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aa184 No.69508[Last 50 Posts]

This is a thread dedicated to the discovery, discussion, development and production of any and all existing or emerging OCs that may represent the topics, tropes, and memes of /mlpol/. All user input is appreciated and encouraged!

Previous thread >>51904 (PLEASE voote into featured archive once it slides)

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File: 1504147272965-0.png (381.39 KB, 1280x960, 1501253557652-0.png)

File: 1504147272965-1.png (162.06 KB, 1024x1063, 1500688081511.png)

File: 1504147272965-2.png (120.6 KB, 903x661, 1501621850214.png)

File: 1504147272965-3.png (283.11 KB, 1500x1500, 1503535159720.png)

I have no idea how to be a non-faggot OP, but imma' repost some pics.

01673 No.69514

File: 1504147629460.png (84.6 KB, 830x650, traveller-those-who-forget….png)

aa184 No.69515

File: 1504147693825-0.png (92.23 KB, 775x1098, 1503444387745.png)

File: 1504147693825-1.png (125.08 KB, 1000x938, 1502507738966-0.png)

File: 1504147693825-2.png (113.78 KB, 1000x938, 1502507738966-1.png)

File: 1504147693825-3.png (107.18 KB, 1200x652, 1502435468166-0.png)

File: 1504147693825-4.png (224.47 KB, 1400x1080, 1502435468166-1.png)

aa184 No.69518

File: 1504147816771-0.png (462.8 KB, 1600x900, 1502333644603-0.png)

Warpones count too.
We do have a designated thread for this though: 34501

aa184 No.69519

5901d No.69531

All in for naming the crusader pony Hail Mary, or just Mary.

aa184 No.69534

Idk. The Spicpone is already name Maria, and she's already got a Catholic theme going…
I voted for Temple Montana, as a play on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem ("mount" being both the mountain and the noble steed). I thought that naming her after a "mount" would make for some good 'pony in First Crusade Era human world' greentexts, with her taking Anon to Jerusalem.
Mary's a fine name too though. I'm all in favor if other people want it.

d5e46 No.69535

"Montana" may be Latin for "mountain," but to an American "Montana" will always be a state in the American West

aa184 No.69536

Ah.. I only extended it to that because it's a girls name…

5901d No.69538

We definitely need girlier names.

657f9 No.69539

File: 1504149818023-0.png (37.86 KB, 600x600, Leslie Fair 5.png)

File: 1504149818023-1.jpg (154.58 KB, 768x768, Leslie Fair Ron Paul.jpg)

File: 1504149818023-2.jpg (105.18 KB, 768x768, Leslie Fair w Chainsaw.jpg)

File: 1504149818023-3.png (239.7 KB, 768x768, PicsArt_07-29-02.05.44.png)

Some drawings I've done of Leslie Fair, with top one being the most recent.

5901d No.69540

Heavenly Bliss? Just looking at synonyms of the word divine.

773a7 No.69544

File: 1504150383590.jpg (7.13 KB, 264x191, Dale.jpg)

Is that first image based off of what I think it is based off of?
Well, most pony names do sound like stripper names. So maybe. But why not go with Ave, latin for "hail," and short for "Ave Maria" (Hail mary) or "Ave Victorium" (latin for "hail victory," the German equivalent being "Sieg Heil").

657f9 No.69545

Yes it is.

5901d No.69546

Ave sounds rather male. What else would go with it anyways?

5901d No.69552

File: 1504151520930.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1280, 1482280906298.jpg)

Devine Fury, Heavenly Fire, Ethereal Flame, Blazing Glory, Purity, Radiant Kiss, Heaven's Light, Iron Helm, Iron Maiden, Justicia?

773a7 No.69553

Heaven's Light, Purity, and Ethereal Flame sound best out of those

5901d No.69554

File: 1504151914839.jpg (633.09 KB, 1680x1050, 1481296650947.jpg)

Alexa, Catherine, Adriel, Helen…

aa184 No.69560

Question though: What kind of Crusader is she?
Her colors suggest that of a Templar.

5901d No.69565

File: 1504152736559.png (678.22 KB, 800x941, 1482792365090.png)

Hit the nail on the head. Hey, I'm thinking about new names. How about Sanctus Incendia (holy fire) & Gratia (grace)?

12720 No.69566

How about Gracie or Gracielia?

773a7 No.69568

Gratia sounds nice
>Gracie or weird Mexican Name

5901d No.69569

Gratia isn't a Mexican word, right?

aa184 No.69570

I like this.
A lot of Spanish words sound like Latin. Some of the Catholic name really are Latin.

12720 No.69571

Spanish actually,….

773a7 No.69574

There's a noticeable difference between the Latin and the Spanish. Gratia is better

5901d No.69575

File: 1504153225816.png (123.21 KB, 1500x1322, 1479437858413.png)

Just realised that as I posted. And, it's "Gratias" I think.

12720 No.69578

Gracias is thank you, Graciela is a name derived from that word.

773a7 No.69580

Well still, "Graciela" sounds just a little two much like a name you're likely to see on the docket at an Immigration Court. Besides, while the Spanish were very active in the fight against Islamic occupiers of Christian land, their war was in Iberia, whereas I think our Crusader pony is based off of the war in the Levant

db2ef No.69581

File: 1504153497949-0.png (648.48 KB, 1600x800, Marenstein NWO.png)

File: 1504153497949-1.png (482.16 KB, 500x500, Wrds 451 40000 fin.png)

File: 1504153497949-2.png (48.27 KB, 1000x938, Fireaxe 451 type 2 head.png)

Here is some RWDS Fireaxe and the head template so more can be made.

aa184 No.69582

It's very, very importnt to separate the "RWDS" Fireaxe from the 451 Fireaxe. The SS is a force of good; Squad 451 would be evil, SJW book-burners.

5901d No.69583

We're going with Gratia, right? Or, should just do a poll?

db2ef No.69584

I would argue that 451 Fireaxe and RWDS Fireaxe are the same thing in order to separate her from RWSS ireaxe.

(going to sleep now)

aa184 No.69585

In fact, I think that all the 451 firemares should have "=" signs, to point out that they're all godless commies.

12720 No.69586

Forget I said anything

5901d No.69738

File: 1504216172260.png (568.72 KB, 4000x4000, Lewd Milo.png)

Milo is for gentle fucking and football.

aa184 No.69740

This is her football face, keep in mind.

db2ef No.69819

File: 1504228410570-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 2000x1125, Delet This.jpg)

File: 1504228410570-1.jpg (1.43 MB, 2000x1125, Delete this.jpg)

File: 1504228410570-2.jpg (639.01 KB, 2000x1125, flamethrower base.jpg)

File: 1504228410570-3.jpg (684.22 KB, 1280x800, A day on the job.jpg)

More OC for you all.

aa184 No.69821

Can we get some moar shoops of Regular Fireaxe too?

ed6fb No.69839

We need more biopone and robowaifu content for /cyb/

5901d No.69909

File: 1504238415521.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1440, 1418844606051.jpg)

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Some artists Anonymous Drawfig, Datterbayo, and I are working on this project of sorts. It's a response to all this vicious flak that has going on against Aryanne recently, so we are going to have a show of our might. But, unlike the angsty and malcontent art we are setting out to oppose, ours is going to be rather positive. We'll even get more artists on board too. A thread about this will be made as soon as everything is set up.

Now, this is where I turn to you all; give us your thoughts, tell us who you want, please give a clear description of these ocs (for artists outside the know), and offer some your ideas or headcanons. It could be material.

b5f5e No.69917

File: 1504239499728.jpg (250.31 KB, 1582x2048, DH-Wn0GVoAEjmA6.jpg large.jpg)


MLPOL does have a lot of OC's, I leave it to our site regulars to offer suggestions on who to pitch.

What i would like to showcase is an example set by a famous Hentai artist. He turned a death threat from an alleged SJW from the USA into a character that is now more or less becoming a meme. He was commended a lot for this creative way of dealing with the situation.


09ca9 No.69926

>tell us who you want
Thought about this for a bit guess before I can answer I have to know more about the project. If its going to be lewds or little single pics I'd like to see all the ones eventually. If its a comic or something longer you have in mind I'd like to see a mane 6 of the far right ponies. So the balancing 2 of each has to take place and we might have to change some ponies based on that. It would be fine though since most of the OC here is very new.

Still if its the latter I'd recommend taking Aryanne obviously as the group leader and as the earth pony 1. Second earth pony should be Fireaxe. Have one of the Pegasi be the Crusader one which we're still trying to figure the name out. Leslie can be either a Pegasi or a Unicorn since both would make sense. Don't know about the last two but yet again I still don't even know if this is what your thinking up.

aa184 No.70129

bumping for this.

aa184 No.70131

Does anyone have moar pics of the Templar pony?

773a7 No.70132

File: 1504297318888.png (326.17 KB, 2400x1800, image.png)

Picture I found on 4chan mlpol

aa184 No.70134

File: 1504297849076.png (357.91 KB, 1000x791, deus vult.png)

Ah, PQ is a great artist.
I was refering to the one in the OP though.

aa184 No.70136

Also, the black crosses on his mantle indicate he's probably a Teutonic knight, rather than a Templar.

1215b No.70187

File: 1504310841642.png (61.24 KB, 300x358, deusvult-f2.png)

>someone actually picked up the OC I made on April 1st
Feels good man

aa184 No.70188

File: 1504312054803-0.png (697.83 KB, 517x700, crusaderpone.png)

File: 1504312054804-1.png (562.85 KB, 517x700, crusaderpone1.png)

Do you have a preferred name in mind?

1215b No.70189

File: 1504312319367.png (16.62 KB, 410x457, whorse.png)

But no. I've just been calling her DeusVultPone. You guys can decide, I am but a humble servant.

I did have a pic of the Pony Town version of her I made, but I guess I deleted it, so here's Whorse instead.

aa184 No.70193

Smokestack reminds me of a certain old lady from my childhood that used to volunteer guiding kids to across the street. She was really nice, although sometimes a bit nitpicky when it came to how the kids behaved, in terms of safety.
I have a nasty habit of projecting personal memories onto fictional characters…

01673 No.70195

Wouldn't that be an asset for writefagging? Your superpower?

aa184 No.70197

I though I was just delusional.. It's kind of a compulsion for me…
Maybe I'll type up some headcanons based on the irl people these characters have been reminding me of.

5901d No.70207

Poll for the name made today.


aa184 No.70209

>these few options
Not bad.
Names should have two words though. A lot of those were great on their own, but need a second word.

aa184 No.70210

Gratia and Ethereal Flame are probably the best between those few, just imo.

5901d No.70211

I've thought of name combinations myself, but couldn't make anything concrete. We'll combine if say two are at the top.
And, that'll be your vote.

88f7e No.70213

What's Latin for heavens light?

