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File: 1524590586526-0.png (4.48 MB, 1248x3263, Pic 2.png)

File: 1524590586526-1.png (348.2 KB, 1009x1114, Pic 3.png)

File: 1524590586526-2.png (632.21 KB, 1064x572, Pic 4.png)

c820a No.143043[Last 50 Posts]

Since the last thread died here's a new one.

e652b No.143111

There was more than two.

078a8 No.143145

File: 1524599121788.png (233.64 KB, 1280x1331, Commission - Vector Art of….png)

Rate my art.

4b476 No.143147


a949b No.143150

File: 1524600010573.jpeg (207.77 KB, 1280x905, B54A6F2C-2048-41ED-86A8-A….jpeg)

How’s this?

e652b No.143172

Can anyone post horsepussy that's not the typical "u" shape? I need it for study.

685a4 No.143201

File: 1524613161804.jpg (845.5 KB, 2014x1357, pussy.jpg)

ad7b1 No.143215


5c231 No.143318

I was paid to make that, shit tail and all.

e48d3 No.143320

Honestly if I were you I would never write my name on a pic of an edgy/alicorn/over the top OC. I did draw something like this for cash before, but I never published it as my own art, because it's humilating for me.

c1cbd No.143324


c1cbd No.143327

Tbh, if it weren't for the heterochromia, leonid tail, sweater (shirt but no pants pisses me off), the fact that she's a fucking alicorn, excess coloration, and everything else that makes her a stereotypical parody of a "speshul snowflake" deviantart OC, it wouldn't be that bad…
The skill is clearly there, it's just a joke of a concept.
I like the mane.

46fe4 No.143328

File: 1524670933243.png (325.54 KB, 1002x900, marios picross heart.png)


I am no expert on vectors but the atrocious design of the OC itself aside, this aint so bad of a vector. The pose is a little boring but that would be my only gripe.

c820a No.143330

File: 1524671042975.jpg (2.23 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0813.JPG)

I thought something was wrong. Have a pony.

7ecdb No.143336

Long poner

550b3 No.143337

Not bad. The body seems a little long though.

e652b No.143357

Qt, although suggesting her to about two heads wide and using some nice colour pencils. The legs are also a tad stubby, and the hindlegs look deformed. Take another shot at the guide.

c1cbd No.143371

Oh look; it's Fireaxe.

c820a No.143379

File: 1524680542259.jpg (1.96 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0817.JPG)

I think I got the body right. Legs still need work.

Have another!

46fe4 No.143384


contact a mod so you can get your australia flag back

550b3 No.143389

File: 1524681314066.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448, Critiqe.jpg)

c820a No.143430

File: 1524684427746.jpg (2.33 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0822.JPG)

More like this?

e652b No.143544

You're getting there. Make the legs longer, the body more bean shaped and closer, and make the ears slightly maller.
Look back to this. Trace it if you want. Do it several times.

733a6 No.143545

File: 1524707758375.png (191.49 KB, 556x552, Nasim.png)

cf8ba No.143576

File: 1524717077054.jpg (298.39 KB, 1440x1440, Leslie Sketch 4-26.jpg)

Any tips on how to improve this one?

e652b No.143588

Place the ankles higher, shorten the body, heighten the neck, and make underside of the muzzle the less fat.

98e56 No.143611

File: 1524748934761.png (859.1 KB, 701x711, Screenshot_1.png)

She looks too chubby, too long, tail and mane too small, and there's almost no neck.
Tbh there's a lot of things to get better at, but don't get discouraged. Take your time and study how to draw pones. Personally I used whatsapokemon's tutorials.
Also, focus on simples things first, such as faces.
Don't be afraid to look at other drawings and get inspired by them.

30d9d No.143685

I need to brush of my tablet and start drawing again (even thou I am a novice without much skill as of yet, or rather I should draw more because I am a novice without much skill).
>been much happening and I haven't taken the time to sit down and draw

3ed44 No.143690

File: 1524785207749.png (225.57 KB, 1007x1150, leslie1_s.png)

I drew a Leslie after 3 weeks of not drawing

30d9d No.143693

Stunningly Beautiful. Love it.

49809 No.143695

c1cbd No.143697

Oh, fuck yes!

247a4 No.143699

Nice work

cf8ba No.143702

Amazing, dude!

34166 No.143703


daae4 No.143706

Lovely. It's been forever since that quality of OC has been seen here.

9f3b3 No.143714

As her creator, I approve. She needs more quality art, since I'm a lazy faggot.

cf8ba No.143743

File: 1524798601079-0.jpg (331.79 KB, 2258x988, PicsArt_04-26-11.04.25.jpg)

File: 1524798601079-1.png (724.47 KB, 1920x1080, 1693352.png)

I tried drawing Leslie again. This time I used a screencap (pic 2) for reference. I'll color this and use pen on the outlines tomorrow (after some touch-up).

70b1a No.143753

We have some unfullfilled request over on the Aryanne thread discord. It be nice if some of these can get done

Unfulfilled Requests:
-Luftkrieg Lewd
-Luftkrieg Stomach Grow
-Kyrie and Aryanne yelling at each other (Angry sex?)
-Human Aryanne here getting grabbed by her skirt while trying to run away from something, causing her to run in place?
-Birb pones
-More Luftkrieg
-Aryanne and the Alt Knight
-Luftkrieg being in a car seat being cute or just sleeping in it.
-Aryanne being cute

3ed44 No.143758

File: 1524807338354.jpg (185.65 KB, 1012x789, 1434509706700.jpg)

Thanks guys
If you're trying to copy that pic, the nose is supposed to be angled down (see 4-2), but yours is flat and horizontal so her jaw ends up really big

cf8ba No.143777

Yeah, posting both my drawing and the reference helped me compare them better than looking from one to the other. I'm also going to make the body shorter and adjust her front leg holding the pointer thing.

4e96d No.143842

>Foalcon vore
>Depends on context, but could be >rape

Glad to see you never left your degenerate roots. Last 5 sound good and I want to see them.

46fe4 No.143843


those seem to be leftover art request from the aryanne thread that, in part, go all the way back to early 2017. i dont know who made them but most of them are so generic that they have already been fulfilled in some fashion.

46fe4 No.143844

File: 1524845240468.gif (14 KB, 280x295, skinner apron.gif)


very good 👌👌👌👌👌

daae4 No.143845

File: 1524845532431.jpg (82.8 KB, 1024x512, 1523659945670.jpg)

How did you do that?

46fe4 No.143846


i joined a random youtube stream, wrote some emojis in the chatbar, copied them and pasted them here. I would support if we added an emoji bar into our own site database, but with a minor effort this does just as well.


70b1a No.143847

I don't like vore
This is true, just relaying them here to see if anyone can get to them

b88ab No.143848

Emojis is cancer thought 😂👌👌

46fe4 No.143850


maybe, but pandoras box is now open. the emojis will blot out MLPOLs sun 🐷

e652b No.143906

I'm pretty sure "grow" was meant as "growl"

74ed5 No.143912

>This kills the argument

3ed44 No.143928

File: 1524866087535.png (337.67 KB, 1294x1000, leslie2.1_s.png)

Any requests? also I feel there's a missed opportunity by not having her as a unicorn since unicorn is a business term

df6c9 No.143930

No ideas tbh. I myself have a pic to finish and I should finally make a refference sheet to standarize her appearance. Speaking of race, back when I created her, I noticed that a lot of political/country ponies were earth ponies, so I decided to follow the trend. Now I'm not sure about her race.

daae4 No.143931

I want to rub that hoof more than anything right now.

c1cbd No.143938

Any of the OCs in the OCs thread.
I'm partial to Fireaxe and Happy Enning.

c1cbd No.143941

Also the ICE cop-pone.

e652b No.143951

Fireaxe needs some love. Nice work.

daae4 No.143954

File: 1524870123871.png (122.78 KB, 1000x938, fireaxe.png)

If you are up for it fireaxe needs some love.

bb3b9 No.143955

df6c9 No.143957

Actually… Would you mind making a smug Leslie? I would be thankful.

cf8ba No.143976

File: 1524875788226.jpg (329.12 KB, 2354x1063, Leslie Fair and Chalkboard….jpg)

3ed44 No.143979

a master of snekonomics

e652b No.143992

File: 1524877823852-0.png (98.38 KB, 525x444, Finality.png)

File: 1524877823852-1.png (724.16 KB, 1500x1500, Flutterfilly.png)

What does everyone think of Noire?

daae4 No.143995

Literally who?

e652b No.143996

Black and white

cf8ba No.143997

I like it, it's cool.

3ed44 No.143998

it looks really nice

daae4 No.143999

e652b No.144001

I'm willing to do a request in the style. It's fairly easy and enjoyable to me.

daae4 No.144006

File: 1524878962556.jpg (93.51 KB, 735x578, firefighters_calendar2_nov….jpg)

How about something like this featuring fireaxe? Simple black and white could look cool, like entering a burning building at night or something.

2186e No.144025

File: 1524885351361.png (13.34 KB, 1024x768, Ponys für den Führer.png)

I made a Wehrmacht pony

daae4 No.144028

The hind leg thighs are too thicc and the forehooves are too straight. If you keep the same proportions you probably also want to increase the head/neck size too. Otherwise not bad. Better than what I can do.

3ed44 No.144029

File: 1524885801900.png (233.23 KB, 500x830, 1518225419946.png)

35a2c No.144030

File: 1524886280079.jpg (51 KB, 538x385, 23423412321.jpg)

Dropping requests is viable? Coz I've been thinking if anyone can do an Anon version of this Memri with "By Celestia, you people are dogs (or swap it to changelings maybe?). I will go on as usual."

3ed44 No.144044

File: 1524892441003.png (206.84 KB, 888x1000, fireaxe1_s.png)

3ed44 No.144046

File: 1524893382738.png (190.33 KB, 797x900, leslie3_s.png)

70b1a No.144048

File: 1524893765885.png (760.52 KB, 1927x1767, commission_national_horse_….png)

Can you draw cute nazi filly? Please?

46fe4 No.144061

File: 1524907006251.jpeg (774.45 KB, 2332x3297, 52_Aryanne_Randy_Anthro_S….jpeg)


CR, I dont recall seeing pictures from (You) here before. Are you new or did you just never post your art here before?

In any case, i like your works. Thats unironically some of the best independent content we had here in a while. I like the attention to detail you put in on the clothes and shadows, even the background. The Ponies themselves give me a lick a cat.

If you feel up for a challenge I offer you pic related. Lets see if you can transfer this into a horse format.

ebb85 No.144064

Thank you very much nice leaf boi.

I had few other ideas such as Leslie with Vietnam war era equipment and helmet with "Better dead than red" written on it or with "Kill a commie for Celestia" banner, but I don't wanna make you do them, because I already feel like a leech ;-;

daae4 No.144069

File: 1524918439298.png (153.78 KB, 894x894, OMGOSH-so-cute-Applejack-m….png)

Your artstyle is unreasonably cute. Saved.

30d9d No.144070

Beautiful drawings

c1cbd No.144072


3ed44 No.144122

I've been here for like a month. I was posting stuff in the anonfilly thread before.
Sure, but I'm a little busy today so it might be a while

3ed44 No.144232

File: 1524982217761.png (198.57 KB, 763x1000, kraut1_s.png)

e652b No.144234

Nice delivery.

70b1a No.144237

Pretty cute thanks!

3ed44 No.144249

File: 1524988735428.png (396.95 KB, 1790x1200, aryanne1_s.png)

e652b No.144250

File: 1524989556345.png (277.08 KB, 491x551, 1506194539449-2.png)

Your output is phenomenal.

46fe4 No.144251

File: 1524989676552.jpg (285.18 KB, 800x640, __g41_girls_frontline_draw….jpg)


Not bad. Not bad at all. 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

30d9d No.144271

They look Awesome!

c0edd No.144272

Late but idea
Leslie in a helicopter holding a 1911 (9mm fags GTFO) to the back of Glimmer's head (with a hood over it) facing an open side door. Maybe put Aryanne piloting the chopper

d8e52 No.144275


35a2c No.144279

File: 1525012413132.gif (337.91 KB, 344x244, 57687978.gif)

God damn, Leaf. Day of the rake cancelled, period!

f3de5 No.144283

>The Ponies themselves give me a lick a cat.
Is this a foreign idiom?

3ed44 No.144405

File: 1525068998322.png (372.63 KB, 1553x900, leslie4_s.png)

cf8ba No.144418


68092 No.144421

File: 1525087533995-0.jpeg (120.07 KB, 638x809, Nicepony.jpeg)

File: 1525087533995-1.png (52.53 KB, 254x350, 1428382820766.png)

If anyone is bored then draw ebil version of the nice poner pls.

84a92 No.144436

How are you so productive and why aren't you our official artist yet? Your beautiful and creative drawings show that a little shading can go a long way.

3c5ed No.144501

>how are you so productive?
I suspect that it's because of his quite minimalist artstyle. Once you have some experience, you can make such pictures fairly quickly.

3ed44 No.144545

File: 1525119667317-0.png (1.1 MB, 1650x1650, sunset5_s.png)

File: 1525119667317-1.jpg (1.33 MB, 3760x4664, namby1.2.jpg)

I'm glad you like them. I'm trying to expand my skillset but reading art books is so boring.
Yea it's a pretty simple style and I've been doing it for a long time. Every now and then I try something new though
Why would Leslie shoot a pony before throwing her out of a helicopter?

b016a No.144547

Sunny a cute!

7a428 No.144563

you made me smile like a retarded kid at a petting zoo. Nice work.

c0edd No.144566

She wouldn't. Communists aren't Ponies

30d9d No.144567

File: 1525128554186.png (117.15 KB, 1280x960, 1524484163240.png)

3fd29 No.144705

File: 1525194798418-0.jpg (1.17 MB, 2832x2952, pscjvy.jpg)

r8 pls

e46df No.144707


3fd29 No.144708

so is it good?

46fe4 No.144709


Zaldo, you need to practice anatomy.

10cf9 No.144721

>no hooves

7258c No.144734

shoulders are to wide looks like a man
the right boob has to face away from the torso and not towards the viewer
legs are too short
too much chicken scratching

5/10 I can see where you are aiming at

7258c No.144736

File: 1525206035722.jpg (193.23 KB, 953x1050, 1525194798418-0.jpg)

dunno if this makes any sense to you but just look at the lenth difference of the legs

3fd29 No.144737

I don't get it

7258c No.144738

Sorry but can't draw with the mouse so I guess I have to try to explain it with word.

The boobs point away from the torso in the same angle. This means the left boob points left and the right boob points right.
Both boobs point to the same side the way you've drawn it.

Female hips are commonly broader than their shoulders since they have to give birth. This is not the case in your drawing.

Her left leg (the one on the right) is really short in comparison to the other one.

3fd29 No.144739

thx bro

7258c No.144740

File: 1525207456283.png (190.88 KB, 417x458, 1511898404819.png)

Maybe I can give you a real redline and explaination once I get me setup ready and sober up.
Sorry for the shitty explaination.

3fd29 No.144741

no I totally get what you're saying I actually noticed most of that but I had ,already spent like an hour on it so i decided to just fix it on the next one I really appreciate your insight

7258c No.144743

glad I could be of help
keep working on it

3fd29 No.144744

I'm doing request every day on /utg/ on /vg/ if you ever want to request or whatever

3ed44 No.144825

File: 1525242668387.png (256.58 KB, 750x709, ebil1_s.png)

this one is taking me a little while

550b3 No.144853

Another saved. You are like an art machine.

49809 No.144854

Why would you pay for both the helicopter ride and the bullet?

46fe4 No.144856

56699 No.144857

File: 1525279674289.png (129.68 KB, 302x310, 1517632993820.png)

You are the best and I love you. I'm gonna get back into music production just so I can make things for you guys.

c1cbd No.144873

This is ebil poner.

7f6dc No.145046

Could somepony make Leslie fair rubbing her hooves?

