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File: 1519900497604.jpg (133.49 KB, 665x560, Once I reach page 15 Ill b….jpg)

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da60e No.183065

youre not allowed in canada

b5e93 No.183605


ab783 No.188689

get back up here, faggot

2156b No.189053

Man are you still trying? 9 months later? Damn better stay at page 1 for another 9.
And then stay for another 9 and reveal yourself for the antichrist you are, demon lizard.

4808b No.189179

File: 1543138724196.png (59.67 KB, 512x288, 1542963410661.png)

>7 months ago
Well hay, let's have some fun.

404e8 No.189188

Heil Hoofler

27d48 No.191470

Back to the friendship plantation you little shit!

c2263 No.192128

File: 1544670618404.png (141.41 KB, 606x660, 1524541216699.png)

Back to page 1.

7e6ad No.194619

Merry Christmas Spike! Your gift is a trip back to page one!

40d84 No.194683

Poor babby

5d9eb No.194767

File: 1545876743928.png (161.93 KB, 564x592, 1506229260982.png)

This thread is for tormenting Spike with illusions of escape!

191dc No.194828

File: 1545915145343.png (138.2 KB, 453x373, 1543958907659-3.png)

>pic related how I imagine Spike feels

7295d No.194835

c3d1c No.198454

File: 1547492235886.png (278.92 KB, 1280x2171, applejack___that_doesn__t_….png)

Back to page 1 ya little faggot

c2263 No.201338

File: 1548639842659.png (3.74 MB, 2550x3507, 1527303257220-2.png)

b37f9 No.201339

I'm glad the artist didn't turn that into a crotch gun. Aryanne is too pure for that.

98775 No.201386

whos ready for the 1 year anniversary of spikes torture?


>assuming that a NSFW version of a ponification of nazism is pure to begin with

7e6ad No.203550


ab783 No.203562

I feel like the recoil from that might break her ribs.

108bb No.203574

The gun is just an accessory.
The true miracle of aryan science is her killer abs.

b50b7 No.206012

It may only be page 6, but fuck you Spike.

8c474 No.209984

File: 1552284758620.png (122.16 KB, 590x350, 1551641398850-0.png)

Not going anywhere faget.

ab783 No.210100

songbirb a coot

2630e No.210151

File: 1552343287659.png (2.31 MB, 1920x1385, spike__s_journey_by_chimic….png)

"No… Not again!" Spike cried out.

A giant green hand came down from the sky and out between the clouds. The clouds pushed aside as it suddenly appeared and came after or little dragon friend, who was gunned. However, he did not come far as the green pinger tips pinched this tail in a tight grip.

He tried struggling against it at first but he quickly gains altitude. Up in the clouds, he didn't longer fight it but accepted his fate.

He decided to take in the vast landscape of the land of page fourteen. It was so close to Ponyville. Suger cube's corner's baked goods' could practically be smelled by him from here. It was a pleasant smell along with the aroma of flowers. Gardens littered with colorful flowers were everywhere on page fourteen, along with perfect sunny weather and picturesque houses and friendly rural communities. The townsponies always offered him food and a place to stay for the night. The food was accepted and appreciated but when he was this close to getting to page fifteen he could not rest.

Even if he never reached his home this place was still nice to visit. However, he was seldom here and when he was, he wasn't here for long.

He was pulled after the hand as it disappeared into a pool of black mud with no depth. It felt cold to the touch when he was dragged into it, yet that feeling washed over quickly since he soon appeared on the other side, page one.

The hand released its grip of his tail over the usual grey boulder that he was placed on every time he was, that these creatures called it anyway, bumped.

As the green hand disappeared after the deed was done, as usual, he thought about unpacking the lunch pack he had on the end of the stick he has over his shoulder. The lunch had been made by the townsponies on the page he just left but then he thought against it. He didn't want to ruin the food by eating it here where a freezing downpour could come out of nowhere.

Speaking of which. A crackle and the world around him appeared whiter for a millisecond before it went back to being overcast and grey. Grey like the sand here that was now turning darker as it was dampened by water. After the initial lightning had a stroke the downpour had come as expected.

He found the specific crack in the boulder he stood on, which he was looking for. It works as a reference point in this wasteland of nothingness. However, this land wasn't but nothingness. It had a road out of here that lead to the next page and that was where the crack, sort of, pointed at. Following its direction, he found the mountain range silhouettes in the horizon almost hidden by the grey sand dunes.

He sighed and let his body go limp for a moment before he gave the mountains in the distance a determined glare.

He stepped off the boulder and began his journey.

Once I get to page fifteen, I will be free, he thought.

40d84 No.210201

That's really good aside from a few grammatical errors. its a really interesting concept you have going on here,Could spike interact with other threads on his way to page 15? maybe he could visit the filly,/sg/,or even the horse pussy thread.i fell like this idea has a lot of potential and would love to read more.

babb2 No.210249

Thank you. Then you will recive more within twelve hours.
I sent this through a grammer checker but could you tell me the mistakes I made..

babb2 No.210394

His feet sank down into the sand where he stepped and the tiny cold mineral and wet mess got in between his claws. At least, the sand provided him with a ground that adjusted to his feet and made it so that it became even underneath. It was in that way better than to traverse gravel, which hurt because of its pointiness.

His slouched forward. Shoulders slump and eyes downcast.

What am I even doing? One bump rarely comes alone. There is on point in going there now, he thought.

At the thought, he stopped.

He looked up and saw a number floating just above him. It read, "Nr. 1 of page 1"

His mouth did the opposite of smirking as he inspected the number.