84e69 No.70216

I said I'd let you guys name her, but for what its worth i looked up some Templar stuff, and Latin for Christ is "Christi", so Christi Gratia would be akin to "Christ's Grace"
So that would be my vote. But maybe it does sound like a stripper name, again, it's up to you

5901d No.70217

caelum/astra/caeli lux
That sounds like a nice name.

b5f5e No.70249

File: 1504322473541.png (35.02 KB, 1816x190, smiling pony worst admin.png)


Some random user on DB uploaded a mockery of soviet propaganda recently, calling out an unnamed person as a triggered SJW. I suspect this had taken place after an escalating conversation on a DB related Discord. A person related to this or even the triggered DB Mod himself edited the Post to include a screenshot of said Discord and gave the uploade a duck badge for commiting Thought Crime against him.

aa184 No.70258

50099 No.70263

DB needs to die honestly

aa184 No.70264

It's gotten too big, too stale.

657f9 No.70463

File: 1504381645781.png (132.3 KB, 492x670, PicsArt_07-20-04.53.37.png)

Leslie Faire is a happy pony today because today is Hans Hermann-Hoppe's 68th birthday.

aa184 No.70465

>the OC I made on April 1st
How long did it take you to draw that, anyway?
Would you be willing to do some for the other OCs? Just the heads would be fine.

aa184 No.70466

File: 1504382685874.png (110.64 KB, 700x525, economics.png)

Happy birthday, Mr. HHH!

5901d No.70486

This poll is disappointingly low.

aa184 No.70488

File: 1504388448973-0.png (140.66 KB, 640x797, 1431492519932.png)


aa184 No.70501

File: 1504393256294-0.jpg (720.41 KB, 2048x2048, 1500658671999-0.jpg)

File: 1504393256294-1.jpg (526.88 KB, 1717x1951, 1500666269850-1.jpg)

File: 1504393256294-2.jpg (75.96 KB, 768x768, 1500668141539.jpg)

File: 1504393256294-3.png (48.79 KB, 945x945, 1502829355005.png)

File: 1504393256294-4.png (686.73 KB, 4548x2164, 1503784293443.png)

booping for this
also reposting some shit

aa184 No.70503

File: 1504393735374-0.jpg (198.54 KB, 2289x2289, 1502408136106-2.jpg)

File: 1504393735374-1.jpg (81.08 KB, 612x912, 1502606687617-1.jpg)

File: 1504393735374-2.png (367.21 KB, 1515x2034, 1502303642366-1.png)

Reposting shitty list from last thread:
Aryanne Thread ponies
>Aryanne Hermine Hoofler
>*Any other, prominent “Aryan Ponies”*
Others that match with /mlpol/ topics:
>Milo Highliss
>Veronika (still a political pony, I guess)
>*Ponies from other political/pony forums/discords?*
>*Any popular “nation ponies” for countries of interest*
>*Any prominent “political ponies” that you may know of
OCs that were created/completed on/for this board:
>Happy Enning
>Rem Move
>Vlad Move
>Mai Gaia
>Leslie Fair
>ICE (Paula Ice?)
>Simo Hoofsla
>Identitarian "hipster right" pony
>Fireaxe (aka Frieda Axmann)
>Smoke stack
>Report stat
Historical ponies:
>Sgt. Reckless and any of the others mention in the /warpone/ thread

e17f6 No.70516

dont like the options

5901d No.70517

I'll make a new poll then.

f3731 No.70622

It was the first pony I ever drew, so maybe a couple hours? I don't remember. Definitely no more than 7, because I don't really like working for more than 7 hours for memes and such things. So between 4 and 7?
Sure I could do stuff for other OCs, just tell me what needs doing. I want to contribute to the board

On a related note I've been thinking about learning to do pony porn/lewds, would do one or two just to demonstrate quality, then might take commissions if I get a tripcode (not sure of the board's opinion on those) so I'm easy to find, and set up a Paypal and whatever. I'd rather do it direct than making Tumblr/DA and shilling it.
Would be interested in opinions on this idea.

Make sure Christi Gratia is on there

5901d No.70628

I don't quite think there would be any sort of market here. Especially after you put in a way so sleazily. I advise not putting a trip or even namefagging unless you're doing a CYOA or something.
>Make sure Christi Gratia is on there
I'll make a new poll after the Kraut tells me what kind of names he wants on there.

f3731 No.70636

>Especially after you put in a way so sleazily.
What was sleazy about what I said? I said I would draw OC for free because I want to contribute to the board, but I was thinking about doing porn and seeing if anyone wanted to commission something.
I think you're overreacting.

1d491 No.70730

File: 1504440903245.jpg (1.06 MB, 1750x1400, 1470965526333.jpg)

We need /mlpol/ edit of this.

b5f5e No.70734

File: 1504443144430.jpg (580.68 KB, 1880x2480, man in armor.jpg)


>>70516 is not me, but i too have too say the options could be better. missing something in latin, a name from a famous crusader kig or crusader pope perhaps

aa184 No.70757

>I could do stuff for other OCs, just tell me what needs doing.
I ask because that pic was pretty close to the show's style: we don't have any pic like that of the /mlpol/ OCs. If you could draw any of the other OC ponies in that style, especially their heads (for shooping/meming purposes), that would be much appreciated.

aa184 No.70763

It's no problem, m8. He's probably cautious because /pol/ has had quite a few jews shilling their obnoxious memes-for-sale bullshit (see: Malaysian Mike). We'd all love to have you as a drawfag.

717a6 No.70944

File: 1504477736280.png (2.37 MB, 1750x1750, Evolution of a pol user to….png)

88 years of autism later.

aa184 No.70948

Kek. This is pretty great.

5901d No.70952

Fuck it, templar pone's name is now Christi Gratia because democracy is on the frits now.

12720 No.70953

File: 1504478319191.png (71.48 KB, 420x507, 1503078072242-2.png)

With dubs and everything

1d491 No.70954

Bretty gud, but should add something /üb/ related too.

773a7 No.70956

File: 1504478459479.gif (781.6 KB, 1080x1080, 9b9ebc5e1b2307705852dc86f4….gif)

Hail Christi Gratia!

aa184 No.70971

Yeah, fug it.
The Creator >>70622 willed it anyway.

aa184 No.71065

File: 1504494332093-0.jpg (392.93 KB, 1465x1246, rem and ice.jpg)

File: 1504494332093-1.jpg (508.85 KB, 2048x1536, happy enning.jpg)

File: 1504494332093-2.jpg (394.54 KB, 1819x881, rem, mai, and happy.jpg)

Also, we all need to brainstorm these characters personality quirks, so that we can make some greentext out of them.

aa184 No.71072

File: 1504494841353-0.png (1.08 MB, 1813x3275, RomaniAnon's Rant.png)

File: 1504494841353-1.jpg (56.68 KB, 524x553, Simo Hoofha.jpg)

Also dropping RomaniAnon's rant to get a grip on the ponified Wallachia that the Move Family has ruled over looks like.
>It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta stay there to keep the Roachlings from swarming the place
Also, Simo Hoofla (he removes gommunism)

aa184 No.71135

Leslie is so cute with her hat.
All ponies look cuter in hats, for that matter.

b1547 No.71159

Sure just point me in their direction. I don't want to step on any toes, some artists can be possessive of their OCs
But tell me what needs doing and it shall be done

472e0 No.71163

Well there are lots of OC made by the site or user from here, I think Leslie personally could use some more love. So far my favorite pic of her is the first one posted in >>69515. I wouldn't mind seeing more of any of the others either though.

5ab50 No.71212

Okay, I'm back at my computer. Leslie it is.

aa184 No.71239

>some artists can be possessive of their OCs
Fuck that shit. Our OCs are memes in themselves.

12720 No.71242

I have a question for Mitsuko's OC.
Would you have any objection to there being an ally ninja pone shadowing, following, and otherwise keeping tabs on her w/out her knowledge?

aa184 No.71243

>to original ideas
Why would you even ask? Sounds great!

aa184 No.71246

Ah wait, I'm not her creator..

12720 No.71247

That's right I forgot, well given that you do most of her artwork, I'll consider that an approval

aa184 No.71271

Were you thinking of making Mitsuko some sort of highborn, and the ninja is secretly trying to keep her safe on behalf of her family?

12720 No.71272

My understanding is that she is highborn, and it would be more of a sense duty to the family than explicitly tasked with watching her, but pretty much yeah.

aa184 No.71273

File: 1504540383184.png (371.9 KB, 1024x1024, mitsuko color.png)

I like the idea of her being sort of a proud type, believing she's capable enough to go out on her own, so the ninja keep he=is presence secret just so she could go out on her adventure.

12720 No.71276

Absolutely. She "is" completely oblivious to his presence, and any introduction/knowledge she would have of him would have been when she was younger. Basically, if she were to ever catch him she might recognize him, but he's too 1337 for that.

aa184 No.71281

File: 1504544537390-0.jpg (120.29 KB, 500x719, Simo_hayha_honorary_rifle.jpg)

Reminder that Simo is based off of Simo Häyhä (aka the "White Death"): a real Finnish soldier who killed more than 505 Reds in one battle during the 1939–40 Winter War. His actions likely made a significant contribution that may have turned the tide of the war, and went down as one of the greatest snipers and commie-killers in history.
Be like Simo: know how to defend your country when it gets swarmed by Reds.

aa184 No.71282

>A secret retainer / hidden vanguard
Sounds like he could make for a really good character.
Every OC should have a certain political aspect: his could be the "hidden vanguard" who secretly protects the flower of the nation, out of traditional duty (I'd assume a ninja retainer would come from a long clan of loyal servants), even though he he does it without her knowledge or appreciation.
Mitsuko, in an aesthetic sense, was originally sort of a bridge between ponies and weebs. She's sort of a generic, anime-style, sword-master Mary Sue, with a whole lot of Moeshit piled on. It'd be nice to give her a vulnerable/clumsy/flawed side as well: the side that the retainer, who watched her since foalhood, would be able to see in her, as he watches her develop.

5ab50 No.71283

File: 1504545053105.png (113.76 KB, 500x413, lesliegribble.png)

Okay finally done. Gonna art blog for a sec
I haven't been working the entire time (about 8 hours), I spent a good few hours just trying to come up with something to draw. I decided I really liked this idea >>69539 >>69544 and wanted to translate it into something closer to the style of the show.
Leslie's hair is an absolute bitch. Most ponies have the outline of their hair all in a single colour, usually a few shades darker than one of the colours in their hair, but Leslie's hair is so high contrast and is half and half rather than a mix of colours there was no colour I could find for an outline that worked well. I'm still not entirely happy on what I settled on, but believe me it was the best of the options i tried.
I kinda feel like the hair is awful and ultimately ruins the picture, but maybe that's just me, I've been told im too critical before

Anyway, what do you guys think?

aa184 No.71286

Fug! That looks awesome!
>holding knife while smoking, 'cuz she doesn't give a fuck
>Leslie's hair is so high contrast and is half and half rather than a mix of colours there was no colour I could find for an outline that worked well.
I actually noticed this while I was lazily recoloring vectors… I'm sure someone will come up with something.

b5f5e No.71288

File: 1504545816979.png (585.85 KB, 3313x2863, 1503636142181.png)


looks very good.

5ab50 No.71290

Validation, the drawfag's one and only sustenance. Thank you.

