Doesn't change the fact that chans won't make armies.

>Youre throwing a strawman my way, your posting habits remind me of the rules of disinformation, whats up with that?

Thanks for the new tactics. https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-25-rules-of-disinformation/ However I fail rule 1, as I discuss things like MKUltra and hypnotising innocents into shooters.

What you will be noticing is that I am anti-extremism. Extremism is where ideologies (and people) go to die. I am alt-light, I believe in long term, viable, normie acceptable, sensible right wing plans, not edge lords who seek death/prison who disparage the movement, have no (future) children or families, and convert the public into leftists as a horror reaction. An example: a shooter killed 8ch. (might be FF, might not be). Shooter have no concern about blow back. They hurt you more than help you.

To me a shooter is a cuck. He is saying I want to die or be ass raped in prison. He is saying I have given up on repopulating the white race, I'd rather be dead. A shooter is black pilled, not red pilled. A shooter has zero tactics and zero long term planning. A police sniper putting his brains on a nearby wall improves the world.

>Throw me a valid argument anon dont be scared.

About what subject? If I was scared I wouldn't shit post here.

3b21c No.235913

If the workload of posting is doubled or tripled I would rather not post. This isn't my job, it is a gift. To state it differently "Not you personal intel army". Please advise.

If mods disagree they can show this by banning me.

e8a27 No.235916

>if possible, please archive links
>REEEEEEEE too much effort! Screw you guys! Ban me!
That escalated quickly

3b21c No.235918

File: 1565279629948.png (138.8 KB, 2500x1500, starlight-nervous-laugh.png)

I've been in this debate before. It was efficient to get to the end point immediately rather than drag it out.

e8a27 No.235919

I'm just saying it is common courtesy to archive links. You're not required to, there's no rules about it, and there's no prohibition for sharing information (unless it is observed to be shilling, detracting, or other things that are expressly prohibited in the basic site rules). Having said - and I should clarify - how anons react to the information is their business and choice. I'll make no guarantees.

3b21c No.235921

My apologies if my reply was too strong. My intent was to get to the end point, not be inflammatory. I am just aware that posting comes from it being fun, and once it becomes work, the fun is gone. Also I am 75% of the time using a tablet which makes cutting and pasting an additional chore.

I process a large amount of info and I like /mlpol/ enough to share it here. /mlpol/ is a board of peace and friendship.

e8a27 No.235924

And you are welcome and encouraged to do so. If you are unable/unwilling to archive links, I or someone else will come along and do so eventually.
What won't stand is anything that will get the site shut down (CP, credible or apparently credible threats of violence, etc.), as well as the things that users have opted (through consensus) to not tolerate (the basic rules).

558ec No.235925

This is probably not a bad idea. It's a bad look for Jim to be testifying and them to pull up a live stream of the shit we would of course be saying about them. Funny as hell though.

Jim's default strategy must be to wrap himself in the flag and start quoting the founding fathers. It's the best and only argument.

And really, there's no telling if any of these shooters were anons, just that they thought 8/pol would be a good place to drop their manifestos, in addition to droping it on facebook, etc. Let's not all forget that St Tarrant livestreamed on facebook. But 8/pol gets all the heat.

558ec No.235926

>This intel comes from QResearch.
Fine, at least get them doing something other than circle jerking over stupid, cryptic prophesies. Reminds me of everyone reading Nostradamus in the 80s.

3b21c No.235932

I have zero interest in doing anything illegal ever. You can see my posting history which shows I often argue against such behaviour. I vow to do no harm to /mlpol/. Except shit post sometimes for fun.

b4644 No.235958

File: 1565289428541.png (243.07 KB, 855x474, oh.png)

>Doesn't change the fact that chans won't make armies.
What is an army, and better, what is the whole point of an army?

>Thanks for the new tactics. However I fail rule 1(…)

Well my dear anon you see, in making that point you're either making an invalid point or assuming i am an extremist yet in no point have i made that claim.
I do think in the long term and for that i do know the left is not the way to go, a random shooting without a bigger plan is not convenient for us and i do know that posting ironically and whinning about the site without giving any advice is not going to help anyone either.

You're arguing about how a chan will never be an army, and in a way that might be truth, it is also better for everyone to not see a tiny chan on the middle of nowhere as a treat, but a chan does have the capability to have an organized, descentralized plan which can actually change things for the better.
I no way i am suggesting we should go out and assault people; That is illegal. What i am suggesting is that we stop blackpilling people talking about how we can't do shit and actually start making simple but effective moves, as an example, the it's ok to be white stunt.

Ideas and memetics are our strenght, and for such we have to be well versed in a number of topics to act effectively in the momment of need and ensure a future for white ponies.
Celestia bless football.

d5383 No.235968

File: 1565292645429.png (1.26 MB, 2048x1601, 1557258033659.png)

>giving a shit about laws and morality when your enemy clearly doesn't
And that's why the right will keep losing ground, because they continue playing by the rules

3b21c No.236000

27241 No.236002

My thoughts exactly.

3b21c No.236005

False alarms, real trauma. Americans are on edge after string of mass shootings
Ryan W. Miller, USA TODAY Published 4:31 p.m. ET Aug. 7, 2019 | Updated 9:15 a.m. ET Aug. 8, 2019

Corrections & Clarifications: An earlier version of this story misstated the term "vicarious trauma."

The panic spread quickly in Times Square. A loud bang, then people scattering in all directions.

What many thought in the moment would be another tragedy in a sea of mass shootings in the USA turned out to be another false alarm.

A motorcycle backfired, ringing out like the gunshots of an active shooter, and all was clear.

After a weeklong string of mass shootings have shaken Americans, multiple false reports and hoaxes of active shooters have spread around the country, highlighting an acute fear many Americans feel in the wake of the incidents.

"This is a real phenomenon," said Arthur Evans, CEO of the American Psychological Association. "We don't have to go through these events directly. Simply hearing about them" can affect us in ways similar to those who directly experienced the incident.

Go Team!! It's working!!

292fe No.236067

File: 1565319231937.jpg (39.01 KB, 640x477, WhiteRightAndLibertarian.jpg)

It's a serious trade off. A centralized organization has discipline but it can be easily led astray or destroyed by the arrest/assassination of its command structure (see the deaths of George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. Pierce) or co-opted by immoral/controlled leaders (as with Matt Heimbach and Richard Spencer). On the other hand, a decentralized organization can never account for all members and is therefore susceptible to disinformation or lone-wolf discrediting. Also, regardless of its nature it WILL be ignored, infiltrated, and attacked if it is in open meatspace, whereas left-wing orgs don't suffer the same consequences.

I see this as the most effective tactic. I'd go for a two-pronged approach: open and spontaneous activities and covert planned activities. Open activities should be exclusively those which are redpilling yet innocuous at face value, such as "It's OK to be white," "Stop sexualizing children," etc. Come up with ones that have comedic takes too such that memery is possible. The goal is to be able to spread ideas as widely as possible without triggering most normies and with minimal risk to oneself (so long as appropriate precautions are taken), and also to be able to easily identify enemy psy-ops (like they tried with "It's OK to kill kikes").