3d993 No.145068

Hey leaf, do you do lewds?

d0606 No.145185

File: 1525411067607.jpg (890.33 KB, 2487x2818, 1525410775857[1].jpg)

y'all ever get a boner while drawring?

d8e52 No.145189

Credit where due, at least you're constructively shitposting

3ed44 No.145194

File: 1525413857485-0.png (333.72 KB, 782x1350, leslie6_s.png)

File: 1525413857485-1.png (222.93 KB, 1155x800, leslie5_s.png)

I tried twice
I've made suggestive drawings before but I prefer not to.

bba26 No.145195

30d9d No.145214


4bd5d No.145219

Fucking nice job

f6305 No.145247

go back to /ic/ and actually follow the wiki

daae4 No.145248

Continued magnificence.

10cf9 No.145255

whitey loves her job

c1cbd No.145315

I love the expression on Aryanne's face. You can tell she's having fun.

32807 No.145336

sick fuck

3ed44 No.145348

Have you tried reading loomis?

cf8ba No.145474

File: 1525497934665.jpg (380.39 KB, 1440x1680, Leslie Sketch 5-05.jpg)

cf8ba No.145656

File: 1525578100884.jpg (264.22 KB, 1200x1500, Leslie Sketch 5-05 pen.jpg)

79fd6 No.145689

I'm seeing steady improvements. Nice!

71d97 No.145700

File: 1525606231037-0.png (589.98 KB, 595x745, unknown.png)

Much better than before, although the butt isn't really round, and I think that the neck might be a tiny little bit higher.

c0edd No.145701

Seventy-Twelve out of Ten

46fe4 No.145708

File: 1525615980397.png (2.92 MB, 1400x6521, general human draw tutoria….png)

general drawing advice

26fab No.145740

File: 1525634864380-0.png (7.52 MB, 3000x8000, 705669__oc_explicit_nudity….png)

File: 1525634864380-1.jpg (132.34 KB, 900x900, 087 - oLbX7Wc.jpg)

File: 1525634864380-2.png (99.32 KB, 900x900, 088 - kstgpAS.png)

71d97 No.145748

H-hot… and thanks, will make a good use of it.

30d9d No.145812

File: 1525666639718.png (65.47 KB, 622x709, My Little Pony Creaton 13 ….png)

Wish I hadn't been on hiatus from drawing. Feels like I am at square one again, and I probably am. But it is fun getting started again.

b016a No.145815

Good job norway.

26fab No.145816

File: 1525668905246-0.jpg (34.28 KB, 847x588, v.jpg)

File: 1525668905246-1.jpg (62.59 KB, 666x745, Dce-JEVX4AEaTX4.jpg)

I hate starting over.
Drawing with references makes everything easier though.

b3d40 No.145877

Your sketches are really messy.
You could use this as a guide and make a second, clean version.

General advice:
Draw very lightly.
Do ghostlines. (Do the line you want to draw a few times without the tip of the pen touching the paper.)
Practice circles and lines. Every day 1-2 pages of straight lines over the complete length of the page and 1-2 pages of circles and ovals in various sizes.

The first few chapters of "draw a box" are very helpful with this.

cf8ba No.146068

To the awesome Canadian guy who drew Leslie, if you're still doing requests, it'd be really awesome if you drew Leslie getting her belly rubbed.

cf8ba No.146617

File: 1526070031802.jpg (461.82 KB, 2300x1410, Celestia Democracy is Shit.jpg)

I drew Celestia

30d9d No.146719

84a06 No.146738

that's bretty gud

cf8ba No.147977

File: 1526797868778.jpg (297.66 KB, 1440x1440, If The Cutie Map was writt….jpg)

I drew this as a tribute to Otoya Yamaguchi. The OC with the sword is Mitsuko. Hopefully I didn't fuck up proportions and anatomy too badly.

30d9d No.147989

Love it, it truly captures the facial expressions.

b016a No.147991

A true hero, and a very nice tribute.

414ef No.147998

Glimglam's snout looks too short, gives her face kind of a squished appearance. That's the only thing I can see, and it's still much better than anything I could draw. Nice work.

97f8e No.148010

File: 1526829191609.jpeg (378.32 KB, 1600x1329, A98721B8-5E9D-45BE-951D-4….jpeg)

Ask yourselves, why haven’t you saved YOUR country from communism?

c1cbd No.148015

~Yay, Mitsuko!

cf8ba No.149659

File: 1527361410218.jpg (585.08 KB, 1440x2560, Leslie Hugging a Nuke.jpg)

b016a No.149660

Great job anon

4bd5d No.149661

This is the best thing I've seen all day.

10/10 Anon

b545f No.149668

cf8ba No.150766

File: 1527871851848.jpg (325.37 KB, 1440x1440, Leslie Sketch 6-01.jpg)

A little sketch to start off the month

69c07 No.150827

Good job boy.

30d9d No.150828

b315e No.150840

ponies are so easy to draw how the fuck do you struggle with drawing these tubes of meat?

c1cbd No.150844

Lack of confidence.

87d24 No.150845

not an excuse faggot

c1cbd No.150846

Also lack of trying.

87d24 No.150847

not an excuse

c1cbd No.150848

I'm just fucking with you, man.

87d24 No.150850

>i draw ponies because i failed at anatomy and life

cf8ba No.150989

File: 1528004272718.jpg (204.99 KB, 1300x1100, Aryanne smoking pipe.jpg)

30d9d No.151011

Be careful with that pipe Leslie, Mr. Rusty is prowling around and is looking for "Smokes".

d6840 No.151013

Commander Aryanne!

30d9d No.151014

File: 1528020588149.gif (552.75 KB, 576x324, 1506249571327.gif)

Why did I think and say Leslie? What is wrong with me?
I am sorry Aryanne, forgive me.

c8bca No.151018

Draw one faget, let us see.

46fe4 No.151025

File: 1528030287478.png (494.65 KB, 629x599, ae43312343fe88a5092959acd5….png)

3cda1 No.151996

File: 1528390710059.png (258.75 KB, 900x1141, 1528387293827.png)

Stolen from 4/mlp/

c9927 No.152010


46fe4 No.152060

File: 1528406600006.jpg (29.77 KB, 600x574, banana cat party.jpg)


Randy is amused. Good find, Anon. If you have a way to identify the creator, let us know. We might have some work for him.

30d9d No.152121

File: 1528421834648.png (120.99 KB, 1920x1200, My Little Pony Creation 12.png)

I never got the tail right nor the body so I figured I should just post what I had and move on. Hopefully next one will be better.

30d9d No.152122

Reeeeeeee… forgot the legs (on "other" side)

cf8ba No.152263

File: 1528490039826.jpg (394.58 KB, 1920x1440, IWTCILF.jpg)

I want to cum inside Leslie Fair

3cda1 No.152270

But wouldn't that violate the NAP?

cf8ba No.152273

Not if she consents

2186e No.152329

File: 1528500473978.png (21.41 KB, 1024x768, NAP violated.png)

4c809 No.152334

30d9d No.152350

Isn't that like 100 bits, but I know that feel.

cf8ba No.152566

File: 1528602200510.jpg (17.89 KB, 356x425, pony time.jpg)

Anyone have requests? I have no ideas.

30d9d No.152568

Pony driving 50s retro flying car

cf8ba No.152572

I don't have much experience drawing vehicles, but I'll give it a shot

30d9d No.152573

No worries, just wanted to give you a different/unusual request.
But another image that could be fun is a take on "Pony creationist" where you have a pony riding a dinosaur.

63b9b No.152579

Applebloom hiding beneath her bed in the middle of the night as a changeling walks in.

cf8ba No.152607

File: 1528645172001.jpg (276.8 KB, 1440x1440, PicsArt_06-10-11.33.38.jpg)

Here's a pone in a flying car

30d9d No.152608

Love it.. Anonfilly looks so happy and ecstatic.

bfabb No.152724

That is SOOOOO cute! I love it! <3

a4724 No.152728

I didn't know teenage grills came here.

30771 No.153726

File: 1529105528952.jpeg (66.55 KB, 800x713, 1456008524432 (1) - Copy_….jpeg)

Working on this one.

2186e No.153729

wow anon that's really good
but what dose liar taste like

30771 No.153739

File: 1529118439241-0.png (356.56 KB, 1874x996, ScreenShot_20180616000459.png)

File: 1529118439241-1.png (1.47 MB, 1774x1774, FlutterGioEdit.png)

Idk the original artist but I wanna color it like my last jojoke

cf8ba No.155015

File: 1529816974710.jpg (160.11 KB, 1250x1000, Petting Leslie.jpg)

I feel like I'm a bit out of practice in regards to drawing ponies. How do you guys think this turned out?

30d9d No.155062

I think it turned out Beautiful.

Hopefully I will get time to draw more next month, bump with new "drawings" (attempts at drawings), as I will be at low speed internet so no distractions

cf8ba No.155606

File: 1530078344516.jpg (416.59 KB, 1440x1920, Leslie Socks Sketch.jpg)


30d9d No.155636

File: 1530105938282.png (336.13 KB, 1464x1782, 1503334749864-0.png)

cf8ba No.156135

File: 1530251050247.jpg (441.34 KB, 1440x1920, Leslie Selling Fireworks.jpg)

Leslie selling fireworks, just in time for the Fourth of July (or whatever the Equestrian equivalent is).

dae00 No.156176

Equestria probably has hearts warming day as their national celebration. Also nice pic.

cf8ba No.156414

I need ideas, preferably something involving Leslie or Aryanne or both.

b016a No.156421

draw aryanne teaching anon filly how to be a good natsoc.

cf8ba No.156584

File: 1530410821774.jpg (355.55 KB, 1440x1920, NatSoc 101.jpg)

Is this to your liking?

b016a No.156585

its great. nice job m8!

30d9d No.156644


2f0d7 No.157291

File: 1530716387575.jpg (98.92 KB, 642x664, das.jpg)

Its been a while since i draw anything..
Does someone has any requests?
I promisse some better quality!

c1cbd No.157295

File: 1530716941391-0.png (112.89 KB, 512x512, 1512359722809.png)

File: 1530716941391-1.png (323.65 KB, 2162x2424, 1506283329568-1.png)

File: 1530716941391-2.png (78.26 KB, 350x199, 1506283207776-1.png)

File: 1530716941391-3.png (94.86 KB, 680x757, 1506283207776-3.png)

With all that's going on lately, I think that the ICE pony OC could use a bit of love.

cf8ba No.157304

File: 1530718282542-0.jpg (394.54 KB, 1819x881, 1506230196193-2.jpg)

File: 1530718282542-1.png (440.16 KB, 2750x1524, 1506279167425-0.png)

File: 1530718282542-2.jpeg (499.97 KB, 2048x1536, 1471311.jpeg)

Mai Gaia and Happy Enning are lighting some fireworks. Mai asks "Are these safe?" and Happy replies "I have no idea!" gleefully.

c1cbd No.157310


7987e No.157311

ICE should definitely be showed some more love.

2f0d7 No.157321

File: 1530726854024-0.jpg (52.92 KB, 439x337, pone1.jpg)

File: 1530726854024-1.jpg (117.89 KB, 798x973, Pone2.jpg)

S-sorry i didn't see the post and i ended up drawing something else waiting..
..Drawing her took a little longer than i expected
Ill start this one right up!

c1cbd No.157323

Lovely. Thank you.

82564 No.157324


cf8ba No.157332

Not bad!
But Aryanne's eyes are freaking me out

2f0d7 No.157333

File: 1530729838284-0.png (13.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

2f0d7 No.157351

File: 1530736983764-0.jpg (211.67 KB, 1254x472, Pone3.jpg)

Ok, that took a while
Well i have to sleep now, night anons!

c1cbd No.157352

Goodnight Anon. Thanks for the work.

c1cbd No.157353


cf8ba No.157354

Quite nice!

25ad1 No.157540

File: 1530824107313.png (168.1 KB, 560x850, Leslie.png)

I was originally doing a much bigger image but I decided to break it up into smaller parts and I'd hate to see it go to waste so here's a Leslie that I couldn't be assed to draw properly

50903 No.157541

File: 1530825508774.jpg (306.8 KB, 1200x900, spaghetti murder cat inspe….jpg)



cf8ba No.157572

File: 1530843428060.png (44.93 KB, 194x192, pinkie 2.png)

I love it. It feels reminiscent of Hotdiggedydemon's style.

c1cbd No.157574

Kek. The style suits her perfectly.

2f0d7 No.157597

File: 1530883383372.jpg (256.79 KB, 999x1641, Untitled-1.jpg)

I'm back to draw poners, anyone has requests?
I should probably practice a bit more

cc465 No.157598

File: 1530884228672-0.jpg (59.44 KB, 736x617, 1464883943661.jpg)

File: 1530884228672-1.jpg (50.12 KB, 600x1070, homer lemon face.jpg)

File: 1530884228672-2.jpg (13.19 KB, 220x276, julius kieser reaction fac….jpg)

File: 1530884228672-3.jpg (5.48 KB, 251x260, polite doge garcon.jpg)

File: 1530884228672-4.jpg (163.27 KB, 631x637, unlimited power.jpg)


Well, if you feel lucky i suggest You draw one of these (or several) reaction face images with a MLPOL pony of your choice(s).

Good Luck, Rwanda Anon!

c1cbd No.157599

File: 1530884251598-0.png (177.06 KB, 1000x938, Fireaxe.png)

File: 1530884251598-1.png (289.88 KB, 1280x1281, 1497107073844.png)

File: 1530884251598-2.png (383.79 KB, 1280x960, rwss fire engine.png)

File: 1530884251598-3.png (146.2 KB, 1000x1000, sliding down pole.png)

File: 1530884251598-4.png (184.24 KB, 1000x938, Gas-mask fireaxe.png)

Do something for Fireaxe, the cover pony of /mlpol/ Right Wing Safety Squads (which will totally be a thing).

e1fc1 No.157614

File: 1530896191189.jpg (610.06 KB, 2770x1923, Oh noes.jpg)

I was going for pic 3 and 5 but ended up making a whole thing
Fireaxe wasn't prepared for this kind of heat

c1cbd No.157615

5bde9 No.157678

File: 1530930910883.png (172.13 KB, 560x850, Leslie.png)

I don't usually like to go back to make edits but for this one I'll make an exception to adjust some minor things

c1cbd No.157679

Kek. Didn't realize she didn't have any bullets.
Now if only she could pull the trigger.

2ade8 No.157682

File: 1530932349010.jpeg (29.17 KB, 600x494, goodthinking.jpeg)

precisely why I didn't draw the massive trigger guard required

e1fc1 No.157859

File: 1531010496234.jpg (175.12 KB, 1366x1352, Bug.jpg)

Dear diary, today i drew a lot of boxes.
Here's a bug puss puss

bf467 No.157860

File: 1531010893281.png (228.62 KB, 1083x1091, EEE.png)

>looks like 2 buttholes

e1fc1 No.157865

File: 1531011751394.gif (84.63 KB, 1366x1352, Better.gif)

b96c9 No.157866


cf8ba No.158418

File: 1531201489185.jpg (356.08 KB, 2160x1215, PicsArt_07-10-01.41.29.jpg)

Leslie paraphrasing a line from Scarface. I'll color this after I get some sleep.

30d9d No.158447

cf8ba No.158469

File: 1531235967427.jpg (466.67 KB, 2340x1350, Leslie Fair Scarface.jpg)

2f0d7 No.158477

I like your drawings anon, theres something about them, cant really tell what..

f8ee9 No.158484

Looking good.

2f0d7 No.158487

File: 1531247560126.png (2.29 MB, 4510x4758, Not gay.png)

Drawing poners is hard, there's something i'm always missing.
Anyways, here's hans.

cc465 No.158491

File: 1531251639540.mp4 (2.95 MB, 1280x720, DSP im gay song.mp4)

f6cfb No.159088

Edit thread when?

cc465 No.159210

File: 1531569225162.png (123.88 KB, 1155x1023, 1530567803432-3.png)


we have 2 draw threads, this one and one for MLPOL characters. so far the edits were done in either of those. Action is not always warrented since people sometimes edit those before we even have a chance to see the original.