12720 No.71294

I like it anon, its very clean and smooth. I see what you mean about the hair outline, but I only noticed when you pointed it out. I think its great.
That's right where my head is at. I still haven't read all of Mitsuko's story yet so I can't determine too much, but exactly along those lines, yes.

b5f5e No.71295

File: 1504546397476.jpg (23.45 KB, 500x333, 1467386105653.jpg)


if there is anything that needs improvement, it would may be the resolution of the picture, other than that, quality contribution.

b5f5e No.71296

File: 1504546477782.png (467.75 KB, 1000x979, japanese pony.png)


she was loosely inspired by this if i remember correctly

aa184 No.71302

>I still haven't read all of Mitsuko's story yet
I'm not sure there is any, except for this haphazard list:

aa184 No.71303

Thank YOU.
Are you planning on drawing any of the others?

12720 No.71304

I keep seeing references to when she met Aryanne, and various things that took place before, "during", after, etc. Is there no fanfic that covers this?

aa184 No.71305

File: 1504547540231-0.png (244.99 KB, 500x750, 1288746__safe_artist-colon….png)

Idk. I only took interest in ponies in April. Try asking in the Aryanne thread.

5ab50 No.71308

I will soon, my internet is going to be very limited for a couple days and I don't really want to draw if i cant upload immediately when I'm done.
But I'll keep an eye on these threads, so if you have meme ideas post them and I'll see what I can do

b5f5e No.71312

I dont think so. According to aryannes biography she was in japan for a year as an exchange student when she was 15. I suspect the lore writer picked up on that

657f9 No.71321

That's awesome!

657f9 No.71343

I have some ideas for shaping Leslie Faire's personality.
>Well versed in political philosophy and economics.
>Hates communism (obviously) and degenerate multicultural left-"libertarianism"
>Very business smart, tech-savvy
>Frenemies with Aryanne, due to being idealogically opposed but both hating Marxism, multiculturalism, communism, and globalism.
possible hate fucking?
>Aspergers level lack of social skills.
Thoughts and criticisms welcome.

5901d No.71345

I have in mind that she is a devout follower of "psychical removal so to speak." Which is true.

aa184 No.71347

Are libertarians necessarily anti-globalist? I'm pretty sure they prefer a more globalist approach to the free-market, or are at least opposed to trade restrictions.
>Would trade with Yaks

657f9 No.71348

File: 1504565116436.jpg (282.72 KB, 1600x538, 1447443517526.jpg)

They're for free trade, but that doesn't make them globalists. Libertarians are almost all anti-UN, anti-EU, anti-NAFTA, anti-TPP, and aside from the closet commies in the "Libertarian" Party, many are anti-open borders. Pic related is also relevant.

09ca9 No.71363

File: 1504568356532.png (225.32 KB, 804x578, 1494465483766.png)

I've always seen her as a crazy gun nut as well. I also think I'd put her "frenemy relationship with Aryanne as something similar to how Apple Jack and Rara were when they first met. But instead of arguing over practicality vs looks they argue over ideology.

Tbh I've always sorta seen Leslie as a Unicorn just due to how much I think she'd hate the lower classes and never really knew why she was an earth pony. Earth ponies as hard workers or breeders while Leslie is much more of a lazy neet who makes a living by mining cryptos. Pic related is work for her.

12720 No.71365

I never saw her as lazy, I always saw her as unconventional, kinda like the girl from One Piece. Yeah, she makes money from cryptos but not only.

aa184 No.71366

She might be good as a unicorn, but I get we just all go used to her as an Earth pony.

09ca9 No.71369

Yeah not sure if its too late to change or not I just think it would be more fitting.

aa184 No.71371

Idk.. I've never designed a meme/pony before…
In the end, it's the drawfags who decide these things..

09ca9 No.71376

I've drawn one of her pics before never though of it till recent honestly. I'll draw a new one with her as a unicorn and an earth pony and see which one is more liked. Won't be done for a bit though since I have to do a lot before I can get started.

5901d No.71553

Preddy gud. I recommend increasing your canvas resolution, increasing image size, and raising the dpi amont too.

8741d No.71571

I worked on 800x800 at 300dpi, then when I was finished trimmed some off the height and scaled down to about 500x4XX
That's usually what I do for memes, it means they take up less space on screen and in folders if saved

5901d No.71574

Oddly conservationalist. Never had the mind to preserve space when dealing with art.

8741d No.71575

For something professional I work to the industry standard for whatever I'm doing (t-shirts, album covers etc) of course, but for memes I think it's better to keep it small. Large images can take longer to load on bad internet, and on image boards can take up entire screens when opened. Theres lots of reasons to keep memes relatively small, but I suppose it comes down to preference

ded3a No.71930

File: 1504692411606.png (474.57 KB, 900x633, cmc.png)

Christi Gratia and her cutely marked crusader edit of the /mlp/ and /pol/ crusader horse.

aa184 No.71934

This was the pic that made me try /mlpol/.

b92b6 No.71937


27550 No.71945

File: 1504709610985-0.png (376.46 KB, 1780x1717, PicsArt_07-09-10.00.31.png)

File: 1504709610985-1.png (94.86 KB, 680x757, PicsArt_06-26-05.31.57.png)

When I made them I had this in mind.
>Rem Move is happy go lucky, loves to read, romanticize war and the crusades. She enjoys making poems, green apples and teasing Ice. She has an accent related to Curie from fo4.
>Happy Enning seems to never sleep and is always on the move looking for the next happening. He enjoys coffee and booze, mostly at the same time. He is constantly bothering Mai about everything he finds or sees. He never removes his blast goggles unless he is alone.
>Mai Gaia wants to Make America- Europe- Equestria Great Again! She runs mutiple national sites and keeps tabs on many leftist and commies. She collects M.AE.G.A hats and although Happy keeps pestering her, they share a lot of the information they both gather. Likes golden apple.

Vlad Move came from the community and is Rem Moves older brother. He is more so the silent type, smitten with Ice- that's all I pretty much for him and will leave the finer details to the site since you are the ones who gave thought and birth to him.

Paula Ice was not mine -none of the OCs made are mine, they are mlpols- but the talks are she has a MIB-FBI cold attitude, but is a complex pony. Never wants to take her sun glasses off and day dreams about flanks.

6578f No.71949

>and day dreams about flanks
Y-you mean strategy, right anon?

d1518 No.71950

File: 1504710989657.jpg (345.83 KB, 1543x1474, PicsArt_06-27-09.23.35.jpg)

Why not both?

657f9 No.71951

Sounds good. Any thoughts on my ideas for Leslie Faire? (>>71343)

d1518 No.71952

I like those ideas. I played around with making her and Mai roommates as well but never finished the drawing. It also got loss so trying to redraw all the OCs again.
>Keep it down, your violating my Nap!

f1b20 No.71955

Do Mai and Leslie get in arguments about tariffs?

d1518 No.71957

Hmm. I can see them getting into it over that and more tbh. On this note, should any of the others be roommates as well?

aa184 No.71958

Probably. Mai's a nationalist, and probably an economic protectionist too.
She'd be a bit like Steve Bann, only without the evil parts.

09ca9 No.71965

I like them all but the survivalist I see her as a neet who can't live without basic essentials. However I'd say she would be the type to browse /k/ own a shit ton of guns and have a fallout bunker stuffed with guns and food. But if she were to be dropped into the woods she'd be fucked even if she thinks otherwise.

13d23 No.71971

I gave a thought of Rem and Ice as roommates. Not sure though
She could always talk about being able to though. Could bring leks

657f9 No.71980

I like that but I'm not so sure about the NEET part. I think she'd probably have a "work or starve" mentality.

7191a No.71988

>Implying flanks are not of critical strategic significance
Ponies have the faces of mass-produced toys. They're easier to identify by their flanks (due to cutie mark) than are by their mugshots, especially since the cutie marks may reveal plausible background information and behavioral dispositions.
Paula knows the importance of flank-watching in Equestrian law-enforcement: that's why she memorizes and keeps careful mental record of every flank she sees on her patrols.

aa184 No.72012

File: 1504728951583.png (127.88 KB, 700x321, fghgfdghj3.png)

Well, if it’s socially acceptable for me to just stick my chef’s spoon into this pot of OC stew, I think I’ll just purge some ideas that have been swimming around in my head for the past three months in terms of Rem and Vlad.
Since Rem and Vlad are based in part off of Dracula, they'd probably be in a position of nobility (maybe count-tier?), their family having served as Vanguards in the region to keep the kebabs from passing the threshold. Vlad would be the older of the two: an experienced caster and veteran tactician. REm would be the younger relative: A novice trainee with high ambitions.
Vlad, I imagine, has probably been in the service for quite a while, and is slightly blackpilled by it (it's a dirty job), though still loyal to his duty. He'd be the more experienced spell-caster, mastering several of the traditional combat spells that his ancestors used to defend the region. His gloomy disposition could’ve come from actually being responsible with the daily task of removing Kebabs. In reference to >>71072 , it might be cute to give him a pet kitten or make him secretly afraid of vampires. I imagine he'd have a bit of a grim, but stoic disposition in the presence of others, having a traditional duty to maintain the image of the regime.
Rem, I'd imagine, would be the more fiery character between the two. Her bright orange coat contrasts well with Vlad's graphite hide, like ash and fire. She'd be much younger, and far less experienced than her veteran relative, but far more ambitious: a bit of a daydreamer even. In the previous thread, there was a idea for her being a poetry nut, loving ballads of chauvinism, spouting off bits of corny poems whenever she’s excited. I imagine she’d have a certain fancy for medieval fairy tales, or fantasy stories that tell of heroic glory and valor. She dreams of a point in which she’d be given total charge of her own portion of the ponified Wallachia and command her own army to remove the Kebab threat. This I think, represents a subtle parody of a certain aspect of /pol/acks: a certain hunger for valor and going on about how Anons would all be stoked to rise up and do “it”, when “the day” finally comes, and finally get rid of “them”(((them))). Some may call people like “us” LARPers (which there certainly are a few within the board community, who proliferate the meme that /pol/ is “satire”), but there’s also a dead serious attitude underlying it all. Rem, has the look of a fantasy RP character, and the literary/poetry preferences of a cosplaying fantasy role-player, but she’s still itching for the chance to prove she’s more than a LARPer, and to make her draconian ambitions reality.
>>71971 from the existing pictures, I kind of imagined that Rem would have been friends with Ice as well. I never mentioned it (because I had not watched enough to understand how to make a good pony headcanon), but I imagined Rem would’ve gone through a point in which she studied abroad: a practice not uncomon among nobles in medieval times. I thought of that in context of the dichotomy between Rem and Vlad, thinking that Vlad’s gloominess would’ve come in part from the fact that he lives in a spooky, fantasy version of fucking Romania.

2449d No.72036

File: 1504732155007.jpg (245.7 KB, 2034x2576, PicsArt_07-03-10.30.45.jpg)

You pretty much gave a spot on for these two. I was going over the threads again along with my own thoughts during creation and this is by far the best summary of the two. I for one approve

5901d No.72136

I think we should update Paula Ice's appearance.

f220a No.72156

How so?

5901d No.72158

Someone expressed it before, and it made me think. Although, I don't think it's as noteworthy as the change that was needed for Leslie.