Covert activities involve intelligence gathering, internal disruption of opponents and distribution of resources for further activities. By its nature this means getting people you know and trust in meatspace and setting up "cells." Your peers should set up their own cells such that no one knows everyone else and have codenames; proof of membership should be something nearly exclusive and obscure yet apparently innocuous. Meetings should be in windowless spaces without any electronics nearby. Any sort of electronic communication should be considered compromised by its nature and use of more traditional, elaborate codes in apparently innocuous messages is the only method. You should separate this "hidden life" from your business/personal/political lives; for instance, just as you wouldn't mention politics in business you wouldn't mention the org in friendly political discussions (the goal being to redpill people and establish their trustworthiness before letting them in). The long-term goal is to establish an anti-cabal or anti-Cathedral with like-minded people in different circles, capable of orchestrating happenings like professional intelligence agencies and Jews do. By its nature whether something like that exists can't be openly known on Chans, so it is the responsibility of intelligent anons (particularly those who are relatively well-to-do and well-connected).

See >>234190

I used to hope that intellectual leadership in nationalism/traditionalism and austro-libertarianism would join forces. However, I can see that can never be the case, simply because libertarians with significant followings have too much to lose by any sort of connection with race realists (see the controversy when HHH, himself already considered radical, wrote the preface for White, Right, and Libertarian), and race realists are frustrated by that silence. Nonetheless, that doesn't stop me from hoping the two movements will fuse, simply because it's inevitable. In terms of practical policies austro-libertarians are nearly identical with white nationalists, and there is a great deal of conformity with theory as well. However, while still marginal it's a much larger and growing movement in the open and it is not incessantly attacked by the mainstream (yet). Therefore, if you want to redpill people I recommend the following course of action:

Join/infiltrate (right-wing) libertarian organizations, regardless of your own affiliation
By rubbing shoulders with them you're highly likely to redpill them, much more likely than other people. Libertarians tend to become race-realists over time, even if they don't necessarily voice it (the so-called pipeline) and there is a wealth of literature that promotes this viewpoint. They are also generally traditionalists and Christians and are already low-key redpilled. Also, we can learn some things from the libertarian movement as well, as it has grown from essentially nothing over forty years. Agorism (which memes essentially are a part of) in particular is a way to get around ever-growing restrictions. In the short-run we are all anarchists and we need to think like anarchists.

ec80b No.236073

What is the best way to start red pilling lolbergs in your experience

ec80b No.236078

Can someone else make a thread on 4/pol/? I'm banned.

292fe No.236083

Always start with matters you agree on (which is virtually everything in the case of WNs and right-libertarians). It depends on the individual but I would bring up how politicians import immigrants for votes and their hypocrisy in trying to raise the minimum wage. Point them (and neocons/normie conservatives) to Tom Woods because he's practically /ourguy/.

As for left-libertarians (lolberts) push them to absolute freedom of speech by frightening them with how politicians want to take away free expression and vidya games.

1848c No.236086

Fuck cuckchan, leave it behind already.

ec80b No.236090

Cuckchan is shit, but there are some 8/pol/ fags still lurking trying to find bunkers. Normally I wouldn't suggest posting on 4chan, but 8chan posters are looking for places to post.

2d7f5 No.236103

File: 1565326671726.jpeg (29.89 KB, 480x270, 1502147421630.jpeg)

This sounds very promising anon, am interested in your take on propertarianism, John Mark and his "winning right" rebranding of the alt-right.


39fdd No.236111

>John Mark
That guy has "The Way" I think.

39fdd No.236115

File: 1565330630485.png (774.52 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190809.png)

>John Mark and his "winning right" rebranding of the alt-right.
I post his last video for any poner to find out what it is about.

>Conservatives Reaching CONSENSUS (The Left Should Be Terrified)


d8b45 No.236137

File: 1565338140809.gif (3.24 KB, 360x224, Vote from the rooftops.gif)

Vote from the rooftops.

>By clicking New Reply, I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal.
Man I haven't been here in a while.

d8b45 No.236138

Does anyone know about the Library of Babel? Every sentence imaginable can be found in it…could you send a link to an existing page to communicate?

It sounds circuitous, but is essentially a secure way of sending a message to people.


d8b45 No.236145

>Hex is pasta
>Wall 2
>Shelf 4
>Vol 10
>Page 322

292fe No.236173

I agree with him 90% but he concedes the definition of libertarianism to what the (((Koch))) brothers want it to be, perhaps in a ploy to discredit it altogether. Doolittle has not yet convinced me why I shouldn't be a Hoppean ancap instead.

Also, he goes on about how the Constitution just needs to be revised, but doesn't point out the inherent weakness of any Constitution which is that it's just words from the past. If a culture chooses to ignore it, it can regardless of how true it is. To be sure, it would make loophole abuse harder but these days people don't even bother to look for loopholes anymore. It's like saying we can stop Christian schism and progressivism by rewriting the Bible.

3b21c No.236241

>As of Monday, 8chan was down due to a complete disconnection of its host Epik's services from the netblock it leased from its upstream provider, Voxility.


Internet Wars: Company vs Company. We will end up with a right-wing and left-wing parallel internet infrastructure? Will they cyber war each other? Will you join the fight keyboard hero? Is humanity stupid?

3b21c No.236249

File: 1565384438926.png (59.29 KB, 600x638, 4bbd7691bd2633ffd5a80d8df7….png)

8/pone/ didn do nuffin

1e5d5 No.236250

File: 1565385055910.jpg (36.75 KB, 619x614, disdain.jpg)

Goodness fuck he's being unironic.

c28d1 No.236257

The comments are so triggered lol. It's like an antifa fansite

c7550 No.236271

File: 1565389718218.jpg (136.23 KB, 2048x2048, 4b492142a516336ce870a5a3da….jpg)

More like @a pansy amirite folks

e095d No.236278

You know your movement is full of upstanding citizens when a recurring theme in your encouragement and propaganda is that your enemies' role in history will be relegated to being irredeemable assholes with no legitimate reason to disagree with the way society was changing. It's not petty or immature to wish that nobody ever thought nicely of the people you disagree with, especially not if you wish it so much that you would rewrite history to make it happen if you could.

cac1b No.236280

They are all gladly running towards 1984 thinking it will be a perfect society. It is this kind of things that make me loose hope in humanity. When did freedom become a bad thing?

85b94 No.236305

Start off by pointing out basic shit like how massive companies are responsible for almost all the pollution and global warming effects but how it's weird the media keeps pretending that it's the average person's fault that the Earth is getting absolutely raped.

e095d No.236309

No, it's massive companies IN CHINA AND INDIA that are fucking up the global climate, if anyone is, and yet American/European companies are sometimes accused for it, and the rest of the time it's American/European people.

d8b45 No.236312

Yes, it is a bizarre way of sending messages, but it's not any more bizarre than people trying to create Minecraft servers to communicate.