31046 No.160397

Thank you! Someone paid me money to make that. And then he played the "Make that hair bit longer. No longer. No shorter. No longer. That's too long. Can you make her orange? Oranger. More saturated. Now make her white again. Now make her legs longer and make the shaded legs unshaded because idk lol" for a few minutes every few days over the course of a month before I could finally post the thing I was already paid for.


cf8ba No.160432

File: 1532146628918.gif (1.21 MB, 360x270, 1434840921936.gif)

Any Aryanne-related requests? I'll take non-Aryanne requests too but I feel like drawing Aryanne.

b016a No.160442

Aryanne gassing some griffions,while adolf sheds a tear of happiness in the clouds.

cf8ba No.160507

File: 1532190163687.jpg (300.1 KB, 1440x1550, Aryanne Gassing Griffons.jpg)

Here's this. Might color it in later.

5118d No.161201

File: 1532513418740.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3264x2448, 5CFAF741-F8D6-47CD-AC4E-1….jpeg)

Returning from the grave to post more mediocre attempts at pone. Tell me how I did.

b016a No.161209

8/10, the legs could be thicker.

5d725 No.161211

Lovely, could have had a bit more meat on hind legs (but anatomy is not my strong suit).
Other than that the expressions you manage to capture and convey are amazing.

31046 No.161215

File: 1532521151501.png (141.56 KB, 728x1098, evergreen_sage___mlp_fallo….png)

I made this, rate my pony.

5d725 No.161226

I like it. One thing that confuses me thou. Her hair says evil, but her expression and tail says good.
>might be that I have become a bit preconditioned by Disney on what evil looks like, and that plays in my perception

8216d No.161229

Also this.

6edb1 No.161232

That's Super Saiyan hair, ya dingus.

31046 No.161235

Thanks, it's what I was going for. Spikes at the front, roselike curls at the back, she's from an evil high-class magically powerful family, but she wants to be a good person.

b561e No.161290

Honestly, it's not bad. I'd rate it about an 8 to an 8.5.

5118d No.161566

File: 1532682705460.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3264x2448, 827A263B-4A00-4A29-A4E0-C….jpeg)

More polka dot mare, but this time she brought a friend. Rate me on a scale of penile inversion to raging bone stone.

e583d No.161569

That's a weird benis

4425a No.162610

The penis is not supposed to be crooked.

c0edd No.162615

What is wrong with your penis, anon?

b561e No.162618

Maybe it's just flaccid?

5118d No.162659

This was the idea. Now that I actually look at it I can see that is isn't executed very well and just looks odd, especially without knowledge of the intended product. Will try to improve.

3cda1 No.162837

File: 1533117654057.png (347.23 KB, 800x792, 1533100022587.png)

Another one stolen from 4/mlp/
Board had unironical growth in quality, for that time of the year…

59299 No.162854

That's a top quality ponification.

cf8ba No.162991

File: 1533185316670-0.gif (803.4 KB, 650x365, krieger-jazz-hands.gif)

File: 1533185316670-1.jpg (288.25 KB, 1690x1280, PicsArt_08-02-12.41.04.jpg)

I tried drawing Franziska with a reference to Doctor Krieger from Archer. Not sure if it works as well with hooves though, since it's harder to tell what they are. Going to color it tomorrow, might just switch it to being hands.

cf8ba No.163089

File: 1533238789261.jpg (968.56 KB, 2560x1440, 20180802_153618.jpg)

I did end up making it hands, since I thought it worked better. Also, Franziska has strawberry jelly on her face, as often happens in the pursuit of science.

cf8ba No.163090

File: 1533238899182.jpg (552.42 KB, 1280x720, 20180802_153947.jpg)

Never mind, that was the Australian version.

58a45 No.163091

File: 1533239301397.jpg (21.8 KB, 349x305, sweating bear.jpg)



not bad, Franziska seems to be a good fit for Doktor Krieger.

but where did she get human hands…?

3cda1 No.163095

File: 1533239876386.png (260.11 KB, 2000x2187, 12454676789.png)

Oh you know. Here and there.

cf8ba No.163097

File: 1533240016199.png (135.06 KB, 894x894, shrugpony___derpy_hooves__….png)

486c5 No.163303

File: 1533304018559.jpg (1.43 MB, 3024x4032, PSX_20180803_141902.jpg)

Can someone provide redlines for me? Im trying to improve my form but the angles never work out how I imagine it.

Also, can someone give me linearting advice? It seems the sketch always looks better before I line it…

8216d No.163308

I love it.
Franziska a cute.

fb276 No.163335

its a pretty basic pose, but what sticks out to me is the back legs are in a different perspective than the front legs. you should sketch with more volume

cf8ba No.163441

File: 1533338467147.jpg (910.62 KB, 1280x1280, luftkrieg cake.jpg)

Luftkrieg enjoying some delicious cake

8216d No.163442


486c5 No.163645

File: 1533425372731.jpg (3.47 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20180804_225659146.jpg)

Can I get /ic/? Specifically on the form and shape of the face, cheeks, eyes, snoot, ears, hair.

4460c No.163651

thats really good

c9864 No.163656

Cute is the right word

Love it.
I can't really draw so I don't know how to explain it r give good feedback as you asked for. But one small think the hair at the front (back rightmost tip) should perhaps be a bit more down, or add an extra spike in between to tow large spikes at the front. But I think it is a really good drawing.

c0bc4 No.163658

U dun good anon. Maybe the neck is long, but that's a super stingy criticism

4460c No.163662

the necks fine.

58a45 No.163809

File: 1533462494485.png (217 KB, 788x1013, hunk__pony_form__by_sakuya….png)


both look cute. I am glad our drawfags are making visible progress on their works.

cf8ba No.164820

File: 1533790787664.jpg (915.25 KB, 1280x1280, Applejack Boer Pride.jpg)

AJ defending her home and way of life, inspired by the recent situation in South Africa

6e741 No.164878

For the record, I did that. I asked for payment up-front and got it.

cf8ba No.165341

File: 1534047974736.jpg (808.09 KB, 1077x1280, Leslie Fair Ahegao.jpg)

f49c8 No.165450

>when you forcefully violate her NAP but secretly she wanted you to

58a45 No.165490

File: 1534075948567.jpg (79.99 KB, 839x589, hate symbols trash dove.jpg)

cf8ba No.165962

File: 1534250178175.png (157.47 KB, 1200x1000, Leslie BJ.png)

Tried drawing human on pone porn.

148fa No.165964

Love it. Leslie looks like she is ready to "attack" the tip.

18917 No.165965

Pony manes are larger ffs

cf8ba No.165966

98f31 No.165997

File: 1534279380273.png (131.8 KB, 1135x774, ClipboardImage.png)

Leslie trading crypto and feeling the effects of CRAB-17

b561e No.166026

Not bad. Penis needs some work, though.

cf8ba No.166441

File: 1534573549448-0.jpg (137.96 KB, 1200x922, Egalitarianism is gay.jpg)

File: 1534573549448-1.png (260.79 KB, 1117x1280, Leslie on egalitarianism.png)

Memri TV is a great source for /mlpol/ shitposting

cf8ba No.166574

File: 1534643425750-0.jpg (35.99 KB, 732x556, the story is clear.jpg)

File: 1534643425750-1.png (171.94 KB, 1280x972, you are a supporter of the….png)

8216d No.166575

Kek. Love it.

3cda1 No.166577

4425a No.166597

You still there leafy? Fillies are asking about you.

fb276 No.166627

Name all the /mlpol/ relevant ocs you think should go in a group picture. and I do mean ALL of them.

148fa No.166630

>I am 100% forgetting some
Leslie Fair
Anonfilly (green and orange)
Bronco Filly
John Elway
Vril Pony
Nice Pony
Clippity Cloppity
>perhaps the mane six and some waifus

fb276 No.166631

>Clippity Cloppity
I know the rest but these two and DB brings up nadda.

148fa No.166634

File: 1534669484888-0.png (143.75 KB, 1172x1416, 1491268992836.png)

File: 1534669484888-1.jpg (65.68 KB, 750x600, 1491335785685.jpg)

58a45 No.166636

File: 1534670811192.jpg (174.06 KB, 591x751, __centorea_shianus_monster….jpg)


this is slowly but surely getting very good, Anon.

148fa No.166637

Fully agree with all the others. These are great.

cf8ba No.166712

I would like to add Happy Enning to this list

8216d No.166713

I'm bsad to say that the OC creation thread slid off if the catalog.

8216d No.166714

There's also Rem Move, and Mai Gaia.

fb276 No.166819

File: 1534751856420-0.jpeg (162.85 KB, 2289x2289, 1508348__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

File: 1534751856420-1.png (833.96 KB, 1579x716, Screenshot_20.png)

That's just anonfilly as the snek meme not an oc. Same for clopped.com is a meme but I guess a blank /qa/ somewhere could work.

I hate Rem Move and Vlad Move think that they're the one of the worst oc mlpol ever made but I do acknowledge that they exist. Could you at least give me a better picture than the only one on DB in pic related?

This is what my ref sheet looks like right now. PureRef is a sweet program.

d8fae No.166861

File: 1534795639387.png (105.04 KB, 512x512, 1512359806669.png)

going to add kyrie to this list as well though i seems to be sorely lacking OC of her
seen in pic here:
and also in pic related

fb276 No.166942

File: 1534828459070.png (327.27 KB, 603x617, ClipboardImage.png)

it begins…

ac82d No.166943

Yes more Kyrie please and more Luftkrieg please.

fb276 No.166948

File: 1534830750624.png (482.86 KB, 624x683, ClipboardImage.png)

time for a food break

58a45 No.166991

File: 1534868906748.png (296.89 KB, 2200x2744, 941330__safe_oc_cute_vecto….png)


I dont remember seeing something like this before. Either you are new here or you never posted your works before. Looks promising, Anon. I am looking forward to the final piece.

fb276 No.167050

File: 1534888665227.png (600.36 KB, 1161x946, ClipboardImage.png)

I've mainly hung out on 8chan before /mlpol/ was a thing and after mlpol.net was a thing. But I have made content for /mlpol/ before, as the original flag-fag.
>>162501 >>167049
Nobody gave me any ideas when I asked in the photoshop battle thread, so a random pile of ponies is what you'll get and you'll like it damn it.

Speaking of… I won't say who's who, but hopefully people will be able to tell which OC it is when I post em. Also, there's too many damn OCs I feel like I'm dealing with a damn pokemon collage here.

8216d No.167055

>"Once the sword is drawn ,it must taste blood!"

fb276 No.167080

File: 1534911986350.png (767.38 KB, 1404x783, ClipboardImage.png)

tonights pone

7ec90 No.167081

File: 1534912404197.jpg (3.84 KB, 125x125, 3KYr2elI.jpg)


148fa No.167096

They look beautiful, and is it new Syrianas I see too.

5172b No.167159

File: 1534969073225.png (258.12 KB, 620x653, New Canvas.png)

got anymore real horse puss references?

fb276 No.167253

File: 1534999613455.png (1.01 MB, 1253x932, ClipboardImage.png)

>Almost a month after asking for a redline and advice
Not an update on the big piece but well since I'm going to be here more often for now..

1. In general You should draw more with your shoulder instead of your wrist and make more sweeping motions to connect the forms. For example for the chest and belly you can just sketch straight through the legs. Drawing with your shoulder will help you with your lineart as well.

2. Practice doing basic stuff like spheres, tubes and beans. They're all essential for making ponies look like they have volume. I attached a little example of what I did on the side.

3. The front legs are okay just could use some tweaking, but the back legs knee's are too high up. They're about halfway down the pony like seen on the Celestia reference. You should grab any reference you can if you dont know the subject you're drawing well enough. I just googled 'Celestia standing' and stuck it to the side.

4. Watch your silhouettes, the tail is getting in the way of the legs here. I redlined over that in a different color so you can see it clearly. The hair pony tail is nice, but I'd emphasize it a bit more.

That's all that needs to be gone into detail, the rest is just some adjustments to proportions and features. It's very loose but that's how I sketch. It's more important to get an understanding of these things into your head than crisp thin lines. It looks like you work in traditional, so just do general construction sketches in light pencil and erase it later on.

bb951 No.167268

I only did wut mlpol wanted q.q

8aec6 No.167270

I like Rem, but I do think Vlad is a bit redundant. He makes sense, but as a background character for Rem, rather than a stand-alone OC. I'm stll waiting on Rem's poetry about the rhythmic sound of muslim blood dripping in the silence after a battle.

196d4 No.167305

Ill need to work on that. Vlad really isn't a stand alone, he's either always around Rem or Ice as it is

cf8ba No.167688

File: 1535210572618.png (148.02 KB, 1200x1000, Leslie Fair the NAP.png)

d72fa No.167737

File: 1535218942995.png (146.94 KB, 842x732, ClipboardImage.png)

This hair is awful. I suggest drawing a lot of sketches and looking at refs and maybe even tutorials because I haven't seen much progress from you.

3cda1 No.167738

I like this style.

cf8ba No.167774

File: 1535220474399.png (158.18 KB, 1200x1000, Leslie Fair the NAP.png)

Alright, I tried to fix the mane

35572 No.167775

This. The hair always looks lifeless and far too short for a mane. It seems like something that you'd see on Chris-chan's or James Fieds' head. These are not human manchildren, they're horses with manes.

35572 No.167776

That actually looks way better that way.

b561e No.167777

Very nice, VERY NICE!

148fa No.167780


35572 No.167781

Check'd. Quads confirms gud moneyhorse

fb276 No.168307

File: 1535421033835.png (318.92 KB, 732x779, ClipboardImage.png)

Almost a week since last update, but not forgotten.

ac82d No.168325

File: 1535426642133.png (624.65 KB, 884x748, ClipboardImage.png)

I have to ask who is Franzi holding?
Me and a friend have been debating and I want to see who was right. Is it Breta or Luftkrieg?

e7aa0 No.168605

If it isn't on paper it's not real art

b561e No.168606

Looks like Twilight and Anonfilly to me.

81f08 No.168611

Plenty on Google or E621 but if you got the chance to live in countryside you might find real models to work with.

Yea. Looks better with a bit of volume.

e7aa0 No.168654

>normally hate breasts
>draw female character
>give them above average tits
does anyone else do this?

63a99 No.168796

drawfag here taking requests

bb951 No.168797

Ice and Mai having coffee

63a99 No.168799

literally who?

ac82d No.168800

/r/ Kyrie breastfeeding Luftkireg please

63a99 No.168801

who is that?

ac82d No.168803

File: 1535680389912-0.png (295.4 KB, 2308x2000, 948334__safe_solo_oc_smili….png)

File: 1535680389912-1.png (120.55 KB, 1646x1411, 22_Anonymous_Pegasus_flirt….png)

File: 1535680389912-2.png (248.8 KB, 2000x2134, 1142474__safe_oc_vector_fi….png)

The mare is Kyrie and the filly is Luftkrieg
And the last picture shows Luftkrieg in between Kyrie's legs.

84a06 No.168806


inb4 Zald posts gay furry porn and giggles about it.

bb951 No.168808

Ice… and Mai Gaia? Our OCs for mlpol…?

8216d No.168809

I wanna see this unironically.

bb951 No.168810

Am not a zald. My feels hurt now

84a06 No.168811

Check the flag of the anon you're talking to. Mods give the rainbow flag to Zald's proxies.

bb951 No.168812

Ahh… now I feel a dumb. I gotta be on more often

a036c No.168817

File: 1535685536684.jpg (150.54 KB, 2048x1152, p.jpg)

Don't take it personally. Plenty of people have been accused of being Zald, he's just that persistent. As long as ur not a faggot, ur good.

ee740 No.168830

Honest to god read the name so many times that I couldn't forget it if I tried. Who exactly IS this Zald guy?

b561e No.168861

Some faggot.

58a45 No.168862

File: 1535728810262.png (84.66 KB, 1000x677, 1533435602633.png)


Zald is one of several lolcows polluting MLPOL and arguebly the oldest internal one next to GR15DF. He appeared here shortly after our founding and never really left. hes not a community member though and has a hatred for nonliberal viewpoints.