71c90 No.72181

What was needed for Leslie?

6d13f No.72209

File: 1504791208448.png (401.18 KB, 2320x2259, PicsArt_07-03-10.59.10.png)

I got some paper and new pencil yesterday. What changes btw? I did what I could from that Anons ms paint and we so far changed the vest and sleeve colors only

aa184 No.72210

Ah, that's good to hear. Most of it was just crap I thought up while digging trenches.

6d13f No.72215

File: 1504793914400.jpg (677.9 KB, 2662x1717, PicsArt_09-07-09.18.20.jpg)

Let me know and all and I will work on her. In the mean time, going to read draw this but had the idea to do a scene with Vlad Move impaling a Griff

6d13f No.72216


aa184 No.72245

File: 1504795711996-0.png (156.5 KB, 825x1552, 202244__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1504795711996-1.jpg (170.44 KB, 600x600, 979407__safe_portrait_4cha….jpg)

File: 1504795711996-2.jpeg (263.2 KB, 600x800, 1450721__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Did you think of trying-out dreads on Vlad?

6d13f No.72251

I have it a go, but it never seemed right tbh. My dreads seem to be horrid, but I can give it another go. Most likely give him dreads for royal engagements/ meeting with royalty. On duty I'd like to keep it more straight hair

aa184 No.72255

>Most likely give him dreads for royal engagements/ meeting with royalty. On duty I'd like to keep it more straight hair
Seems like a good idea.

6d13f No.72257

File: 1504797085758.jpg (343.13 KB, 1824x1602, PicsArt_09-07-10.10.50.jpg)

Dub-dub check

6d13f No.72261

That also gave me another idea. I at first had them more dressed, but dialed it down from suggestions. I can bring it back for the royal meetings and engagements

aa184 No.72262

They'd be noble Vanguards, so they'd probably have to go to ceremonies and shit, to kiss royal plot, and to make reports on kebab-suppression on the southern frontier.

6d13f No.72273

File: 1504800288366.jpg (417.09 KB, 1822x1717, PicsArt_09-07-11.02.35.jpg)

6d13f No.72314

File: 1504803588701.jpg (469.1 KB, 1717x2259, PicsArt_09-07-11.58.31.jpg)

Ice gets a gift. Messing around with sketches just to get back into the swing of things so don't expect perfection plox

7ba92 No.72577

File: 1504887511622.png (94.61 KB, 706x374, 1504027345183.png)

Ok, here I go. First time trying to write.

The Study

>Rain and lightning battered the village and manor on the southern boarder of Equestria, those pony not on duty sheltered inside

>Within the manor, where the loyal elite where sent to study, not a single sound of this storm was heard
>The manors study chamber sat empty but for a small amount of light and the sound of munching of an apple echoed the halls
>Rem Move had set aside her studies, instead reading from a scroll of her favorite poems and songs
>Each night she would add another verse from the many tomes and books to her collection, fantasizing the day she could live her dream and shine like her brother Vlad Move
>As she took another bite, she brought her scroll up to read a crusaders song she found as a filly titled The Crusaders Return

High deeds achieved of knightly fame,
From Palestine the champion came;
The cross upon his shoulders borne,
Battle and blast had dimm'd and torn.
Each dint upon his batter'd shield
Was token of a foughten field;
And thus, beneath his lady's bower,
He sung as fell the twilight hour:—

>She took another bite, loss in the scroll

"Joy to the fair! — thy knight behold,
Return'd from yonder land of gold;
No wealth he brings, nor wealth can need,
Save his good arms and battle-steed
His spurs, to dash against a foe,
His lance and sword to lay him low;
Such all the trophies of his toil,
Such — and the hope of Tekla's smile!
"Joy to the fair! whose constant knight
Her favour fired to feats of might;
Unnoted shall she not remain,
Where meet the bright and noble train;
Minstrel shall sing and herald tell —
'Mark yonder maid of beauty well,
'Tis she for whose bright eyes were won
The listed field at Askalon!

>The silent pattern of hoof on stone was lost to her, the more she read the more she imagined herself returning home from a great victory, her family and village greeting her at the gates

"'Note well her smile! — it edged the blade
Which fifty wives to widows made,
When, vain his strength and Mahound's spell,
Iconium's turban'd Soldan fell.
Seest thou her locks, whose sunny glow
Half shows, half shades, her neck of snow?
Twines not of them one golden thread,
But for its sake a Paynim bled.'
"Joy to the fair! — my name unknown,
Each deed, and all its praise thine own
Then, oh! unbar this churlish gate,
The night dew falls, the hour is late.
Inured to Syria's glowing breath,
I feel the north breeze chill as death;
Let grateful love quell maiden shame,
And grant him bliss who brings thee fame."


>With a yelp, Rem dropped both her apple and the scroll, turning to the deep voice of her brother, who was soaking wet
>Uh, I, zthat isz to say I vwas-
>Vlad Move waved his hoof to his sister, his cold face turning into a small smile
>If you wish to one day have glory brought to your name-
>Vlad had removed his cloak, and brought forth a fresh green apple and a tankard of cider
>Then you must finish your studies
>Rem blushed as Vlad made his way over, setting the food and drink down next to her
>Worry not, my dear sister. One day you will ride with me and bring honor to us all, but until then-
>Vlad hovered her book to her, one about magical defense and combat
>You must study
>Rem nodded, taking up the book after giving Vlad a hug and began reading
>Also, look for the poem Sonnet: A Lost Friendship. It is one of my favorites
>Rem shot her brother a smile, giving another nod before returning back to her book
>Vlad Move once again put his cloak on, returning to his night watch, giving thanks to Luna for the breakage of the clouds as he stepped back out side
>In the study chamber, Rem had begun writing in her scroll once more, sipping at her ale

You were my friend then: now almost stranger!
Our friendship appeared once very glorious;
What happened meantime, gives me great anger;
Our friendship no longer remains serious.

Fool you were, to be misled by others,
Who drove a giant wedge ’midst our friendship;
Cut off is our friendship, which me bothers;
A nadir has come in our relationship.

What years of intimacy have been lost?
You’ve been foolish, very much on your part;
Our friendship today is just but a ghost;
Won’t your eyes see the true love in my heart?

Dear friend however, you can’t be my foe;
I hope that our friendship, blossoms once more!

f220a No.72644

Very nice anon happy to finally see a green. I like it!

aa184 No.72668

Very good!

aa184 No.72685

I wonder if the spells/studies she's learning could have any thematic relation to her poems..
She's probably wondering that too..

b97c2 No.72687

File: 1504910159143-0.jpg (93.15 KB, 700x651, safepone.jpg)

File: 1504910159143-1.jpg (140.46 KB, 800x603, beam.jpg)

"fresh" off /cyb/
>the far, far, far future Equestria is turned into a shell world megastructure on which silicon pones wander while being cut out from the terminal gene magicnet for millenia. The current form demonstrating friendship is firing insanely powerful gravity beam guns at eachother

aa184 No.72698

File: 1504912423188-0.png (232.97 KB, 700x769, 1504646732464.png)

I like Changeling safeguards better.

aa184 No.72701

>It took 24 hours for me to see these
Very nice~
Vlad would probably be taller than Rem though.

d19f5 No.72705

He is, and both those are Vald

aa184 No.72706

d19f5 No.72708


aa184 No.72710

File: 1504914906870-0.jpg (1.19 MB, 2231x3000, il_fullxfull.1179685720_ah….jpg)

File: 1504914906870-1.jpg (294.46 KB, 1280x1145, vlad_the_impaler_hat_in_le….jpg)

File: 1504914906870-2.jpg (45.6 KB, 525x557, vlad_tepes_big-x01.jpg)

Wouldn't he wear the hat, at royal events? He's got the gem on his cutie mark, after all.
If not, he could just fasten the gem at his cape-knot.

d19f5 No.72721

It was debated and the hat just made him look a bit to silly, but the gem in the Cape is a good idea

d19f5 No.72746

Another debate I'm my head was she would spout poetry while casting spells. Maybe coming up with her own forms of magic that way for spell casting. I also debated her specialty would be making weapons as she needed them, Morningstar, spear, sword, axe, shields etc

aa184 No.72748

I'm dead drunk rn, so please forgive me if whatr I'm about to write sounds retarded
I was thinking of the idea of her spending a while daydreaming like don Quixote and reading poems instead of her archanist textbooks, but through that discovering hidden meanings to the oldest, archaic spell tombs that even her brother had a hard time reading. The book that Vlad gave her would probably basic magic combat hexs like "enhanced telekinesis"(for swinging weapons), "shield", and "raw-magic blast"; although there's also the plausibility for the family access to older, heirloom magic tombs as well. I like the idea of traditional spells; and as a mage coming.
It'd be better to limit her casting ability, to avoid her becoming a Mary Sue, but she could also have 3-4 "tricks" that she discovered after applying her poetry comprehension to forgotten spells. Well-studied unicorns in the show can cast without a word, but perhaps some interesting plotlines could develop from a novice mage learning to unlock cryptic spells with the right rhyme.

657f9 No.72749

File: 1504924685423.png (246.26 KB, 2000x1250, Sleepy Leslie.png)

Leslie is sleeping. Don't be too loud, or you will violate her nap.

aa184 No.72750

File: 1504924787189-0.jpg (23.27 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

*Accordion music stops*

9ad35 No.72791

File: 1504944801320.gif (406.54 KB, 292x356, 1491902100949.gif)

Fuck you, that made me laugh harder than it had any right to.

d19f5 No.72814

Drunk or not, I see what you said. Never planned on her being a god like magic user, since she is kinda to happy-go-lucky to study what she would need to to get that strong, but the idea of her spouting of poetry while casting could give her access to advance and older spells most can't do, mainly by accident. Changing it to discovering them the way you describe could make a good green text/comic though. All we need is a good writer/comic maker. I've tryed but can't into comics and just started trying stories. Hell, just a few months ago I've never drawn a pony and did Happy on a whim for the sake of boredom tbh
>Rem starts to become a spell-singer
Again, much more interesting then my idea

aa184 No.72837

I imagine she'd be more into short hymns than long poems. She certainly wouldn't be nearly as big of a bookworm as Twilight.

d19f5 No.72840

File: 1504972368522.gif (1010.88 KB, 320x179, Mlp-dance.gif)

Considering she has to also work out and all, she wouldn't be. Long poems while she is suppose to be studying and all, short hymns could work for when she starts to mix spells and stuff when she finally goes on duty sounds good

3f416 No.73010

File: 1505058112577.jpg (303.73 KB, 1748x1475, 1501773641347.jpg)

>Mai Gaia stared at her screen, clicking another tab, then another
>Traffic was slow today, each site seeming slower then the last
>She let out a sigh, removing her headphones and getting up to get something to eat
>The kitchen wasn't to clean, but at least her roommate had cleaned up after herself
>Looking to the living room, she saw Leslie sleeping on the couch, empty bags of apple chips, cans of juice and soda spread all over
>She gave a sigh, grabbing her own bag of-
>Her apple chips where gone
>Thats fine, I at least have my-
>Her golden apples where also gone
>Now I'm pissed
>Mai went into the living room, seeing apple cores among the garbage of the living rooms mess
>With a twitch of anger, Mai grabbed her bag and went outside, the sun was starting to set
>Crap.Not much time until the shops close
>She quickly made her way to the towns center, most vendors had already closed but the apple stand was-
>BY CELESTIA'S HORN she screamed, then blushing as other ponies began to stare
>She made her way back home, annoyed and without her snacks
>She went into the kitchen again, noticing Leslie still sleeping
>Grabbing some Hay Crisp, she went back to her room and going back to her websites
>Traffic picked up more, brining her some joy but before she could join in on the post, her phone started to ring
>Happy Enning was giving her another call and despite her annoyance she answered
>Mai unplugged her headphones, blasting her music while Happy went on about some cart catching fire
>He also went on about Rem Move stealing sun glasses from Paula Ice
>Happy, Go. To. SLEEP
>Don't be a cuck
>A knock on her door, more like a banging at this point didn't stop her phone call with Hapy or her music
>Mai, keep it down! your violating my Nap
>Mai smiled to herself, Happy going on about more "happenings" he saw that day, at least one event was worth hearing about, while Leslie seemd to get more and more angry about the noise
>Today wasn't so bad, she thought to herself

12720 No.73011

Oh, I'ma violate more than her NAP

aa184 No.73013

Kek. I didn't think of all of that Happening at once.