>Can have voice chat

>Can use signs to convey messages
>Blocks can be arranged into images
>Redstone can be so sophisticated you can make video viewing possible
>You can change soundblock data to run George Lincoln Rockwell speeches
>You can hide rooms in the Underworld section by making it so you must teleport aboveground to a certain place before jumping in an obisidian portal to reach another place

There are so many ways to cordon off information in Minecraft that I've always wondered why no one has used it to discuss terrorist activities.

3b21c No.236314

Many years ago when SecondLife was new add cutting edge where people could build anything on virtual land, rumours spread that the FBI was monitoring it for terrorists. The concern was that it could be used for virtual terrorist training. Wer laughed back then.

I even heard World of Warcraft was monitored because "planing a raid" could be terrorist code. So game monitoring for "terrorists" is actually pretty old.

d8b45 No.236319

Sure, the monitoring is. However, WoW and SecondLife have servers open to everyone. With Minecraft, not only do you have to have a specific server name, but to monitor everything would require either God mode or mod cheats. Both of those things can be spotted, but even harder, if anything is segregated to bizarre hidden rooms, it would be impossible to spot unless you already knew where those things were.

It would require a retarded amount of man hours to monitor and find things in a Minecraft server, and then for someone to spout some horse /babel/ like



>Wall 4

>Shelf 5
>Volume 18
>Page 343
>Line 18
could make any FBI guys job a living nightmare as they have to decipher what the hell this message could mean.

Anything that requires insider information becomes impossible to decipher if someone is patient enough to wait until the source is lost.
>What is the Voynicht Manuscript?

1848c No.236325

File: 1565398243329.webm (3.74 MB, 1500x1500, anon_map_[Chrono_Trigger_….webm)

e095d No.236368

>Wall 1
>Shelf 2
>Volume 14
>Page 49
>Line 6

That said, this is probably the most technologically arcane form of communication, which is kind of awesome. If you don't know already what it is, it's a big wall of nonsense followed by a bunch of library terms. If you use the website's notation for condensing the last terms, then the only consistent feature of the wall of nonsense is a series of letter-number combinations that are actually a second part of the code which has nothing to do, cryptographically, with the first part.

cc8c6 No.236383

I was about to say the same thing. Zoo allot and occasionally /pony/ because why the fuck did the russian hax post episodes to 8ch I don't know, 4chan was getting updates secondhandedly.

Very rarely I popped in Pol and LeftyPol just for amusment to see what was happening and it really didn't seem too off from Pol on 4chan. LeftyPol though was like looking into the mind of a psychopath and I am damn surprised that no one said anything about all the rhetoric there on how they want to blow up the whitehouse.

d8b45 No.236384

The only way to make it worse is to actually have your own code decipher mechanisms that you use AFTER you find those pages. A codebook for a book that is secured inside a wall of insanity. Only the most autistic would even know where to look. You could even use the pages that have full words and use start/stop words to hide a coded message.

You could go full wheels within wheels with it.

e095d No.236389

>Wall 2
>Shelf 3
>Volume 31
>Page 3

At the point when you have an entire page of bullshit just to send one copypasta, you might as well. The problem becomes "securing the protocols from simply being stolen" faster than it becomes "keeping the encryption uncrackable" beyond one more layer, though.

d8b45 No.236398

File: 1565407133879.png (58.26 KB, 928x872, Terrorist nigger.PNG)

True. In order for a code to be useful, it has to be used, and if you have too many steps, information is simply lost or mistranslated.

On another note, I wonder if the guy who made the Library of Babel would have ever considered that there are entire pages devoted to the word nigger, or that all 'white supremacist' novels would be stored within his program?

cc8c6 No.236401

You have no idea what freedom of speech is do you? You have the Freedom to say what ever you want to say and no one can stop you from saying it, censor you from saying it, or imprison you for saying it.

Sharing Photographs is not Speech
>Saying that your gender is a FlimFlamBallaBingBam is.
Forcing someone to address you by your made up "Pronouns" IS NOT Freedom of Speech.
>Calling someone a Nigger is Freedom of Speech.

There is no such thing as Free Speech Extremism because is it no different of an argument of which the Liberals here in America wish to intact "Hate Speech" laws. There is NO hate speech because all speech is Free. What is OK for one group will never be the same for another group that opposes them, and over time any precedence which declares a limitation on the Freedoms which we hold dear will hold them liable when restrictions are placed upon them. To restrict any Freedoms which are God Given rights unalienable to any man is to place the very foundations that will eradicate them in the name of evil.

Though to accentuate your statement of emotions, emotions is just one part in speech which can have great influence in how we speak. Plato the philosopher himself spoke on Ethos, Logos, Pathos and Karios. Ethics, Logic, Emotion, and Timing. The left loves to use these mass shootings to appeal to emotions and they love the timing of which they occur because it furthers their rhetoric towards their ends, to eliminate the freedoms of their opponents to eradicate them.

It is why you see such places devolve into chaos. It isn't because of the Freedoms which these places hold, it is the lunacy to create an appeal for an argument to strip them away.

3b21c No.236406

>Sharing Photographs is not Speech

Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction. The term "freedom of expression" is sometimes used synonymously but includes any act of seeking, receiving, and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

Seems not everyone agrees with your narrower definition.

3b21c No.236408


Article 19

2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

7bfa6 No.236411

>posts scrambled data in 3+ posts.
>what could it be?
probably an attack on /mlpol/, obfuscated cp

cc8c6 No.236415

>Wanting to do something
>Doesn't want to be roped into something

Yeah, no one wants to fight for someone else. Everyone wants to be a leader but no one wants to be led. We know what we stand for, Freedom and the Love of that sweet pony pussy.

But where we can share ideologies here in peace, we see the world around us being torn asunder and as anyone, we wish that we didn't feel so helpless to not be able to do a damn thing about it. I hear you.

But the thing is, no one is an army, we may own guns but many aren't military, we aren't politicians, we aren't wealthy fat cats and so, we aren't in a position of power. We come from all over the world, you being from Germany. The issue goes far beyond just a few hierarchical chains of command. How the fuck do we fight when we are so disperse and so few? Take a Railroad worker from the states and a librarian from Germany and try to start WWIII, that just isn't going to happen.

Want to push back, want to fight back? Organization as to come together might be the first step. As one other anon said about the "It is Ok to be White" that worked because of how spread out world wide we are and we all have access to paper and a printer.

We are individuals and so you must think on an individual scale to affect world wide matters. The most simplest fight you can have and one of the most powerful is propaganda. Even if that propaganda is truth, it is why the left wants to shut it down.