Zaldo himself is a homosexual dramacow from a pony streamign website who got into trouble with other regulars over general spergy, which escalated when someone leaked nudes of his behind. for some reason he figured this was all MLPOLs fault, who was partially using that service at the time and later followed them here. He gets banned and made fun of on a regular basis and is arguebly the most reoccuring troll and bait thread maker in this place. Theres not much too him besides that other than that he is easy to bait himself. If you see a gay pride flag that means the mods are goading him again.

58a45 No.168865

also i should add that he - undeservingly - became sort of a local humeme himself. whenever people see general low quality posting, bait posting, stupid questions or fag enabler content they often quickly (and usually rightfully) get accused of Zaldposting/being Zald.

Zaldposting is unsurprisingly largely frowned upon and quickly leads to the thread getting deleted, the acused one being banned or the thread getting derailed, which large amounts of anti-zald posting. (which can take different shapes but is usually easy to spot) one example would be the sudden appearance of gay pride flags or unwarranted amounts of Penis Garfield spam.

a12a9 No.168880

If he posted his shit in /sp/, it wouldn't get deleted

5d172 No.168882

File: 1535741808417.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 768x730, Waterfox_wallpaper.png)

Yeah those Garfield penis shoops are, uh…really somethin'.
But yeah, at the risk of having derailed this thread somewhat, thanks for answering. I think I'll stick to poking glimmernigel though.

cf8ba No.170340

File: 1536461518337-0.png (137.23 KB, 1200x1200, Leslie Panties.png)

File: 1536461518337-1.png (751.79 KB, 1000x3206, rDBZSWV.png)

File: 1536461518337-2.png (333.77 KB, 1034x926, 1346820777603.png)

I'm not that good at pone asses yet, but here's an attempt and 2 useful guides.

b561e No.170341

Porn when?

148fa No.170342

Nice, I'd rip them off if the NAP allowed..
I wish I could come up with a real OC to practice on.

676e6 No.170413

Dubs decide what Aryanne pic I draw next

cf8ba No.171528

File: 1537032805028.png (173.89 KB, 1200x900, Leslie vs Road.png)

4425a No.172066

Aryanne preening Luftkrieg's wings lovingly.

4425a No.172071

File: 1537233632788-0.jpg (1.12 MB, 2971x1904, 242.jpg)

Kind of been trying to improve, anything you all notice that I could work on in the future?

ac82d No.172077

We got a winner

cf8ba No.172083

I think it's cute. Her face looks a bit off though, did you use a reference? Keep it up and you should be fairly good in not much time!

4425a No.172092

Yeah, I usually use references. Anything specific you notice wrong with the face though? Heh, and when are we going to get more fillies out of ya?

cf8ba No.173278

File: 1537566593259.png (173.44 KB, 1200x800, Leslie Fair 9 20.png)

I tried using a different software with this one. What do you guys think?
>Anything specific you notice wrong with the face though?
Hard to say, it just doesn't look right.
>when are we going to get more fillies out of ya?
Maybe if people request filly art I'll draw it

b561e No.173279

Is good.

I would like a filly, though.

8bbc0 No.173280

those proportions are awful

cf8ba No.173282

6ea16 No.173288

the top lip could be a little thicker.

dba10 No.173349

>Irises and pupils taking up almost the entire eyes as if Leslie was on some sort of drugs
>thin, short, flabby snout without nostrils or clear shape
>barely any chin; there's very little protrusion of the mouth
>ears the size of a batpony's
>tail positioned way too low

It's an attempt.

8216d No.173350

>as if Leslie was on some sort of drugs
>as if

cf8ba No.173352

Thanks, I'll try and work on all these problems so that next time my art is better.

cf8ba No.173586

File: 1537647508745.png (231.35 KB, 900x1000, Glow in the Dark CIA Zigge….png)

8216d No.173588


43c4d No.173590

File: 1537648453128.jpg (87.14 KB, 1024x613, cia nigger.jpg)


positively terrific

4425a No.173754

Your front legs are always a bit too skinny, especially the hooves. Also, missed opportunity for the zigger to be in the dark emitting light like a sample of radon, but otherwise not bad. Not bad at all.
Filly playing the piano/keyboard. I'm curious to see how your fillies have improved.

cf8ba No.173775

File: 1537683166712.png (111.13 KB, 1000x800, Filly Filly Can't you see.png)

91477 No.173801

File: 1537700114244.png (63.58 KB, 510x563, Pony Illustration - 001 (2….png)

Just trying to get into pony drawing again and trying out using only curves. I still need much before I become tolerable (if I ever become it)

43c4d No.173809

File: 1537707938486.jpg (210.98 KB, 1182x1152, bringing the pain back int….jpg)


i would suggest keeping the body more bean shaped, outting more effort into the eyes and hair and add some more ass

05490 No.173810

Yep, it is quite malformed. Been a long pause from drawing and I'm back at scratch.. Also mainly a little experiment in drawing using the curve tool to draw lines.

4425a No.173822

Same issue I mentioned with the front legs, also a tad too long this time around. Fix that and upload it to the thread and you're good, m8.

cf8ba No.173828

File: 1537716033981.png (110.43 KB, 1000x800, Filly Filly Can't you see.png)

I tried fixing the forelegs based on your advice

7a040 No.173832

File: 1537717180845.png (79.23 KB, 624x744, Pony Illustration - 002 (2….png)

>just another one … for practice

43c4d No.173834


thats a lot better than the first one. not bad Anon

e0497 No.174453

File: 1537748347935.jpg (108.47 KB, 938x543, Reddit_impelled.jpg)

8216d No.174455

6ae30 No.174457

Fantastic drawing. Love it.

cf8ba No.174459


f82c3 No.175106

File: 1537912594572.jpg (2.93 MB, 3984x2988, JPEG_20180925_224936.jpg)

4425a No.175111

Maybe take a clearer picture? One cannot judge the cuteness of the poner without seeing the full potential of her.

d70a3 No.175558

File: 1538058909772-0.png (283.1 KB, 1280x720, safety squad.png)

File: 1538058909772-1.png (597.58 KB, 1280x1930, fireaxe saving lives.png)

A little backstory for Fireaxe and little logo design update for Safety Squad
I see Fireaxe as a passionate firefighter thriving on saving any ponies' lives, no matter their political compass, but is wrongfully vilified by left wings because their DIY spaces are the prime sources of fire hazards. She would often be misunderstood due to her unfortunate team name acronym and her cutie mark. She would also have conflicting ideology with Aryanne, as Aryanne would rather let commies burn, than save them.

Honestly, "leftists are stupid, assuming everyone to be nazis with false dilemma" argument will only works if Fireaxe is not far-right herself.

d70a3 No.175559

File: 1538059232573-0.png (994.71 KB, 1280x2900, fireaxe and aryanne.png)

Also, I really had no idea an axe was symbol of Fascism when designing her cutie mark and name

8216d No.175560

File: 1538059423840.jpg (83.45 KB, 800x600, cb5.jpg)

New Fireaxe OC?! This week just keeps getting better.
It really isn't that much. That was mostly wishful thinking; for meme-related purposes.

43c4d No.175561

File: 1538060361006.jpg (186.6 KB, 1222x501, disavow.jpg)


>altering Fireaxes Helmet Symbol and behavior to appease centrism

Unless you are the original creator of these characters consider yourself disavowed, Anon. This seems to conflict with the source material of the RWSS threads the character is based upon. I have heard rumors before that the original creator of the RWSS ponies is afraid of publicly associating with the characters. I consider retroactively neutering your content to be motivated by cowardice.

If you can prove ownership over these design i strongly suggest you get into contact with regulars of the RWSS thread to synchronize before you attempt any changes that may lead to disassociation.

ab0a3 No.175562

He very clearly implied that he was her creator, even stated when he designed her.

43c4d No.175563


I am ware of that. In that case he should have no problems to produce evidence for his claims.

ab0a3 No.175564

It's the same style too mate

8216d No.175565

He is the creator. His art style is telltale.
He created Fireaxe within the first few weeks of this site's history.
I wholeheartedly respect why he'd want to draw distinctions for what he intended (or didn't intend) Fireaxe to represent, because his political views may be misrepresented by association.
In the weeks after I uploaded his earliest pictures to derpibooru, I came to a grim realization that the association with fascism/Nazism that were prevalent in the SS symbol of the safety squads, that DB may have discouraged him from drawing Fireaxe in the future, and I welcome him to draw her as a politically neutral character.
In the end, RWSS is about fire safety; despite the political motivations of those who participated in the threads for shutting down anarchist drug dens.

43c4d No.175566

File: 1538062538547.png (357.56 KB, 509x436, ClipboardImage.png)


He could be Matt Furie for all I care. Its a bit late for having second thoughts 1,5 years in after drawing mascot chatracters for a fascism associated website. I am not directly associated with the RWSS but I would not take such a heelturn if i was in the same position. It*s not like we had a lot of presense for this content of even any of these ponies here recently, but this is just a scumbag move to be honest.

8216d No.175567

He absolutely is Fireaxe's creator. The New Zealand flag is proof enough (which is actually why I agreed with giving posters the option to hide flags).
When I tagged his pictures of her on derpibooru, he politly requested that i remove his name tag, because he didn't want users to think he was a fascist, or otherwise give liberals a reason to badger him in the comments section.
I can only imagine that after the Shinodage pic depicting the Shower scene of the /mlpol/ football team, he would have been motivated to state that he did not intend (or at least not unironically) Fireaxe to be a staunchly fascist symbol, despite her still being one of the longest lasting OCs to be associated with /mlpol/.

43c4d No.175568

File: 1538062969943.jpg (5.42 KB, 100x100, pepe character ss glasses.jpg)


>He absolutely is Fireaxe's creator.

>pic depicting the Shower scene of the /mlpol/ football team, he would have been motivated to state that he did not intend (or at least not unironically) Fireaxe to be a staunchly fascist symbol,

You dont say. so this is a whitewashing action to save his own reputation after he forgot about the character. Would be a shame if people found out his name and explicitly drew Fireaxe as a hardcore nazi now, wouldnt it.

8216d No.175569

While I see your point in that original artists cannot choose how memers will appropriate their characters, I still think it's perfectly fair for him to try to distance himself from anything political that may come of his OCs use.
I was part of the /rwss/ threads. When Right Wing Safety Squads are a play on RWDS, they're not exactly the same thing. I believe that a character who represents firefighters can still continue to be associated with RWSS (if I can ever get a thread going…),even if the original artist make a statement to distance himself from any political arguments.

8216d No.175570

Anyone who tried could tell it's his OC with 3 minute DB; he's rather well known in the community. He just didn't want to deal with the bullshit that would follow after people inevitability connected the dots to assiciste the Firefighting pony with the schutzstaffel on her forehead with his own artwork.

4f198 No.175581

You can draw his OC however you like, but nothing he has done merits doxxing. It's not "whitewashing" because Fireaxe doesn't represent a position hostile to our views. She's just a dutiful pony who got caught in the crossfire of SJW busybodies, representing a large and growing section of nor/mlp/eople.

Also, I find it much pithier in using the iconography of a regular character ironically rather than simply having another 14/88 character. It's more of an inside joke that others will miss.

8216d No.175583

>You dont say. so this is a whitewashing action to save his own reputation after he forgot about the character.
I wouldn't say that. He originally made Fireaxe for this community, on this site, and I thank him greatly for that.
At the same time, i'm fairly certain that he's not a /pol/ack, and I understand if he'd want to say that Fireaxe wasn't entirely intended to be a Nazi or fascist or whatever people may associate the "SS" on her hat with; but just the fire Safety initiative, which he seemed very supportive of when he made her.

8216d No.175587

..Or maybe I may be reading into things slightly too much…

Either way, I can say that I can appreciate this Fireaxe just as much, if not more, than as she's been depicted in the past. There hasn't actually been very much art or green of her in the first place, and I don't think what Anon posted above really changes her personality at all, as I imagined her demeanor.

d70a3 No.175590

>the original creator of the RWSS ponies is afraid of publicly associating with the characters
It was mostly because I wasn't confident about owning up to a political character(on top of political backlashes)
But if she's less about political agendas and more about following moral rights with acts of vigilante, I would be more proud to associate with Fireaxe. To be honest, it was the act of doing the right thing that brought me into rwss in the first place.
Also, I brought up the same topic an year ago, and anons were quite supportive with it back then.

Took the words out of my mouth
Also, I really appreciated you respecting my anonymity, thank you

That's fair point too, especially with Streisand effect and all.
But with not much backstories set up for Fireaxe so far, I can still throw my hats in for her character design, not as an artist, but as an anon.

…Why am I getting a vibe of Tumblr, that drove an artist to suicide for drawing a character too skinny?
I mean, I strongly believe in freedom of speech, so I am supportive on defending your own ideology and also criticising others' ideology.
But wrongfully aligning other's political view would just be framing. It's exactly how liberals see firefighters as.

d70a3 No.175595

…kinda feels like I kicked a hornet's nest here;;

8216d No.175597

Nah, KrautAnon just jumped the gun and thought you were trying to pull a Matter Furie or something.
I love your OC btw, and I'm glad to see her again.

550b3 No.175602

File: 1538066590362-0.jpg (44.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 1538066590362-1.jpg (33.49 KB, 436x347, Fasces.jpg)

Your change in the OC is understandable, as it has already been said. Changing the runic symbols is understandable given the context. In fact, this adds some characterization by constantly being misidentified as a Nazi which I appreciate. However, I will correct you on the axe as a fascist symbol. By itself, it has nothing to do with fascism or Nazism. A Fasces, or bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging can be fascist, but is not explicitly. It is a old Roman symbol of strength, which is used by governments, like pic related.
Not really, it's just the usual autism.

a422d No.175605

File: 1538066845414.jpg (2.37 MB, 5312x2988, 20180926_213659.jpg)

I shall enhance the image

43c4d No.175606

File: 1538067413539.jpg (8.78 KB, 225x270, Mundane matt face.jpg)


"MK is a the Matt Fury of pony artists and a cuckhold.

MK probably has some lofty, little-minded gripe against the NSDAP oe Neofascists that irks his liberal sentimentality." - t. fellow artist and content creator.

Also i was asked to link you this on the topic of bookburnings.

Book Burning – Allied Book Pulping and ‘Re-Education’ Compar.

The 'Nazis' did not burn books - that is more fake history

550b3 No.175607

>Also i was asked to link you this on the topic of bookburnings.
Who's asking this, and what is going on? Is this just drama bull, or is it something that actually matters?

8216d No.175608

File: 1538068208302-0.png (102.3 KB, 1000x938, 1555079__safe_alternate ve….png)

File: 1538068208302-1.png (92.37 KB, 1000x938, 1555122__safe_alternate ve….png)

On the subject of "book burning", there was once an 'evil', book-burning, alternate-universe version of Fireaxe edited, who was supposed to be the stand-in for Guy Montag, the protagonist of the boon "Farenheight 451". A couple of Anons in the OC creation threads floated around the subject of SJWs being book-burners who desire the destruction of anything that hurts their feelings; one of those Anons suggested a green about the alternate Fireaxe, as Guy Montag, being a 'FireMare' responsible for burning books and quashing freedom of expression, before realizing the dystopian nature of the society she lived in and redeaming herself.
The green never got written in the end though, probably due to a slump in board activity. A few weeks with that period some Anons also posted a group-reading of the book to /ub/, although that lacked participation as well.
>tl;Dr, Fireaxe would be against book-burning of any kind, and her alternate universe self is an SJW who's profession is antithetical to freedom of expression.

43c4d No.175611

File: 1538068385036.png (177.92 KB, 673x1026, 20_Otherdrawfag_Fluttershy….png)


Otherdrawfag. Reaction to this controversy. I have no knowledge if and what kind of history these 2 people have.

550b3 No.175615

Thank you. Drama for the sake of drama is useless. Understanding and background potentially makes it useful.

43c4d No.175624

File: 1538070055612.png (367.74 KB, 759x513, SS Obergruppenführer Wolfg….png)


>Thank you. Drama for the sake of drama is useless. Understanding and background potentially makes it useful.