His eyes traveled from that to his lunch pack. His lunch pack was wrapped in by a large red colored but with white dots cloth. It looks like a ball and its edges were tied up so nothing of its contains could spill out. The knot for the makeshift ball was wedged over the end of his walking stick. It branched off into two smaller twigs on that end of it.

The cloth ball was dark and hung from the stick like a wrinkled like a raisin and it had lost its spherical form and no had a more elliptical outline.

The rectangular loaf's form could be clearly seen from outside, which made him question how his cloth ever had been shaped into a ball, to begin with.

He looked into the distance where the rock formation was. Their lights shone from what he knew was the town of the first page, which laid nearby the gate to page two.

He had planned to go there to find shelter from the rain but now that he thought about it, there was no point. He would soon be bumped again and be brought back here again. A better strategy would be to wait until the heat went down and also his number. Since he was on the same page as the starting point, they wouldn't warp him there either. They would drag him through the weather and the terrain right back to the boulder.

He glanced at his lunch pack again.

I should probably eat this before it gets any more water damaged.

He undid the tie and sat down with the already sliced loaf of bread and ham in his lap. The ham was sliced into suitable pieces for the slices of bread by his claws. Now he only lacked a glass of water but maybe he could dig a hole in the sand that could work as a leaking bowl to hold water.

As he was pondering this, his lips moved on their own.

"Implying: my face when, you forget to type in the post you bump with. Get back here faggot!"

He clasped his hands over his mouth and looked around.

Just as he suspected, there was a green hand behind him.

It grabbed onto him and then threw him back in the direction towards the boulder with an underhand toss. It sent him flying forward and skip against the sand dunes and scratch himself up. It ended with him tumbling into the boulder from before.

He was a bit dizzy as he forced himself up on wobbly legs.

Ah! Diamond dogs! I lost my food.

It was true. It hadn't been in the green hand's grip before he had been sent flying.

"But isn't it, my little Spiky-wiky? You didn't manage to escape this time either I see," said a sultry toned voice.

He turned to look in the direction from whence the voice came and it had come from above the boulder. On it, sprawled out like a cat, laid pink furred mare. The mare's mane was colored in black with a red bang that stood out. It was sort of a mess of black curls that were placed on her right side of her head while a longer red bang on her left. The red matched her eyes which were of a more vibrant and powerful red.

She laid on the rock in a coy and tempting pose. It teased all of her assets. Her behind was high up in the air with her tail neatly moved aside.

From where Spike stood he couldn't see more than that her tail didn't cover her nether regions like that. Not that he wanted to. he was saving himself for Rarity.

Her hips were wide and each subtle movement made them wobble like jelly. And these weren't the only things that were huge on her. A coin size nipple protruded out between her back leg and her abdomen. The leg was pushed out due to the large crotchboob underneath her pushing it out.

Fluffy hair was on her chest and over her front hooves that were, she had crossed over each other.

Spike smiled a small smile.

"Hello, Horsepussy," Spike greeted.

40d84 No.210435

>he didn't longer fight it but accepted his fate.
Should Be, He No longer Fought it but accepted his fate.
>After the initial lightning had a stroke the downpour had come as expected.
Should be, after the initial lightning strike the downpour had come as expected.
> However, this land wasn't but nothingness.
Should be, however this land wasn't just nothingness

024f3 No.210618


b50b7 No.214101

Is bumping this thread violating Spike's NAP?

40d84 No.214121

Dragons Are Sub-Pony and the N.A.P Doesn't apply to them,Leslie.

67f4a No.217544

Spike, Twilight wants you get back here and massage her hooves.

55aa5 No.222014

File: 1557976686564.mp4 (699.13 KB, 750x480, 601244.mp4)

de6ab No.222063

Also is rubbing your wife's shoulders while she masturbates a cucked thing to do?

bae12 No.222067

>bumping the thread on page one
Ffs Nigel, do you have any awareness or impulse control?

7e6ad No.227136

I just realized this thread was made a year ago…
Lets make it two.

551f9 No.227143

Given the reply rate, this thread could technically make it ~4.5 years before hitting bump limit

fc9a4 No.230898

File: 1563124528116-0.mp4 (3.4 MB, 1280x720, sundays.mp4)

File: 1563124528116-1.mp4 (2.67 MB, 640x360, deep web snuff.mp4)

i hate sundays

31e16 No.230908

File: 1563134752540.png (1.17 MB, 1200x1200, _kike-chan.png)

i hate jews and Dragons

1f270 No.231124

page 2 bump time
i like this thread

77df3 No.231243

Where is the snuff scene. Go back to spud.web and get the full film. It does exist.

1860f No.231266

a4f51 No.240319

File: 1566915425126.png (61.71 KB, 303x280, cadancegun.png)

Back to the top ya little faggot

e8717 No.245010

File: 1569773910659.gif (198.24 KB, 500x500, 1491153016856.gif)

Oh no you don't bitch

108bb No.247845

File: 1571518182221-0.jpeg (76.04 KB, 600x600, 2172526.jpeg)

3aa27 No.248675

where do you think you're going you shitty dragon fuckhead

7e6ad No.253733

File: 1577036666154.jpg (125.9 KB, 750x600, salt mine.jpg)

2 years a slave.

b3ab9 No.253783

He was born for this, to serve is his purpose.

a145a No.255703

Back to the top of the board,you scaly nigger.

e8956 No.260265

File: 1582403494550.png (183.41 KB, 906x844, 1425942131622.png)

You're gonna die here you scaly bastard.

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