Imagine what they would do if one day an entire black and white news paper was laid on every doorstep that spoke out the truths of the left, their corruption, their lies, but didn't name any names. Watch the guilty recourse and no one would know where they came from as they were spread world wide.

cc8c6 No.236421

Why not what the the founding fathers used?

cc8c6 No.236430

>Speech is Expression.
In America we have the Right to Speak, with out mouths, to then express out views. That is what is Articulation.

Expression however may include Speech, but isn't exclusive to it. I can express that I am a Christian by wearing a crucifix around my neck just as so a faggot can express that he is a faggot by wearing a rainbow colored tank top. However, the expression of my religion is also protected by the 1st amendment, wearing a rainbow tanktop is not.

To say Expression is one in the same to the words that come out of my mouth and thus synonymous is as if to say that the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms, only includes muskets.

cc8c6 No.236435

This, this is now interesting,this being not a US resolution but a UN resolution dated '66, during the civil rights movement.

What is even more interesting is not just the cause about Expression, but even political ideology, however, Nazi imagery is still banned in Germany and left and right (as in all over not parties) Conservative workers in the workforce are losing their jobs just because they wore a MAGA hat once and the employer found out about it. Could you imaging bringing American companies to the UN council for a violation of this treaty? Or is it only exclusive if the "government" violated it?

Which begs the question, are you truly free if you can't freely express your right to that said freedom? It is like say being a christain, the government may not have a problem with it but where every place or worship is a mosque and you are beaten every day for a cross, Hmm are you free?

d8b45 No.236471

If you think that, you can't read.

The enigma was already cracked. I was just spitballing methods of communication that would be hard to decipher, and methods that are peer-to-peer these days are much more encrypted than Enigma could ever be. I would rather have an outside point that would make that peer-to-peer communication indecipherable without access to that something 'extra' that would only be known by spergs.

dee62 No.236650

Perhaps, but Article 20, number 2 cucks that out a bit.

"2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law."

So, you can say you think (((example group))) is working to undermine society or that another group is more prone to violence than others, but when you start suggesting ways to deal with the problem, it's not free speech in that document's eyes.

b08aa No.236733

Bolivian servers sound like a good idea.

cc8c6 No.236734

Most of the Enigma was cracked due to all the captured Uboats with their codebooks. With the additional plugs and 4th wheel, it became harder to crack with out a bit of insider help.

Though there is also the KL7 which used 7 to 8 rotors. The problem with any sort of method like this is despite being able to have over 1000's of ways to set it, as long as you know that setting "or seed" you can predict the next actual letter.

even in computers, you would need to encript the key itself and everyone that has a key would need to know how to decrypt it.

With the Enigma, code books were issued to every boat, however most code books were standardized instead of individualized which led to early cracking. If you want to send secret messages, best to have each with a separate code book or risk being compromised early.

cc8c6 No.236735

Good grief.

"Hey guys, we got a major crack in this here damn, it could flood the whole valley and kill hundreds." says one man.

"Ok, so how do we fix it? like with concrete or…"

"LOCK HIM UP!", "BOOO!", "RACIST", yells everyone else.

Seriously, that is what it devolves to. And National Hatred? What? If the whole nation hates you, I think there is a very serious problem unless this is just their way of double speaking towards Nationalism, and labeling it as being "hatred" when it is nothing more than pride in one's country. Which by that means, the agenda is very clear that the goal is Globalism.

b7ee4 No.236739

Unlikely, poor and slow infrastructure, like an African country. The fiber optic cables in South America, physically speaking, lead only to America (a choke point), and from there to the rest of the word.
Also, its government might be communist, but the local elites managing the comms are globalist.

27241 No.236740

Maybe Moldovia, sad panda moved there.

3b21c No.236837

File: 1565485569870.jpg (778.55 KB, 1997x1249, 1565465576384.jpg)

36138 No.236861

#4 sleek. Nice.

DS is just WN clickbait. Who goes there? Yang 2020 So gay.

I like neinchan, and it's really fun when they lose their minds over a pony or two (not even a lewd). It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

592bc No.236897

Where did anons end up? I keep hearing zeronet but that has a huge amount of security problems

6e174 No.236937

Gotta be honest, I ended up here. I knew about this place but never knew how good it is, I think I might stay here even when 8ch comes back.

6ad05 No.236943

File: 1565536212323.png (45.77 KB, 215x350, _old__dashie_says_happy_he….png)

Glad you found your way here, even if you find yourself elsewhere later

5a72a No.236946

the zeronet thing is currently a bit broke with new users barely able to post

It's nice but it needs some work and more clear instructions on how to set it up without fucking yourself too much.

7518f No.236954

File: 1565539484977-0.png (441.17 KB, 803x995, SS-rottenfuhrer.png)

File: 1565539484977-1.mp4 (5.07 MB, 640x360, Latvian Legion 19th Divisi….mp4)

welcome friend i hope you enjoy you're stay
my respects go to the Latvian Legion who fought alongside the German SS

ad2b3 No.236959

File: 1565540144639.gif (49.95 KB, 531x800, 1330653__safe_artist-colon….gif)

It's great to see you're enjoying this place so far, Anon. Welcome, and have a poner.

6e174 No.236963

>>236959 (coincidentally Octavia is my fav character, although tbh I don't watch the show)
Many thanks lads, very nice!
Also I wanted to point out that at https://mlpol.net/policy.html the link far down the page goes to ghostbin is outdated because ghostbin closed their service. Nothing too important though, I think.

05859 No.236985

What happened with that? I was on 08chan, too, and now it's a blank screen. On one of the threads I had open when it all went to shit, it was the /tech/ thread where they had a user-side parch for website, and the last posts were complaining that a new update was breaking everything unless you had the patch already installed. I'm guessing that it's coming back, since the side admin was in that thread suggesting that the patch be applied to the entire site right before it went kaput.
Also, why does it say, "By clicking New Reply, I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal" in my reply box? Don't tell me that the admins fell for that meme.

c28d1 No.236987

I was referring to the antifa-like comments being pro censorship, using the private company excuse for virtual public squares. Also the absolute delusion they have thinking the far left is popular with average people.

6ad05 No.236989

>fell for the meme
Users asked for it, developers kek'd. That's the story

c076d No.237040

there are user-side patches to fix it, but that's too much effort, you can't expect every user to do that.
It's the job of the admin to apply it sitewide, and i guess he will deliver sooner or later and if not, there will be another millchan fork.
Its god damn easy to just launch a new site with no costs.

At the moment its just a waiting game. There is no need for everything to be rushed, the more time passes the more people will move on from that witch hunt and it will be easier to build it up. You can shitpost on ZeroTalk in the meantime if you care, but that's it.

3b21c No.237070

>Also, why does it say, "By clicking New Reply, I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal" in my reply box? Don't tell me that the admins fell for that meme.

Can a meme be real?

fa516 No.237075

No. It’s a meme, and users asked for it, so we added it as a joke

3b21c No.237077


I just nuked my zeronet and then:
git clone https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet.git
and now zeronet is working for me, including replying.

the git link comes from https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/ which comes from https://zeronet.io/ install instructions.