3f416 No.73017

I think I like making green text. I can start doing single panel drawings of the OC then write a story instead of trying to make a comic.
And to the Anon that drew Rem
>>72577 you gave me the good inspiration for the story btw

aa184 No.73021

File: 1505065614759-0.png (214.61 KB, 1284x552, 1503962329360.png)

>you gave me the good inspiration for the story btw
Ah, that's exactly what I was hoping for.

a4e91 No.73069

This is what's always got me about AnCaps, you could just declare anything to be violating the NAP, you need an independent body to determine whether the NAP has actually been violated, and once you have that independent body you will probably want to record the details and result of your case so that future cases are judged in the same way, and then whoops you invented courts and you're now under rule of law again.

aa184 No.73070

I'm not an ancap, but I'm pretty sure the "NAP" is just a principle to not fuck with people: it stand pretty much wherever an individual says it does. Same thing would probably go for property too.

a4e91 No.73072

Then it's just might makes right and the guy with the bigger army will decide what violates the NAP and what doesnt and then you're under his rule of law

aa184 No.73073

Pretty sure that's how anarchy of any kind works. Actually, that's how life in general works.

657f9 No.73074

File: 1505078238716.png (108.93 KB, 644x598, 1497551187873.png)

AnCaps aren't opposed to law or courts, just compulsory territorial monopolies. I'd like to explain the NAP in depth, but there's plenty of articles regarding it that explain it much better than I can.

657f9 No.73075

Oops wrong file
Doesn't matter anyway

4f0ef No.73099

I've been thinking about this for a while now. We have 5 "ideological" right wing ponies as of now.

>Nat socs/ethno nationalists

Aryanne Hoofler
Leslie Fair
Frieda Axmann
>Christian theocracy/monarchists
Christi Gratia
>Moderate right wingers/populists
Mai Gaia

Well we have 5 right now anyone I'm missing? I'd like it to be at 6 but can't think of what I'm missing from the right wing let alone which of the current OC's would represent it.

aa184 No.73102

I'm not sure how Fireaxe is militarist, but she's certainly fascist.
What would ICE and Rem be?

5901d No.73104

File: 1505086377211.png (419.23 KB, 3000x2551, viva il duce.png)

We also have Lina to represent the more Italian fascism.

aa184 No.73105

This. Lina's the hardcore fascist.
Fireaxe is only fascist when it comes to safety standards.

aa184 No.73106

Also, I base that off of the phrase of some leftard who tried to stop /rwss/ from reporting warehouses, by posting in the thread something along the lines of "… and some fire safety standards are borderline fascist…!"
>borderline fascist
That was in the second thread, we were still laughing about it two threads later.

5901d No.73117

4f0ef No.73118

Good point I think both of them would get along very well.
Fascism incorporates militarism but not all militarists are fascists, which is why I said fascists/militarists.

aa184 No.73120


4f0ef No.73124

Also I see REM as more identitarians if nothing else.
ICE I'm not as certain she seems the law and order type but I'm not sure if her beliefs are as ideologically based as the 5 I listed.

fb950 No.73126

Standard-line conservative, probably. Just not one of those Washington cucks

4f0ef No.73130

You talking about Rem or Ice?

aa184 No.73131

Rem would definitely be militarist. Her territory would probably also operate under a dynastic warrior aristocracy.

fb950 No.73133

ICE, since she's American

4f0ef No.73135

File: 1505089258916.jpg (58.9 KB, 680x680, 1234513425.jpg)

Funny first thing that came to mind when you said that was pic related.
I-is she the Ponychet?

Makes sense Ice would be very law and orderish with grounds closer to family and tradition rather then ideology like most conservatives in burgerland.

5901d No.73136

File: 1505089287395-0.jpg (160.84 KB, 1050x549, dirty-harry-watching-recom….jpg)

Ice is mostly a Dirty Harry type to me.

aa184 No.73318

File: 1505155856998-0.jpg (109.91 KB, 1280x720, 83A.jpg)

>I-is she the Ponychet?
More draconian than that.

f22f2 No.73469

I see her more as Centre-right, with caring personality and just concerned about safety and is pissed off by Liberals calling her Fascist
I'd say she would've helped with aiding wounded after Charlottesville incident
But what do I know, she is out of my hands now

aa184 No.73510

You came back!

aa184 No.73531

I very much agree with this concept: It's pretty much the same as 4/pol/'s /rwss/ (although we just laughed it off when liberals had the audacity to call us "fascist" just for enforcing reasonable safety laws).
>she is out of my hands now
Don't say that!
Tell us more about how you envision Fireaxe.

12720 No.73532

I'm there with you. She's probably ex-military but more concerned with encroaching illegals and degenerates than straight-up killin' desu.

aa184 No.73533

Are you talking about Fireaxe or Paula Ice?

12720 No.73534

Sorry, meant for ICE pony

aa184 No.73546

File: 1505234586774-0.png (341.57 KB, 583x777, 525266__safe_artist-colon-….png)

I was thinking… Couldn't Hipster-Right/Identitarian pony also have a bit of a Greek/Roman/European Renaissance theme to him too? If you think about it, the European Identitarian movement is not unlike a cultural Renaissance. It would accommodate more Spartan thematics, and Greek mythology references too.

657f9 No.73660

Sounds like a good idea.

Also, I think we should start writing some greentexts to develop the dynamics between the various /mlpol/ ocs.
>>72577 and >>73010 were a good start.

5901d No.73695

File: 1505249747603-0.png (2.01 MB, 6423x9224, 1505249119965-0.png)

File: 1505249747603-1.png (617.99 KB, 1639x1795, 362371__safe_artist-colon-….png)

The pose to the right looks like a good one to edit into a Pearl Shine picture that gives off a subtle Duterte vibe.

aa184 No.73704

I really do love Nationpones.
>tfw Pearl is so unique and original that it's difficult to edit vectors into her.

5901d No.73705

Well, you can just cut and paste certain parts of the mane easy that. Sure, there's some fitting and resizing, but that's not too hard. I would do it myself I knew how to edit vectors without them coming out rough.

aa184 No.73706

File: 1505250766688-0.png (483.26 KB, 1485x1149, 1504990193657.png)

May as well add the cool Killy and Cibo ponifications too.

af298 No.73713

That's a cool draw? Who made it. I was under the impression we had a small pool of drawfags and that's such a distinct style, I've not seen it before

aa184 No.73716

Idk. He was doing requests some time ago in the augmented ponies thread on >>>/cyb/

e093b No.73764

>Vlad Move watched across the open field, giving thanks to Luna for such a night
>More strikes of brilliant purple and blue lightning stuck the field again, the emptiness of it filled with brilliant light and corpses flying in all directions
>The tremendous sound shook him greatly, his hoofs stamping in anticipation
>When Luna was banished, the nights no longer offered their protection,the southern boarder was left to face the hordes alone
>The Valkyries who had brought great storms on our foes couldn't gather the clouds needed for such devastation
>Vlad removed his hood, turning to those standing with him; The Vanguard
>I tell you this again Rem, so you know that we are under such protection again
>Give signal to our Choosers of the Slain, let us put sword and spear to whats left
>Rem Move's brilliant smile was that of a filly once more, nervous and shaking as if it was her first storm
>She gave a nod and sent a bright green flare from her horn into the sky, The Valkyries ceased their storm, breaking away the clouds to allow Luna's embracing light in
>The sound of hoof beats grew louder, each unicorn readying their spells and tomes; The earth pony checking armour and weapons over once again
>Rem, Vlad said placing a hoof on his sister
>Remember your studies, dear sister, and you will have the glory you always wanted
>Rem gave him a smile, her eyes betraying her fear and anticipation
>I give you tonights honors
>Rem's eyes shone with visions of glory, Vlad could see the spark and knew it well
>Two more flares burst from her horn, Rem Move making the first running charge down to the enemy bellow
>Vlad was quick to stay behind her, leaving enough space in between so she was leading the charge
>As they closed in on the enemy, Vlad only wished his sister could see the proud smile on his face

aa184 No.73765

File: 1505264514401-0.png (503.54 KB, 791x900, 94d.png)

aa184 No.73766

10/10 would read twice.

5901d No.73776

File: 1505268904417.png (142.51 KB, 1000x1000, Relevant Sketches.png)

I've been working on things completely unrelated to these sketches.

aa184 No.73783

f240b No.73840

>And thats boring
>Happy Enning went at a slow flying speed, tired after his all day flight, missing the Move family and southern lands already
>It seemed everyday had brought excitement, from fierce battles against raiding partys to such beautiful storms
>So caught up in the last night, when he was drunk under the table by Rem, he didn't see the tree
>Happy tumbled down, hitting the ground with a thud
>That wasn't to boring…
>Looking up, he watched the sky go dark, Celestia going to sleep and Luna beginning her watch
>And noticed a glow that stuck out like…
>Smoke Stack went flying by while Report Stat and Frieda Axmann shot past in a cart
>Happy was up in the air, quickly following in Smoke Stack's path
>No longer feeling tired, his grin getting bigger as he approached the fire, Happy let out a laugh of excitement
>Smoke Stack was flying around the burning barn, giving live fed to Report Stat on the ground, who in turn began giving orders to the other fire-fighting pony
>Frieda Axmann was charging the barn, axe ready to break down the doors
>More pegesi showed up, brining with them thick black clouds, kicking them to douse the flames
>Happy was on his phone, blurring out the scene to a grumpy Mai Gaia, but could hear the fast pace typing Mai would do when reporting events
>Do you know who or what caused the fire, Happy?
>He shot down near Report, hearing Frieda ferociously yelling at some ponies inside and clipping info at Report
>It sounds like a party took place in the old pear barn and they didn't set up their equipment right
>Happy shot up again, following Smoke at a distance to observe every inch of the fire
>As it went on, more pony where brought out by Frieda and her earth pony crew, Report blaring orders to each unit
>The fire finally was put out and thanks to the fast response by the Safety Squad, not a single pony life was loss
>Thanks for the report, Happy, but next time just tell me in the morning
>Come on Mai, it's only 2am
>Happy moved the phone from his ear as Mai erupted in a storm of curses
>It was a good five minutes before Mai gave him a good night and hung up
>Feeling good and full of energy, Happy took off once more for home, thinking about his comfy bed
>But as he took to the air, something in the distance caught his blast goggles, his smile only getting bigger as he banked off twords what could be an even bigger happening, Mai's number on speed dial ready to go

aa184 No.73841

Wonderful! Really love Happy's character.
Poor Mai..

f240b No.73845

I was having a tough time on what to do for his story. Then I remembered the RWSS. It was fun mixing them together with Happy's character

aa184 No.73846

I would trust Happybto be present to witness any happenings going on.