ODF would like you to know that you are also a cuck.

8216d No.175640

File: 1538071280987.png (112.58 KB, 1400x900, 1508475__safe_artist-colon….png)

550b3 No.175653

Then relay back to this faggot that he is a nigger with no balls. Furthermore, using you as a messenger, or if these are actually your words and you are just lying is very fucking stupid. Tell him to get his preteen ass over here.

43c4d No.175662

File: 1538074394370.webm (350.46 KB, 640x356, Spidermans boss laugh.webm)

43c4d No.175665

File: 1538075167231.gif (159.65 KB, 749x578, dancing spurdo bed.gif)


"I'm too busy for this faggot. I'll go respond later if I remember."

cf8ba No.175668

File: 1538075681112.png (159.54 KB, 1280x720, Aryanne Luftkrieg hug.png)

I don't know what happenned here but here's a cute drawing

43c4d No.175690

File: 1538076811221.jpg (49.86 KB, 600x604, brain damage.jpg)


>be pony artist MK

>find MLPOL in 2017
>create Fireaxe for RWSS thread
>dont know shit about politics or optics
>someone posts artwork on DB
>does not reconize the character publicly
>people find out MK drew Fireaxe
>remorse kicks in
>gets called a nazi by faggots on DB
>Dont draw Art for Fireaxe anymore
>1 year later
>mlpol wins football cup
>suddenly someone draws Fireaxe having sex in a shower
>Nazi allegations begin again
>go to MLPOL
>go on damage control for own repuation
>disavow fascism
>assume creative control over intellectual property you never stuck up for
>get called out
>now its tumblr harassment
>full centrist horseshoe achieved

b561e No.175705

Outsider's perspective: This "controversy" is retarded. I can understand not wanting to be considered a Nazi, if your political views weren't actually in line with national socialism. I imagine Ancaps want to reee when people say they're Nazis, for example.

Fireaxe is a cute poner. She dindu nuffin.

>t.American National Socialist/Capitalist

4bd5d No.175747

Can confirm, I would reeeeeee if I was called a Nazi.
And no it's not for the reason of hatred of Nazi's, I just don't want my beliefs known as NatSoc.

2cb51 No.175767

> National Socialist/Capitalist
not to be mean anon but you realize it's not really an either or scenario with these they're pretty definitively opposed to one another

2cb51 No.175768

also fireaxe is obviously a utilitarian, fire safety is the most utilitarian thing ever

b561e No.175791

Not as much as you think. The only difference between them is that National Socialism is focused more on social reform while National Capitalism is focused more on the free market.

6ea16 No.175801

the "Free" market allowed jews to take over.

b561e No.175805

That's what the "National" part is for. Creating a cultural bulwark to guard against any and all foreign influences, including the Jews.

ce29a No.175845

I'm an ancap and I get a chuckle when someone calls me a Nazi, but that's because I have a troll mentality and I unironically like Mein Kampf. That's what I expect from leftists and I have nothing to lose.

MK is a well-known DB artist so I can understand why he's being aloof about it. As long as he doesn't try to sabotage his work like Matt Furie tried I really don't care what he says.

e652b No.175860

File: 1538094624586.png (33.62 KB, 277x254, Aryanne calls you a cuck.png)

Alright, I can finally stop having my messages relayed by a German, and call you a cuck myself. Yeah, I agree that a drama would be stupid, so it never was a dramatic conflict in the first place. I never talked to MK ever, I still have whatever form of respect I had for him, and my investment in this situation is pretty low. At worst, I was being mocking because I found this turn of event stupid and funny. Like, I can laugh at a dumb book burning joke, but the real joke is MK. The length he goes to coverup his involvement with Fireaxe is equivalent to hiding that you're a faggot when you have cum on your face. The evidence is right there! It's so stupid, and is so asinine in attempt that it fucks up the character design here >>175558. He's going that far with those fugly patches! It's funny. I don't really have any investment in this, I can say that again, but it looks the comments I made ruffled feathers and I have to explain myself. Not that I didn't expect it. I just didn't care that my friend wanted to post those comments. Maybe this can be a message to MK.
You know, MK. People like Shino or KanashiiPanda make Aryanne art without people questioning that they are Nazis. It won't affect them just as it won't affect your 15 minutes of pony fame. In all honesty, it just makes you seem insincere. Like you have something to hide, when you are already hiding something to other people. And, the people that know & enjoy the character are not going to get anything out of it. The people you are hiding it from will know when you introduce it. That's to say people don't know.
>I imagine Ancaps…
Those really don't exist.
>I can understand not wanting to be considered a Nazi, if your political views weren't actually in line with national socialism.
Except it isn't about that. Even if the artist wants it to be about that. He could just say, "I disassociate". It's about the imagery and the message. Fireaxe means nothing without the SS. With one, you think 'rightwing firefighter wtf'. You don't have to look any further, but if you do, that higher sense of morality that MK wants to imply >>175590 here can already be read into. If someone wants to interpret otherwise; there's no problem with that. That's the brilliance of an open ended character. Removing the SS sacrifices visual clarity for political correctness. Which really is just cuckoldry. There was a solid design that didn't have to be changed. Maybe MK could have been more subtle by make the SS not Sieg Runes, but he just had to make a statement too. preddy gay
If you don't know Yockey, Pelley, Metzger, or even Pierce; get the fuck out, dumb burger. Even Rockwell meant his support for 'free markets' as an appeal, not policy.
Europe had a strong cultural bulwark too. Dumb cuck.
The last two posts were unrelated. This ends my reply.

c5fee No.175897

>book burning fire hazard
the books burned were literal tranny propaganda. By burning it, those brave students saved the west from trannies for another 70 years. That, and the allies burned way more nazi books then the nazis ever did tranny books from the Institute of Sex Research, and it wasn't even done by the political party, but instead students of the nearby university.
That's not really what I see happening, it's more of a poke of irony in the form of pointing out damage in what seems to be damage control.
…having said that, >>175606, ad hominim is not an argument, you eternal drama-nigger. Quoting a personal conversation where insults are thrown around freely adds no credibility, especially since it didn't even come from you. You don't convince someone who wants to disassociate to stop being an idiot by calling them a lolcow.
Drama makes you a cuck. I bet you suck DSP's dick every stream. Enablers like you is why these cancer fucks are able to continue to exist.
>NatCap is more focused on the free market
>natcapism gets into power
>kick the jews out
>but what about all their degenerate porn?
>let the free market decide
>everyone's still a degenerate
>wow, it's almost like a policy centered around the free market lead to shit like this in the first place, because it's just that exploitable
Cultural bullwark only works by changing what the people consume. Using it as a cop-out for the failures of a solely free market is just dumb. It doesn't matter what kind of "cultural bullwark" pagans had, the Christians won in the end. It doesn't matter what you try to create, propaganda will win the lemmings if allowed to operate under an equal playing field.
>those don't really exist
point remains with lolbertarians or even alt-right "based isrealite".
>Maybe MK could have been more subtle by make the SS not Sieg Runes, but he just had to make a statement too. preddy gay
This. MK, you can draw whatever you want, but the criticism remains. It's like drawing a nice femme pony that gets well liked by everyone, and then sticking a dick on it because you don't wanna associate with heterosexuality. This is like that, but inverse.

d70a3 No.175952

>you can draw whatever you want, but the criticism remains. It's like drawing a nice femme pony that gets well liked by everyone, and then sticking a dick on it because you don't wanna associate with heterosexuality. This is like that, but inverse.
Yeah, that's fair point.
Then, just consider >>175558 as simple suggestion for Fireaxe, since there are few anons that were positive about it.

cf8ba No.175955

File: 1538104340791.png (193.77 KB, 683x381, what the fuck.png)

For fucks sake this is supposed to be a drawfag thread why is everyone arguing and no one drawing

e652b No.175962

I posted a drawing.

e652b No.175981

Give the muzzles less height, make the plot less fat, absolutely don't do that thing with the tail, put the detail behind the plot and a little higher up, make the neck broader in the back, and shrink the head. I'm not sure about these people that tell you that everything is okay. It is not. Keep being critical and keep on going. I suggest putting pencil to paper more often than using digital for now.

cf8ba No.176912

File: 1538526384694.jpg (250.2 KB, 1200x600, Aryanne Rockwell quote.jpg)

I made a thing. Next I'll probably draw Leslie again and then some stuff for Halloween- I mean, Nightmare Night.

d8fae No.177458

File: 1538776932801-0.png (18.78 KB, 226x228, 1st try at pone.png)

File: 1538776932801-1.png (36.17 KB, 462x556, 2nd try at pone.png)

Digital art is confusing the fuck out of me
pls halp

I recently Purchased for free a copy of illustrator and managed to acquire a very inexpensive Wacom for the hell of it and because I figured it would be easier to make myself draw more, even though its been a while since I've tried my hand at it and I never was particularly good.
problem is, that even though I tend to pick up the basic concepts pretty easily I slam into a wall because I have no idea how illustrator works or what a good layout/workflow is with it.
case in point that second image without the fill. I made a mess of the layers somehow and couldn't figure out an effective way to fix it.

Could I have a more experienced artfag give me a really quick rundown on the most useful parts of A.I. and how they typically work?
for example:
for filling v.s. outlining which brush tool do you typically use?
how do you normally structure your layers?
I've heard that people hold the pen differently. Is that true and if so, how do you hold it?
will probably be frequenting these threads though. there really isn't anywhere better to actually ask people abut this kind of thing desu…

76f42 No.177462

Not an artfag but what size of Wacom tablet did you buy? I'm thinking about getting one myself off amazon but the price is a turnoff for the medium and large versions.

d8fae No.177463

I borrowed what I'm using right now.
Its one of the old intuos tablets

cf8ba No.177976

File: 1538955205100.png (152.1 KB, 1000x1000, Luftkrieg Nightmare Night.png)

Spookiest Nightmare Night costume

cf8ba No.178635

File: 1539405186510.png (125.71 KB, 1080x1080, Smol Leslie.png)

38ef1 No.178638

The eyes look off to me for some reason, I'm not sure why. Other than that good job, very cute.

6ea16 No.178646

i think they are a little too big.

e81c6 No.178652

File: 1539415567853-0.jpg (2.83 MB, 5312x2988, 20181011_141709.jpg)

File: 1539415567854-1.jpg (2.97 MB, 5312x2988, 20181008_095320.jpg)

4425a No.178874

Thanks for the influx of top-tier cute drawfaggotry UK, is there any chance of getting a Halloween themed duo pic of floorb and filly?

6ea16 No.178917

Can you Draw Aryanne Dabbing on a (((griffon)))?

9336f No.178920

File: 1539623504996.jpg (310.76 KB, 1200x645, Wernerprokla-e146250685054….jpg)

Can you draw this but with ponies?

550b3 No.178935

Pick one.

cf8ba No.179017

File: 1539659856735.png (177.07 KB, 1080x900, Aryanne Leslie cunnilingus.png)

94f5b No.179022


b561e No.179024

Eat the booty like free-market capitalist groceries.

64829 No.179025

e81c6 No.179169

File: 1539767909247.jpg (3.49 MB, 5312x2988, 20181017_101520.jpg)

Ill do something better later but for now have this

(the speech bubble says wow nice zombie costume Floor)

4425a No.179379

Absolutely adorable, thanks mate.

4425a No.183619

File: 1541550525259.png (13.18 KB, 575x444, 1531379486702.png)

Could somebody potentially redo this with Anonfilly and Luftkrieg?

bf1e4 No.183695

File: 1541556173956.jpg (1.08 MB, 3264x2448, 10-29-18.JPG)

first day of trying to get back into drawing. I wanna get good at drawing poners so I can draw good porn for my obscure fetish. I take it most of us are here for that?

e0cd6 No.183838

File: 1541568115018.jpg (98.8 KB, 1024x755, 1528826790365.jpg)

>so I can draw good porn of my obscure fetish

What might that be, pray tell?

bf1e4 No.183846

File: 1541569719700.png (Spoiler Image, 304.38 KB, 750x1000, ROQO5843.PNG)

Most presentable one I can find.
A testament to the lack of art for it.

4425a No.184319

Wholesome poners in diapers? Not something you see every day.

bf1e4 No.184331

File: 1541819342479.png (Spoiler Image, 242.28 KB, 641x685, IMG_1013.PNG)

Right? Wish there was more of it instead of this hyper-poof and wet/mess stuff. That's only part of the attraction, but arguably the hardest to replicate in a drawing.
I'm honestly more interested in drawing stuff like pic related or the previous post.
Diaperfags try to be overly explicit too often. Sad.

7e5bb No.184332

File: 1541820032990-0.jpeg (215.76 KB, 640x793, 7B9088A9-44AC-4FA6-99CE-A….jpeg)

File: 1541820032990-1.jpeg (48.02 KB, 554x554, 4187027A-904D-4816-956F-E….jpeg)

Shame all I have is shame for you anons

bf1e4 No.184333

Looked white to me. Maybe I'm colorblind.

4425a No.184334

Same here.

bf1e4 No.184336

tbh, that's pretty kino. urine honestly doesn't show up that overly visible in many instances. I swear 90% of diaperfags have never actually physically indulged.

fb276 No.184816

it's clearly a tint of yellow and out of place so it can't be a shadow it's intentional color choice.

cf8ba No.185812

File: 1542235950720.png (20.26 KB, 575x444, Anonfilly and Luftkrieg.png)

Here you go

5076a No.185827

Do horses have a mating dance?

b561e No.185829

They exchange breath. I don't know much more than that.

8216d No.185831

I think that's only certain birds, and fruitflies.

8ee45 No.185833

kek, nice one.

e0497 No.188827

File: 1543031392448.png (106.6 KB, 1039x969, aryanne no backgroud.png)

daae4 No.188831

Pretty good.

cf8ba No.188835

f9d46 No.188875

File: 1543059972431.jpg (30.01 KB, 460x568, erika mit zigarette.jpg)

cute ponification

that looks both unfamiliar and strangely professional. Nice piece of ass.

cf8ba No.189371

File: 1543205531003.png (172.71 KB, 1000x1000, Aryanne doing some reading.png)

debb2 No.189400

D'aww, that's super cute.

Kind of sexy

3ee84 No.189401

Stay away from Derpy!

c0edd No.189455


6ea16 No.189460

>Abo V Maori

fef68 No.189467

Any of y'all have recommendations for drawing pads and programs for a noob?
Not going pro I just wanna draw images that appear in my mind.

e81c6 No.189476

File: 1543273250132-0.jpg (1.27 MB, 4128x2322, 20181126_211322.jpg)

File: 1543273250132-1.jpg (1.75 MB, 4128x2322, 20181126_101524.jpg)

File: 1543273250132-2.jpg (2.05 MB, 4128x2322, 20181123_135650.jpg)

File: 1543273250132-3.jpg (2.73 MB, 4128x2322, 20181122_222514.jpg)

File: 1543273250132-4.jpg (1.55 MB, 4128x2322, 20181122_085447.jpg)

Fillies Galore

6ea16 No.189477

i use ms paint

8ee45 No.189478

I have not used it myself, but looks good

4425a No.189484

>Image 1
Thanks mate.

e81c6 No.189487

No problem I actually really like how it turned out

8800c No.189551

Draw bigger and use colored pens/ink it over.

ca6bc No.189558

File: 1543308939088.png (227.23 KB, 1478x1197, Nervous Nelly.png)

If you're looking for graphics tablets, I'd honestly just avoid Wacom. They are far too expensive for what they offer. I'm gonna shill xp-pen here, but from what I hear Huion isn't that bad, either.

If you're unsure about dropping the big bux on something that you may never really get into, you can get a small tablet for $50 or less. Otherwise, if you already know you'll be using it lots, there are also bigger, more capable tablets, including ones with displays.

For instance, you can get a high quality 13 inch display tablet for $300. A 13 inch Wacom display tablet is $700. The difference beyond that, from what I can tell, is negligible.