3b21c No.237093

File: 1565555886779.jpg (27.93 KB, 474x395, dc.jpg)

>8chan may have been shut down, but that doesn’t mean we’re safe.

>You see, all the people that used 8chan before it was shut down are still out there. They might be on Twitter. They might be on Facebook. They might be ordering coffee at a Starbucks. They might be plotting some sort of far-right apocalypse. They might just be talking about movies on reddit. There’s no way of knowing.

We should all be terribly worried.

https://archive.fo/wjJK9 ( off-guardian.org )

I'm literally shaking right now.

05859 No.237231

Is there anything that you need to do besides install this version? I'm still getting empty everythings.

3b21c No.237244


It was straight forward for me. I do have a lot of queued up updates, but I could post in /test/.

Do you see pages but empty posts/catalog? Or empty pages?

a2fbd No.237245

Is the TOR service running?

7a473 No.237247

4's just gone down.
Could be a typical error, but post 8 it feels… different.

41c06 No.237248

File: 1565581376751.png (1.3 MB, 1440x1440, god_empress_faust_by_ratof….png)

>Posting an image that has some random site's url on it for some reason.
The DA page wasn't even hard to find, anaon.

ad2b3 No.237249

Seems too soon for that. Too little time in between site takedowns, the 8chan takedown hasn't yet left the public consciousness. But who knows, perhaps today is the Doomsday.

02c06 No.237250

Endchan also down, 4chan works still but slow af

05859 No.237251

I am seeing a blank page with the standard 08chan UI elements (logo, options, FAQ, millchan engine button, dark background), but that is all that is there on the 08chan main page. I had a number of 08chan boards open during the borkening, and all of them stayed up but with no new posts, and would go to the same mostly-empty screen if you reloaded or pushed a button to go to another part of the website. It is attempting to get content.json updates, but failing, and in another attempt at fixing it, it succeeded but this produced no change. The options button produces an empty box, and the millchan engine button opens a new screen which finds peers, but also fails to download content.json updates. The FAQ button works as intended, and the 08chan logo produces no difference. It was all the same pre- and post-update.

>From the moment I understood the weakness of women's flesh, it disgusted me. I craved the beauty and certainty of cartoon horse puss. I aspired to the purity of the magical friendship. Your kind cling to your forums as if they will not be deplatformed and fail you. One day, the crude collection of threads that you call a chan will get ddos'ed, and you will beg my kind to save you.
>But I am already saved.
>For the 2d is immortal.

7a473 No.237252

Wasn't on /pol/ at the time to see the catalog, was on /tv/. Who knows.

Least it's working for someone, I'm still getting timeout errors.

39fdd No.237253

>I am seeing a blank page with the standard 08chan UI elements (logo, options, FAQ, millchan engine button, dark background)
Positively, the TOR service is running.

7a473 No.237254

Kek. There's still an ancient, years old post from me in the newfag welcome thread. Little question where I'd end up ultimately.
But you can't begrudge a man his nomadisms, they go where they will.

270bc No.237255

File: 1565582236684.gif (68.27 KB, 250x186, 1375054662919.gif)


f525e No.237256

File: 1565582430711-0.jpg (90.97 KB, 700x463, 1530046837688.jpg)

File: 1565582430711-1.jpg (68.91 KB, 1034x909, 1526858691350.jpg)

GYAH 4chan is down, 8chan is down. I am now FORCED to use /mlpol/. Time to dig out my /mlpol/ memes.

30e96 No.237258

Yup, 4chan and 4channel home pages open but 522 error opening any other pages. Just now got cloudflare notice that the board is offline.

85915 No.237259

it's the happening of all happenings.
they are finally coming for the chans.
i wonder if /mlpol/ is obscure enough to survive?
if so people will find their way here over time.
nothing can kill anon

30e96 No.237260

File: 1565582640606.jpg (307.04 KB, 792x714, did-someone-say.jpg)

Shit just got real, boys.
This is our life now.

6ad05 No.237262

Fake news. /mlp/ runs just fine

05859 No.237263

File: 1565582748309.gif (3.79 MB, 566x324, my face when.gif)

>TFW discovering MLP all those years ago might be the reason why I'm shitposting through the chanpocalypse
Well, the 4chan blackout might have been temporary, but the point still stands.

3b21c No.237264

File: 1565582810331-0.jpg (74.12 KB, 600x446, habbening.jpg)

File: 1565582810331-1.jpg (43.93 KB, 480x360, =.jpg)

It obvious they are corralling everyone to /mlpol/ for the final strike and then the emergence of the glorious starlight utopia!

ad2b3 No.237265

File: 1565583039645.gif (7.14 MB, 812x718, 2094183__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Pic related

Hail Comrade Glimmer! Равенство для всех!

7a473 No.237267

Theoretically, the existence of the site is known. Only takes one "*ahem*" post to paint a bullseye.

3b21c No.237269

That's so funny!
That's so cute!

7a473 No.237270

>By clicking New Reply, I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal
I don't even remember what the fuck my original post was now. I love you, whoever you are that stuck that in there.

41041 No.237309

File: 1565598285250.png (243.92 KB, 1350x827, canvas.png)

I found the /leftypol/ bunker.
Come over faggots, with VPN of course, to shower those homos with horse pussy.

cc8c6 No.237311

Dont they know where we are? I hate the left but you are wanting a raid that is only going to have them retaliate.

30e96 No.237322

Yes it is brilliant

9774a No.237368


Where's the mlpol bunker when these nerds DDOS this site in retaliation? … you know, or the same thing happens here that happened to 8ch.

fa516 No.237369

File: 1565631888573.png (184.81 KB, 1170x1024, 30A56AA0-CAF4-4584-8E52-EC….png)

Let them come. We can take them

fd3c7 No.237371

Try harder faggot

9774a No.237381


Just wondering what the official(ish) backup plan was, since I've been waiting for 8ch to come back online due to them seemingly not having a backup plan.

Tor is almost certainly a glow honeypot.

ZeroNet requires you to basically download and seed every site and can't really be moderated (the unofficial 8ch knockoff there is full of spam and cp).

i2p / freenet don't seem to be ready for prime time.

2374a No.237396

Been meaning to do some research on i2p these last few days. It seems really simple to setup for this site and just about any other one, at least in principle. I'll play with it, see what I can't stumble upon.

1e5d5 No.237441

Let us know what you find. An i2p-accessible imageboard with actual activity would be awesome.

39fdd No.237562

File: 1565667776014.mp4 (1.82 MB, 640x480, pol, a reputation to care.mp4)

/pol/, a reputation to care.

3b21c No.237563

>ZeroNet requires you to basically download and seed every site and can't really be moderated (the unofficial 8ch knockoff there is full of spam and cp).