4a907 No.73954

File: 1505335267288.png (1.73 MB, 5400x3400, mlpol mane 6.png)

I'll just post this here.

aa184 No.73955

Wow! That looks awesome!
>alternate species.
Not a bad take on them either.

0989c No.73957

File: 1505335669283.gif (53.66 KB, 267x200, hitler clapping.gif)


Beautiful Vector art Anon. I am sure our community will like this one a lot. Thank You for your quality contribution!

aa184 No.73958

File: 1505335687097-0.jpg (13.84 KB, 300x276, keksatue.jpg)

>Kek glyph as unicorn Mai's cutie mark
Interesting idea.. Matches her character.

4a907 No.73959

File: 1505335988898.png (1.72 MB, 5400x3400, mlpol mane 6.png)

God damn I knew something was off. I forgot Paula's tail.

aa184 No.73960

II actually thought of these species swaps myself as well, but I never cared to mention them because I'm new to this fandom and I'm not exactly sure how species balance works…
Discuss? What do y'all think I this? I think they could work well like this.

1d491 No.73961

Dude I was thinking about making THE VERY SAME STUFF!
Also, you forget about Syriana!

0989c No.73965


I noticed some minor impurtities (mostly on ICE and Christi) and a suggestion to move aryannes armbinder. also what >>73961 if you insist on working on it a little more.


1d491 No.73971

File: 1505337822010.jpg (1.63 MB, 7272x3424, Mane-gnificent 7.jpg)

OK, quick autistic adjusting in paint.
ta-dah, pay attention to the file name ;^)

657f9 No.73985

This is awesome.

4a907 No.73989

File: 1505340507692.png (1.66 MB, 5400x3400, mlpol mane 6.png)

Alright cleaned it up anything else I missed?

>inb4 Syrina

I did this to showcase more of the political ideologies of /mlpol/ and no matter how much I love her I don't think she's really politically motivated other then her unrelenting love for her people and leader. I would be happy to make some art with her any of the other ponies if you want though.

aa184 No.73990

Would you do Rem or Happy?

4a907 No.73991

Sure, it'll take a bit to finish but I can work on them.

aa184 No.73993

I'll look forward to it.
Your vectors are really great.

1d491 No.73994

Cool thing is, we also have new banner now. ;^)

b0505 No.74005

I still love it without Syrina.

4a907 No.74015

File: 1505349235037.png (79.59 KB, 713x895, happy.png)

Heres Happy I'll do one with Rem in a bit but probably not today.

aa184 No.74016

Looks sweet.

657f9 No.74043

So, Leslie's a unicorn now?

aa184 No.74044

I'm not entirely opposed to the prospect.

fb950 No.74046

I'd really rather not Leslie be a unicorn. I like her as an Earth Pony, and really I like Earth Pony OCs more generally. In that particular image it makes sense, because Leslie is holding a handgun, and the easiest way for a pony to do that is through a unicorn levitating the gun with her magic. But outside of that image, I prefer the Earth Pony. There's something more humble about it, and besides I like her Octavia base

657f9 No.74047

I see your point, and I generally wouldn't agree with suddenly changing an OC's species, but I also think being a unicorn might work well with the intellectual aspect of her personality.

aa184 No.74056

I can relate to both these sides. I'm not really sure in the end.
I'm not exactly experienced in pony OC making… I guess in the end, it's the content creators who decide.

4a907 No.74065

I'll throw in my own opinion since I made the drawing. I didn't really intended to switch the ponies species at first. I was inspired to draw the pic after seeing the commie ponies pic where they were all fight over their ideological differences. Can't find it but it doesn't matter. As soon as I started drawing I noticed that all of the ponies I had selected to represent an ideology in the right wing that they were all earth ponies. Spent about a day this took me a week and a half to make just questioning whether I should keep them all earth ponies or if I should swap the ponies' species up. In the end I came to the conclusion that I should and it was with this logic.

Each pony species represents something different and each one of these characteristics can make complement the personality of the pony. I've found that each species has two things in which it can highlight for ponies and complement.

>Earth ponies.

Earth ponies might seem a bit plain but they're deeply tied to the earth. Because of this Earth Ponies are hard workers and/or breeders. Aryanne works perfectly with both, and Fireaxe is most certainly a harder worker. However which of the other's really have any of these characteristics? Leslie might not be lazy but she's no hardworker and neither is she lewd like Ponks or Aryanne. Same goes with Mai and Christi. You could argue that Paula is hardworking and she was the one character I had a hard time making the choice for.


Unicorns are intellectuals and/or of a higher status. Both work well with Leslie and being of a higher status clicked with me for Mai. Not sure how flushed out Mai is but after reading some of the older threads she always reminds me of a Trump like character, someone high up in class but acts like everypony else.


They are warriors and/or graceful. Christi is a perfect contender for both since she is a crusader and her name has grace in it. The end reason I made Paula a Pegasi is because she seems much more like a fighter tied to her country rather then a worker tied to her people. Someone mentioned how her ideology would be much more socially conservative like your average civic nationalist and civic nationalists strive to defend their ideals and don't really care much about their people.

So in the end with that I made the picture, I didn't expect it to cause people to discus what's cannon and not, in fact I was worried people wouldn't like it because I was messing with something predefined.

aa184 No.74068

> I didn't expect it to cause people to discus what's cannon and not, in fact I was worried people wouldn't like it because I was messing with something predefined.
No worries. That's what this thread is for.
Thanks for the great OC

aa184 No.74070

Kiwi-sensei, are you lurking?
Tell us moar about Fireaxe please.

657f9 No.74184

That reasoning makes sense, and the balance of pony races did add to the picture, I think.

d676c No.74192

When I made Mai, I was using the earth pony hard working and strong ties to the land. I messed with the idea of making her a unicorn but to me it didn't fit with the idea I had. In the end, I kept Mai as the earth pone but it was great to see the unicorn version finally be done tbh

0989c No.74194

File: 1505393265382.gif (932.86 KB, 500x281, yes yes.gif)


Thank you for the cleanup. I have no further complaints. You should forward this to the admins so that they can make a banner out of it.

aa184 No.74253

File: 1505413035514.png (1.51 MB, 687x881, stoked.png)

>Happy was on his phone, blurring out the scene to a grumpy Mai Gaia, but could hear the fast pace typing Mai would do when reporting events
Kek. I like how she's pissed as all hell at being disturbed at 2am, but is still a completely diligent journalist about it too.
Happy is best reporter.
On an unrelated note, there really should be a standardized vector for Happy's blast-goggles, so that we can all draw them consistently.

d676c No.74256

File: 1505413279823.png (6.87 KB, 400x400, Happy Enning.png)

I had one at some point but the phone done ate alot of my stuff. Again. I plan on trying to make a new one thats easy to draw/ one that can be used in shops

aa184 No.74259

File: 1505413819446.png (7.29 KB, 400x400, ponytown Rem Move.png)

Heh. I remember making that.
>tfw no pool to block

d676c No.74267

File: 1505415609931-0.png (2.24 KB, 400x400, Vlad Move.png)

File: 1505415609931-1.png (2.29 KB, 400x400, Mai Gaia.png)

You did good making them tbh. Made me make Vlad and Mai

d676c No.74268

Although I did fix the eyes to green later on Vlad

aa184 No.75305

File: 1505678025402.png (289.88 KB, 1280x1281, 1494664099406.png)


aa184 No.75330

File: 1505681690108-0.jpg (2.58 MB, 3473x2315, dracula.jpg)

File: 1505681690108-1.jpg (127.56 KB, 1600x1000, home4-full.jpg)

File: 1505681690108-2.jpg (32.8 KB, 500x375, castle_bran_catacombs_18.jpg)

File: 1505681690108-3.jpg (43.74 KB, 750x489, dracula18n-2-web.jpg)

File: 1505681690108-4.jpg (202 KB, 1100x619, 161031115749-bran-castle-p….jpg)

Time to spur some discussion by envisioning these characters surroundings.
What kinds of building would these characters live in? Where would they work? What communities would they live in? What kind of communities would they meet in their neighborhoods? If based off of an irl building, how can it be ponified?
To starters, we've got Bran Castle, Transylvania: the home of Dracula. Obviously the go to pick for Rem and Vlad. Both a palace and a fortress, with a rich cultural history, and a spectacular view of the Bran gorge.
For the sake of fantasy material, I imagine

aa184 No.75336

>tfw you submitted the comment as your computer was running out of power
*I imagine that their castle could be the classic fantasy story castle: ambiguously haunted, having suits of armor at every door (that may or may not move), and having dozens of undiscovered secret rooms and passageways.

aa184 No.75377

File: 1505694904241-0.png (13.38 KB, 657x527, R14kkDj.png)

gib thoughts

1d491 No.75381

Check'd. Now…

Leslie - some kind of "Wayne Tower" building running a company

Aryanne - countryside mansion in style of Hitler's Alp's mansion

Paula Ice - Hmm… private anti-immigration agency? Maybe in obscure office with a partner.

Fireaxe - own fire depot where able to monitor cuckchseds on fire

Christi Gratia - medieval castle, as a head of Temple Ponies Order

Happy-ening - some kind of trailer where she follows all the news and prepares for the Ultimate Happening.

aa184 No.75386

Nice ideas. Here are some of mine:

Happy is a guy, btw… I kind of imagine that he'd have one or more "happening bunkers" hidden in undisclosed locations throughout Equestria, but he'd never actually use them (since he's always looking for happenings and never sleeping). Wherever he crashes, it would probably have about 3 years worth of Happening supplies crammed into it.

If we're doing Pega-Paula, the patrol-tower/ICE center could be on a cloud, for a bird's-eye view.

Christi Gratia would spend most of her life Crusading, so she'd probably sleep in tents with her fellow monks, in the churches and hospitals she helped build, and in the homes of generous civilians. Her official base, as a Templar, would be the Temple Mount stables.

Fireaxe would definitely bunk at the /rwss/ station, probably sleeping in a bunk bed with Smoke stack on the second floor (we already know the station has a firepole). I could imagine she has somewhat crammed living conditions, but makes the most of it, able to work out and play cards in the rec room with her colleagues until the time to roll out.

I like the Wayne Tower idea for Leslie. If not running the company herself, she would certainly own stock in whatever company she worked for.