7e5bb No.189599

File: 1543357718094.jpeg (50.05 KB, 486x810, 1BB8181A-8361-40B8-A84C-8….jpeg)

Is there a fic to this nervous nilly?

f49d6 No.194027

File: 1545524535109-0.jpg (89.58 KB, 570x829, what she really wants.jpg)

File: 1545524535109-1.png (340.53 KB, 1140x1660, Windy Whistles gun ad.png)

6e51d No.195276

File: 1546167346843.png (321.97 KB, 640x1916, 1546095203027.png)

>le shitty drawn comic about lethal cuteness

3a153 No.195284

It's cute.

565fe No.195301

And that's how the epidemic started. There aren't many of us left, and our numbers dwindle by the day.

6e51d No.195306

Equestria is no place for the faint of heart

72b3d No.195316

File: 1546193035842.png (785.71 KB, 960x504, unknown.png)

Drawing ponies is still hard

7e79e No.195320

You eventually get the hang of it

086ed No.195374

It will always be hard but pony makes it worth it

3e4f0 No.197687

File: 1547177834865-0.png (130.09 KB, 475x500, hey griffon watcha doin'.png)

File: 1547177834865-1.jpg (64.04 KB, 464x633, hey rabbi.jpg)

Took my shot at griffonifying an A. Wyatt Mann classic

1acbe No.197688

Love it my dude! REally, funny and good.
But why are their two swastikas instead of one and why does this simple symbol all rebelious kids learn to etch into their benches in school look so bad? Are you implying that Griffons can't use spraycans?

3e4f0 No.197689

I thought having the swastikas look stupid and messed up would make it more comedic

95098 No.198312

File: 1547431451496.png (1.64 MB, 6376x4320, loira.png)

here's my latest drawing.

4b476 No.198315

b51f1 No.198316


b561e No.198321

Now that is a horse I would fuck.

95a61 No.198325

File: 1547435471377.png (118.4 KB, 300x300, Big_Boss_MGS3_infobox.png)

So how does it taste?

53375 No.201487

File: 1548734650768.png (509.78 KB, 2576x1932, Aryanne Art (Real).png)

New here

8216d No.201488

Interesting style.
I love how you did the eyes.

e0497 No.202442

File: 1549167595195-0.png (731.3 KB, 4092x2893, 2ndmlpolbday.png)

File: 1549167595195-1.png (605.56 KB, 4092x2893, 2ndmlpolbdaynotext.png)

early birthday present

30d9d No.202470

e2715 No.202472

File: 1549187301754.gif (24.62 KB, 517x500, 0091_OAT_Animation_only_an….gif)


Not bad Cherosk. pretty cute.And she has a nice bottox as well.


This looks pretty amazing Anon. I like the effort you put into the uniform.

If any of you is interested, feel free to join the Aryanne Discord. We are always looking out for new content creators.


4bd5d No.208577

File: 1551719298152.png (Spoiler Image, 356.8 KB, 2448x1750, pomf.png)

My brain has been telling me to try drawing again recently so here I am. Decided to try some lewd for the first time.
Anyone willing to criticize my art?
>Inb4 add a body

b561e No.208669

>"Anon, help! I got stuck in the mattress again while putting my money away!"

I like it. Can't find any serious criticisms on my part.

d9e6b No.208670

Would lick

ee80c No.208675

Left leg looks a little funny. Other then that pretty good.

cf8ba No.214364

File: 1553729596315.png (305.63 KB, 900x1100, Leslie Fair riding human.png)

Any tips on how I could make this pic better?

ac722 No.214447

Pretty good. However, the human legs are a bit wonky and lack proper joints. The hands also don't have visible depth or thumbs, appearing to bend oddly from the wrist. Also, the tail with its length and shape looks like it originates from Leslie's thigh rather than the center.

But hey, I'm no artfag and I couldn't draw nearly so well as this. I love the eyes btw.

68175 No.218875

File: 1555981114603.png (370.64 KB, 900x1000, Leslie in hoodie 2.png)

83d61 No.218881


6ea16 No.218885

A Cute!

95098 No.218893

File: 1555989449966.png (854.48 KB, 3840x2160, Franzi and Breta on a ship….png)

Been a while since I did some Aryan pony art.

17135 No.218901

e0497 No.218918

File: 1556005355601.png (333.03 KB, 4092x2893, hebrew speak.png)

shit anon that's really good.

cf8ba No.218927

e0497 No.218952

File: 1556050238860.mp4 (547.95 KB, 1920x1080, football.mp4)

6c942 No.218955

Cool animation

4b476 No.218957

51d34 No.218970

Fucking epic dude!

83d61 No.218979


30d9d No.219020

That is Awesome!!

38ef1 No.219077

File: 1556146708485.jpg (43.19 KB, 800x531, Watch-John-Elway-pranks-ca….jpg)

1000% Football.

7de60 No.219157

If I had a tablet I would make a drawing stream. You know something like this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ovc4HxIzz8 but you know in real-time. But honestly, I am not that good and it would probably be more intresting if someone with more talent and skill did it. You know who you are.
I would love to see that.

d97e8 No.219237

I've seen your art, you certainly have some talent. I would send you my old one that I have no need for anymore, but the pen pressure is wonky and I doubt you'd want to doxx yourself.

d97e8 No.219655

Offer is open if you want to set up a PO box though.

4ebb6 No.219887

File: 1556644314576.jpg (80.43 KB, 500x400, anime cirl rabbit.jpg)

Thanks a lot. This sort of generous offer makes me feel obligated to actually do something.

I will decline your offer though because I can afford a tablet if I really want to buy one and I also have an old one home at my Mom's place.

c3076 No.219961

File: 1556673287568.jpg (178.95 KB, 742x1100, Benito_Mussolini_colored.jpg)

/r/ a ponifed Mussolini.

83d61 No.219963

File: 1556674153201.png (419.23 KB, 3000x2551, 1288744.png)

We have Lina.
Only two pics of her exist though.

17781 No.220078

4bd5d No.223183

File: 1558754867667.png (Spoiler Image, 457.21 KB, 2000x2023, GlimGlamTheShimSham.png)

I've been working on art some more
For people that are willing to/can help, I'm doing pencil sketches and decided to digitize this one… Using a mouse, so it's not great.
The things I know that I did wrong:
>Her hoof is too short/thin
>the stallion's body
>mane/horn placement/perspective
Any advice would be appreciated, I've been working on my art.

34381 No.223208

File: 1558771477214.jpg (652.45 KB, 1555x1895, Apple fash.jpg)


235d8 No.223213

Not too bad, keep at it
Based and applepilled

235d8 No.223410

File: 1558929205781.jpg (74.32 KB, 666x1024, dialogue.jpg)

I'm ponifying this with Aryanne. I'll use griffons for Jews, but what race should I use for Christians?

ff97f No.223411

I suggest dragons, but Yaks could work too

235d8 No.223414

File: 1558930393489.jpg (157.38 KB, 1280x1828, Aryanne Dialogue.jpg)

Thanks. It's done.

ecced No.228327

File: 1561914885049-0.jpg (273.01 KB, 1848x1475, 21-06-2019_aryanne_oasis.jpg)

File: 1561914885049-1.jpg (25.9 KB, 480x360, 1555469313765.jpg)

Absolute QT, you'd inspired me to ponify one of my fave Memri bits.

867a6 No.228369

That is great

5a5e0 No.229000

File: 1562010215575.jpg (104.28 KB, 753x800, __ebisuzawa_kurumi_gakkou_….jpg)


Nice work. Saved.

95098 No.229200

File: 1562124044249-0.png (5.91 MB, 3840x4320, docPic.png)

File: 1562124044249-1.png (440.58 KB, 1401x1563, docPic_age.png)

File: 1562124044249-2.png (4.3 MB, 3080x4320, thunderDoc.png)

did some stuff a while back for my oc because I was bored

b561e No.229204

File: 1562126400481.jpg (962.49 KB, 6552x5040, Poleague4Scanned.jpg)

Might as well repost this thing I did for the /pol/eague, here.

30d9d No.229236

Looks awesome. Love it.

30d9d No.229237


26c68 No.230769

File: 1563026704105-0.png (2.14 MB, 1919x3889, 2019-07-09_Leslie_game.png)

File: 1563026704105-1.png (3.63 KB, 650x406, 2019-07-12_Ponenstein_QS.png)

5a5e0 No.230772


Never been a fan of these games for obvious reasons. Nice work, Choccy! Comes even with politcal commentary as well.


Thanks for the repost, Anonymousdrawfig. I like Blitzflügel, hope to see more of her in the future. I put all of your images in the OAT Update of May i think.


Probably the best version of this picture yet. Do you have any plans on coloring this, Anon?

b561e No.230786

Possibly, though my current options are limited to some colored pencils I've had since I was a kid, or seeing if I can borrow some fairly fancy markers from a relative.

84f41 No.230802

I hear there's a DOOM WAD out there that replaces all the demons with niggers and similar monsters. Only heard of it because some faggot journalist whined about it. Pretty sure it was in an Extra Credits video on "Propaganda Games", the same one where the narrator calls it "Funny and hypocritical" that his USA Military friend loved an American Army recruitment game that teaches skills or tests skills or something, but hated the ISIS recruitment game he was shown.

26c68 No.230817

Glad you you like, Krautanon. I hadn't intended politcal commentary (TBH I mostly goof around) but that's a nice bonus.
Assuming you don't have a tablet Burgeranon, have you considered digital + mouse? Shoot, it's not only how I started out but one of my favourite artists, Cybersponge, STILL uses it after a all these decades:
Theres neat free, open source apps like Krita & GIMP that have all sorts of neat stuff like line tools and such.
It's not the smoothest of work flows but you can get nice results with a little patience.
Yes my fellow Nigel, thats the Moon Man Mod. Lots of fun & genuinely good gameplay wise. You even get to play Ben Garrison with a Brown Bess rifle & Hitler in his Quad-chaingun mech suit.
Unfortunately, the Doom modding community is pretty POZed and has shunned it. I couldn't attach the PK3 but heres a link to it:
Also, I knew Extra Credits was AIDSPIG shit from the start.

84f41 No.230894

Watching their "Fighting games are hard. Therefore, fighting games should erase your mistakes, slow time down/pause it for you, give you a multiple choice question with one right answer, and help the elderly win in story mode! Fighting games will never be good unless they help us poor oppressed folk get good at them!" video made me realize they were full of shit.
A game isn't obligated to make you good at it, just as a book isn't obligated to explain every last one of its themes to you so you can look smart talking about it with others. Bad tutorials are bad tutorials, sure, but it's on you to learn and git gud at any game you really want to learn, be it Football, Rugby, Cricket, or Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Hyper Turbo Rainbow Nigger Edition.
Leftists just want to easily win everything. They don't care about the challenge or earning victory, they want to look like winners and compensate for what fucking losers they are.

95098 No.233480

File: 1564557227166.png (3.7 MB, 7680x4320, lewdtwiggy.png)

here's some twiggy I drew

63278 No.233482

File: 1564559286487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 321.46 KB, 2000x1500, PinkiePieHadTooMuchToDrink.jpg)

Nice, I like her generally accurate proportions! Too many otherwise good drawings from the rear have what look like short, stubby legs, but this seems to have a good sense of proportion. Her head's a little too big for the distance but otherwise I can't find much to nitpick.
Thumbs up!

Could you draw pony like pic related, pls? Not many drawings have this kind of position depicted.

b561e No.233524

10/10 would put my face between those Purple buns and squeeze them together

38ef1 No.238123

File: 1565903776169.png (141.06 KB, 1280x720, bkd.png)

I'm curious if anyone here would be interested in contributing some character sprites for a visual novel I'm working on, based on a story I wrote last year for this site's NaNoWriMo thread. The game is kind of meant to be lo-fi and shitty-looking on purpose so it's ok if the drawings are not great, but I do need them to be in color and in a PNG format with transparency. The backgrounds I'm currently working with are just pictures I took on my phone reduced to like 8 or 16 colors, pic related is an example. My current thinking atm is that I want it to look like a mid-90s game with shitty image compression, but I'm pretty open to different visual styles.

What I'm thinking is I will just post periodically with what I need and anyone interested in doodling something for me can just reply to the post with their drawing. If you want to be listed in the game's credits as an artist just put the name you'd like to be credited as in the name field.

Here's what I need currently:

>a homeless woman

she's just a throwaway character who appears once at the beginning of the game, I don't have too many specific requirements.

>a hipster, soyboy type character

this guy is basically the friend of the protagonist/narrator. I imagine him as being the sort of average NPC you'd see walking around the streets of an average liberal city. Not a hardcore SJW but kind of a left-leaning but not particularly politically aware normie.

>a sexually ambiguous SJW

pretty much Tumblr the person. Fat, ambiguous gender, gage piercings, stupid haircut dyed some ugly color, ironic Buddy Holly glasses, the whole 9 yards.

>two pony tulpas

The pony tulpas are meant to be obvious knockoffs of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash named Flutterbutts and Rainbow Darsh respectively. I imagine their designs to be kind of like the bootleg waifu threads on /mlp/. They look like the characters they are meant to resemble but are just different enough to be considered legally distinct. By all means have some fun with it. Personality-wise Flutterbutts is a Communist and Rainbow Darsh is like a cruder, more violent version of Rainbow Dash who swears all the time.

Thanks in advance to anyone interested in helping. I seriously doubt this will make any money but in the event that it does I'll find a way to pay you.

6c942 No.238158

I'm going to draw Leslie first because I already planned to, but after that I'll see what I can do for you. Do you multiple facial expressions or poses? I don't really know how much extra work that'd be.

6c942 No.238160

Oops, I meant "Do you need multiple facial expressions and poses."

38ef1 No.238169

It would actually help me immensely to have multiple poses and expressions for each character, if you're willing to do it. For ancillary one-shot characters like the homeless lady one single drawing should suffice, but for the poners and the other main characters I think having some different images to use would be helpful. I think having a happy, sad, angry, scared, and neutral version of each character would be great. That could probably be done by either doing a separate drawing in a different pose for each emotion, or simply doing a single base drawing and changing the facial expression. Worst case scenario I could probably make do with a single image for each character, or maybe a "main" expression and an "alternate" expression. It's entirely up to you how much work you want to put in, I greatly appreciate your help either way ^_^

6c942 No.238275

File: 1565931194114.png (187.49 KB, 1000x800, Leslie Reading Sketch.png)

Can anyone please critique my sketch before I make a final version?

b561e No.238280

Personally? The vulva is too small and too similar in design to the anus, and the crotchtits are too proportionally large and formless. Anus could also stand to look a bit more puffy and spherical, but that's just me. Other than that, it's not bad.

6c942 No.238286

Noted, and thank you.

6c942 No.238298

File: 1565934004478.png (187.37 KB, 1000x800, Leslie Reading Sketch-1.png)

This is an improvement, right?

b561e No.238302


06c3b No.238303

Teats wouldn't normally be that wide unless pregnant or lactating due to diet, and are oval in shape, not round. The snout looks like a beak similar to a few OC's that were on the old birdpone thread.. which I just spent a few minutes laughing at.

6c942 No.238305

I can edit the teats again, but I don't see what you mean about the snout. It's round, a beak would be pointy.

06c3b No.238308

File: 1565938685319-0.png (547.15 KB, 1428x1626, 128175.png)

File: 1565938685319-1.png (967.45 KB, 2249x3297, 1892822__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1565938685319-2.png (1.51 MB, 2000x1000, 1961799.png)

Examples of what I meant: side view as image 1 & 2 as the snout in your image is a bit small like #3

6c942 No.238309

File: 1565940699071.png (187.67 KB, 1000x800, Leslie Reading Sketch-3.png)

Is this what you meant the snout should look like?

06c3b No.238423

Exactly! The teats are now perfectly proportioned as well. 10/10 would teach the AAA guide to.

2d245 No.238435

File: 1565981855994.png (203.93 KB, 1000x800, Leslie Reading.png)

b561e No.238448


e0497 No.238450

File: 1565985434466.png (298.69 KB, 2318x2479, 4D8BCACF-9973-41DE-B1FE-6A….png)

Drew the homeless woman do you want any changes. Also do you want full body drawings or just the upper torso

7138c No.238456

That's a nice drawing, anon. I wish I could draw. I'm sick but I might watch some Bob Ross later.