Fake News. You can blacklist any board. Secondly images are only stored if you see them. Third, if you don't click a thumbnail the full image wont be stored either. Forth you can nuke a board or a site any time. Fifth, the spam problem has been fixed.

e08cf No.237632

Pretty funny, was that murdoch murdoch? Was glad to see them at the bar.

Anyone have any news? Is 8/pol gone for good? Where's the bunker?

9774a No.237844


The commies in the US Govt are hauling the 8ch admin in front of Congress to try to pin mass shootings on *chans and use that as an excuse for more censorship.

I would expect 8ch to stay down until he's finished testifying, so they can't false flag another shooting and say it's his fault.

39fdd No.237848

File: 1565794178920.png (386.76 KB, 3000x3396, 2044900.png)

I am wondering what is the strategy and assessment of the situation by Trump's administration.
The_Donald is in the Gulag, Qanon has no venue to be deployed, 8cuck is out of action, 4cuck is unbearable. So, who is going to do meme warfare again and cheer for the "winning"?
Perhaps Trump's handlers think that his base will not be needed because the Democratic party is a sinking ship, and/or, the ignominious idea that it's all a setup to paralyze, confuse and dismantle his base because they represent a threat to the establishment.

435b7 No.237853

Anyone have a date for the testimony? I did a search, but came up empty handed. Congress is probably very excited about beating him up, I'd be surprised if it really isn't on the calendar yet.

30e96 No.237854

Holy fuck /pol/ is useless now.
Completely overtaken by shills today.
That is all.

435b7 No.237855

>because the Democratic party is a sinking ship
Well, yeah, they are, but who knows what will happen after the primaries. Maybe a candidate will stop being crazy long enough to attract some votes.

>So, who is going to do meme warfare again and cheer for the "winning"?

Depending on the Dem candidate, it might not be needed. I think the battle lines are already drawn for the most part, how many undecideds are really going to be out there? It will probabl end up being a grind for turnout in three states.

The mass censorship is only getting worse, all Trump's sabre rattling about free speech and regulation isn't going to change a thing. I don't know there's a damn thing that can be done, we will all be driven to tor hidden services before 2020.

I hope /mlpol/ has a plan, we won't be left alone. Yes, I predict nazi ponies on the front page of the NYT before the 2020 election. Screencap this, my predictions come true.

9774a No.237856


I didn't see this yesterday, but he actually confirmed it will stay down until after he testifies https://www.cnet.com/news/8chan-owner-says-site-will-stay-down-until-he-talks-with-congress/

I don't believe a date for him to testify has been set yet, but expect Congress to draw this out for as long as possible.

9774a No.237857

File: 1565795466676.jpg (28.11 KB, 474x474, trixie.jpg)

>Well, yeah, they are, but who knows what will happen after the primaries. Maybe a candidate will stop being crazy long enough to attract some votes.

Once the Dem primaries are over and it's a one-on-one race, that's when Reddit will finally ban The_Donald and YouTube / Facebook / Twitter will go even harder on banning non-liberal speech. They can't win on ideas ("Hey guys, lets open the borders and give taxpayer paid healthcare to anyone who runs across!"), so they have no choice but to silence anyone who doesn't agree with them under the guise of "stopping hate speech".

> we will all be driven to tor hidden services before 2020.
> I hope /mlpol/ has a plan, we won't be left alone

Yep, I posted the same thing above in the thread and the admin responded Let them come with a Molon Labe meme. OVH that currently host mlpol will certainly deplatform us in a minute as soon as they get the slightest bit of scrutiny. I'm not sure why the admins think otherwise. It sounds like there is no bunker / no plan at all, at least not one the admins are willing to make public.

30e96 No.237859

>at least not one the admins are willing to make public
That would be the smart move by admin

ad2b3 No.237867

From the way the admins have talked in other threads, that's the idea. Keep it on the down-low until it is necessary.

435b7 No.237873

>at least not one the admins are willing to make public
Machiavelli would approve. I hope that's the case.

7af66 No.237875

Well we can assume the plan isn't a bunker. No point in a bunker unless everyone knows about it.

376da No.237897

File: 1565811460596.jpg (92.99 KB, 1024x475, 1563561846133m.jpg)

Measures will be taken do not worry about it; Just wait a few hours and look for the bunker.
Long live /mlpol/

082b7 No.237924

The thing about /mlpol/ is that while there is the centralized location of the site, the majority of the community is interconnected in a variety of ways above and beyond. What is more, it is a community that has already lost its home once before. Unless they shut down 4chan AND 8chan AND the 300 other chan equivalent boards AND all ‘free membership’ forums AND IRC AND Discord AND,…
Tl;dr They will have to be quite exhaustive to lastingly obstruct the board

96094 No.237928

We'd lose half our membership or more if Discord's furfags doxed everyone in the unofficial mlpol discord servers.

1848c No.237931

File: 1565822469852-0.jpg (85 KB, 720x544, 8chan-political-cartoon.jpg)

File: 1565822469852-1.png (512.64 KB, 720x544, gondola 8chan political te….png)

File: 1565822469852-2.webm (7.21 MB, 720x544, gondola_8chan_gg_memories….webm)

376da No.237934

Discord is filled with entitled underage cáncer and attention whores (male)

9fa3d No.237949

>majority of the community is interconnected in a variety of ways above and beyond
Hrm. I'm just an anon, don't do discord cancer.

df6e7 No.237962

Any news on when it will be back up?

3b21c No.237973

Perhaps after Watkins meets congress. Track the situation here:

63705 No.237980

Those discord servers need to start moving to riot.

39fdd No.237982

>moving to riot
The issue with Riot is who host the server. Is it trusted or not?

3b21c No.237983

Why doesn't mlpol.net stick mumble on its server if voice is so important.

36428 No.237985

Voice is not important at all. You just pull it from nowhere.
And voice is a no-no and security weakness. From many years have existed the ability to locate targets matching voice signatures carried by telephone traffic.

cc8c6 No.237990

Out of all the Chans, I only knew of two, 4Chan and 8Ch. That being said 8ch always seemed more remote and slow moving as compared to 4chan that seemed more main stream and by that, I mean filled to the brim with paid for communist shills (because between the "left" and democrats they all are commies in my book, there are no moderates)

Who knows what Trump is planning but it should be worrying no matter what. He stated in his speech soon after the El Passo Shootings that he wanted the look into social media, he then sends the DOJ to look into working with social media to "create algorithms to determine patterns in behaviors of individuals that would make them implicit to committing a mass shooting." Big Brother/Minority Report shit right there.

Then with the push on all sides, including Trump,for Red Flag Laws. Well, who's side is he on anyway?

No Cuck Shumer wants to ban all body armor as well. No Guns, No Weapons, No way to defend ourselves. Pretty soon we couldn't even have a front door on our house and a fence around it because the government wants access at all times.