657f9 No.75387

Sorry for not responding earlier, I was thinking.
Mai Gaia would most likely live in some pony equivilant of a glamorous Trump Tower.
>>75381 has some good ideas. I imagined Leslie might live in a private covenant, but the business building idea works too. >>75381

aa184 No.75390

Is Mai necessarily a politician herself? I inferred she was more of a political activist, and possible campaign/rally manager.

657f9 No.75392

Not really sure but she is the MAGA pony so I figured it would make sense.

aa184 No.75393

Well, I like the idea of her sleeping/working at one or more towers. If she followed the campaign trail, she'd probably move around quite a bit.

5901d No.75402

I always had it envisioned that Leslie was some kind of neetish mare living out in the relative outskirts in an half (it's more of a basement) underground bunker dwindlingly away at mining bitcoins and looking at other stock. She's not too far in the outskirts since she needs to go on snack runs, but she usually gets Maia to do them. I'm sure tha Maia doesn't rather likes this and lives above ground where she can live on the outside, so can appreciate her nation. There could be even a interesting dynamic by making her the breadwinner, although Leslie still makes her due to chip in.

aa184 No.75406

She could be a shut-in, but she wouldn't be a NEET. She'd find a way to keep herself productive.

aa184 No.75408

>There could be even a interesting dynamic by making her the breadwinner, although Leslie still makes her due to chip in.
Explain this to me. I fail to see how Mai, who works all day trying to make Equestria great again, would spend time buying groceries for an overly-lazy version of Leslie.

5901d No.75433

File: 1505711999346-0.png (263.02 KB, 1024x736, ancap_pone_in_the_basement….png)

File: 1505711999346-1.png (115.23 KB, 775x743, ancap_pone_by_czaroslaw90-….png)

Well, bitcoin is kind of productive. And, I think that plays into her understanding of the market. I think she would be a great day trader, which would be a fine occupation for her.
I don't know. pls no bully. But, seriously "making Equestria great again" is a bit ambiguous. I never imagined her as a Trump type character, but a working class supporter who is a big fan of him. It plays in my head that Maia works a job in the Rustbelt or something, then comes home from work after picking up groceries to see an at-home Leslie.
>an overly-lazy version of Leslie
I know my headcanons my differ from yours, and that's largely due to varied interpretation, but I mostly get a feel of her personality from the original artist's work. My interpretation of Leslie being lazy largely comes from this single picture. I also see that the mare isn't the type be a worker, so I think she would self-employed. Basically my ideas are:
>Leslie Faire is self employed
>she spends most of her time mining bitcoin and day trading
>has a wonderful knack at the market
>she has grown a bit lazy
>also she tends to eat a lot of junk food
My views on this pony has been shaped a number of things, such as SlovakAnon's shortly-lived Greentext and the fraction of original images she has.

aa184 No.75434

Fair points. I could accept this.

78faa No.75454

>I think she would be a great day trader
This, I've always though of her as a day trader which is why she'd seem like a neet but she's actually doing work.

Also it seems we have different views of what Mai's personality would be like. I always imagined her as a mix between Trump and that one girl who told the media to fuck off. Sorta see her as a loud mouth who speaks for those who can't do it themselves. Great at shitposting and is pretty wealthy due to family and being a clever business pony. I'd also imagine her as a great showpony who'd be able to preform great in front of others and is also naturally funny and a bit goofy. Even if she seems a bit clueless at times she'd also be very smart and organized but just wouldn't show it off.

That at least is what I've always though of her.

5901d No.75462

>Also it seems we have different views of what Mai's personality would be like.
Seems that way. Lack of art centralising her vision I suppose. A shame, I really like her design. I wish I didn't fill up on my load of things.

78faa No.75468

I'll make some more art for her, I made the vector work with her. I'd just like to know in advanced if before I make more whether I should make the ponies like in >>73989 when I made them or if I should stick with their original designs. Though I think in the end that is something we should strawpoll isn't it.

aa184 No.75542

File: 1505752981995-0.jpeg (394.85 KB, 1010x1506, 1505065855084-0.jpeg)

Meant to post this a while ago.
The 4 horses* of the anti-Trump protests: they'd make good antagonists or simple background characters.
Credits to /mlpol/-tan, who drew it on request.

0989c No.75582

File: 1505760220375.jpg (148.28 KB, 1118x759, 1445111880153.jpg)


looks decently disturbing, adequate work.

aa184 No.75584

File: 1505760748843-0.jpg (119.36 KB, 658x977, 1505060043136-0.jpg)

Ikr. It's exactly how I wanted it.
The request for the characters was:
>AIDs Shrillex: White unicorn with a dark, swampy green mane
>Tyreese: Huge, buff Zebra, with Red stripes, dreadlocks, and hat
>Carl: Yellow Nu-changeling (niether black nor starving, but still without a shred of dignity)
>Banshee: Very Pale gray Pegasus, with a black mane.
I think it would be fine to re-use them for comic purposes: We've got a ZLM rioter, self-hating white, a (literally) spineless cuck, and an edgy, trend-following, "red and black OC" mare.

d676c No.75647

Mai is more along the lines of your average pony, but sticks to trying to be a good journalist. Since most are corrupt, she has taken it upon herself to do her own news reports.
Happy I can see having many underground bunkers yet not used since he is always moving about. Vlad and Rem >>75330
as mention mentioned, but not as castle like- Still maintaining a common pony feel because they feel closer to their own that way

657f9 No.75650

File: 1505769514319.jpg (183.05 KB, 1236x844, PicsArt_09-18-05.14.33.jpg)

Some aesthetics

aa184 No.75653


ce3ea No.75654

File: 1505769849847.png (626.78 KB, 1169x860, 1505739170931.png)

d676c No.75656

File: 1505770025860.gif (504.05 KB, 250x250, nyah.gif)


78faa No.75662

Looks nice anon. I've been wondering if I should update my old pic of her to be a Unicorn?

aa184 No.75665

Try it if you have the time.
Once we decide what to make them all, they can all be edited.

657f9 No.75752

So, if Leslie, as we seem to agree, is a businessmare, what's she selling?

fb950 No.75756

>What is she selling?

fb950 No.75758

But more seriously, we all know libertarians (who are wussy an caps) are into three things: hacking, weed, and bitcoin.

ce3ea No.75769

File: 1505786973798.jpg (112.7 KB, 736x787, 602b8ac41afc90e4bc63f5544c….jpg)

pls no bully

aa184 No.75770

>what's she selling?
Literally anything, to anybody: drugs, information, grain, software, foals, bitcoin; you name it.

ce3ea No.75771

File: 1505787053893.jpg (100.41 KB, 736x787, 602b8ac41afc90e4bc63f5544c….jpg)

aa184 No.75772

Photographs aren't OCs, Anon.

ce3ea No.75773

i made him hes my oc

aa184 No.75776

Make him into a pony.

4a907 No.75779

Make it a pony or move it to /sp/.

5901d No.75780


ce3ea No.75783

File: 1505788012937.jpg (114.68 KB, 736x787, PONE.jpg)

4a907 No.75784

Stock is too controlled for her. She'd be against it on principle that its regulated. I think she'd be all in on crypto and blackmarket though.

ce3ea No.75785

will she prostitute?

4a907 No.75788

For 1 bitcoins she'll give you an hours.

aa184 No.75791

Part-time pimp (makes it look easy).

ce3ea No.75792

1 bitcoin is alot of money

aa184 No.75793

She's well aware of the market value of her body.

ce3ea No.75794

1/18th of a bitcoin at best

aa184 No.75795

She could probably find some rich brony over the internet who'd give her 7.

ce3ea No.75797

File: 1505788774473.jpg (65.43 KB, 500x670, 1505619801288-1.jpg)

>the free market was a mistake

4a907 No.75798

Her market demand is much higher, not too mention she'd do it more for fun then for breeding or monetary purposes. Aryanne and Christi would look down on it a lot though.

aa184 No.75802

Yeah. I can imagine it being her little game, trying to figure out how much she could rake-in with as little work as possible.

aa184 No.75812

I don't think ICE would be ex-military; I imagine she'd be too young for that trope. She could've been an ex/aspiring cop at some point though.

fb950 No.75817

An ICE agent over the summer told me the hierarchy of desirable jobs for Homeland Security, CBP/Border Patrol is at the bottom, ERO (Which I'm pretty sure is what our ICE pony is) is one step up, and HSI (ICE's Criminal enforcement division) is at the top. So ICE pony would probably be ex border patrol. As for military or police history, I think a couple HSI officers I met were ex-police or maybe military, but I am not sure

aa184 No.75818

Ex border-patrol sounds about right. She'd look cute in a green vest too.
I think she'd be good as a Pegasus actually. I can imagine her flying high above the border, taking note of every flank she sees, and swooping in to pic up illegals and immediately drop them back where they came from.
Also, I'm still digging the potential "Mares in Black" theme for her.

d676c No.75875

File: 1505830458632.png (408.9 KB, 652x953, 1498765621404.png)

>Paula Ice scanned the boarder, sighing at the lack of action on what was suppose to be a high traffic area
>The southern lands where most of the time in conflict, mainly protected by the Move family, but not all invasion where the horde armys they faced
>Ice began to drift into a day dream, still focusing on the empty stretch of land
>All of the Boarder Guard sent to the South, no matter the backrounds, where trained by the Move family on not only how to identify lone pony and other species who made attempts across the boarder, but how to fight in overwhelming odds
>She at first found it silly, she already knew how to fight and told her instructor at the time, Vlad, as much
>His cold stare and deep voice had grabbed her attention more so then the way he had quickly grabbed her front leg and swept her around like a ragdoll
>To not learn is to fail and I will not TOLERATE that on my lands
>Ice's heart was beating fast, adrenaline pumping, her sunglasses nearly sliding off
>She had paid attention even then on what happened, using the move in her next sparring match against another new guard
>Red Skull, two sapphire eyes; Arslan Bayram
>Ice was on the move, her ear piece calling to the Pegsi's in the sky
>P.I, moving on Arslan Bayrum, sector 10.30- 7, I want him alive and well
>Arslan was well known not as being a boarder grifter, helping those across the boarder illegally, but one of the generals of the southern horde
>The last defeat sent most generals to flight back home but some where seen heading west along the boarder
>And here was one now, wrapped up for all but some of his flank, his cutie mark a dead give away
>If any other crosser, she would of just signaled a single pegesi, and if anything woukd have to pick him up herself after he crossed
>She knew better then to give a cunning son of a mule a chance to slip in and disappear
>Her hoof had made contact with his jaw just as he turned the corner around a huge boulder trying to avoid the swarm of Pegasus
>Ice to Drift, one pick up; Send to the Manor, Class A
>She handed her mark to Drift and his unit, allowing a smirk as they took off
>It was only 4 years ago when she did her first southern tour, meeting Vlad and Rem
>Rem seem to have taken a quick liking to Ice and even Vlad had warmed up to her after her many actions of valor, as he put it
>That should repay the new sunglasses, she remarked, still enjoying the green tint the landscape had from the pair Vlad had gifted to her

fb950 No.75891

Yay Greentext story!

aa184 No.75892

File: 1505840972925-0.png (61.49 KB, 350x199, 55e62c8b0dd46aed2fe7f4101f….png)


d676c No.75916

File: 1505856820722.png (38.63 KB, 218x200, mlp_fim_resources__horse_m….png)

So I made my attempt for each of the OC made and one adopted, green text. What improvements can I do for future stories? I wanted to some way interconnect each of them with these and give some insight to how I kinda see them acting.

d676c No.75940

File: 1505861758550.png (78.26 KB, 350x199, Ice test.png)

aa184 No.75951

>[Brilliant intensifies]
I always loved the *adjusts glasses* theme. It's such a fun way of giving ambiguous expressions to a character without visible eyes.