38ef1 No.238461

>Also do you want full body drawings or just the upper torso
I think the amount of body visible is perfect, that's about the point where I usually cut off the drawing anyway.

Would it be possible to get the image with alpha transparency instead of the white background? Other than that I love it, thank you very much for your help. Do you want to be listed in the credits under any particular name or is this just an anonymous donation?

e0497 No.238471

File: 1565993602194.png (350.49 KB, 4092x2893, homelesstransparent.png)

an anonymous donation

06c3b No.238487

Simply amazing, sir.

38ef1 No.238503

Awesome, thank you. Your generous contribution to the annals of history shall be rewarded in the afterlife.

2e366 No.238506

File: 1566003945331.png (853.69 KB, 1000x1000, this_is_100__maud_pie_appr….png)

2d245 No.238518

File: 1566007427609-0.png (221.18 KB, 600x900, normie-1.png)

File: 1566007427609-1.png (220.71 KB, 600x900, normie-2.png)

File: 1566007427609-2.png (220.92 KB, 600x900, normie-3.png)

File: 1566007427609-3.png (220.68 KB, 600x900, normie-4.png)

Thank you both.
I drew a normie soyboy type guy for you. It's not super, but for the time put into it, I think it's decent.

38ef1 No.238828

Awesome, thank you. I can definitely use those. Did you wish to be credited or remain anonymous?

I greatly appreciate everyone who has contributed to my project so far. I am going to work on this game a bit this week, I should have some screenshots I can post shortly.

3fce6 No.238853

You can credit me as "Kalergi P. Lan"

38ef1 No.238996

Consider it done. Thanks again.

d97e8 No.239041

File: 1566252495014-0.jpg (753.63 KB, 3953x2815, IvHAUfK.jpg)

Your forelegs always suffer the fate of looking somewhat like human arms. Remember that the poner is thicc, friend. Also, Leslie's left (her side) hoof would have the bend further up. When in doubt, refer to pic related and the guide it came from: https://imgur.com/a/m7zQ2.
You've improved a lot and I love the drawings that you make, but you've still got a ways to go.

e762e No.239052

Thanks, I appreciate your advice.

e0497 No.240669

File: 1567129490241-0.png (336.64 KB, 2000x2000, 68544967-5B72-4C06-9E21-4A….png)

Any changes you want made. What poses would you like

4bd5d No.240676

File: 1567131897555.png (1.03 MB, 1500x1500, SnekEater.png)

83d61 No.240677

Top cute

4bd5d No.240678

File: 1567132094377.png (1.03 MB, 1500x1500, SnekEater-1.png)

Welp, that's the wrong one.

83d61 No.240679

Even cuter!

f74c3 No.240689

Soy latte in the basket or in a cup holder. As for other poses, the whale yelling at someone angrily.

38ef1 No.240761

File: 1567186814253-0.png (1.11 MB, 2560x1440, screenshot0002.png)

File: 1567186814253-1.png (1.09 MB, 2560x1440, screenshot0003.png)

I love it. Great design. If possible, could you angle the face or maybe just move the eyes so it looks like xir is facing the camera, and make the expression more annoyed and angry looking?

Also, here's a couple of screenshots from what I have of the game so far, if anyone is interested in seeing them.

e8335 No.240847

I'm hype.

dd797 No.240879

2e366 No.241144

File: 1567423817075-0.png (48.78 KB, 545x950, frame_1.png)

File: 1567423817075-1.png (48.61 KB, 545x950, frame_2.png)

File: 1567423817075-2.png (48.21 KB, 545x950, frame_3.png)

File: 1567423817075-3.png (47.62 KB, 545x950, frame_4.png)

File: 1567423817075-4.png (45.93 KB, 545x950, frame_5.png)

Rainbow Dash flapping her wings.
13 frames to make an animation.

2e366 No.241145

File: 1567423850849-0.png (49.56 KB, 545x950, frame_6.png)

File: 1567423850849-1.png (49.58 KB, 545x950, frame_7.png)

File: 1567423850849-2.png (48.52 KB, 545x950, frame_8.png)

File: 1567423850849-3.png (47.54 KB, 545x950, frame_9.png)

2e366 No.241146

File: 1567423900320-0.png (46.02 KB, 545x950, frame_10.png)

File: 1567423900320-1.png (47.85 KB, 545x950, frame_11.png)

File: 1567423900320-2.png (48.04 KB, 545x950, frame_12.png)

File: 1567423900320-3.png (48.61 KB, 545x950, frame_13.png)

d2fea No.241170

File: 1567453152433.png (24.06 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

And now I have finally drawn my first horse porn pic. What have you done to me mlpol?

9cf00 No.241175

>4 and 5
but why
Just delete frame 1, give frame 2 double duration and add a frame between 4 and 5 for smoothness

8f5c0 No.241444

File: 1567605566965.png (616.77 KB, 1600x1000, ARYANNE06.png)

Vörkingprogresse! gonna put some colors on her and add a background. Like, painting a beach or something

a6d97 No.241925

File: 1567872728316.jpg (94.82 KB, 1380x1000, hunyi_resized.jpg)

Pic related is the product of not using my hands artistically for a long-ass time, and finally getting around to make an oc character. I have two names in mind, namely Hunyi and Gizella. Shall I draw more or give up?

247cd No.241928

Nicely done anon. The body is a little bit large in proportion to the head, and the eyes could be a little bigger, but you've got a solid foundation

b2ee3 No.242000

File: 1567950118675.jpeg (426.52 KB, 1626x1920, hunyi_color.jpeg)

Thank, I've adressed these issues(but now in color!)

b4f6e No.242018

File: 1567970385611.jpg (268.3 KB, 1636x2048, b2872aee00f6c4dcf1496d6a31….jpg)

Off to good start, recommend moar drawing.
I'm curious about the meaning of the runic text.

95098 No.242070

File: 1568006063028.png (1.09 MB, 7680x4320, lewd oc.png)

Have some oh see faggotry.

b561e No.242071

You're getting there, Anon, it's not bad work. Keep up practicing.

10/10 would fug the poner

b2ee3 No.242092

>You're getting there, Anon, it's not bad work. Keep up practicing.
>Off to good start, recommend moar drawing.
Thanks lads! I'll do just that
>I'm curious about the meaning of the runic text.
The one below the two frames say "Gulyás Leves(Goulash Soup)↑"
And the bottom "Hunyi Gizella" the name I gave the character

fe9f2 No.242094

You clearly have skills but it looks ugly as fuck. Like body horror.

fe9f2 No.242095

Eh, ugly isn't the right word more like distubing.

aca8c No.242096

>anthro is disturbing

7b917 No.242239

It is tbh

34381 No.242275

File: 1568177165184-0.jpg (625.42 KB, 504x360, anon fillly peeing on twil….jpg)

File: 1568177165184-1.jpg (57 KB, 476x454, niglet peeing on sheboon.jpg)

any tips on how to improve, proportions seem to be my biggest issue

2e366 No.242276

File: 1568177432841.jpg (86.5 KB, 1280x720, spell.jpg)

Those messing with filly for trolling purposes are inviting a curse.

d97e8 No.242345

Couple of things I noticed outright:
1. The poners should have a bit of a curve before the connection to their heads. As a greater drawfag than I once informed me, poners don't really have to have necks but if you don't taper them off a bit then it won't even give the illusion of it.
2. Twilight's hoof doesn't really seem like it's wrapped around filly, just kind of loosely floating behind her. This works in the other image because humans are capable of standing on their own, but poners aren't capable of this feat for much longer than a few seconds.
3. No real complaints for filly's head other than maybe adding nostrils (that's a stylistic thing though) but something seriously uncanny is going on with Twiggy's head. Be sure to only follow the pic you're trying to parody in general form, not anatomy. The mouth of the horse should at the lowest directly beneath the base of the muzzle. The muzzle itself should also be tilted so that we can see the side as well as the front at that angle. I don't really know how to describe it better than that, sorry.
4. Twiggy and filly should probably have slightly larger ears.
5. Thick legs are very important to the cuteness of a poner. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they're a lot like human arms and legs in thickness, but you really want to go thiccer.
5. Adding a dock to filly could help, but since the show doesn't really do docks I see them as stylistic. You do you there.
6.At that angle, you really shouldn't be seeing the line for Twilight's right leg (right from the perspective of the viewer, btw.) her butt should be obscuring more hf her leg.
7. Line for the left leg ends a bit lower, hemispheres are good but you generally want to integrate them a bit more seamlessly into the rest of the poner.
8. Twiggy's horn should be poking through her mane.
9. Never underestimate the power of cutie marks. They just generally look nice, and leaving them out is generally no bueno imo.
I like the concept, hopefully you can use some of that to improve upon your drawings. And maybe draw more anonfilly.

d97e8 No.242346

10. Right, also for filly/colt bodies you want to have your head be about the size of the rest of the body, and for mares you want their heads to be about the same size as filly heads but their bodies be twice as large as their head. Hope all of this makes sense.

d97e8 No.242348

One last thing, if you're looking for good refs go for the horse pussy. Porn has all sorts of weird-ass positions.

34381 No.242496

File: 1568347572280.jpg (722.34 KB, 504x360, anon pony peeing on twi im….jpg)

I tried following your advice, how does this look

2a253 No.242543

File: 1568421936005-0.jpg (84.37 KB, 632x494, 1568403491571.jpg)

d97e8 No.242545

File: 1568423464975-0.jpeg (710.84 KB, 1292x1749, 2098662.jpeg)

File: 1568423464975-1.png (363.2 KB, 726x930, 1958923432.png)

It looks better, but remember the legs need to be thiccer than that. Don't be afraid to use references, even professional artists usually find themselves relying on them fairly often. Here are a few to get you started, I'd recommend just going on derpi and browsing through their tags until you find the piece closest to what you're trying to do. Study how all of the bits and pieces connect, then try it for yourself.

2e366 No.242548

Based swan.

3aa67 No.242636

File: 1568510533204.png (422.23 KB, 800x800, leslie_w_bat.png)

Drew Leslie doing the Costanza pose because it's been awhile since I drew her. Criticism would be appreciated.

40a38 No.242662

Can't find anything to criticize. It's pretty damn amazing.

ba7d6 No.242664

Thanks very much

e7d65 No.242665

Love it.

922e5 No.244481

File: 1569538769725.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x2560, 15695386704237378466056963….jpg)

Drawing Is hard
Specially without references

b561e No.244500

True, but that will get easier with practice. Keep at it, fren.

a0538 No.245621

File: 1570261243612.jpg (492.38 KB, 1152x864, preview_698_1440723303_92b….jpg)

Any requests?

9996e No.245623

File: 1570261803860-0.png (505.38 KB, 1161x946, 1854861.png)

File: 1570261803860-1.png (61.24 KB, 300x358, 1504310841642.png)

File: 1570261803860-2.png (1.66 MB, 5400x3400, mlpol mane 6.png)

I want more of this poner. If you are up to draw her.

a0538 No.245646

File: 1570287126374.png (457.24 KB, 1096x1418, 2019-10-05 crusader pone.png)

And done.
Does this rightious pon-pon have a name yet?

b5174 No.245647

Nice! I don't. What about God's Wrath or Divine Fury?

b5174 No.245648

Shitskin Smasher? But maybe we need to develop her lore. Like there were no sarcens in Equestria so what did she crusade against?

21b07 No.245649

I believe it’s Mai or Maia Gabriel

b5174 No.245650

>Mai or Maia Gabriel
I don't know what those names means or are a refrence to but I shouldn't have assumed that she didn't already got a name.

a0538 No.245652

File: 1570294994929.gif (440.45 KB, 440x260, 43043__safe_screencap_rari….gif)

Nothing wrong with spit-balling ideas, swede-anon.
The names you suggested weren't a bad start but I think pony names need a bit of cutesinous & goofy word play.
Lore wise, Diamond Dogs could make a good in universe analog to Mudslimes. Never got enough love in the main show IMHO.

9996e No.245656

Nice work, thanks anon.

d8095 No.245712

I seem to remember the name Christi Gratia for her, but I may be confusing things. Somebody with a better memory than me should probably chip in on this.

27618 No.245728

I heard that one too come to think of it

d7afb No.247205

File: 1571129870807.png (25.3 KB, 500x251, Oekaki.png)

I have been thinking about making a visual novel. But I lack the skills to draw nice looking things.

Should I just contact an artist on pixiv or deviantart commission and/or have them work together with me.

I haven't done this before. Should I make something small? Like a pony fangame can use the art assest from the sho and so on.

What do you think?

d7afb No.247206

The game I wish to create in the future is a game that is more on political spectrum them pony. While the the politics in the story will be subtle and not preachy. The game won't contain any ponies unless I put in a hidden easteregg/refrence somewhere.

Actually, that's what I'm gonna do. I will create a pony visual novel first. If I make this do you think there is some faggot out there that would be willing to make darwings for such a game? It probably shouldn't be to many pictures to draw. I want it to be a short game for a first game afterall.

d7afb No.247207

I'll return when I have something.

57ac6 No.247210

By all means hire a talented individual; specialization of labor exists for a reason. Don't expect to be charged a low price depending on what you're making, particularly if you're not already an accomplished writer who'll get the artist more exposure. A few drawings for a short game will run you at least $50.

Don't actually use the art assets from the show, as they are copyrighted. Use vector art instead.

I recommend looking at different artists on Derpibooru and finding someone who has the style you want. It's best to find someone underappreciated (lower upvotes despite good quality) as you'll get cheaper service and (usually) a less busy schedule. It's hard to find someone like that, let alone get in contact, but they are there.

d7afb No.247224

Thanks for the advice. It was giving and I will ponder it.

I'll post the visual novel in text format on this board in the future. I'm talking about the short fangame one about ponies not the serious one. Well, not as serious as an actul product that I would charge money for. I'm still gonna amp up my writing quality for it. If what I write isn't good enough afterall there is no point anyway.

38ef1 No.247228

File: 1571160391074-0.jpeg (8.9 KB, 225x225, silky johnson.jpeg)

File: 1571160391074-1.jpg (61.28 KB, 467x700, 695322a44ed97fe419c65eccff….jpg)

File: 1571160391074-2.png (103.28 KB, 650x350, The-Notorious-BIG-min.png)

File: 1571160391074-3.jpg (48.33 KB, 625x323, tenpenny pulasky.jpg)

Speaking of visual novels, I've been working intermittently on mine. I should have something worth showing fairly soon. I will probably make a webm or something of the first couple minutes of the game.

Here's an updated list of what I still need, if anyone is still interested in doodling characters. Please and thank you to anyone who takes the time.

>two pony tulpas

The pony tulpas are meant to be obvious knockoffs of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash named Flutterbutts and Rainbow Darsh respectively. I imagine their designs to be kind of like the bootleg waifu threads on /mlp/. They look like the characters they are meant to resemble but are just different enough to be considered legally distinct. By all means have some fun with it. Personality-wise Flutterbutts is a Communist and Rainbow Darsh is like a cruder, more violent version of Rainbow Dash who swears all the time.

Since these two are not so much exact representations of the MLP characters as they are tulpas existing in the headspace of a somewhat disturbed autist, I'd actually prefer it if the drawings look more like amateur fan-art than professional work. If anyone is still developing their talents and wants practice drawing ponies, this might be a good opportunity to do so without any pressure to produce something pro-tier.

>three negroes

basically, each one of these guys represents a different black stereotype. The first one is basically a 70s pimp. Wide brim hat, fur coat, everything garishly colored, all of that. Pic 1 for reference. The second one is an 80s/early 90s B-boy kind of character. Like a flat-top fade haircut, sunglasses, maybe a gold chain, probably owns a ridiculous number of tracksuits. Very skinny guy. Pic 2 for reference. Third guy is a 90s gangster stereotype. Wears a lot of baggy, dark-colored heavy denim. Very heavyset guy. Pic 3 for reference. Reference pics do not need to be copied exactly, I just provide them for a reference of the general style I want each character to have.