>Democratic party is a sinking ship

In who's circle? The majority of the people in America may by a small margin be opposed to the radical democrats but remember 50% still voted for Hillary. I don't think that number has moved that far over to the republicans side by much as every side has doubled down on their wacky agenda. But that is of the Voting population and as far as the rest goes, they are too young or don't care. Of the voting population, they are the ones in AntiFa and every other terrorist organization and even if they are a 10th of the population, that is still an army and America was won from Brittan with less numbers. Never under estimate them. I see war on the horizon this election, political, physical, psychological and the more we are disarmed in speech, guns, and homestead the more we would be powerless to fight back.

39fdd No.237991

>Never under estimate them.
You've got a point.

3f784 No.238002

Doesn't help posting on 4/pol/ is cancerous now thanks to all the slow disappearing captchas as well as convenient ((malfunctions)) that happen with that recaptcha.

We're in for some shit 2020.

29337 No.238010

>Doesn't help posting on 4/pol/ is cancerous now thanks to all the slow disappearing captchas as well as convenient ((malfunctions)) that happen with that recaptcha.

This only happens if you are using a bad goy browser like brave or pale moon. Try using firefox and you will often be able to post without solving captchas.

08654 No.238024

Same shit for me, using Waterfox. When I come with a new IP and fresh cache it works smoothly, after a few posts I get some more harder captchas. On /mlp/ a captcha barely asks me to check the thing again, on /pol/ I have 3 or 4 sessions of identifying fire hydrants or dog poop.

3b21c No.238080

File: 1565896557571.jpg (79.82 KB, 652x433, cycleofwar-2014.jpg)

>In who's circle? The majority of the people in America may by a small margin be opposed to the radical democrats but remember 50% still voted for Hillary. I don't think that number has moved that far over to the republicans side by much as every side has doubled down on their wacky agenda. But that is of the Voting population and as far as the rest goes, they are too young or don't care. Of the voting population, they are the ones in AntiFa and every other terrorist organization and even if they are a 10th of the population, that is still an army and America was won from Brittan with less numbers. Never under estimate them. I see war on the horizon this election, political, physical, psychological and the more we are disarmed in speech, guns, and homestead the more we would be powerless to fight back.

The wheel turns slowly, but it does turn. Based on the 100 year ideology cycle hypothesis™ 2014 should have the USA 50/50 left/right. It drifts to far right over 25 years from 2014. That's a drift of 2% per year to the right wing. So in 2020 it should be about 50% + (6 x 2%) = 62% vote right wing/conservative (it will be a little less because you can't convert 100% of people). The wackiness of democrats is like the Kamikazes - it isn't a sign of winning, its a sign of desperation. The war risk is valid but is likely to be receding. The black lines on the ideology cycle shown at >>235483 pic2, are when society is equally divided on policy, this ups the war/conflict risk. This is shown in Martin Armstrongs war cycle (pic). The war risk is falling but still high. I think it is fair to say that the USA is in a cold civil war. France and other places seems to be a little hotter. This is normal human behaviour, not exceptional. Also your stress is based on the recent past, and recent past is not a prediction of near future.

5a72a No.238099

In order for any bunker to take over, 4chan has to go down.
A clearnet honeypot that is compromised since 2010, where everybody posts with their real IP and that is flooded with bots, but the mods rather wordfilter soy instead.

3b21c No.238282

>The subpoena requests that Watkins testify before the committee on September 5th at 9:30AM. Watkins has not publicly responded as of publication. However, he did post a video to YouTube on Sunday saying that his team has kept 8chan offline until they speak with lawmakers. It’s unclear whether the lawmakers have requested that it remain inaccessible until that time.

“The website has been offline voluntarily for the last week,” Watkins said. “It’s really, really sad. Please don’t blame me.”


So we find out what happens in about 3 weeks.

3b21c No.238291

File: 1565932907070.jpg (232.27 KB, 1095x1407, 29fb14fe3b4969fd66049380eb….jpg)

Not verified.

8b3a2 No.238318

File: 1565947461785.jpg (71.59 KB, 992x558, hahafunny.jpg)

>Well, who's side is he on anyway?

a2fbd No.238359

Where did all those people go?
Also what are the chances of the site not getting deplatformed again; which service provider will accept the site?

05859 No.238363

The spam problem was being fixed when the site broke for everyone. It's been a few days, and apparently a bunch of people have it working again, but it still shows a blank screen for me, even though I reinstalled it again. I have an incredible ability to find unsolvable versions of solvable problems.

All the people went to the other Chans, from here to 08chan. The latter was the most popular destination until the admin accidentally broke it. If you could do me a favor, install Zeronet and try to go there and see if it works for you, since it has supposedly been fixed but it's not working for me.

1e3f0 No.238367

>It's been a few days, and apparently a bunch of people have it working again, but it still shows a blank screen for me, even though I reinstalled it again. I have an incredible ability to find unsolvable versions of solvable problems.
Reinstall ZeroNet from scratch, go to 08, make sure you connect and see the board list, and, then [b]DON'T DO ANYTHING[/B]. Let the site download everything to your computer (Usually leave it alone for a day with your browser opened to your ZeroHello page), and then start messing around and configuring it.

7442f No.238369

Speaking of ZeroNet, how do I make it work? I tried booting it up, but it's stuck at "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" error.

7c9db No.238376


>Usually leave it alone for a day with your browser opened to your ZeroHello page
WTF, no way.

fa131 No.238379

Have you tried cleaning your computer (I use CCleaner) and restarting it?

OH, forgot to mention, when you start up on ZeroNet, make sure Tor is set to "Always" (Default value should be "Enbabled" or "On").

7442f No.238391

I need to get to the settings page in the first place for that. I can't even get there.

fa131 No.238393

What OS?

7442f No.238398

Running 64-bit Windows 7 on Iridium Browser(Chromium-based browser oriented on security).

7442f No.238399

I mean, I run ZeroNet on Iridium Browser.

fa131 No.238400

I remember hearing that Chromium has some problems. Have you tried using Tor or Palemoon?

7442f No.238403

Doesn't work on standalone Tor at all. Gives about same error too.

fa131 No.238404

File: 1565972307387.png (210.74 KB, 600x2400, 08chan.png)

That's weird, never had that problem at all.

0967c No.238449

What's the population on ZeroNet look like compared to clearnet 8ch? I've decided to just take a break and play some vidya while waiting for Jim to put the site back up, I'm curious how many others have decided to do the same.
Probably my biggest frustration is that all the Hong Kong protests would have been maximum comfy to keep up with on /pol/, and this shit made us miss it. This happening could have been the highlight of the year.