4a907 No.75965

Right now it just feels pretty loose which I understand is because were still finalizing the characters themselves. I'd say going forward make a plan and a theme for the story and then just let it progress and the characters with it. Right now they feel short and disconnected, which isn't bad since we're all just starting with what we've been given but later it would be nice to see some longer greens with more meat.

d676c No.75971

File: 1505867849718.gif (2.75 MB, 500x400, waiting.gif)

Yeah, spot on I think. I was thinking of writing a story as these OC threads finalize most things tbh but I can't think of what to really do for said story

aa184 No.75973

If it's an issue of finalization, I'd say try to focus more on the visually-completed OCs, like Happy or Fireaxe. They could just use some situational theory, to inspire more artwork later.
I feel like some people are hesitating right now because ideal species has been drawn into question again.

d676c No.75975

File: 1505868512549.png (311.19 KB, 894x894, c3f.png)

Agreed. Ice would make a good Pegasus, but the anon who first came up with it should have an input on it imo. Either way, I can pretty much work with most changes
>would like to keep Mai earth but will change if thats what majority wants

475d3 No.75978

I'm still thinking ex-military, and in particular I'm thinking 'Overqualified for ICE' ex-military,… as though she could have done something far more 'glorious' but went for ICE out of principle.

aa184 No.75980

I like Earth Mai too. Her name literally means "My Land", and I imagine her as a hard worker who does her best to stay positive and build-up her peers' sense of community in her home town and travelling to communities all over Equestria on campaign trails. She's the nationalist/populist pony too, and since populists often push a subtle "any man can be king" narrative to rile people up, i feel like Earth pony is more appropriate. Also, the horn poking through the hat just looks stupid.
I like Pegasus Paula too. Pegasus feels like a more appropriate species for special tasks law enforcement, and the "bird's eye view" model adds for an even greater level of flank-watching on border patrol.

657f9 No.76063

File: 1505878075288-0.png (83.15 KB, 800x800, Leslie Fair suit.png)

File: 1505878075288-1.png (84.02 KB, 800x800, Leslie Fair suit-1.png)

fb950 No.76064

BUT WHY THE SECOND ONE A UNICORN! *Autistic screeching

657f9 No.76065

Dunno lol

ce3ea No.76067

hey what software do you guys use to make memes?

475d3 No.76069

Honestly, I think its so she can own/deploy a firearm desu

657f9 No.76071

I use Picsart mostly

1ab33 No.76072

File: 1505879227865.jpg (124.03 KB, 745x1024, PonkwithGun.jpg)

>Earth ponies can't use guns.
What are you, a racist?

ce3ea No.76074

thanks i was using paint. i don't like the A E T H S T E T I C anymore

aa184 No.76076

Read the thread.

4a907 No.76077

Nice work anon.
Anon we're currently discussing re-specing some of the cast. I'm sure the next OP for OC threads will have a strawpoll for the species so we can settle this. Till then its better to do both so we don't have to edit it if it goes one way or the other.

fb950 No.76078

I was there when it was discussed, I still don't like it
*eyes suspiciously*

475d3 No.76079

Are you suggesting that its easier for an earth pony to bust a cap than it is a unicorn?

fb950 No.76080

Well, that was clearly the intent in the original depiction of her as a unicorn, it's just strange to see that depiction continued outside of that context

4a907 No.76081

I'm instead can you make a case on why you think she'd be a better earth pony? I've heard the other side and would like to hear your argument.

4a907 No.76082


fb950 No.76083

Well, a few reasons. Because the Unicorns are of the old aristocracy and are generally favored by people making self insert OCs because of the higher amount of ability available to them at birth. Now, one of the first ever images of Leslie is that of her sitting at her computer in a room rather indifferently. It's an image that compares to a normal American or European young adult, either in college or underemployed, who choses to spend a lot of time on the internet and has fairly libertarian beliefs. They are the middle class. They are not the sort who are the descendants of great money, nor do they have a particularly high social place now, and while they are not underprivileged, their ancestors would have been the peasantry of Europe and the proletariat of the early 20th century. It's a sort of humble set of origins and set of skills, that, while definitely better than Zebras born in the ghetto, is still less than what is implied by a unicorn.

Also, why change after we've made so many images without the horn - why change it now? - and she looks good without a horn.

d676c No.76084

I hope Rem and Vlad avoided the self insert bloc tbh

fb950 No.76085

Vlad *is* aristocracy. He has a damned good excuse. I'm less sure about Rem, but she's not American

d676c No.76086

I meant more along the lines of the self insert OC

aa184 No.76087

Rem could be semi-self-insert if handled incorrectly.
A lot of these ponies have a self-insert capacity to them, because they all represent /pol/acks in one way or another.

4a907 No.76088

>favored by people making self insert OCs
Don't know what you mean by this really.
>They are the middle class. They are not the sort who are the descendants of great money, nor do they have a particularly high social place now
Well to be fair Carlos.png Leslie like Rarity would be more self made if anything. The argument to making her a Unicorn doesn't really come from Aristocracy but from intellectualism something that is much more down Unicorn road then Earth Pony route.

>Also, why change after we've made so many images without the horn - why change it now?

I've always been looking for an excuse desu and making >>73989 sorta gave me justification to mess around with some of the ponies I though shouldn't be earth ponies.

The only 2 that I wasn't certain of were Ice and Mai mostly because I wasn't sure how flushed out they were. Looking back on it Mai isn't really a great contender for a Unicorn besides what originally made me consider it. That is that she's the Trump pony and Trump has meme magic working with him. I can see her going either way tbh but thats mostly because I still don't know a lot about Mai's character.

4a907 No.76089

So in other words >>76080 isn't true my intent was sorta a mix between wanting to change some of them up, mostly Christi and Leslie, and to balance out a Mane Six cast for /mlpol/. And my autism still gets triggered from the fact that there aren't a prefect 2 of ever species in the mane six since season 3 ends.
>inb4 implying glim glam isn't the 2nd unicorn now

d676c No.76090

File: 1505882343484.jpg (50.04 KB, 510x546, 1503075779866-0.jpg)

Some insight. Happy was made on a whim. After that, I wanted to try my hand at another and a friend helped me plan Rem. Rem then became Rem and Vlad during color choice and to change to male or female. After that, I kinda had an idea for Mai based off playing with the words M.AE.G.A rhyme with her name, Mai Gaia. I decided on earth pony for the fact I made a Pegasus, two unicorns. So I picked earth, and set her work hard mindset and community values along the earth pony way. Seemed to make a balance cast at the time

fb950 No.76091

By "self insert," I mean that unicorns are generally thought of as being overpowered or naturally superior, so that when people go to represent themselves, they tend to chose unicorns, or anything but earth ponies.
> Leslie like Rarity would be more self made if anything
First of all, why would she be self made? She's high in half of her depictions, or sitting on a bean chair, or behind a computer, making her look like a college student or under employed young adult. But if she is self-made, I don' think that necessarily implies a unicorn. Rarity is a business mare, to be sure, but she is above all a producer of art. And the producers of art and culture tend to be unicorns. Indeed, Unicorns look to me like they are the former aristocracy, now taking on the role as being the leaders of the culture industry. Compare Rarity to Filthy Rich, also self-made or even applejack's business, and you'll see that the ponies we consider more typically to capitalists and entrepreneurs are earth ponies. In fact, it looks like they are the historical serf/laborer class which, once liberated by capitalism, took to it most readily.

Pegasi are the old soldiery/modern civil servants, if that means anything

4a907 No.76092

Interesting to hear anon, anything else you can tell us about Mai? Ice and Mai I feel are 2 of the ponies I still don't know a lot about.

d676c No.76093

File: 1505882856852.gif (2.79 MB, 352x600, medium.gif)

I thought about making her a new type of pony, reporting on events and happenings and selling merchandise, running websites and keeping an eye out for commies/hard leftist. She collects the M.AE.G.A hats
>Make America-Europe-Equestria Great Again

Ice we are still working out. To be honest, I too am liking >>75978 idea for a back round and still keeping her FBI-MIB style of attitude, while still being more complex then letting on. Good for internal thought green stories tbh

d676c No.76094


4a907 No.76095

>By "self insert," I mean that unicorns are generally thought of as being overpowered or naturally superior, so that when people go to represent themselves, they tend to chose unicorns, or anything but earth ponies.
Ah I see your point now, its odd though because originally Unicorns could only use magic dependent on their cuty Mark with Twi being the exception. Guess the mlp fandom all want magic cuty marks like her as well now. Not as if Puchi didn't really ruin that cannon as well though.

Onto the second part though, like I said I've always though of her as an academic, so well cultured in literature if you will. Being ancap can be a meme ideology unless your very well versed in literature in which case I've heard some pretty compelling arguments from the ancap I know irl. I'd say this is the main reason I see her as a Unicorn because she is very well read on the subject of economics and political science in which made her become an ancap. She obviously has a unnatural knack for the market which would mean she's either very lucky or very well versed in Market effects which would imply a good amount of schooling on the subject. Who knows maybe she's written a bit on it herself.

475d3 No.76096

Good point. Glimmer was supposed to be the 'exception' to the magically exceptional category, but otherwise unicorns were supposed to have carte blanche wrt magic and Twilight was supposed to be the
"A#1 Prodigy"

4a907 No.76098

At first I though glimmer's cuty mark had to do with Cuty Marks. It would have made scene with her pulling others off being the main thing of magic we saw at first, and hell it would have worked as well if it wasn't for her going back in time and then having a lazier/teleporting/shielding/flouting/everything else powers in the next few episodes. Also Sunburst didn't help either. So in the end Unicorns can be well balanced in the MLP world, but the new shit sorta fucks with it a lot. Still if were going with the old shit I doubt any of our Unicorns would be OP.

475d3 No.76099

We're dangerously close to a new thread, but until then,…..
Magic can be observed as having varying levels of potency, efficacy, deliberation/practice.

<fyi, were getting into am embedded convo abt. metals>

0989c No.76135

File: 1505916928714.jpg (3.95 KB, 250x243, dsp orgasm.jpg)

suggesting this for a reaction face picture

0989c No.76136


oh btw this thread has hit bump limit, consider making a new one.

aa184 No.76138

Reminder to vote the previous thread into the featured archive.
I'll make a new one when I feel like it.

5526d No.76166

Reminder to make polls for character species in the next OP.

aa184 No.76224

I can't into polling.
You do it, if you had any idea of how to make it.

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