>two cops

Basic cops. A smooth-talking but sadistic black cop with a mustache, and a mean-tempered sort-of redneck white cop, also with a mustache. Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski from San Andreas is what I had in mind when I was writing the characters, pic 4 for reference. However, their visual design isn't tremendously important, as long as it's one black cop and one white cop.

>white male middle aged politician

This guy is between 30-40 years old and looks like a typical white male Democrat governor or senator. Dorky haircut, dockers slacks, probably wears a blazer with a T-shirt or patterned collared shirt underneath. He's the kind of guy who is really good at smiling and waving and saying the right platitudes during speeches and campaign events. Keeps up on whatever music the young people are listening to in order to stay "hip." However, he also has a serious coke problem and is a complete asshole the second the cameras are turned off. Is involved in a lot of shady business dealings. He's very sexist and likes to beat up hookers while high on coke, but he pretends to be gay and is in a sham gay marriage in order to gain diversity cred. I imagine him looking a little like Beto O'Rourke, or at least the same kind of haircut and fashion sense. This guy is probably going to be the biggest project on this list, because I actually need at least three drawings of him: a fairly normal one where he's wearing his nice middle-aged yuppie clothes, another one in the same outfit except he looks like a coked-out madman (eyes bloodshot, shirt rumpled, hair messed up, etc), and a third drawing where he is also coked out of his mind, but is also shirtless and has his face painted like he was going to Burning Man.

>middle aged Filipino faggot

Fake husband of the white male politician, but unironically very gay. Basically needs to look like a fag, but a respectable fag that dresses well and has money. Not too picky about his visual design as long as he's Filipino and looks like he could be plausibly gay married to the guy described above.

>androgynous tranny

Not quite as Tumblr tier as the last tranny I requested, but definitely a tranny. This guy/girl is the man(?)servant of the Governor and his fag-husband. Wears expensive and stylish gender-neutral clothes. It should be impossible to tell from looking at this character what sex it is even trying to be. Maybe has a David Bowie or a Klaus Nomi kind of look. By all means have some fun with it.

I will probably need others yet but I think this is most of the main cast (it's been about a year since I've looked at this story so I forgot a lot of what I wrote). Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to draw something for me, just let me know what name you would like if you want to be mentioned in the game's credits.

38ef1 No.247229

Nice! Be interested to play it when it is finished.

57ac6 No.247231

Sounds really nice! It would be an interesting little game that doesn't take itself too seriously yet has a scathing view of society. As for the style I recommend getting reference from artsy sorts of games like OFF and Lisa, as a disturbed sort of doodle fits the art-style of the former and the cynical atmosphere fits the latter.

>three negroes

Sounds a lot like Boondocks to me which would be interesting. Reaching an audience beyond /mlpol/ probably necessitates that you give a modicum of sympathetic perspective even if you lambaste their flaws. I'd imagine they'd be a goofy sort.

>two cops

Referencing San Andreas is a great idea because it's a well-loved classic, but I recommend differentiating them a little bit. The first thing that comes to mind is exaggerating them to a comedic extent as it seems like the rest of the game is intended to have humor.


I know you're referencing Beto O'Rourke and Trudeau, but it's worth applying aspects of other sleazy politicians (there's no shortage of them) like Jimmy Carter, Bill Weld and of course Bill Clinton. Emphasizing the veneer so players go "something's not right here…" yet feel curious to explore further may be a good idea. Such politicians are the sort to invite half the (respectable side of) town to a lavish (but casual) annual party to appear more relatable.

>fake husband

Sounds like the setting of Allen Gregory, which is one of the worst cartoons of all time but really tried to be "diverse" by having a sociopathic CEO essentially hire a man to be his husband. He also adopted a Cambodian girl who is abused. I'm not sure if the show is meant to be some kind of satire but it's disgusting. I think the creators also made that show with the sex demons.


Probably not a servant because being a servant actually requires you to get your hands dirty and have some patience. A political assistant or "community organizer" is probably a better fit. I'd recommend chatting with actual trannies on Discord, as revolting as it can be, just to see how mentally damaged and fragile they are.

d7afb No.247352

File: 1571201746983.pdf (313.31 KB, what the actual fuck am I ….pdf)

> I've been working intermittently on mine
Glad to hear.
Btw I'm sorry that I never made and audionovel of it. I wanted to but life got in the way.

I would rate your story seven fillies out of ten purples tbh. It is obivious from the begining that it will be a comedy story. It succeeds in this for the most part. What one doesn't know at that point is that it will become a good mysery novel aswell. The mystery is pretty good. It dos follow the give the reader all the piece before the conclusion formula, if I didn't make any mistakes somewhere. Though, this is true, all the pieces arrive late in the story so don't expect to solve the mystery right away.
There were only a few moments were a rolled my eyes, your main characters how everything is pointless spiel was one. But then again it does fit his chracter so it is technically well done. It is not you that is the problem it is me. Otherwise it was solid throughout. Would recomand.

I have been thinking though, you won't have any branching paths will you? I mean since it is based on this book that your wrote. Or have you added such paths to it?
Not that I'm complaining since I can see the charm with just a novel with pictures to it. I was just wondering.

>I will probably need others yet but I think this is most of the main cast (it's been about a year since I've looked at this story so I forgot a lot of what I wrote).

Well then, here are some more characters your mc interacts with.
>Her father
>The milf lawyer that was in that one scene or actually two
>The motel owner

>white male middle aged politician

"I'm the motherfucking valrus!"
I'm not sure if I think he was probably setup. Like I know you mentioned him in the story in passing and that was subtle and well done. Solid fooreshadowing! But that only foreshadowed that he existed basically.
Not the part of him that the public sees. Like if your mc had seen him holding a typical speech on tv. Have him say a bunch of platidudes there.
But again maybe you did show that somewhere in there and I simply don't remember.

>Reaching an audience beyond /mlpol/ probably necessitates that you give a modicum of sympathetic perspective even if you lambaste their flaws.
I can understand you perspective. I think something similar abbout how to redpill people. There is basically three general ways in my opinion. Being straight with them and tell them exactly what you think and stand up for your beliefs. Well, ragardless of method ne should allways do this. Well, unless it is clearly detrimental???
Eh, the point is to show strength and not to be afraid of guilt by association. But in the way of giving ones message I guess one can also be subtle about it or presenting ones message like E;R so that people are unsure if you are serious or not.
Anyway, in the context of these characters it really doesn't make to much sense in changing them. They are kinda suppose to be shitheads. Their existance comments on the gansta niggas out there in the real world.
People how complain about this are hypocrites since they with compltete certainty don't complain when white men are bad guys in fiction.
Futhermore, these kindof people exist in the real world so it works as satire.
If one where to make a black character more sympathetic in the story it would be the black cop.

But again, this was kind unecessary of me since you knew this already. The question was about how to reach audinences outside of redpilled people.
I think that it is impossible to change this story to appeal to normies at this point. it would require a toral rewrite. However, I think it could reach liberals who are all about identity politics. At least some of them.
You know the type, watches Jordan pettersen and soygoy of mossad I haven't kept track of him but from what I have learnt he has changed somewhat. You know the crowd who listen to efap that talks about games and the marvel movies and such. It is not that they are always wrong. It is just that they work as a false opposition because they don't have the entire picture.

Those kind of people are the ones that this story could potentially grab. Just because it is this sort of unapologetic and silly political satire with a tinge of autism mixed in.

Attached is the story he is makinga game of.

d7afb No.247354

Thanks. I'm thinking about making a story that branches out in different directions. That's what entice me to visual novels the most.

d7afb No.247364

Actually, when I think about it. He does never interact with her.

38ef1 No.247399

>all the pieces arrive late in the story so don't expect to solve the mystery right away
Yeah, I was kind of writing off the cuff due to the nature of NaNoWriMo so I didn't really plan it out. I'm actually reworking the story a bit for the VN, I'll probably drop a couple of clues in a little sooner, add some scenes, and tighten up the narrative a bit. There's a few details that on revisiting it don't make a ton of sense so I might change small elements of it.

>you won't have any branching paths will you?

Haven't decided yet. It's occurred to me that it might be fun to develop a couple of side mysteries for the player to solve along the way, and have the main story follow the same path as the novel. I might throw in a couple of bad ends too if I can think of any. It's not 100% though, I might just have the story play out all the way through without any choices or branching. I'm kind of seeing how it goes.

>Like if your mc had seen him holding a typical speech on tv. Have him say a bunch of platidudes there.

But again maybe you did show that somewhere in there and I simply don't remember.
Yeah, introducing the governor character a little sooner and giving the reader more of an impression of his public side to contrast his private side is one of the details I want to alter.

>There were only a few moments were a rolled my eyes, your main characters how everything is pointless spiel was one.

Part of what I was trying to do with this story was make some commentary on white male isolation, how shitty things look under liberal rule, and how depressing and pointless modernity is most of the time. I didn't want it to be all heavy handed and corny though so I tried to make it lighthearted and humorous most of the time, making the autist character someone who would be sympathetic but also someone you could laugh at a little. Believe it or not I actually rewrote his angstier monologues numerous times because I felt some of them were a bit much, and the version that wound up in the final draft is toned down quite a bit. Maybe it needs a bit more toning. Anyway, the Raymond Chandler novel this is based on, The Long Goodbye, was sort of the same thing; it was a mystery story that also contained a lot of Chandler's social commentary on the corruption and decay in Los Angeles (bear in mind this was in like 1955 when LA was still basically fit for human habitation, so it's probably good he didn't live to see what a complete shithole it eventually became). I wanted to do a similar kind of thing with present-day Portland, Oregon.

>Btw I'm sorry that I never made and audionovel of it. I wanted to but life got in the way.

No worries. I'd still be interested in hearing it if you ever get around to it. I'm actually using most of that music I gave you as the soundtrack to the VN. If you ever get it done I could probably add it as bonus content to the game or something.

Thank you for the suggestions, glad you're interested. The story is mostly written already but I'm kind of editing it along the way so I might take some of these ideas into mind at various points.

>I'd recommend chatting with actual trannies on Discord, as revolting as it can be, just to see how mentally damaged and fragile they are.

Closest I ever got was talking to that Goat guy who infiltrated the /mlpol/ discord at one point. That's about the maximum level of interaction I feel like having with one of those screwballs. There's really only two trannies in the story anyway, and they're both fairly minor characters.

57ac6 No.247405

Just a question, will it be a point-and-click? I loved those games and although the genre's been dead for twenty years there might be a revival. A point-and-click also has more gameplay than a VN.

e0497 No.247420

File: 1571263008170.gif (567.84 KB, 1491x1487, 2314717B-140E-4ADA-9A4B-7D….gif)

Might be a bit to close to the original. tell me if you would like any modifications to the design.

38ef1 No.247458

Holy sheeit, that's freaking awesome. If you could do Flutterbutts in the same style I will love you forever.

I think if maybe you made each color off by just a slightly noticeable amount. Like maybe made the coat a different shade of blue and used a different color palette for the rainbow mane, like pastel colors or something, that might throw it off by just the right amount.

38ef1 No.247460

>Just a question, will it be a point-and-click?
If you mean point and click in the sense of like Monkey Island and that sort of thing, then no. However, I am also a fan of that sort of game and have made them in the past. If you would like to play one I made a while ago, you can play this one:


there is also a sequel:

Actually as long as I'm plugging ridiculous things I've made here's the completely retarded pony dating sim I threw together last year:

d7afb No.247478

You are a very poopy person and I feel bad when I sex you.

d7afb No.247480

> retarded pony dating sim
I'm actually thinking about doing something similar for my first game. It just won't be retarded, though.

d7afb No.247481

That is really good.

e0497 No.247550

File: 1571355546601-0.gif (116.52 KB, 487x670, 4B1A70F8-BEA9-4531-A9DB-21….gif)

File: 1571355546601-1.gif (519.8 KB, 4092x2893, AD0F822D-2E18-4993-97F0-BF….gif)

Made one with and one without a drop shadow

fbfc1 No.247562

File: 1571363628657.png (15.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Posting unfinished drawing. The Value slider got stuck in hue select mode.

2e366 No.247564

File: 1571365379525.jpeg (77.96 KB, 1000x759, my-little-pony-mlp-art-ma….jpeg)

Good one.
But Rainbow is screaming for a diet. No more fast food for her.

fb2c4 No.247569

>not liking thick mares

00846 No.247570

File: 1571367658241.png (105.27 KB, 640x480, dickpracticce.png)

Learning to use a new art program, just doing sketches of random things. I really need to get a drawing tablet too.

b9fe3 No.247583

Is it wrong that I want it to head-bang like the pidgeon meme?

2e366 No.247586

File: 1571374212191.png (199.6 KB, 766x1043, 84984089suspicious_pinkie.png)

There is an abyss between arty lewd and degenerate art. Usually it's a mirror of the soul.
You are a kike. Aren't you?

38ef1 No.247592

Perfect, I love it. Thanks again. also I like the thicc

Don't listen to >>247586 . Having a pigeon dick is the mark of the true patrician.

9e07f No.247606

File: 1571397601430-0.png (142.89 KB, 800x563, 2016-05-18_tank_dick.png)

File: 1571397601430-1.png (210.34 KB, 634x589, 2016-04-23_dood.png)

Ah, a fellow man of culture.
Also, you did pretty good for no tablet.

d7afb No.247609

e0497 No.247665

File: 1571434217556-0.gif (506.11 KB, 4092x2893, E2F9FAB2-BAAD-4539-87AC-F4….gif)

File: 1571434217556-1.gif (494.88 KB, 4092x2893, E2E0A38C-3E82-4B85-9400-33….gif)

38ef1 No.247686

Holy dickballs, that cutie mark is perfect. These are going straight in the game. Thanks very much.

d7afb No.247793

You are pretty good at this stuff.

e0497 No.247846

File: 1571518270845.png (450.6 KB, 4092x2893, tiger2andpon.png)

9e07f No.247849

File: 1571520712441-0.png (83.72 KB, 124x357, oh_no_a_lee.png)

File: 1571520712441-1.gif (3.61 KB, 200x136, 676339__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

She's arrived with the tank just in the nic of time.
Aryanne's cute as ever & the tank looks neat. Good work, anon.

2c503 No.248183

Not my suggestion, but I like it. Could any of you all help a filly out?

d7afb No.248240

File: 1571754256165.png (30.92 KB, 595x367, Oekaki.png)

d7afb No.248360

File: 1571842434529.png (21.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

ef991 No.248387

File: 1571866800968.jpg (20.44 KB, 375x375, Iroh.jpg)

There are a million Lees.

34381 No.248429

File: 1571890212049-0.gif (2.79 MB, 2100x1500, dyx.gif)

File: 1571890212049-1.png (5.72 MB, 2100x1500, dyx.png)

here's my attempt

d7afb No.248570

File: 1572035357559.png (13.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

d97e8 No.248606

Just got reminded that this old tranny furry meme exists… could someone put the same music over two still images of Aryanne contemplating and Aryanne looking at two gas valves labeled 'Ziggers' and 'Griffons'? Would be sort of a funny subversion of the original intent.

34381 No.248618

File: 1572066985976.webm (1.47 MB, 1280x720, ziggers n griffons choice….webm)

d97e8 No.248632

Thank you, doing god's work Anon.

c84ac No.248633

File: 1572075113139.png (837.53 KB, 1450x1650, UXIYqqD.png)

I love it.

d7afb No.248703

File: 1572140323710.png (18.73 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

b51f1 No.249046

File: 1572466655522.jpg (406 KB, 1000x2750, leslie_goes_crazy.jpg)

Hadn't made anything all month, and it is Spooktober, so I made this.

95098 No.250152

File: 1573435248925.png (2.17 MB, 7680x4320, aryanne_test.png)

have some superior horse

2cb06 No.250226

File: 1573509460857.jpg (2.16 MB, 3264x2448, usefulinfo.jpg)

Twiggles just thought you should know

3af77 No.252815

Well, done anon. I like it.

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