05859 No.238532

I don't see the board list. That's the problem, I don't see anything. In fact, now I can't even find 08chan on the site directory, which is new. Previously, it would download a load of update files and still have no boards or threads, but now it's just gone.
The link is throwing up "no peers".
08chan was really slow unless you were on /pol/, but it was REALLY fucking comfortable. That's why I've been trying to get back on.

dfb1a No.238538

File: 1566012975543.png (319.5 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>I don't see the board list. That's the problem, I don't see anything. In fact, now I can't even find 08chan on the site directory, which is new. Previously, it would download a load of update files and still have no boards or threads, but now it's just gone.
And, you're sure you're going to this site:
I don't know what else I can really say…here's how I fixed most of my problems. Make sure that ZeroNet is set to start with Windows (As well as Tor is set to "Always", like in the pic), and close out of ZeroNet (As in close the program in your taskbar). Go to "…/[ZeroNet folder]\data", and delete "1DdPHedr5Tz55EtQWxqvsbEXPdc4uCVi9D" (Or completely delete the ZeroNet fold and start from scratch). Completely wipe the browser's "browsing data", the computer's temporary files, the recycle bin, etc. (Basically all the stuff CCleaner deletes, even do a quick "Registy fix" just for good measure). Restart the computer. Let everything load up first, and then open the browser to ZeroHello (I usually just click on the ZeroNet icon in my taskbar). Leave it alone while it connects and updates the sites (In your case, since this is from a fresh install, that should only be ZeroHello and ZeroName). Once that's done, go to 08 (The link above), and leave it alone while it connects (On my laptop, it took about 2 minutes, my desktop took 10-15).

>The link is throwing up "no peers".

Also, go to this site and follow the directions listed in order to increase your tracker count:

Let me know if any of this helps.

05859 No.238547

File: 1566019780012.png (31.69 KB, 1915x997, 08chan.png)

Sorry, but that didn't help. After hours of updating, it's run out of new files but it's still not anything. Pic related is what it looked like before, and looks like now, if that tells you anything. This is from the link you sent me, the previous one was probably a mistype now that I think about it.

dfb1a No.238548

File: 1566020211622.png (2.06 MB, 1701x8000, DuckDuckGoCon.png)

Have you tried another browser? I remember using Brave (Which is Chromium browser) last year and I could not properly connect no matter what I did. Meanwhile, when using Tor and Palemoon, never had a problem.

Also, don't use DDG. Use Qwant, Searx, or (At the very least) Startpage.

d8b45 No.238550

>We shut down the honeypot that could be easily monitored, and now we don't know where these individuals are or what they talk about
>How could this have happened?
It's almost like actions have consequences, and you can't just boot people out of a forum and expect them to just disappear with it. Leftists are virtue signaling idiots.

d8b45 No.238552

>Missiles will never be able to sink a carrier
>Get rammed by a Chinese tanker
Generals always prepare for the previous war.

05859 No.238594

Changing browsers worked. I didn't think to do that because the browser I was using used to be able to access the site properly. Thank you!

3abf5 No.238595

File: 1566058428875.jpg (7.02 KB, 196x225, 1563524729669.jpg)

Only one way to test it out

3b21c No.238647


5988e No.238691

On the topic of honeypots, is Voat one?

dfb1a No.238692

File: 1566083817150.png (164.59 KB, 1293x488, Why reddit sucks.png)

>It's a honeypot!
Explain how? Everyone using the advise that you use Tor or a VPN; ZeroNet, itself, has the option to funnel all traffic through a Tor circuit; directions on the site are even advising that you have ZeroNet operating from a separate hard drive, in an encrypted folder; and there are more then enough ways to completely purge content from your drive (Including, manually deleting the files).
>If you use it you'll end up downloading illegal content!
Again, HOW? The "illegal" files you will be downloading are just text coming in as "Hate speech" (Which can get you arrest in most European countries, and Canada), with everything else being a thumbnail at most (Regular browsers cache all images that your web page loads, using ZeroNet in a "bare bones" state will result in the exact same action taking place. The only time that you could possibly download cheeze is if you pin a board and/or set 08 to "Download and help distribute all files". HOWEVER, with that being said, it's easy enough to delete the boards and users posting shit, and never hear from them ever again with all of the content wiped from your drive. Also, before you bring up that "The Feds will have a reason to raid your house", ask yourself what is stopping them from doing that already with your browser cache downloading EVERYTHING?).

At the moment, the ONLY people I have seen complain about ZeroNet (And always fail in explaining why you shouldn't use the site when asked to expand on their argument) are either shills (Because the only person who CAN control what is seen is YOU and no one else) or idiots (Who follow Q and/or believe every lying headline the media publishes).

I've heard that it's controlled opposition, but it's shit to begin with because it's a literal Leddit clone.

0d1ba No.238694

The dude's a shitposter, if the dozen other posts from the same leaf using a different Jewish name wasn't enough to tell.

dfb1a No.238696

I didn't see the dozens of other posts. I just saw his post, and know that there's currently a crusade going on to smother bunkers in their bed since "the hacker named 8chan" currently doesn't exist at the moment (But, that hasn't stopped the media from implicating them as the reason behind all the violence in the world.

0d1ba No.238709

Fair enough.

As for me personally, I think I'll wait for the kinks to be worked out of 08 before giving it a shot.

3b21c No.238718

Pretty sure 08chan's boat has sailed. Looks to me like interest has fallen to about 1/4 of the initial rush. Much has improved over there, but the fear and initial bugs have ended the zerg rush and reversed it. I have stopped hosting the small section I wanted due to endchan being livelier and even that place is on life support.

f5fcc No.238733

>Much has improved over there, but the fear and initial bugs have ended the zerg rush and reversed it.
That's because the "Zerg Rush" was nothing more than retarded Q followers who dashed to it when it was advertised on Twatter and Gabai. It wasn't until Codemonkey revealed that he had nothing to do woth the site that they pulled out as quickly as they came.
>I have stopped hosting the small section I wanted due to endchan being livelier and even that place is on life support.
Don't use Endchan. The site is opperated by friends of Cripplecuck and the remnants of /intl/ and /ggrevolt/.

3e606 No.238738

is it never coming back?

05859 No.238739

Supposedly it will come back once Jim comes back from Congress in early September. Supposedly.

3b21c No.238740

File: 1566098541816.png (742.3 KB, 1097x710, sad.png)

>retarded Q followers

09209 No.238742

Endchan might be getting under much more scrutiny as the Norwegian who attacked the mosque posted there ten minutes before he went to the mosque.

329fc No.238751

It may be a new alphabet strategy to get false flag or "encouraged" shooters to post on a particular imageboard then cite that as justification to shut it down.

dfb1a No.238763

Anon, they FEAR the internet:
>CNN: It's time to crack down on white supremacist havens like 8chan
>The Guardian: 8chan, Trump, voter suppression: how white supremacy went mainstream in the US
>TechCrunch: Tech leaders condemn tech’s role in elevating white supremacy
>Washington Times: Beto O'Rourke seeks to hold internet companies accountable for hate speech by removing protections
>New York Times: Everything is Gamergate

80697 No.238771

They are almost certainly coming for 4chan next.

3b21c No.238774

>Media blaming everything on immediate causes and failing to see the big picture.
How can an inanimate object create human ideology?

642e1 No.238799

And because of all this, to part ways with non Whites and their jewish sponsors is the right thing to do. Secession is the solution.

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